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07-05-2005, 11:56 PM
Welcome back, Diane! Tell us more about your trip. Did you end up driving 13 hours straight? I'm glad that it's cooled down a touch and rained for you.

Hope everyone had a good Fourth! We spent it at home relaxing because DH was "cleansing" for today's colonoscopy. Only two little polyps that the doctor thought were probably benign (he's had some pre-cancer polyps and benign is a step up!). So DH won't have to go again for another 3-5 years. With a history of colon cancer in his family, he has to go more often than normal.

Sunday was a lot of fun. We drove out to the country to watch the sheepdog trials. Have you ever seen those or watched a good working dog work the sheep? It was a lot of fun. We put on lots of sun screen because it was sunny and warm all weekend. However, we both could tell the spots where we missed. Ouch!

Hope everyone is well and enjoying good summer weather. :)

07-06-2005, 12:20 AM
Hello Everyone,

Sheila, sounds like you had a fun 4th of July weekend. We didn't do anything outstanding. We basically worked a lot around on the farm again. One of our huge maple trees went down in the high winds that did not bring much rain. That was a real chore cleaning up that mess. Daughter next door and I went to a rummage sale at a victorian on Saturday, the house is being sold and we asked for a tour, and got one. The house is a beautiful victorian, but sets on a small lot and has only a one car detached garage. It needs a lot of work, even though a lot has been done with it. I bought a coffe table, that I am going to repaint and fix up for the family room at the garage sale. Went to the fireworks last night with SIL next door and grandkids met our son and daughter-in-law with their two children there, had a nice time. Got late for the kids though, because the firworks did not start until 9:30 pm.

Hello to the rest of the gang. Happy Wednesday.


07-06-2005, 06:57 AM
We'll start our vacation later today. Staying tonite at sil in Indiana. 6 hr drive. tomorrow another 6-7 hrs to lake of the ozarks resort for our weekend we earned thru incressing tonnage of feed sold last year over the year before. I'll let you know how a japenese stone massage is.supposed to be hot all is at Allans brothers till we get back. talk after our trip Bonnie2.
What state are you from bluet?

07-06-2005, 12:58 PM

Good Morning My Dear Friends...
I really hope that you are not upset with me being MIA lately... even my sister read me the riot act this morning for not writing her. She is use to me writing her everyday and I have had a hard time keeping up lately. Just get so tired that it's hard for me to focus my eyes. I think I do need to go for another eye exam - I have been getting "eye fatigue" allot lately. But I am feeling much better today - not as stressed and all caught up with my rest (if that's ever possible - :lol: ) Joe and I had a great 4th of July weekend together and really took time to rest and recoup. Didn't go to any parties or anything, just went to church on Sunday & Monday mornings and then came home to work in the yard and play some games... even caught a movie!! We saw *War of the Worlds* ---> Good Movie!! I remember the original and Steven S. stayed with the same story-line (I was pleased about that)... he just had more (& better) affects - awesome affects! On Saturday we went to a HUGE Flea Market and Oxen Roast w/ Mike & Peggy after our breakfast together --- what fun that was!!! I even found a nice dress for only $30.00 to wear to the wedding we are going to on July 16th (yes... another wedding). Last night we had our Photo's taken at the church for a directory, but the pics came out pretty good, so Joe & I ordered a few --- phew, the cost!!!! To get one 2-8X10's and 3-5X7's with a matte finish (+tx) came to $177.00!!! :dizzy: We got them as Christmas gifts for my family... it's been a long time coming. And this Friday we have another Graduation Party to go to... so many this year! Saturday is quiet (so far) and Sunday after church we have a picnic to go to... that will be fun! It's with my Joe's Choir members, great folks! :bubbles:


Hi Sheila, Sounds like you had an enjoyable 4th as well... :smug: I am so happy to read that your DH's Colonosocopy went so well! I think I may have to have one after my physical... :p we'll see what the Dr. says...

What do you think is wrong with your kitties??? Do you think it's stress from all the moving maybe... nothing is familiar to them right now. Cats do that... I hope that they are doing better by now. You posted the illness on 6/27

Yes... I am feeling 100% now and it feels good! Yup! I definitely have *nono* :nono: foods and it pays for me to stay clear of them... I stay well and feel well :D Joe & I get up EVERY morning @ 5am now (except Sundays) to walk anywhere's around 1.5 to 2.25 miles, depending on how we feel that day... so far for JULY we have 7.50 miles in and our JUNE total was 27.75. Not as high as I hoped, but we were so busy in June :dizzy: I was pleased to have gotten in that much. WEIGHT-->Isn't it a drag... it takes nothing to put on a bit of wt. and takes so much work to take it off!! But .5 isn't bad at all!! :smug: You are doing great!

My father and mother are holding their own... mom said she is feeling very good these days too :smug: How is your DF doing??

You mentioned that the kitty was gone when you went back to the shelter... I too hope it meant that he/she was adopted!!! I hate the thought otherwise... I think that would be the hardest thing about working at the shelter... knowing that an animal died because no one wanted it - it breaks my heart just thinking about it!!! I love my furry kids so much. I have a pic for you of my Guido I think you will love!!! Here it is:

Guido thinks he's a people... he likes to drink from water bottles too!! :lol: Look at his cute nose in the bottle!!! :lol:

Hi Charlotte, I have heard that *Dollywood* is a great place to go... would you recommend it?? Sounds like you had a wonderful time together!! It is always exhausting when coming back from a trip - you need a day or two to catch up!! :o I really enjoyed reading all about the fun you had!! I am so happy for you.

Thank-you for the Anniversary wishes... we had a nice quiet day together at home and dinner out w/ Joe's sis & hubby. Simple but real nice! We needed it :^:

August 1st we go to the Dentist and on Aug 8th I go for my physical... so after that I should be all set!!! All I want to hear from the Dr. is that I am as healthy on the insides as I feel!! It will let me know that I am on the right path... You know...

Hi Bluet! Your 4th sounded nice too... allot of our friends stayed home too. WoW :eek: a maple went down!!! What a mess... glad it didn't HIT your home!!! We got the strong winds too... and very little rain... we have had cloudy days the last two days, but very little rain. I have to water everything every morning or I'll loose them and we cannot have that happen after all our work ;)

We got in 27.75 miles for JUNE and have 7.5 miles in for JULY so far. I wanted to get in more for June, but we were just too busy

How busy you are these days with your gardens and work... phew! I am exhausted just reading your post :lol:

*Prayers* for your DH :grouphug: I see that he is going for surgery tomorrow??? What a bummer that the Dr's didn't think to do that MRI sooner!!! What's up with that anyway?

Your MIL is 92!!! Bless her heart!!! I hope that she is feeling better after that scare! It is so common for the elderly to become dehydrated... they forget to drink water. And when you don't drink your BP will go wacky - bet that's why she passed out like that --- not to mention missing a pill didn't help any. How is she doing today?

Bluet... send me the pics you want to post by e-mail :) I will be GLAD to resize them for you and post them... I would love to see them & sure that everyone else does too!!! You did get my new E-mail address I hope? (I have DSL now & love it!!) ->> send them to me... I don't mind at all ;) :sunny:

Hi Diane, I sent you an PM when I visited last with directions on how to post images *IN* your post... did you get it???

What a Cute Professional Picture of Emilee!! And what a good baby! Sleeping like that... and it sounds like Bradley is loving being a BIG BROTHER :smug: How adorable!!!

How was your trip to La.? I bet you have a wonderful time :D I love being HOME too!!!! Trips are so exhausting :lol: I know it's good to get away, but I too am a *homebody* and love being home with my hubby and kitties...

I am so happy to read that you are still walking... it's so good for you!! Joe's BP is back to normal and we are thrilled!!! He now takes Calcium with Vit D, Mag & zinc 3x a day, gets to bed by 9:30/10pm and walks everyday... this morning his BP was 116/76... isn't that great!!! :bubbles: :flow2: I am so happy!

Hi Bonnie2, Belated *Happy Birthday* wishes for DD's 28th (on 6/26) and DH's 60th (on 6/28)... sounds like they had great birthdays!!!

I hope that your trip to Mo. is rewarding and refreshing for you both :sunny:
*Have a GREAT time!!!!*

Hi Willow, I hope that you are still feeling better and recovering well from your surgery... haven't heard from you in awhile.


Hope you are having a great Wednesday!!!


07-06-2005, 05:17 PM

Bonnie2, I live in Wisconsin on Lake Michigan's shore, about 180 miles directly north of Milwaukee.

Sunny, thank you for the offer to resize my pictures for the forum, I will e-mail them to you this evening when I get home after supper. :)

Talk to you all later. Hey, Charlotte, the word is isolating. Are you isolating Charlotte? Everyone needs that every now and again. ;) Hope your health is good Charlotte. I suppose you are getting that rain that we need so desparately in the midwest. Rained some on the 4th, but not nearly enough.


07-06-2005, 05:58 PM
Shoot, I mixed up Diane's trip with Bonnie2's trip--sorry about that! So, Bonnie2, is it a totally free vacation? I've heard of that resort. I hope you have lots and lots of fun.

Bluet, that must have been some wind to blow down a large tree like that. Sorry it didn't bring any rain. I think a storm should at least be productive, don't you? How cool that you got a tour of the house. You know, more people seem to want the smaller lots. I just don't like being that close to my neighbors, even if I do like them. In some subdivisions around here, you could probably hear everything that goes on in your neighbor's house during the spring and summer when windows are open, not to mention looking right into bathroom windows. Do you go to fireworks every year? We haven't been since we moved out of Boise where the fireworks display was convenient to our house.

SunnyD, sounds like you had a relaxing weekend. Do they really roast an ox at an oxen roast?? I've heard of pig roasts (very popular in Colorado and Idaho for some reason), but never oxen roasts. Five photos for $177 would be a little over $30 a photo. That does seem kind of spendy, but well worth it, don't you think? Sometimes it's difficult to get a photo you really like so it's money well spent.

I think the cats just picked up a tummy bug. The one that was sickest still isn't quite over it, but the other two are fine. No more vomiting from anyone so that's good. Stain-resistant carpets should come with a caveat about pet stains. For some reason, pet stains just don't come out that well. Aww, Guido looks so cute drinking out of the bottle! You should enter that photo in a cute kitty contest. I don't know if the cat got adopted, but she was so pretty and sweet, I'm sure she did. There are just some things that you don't want to ask at animal shelters, you know? :( I prefer to think that if they're not there, then they must have gotten a home. I mean, hey, if I like an animal, everyone else must like it, too! Good for you on the walking! I was talking to a guy who took an aging and the brain class and was told that walking a couple of miles a day is the best way for your brain to stay healthy so you won't have memory problems. I better get my walking shoes on!

I'm hungry, but I just got finished having my teeth cleaned and they feel so darn good that I don't want to mess them up. I enjoyed talking to the hygenist, although he, of course, did most of the talking. If you're a compulsive talker, that would be a great job because you've got a captive audience. He wasn't compulsive--just interesting and nice, and he did a good job on my teeth, too.

So I got brave and planted three perennials, thinking I can move them when I decide how I really want my yard. I planted daylilies and a purple penstemon. One of these days, I will get my photos together and get them online. I changed back to my regular computer from the laptop so I've got to sort out stuff again.

I got weighed yesterday and lost about a pound (not quite) so that's okay. I still have a ways to go before I hit that VFT (virgin fat territory). While I could kick myself for gaining weight since last November, it was a good learning experience, I guess.

Charlotte, hope you're doing okay. Have a good evening, everyone!

07-07-2005, 08:58 AM
Here are BLUET/BONNIE'S Beautiful Garden Pictures:

Bluet/Bonnie, I have a beautiful photo that you
sent me of you and Charlie...
May I post that for all to see as well?
Or would you rather I didn't...

Beautiful, Beautiful Gardens!!!!!


07-07-2005, 08:30 PM
Bonnie, your garden is absolutely beautiful!! I love the brick path, and the lady holding the flowers, and the cool arbor, and, well, everything! And it looks so darn weed free--how'd you do that? :) Thanks for posting those photos, SunnyD.

Woke up to a 3:30 am phone call from DD who told us about the attack on the British transit system. She was horrifed and wanted to know why someone would do something like that. Certainly a question I can't answer. My thoughts are with our British friends.

Started a new circuit in my circuit training class today. All I can say is, "OW!" I'm already feeling it so tomorrow will be tough. I had a massage today with a new massage therapist, the only one that my insurance pays for. He was nice enough, but he works out of his home in a decrepit old house that's piled high with junk on the porch, and inside. I was totally put off. The bathroom was filthy, and since I always have to use the bathroom before and after a massage (don't know why, but I do), I know I can't go back there. Wish the insurance covered someone else. :(

I took the cat back to the vet today. She's still not 100%, and she's been hiding, which isn't a good sign. Also, the other two cats beat her up today, and that's pretty unusual behavior. She has some white blood cells in her stool (vets ask a lot about stool--necessary, but really gross), which isn't normal. I have pills I have to give her--not a chore I'm looking forward to. I had them draw blood, too, just to see what's going on because they don't know why there are white blood cells in the stool. Drawing blood wasn't a lot of fun. They tried three times in her neck, and then on one of her back legs, then on another. Her blood was really thick, which I guess means she's not hydrated enough, although the vet said that clinically she wasn't dehydrated. Luckily, this is my really mellow kitty who behaved very well, although at the end you could tell she was tired of getting poked and prodded. Poor kitty!

Hope the hurricane doesn't come close to Charlotte. How is everyone else today?

07-07-2005, 10:29 PM
Good Evening,

Thanks Sunny for posting my pictures. :) There are weeds there Shiela, they are just disguised as flowers. ;) In the fifth picture there is a house in the background. That's the kids "next door" :) I always told you it was a country "next door". Also the maple tree in the left hand corner is the maple tree that went down. It was a mighty mess to clean up. It actually split in half , one half on the ground and the other half stayed standing. So the whole tree was cut down. Noah counted nineteen rings in it.

I have to go guys, DH's surgery didn't go exactly how we wanted it to go. There was more damage than we expected and the surgery was longer. I have to go check on him. I'll be back tomorrow. Take care everyone.


07-08-2005, 09:27 AM
Good Morning!

You are very welcome Bluet! I am so very sorry to hear of your hubby and it being worse then they thought! I have been lifting you both and the Dr's up in prayer and you are in my thoughts as well...

Hiya Sheila, Yes... they really had Ox roasting on spits there... we didn't have any this year, but we did the last time we went and it was very good... not much different then beef in texture, but a bit more wild in taste. The line for the sandwiches this year was over a 40 min. wait, so we all just went out for lunch :lol:

Oh good... I am glad to hear that your kitties are doing better, sure hope that the sickest one recoups all the way real soon... how old is she? Poor baby!!!! :grouphug: My boys have vomited more then usual this year with all the fur they are shedding still! They have never shed this bad! I am always picking up after them and cleaning with tape rollers... plus I comb them - they luv that!! But it's still so bad. I think that they are even confused by the extreme weather we've been having. Thanx!! That is a cute picture... I luv how his nose is all squished up inside the bottle - he's our character of the 3, can you tell? :lol: As for the vomit staining... it's because of the bile they bring up with it. That's why I want to get those fake hardwood floors, they resist stains like that and it would be so much easier to keep clean. Right now we have the hand-held Bissell that we use to clean up after them. Thank the Lord that they don't do that often... I give them that lax stuff to help them pass the fur in their tummies - it really does help.

WoW... it's good to know that our walking is doing so much good for us! I haven't lost any more weight though :( But I keep on trying... still watching and walking... although, I do think I need to add some wt-workouts in twice a week... I think then I would see some wt-loss again. :cp: WooHoo on another pound down!!! :cp: You are working so hard at it... I think I need to work harder...

:rofl: I laughed so hard reading that you were sooo hungry, but didn't want to eat because your teeth were just cleaned :lol: You sound like my hubby!!! He's like that too :lol: We go on Aug. 1st for our cleaning and go at 8:30 in the morning so we will have the whole day together afterwards. So we go to breakfast after we get done and he doesn't want to eat right away - :lol: he wants to enjoy them all clean for a bit... me... I just want to eat! Hence - wt-problem!!! :lol:

Your perennials are lovely... I especially like the Day Lilies... they are so easy to keep up - do nothing and they do well :D I have 5 of them in my gardens 4 yellow (blooming now) and one deep rose (will bloom in a couple weeks) As for the purple penstemon - I think that hummers like those!! They make a beautiful border plant. Hey... where are those pictures!!! Send some to me and I will downsize them for you as I did for Bluet... with the DSL they come though quickly and it takes me no time to downsize them --- I'd be glad to do it for you Sheila ;)

I know exactly what your DD must have felt... I have a friend who's family was there!! She said that her SIL needed to use the potty and so they missed the train - good thing he had that full bladder!! They all (5 in the group) decided to move on and went to Paris. The death count is still climbing in London... terrible!!! :(

Hello Charlotte... I sure do hope that you are doing okay with these storms coming though!!! It's worry-some when we don't hear from you! Stop in soon!!

Diane & Bonnie2, hope that you are having a good time!!!


Well, I had better get going...
I have cards to make and a Grad party to go to tonight...
making a Tuna, Basil and Tomato Pasta to bring...

*Smiles & God's Blessings*


07-08-2005, 05:57 PM

Hi gals!

I was just watching the Weather Channel and they have the whole sate of Alabama under severe watches and evacuations from H-Dennis coming in... people in Mobile, Al (where Charlotte's DD is living) are evacuating. So I believe that's why Charlotte may not be coming on to post!

Lets Keep them ALL in our Thoughts and Prayers :^:
Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Tenn., Miss., Louisiana,
S. Carolina & Kentucky I think will all get something
of this H-Dennis!

H-Dennis is suppose to reach S. Ohio by Wednesday :o
What a bad storm he is!



07-08-2005, 11:00 PM
Thanks for the update on Dennis--haven't been watching the news and was hoping it was diminish, but it sounds like it's getting worse. :( I imagine Charlotte is busy getting ready for the storm.

How fortunate that your friend's SIL had to use the bathroom! You never know when a small bladder might come in handy. Not to make light of it, of course, but they were really fortunate.

Have you been keeping track of inches, SunnyD? Even though you haven't been losing weight, maybe you're rearranging things? Exercise is so good for you in many ways nonetheless!

Bluet, how is your DH today? His shoulder injury sure went from being not so bad according to the doctor, to surgery, to even more damage--I'm so sorry. Let us know how he's doing, okay?

Weeds disguised as flowers. I like that! I have a lot of beautiful yellow flowers growing out front of my yard. :D Funny, though, the neighbors don't seem to think my yellow flowers are as nice as I do.

Saw my new neurologist today after getting kicked off my other neuro's patient roster. The new guy is quite nice, and I like him a lot better. He's sending me to a physical therapist who specializes in neuro disorder so we'll see what that is all about. Unfortunately, it's about an hour drive from my house so my DH has to take me.

The cat's bloodwork was normal, thank goodness, so we'll just keep giving her the antibiotic and hope that she perks up soon.

Tomorrow we're going to watch my friend's daughter play softball in the Special Olympics tournament. She (the daughter) called us up a couple of weeks ago and asked if we'd go. Her parents are out of town for a while so I guess we're substituting for them, although she's only 8 years younger than I am. However, she's developmentally disabled so her mental age is probably in her 20s. I'm crossing my fingers for sunshine!

Have a good weekend, everyone!

07-09-2005, 12:44 AM
Hi friends,

You are right.........we're preparing for the hurricanes. DH & son are trying to get the shingles on the roof, so the black paper won't blow off. The eye of Hurricane Dennis is headed straight for us. You're also right about our daughter, Paula. She called this evening. They are expecting a repeat of what they had before. She is supposed to fly out Sunday, to go to Iowa for 2 weeks (a job assignment). The airlines called her today & cancelled until Monday. I still worry. Of course, they won't take off if it's not safe, but you never know when something will happen unexpectly. She's baking cookies today, so her little girls will have something from "mom" while she's gone. I thought that was sweet. Please pray for her to have a safe journey & their safety at home. I pray for all in it's path. We are getting a lot of warnings. Being told to store food that can't spoil, because of power going off.

I've also been gone because of my computer. I've had a lot of trouble with it. I can't get into the forum a lot of days, because of it saying "can't find page", or I can read the posts, then try to reply....only for my Internet Explorer to crash. I'm trying to clean it out good. I don't have a lot of time right now, though, for the computer, because of the weather. I even tried to email each of you to explain & my emails didn't go through!

I really enjoying the pictures of Bluet's gardens! I didn't try for graphics, fearing of crashing again.....

Here's something special for all you to enjoy:

I hope all are feeling better that were sick. My prayers are with you all. I'm feeling pretty good these days. I'm midway with my treatment, so that helps. Stay safe. I'll be back when I can.

Love you, my friends.....

07-09-2005, 06:22 AM
Charlotte I pray for your dd and family and you guys, please be safe.

Good Sat. morning ladies sorry I haven't been around. I am trying to get all my extra cleaning done before Bradley and Emilee start coming which will be a week from Monday. :D

Bluet loved the pictures of your flower garden. I so love flowers but this Texas heat plays havoc on them. I especially love roses, I bought one this yr. and planted it in a pot and baby it everyday. It is a peace rose and just beautiful. Hope Dhb is feeling well and everything is looking up.

Sunny hi girl sounds like you are feeling good. You guys are doing great on your walking. I have been trying to go at least five times a wk. and have been able to increase now to 3 miles. It is amazing how much better I feel and how much energy I have, just wish I had started this yrs. ago. I hope I continue with it. As far as weight goes I am still going to WW meetings weekly, I am averaging just a half lb. weekly, but guess that beats gaining. Have a fun weekend.

Bonnie2 how are you?

Sheila congrats on the weight loss. :D It sounds like you too have a fun weekend planned. Have you ever done yoga? I have been considering buying a DVD.

07-11-2005, 05:24 PM
I'm so glad that Hurricane Dennis lost some strength when he came ashore. Charlotte, I hope that your family is all well and that you all sustained no damage, or minimal damage at worst. Hope you got your computer fixed, too, so you can come on and tell us how you are!

Diane, I haven't tried yoga yet, but I think I might on Thursday. I'll let you know how it goes. Wish I could take the gentle yoga class, but I'll have to settle for the beginning class. Actually, I should be a bit leery of anything with the word "gentle" in it because I chose a dental office once because they practiced "gentle dentistry." I had the worst dental experience there ever!!

We watched two softball games on Saturday. The first game, my friend's daughter's team got creamed, and the second one they lost by one point. While that's kind of disappointing, they really play for the fun of it at Special Olympics. Susan did really well and scored the first run for her team. She also made a couple of excellent plays. My DH said that if the coaches and teams were like that when he was playing baseball, maybe he would have stayed with the sport. All the coaches were so supportive, and the players were really happy just to be out there playing. I was pretty impressed with Special Olympics. We didn't go Sunday, and Susan called to say she didn't play as well. Maybe we were good luck for her!

We ordered our new door on Saturday. It takes a couple of weeks, then they hang it, and then we have to have someone finish it. The door guy said that a clear finish only lasts a year or so, but paint lasts longer. Since we aren't painting the house for a while, we're going to put a clear finish on it to start with. Bought some more daylillies and penstemon for the front yard plus some daisies. My son sent me an e-mail and said the daylillies I planted at his house in May had died. He wanted to know if it was too shady. I said I thought the fact that he watered them twice a day and fed them every two weeks may have had something to do with it. I think he killed them with kindness! Daylillies are pretty darn hardy--don't think I've ever fed one and when I lived in Boise, I only watered three times a week, not twice a day. Oh, well--at least he's still got the spirea and alyssum.

Hope everyone (except Charlotte--we know how hers went!) had a good weekend! Oh, SunnyD, have you ever used a pill popper for your cats? Once I got the hang of it, it's pretty nifty! Our formerly friendly cat hates us, however. :( Hopefully she'll go back to being her sweet self once we quit stuffing pills down her throat twice a day.

07-12-2005, 07:11 AM

Good morning friends,

We were blessed. Hurricane Dennis didn't hit us hard. Some strong winds & a lot of rain (which we're still getting). Also, Paula's house wasn't hit this time. There was one tree blown down, but it wasn't in her yard, but down by the road.

We were going through a lot, in another way, however. DH's dad had a massive heart attack Saturday, & died. I was at the grocery store, when DH called & told me to meet me at their house, because he'd received a call that his dad had passed out. When I got there, the paramedics were trying to revive him. They finally got him in the ambulance....& stayed quite awhile working with him. Got to the hospital with a "code blue", so we knew we were probably losing him. Everyone was sooo upset & there's a very large family. Papaw was the strong & wise one in the family. He never had anything bad to say about anyone. He let me & my sister know a long time ago, that we were NOT in-laws to him! (we married brothers) It has been a terrible few days. The funeral was put off an extra day because of the weather, which makes it a little harder. We were blessed, though. Papaw had early stages Alziemers, & was grieving about it. He said he didn't want to live to get to the late stages....he loved his family too much & wanted to always know us. He was also a christian, very devoted to his God. Our God blessed us & him. He didn't have to see late stages of the disease & he went quickly....not suffering. He told Grandma that he felt like he was going to pass out, so he got a glass of water. After he took a sip, he passed out, & never regained conciousness. Grandma was upset that he hit his head hard when he fell, but I told her he never felt it........his head hit a cloud in heaven! Everyone agreed! The funeral is today, I dread it. DH has been so upset, that I can't stand it. They were very close. It's very early (I got up at 4am) of those sleepless times, & wanted to check on my friends.
My computer is doing better. I have been doing some cleaning on it.

I hope everyone is doing well. Maybe I can get back into the routine of posting individually soon. I love you all.

07-12-2005, 10:56 AM
Oh Charlotte, I am so sorry for your loss. Please accept my deepest sympathy for you and your DH. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Your strong faith will carry you through and restore you. My DH had the same thing happen to him 30 years ago, lost his father to a sudden heart attack, they were very close, always working together on the farm. DH's Dad was loved by everyone, he too always had good things to say about everyone.
I love you Charlotte, take care please.


07-12-2005, 03:33 PM
So sorry to hear about your news Charlotte my prayers are with you and yours.

07-12-2005, 07:56 PM
Charlotte, I'm so sorry to hear about your father-in-law. What a shock for everyone! He sounds like a wonderful man, beloved by his whole family, who will be missed terribly. You and your family are in my thoughts. I'm very glad that you were spared the hurricane on top of this tragedy.

Just a note to say that my sister visited us today. We had a nice chat, and when I mentioned that I wasn't looking forward to driving in a U-Haul truck back from Boise in September, she said she'd drive me back home. Her words were, "Sheila, I'm retired now!" So she's going to drive to Boise, then my DH is going to drive the U-Haul, and I'll drive back with my sister. I was totally shocked, and very grateful.

07-12-2005, 08:40 PM
Hi gals,
We had a great time in Missouri. It is hilly where we were, beautiful water,
the exfoliation was a little rough at first with the sea salt she rubbed on the skin,then warm h2o to rinse,& scented oil to end. It felt smooth afterwards.
The japenese stone massage was great.have you all had any kind of massage before? not me. lotion first, then heel of hands massage, then HOT stones down the back, then cool stones again, 50 min. a seaweed lotion to end, GREAT FEELING afterwards. While free we went to a castle ruins,a dam, outlet stores,& the most interesting was going to the bridal cave there. except for the long drive home everything was great.
so sorry to hear about your loss Charlotte. candlelady how is weight watchers going? Bonnie2

07-13-2005, 09:05 PM
Hello, ladies!

Charlotte, how are you and your family doing? Thinking of you. . .

Bonnie2, it sounds like you had a wonderful time, and lots of pampering! I hope the sea salt didn't feel too much like sandpaper--the end results sound wonderful. What are the bridal caves? Well, at least on the long drive home you were relaxed after all the spa treatments.

Since my Dad never called on his birthday yesterday (I called him, but he was at the dr., and I sent him a big bouquet of flowers) I decided to talk to the nurse today because I've been concerned that his toe wasn't healing. Turns out they cultured it yesterday and he has a strain of streptococcus that is resistant to almost all antibiotics. They're trying him on one of the antibiotics that is supposed to help. Just hope it does help and doesn't cause another bad reaction that lands him in the hospital.

We're having beautiful weather here, and it's supposed to get hot soon (that's all relative given Texas weather, for example). I walked a couple of shelter dogs today in the park, which they enjoyed as did I. Went to the library and then walked to Starbuck's and had a coffe light frappucino (only 2.5 Weight Watcher pts. for the grande!). Oh, weighed in last night and lost 1/2 lb., which is certainly better than gaining.

Happened across a post from SunnyD at the Exercise forum so it sounds like she's doing okay. Post here, too, SunnyD!! :)

Hope everyone is enjoying summer as best they can. My DH was saying that it was good we didn't watch Lost during the regular season because now we have something to watch tonight.

07-14-2005, 02:13 PM

Hello Gals!
I just finished reading all your posts since I last visited...

Hi Charlotte, I wonder why you are having such problems with your computer? :shrug: Do you think you picked up a buggie... glad to hear it's running a little better.

I am so relieved to hear that your DD and you are all fine as far as H-Dennis goes!!! It was a huge storm and I am glad it got so much smaller as it travelled onto land. We did not get the hard rains we hoped to get from the H... we really needed it too.

And I am so very sorry to hear about your hubby's DF, Charlotte! :grouphug: What a shock to everyone in your family... (((God Bless You All...))) God is already Blessing your father-in-law, for he is now WHOLE again and will never forget his loved ones... My heart goes out to your hubby in his grief :( He sounded like such a caring & loving man, so few these days. I am so sorry...

Your siggy looks so pretty on you ;)

Yup Sheila... I'm here... just trying to keep up with the 3 threads I belong to here :lol: :faint: in between all the activities here at home :) Joe & I went out last night with our best buds Mike & Peggy... to celebrate Mike's BIG 50! We ate at a place called *Joe's Crabshack* & today I feel like a blowfish :lol: And I even had a grill order - where they added less seasonings & salt and no butter, plus I only ate 1/2 the meal... and I feel like this! But I must say that it was a GREAT evening --- great company and food!! :T

Sorry to hear that your DF is ill again... they are so vulnerable at that age for anything that comes along--- and those nursing homes are so HOT --- it's like a breading ground for all those bugs. I hope he will be okay...

:cp: Yeahhhh another 1/2 pound down!! (I hate you ;) ... giggle!!!) I have not lost at all! Still waiting... I guess I may have lost inches, but I am not happy with where I am at all, so I have to try something else - like wts twice a wk. maybe. But I AM so happy for you!! :dance:

Wonderful news about the U-Hall and how kind of your sister offer to go with you... I could really sense your relief! :D

That storm did get quite a bit smaller as it hit land... thank goodness! We got some wind and rain, but not nearly what I thought it would be. To be honest with you - we could use allot more rain!! Our lawns are really browning up.

I'm so glad to hear that your NEW neurologist is working out well for you... bummer that it's such a long drive there. My mom & dad have to drive about 50 min to get to their Dr's also. In fact, I just heard from my mother yesterday and both she and my father had good physicals! They are hanging in there... my father is still having some problems with his blood sugar levels and they are still adjusting his meds, but at least his feet are all healed now and he's feelin' better :)

How was the SpO baseball game? Did your friend's daughter do well... I love those games! My nephew is Down's and he love to run in the SpO... they get so excited!!!

Nope... I have never used a pill popper... I don't have any problems giving my cats their meds ;) Sounds like it's a great little gadget though --- my sis could use it! She has a dickens of a time giving her kitties pills. I sure do hope your kitty gets better soon - so she can love on you again... funny how they show their disapproval - and they say animals cannot talk :lol:

Hi Bluet, I am glad you popped in too... I miss seeing your post. Wouldn't it be great if we all came back and posted on a regular basis again? :^: :bubbles: Thinking of you!!

Hi Diane, Great job with your walking!!!! One of the threads I am on is a Walking Thread... and I try real hard to check in there when I can just to stay accountable for my miles walked. You are doing a wonderful job!! And losing .5 to 1 lb a week is the BEST way to lose wt... it is said that when you lose like that it's fat that stays off... :D

Did you ever get my PM with the info about how to add images IN the posts? I sent it quite some time ago.

Hi Bonnie2, Wonderful to hear that you had such a good time in Mo... I have never had a professional message & all the other treatments you had - yours sounded wonderful :goodvibes


Time for me to go... I have bills to pay :p
Love you gals!


07-14-2005, 09:41 PM

Glad you had such a fun evening, SunnyD, and the blowing up stuff should go away soon. Do you drink more water after you eat at restaurants? I've heard that helps. Is Joe's Crabshack a chain? I went to someplace in Virginia that was somebody's Crabshack. Maybe it's just a popular name. That's great about your parents doing better.

The Special Olympics were fun--everyone was so happy. Her team didn't do that well, but she did great. I imagine everyone gets medals at the end no matter what. There was this one kid (he really was a kid--probably in his early 20s) whose girlfriend was there and everytime he did something, he'd yell at his girlfriend asking if she was proud of him. He had a very penetrating, high voice, too, so everyone could hear him. We were all smiling about that. One girl who appeared to have Down Syndrome was the catcher on the opposing team, and she caught a pop fly foul. She was so excited, and even though she was on the opposing team, everyone on our side was cheering for her, too. Her face just beamed!

Mailed my DD's passport to her today. She and her DH are headed for the Caribbean over New Year's on a cruise. Now, you'd think that a guy who spends so much time on a ship wouldn't really be interested in a cruise, but I guess it's different when people are pampering you. :) My youngest son called today to say he's going to spend a weekend on the San Juan Islands. NO FAIR! We never got to spend any time there when we lived in Washington, and we really wanted to. I guess we're not that far away that we can't go there sometime.

Anybody got any big plans for the weekend? We're volunteering for DaVinci Days ( ), which runs this weekend. Never been before, but it looks like fun. My DH is going to be involved in crowd control for the electric car race. I guess the cars are so quiet, they have to worry about people not paying attention and stepping in front of them.

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying good weather!

07-16-2005, 08:34 AM

Good morning ladies,
I'm trying to get my morning started.......but, very slow. Good to see all the postings. Thanks for the prayers, & sweet words. We're all slowly getting better. As my MIL dear FIL isn't confused anymore! We had the reading of the will Thursday I hope that's the last hard thing we have to go through. DH will receive 1/3 of the land at MIL's death, as well as his share of household items. Grands will receive a momento each. My MIL gave me a beautiful clock yesterday that had been in the family since before DH & I married....& she knew I had always liked it. I'll take a pic later & show it to you. She's trying to give some of the things out now, so it won't be so hard later. She's in bad health & this has taught us all a hard lesson. DH & I are going to go make a will out soon. DH & I went by the grave & spent some time there after the will was seemed to put some closure for DH. The TV Station had sent a flower basket with a cross that lights up automatically at night & seemed to be telling us that all was well.

SunnyD...good to hear from you. Tell Joe happy birthday for me. The big 50! He is legal for this thread now!! "kitting" :D

I ran a virus scan & it showed no virus. It's doing much better now. Hope it stays that way.

Sheila....Praying for your dad. Sorry he has so much trouble.
1/2 lb!! WOW!! That's great! I've been eating way too much these last few days. I'm afraid to weigh.
How's the house coming? Our roof is actually half shingled now! SIL, grandson, DH & son did a lot of work on it the last couple of days.
Sounds like you had a lot of fun at the olympics!

Bonnie-2...Glad you had a good time in Missouri! Tell us more about it when you get rested up.

Bluet...thank you for your sweet words. It sounds like you know exactly what we went through. I'm being stopped in town & in stores....called at the tv station & visited there by people to express sympathy. People are so kind.
Hope you are doing well. Love you, my friend. I have such good friends.......especially here!

Diane...thank you also. Hope you are having a good weekend.

Gotta go......have a birthday party at the station....then a wedding! The sportscaster is getting married today! Busy, busy day.........

07-16-2005, 10:21 AM

Good Saturday Morning Gals... Joe is at a work-meeting this morning, so I get to catch up :smug: and then I have to make a Wedding Card for the wedding we'll be at today at 3:30 (leaving at 2)... then the reception is at 6:30. It will be fun, but I get so tired from these weddings. I look forward to Sunday after church when
I get to vegg with my Sunday paper ;)


Hi Sheila, the bloating did ease :lol: but my eyes a still a bit puffy this morning... I hope it eases up for the wedding we have to be at this afternoon. I really don't drink enough water lately - I did! But lately... NOT! I hate having to run to the bathroom every time I am in the middle of something!!! Like now!! :o Okay... I'm back... :lol: Yes, my hubby says that *Joe's Crabshack* is a chain... good seafood!!! And they will do special grill orders for you too :T
SpO... I enjoyed reading about your day --- those children are touched by God! They just love people so readily, don't they! And enjoy life to the fullest! I bet she did BEAM!! God love them!! I'm glad to hear that you, your friends daughter and family had such a great day!! :flow1:

Cruises?? Islands?? What are those???? :lol: That's what I say too!!! NO FAIR!!! :tantrum: I wanna come too!!

I never heard of DaVinci Days, but it sure looks like FUN!!! Thanx for the link :) Do they have booths set up for the kids (& big kids) to do experiments & such? I think it would be very interesting to go to & be a part of. Yes, those electric cars are quiet!! He'll have his hands full! Enjoy!! :goodvibes

Hi there Charlotte, Good to see you! It WAS NOT my Joe's 50th :lol: it was his best buds, Mike's!! Joe is 52 already - long past that hump ;) Remember our Saturday morning breakfast buds, Mike & Peggy??? It's his 50th ;) I'll be spending allot of my time this week finishing up the scrapbook poster-boards for his BIG SURPRISE party that is coming up this coming Saturday. So far, I think we have been able to keep it from him. That's why we went out as we usually do together ON his B-Day, so he would suspect anything...

I am glad to hear that all is going as well as can be with the passing of your DFIL... how is hubby doing?? You said he was taking it hard. That clock sounds beautiful - I look forward to seeing a pic of it. ((((Hugs for you all))))

Hi Bluet, I hope that all is well with you sweetz!! I sure do miss your posts! Are you watching any of the NEW reality shows? The only one I liked and caught so far this summer was the *Dancing with the Stars* one... that was beautiful to watch! (((Bonnie)))

Hi Diane, I got your PM and am sorry you are still having a hard time understanding how it works... I will send another PM to YOU and to BONNIE2 that may help you understand better - okay ;) I'll send it soon and then let you know I when I have, okay.

It's GREAT to see you join in my Walking Thread ;) There's a nice group of gals there, they try so hard :jig: If that thread does nothing else - it gives them a place to vent. I try to keep their spirits up ;)

Hi Bonnie2, I have not forgotten to send you the PM with instructions - it just takes time... I will send you and Diane a PM with instructions next week, okay!! And then I will do what I can to help you both. Hope all is well in your corner of the world :sunny:


Well, I must be going and getting my day started...
Have a wonderful weekend!!!


07-18-2005, 03:15 PM
Hey, almost couldn't find us!

How sweet of your MIL to give everyone mementos, Charlotte. We don't have a real will either (have a holographic will that's not valid in Oregon, but was in Washington), and that's something we need to start thinking about. I'm glad your DH found some comfort at your FIL's grave. What a nice thing for the TV station people to do!

SunnyD, how was the wedding? Hopefully it wasn't as hot and sticky at the reception as the last wedding. So was the wedding actually several hours long? I'm wondering why so much time between the wedding and the reception?

Yup, the bad part about drinking so much water is having to be around a bathroom all the time. I even plan my trips around bathroom accessibility! :D But I do like the effects of all that hydration on my skin.

We had a wonderful weekend going to DaVinci Days and volunteering. On Saturday, we visited all the exhibits, and because the shuttle took too long, we ended up walking A LOT! I had a cushy volunteer spot on Sunday inside an air conditioned building. I was volunteering with a really nice woman who was quite chatty, and since we didn't have that many people, we spent most of the four hours just chatting. We even got a little too cold. Now, compare that to my poor DH who had to move hay bales (he spent the rest of the day with ice on his poor back!), and then stand out in the sun for hours making sure people didn't go onto the electric car racetrack. His face was bright red when he came to pick me up, even though he was wearing a hat. Turns out it was 97 degrees yesterday, and our town was the hottest in the valley.

We've been having a good time in the evening discovering new parks where we walk our dog. We've been looking for off-leash areas so we can let him run around. Last night we thought we were going to an off-leash area, but it turns out it was a hiking trail. We walked uphill for about 10 minutes before deciding we were just too exhausted from the weekend to continue to the top. The dog, who is 13, actually was happy about that, too.

Bluet, how is your DH's shoulder? Hopefully he's doing better.

Diane, is today the day you get Emilee as well as Bradley? I bet your DD is going to be sad to leave her. Hope you get through the day without being too exhausted!

Oh, if you can, please spare a thought or two for us--yet another layoff scare at HP. It was all over the news here so we're crossing our fingers yet again. It's kind of a bummer that we hear this stuff in the news, then the company is silent. Supposedly, there will be some kind of official announcement tomorrow or at least a meeting tomorrow afternoon. What will be, will be.

Have a good Monday, everyone!

07-19-2005, 08:26 AM
Good morning dear friends, hope this finds everyone doing just peachy. :D

Yesterday was my first day back on the job. It was a good day a little tiring not being used to taking care of a baby but they both were little jewels. :) Bradley is so good about helping with her, everytime she makes a peep he sticks her pacifier in her mouth.

Charlotte my thoughts are still with your family. We don't have a will either, need to get one soon, you just never know when something could happen.

Sheila sounds like you had a good weekend, glad you were in the air conditioning. I was going to walk this morning but it is 80 out at 5 am with no breeze and high humidity, so I opted to do the Yoga tape instead.

Sunny no hurry honey about trying to teach this ol lady something, just at your convenience. I need to get over to the walking thread today been a few days since I have been over and I have a few more miles to add. :D

Sending great big hugs to Bonnie2 and Bluet. Bonnie2 I have quit going to WW meetings to hard now with the babies here, but am continuing on the program which I find very easy to follow and something I can live with.

Have a wonderful Tuesday, time to get up from here and get busy before the little ones get here.

Luv you all....Diane

07-19-2005, 02:42 PM :wave:

Sheila, We left for the Wedding on Saturday afternoon @ 2:15 (for a 3:30 ceremony) and the wedding itself was beautiful. Then we all (Joe, myself and many of Joe's family) left for a restaurant to kill 2 1/2 hours in between the wedding & reception... it was over an hour to go back home, so we all went out to eat appetizers instead - it was fun! :lol: And then we ate again at the reception, but that was at 8:00. Then... @ 6:30 when we were going from the res. to the reception we got some HUGE storms that came though!! No overhang at the place we went to... the whole wedding party (and many of the guests, including moi!) got soaked! The W-party had to get together on Sunday - all dressed up AGAIN - for the outdoor pics that they could not get on Saturday. But today they are on their honeymoon and will laugh about it later...

Sunday: we went to church and then Joe's family got together again @ 2:00... I didn't go - I was so very tired... But Joe went and had a great time with his family (took allot of pics), I fell asleep in Joe's recliner and slept for a good 40 min. after he left! Then I caught a movie on PPV - it felt good to relax. I just cannot stay up late like I use to w/o it bothering me the next day.

We went for our 1 1/2-mile walk yesterday morning and boy was it ever WET! It reached high temps of 97* yesterday :flame: with a dew point just as high - you cannot breathe it's so wet & thick! All I can say is... I am thrilled to have central AC!! I wouldn't wish this kind of oppressive humidity on anyone! I feel great today - glad I didn't go to the party in that heat & humidity Sunday! It is suppose to clear a bit today, but it's still too high to open the house up :(

Your DaVinci Days sounded wonderful!! I am so glad that you had such a great time... hope the hubby's back feels better :bubbles: I will definitely keep your DH (the other workers) & you in my prayers as far as HP... bummer! Have you heard anything more from the meeting?

Diane, I'm so glad you don't mind the wait, sweetz... I have so much to be done this week with doing these scrapbook posters for Mike's party this coming weekend. To be honest with you I wish it was done already, it's a bigger project then I thought it would be... she had allot of pictures!!

So everything went well with the G-children... I bet you were tired :faint: Children take allot out of you - gotta constantly watch them... they are fast! And they are faster as we get older :lol: Don'tcha just love older sibs... my mom said I was like that too - a mother's helper (I am the oldest). Are you watching the G-children everyday??

Your weather sounds like ours! Joe & I didn't walk this morning either - just way too hot!! I haven't been over to the walking thread yet today - will try to tomorrow - we have practice tonight and my day is full. I just wanted to take a break and catch-up here ;)

*Thinking of you Charlotte, Bluet & Bonnie2* with Love! :grouphug:

Gotta run... I do hope that everyone else is doing well ---
Where did everyone go!!!???



07-19-2005, 08:49 PM
Diane, glad to hear you made it through your first day with both kids. Bradley sounds like such a sweetheart taking care of his baby sister. So how long have you been doing yoga? I took my first yoga class today. What kind of a difference has it made for you?

Oh, my, SunnyD, what is it about the weddings you attend? :D I bet they will look back on the reception and laugh, but can you imagine putting all that finery back on the next day just for photos? Ooohh, I hate that kind of humidity. Once when I went to visit friends in Virginia, it was so muggy that I felt like I couldn't breathe, and I kept walking around trying to find a cool, nonhumid place. Didn't work--just got more sweaty!

It's another over 90 degree day here, but the humidity is only 38%. My DH looked up the temp. in Boise, where our son lives, and it's over 100, but only 16% humidity. One thing about humidity is that your skin doesn't crack so much. I never could get my elbows nice and smooth in Boise, but when we moved west, they're no longer a problem.

The good news is that my DH still has a job, and should hopefully have one for a long time. The company is laying off support and administrative staff plus managers. We're feeling a lot better today, but I do feel bad for the 14,500 that are going to get the axe. The company is also stopping certain pension benefits to younger people with shorter lengths of service and new hires, but my DH is exempt from that, too. The benefits are better than most in the high tech industry so they're just bringing them in line with other companies, according to the CEO.

Hello to Bluet, Charlotte, and Bonnie2--hope you all are doing okay!

07-19-2005, 11:35 PM

Hi everybody,

Sorry so slow about posting. I've been very busy. I've been taking care of paper work for MIL. Doing her shopping.... etc.

Then, I had a lot of housework to catch up on.....

Well... 1/2 of the house is shingled!! DH has a little work this week, so the other half has to wait. Sheila, I'm so glad your DH's job is safe for now. We got bad news, though. My DH's job is suffering now. The main store he works out of is closing soon. The owner is rich & has decided to retire & enjoy life. Don't blame him, but will make it rough on us. We knew something was going on, because the only work he's had lately is what he's got up for himself. He has a good reputation & this gets him jobs. Times are hard, though, & people are getting tighter with their money. We've got some decisions to make pretty fast. It just doesn't look like it's meant for us to have a stress free life anymore. In fact, not even a stress free week.

The wedding sounded so nice. Sorry about the stormy weather. We had a beautiful wedding to go to, also, Saturday. Bobby, the sportscaster at the tv station got married.

The weather has been soooooo hot! I've been hearing of storms this next few days....hope they're not bad.

Enjoyed reading the posts..........everyone take care.

07-20-2005, 12:01 PM

Just a quick note to apologize. We were gone on vacation for four days, and as we were driving along I remembered I didn't pop in and tell you all we were going to be gone. I had it in my mind to do it as one of the last things, but it just flew out of my mind until we were down the road a piece. I am so sorry. :o

We had the two year old from next door wih us and I had to do all the packing and the loading of the car, because Dh is not allowed to lift. I was beginning to think staying home would have been a better idea, but we had promised the kids we would take this road trip way before DH had his shoulder injury.

I will stop back later his evening, have a lot of work to catch up with now, first day back to work.


07-22-2005, 12:27 AM

I am really sorry that I am absent from the forum. I am busy at work, and tired when I get home. There are a lot of things going on right now. Hopefully I can find some time for me and get on the computer this weekend. My keyboard at work is failing and doesn't type some of the keys nor the cap key, otherwise I would sneak in a post on my lunch break. Thank you for your patience. I appreciate all of you.


07-22-2005, 02:55 PM
Hi, all--

Off to southern Oregon to attend a play (Twelfth Night) at the Shakespeare Festival. Hope you all have a good weekend!

Bluet, you're a saint to take a 2 year old on a road trip! :) Charlotte, I'm thinking of you and your DH. It's so tough to worry about a job, isn't it? And you certainly don't need the stress of that right now. Take some big, deep breaths and do a lot of praying, which I'm sure you are.

07-26-2005, 11:21 PM
Hello To Everyone,

Well, it appears that everyone has abandoned the forum. I have had a very busy summer, and have not posted as much as I should, and I am sorry for that. I have always appreciated all of you as more than friends. I hope this finds you all well, with not too many tribulations in your life.

As you all know summer is my favorite time of the year, and it is hard for me to stay indoors, when I get home from work. Business has picked up of late and I am barely keeping my head above water at work. Most of my free time is taken up with babysitting the grandchildren. I don't think there will be a slack in the babysitting in the next few weeks. SIL next door's Mother is dying at the University Hospital in Madison and the kids are traveling back and forth to be with her.

Sheila I hope you had a nice time at your Shakespeare Comedy. You are very fortunate that your DH enjoys Shakespeare's plays. I would not be able to get my DH to go to a Shakespeare Play.

Charlotte, Sunny, Diane and Bonnie2 hope this little post finds you all well. Take care my dear friends.


07-27-2005, 09:00 PM
I'm doing just fine. dear mil leaves for minn. tomorrow for 10 days then I will meet her in Minn. airpor to fly together to ariz.on the 9th.I'll be there with her till the 15th to get her settled in without Ed. She has been well while with us. It has gone pretty well I must say.I am not use to flying so I am not looking forward to flying by myself to meet her at Minneapolis airport, then on my own coming home to BIG Detroit airport.
Been keeping up with jazz. in July. taking Aug. off.
How are all of you doing? Bonnie2

07-28-2005, 12:50 AM
Hello Bonnie2,

Glad to hear that you are doing fine and that your summer with MIL went a smoothly as it did. What a good feeling, right! Yes, I am not so fond of airplane rides either, but it gets you where you want to go in no time at all. Sure hope it cools off in Arizona before you have to take your trip out there. What a wonderful thing you are doing for MIL.

We had cooler weather here today after a drought and a heat wave with record temperatures. Weatherman is promising some rain tomorrow, one can only hope. I think the rain is too late to save the corn though.

Good for you for sticking with your excercise program. I am not good at that exercise stuff. I wish I was, but I am a slacker in that area.

My Son-in-law's Mother died last night. It is so sad, she was only 67 years old. The next few days are going to be very difficult.

Hello to Sheila. Charlotte, Sunny and Diane, hope you are all doing ok.


07-28-2005, 10:01 AM
Hello friends,

Sorry I've been gone so much. I'm just really not feeling great these days. I got a treatment Tuesday, so been lying around a couple of days. sorry for the loss of your SIL's mother. They will be in my prayers.
We're still having a hard time with my FIL's passing away. In time of grieving we're having to take care of financial matters for MIL, so she will have all the income we can get for her. Also, some of us stay near her at all times.

Bonnie-2...I love to fly! Have you flown before? I've only flown once, but I loved it. I really dreaded it, but I'd go again, anytime. I'll be praying for you.

Sheila...Hope you enjoyed the play.

Well...I waited long enough on my angels, etc, for my house. I brought them all in & fixed a shelf above my computer to put them on. I brought my pictures in that I had bought over the last couple of years, & put them up. We had bought a new table with 6 chairs, & kept it stored at the store where we bought it. DH went & got it Saturday & we set it up. Soooo....I'm "playing" house. I decided it had been long enough. DH will just have to work around them when the time comes. He said he'd just sheetrock one room at a time, & we could empty it & fix it up, before going to the next room. I'm going soon to yardsales, etc, to find some cheap curtains to hang. I have some expensive ones stored, but they cost too much to get dust on them. I can dust these things I have out.

Hi to everyone. Maybe things will get back to normal around here, soon. (whatever normal is for us)
Love you all.....

07-28-2005, 10:37 AM
Good Morning,

Charlotte, it is so hard to get over losing a loved one. You seem to be doing well though, if you feel up to sprucing things up around the house. It is certainly a positive note.

You made me smile with your statement "whatever is normal around here" Wow that is a statement. It is always something with us isn't it? So good to have this support group to help us through the low spots. Glad to hear you have had your treatment and are improving each day. Losing your FIL and needing your treatment was like a double wammy. :) But your faith is strong.

Gotta go, at work today. Going to have some busy days coming up. Had a busy weekend scheduled with my two other daughters requests for babysitting, before Elaine's passing, now the wake is on Friday evening and services and burial will be Saturday. Remember that commercial "Calgon Take Me Away"? That says it all. ;)

Best wishes to all of you for a wonderful Thursday.


07-28-2005, 10:21 PM
Bluet, how sad about your SIL's Mom--that's awfully young. It's wonderful that you're close enough to babysit when needed. Did you know her well?

Glad you're having some cooler temperatures. I look at the weather maps on the nightly news and cringe when I see the midwest. While we've been having warm temperatures (in the 90s lately), our humidity is fairly low out here.

Bonnie 2, good for you for keeping up with your Jazzercise. I find flying pretty nervewracking myself. Actually, the flying isn't so bad, but the wait around the airport drives me nuts. I wish I could just arrive at the airport, get on the plane, and get to my destination. I'm sure you'll do fine with flying by yourself. Look at it this way--it's a lot better than driving that distance! :)

Charlotte, I'm sorry you're feeling poorly--hopefully you'll perk up in a few days when the treatment starts to kick in. That's nice that you all stay near your MIL during this time.

My grandmother took her first flight at the age of 94. My mother was diagnosed with lung cancer and was unable to drive to California to visit Grandma so Grandma came to my mother. She did that twice a year until my mother died in 1996. While I don't know that she enjoyed it all that much, everyone treated her really well, and she had quite the distance to travel for her age. I often wonder if she was one of the oldest to ever experience her first flight.

Good for you for getting your angels set up. I bet that makes you feel better, and, who knows, with the angels there, the house building may go smoother?! :)

We had fun at the play. Shakespeare can be rather bawdy, and his comedies are quite funny, even when you can't understand what the actors are saying. Their body language really makes it, I think. On the way back home, we stopped at a small historic town and went to a museum and to look at an old home. We like going to county museums and looking around. It was darn hot, however--around 94 degrees--so we didn't stay long.

Spent the afternoon with my longtime friend who lives here in town. We met for lunch at noon, and she was the only person in the restaurant when I arrived. When we left two hours later, we were the only people there, and the restaurant had actually closed. Since we weren't done talking, we went to her house and chatted until 4:30 pm. Not our record, however. When I used to live here, we chatted for 8 hours straight one time.

I managed to lose 1.6 pounds last week. I have 10 lbs. to go before I get back to my lowest, which I hit last November. Hope to do that before I go back to Boise for a visit in early September, where I tend to like to hit my favorite restaurants.

Hi to Diane and SunnyD! Nice to see everyone posting again. It's hard during the summer, but post when you can, okay?

07-29-2005, 12:01 AM
Good Evening,

Sheila, what a very nice post. I like the part about, "post when we can", because we are all busy in the summer. ;) You are sweet. :)

I new Elaine very well. We are complete opposites, so we did not hang out together. I always had a lot of compassion for her. She was a tiny little thing and she worked hard all her life at a factory job. She will be missed. She stopped every Thursday on her way home from work to visit her grandchildren and son and our daughter. SIL's Dad is going to be really lost without her.

They are taking the barley off the fields today and it ran into the evening, The harvestors needed a place to pull the big trucks in for the night so the barley wouldn't gather moisture and in case it would rain. So DH is out there in his arm sling moving machinery, just when his doctor told him yesterday not to do anything with that arm. "Don't screw this up" those were his exact words. So I am out there pacing like a neverous mother hen worrying that he is going to jerk that shoulder. Of course I don't know what I was going to do about it.

Sheila, I have never talked to anyone for 8 hours straight. That is remarkable. ;) Well, I have to go it is past my bed time and I have a big day tomorrow. Take care everyone. Hi to SunnyD and Diane. Bye for now


07-31-2005, 12:18 PM
Hello My Dear Friends!!!
Joe has been off and will be going back to work on Tuesday.
We have been very busy with home & yard clean-up with a bit
of fun things to do in between... I will be back on Tuesday to
catch up with everyone! I do hope this note
finds you all well :bubbles:

Hugzz for each of you! :grouphug:


08-01-2005, 02:31 AM
Good Monday morning everyone. It's midnight, so, it's officically....AUGUST! ALREADY! :dizzy:

It's so good to hear from you SunnyD. I know everyone is busy with summer. I sure am. It's soooo hot! A lot of summer activities going on keeping us all busy. Hopefully, we can all post when we can, as Sheila says. Just be sure we stay in touch.

I have to make a confession.........I've gained more weight. :( :(
I seem to be eating myself to death, lately. My blood pressure is up so high, my dr is having me come by the office each week to have it checked. I've got to get hold of myself & do something, before I'm in trouble. Today, I'm starting a strict diet. I don't know if I have the will power, but I've got to try.

Our son turned 26 yesterday. He's still living with us.............anyway, I decided to have a family gathering at MIL's house for him. I thought it would give us a good memory of family being together, recently. It went very well. I think it help everyone to be together again, after FIL passing away. This time it was a happier occasion.......nothing large, just being together & of course, eating! We surprised him. He's never had a party & it was nice.

Our granddaughter had a car accident Thursday night, going home from work. She was driving her aunt's car. (her mom's twin) Thank God, she's ok, but the car is totalled. It was a very long night. She was disoriented afterward & didn't know where she was. She called her mom & told her she was somewhere out in an open field & didn't know where she was. That there was animals (she had hit a deer) & was afraid to get out of the car. Apparently, she was in shock....had went off the road into a fence & spun several times, tearing up the fence. It took the State & County Patrols over an hour to find her by talking to her on the cellphone. The next night, she passed out at work, & we spent all night at the ER with them running tests. They said she was ok....mostly bruised, dehydrated, etc. I think she had worried about her aunt's car, until it made her sick. Of course, our daughter was more worried about her, than the car.

Our little great-grandson will be born Wednesday. He is already over 8 lbs, so the dr is going to induce labor at midnight Tuesday. Pray that all goes well. OH NO!! I'm gonna be OLD & FAT TOO!!!!

Bluet...hope your DH didn't hurt his shoulder again. What are we going to do with these men?????????? I worry about my DH constantly, working on this house.

I seem to be rambling tonight. Guess I just need to go back to bed, & see if I can sleep.

Hello to Sheila (how's your dad?), Diane, Bonnie-2...hope you all have a good week. The Jone's are on vacation this week, so I'm working every day. Don't know how much posting I'll feel like doing.

08-02-2005, 05:56 AM
It looks like we all are so busy this summer but it was so good to hear from each of you. I have been running like a chicken with my head cut off taking care of these kiddos, but loving every minute of it.

Bluet sorry to hear about you sil's Mother, so sad.

I hope this finds the rest of you staying cool, boy it has been a hot one hasn't it? I am so ready for Fall.

I will check back later when I have more time to write...I think of you all often.

Hugs, Diane

08-02-2005, 03:40 PM
Diane, so good to hear from you. Can't wait to hear more about how the baby is doing. Hopefully, Bradley is still being the wonderful big brother and hasn't gotten tired of his sister. Hey, no fall, no fall!! We just started summer in July around here, although it's supposed to hit the century mark on Thursday, which I could do without.

Bluet, hope your DH didn't screw his arm up when he was moving the machinery. How is it doing now? Hope your SIL's Dad is doing okay, and isn't too depressed. My half-sister lost her husband in January, and you could tell how depressed she was, although she tried to hide it. Nothing interested her. Plus her family lived in the city, and she and her DH had moved quite a ways away from everyone after they retired and only had each other. I'm glad your SIL's Dad at least has family around.

SunnyD, looking forward to hearing about your fun things, and also what you've been doing in your yard, etc. We laid some landscape cloth down over the area where we had the junipers removed, and put bark dust down. We needed to keep the weeds down until we can figure out what we want to do in the yard. We're letting our lawn die, too, then we'll cover it with cardboard and lay down a bunch of compost and good dirt so we can start over again. We've worked on so many yards and ended up moving that it's a bit hard to start on yet another yard. Almost afraid if we do we'll have to move!

Charlotte, they say confession is good for the soul--hopefully for the waistline, too! :D We're here to support you in any way we can. We'll be :cheer: for you, although you have several of those in your family already! Yup, we all know what we have to do to lose weight, but the problem is actually doing it. How are you doing so far today?

How nice of you to surprise your son with a party. Maybe pretty soon you can give him a housewarming party, too. :lol:

Oh, my, I'm so glad your granddaughter is okay. How scary for everyone, especially when she passed out at work the next day.

You're too young to be a great grandma!! Is his mother really small, and that's why they have to induce? So why are they inducing labor at midnight?

We had a nice weekend looking at historic homes with a friend, plus my son came down from the Seattle area to be the best man in his (biological) father's wedding. On Sunday, my DH turned 54 so we had his daughter, my son, and a friend over for dinner. I ate too much birthday cake. :( The rest of the meal I did great--no garlic bread, used whole wheat pasta for myself, but when that cake was cut, I just couldn't help myself. I froze the rest of the cake and told my DH he had to eat it quickly. So at least I didn't eat anymore after Sunday, but it's amazing what one off day can do.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Tuesday!

08-03-2005, 07:07 AM
It is going to be another super hot day above 90* 10 days so far this summer, usually about 3-4.
I am getting around for the airline trip with mil next tues, am.I'll stay at ds mon. night & he'll take me early to detroit airport for my 7:00 flight.I'll be gone with her 6 days. Not sure if she has internet but we'll set something up,any ideas on free dialup or low priced & good ones gals?
I have had peas, beans, cukes,& green beans from my garden so far, the tomotoes aren't doing great this year with it being so dry.
hope all of you gals are having a great summer. Bonnie2

08-03-2005, 07:14 AM

08-03-2005, 10:25 AM

Good morning friends....

Not much going on here. Just going to the station everyday & very tired each night. Connie & Bro Jones are having a great well-deserved vacation. So far, there's not been any real problems, other than the stupid weather maps. :dizzy: They're always a problem for me. :^:'re soooo close! At the end of your post, you should have put [/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR] & you would have had it made! Just a little more practice. If you highlight the post, you can just go to the top & click what you want, & it will put it in for you.
There's a free internet service we use on one of the computers at the station. It's called ZERONET. We have 10 hrs a month. Also, my sister uses ACCESS4FREE... hope that helps.'s the new baby? Hope you're doing well.

Sheila...I don't know how you use your will power. I don't seem to have any. I'm having a terrible time trying to stay on a diet this time.
We haven't heard from our great-grand yet. She went in last night.
They are inducing because the baby is over 8 lbs & she's small. Insurance will only cover 1 day for a normal childbirth here, so the hospitals get you in as early as possible (midnight) to give you all the time possible. Of course, if there are complications, she'll be there longer. We're not going to even think that way, though. So far, all is well. She didn't even have morning sickness!

SunnyD...hope you're enjoying your summer days! :D

Bluet...don't work too hard. I get the feeling you're "isolating" again. Remember, we're here, & we love you.

Gotta go get ready for work. Hope all have a good day.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

08-03-2005, 07:02 PM

08-04-2005, 06:18 PM
Hello Everyone.

Well, not isolating, exacty Charlotte, but I have a whole bunch of things I have been doing. Last weekend daughter from Stevens Point and grand baby Adam were down for two nights. Can you believe that in a month Adam is going to be a year old already. Time sure flies. Anyway, I had Elaine's funeral and a wedding shower to go to, plus sacristan at our church on Sunday morning. After that DD went to a baby shower and I babysat Adam.

This weekend DD from Stevens Point is attending a bridal shower in Illinios and DH and I have Adam all weekend. We are also tearing off our excisting back porch and putting on a new porch and a small deck. (When I say we, that does not include DH, who has to wear his sling for three more weeks and is hating every minute of it.) I am frantically trying to transplant all the flowers I have on that end of the house to try to save them. It has been so hot I don't think they are going to survive. I have to get this project done, because SIL next door is doing the project and he is a "gotta go kind of a guy" and before I know it all the perennials will be on a heap along with the concrete. So I don't know, my guess is as good as yours as to when I will fit all this in.

Charlotte, you are sounding better, except for the tired part. :( So good to hear from you any ole way. :) Sheila, sounds like you are enjoying summer. going to plays and visiting historic homes. I know what you mean about that yard work, it is never ending. Bonnie2, enjoy your trip, it does not look like it is going to cool down at all for your trip. We are still in need of rain, the weather map appeared as though you got some significant rainfall today. Diane, hope the babysitting is going ok. Sorry about the heat. Sunny hope you are enjoying your summer too!

Have a good Thursday evening everyone. Remember when Thursday was Survivor Nite? Wonder what extremes they will go to this year. By the way I am boycotting all Carribean Islands since this Natalee Holloway thing got so screwed up. Such a sad situation. I wish someone would just tell the truth.

Bye for now.


08-04-2005, 08:16 PM
Whew!! Do you have any time to sleep, Bluet? That's a grueling schedule when you factor in work, too. Sounds like you're up to your eyeballs in house projects. Adam is almost a year old?? Omigosh, where has the time gone? That's incredible! You know, this may sound strange, but it's kind of neat that we've been together long enough to have had several births, several deaths, some illnesses, and a lot of fun stuff, too. I mean, of course I could do without the deaths and illnesses, but I guess they're a part of life, too, and I enjoy sharing everyone's life. :)

Darn those weather maps, Charlotte! I kind of giggled remembering some TV comedy where the new weather woman wore a green dress so that the map showed up on her body. I hope you didn't have that kind of trouble! :lol: Well, you must not have read where I ate birthday cake on Sunday, and ice cream--a lot more than what I'd planned. And I mean a LOT more! So I'm really not that great on the willpower front. Luckily, I just don't keep that kind of stuff in my house, and since I don't work, I don't have to go places where they have doughnuts and other goodies. It's a lot easier to not eat the stuff when you don't have to look at it, you know? So any word on the great grand? Hopefully everything went okay, and you'll get to hold a new baby soon.

Bonnie2, I'm jealous of your garden! Yum! I had to buy store bought green beans for the first time in years, and all I can say is yuck! We plan to go to the Farmer's Market on Saturday to see if we can get some fresher produce. I do have a cherry tomato plant in a pot, though, and the tomatoes are starting to turn orange. So do you have a lot of humidity with that hot weather? It's been in the 90s around here (near 100 today), but we have relatively low humidity so it's not too bad. Still, if I had my druthers, I'd make it 77 degrees every day of the year. :) Hope you have a great trip!!

Painting my kitchen cupboards has been going slowly. Actually, I should have started this project when the weather was cooler. The paint is drying too fast plus it's too hot in the garage. Since we have A/C, I can still paint the cupboard frames, though.

I thought I was leaving for Mt. Rainier on Saturday, but it appears I had the dates screwed up and my sister is picking me up on Sunday, and we're coming back Tuesday. I had lunch and swimming at the country club (I was excited about that--never been to a country club so I want to see what all the fuss is about) scheduled for Tuesday, but had to cancel. My friend said we'd do it next Friday instead so I still have that to look forward to.

SunnyD, what's up with you these days? I hope you can let us know how your week was, and what fun things you've been up to. Hope everything is great with you, Diane.

Have a good Thursday, everyone! Since I don't watch Without a Trace during the regular season, I've been enjoying watching that on Thursday nights.

08-09-2005, 03:56 PM
Hello there my Dear Friend's!!!
I hope (!) am back - sorry that I did not post when I said I would, my neighbor fell and went into a seizer last week while watering his yard and has needed my attention. Then he stayed in the hospital for a few days while they tested him and not one family member came to see him - his name is Jim & he's only 57 yo - and I sure would appreciate prayers for him. He is now in another hospital being evaluated... my heart aches for him cuz he is alone. He does have a son, but I honestly do not know the circumstances between them and didn't want to pry. So I am just doing my best to keep his spirits up. He should be home by tomorrow, but they will not let him drive right now. His really hurt himself when he fell on the concrete! Has quite a knob on his head and bit his tongue in the seizer.

I will do my best to come back and post again to each of you -
I sure have MISSED all of you gals!! :grouphug:


08-10-2005, 09:45 PM
I'm so sorry about your neighbor, SunnyD. How sad that no-one came to see him. You are a wonderful, caring person, and I'm glad you were able to help him.

Back from Mt. Rainier, and can't wait to post some photos. But I have to because I didn't take any so I need to wait for CD's from my cousin and sister. You'd think that scattering someone's ashes would be pretty sad, and occasionally it was, but it was really enjoyable scoping out the best places. Plus my cousin had such a miserable life that she can't help but be in a better place now. We had such a great time that we plan on meeting again next year at this time. On the way back home we had to stop for a small herd of elk with two youngsters, one a spotted baby. So cool!

While I was gone, my friends' oldest son arrived at our house. He's moving to Portland, but needed a place to stay while he was looking. I hadn't seen him for about 14 years so it was great to see him all grown up. He and my DH spent Monday at the coast (my DH played hooky from work!), and the kid learned the difference between the warm Atlantic waters and the cold Pacific waters.

Hope everyone is enjoying summer. Our weather was simply idyllic today.

08-12-2005, 04:38 AM

Good morning,
I suppose this angel lover is just getting old. I'm just dragging around this summer, not doing much of anything. I stay busy with caring for my mother & working....but, that's it. When I'm home, I mostly lay around & watch tv. I haven't lost interest in my friends, of course.....just don't get on the computer much. When I do, I check the posts. It seems everyone is enjoying the summer, because everyone's slow about posting. It may be the summer's very humid. I just don't have the strength or care about me to do much of anything these days. Please be patient with me....I'm sure I'll get back into some kind of routine. I think some of it is the stress with the house & DH's job situation. The store is now closed, & all the work he gets is on his own. Sometimes the jobs he gets are better than the store. But, these days, everyone is tight with their money. With the price of gas now, he can't afford to put gas in his big truck to go do small jobs. I'm sure things will get better, I'm just a worrier. I should just put it all in the hands of the Lord, but I have to deal with bill, it keeps me concerned.
On the good side.....I'm back on sugar-free eating. Maybe I'll lose some of this fat. I hope so. That really bothers me, also. It makes me feel worse, physically, & mentally.
Sheila, bless your heart, you're faithful. I know it seems you're talking to yourself lately, but you're not. It helps me a lot to read your posts. We need it to keep going, & I'll try to post more often. I've never been to an event of scattering ashes. I'm sure it's interesting. Sounds like the rest of the trip was nice, also.
How nice it must be to see your friend's son after so long! It's very nice of you & DH to allow him to stay with you until he's settled. I'm sure he's very grateful to have friends where he's moving. Your DH probably needed his "day off" also.
Well, all the grands have started back to school. I can't believe how fast time is going by. We'll be preparing for Thanksgiving & Christmas before we can turn around!
Gonna go now. It's 4:30 am, & I've been up since 3 am. Maybe I can sleep a little. I hope all of you are having a great summer. I love you all.

08-15-2005, 12:38 AM
Charlotte, I had forgotten you said the store was closing. I'm glad your DH is getting some work, and hope like anything that he continues to get good jobs. Those unstable job situations are so stressful--they threaten our very survival and security. It's certainly not surprising that you're not feeling like doing much at all. Good for you, though, for getting back on sugar-free eating.

School must start early where you are. Around here they wait until after Labor Day, although when we lived in Boise, they started the week before Labor Day, I believe. Once the kids were out of school, I forgot all that stuff.

My uncle and his wife, whom I hadn't met (he's buried two and is on his third--I wish he would have skipped No. 2 and gone straight to No. 3 who is really nice), came up from CA to give my cousin and her DH, who came down from WA, a boat. My house is kind of in the middle. My sister and her DH came from the beach and we all had dinner together. I'd swept the patio, cleaned off the outdoor furniture, got rid of all the cobwebs, and then it was too hot to eat outside. Since we only have four dining room chairs, we had to use a card table. I sat at the card table with my cousin and her DH because we were the youngest. It was like being back at the kid's table at Thanksgiving--with wine, though. :lol:

Today I helped my friend host a party for some teenage girls she invited over to meet the French teenager staying at her house for the next three weeks. I found some ice breaker games to play, and we sent them on a scavenger hunt, and made ice cream sundaes (not me, though!). What she was hoping for is that some of the girls, who were all recommended by their French teacher at the local H.S., would hang out with the French girl. Sounds like it will work because several wanted the phone number so they could invite her to do something.

When I went to call my DH on my cell phone, I found three messages. Turns out my Dad was in a one-car accident (thank goodness he didn't take anyone out), and had been taken to the local community hospital, but he was okay. That was message No. 1, then No. 2 was the assisted living facility saying the same thing, then No. 3 was the hospital saying they'd transferred him to the big trauma center in downtown Seattle. No word why. I, of course, was rather stressed. I finally reached the first hospital who said that because of his age and because his blood pressure was unusually low, they transferred him to a better trauma facility. Reaching him at the trauma center was difficult, but I finally did. The nurse asked me what I wanted to stay to him (he was wearing a collar and couldn't talk), and I said, please tell him to QUIT DRIVING! Since they were still concerned about his blood pressure, they told me to call back, which I did. I spent 1/2 hour on the phone, and was disconnected once, then spent more time on hold. Finally I reached someone who "scolded" me for calling my Dad's room. Huh? I was transferred there. Anyway, it appears I interrupted a procedure so now I have to call back again and wait on hold. Hopefully this time I won't get the crabby, creepy guy.

Anyway, I'm a bit stressed, and I want to eat everything in sight, and I want my DH to go get me a Dairy Queen Blizzard, but I lost 2 lbs. this week so I'm going to zip my lip and glue the phone to my ear until I hear something about my Dad.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

08-18-2005, 04:41 PM
Hello Everyone,

Just checking in to let you all know that I am fine. Lots of things going on right now, I will check back and explain everything to you when I can. Don't give up on me. I'll be back. Hope everyone is doing ok. Sheila, hope your
Dad is ok and glad no one got hurt in the accident. MIL quite driving now, we asked her to, and she was pretty ok with it. Charlotte, I am feeling for you. I know how you feel when you get blue. I think we all have the "isolating" bug except Sheila ;) . Sunny hope your neighbor is ok now. Diane and Bonnie2, take care.


08-18-2005, 09:24 PM
Hi everybody,
Oh Sheila....I'm so sorry about your dad. I do hope he's ok.

Hi bluet...good to see a post from you.

Everyone please pray for Bro Jones (station manager) He's going in for test on his heart in the morning. They think he has a blockage. May have to have a stint put in tomorrow, or even open heart surgery. Connie is really worried.

Sorry I'm not around much. I'm very busy these days. It's a good thing, I suppose. I'm so stressed & depressed I don't know what I'd do. At least I'm busy.

Love all of you. Take care.

08-19-2005, 07:20 AM
Hi all. I'm back from Ariz. after going with mil to get her settled after her husbands death & her first time being there since. She has adjusted pretty well she says after being alone now. I helped her get Eds things packed,Dr. appt. ,etc.Next year she won't go back as early as not many of her friends are back yet, at least another month.
I am doing just fine,took off Aug. from jazzercise, I miss it but am busy this month,Aug. will be over before you know it.
We have had a HOT & HUMID summer. busy canning from my garden.
I read here most days but don't take the time to post. later all, take care & Gods blessings to all of you gals. Bonnie2

08-19-2005, 01:37 PM

Hello there my Dear friends,
How wonderful to see everyone coming back... it has quieted down quite allot here at home and it feels wonderful! Joe & I have a quiet weekend to look forward to without any major plans except to continue to work on the projects we have started. It looks like the weather is going to cooperate with us as well. Today we are getting some much needed rain and then it's suppose to clear up again for the weekend... we don't count on the weather for anything though, so it will be a bonus if it's nice :smug:

Our neighbor Jim must be doing well... he was sent to a rehabilitation place to be reevaluated as well --- he seems to have epilepsy and will be treated for it and has had his driving privileges taken away... he's only 57!! I haven't seen him in a few days and he hasn't called. I didn't want to go over there too much - giving him some privacy & recovery rest time. I figured Joe & I will stop over this weekend together to check up on him and how he is recovering.


Your trip to Mt. Rainier sounded wonderful!!! I am so happy to hear that you had such a nice time!! I agree with Charlotte!!! I am so thankful that you have kept this thread going... (((Sheila)))

Thank-you so very much for your kind words... but I feel like I have let you all down with what I am reading!! Have you heard anything more about your dear father??? Sounds like the Dr's there are not doing their job! They should have been the ones to tell your father that he should not be driving any longer --- that's what they did for my FIL taking the pressure of the kids. Anyway, all said and done... I do hope that you are getting through to the N.home and are able to find out what is happening with your father! The "balls" that man has for yelling at you for calling your fathers room! What was he thinking!!! Don't let them push you are sweetzz... you have rights!!! I bet it's so hard being away like this and not seeing for yourself! You and your dear father are in my prayers!!

*Prayers* for your dear friend!!! He'll be okay.... don't worry, okay... (((Charlotte)))

Your old angel graphic is the cutest!! You do have such a sense of humor - even though you are going through so much right now. I think you are right about the summer heat and the computer --- I know that I have not been on quite as much these days and have been working on projects with Joe that need to be competed before winter hit hard and fast again. It comes wayyyy too soon!

I am so sorry to hear that your store has closed... I really thought it would do well. They flourish here in Ohio. As for hubby and his work, I think it's tough all over --- I am so grateful for my hubby's work, but I don't take it for granted at all. Each day he comes home with another story about changes going on at work. So I just take each day as it comes... and thank the Lord for another good one. My prayers are with you and hubby in that his work will pick up again!! Do you call the people you owe $$ to? Charlotte, when Joe was out of work (when we first married) I called all the people (credit cards mostly) and told them that he was out of work and they all worked paymt. amounts out with me... oh, that included my hospital payments at the time from my car accident too. Don't just ignore them - it will only get worse if you do, okay. It takes some effort, but in the long run it's so much better to call them and work something out.
Our gas prices are high too --- $2.69 a gal and going up! In Ca. it's at $2.89 a gal... what's it there? Crazy, huh...

It's so good to hear from you!! I am glad to know that you are well and just very busy with LIFE things... you getting by okay with the bully at work? I don't know about you, but I am so looking forward to having all my shows back on!!! I miss them, cuz right now - there's absolutely nothing but caca on TV!!! :lol: Joe & I haven't even watched it at night lately and when we do turn it on all we see is tons of reality TV. Yes, I do like some reality shows, but I am picky with the ones I watch and miss them --- like *Survivor* & *The Amazing Race* and I especially miss all the *CSI* shows!! Pretty soon they'll all be back on... :smug: (((Bonnie)))

*Welcome Home!* Hope that your MIL settles in okay and does all right with her adjustments, it must be so hard to live w/o your spouse after all those years.

Canning in this heat... yuck, but it will taste mighty good come winter-time!! :T What are you canning, Bonnie? I use to do tomatoes & preserves... but it's been a long time for me. I just don't have the storage any more. Our weather has been real nice up till today --- the last 3 days we had sunny and clear days (low humidity) but then last night a storm system came through so now it's muggy again till tomorrow afternoon; then it's suppose to be clear and cool again. I luv having the house open.

I do hope that this post finds you doing well and enjoying life!! Still walking? Joe & I went out this morning at 5am and have in 17 miles so far for August... not as high as I hoped it would be, but I injured my left leg (my bad leg) last week and was laid up for a good 5 days. Pulled tendons! All better now and this is my 3rd day back of walking each morning 2.25 miles. It sure feels good!

Tuesday afternoon I go for my Colonoscopy Consultation to get things rolling... I cannot wait till it's all done!!! I hope and pray that it's all clean! I just had a complete physical done and I am as healthy as a horse!! All my bloodwork came out great! My cholesterol is at 226 but when you break it down --- my HDL (the good stuff) is at a whopping 94! (Anything above 40 is great - higher is better) And the LDL (bad stuff) is at 101 (anything below 130 is great - lower is better) So my Dr. told me that I am a-okay... no worries there. Now to just get this over with :dizzy:


Hope that this post finds everyone doing well...
please know that you are *ALL* in my thoughts and in my prayers --- always!



08-20-2005, 09:47 PM
Well hello strangers, so sorry I have been missing. I have been one busy woman taking care of these babies, they really keep me hopping. We also got DSL installed and have been having major problems with it, if it ever straightens up I will love it.

I don't have but a minute tonight, just wanted to check on each of you and let you know I am still amongst the living. :D I will be back later.

Love you all, Diane

08-22-2005, 03:42 PM
Hello all,

Just a quick note to say that I've been with my Dad at the hospital since Monday. Had one rough day where I thought we might lose him, but he pulled through okay. Got him settled at a skilled nursing facility yesterday for rehab. He's pretty weak, and needs to get walking, etc. I'm pretty exhausted even after a good night's sleep in my own bed.

Will read all the posts later. Wishing all of you a great Monday!

08-23-2005, 09:46 PM
Hey, Diane, did you change your user name? Oh, you must have because it says you joined in August. So how are those little ones doing?

Bonnie2, how did the flight go? I know you were a bit worried about traveling so far by yourself. I would think that August in Arizona might be just a bit toasty so it's not surprising her friends aren't back yet. :)

You better be back, Bluet!! I'll hunt you down. :D

Charlotte, how is Brother Jones? I hope he's doing okay. Keeping busy is probably better than having too much time on your hands to think. I'm sorry you're feeling so blue. I hope that things will get better with the business, and everything else. Doesn't it seem like trouble just comes in big waves? *Sigh* Here's a big :grouphug: from all of us.

SunnyD, how did your colonoscopy go? Don't you agree that the before stuff is a lot worse than the actual scoping? Sorry to hear about your tendon, although 17 miles sounds pretty good.

So I've decided that when I get older, I'm going to live near my kids so that they don't have to come up and stay in cheap, noisy hotels if I end up in the hospital. They first thought Dad had fractured his C5 vertabra, but it turned out to be an old fracture, which he doesn't remember doing. He did fracture ribs on the right side, though. His main problem was that the trauma caused his body chemistry to get all out of whack. He was anemic (had 6 units of blood during his stay), retaining fluid, had atrial fibrillation, and his blood sugar, which had been great, went up into the 300s. He's in a skilled nursing facility (read nursing home) now and after calling today, I found out they plan to keep him there for three months. I think that's a bit excessive, and the people at his assisted living facility believe it's because he's a private pay. Medicare will pay for 20 days, but he's got to pay $114 a day thereafter plus retain his studio apt. at assisted living. He's going to be one unhappy guy once he learns that. Maybe it will be an incentive to work hard at physical therapy. I'm trying to find out what his supplemental will pay, if anything, but they won't release that info until I send them the power of attorney. An invaluable piece of paper, that little document.

Oh, have to tell you an amusing story. My Dad was pretty weak so I was feeding him his meals, although he didn't eat much. On the day he was to get out, I asked if he'd like to try to eat on his own. He said no because his right arm hurt. I asked if that was because of the accident, and he said it was because he had arthritis in it. I thought, well, gee, how did he eat at the assisted living? but I didn't say anything, and just fed him. Then on Sunday, after he'd been transferred, I saw him after breakfast, which he'd eaten pretty well, according to the nurse. I asked if he had help with eating and he said that nobody was around so he had to pick up the fork and use it all by himself. :lol: Boy, he really played me, didn't he?

08-24-2005, 11:12 AM
Hi everybody, time for graphics. I'm making copies of CD's & making the jackets & labels for friends who have a new recording. That makes my computer crawl if I try to do anything else. So.... At least, I'm making a little grocery money. DH is putting in applications. So far....nothing. We've had hard times before, but it still isn't fun. Hopefully, things will be better soon. I enjoy helping with the CD's. I've also been busy with other things, such as trying to get my MIL's pension started (or transferred over) since my FIL passed away. We're wondering if all the work is going to end. Still haven't bought the headstone yet.....haven't gotten to it.

Bro Jones came through alright. The large artery the Dr was concerned about is 60% blocked. There are also others. His Cholesterol is high & borderline diabetic. Plus overweight. The Dr has put him on a strict diet & thinks he can take care of the blockage with, no surgery.

Me, on the other hand, has gotten as big as the side of the house! I've worried & I eat!!!! That's how I always gain my weight. I can't seem to get any will power. I hate how I look & don't want to get in front of the cameras. Not vanity so much.......people love to make remarks about weight gain........... It hurts my feelings, when I know I gained because of depression. There's no one to talk to & I sure don't want to put more on DH. I suppose I'll just pray a lot about it. I know I have all of you, but, like I said, I'm going to be busy. I'll try to check out the posts early in the mornings while cooking breakfast. I do love you all so much.

Sheila...that was funny about your dad's eating. He probably wanted a little petting from you. We go back to our childish ways as we get older. I'm glad he isn't hurt too badly, & hope he doesn't stay in the nursing home for very long.

SunnyD...I agree with Sheila on the colonoscopy....I'd gladly have them, if I could skip the "night before"! Hope all went well.

Bluet...thinking of you. Take care.

Diane...thinking of you. Keep enjoying those grands. My great-grand is really growing!

Love you all,

08-25-2005, 08:14 AM
Hi all
Yes it was HOT in Az. when they say dry heat or whatever It's still very hot, Didn't feel like walking much. The flights when fine although getting a boarding pass on line the day before for a gate # has its flaws, the gate # was off SO 15 min. before plane leaves I check as no one is at the gate it said,FINALLY I asked at another gate ,she said you double check at check-in if gate has changed. had to get from gate 67 to gate 12 in less than 10 min. now. got on tram at Detroit & MADE IT with only a couple min. to spare. Other than that scare plans went fine. so if you get a boarding pass ahead recheck gate # again at check-ina all.
So sorry Charlotte you're feeling blue. I also eat when feeling low. I pray for a better feeling very soon.
Have to get to work now , have a great or at least good day everyone.

08-25-2005, 10:10 PM
Hi, all

Yeah, that "dry heat" stuff really doesn't mean much, IMHO. I think walking to and from air conditioned buildings and cars is all the people in AZ do anyway, Bonnie2. Sounds like you had kind of a stressful time at the airport. I hate it when they do stuff like change gates and cancel planes.

Charlotte, I think most of us can relate to that dang stress eating. I wish I had some sage words of advice, but I resort to eating, too, in times of stress. Even after losing 80+ lbs., the emotional eating still gets me. I guess we just all go back to what we know best and comfort eating is something I know too well! I do hope you can take some time to post about how you're feeling. I know that getting things out really helps me, and we're all here to support you. Know what you mean about going on-air, too, although I was heavy when I was on-air. But when my neuro disorder started to appear, I really hated to be on camera (I was part of a Pets on Parade show for our local shelter), and I quit doing it once my head turning got so bad.

So I'm really worried about my Dad. The person from the assisted living went to the nursing home to talk to him and the case manager. She said that he's not trying to do anything for himself. He won't even button his shirt, and he's become bowel incontinent. He's still hooked up to the catheter, too, which he shouldn't be, and the nurses didn't know anything about taking his hematacrit (sp?). According to the doctors at the hospital, they were going to issue orders to have it checked twice a week. I tried to talk to my Dad, but the cordless phone at the nurse's station wasn't working so I didn't get to.

I'm thinking maybe it's time to just bring him down here whether he wants to go or not. He told the assisted living person that once he gets back there, he'll start doing stuff for himself, but he can't go back there unless he can live relatively independently. She also said that when she told him that "his daughter said hello," he asked which one. Since I'm the only one that talks to him and has ever talked to the people at the assisted living, and I just spent six days sitting by his bed at the hospital, I'm wondering why he asked that. She was wondering if his mental state has been altered, although he was happy to share the details of the accident with her. What would you guys do? Would you go against his wishes and just bring him down here or ??? I'm getting a big headache just thinking about it. :(

Hot weather has returned for one day only. How's everyone doing?

08-26-2005, 11:36 AM
Hi Sheila & Bonnie-2,

So sorry about your dad, Sheila. I don't know what I would do in your situation. Has a dr checked him about his mental status? Of course, sometimes illness will cause that kind of thinking.
I'll pray you make the right decision in what to do about him. Hopefully he'll get better soon.
I had forgotten about you being on-air. So, you do know what I mean.

The CD's aren't going too well. They're using too much ink. I love these people, but they are very tight with their money, & expect a lot for very little. I'm going to meet with them at the TV Station today, & probably just give them what I've done. These ink cartridges do go fast & they're expensive...but, I warned them of that.

DH is goine to check on a floor job to get us through this week. I hope he gets it. It'll help for a couple of days.

Gotta you all

08-29-2005, 08:33 AM

I just had to let you girls know that DH finished the roof! He has worked continually the last two days. With the bad weather coming, he wanted to get it finished. I'm so glad that's over with. Also, we've been approved for a loan to finish the house. I don't know yet, how long it's going to take to get the money...but, that helped our feelings a lot. It'll be 3 yrs in November, & we're both pretty worn out & stressed.
DH has work for the next three days. A pretty good job. Thank the Lord for that. He still needs work after that, so help us pray.

I'm so concerned for everyone in the path of Katrina. I hope you all stay safe. We're very worried for our daughter. They won't come stay with us, this time. She is very sick & doesn't feel up to traveling. They're going to ride out the storm in her MIL's basement. She was supposed to go to Gulf Shores Sunday on a business trip. I'm so glad it was cancelled. Of course, she was sick, but with her job......she has to be on her deathbed, almost, to cancel out on her on.

Just wanted to check in & tell about the roof. I know with the weather, I may be off awhile. Suppose to get rough here by, don't know what to expect. At least, we're not in southern Alabama.
Stay safe. Love you all,

08-29-2005, 01:23 PM
Good morning!! It's wonderful to come here and read such good news, Charlotte. I saw that the storm was coming to Alabama, and I was worried about you, particularly your roof. What a great feeling to know it's done, and that you're getting a loan to finish the house. I'm so glad that your DH has work for the next three days. I've been praying that he'll get more jobs, or something steady that he enjoys.

Don't know where the storm is this minute, but hopefully your daughter and her family are riding it out with no problem. They've sure been hit hard by storms in that area.

What happened with the CDs? Did you get them handed over and discuss the ink problem?

My poor DH is trying to talk to a colleague on the phone about some printer problem, and the door installers are installing our new door. What a racket! It will be worth it, however, to have a nice looking door with glass in it for some light in the entry.

I went to bed at 11:30 last night (my usual time), set the alarm for 7:30, and I was wakened at 12:30 by my cell phone. I've started sleeping with it by my bed, and for good reason. The nurse at the nursing home was sending my Dad to the hospital. When the nurse was checking vitals, he noticed my Dad wasn't responding well, and was sweating. Turns out his blood sugar was 44, and then his heart rate started to go bonkers. Dad has a pacemaker so it shouldn't do that. The nurse was calling to say they were sending him to the hospital. I asked which hospital and he said Harborview, the one he'd been at after the car accident. I said NO! Send him to the nearest one, Highline, which is Dad's preference, and mine, too. Too late--by the time the nurse got to the room, the ambulance guys had sent him to Harborview. I was royally ticked, but I guess the preference information hadn't come from the assisted living so I should have said something myself, although I thought I had. I called Harborview ER who told me to call back in 1/2 hour. I mentioned my previous problems of getting information, and the nice woman said to contact her when I called back. I called around 2:00 am, and asked for her, and she actually transferred me to a doctor. The doctor said Dad checked out okay so they were shipping him back. I asked for a blood test, however, and they were going to do that anyway. When I called the nursing home this morning, Dad had gotten back at 4:45 am, but they couldn't find any record of a blood test. Sheesh! So the woman I spoke with is going to call the hospital because the hospital is notorious for not including lab work when they send patients back to care centers. Dang it--someone, somewhere is going to run a hematocrit on my Dad!

Hope everyone had a good weekend! We had what we called a "reconnection" party. Saw people I haven't seen in 12-20 years. Don't know if I want to host a party again (too stressful!), but it was fun chatting with everyone.

08-30-2005, 07:54 AM
Good morning strangers been a long time since I have been on so sorry.

Great news Charlotte!! I just can't imagine all the stess you have had with your house these past years, you are one tough lady. I hope everything went well with your daughter and this horrible storm. It is unbelievable what damage they can do, I feel so sorry for these poor people.

Sheila hope this finds your Dad doing better. I know it must be frustrating dealing with the medical personnel over the phone, sometimes it is difficult dealing in person... :devil:

There has been nothing eventful going on in my neck of the woods, just basically trying to stay cool and loving these babies.

Sending hugs to SunnyD, Bonnie2 and Bluet.

Love you all........

08-30-2005, 10:48 AM

Good morning,
Well, it was a rough night, but we made it. Tornado watches out all night, also. It's still windy & raining, but better. Should be clearing up by noon. It's my day off, so I'm going to stay in until time to do "Tennessee Valley Now". We had a lot of closing to announce yesterday....suppose it'll be openings today.
We've been approved for a construction loan to finish our house. I'm hesitant about getting's just been so long. Three yrs in Nov. since the fire. I'll feel better when we actually have some money in hand. Maybe this will force the work to go faster. DH will have to hire help & that's good. House will be finished faster, & he won't have to work so much. I've worried about him a lot.

Diane....beautiful baby! Love those big blue eyes.
Yes, I've been through a lot...but, it could be worse. I've heard that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger! :dizzy:

Sheila...about the CD's. I'm still working on them. When they saw them, they got excited about the job I had done with the design. They want me to finish. So, back to work.
Paula called last night. They were still in her MIL's basement. She doesn't know any damages yet. They are all safe, & that's the most important thing. She's still very sick.
DH's job grew a little larger, so keep praying. He hasn't heard from any of the applications or resume's he turned in. It's hard for a 56 year old man to find work, other than floor covering. Sure, they say they don't discriminate...but, I'm not convinced of that.
Hey...a new door! Proud for you. It sounds pretty. Everyone loves my front makes me feel good.
How's your dad? I know getting a phone call in the middle of the night is so unnerving! It's also hard to get Drs & nurses to do what you want them to when you are there in person, much less on the phone. I'm sorry you're going through that.
That party sounded great........I get so excited when I see someone from the past.
I'd really like to see a post from SunnyD, Bonnie-2 & Bluet......

Well....I need to go. Hope all have a good day.

08-30-2005, 06:22 PM
Oh, my, Diane, she is so precious! Her beautiful blue eyes are so big, and all that hair! Are those little diamonds she's wearing in her ears? Hey, did I tell you my son was interviewing for a job in Brownsville, TX? The woman he talked to said it would be culture shock after living in Seattle. He's up for it, though, if the money is right.

Charlotte, I'm glad you're all okay. Did the power go out where your daughter is? Are they able to get back to their own house, and how did it fare with all the wind? It looked like the worst of the storm hit around Biloxi, MS. It just looked horrible. A young woman from Oregon was staying in New Orleans when the storm hit, and she said that she's never going back to Louisiana (she's only 22 so you expect a statement like that). The amusing part was that she said she'd never been a fan of Oregon rain, but she'd much prefer Oregon rain to a hurricane! I'll bet.

I'm glad that the construction loan will let your DH hire someone to help him. It must be difficult, physically and emotionally, for him to work so hard at his job, then have to work on his house after work and on weekends. Wish his relatives would help out more. You know, I was talking to my friend who is a pediatrician, and he said when he was 42, he applied for an academic position at the teaching hospital. The guy who interviewed him actually said that he was too old, and not malleable enough. Too bad my friend didn't have a witness to that statement! Yup, they do discriminate, although I think I'd rather hire someone who has a good worth ethic and will work hard for the next 10 years.

So I PMd SunnyD, and haven't received a response. When I switched computers, her new e-mail address didn't come over. Could someone e-mail her and see what's happening? Hopefully it's just some computer problems.

Bluet, the day after Labor Day is considered the end of summer so we expect you back then, you hear? :D

Hello to Bonnie2. Hope you're jazzercising up a storm (oops! no more storms!).

08-31-2005, 07:37 AM
good mornin,
Isn't it such a shame the hurricane mess? Like gas Isn't high enough already.I start back jazzercise on Monday, looking forward to going back.How are you all doing on your diets? so so for me. I'm a constant snacker lately.
Go to the Dentist today, first since my hospital stay from the abcess going down my neck about 2 months ago. All signs are gone except for the 2 small drain scars.
Must get ready for work after another cup of joe. take care all, especially angel-lover, charlotte,you to Sheila & those not heard from lately Bonnie2

09-01-2005, 12:58 PM

Hello!! :wave:
Dearest Sheila,
I so appreciate you writing to me! And keeping us all together with your posts!!! I was not able to get in here for all this time - something happened where my password did not work, but it is now :D!! All set now :bubbles: I am doing well... I had the consultation for the colonoscopy already, but the Colonoscopy is being done on TUESDAY - SEPT. 6th at 7:30am. My father just had his done yesterday and he had a clean scope - all his sores healed up and he received a clean bill of health! :cp: I sure hope they tell me the same thing!! I have been feeling well and cannot believe that I have not had an attack since I switched over to this program in March! I have even been able to eat ice cream again on occasion - gained a few pounds back too :eek: :lol: I am still walking - went 2.25 miles this morning, had to begin Sept. off right. My leg is all better now that I have gotten use to the Orthodics again... feels great in fact!

How have you been? Still doing the work-out contest with DD? I just finished reading your post from Aug 23rd about your father... phew :stress: you sure have dealt with allot this month with him. I do hope that he is doing better in that new place. :lol: I remember when my father-in-law played us the same way!! Both Joe & I have had turns with feeding him before he passed... so at one time or another when you care for someone - it happens. The care-giver said it was for the attention... feeling lonely and needy. I do hope that your father is doing better after his last bout with the hospital... I wish I could offer you some advice about him. But we were not in the situation you are in - dad lived close to all of us and so he had allot of visitors - even though he told everyone that no one comes to visit him ;)

How many did you host at your *Reconnection* party? I have never heard of such a party - pretty neat!

Hi Charlotte,
I am relieved to hear that Bro Jones is not going to have to have surgery... and that the meds and diet change will help him. I wondered about him when I went to pray for those on my list of prayers the other day. And about you!! Don't worry about your weight gain so much sweetzz... you will gain control again... I do the same thing! I get stressed and eat! But these days, I have been so busy that I have burned allot off, but if I don't control this now - it's gonna catch up with me as the temps get colder and I do less!!! As I told Sheila, I have been enjoying all the foods that were restricted for me now that I have been well & gained back aout 4 lbs... I have been doing my best to rein it in. I think this colonoscopy will give me a great start! I will be so empty on the 6th after the test and hope to make that a fresh beginning as to what I add back into my body again. I am going to go back to my juicing again (haven't been in the last 2 months, jut too busy) - I felt great when I did! Anyway, I will keep you in my prayers that you will be able to stop the devils :devil: whispers and gain control over your eating habit once again. When you eat crummy foods you feel crummy too, don'tcha... makes a person wonder why we do that to ourselves - don't it :shrug: :lol: :grouphug: Love you too!!!

That's wonderful that you got your roof all finished and that you got your home loan approved... may it move fast, so you can get your home finished. Did you get hit by *Katrina* at all?? Joe & I were talking about ya the other day - were your ears burning?! We were wondering how your DD and YOU faired up?! I just read you latest post and am so glad to hear that you and your DD are safe from *Katrina*!!! How scary! So your DD still doesn't know what she has left to come home to? I couldn't imagine!!! So very sad!!!

We got hit on Tuesday and part of Wednesday with bits and pieces of *Katrina* and got well over 4 inches of hard rains and some high gusts of wind, but nothing to be concerned over at all --- in fact, this morning when I went out for my 2 mile walk it was absolutely beautiful!! The sky is so clear you could see every single star and the moon was so awesome looking! Nice walk!!

Hi Diane,
What an absolutely *BEAUTIFUL* baby!!! Thank-you for sharing that picture with us!! I was thrown by your new name!! Wasn't sure it was YOU! Bummer that you had so many problems after you got your DSL... what is the company?? I just got DSL in July and haven't had one problem yet! I have SBC-DSL and Luv it!!!

Joe and I have been in a spin of *busy* this summer!! In fact, we just basically ended the summer events with a trip to the amusement park--> *Cedar Point* this past Friday... we went with Joe's sister and her kids and G-kids and our god-daughter, Lisa. What a great day! The weather was perfect and we had a wonderful day!! Then on Saturday and Sunday we spent the days packing, loading and moving Lisa into her college dorm room... teeny tiny room... I don't know where she thinks she is gonna put it all :lol: We got her all set on Sunday evening and then we all went out to dinner together. It was an eventful weekend. Lisa wrote to me yesterday missing everyone -- she is gonna be here to visit us this coming weekend. We will all go to the County Fair together... then she'll feel better. Oh... Lisa is going to *Kent* in Kent, Ohio. I think that after a couple weeks she'll adjust and be just fine.

Hi Bluet,
How have you been these days sweetie??!! Pretty soon our new season shows will begin again!!! :cp: Can't wait!! I have enjoyed a reality show on Wednesday nights - I think it is titled *Mr. Mom* or something like that... where the mom's get sent away for a week of pampering and the dad's have to run the household and then they are graded at the end of the show... and the father's/families prize is a $25,000.00 College Fund for their kids. Cute, if you haven't seen it yet. I do hope that this post finds you doing well and just enjoying your summer days!! Do stop in and post again soon!!! We all miss you sweetie!!!

Hi Bonnie2,
I am glad to hear that you are just enjoying the summer and jazzercising away... did you have a good harvest? We have a slew of tomatoes like you wouldn't believe! They loved all the humid days we had this summer --- unlike me!! Don't like the humidity at all. Glad to hear that you are feeling well --- luck at the Dentist today!


Well gals...I must be getting back to my chores... I have bill's to pay today oh and I have a list of music I am late in finishing up for September's music at our church and my washer just stopped, so I have another load to add in... a woman's work is never done!! :lol: :dizzy: Have a wonderful Thursday!! :grouphug:

Much Love & *Smiles*


09-04-2005, 03:18 PM
Hey, Bonnie2, glad your visit to the dentist went well. Hope you don't have that particular problem again! You're lucky that your Jazzercise group is meeting on Monday--our health club is closed on Labor Day so I've got to figure out something else to do. Luckily, the weather looks good so I guess we'll go for a nice long walk.

SunnyD, so good to see you! I'm sorry you had such problems getting to the website. So you're going to be spending Labor Day cleansing. I'm sure everything will go well for you. That's so wonderful that you haven't had an attack since March. Don't get complacent, now, and think you can have just a little of this (okay, that's something I'd do, but hopefully you won't!). I imagine you remember all too vividly what it feels like when you do have an attack so you won't be too tempted. Congrats on the super walking!! What's your goal for September?

We had about 10 people show up for the party. You know, people just don't RSVP like they used to so some showed up who hadn't said they would, and some just didn't show up or bother to respond at all. But those who came all had a great time. I looked at photos that my DH took of our guests and thought, wow, when did they all get so old? :lol: One guy I hadn't seen in maybe 18-20 years, and I didn't even recognize him. I'm sure I look just the same. :D

I've been glued to the TV watching hurricane coverage. It's just so awful and unimaginable, and I feel so helpless. Supposedly some evacuees are coming to my state, which will be quite a weathershock after living in the south. The psychological fallout from this is going to be horrendous.

Hello to Diane, Charlotte, and Bluet. Hope you are all doing well. I will be out of town next week--going to Boise to visit my son and granddaughter while my DH works onsite.

09-05-2005, 10:34 AM
Hi Everybody,

Well, I've had my hands full. Our son had to have emergency surgery. His appendix ruptured. It wasn't a sudden rupture, but what they called chronic rupture. Its been going on for several months...maybe even a year. He had a lot of infection & his appendix had gone behind the colon, being engulfed by his body. I've never heard of this before. He did have an episode in Feb. of his side hurting for about 2 days...then stopped. No more hurting, until now. He has felt bad just about all the time. Probably from all the infection. The dr was afraid of more problems, but, thankfully he's going to be ok. We brought him home today & he's doing fairly well. It's been a rough few days. Finding that we couldn't trust some of the nurses to give pain meds when due, etc., he was never left alone. I stayed from early morning until late night, then his ex-wife (bless he heart) stayed at night. She said she saw I was needing help & he's the father of her children & wanted to help. I don't know what I would have done without her. DH had work for the first time in a month, so didn't have any choice but to stay with it. Of course he was there every chance he had & calling continually. I'm totally exhausted, but will catch up on rest now. I get a treatment Wednesday, if he's ok for me to "sleep" for a couple of days. Paula is coming this evening for a few days on job assignment, so she'll help me. One of my other daughters has been real sick through all of this with cold, bronchitis, etc., & was afraid to be around him. I don't know about the other daughter. She did visit once & called a couple of times. (I'm a little disappointed in her.) was so good to hear from you. I hope all goes well with your colonoscopy tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you & praying for you. Glad other problems are looking up.
Our daughter's home wasn't touched by Katrina. They were blessed. She hasn't called to check on her motor home in Gulf Shores. It's well insured & she doesn't want to bother people who are taking care of others less fortunate.
Thanks for the prayers for Bro Jones. He still needs them. His youngest sister died of a heart attack Saturday & they are gone to Louisiana. I don't know what they're going to do at the tv station this week, being so short of help. It'll work out, I'm sure.

Sheila, I hope you enjoy your trip next week. Let us know when you're back. I'm sure going to miss you. Even when I don't have time to post, I can be almost sure that you have & I enjoy reading.

Would love to hear from Bluet.
Hello to Bonnie-2, Diane & all of you.

09-09-2005, 01:10 PM

Good Day Everyone!
I thought I'd pop in and let you all know that all went well with my Colonoscopy! :dance: I went on Tuesday morning and faired up rather well with the prep as well... the only thing that bothered me was the deep hunger and thirst I felt on the morning of the test, cuz you cannot have anything to eat or drink after midnight the day before. As for the test itself - I asked them not to put me out, I am very sensitive to meds and may throw up. When the Dr did the scope I was awake and saw the TV screen of my insides :lol: all nice and a healthy pink and NO POLYPS at all!! So kewl! Doc could see where I have had previous Diverticulitus attacks (infection and fever) and told me that with the changes I have made now it's only Diverticulosis (the potential to be infected, but not) and IBS is something I will have to cope with. But, with my program I have not had an attack since Feb.! :D I did get sick after I got home - we no sooner pulled into the driveway I whipped open the car door and let it rip! There was nothing but bile on my tummy - hurts! After that I was fine! Today I am just a little bloated still, but feeling fine.


Hi Sheila,
Yea... don't know what happened... but I am fine now :) I just have been gone. Joe took both Tuesday and Wednesday off to be with me. Wednesday I wanted to go gat-abouting, so we just took off in the morning and spent the day out from shop to shop - store to store just window shopping and dreaming of what we'd like to do with our home IF we ever get up enough $$ :lol: It's fun to dream & get ideas!

Oh yes... I will be careful - thank you Sheila. I don't want to end up where I was before, believe me! I still walk just about every wk-day morning (I have put in 8.75 miles so far) and take my digestive enzymes at each meal, watch my *fat* intake and get plenty of rest. In fact, I sleep like a baby these days! :lol:

You are so right about the RSVP-ing!!! There use to be a time when people would w/o a problem, but today - they don't RSVP and then they SHOW-UP!! Can you believe that! I personally would hate to host a huge party today or plan a Wedding, cuz it's like pulling teeth to get people to obligate! But it sounds like you all still had a wonderful time!!

Yes... this storm is devastating!! I find that I turn off the TV cuz I am crying all the time watching it! It breaks my heart!! The people and the their pets!! ALL so very sad!!! :cry:

I hope you had a good trip to Boise!! (((Sheila)))

Hi Charlotte,
All went well... thank-you so much for all your prayers!!! They worked :D

I am so happy to hear that your DD has not been touched by this last storm - it is such a tragedy!!!

I hope that all is going well at the station... does Bro Jones know about his sis? Or did she pass while he was gone? I am so very sorry for his loss!!! Thinking of you in prayer while the station is flying by the seat of it's pants!

I do hope that by the time you read this post your DS is feeling so much better!!!!!! What a thing to happen - to have walked around with that kind of infection in his body for all this time!! That poor boy! He is gonna feel so much better after he gets better from this surgery - I just betcha! (((Charlotte)))


Hello's and Hugs going out to all you other special gals out there --> Bonnie, Diane and Bonnie2 - I hope that it won't be too long before we all get together once again! I sure do miss our daily chats here!!! Love and God's Blessings!!!


09-12-2005, 06:27 PM
Charlotte, how is your son doing? What a scary thing to have happened. I've never heard of a "chronic rupture" either--and hope no-one else has to. Know exactly what you mean about having to sit at your son's bedside because you can't trust what's going on. I hope he's doing better, and that you're feeling better after your treatment. What's up with your DH's work situation, and the loan to fix the house? I'm praying for some good news on all fronts!

SunnyD, glad the colonoscopy showed a nice, healthy colon. I can't believe you didn't do the anesthesia!! You are :strong: Did you feel the scope going through your colon? Ugh!! The nurse where my DH went to have his done said she did both the colonoscopy and the endoscopy without being under. You'd have to be part sword swallower to be able to not gag when they stick a tube down your throat. So did I ever tell you I have a friend who has IBS so bad that she's on disability. Can you tell me more in detail about the eating program and enzyme tablets? (You can PM me if it's easier) I'd like to see if she'd want to try it.

Sounds like you had fun window shopping. Sometimes I like to think about what I'd do if I would win the lottery so I know what you mean. :)

Okay, so I've been gone an entire week, and only two people posted. Bluet, you get back here right now!! I want to know what's happening down on the farm. And Diane, how are the kids doing? Bonnie2, how are things going with you? Inquiring minds want to know!!

Ate too much on vacation, as always. I started off really well, but eating out every night is so tough, and I'm weak. It'll take me at least two weeks to get off what I probably put on. Had fun with my granddaughter, as always. She's grown since May! I love the fact that it doesn't take her long at all to remember me. We took some photos of her in her costume for Halloween next month. I don't know how they turned out, but I'll post them if they did. Volunteered at the animal shelter for two days, then worked on getting the stuff out of our shed finally, although it was really hot (about 96) so I didn't work too long. Friday I went to the arts festival and spent money on some fun stuff. Saturday I mowed my son's lawn and cleaned out two of his iris beds. Yardwork isn't his thing plus he's always so tired with work, school, his daughter, and volunteering--makes me tired just to think about his schedule. We got home to great weather--71 degrees and sunny with just a hint of autumn in the air.

Hope you all are doing well. Let's hear from everyone this week, okay?? Say, anyone going to watch The Biggest Loser? I ended up being really into it last year, although I didn't like it to start with.

09-13-2005, 07:21 PM
Thought I'd share this with you guys (assuming someone is still out there!). She's not going to be the happiest Tinkerbell at Halloween, is she? She doesn't really like the wings. All the other photos were blurry. I think DH is still trying to get used to his new camera.

09-13-2005, 09:12 PM
hi all, just back from jazz., now i'm going to watch biggest loser, anyone else going to? your gd is so cute. talk later . Bonnie2

09-14-2005, 06:45 AM
Good Tuesday morning girls, sorry it has been so long. I have been so busy with the kids just don't have much time and by the time they leave I am exhausted. It is so fun though, I am really enjoying Emilee. She is three months old now and sweet as sugar. :D

I am still walking but not losing any weight. :( I am putting too much food in my tummy as usual.

So glad your test went ok Sunny. I need to do that myself, but I am so tired of going to the Dr. all the time. It seems like this year that is about all I have been doing.

Sheila thanks for keeping us going. Your Grandaughter is precious, love the costume. It sounds like you had a good trip. I will be leaving for Maine on the 8th of Oct., am getting so excited.

Charlotte sorry to hear about your son, hope he is feeling better. Hope this finds you feeling well.

Bonnie2 and Bluet :wave:

I promise not to stay away so long, love ya girls.

09-15-2005, 12:38 AM
Hey, it's so good to hear from you two!!

I have the Loser on tape, and plan to watch it tonight, Bonnie2. I've had to refrain from reading posts about it because I don't want to know what happens.

Diane, I'm so glad you're enjoying Emilee so much. Is Bradley still as attentive toward her? I can't remember if you said you'd been to Maine before. If not, you'll love it, I'm sure. It's an incredibly beautiful state, IMHO. Only been there twice (and once was just to put a foot over the state line when I was visiting New Hampshire, just to say I'd been to Maine), but would love to go back and see more places. Someday I want to go leaf peeping in New England.

Okay, ladies, if the other three will just check in, we'll have the whole gang together again!! SunnyD, Charlotte, and Bluet--can you hear me calling?

Oh, I'm moving my Dad down to where I live, whether he likes it or not. I told him yesterday that I wouldn't give him his check for the sale of this lot he had if he didn't move down here. A little blackmail doesn't hurt, right? :D

09-16-2005, 01:34 AM
Hi everyone,

Sorry I've been gone so long. I've had my hands soooooo full! Still do. It's very late, & can't sleep, so thought I'd post a few words. I've also had lots of trouble getting into the forum. I can read the posts, but when I try to reply, it tells me I haven't signed on. (which, I have!) Then, it takes forever, until I almost give up. In fact, I did, a couple of days ago. Got so tired of trying.
Anyway, our son is better, but still off work about 4 more weeks. Has to be very careful. His two little girls are here this week & their mom wants us to keep them over the, you know who has to take care of them, right now. I love them, but, getting too old for full time care.
DH's work is the same, only he has been able to get a couple of side jobs to keep us going.
We haven't heard from the loan. I emailed them, & they said they were still working on it. We've decided when our son gets well enough to go to work (he has a job waiting), & can move out....DH & I are going to move into the garage for the winter. It'll save on heating, etc & the house will be empty to work on it. I believe we'll be fairly comfy. If I need to get away from him, at times....I'll go to the TV station. Upstairs is bedrooms, bath, etc. ;)

Sheila....that granddaughter is adorable! She gets cuter all the time! I'm sure you're doing the right thing about your dad. I say...use blackmail if you need to. :D Thanks for the postings....I enjoy them.

Hi to all of you.....I'm getting sleepy. Hope you all have a great weekend. I'll be back when I can.

09-16-2005, 04:13 PM

Hi Sheila!
I just received your e-mail! :lol: Nope... not having a problem getting in this time - it's just me!! :sorry: I think I had a hard time last time because I waited too long to come back on again! I get easily overwhelmed when things get busy. I have been very busy wit real life & on another Forum I got involved in and it takes up so much of my time!! But I want to still come here too - I just have to figure out how to budget my time!! It's not at all like this place... it's like an actual place of business, but no one gets paid or pays :lol: Plus I got a call from my mother yesterday, my GF (her father) was in the hospital for a stroke (effecting his left side), C-Heart failure and Memory loss... it's heartbreaking to see... we know he has not been well - but when the reality hits you between the eyes, it's painful! He's 88yo. How is your DF doing? I suppose if I go back and read your post, it would help. I just hoped on real quick, so time would get past me again...

Yes, I saw *Survivor* last night - it was awesome! Too bad you don't watch - it's really a great show! It is the toughest season so far. There's like 3 or 4 guys on this one team that all passed out from thirst! And the women were fine and caring for them! One of the gals is a nurse from Chardon, Ohio only 10 miles East of us! How kewl is that!!

Going to read:
Back... :lol: I didn't go w/o sleepy gas... I just has allot less, just enough to relax me. Yes, I felt the pressure of the scope but it was not painful for me at all. But I must say that I did hurt for like 3 days afterwards! I thought I was fine and was the day after it was the day after that I began to get sick! I have IBS real bad from the stress, but am back to normal once again :D :balloons: The food program and enzymes information is at this site--> The book *The Maker's Diet* tells you all about the program and this is the cheapest place to buy the vitamins, fiber and enzymes... it's pricey, but so worth it!!! She can also get the products in most Vit. Shoppes. I read the book carefully and took from it what I needed to do - if I did everything he said I'd be BROKE!!! :lol: The daily vit. for women are great - all his stuff breaks down easily in the digestive track. Plus, it's very important to walk at least 30 min each day!! Makes all the difference in the world!

Sounds like you had a wonderful visit with your GD!! I am so happy for you!! She is an absolute DOLL!!! Thx for the picture! She is so cute in her Fairy costume!! Great color on her too!!!

As for *The Biggest Loser* I have never seen that show... I cannot stand the host -- her voice drives me nuts! :lol: Caroline Rae I think... when she took over Rosie's show I quit watching because the pitch in her voice hurt my ears :rofl: I have seen some of the contestants on the talk-shows... they did great!

:lol: I just read about you moving your DF there... good job! I take it he is going to be moved? When?

Hi Diane!
Me too!!! I am walking everyday and haven't lost a pound!! I am too busy stuffing my face going to parties and picnic's this summer :lol: I have never been so busy during the summer as this one! It's been fun, but I am ready to slow up some now!! We went to a place called *The Yankee Peddler* this past Sat. with our friends... they celebrated their 28th Anniversary with us there. What a great day - but we were pooped!! We walked from noon till 6:30 that day with a couple small breaks in between. What a beautiful day we had! Tomorrow there's a *Flea Market* we may go to - all depending on the weather!! It's rainy today and if it's wet there - it's a mess!! And not much fun.

Hi Charlotte!
Sweetz how have you been? Part of the reason why I am not on so much right now is that I am a *Greeter* at Delphi in *Sig Party* You must stop in and pay a visit :yes: and make some siggy requests! You would love our artists!! Yup... I got involved there!! I hope to learn how to MAKE siggy's like they do!! I have a PSP-7 and it's my goal this coming Christmas to have PSP-10 to add to it and learn this Jan. and Feb. I hear it's hard!! And time consuming, we'll see...

I a happy to read that your DS is better... I'll keep him in my thoughts and prayers for that FULL recovery, okay! Sounds like things are moving on you getting your home finsihed!! I do hope it won't take but the winter to complete and that you will be okay in the garage!!! I take it to be insolated?! You'll freeze in there if it's not! :o

Hi Bluet!
Do you think you will ever come back to us??

Hi Bonnie2!
Glad to hear that all is well with you...

Do take care everyone!
Sheila, thx for not giving up on us all!! (((Sheila)))

09-16-2005, 11:42 PM
Oh, I'm so excited. :cb: Almost everyone has come out to play! :D Bluet, I just need you to drop by and say hi and my week's complete.

Charlotte, thank goodness for insomnia! Not really, but it's so good to see you back. Glad your son is doing better. Hope you don't get too tired out by your granddaughters. At least they aren't toddlers! I can't even imagine having to chase down a toddler for two days. Or even two hours.

So does the garage have a bathroom and kitchen facility? I had a friend who moved into her barn for a while so she could get some income from renting her house. Luckily, she'd outfitted it with some kitchen stuff that friends were getting rid of, and it was plumbed. It actually sounded quite comfortable. I do hope you'll be able to have your computer there! :D I'm saying a prayer that your loan will be approved soon, and that you'll get your house finished before you know it.

SunnyD, when all else fails, I will hound you with e-mails! Dang, wish I had Bluet's e-mail address because I'd spam her with "come back, come back" messages. So, you're letting real life get in the way of your internet life, huh? That's a good thing! Except for feeling sick after the colonoscopy, I hope you're enjoying yourself and seeing your friends. I'm so sorry about your grandfather--it must be incredibly hard on your mother, especially after her health hasn't been 100% lately.

So, did your newspaper or TV station mention anything about the person who lives near you and is on Survivor? I wonder if they'll just do an interview with her after the show. I know the contestants aren't supposed to spill the beans, but it would be fun to know what she had to do to get chosen. Thanks for the info on the food program. I'll pass along the link to my friend.

My Dad is finally back at his place. I feel kind of bad for moving him from a place he enjoys, but I think he would have been out of rehab even sooner if I'd been around to advocate for him. I had no idea the nursing home staff were giving him insulin because the darn docs at the hospital forgot to mention that he should be weaned off of it. If I'd been around, I would have noticed that, and gotten him off a lot soon than three days ago.

Next week I see a personal trainer at my gym. I've hired her for four sessions plus I took her nutrition class in July. If I can just quit going on trips where I eat at restaurants with incredibly good bread pudding, maybe I can lose this last final bit to make it 100 lbs. lost. That's my goal, and I'm going to get there eventually. Plus she should help me with my other goal of actually seeing muscles in my arms and calves. I have a few other fitness goals, but losing the remaining weight and seeing muscles are my main goals right now.

Hope everyone has an excellent weekend--enjoy this last weekend of summer!

09-17-2005, 06:57 AM
First off let me say sorry the pics are so big, don't know how to make it smaller. I wanted to share a recent picture of the babies and to let you see how big Emmy is getting. It is so much fun to have a little girl. :D

Sheila I am so glad you are moving your Father close to you. It seems anymore we need to be with our families to make sure they are getting the right kind of care. I know with my hospital experience some of the nurses seemed incompetent and that is scary. I would love to have a personal trainer, good luck.

Sunny D so good to hear from you girl. I have PSP 9 and it is way above my head, I am going to have to spend alot of time to learn it. I bought it at Ebay cheap but with no instructions, so I have search the web and have quite a few saved just haven't taken time to work with it. I bought it to do my digital scrapbooking with. I bet being a greeter does keep you busy.

Charlotte it is about time girlfriend for good things to come your way. Will the garage be warm enough?

Hi to Bonnie2 and Bluet.

I don't have much planned for the weekend. I am going to Wal-Mart early to buy groceries and running to town with daughter and oldest grandson to buy him some jeans for school. We are having so much trouble with him and his grades, he is a Sophomore this year and the kid never cracks a book and his grades are showing it. He is now grounded so he has about 2 wks. to get them brought up, such a challenge. I am so glad I am not raising a teenager, then she has the two little ones coming up. When Bradley starts kindergarten her oldest will be a Senior, sounds like work to me. :D

Love you all, Diane

09-19-2005, 10:40 AM

Good morning,
It IS good to hear from everyone....
Yes, the garage is insulated & should be very warm. Also, will have the kitchen sink, range, etc. in it. DH built a large table to set the sink in & range, with a dishwasher, also, after we started living in the house, again. There's plans for a mud room & sink for the laundry in the garage, so we'll set the things needed for plumbing in that area.
I can't believe that Thursday is the first day of fall, already! So, we've got to get with it!! The computer will go in the room our son is using. DH said he would finish it out & put a heater in there, so I'll have a place of sanctuary. :D It was my computer/music room before, so it will be the same. I think I'll put the love seat & tv in there, so I can "get away" sometimes.

Sheila.....did you move your dad close to your house? I got a little confused. Still sleepy, I suppose. I sat up late, last night. I think I have Bluet's email address somewhere. I'll see if I can chase her down. ;)

SunnyD...Your work at Delphi sounds interesting. It's been awhile since I visited there, but will have to go back soon, since you're there, now. I know you'll be able to learn to make siggy's. You're very talented. I DO love the artists! I use a lot of their graphics.

Hi Diane.....Don't apologize for your pics. We enjoy them. There's lots of places to change the sizes, though, if that's what you want. One place is "Gifworks". There's a lot of things you can do, there. The address is:
Another is "Online Image Resizer" :

The grands are beautiful!!!!

Hello Bonnie-2 & Bluet

I hope all of you have a great day!

09-19-2005, 10:43 PM
Well, there's still some time for my dream of all of us to post this week to come true. Hint, hint, Bluet!!

Oh, my, it's so wonderful to see all of you here! I absolutely love the photo of Bradley and Emilee, Diane. Is Emilee really sitting up already, or is that just an illusion? :) She looks like a kewpie doll. I love her little chubby arms and legs. And Bradley is such a cutie.

So, tell me what PSP and Delphi are? I'm totally clueless.

Charlotte, I'm so glad to hear that the garage is heated and will be outfitted. I had visions of you huddled in sleeping bags with kerosene lanterns turned on and cooking over a campstove. Glad to know I was wrong! :D I've never heard of a garage with a dishwasher in it--sounds good to me!

My Dad is coming down to live here on October 9. He's moving into an assisted living that's a five minute walk from my house, which is nice. I can walk over to his place and watch Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune with him like I used to when he lived with us. Hopefully, he'll make the move okay, and will like the place. It's always kind of a crapshoot, I guess. His room is closer to the dining hall, which is nice. He said that before his accident, the trip to the dining hall at his current place was like a 3-mile walk, and now it's like a 6-mile walk.

We finally got someone to finish our door--yeah! Hopefully that will be done this week.

The weather here is beautiful--and is supposed to continue with temps in the mid-70s during the day and the low 50s at night. Bright blue skies, too.

Hope everyone's week is off to a good start!

09-20-2005, 10:03 AM
Morning, Sheila....

It seems the arrangements for your dad will be ideal. I hope so. I do hope he'll be pleased living there. Maybe it'll take some worries off of you. I know how it is, not knowing what is really going on, when all you can do is talk on the phone.

PSP is "Paint Shop Pro"...a program is make your own graphics. It's great, but you still have to learn how to do it, & it takes patience. I'd love to have it. There's different most anything else. Delphi is a website where we get free graphics, they call "siggies". The ones at the top & bottom of this post came from there. :) A lot of my graphics come from there, especially the ones with my name on them. You request a siggy from one of the artists & they email you when it's ready. SunnyD asked me once where I was getting mine, & she's been going there since then. Sounds like she's really enjoying it. :D If she starts making her own graphics, she can put them on the Delphi site & others can have them. I've always wanted PSP to make my own graphics for my website. Then, there would be things there that wasn't anywhere else! ;) I have been working some more on my site. I try to keep it interesting for return viewers.

I've got pics of my "make shift" kitchen. When I get a chance, I'll post them. You'll get a better idea of how we'll live in the garage. It'll be like an apartment. In fact, the apartment we lived in after the fire was only 2 rooms. Nothing but a wall separated the livingroom/kitchen from the bedroom. The dishwasher in the garage will only be temporary, of course. It was give to DH by one of his customers, so he put it in with the range top & sink. It's helped us a lot. Our son is planning on going back to work tomorrow & doing what he can, so he can move out sooner. He's getting anxious to get out on his own. Truthfully, I think he's found a cute girl he wants to date. ;)

Funny story about the maps last Friday. I was training one of the ladies at the station to prepare the maps & had to go to the office a few times to take care of people coming in. Somehow, a couple of things were changed without me knowing it. You know how the Meteorologist will "click" the little remote in their hand & the maps will change for them?....well, our Meteorologist calls in the weather...we put him on the air....& we "click" for him. We started the weather, & the maps went to changing without me "clicking"! He couldn't even get started on the map, before it changed!!! :o I was soooo frustrated! The engineer kept telling me to freeze them as they came up, but they wouldn't freeze!! I finally got the 7-day report to freeze & left it on that! I later called him & told him what happened & he laughed at me. He said he knew what I was going through, but had to keep talking & act as though nothing was wrong. (He does a great job, doing that.) He then, told me where to go to fix it. Whew!!!!!!!!!! Those maps are going to give me a heart attack one day! :dizzy:

Well, I'm working today. (Normally my day off...but, I'm off the next 2 days) I hope you all have a great day.

09-21-2005, 02:18 PM


Went to Delphi Forum to snag some siggies & saw you there! Hope you're enjoying. :D

09-23-2005, 04:02 PM
Good morning, ladies!

Wow! How cool to see almost everyone post (Bluet, where are you?)--made my day.

Charlotte, I love those little duckies. And I can just feel your frustration with those darn maps. That must have been pretty amusing (although not for you!) when the weather guy is trying to pretend nothing is happening and the maps are either changing too fast or freezing when they were supposed to be moving. How's it going with them now?

So I went to my personal training session on Wednesday and have a good plan of action. I am going to be lifting weights 6 days a week--whew!! Hopefully, I'll see some results soon. Last night my DH wanted pizza for dinner so I said to get a medium, and he was so good--he got a whole wheat crust. I had only two pieces and sopped the extra grease up with a paper towel. I felt pretty virtuous. :D We'll see what happens when I get on the scale on Sunday morning.

Had my second bone density test yesterday, but have to wait until Monday for the results. I'm hoping I won't have to continue taking the osteoporosis medication. Found out I have one vertabra that is osteoporotic, and the others are osteopenic. I'm just hoping the new test shows the normal bones of a healthy 52 year old!

Going to the Fall Festival this weekend. 170 vendors in one of the parks. Should be fun. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

09-27-2005, 08:15 AM

Hi Gals!!

I just wanted to pop in and let you know that I am still alive and well :D

I will be back today to post and catch up...
Love you!!! :grouphug:



09-30-2005, 07:17 AM
Thought I should check in. We are re tiling & re cement flooring our basement, What a project for do it yourself!!!!!.had to take washer/dryer, extra stove,fuel barrell for furnace,& freezer out, then break out along the edge of basement floor to break out old cement to lay new drain tile, 5 gallon bucketeverthig.WORK WORK WORK.It would cost over $5000.for a contracter to do. At least we are paying family to do it.So glad to have it done as our basement was extremely wet .come to find out the original tile was installed wrong.
Other than that back breaking work as is well.
How are all of you gals.Got down to 40* last nite,We have no furnace until basement is poured & dried, next week. BYE BYE Bonnie2

10-02-2005, 07:33 AM
Just a little check in from me too to let you know all is well and hoping the same for all of you. I'm so sorry I haven't been in lately just very busy with the kids.

I am leaving this Sat. for Maine for ten days so will check back when I get home, I am looking so forward to this vacation.

Hugs to all, Diane

10-04-2005, 10:32 AM

Hi everybody!!

Diane....I hope you have a great time in Maine! Good to hear from Bonnie-2 & SunnyD.

Hope everyone is well & happy.

Love you all...

10-10-2005, 07:52 AM

Hello my friends...

I'm just popping in to let you know why I havent been around... again!!! Joe has taken some vacation time and we are gone again this week... I will be back to catch-up with everyone & tell you all about our vacation the first chance I get, okay!!

I do hope this post finds everyone doing well... please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers! *God Bless*



10-11-2005, 11:59 PM
Hello Everyone,

Yeah, it's me! :^: Had a long work filled summer. Sure can tell winter is coming in our neck of the woods. We have needed a furnace all week. Trouble is we have none. We are installing that outside wood burner that I talked about last year. I really did not expect that to happen for a couple of years, but all of a sudden it was decided to purchase one for this fall and it has been a domino effect all summer, with one project after another.

Sorry about not posting, I hope you all can forgive me. I will understand if you don't. I hope you are well and had a good summer. Take care. Love you all.


10-15-2005, 12:45 AM
Good Evening,

Just a short note to say hello again. Cut lawn after work until it was too dark to see, will have to finish up tomorrow. Watched the Hallmark Movie this evening, a little syrupy, but fun to watch.

Have a good weekend. Enjoy. Wisconsin is showing all it's fall colors this weekend. Priceless. :)


10-15-2005, 08:25 AM

Hello everyone, good to hear from you. Get that yard taken care of? Talking about the weather...these days we don't know from day to day what to expect. It was in the 40's a few days ago, & back to the 80's this week. We just have to keep the heater & fans ready.......

Well, I finally decided to try to do something about my weight, so it's back to salads for me.
My head was hurting continually & my vision blurred quite often. The Dr says it's my blood pressure. I'm not a lot over weight, but with all this mess going on with my health, it effects my blood pressure, so I'm trying. I've lost 4 lbs this week. I suppose that's a start. My son & granddaughters moved out, so I've stopped junk food in the house, & that's helping. DH's been griping about his weight, so we're snacking on celery & carrots. You should hear the crunching. :lol: And I thought it would be quieter with the girls & son gone! ;)

I've moved into my music/computer room now & I really like it. I fixed it up really nice. My daughter, Paula, is bringing me a very nice computer desk she has the next trip home. :D I brought all of my angels in here with me, which are a lot....but, they'll be scattered more throughout the house later. I've got a TV & wicker love seat, etc. Most of all...a door with a lock!! That's something I haven't had since the fire! It's been a quiet, stress free week. I think it's going to help me a lot. DH is working on the garage for us to move into. Taking a little while, because he's been working. (thankfully) Everyone, keep praying. So far, he's gotten jobs on his own. Customers calling him. :) Maybe it'll get us through until he gets settled at a floor store somewhere.

Hope you all have a great weekend. Sheila...hope you enjoyed your trip. Let us know all about it. SunnyD...let us know about your vacation. Diane...Let us know about your vacation. (wow...I'm jealous of all of you!) Bonnie-2...don't work so hard!
Love you all.....Charlotte

10-16-2005, 11:48 PM
Hi, all--

Bonnie2, my goodness, what a lot of work! Just reading about all the stuff you had to move made my back ache. How's the project going?

Diane, hope you had a wonderful time in Maine. Please tell us all about it!

Oh, my, is it? Yes, it is! Welcome back, Bluet! :D How is your furnace working? Pellet stoves are the big thing around here because of the low cost of the pellets and the clean burning. I'm on equal payments for natural gas, and after hearing that the price is going up, I've added an extra 50% to my normal equal pay so I don't get hit at the end of the year with a "catch-up" bill.

Charlotte, :lol: Good for you for getting back to losing weight, even if it means disturbing your peace and quiet. I've heard even a small drop in weight can positively affect your blood pressure. Although I never had high blood pressure, mine went from high normal (120/80) to darn low (90/60 at my last dr. visit) after losing weight. I'm glad your DH is getting some jobs, and I'm praying that he gets on with a company so you can feel more secure. So when do you plan to start living in the garage? Sounds like you've carved out a nice peaceful place to hang out with all your angels.

Last Sunday we moved my Dad down to an assisted living place about a 5 min. walk from my house. He's settled in pretty well, although the room is smaller. He's going to have to give up his double bed if he wants a bit more room to walk around or have a guest over. Poor guy has another ulcer on his foot that's infected with the antibiotic resistant strain of staph. I have to take him in for a CAT scan tomorrow to see if the infection is in the bone, and then he sees an infectious disease specialist on Wednesday.

Weight loss has stopped (not by choice--it is what it is, I guess), but I've upped my exercise routine and my pants feel loose. Guess I'm losing fat and gaining muscle. Still, I do wish I'd see a loss at the scale.

Is everyone loving the fall color? The trees in our neighborhood are gorgeous.

10-19-2005, 12:00 AM
Good Evening,

I can hear the combines combining corn in the distance even though it is 10:00 in the evening here. It is suppose to get colder with some more rain, so I guess they are in a hurry to get done. Weather people are talking about snow in the upper penisula, which is actually Michigan. Here we go again another winter.

Sheila, sorry to hear about your Dad, sounds really, really serious this time. It is so good he is near to you now. Walking distance is better than a several hour drive. :( Where did you go and what did you do when you were on vacation. Or was it a trip to get your Dad closer to you? We sure have a mess around here with all the digging for electrical and water pipes to put in the ground. We still don't have the heat to the house hooked up. We are waiting for the electrical people to hook everything up. The electrical people are blaming the Public Service people for the hold up and the WPS is blaming the Electrical Contractor. Go figure.

Had a touch of the flu today. Picked it up from one of the grandkids last weekend. Ate a little supper tonight, so I guess I am feeling better. That time of year again. With all this work all summer, I had lost 4 pounds, but have put two back on since it got cold and gets darker earlier, and I am not able to be outside as much anymore. I still have not indulged in sugar, white flour, or alcohol, hope it lasts.

Well, I am getting pretty tired, so I will say good night for now. Hope you are all well, SunnyD, Charlotte, Diane and Bonnie2. Take good care of yourselves talk to you soon


10-19-2005, 07:38 AM
It is a cool morning as have the last couple around 40*, The up, upper penisula,Mi. is our state.We also don't have our furnace hooked up yet since our basement was redone. Better be by the weekend as we will have our granddaughter from Fri. afternoon till Sunday a.m. The heating man is hard to get going & he just lives down the road.Get someone else if we have to.
still busy with jazz. the garden is done, got frost the other morning.
i turned 55 the other day too, feel younger SOME DAYS.
Well I better get ready to feed calves there milk & get to work. talk later all.
I read the news, not good about responding.Forgetful i guess. Bonnie2

10-21-2005, 06:51 AM
Hello girls so glad to hear from everybody!!
I got home Monday late but have been busy with the grandkids. Bradley has the stomach virus and is one pretty sick little fella. I am just waiting for my turn.......
Had a wonderful time on vacation, it was beautiful. I loved the ocean I believe the most. The leaves were a little late this year so they had just begun to turn, but it was still nice. The only complaint is ten days is a long time to be gone.
Sheila hope your Father's foot gets better, bless his heart. I am so glad he is close to you now.
Hugs to the rest of you.

10-21-2005, 11:08 AM

Sorry I didn't know about your birthday. I hope you had a great day. :D

This forum has got to where it just drags when trying to navigate. Does it do that with you all?? It keeps me from coming in sometimes. Just taking so long.

I'm really enjoying my music/computer room. I'm working on my next cd/tape, & it's going well. Everything is set up here to do it all myself.

Dh is out of work again. He's looking very tired & not resting good at night. He's even talking about walking away from the house! That's scarey after all the work he's done here. We lost a home once before several years ago, & he never really got over it. He felt like he failed his family, but we knew he did all he could. Seems like the harder he tries, the worse luck he has. Sorry, didn't mean to get on our troubles. It will all work out.

Bluet...sounds like a lot going on around your house. Yes, winter is here. This weekend is going to be in the 30's here, & we're not in the garage yet.

Sheila...hope your dad is doing better.

Sunnyd....we miss you!

Well....had a treatment Wednesday & still a little :dizzy: They increased my dosage, so probably gonna take a little longer to recoop.

Love you all,

10-25-2005, 03:32 PM
Bonnie2, happy belated birthday!! How was it? Now you can get those great discounts at restaurants and other places. I was at GNC (the nutrition center) the other day buying some vitamins and the clerk asked if I was 55 because I could have gotten 10% off. Hope you got your furnace hooked up, or, if not, maybe the weather turned a bit warmer.

Bluet, looks like lack of heating is a theme here! Hope you got your heating problems worked out and are staying warm and toasty.

Diane, poor Bradley! Is he feeling better? Did you or your granddaughter come down with it? Hope not. I'm glad you had a great time in Maine. I'd heard about the leaf "problem" they were having up there. Kind of messed up the tourist season a bit. Hope you got to eat some incredible seafood, too. :)

Charlotte, what's happening on the job and house front? Have you moved into the garage yet? I'm wondering if you got any after effects from the latest hurricane.

I went hiking with my sister last Thursday, which is something I haven't done since I got sick. We had a great time, although I paid for it by having lots of pain that evening. No pain, no gain, right? My new mantra. My DH and I went down to Eugene to do some shopping (it's a much bigger town and has a Trader Joe's), and asked my sister and her DH if they'd like to go to dinner. It's so nice to live near them and be able to see them more often. I've seen my sister more in the past six months than I have in many, many years. It helps that she's retired now.

My Dad's foot appears to be doing better. No bone infection. He's having other problems, though. I found out that he'd missed two appointments to get shots for his prostate cancer so it will be almost a year by the time I can get him into a urologist. Not good. :(

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying fall. No Halloween candy, right?

10-26-2005, 07:02 AM
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Good morning everyone,

Here I am an early riser again. For several days now, I'm up at 2am to 3am. Makes me drag through the days. Dr increased my treatment dosage this time & making my next one at 5 weeks, instead of 6. He says I'm not doing so well........which I had already figured out for myself. :(

I'm cold, too!!! No, we're not in the garage yet. DH has felt bad the last few days, so I didn't push him. Now, he has a job for a couple of days. We'll get there eventually. Meanwhile, my music/computer room is easy to heat with just a small heater. For the rest of the house, we carry a heater from room to room. We'll make it ok, until we're in the garage. We ARE glad our son & granddaughters are in their own house with heat. Makes it a lot easier. Keep praying for work for DH. I believe that's what keeps us going. He still has no steady job, just when someone calls him. So far, it's kept the bills paid. He has a burden on him, though, not having a sure place. He told me to help him pray....he's got some decisions to make. I didn't question him...just praying. Christmas is going to be very slim around here, I'm afraid.

Enough about that........I'm working on a new cd/tape. I'm having trouble with my voice. (more than usual. ;) ) It's sounds too weak. I didn't realize how I was sounding, until I listened to myself. DH has been commenting on it being weak, but I didn't realize it was that bad. I'm going to go ahead with it, though....if it's this mess with my health causing it, there may not be any more chances to make one. I've got everything set up at home to do my own recording, now & that's cool! At least, I can redo my songs a few times if I need to.

Sheila...I'm so glad you're enjoying being with your sister. The Lord has blessed you. I hardly ever see my older sister, but my younger sister & I are very close. (We married brothers!) I consider her one of my best friends. She really knows how to encourage me when I'm down. A year to see the urologist??? Looks like with prostate cancer, they'd work him in. So sorry.

Diane...hope Bradly is better, and all are well.

Bonnie-2....take care & keep warm.

Bluet...don't work too hard. So good to hear from you.

Sunnyd...where are you????

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

10-26-2005, 10:30 PM
Sorry your voice is weaker right now, you can overcome it I'm sure angel lover. hope you soon get in the garage,We got the furnace hooked up last Fri. Been cold since. looks great in the basement now. Bought a 5 shelf plastic unit to put things on that i got on sale with birthday money from dear mil.
Been getting the field corn off the field, ready for the change in clocks this weekend, also granddaughter is coming then as she was sick last weekend.
anyone have many trick-treaters come?
take it easy all. Bonnie2 :carrot:

11-01-2005, 03:05 PM
Wow! Can you believe it's November already?

Charlotte, are you getting any more sleep? I bet you're dragging if you are getting up at 2:00 am or 3:00 am! Hopefully the additional treatment stuff will make you feel better. I've been reading little articles in the papers and magazines about foods that help or hurt RA. Have you read those? I'm glad you're going ahead with the CD. It's always best to do something now rather than wait--I learned that the hard way.

Bonnie2, glad you got your furnace up and running. Sounds like you did a good job with the basement. Did you get all the field corn in? What I find amusing about the time change is that the animals still want to be fed at the old time, and aren't pleased about having to wait. Their stomachs don't do well with time changes!

We took my Dad out to Red Lobster on Saturday (had to drive 45 minutes in the rain to do it!). He'd been seeing all the TV ads for 'endless shrimp.' I was quite surprised when he put away four small plates of scampi! Oh, the reason he had to wait a year to see the urologist is that he was in the hospital during the last two appointments, and I guess he never rescheduled. One of the reasons I'm glad he's down here where I can deal with that kind of stuff.

Rain, rain, rain. You can tell it's November 1 because it's been steady rain since midnight and no end in sight. We got a leak in our patio cover, too, it appears. The dog really wanted to go out badly this morning when we got up. We let him out, he takes one look at all the rain and turns around to come back in. Uh-uh! We made him go out and pee, of course. He was not a happy camper.

More trick-or-treaters than we used to get in Seattle, but still only about five or six groups. They liked us, though, because we gave huge handfuls of candy. We had some left over, but dumped it in the trash. I made my Halloween goal of not eating candy yesterday and getting rid of the extras. Yeah!

Hope you all are doing well.

P.S. Here are some photos of my granddaughter from last night. She doesn't look too happy about Mom making up her face for Halloween. But it's worth it, don't you think? Wonder how they got all that glitter out of her hair and off her face!

11-08-2005, 07:41 AM
where is everyone?
Not much new around here. still going to jazz 3 times a week. starting to have cold nites here. all the field work is done for the fall & the cattle are able to get inside when they want to after being moved from 1 field to the other. No snow so far yeh!!!!!
repot in gals Bonnie2

11-08-2005, 08:24 PM
Hi everybody.....

I'm sorry....I think about you all & love you! This forum has gotten so slow, that I dread trying to read & then post. It takes forever. I know it's not the pc, because this is the only site that is slow. :( I usually end up reading your posts in my email, when I'm notified. Maybe it will get better, I hope so. There's people complaining on another thread I post on.

On the bright side.....I've lost 9 lbs! :carrot: That's a start, anyway. I can feel the stress subsiding. Having my room helps a lot.
We haven't gotten into the garage yet. DH has been feeling bad, lately. I've been very concerned about him. It's been beautiful weather, so we're not worried about the power bills yet. His work is still going....thank the Lord. Thank you all who is praying. (keep it up!)

Sheila....that granddaughter of yours is beautiful! I know you all are so proud of her. I love the costume on her. I don't blame her about the makeup. I don't like putting mine on either. I have to draw my eyebrows on, because the treatments have caused me to lose them. Believe me...I'm terrible at it! :(

Bonnie-2...I enjoy hearing about your farm & cattle. :) Anything you have to tell about it, I'd love to hear. I'm sure it's beautiful at Christmas time, especially with snow.

Hope Bluet, Sunnyd, & Diane are ok.
Sheila....we need a new thread!! :D :D

11-09-2005, 10:52 PM
Your wish is my command, Charlotte! :D

Please post in the new thread here:

11-13-2005, 10:43 AM
Hi....I was just searching for a support group to join....My name is Kim...I'm 50...I have about 45 lbs to lose. I tried several just about everything under the sun (except surgery).....I have a lot of trouble staying motivated. :^: