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07-05-2005, 03:02 PM
I recently bought the ketosis test strips. How often are you supposed to use them?? ALso, I tested yesturday morning, and was in the very highest you can be in the strips, and later that night I tested again, and got the reading that there was 0%. Is that normal?? I didn't cheat, I have been very good about that.I am not sure whatt is going on. Any suggestions would be appreciated!! :o

07-05-2005, 03:38 PM
Here's my understanding:
- Do not test first thing in morning. Fasting (as after not eating or drinking all night) wouldn't give the true reading. Eat first and then about two hours later, do the test.
- Do not wait more than 15 seconds to read the strips since the color that goes after the 15 second mark is NOT accurate.
- Do not test when having your period as blood interfers with the reading, as does pregnancy.
- Definitely no testing after exercise.

The more hydrated you are will affect the color of the sticks. And since we need to drink lots of water, especially when doing low carb, the sticks are likely to read light.

The ketostix cannot distinguish between fat we have eaten and fat that is being burned from our body. So, just because a stick is dark purple doesn't guarantee you are losing weight. Likewise, the sticks only detect one or two of the types of ketones our body metabolizes -- the majority of the ketones are not detected by the sticks. So you can be in ketosis even if the sticks don't register anything.

I personally never register on the sticks, even though I've lost 47 pounds doing low-carb. I go by the other indications of ketosis: that yucky taste in my mouth, supressed appetite, and mostly, the inches I've lost.

I hope this helps.

07-05-2005, 03:56 PM
Thank you so much!! I appreciate all of the info. I drank a lot of iced tea and water, a lot more than normal because it was so hot and dry yesturday in New Mexico, plus we went tothe 4th of July parade, and it was 2 hours long in the hot sun!! That was the only thing that I had done different. I do also have other signs of ketosis, I have about half of the appetite that I normally have, so I guess thats a sign, also have weird things going on with my mouth, so I chew a lot of sugar free gum. Right now I am loosing inches, but not weight, but I will take what I can get!! THanks again!!

07-05-2005, 07:53 PM
As a long time low-carb dieter, I have never found that the ketosticks would change color, unless I was doing my low carb regimen. I am not sure about the ketosticks showing fat that you have just eaten.

A few years back, just for the **** of it... I would go to a big barbeue and eat my typical share of hamburgers, ribs, chicken... etc..... and then I would test for ketones several times that night... and there was NEVER any indication of ketones.

I am not saying this isn't true about what you've eaten not affecting the reading, I am merely saying I have never, in my experience, found this to be the case.

Good luck!!! Since your losing inches, you are having some success. :)



07-05-2005, 09:32 PM
Thank you guys for all of the info. I think I will throw them in the trash. My husband walked in on me using them the other day and thought they were a pregnancy test, scared the **** out of him to say the least. I can tell that I have lost inches expecially in my waist and baby belly. I measured on Friday 5 days into it, and I had lost two inches. My can see a visual difference, and my husband said the same, so thats good. I should of checked more into the strips before I bought them, it was 12.00 for 80, so they are a little pricy. THanks for all the help!