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07-04-2005, 08:10 AM
Happy July 4th! :) :flame: :flame: Those are my fireworks smilies. Stay out of the red, white and blue cupcakes unless they are made of oatmeal and have strawberries and blueberries on top :lol:

I'm off to the gym for shoulders and arms, then two clients. Why don't these people want to rest and have a barbeque? I'm trying to pack all my workouts and clients into the next two days before I leave for Boulder on Wednesday morning. I've been wording out with DH for the last 2 days. He is very sore!

Have a good one,


07-04-2005, 09:26 AM
Morning, Mel! Why don't YOU want to rest and have a BBQ instead of working shoulders and arms, hmmm? :lol: I'm one to talk -- DD and I are planning an outstanding leg workout before we hit the mall this afternoon. On our list so far are squats, track lunges, reverse leg raises on the ball (not sure what the real name is but they kick my you know what), stiff leg dead lifts, bench squats and BOSU squats for dessert. Have a wonderful - and restful - time in Boulder!

Ellen, I saw that you enrolled in NASM's Foundations course. I also did that course before the PT certification and thought it was a good overview of what you need to know - in a lot more depth - in the PT course. I was able to get through it in about two weeks and the test is online (you have to go to a test center for the PT exam) so that was easy. Once you finish the Foundations course, you'll have a much better idea of what to expect with the actual PT certification. Keep us posted on how it's going!

Happy 4th to all! :)

07-04-2005, 09:50 AM
Mel -- You'Ve enlisted your DH now?! That's a great way to torture him :lol: Had he worked out before?...

Today is Legs for moi :strong:

:) ... Happy 4th to our American Friends !!

07-04-2005, 10:21 AM
Hi all,

I see none of us are taking a break today. Today is back, bis and MUCHO needed cardio. I ate from mainly three food groups yesterday - carbs, chips and cake - so I have got to go burn some stuff off. The leg workout on Saturday is a definite pain in my tooshy today. I think I am going to stick with the split lunges because they allow me to use heavier weight. I can't hold more than a 30 lb dumbell because my grip is so weak and that is actually very difficult.

Have a great 4th everybody!!!


07-04-2005, 04:54 PM
Happy Independence Day! I am sort of taking a break. :) Our gym is closed, has been all weekend (though we were away from Fri night til Sunday so didn't notice). It's raining off and on here, so don't know how much cardio I'll get done outdoors - don't want to melt you know! :lol: I can lift some at home. I've been suffering with tendonitis in my right shoulder so haven't been able to do all of my routine. One handed only works so far. . . It's feeling better and hopefully I can get back to a more normal workout this week. Thankfully it doesn't affect my cardio stuff.

I am working out a new routine to go through the next 8-12 weeks. I'm also biting the bullet and spending some time at Fitday. I do like tracking there, it's just the time it takes to get all my foods in. I've vowed to work on this so that it becomes faster. Like the rest of you I tend to eat a lot of the same foods. Just seems that when I eat something new or different it takes so much time to find and enter it, I end up not finishing that day and often several others after it. Just need to take myself in hand and do it!! :D

07-05-2005, 05:29 AM

I hope you all had a great independence day.. It sure sounds like it ! I did not post much last week due to falling into that same old hole again, but thanks to all the practice at least I'm getting out of it sooner. I guess that is progress of some sort.

As for the excercise: yesterdaay I did 2.6 km treadmill and LBW. I think I can cautiously up the weights as i am not very sore today. Today I did 15 min bike and 5 km treadmill. I have slashed my treadmill weekly target in half and will mix with some other cardio because my R knee is acting up: after some minutes of running it starts to hurt, then after a couple of minutes walk I can run for some minutes again before it hurts again.

Tiki - is that what I think it is ? 30 lb in EACH hand ?? Wow!! My heaviest at the moment is a 30 lb barbell which I use for squats. Since I was not sore from the LBW of yesterday I was thinking of adding some to it.

Every time I read about the workouts of you guys I am amazed at what is possible and i realise I still have a long way to go, lots of improvement oppotrtunities !

Have a great day,

07-05-2005, 08:23 AM
My knee/foot thing seems to be healing well. So I'm out of the woods then!

No, I'm into the trees again. I have a viral infection that's very close to glandular fever. Swollen glands, extreme tiredness, etc. I've had it for about a month (we all have in different forms). And the doc says it'll probably recur for about a year. Perhaps the doctor (not my usual one) wasn't factoring my superior fitness into the equation. Let's hope the outlook is a bit better than he thought.

So, where does that leave me? I suppose I'll have to do what I can. For exercise, getting washed and dressed can be a bit taxing at the moment. And food? Well, the doc says I should eat well. I interpret that as lean protein, F&V, fibre, low saturated fat, etc rather than champagne, chocolates and caviar. Perhaps I should have checked!

Any advice?

Please lift a bit of iron for me. And get a bit out of breath with your cardio on my account. Thanks.

07-05-2005, 08:40 AM
Is glandular fever what we call mono? Take care of yourself, SB! We'll all lift a bit and run a bit for you ;)

Today is my last panic day of packing and clients before I leave for "vacation" visiting my mother and step-dad (and taking ds to camp) in Colorado. We're probably mostly packed, but I'll repack at least three times. And pack food for the endless airport wait and plane trip. US Air no longer feeds or waters their captives. Not that their food was very good in years gone by...but at least my ds would eat it!

Probably no computer access while I'm gone: they have a slow dial-up (sheesh...the dark ages!) and I have no patience.


07-05-2005, 08:53 AM
Hi Silverbirch,

What rotten luck for you to get this infection! Is it like Lyme disease (what you get from tick bites ) or Pfeiffer ? Did you look it up on the internet yet ? You have my sincere sympathy!

About the tiredness... strangely enough for me getting some excercise perked me up when I was extremely tired last year. Something like a 10 min walk (which was heavy excercise at that time), in conjunction with lots of B vitamins. At least it gave me the idea that I was doing something for my health except for sleeping.

Also my son was extremely tired for 6 months in the last year, we first thought Pfeiffer but he had no swollen glands. Turned out to be due an intestinal creature, blastocystis hominis, and after the antibiotics he was still not OK. I fed him a course of probiotics and that helped him.

Lots of luck Silverbirch,


07-05-2005, 09:50 AM
Is glandular fever what we call mono?

I think it probably is. Glandular fever is infectious mononucleosis though 'someone of my maturity' doesn't usually get it. I am, apparently, 'a bit senior' for it. The cheek! I'm only 50 in August.

Thanks for your good wishes. I'll keep crawling along and hope things improve.

Have a good time in Boulder, Mel. It's one of those 'holidays', is it?

Rabbit: 10 minutes walk sounds hard but I'll work up to it. B vitamins sound good. What's Pfeiffer? I had a quick look but only came up with schizophrenia. I don't think I've got that.

07-05-2005, 09:55 PM
Glandular fever is infectious mononucleosis though 'someone of my maturity' doesn't usually get it. I am, apparently, 'a bit senior' for it. The cheek! I'm only 50 in August.

Don't be too offended, I don't think I've ever heard of anyone over 18 getting it (it's also called the "kissing disease") so at 31 they probably would have told me the same thing. :lol: When I was a gymnast, I had a friend who missed SEVEN MONTHS of school/practice because of it only to rupture her spleen when she went back to working out - not pleasant for anyone in the gym that day, least of all her.

Ilene, you were right about my poor legs just not being prepared. I did more squats on Sunday - with slightly more weight - and although I am still a little sore on Tuesday it's not anything like it was Thur/Fri/Sat.

I ate from mainly three food groups yesterday - carbs, chips and cake

I feel your pain, but mine were cocktail shrimp, BBQ'd ribs, & various vodka drinks.:dizzy:

07-06-2005, 06:12 AM

Silverbirch - Pfeiffer is also know as the kissing disease so probabely the same as mononucleosis. My sister had it when she was in her teens, and it simply took months to get over it. We feared my son had it last summer, but this was not the case. I feel for you. Working up to a 10- min walk can seem like a challenge for the marathon, I hope you will soon be a bit better.

A rainy day here today. My R knee is definitely acting up so I'm cuting back on the running. Today I did 3.1 km treadmill and UBW. It did not seem that heavy when i did it (and compared to some of the workouts of the others it does not amount to that much ) but as I type my arms are trembling, so I'll be sore tomorrow.

Also I am thinking about how to do workouts on my holidays: we will go away for 5 weeks, no computeracces for the major part: first we will go to a place on the coast next friday, return thursday after that, and then we go camping: the plan is to drive up to norway and see the fjords. The best I have come up with yet is that I got myself an MP3 player and I will pack my running shoes, notebook and heartrate monitor. As I never run outside, this will be a major challenge.

I'm open for suggestions, especially araound the theme "how come mum wants to go for 1 hour run/walk/jog whatever while we are on holiday"

have a great day,

07-06-2005, 06:36 AM
I am thinking about how to do workouts on my holidays ....

I'm open for suggestions, especially araound the theme "how come mum wants to go for 1 hour run/walk/jog whatever while we are on holiday

How old are the children? Can you do a fair bit of racing about with them? (See Krista's June rant about playing: www.stumptuous.com/weights.html)

How come you want to go out, taking exercise for an hour? Here are some possible answers.

I have to do it to look after myself and keep myself healthy.
I will be more fun to be with when I've done it.
Everyone needs time to themselves.
It's just part of what happens in this family.
It's what I do every day.

Good luck!

Cold and rainy here but my glands are going down.

07-06-2005, 10:35 AM
Silver -- Hope you feel better soon...

Rabbit -- You could bring the kiddies with you on your walks but you probably won't want to because you will need the break. Why do we have to give excuses anyways? ''because I like it'' is my answer when anyone asks...

07-06-2005, 10:42 AM
I like your answers, Silverbirch. Funny how many of us feel so guilty about doing something that keeps us so sane. :lol:

Big leg day today, and I can already feel the "jelly" feeling, so I bet soreness will follow. I did squats with a 30 pound dumbell (thanks for the one dumbell trick, Mel!), which I know is nothing to most of you (not even the weight of the stinkin' bar!), but it was a big step for me. I'm still not totally comfortable with my squat form -- my knees still keep me from going down as far as I know I should. I also did lunges with 15 pound weights in each hand, and these nifty glute things.

Overall, I'm in a bit of a discouraged period. I keep losing my focus over the weekends when my structure goes out the window, and it's definitely creating a "x steps forward, x steps back" pattern to my weight loss (depending on the extent to which I limit the damage). I'm going to have to tighten the reins! I think this worked fine when I had more to lose, but boy, do the margins change when you get closer to goal! :( Thankfully, the measuring tape is still being kind to me at this point.

Well, hope everyone has a good (short!) week. Sorry to hear about all the illness plaguing our families! Stay strong, everybody... this too will pass.

07-06-2005, 11:55 AM
Tell your kids what I tell mine. "It takes a lot of hard work to be this fine!"


07-06-2005, 12:07 PM
Another week of leg frustration. Had such a great 3 day weekend...gardened, cleaned, did UB and a lot of stretching and LB strengthening within the limits prescribed by the physical therapist, and was able to walk with a normal gait....then Tuesday, whammo, back to limping. Saw the physical therapist today...problem is in two auxilliary muscles which are overcompensating for not enough strength in my quad...she did a lot of ultrasound work and massage, and said to lay off walking, biking, and whatever seemed to create pain for a while. So....two steps forward, one step back again. So frustrating!

Nice to feel more strength in my UB workouts, however, as now am able to do shoulder work with 10# and a little with 12#DB...thought I was stuck at 8# forever...seems like almost a year. Not quite sure why the jump happened. I've always felt so wimpy in my shoulder work. Also able to go to 10# on my tricep work. Mel, what's the highest #s a person should use on tricep work? I know it's a smaller muscle, and was wondering if there is a DB limit that's considered safe.

Hope everyone is having a good day.

07-06-2005, 02:46 PM
Rabbit - l loved having my MP3 on vacation. It's so small and portable. Not only did I have music for exercise but I also have audiobooks on it. This let me "read" at night without bothering DH or in situations where there was poor light (B&B's, airplane). It also meant that I didn't have to take many "real" books with me - not a problem when you're in a car, but definitely when you're schlepping all your stuff with you on public transportation. :) Hope you have a good time, and get your exercise in. You'll find that running outdoors requires different muscles - you're constantly making fine adjustments (unconsciously for the most part) in your posture, balance, speed, etc. It's also nicer to look at different scenery. :lol: Just tell your DH and kids that you need this to enjoy the trip!

07-06-2005, 03:09 PM
Just a "flyby" to let you know I am here, but unbelieveably busy. 4 Day Weeks seem to send me all out of kilter - hope to be back for a longer post tomorrow - food and exercise are fine, just 3FC time reduced

Thinking of you all - go out and do good things for yourself ...

07-06-2005, 06:02 PM
Since Saturday, my food and exercise have been out of kilter. I'm on a binge but am trying hard, HARD to throw on the brakes.


07-06-2005, 07:37 PM
Hang in there Tiki :grouphug: Are you still exercising? Silly question :doh: it on the Exercise Thread, so I know it's a :yes:

07-06-2005, 10:11 PM
Check the exercise thread, girl. I haven't worked out since Monday. All the junk has me feeling sluggish. I am promising myself that my binge is done, my binge is done, my binge is done!!!!

Now I got to go make up a cheer routine. That should be good for about 30 minutes of cardio.


07-07-2005, 05:57 AM
hi LWL,

Tiki-Get yourself up girl!! I KNOW Billy is waiting for you, he is hiding in your TV!!!

Thanks everyone for the suggestions on "how to tell the family mummy want to work out". Tiki, I especially liked yours. That one is certainlt going to do wonders for my self esteem !
Pat, thanks for the suggestion on the audio books... I do happen to have the "hitchhikers guide to the galaxy"series somewhere, which i have not listened to, so that is a good thing to take along!

Today I did 30 mins run, 3.5 km. Not much but my knee is holding out a bit longer, so the reduced running scedule is working out. After that I did 30 mins basis power yoga DVD. This is not to be considered cardio, but I still count it as excercise. Boy, do I have some lumbering up to do. These people on the DVD grab hold of their feet easily in the weirdest positions! That is also something that I can do on holiday!.

have a great day,

07-07-2005, 08:23 AM
rabbit - good job getting back to your needs, first. It will make you feel better and be more "there" (and that will be in a state of flux for 5 weeks) for your family. I know it makes a huge difference in oh, so many ways. It will be an adjustment, but well worth it in the long run. And I am right there with you on mp3s - audible books are my best friends these days. Right now I am listening to Freakanomics on my runs and Black-Eyed Peas for hard elliptical cardio. I love being able to mix it up! Watch your knee though, and adjust as necessary. I know I get caught up in "my schedule says I must do this today" and it is hard to listen to what my body really needs.

Tiki - you have the power and can stop this binge. I love power and we have been denied it for so long - don' ask, just take control. And rabbit is right ... Billy is waiting for you - don't you dare break up with him now ... :lol:

Silverbirch - sorry about the mono - I remember it and it was not fun. Take care of yourself and rest. Not much else you can do.

Susan (artmaker) - sorry it is taking you longer than you would like to recover from your surgury - listen to your body, keep up with the UBW and your legs will follow. Though, it sounds like you got this thing down and have a great team with PT and doctor.

Teapotdynamo - boy, I hear you on the ruts. Remember me a few weeks ago? I know it is a rough hole to be in and hard to get out of, but you can. You were fabulous to me and I appreciated it. We are in this together and your girlfriends (us) are taking away the scales and measuring tapes andcalipers right now. Let those things go and get back into your head about how good it feels to move and how exercising makes you happy. Think about how good you feel when you eat right and how much easier it is to move and think and function and sleep and wake up when you need to and laugh more when you are properly hydrated and not weighed down by the gunk of junk. Get away from statistical measures and back to joy. Hey, its summer and we don't have to go to school! Woo Woo!!

Hi Meg, Mel, Ilene, Julia and everyone else. Hope it is a good week for you all.

So my life has been busy/hectic but food and exercise has been in control. That is a very new place for me to be. I hope things settle down in the next week or 10 days. Nothing bad is going on, just a lot of things and I hate being overscheduled. I don't even have my evenings to recoup some energy - the All-Star break next week is a welcome respite. But I don't mean to complain, I just need sleep - and one day (just 1) to workout out in the morning and veg with a book in the afternoon - ok, just 2 hours, OK?

I did a killer leg and shoulder workout yesterday followed by Pilates. I am coming to the conclusion that I need to let this afternoon Pilates session go, at least until after the fall. I don't get back from the gym until around 11am and then need to go back at 2:40 for this class. It is too rushed to get my other stuff done and back. Like they say, free has its price, and even though there is no charge for this class, it takes too much out of me. I felt like throwing up during the class and pretty much went to bed at 11 last night still feeling sick to my stomach and with a headache. Darn!

On to some exciting news - I am the Client of the Month for July at my gym. Check out my story (though you all know most of it already) at www.vervehealthandfitness.com ...and the good looking guy at the bottom is ot DH, but my fabulous trainer (and single, ladies :D )

I have actually started printing out the study guide for the NASM Foundations course and skimming the course material. I am very excited and looking forward to diving in next week. Yes, see, another reason to let the afternoon Pilates class go - I will still have a morning class on Fri's.

OK, off for my run and then to a day game (Nat's vs NY Mets) and then to meet up with some girlfriends for the WNBA game. Oh, wait, I think I can see where the overscheduling is coming from ... yes, I can be my own worst enemy :dunno:

07-07-2005, 10:29 AM
Just a drive-by post ... Ellen , awesome transformation, I didn't realise .... YOU go GIRL :cheer:

Tiki --- Go get Billiy!!! :grouphug:

TTFN :wave:

07-07-2005, 10:39 AM
Tik, you can get back on track, I know it. What usually helps me is to *start* with the exercise, because it a) makes me immediately feel better about myself because I've accomplished something; and b) makes me want to eat right so as not to "blow" the calorie loss. Usually it's much easier to eat clean then. But you know what works for you -- just know we're here for you!

Step away from the peanut butter! :lol:

07-07-2005, 11:34 AM
Teapot you are right. If I can kick in the exercise, then the food follows. I am just having the darndest time getting into bed and then back up on time to work out. And I actually have stuck to my promise to not eat any PB. Its other stuff that I'm munching instead.

However, today is a new day (and my birthday to boot) so I am going to eat clean, go cheer, workout and go to bed. That will be my gift to me. I just hope my crew doesn't have other plans for me.


07-07-2005, 11:37 AM
Ellen, just read the posted story....you look just fabulous, and as we LWL know, you are doing fabulously! Terrific affirmation for you.

Tik, life is filled with these bumps and grinds (speaking as one who has experienced them all). From all I've read from you I just KNOW that you will get out of this glip in your process and back on track. Jennifer is right....try to get back into the exercise groove and the eating will follow. Keep that dish detergent handy and douse everything with it when it gets near your mouth.

A day of stretching and leg resting....tomorrow UB and will try Pilates routine. If I don't check in, have a great weekend everyone!


07-07-2005, 12:44 PM
Ellen - great webpage, you look wonderful.

Tiki - happy birthday! :hb:

07-07-2005, 02:17 PM
Ellen, thanks for the kind words. I do tend to myopically focus on the scale at times, so it's helpful to take a step back and get some perspective! :^: And I know what I need to do to get through the weekends, it's just a matter of getting my *** in gear to do it!

That's a great story they did on you... you must be so proud! You look fantastic and must be feeling great, too.

Just got back from an UBWO. It was going swimmingly until the end, when I got a shooting headache whenever I tried to lift anything. Luckily, I had already nearly finished. Who knows... I'm trying to get over a minor virus, so it's probably sinus pressure or something.

Anyway, have a great day everybody! Hang in there, birthday girl!

07-07-2005, 02:28 PM
Ellen, what a nice article! And great to have a face to put with the writing!

07-07-2005, 03:22 PM
Ellen, GREAT ARTICLE GIRL!!!!! I know your family, trainers, and friends are so proud of you! And you look great. A far cry from the person that you described that couldn't go up to see the view.

Keep up the good work!


07-07-2005, 04:32 PM

07-07-2005, 04:51 PM
Ellen, What a really great article. What an inviting place to workout.

Tiki, I'm sorry to hear your are in a slump, maybe it is because of your b'day. One thing that really helps me is if I can just get out doors for a while. Fresh air in your face even if you are not working out can be so uplifting.

I had a really good UB workout last night, I'm feeling it today. I've gotten so I love doing pushups now that I know how it feels to do them in proper form. I can't do them from the floor yet but I'm getting closer everytime we include them in my workout.


07-08-2005, 04:43 AM

No excercise today for me. I am packing to go on holiday. Have a great holiday all.

Be back at the end of august,

07-08-2005, 09:23 AM
Have fun Rabbit!!!

I got my workout in today, hey hey hey hey I got my workout in today!!!!!


07-08-2005, 03:06 PM
Rabbit -- End of August!! Wow, have fun, we're gonna miss ya :wave:

Tiki -- Hey, Hey, Hey, I knew you could do it :cheers:

07-08-2005, 06:21 PM
Bye rabbit - have a great time. It sounds like this break is falling in the right place - a change of scenery will get you back in your groove in no time. Have fun and think of us during your "time alone" workouts. We'll all miss you :wave:

Tiki - good job on getting back to your workouts. I know it is hard to crawl out of that hole, but it is so good to get back on track. I know Billy missed you :D

Teapotdynamo, Artmaker, Silverbirch - I'm pulling for you, too. You will all be back on track as you start feeling better. We know these things go hand in hand.

Thank you all for your kind words and support. It is hard to believe it was just a few weeks ago that I was so far down in my hole I couldn't see the sun ... now look at this day. I know we all go through it, but you guys really seem to "get" it and help me work through it. Wow.

A huge NSV for me - went into Chicos and a firmly in size 2's and LOOKED GOOD. Bought a couple pairs of pants and shirts - now I need to find where I hid that iron ... :lol: I am thinking of meeting up with some people and doing things like going to the ballet and concerts and maybe doing some consulting work back in the Pentagon - you know, those few places remaining where you cannot get away with jeans. I am amazed how I look "cleaned up". When did this pretty get here? I look in the mirror and do not recognizemyself. This could be way too much fun, not to mention expensive. I may take some advice from the Maintainer's Forum and get myself to a makeup counter next week. Wow, DH won't know what he is coming home to each night. Hmmm

Evangline - good to see you back with us. Hope everyone has great plans this weekend. 10 miles for me on Sat and then no firm plans - hope to attack the magazine pile - whoopie!!

07-08-2005, 11:42 PM
Wow Ellen, you look fabulous. Great article.

Fell off the wagon for a couple of days during a conference (in town luckily - it's good to be the one planning things;)) where all the food was included - and it cost a fortune so I had to get the company's money's worth. Finally broke up last night at midnight so no work out then and only got in about 45 minutes before the gym closed tonight. I'm going to climb back up into the driver's seat again tomorrow.

Hey Tiki, it's nice to have some company beneath the wagon wheels but it's even better to see us getting back on top of things. Hope the birthday was grand.

07-09-2005, 09:42 AM
Dear all,

I'm back again after a week's lurking and 2 hours of reading up on y'all.

Ellen, congratulations on NASM!

DBF being away I thought that I could have some really nice workouts, but ended up lugging stuff about at home and doing housework instead, yech!
This week I got on track again, and had a really nice leg and arm workout yesterday, which has left me virtually cripple today (but satisfied that I did a good job). In the weights room, an all male audience greeted me with: "hey! where you been these few days!?", which was kind of nice (to be remembered). Then somebody started to make pictures of upper bodies, so a number of guys just stripped to the waist (!!!) and started making ab comments and jokes. And these were (supposed to be) grown men! I couldn't believe it and was laughing so hard that I almost dropped my weights.

I'm at work today and just had a row with a colleague of mine, who is too dim for words: she's call center operator and working alone on Saturday, like me, and just walks away between calls, not bothering to pick up the phone at all when it rings. When I pointed out (as a friend, not a colleague) that this was unprofessional behaviour and she could get fired over this kind of negligence, she got cheeky and aggressive.
Anyway, let's just say she's the epitome of what certain men call "a real blonde".

Have a wonderful weekend all, I promise to keep posting

GG aka Lieke

07-09-2005, 02:39 PM
Hey Julia,

Your'e Tennessean and so am I so we are both great company under the wagon, on the wagon and anywhere else near the wagon. But yeah, under the tires is a bad place so hop on up next to me and lets roll to where we really want to be.

GG - great to see you on line and glad to hear you are crippled. Means you've been hitting those weights. Great job!

I got up this AM and hung out with Billy. I planned to go to Bally's while DD was at gymnastics, but when we got there, we found out that her gym is closed today, so no weight training today.


07-10-2005, 03:06 AM
I'm hanging on to the tailgate of that wagon. . . Went to the gym after work on Friday and did a great UB workout. My arms are a good kind of sore today! Did some cardio, building back up. Sigh. Hopefully a bike ride tomorrow.

07-10-2005, 08:30 AM
Hey Julie-- Just saw your pics on MSN LWL can't wait to see your updated pics in the fall!!

07-10-2005, 11:46 AM
Good news: spent 2 hours at the gym yesterday morning including lots of cardio, more squats and the Gravitron 2000 - I kid you not, that's the name of the thing - which is a machine that does counter weight assisted pull ups & dips. I highly recommend it for anyone trying to achieve the elusive female chin up. I'm at 70 lbs of assist but I'm going to try 60 or maybe even 50 next time.

Bad news: After the workout I went to my cousin's wedding. Didn't eat any lunch in anticipation of the reception. BAD IDEA. They took 1.5 hrs worth of pictures while making all the guests wait to start eating until they got there. By then I was ravenous & ate 20 baby quiches (they had spinach in them - does that mitigate?). Luckily they waited another hour to cut the cake and by then the horror of the quiches had set in, didn't have any trouble resisting even a morsel of cake.

Ilene, can you tell from the pic titles that the only pictures I have of myself are from when I travel? :lol: Posting that Palenque (Mexico) pic was an exercise in humility. I had no idea I had gained so much weight until I saw that one. That still thinking you're fat when you've lost lots of weight works in reverse for those of us that have been thin most of our lives. Probably the final straw that made me realize I was going nowhere but up (and not in a good way).

Tiki - what part of TN?

GG, WaterRat, Tiki - looks like we're all climbing out of the hole - 4th o' July followed by all sorts of eating events makes for a tough week.

07-10-2005, 01:15 PM
Julia -- I never go anywhere ravenous anymore just for the reason that they (reception, friend's place, etc...) have junk or bad types of food and I will pig out on it. I often eat before leavnig even, tuna or chicken breast and veggies or oatmeal and eggwhites, then I don't feel half the guilt of eating 1 or 2 items of forbidden foods...but 20 :faint: the guilt would kill me for days...

Ran 11.5k this morning and biked 11.5k to go out and measure the distance...