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07-02-2005, 09:49 PM
Well, I had the baby on June 19th. I heard that Kier already passed that along to you (THanks Kier!!) so you know I wasn't totally MIA...but it feels that way! We're doing well, but I got a killer UTI this week, split some stitches as well, and Eve got thrush in her mouth...so we've been on marathon doctor visits and between that, nursing and trying to catch a few winks, been a tiring week!

DH goes back to work on Monday and I am totally worried about it! He's a big help now - I hardly even change the poopies! He does it! Can you believe it!?

I did it drug free - not that I wanted to...was too late for the epidural....

I can pm you my web site to view pics...I'll try to downsize one to post though!

TTFN - I'll be back...