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07-02-2005, 08:26 PM
Hello and welcome to the Jaded Ladies! :wave:

We're a friendly group that provides support in getting/staying healthy, :strong: and we also share our daily ups and downs with each other. Please feel free to join us.

07-02-2005, 08:55 PM
Hi ladies, :wave:

Cristi - thanks for the card, and happy 4th to you, too. :D Good luck with all the painting and stuff. You mentioned on the other thread attending a block party. I think that would be a lot of fun, and would get you acquainted with the neighbors, too. Is this a carry-in type of party?

Lisa - how'd things go with your niece and nephew? Did you find something fun to do?

Marti - hope you're enjoying your 3 day weekend. Is James off too? Hope so!

Susan - no, I'm not going to Curves, but I said that I'd like the fellowship of it, lol. There isn't even one around here anymore. Have fun at Rockaway! YAY for more food money. :cp: Can't you get assistance for food?

Angie - omg, I'd die of heat stroke if I even tried to exercise outside here in Indiana. It's just way to hot and humid for that, but thanks for trying to help me out with the idea. January is still 6 months away... are you sure you'll be okay without surgery for that long? Btw, I can't find Breathing Room here at our Walmart, and we have no bookstore, so I'm going to see if our library has it. Is it pretty good so far?

Well, I've been the Free Produce Lady today, lol. I've been delivering some extra cucumbers, cabbage and green beans to some people in town who appreciate and need it. Next week I'll have lots of extra corn and blackberries, and soon after, there will be watermelons, cantaloupes and peaches. Yum!!

I did some exercise from one of Oprah's past mags today while watching an old movie, but I know it wasn't really enough. The food points could be better, but the water is a-ok! :dizzy: One outta 3 isn't much to brag about, lol.

How's everything in your world?

07-03-2005, 12:10 AM
Hello..A quick pop in again. My desktop computer is down and I am borrowing DH's laptop...which I hate. Has been a bad week computer wise as I got it fixed and it went bad again. It almost got thrown out the window..grrrr.
Finally got back to walking today as the weather was cooler and I felt good. I walked morning and evening for 4 miles. Yay! Now if I can get my food back on track...I ate a breaded tenderloin sandwhich today and although it was wonderful I sure felt quilty. Luckily I didn't eat anything else overboard all day. That was quite enough. WELL..tomorrow is another day.
I hope all JL's are having a nice holiday week-end. Happy 4th!

07-03-2005, 12:51 AM
Back again ladies for a few minutes. We took a break and me and Josh were getty antsy about doing some fireworks. They have been going off all around us since Monday. We won't do anymore till Monday or we won't have any to do! LOL Anyway...

Jane~it is a come and go kind of thing and they are going to grill hot dogs. Not sure about any other sort of food as they didn't ask anyone to bring anything except your own drink. We will go and see the car & motorcycle show and then the parade, that's really all I would like to see. Since we don't have small kids we won't stay for the kids games and the hot dogs, which is at the pool. It should still be nice, if it doesn't rain. The forecast has rain for both Sunday & Monday. And you are welcome for the card. I almost didn't get them out in time. Wish I lived close to get some of your produce! LOL Bet it is goooood! :T

Angie~I'm with Jane, are you sure you can wait till January for the surgery? If it were me I would want it yanked out as soon as possible. My SIL (Jane) just had one this past March. Her girls tell her she is a bear when she doesn't take the meds! LOL She is the one who had a miscarriage and they told her she wouldn't ever have kids-well, she has three girls, two of which are twins. But she had a lot of problems over the years and they finally did the hysterectomy. She said she feels a lot better since having it but doesn't like taking the hormones so much.

Sue~DS had a laptop and I tried it a few times, just couldn't get the hang of it. Probably because I really didn't want to and didn't care for it. I would rather go to the library. But do know what a pain in the booty it is when they go out. Makes ya wonder what we did before we had them. :bravo: to the 4 miles walked! WTG!

Susan~have a wonderful/fun time at Rockaway!!

Marti~is this a Jhanai weekend? Whatever you and James do, hope you guys have a GREAT time!

Hi to everyone else!

Man, I am pooped. Got the room painted. V is doing some touch up so I thought I would sneak down and spend a few minutes on the 'puter. Did some yard work and got my car all clean! Of course that is a sure sign of it raining for sure!Tomorrow will be another busy day. We are doing the stripes and that will take quite a while just taping it. Then putting everything back-why do we do this?!! Love the color so I suppose it is worth all the trouble. Then we have some yard work to get done. Anyway...

Take care ladies and enjoy your weekend! Going to go ahead and wish you all a very Happy 4th! I have a busy Sunday and Monday and most likely won't be back to post till Tuesday, so...

4th OF
:woo: :woo: JULY :woo: :woo:

07-03-2005, 09:26 PM
Wow, where'd the day go so fast?? It's already past 7 here in Indiana.

Sue - yay for the walking! Hope you are having better luck with the computer. I miss my laptop! But we got such a better deal, moneywise, on a desktop, so that's why we went with it.

Cristi - hope you have a great holiday. The block party sounds like fun, if it doesn't rain. I too wish you lived closer for lots of reasons. You and I could shop together all the time, for one thing, lol. Plus I'd love to share our produce with you, and all the other JLs, too.

I'm doing great with the food and water, and even have my entire day's menu & points written down for tomorrow, including the party. There is a great sense of well-being in doing that. Kind of a control, you know?

Goofed around most of the day today. I'm reading an old book that I read years and years ago, and so far don't remember much, lol, except it was a keeper.

I don't think I'll have much time to check in tomorrow, so let me just say:
Happy Independence Day to the Yankees
and happy Monday to you Canadians!! :D

07-04-2005, 12:09 AM
Jane..I just finished reading The Goodbye Summer that you recommended. Very good. I also read Northern Lights by Nora Roberts this past week and it was real good too.

Don't know what will happen with the desktop is too new to re-place, and I am not getting any satisfaction so far. Hopefully my DD can come by tomorrow and look at it.

Hi all..and I will be back tomorrow.

07-05-2005, 12:39 AM
Another recently read book that some may like...Same Sweet Girls by Cassandra King.

Worked on the computer today and loaded Firefox instead of Internet Explorer. So far so good, but I am holding my breath.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! My life has been boring lately, but hey, I am alive and well.

da fat n da furious
07-05-2005, 12:54 PM
Good morning ladies,
Sorry I didn't get in here earlier,,,wanted to wish you all a Happy 4th of July.

Did anyone spend alot of time watching Live 8? We were all glued. Hoping they make cds for each country that participated.

Sue, I knew I had heard of firefox before, Brandon has that on his computer..says he likes it more.

Jane,,,lol I forget about your weather and how hot it We are only now getting some heat here.
mmmm cukes...I love them with hummus. Heck I like them with out anything.

Cristi, so how was the party? Our Towne had a fireworks show also, was wonderful we actually watched it from our bedroom window.

My cousin came down for the weekend didn't do much, went and saw War of the Worlds. I thought the little girl Dakota was a fantastic actress. Came home and then read the paper how there are people boycotting Tom Cruise movies after his interview.
Tanner's hair and faded big time it was looking pretty terra So I bleached it out,,,except for a V patch in the middle. Really funky,,,,figuring every couple of weeks we will do something funky to his
Well I did my first day on my own at was kinda scary but Im doing ok. I only work during the afternoons,,,the woman who used to work there was on sick leave for almost a year,,,shes now weaning herself back and working mornings. Shes worried she won't be able to do the job,,, last year at this time her tooth became infected so she had a root canal,,ended up having 3 in a row,,at the same time as taking 2 sets of antibiotics. The antibiotics did the job,,,did it so well it also got rid of the good bacteria and thus began her real problems. She lost 38 lbs in 2 months,,,she was about 130 lbs before,,, Her intestines are damaged and she may need surgery (cut some of the intestines out) very similar to crohns or colitis. Makes you think twice when you need to take antibiotics eh?

We decided on Jan, for surgery cause by then I would of lost some weight which will help me. And winters are quiet, I won't be putting anyone out with taking a busy time off.

Jane I loved the book breathing room,,,read it in a day.

well I should get ready for work...

07-05-2005, 04:42 PM
Hi ladies and a very Happy Tuesday!

Hope everyone had a fantastic 4th of July! Boy did our plans change! First we didn't make it to the car show & parade which I really would have loved to see. And because V had to go into work for a few hours Monday we decided to BBQ Sunday-in between doing the bedroom. So we did fireworks about 9'ish and was done at a little after 10 then just sat outside for a while watching the others all around us. It was SPECTACULAR!!! Seemed liked a lot more people were doing them this year, including us. Streets kind of look like a war zone. It was nice though. Of course people have been doing them all week so it has been a nice week, except for Ernie dog. He actually came out from under the bed all happy this morning. Poor dog, just hates all that noise and gets so stressed out. Anyway, so we finished the bedroom yesterday about 2 p.m.. Did not think it would ever take three days to do but we like it. And while the stripes are subtle, you can see them and it looks nice. Love the blue!

Angie~didn't see the Live 8 but DD was watching parts of it waiting to see Alicia Keys and never did. She didn't care for it-said the 3 hours that she watched it they mostly talked. I too am one of those who are boycotting Tom Cruise. I didn't want to see War of The Worlds, and then keep seeing previews and then wanted to. But from seeing him on two separate interviews I just think he is an idiot. I am surprised that Matt Laur kept his cool while talking with him. But Dakota Fanning is adorable and just a great little actress. We've seen her in several movies and she is sooo good. I will probably wait to see it if it comes on cable. That is horrible about your co-worker. Cracks me up when I see a commercial for a certain drug and then they go on to list the side effects and I am thinking I would rather deal with it than take a pill that could give you about 10 different side effects. But they affect people differently so...

Jane~bet your produce is yummy! :T I've been picking tomatoes for the last couple of days and not sure what I am going to do with them all-maybe send some with V to work. The neighbors on both sides of us are on vacation so they are out. Of course I am not sure what kind of tomatoes they are as they are not as big as the regular ones and they were supposed to be cherry tomatoes-definitely not!

Well, I guess I need to get going. Been on this :comp: most of the morning looking up things-in between getting some laundry done. So...

Hi to everyone and take care and have a terrific Tuesday!

07-05-2005, 06:37 PM
Hiya ladies,

Sue - hope things are going ok with your computer now. I know how frustrated I got when my was on the fritz. The library has much faster ones, since I'm stuck with dial-up, but I still prefer to be in the comfort of my own home. Btw, there's something to be said for a boring life, lol.

Angie - Katie and I watched parts of Live 8 and I liked most of what I saw. That little Dakota Fanning is quite a cutie! I saw her on Regis and Kelly or somewhere, and she is so charming and gave an amazing interview. Yikes, sorry about your friend's teeth! Sometimes you just don't know which is worse: the ailment or the cure, lol. I'll see if I can pick up Breathing Room soon.

Cristi - Like your Ernie, my Molly also doesn't like fireworks. Well, the ones that make too much noise, that is. She stuck to me like ugly on an ape while we were watching them last night. Don't you just love the taste of fresh-off-the-vine tomatoes? I eat them like apples, lol.

We had fun last night but I'm glad the food is out of the house. I did pretty good, but went over a few points. The Gazelle is back in the living room, propped up against the wall where a sweet little table used to sit. It looks kind of tacky, but oh well. My health comes first, right? I used it for the the last 1/2 hour of The Young and the Restless today, and the time sure went fast.

What have you been up to today?

07-06-2005, 08:03 AM
Hi Ladies--

Had a fun weekend w/Jhanai and James.....avoided getting online. The weather was so beautiful. Perfect for the 4th.

I'm totally exhausted so I'm not going to chat much tonight, I will try to catch up tomorrow.

Until then ladies!

07-06-2005, 08:57 AM
Hi ladies,

just popping in quickly to say Hi. Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend, Canadians AND Yankees. :) We had a great weekend, and I am now off all week. Yesterday I had some errands and had my first ever pedicure! Last week was a great week for me in the weight department, My first week on the new lifestyle and I have lost 9 pounds~~~!!!! Of course that will slow down and the loss will not be that big everyweek. I will probably level off to 2-4 pounds a weeks. Depending. I told you it was fast. But I've discovered that it isn't as difficult to stay on track when you are chasing after a VERY BUSY almost 15 month old. LOL

Anyway, hope all is well, and I will check in with you all later. Things to do, places to go, babies to


07-06-2005, 12:10 PM
Hello everyone..
sorry it has been a while.. wuth the 2 kids around all the time now i don't get much time to myself... THANK YOU cristi for the Canada day card! We watched the fireworks here.. they were good. It was really cold and windy so we didnt know if they were going to have them. Hope everyone is doing well. I am a little tired.. Running around all over.. summers sure are busy!

07-06-2005, 01:05 PM
Good morning. Looks like all I do is read, doesn't it? Well, with the computer problems and this heat I have been reading alot. I just finished a book by Lisa Jackson, See How She Dies. Enjoyed that and now I have another by Patricia Gaffney to read. Thanks Jane for telling me of her.
Dh has been working on a new work bench for his garage, so has been out of the house. I have been doing laundry today. Yesterday I went to the mall with Mom and my aunt. Then we went to Olive Garden for a soup, salad lunch. Yum. Didn't walk at all, but will tonight. I am slowly getting back on least I haven't gained back what I lost. Seems like after I am so good for a couple weeks that I just go crazy....well, I AM crazy.
Planning a big family get together in a couple weeks. DS is coming home from CA and will be here for 2 days. He is actually going to Chicago to be with his gf and then they will come down here. He is anxious to introduce her to the family. I hope we don't scare her off. :)

07-06-2005, 05:11 PM
Good afternoon ladies~

Today is Wal-Mart Wednesday of course so did that first thing this morning. Didn't have as much to get so I just kind of whizzed through the store. I know the layout so know exactly where to go and if there's not many people there I can get in and out pretty fast. 30 minutes this time. :lol: Had a few other errands to run and DS was off work today so he went with me. Couldn't stay in Pier1 too long-almost everything was on sale-too tempting. It's funny though because the last few times I was there, I didn't see anything I absolutely wanted. This time-not sure where everything came from but there was all kinds of stuff! Got what I went in there for and got out, well, except for a jar/canister I had to have. :lol: The weather is so nice. The last two days it has only been in the 80's. Compared to last week and those high 90's and low 100's I will definitely take the 80's. :sunny: The rest of the day will be pretty laid back-getting a load of laundry done and that's about all I have to do today since I straightened up this morning.

Jane~yes, home grown tomatoes are the best! We too eat them like apples and there are sooo many! They taste good with a little salt. Well, at least your Molly will go out-Ernie wasn't having any of it. The neighbors down the street started about 5 but all around you could here firecrackers throughout the day and the first one he heard he was gone! he did not come out from under DS bed until Tuesday morning and he was soooo happy! He was stressed out the whole week, getting sick. Think next year I will get him some doggy downers-I heard people talking about that on the radio and what they do with their pets who can't take the fireworks. Nothing at all wrong with having the gazelle in the living room!

Marti~glad you, James & Jhanai had a great weekend!

Anita~:bravo: on your loss! Hope you have a great week off!

Terri~you are welcome! I know it can get crazy busy with two kids home so check in when you can.

Sue~your sons GF will love you guys I am sure. Hope your visit is a nice one. Hey, nothing wrong with reading. I get in my moods where I will read 2-4 books a week and then nothing for a while. Trying to read this book I borrowed from DS-can't remember the name of it but it is by the same woman who wrote The Secret Life of Bees which was very good. This one I can't seem to get into though.

Hi to everyone else, Susan, Angie Katy, Katiecat, Ellen, Pam, Dee, and anyone I missed.

Guess I should get going, Jeopardy will be coming on in a few minutes and then V gets home a few minutes before it goes off. Need to send him to Lowes to get me a can of white spray paint. I like to sit down and relax this time of day before I start dinner. So...

Take care ladies and hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!

07-06-2005, 08:25 PM
Cristi~ Thanks for the nice words. I try to sneek on here when I can remember. We are hoping to be in our apartment this month, so YAY on that! We are still not sure what we are having, and this one just might be a surprise baby up until delivery unless when we go for the next u/s (whenever that might be) we can possibly find out then. Either way, we are stuck on names, we can agree on a first name, but not on a middle name. Brandon has about 9 teeth right now, and is pretty much walking. He took two adventures yesterday unassisted, but none today.

It has been really hot here as well. We have spent a lot of time in the pool! Tommy heard that swimming while pregnant helps your laboring out, which I also heard, but we canít keep the pool open until November!

Jane~ I will be sure to send you the new address when we get in there.

Susan~ WTG on 147!!!

I have to add on here, that with this pregnancy, all the scales seem to have me stuck at 251lbs, which means I have only gained about 11lbs give or take. I gained 30 with Brandon, so I am hoping to be able to get rid of the baby weight and keep it off after this one. I have watched a video on breastfeeding, so I feel more certain about doing that with this one. Plus, I have a feeling things will go better since this hospital is much smaller then the one I had Brandon at.

gotta run.......Brandon needs a bath!

da fat n da furious
07-07-2005, 01:35 AM
Hello Ladies,

Just got back from Walmart,,,I am so like Cristi it scares me! Kidding. Tanner needed some shorts and runners...of course couldn't be plain ol runners,,,had to be high tops...only Sport Chek has them so we cruised the city looking for them. He came close to buying pink ones,,,hmmm thats a bit much.

Skittles would go nuts if we were near fire works,,,she doesn't even like people walking by our

Sue, your son's GF will love you all...

Our city is gearing up for the Stampede...its a 2 week rodeo/party. Seriously you can eat for free with all the pancake breakfasts and BBQ going on.
I want to check out the entertainment,,,K-OS is playing, the Trews and Terry Clark. I really want to see Terry Clark...

Anita, way to GO! Loosing that much from the start is a great boost for you mentally...and sounds like your smart enough to know it won't always be that much lose.

Terri, hows the weather over there? We are finally getting some beautiful weather here.

Oh ya Sue, I like Lisa Jackson, Ive read a couple of her books,,,
Im reading DJ ROBB,(Nora Roberts) something about the holidays...

This is going to sound weird but I've got a good friend whom I used to work with who moved to Toronto last year and got a job at Cadbury,,,she came to visit last month and brought with her a huge bag of choc. bars. Now every time I email with her I crave choc. caved in today and literally sucked back a wonderbar.... then ate my snack which was grapes....*sigh I have no control,,,specially when it comes to peanut butter choc bars. I need to go chug down all my water....

night all

07-07-2005, 04:14 PM
:sunny: Good afternoon ladies! :sunny:

Still having nice weather-only supposed to get up to 88 today but supposedly the humidity will make up for the lower temp. Oh well, can't have it all can we? Of course then tomorrow it is supposed to be 91 and a few degrees higher each day after-ick! I was liking this cooler weather. Been out all morning filling out job applications, also did a couple online. They are going to build a new store called Gander Mountain-anyone heard of it? It's like a Bass Pro shop. Went to the one in Springfield, MO a couple of times and just think that store is awesome! Has a little bit of everything! Needless to say I was up bright and early this morning to get laundry started, the house straightened and the front yard watered. Haven't had to water it for the last three or four days because we had a couple of nights of rain and the weather was cool. Anyway, I usually am a late sleeper, at least till 8 a.m. but I really do like getting up early and getting things done before leaving or just early to have the rest of the day to do whatever-nice feeling.

Mindee~you're welcome sweetie. Sounds like you are feeling pretty good. My last two I just felt so sick every day, didn't want to eat or do anything. So are you and Tommy sticking with the names you posted a while back or have you come up with something different? At least you still have time...I remember when my sister had her first (in '77) she actually left the hospital with a certificate that said Baby Boy Currence. I told her she was goofy because they had nine months to come up with a name. Still took about another month before they decided on a name and only because her MIL kept on her about giving that baby a name. :lol: They were living with them at the time.

Angie~back away from the chocolate! :lol: My son dragged me in a chocolate store yesterday. I told him he didn't need it. He bought me a carmel apple :T It was half healthy :lol: I know, I know...I don't usually indulge but it looked sooo good and I hadn't had one in years so I ate it. Bad girl :nono: gonna have to ride that :ebike: for a long time to get rid of that. Your rodeo/bbq sounds like a lot of fun. I too would love to see Terri Clark! Afterall, she sings one of me and V's songs-Now That I Found You-love that song and her music. Forgot to mention when you mentioned Tom Cruise, they have a website haven't been to it yet but am going to have to go check it out.

Hi to everyone else wherever you may be, whatever you may be doing in your little corner of the world. Hope all is well with you and yours.

Well, ladies I need to get going and make a few phone calls. There are a couple of jobs in the paper I wanted to call and see if they were still taking apps. and one I ned to make an appt. for. Plus need to make an appt. with the doc. My left shoulder has been bothering me for the last few days and never did get those x-rays taken. Also, want to get a prescription for the BC and see how that goes. My eating hasn't been so great and tomorrow is WI. Crossing my fingers that I at least didn't gain anything. :crossed: I'm so tired of being fat but at the same time I feel comfortable with myself (if that makes sense), well, until I get naked and see that HORRID body in the mirror. :eek: :fr: Still having a time trying to get that water down. I actually haven't had any the last two days. Which seems to be the norm for me...I go without for 2 or 3 days and then drink it like crazy for about a week. I truly think that is as good as it's going to get with that and I suppose some water is better than none at all. :shrug: Anyway, :blah: :blah: :blah: I've been listening to the dryer go off and on for the last few minutes (has that wrinkle thing, when the dryer stops it comes on every couple of minutes so the clothes don't wrinkle. Not sure how long it will go but I did turn the off signal off so I don't hear it beep, beep, beep, LOL) not sure which is more annoying that or the beeping. So...

Take care lovely ladies and have a terrific Thursday!
See ya later :wave:

07-07-2005, 04:27 PM
Good Day Ladies!

How are you all today? It's beautiful and sunny out here in Oregon, even though they say it should rain. Maybe it'll just sprinkle.

Angie--Now that you mention Chocolate......I will be thinking of that when I read your post! :D chocolate sounds good right now..............mmmmmm, I may have to go splurge and get some.

Mindee--Nothing wrong w/having a surprise baby! I tried w/Jhanai and couldn't, and I could have sworn it was another boy, but she was a beautiful girl!

Cristi--We had a great weekend. Jhanai enjoyed herself very much and that made me happy. We just diddled around the house after going to the parade and the park. Being able to just step out our front yard to watch the fireworks is so cool!

Sue--Must tell us how the family gathering went. I'm sure your son's GF will love you all! How exciting to meet a new person who could possibly be part of the family..... :) ok, maybe I'm pushing it along here but you never know!

Terri--Hope you and your family are having a great summer despite the hot weather you've been having. Check in whenever you get the chance.

Anita--WTG on the weightloss!! I wish you all the success on this program!!!

Jane--Glad you enjoyed your fourth!! As for food, we didn't have much since it was just the three of us. Let me tell you, I went to buy hotdog buns and they were completely out! So a hotdog must be a food of choice for the 4th!

Hello to everyone else out there! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and just think...that made for a very SHORT work week!! :D

Back on track w/eating sensibly. I didn't really indulge over the weekend, but I did hit McD's at work for a Happy Meal. Didn't bring any lunch of my own. But yesterday was a different story and so it today! (although I may sneak in some chocolate!) :lol: Now, to get in more exercise!!!!

I better get myself cleaned up. You all have a great Thursday.....and then it'll be TGIF!

Take Care!

07-07-2005, 05:02 PM
Hi ladies, :wave:

Susan - I think you must have got lost on your way home from Rockaway.. where are you, toots??

Terri - hi!

Anita - yay on the good loss. :cp: I've never nad a professional manicure, much less a pedicure. Sounds heavenly!

Sue - you're welcome about Sue Gaffney. I thought you'd like her style. Your family get together will be nice, and don't worry, the GF will love you guys.

Cristi - Pier 1 is one of my downfalls! I just love their stuff, especially the placemats. They have the best assortment of placemats! Good idea about the calming pill for our Ernie. He'd thank you for it. You're right - some water is better than none. WW lets us count sf iced tea, etc for 1/2 of our fluids anyway so you could count that stuff, too.

Mindee - how about "Jane" if the baby's a girl? :D Seriouly, what first names do you have picked out so far? Will you get another u/s?

Angie - what the heck is a wonder bar? Is it anything like my Wonder Bra? :dizzy: Btw, I have chocolate almost every day, and have for a long, long time. Keeps me civil. You mentioned that you have to lose to have surgery. Any special plan?

Marti - yep, when a holiday's coming up that involves hot dog or hamburger buns, I get them a few days early. I learned that the hard way. Hey, a Happy Meal shouldn't be too bad in calories/points, compared to what you could've ordered.

My very good friend Kathy has a fractured knee, and so I've been driving to town early every morning to walk her dog. The dog is a mix, but mostly yellow lab, and is ever so grateful for the walk, lol. Actully, the dog walks me, lol, and I count it as more exercise.

I'm doing pretty good with the water, the food, and the exercise. :cp: It's been so hot that we're eating a lot of green salads and fresh fruits and veggies. Everyday I'm having 1 Skinny Cow, and today I chopped one up, added strawberries and 1/2 a banana and called it a Blizzard, lol. Whatever works, right?

Have a good one!!

07-08-2005, 12:29 AM
I am here , just really tired to even post something Jane.

4th weekend was nice. I enjoyed the arts & crafts the camp did. I
decorated 2 picture frames and a rock........

Yep, a rock for Rocky & it an engagement gift - lol. It
has an orange R and a pink S made with beads (tacky glued to the rock)
surrounded by blue beads. I thought it was rather lovely and creative
of me. When I told Rocky he just said......"you're a
nut".......awwww, words of love. He comes on the 16th to CA and Ore on the 24 until the 2nd.

Rach refused to go to the camp, so I left in tears & Rach was in tears. I took Beck &
Gaby. It was exhausting just getting packed and out of the house, ran
to my mothers for a sleeping bag. The ride to the coast was nice,
though Beck went into a tizzy as we lost Portland radio going over
Hit Tillamook and the smell of cow pie's welcomed our sense of smell.
Yum.......even Gaby said ewwwwwwwwww.
I took the girls to the
cheese factory and sampled cheese. What I won't do for my babies!

When we arrived Saturday afternoon I realized as I unpacked the car
is I left *gasp* Gaby's suitcase at home! So, she had the clothes on
her back and a pack of socks my mom had given me......and I did bring
a coat and 3 pairs of shoes - blah- blah......

We made do though. Another family gave us some jeans, 2 shirts and 1
pair of underwear.

Just busy this week.I did pass on that Sat to Tues job, didn't want
to work 7 days a week.

Still no interview on the part time job, though I am sure to hear
from them soon. I did talk to our area supervisor yesterday about
going from full time to part time and if that was what I really
wanted to do.Which I do.

Having to figure out car insurance since my car accident in Nov my
insurance (GEICO)has put me in their standard program and that means
triple the premium......from 77 to 200 something. So, I am going with
Progressive for 175 a month.

Took Gaby to her develpoment appt. and they said she was "speech delayed" - which I knew kind of already. She was so full of energy. The DR. asked if she was always so happy.

Hi Mindee!

Best get.

da fat n da furious
07-08-2005, 02:33 AM
Good evening everyone!

Jane what a sweet friend you are! I know if we lived near by you would of been over helping me out,,,
Wadda ya mean you eat choc every day? Spill it Sister!

Cristi, well I can't wait to see Terry, shes got attitude that I can appreciate. I like Pier 1,,,but Linen N Things are a bad place for me...of course its next door to Micheals...another bad place. I hope you get a job somewhere you can get a good discount on candles and

Susan,,,ah man been there and done that,,,once Tanner decided last minute to stay at my moms for a week,,,with only the clothes on his back. They borrowed clothes from his best friend ahem ya his best friend is a girl. She I don't think knew at the time she was a
And also, Tanner was delayed in his speach,,,what the Dr. said was because he was the youngest we do all his talking so he doesn't need to talk. He did speach therapy for over a year before school and then had another year while in school. He didn't talk till he was close to 3...

went to chiropractor today,,,ah man that felt good. Told him i didn't want to wear the cast anymore and told him I took it off and walked around the house without a problem. Told me to talk to my family Dr. Since the cast specialist is too busy...crazy,,,the ER told me to see the DR. a week after breaking my foot. Broke it June 2nd,,,I see him July 20...duh?
Tanner and I are going to Sylvan tomorrow,,,theres a rodeo near by. Did I mention I love rodeos?
well should get to bed,,,
night all,
have a good weekend if I don't get back on here tomorrow!

07-08-2005, 05:05 PM
Hello and good day ladies!

What a day! Actually today is better. Had a little emergency with Ernie yesterday evening. Poor puppy...he was playing with DS in the back and rolled over and his dew claw got caught on something and the blood was pouring. Had to take him to the vet and have it pulled-OUCH! Gave him a shot and some antibiotics and we were on our way. Boy did he hate that. He's walking around with his little leg bandaged and limping. Of course everyone is babying him, silly dog-he is milking it for all it's worth-he's so cute though.

Angie~have fun when you go to see Terri Clark and the rodeo! I too love rodeos, just something about them-maybe it's all the cowboys in their tight little jean! :D I too love Linens & Things & Bed, Bath & Beyond! There's just some stores I need to stay away from! :lol: Hey, I would love to work in a Hallmark! :lol: I'd be spending al my check...come payday I would owe them. :lol:

Susan~DD & DS#2 both had delayed speech. I never gave much thought to it because I could understand them when they did talk. But when they started school, from 1st grade to I believe 3rd grade they both went to see the school speech therapist. They both had the same speech impediments. Thank goodness for the CA school system because they paid for it. Well, except for Rachel not going and forgetting Gaby's clothes...glad you guy shad a GREAT time regardless. The rock for Rocky sounds cute :love:

Marti~it is nice to just walk out your door and see fireworks isn't it? They were going off all around us and it was like one of the big shows you pay to see but this year we wanted to do some also. I think the only place that has a big to do around here is the ballpark. And you don't really have to pay to see them. You can park anywhere around the ballpark and see them. Glad you guys had a great weekend! I too have found out the hard way about hot dog and hamburger buns. Seems like any holiday in the spring or summer cleans the aisles fast of them. In the winter it's rolls. If you don't get them early they go fast.

Jane~what a good friend you are, and a good way to get some exercise in. Love those big labs, they are so pretty, and the chocolate labs. Speaking of have it everyday? Love your blizzard, may have to try that one-sounds yummy :T Just when I discovered the skinny cows the grocery store doesn't have them anymore-so stired the WW ones-don't like them as much so get the orange sherbert push-up pops.

Hi to everyone else! :wave:

Well, I weighed in today and there was no change, which is fine with me. No change is soo much better than a gain. I found the WW fast start thingy and am going to give it a go for about 2 weeks to get a jump start. So we will see what happens with that. I have been forgetting to put the pedometer on every morning and did yesterday when I mowed the yard-1693 steps mowing the back yard alone. Of course that isn't so good when I need 10,000. But it is a start. Did put it on this morning first thing and so far I am only at 1552-that is sad. :( But still I guess not so bad since it doesn't include any walking for actual exercise, just doing stuff around the house. Still seems real low to me. Again, it's a start and a goal to work towards getting to the full 10,000 needed a day. Eating was good today and working on the water. And that's about all I have. Gotta get going...still have a couple of things left to do on the 'puter but it may have to wait 'til after Jeopardy! :lol: See ya and hope you all have a WONDERFUL weekend!

Take care ladies and hope you are having a fabulous Friday!

07-09-2005, 11:10 AM
Good morning, ladies!

Susan - glad you had such a good time at Rockaway even though Rach refused to go. Teens can be like that, sometimes. About Gaby, lots and lots of kids have speech problems - some of the smartest ones do. Won't be long until the 24th and you and Rocky will be together. That should remind him what's in Oregon that he misses so much, lol.

Angie - yes, I love chocolate and have some just about everyday. Either a 1/2 cup of Blue Bunny frozen yogurt "Brownie Fudge Fantasy" or a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich. Each of these treats have 2 points. A friend of mine who is very, very overweight said to me the other day "I know I should be eating fish, chicken and fruits and vegetables like you so I can lose some of this weight". I told her I was having smoked sausage for supper that night, but only 3 oz. of it. And to balance out the fatty meat, I had wild rice and green beans on the side. No way will I ever give up my favorites! It's all about portion control. What did the doc mean that the cast specialist was "too busy"??? What a crock! Yes, I sure would be there to help you if we lived close to each other. Btw, got the book Breathing Room yesterday, but can't start it until I'm done with the one I've got going now.

Cristi - aww, sorry about Ernie! Poor little guy. And I can just see him taking advantage of the extra attention, like he doesn't usually get enough anyway. If you do the fast start with WW, let me know, and I'll do it with you. It's so much more do-able with a friend, since it's kind of strict. Let me know, ok? Katy or some of the others may want to jump in with us. One of the first things I'll want to do is make another batch of the free soup. My reserves in the freezer are running low.

Marti - git yer bunz in here, sista!! :D

Well, my friend Kathy's other close friend, Carol, called me and offered to help walk the dog since she is much closer, geographically speaking. That will really help me out, although I didn't mind going in everyday. My days will be Monday and Wednesday, and she's taking the other weekdays. I am thinking of joining the YMCA to walk on the treadmill since I'll be in town anyway, and can go on Fridays, too.

Tonight we're going to Neal's niece Amy's wedding. I'm very close to her, and I just know I'll cry as she walks down the aisle. <sniff> I bought a new dress since there will be a dance, and I like to have a dress on at a dance like that. Makes me feel girly. Is that silly? The dress is shades of plum with beige flowers, and it buttons up the front. I hope I don't look like Barney Goes Hawaiian in it. :o Neal's wearing a plum shirt with beige colored pants.

Have a good day and weekend! :cool:

07-09-2005, 07:41 PM
We spent a lovely 4th with my mom at Condon, OR, then went up north to Yakima to see more family..whew. real tired.

My son is breathing down my neck to use the computer so I can't stay on ...but I haven't fallen off the face of the earth...just a bit chaotic 'round here. I do check in to read and keep up....

I could handle a WW fast start with some buddies. Maybe we could start on Monday with our own thread? I have a few weeks before another out of town trip and we are on a tight budget, so, for me, it is a good time to do it.

Like you, Jane, I need to make some of that soup..I have a bunch of chicken carcasses that need to be made into stock...maybe tomorrow.....


07-09-2005, 08:06 PM
Hello gals!

Just a quick stop as I'm getting ready to sweep and mop my floors! Oh what fun!

James is home for the weekend and then he's off to Portland for a week or more for Engineering School. My honey will be driving the trains in 6mos! :D

I'm sorry that I haven't been on much, but I will try to catch up w/you all later when I have some free time.

Take Care!

07-09-2005, 09:26 PM
Hello to everyone.

I was shocked to see that it has been so long since I have been on the computer.
Seems like something is always coming up.

Cristi, I hope your poor pup is doing better. Last night our new puppy sliced her leg open, but hit her artery. Rushed her to the vet at 1:oo this morning. They saved her but it was touch and go do to the amount of blood she lost. Got to go and pick her up this afternoon. She to is all bandaged and limping.

Well my family of course is letting me know that they are all starving. So I guess I must go and cook something.

I will pop in later and catch up.



07-09-2005, 11:50 PM
Hello...Can someone tell me about the WW fast start? Do you have to sign up on line? I am willing to try something new as I am stuck again.
Nothing much going on here. I went running around with DD and DGD this morning. DGS is over for the week-end. It was so hot outside that we watched movies most of the afternoon and evening. Church in the morning and then we are going to look at some houses.
Have a good Sunday!

07-10-2005, 10:12 AM
Good morning all!

Sue - here's a link that explains Fast track
http://p087.************/fdottisweightlosszonewwsgeneral.showMessage?topicI D=4755.topic

All you really need is a guide that tells you how many points different foods are. I bought a kit off of ebay and I use Dottie's periodically, when I am doing WW. I've never joined WW, though I have used the system.

Jane - How was the wedding? Did you enjoy the dancing? BTW - I PM'ed you about the soup recipe, but I did end up finding my copy, so cancel that. Hoping to get some cabbage at the market today, then I'll have enough to make a big batch.

Cristi - a belated "thank you" for the card...we did indeed have a nice 4th of July.

Marti - That's pretty exciting that James is going to drive the trains....does he have to be away for a long time?

Angie - I can just imagine Tanner's hair...sounds like the kid is up for anything! How's your foot?

Susan - I had Leigh in some speech therapy last year, PM me if you want to know about the whys and wherefores. We didn't think anything of her lack of vocabulary, but when she began preschool, there was a noticeable gap between her and the others and it caused her some we did it.

Today we are off to church at 10, then to the farmer's market for produce. We have been invited to a BBQ/birthday party for the child of a friend who is turning 2. He shouldn't need any presents because he just acquired a baby brother last month, lol! We bought him a couple of these little popping toys. you push them along on the ground and they make an unholy racket. Perfect for a two year old. We bought two so they could race each other :s:

I am off to go drink some coffee and read the paper...trying to enjoy some quiet before everyone wakes up...have a great Sunday everyone.

07-10-2005, 03:01 PM
Hiya ladies, :wave:

Katy - got my PMs first, so I sent you some ideas about the soup anyway, lol. Also mentioned before I read your post that I think we should start on Thursday or Friday so we are still gung-ho about it over the weekend. What do you think about that? I would like to be several pounds below where I began maintenance to have more of a cushion, you know? The wedding was so beautiful and the reception (where I stayed POP, btw) was a blast. Have fun at the BBQ/birthday party today.

Marti - have a great weekend with your sweetie. You can always catch up here when he's gone.

Kathy - great to see you here! So sorry about your pup, and I hope she's doing much better today.

Sue - have fun with your DD and DGD today. Hope you find just the right house.

Not much going on today. We went to church, and now I think I'm going to stay in out of the heat. We're expecting rain beginning tomorrow or Tuesday as an effect of hurricane Dennis. We need rain desperately around here - the crops of the farmers with no irrigation system is in a drought. It should rain for several days once it begins, the weather service says. Just hope we don't get TOO much rain where it all drowns out, lol.

I'll be gone early tomorrow to walk my friend's dog, but then I'll check in when I can.

Have a good Sunday! :cool:

07-10-2005, 04:09 PM
Is this like a veggie/chicken soup Jane?? Sounds wonderful.

I am going to pick Gaby up from church. I did a U Turn when dropping her off this morning. Just needed some ME is all about me,me,me after all. lol

Hi Kathy! :)

I shredded papers yesterday. Trying to clean and throw out junk before I have to move & before Rocky visits on the 24th.

I HOPE I move at least. Did I say I saw the apt?? It is double the size - 1,200 to 1,500 sq feet from what I have now.

anyway, not much to say.....just busy trying to get all the weekend things done.

HUGS to all :)

07-11-2005, 12:27 PM
Good Monday morning ladies!

Just a quickie for me right now as I am about to head out the door. Have a couple of errands to run, drop off a couple of applications and then headed to the show. DD is off today and we haven't been to the movies in a while. Of course we wouldn't decide on what to see...want to see Bewitched, Longest Yard and there was another but we decided to see Dark Water. I am in a scary movie mood for some reason. I know it won't be scary but it looked interesting so we will see.

Jane~yes I would love to have a buddy to do the WW Fast Track with. Looks like Ms. Katy wants to do it to.

Anyway, I will be back a little later this afternoon.

Have a good day ladies!

07-11-2005, 02:18 PM
Yeah - I'm on board with Fast Track. I just need to have it done by the 29th, as I am going up to Seattle for the weekend. NO way am I fast-tracking then, lol! So when ever the rest of you want to start, let me know. I am cooking "pointless" soup as we speak. I am exercising quite a bit, so I am keeping a 23 point goal for the day, no flex points per instructions.

I calculated my step class as 6 activity points(!) No way....I think I need to classify it at a moderate activity, even though it feels like high intensity to me.

In other news, we had a lovely family outing to the Hillsdale Farmer's Market yesterday after church. I picked up the veggies for the week, and lots of berries, yum! The BBQ was fun - they had a gawd-awful Costco cake, which I was able to resist quite easily. Someone mentioned those cakes have 5 lbs of sugar in them. Yikes!

Today is housekeeping, knitting project...may take the kids to the zoo if the weather and time allows.
Have a great day everyone

07-11-2005, 07:21 PM
Okay, I'm back!

Anyway, the fast track...I am game and Thursday or Friday would be a good day for me to start since I buy groceries on Wednesday. V's 30th class reunion is Saturday but I think I will be fine with it. I'll just take some soup or something else and make sure I take my water jug. I've got the list of what to eat so I'll see what I can eat for lunch and take it with me. I dug up the recipe for the soup in the WW booklet I have from when I joined. GREAT 0 point food for sure! Will be good to fill me up when I am starving! I am definitely going to have to keep some in the freezer, think V will like it too.

Susan~I do hope you get the job and the apartment-lots more space for you and the girls. Rocky will be here before you know it.

Jane~glad you guys had a nice time at the wedding. Weddings always make me cry too-happy tears of course. Also, the birth of a baby...did you guys get any rain? Boy, I do wish we would get some.

Kathy~soooo nice to see you checking in. Have often wondered about you and yours, if things are well with you all. Sorry, about your puppy dog. It's terrible to see them hurt and in pain. We took the bandage off little Ernie yesterday-finally. Had to cut it off. He's doing much better. When someone says aaaaahhhh, he pulls the leg up. But when he thinks no one is looking is is fine, walking on it and laying on it, so cute and funny.

Katy~so how's the construction coming along? Did you guys get the concrete poured? Glad you and your family had a wonderful 4th. I'm still trying to get over the 5 lbs. of sugar in the cake! :yikes:

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Have to say the movie (Dark Water) was okay. It wasn't bad, but was too similar to Ring 2. Of course the guy who wrote Ring 2 wrote this, but it was fine. Definitely worth more than the 2 stars given in the reviews-at least 3.5. Anyway, need to cut this short and go get started with dinner.

Take care ladies and have a good evening.

da fat n da furious
07-11-2005, 08:35 PM
Hello Everyone,

Had a good weekend, rodeo was great. Heading out the door now to the Stampede, seeing Terry Clark tonight.

will do individuals later...

07-11-2005, 11:40 PM
Hi ladies,

Susan - the soup we're talking about is "free" veggies cooked in a tomato juice and ff chicken broth base. I personally add onions, celery, green beans, tomatoes, shredded cabbage, carrots, and Italian seasoning to mine. Yes, I know cooked carrots are supposed to count, but I never have counted them since that's not what made me fat, lol. Wow, great news about the size of the apartment! I so hope this works out!

Katy - how about we start this Friday? I've got all the required foods in the house already, anyway. Might have to pick up some more brown rice. Did you make it to the zoo?

Cristi - sometimes, depending on what's on the menu at social functions, I'll eat a bowl of the ww soup, or something with low points before I ever leave the house. Takes the edge off, you know? Yes, we're getting rain here, and it's supposed to go off and on most of the week. The crops sure need it! Good luck with the job search! :crossed:

Angie - I'd like to see Terri Clark - where's my ticket?? :D

Hope those of you who aren't doing the fast start won't mind, but I'm going to post my food menus a day or so ahead on this thread. I like keeping the healthy talk here with the chit chat so we can get encouragement from each other on that topic.

Went to a church meeting tonight. We're going to be having the members get their pictures taken in September for a member telephone directory, and I volunteered to help. I'll be on the committee to call the ones who don't sign up right away. Since I love being on the phone, this will be ideal for me, lol.

Well, need to check out some other stuff, so I'll see you tomorrow! Have a good night. :)

07-12-2005, 12:14 PM
Good Morning Ladies~

Feel so tired this morning for some reason. :dz:

Jane~the recipe I have in the WW booklet (Getting Started Week 1) has carrots in it and they don't count them. I'm assuming it is the same recipe you are talking about as it has about the same ingredients, carrots, onion, garlic, broth, green beans, cabbage, tomato paste, basil, oregano, salt and zucchini-0 points. I'll make it with everything but the zucchini, not a fan of it. Eating a bowl of soup before we leave would be fine if the reunion were later in the day. It starts at 10 a.m. with lunch at noon and entertainment after that. We probably won't stay for the entertainment, not sure at this point. And the only thing I know is they are grilling some meat. Don't know what kind...and everyone is supposed to bring a side dish. Send some of that rain our way-PLEASE!

Angie~tell us how Terri Clark was...I know she was great! I love her energy, and her music of course.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Not much on the agenda for today. Getting the laundry done and watering the yard. Bought a different sprinkler over the weekend and a timer so now I don't have to move it around or worry about when to turn it off. Mowed the back yard last night and man that almost killed me. Not so much the mowing but the humidity. It wasn't too hot at 8 but when you start moving around-ICK! Have a doctors appt. today at 1. Having the x-rays done of my left shoulder, been bothering me and it is a little different from the pain I usually have on the right side. Also, going to get a prescription for BC and see if she can figure out what the heck is wrong with my toe. For the last few weeks off and on I have a really sharp pain shooting through it-it literally stops me and I can't move till it stops. Other than that not much going on today. Did the WATP video this morning. I am trying to figure out a good time to walk outdoors and think I will start getting up at 5 and get out before it gets icky. I so much prefer walking outdoors but lately it is so humid really early. Anyway, need to get going and get a resume put online and get the comforter out of the dryer.

Take care ladies and have a terrific Tuesday!

07-12-2005, 03:23 PM
Made my "pointless" soup yesterday, and there's enough to feed an army! I made some homemade stock and it turned out to be 3x what the recipe calls for, so I just loaded on the veggies and froze a bunch. I scored a beautiful purple cabbage and some fresh green beans at the farmer's market, so it tastes really fresh. I used diced canned toms, instead of tomato juice or paste - there's a nice texture to them. I'll probably try some today with my lunch. I have been starting to plan some far breakfasts are going to be 1.5 c. of cooked steel-cut oats and a tablespoon of almond butter (5 pts). My lunches will most likely be a pita (2pts) with a gardenburger (2pts) and some free soup or other vegetables. I also make a FF chicken salad out of canned chicken and a little FF mayo w/ hot chili garlic sauce (2-3 pts)..I may use that in the pita as another choice. I may add a point or two of fruit to lunch. Still working on the rest..probably eat what everyone else is eating but use strict portion control. I am using the eating guide from WW for higher protein eating ( I posted the link a few days ago for Sue), but need to add a few points to it daily because I am exercising regularly.

Looking forward to the challenge... just tell me when to start - I'm OK with Thursday.

Today I did the 6 am Nia class..( here's pictures of what a Nia class looks like.. Took James to a 10 am playdate and have been sporadically working in the yard. The footings and stem wall have been poured...the crew is supposed to come out and lay down some gravel today, then pour the rest of the foundation on Thursday. Everything is such a mess....but I can imagine how nice it will all be eventually.


07-12-2005, 03:44 PM
Hello ladies--

Had a great weekend w/James, he left last night to go to Portland. Found out he'll only be in Portland until Friday. I had gone to work and only stayed an hour before I went home. I felt horrible. Still feel icky but not so bad to not go to work.

Yesterday I had a second root canal done on the tooth that I'm having problems with. Nothing like having a root canal, but to have it done again 10yrs later on the same tooth! sheesh!

Cristi--I have to mow my lawn too, I'm just not really in the mood to do it. But it sure would be great exercise! Even though you are not getting as much steps in as you're mowing, just think of the muscles you're using manuevering that thing around! It's all good!! I should put my pedometer on when I mow too!

Jane--Soup sounds good! Of coarse, I love soup when it's not so hot out. I thought you had a treadmill at home? Or did it go out and that's why you're going to the YMCA? I think you're getting in great exercises walking the dog too! Such a good girl.

Katy--I'm ready to head out to the farms around here! Fresh veggies and fruits are the best. James and I did our best just at the grocery store but it's not the same. I've been in the mood for steamed veggies....of all kinds! I have Jhanai this weekend so maybe we'll stop to one then.

Susan--The size of the other apt. is wonderful! That's about the size of my house! Can't get any better than that!!

Sue--You sound like me. I feel stuck. But then I really start to think about what I'm doing......not much! So I've come to a realization that the reason I'm stuck is because I'm not doing anything!! If I was walking like you and eating WW soup like Jane & Katy and mowing my lawn like Cristi, I may see something. :lol:

Angie--I have no idea who Terri Clark is, I don't even think I've heard of her. But sure hope you enjoyed the show!! How is your foot doing??

Hello to everyone else! Well I'm going to find some lunch. I believe I'm going to sautee some onions and prawns and wrap it in a tortilla. Sounds good right now!

Take Care!

Oh yes, update on the smoking. James left to Portland w/patches. I have only a couple more. We'll have a few days to get our grumpiness out of our system while we're not together. And by the weekend, the first three days will be over. We're hoping it's going to work!'s gotta work. I'm tired of smelling of smoke and not being able to smell!! Keeping my fingers crossed!

07-12-2005, 03:46 PM
Katy--You snuck in on me! That class looks like so much fun!!! How did you like it?

Hmmm....after reading about you girls getting on the fast track, I may think about doing it......

07-12-2005, 05:04 PM
Back again for a few minutes :D

Katy~that class looks like it is so much fun. Never heard of it before though. All your fresh veggies sound so delicious-I like the idea of tomatoes instead of the paste but think I will stick to the paste this time. :T Having me wanting some fresh green beans. Going to buy groceries tomorrow and get everything I need to make a batch. I know they have a farmers market downtown, just not sure when it is. As far as the mess with the construction...just keep picturing the end results-it will all be worth it in the end and it will seem like a bad dream.

Marti~well, that's good that James will only be gone 'til Friday. That would have to be hard him being gone for longer. Hope you get to feeling better and good that you guys are a part while trying to quit smoking...that too would be hard. But I have faith you will do it. I am glad I mowed last night because it is raining! :rain: At least it was 10 years in between root canals. I've never had one but heard they are painful so I hope that's not bothering you too much today.

I went into the doctors office and the sun was shining...while in there I kept hearing what sounded like thunder but just knew it couldn't be. Well, I came out and it was pouring! The forecast did not call for rain all week and the streets were flooded and I got soaked getting in my car! :yikes: All this after watering the front for an hour. Oh well, we need it and it cooled off so...

Dr.s visit went well. She gave me a prescription for the shoulder/arm that should also work for my poor little toe. And I will pick up the prescription for the BC tomorrow. Went over all my alternatives for BC and I decided to just stick with the pill. Didn't take x-rays after all since she finally received my records from the other doc. If these pills don't work then we will go from there. Should get going...jeopardy will be starting in about 20 minutes or so and I need to get the last load of laundry in the dryer.

Have a good one ladies. :wave:

07-12-2005, 08:17 PM

It is a nice size apt and it is sooooooo much more peaceful in that section of town. I will most certainly need to get another job to go with. My bills will need to be paid after all,,,,,,lol. Though I would save on child care and gas.Cross fingers!! I have my interview on Thursday.

Soup sounds great. I don't understand about the tomato with chicken broth though.....what kind of taste are you getting?? I use to make my lo cal soup with V8 juice.....I think it was 500 cal per serving.....blah- blah....

be back get...

07-12-2005, 09:59 PM
I'm baa-aack!

Marti - I used to do Nia classes alot when I was working because they were from 5:30 - 6:30, then I became a mom and darn it, kids need to eat dinner, so I dropped it. This class is at 6 am Tu and Th and it is so nice to be back in it again. Today she took the last 15 minutes and did lots of Pilates-type stretching which felt so good. That site I linked to has a great description of Nia elsewhere on the site. The founders live in Portland.

Susan - I think the taste is probably like V-8, but with more texture and far less sodium. I recall V-8 as being kind of salty, but they may not be anymore. I shred the cabbage in the food processor and that also adds alot of flavor and texture to it...the soup is almost a stew once all the veggies are in.

Cristi - hope you can get to your farmer's market soon - they are great! So nice to cook from fresh vegetables instead of processed and packaged junk. Ours was pretty cheap, imo, most likely because all the farmers were local and so they had a short distance to haul the produce.

Hope you are all having a great evening -

07-13-2005, 04:40 AM
Hello ladies--

I came home from work again today. Only stayed three hours. My tummy is just not liking anything!! I hope it's quick and will be gone by tomorrow. I can't afford to keep going home.....gas to drive up there is crazy! :lol:

Cristi--The rootcanal wasn't so bad. What bothered me the most was the smell of the tooth. :barf: Now to get the crown put on. I'm so tired of the dentist!!

Susan--Keeping my fingers crossed for ya!!

Katy--I'm glad that you found time to start the class again! Sounds like it would be something I would enjoy. I really need to find something that will bring up my energy levels. I'm so tired lately.

hello to the rest of you girls!

As I said earlier, I came home early. So I'm going to go to bed early. Right now I'm so hot....but I don't think it's a temp...just hot in my house. Must turn the AC on.

Good night.

07-13-2005, 01:56 PM
Good morning ladies~

Marti~sure do hope you get to feeling better. My stomach is feeling icky also. I started taking the Mobic yesterday for my shoulder and not sure if that is what is upseting it. Fixed dinner last night and only had a piece of chicken. She said to eat with the pills which I didn't but am this morning. And instead of taking two at the same time like yesterday I am taking one in the morning and one in the evening. I decided to take this because Ibuprofin upsets my stomach after a few days and this was supposed to be better for the stomach, we'll see. Doesn't get better after a couple of days I think I would rather just deal with the pain. Anyway, get lots of rest girlie and get to feeling better soon.

Katie~I am going to have to check the paper or online and see when they have their farmers market downtown-it is so much fresher and tastes better also. But for today, I had to buy frozen stuff. Going to make a batch of the soup today, even bought some 1 cup serving size bowls so I am ready to start this tomorrow.

Susan~well, the apartment sounds GREAT! And I am crossing my fingers that you get it! :crossed:

Have a question for you ladies who take BC-the doctor told me that I could possibly gain 10-15 pounds and I was wondering if any of you that take it have. It has been many (about 21-1st DH had had vasectomy) years since I took BC and I don't remember gaining weight from it but to be honest I am not really sure. Not sure I want to take the chance-I'm trying to lose weight!

Hi to everyone else, Jane, Angie, Sue, Pam, Dee, Ellen, Terri, Anita, Mindee and anyone I may have missed. I always feel like I miss someone. Hope you ladies are doing well.

Well, even though I felt and feel icky I still went to Wal-mart. Not too bad as there wasn't too many people there. had to go and get stuff to start the fast track tomorrow and boy am I ready to start this. I weighed in this morning and am still at 207. Also went to Walgreens and picked up my pictures. Give me a week and I will add the link to the photo album here. I have another roll with some more pics of me that I will post. There are some in these two rolls but I only think one is decent-or that I like. I know you guys can't wait for that! :lol:

Take care ladies and have a good day. :)

07-13-2005, 02:08 PM
Cristi~ The names that I posted a while back, are possibilities that we still havenít decided on. We are all over the place with names so it is hard to say. Now a days, you have to have a name for the baby or they wonít let them leave the hospital.

Marti~ I have been debating if I actually want to find out the sex. One hand, I donít want to, but on the other hand, it would make things so much easier!

Jane~ I will get another u/s I will have to ask next Wednesday at my appointment. So far, if it is a girl, we both like the name Harley for a girl. And if it is a boy, he wants to name hims Rolf after a Masonic friend of his that past away the day before his birthday this year.

Susan~ How are you doing girl? Busy as usual I see!

07-13-2005, 02:53 PM
Good Morning Ladies--

I'm feeling ok so far! But I just woke up. :D

Cristi--When I started B/C back in the day I believe I only gained maybe about 10lbs. if that. But it came off quickly since it was water weight. I would like to get back on them if I could!

Mindee--Nothing wrong w/wanting to know the sex of the baby. OR waiting. It's wonderful either way. Just keep us posted.

Well I need to clean up a bit. See if I can eat something and see if it's even worth driving to work today since I go then come back. I should be ok today though.

Take Care Ladies.

07-13-2005, 04:01 PM
Hi all!
Marti - hope you are feeling better..I hate it when my tummy acts up.

Mindee - sounds like life is going well...are you feeling well? I remember just loving the 2nd Tri - I was wearing the cute maternity clothes and I hadn't outgrown any of them yet...good times. I like the names you have picked out.

Cristi - Yeah - I gained 15 or so lbs on the pill. I was on it about 17 or so years a go and I just hated them. Still trying to get those pounds off! I have friends for whom they are a godsend, so YMMV. They are good for regulating your experience was that they were regular but extremely light and I felt bloated all the time.

Took the kids to the free matinee today, saw Chicken Run. My DD3 was running around saying, " I don't want to be a pie!" Should be getting some inspections today, then tomorrow the slab is poured...yippee

So, shall we start Fast Track tomorrow?

07-13-2005, 04:52 PM
Okay, back again for a few minutes.

Marti & Katie~thanks! I definitely don't want to gain any weight, at least not 10-15 lbs.! :yikes: It is hard enough to get 5 lbs. off! If I gain 10-15 I may just give up! I'm really debating now whether to take them or not...not sure I want to chance the gain. :thanks: for your input, I appreciate it.

Mindee~was going to say I don't remember the names you mentioned then finished reading your post. Have you guys heard anything about the apartment?

Marti~you definitely should stay home if you are not feeling better, and get lots of rest. But then at least you are getting some time in when you go even if you leave early-you can't help being sick and at least you are trying to work. Of course the gas being wasted may not be worth the trip. Anyway, feel better soon. :grouphug:

Katie~I am ready to start fast track tomorrow. I know Jane mentioned Thursday or Friday.

Oooooo Jaaaaane! Where are you missy? :mag: Are you ready to start tomorrow?

Well, gotta go once again. I've got one more place to go before getting off this thing. Take care ladies :wave:

07-13-2005, 05:29 PM
Hello Jaded Ladies,

I trust everyone is well. I have been sick all week and now I think I have developed bronchitis. I get it every year and it's been especially hard this week because the weather has been so humid. Temps have been around 105 degrees for the last 5 days or so.

Anyway, I had a great vacation with Joycelyn, I took her to the petting zoo last week and she had a blast petting all the pygmie goats and the sheep. It truly was a sight to see, her joyous face when she saw all the animals. I got some picks on a disposable camera and hopefully I will be able to print them onto a disk and show you all.

Anyway, I am back at work and things are crazy busy as usual, which actually makes it wasier to stick to my new lifestyle as I have little time to think about food. LOL

Anyway since I started the program, I have also learned that I have a problem with my thyroid again. I have to see the doctor tomorrow, and may have to go back on medication. I will keep you all posted.

Anyway, I see there are some new faces, and I will just say a general hello and welcome to everyone.


Must get back to work.


P.S. I have updated my progress on my ticker.


07-13-2005, 08:57 PM Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:grouphug:

Wow i havent had time to read all the posts... will have to do that later.!!! I guess a few of you are doing a weight watchers fast track.. Good luck with that...Jane i think you said yo uwill be posting your menus?? That would be great!!!

IT has been terribly hot here!!over 46 celcius that is 114.8 fahrenheit!!!!!!! :cool: :cool: :cool: :hot: :hot: So i have been busy trying to keep the baby cool and hydrated! I cant even function... i just lay around.. i am sure i have sweated out 5 pounds!!! we had a little storm just now.. but it is supposed to go back up to 36 tomorrow... I am going to melt lol... we put an airconditioner in our bedroom at least it was semi cool to sleep last night...
:blah: ahh well i will quit whining!!i will come back tomorrow morning.. just wanted to say a quick hello,, and hope everyone is well!!!! And welcome to any new ladies!!:write:

07-13-2005, 09:14 PM
Please click on over to weight loss and chit chat #137, ok? See you there.