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06-29-2005, 03:57 PM
Good Afternoon! It is raining here AGAIN; we've had enough for awhile! I've been goofing off all morning so may as well keep on going for a few minutes. I finally called the doctor's office and the nurse called me back saying he had planned to discuss my #s at my physical next week. My fasting # is 105 but the glucose test # is 140 which is too high. Not sure what I'm looking at other than lose weight and exercise -- same lecture, different day! *sigh*

I did show a loss of 1.6# last night at weigh in -- patting myself on the back! Not sure how I did that while on vacation.

I see that there were 16 posts on the old thread. I wonder why sometimes it will flip to page 2 after 14 posts and sometimes not. It's a mystery to me! :p

Gloria -- Thank you for sharing the recipe. . .one question though. How much chicken did you use for the amount of wine sauce given? I wish I could cook like your daughter but anything in the kitchen is a challenge for me. I didn't cook as a kid and now wish I would have paid more attention to what my mother did in the kitchen. :o This sounds good! :T I always follow a recipe except for meatloaf and I finally mastered that after 37 years! ;)

"Gma" -- The whole week we were on vacation we listened to the news about the missing girl in Aruba. My guess she was shark bait the first day. I get so tired of hearing about all of the "bad" stuff on the news. Next it was the girl who died after being bitten by the shark and then the stupid boy who fished nearby and was attacked. You couldn't pay me enough to stick a toe in if there was any chance of being bitten by any creature. :no: I haven't paid much attention to the BTK news but I do feel sorry for his family. I can't imagine living with someone and finding out like that. We ate out last night and I ordered a Teriyaki (sp?) chicken salad which was LOADED with gross, slimey mushrooms. :barf: Too bad you weren't with us and you could have had them all! :lol: I forgot it came with mushrooms as I usually go there for lunch with a gal who always orders this and I just say, "me too!" Next time I'll remember to omit the mushrooms. :yes:

I need to get off the computer and get something done. My kitchen floor needs to be mopped so guess that will be first on my list.

Have a great day!

Jean -- :dance: in Iowa!

06-29-2005, 05:30 PM
JEAN: Just a quick post to answer your question. I used 8 chicken breasts. After pounding them they get bigger so that you can cut them in half before baking. The amount of sauce may be a bit much but I like it juicy so I can serve it over pasta or rice.

DH has gone to his Cardiac Dr's appt that was rescheduled from Monday AM to this afternoon at 4:15 PM. He hates to go late because then you have to wait as usually the DR runs late or people take more time. Oh,'s not me. I am just trying to stay cool here at home. Then we will pack tomorrow. I made the chicken this AM so that is done.

Hope all goes well when your doctor talks to you about the #'s.

Gloria in MA

06-30-2005, 04:09 AM
Morning gals! It was so hot here yesterday we were miserable when we went to bed even with the AC on and two fans. Our AC hasn't shut off in days it is so hot so our utility bill will be fun I suppose. It is 4 in the morning and 81 degrees! I came back downstairs and laid on the couch for awhile with the fans on to let Jack get to sleep as I wasn't feeling too well. I went back up around 11 and finally went to sleep but got back up at 2 AM and here I am. Should be an interesting day. Cross you fingers I don't fall asleep in the pool this morning! :lol:

I guess I am going to try and get some errands done today for the trip tomorrow. I traded Jack money for his book store gift card he got for Father's day so I may go and hunt up a book or two today also. I didn't sleep well at all last night so I will try and come home and maybe grab a short nap.

Jean: Jack HATES mushrooms and says one day the "toadstools are gonna kill me!" :lol: I love them and if I open the can for say a pizza, I eat them right out of the can. That and olives! I LOVEEEEE olives. They are actually good for you except the salt brine. I guess they are high in fat, but good fat. Is there such a thing for us chubbies as good fat?????? :D

Gloria: My dh's cardiologist is a gem. His office is busy and Jack too has to sit sometimes, but the guy really knows his stuff. He is not warm and fuzzy, but you ask him any questions and he answers them direct and succinctly. You can call his office and ask a ? about some over the counter med you need to know about and they are johnny on the spot to call you back with the answer. I do remember sitting in the exam room with Jack after his heart attack for his first check up (he was not allowed to drive yet) arguing with him as to who was going to ask the dr about sex! Mr. Milquetoast refused so I had to do it. I said something like, "Dr Anderson, WE would like to know when it is safe to be intimate again." He never smiled just said, "Do you live on 2 floors?" I told him yes. He said, "When he can climb the stairs." So that is our big laugh now using that expression for sex; climbing the stairs. It is hilarious in a group when no one knows what we are talking about! :lol:

Well, ladies, I think I will lay down on the couch for any hour until Jack gets up for work. Have a great day!


06-30-2005, 05:19 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
I just got home from a much needed errand run: bank, Hallmark store for cards, WM for $79 worth of "stuff", the grocery store, and the drug store. Everything is put away and now I need to do some ironing. :(

I walked this morning! :cp: It's sort of cool but windy here today so it was nice.

Gloria -- Did I miss something or was this just a regular check-up for your DH? I hope all is ok. My doctor's appt. was for next Friday and yesterday I got a letter in the mail rescheduling it for Tuesday. I was supposed to call if the time wouldn't work. I don't know why in the world they didn't just call on the phone! :dizzy: Thanks for the chicken info. I hope you have a nice weekend visit with your friend.

"Gma" -- I hate it when it is too hot to sleep comfortably and I don't like sleeping under the fan but will if I have to. :smug: I thought olives and pickles were high in salt content but then I've not checked the labels either. I like them both but don't eat alot nor often! Guess I never thought of mushrooms as being toadstools! :lol: Good one, Jack! I've never seen a warm and fuzzy specialist in the medical field yet. I believe in being honest with the patient and family but I also think they all need a class AND periodic refresher courses in human relations! That's my 2 cents worth. I never met the guy but the cancer specialist in Rochester was a real jerk according to my "mom" and "sister." My dad's gp was such a caring doctor, for my dad as well as the family. My mom just told me he is engaged to wife #3 so he must be warm and fuzzy! :lol3:

I need to get busy! Have a nice "rest of the day!"

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

07-01-2005, 06:51 AM
Morning girls! It is again a cooker this morning. I took a laundry detergent bottle to the trash just a few minutes ago and you can hardly breathe out there. AOL says the temp is right around 80! We had some rain in our area for about 5 minutes but we went to do errands to go to Nashville today about 20 minutes later and the rest of the city didn't get a drop. It just made everything stickier. We ate dinner at one of our favorite Italian places and came outside and I got sick just walking to the car from the heat and a full stomach. We went to Wally's and I was nauseous the whole time I shopped. We came out and got in the car the the temp (we have an outside temp thingy on our ac/heater and it said it was 100 degrees when we drove home. Poor Jack had a horrible night last night and I hear him up and around dressing already this morning.

Jean: We have an adorable regular GP. He is gorgeous to look at for one thing, but sweet as he can be. Course he is around my son's age! :devil: He is just such a nice man. Yes, olives do have a lot of salt. I just try and drink a lot of water when I eat them.

I will away from here until Tues girls. We are leaving for Nashville around 3 this afternoon.

Gloria and Jean, have a great 4th of July weekend!


07-01-2005, 03:42 PM
Happy Friday, Flowers! I've been sorting through the paper piles this morning. I belong to a survey company and they want me to save any direct mail items for the month of July. They sent a huge envelope and I'm sure it will be full by the end of the month. I get way too many catalogs, insurance, and credit card offers! Somehow I got on way too many mailing lists!

"Gma" -- I imagine you are long gone if not close to it by now . . . it is 1:41 in my corner of the world. I hope you have a great time! :cb:

Gloria -- I am assuming you are already having a great time! :cb:

I need to make a trip to the post office before the "crazies" are loose for the weekend.

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

07-05-2005, 01:16 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! :)
Another 4th of July is close to being history and summer will seem like it is on the downhill slide. :(

We spent the day at MIL's again. It was pretty quiet with just Beth and family there. Kolby is getting some personality and will grin at nothing in particular while he's swinging away. As long as his tummy is full and his "shorts" are clean, he's a happy camper. Maddy just wants to be in the "waddah!" The day was beautiful and the locals must have done their firecrackers last night because it's been quiet tonight.

I have my physical tomorrow morning so am kind of anxious about that.

Have a terrific Tuesday!

Jean -- :) from Iowa!

07-05-2005, 03:35 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! :)
It's another beautiful day in my neighborhood with a bright blue sky, a few puffy white clouds, sunshine, and NO wind which is the best part. It's only 78 degrees although it is supposed to hit 84 before the day is done.

My doctor's appointment turned out to be the "usual -- watch the diet and exercise" only on a different day. He was happy with my lab #s and said the glucose was the same as last year so won't do anything more about that. He is pushing for a colonoscopy as a baseline but I'm not sure if insurance will cover it or not. They did some more blood work to see if anything shows up for my low iron count. I'm supposed to give blood this afternoon so will see if all the spinach added to my salads did any good. I started taking OTC iron but I guess it takes about 6 weeks for that to do any good. The worst (?) thing is that I've shrunk a 1/2 inch! :(

Well, I'm off to give blood if my iron count is high enough. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Have a great afternoon!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

07-05-2005, 07:22 PM
Just a quick note as I still have some unpacking and laundry to do....of course I came here first. :D

As for the weekend, it was wonderful. Weather was great, just a little cool while watching the fireworks, but no complaints. DH got to the water each day and although I sat with him for a while one day I did not go in....water too cool.

We had a fabulous gab fest...3 days of non stop talking. I laughed more this weekend that I have for a long time. The food that I brought and the other gal brought was well received and we used it all up. Our hostess had it easy and that was the plan.

:) The fireworks were spectacular and the beach which is about a mile long was wall to wall people. They started arriving about 5PM and were still streaming in at 9 PM. They started the fireworks at 9:20 and they lasted til 10PM. This was Sunday night and then on Monday the 4th we watched to Boston Pops and the fireworks from Boston Harbor. I don't know if you watched but the last hour 10-11PM was broadcast nationally. It was a good show. I love fireworks especially if I don't have to go anywhere to see them just on TV or the front porch.

Jean glad your Dr's visit turned out well. I have the colonoscopy every 3 to 5 years. I had polops one year and there is a history of colon cancer in the family. I have been clear every year after that 1st one. After a certain age I think the insurance company does cover it.

Faye: Hope you had a great were away weren't you?

Gloria in MA.....getting the rest of the unpacking done.

07-06-2005, 11:55 AM
Morning gals. Had some trouble getting in to the thread. Sounds like everyone had a nice 4th. Ours didn't turn out as great as we hoped. I had female issues the whole time, Friday a huge reunion checked in and there were wall to wall people, noise, couldn't get into the restaurant for breakfast, the pool was shut down part of the time because somebody threw something in it and they had to drain it etc, the hallways were so noisy you couldn't sleep and we were right across from the elevator, the whole thing was awful. We stuck to our room Friday then Saturday did some shopping. But with that being said, being together is always great so we had a nice time. I found him some great deals for our Vegas trip. Found a pair of Rockport sandals he loves for like $40 on sale from $75 so now he doesn't have to take his running shoes. He loves Rockport shoes so he is happy as a clam. He only pretty much wears golf style shirts and Old Navy had them for $12.50 each and I found Izod shorts for him for like $16, retail was $45 so that was cool too. My sweety bought me a new handbag he said it wasn't fair he should get all kinds of stuff. I tried to tell him I already bought all my clothes except my sandals but he bought it anyway. Of course we ate horribly, but today is another day, right?

Jack was madder than a wet hen this morning. Someone parked in front of our garage and he couldn't get out to go to work. I was going around the neighborhood in my nightgown at 6 AM pounding on doors. I have a feeling the person visiting next door got an earful from him because he was probably almost late to work and that he can't stand. The stupid woman who lives there KNOWS the condo on the other side of her is empty so why don't they park there if they are too lazy to park in the lot where they are supposed to. I am sure I made a few folks mad, but I didn't know any other way to find out who was parked there and towing would have taken too long.

I cleaned the downstairs and got all the laundry caught up and put away yesterday and today I clean the upstairs, though my heart isn't in it. I am so tired. I didn't sleep while we were gone and my allergies are so bad I am not sleeping at night at home. My adenoids swell so badly.

Well, I guess I better get upstairs and get to work! Did my pool workout, but got rained on in the end. Yesterday I found the pool in a mess. Someone had used a lock pop to tear out the lock on the pool then had a late night party with fireworks! What a mess to clean up and I had to run home and get a lock I had to lock the gate that was open. We also had a little boy (our scuzzy neighbor's grandson) almost drown Sunday I guess because no one was watching him! They think I talk to be a pain in the butt I guess! The scuzzy neighbors are pretty put out with me anyway because I refuse to run back and forth to the pool for them. She was mad that I woke her this morning, but it is usually some of her clan that is parked in front of our garage. I apologized for waking her, but if they hadn't made it a habit, maybe we wouldn't have started banging on their door first!

Everyone have a good day!

Faye ;)

07-06-2005, 04:42 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's another nice day here although a bit more humid. I need to go for my walk when I finish here.

I've been waiting for a call from the doctor's office -- the insurance will pay for a screening colonoscopy every 10 years after age 50 so guess I qualify. :( I know I should but it sure doesn't sound like fun to me! I hate the waiting and wish I could just do it tomorrow so I wouldn't have to think about it. :yes:

I lost another 2# at weigh-in last night. :cheer: I think I worried it off in regards to my physical! I also got to donate blood again which made my day. :cb:

Gloria -- Glad to hear that you had a nice weekend! We watched a "4th" program from New York and it showed fireworks while also showing the band/orchestra without any commercials. We thought it was the Boston Pops until that program came on right afterwards. I was not impressed with the gal who was announcing and they kept breaking for commercials. Did you see/hear the same announcers that we did on TV? There sure were alot of people there! :lol:

"Gma" -- It sounds like the shopping part of your weekend was a success! One time we got a motel room right across from the ice machine and it was a kids' tournament weekend to boot. Needless to say, we didn't get much sleep either so I can identify with your experience. Someone parking in my driveway would make me so very angry! I would have been late for work and had the #@#$* car towed just to show 'em! Too bad you couldn't have just pushed it out in the street and let it sit! :lol: Did you have to clean up the pool mess? I don't think I would do any favors for your neighbors either. :no:

I've been trying to catch up on my ironing and vacuumed fur hunks this morning. The day seems to slip by when I'm not paying attention! I should decide what is for supper and make a grocery run.

Hope you are all having a nice day!

Jean -- :dancer: in Iowa!

07-06-2005, 07:39 PM
Jean: Glad to hear the insurance will pay for the colonoscopy. If anything will make it worth while it is that you will probably lose another # or 2. It's not the test it is the prep. :lol: It is only one day and most of us can do anything if it is only that one day. Good luck!

Faye: So sorry you had such a poor experience on you trip. I, too, know what loud corridors and ice machines can do to ones sleep. One year in Key West our room was right next to the elevator mechanical room. Boo! Hiss!

Finally have all the laundry done and now it is just the ironing. Went food shopping (small trip) and will let the ironing go til the first thing tomorrow when I am more rested.

While on the Cape we ladies went on a shopping spree at two Consignment Shops and a yard sale or two. Got some paper backs, a nice sweatshirt, a hat for DH and my prize was 10 Haviland China dishes for $10. They are "Blue Garland" and they are small, individual size dishes. I think you could serve something like individual servings of applesauce or the like. Beautiful and I have blue china so will be a great mix & match. Also, the local library was holding it's annual used book sale...they set up a giant tent on the town green. I made a beeline for the tent and got 13 books for $6.50 then the day we left they still had some left so I got 4 more but this time they were 1/2 price....25 cents each. Not a bad haul.

Gloria in MA....need to get my eye drops down before I forget.

07-07-2005, 09:16 AM
Morning girls! Hope all is well in your part of the world! Well we finally got some rain yesterday and it cooled things down, but the temps are supposed to be right back into the 90's today.

Jean: I am like you. If there is a procedure I am dreading, I want to get it done immediately as I will do nothing but stress about it. Jack had one before he had his hemmoroids surgery and he says they are not a walk in the park, but not horrible either. Main thing is try hard to relax I guess. Maybe you should take some earphones and cd player or something and listen to music to help take your mind off.

Gloria: Sounds like you made a nice haul! lol My grandmother had some of the most beautiful china sets I have ever seen. They were auctioned off when she died and I never got any of it. I do, however have my maternal grandmother's and great grandmother's bone china. It is the same pattern and I have everything from tiny tea bag plates to gravy boats etc. It is plain all white set but I love the fragility of it. I also have another china set my husband's grandma bought me. It is pretty also, but not nearly as neat.

I never conquered the upstairs yesterday. Fell asleep in the afternoon so today is the day, I guess! I still have a couple things to do downstairs and get into the pool in a couple minutes than I am going to tackle the upstairs. It probably doesn't take an hour to clean, but yesterday I just couldn't face it.

Jack gave the woman staying next door a piece of his mind. He told her you weren't supposed to park in front of garages and if she felt the need why not park in front of her friend's garage and she said she didn't want block her in. Whoa, wrong thing to say when someone is blocked in and going to be late for work! He climbed all over her about it. So, I am sure I am not loved by the neighborhood any longer.... :^: Between that and not answering my door to open the pool up.....

well, better get to work and get it done!

Have a great day ladies!


07-07-2005, 03:07 PM
Good Afternoon from Iowa! It's cloudy but warmer and humid in my corner of the world today. I went to get my eyes checked this morning and will be getting new contacts. Then went to WM to pick up a new blood pressure machine -- we have a wrist one but it doesn't work for me after taking it into the doctor's office and comparing it to theirs. I'm not sure this one is much better but will give it a couple days. This afternoon I have an appt. with the vet for Maggie to get her shots updated. I put the carrier in the middle of the livingroom so everyone has checked it out and now disappeared. I''ll have to go on a hunt when it is time to leave.

Gloria -- It sounds like you had lots of fun shopping for your bargains! I'd say you did well! :cheer: The doctor said that the prep is much easier than it used to be. We have been "with" him since 1976 and we had kids in the same classes at school so I feel he is a friend as well as my doctor. I told him if it wasn't the most fun I'd ever had, he would hear about it! :lol: I love dishes! Both my grandma and my mom would pick up odds 'n ends of dishes and I guess I'm just like they were. Your find sounds like a good one!

"Gma" -- Up here they put you completely OUT for the procedure and that is fine with me. :yes: The nurse said it takes about 20 minutes but I have to stay for at least an hour afterwards because of the anesthetic; that's about the same as when I had my toe surgery a year ago. I still haven't heard back from the doctor's office as to a date. :mad: The specialist only comes to our hospital twice a month and the next date is the 20th. You'd think anyone with brains would know that a parked car in a driveway would block someone living there so that they couldn't get out. Some people are so stupid! :crazy:

I need to get back to my cleaning/sorting/pitching! Have a great "rest of the day" and a fantastic Friday tomorrow!

Jean -- :dance: in Iowa!

07-08-2005, 07:12 AM
Morning gals! back to hot and humid again. We are supposed to get the hurricane rain around Monday or so. We shall see.

Jean: Well, at least you won't know what is going on and be uncomfortable in the moment. Hope you can get in soon and get it done. Good luck with Maggie going to the vet. Jack and I have a deal, I take the dog he takes the cat. I have the better deal as Fortune is a breeze to take to the vet. He doesn't even cry out at getting his shots.

Not much going on in my world. I got all the house cleaned and even had time to read some new books I bought. I didn't have a restful night last night, so I may just go back to bed after my pool workout if I feel tired. I know better than to do it now as I will not get rest really.

I guess I will get Jack some breakfast before he leaves for work so better get to it.


07-08-2005, 01:13 PM
Good Morning, Flowers!
It's gearing up to be a hot and humid day -- supposed to be in the 90s for the next few days. I don't know how we ever survived without air conditioning and I remember not having it as a kid! :spin:

I'm sorting through some drawers that tend to be "catch alls." Found some "how to do it" books for things we don't even have any more. Sheesh! Still haven't heard from the doctor's office and I'm not being a very patient patient! :(

"Gma" -- Maggie's trip to and from the vet was a half hour so she didn't suffer for very long. :lol: She was sleeping and I snuck up on her with a bath towel, wrapped her up, and stuck her in the carrier. :lol: She wasn't happy and let me know it. I suffered in my checkbook . . . $53 later! One down and two more to go. I didn't sleep well last night either! :yawn: Too bad we aren't neighbors and we could play cards or something! I think I get byond tired when I stay up too late. It was 3 AM when I last looked at the clock and I finally went downstairs to the recliner. DH said this morning he thought he slept good -- I thought he tossed and turned right along with me. I hate nights like that!

I need to keep moving! Have a great day!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

07-09-2005, 08:09 AM
Morning girls! I went to bed at like 7 last night so I am up early on this wonderful Saturday morning. It is going to be a sticky day. We have that hurricane rain headed straight for us and should be here by Monday at the latest. Good for the area, bad for the pool, though I go out in rain and swim as long as it isn't thundering and lightening.

I decided last night to fix Jack a treat, southern fried chicken. I don't cook with oil anymore but thought he might enjoy it. I had everything going nicely in my electric skillet, turned everything but one leg, went to turn it and a huge amount of grease popped, went onto my face (thankfully I had taken out my contacts and had glasses on or I would have had it in my eyes) all up my left arm (I am left handed) but the most serious was my left thumb area. There was also grease all over the counters and floor I had to be careful of so I screamed for Jack and he helped me get the oil washed off my skin then he went upstairs and got this aloe vera gel I keep on hand for sunburns and I put it all over my burns. Lord did my hand hurt. It was the only place that really hurt. I cleaned up the oil best I could on the floor and such thinking I would mop after dinner. Jack had to take over turning the chicken because I couldn't get near the heat without it being excruciating and my hand was stiff and wouldn't let me turn anything. Well, the chicken was scrumtious along with sweet corn and mashed pot and gravy, but what a price I paid! I kept putting more gel on the hand then after dinner and the kitchen were all cleaned up, I sat down with a book and an ice pack. That gel is a miracle worker. I have NO blisters anywhere and even my thumb area, which was the worst is no longer red, though it is tender to the touch and a little swollen. I will put the ice bag back on it for a little while this morning. I can also move it and it didn't keep me from sleeping at all either. If you ever want to buy it, it comes from Oscos Drug store and is a green gel in a bottle and called Aloe Vera Gel. You can probably get something similar in any drugstore or even Wally's, Target, etc. It is well worth having on hand.

Jean: Fortune gets his shots while we are on vacation, along with being kenneled and having a baby tooth pulled so I figure it will be around $500! B goes to the vet after we get back home for his shots. The dr is going to have a fit because he is getting fat, but I don't know what to do. I buy IAMS brand cat and dog food and switch off buying him hairball formula then the next bag will be the "diet" stuff. Problem is, he eats FORTUNE'S food and I can't keep him out of it. Maybe the vet will have an idea. Since we had Fortune first eating patterns were set and he is used to on demand food as we would just fill his bowl every morning and he would eat when he liked. He is not overweight at all, weighs about 9 lbs vs chubbies 16 or but seems Butterscotch is chowing down sometime, must be in the overnight as I don't see him pigging out during the day. I fill the double sided bowl every other day or so and it isn't empty when I fill it so I don't know. Must be just the dog food is higher fat. Better buy lowfat for Fortune too I guess! lol

Well, I better go. Everyone have a great weekend!


07-09-2005, 01:03 PM
Good Morning, Flowers!
It's a nice sunny morning in my corner of the world but it's supposed to get hotter as the day goes along. I have laundry going and have done some ironing. I am meeting a retired teacher, who moved out of town, for lunch today and then think DH and I are going to go Saturday night church. For the summer months they combine our two Sunday services meeting at 9:30 which is too late for DH; he likes to go at 8:30 and then have the rest of the day for whatever is planned. They also combine the traditional and contemporary styles so it doesn't seem like I've been to "church." Tomorrow we'll head for MIL's so I need to decide what I'm taking for food and maybe make a grocery run. The kids and grandkids will be there too. :)

"Gma" -- I went to bed early last night but not quite as early as you did! I slept so much better than the night before so I was ready to get up and get going this morning. I'm waiting for the dryer to finish a load of towels. What a scary thing to happen with the grease! I'm so glad it was no worse than it was for you; bad enough as it was! :yes: I keep Aloe gel on hand too. My beautician uses it around the hair line when she gives me a perm. I must confess that I have never fried chicken in my whole life! :o I guess because my mother never did, I just never ever tried it. I either bake it or grill it when I do fix it. I always thought that dogs would eat whatever is put out at one time while a cat nibbles throughout the day. I'm really surprised that Fortune will leave the cat food alone; usually it is the dog snarfing down the catfood, or so I thought anyhow. I thought Maggie might be checking in since she said they would be in the same area until sometime in August. :shrug:

I need to keep moving! Have a wonderful day.

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

07-09-2005, 06:16 PM
Faye: I am so glad that your grease burn wasn't as bad as it could have been. I have had some spatter burns but non that were bad.

However, on Thanksgiving Eve in 1984, I was preparing spaghetti and sauce and the pot of boiling spaghetti water was on the back burner, the front burner had the pot cover with it's little handle sticking up. I am sure you can see where I am going with this.

Well, I hit the little handle as I was moving the pot of boiling water and spilled a goodly portion of it over my right forearm.

It seems like I can remember it in slow motion....I put the pot down on the floor...I reached around and pulled off the sweatshirt I was wearing ....and call to DH to bring a shirt with him when he came down stairs so I could go to the ER.

DD#3 was home and immediately got a plastic bag of ice to put on my arm. That helped a lot.

It didn't even hurt....till I got to the ER and they had to break the blister. I blistered from my wrist to my elbow and another blister above the elbow. The best thing is that I didn't scar and you can't see where it was burned.

This was during the time when I was leaving a secretarial job in personnel at a local dept. store....just before Christmas....lots of stress. takes a lot to make me smart.... :) I never placed another pot cover on a burner again.

Oh, well, the next day I just carried on and we had Thanksgiving as usual.

Jean: Have a great time at MIL with the kids and grandkids.

Gloria in MA