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06-28-2005, 08:59 AM
Wake up!! :coffee:

06-28-2005, 09:02 AM
I'm up!!!!! I'm up!!!!

(Flash back to when I was 12!)

Morning Ellis. Where is everyone?

I am hopping into the shower. I officially started Phase 2 yesterday, again. :lol:

Had whole wheat pasta for dinner. More like Phase 1 the rest of the day. This AM it will be a whole wheat bagel, some cream cheese, V-8 maybe some berries in my salad today :) I am so exited.

Scale is at 192 now so I am changing my ticker. I'll see 191 again. I'm not worried. I must have had a good dream about Phase 2 or something to not be freaking out anymore :lol3:

What's new with you ladies?

06-28-2005, 09:12 AM
My scale is up...errrr! Gotta take the bf to work...peck in later!
Morning Ellis & Jen!!

06-28-2005, 09:21 AM
Mornin' no time this morning! I did not even make it here yesterday! OMG! Have a great day all! I'll try to peck in this afternoon when I get home so I can cath up from yetserday!

06-28-2005, 09:23 AM
Good m :) orning, Hopefully today is better than yesterday. I was off track everywhere.Eating and attitude. Ate way too much and was on my pity pot.But sun is shining and the birds are singing and I had a decent night sleep.So only positive thoughts today.We all have a bad day on occasion.
Hope you enjoy your day :)

06-28-2005, 09:56 AM
i woke up..looked at the clock and threw it across the room....I hate waking up...espcially when its like 100% humidity outside....:(..I dragged myself to a nice luke warm shower...then switched it to ice cold to *Jolt* myself awake heheh :) I made myself some SBD pancakes...made some ice coffee and headed to my nice air conditioned car! sooo nice driving to work.

as far as news with my "friend" goes...I emailed her how i felt...just basically saying I appreciate her telling me how she feels..and it must have taken alot to say seeing as she must have know that this would potentially ruin our friendship...i also said it doesn't change the way I feel...and I hope things continue to go well with her. I needed closer I think..and thats what I did.
anyways my TOM is finally done but I will not weigh in until Sunday....hope you all have a great day and try to stay nice and cool

06-28-2005, 10:22 AM
Well, I've been up for five hours and have had coffee, breakfast and done quite a few things. I even baked a cake that I was supposed to do last night!

Nice gentle wake-up call, Ellis! :( Is that iced coffee?

Jenn1017, you sound so together these days! :) Now I am considering having ww pasta with pesto for dinner tonight. Thanks for mentioning it.

Anchor, I'm still thinking about your horrible truck experience! How scary!

Eleni, you are absolutely right about everyone having a bad day. We just need to get over it and carry on! Good attitude!

Bami, I miss you! Try to peck in for a bit, OK?

Soon2Bfab, not to worry! The darn scale will go down again. It's probably water retention - that's what I keep telling myself anyhow.

I know I've missed a lot so must go back and read yesterday's epistle! We sure are a chatty bunch!

I must confess that I had a Dairy Queen cone yesterday for lunch. Jeez, it tasted good! I don't think I've been to DQ since the 1960s! The scale is still up a tad but my sausage fingers and football feet tell me that it's water retention. I will keep on glugging because we sure need extra water when the wether is so hot! Today is supposed to be worse than yesterday!

The Girls are sleeping in front of the fan downstairs, I'm going to go to the Library, stock up on books and find a cool spot to spend the day. Stay cool, cool Chicks!

06-28-2005, 10:31 AM
Kissjoy~~You and your mom are both beautiful!!!! Thanks for sharing that website with us~very cool.

Soon~~Love your new avatar~ she is just too cute! I'm having sister issues, too, stemming from the death of my mom (a year an 1/2 ago). Why can't you pick who you want for a sister? I was so disgusted with her yesterday that I would have said something foul if I had talked to her. I know that sounds cold but that's my reality. How's it going with yours? Better I hope.

Ellis~How did the shower go? Pics?

Ruth~How are you holding up with Harry wanting to come home?

Me~A quiet day at home~ I hope .

06-28-2005, 10:31 AM
ruth sounds like a great day!

06-28-2005, 10:33 AM

Ruth- What a productive morning you have already had! The baby is still asleep, so I took advantage and slept till 8:00. :)

Eleni- Way to move on to a better day! It is amazing what sleep and a fresh perspective can do for us!

Ellis, Jenne, Angel, Bamie, and Soon Good Morning! Have a super day on the beach!

Me- I have taken the last few days to slow down a bit- I feel much better! The laundry isn't all done and there are things to be accomplished, but I was stressing myslef out trying to keep up with everything and take care of my girls. What's more important?? Obviously my sweet girly girls. :) I nly have 5 more weeks until school starts, so I plan to enjoy and savor the slow paced life of summer a bit more.

Hope you all have a super day! Let's be OP!!

06-28-2005, 10:34 AM
BTW- took baby Meg in to have her weight rechecked yesterday-she gained 9 ounces in 3 days and is almost back to her birth weight. :) I will get the girl fattened up. :)

06-28-2005, 10:40 AM
Morning chatty chicks!

Today was my weigh in, and I didn't lose, didn't gain. I did go off program Saturday night, so I definitely earned my no loss for the week. I am hopeful for tomorrow though!

Hope you all have a great day!

06-28-2005, 10:43 AM
2bitfit - My sister & I are still not getting along. She still believes that she's the only one that "lost" mom & my brother, father, and myself are not grieving appropriately. We chose to do things together now (last weekend was a cookout at my brothers - that I drove 5 hours 1 way to get to, but family time is so valuable!) My sister & grandmother skipped the cookout & my sister believes her and grandma are the only ones missing mom. I just want to kick her!
Also, my father let out a secret last night...the hospital that mom was in, gave her too much medicine to thin her blood & her hemoglobins were too low & that contributed to the hemorrhaging, and this might of been prevented if someone was watching what they were doing. I know it doesn't change the end result, but this was a lot better to deal with when I thought that there was nothing they could do & that was the hand of cards dealt. Instead, I'm ticked. Because of some arrogrant doctor, I will never have another holiday, vacation, conversation, etc with my mother...and that just makes me bitter!

06-28-2005, 10:46 AM

06-28-2005, 11:03 AM
Morning girls....

I had a rough weekend last week, but I'm back on Phase 1 as of yesterday. I'm making the Taco Bake tonight for the first time. I think it will be a big hit!!

Eleni~~Hang in there. We do all have a bad day. I was in a pissy mood yesterday and my family was ready to disown me.

angelshine90--I hope your alarm survived. ;) I lived in Florida for a short 6 months a few years ago and the humidity about killed me. I live in Arizona now where the HEAT almost kills me in the summer.'s a dry heat. Haaa!! I'm glad you emailed your friend and got your feelings out.

2BFIT1 & soon2Bfab~~I'm sorry your having sister issues!! Sometimes families just suck!! Mine isn't without it's fair share of drama.

Kiko~~You have a great attitude about it. Your girls aren't going to remember the spotless house or the folded clothes. They will remember the time you spent with them!

Ellis~~GREAT cake!!

06-28-2005, 11:07 AM
I'm here. I'm not sure what happened the last few days. It's been raining and grey. I need sun!

Lydia, who weighed 147.5 this morning.

06-28-2005, 11:08 AM
Good morning gals,
I woke up in a pretty good mood this morning! I had a decent day yesterday, drank lots of water and stayed OP...I didn't get to the gym but I did go for a late evening walk with my DH. I've gotta work this evening, so I'll get in some stair climbing!

ellis....THANK YOU, I'M UP NOW
that cake is b-e-a-u-tiful

I can't wait until Thursday, I made myself an appointment for a full body massage! I am looking so forward to it...I haven't been in over a year..and since I was last there I've lost 30 lbs and increased my muscle tone.

EVERY ONE have a GREAT day!!!

anchor weight
06-28-2005, 11:11 AM
Morning Chicks!

I actually got some sleep last night! Yeah! No naughty puppy to take outside a couple of times a night. :lol: But I miss that little stinky puppy breath :love: and knowing that my truck is fixed and I'm driving it around is great! Relieves some of the stress. Also my truck is parked right out front (probably being door dinged as we speak) but at least it is in a very public place. Kudos to the wrecker driver who took extra time to make sure he didn't bend or scrape the rim that was sitting on the ground. Otherwise it would have been closer to a $1,000 bucks instead of $500.00. I was good until last night and DS and I went to Arbys for dinner. I had a french dip and FRIES! So now I have to go load that into fit day so if you hear something exploding in a minute - it's my fit day record for yesterday. :lol:

Ruth - check out the puppy pictures on yesterday's thread. They will make you smile! I love dairy queen. My roommates (many many moons ago) used to have a cat that would go beg at the Dairy Queen. He was soooo fat. He looked just like Garfield.

Ellis - Thanks! Sometimes we don't know why things happen to us but I trust there is a reason. Thanks for everything!

Soon - Don't dwell on what your father said. Trust in the fact that it was time for her. She's in a better place. (((((Hugs)))))) Next time a family member is sent to the hospital make sure someone is there 24/7 take shifts if necessary. The hospital here left my SIL on serious narcotics for 6 weeks when it wasn't supposed to exceed 6 days. They figured it out when she was ready to run down the halls nakey cause there were bunches of people running nakey down the halls. It took her 1 1/2 years to get off the drugs.

Everyone Else - HI :wave:

Today I'm back on the beach for good. I actually feel pretty good for eating all that crapola last night. Today is supposed to be the 1st day of TOM. We'll see what happens. What is really funny is that I haven't had to take any of my PMS meds this month. Maybe cutting the calories and staying close to the beach has helped tremendously.

06-28-2005, 11:34 AM
Soon~As a nurse who deals with blood thinners everyday at work I know that there is bloodwork that should be drawn everyday in order to regulate the medication (coumadin, heparin). Everybody absorbs this medication at a different rate which is why it is so closely regulated. I would ask to get a copy of your mom's medical records including all lab work, MD progress notes, nurses notes and medication records. This would be the only way to prove that she "got too much of the blood thinner" by error. This could possibly be a medical mal-practice issue.
On the other hand, it could be a platelet issue that they just were unable to reverse. But I would check it out. It doesn't make things any better but if they were in the wrong, they should be held responsible and pay. Not only that, but it will go on the MD's record for review. Could save somebody else in the future. IMO.

06-28-2005, 11:50 AM
Good morning!

Well it's TOM for me, I knew it was coming since it's a birth control withdrawl, just didn't expect it to be so soon. Anyhow, I am guessing by the posts that it usually causes weight gain so I decided to try and not weigh myself for the next few days.

Kiko- you are absolutely right, your girls are most important and you should put them first. The laundry will get done eventually. ;)

06-28-2005, 12:00 PM
Morning Gals!

Ruth: I need a nap..Your day already has worn me out!

Ellis: Cool Cake! That's the closest I think I'll get to one for awhile

Anchors: Stinky Puppy is 2 Cute! Glad to hear your truck is back on the road..and parked in a public area..!

Phins: oooh a massage, how mahvalous dahlink
Hi mamadragon,FFrog,Eleni, Jenne,Bamie

Soon2bfit: ARGH! I am mentally giving sis a swift kick in the arse...A dear friend of mine (43 and in good shape) went in for stent (runs in his family) , 2 much heparin and he died..just horrific and heartbreaking..My GF just won a malpractice suit against the docs...

LOVE: thats right just hop back on Phase1

Kiko: Good going on fatting up that little "porkchop"

Angelshine: sounds like your email was done in a kind and loving manner...hope you 2 can patch things up.

Me Fielding more calls on the townhome... if nothing comes through this week will have another open house next weekend. Heading to the pool with a good book today..(sigh, being unemployed for the first time in my life is not hard at all :lol: I'm gonna enjoy every minute of it! )
P.S. Today ends week 5 I think and WAHOO BUCKAROOS, I'm down 2 more pounds...only 51 more 2 go... Ah the Scale Gods are being good 2 me!

Silicon Andy
06-28-2005, 12:12 PM
Good morning everyone!

Ellis--that cake is AWESOME! Where were you when I was wedding cake hunting? (cake's don't really ship well, though, do they? :) ).

FreckledFrog--I'm making taco bake for the first time tonight, too! I think my hubby will like it. He enjoyed the pulled pork.

Anyone have more crock pot recipes? Or stuff for the grill? I love not turning on the oven!

I'm deciding if I should weight myself or just see what the scale at the Dr's says. I'll probably weigh myself, but I'm not sure why. I hope I get some answers while I'm there.

It THUNDERED and rained here last night. Every time it rains Andy gets excited b/c that's one less time we have to water the lawn. He's a little bit cheap (or "frugal," as he prefers to be called).

I was out running errands yesterday before going to the gym. I should have eaten before I left the house. I knew if I went home I wouldn't make it to the gym, so I just grabbed a low-carb wrap from Subway. I know it's not really good for p1 but it was better than a burgur and fries from McDonald's or something!

I still need to drink more water. Why do I find that so difficult?

Have a great day, everyone!

06-28-2005, 12:17 PM
I love you all, and I will write shortly, but I have to get on the frickin' treadmill. It's 39C (103F) right now with the humidex, and I am SO not happy. :mad: In fact, I am FURIOUS with this weather!

This is where we got the cake from... she's too cute. I want her hair.

The pictures don't do the cakes justice. They are SO pretty and vibrant! (can a cake be vibrant?)

06-28-2005, 12:19 PM
Oh, here's a better photo of the cake girl. Isn't she too cute?

06-28-2005, 12:21 PM
:wave:Hey 2all u BEACHIN BEAUTIES!!!

:dance:HAPPY FEET,DH and I r off to Lake Palastine till friday....:moped:I hv to rush and get our things packed:moped:!!! I FINALLY GET TO GOFISHIN:lol3:!!!!(U didn't think my name was GOFISHIN for nothing :dizzy: )

Hope Uall hv a:beach: HAPPY BEACH TOWELS till I get back:beach: ,,,,,Wl miss ur daily posts :^: ....C U Friday:wave:..............GOFISHIN:dancer:

PS........:dance:Check out my ticker,yahooooooooo:dance:

06-28-2005, 12:51 PM
I'm just going to jump in here...hope that's okay.

I just started SBD yesterday and I feel great. Every other diet I've tried I've been starving all day but not yesterday. And not today so far either. I think the best part is my pre-SBD days I would eat cereal (often froot loops...gulp) and be starving an hour later. Today and yesterday I made this recipe from the cookbook with canadian bacon and eggs and feel great. It's almost 9am and I'm still full!!! GREAT!

Last year I started a great workout program thinking that was all I would need to do to lose weight. Well, I feel good but I haven't lost any weight...probably because I would feel entitled to a treat because I'd worked out. So, I'm hoping that adding SBD to my workout routine will be just the ticket. I'm feeling so positive, it's great!

06-28-2005, 12:54 PM
Welcome K Librarian and :dance: GOFISHIN!!!!!!

06-28-2005, 01:25 PM
Welcome to the BEACH Klibriarian :beach:

06-28-2005, 01:41 PM
I posted a pic of the DBF & myself in the's from Easter!

06-28-2005, 01:50 PM
Soon~~Look how cute you are!!!!!! (he is , too)

06-28-2005, 02:02 PM
Sil~ Thanks...I think he is too!

06-28-2005, 02:06 PM
Sarah~~I'm making the pulled pork tomorrow. I'm glad to hear it was a hit with your hubby. My dh is hard to please.

Welcome klibrarian and GOFISHIN!!

06-28-2005, 02:08 PM
Soon~~You two make a really cute couple!!

06-28-2005, 02:11 PM
Freckledfrog - thanks! I made the pulled pork a few weeks ago, in the crock pot.....let heat in the kitchen that way! It was really good!!!

06-28-2005, 02:12 PM
Welcome aboard Klibrarian!

Soon2BFAB... YOU DO LOOK FAB Already :) Cute Boyfren tooo...!

Well with all this talk of pulled pork, I think I'm gonna have to go up in the attic and find my crockpot... it sounds soooo goood...
Found Ive been eating way tooo much red meat...
Hubby will have Kielbasa 2night.. I will have some WW spagetti and my spinach stuffed portabella mushrooooooms...

06-28-2005, 02:27 PM
Thanks!! Well this has been fun, but I must go to work...I work 2-11 today...ugh.
Still op for phase I & I have had all my water. Have a great.....probably peck in before going to bed....if not see you tomorrow!!

anchor weight
06-28-2005, 03:44 PM
OH MY GOODNESS! I loaded yesterdays trip to Arby's into fit day and :yikes: this is what I looked like when I saw the results. :lol: I'm going to have to exercise but it is 500 friken degrees outside. I picked up DS from football camp and the first thing he said is "I'm not going back" :lol: I said - why honey? He said too hot. :lol: But they have a Detroit Lion football player there working out with the boys so I talked him into going back.

So far so OP!

06-28-2005, 04:02 PM
Anchor, OH MY! It is pretty eyeopening :yikes: when you run some of that fast food thru fit day... even moreso, when you think that you were pretty good... sigh*
I went out for a walk at around 1 .. I lasted only 1.5 miles -WAAAY 2 HOT :flame: :flame: :flame: Don't know how our LoneStar Lovlies do it.
I think I'll follow Ellis' lead and get out the Dreadmill...

But 4 now, I am off to the pool with a new read... (finished Black Rose, Billy Strobe and now DejaDead... waiting for the 4th book in Stephen Kings Dark Tower series to arrive from Amazon..started it in audio.. and now, I dunno whenever I start these multivolume series I HAVE TO READ THEM ALL AND IN ORDER :)

CIAO FOR NOW :beach:

06-29-2005, 12:13 AM
Well I finally made it here but i'm about to fall asleep and I HAVE to go back and read yesterdays to get the skinny on Anchor and somebody else who I can't think of right now. I had to go to my MIL's after work cause she wanted my help pickin carpet for her tv room. Now it is way past nighty night time. I'm really gonna try to catch up tomorrow cause no one will probably read this! lol

06-29-2005, 12:36 AM
OMG! What a w-end for you poor Amy! That is aweful! I have always said if you have a beef with me come to me not my car! That is so yellow bellied! Good 'ole southern term there! That is just so aweful! Glad you are ak and DS was not with you! I want to write more but i am so tired! I almost started tomorrows thread so I knew this would get read! I'll post in the am I hope! Night Night!

Angelshine....I hope she has a change of heart real soon! Sounds kind of childish and selfish...hopefully she will grow up!