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06-27-2005, 09:57 PM
G'day everyone,

Gloria yes some wine does make you go to asleep but the problem is that you (at least I did) only sleep for a few hours and then lie awake all night.
I am sleeping better, not huge amounts but a 6 to 7 hour sleep is pretty good.
Your trip to Cape Cod sounds good. Some of the best things about a trip is doing all the preparations.

Glenda what a pain this 'friend' of yours, I really dislike people who cannot be honest. My sister-in-law is a bit like that, everything is embelished to make the story sound more interesting.
She even told me that she had breast cancer whilst we have been away, receives no treatment, no surgery and when I pushed her for details she said 'I just doesn't want to talk about it'. There have been many times that I have found her stories to be rather fanciful but as I don't make up stories, I don't think that others would and have always sort of believed her. In the past few years I have caught her out so many times 'misrepresenting reality' ;) that I do not believe anything she says.
I am waiting for the time when Matilda sleeps 8 hours, that will be good and to make things like you did with Austin that is so much fun.

Peggy sorry to hear about your arthiritis, I thought when the weather is warm it would not be so bad :(

I was up early and received a call from my daughter in law to ask if I could care for Matilda whilst she goes for a fitness run down the beach.
You ar going to get sick of this...but Matilda looked like Miss Trendy and of course I had to take photos. An eight week old baby in jeans :o :dizzy: , I personally prefer them in sweet pastel shades but I guess I am just old fashioned.

I also received emails from most of you regarding our collage....I don't want to sound like a show off but if you have a nice photo of yourself in a group situation, I can always extract you out of those kind of photos.
I will make sure we will all look our very best!

Have a great day all,


06-28-2005, 10:38 AM
Oh Maria, I am one who thinks the grown up clothes are so cute. Wait till you see her in a halter and mini skirt. (with diaper) My Makenzie just wears really trendy clothes and is so feminine she rips my heart out. Glad you are home. You are such a dynamo.

Karen L
06-28-2005, 08:00 PM
Just wanted to check in with you guys. Our trip up to Minnesota went great. Sprout is a good little traveler :)

I've read all real fast so don't remember anything. Will re-read when I get home. Maria your Baby GD is a real cutie.
Bye for now


06-29-2005, 09:09 PM
G'day everyone,

The day has come to get away from this computer and start doing some housework!

Karen Great to hear from you and that all is going well and Sprout has been a good traveller. Continue to enjoy your trip.

Glenda we do not disagree on much but I have to disagree on the wearing of grown up clothes by tiny little ones. I love smocked dresses on little girls, little shirts with rosebuds embroidered on the collar.
Having said all of that, I KNOW my d-i-l would hate her in a smocked dress and thinks I am quite weird even liking them!
My d-i-l is sponsored by a sporting goods company, I don't believe the tiny runners she was given for Matilda. They are very cute but at this stage I think little baby booties are more suitable.

Tomorrow I am having a facial and a pedicure. DS and d-i-l gave me a gift voucher for Mothers Day and it is not until now that I am able to use it.
I will seek advice from this beautician regarding the laser treatment for my excess facial hair. You hear of many charletons out there.
I purposely have not done much about it this week so she can see what a huge problem it is and not just a hair here and there. :(

Off to get this place ship-shape before dh comes home for the weekend.


06-29-2005, 09:46 PM
Hi Everyone: Well tomorrow is 'bite the bullet day' again as it is weigh-in time. A short week as I just went on Sat. But our regular day is Thursday, unless we run into some problem. So I won't be too disappointed if I don't lose, but I sure want to stay the same.
Maria: I'm with you on the cute little girl clothes. When they are toddling around then there is time for the jeans and runners. I'd call them sneakers. A facial and pedicure sounds very nice. A good gift and thoughtful. Let us know what she has to say about the laser treatment.

Karen: Glad that you all made the trip nicely. It is good to know that Sprout is a good traveler. Makes the trip so much easier. Now that I know you are getting email, I'll send on my questionaire to you. I have enjoyed learning more about everyone.

I'm off now to watch the Dancers. I have found this program to be a lot of fun. It certainly is a lot of work for the non-professional contestants, and also for the professionals to teach them all the steps, etc. I'm rooting for John O'Herley. Don't think I spelled that right, but he is the older grey haired guy, who has really worked hard.

Hi all. 'See' you tomorrow. Ann

06-30-2005, 10:32 AM
Maria, I think our discussion is probably "moot" because being grandmothers, we don't have an awful lot to say about what they are dressed in. Probably because I only had boys I am in a hurry for little girl "stuff", but I know what you are talking about. They grow up so fast.

Karen, I hope you are having a good time. Summer is a good time in Minnesota, I hear. How is your dad and our Little Sprout hasn't disappointed us yet, has he?

All, my mistake with the survey has let all of us find out more about each other than ever before. There weren't a lot of surprises. Just know that I will not remember birthdays. Seems the older I get the better I know the ones in my family and the less I am going to remember anything else.

the slim me
06-30-2005, 08:09 PM
Hi, I'm new here so I don't know what the protocol is, so i'll just jump in. This group sounds like just exactally what i've been looking for. Someone my own age with some of the same interests.

I pnly had a boy also and when I finally got a granddaughter, also named McKenzie, I love to see her in little dresses. I even offered to iron them! Of course I think she looks adorable in anything, but I want the girlie clothes. And she loves pink and purple (she's 2).

I recentally gotl my first pedicure. I loved it and hope you do too. My feet were a mess and now they are nice and smooth! Hopefully it will be easier to keep them that way. I even got some pink polish!

I'm interested in the hair removal too! Since menopause I'm sprouting a little more than I would like to see! There are so many different types of lasier now. Before it was only for dark hair, but I think now they have it for light hair also

06-30-2005, 09:32 PM
G'day all,

Welcome 'the slim me' (do you have a name ;) ). It is always nice to have someone new join us.
Mackenzie must be a popular name in the USA, I have not really heard it here. I cannot wait for little Matilda to be 2, I think they are so cute when they are that little bit older, start to chat etc. etc.

Glenda I do agree with you that us grandmothers do not have an awful lot of say with what our grandchildren are dressed in. In fact, I am a little disappointed, I have bought so many clothes and very few have I seen worn by Matilda :( Obviously I have different taste than d-i-l which of course is perfectly fine. I will constrain myself from buying more clothes unless I am absolutely certain that it is OK.
I am a book freak and one can never buy too many books for little ones. I thought I would have a little library at home for when grandchildren come to visit. I still have many books from when my children were small so I already have a bit of a start.

Ann I hope your 'bite the bullet' day went good. I am now seriously journaling again everything and the scale is going down, ever so slightly but nevertheless DOWN :D
The dancer program you mentioned sound similar to what we have here but it is called 'Dancing with the stars'. It is professional dancers teaching 'stars' routines which they then perform on the show.
It has been very interesting to see how some of the 'stars' just take to it like a duck to water and others just have 2 left feet :D

Off to have my pedicure and facial and get advice on where to have the laser treatment done. Cannot wait to get on with the laser treatment. I have done NO removal of hair for 10 days :eek: and it feels and looks shocking. I did that on purpose so they can see that I am way beyond a mere bit of plucking :(

We are looking after Matilda tonight whilst d-i-l plays netball and ds has to MC graduation night at the highschool where he teaches.
I will drive over and dh will take a taxie from the airport on his return from Sydney.
Another busy weekend!


the slim me
07-01-2005, 08:24 AM
HI Everyone, Let me telll you a little about myself. I am 57 years old, Married for almost 40 years. Yes, I was way too young. I have 1 son and 2 grandchildren. A boy, Chandler, who's 5 and a GD, McKenzie, who's 2. I still work part time as an RN at a local hospital here in Michigan. I baby sit 2 days a week with my Grandchildren while my son and DIL work. I love to read, work in my flower garden, and I collect antique glasswear. And I love estate jewelry!

I usually walk every day (for exercise and enjoyment) but haven't this week because I have an innerear problem and I'm dizzy. I went to the Dr. Sat. and got antivert and I'm going back again today since it's still there. Not as bad, but it's keeping me from doing the things I want to do.

Got to go get ready now, talk to you later, Freda

07-01-2005, 01:06 PM
Freda, you will fit right in here. We are all (actually, you might be a kid) in that age range. We all have different interests and hobbies, but they usually overlap a bit. I think reading is a common one. I will let everyone introduce herself to you. I am 61, work for a VP at OSU in Stillwater, OK, have 3 grown boys, 7 grandchildren. We all have those little things healthwise and we all try periodically or some, all the time, to lose weight.

07-01-2005, 05:49 PM
It is nice that you would like to join us. I am 63, my DH and I are retired and we live in Canada. I had 1 daughter and now have a granddaughter and another baby is on the way. Of course, we all have the weight issue to deal with, sometimes it goes down but it is hard to keep it there.
It is a holiday today, CANADA DAY.. lots of celebrations and fireworks. You USA gals will be celebrating July 4th.
I like little girls in dresses too. My DD dresses the :angel: in dresses sometimes and really cute girly outfits, but not anything frilly. I know her taste and so far everything we have bought, she has worn. We baby-sat last night as my DD and SIL went to a football game. She will be 2 1/2 on the 6th. You can have quite a conversation with her. She wanted to play "marching band" last night... She rang a little silver dinner bell I gave her, DH had the Leap Frog drum and I had an xylophone and there were were marching from one room to another. She led the way and the granddog followed behind us. What a sight we must have been :lol:
Maria Be sure that you go to a reputable laser removal place. I saw what happened to one poor lady, her face ended up striped.

Have a nice weekend... talk to you later...

07-01-2005, 07:42 PM
Hi Everyone: Welcome Freda. I am the Granny of the group. We have 14 grandchildren and 3 GGrandchildren. Oh - 75 years young. We have been retired for quite some time, live in a retirement park in Florida and love the life style. I walk nearly everyday and also ride my bike. tonight I will be going to line dancing group. Great exercise and lots of fun

Now to be in a celebration mood. Yesterday was a big surprise to me. i went down 2.2. I couldn't believe it. so I have lost 6.4 since i started back to WW. I just want to get back to my goal that earned me my Lifetime and that is what I want to do by labor day. :cp:

Have to go for now, and get ready for the dancing.:dance: Talk to you later. Ann

07-01-2005, 08:37 PM
G'day all,

I am in a rush.....but I just wanted to say Freda sounds like you will fit right in and it is nice to have a new 'face' joining us ;)

I have been married 35 years, I have 2 children, a son and a daughter, both married to partners I approve of ;) , one grand daughter and I am 60 years old.

My husband works for the American company Lucent Technologies and because of his work we travel quite a lot. At the moment I have just been home a week. My home is in Adelaide, South Australia, a lovely part of the world.

I love my garden though it is a bit of a mess at the moment and of course it is winter here.

I also have my own little business, I do photo restoration, manipulation and web design.
You might like to have a look at my website listed below.

I have been doing some experimenting and here is a website with some of my favourite flowers, all the photos were taken by me or my dh.

I am off, busy weekend....


PS Trudy I have a picture in my mind of the marching band :lol:
PPS I have an appointment with a laser person next Thursday as recommended by my doctor, so hopefully good.

the slim me
07-02-2005, 09:06 AM
Hi Every one, As you can see, I'm a morning person! I guess it comes from all those years I had to get up and get ready for work. Now I work part time but still can't sleep in. Forgive me if I get some names mixed up untill I get to know you.

Trudy, I can just see you and hubby marching! Something I can imagine doing too. We do things with our grandchildren we didn't do with our children. My son told me "mom, you would never have allowed me to do the things you let the kids do". And he's right! I guess we just relax with age. And, besides, we get to send them home.

Lizzie, You lead such an active life! How great! The line dancing sounds like such fun, can I come along?

Flaggies, I looked at your gardening pictures and they are wonderful! I love working in the yard (much prefer it to housework) but don't have that much of a yard to work with. When we retire I hope to get a house with more land.

I went to the Dr. yesterday and he just gave me more antiver for the dizziness. Said there wasn't much to be done. I already knew that but I was out of medication and i still get dizzy without it. I was supposed to work this weekend (I work every other weekend and 1 day a week) but he gave me a slip to stay home. Today I am actually feeling a little better and may try a short walk. Cross your fingers for me. I had been walking for 30-40 min a day and I miss it.

07-02-2005, 05:43 PM
:love: :dance: Hi Everybody :)

Freda welcome to our board. It's nice to "see" a new face. My name is Slavika, and I am 65 years old, married, and also have one son. He married a great gal 15 years ago and we have a grandson who is 11 yrs old and a granddaughter 9 yrs old. We went to our grandson's "graduation" on Thursday. Next school term he will be in grade 7, Jr. high school. He is so excited because on Thursday, my son measured him and I back to back with a level on our heads and we are BOTH 5' 4". He then quickly went and weighed himself and said, "Baba, I weigh 124#, how much do you weigh?" LOL LOL, I told him I weighed a "little more" then that. YIKES....don't I wish. :D
We sure have had our share of rain. Our son had his ski boat tied to the dock at the lake and late Thursday afternoon he got a call that his boat had been swamped. Fortunately he was able to haul it out of the water, and got the motor dried out. He started one week holiday with his family this past Friday (Canada Day) and it would have been so disappointing if the boat had not been working. We got our grandson a set of new water skis for a passing present, so he would have been very disappointed too if he couldn't use the new skis. :)
Karen I knew that our little Sprout would prove to be a good traveller. Dogs are just happy to be with the people they love. :love:
Hi Ann don't you feel good when you buy something that is expensive and you get to the counter and it's on sale...YIPPEE :woo:
I bought those 100 calorie bags of treats the last time DH and I went to the states and I think they are super. Congrats on the SUPER weight loss. :cheer: :cheer:
Maria is Mattie spelled like that or with a "y" at the end? You will not believe how quickly she will grow. She is just a real little doll. :)
A friend of mine who used to come for tea time had hair removed from her face. I think it took a few sessions but she was pleased with the results. Gloria we have air cond. and also a fan in our bedroom. If you just have it on low, it provides just enough of a little air movement. I love it. :) Glenda I think when people lie they must feel very insecure about themselves. I'm sure the people that see that gal all the time know very well that she did NOT simply drop 75#. Instead of lying about it, she should just explain why she felt she had to do it that way. Peggy I forget what is going on with you, and of course I can't see your last post now, but I hope you are enjoying the summer. Trudy I am happy that the work on your teeth is almost at an end. Isn't it nice to go outside and not have wear a raincoat or hold a plastic bag over your head. hee hee :) I love the sunshine. :cool:
On Monday we have to be at Cancer Care at 8:00 and DH begins his pre-transplant tests and also has a chemo session. I think this time it is just that one time but will know more on Monday. The nurse said to be prepared to be at the hospital for most of the day. He is also having chest x-ray, EKG, and blood tests.
Talk to you all soon....and once again, glad to "see" you Freda. :)

07-02-2005, 10:50 PM
G'day all,

Freda what is the reason for your dizziness?? Whilst we were driving back to Adelaide just recently, several times as we changed drivers I felt quite dizzy. I never said anything to dh because I wanted to push on and I felt OK again once I sat down either in the passenger seat or the drivers seat.
After a really good sleep I was fine so I just put it down to tiredness.
Glad you liked my flowers. :)

Slavika what a shame about your son's boat :eek: The photos told a telling story :( Good he was able to haul it out of the water and by the sounds not too much damage was done.
This far I don't call Matilda anything else but Matilda, I guess it doesn't really matter how her shortened name of 'Maddy' or Mattie' is spelt. Her other grandfather always calls her 'Mattie'.
Good luck on Monday, hope the day will go smoothly and it will not be too traumatic for either your dh or you.
I know you have a lot on your plate but it was nice to see you post. :)

The weekend is flying, what a change from being in Sydney and wondering how we will fill in the weekend! DH is doing some work at ds's rental property , then home this afternoon to get ready to fly back to Sydney first thing in the morning.
It is a cold and miserable day here, perfect for a roast dinner :love:

I was to go to the person who does laser treatment next Thursday but I now have to change the appointment. Our d-i-l is playing netball in Perth and has to leave on Thursday on a 4 pm flight and returns again on Saturday.
I will look after Matilda for the 2 nights. I am starting to get more confident handling a tiny little one. I have set up my sewing/junk/spare bedroom for her. She is getting too big for the carry basket so I the cot I bought in Sydney will now be very useful.
DS will come and stay the night again on Friday night but thursdaynight he has football practice so he will just stay at his own house.

It will be interesting to see how I am going to cope :dizzy:

Hope you are all having an enjoyable weekend.


the slim me
07-03-2005, 12:03 PM
Hi everyone, Thanks for welcoming me into your group!

The reason forl my dizziness is: I was vacationing in the mountains and my innerear got messed up! It's been going on for longer than a week now and it's pretty annoying! I am taking antivert and it's helping a little, but I can't do all the things I want to do, like exercise. I can move around find as long as I do it slowely and don't move my head too quickly. The Dr. said there wasn't much you could do except wait it out.

Slauka, Don't the kids grow too quicly? Soon your grandchildren will be "bigger" than you. glad to see that your son got his boat repaired in time for the weekend.

We're not doing much this weekend, except maybe barbacue with the family. It's our 4'th of July celebration this weekend! Big holiday here! My son took the kids to see the fireworks last night. The weather remains cooperative, cool, but not too cool. That is supposed to change next week, it's getting hot again!

Have a good weekend, all

07-03-2005, 09:09 PM
G'day all,

Happy to report that I have changed my appointment for the laser treatment to tomorrow!
The first consult will be to discuss my options, dh is rather interested in the fees ;) so I will see if I can get a ball park figure as to the total cost.

How annoying for you Freda especially that you have to wait it out :mad:

Nice, sunny winter's day here.

Hope all my American friends are having a great 4th July celebration.


07-05-2005, 03:57 AM
G'day all,

I have had my first laser treatment today.

Here is one of a number of sites re the machine that is used


It is a bit annoying that you have to wait 4 weeks in between treatments. :(
The other disappointing thing is that the white hairs will not react to laser treatment, however I was told that 70% of the hair is dark and they are confident that all of that will be permanently removed.

I was also surprised at the cost, I thought it was quite reasonable AUS$60.50 per treatment. I am so desperate to get rid of the hair that dh and I discussed it and thought I might be up for a few thousand dollars. Hopefully I will get all the treatments I need for under a $1000.

I have also decided to get prepared meals (http://www.liteneasy.com.au/about/ ) delivered again whilst dh is in Sydney. I am just shocking and do not cook properly for myself. This way everything is done for me and hopefully it will help getting some weight off.

Another lovely winter's day here......

I am not sure why the new smilie :) is that because of Independence Day????

See you tomorrow....


the slim me
07-05-2005, 08:55 AM
Good morning everyone, It's cloudy this morning, looks like it might rain here in Michigan. That's a good thing! It's been very dry and the lawns are looking brown. We got some rain last evening along with some thunder and lightening. But, it was later in the evening after every one had gone home from the barbacue we had for the 4'th. And, I planned ahead and didn't over eat! I did have a hamburger and corn-on-the cob and some pasta salad (that I made with low calorie dressing). And I was able to go for a walk. The dizziness is slowely going away!

I was hoping the lazor treatment had changed, since I am very fair and the hair is almost white. So I don't know how beneficial it would be. I know it does better on dark hair. I am hoping that with the new machines and techniques they will come up with something for light. You must be so excited to get started! How did it feel? I've heard everything from "light" to "very bad". What delevered meal plan did you go on? Is it something like Jenny Craig, where they send you all the food?

Hope everyone has a good day, Freda

07-05-2005, 06:08 PM
G'day all,

Very early morning here...as in 5.25am :eek:
I am a bit excited I downloaded the latest version of Photoshop and it has some great new features. Dh asked me to wait to buy it until the end of the financial year (June 30 for us) so it is now July and I have ordered it and in the meantime will use the 30 day free trial version.
I will spend the day learning and trying out some of the new features.

Freda re the laser treatment, I think the blond hair is OK to treat but it is the white hair that has lost all pigmentation, that is the problem. It certainly was not painful, ever so slightly unpleasant. I have had electrolisis and I hated that, I can only liken the sensation to something like when you accidentally chew on silver paper:eek: :rolleyes:, laser treatment is far more pleasant than that!
The meal delivery is not necessarily to loose weight, it is more for convenience (or laziness in my case ;)). You can choose what plan you want 2000, 1500 or 1200 calories. I have opted for the 1200 calorie plan and will see how I go.

Looks like you and I are the only ones 'talking' these past few days :( I guess everyone is busy :)


07-05-2005, 07:57 PM
Hello again. We are back. Of course I should be doing laundry and finishing the unpacking but that lil ol puter was just calling my name.

Hi Freda: Welcome, I have only be with the gals since April but this is a good group. I am 72, been married 48 yrs in Sept. and we have 3 girls and 1 boy, 9 grqndkids (6 boys, 3 girls). Most of the family lives fairly close but DS lives in Raleigh with his wife & 1 g. & 1 b. We get to see them about once a year and this year it will be November when we will meet at DisneyWorld.

Cape Cod was wonderful and about 20 degrees cooler than here near Boston.
There were 3 of us ladies who had all worked together and boy did we talk & talk & laugh & laugh. It was just like old times. The food that the other gal & I brought worked out well as our Hostess did not have to cook but one meal. She deserved that break. The fireworks were on Sunday nite and started about 9:20 til 10 PM. The beach which is about just across the street is about a mile long and it was wall to wall people. The ones that had been there all day for the water and sun stayed and others started pouring in about 5PM and were still coming at 9:15PM. You couldn't park any where near the beach so they parked down town and walked but when it broke the traffic jam lasted about 2 hours. We just sat on the porch and the barge was about 250 yards off shore directly across from us. It was spectacular. On the 4th :) we watched the Boston Pops on TV and saw the Boston fireworks. I understand that the last hour from 10 - 11PM was broadcast nationally. I wonder if any of you caught it. Those were some fireworks.

Coming off Cape today was awful....took us 2 1/2 hours for a normally 1 hour ride. I thought that coming home the day after the 4th would be quiet but of course NOT!!!!

You all have been busy and I know that MARIA is babysitting (have fun)and that lazer treatment, WOW! SLAVIKA's sons boat got swamped but glad it was salvagable. TRUDY your parade sounds adorable. The neighbors down the Cape do a parade around their little block every year. Bikes, Wagons and fat men in flag shorts....all in great fun. 12 noon everyone comes out to applaud. KAREN your little Sprout enjoyed his trip...wonderful. ANN you out rank me, WOW 14 GKs and 3 GGKs. Congratulations! I know I have forgotten people ....I am getting fuzzy brained. Hope you all had a great 4th.


07-05-2005, 08:52 PM
Welcome back Gloria!

Good to hear you had a good time, it all sounded like a lot of fun except for your journey home :eek:


07-05-2005, 10:34 PM
Hi everyone: I haaven't been posting - just reading, as we had kids and grandkids over the weekend. Also I was the chairperson for our Independence Day celebration at the clubhouse, so that took some time. I am happy to say that it all went off well , everyone had plenty to eat, and the entertainment was good. But I came home tired, and starting an allergy attack of some sort. finally went to the Dr. today and he gave me a shot, and an antibiotic as a precaution so I wouldn't get bronchitis, and also gave me an allergy medication. I have a faucet nose, and sneezing up a storm. i hate it. :mad:

Tomorrow we are going to Daytona Beach for 3 days. Outr church is paying for me to go and look for music. It is a music reading clinic put on by a company that sells exclusively to churches. I hope to find something for us to do for Christmas. DH says that he is going to sit in the shade on the beach and watch the bikinis go by. :D: I have to feel better, as I don't wont to be sneezing all the time we are gone.

Gloria: It took two marriages for me to get that number if kids and grandkids. My DH had 4 children and I had 2. But we have been married for almost 30 years now, so our families are just sort of lumped together now and it is good that we all get along well. DH's youngest son, wife and two kids were here for the weekend. And then next week my daughter and granddaughter will be here. My girls and their families look at Phil as their Dad, as their biolgical one wasn't the nicest or best. I'm very happy that things worked out that way, It sounds like you had a great weekend. But traffic jams are the pits.

Maria: I'm happy for you that the laser treatment is not going break your bank. And happy that it will solve the problem for you. I feel fortunate, I only have one or two hairs and the tweezers work very well.

Freda: Hope that by now your dizziness is going away. My DH had that problem after we got back from a trip to Arizona and the GrandCanyon. The abrupt change in altitude is what got him.

I probably won't have a chance to get back before Friday when we get home from our adventure. I'll fill you in on the bikini watching, and my music quest.

Happy days to you all. Ann

07-06-2005, 08:07 PM
G'day all,

My weekend is starting early, this afternoon I will go to my d-i-l's place, pick up Matilda and drive d-i-l to the airport for her Fridaynight game in Perth Western Australia.
I have Matilda's bed all ready and I wonder how I will go looking after such a little baby for 2 days and nights!

As always, it was good to read your post Ann with all the things you have been up to. If I could manage to get rid of my excess facial hair with tweezers I would be thrilled however with the amount I have, it would become a full time job ;) :D
I hope there were lots of dolly birds for your dh to admire whilst you are at Daytona Beach and you find the music.

I guess I will try to get back in between feeds and sleeps this weekend :)


07-07-2005, 11:45 AM
Just finished the ironing so now I am caught up from just 4 days away. Either we are very dirty people or very clean ones. Laundry never ends.
I forgot to tell you that I made out quite well while away...in the shopping department. We ladies went to a couple of Consignment Shops and a few yard sales and all in all there was a lot of 'junk' but I did get a very cute sweatshirt from a resort in GA. and a golf cap for DH. I also got a couple of paperbacks and my all time favorite.....10 pieces of Haviland China from Bavaria, Germany. They were small, individual type dishes maybe for individual servings of applesauce, vegetables or the like. Perfect condition and all 10 for $10. They are not the exact pattern of my china but blue and white and will make a lovely mix & match. Also the local library puts on a used book sale each year over the 4th and they have a large tent on the town green. I made a mad dash for the paperbacks and got 13 the first day for 50 cents each and on the way home the tent was still up and got 4 more at half price...25 cents. What a haul.

Maria...you are definetly going to be busy this weekend with Matilda. Hope she lets you get some sleep. Your D-i-l doesn't realize how lucky she is that you are close and willing to care for the baby. When mine were small, like most of us, I was the designated caretaker 24/7.

Ann...No matter how you got your family, enjoy! Which, of course, it sounds like you already do. Must be quite a crowd when you all get together.

Freda...Hope by now you have a handle on that dizzyness. It can be awful to feel well but just be a bit 'off center'. Sosmetimes that happens to me while shopping and I think it is the lighting in the store. I just leave and come back another day.

Slavika....Wonderful news about DH. You may not be out of the woods yet but the path is becoming more clear. Keep up the good work you two and we will keep up the prayers.

Got to get moving....DH wants to go out for a while. Gloria

07-07-2005, 07:04 PM
G'day all,

Matilda is sleeping along side of me :love: I had har little cot and everything set up in the spare bedroom but ds said he finds it difficult to sleep in the same room as he hears every little murmur etc. so I transported the cot in my very crowded computer room.
She is a little sweetie, smiling all the time but boy what a lot of work!
I have just sterilised all the bottles and got the formula ready for the day, tidied up and it is only 7.15am :eek:

Gloria I had not heard of the china you mentioned but found it on the net, it looks very elegant but definitly not the sort of stuff to put in the dishwasher!
I love getting second hand books when I a m away, invariably it is a lot cheaper than some of those flashy magazines.

D-i-l and ds do realise that they are very lucky to have us and her parents as well, to look after Matilda in her bid to make the Australian side for the Commonwealth Games. She told me yesterday that once she has achieved that goal she will retire from international netball. I am very pleased to hear that. In October/November the Australian team is on tour to New Zealand and Jamaica, in order to get selected for the Commonwealth Games, she has to make herself available for that tour.
Her parents will take a week holidays and I have agreed to have her for the remaining 10 days before she returns home again.

Being the only non-sporting person in the family, I find it all very difficult to comprehend.

The overnight news from London has been dominating our news services this morning, when will it ever end :?: and what do they actually achieve other than more hatred?

On that note I will be off,

07-08-2005, 01:27 AM
Im not gonna try and catch up.

Good News! For me. Im getting a Laptop! So hopefully I can visit more. I will take to work and use at Lunch. I really hope to get back in touch with you. Will be at least 2 weeks away tho.

So sad what Happen today in England. Will it ever end? Have friends over there. As for your comment Maria, I dont know what to say. I dont think it will ever end. Its sad to say the least.
Just a month ago they arrested several AL-Queda guys about 50 miles from me. Its sad as they were people that go around in the summer in Ice Cream Trucks to sell to people. Home and Office. Kids Mostly. since it happened they arent around anymore.
I find this very sad. I grew up waiting for these guys to come around. And now even honest people cant do it. Makes me mad and very sad. I never bought from the guy who came around work, but it always brought back Memories. Now he is gone. And only Because terrorist took it away from him. They took his lifeline away. A way to make some Money for his family :mad:

07-08-2005, 06:07 PM
Hi: We are back and had a great and productive time. I feel certain that I found some good music for Christmas and also some other things that we can use. It sure would be wonderful to have a choir like all the singers we had. There were probably 150 to 175 people in attendance, and all either Music Ministers or Choir directors. so for 1 1/2 days all we did was sing as we sight read gobs of music. It was a lot of fun and also inspirational. And DH did his beach walking but he was still waiting for me when I got back. The only frustrating thing was that I was so busy, that I never got the time to go put my feet in the ocean. And Daytona has a great beach. :mad:

Maria: I'm sure you are haveing a busy and fun time with Matilda. If your DIL
plays in the commonwealth games, would that make her elligible for the summer olympics?

It sure is hard to understand the mentality of the terrorist mind. It is as if they can't learn from their past mistakes, because in most cases, like 9/11 all it does is make the resolve of the country stronger to defeat them. And I think that is what is happening in England too. I believe that Spain did knuckle under and withdraw their troops from the U.N. forces, and so I suppose that each victory the terrorists get, they become bold to try again. And it seems to be so easy for them to get past our immigration laws. And then we have the people who say our laws are too harsh. We were listening to a talk show guy while traveling and he was complaining about some of our Senators and Congressmen who also play into the hands of the terrorist/insurrgent minds, when they show an ununified front and are not supportive of the troops. Politics!! BahHumbug!!! I think love of country and patriotism has to come before politics. guess I better get off my soapbox.:sorry: :sssh:

Hi Lily: Glad you will soon be able to get back with us on a regular basis.

I've just checked the time and I think my DH would be happy if I thought about something to eat. Talk to you all later. Ann

07-08-2005, 07:40 PM
I just caught up with the reading and don't remember a thing, but was sure glad to hear from Lily. Yea. You will be able to post to us more often. And I so agree about the terrorists. What exactly are they accomplishing, but inspiring more and more hate in this world. I wonder that the Muslim world doesn't turn on them too. I think the only thing that will work on them is if world opinion drastically turns against them. Just so sad.

Sounded like everyone had a great 4th. Gloria, we got in a terrible traffic jam too. On Saturday we went down to Bricktown in OKC, saw a movie, stayed for the fireworks and it took us 45 minutes to get two blocks out of Toby Keith's new bar and grill. Just crazy. We went to another display with my sis and bro and spouses and grandkids, etc. My SIL just had back surgery so we let her off close, but coming out, she had to walk about a mile to her car. No other way. Kenny Rogers was at that concert. I hope you all know Kenny Robers and Toby Keith are country stars.

Maria, your baby is just so pretty. I loved her pictures. This is such a cute age and sounds like you got back in the groove pretty quickly. Can you imagine leaving an almost newborn for 10 days. Kids!

Slavika, hope it all went well. I was almost surprised the boat was okay after being almost submerged. What a mess, but glad it worked out. You know you are in my prayers.

Ann, while he was bikini-watching you were looking for music for your church. Hmmmm...interesting how the sexes are different, huh? You didn't even get a little peak at a tanned muscular man in a swimming suit? You are too good.

Well, I can't answer everyone, but just know I sure do love you guys. I have had one of the worst weeks of my life at work. I think it is because I have just been so darned tired. Hubby is working overtime and we have only one car. Too long days. I am that witch spelled with the second letter of the alphabet. This weekend will be good and restful.

07-08-2005, 10:38 PM
G'day all,

Fifteen minutes ago ds and Matilda left for the airport to pick up wife/Mum.
I am exhausted, Matilda went down at 8.30pm, woke and was fed at 2.30 am then woke again at 6am :eek: :rolleyes:
When my children were babies I used to easily go back to sleep, not so anymore :( DS offered to do the feeding but he is playing football this afternoon so I felt he really needed his sleep.
Her other grandma came over in her lunch break, we are both finding it a huge demand on us and are both pleased that d-i-l will retire from international competion after the Commonwealth Games. Her Mum has her doubts that she will go on tour to New Zealand and Jamaica, she thinks she may 'weaken' and will be unable to leave Matilda behind.
I had a bit of fun taking lots of photos and I have attached another 3 to this post.
You are probably sick of seeing the child however it could be worse, it could be photos of ME ;) :D

Ann Netball is not an olympic sport, it was a demonstration sport at the Sydney Olympics but that is as far as it went.
Sounds like you had a great time researching your music.
I am with you and one wonders when it will ever end all this violence.
We were discussing it last night and really it is no different from the time of the Crusaders when they plundered, raped and murdered their way to the Holy Land in 1099 to take over Jerusalem from the Muslims.
I really cannot understand why it is so important to force different values onto other people in such a violent way.

Lily nice to see you, no doubt in time we will have a valid email address for you and we will be able to share other things with you as well.

Glenda sorry you had a bad week :( I sure am looking foreward to the rest of my weekend to be a bit more restful, I hope it is for you as well.

I better go and now do some washing before going off to the football.

Hope you will all have a great weekend,

07-09-2005, 05:56 PM
I am amazed!!! Went to WW weigh-in today, and truly expected that i would have gained, since I haven't been exercising, didn't eat according to plan while we were away, and taking antibiotics - but I stayed the same. That was mind bogling to me but made me feel really happy.

I was interested in an article in our paper today telling that Jordan's King Abdullah II is calling on Muslims to stop taking innocent lives. That the terrorists and insurgents are only harming Islam. Maybe that will be the final solution, that the Muslim world will rise up against the terrorists. We can only hope. I don't think that fanatics of any type care about anything but their own agenda.

We have been watching Hurricane Dennis, and we will be getting rain and some windy conditions, but nothing serious. But the poor folks up in the panhandle of Fl. are bracing for yet another hit. In some places they haven't totally recovered from last years Ivan. I surely hope and pray it won't be too severe.

We did get a good bit of rain today and will probably get more tomorrow.

I love to travel, but I also do enjoy being home, and doing my own cooking. Then i know exactly what I am eating.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Ann

07-10-2005, 08:00 PM
on to the next thread everyone!