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06-27-2005, 04:31 PM
I dont know why but this summer heat always gets me lazy. :dizzy:
Im having to really push myself and get myself going.
I never was like this during the winter time. I had all the energy I could stand. But now with it hitting 95 and above its like my go just got up and took off for the season. :o
Does the heat try to beat you also. :?:
Now usually the summer is when I get thrown and mess up. But im still hanging in there and doing what I got to do im just finding that my energy level is down in the gutter. :^:
Ive also been getting more sleep so I know its not rest and its not to much.
So I dont know but im going ot hang in there. I dont want to eat anymore just having trouble getting out on my bike to head up to the gym.
I think a tiny little part is that the last time I went to the gym I was heading home and I was very very close from getting hit by a car who did not stop before making a turn.
Well Im off to go work out.