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06-27-2005, 08:43 AM
Morning all you chickadees. I beat Ruth again! :lol3: :cb:

Had a boring weekend. Didnt do a thing Sat nite except go to the gym....
Yest switched my pc room and the baby's room. Was about done and bent over to pick up a book.....and OUCH! This happens to me about twice a year. Now it must say something to the powers that be that I am going to work today with a hurt back, and filling in at another office at that. Right Chicks????? :D

So much for the gym for a few days.........Thats ok, at least I know I am eating right. ;)

What's happening on your stretch of the beach????

06-27-2005, 09:04 AM
I just lost a big and extremely wonderful post! :rofl: I should know enough to save it. It seems a post sometimes disappears when one is interrupted by a PM announcement. Ahem, Ellis!

How did the shower go, Ellis? Did you receive your guests naked?

Aw, Wenchy, I hope that back smartens up soon. Is it a disc problem?

This morning, I'm going to do some gardening until I melt, have a cool bath and then go for my allergy shot at 1:00 followed by a visit to Harry who is getting narky about coming home. NOT! It'll be BBQ night again for me as I refuse to turn on the stove when it's over 90F! No smart-*** comments about The Great White North, OK?

What's happening on your Meltdown Monday? ICED :coffee: being served on the deck today.

06-27-2005, 09:08 AM
Ruth, thank goodness no. It a muscle problem. First time I pulled it I was 17. Go figure......It will be ok in a few days. Just have to lay/sit with the heating pad until then.

06-27-2005, 09:18 AM
Wenchy - hope your back feels better soon!

Ruth- stay cool. I wish I had half your energy :D

mameli - I definitely think that treating yourself to some non-op foods occassionally is ok. I would never change my eating style and then tell myself "I can't eat that" because then I would just want it more. Though some people do, I don't have a problem eating something non-op once a week or less as long as I know it won't trigger cravings.

I went walking saturday, not sure how far I went but enough to make my legs ache later that day. I haven't checked the posts form the weekend but I did stop at the garage sale, they had nothing. I won an auction on ebay though for a lot of 12 new hardback childrens books for $11! I am picking them up today, I love getting a good deal, especially for my kids.

I haven't been exercising :o I am going to start today! I have walk away the pounds tapes but since we moved they have been packed somewhere, I am determined to find them.

06-27-2005, 09:27 AM
Good morning, girls! :wave:

I'm just rushing off to see my psychiatrist... will be back later.

The shower was fabulous... I'll try to post a pic of the cake later.

love you all... :grouphug:

Sorry about that, Ruthie. snicker.

06-27-2005, 09:28 AM
Isn't it amazing how easy it is to pull a back muscle. It is very painful too and not much you can do but baby it for a few days. Hot showers and ice both helped me when I would do it.
I just read the weekend posts. This has to be one of the busiest boards anywhere.
Ruth you are just non stop. You amaze me.
I had a good weekend.My art class is getting moved again and with a different lady.I am a "amatuer" but love taking classes and get better with time. The lady I started with needed to take the summer off and the lady that took her place has had a problem with class.It is a mixed class of you name it.Beginners,those working in oils,some pencil, some pen& ink like myself.She is a very good artist but doesn't do pen & ink which didn't help me.So another lady is starting a drawing class period.So I will start there Friday. Actually I am looking forward to it.She uses vine sticks which was a new one to me. SO to the art store we go. It is like a charcoal pencil but without the wood part. Oh well ,It keeps me out of trouble
Please forgive me for not referring to each of you.I do read the posts and you have been a big help to me.You are a lively group. I enjoy hearing about your adventures with South Beach and with life.
Have a great day.I have to push myself out to pool for exercises. :( It has to be helping altho I don't see a lot of results yet. It is nice to know I got them done "after " I finish. :)

06-27-2005, 09:36 AM
Eleni, a friend of mine who has been very overweight all her life really says that the pool helps. She does water walking in the shallow end. About pen and ink, I got kicked out of a calligraphy class the second night for being too messy so I guess that's not for me! Maybe water colours?

FlMom, aren't children's books a terrible price when new? I always pick up as many as I can at yard/garage sales for the grandkids.

I was just out to the garden. I have lots of lettuce, green onions, chard and pod peas. Anybody wanna come for lunch? Maybe a veggie wrap in a whole wheat tortilla with some lowfat cheese? The Phase I folks can have it in lettuce leaves.

06-27-2005, 09:41 AM
Feel better Wenchy!

Ruth - throw some chicken on for me? I so miss being able to grill...

FLMom -- I am with you. Must. Get. More. Exercise!!!!!

Eleni -- how fun! Art -- I haven't done a thing since my senior year of High School.

Me -- well, I am up a pound and a half. Still trying to work bread in. It's basically the only carn we have :lol: We have to go food shopping. I also ate poorly last night so a day of Phse 1 it is (tortillas in my soup and with guacamole last night on our "date").

I am getting ready for this weekend when we camp - and when I propose. It's been so hard keeping the engagement ring a secret! I am dying here!!!

Off to work. Have a great day all!

06-27-2005, 10:32 AM
Morning ladies....the scale finally went down a pound (ONLY A POUND!!) I am going to go back to phase I because yesterday I was with Kloe & her new thing is eating oreos & giving someone (meaning me) her one cookie without cream. After three, I gave up & started feeding them to the dog!
DBF's truck is being stubborn, so I gotta take him to work....peck in later.

anchor weight
06-27-2005, 10:32 AM
Morning chicks!

I hate to unload on you all but I have to tell you what has been going on.

On Friday one of my tires came off my truck while I was driving it. Luckily I was downtown at a very busy intersection so I was only going 10 mph, however - note the very busy intersection part. :o I was very embarrassed but that quickly changed when the police came and told me my truck had been tampered with. So it quickly became a criminal investigation. Yup one of my darling students took all the lug nuts off the tire except one and I'm just damn lucky I wasn't driving 80 MPH down the highway with my 7 year old in the truck cause it would have rolled and we would probably be dead and I would have hit other cars too. The only reason I hadn't taken the highway downtown was I had to meet with the company that processes our payroll because of a mistake. So I drove cross town on regular streets. Otherwise I would have taken the highway. We have had two classes from h**l lately and really had to crack down on them.

Needless to say I've been in a surreal funk since then. I drank some drinks on Friday night and had pasta on Saturday and topped it off with chinese food last night (cause it is too stinken hot to cook). Now I just keep staring off into space. I've been puppy sitting for the X all weekend so I've laid low (which is good cause I have no truck) but I can't seem to get past this series of emotions. First I'm grateful cause DS wasn't with me and cause I was going only 10 mph when it happened. Then I get mad trying to figure out which of the nasty students did it. Then I just get sad cause it makes me realize that someone we trained to go work with vulnerable people in hospitals and nursing homes is capable of trying to kill someone (me). Then the whole thing starts over again.

There is basically nothing the police can do. The only thing I can do is not recommend anyone from those two classes for jobs but that doesn't seem right to punish 31 people cause one person is a sick freak who needs help. I can only pray that somehow God will weed this person out and make sure they don't ever work with vulnerable people.

I need some motivation chicks. I'm really in a funk. Maybe I'll feel better when I get my truck fixed today. I already had to write a check for $89.00 tow charges and $438.00, for parts. That isn't even labor. And as the Americans can explain to the Canadian chicks - if I turn it into insurance my rates will sky rocket and I'll pay more in 10 months than I would if I just paid for it myself. I need some happy vibes! Help!

06-27-2005, 10:53 AM
Anchor, I don't have any great words of wisdom but I wish I did. We're here for you, though. Motivation should come in the form of not letting anything effect you. Show whoever did it that it didn't scare you away or stop you from being you. I'm shocked that the police can not do anything. I would speak with your bosses maybe, and see if you can get a monitored parking spot? I hope things work out for you. :)

As for me, I am back onto Phase I for a few days before I head off to phase II. I want to make sure this weekend didn't ruin it for me. Phase I hasn't been so bad, so another week or so doesn't seem daunting. I don't think I need to do the whole 2 weeks over but either way, I want to keep losing. But I don't feel too bad about the weekend, I had a nice time and now it's time to get back to losing! Hopefully, these 3 pounds won't stick around. :lol:

Have a great morning ladies!

06-27-2005, 11:21 AM
Anchor...that's awful. I hate it when people do such things! That's down right disgusting! Are you 100% sure it was one of the students? Just wondering.....count your blessings that no one was hurt. Second, yeah you're going to pay through your nose for this, but your life (and your ds) is worth a whole lot more!
As far as emotions go....I'm your girl for that (my previous week -gained 5 lbs!) Don't make my mistake....because it's taking FOREVER to come off. I finally told myself that I deserve better, my dbf deserves a hot gf (he's hot & he's soooo nice), and my mother would want me to be happy. Sure my mother died young, but she did so much in 52 years...a lot more than some that live to be 100. just isn't good for any of us to stay in a's like putting your life on "pause." Not worth it...get back on the beach!!

06-27-2005, 11:30 AM
OK....2 things ladies...
first I checked the past web sites that my dbf was looking at and they are all jewelry stores....hmm I might be getting that engagement ring sooner than I thought :dance:

Second...does anyone know of a good web site to look up addresses? I have thank you cards to send out & some folks did not put a return address on their cards/flowers. I've tried anywho....nothing. I thought there was a peoplefinder or something, but I haven't found it yet...any suggestions?

06-27-2005, 11:43 AM
Holy Crapoli Anchor!

We're glad you are safe. Maybe talk to the principal or something to get advice? Maybe announce just that to the class (NO ONE GETS RECS) and maybe someone who has heard the one who did it talking about it will come forward?

Come back on the beach when you can. We're here for you!

06-27-2005, 11:45 AM
good morning everyone! * I have not put the cast back on...I dont have the heart even though it hurts I just dont want to..still way too hot.

I got in a huge fight with my best friend last night over J..she doesn't approve and doesn't like him and wont be my maid of that sucks I was very upset last night and must admit I had some ice cream...but whatever thats not the point....I feel so awful....the thing is..she has met him once and has nothing to base her judgement on...i just cant beleive that for the first time i am happy and she wont be there with me...cause she is making it all about sucks..sorry for venting but i feel so lost.

06-27-2005, 11:47 AM
Hey Gals....How's your lives on the beach?
It's been really tough here lately. Even tho I haven't stalled yet, I'm having a really hard time. TOM showed up Wednesday night while I was at work, and by Thursday was here with a vengeance! I ended up having an "accident" at work, and had to borrow some scrub pants from the surgery dept! Thank goodness, I was already scheduled to be off Fri.-Mon. I haven't had this bad a time in years and years!! I feel like TOM has been here for ever but it's just now 5 days! I still feel weak and like if I was to head to the gym for a workout that I wouldn't be able to get thru it. In May, TOM was hardly here at I guess I'm making up for it this month!
I ate horrible this weekend! and I feel like crap from that..I've gotta hit it hard this week and STAY OP. I didn't drink near enough water all weekend.
Usually when I'm "dieting" and I get to a tough spot like this, I give up and just start eating whatever again. I don't want this to happen, I've never lost this much weight on any diet I've ever tried. I want to keep losing weight. I like the way I feel inside and out when I'm staying OP.
Sorry I sound so bummed out! I guess everyone goes thru it sooner or later.

I have a question about some cereal that I's Kashi Autumn Wheat. It's organic shredded wheat, but it's lightly sweetened with organic cane the cane juice totally bad?

Well, I'll talk to you chickies later,
love ya all.

Silicon Andy
06-27-2005, 12:05 PM
It sounds like a lot of people had tough weekends, both in terms of eating and in terms of life in general! I'm really glad this board exists to help us all through it.

Anchor, that is really scary, but I'm glad you're ok. What do you teach? It always makes me a little nervous when students want to know what kind of car I drive. Does your school have a "resource" officer? Maybe he or she could talk to a few of your "good" kids and see if anyone knows anything. It seems like the school should be able to do some sort of "quiet" investigation. I'd absolutely insist on a front and center, monitored parking spot!

I tend to turn to food when stressed as well. (That is why I'm trying to stay as OP as possible during summer vacation.) I made the pulled pork last night, and BOY is it good! We needed to take my MIL out for a "thank you" dinner, though, so I just had a little taste while moving it into tupperware and will probably eat it for the next few days.

We went to The Olive Garden b/c we had part of a gift card left. I got pork tenderloin with veggies instead of potatoes. I'm sure there is sugar in the salad dressing, but I ate some anyhow. Then we went to see The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy at the cheap theater. The one closest to us does this thing where admission is $3 but then you get a coupon worth $3 at the snack bar. I had a diet coke and just let the rest go b/c there was nothing SBD friendly behind the counter. I'd snuck in a few hard SF candies to help with that, though.

My biggest accomplishment this weekend, though, is getting our yard mostly finished. We put mulch in all the flowerbeds. Now we just have a few spots that need sod and one area where we're not sure what to plant, and we'll be done!

Andy left his bbq brush on the porch, and Darwin managed to get it, making himself sick last night. Why would you put the brush you use to clean the grill down on the floor of the porch? Oh, well.

Happy Monday, everyone!


06-27-2005, 12:32 PM
Hello all,

Man everybody had such hard weekends!!! I hope everyone's week goes better, including mine....Here is my weekend story. Customer Service people really get to me here lately. I just don't have the patience to deal with rude people anymore. I took my son to get a new cell phone (his was stolen) and CSR was not going to let us do anything on the account because DH's name was listed first and I am only authorized to take care of billing!!!! Oh that was it, I was ticked off and told her I was getting ticked because I had spoke to someone the day before that said I could come in and they would take care of everything!!! Then this little girl tells me "well you can get ticked all you want I'm going to have a good day today" then she went to her manager to get authorization for me to take care of account. Needless to say I had a few words to say and called the manager when I got home. Then at the grocery checkout....she was so rude as well. What is the matter with people, I try to be nice and upbeat but it never fails these people bring me down and tick me off!!!

Anyway, I have stayed op and lost another 2 pounds this week. DH is doing ok, he slips every once in a while.. he had a slice of pizza when we went out Saturday night, but I think over all he's doing great.

Hope everyone has a great week!!!!

anchor weight
06-27-2005, 12:40 PM
Thanks guys! I'm starting to feel a little better.

First of all I may call them kids but they are all post high school "adults". We are a private vocational school so we don't have alot of resources like state or federal public schools. Like no security guard. A lot of the students have come from challenged backgrounds and the state sponsors their education. We've all been threatened in one way, shape or another but it is hard to punish everyone who is trying to change their life for one or two who don't belong in this field or who's social skills may need some serious polish. They just graduated on Thursday and it is good thing cause if they hadn't - I would have held the graduation paperwork until the police interviewed them all. There were no fingerprints on the truck and the lug nuts that may have had fingerprints were removed. So what do ya do? :shrug:

My fault is that I parked out back of the school (by myself) cause I don't like door dings. :lol: Forget my personal safety just don't ding my da*n car door. :lol: I won't be parking back there anymore.

Good new is that I actually have a smile on my face right now and I'm OP so far today. I still find myself staring off into space but I'm trying to stay grounded! Thanks for the good wishes.

06-27-2005, 12:47 PM
hello everyone,

wow i'm exhausted today. my insomnia really hit me hard last nite. luckily i am working on two knitting projects (one for myself and one for my sister) so my hands were busy and i wasn't tempted to eat (then again i have no food in my apartment so i think that helps).

i have however forgotten to take my anti-depressants in 3 days. i didn't take them on saturday and sunday and forgot them today. i usually take them first thing when i get to work while eating my breakfast. so obviuosly its hard to remember on the days i don't work. but today i switched bags and left my meds lying on my counter. damnit. this should be interesting. i'm going to get dizzy and weak. i hate myself for forgetting.

cheated in the worst way on the weekend.... had about 4 beers. I know I know, but i really needed to go out and have a good time because i've been staying cooped up at home from lack of money and my depression has been pretty bad lately. but none the less, when i stepped on the scale this morning to start off week 2 i had lost 8 lbs! 8 lbs in one week! yeah. i'm so happy..... i can reach my goal for my sisters wedding.... i'm so excited.

anyway time to get to work... hope everyone had a good weekend.

06-27-2005, 12:47 PM
Been a bit busy here. I go to girls camp tomorrow for a week so I'll be away from the 'puter and won't even be able to surf here.

You all stay on program and exercise.

06-27-2005, 01:08 PM
nefarious----WAY TO GO on your 8 lb loss!!! :cb:

06-27-2005, 01:11 PM
nefarious...I love to knit...what are you working on?

06-27-2005, 01:19 PM
Good afternoon Chicas!
Wow, just finished reading just today's posts..Lot's a going on!

SilconAndy: Yum I never had pulled pork but it sounds yamalicious

Wenchy: Sorry to hear bout that pulled muscle or muscle spasm...West and Wewax you scrwey wabbit!

Anchor: DAM that is Down right SCARY! I can't believe the cops can't do anything! not even like dust for fingerprints..You're braver than I , I'd be lookin for a new job....Think before you eat that HoHo, it aint gonna help, just make things worse --you know that! :)

Phins: Getting stronger every day! It really does motivate you when you see and feel the result of healthy eating..Good 4 U! :cp:

Ellis: Can't wait to hear about the nudist shower...How did sis like the baby sweaters?

Ruth: well after 2 days of baking, we have overcast and rain! Thank goodness, our grass looks like dried wheat. Do you ever sit down LOL
(except for those lovely beauty baths? )

FlMom: I havent had much luck at garage sales either this year... most of by best buys have been on ebay ..and Amazon. Got some books for 99 cents..but 3.49 shipping charge...still a bargain for hardcover books...

Eleni: Glad to hear you found another teacher who has specialized in pen and ink..
Jenne: sooooo excited for you and your beau..can't wait 4 this weekend 4 U!
Soon2bfab: ENGAGEMENT!!!! OOOH how wonderful, sigh, keepin my fingers 4 u crossed girl!
Tammy: GRRRRRR! I dunno if its been a full moon or what ,but yeah I have run into some rude people this weekend myself!:mad:

Angelshine: Hmmm not sure you should be castless..I guess if it aint broke? But maybe an ace bandage or something??? Sorry to hear about your BF.. Sadly, I "broke up " with my BFF after 20 years ... one of the hardest things Ive ever done...:(

Hi Gryffgirl!!!

Me: The rash has subsided,(Thanks for all the concern gals, and food 4 thought on what it might have been...still no clue... I am pretty allergic to poison sumac or ivy etc... maybe I brushed into it on one of my walks)
The Open House weekend went well... Lots of activity and some seemed very interested. We shall see... Some were pretty rude... "I've seen these units, I am interested in your upgrades...and as she marched through the house..saying things like "well done", "nicely executed(?)", I felt like I was being judged for my decorating talents...sheesh! Another thought that anything attached to the walls would be included in the sale... she goes "well, you can take THAT picture with you when you go..I REALLY Don't Like Picasso"... I'm like, WHAT? No mam, the pictures aren't part of the sale... DUH.... Another lady I could write a book on... maybe later...)
Well being housebound has driven me and DH stir crazy so we are going to the mall this afternoon, to spend some Reward points at sharper image...Got my eye on a pedometer with a built in FM radio...

OH BTW, "Bless me father, for I have sinned, I had 6 small buffalo wings, and 4 lite beers on Saturday.." Had to have it... coulda had more wings, but ate the celery instead...and I don't regret it not one wing of it! Back on plan on cravings etc.....

06-27-2005, 01:21 PM
Hi Nefarious and RNMOM, musta posted before I finished my looong post!

oooh, RNMOM have fun camping I love to camp, hope I get a chance to this summer...

06-27-2005, 01:33 PM
:wave:Hey 2all U BEACHIN BABES!

:sp: After reading all U Babes horrific/sad posts,this goes out 2all:grouphug: ,,,When the going gets tuff the tuff get going:strong:!!...:angel:God never puts hurtles n our path we can not jump....Hope U can pick yourself's bk up,shake off the sand and hv a glorius time on your beach towels this week:dance:.....

WENCHY....I 2 hv a bad back all the time,disc prob,,I feel ur pain :^: ,,,get better least u dont hv to exercise a few days ;)

RUTH....Do U ever slow ur butt down :dizzy: ,,,Good luck w/Harry:chin: thinking he can( NOT) come home,his care is more important than what he thinks he wants

ELLIS.....U probably got sunburned posting:comp: n front of those drapless windows:lol3:....

Sorry 2all I hv not mentioned,,,Hv 2go2 wk :tantrum:,,,OFF NEXT 4DAYS :jig: !!!!!

The 1legged stork weigh n worked again:goodscale: and down 1lb,,1lb 2go and on 2 phase3:sunny: ,,,wahoo:cheers: !!!!

HAVE A BEACHIN DAY ON UR BEACH TOWELS :beach::beach: .............GOFISHIN:dancer:

06-27-2005, 01:35 PM
nefarious...I love to knit...what are you working on?

I'm working on two items. The first is a tank top that actually lets you wear a bra underneath (what a concept!). You can see the pattern here:

The second is a shrug. my sister is getting married on the may 24 next year and has a sleeveless dress. her wedding is at nite and outdoors (as is the party afterwards) so it can get pretty cool. So I'm making this for her to go with her dress. Besides it goes towards that something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. you can see the pattern here:

I love some really funky young stuff that i would definately wear a lot.

check it out

anchor weight
06-27-2005, 03:53 PM
Hi all!

I came home early from work today. DS was driving the X crazy while he was trying to fix my car so I had to come home and run interference. Good news is the car is fixed. I traded puppy sitting for the weekend for the X to fix it and let me tell you that is one naughty puppy! :lol: I'm going to try and post a couple of pics. Crap they are too big - hang on back in a minute. Got it!

06-27-2005, 04:17 PM
Amy, sending you a big hug and a PM... :grouphug:

06-27-2005, 05:27 PM
Sounds like everyone had a rough weekend. I'm so sorry to hear that. My day started out a big scatter-brained. I got a call from day care that I had left my checkbook on the counter after writing my check. At least they have it in the office and hopefully DH will remember to pick it up.

Today has been a busy and productive day at work and so far, it looks like I can leave at a normal time. Since DH is taking Brian to gymnastics and swimming, I don't have to be home and have dinner cooked until 8. I should be able to get a good workout in. I feel like I've really been slacking off on formal exercise lately (although we spent lots of time walking dogs at the shelter so that has to count) ;)

a broad abroad
06-27-2005, 06:13 PM
Soon2Bfab - if your dog gets sick in the near future it is because of the Oreos. You may not be aware, but chocolate is one of the worst things you can give a dog. They can have a severe, even lethal, reaction.


Many species are susceptible to chocolate poisoning, however, it most commonly occurs in dogs. Chocolate is derived from the roasted seeds of Theobroma cacao and contains theobromine and small amounts of caffeine. Dogs are particularly susceptible to these two ingredients.

Delayed absorption may delay the onset of clinical signs for some time after ingestion. With excessive amounts ingested at one time, signs may develop after 8 hours and death 12 - 24 hours after ingestion. Signs include thirst, vomiting, diarrhoea, urinary incontinency and agitation to nervousness, seizures, and coma. With chronic ingestion (over several days) death may result (sometimes with little or no outward warning signs) from cardic failure.

Milk Chocolate...
Lethal Dose? = 2 oz per kg of body weight (approximately 13 mg/kg) of milk chocolate can be fatal unless 5 kg (11 lb) dog = 10 oz (280 grams); 25 kg (55 lbs) dog = 1.4 kg chocolate.

Unsweetened (bakers) dark chocolate...
This is 10 times more lethal than milk chocolate (much higher theobromine content) 5 kg (11 lb) dog = 1 oz (28 g); 25 kg (55 lbs) dog = 5 oz (140 g)
And FYI to the other dog owners, no milk, bread dough, alcohol, avacodos, onion/garlic, coffee, tobacco, fumes from self-cleaning ovens, and YES, even bones, among other things.

See Partnership for Animal Welfare

06-27-2005, 07:13 PM
Hi Everyone!!! :wave:

Sounds like there were some pretty crappy weekends. :( Anchor, OMG!!! I hope everything turns out for the best! Get some wheel locks on those wheels so you don't have to worry about that again! :grouphug:

I had a pretty good weekend. The wedding on Saturday wasn't as bad as I had anticipated. The MOB was much more calm which made my job a lot easier. I had planned on eating veggies and meat and I did....BUT the meat was so undercooked that I could only eat a little bit of it. Carrots were the veggie served with the meal so I only ate 2 of those (I don't care for cooked carrots anyway). I did eat the new potatoes because I was starving and a bite of cake (it was some of the best wedding cake I've ever tasted). Otherwise I did fine with eating on Saturday. I probably worked whatever I did eat on Saturday off anyway. There are a TON of steps at this estate where the wedding was. I went up and down them numerous times. :faint:

Sunday, I went out to Shambala to present the money we made back in April at the Buffett pre-concert party. There's a pic on the site of us with Tippi Hedren if you click on "news" My mom is on the left side of the pic...I'm on the right. I can't tell you how appreciative and gracious Tippi Hedren is (if you don't recognize the name think the movie "The Birds"). Tippi is also Melanie Griffith's mom. We talked for a long time and got to get closer to the animals with her than you'd normally get. I've never been that close to a lion! :eek: It was really amazing! We're hoping to put together an entire event to be held there off in the future (ahem Phins, Barb, Laurie and all the rest of you parrotheads). What better way to "party with a purpose" then at the actual charity itself? :yes:

I did great with eating until Tippi asked us to stay for another tour of Shambala. I was starving and the rest of our group decided to go for cocktails and appetizers at a Mexican food place. :yikes: I had 2 drinks and some tortilla chips (and a little bit off the fiesta plate). Either way, I was down 3.6 pounds this morning. I'll WI again on the 1st to see if I get somewhat close to my goal :( .

I've got an appointment to get to y'all later!

06-27-2005, 08:46 PM
kissjoy.....sounds like you had a great time! Love the & your mom look great!!