South Beach Diet - Going to try SBD again. I do have some questions please :)

06-25-2005, 12:14 PM
Hi, I'm in the UK and often lurk on the UK Chicks board. None of them are on the Beach, and so I guess I'll be spending a lot of time here in the next few months!

I tried SBD last year,in October and had a good weight loss during P1, but I also had some issues that I'd like to get your advise on please.

I plan to start again tomorrow. I found during P1 last time, my cravings did disappear very quickly, but my main problem was fatigue. The exhaustion was so bad that I ended up quitting on Day 10.But I had actually enjoyed the food choices etc.

I was very, very tired after about day 3 and had very little energy.

I notice now that beans and legumes are allowed during P1 and I wonder if adding the recommended serving size of those to my lunch and dinner may help with the fatigue?

I also think I didnt eat enough veggies, and so was getting very little carbs at all.

Also, its hard to get a lot of the ingredients here in UK, but we can get the Cardinis Original Caesar Dressing and Newmans Own Italian. Are these SBD friendly during P1 please?

Its nice to meet you all, and it will be nice to get to know you all on this journey.

I need to lose about 50 pounds by the way.

Thanks for reading and thanks for any advice you can give me on my questions!

06-25-2005, 12:40 PM
Hi Artemis, and Welcome to the Beach! So glad you are joining us!:beach:

This is my first time on SBD and have to say that the transition /detox period was hard on me as well. I was tired, had a low grade headache and was generally cranky. That lasted for about 6 days.:faint:

Beans are DEFINITELY your friend! They are chockful of "slow" carbs, fiber and a good source of protein. Try the Taco Bake, and Roasted Chickpeas (see PH1 receipe section...). I would recommend adding them to your meal plans. They gave me an energy boost and I felt fuller longer.

Remember that SBD is not about LOW carbs, it's about "SLOW" carbs.Good carbs that the body needs to work at to break down thereby keeping your blood sugars at a fairly constant level.

Any dressing that has less than 3 grams of sugar per serving seems to be the guideline. In addition, full fats like olive, canola, soy are recommended... stay away from the partially hydrogenized oils. I think Newmans ingredients are fairly natural..check the label..

You might want to check out (free) or (diet power offers 30 day trial and then you have to purchase the software...)These sites seem to be the most popular if you are interested in help to plan and log your food, check calories,fat,protein, carbs... and logging your activity.

While you go thru phase 1, I would recommend that you not do any real exercise...allow your body to go through the "detox" process..then add exercise to your WOL.

WaterWaterWater Luv, keep drinking that water!!

and Have patience and be kind to yourself :)

The Chicks here are all Very Supportive, very knowledgeable and Caring..visit us often, stop by the daily thread and join us! Read the "Stickys" for words of wisdom ..I'm sure others from our group will be adding more for you!!!
So jump in Artemis!...

06-25-2005, 01:17 PM
Artemis, welcome to the Beach! :wave:
Great advice from Schatzi. :yes:
As well, make sure you're getting enough protein. And if you need to, take a vitamin supplement.

06-25-2005, 01:25 PM
Welcome! Beans are definitely your friend. Lots of people love the Taco Bake during phase 1. The beans help a lot on getting the good carbs in. I try for 4 1/2 cups of veggies even in phase 2. The veggies help with the energy. Just take it easy and remember that two weeks is not very long.

Oh, and make sure to drink you water!