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06-24-2005, 09:41 PM
Hello, all.
I'm a newbie and am hoping for some incentives to change my ways. I have some health problems that I use as excuses for not exercising. I recently bought a treadmill that is super sturdy, starts slowly, has control buttons where I don't have to let go, and will stop if I fall. I'll get on it every day for a while and then I'll stop for a while - usually for legitimate reasons. But then, I have a hard time getting started again. I take a long guilt trip, and finally get back on for a while. Then comes the next crisis, and I'm off again. I'm better at guilt than exercising.

06-24-2005, 10:23 PM
paphs4me, I know how you feel..I use to have the "treadmill dreads"...would take me about an hour just to get started... I'd set it up....think about it, get distracted, hmmm go get some water...ooh a magazine... lalala..Geez, I coulda been done by now! sigh...
here are some things that helped me... :tread:

Listen to some peppy music, pretty soon you'll be in step with the beat
If you can set it up in front of a tv that helps too.
If you can't, put a interesting picture or poster up in front of it... (I would use a picture and focus on it and think what the people were doin, where is the picture at..corny, but it worked for me..)

Set a goal of 10 minutes.. see how you feel,challenge yourself to do just a little more (You'll be surprised that once the blood gets pumping, you'll do a few minutes more...and more and more..)
Set small achievable goals for yourself .( go 1 mile, go 20 minutes etc)

When you are procrastinating,remind yourself of what your long term goal is , and all the benefits of just getting on it to do just 5 more minutes. Think about the Fat you are burning, that your legs are getting stronger :strong: , that you are getting healthier with each step. :dancer:
I prefer to walk outside mostly... but use my treadmill now when the weather is bad...
hope this helps ya :)

06-25-2005, 02:01 PM
Thanks for the tips, Schatzi. I have mine set up in front of the TV, but it's folded up. It takes about 2 seconds to unfold, but that's the hardest part. I like the idea of just shooting for 10 minutes. I've been thinking that if I don't get on it for at least 20-30, that it's not worth doing. The part I'm ashamed to admit is that I've never even made it to 30. 20 I've done a few times. But 10 I can do. I'll start with that.
Thanks again.

06-26-2005, 09:52 AM
:wave: try using the tread mill to get rid of yor frustration and feel better. hope this helps. :) glen