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06-23-2005, 08:40 AM
Quick post because Lucy is due at her Fur Stylist at eight!

Excellent news from Lorraine - she and Dave have decided to keep the Greenhouse open for another season! :dance: Yippee! I love working with her and had no idea what I'd do next March to fulfill my Spring yearnings!

This afternoon, Hershey and I will go to visit Harry. It's the monthly birthday celebration for the June birthdays and there is going to be a Mexican party with Margaritas! They'll be easy to resist as I find them way too sweet. I need to figure out something for Hershey to wear. Maybe multi-coloured ribbons?

I'll pop in later. Gorgeous day again, by the way.

What's happening at your place on The Beach?

06-23-2005, 08:57 AM
Ruth, what a blessing re the greenhouse! Did Lorraine and Dave do that just for you? ;)

I'm going baby shower shopping today for my sister and her DP. Well, for the baby. :D I'm also digging out the baby clothes I kept to pass on to my kids. There are some hand-knitted sweaters in there that my sister and I wore when we were babies, and I'm going to wash a couple of them and wrap them up... my sister will be delighted to have something that belonged to her. :)

Getting coffee... :coffee:

06-23-2005, 09:00 AM
Morning ladies!

How about an Easter Bonnett for Hershey? :lol:

Ellis - -bring me back a cup?

This morning has been the best yet -- 191.8 :) I doubt it will stay as I didn't eat all that much last night. But I am going to go have some bacon (turkey) and a slice of toast (dark wheat by Pepperidge Farm) with PB for breaky before I leave for work. LOL that should get the number back up there!

Happy almost Friday!

06-23-2005, 09:02 AM
A quick post! I am out of time already!

Ruth...Sounds like a wonderful day for you and the girls! I need a fur style myself! lol

Ellis...How sweet! I'm sure your sister will enjoy them!

Gotta jet! Love to all and have a great day!

06-23-2005, 09:09 AM
Good morning ladies! well ...My elbow feels better but is still quite sore.....I hate not having my right arm its pretty annoying...especially when I have homework to do..and breakfast/lunch to make...not to mention showering....AND i was suppose to go to the beach tomorrow....!! :( :( I am sorry I am just venting...anyways..I am going into work today at 12...and staying till 930...*sigh....but at least i have TOMORROW off!

hope you all have a great day!

06-23-2005, 09:10 AM
Angel, I was just going to post to you... I'm SO sorry about your elbow, sweetie! :( What a horrible (albeit, stupid. heh heh heh) thing to have happen! I hope it heals soon, hon... :grouphug:

06-23-2005, 09:17 AM
Morning !
Wow, I had to catch up on yesterdays posts! Weren't we a bUnch of chatty cathys.... :)

Jenne1017: WAY to go girl! That scale is movin south fast! :bravo:

flMOM: You're so creative -love your avatars

Ruth: so wonderful about the greenhouse! A Fur"stylist" ? Love that!!
Gryffy: Have fun at the beach and happy 3rd anniversary
mamadragon: Glad you are feelin back in the pink
FFrog: The receipes are FABU! I am definitely eating more flavorful varieties now
Phins: WHOO HOOO, glad to hear that your seeing health results from all your hard work...
BrandynsMom: :lol: I got such a funny visual of your bellydancing!
Mat04: Enjoy enjoy enjoy I just love "girl sleepovers" on a lake no less!
mamaeli: Well done on those inches!
angelshine: heheeeheee...sorry to hear about your elbow...
Auntie Ellis: Have fun shopping - so nice that you saved those heirlooms, I'm sure your sister may even get teary eyed!l
Me: Well the propective buyers cancelled, the hubby got stuck on the NJ turnpike, commuting from NY ( NOT surprising - it can be a horror!!)
And I'm allergic to face and neck have broken out in this horrid little itchy bumps and welts and blistery I shall be pretty much zonked for the day taking Benedryl.

06-23-2005, 09:27 AM
Good morning chickies..

Ruth I am sure you are so pleased that the greenhouse will be staying open. That is wonderful. Hope that your week is going okay and that you are slowly adjusting to your new "normal".

Ellis When is the baby shower? I love planning parties and such.

Jenne Woohoo! There is nothing better than "new lows" on the 'ole scale!

Bamie and Schatzi Morning!

Me- Eating was horrible yesterday! No excuses, just ate like crap. :( Today is a new day. Exhaustion is setting into my bones.... I had quite a bit of energy when I came home from the hospital, but it is running low. Definite time when I need to be eating healthier. Baby's 2 week appt is this morning- say a quick prayer that she is doing well and gaining weight!

I will try to check back in later!

06-23-2005, 09:49 AM
Good morning everyone!

Just a quick post. My son's speech therapist will be here in an hour and I've got lots to do before then.

Day one was a breeze. I had energy, I didn't crave anything, and I was good. I did cheat a little at the movies (30 pecans instead of 15), but I'm still really proud of myself for not touching the popcorn. :corn:

I was only able to do a little cardio this morning. Could the detox be setting in? I feel fine now. It's just when I get up and start moving that I feel drained.

I'm going to go bet some breakfast and maybe a cup of tea :coffee:

Christine :moo:

06-23-2005, 10:00 AM
Good Morning!

I go to the doctor today!! I have an official weigh in on his scale, it was the last weight I got before starting SBD. I am hoping to stop by birth control and start clomid soon. Make me pregnant! LOL

Schatzi - hope the benedryl doesn't mess ya up too bad, has to be better than the bumps ad welts though. Stupid buyers :( I have never been to NY but I have a goal to make it to all 50 states someday so I am sure I will get there eventually. I am about 1/2way through the states now.

Kiko- my 1.5yo lost a LOT of weight before he left the hospital and they were going to keep him but we stayed an extra day that he didn't lose (finally got him on formula) so they let him go. By his 2 wk appt he was gaining normally so I am sure your appt will go fine also.

Christine- Grats on skipping the popcorn!! 30pecans definitely not as bad as a tub of oily popcorn.

Hi to everyone else :D My kids are screaming UGH! Can't sit down for 5 mins.... grumble grumble...

beach bum
06-23-2005, 10:04 AM
Hi Chicks:) Thanks :thanks: for all your greeting yesterday. Boy did I go off the beach yesterday.All non friendly meals.Hope I don't have to pay for it next W-I.

Ruth-Happy to hear the the GREEN HOUSEwill stay open. You Loved :love: it so much,being around all those beautiful :flow1:Flowers:flow1: Still having possive thougths for you & Harry.Hope you'll find peace & comfort.

Ellis- Have fun shopping for the new baby & have a wonderful time at the shower :rain:. I love going to the shops with my DD look for the little ones clothes.

Jenne-Big congrats:cheer: on your new weight

Bammie- Hi:wave: see you later.

Angel- vent all you want,we all here for you:listen:.OUCH!! What happened to your right arm????? I was MIA for serveral Days Post

Schatzi-Sorry:sorry: about you rash,Yike :yikes: on your face. Did you touch any poison ivy???? Sending some Healing :goodvibes: vibes your way.

Kiko-Sending [[[Prayer vibes]]]] your way for your littlle girl.

Have a nice day Ladies :) BB

beach bum
06-23-2005, 10:09 AM
Fl-Mom & Christine we posted at the same time.

Fl_mom sending your baby vibes and good luchkat the doctors.

Christine-Good luck on the rest of the week.

Hugs :) BB

06-23-2005, 10:18 AM
Hey, darling Ruth...I'm so thrilled to hear you so happy! :grouphug: Great that the greenhouse will be open...I can't imagine your spring without trips sounds like such a major part of your life at that time of year! The party sounds like so much fun! Will the home let you bring Hersh to visit her 'daddy'? I think a big sombrero is in order! ;) Or perhaps red, green, and white ribbons for the Mexican flag? :chin:

Ellis, I was looking at pics from a friend's sister's baby shower yesterday. Like your sis, hers was surprised (and elated) by her pregnancy and the pics were wonderful. She definitely cried the most at the personal gifts like your sweaters will be. I bet your darling sis will be so thrilled. And hey, who are we kidding? Most of the presents really are for the parents. ;) What baby says, "Yeah, I'm looking good today...what a cute outfit!" :lol: Have a blast, hon, and don't break the's WAY too easy to buy tons when you are shopping for a darling baby! :bb: :love:

Jenn, WOW! :bravo: How super exciting! Though I try not to get down when I see a bad number on the scale, I must admit that I have such a high when the number is low...and almost nothing can change that feeling! Enjoy your sounds amazing! :T

Bamie, you have a good day, hon! :grouphug:

Angel, I missed the post about your elbow...I'm so sorry you're hurt! :grouphug: Hope you heal quickly so you can enjoy all your favorite things again (like homework... ;) )!

Hey, Schatzi...what a mess with the traffic and cancelling buyers! And your face!!! :grouphug: I hope you feel better very soon! What do you think you were allergic to? I actually talked with my doctor about my allergic reaction to mosquito bites, and he recommended that I take a claritin after I'm bit instead of benedryl. He thought it worked better and more quickly. :dunno: Worth asking your doctor about, in case the benedryl doesn't cut it.

Kiko, honey, you're dealing with a LOT right now! I don't know about you, but after a year of teaching, I need several weeks to just lie on the couch and stare at the takes a lot out of you! On top of that, you just had a baby, honey! :lol: You are so amazing that I don't think you're quite aware of the toll that took on you! And now you have a baby and a little one to take care of at the same time. Kiko needs rest!!! Any chance that somone could take the kiddos for an afternoon so you can get in a long nap? Take care of yourself, okay, hon? And keep eating good protein and good carb combos to keep your energy up...that other food works more quickly but it wears off just as fast and leaves you worse off than before. You can do this, hon! :grouphug:

Hi, Christine! Welcome! :wave: Good for you on not eating popcorn! :bravo: Don't beat yourself up in working out is too hard in P1...a lot of people wait until P2 to get back into exercising. It's tough during detox because your body can just feel 'thrashed'.

Well, in spite of TOM and a late night carb serving (didn't have any at dinner so ate it when I got home), I was down to 208 today. :cb: It's so nice to be below 210 that I'm not stressing about meeting my goal. Though this weekend and next I'll be away and when I'm away from home I tend to lose as I don't eat much. :dunno:

This weekend we're going to a Marriage Encounter retreat. DH and I have wanted to do it for a very long time, since we really loved our Engaged Encounter experience. This sunday is our 6 year anniversary :love: and so it seemed perfect. :) I'm not sure if we're at the same retreat house as last time, but if so, it's in a large mansion that was turned into a convent. It's right on a lake with beautiful grounds and a lovely chapel with a view of that lake. Very, very nice! 22 couples are registered and so maybe we'll make some new friends! :D

I'm going nuts at much to do and no way I'll finish in time. :dunno: At least I know that no matter what, I'm done after next Wednesday. I cannot wait!!! :hyper: I have an orientation for my summer program on that Thursday, then we have the weekend off. Starting July 5, I'll be student teaching for six weeks in reading for my second teaching certification. I'm :crossed: that the program will be better than last year's. That was terribly disorganized and mis-handled. :rolleyes: Either way, I'll be done for GOOD in August! :D

Have a great afternoon, chickies! :sunny:

06-23-2005, 11:57 AM
Gooood Morning!
I am having sooo much trouble waking up this morning!!!

Ruth: Congrats on the greenhouse staying around another season! :flow1:
I'm with Beachgal....a sombrero or some red, white, & green ribbons!!! Won't Hersh look sooooo cute! Hope you and your pooch have a great time visiting with Harry!

ellis: That sounds so special! Your sis will absolutely love it!

Jenne: sounds like things are going good for you! Keep it up!

angelshine: I woke up in the middle of the night and thought of you, when I couldn't move my ARM!!!!! I had been sleeping with my arm bent under me! it's still a little sore!!! LOL

Schatzi: sorry about the buyers...the right ones will come along!
The itchy bumps sound miserable! Get some good ol' Caladryl lotion (or the clear gel) it'll soothe it.

Kiko: Glad to hear the baby's doing well! :bb: You'll get into your own schedule soon and it'll all come easier! Don't fret about it.

brandyns_moom The de-tox should be hitting high gear in the first few days...I felt horrible my 2nd and 3rd days, no energy at all...but then it all came back and brought company too! I have had alot more energy since I started SBD.

fl_mom Good luck today at your DR. appointment!!! :lucky:

beach bum: We should all be allowed to totally enjoy our birthdays without guilt! After all it only comes around once a year! your W-I should be just fine!!

beachgal: that retreat sounds incredible!! My DH and I need something like that...We both need a little break from the everyday life! I hope you both have a super weekend!!!!!

I had a fairly quiet night at work last night, but I stayed up way too late after I got home, and now I can't wake up!!! I need more COFFEE!!!
TOM showed up unannounced last night!! no warning signs or anything, usually I have a little bloating or cramping! last month it wasn't normal at all, but I've heard that that's typical when you lose weight, until your body gets used to it right?
I have to work tonight and then I'm off for the weekend! I'm very excited about having those three days off.
my oldest dd will be 18 yrs old one week from today! talk about feeling OLD.
yikes :yikes: How can it be possible!!!
well, I'm gonna see what I can find for B'fast this morning!
I hope you all have fantastic days!

06-23-2005, 11:59 AM
Morning all......I'm baking a cake for an employee's birthday today! UGH! Why do I tempt myself like this.....I'm alone with a cake!! I'm eating 3 bean salad.....the onions help kill the craving!! Well I gotta go do some icing...have a great day!

06-23-2005, 12:22 PM
:wave:Howdy 2all u BEACHIN BABES!!!

Have had 2 great days off :cool: but back n the saddle again 4:00 to close:tantrum:2day!! Only had time to lurk :s: ystrdy,soooo many things 2do!!

RUTH..........So happy for u the Green House wl stay open:yes: for nxt year....Give Harry our love:grouphug:....I agree w BEACHGAL,a sombrero w/ribbons wld b darling,,,Have a great visit....

JENNE....:bravo:191.8,U go girl...I understand not wanting 2eat as much,,,It's just to darn hot here n Texas:flame:.....

ANGEL....Vent away girl:listen:....R U SURE U WERE ASLEEP or was it another DRIVE BY BASHING OF DH:lol3:...Good luck playing lefty nxt 2weeks,,,Get better soon:lucky:!!!

SHATZI....:yikes:Maybe the Scale Gods did not like ur offering yesterday :lol:

KIKO....Prayers for the baby:angel:.....Get bk on ur Beach Towel and hv a nice day!!!

BRANDYNS MOOM....Congrats on NO popcorn,,,,I miss my popcorn:corn:...

FL MOM...Good luck on ur weigh in and:encore: may u b prego's soon...

BEACH BUM...:coach:Get bk on ur Beach Towel:cheer: and hv a great day!!

BEACHGAL....Congrts on ur weight and 6yrs marriage,,,Marriage Encounter:yikes:,,If DH and I went 2 one of those:chin:,I am sure they wl suggest the D word:shrug:...

BAMIEGIRL.....Have a nice day:flow2:....

ELLIS......I don't even hv any baby clothes frm my 2kids,,,U must hv lots of storage space,,,,,Hv fun!!! Y and R rocks:cp::cp:!!!!!

:moped: Got to go and water AGAIN...,no rain in site for another week:halfempty:....:beach:Play nice on your BEACH TOWELS :beach:...............GOFISHIN:dancer:

06-23-2005, 12:37 PM
:wave:PHINSUP and SOON,,,Guess we posted at the same time...U girls Hv a BEACHIN DAY:dance:.............SOON:nono:Cake hazard,beware......PHIN:coffee2:,,wake up and smell the roses ;) ..............GOFISHIN:dancer:

06-23-2005, 12:37 PM
Morning chicks! Not much new today, I'm still high on my one pound loss this week!

Just work, work, work today.

Have a great day everyone!

06-23-2005, 12:39 PM
Hey ladies,
How are things on you ends of the sands? I am so tired out from work lately, I can't wait to relax. I have a question for you ladies though, I hope someone can asnwer me. I went through the FAQ and I couldn't find it.

What is the best way to introduce yourself onto phase II? I mean, what's the best thing to start eating? I love English Muffins, so could I have half a wheat English Muffin in the morning or something like that? And, if you add carbs in the morning is a sandwhich is sourdough or wheat out for lunch? I guess I am confused as to how to add the right stuff back in so I keep losing. Any help you can offer would be awesome! :D

06-23-2005, 12:42 PM
Gyffgirl: I started with fruit, and it stalled me for 3 weeks. Just an opinion, but I wouldn't start with fruit. I've switched over to a high fiber whole grain bread and the stall finally left.

I would just pick one new type of food per week, SBD friendly for Phase II, and see how your body reacts. I would also keep it to one new starch/carb per day. If your body can tolerate it and you keep losing, then the next week I'd add another, so then you're up to two good starches in a day, and so on.

06-23-2005, 12:44 PM
Ruth~~Great news about the greenhouse!!

Ellis~~Have fun baby shower shopping!

angelshine90~~I hope these 3 weeks fly by and you get that cast off.

Schatzi~~I'm so sorry the prospective buyers cancelled. I've been hearing of this happen quite a bit lately and it's scaring me. We are selling our house and due to close on the 15th of July. I hope your allergies/rash gets better quickly.

Kiko~~Hang in there. Must have a full moon or something. I had a horrible day of eating as well.

brandyns moom~~Great job!! I'd definitely say detox is setting in.

beachgal~~Enjoy the marriage retreat! Sounds wonderful!! Great job on the loss!! Woo hoo!!

I had a HORRIBLE night last night. It all started when DH brought home chocolate covered peanuts that he had gotten to eat on his trip. Well one bite of those sent me into a major tailspin. I took the chicken and broccoli out of the oven, stuck it in the fridge and sent hubby out for In-n-out burgers and fries. Then topped it off with a piece of lemon pie that my parents brought over for my hubby's birthday. UGH!!! So back on Phase 1 for me today. :dizzy:

Country Charm
06-23-2005, 01:31 PM
:wave: Good Thursday morning everyone! :)

So excited for all of your weight losses (((hugs))) to the gainers ~ but supportin' ya to get back on track :)

I am up .8 lbs. too. I am getting really bored with phase 1 so I am moving on to phase 2. I have been reading all of your great information and you all are wonderful inspiration. Thank You so much! :thanks:

06-23-2005, 01:38 PM
Good Morning Beachers!!

Boss went out of town today! Husband went out of town yesterday! WOO WOO!!! and I leave town tomorrow for the girls weekend on the lake!!!Today I plan on not working too hard and sleeping in that king size bed with just me and my dog!!!(Zena- she weight all of 4.5 lbs - yorkie) Gotta get well rested for the weekend cause us girls will be up late into the night!!! I need this getaway so bad. Everyone knows I am on the SBeach and are very accomidating, my food will stay on program...tha alcohol won't :hat:

I probably won't be on at all til next week. Hope ya'll have a wonderful beachy weekend.

Ruth - enjoy the party

Ellis - I have been doing a lot of shopping and showers too! I am expecting a grand-nephew any day now... it is my sisters 1st grandbaby and we are so excited!!!!!!!!!!! Sure makes me feel old though!!! I love love love babies!!! Have fun shopping!

Angelshine - SOrry about the elbow, hope you are getting waited on, milk it!!!

Frecklefrog - Hang in there!!! Everyone falls into the water everyonce in awhile. that is why we are here isn't it, to get you back on the beach!

Fl Mom - I will pray for you!!! I too went through all of that and I have 2 wonderful kids!!!

Sorry if I forgot anyone!! I do read the blog I just forget by the time I get to post a reply... Ya'll have a good one!

Mary Anne

06-23-2005, 01:41 PM
mat0424~~Have a great time on your getaway!!

06-23-2005, 01:46 PM
Good After Noon
Just a quick note. Going to pt has really paid off. DH and I spent about 2 hours putting together DD's swing set/climber. Next time I send DH away and invite a girlfriend to help. Sheesh, I love doing family projects, NOT! I'm still below 150. YES!


Silicon Andy
06-23-2005, 02:11 PM
I am SO BAD at remembering who posted what--I am reading, but like someone above said, I forget who posted WHAT by the time I post. :dizzy:

Fl_mom--I'm having my first appt. with a RE next week. I'm hoping it goes well and I'll be pg. soon. My husband had some issues, though, and had a varicocele repair 3 months ago. I just took a "sample" down to the lab this a.m. to see if it has done any good. Between his issues and mine (irregular cycles, may or may not have pcos--hoping the RE can figure that out), we haven't had any luck. I just got a cbe fert. monitor and am using it for the first time right now. I'm hoping I can learn SOMETHING from it, even though I know I can't use it if he puts me on Clomid.

I've been good with food, not great with water but trying. I'm not used to drinking so much during the day, b/c usually I'm at the mercy of my class schedule and don't want to have to use the restroom too much. I guess I'm still not in full-blown "summer" mode yet. My interview yesterday went well, although the job would start during my sister's visit which doesn't thrill me. Part of me wants to hold off and see if I can find a high school teaching job. Well, I may not get this job, so I'm trying not to jump the gun.

I did go to the gym for an hour this a.m. Go me! :D

Have a great day, ladies!


06-23-2005, 04:10 PM
Mary Anne~I have Yorkies, too. Don't ya just love them!!!!!

anchor weight
06-23-2005, 04:37 PM
Hey all!

I'm just driving by! Hope everyone has a good day. I'm really stinking busy at work today. Full moon? You betcha. Everyone is just nuts today.

Oh and the shy guy - is seeing someone. :( Back to the drawing board.

06-23-2005, 07:31 PM
Anchor...Well it's about stinkin time we found summin out about him! Must b real hot since no one knew! lol

Busy day at work and another tomorrow. Boss is starting a project that is over a million dollars and so we are really busy right now with getting lines marked and permits and suppliers prices...blah blah blah! I have got to get back on plan. Eating has been out the window but I am fixin to close that window and turn on the air! lol well I have to get ready for the parent coaches meeting with soccer tonight. I really don't want to go and maybe I won't have to! Have a great evening all!

06-23-2005, 08:23 PM
Hope all you ladies had a great day on the beach. I just got back from Sushi with some co-workers and I was so good, I passed up all the rice! :lol: Sashimi with just some Soy-sauce (I even went low-sodium kind). I notice that when you cut out a lot of salts stuff tastes WAY saltier (like Miso Soup and the Giner dressing on the salad). Still, it was good. I realize I didn't rice and I was terrfied of cheating! :lol: Luckily, they only use a little bit of dressing on the salad.

Anyway, I am loving these extra hours of sunlight! I hope you all are having a great night.

anchor weight
06-23-2005, 10:14 PM
Bami - :lol: My DM thought that he may be seeing someone. When I met him at the chili cookoff he was with someone but DM said that is the first and only time she has ever seen her. Everytime I've seen him he's flying solo.

What is he doing playing smiling face with me? :mad: But at least I give him credit for saying he is seeing someone and not dragging this out just to see where it goes.

Got to go watch the Pistons!