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06-20-2005, 04:47 PM

Need I say more?

06-20-2005, 06:49 PM
Hey! I wasn't left behind this time!
Hope everyone is doing ok. Just been a super crazy time around here. Working on trying to get the water in my goldfish pond right. It's full of algae now, and you can just barely see the little orange fish lips when they come up to eat. It's making me insane.
I would like to say that when I went to the doctor yesterday, my blood pressure is down to 120/70. The last time I went to the doctor in January I had noticed that my blood pressure was beginning to creep up it was like 144/90. So, I guess all the exercising is really making a difference.
Still haven't lost a single stinking pound. But, I am trying very hard to be good. I will take the advice and up the water as well as record every taste lick and bite.
Talk to you all later when I have a little more time.

06-20-2005, 10:22 PM
So you guys think that I can actually remember from the other thread and then post here????? My brains are fried........stressed whatever. But I will give it a shot.
Mouse - congrats on getting the recommendation published. Opps to Imp.....could not remember if he was a he or a she and I goofed. Nothing like a mature cat trying to act like a kittenish goof ball. Speaking of which, Fidget spent most of the time from 10-11 pm ( I was trying to read) attacking me, my book, my feet you name it.......what a space cadet she was!!!!! Then I checked the weather channel and tada!!!!!!Full moon. Explains it all.....

Deb- yup you guessed it right, ABeka for my Dd. I have her 3rd grade book, and she is working thru the additional pages at the end- but there are only a few of them. Later on this week I will have to get cracking and find something else for her. I feel so bad for her......she hates math now...and I feel like such a meany.

Summer- thanks for starting the new thread!!! Can't wait to hear how you have been doing!

Pam- congrats on the reduced BP. Makes you feel great, doesn't it? :D
Log all those BLT's for a week.....see if the scale budges. And watch/measure those portions.

Gee, yesterday Dh bragged....remarked that now he is involved with baseball/softball almost 8 months out of the year! (fall ball, summer league, spring training). Is that something to be proud of???? :?:
So, so day.....hope to be able to post more tomorrow.
G'nite. (Hi toanyone I missed)

06-21-2005, 01:23 PM
:( You are all gonna think me really weird, but I am blue. :( I miss my students. I spent so much time on testing, reports, and miscellaneous paperwork during May and June, that I feel cheated. I have more I wanted to do with these kids. They are now perfect preschoolers. I worked for months to get them to share, follow rules, and learn. Now they are ready for kindergarten. They are gone. :no: I wasn't ready for this...not yet. :no: Meanwhile, my coworkers practically ran each other over in the parking lot yesterday racing to escape school.

I have said, "Goodbye." I will move on. I will transition. After all, it is my favorite time of year.

So, as I swallow over the lump in my throat, I will say to summer, "Welcome! Welcome to those balmy, sunny days lying by the pool, ocean, lake (insert your favorite here)...welcome to Jimmy Buffet playing in the background as I sip a Cuervo Gold Margarita...welcome to sand between my toes, not to mention all the other crevices...welcome to uninterrupted hours of reading trashy summer reads...welcome to the smell of my coconut-scented sunscreen...welcome to flip flops and sundresses...welcome to evenings lit by lightening bugs and fireworks...welcome summer...

06-21-2005, 02:40 PM
Summer, no Ido not think you are wierd......I think we all do this because we love kids, right???? Surely it ain't the pay, or any of the garbage....I get awfully attached to some of my kids, and actually get choked up dropping them off for the last time (especially my 5th graders who will be on another route in the fall). So~ I understand. The good part is they will remember you always and you get a new crop of munchkins to love in the fall. (but I truly understand what an accomplishment it is to get little ones to learn the rules...and their kindergarten teacher will love you for it).
Ok, nuff from me......feel like a pin cushion here....need some tylenol and a very good nites sleep.
See ya later!

06-21-2005, 02:41 PM
Duh.......btw, went to WW today. Stayed the same, which I am happy about considering as disrupted as my life has been recently.

06-21-2005, 07:52 PM
Ya know, Summer.....If I wasn't exhausted, I'd be blue too. BUT... luckily... sheer exhaustion (and CASE you forgot my leg/foot issues! LOL) took over last week and got me thru the last days with my 1st graders...and the first days of official Summer Break! .....So for the first time EVER, I've missed out on my "But I just got them to where I wanted them....I don't want to give them back" blues! I'm guessing here that those of us who teach LITTLE kidlets might feel this a bit more than those who teach older kids... I mean, I seriously DOUBT that my son's 7th grade teachers are out here somewhere feeling blue that their time together is over! (::choke::giggle::choke::) The mere thought of that happening is extremely funny! LOL

Today the doctor officially told me that he is not exactly sure what IS / WAS wrong with my left leg...but that I may begin doing whatever I want to! So. Stand back. I have until next Monday. On Monday, June 27th...... IT begins. I must get my fat fanny back in gear. I am giving myself the rest of this rest (sorta) the foot (it still hurts) and to prepare. Yeah. Stand back. I need to do some math and update my little signature thingy...yadda yadda yadda. It ain't gonna be pretty folks...but I've GOT to do this. So. Today is Tuesday. I've got a 12 pack of Diet Code Red to finish and some cravings to give into. Come Monday, it is water, water, water. The soda will be the first thing out of my life. Even diet.... I've got a lot to do and to I will spare you the rest of my brain work!

Someone needs to go to the old thread and put a link to the new one. I don't have a clue HOW to do that... Do you? I think Mouse is still posting there.

Summer.... I have plans to get some sand between my pale toes tomorrow! Today was spent at a gathering of my old school of my dear old friends retired last week...and so we were celebrating with a blender and some other yummy things!

Gin.... I know you hate your husband's dedication to baseball / softball... BUT... hang in there. I'm sure that they will invent SOMETHING for those 4 months that he has NOTHING to do! ((hugs)) Chin up, girl!

Pam... Congratulations on the change in blood pressure! The other day mine was crazy while in the ER. The darn nurse asked if I was under any sort of pressure or stress or had any worries. This was on the official last day of school. Besides being in the ER to be looked at for possible blood clots....NOOOOOO who has any pressures, stress or WORRIES?! ::shrug:: The ER doctor actually told me that I needed to stay off my feet while at work. Ok...NO problem!

Oh dear... I've turned this into a rant! WHOOOO meeee??? Rant?? Will spare you any further ramblings for tonight!

take care.....

06-21-2005, 11:38 PM
Summer, that is sooooooooooooo sweet. Ok, do I miss my kids????Half of them email me. Someone is emailing me little clues for me to figure out who they are. I guess I am one of the teachers Robin was talking about...... ;) It was a rough year over all. Let's just leave it at that and move on. :D
Ginny: No gain is great if you ask me......It is a full moon. We went to play tennis at 9:30 tonight because it was full when we went the first time, and the moon was huge and fat. Really pretty. My cat tries attacking the water hose when I am watering. She creeps up on it, slinks through the bushes and then wham.....I move it! It's quite a fun game. :lol:
Robin: I am happy to report that I have been gulping huge amounts of water today. Still drinking that one stupid Pepsi. I hope you will get back to your normal routine soon. You can do it.
I have a stupid stupid yeast infection not in the normal place that one gets one, but underneath that roll of fat on my stomach. I am going insane. It is so itchy..............I feel like I could just take a brush and scratch. Went to the doctor, she said to blow dry it after a bath and gave me some cream, which really isn't working. She said that sitting in a wet bathing suit doesn't help. So, I have been out of the pool for a few days. Need to replant some flowers, but it's been so hot..............
Hey to everyone else! See you guys later.

06-22-2005, 03:14 AM
Well... so I'm the one that got left behind this time. Oh well! I FOUND YOU!!!!!
Ha! Just try hiding!

I don't remember what I said to everybody last time... Except, I do remember asking Summer if we were going to do a summer edition. ;)

Summer: You have no idea... I didn't get to say good-bye to my kids at all. They kicked me out and off campus with no warning; I wasn't even allowed to go to graduation. I was with some of those kids for THREE YEARS, YEAR ROUND practically. I took them on out of state field trips, I went camping with them, I FED them! For 2 years running we had huge birthday parties (pizza or chinese food, brownies or cake, etc) because my birthday and 2 of my student's birthdays were within the same week!
I used to buy my homeroom lunch once a month (out of my own pocket: not too hard because I imposed a $5/limit, and you can do that at the sub shops and chinese places around here)... behavior incentive and grades. I was SERIOUSLY blue the day before graduation. Graduation was the day after my birthday; my friends from Virginia were up here and had to practically DRAG me out of the apartment to go dinner. Then I drove home and cried the whole way because it REALLY hit me. I'm glad we didn't go see the Lion King; I would probably have cried everytime I heard the songs.
Top it off with how they treated my belongings, which showed up that same week...
And Robyn: I teach secondary! I DO miss my students. Maybe its because I'm a self-contained teacher? I dunno. And this last place was really hard because it was a high school, and I was there for 3 years; the kids would actually come back to talk to me or hang out in my room in the morning. I'd never had that in the middle schools before, and since I'm also a special ed teacher it was a unique experience.
Robyn: Soda. I can't give it up... I only drink diet, non-caffinated soda at this point (except the Pepsi One which has caffeine). I just can't drink the amazing amounts of water they want... completely plain water (bottled or tap) just makes me nauseated. I drink lots of decaf iced tea; I can drink club soda or seltzer, but even seltzer sometimes makes me gag. So they finally backed off and said non-caffinated, non-caloric beverages of any type were okay. Especially since they took away my Propel (which is, literally, the only bottled water I could drink without yacking)... but it has some corn syrup in it, and is therefore verboten on this whack-o meal plan I'm on.
Okay, I admit it... I do cheat... but not much. And I'm nowhere near as nauseous as I used to be, and hardly ever throw up anymore. I've also noticed I tend to be more emotional when I cheat. Strange.
Of course, losing weight would be nice too. I'm not sure. On Saturday I checked, and I was at X54 with shorts, t-shirt and sandles. Today, it was X52 with capris, polo shirt, socks, ankle brace and my high shoes with the steel orthotics. More clothes, and I know those shoes add like 5 pounds to my weight if not more! They're HEAVY.
And I forgot to take my keys out of my pocket: had the locker room key and my car keys in there. So I might have lost weight. I have certainly gotten a lot more muscle on my arms from all the lifeguarding practice.
Pam: I'm familiar with those types of infections, and must note that I disagree with your doctor. I don't get them often, but I do get them because of the endocrine disorder... and the more I swim, the less I get them. If I don't swim for a couple of days, I'm more likely to get one... I think the chlorine does something that a regular daily shower doesn't do. Of course, I also won't go to my doctor about it... Too many of them get on my case about that type of thing being from my weight, and refuse to believe that my weight isn't even largely because of my eating habits.

Geez. I should go to sleep... its after 2 in the morning.

06-22-2005, 09:51 AM
Summer - Welcome to summer! I teach high school and although I usually don't miss my darlings right away I do eventually miss them greatly. I also bawl my eyes out every year at graduation because my babies are graduating! Because I teach special education I usually have the same darlings for several years. Sometimes I am more mom than their actual mothers. A lot of them do come back to visit but some I never see again. I take a picture of each one in their cap and gown right before graduation and have a huge photo album of all my past students. Every year I go through my album at least once and get all misty-eyed over my kids. (So Robyn, your DS's teacher may be missing him as we speak!) I am not sure secondary regular ed has the same bond because often they only have the students for a semester or two and they have around 180 students each semester. They probably don't bond as much unless it is a special case. Look at it this way when you are feeling blue about the group you just lost, soon enough you will have a whole new group to mold!

Pam - Don't worry about the fish, goldfish LOVE alae. They will be fat little buggers in no time! Hopefully you will get the water doing what you want it to soon, then I think they are pretty self maintaining. Congratulations on your blood pressure going down. That must make you feel good mentally as well as physically! I actually have always had the opposite problem. My blood pressure is extremely low to the point where I would get dizzy or sick from it. Since I have been on Weight Watchers my blood pressure actually has been higher (still low but not too low). Not sure why that is maybe all the water I am drinking now.

Ginny - Staying the same is not a gain, so that is good. I know it is more fun to see that minus sign in your book but as long as you are not going up it is okay. I get weighed tonight. I have been trying to be good this week but my scales are not showing any loss. I am afraid that I am not getting enough water since I have been active outside in the heat. As far as your DH baseball addiction, just be glad he isn't into gambling or drinking! That is what I have to do when my husband's golf interfers with my plans.

Pam - Your cat attacks the hose and my 125 lb dog thinks that he needs to drink out of mine while I am trying to water my flowers (stomping on all the plants as he goes). We are working on it and he is getting better but it is so hard for him to resist! Look on the bright side, soon that roll will be gone and you won't have to worry about a yeast infection. That must be terribly itchy between the heat and the fact that your pants would rub it and irritate it all the time. Maybe you should just get yourself a two piece swim suit! :)

Mouse - That would kill me not to be able to say goodbye to my kids not to mention denying you atleast graduation! Why wouldn't they let you go there if it was only your communication skills and not any problems with students? I think that should fall under cruel and unusual punishment! Have you tried drinking Crystal Light? I tried it a long time ago and thought it was terrible but tried it again this year and really liked it. They have tons of different flavors. I really like the raspberry lemon-aid. They even have some that are calcium fortified for those who struggle to get their daily calcium in. They are only 5 calories per 8 oz glass, are low sodium (15 mg), 0 g carbs and have no caffeine! They often go on sale at our grocery store for buy one get one free but considering they make 6 or 12 qts depending on the package, it really isn't expensive. They also have single serving size that you can keep in your purse and pour into a bottle of water if you needed to.

Today is library day. Then I am going golfing (my choice) or to the beach (kid's choice). Maybe we could squeeze in both as it is the longest day of the year and a full moon!


06-22-2005, 10:38 AM
I haven't posted here in ages--definitely time to get more support. My school year just ended, almost all of it on a very nice note. Packing up my classroom of course a gigantic hassle.

I have been a WW Lifetimer since Nov. 04 but recently put on a few extra pounds. This was entirely due to not writing down my food. I am still eating healthy choices, but that portion control element went by the wayside. Also too many salty snacks have led to some fluid retention.

My plan: cut out all salty snacks for a few consecutive days. Change my workout routine so that my body stays challenged. Go to a WW meeting and pay the stinking $12 if I'm over my range. It's not the end of the world, and the meeting will help me refocus my efforts.

Thanks for listening!

06-22-2005, 10:49 AM
Elana - Welcome back. I too am a WW lifer (since May of 2004). I injured my knee in January and went into a bit of a downward spiral with my WW program. Now I am trying to lose the 7 lbs I gained. Luckily I was way below my goal, so I don't need pay but I did get back to making my weekly meetings a priority. I am also trying to be good about measuring and tracking again. Tonight is weigh in, wish me luck!


06-22-2005, 02:52 PM
So far, I am OP today. I had a very healthy (portion-controlled) lunch and got my hubby to come home early so I can make it to kick-boxing class at t he Y. One of the best things about my weight loss (18 lbs.) is that I can do lots of exercise that used to hurt my knees.

I love kick-boxing and I'm psyched that I can take it up again. I am having some end-of-year aggravation about my renewal contract (I'm sure several of you have been down this road) so the idea of punching for an hour sounds great!

06-22-2005, 09:53 PM
Evening, all.

Sue: I'm allergic to Nutrasweet/aspartame, so I can't have the powdered Crystal Light. The pre-mixed stuff in bottles uses Splenda, so I buy it sometimes if its on-sale at Target or the store. The personal sized pouches of iced tea (two brands: 4C or Tetley, and Lipton) both use Splenda. The Tetley one has 4 kinds: green tea, decaf regular, caf regular, and raspberry. I bought the decaf today at the store since it was on sale: $4.99 for 20, where the Lipton one is $3.49 for 10.
I am not sure how much I swam today, but I swam for more than an hour, and when I did my "pacing lap" (so I can figure out how many laps I did; I always do it at the end because I swim slower then!), I did it in just over 30 seconds. I refuse to believe that I swam 144 lengths, though, so I put 1.5 miles here, and on the board at the gym. The lifeguard watched and pointed out that I'm "kicking butt" at the Chesapeake Bay swim we're doing: I'm in 4th place overall, and I might be the 3rd place women's finisher... if I pay my fee. ;) The gym's Chesapeake Bay swim is 9 miles total instead of just the 4.0 miles of the real one.
Oh, and about graduation: they did it just because they could and to be mean. I was allowed to give graduation gifts to some of the seniors (only 3 of them were ready on time, so the other 3 didn't get their gifts because the gift cards I ordered got screwed up)... but couldn't give them the gifts personally. I couldn't tell you why, but they do it to everybody. If you leave their employ, you're not allowed on their property, end of story. You're not supposed to communicate with other staff either... any communicaiton has to go through administration or human resources. I've watched them do this for 3 years, so I knew what to expect... at least I had other teaching jobs before this and my master's plus loads of good recommendations and a good resume. I have seen them completely destroy other professional staff's careers by refusing to do recommendations and employment verification forms. Some of the staff they've fired deserved to be let go... but others did not.

06-23-2005, 12:01 AM
Hey guys!
How's things?
It's been a very lazy day for me. Bought a John Saul book at the grocery store today, so am about to start reading that.
Sue: I am rolling on the floor laughing my butt off at the thought of a two piece.. :lol: But, thanks for the suggestion. My dog is a big plant smusher too. She, however, hates water, she runs the opposite direction, so don't have to worry about that. We have a nice dog dish full of water, but she has decided that she likes this little frog pump I have near my pond. It's a metal statue and water shoots out the frogs mouth and cascaded down and back to the bottom. She keeps drinking all the water out of it, and I think the pump has burned up. I know the algae isn't bad for the pond, because that's what the hundreds of tadpoles in there are eating. However, it would be nice to see the fish every once in a while. I have just decided to change the filter everyday for a while, and then get more pond plants.
Mouse: What have you done for those infections? I AM ITCHING TO DEATH OVER HERE. OMIGOD. I told her the name of the cream I was given before, and she said, this is better, can't pronounce it (starts with a k) and it really isn't doing much. So, I went to walmart and bought this cheap anitfungal cream which is helping a little. It's crazy. Not too mention........Here is an embarrassing moment.....I decided to shave the bikini area...................ALL OF MY LOWER EXTREMETIES ARE ITCHING. My husband is laughing about this...I told him I would be the one laughing when I shaved him in his sleep.............. :o By the way, broke down and bought a coca cola zero today............CAN'T BEAT A PEPSI.... And since you've mentioned it, I will be back in the pool asap. It has been really hot and I haven't been swimming since I thought it would just aggravate the situation.

Welcome back Elana: It's been a long time. Sounds like you are doing ok.

Ginny: Are you guys through yet? We'll be going back to school when you finally get a break. Geez...........Happy to report that we turned in my son's application for college today. It's just a local community college. However, we figured that until we are sure he is going to make a committment to buckle down, we're not throwing our money away. Btw: car's in the shop again...........
Hey to everyone else....Should we put out an APB for Paisley and Kerry?

06-23-2005, 01:07 PM
;);)Truly. I was NOT being UGLY about Middle or High School teachers. REALLY! What I truly meant was....and as much as I adore my son... WHY on earth would teachers get the blues and MISS a teenager?! I love my kid. I EVEN help with his BoyScout group! However, when the clock strikes 8, I RUNNNNNN!!
EW. ...and I am certain that some of you feel the same way about little kidlets....the ones that I spend hours and hours and hours and years and years and years (18 to be exact!) with! This year my classroom in my new school was stuck between 5th and 4th grade. I nearly split a seam running for cover each time they switched classes! If I got too close to those big kids (especially after Spring Break...and they were all taller than me with much larger boobs!) I broke out into a sweat and began feeling the hives break out. For the first time ever I got to know "big kid" teachers AND they got to know a "little kid" teacher! We had quite a fun time of it! SURPRISE, SURPRISE! I'd hang out in my friend Susan's 5th grade room so that she could run for the restroom, etc... AND she would hang out with my 1st graders so that I wouldn't have to wear Depends! She was always happy to see me when I would return. As I would when she would return, she would give me a quick hug with a "BLESSSSS you!" and run for the door! It got to be our little end of potty "scene"! :) Every now and again, she would send "feuding" 5th graders to me....and I would "deal with them!" AND I would go over with a typical first grade "tale" to tell... and Susan would ROTFLOL over what ever I didn't raise an eye over! LOL

It is a DARN good thing that some of us love the little ones...and some of us love the big ones! THAT means that no matter how they grow...there is a teacher out there to love and miss them during the summer! (And, it makes me smile to think that out there...on a beach is a teacher who is sorta blue that my guy has returned home for the summer! Meanwhile...back at the ranch...I think I may be OVER feeling blue and missing my kiddos!

Was NOT trying to offend anyone with my statements to Summer!
I'll be back... take care until then!

06-23-2005, 01:16 PM
Oh. My foot / leg issues were resolved by staying in bed for 4 days. IMAGINE! Seems that being on your feet on concrete for upwards of 10 hours for the last 8 days of school make your old fat body rebel. NO. REALLY! So, I've been told to not stand up so much while at school, buy some old lady support hose to be worn when things are not happy, take alleve when I feel it coming on and to watch out for the signs and symptoms of blood clots(which this was NOT). I have been reading. Novels. NOT anything school related! Whooooopeeee! I read an old Janet Evanovitch novel. I read a Jennifer Weiner book. I read a collection of Short Stories "Girls Night In". I read a book called Bubbles something or the other! I even read a Rachel Ray cookbook. I'm heading back to the library tomorrow. Looking up my old favorite ...Cornwell... There has to be something new out! And I'm on the waiting list for Janet's new book and a few others!

Oh... they are asking about lunch again.... guess I'm pushing my luck! I have to clean out the attic...and our bedroom.... yippee... Having EVERYONE home all day EVERYDAY is, um, getting more difficult! This man has got to find a job.....sigh....

gotta get to the kitchen!

06-23-2005, 01:59 PM
.........SOMEbody...... please. I have GOT to get my oldest ...rising 8th grade boy...who has the ability to read anything....but won' read........

Titles? Someone who knows (and loves and misses!) middle school boys...... suggest something for us to check out of the library! I'm striking out..... I've explained that resistance is futile..... he has read Tolkien....Paulsen... etc... ???? Ideas?!

Mouse, what software did you write the review for? (PM me.... I still need to "talk" to you about this kiddos AT needs! LOL)

Ok...enough from me already!

06-23-2005, 10:02 PM
Hi Ladies,
I am sorry that I have been MIA for the last month or so. School was hetic this year at the end. Then I had to take 3 courses the first 3 weeks of June. Thank God I had great presentators, who it would have been a drag going to school. I have a break until July 18th. Then it is another 3 weeks of classes. But hopefully when all is said and done I will be considered high qualified. Plus between all of that my stepkids have had ballgames and my dad was in the hospital for a week with pneumia (sorry don't know how to really spell that). So I have been given a break for the last two days. Yesterday I took my two stepsons to the city pool. I even got in the water and played with them for a little bit. Than it got to the point that they were too cool to be seen with me. So I started swimming the length of the pool. Our one friend's little boy was there and so he raced me back and forth across the pool. I let him win every time. Even the times when he pulled on my swimming suit strap and the back of my suit. LOL This morning I took a 5 or 6 mile bike ride out to our local state lake and back. It was very nice and peaceful. So that is what is new with me. I have gained about 5 pounds since school got out. But I am going to work really hard to get it off this summer. Well I better go and spend some quiet time with my dh. His kids are with us this weekend and we won't have a moment of peace to ourselves. Talk to you all later.
Love ya,

06-23-2005, 10:08 PM
Hi all!
Pam: Yes. Go swim. And, believe it or not, I wear a two-piece bathing suit. Its the only way I can get the top and bottom to fit without the top being 3 sizes too big!! I buy separates, and only buy ones that are long enough. I love the bike-short and other shorts... and the tank-top style.
Robyn: No offense taken. :) And yes, it is a VERY good thing. I don't like little children much... I have them in swimming lessons, and prefer them at ages 8 and up. I tend to like the outspoken bright ones a bit more, too. :blush:
Books... Harry Potter? Robert Heinlein's Juveniles (Space Cadet, Rolling Stones, Red Planet, Have Spacesuit Will Travel). I think the ones I listed are the only ones in print, but your library might have others. I'd avoid some of his more recent (before he died) works: Friday, To Sail Beyond the Sunset... a bit risque for a teenage boy.
Anne McCaffrey's Pern books might catch an interest. Diane Duane has a series about teenage (middle/high school) wizards... I have the omnibus 'Support Your Local Wizard' , but I think the first book is called 'So You Want To Be a Wizard'. 7 books or so in the series.
I didn't like them, but many kids liked Philip Pullman's Golden Compass series, and Lemony Snickett. SM Stirling, David Feintuch, and David Weber has 'naval' style battles set in space. Those should be okay. Robert Aspirin's Myth series is funny ... epsecially if he likes puns.
Robin Cook (medical thrillers) John Lescroart and John Grisham. Wen Spencer (especially the Ukiah Oregon series if you don't mind a touch of male-female relations (handled very tastefully, mind) and some rather extensive violence). I really enjoyed the Ukiah Oregon series... Alien Taste is the first book.
<The violence isn't descriptive of blood and gore and people being torn apart... its just some aliens doing some stuff, people getting shot, some blowing up... its not DISGUSTING or GRATITIOUS violence... she did a very nice job. She has a website:>
Some of my kids have also liked historical fiction about kids... Red Scarf Girl and Chinese Cinderella were really popular and some of my boys liked those too. Most of my boys were really into science fiction though.
Why doesn't he like to read? Is it hard turning pages or tracking text? Have you considered combining a print book with an unabridged CD? Pricey, but it works!!!
Oh, and the software: IntelliTools, of course! :)

06-24-2005, 09:25 AM
Hey everyone!
How's everyone this morning? Everything is ok here. I am just looking at the disaster area I call home and thinking maybe I should just go back to bed. However, since I'm up I guess I'll just stay up.
Mouse: I have a tankini top and could not find the bottoms in my size, so I ended up buying a pair of shorts to go with it. However, they bubble up in the water and give me my own personal flotation device. Ha! :lol: I'm planning on going swimming today. It's supposed to be really hot today.
Kerry: Welcome back. The end of the school year can certainly be hectic. Sounds like you are having fun so far. Enjoy enjoy enjoy!
Robyn: Have you read Cornwall's book Blowfly? It came out in December I think. It was excellent. By the way, I am not one of those offeneded Middle School Teachers! ;) Been racking my brain for books, just can't think this morning.
Oh, an off note..........If anyone does happen to get razor burn bumps when shaving the bikini area........I had a really bad time with this ....I bought something called bump stopper 2. It is actually produced for black males who get bumps from shaving......However, it works great. I read about something similar on the internet and was desperate, so I bought some. Bumps all gone within two days.
You guys have a good day. I am going to stay on an eating plan today and excercise. I keep fighting with a stupid pound. Lose it, gain it back, lose it gain it back. I have got to get moving before it's time for school to start again.........


06-24-2005, 10:27 AM
Robyn: I usually work with reluctant readers who struggle with reading, so I am not an expert on those who "can read anything but won't". It really would make a difference on his maturity level and interest. Harry Potter is good for many but if he doesn't like that wizzard stuff (or hates a goody two shoes, as my students would say), he might not be interested. John Grisham would be good if he is mature enough. How about westerns? Louis L'Moure (not positive that is how you spell it) has many, many good ones for that. How about The Outsiders? Most of my students enjoy that. If he is a bit of a war or history buff I would suggest A Soldiers Heart or Flames of the Tiger.

Kerry - Glad you are back. Sorry to hear about your DF. Hopefully he is better now.

Ginny - How is your DM?

So while people are suggesting books. What is good for adults? I am not a big science fiction person but not too picky otherwise. I do enjoy books about real life. You know the type you get wrapped up in and forget they are not real. I don't do well with anything that involves children being hurt. I just checked out The Touch by Colleen McCullough (author of The Thorn Birds) but I have such a hectic weekend, I'm not sure when I'll get the chance to read. I'll let you know when I do.

My DM is here for golf and lunch.


06-24-2005, 11:01 AM
Morning Ladies,
Today is the last day of ballgames for this season. My stepsons' were picked to be on an all star team and for the last week yes we are playing or no we are not playing every other day. Last night they finally decided that they were not playing because they didn't want to play up to 3 games a day in the hot summer sun. Which I don't blame them for that. I think that is a little much for 6-8 year olds. So maybe our lives can get back to normal and do some fun activities for the rest of the summer as a family.
I am reading a funny book right now. It is called The Hot Flash Club. I think it is by Nancy Thayer. It is due back at the library in a few days and I am only half way through it due to classes and ballgames. But I am hoping to finish it this weekend. She has a sequel called The Hot Flash Club Strikes Again. I am right now also reading Weight Watchers Weight Loss That Lasts. It is a good book. Makes you rethink about some of the issues centered around the weight loss and excerising. Sue, let me think about the adult books and get back to you.
Pam I hope you enjoy your swim today. I was planning on going for a walk by myself this morning. But when I said something about it to my dh, he was like wait until the kids get here and then we will all go on one with you. So as you can see I am still waiting. The kids are here but my dh wants to take a shower before going on the walk. Thank God I am a workout scheduled with a friend at Curves this afternoon.
So I can regroup and get some peace than, before going to the last ballgame of the season.
Ginny how is your DM doing? I hope all is well with you and your family.
Summer, Mouse, and Robyn hope you are enjoying your time off from school.
Well I think I am going to get my excersie clothes on and head out the door with or without some extra bodies.
Talk to you all later. Have a wonderful Friday!

06-24-2005, 05:00 PM
(((Kerry))) Welcome home! We missed you! Glad to hear that you have survived May / June! Also glad to hear that you are done with baseball... at least for a while. (Don't let Ginny hear you tho! She is NOT done yet! ;) )

Mouse, I got interrupted last night while I was typing the PM about my kid and his AT needs... I will get back to it. Eventually! Having EVERYONE in this house 24 / 7 is getting to be a bit much to handle....AND we are on Week 1!

Summer, WHERE WHERE WHERE are you?! I hope where ever you are that you have something frozen in your hand, sand between your toes, and your smiling daughter by your side! I miss you!

Gin, hon, have you taken to hiding all the baseball equipment yet?! I am sort of missing baseball as my inlaws have taken to dropping by the house now that they don't see us at the ball field multiple times a week. Ahem, I'd rather sit in the hot sun and dirt with screaming sibilings and ranting parents than have my inlaws drop by. Mean and desperate, aren't I? I mean.... I did NO housework for the last 3 weeks of FACT, I spent the very last week in severe pain (in CASE you forgot!) and then spent 4 days literally IN bed..... and so since the weekend, they have stopped by twice.... I realize that I should just clean the house. BUT, I kinda thought that I deserved 1 week of summer fun and doing only what I want when I want it....however, I guess... me wanting a real moment for me was TOO much... ARGHHH!

Was it you Pam that shaved (and then suffered) her bikini area? Was it also you with an itchy yeast infection? You made my spot of poison ivy on my right leg enjoyable! I hope that you feel better soon. Glad to hear that the "Bump Lotion" helped some! Also, I was told by a doctor that getting into a pool was good for drying up itchy things. I bet it was the wet suit sitting that the doctor was saying wasn't a "good thing".... Enough! :)

Hello to the rest...I've gotten distracted by my inlaws who have JUST pulled into the driveway for the 2nd time today..... Dear GAWWWW ...WHAT NOW???

take care,

06-24-2005, 09:55 PM
I'm going to weep. I just hit a button by mistake and lost my entire mile-long post. :cry:

I had dental work today and just pib-cked ub-p my-b lib-p off of-b the-b floor-b. I hate novacaine. I hate the drill. I hate that the novacaine doesn't prevent the drill from hurting. I hate that the novacaine lasts for six hours. This appointment was with the dentist whose wife died of breast cancer a couple of weeks ago. Somehow I managed to avoid saying anything to upset him. :tied: Phew!

Robyn, my house was a nightmare during the month of June in spite of the fact that I did major cleaning in the middle of being VERY BUSY so the people letting out Duffy while we were in Cape Cod wouldn't think us pigs, and again when my sister-in-law was passing through town with her entourage on her way to the airport the night following preschool graduation and my school party. Somehow the house still got messy enough again for me to have to deep clean for our play date on Wednesday. I live with the sloppiest people on the planet. The laundry is officially done and folded, so I no longer need to keep my bedroom door shut to company. :o

Oh, another thing Rob, glad you got the rest you needed to help your body parts feel better. I have shooting pain and lameness in my left foot (the one I broke two years ago) occasionally. I wonder if it is because I have gotten too heavy. I was 17 pounds lighter last year. I have found no opportunity for rest. I try to ice it when I remember. Worse comes to worse I will see the chiropractor. I'm hoping that by dropping a ton of weight this summer will help.

One more thing, Rob, until your son finds the genre that interests him, he won't be a reader. When I was stung by the modern romance bug, I couldn't get enough of books, but until then, even though I was an A student in reading, I was bored by it. So, take him to the library or book store and let him go wild exploring various authors until he finds his interest.

Okay, really this is the last time, Rob, no margaritas for me. I'm back on South Beach diet. I've lost 7 pounds since Monday!!! I don't know how that will look on my ticker since I've been yo-yoing all year. Anyway, no carbs at all for one more week. After that, I will figure out a low-carb margarita mix even if I have to use crystal light to make it. No sand in the toes...all backyard pool swimming. DD is driving me nuts demanding play dates. So far, we've only had one play date in three days. How terrible!!! She has become too much of a social butterfly. I just don't feel like dealing with "know-it-all" 6/7 year-olds every friggin day. 4 year-olds are so much easier to manipulate and intimidate. These first graders are so savy now...a bunch of wise a*ses who question everything including the rules. I don't want to be a disciplinarian all the time. I just want to chill. So, she will have to deal with play dates every other day or so. I've actually been lucky because snow-day girl has been in Maine since Tuesday. But, she is returning tomorrow. :( There is a girl two houses down, on the other side of the next-door nightmare's house. She was in a different first grade than DD, but DD knows her. I suppose at some point we will have to invite them over to get to know the family so she and DD can play together. I was hoping to stick with the friends we already know, but with a child soooo close, it is hard to ignore her.

Kerry, welcome back!!!

Pam, I was told to use baby oil to shave the private areas, and it prevents the bumps.

Sue, my favorite authors are Jayne Ann Krentz, JoAnn Ross (suspenseful romance), Janet Evanovich, Millie Criswell, Hailey North (humorous romance),
and Catherine Anderson (romance).

Mouse, I hope you are making peace with everything and moving on. I'm sure that you will end up being happier in the long run.

Elana, welcome back! Ginny, Hey girl!

06-25-2005, 02:16 AM
Thanks to all who have put in their 2cents worth about getting the kid to read. I've heard you all....even taken notes....and well, we are going to go to the library come Monday ( will be alright... oops sorry! I'm a bit ADD in case you didn't know!) and I will be patient and persistent...and he will find a book or BOOKS that he WILL read! I'm nearly desperate enough to hand him a Janet Evanovich book....which he would find hilarious....BUT, I'm just not ready for him to read my favorite trashy novels! ;) He has read much of Paulsen, Tolkien, and all the HarryPotters.... I think I need to be patient and wait him out at the library until he finds at least 2 books and something on CD to listen to! Thanks again for your help!

All this talk about shaving. I bought a new pack of razors. Thought of you girls! I've no intention of needing it...but I actually was looking around for the stuff Pam was mentioning...Just in case....'Bout the time I spotted it, my poison ivy started itching on my right ankle.... NOPE...Will continue to sport my "sideburns" for a bit longer.... Baby oil and bump ointment are noted for the time when I've lost my mind..or the poison ivy has dried up and I've forgotten how lovely it is to ITCH!

Summer, Hopeb yourb lipb gotb backb to normalb! Sorry you had to have dental work. BUT, at least you didn't have to try to figure out how to keep you life going and leave sub plans and make sure daughter's care and transportation was all taken care of...yadda yadda! SEEE! Those darn rising 2nd grade girls are something else, aren't they?! Very little will slow them down at this point! I only had 4 girls in my class this it wasn't THAT bad...but MANNNNN girls are something ELSE! You've gotta be Firm and Firmer with them or they will ROLL on you! (Yeah, my case of the blues has definately disappeared!)

Had a wild time of it tonight. Stand back, ya'll here come the lovely details! Went to the movies with a great friend. Our husbands play in the same band. Our sons are the same age and get along famously.... SO... every now and again when the dhs are in the basement playing music, we order the kids a pizza, and leave them upstairs to see to themselves...(the men are downstairs if they should need anything!)...And she and I escape! Tonight we went to see Mr. and Mrs. Smith! We had popcorn and a box of chocolate covered peanuts for dinner (yeah, I know!). We enjoyed the movie! Go see it! I decided that if Brad isn't having a thing with Angelina then he is foolish. She is so beautiful...and well..he IS Brad! (Sorry...Darn ADD...) When the movie was over, we drove over to the 24/7 Walmart and did our grocery shopping together! What a riot! Had a good time. SAD, isn't it?! LOL It was nice to just get out and be a "girl"! Know what I mean?! Anyway... we've managed to get all the groceries put away...and I'm wide 1 a.m. So THAT is why I'm posting here! LOL

My inlaws. I hope my earlier comments about my inlaws didn't sound TOO horrible... BUT, MANNNNNN they are driving me nuts lately! AND I don't live here alone. AND I'm sure that my guilt is self induced, BUT... I really really really don't enjoy drop in company! My very best friends KNOW to call me and make plans with me! They are wonderful about this.....and I guess I've been spoiled.... We live out in EasternMongolia for Pete's sake... NO one just drops by where we are.... until June05!
...and only when the house has been trashed! :) I'm ranting... sorry! I'll stop!

Ok... so I think I may have gotten the soda monkey off my back. Maybe... Will have to see tomorrow. I've got none of "my" soda in the house... and I'm drinking my favorite ...WATER... yummy..yummy! (I'm trying to convince myself!)

Well...seems that everyone has gotten into my bed....watching tv with dad... I think that it is time that I go scare them all into their own beds! Our sleeping schedules are so mixed up ...and it is only the first week of our summer!

take care,

06-25-2005, 10:36 AM
I could use some advice from you veteran teachers (I just finished my 1st year in a system--I have taught 8 years in private schools).

My district sent me a reappointment letter and a contract. I signed and returned the contract. Now the assistant super. claims the letter was a mistake. He said they could send a letter to rescind or a termination letter.

My principal said he'd be glad to have me back next year if that's the final outcome. I met with an employment attorney and talked w/people from my local union.

Yesterday I also talked w/someone from the state union. She pointed out that even if I force it and show up for work in September, they can dismiss me on the first day (since it takes 3 years in same district to get Professional Teacher Status).

So, what do you think?
1. Just drop it and accept defeat
2. Take the risk (after more research) and go back to work expecting them to honor the signed contract
3. File suit to force either performance of the contract or for damages

The good news is I am not overeating in response to this obviously stressful situation.

My husband and daughter went away for the weekend. Max (13 y.o. son) and I are here so he can continue practicing for his Bar Mitzvah, get the fancy clothes, revise his speech, etc. Plus we can probably just hang out together and enjoy the weekend. We'll probably get some grocery store sushi for dinner and watch a DVD. It might hit 100 here today but even without central AC our house is quite cool.

Take care.

06-25-2005, 11:56 AM

1st, I'd be looking for a new position somewhere...just in case. Where are you again? (Ie, which state?)

2nd, What is the cause of all of this? Did you see this difficulty coming? (Ie,
did you have good job performance evaluations this year?) The issues are at
the out of building admin level and NOT with your in school principal? What or
why is this happening? Will your school principal stand up for you? (Sounds like
"NOT really" is the answer to that. More like, "I'll take you if you fight this but
I'm standing here on the sidelines and I'm NOT going to make any real effort on
your behalf. Good luck.")

3rd, I would go with what the lawyer and the union reps tell me. I'd be very concerned that what the state rep said (about being let go on Day 1 in Sept)
would play itself out! Once school starts teaching positions will be harder to
find. Without tenure....they can cut bait and let you go...without reason.

4th, IF you forced the contract....whatever manner....Will you have any quality
to your life with this school/district? I mean. You will be marked with a "scarlet
letter" forEVER!

This truly reeks! BUT...I'm not too sure what you can really do about it WHILE keeping your life comfortable at the building/system levels. The union reps would be my guide!

You are doing a great to control your eating at such a stressful time! I never do well with stress eating. Continue to be in control! Try to relax and enjoy your weekend with your ds! I also have a ds13! Enjoy helping him prepare for his special day!
Keep us posted, of course, about how the job situation plays itself out!

take care,

06-25-2005, 02:57 PM
Afternoon Ladies,
Elana I am sending out some hugs your way. I would serious think about looking for another position. How happy would you be teaching in that district with the threat hanging over your head do they like me this minute and than will they hate me the next minute? Do want you feel is right for your career.
Robyn, sorry that your in laws keep dropping in on you. My one brother-in-law has a habit of visiting us when we are just getting ready to leave to go do something special. For example, on Valentine's Day and our anniversary who is standing on our front porch. I feel bad for him because he is divorced and his two kids have families of their own now, but sometimes his time is just awful. Hope you are able to find some books at the library on Monday. I went last night and got an arm load of books that sound good. Also hope you can get your ds interested in reading books this summer. Good luck!
Summer sounds like you have a social butterfly on your hands. My sdd spent the first two weeks of summer vacation over at her best friend's house during the day time. Last night after the boys ball game and the trip to Mickey D's,they were begging my dh and I to let someone come over to spend the night. They got mad when we told them no that the other kids had plans for this morning. It can get a little nerve racking at times. I just wonder if we will come home with an extra kid or two after the boys pool party for ball. Congrats on your 7 pounds lost. Keep up the good work. I am going to try really hard to lose some weight this summer too. I want to start school at the end of August 25 pounds lighter. I need to also be 150 or less by Christmas time or my dh's offer to buy me a leather coat is off the table. So I have to get my big butt in gear.
Mouse, how is the new eating lifestyle changes working out for you? I hope all is well with you. When are you moving to Va.?
Pam did you enjoy your swim yesterday? Hope all the itching has stopped for you now. I didn't have a problem wearing my swimsuit the other day over at the city pool. But I don't know if I will be comfortable tonight at the boys pool party with a bunch of guys around. I haven't decided if I am going to go swimming or not.
Ginny, so have you taken Robyn up on her offer of hiding the ball equipment yet? How is your summer going so far other that with ball?
Well gals, I must go and take a nap while everyone else is doing the same. If not, then when I go to take my nap later, all **** breaks loose cause they think it is time to run around the house like elephants or bulls in a china shop.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday!
Check in with you all later.

06-25-2005, 03:02 PM
Oh God Elana. How awful. I second everything Robyn said, especially about looking for a new position. Sometimes these things happen because of budget cuts, and being the newbie, you were the first to go. I have feared the same thing happening to me since I began teaching. My first position was to replace a teacher taking a one-year leave of absence. She made it clear to me that she had no intention of returning, but didn't tell the district so she could maintain benefits. It was stressful because I didn't know if she was on the "up and up." She didn't return, but my position was eliminated because of NCLB. My school was labelled a failing school, and the parents left the school in droves. My kindergarten was no longer needed. I found this out while on vacation in Cape Cod. Needless to say, my vacation was ruined. Luckily, I interviewed for another position in another building (my current position) and was hired. I was prepared to go to any district in the area to teach if necessary, including private school. I would get busy updating the resume and renewing old contacts ASAP. Good Luck!!!

Rob, your big night out with your friend sounds like fun...especially the grocery shopping part :lol: . I have to disagree about Angelina and Brad though. I'm still mad at him for breaking up with his wife. And, Angelina is too freaky for my taste...all snuggly with her brother, marrying that creepy Billy Bob...I don't like her know matter how beautiful she is. I liked Brad and Jen, and sorry, but I'm not over them yet! :p

Another thing Rob, I've gotten really lucky with my MIL. In the fall/winter, they are snowbirds in Florida. We do not money...and if we did have it, we'd be back in Disney with a 5 second stopover to see MIL and FIL. Anyway, remember last year when DH had the operation? He was in really bad shape, and I had taken a lot of time off to be with him in the hospital and at home. Well, the day I was returning to work, MIL promised to stay with him and take care of him for the day. At that point, he still needed a tremendous amount of care, and I considered a home health aide, but thought family would be nicer for him. Guess what? MIL stayed less than an hour. F&MIL had stuff to do. When I got home from work, my DH was crying. I can't tell you how pitiful he was...suffering in pain and crying on my couch because his DM left him. I don't think he has forgiven her because they have been home from Florida since April, and we haven't visited them once. (They live one hour away.) I am enjoying the lack of contact, but I feel bad for him that his parents are so selfish.

I'm mad at my sister...speaking of selfish. I signed up for aqua aerobics with a friend. Apparently there hasn't been much response for the evening class. We can't do the day class because we don't have childcare. Anyway, my sister wanted to do the class with me which would have raised the number to 3 allowing us to keep the class. Without her the YMCA is dropping the class unless some other random person signs up. Well, after promising, my sister changed her mind because two nights a week for 45 minutes was too much of a commitment. :p She isn't doing anything else all summer. When she needs me to do something that makes her life easier, I do it. However, she is so inflexible. We always have to go to her house for family gatherings. At DD's birthday party, she left because she felt sick. She wasn't sick, she just didn't like being a guest in someone else's house. God forbid she defer to anyone. She orders everyone around like she is the Queen of England. (At Christmas her BIL was bowing to her muttering, "Whatever you want, Principessa.") It got a laugh from everyone, but she didn't get that he was being sarcastic. I'm sick of her. AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mad: The funny thing is that after screwing me over the aquasize class, she suggested my niece (who drives me NUTS!!!) help me with my tag sale. Like I need more stress in my life. Pahlease. :p

06-25-2005, 05:54 PM
Thanks for the helpful advice, everyone. In terms of performance, it's a totally separate issue (I got excellent evaluations and have a very strong relationship with my supervisor--English dept. chair who also is president of the local union). The reappointment letter, it seems, went out by mistake. The assistant super. who is being the most recalcitrant is leaving to become Super. in another state next week. I am hoping to have more luck when the new assistant super. comes (she is a former teacher, union head and well-liked by the teachers).

I have to say, it's really discouraging to be recognized for doing a great job and then just completely jerked around about renewal. I guess that's just how it is for non-tenured teachers. Sigh.

06-25-2005, 06:41 PM
No, I am not lost on the field of dreams.......wish I was.....just spent way, way too many hours in a school bus, and today had to wear my referee shirt (actually put it on last nite). A world war broke out here between Dh and our 2 oldest, a long stupid story I won;t bore you with. The gist of it is- Dh is so stressed out- job is driving him insane, and he wants our kids to do well so much that sometimes his enthusiasm for their success smothers. The kids would do well to accept that....and I need a vacation....away from them all. Thankfully, all the little kiddies are home for the summer :D and at the last minute I was asked to drive a wheelchair bus to the next county (75 minute drive) to pick up 3 severely disabled students. (2 in chairs, none of them are able to speak at all- this is also a residence facility- to describe the level (or lack of said) of ability of these kids). Gotta be at least $100,000 per student to work with these kids......opened my eyes to a whole new world. Well, at least the bus was air conditioned, and the monitor pleasant company.
Anyway, I have stress eaten myself into oblivion......have a nasty headache and wish I could just crawl in a corner and read my latest Cornwell. One thing good about being so out of touch with current authors, when you are catching up on 10+ years of books, there is no waiting for the next release. :lol: I just finished From Potters Field.....and am now working on Cause of Death. BTW- was it Robyn who was looking for books for Ds???
Someone mentioned Louis L'Amour- he wrote the Lonesome Dove series and a mess of other books. My Ds enjoyed them too...or so he told me.
Gotta go- sorry not to get personal right now. I am such a burnout.

06-25-2005, 09:39 PM
Gin: Sorry life is running you ragged. Get some rest and try to find some peace for yourself. Good luck getting back on program.

Elana: Good luck with the new super.

It was hotter than Hades here today...not complaining though, we just all crowded ourselves in the pool. I'm really tired. Last night, I just couldn't peel myself away from the tube. Everyone went to bed, and I turned on "What Not to Wear." I got all sucked in. Then there was a "What Not to Wear/While You Were Out double cross special. I thought it would be an hour, and got in real deep. Well, it was two hours. I didn't get to bed till 1:00am. What? Am I nuts? :dizzy: When you have a child who is up at dawn, it is just plain dumb to stay up so late. But, I just couldn't help myself. I did enjoy the shows though.

I joined South Beach online, and someone recommended a sugar-free margarita mix to me in case anyone is interested. It is called Baja Bobs. He has all sorts of mixes. I ordered two gallons!!! Well, it is only the beginning of the summer...I want to make sure I have enough to last me a week or two!!!

I still want to strangle my sister. She has been rubbing me the wrong for too many months.

06-25-2005, 11:10 PM
Happy weekend, everybody!
I went home to my mom's house last night and just got back. I was her chauffer yesterday because somebody cut in front of her at an exit ramp, and then STOPPED. Her fault, of course, because she hit the rear of the other car. She's black and blue everywhere. Took her to a doctor's appointment and then some generalized running around yesterday & today. I also got my new walking shoes from Propet. They look just like hiking books, and have a high, high neck with laces all the way up. I won't have to wear the ankle brace with them... and they'll be wonderful in wet or cold weather! Finally got a new cell phone too: mine was 5 years old, and didn't do anything: no clock, no vibrate, nothing. This new one vibrates, is color, has a clock, will do Instant Messenger (which I'm not signing up for!) and email and text messaging. I don't do that. I just wanted a phone. It has an organizer and games too...
Kerry: Hmm. The food is interesting. While I was home, we went to our favorite chinese restaurant... I've known the owner and his wife for 15 years, since they opened. Watched his kids grow up. He loves telling people how I'm going to school at Johns Hopkins. ;) He got his chefs to make shrimp & lobster sauce for me without chicken broth, and lots of stir-fried veggies. ;) I am required to go and say hi when I'm in town. I don't know that I've lost any weight, but I sure as heck have developed a whole lot of muscle on my arms and legs that wasn't there before. I guess that is what my body decided to do with all the protein??? Who knows!
Robyn: I sent you another message... Whoever said that he needs to go look and experiment is correct. Ginny? Summer? I forget! My mom used to complain that I kept her broke in books and computer software. She still complains about books. o:)
The library is lovely... I'll be fairly close to a good one when I move, and Fairfax County has a good library system. I was very spoiled by that and Lancaster's public library system. The state of PA allows you to get books from ANY LIBRARY in the WHOLE STATE for no fee. Here in Baltimore, you have to pay $1 for any reserved book, or any books sent from another branch! Drives me nuts because the larger branch in Towson isn't accessible. I can get in the library, and look at the new books but I can't get upstairs to the stacks. Same with the Baltimore City library that I live like 4 blocks from the main branch! :mad: I go to the one near the gym, but its pretty small... Before I had my car, I used to take the public bus to the main Lancaster library all the time: Or when I worked at the hospital, I'd walk the 6 or 7 blocks down and go.
Elana: I'd look for a new position. I should have left the school I left this year last summer. I didn't want to leave though because I loved the kids and what I could do for them. I liked knowing ALL the kids on sight, and having them come and talk to me. I didn't like the administration or the way I was treated... and I let them treat me that way because I didn't want to leave. Bad move on my part, and we don't have a contract or a union, so they were able to do whatever they wanted to do to me.
Book Suggestions: I read two real history books that were very well written lately... Arc of Justice by Kevin Boyle. This is about a black doctor in Michigan who buys a house in what was a 'white only neighborhood' in the early part of the 20th century. Just about the time the NAACP was really getting started. The night after he moved into his house, they were mobbed... people throwing stones and stuff in the windows, and so somebody in the house shot a rifle through the window. The police arrested EVERYBODY in the house. He was defended as his trial by Clarence Darrow (Scopes Monkey trial fame). Lots of background into what was going on at the time.
I'm reading 'Dear Senator' by Essie Mae Washington-Williams right now; she is the black daughter of former-Senator Strom Thurmond. The book tells about how she grew and never knew until 13 or 14 that her mother who raised her was her aunt, and meeting her real mother and then finding out that Thurmond was her father.
I also read the adult version of Chinese Cinderella 'Falling Leaves'.
I read lots of social sciences books about urban poverty, children liiving in such, drug addiction, foster care. All the stuff I see in my classrooms so I can MAYBE understand it a little more: Alex Kotolowitz's 'There are no Children Here' is good, as is Ron Suskind's 'A Hope in the Unseen'. Rosa Lee is good also (can't see the author from here), and about a DC woman who becomes addicted to Heroin, and what happens to her and her family. There is lots of background in all of the books, so you can see what goes on. 'Out of the Darkness: The Story of Mary Ellen Wilson' by Shelman is good also; this is the girl who was the first prosecuted court case for child abuse in the United States. It chronicles the start of child protective services and how it was actually harder to abuse an animal in the late 19th century than it was a child.
Gay Courter's 'I Speak for This Child' is good, and about a person (Courter) who volunteers as a court-appointed special advocate (CASA) for children in the court system. Her experiences are in Florida.
Just about anything by Torey Hayden or Mary MacCracken (latter are almost all out of print).
For the military folks in your lives, 'Spare Parts' is about Marine boot camp prior to the first Gulf War. I know the author. He was the person that hired me at my last school... but he left before I did. Good guy, strong moral values as near as I could tell.
He wasn't my supervisor, though, so I can't put him in my very short category of principals that I actually respect!
Uhm.... Who'd I miss? Ginny? Pam?
I went swimming today at a gym near my mother's house. Their pool is only 4 feet deep and has just one lap lane... then they did a small enclosure that is 8 feet deep with a current. It made it hard to swim, but when I was done, I did like the deep part! :) The "deep part" at my current gym is 6 feet, and its a heated therapy pool. I don't like the heat part.
OH!!! And I'm looking for bamboo PLANTS. Small ones. Anybody know where to get them? I was looking for a gift for my endocrinologist & her office.... I mean, geez, the lady spent an entire freaking afternoon with me... on a day she doesn't see patients. The bamboo in a glass jar with river rock matches her office perfectly. I found the jar, the rock... I CANNOT FIND THE PLANTS!!!!!! HELP!

06-25-2005, 11:16 PM
Okay... as if the first message wasn't long enough...
When I was with my mom at the store with the garden center today, looking for bamboo plants, I had a little incident.
I had a little child, perhaps 4, certainly not older than 5, walk up to me, stare for a good long time (at least 3 minutes), point, laugh, and inform everybody how strange I looked. I know I look strange, and I don't need anybody to point it out to me. What made me really mad though was that his parents stood there and WATCHED him do it and then never said a word to him about his behavior!
I'm afraid my "icky teacher' side came out, and I told the child that he was "a very rude little boy" and that "pointing and laughing at people was wrong." THEN his mother and father said something... to me, about what I said to their child. I repeated my statement, and finished with something about how the problem wasn't really their child, but the fact that they didn't try to teach their child any manners. My mother wouldn't have hit me or anything, but if I pointed and laughed and stared, my mother would pull me aside and tell that was wrong. She always told me WHY it was wrong. I think the first time I remember doing that was about 4 or 5 and over a seeing eye-dog.
How would you folks (mothers, preschool and kindergarten or elementary teachers) handle this?

06-26-2005, 04:46 PM
A little bit more sane here today.....and the baseball gods have been good to me today (perhaps the Lord smiled on me 'cause I went to church this am!) in that Ds's game was cancelled. Of course I LOVE ;) sitting in 95 degree weather watching baseball...... Honestly, today would have not been so bad, the game was close to home and just one game. But I am still pooped and glad to have a day off.

Mouse- hugs to you....well, I am sure that Robyn will have the best comeback of all (at least the most sarcastic one!). Mentally I would have been saying "little creeps like you deserve duct tape!". My take on the situation is that the kid has been given a bad example to follow in that mom and dad (or perhaps in this case I should refer to them as incubator and sperm donor ? hope I did not offend anyone out there......) are sleeping on the job. I think I would have addressed the parents, and told them, in a very professional manner, they should be teaching respect for all humanity to their offspring and that they someday might need to draw on that respect should one of them become ill- and then tell the monster that a book cannot be judged by its cover. Of course, with a big smile. Then of course, depending upon where my hormones are a given day, I am liable to say anything, and to expect you to straighten them out could be a superhuman task. So sorry it had to happen......I have come down hard on my own kids for the same offense....and I hope they have learned their lesson. Congrats on the new library!!!!!! :D I know that means a lot to you....ours fairly recently joined with others in 2 counties and they are all linked online, so I can order books from anywhere....charge is .25 for each book. And I am so dangerous with that. I can browse the catalog at home, order the books from home.....hope you are joining that kind of system too. Ever try a florist for the bamboo plant???

Summer- well, ok you were nuts staying up so late, but I would have done the same thing! :lol: What not to wear is a scream......and although I am probably a candidate for it myself, I find it entertaining. Sometimes you just have to get that kind of stuff out of your system. Good luck with SB online.
I'll adopt you as my sister, ok?? (my own drives me insane too!). Too bad about the class.

Kerry- great to see you posting regularly again!!!!! Are you still attending TOPS? And you were the queen of the workout....those #'s will come off I am sure, my sister in sweat.

Elana- what a miserable situation...I third the motion to start looking for another position. Robyn's advice was perfect. Gosh, between Robyn and Mouse we have some experts on the subject. Keep us informed with what happens.

Robyn- so how you faring getting Ds to read???? I remember really disliking that age for reading- I found most of the young adult books just too stupid, and some of the books like Grisham a bit too racy. At that age, I actually got my Dd hooked on Agatha Christie, but I am not sure that your Ds would like her. If I think of anymore, I will let you know. There are always biographies- or even a book about a hobby.....(are there any books on Xbox?????). One thing I also did was get Ds reading magazines about his hobbies. Ok, not quite the quality literature there but better than TV.

Well, the only bad part of no baseball game is now I have to make dinner......Oh well. And I am completely enjoying Cause of Death.....I am almost afraid to ask any of you Cornwell readers about the futures of Marino and Benton Wesley in her subsequent books.....I enjoy their characters and their relationships to Kay.
My eating is MUCH better today....lets hope it stays this way. This week will be strange, tomorrow the "annual" gyn visit, and then the colonoscopy on Friday. Oh what fun.
See ya later!

06-26-2005, 09:06 PM
Ginny, congrats on getting a break from baseball. On days like today, I need to be immersed in cool water (pool or ocean) or stay in the A/C. I cannot imagine sitting in the HOT :cool: sun baking as I watch baseball...sheer torture. One of the reasons I watch "What Not to Wear" is because I am also a MAJOR CANDIDATE. (Feel free to nominate me!!!) Anyway, what really sucked me in with the second episode was that the lady was a preschool teacher. Many pieces of her wardrobe look frighteningly familiar...the teacher sweaters, jeans, comfortable shoes and sneakers. She wore her shirts tucked in and belted though with a big belly carrying leftover baby weight, and it looked really freaky. I'd never do that. I'm more known for big shirts and tapered pants...yeh, I know, the tapered pants make my hips look bigger. There aren't too many great choices for pants with elastic waists. Hopefully those days will be over soon. So, with the things we had in common and the things that made me say, "What are you thinkin' girl?" I was hooked. I'd be happy to be adopted as your sis. I'm still really pissed at mine. Good luck with the GYN. I'm putting my appointment off till the end of the summer when I've hopefully lost more weight on SB. So far I've lost 8 pounds in six days!!!!! :D I'm sure all will go well with the colonoscopy as long as they knock you out. I will say a prayer.

Mouse, after picking my bottom lip off of the floor as I recovered from being utterly mortified, I would have come up with some response. The question is, "Would I have come up with a response before the people moved on?" I am terrible in situations where I am being ridiculed. I'm too shocked to react appropriately. I would want to give the parents a sharp look and tell the child that it is not kind to gawk at people and say mean things to them. I would also comment loudly to my daughter about the fact that some parents don't teach their children how to behave properly. Sometimes an indirect comment can get under people's skins as well. I think it just sucks that these as*holes treated you with such a lack of respect. It is shameful. Hey, another comment could have been, "What goes around, comes around." I doubt these jerks would want their child to be the butt of a joke. I don't think you did anything wrong. You deserved to be treated with dignity. Screw them. As an old friend of mine would say, "GOD DON'T LIKE UGLY." And their attitudes were ugly.

Robyn Robyn Bobobyn Bananafana Fofobyn Feefymomobyn Robyn. I'm waiting for what you would say to these low-lifes that were mean to Mouse.

06-26-2005, 09:34 PM
Ok Summer, consider this your official adoption! Me too with that I would never have a statement ready to come back to the morons that Mouse ran into- but I am surely hoping that someone will. (Robyn, Hon, we need your wit and wisdom here!) I love What Not to Wear.....and of course am a major candidate myself. But my life is far too messy for me to get hung up on clothes......diesel fuel is messy and so are school buses and so are kids (including my own!). And I probably wear all the wrong stuff..but go for comfort (about the only good thing I can say is that I do not wear sweats).
We have our "Bus Driver Barbie" who has never missed a sale at Filene's-and is a walking fashion plate (complete with hair augmentation, shoes matching her purses.....the list goes on). But we all wonder if in an emergency, if she would be able to drag a student off the bus (a requirement in the physical performance test) without twisting her own ankle. Hey, congrats on the 8# loss!!!!!that is wonderful. Are you finding SB easy to follow?

Gotta go.........been here too much today. Have a great nite.

06-27-2005, 12:03 AM
G'evening all.
I've done nothing today, oh well. I really should clean... It wouldn't take me long...
I did read and put some of my new CDs (from the birthday gift certificate to Amazon) onto Itunes. Just in case anybody should ever give me a free iPod or I should happen to find one gift-wrapped on my door step! ;)
I finally found a good bag for my shampoo and stuff at the gym... I should have looked there 2 years ago!!! REI, the camping store, sells these things by Eagle Creek called 'cubes'. They're designed to pack clothing or other items into the rectangular space and so you can pack more in your suitcase. They have a mesh opening, and can go in the washer. PERFECT for soap and shampoo, bath puff... because the stuff will get air and won't mildew! It even has a handle. There is an REI store in Timonium, so I got it yesterday when I came back from Pennsylvania.
I finally had to get a new gym bag too. Mine is a ripped mess... and since I actually WORK at the gym, I can't look too much like a slob! I'd bought this one a bit under a year ago at Target, and it was supposed to have a warranty, but Champion said the bag got used too hard (and I suppose they're right). I found one at Ebags that is normally a $75 bag on sale for $25 because it was an old style... and they only had one color left. Its kinda cool, and has a pocket for a water bottle. That's a good thing: I am ALWAYS forgetting my water for the gym because I leave it in the car!
Summer: I, too, hate heat. I hate sweating, too... I think that is one reason that I like swimming much more than I ever liked any other kind of exercise. I walked because I needed to exercise, and not because I ever liked it. The only times I ever liked it were in the fall when it was cool and there was neat scenery to look at. Congrats on the weight loss. I guess my diet is way closer to South Beach than Atkins, though I think she was more interested in Atkins. I just can't live on meat for the rest of my life... but you can't eat eggplant or bok choy on Atkins. :rolleyes: Or if you do, its only a tiny bit... and no ricotta cheese or cottage cheese, especially not the fat-free kind! Of course, I definitely haven't lost 8 pounds anywhere in the month I've been doing this.
Ginny: I've worked with 'Life Skills Teacher Barbie' (more than one!). I never understood how they managed to not get printer ink on them, marker, chalk, jello powder, dirty children, etc... and then realized it was because most of them didn't do anything but worksheets and certainly never TAUGHT.
I'm going to go to sleep so I can go swimming in the morning. I either need to get there by 8, because there are TWO water aerobics classes in the morning taught by the teacher I really don't like... or I have to wait to swim till after 11.

06-27-2005, 06:51 PM
Has anyone ever worked with a "Preschool Teacher Barbie?" Well I have. This chick is beeeeeautiful. She dresses like she works in an office with her tailored dresses and suits, spiky heels, full makeup and glamour hair. Meanwhile, my knit pants and sweaters get splattered with paint, glue, and dirt. You see, good preschool teachers roll up their sleeves and get on the floor with the kids to play and create. She mustn't be doing her job like she should wearing dry-clean only garments. We also have a "Speech/Language Specialist Barbie" and a "School Psychologist Barbie." But, I can see them maintaining their purrrrrfect wardrobes and hair in those "hands-off" positions more easily. You don't get too dirty in PPT meetings.

Mouse, it is nice to see I'm not the only one who prefers exercising in cool water. I can swim recreationally, but I was never a strong lap swimmer, so I really prefer water aerobics.

Well, I'm pissed. :mad: This morning, the Y called to tell me they were cancelling my class :p . I asked how many had signed up in the morning...4. I told them I had gotten 3 people, but the last person wasn't permitted to sign up. :p Why are they favoring the morning class over the evening? I argued that they are discriminating against working people and parents without nannies. She didn't care. My friend is so mad, she wants to cancel her family facility membership. She's had them do this to her before. Her favorite activity is to swim, and because of classes and the swim team, the only time she can swim is between 8 & 9pm. During the cold months, she isn't nuts about such a limited schedule. Right now I'm searching for an alternative. I'll be damned if I'm stuck with the same boring workout all summer. :p

06-27-2005, 10:40 PM
Hi, all.

Oh, yes... Summer. I never understood those teachers or how they manage it. I get dirty just THINKING about my students! I've had kids draw on my shirts in permanent marker (at least it matched the color!), spit on me, throw up on me, wipe 'sneeze' on me, etc. And I think I told the Jell-O story here!

As for your class... I think that is the reason that I gave up on Rec Centers and Y's. First off, most of the pools aren't terribly accessible; there are typically loads of kids around... and for the Rec Centers, well, I got tired REALLY FAST of running into the parents of my middle school students when I was wearing a bathing suit (or worse, in the locker room!). I gave up showering at the rec center after doing special olympics swimming when one of the other teachers got cornered in the shower by a parent. NO THANK-YOU! And I need to be able to shower where I am for a couple of reasons: one, I can't go out smelling like chlorine if I'm going to go anywhere after I swim (and yes, although you may not realize it, you DO sweat when you swim, so there is also that lovely exercise odor!). That puts a huge cramp in my life. secondly, I tend to have skin reactions to bleach of any type. Its probably NOT the chlorine, because they don't put chlorine in the color-safe bleaches or the things like OxyClean, but since I don't know, its safer (and less itchy!) for me to shower as soon as I can after swimming. Oh, and finally, I've discovered that as I swim more, my hair is bleaching itself from the chlorine! I have a really good shampoo from Trader Joes that does a great job taking the stuff out of my hair (even the smell... and its not a special shampoo or anything, just an all-natural herbal thing), but every few months the ends of my hair turn blonde and I look goofy with all black hair, and blonde tips!
I will note, Summer, that MOST places have the 'good' water aerobics classes in the morning. It seems that those of us that work don't do water aerobics. I've wanted to try water kickboxing or deep water jogging for years, but the classes are only ever during the middle of the workday.
I might get a chance this year: my new high school (yes! I now know where I'm placed for the next year; its a brand-new, only 3 years old, high school. I found out today) starts at 9:00 a.m. and lets out at 3:48. I'm trying not to wince over the fact that I'm going to hit the principal with the assistive tech camp that I'm working at during the first week staff is back... and missing both the kick-off picnic for the cluster AND the freshman orientation half-day. AND the fact that I'm grad school at Johns Hopkins and that if I leave at 3:48 on days I have class, I'll NEVER get to Columbia Center because of the traffic... and finally, the Jewish holidays. My new employer doesn't close during them. I'm always happy to make up the time, but I don't think its fair that I should have to use the two personal leave days we get just so I can be with my family on my religious holiday. I'm even happy to come in Good Friday, Easter Monday, Christmas Eve, etc ... I want to be able to use my personal leave time the way other staff does. If we earned annual leave, I could see requiring me to use that (at least until I made up the time), but since we do not...
I might go down and see the school on Thursday. I'm going down on July 8th to see my apartment, and could go to the school then too... but I'm not sure I can wait!
The website has ZERO information about special education or the programs at the school. I did find out that the high school has a Head Start special ed program there, and a rather large number of identified students, but not how many are self-contained or what types of programs there are. I really hope they READ the stuff I submitted; I really don't want to be a core-subject LD teacher!

06-28-2005, 12:10 AM
Mouse, congratulations on your new position!!! As far as your religious holidays, they can't say a word about you taking the time off for them. It is your right. I'm shocked by any school system that doesn't honor all religious holidays. In my city, we have not only all Jewish and Christian holidays off, we also have Three Kings Day which is a Catholic holiday that mostly hispanic people celebrate. I like the fact that my city respects all faiths. It should be a nationwide mandate for all public schools.

06-28-2005, 06:06 PM
Well chicadees, it was a rainy day here, so DD begged to go see "Shark Girl & Lava Boy." I told a little white lie to get out of that one. I know, shame on me, but with all the kiddie movies I go to, I'm avoiding that one like the plague. Instead we saw "Bewitched" which was fabulous!!!

I saw the chiropractor about the (ouch!) foot. :yikes: Apparently I jammed the metatarsal bone...the one I broke 2+ years ago. Don't ask me how. He adjusted me and did ultrasound. We will see how it goes.

06-28-2005, 06:13 PM
Just a drive thru visit here......gotta take Ds to his baseball game :dizzy: and it is SO hot and humid out there!! Grrrrrrrrrrrr.........

Glad to see that Barbie has made her appearance at your schools. Just imagine her driving a school bus (where the pretrip is has you tugging at bus parts, playing with air brakes, testing out all the exits and doors...) all dressed to kill. Oh well.....

Mouse congrats on the new gym bag- and hope your visit to the new school is good.
Summer- yup the heat kills.....I hate it too!! How was the movie.

Take me out to the ball game..........gotta go.

06-28-2005, 07:09 PM
ding dang...I'm flying in to tell you folks that I've not fallen off the planet...
today marks day 3 of 4 with my inlaws.......the madness ends tomorrow...I hope!
With a church choir and band performance...our oldest is playing in the band.

I've been behaving myself with the eating. No sodas! :)
I tried to walk just a bit...and my left foot began throbbing AND I don't know what the heck is up with this...but I'm going to give it another shot tomorrow!

I'm also trying to deJUNK our bedroom...the lost room of Atlantis! ;) What a has been abused since Spring Break! Once I get it (theoretically) clean in there I will move on to another room! It might be days! Wish me luck..and patience with the old folks... Today is my mil birthday..... so I will be nice! ...I can do it when I have too!

Re: folks who don't teach their children tolerance and acceptace for people who are different...(re: Mouse's earlier posting) SHAME SHAME SHAME! It is natural for children to be curious... but when finger pointing and laughing happens...AND then for the parents to say something to Mouse for her comments.... How sad. Teeny tiny brains breed teeny tiny brains... Isn't this a shame! As the mom of a kid who is different.... this topic breaks my heart on a regular basis! (Sorry... I've yet to find a witty or funny come back to ignorance and straight up meaness! Altho we DO allow Stephen to say, "I've got a birthdefect...what is your excuse?" That slows some of them down sometimes! Sadly it isn't always children who show their ignorance....
(((Mouse))) ::shrug:: MeanTeenyTinyBrainPeopleSUCK!

No, no, no....TeacherBarbie works down here at my old school AND my new school! Don't you love the way they wear silk to school and somehow come home wearing silk?! All I would have to do is LOOK at it...and it would fall apart! The thoughts of BusDriverDivaBarbie jumping out the back emergency exit in little teeny heels is about enough to make me LOL.... When I was in high school, my bus was involved in a bus accident and all SHE was worried about was that she broke one of her huge claws! We backed OVER and ON a car...and SHE was ranting about her nails! REALLY! :)

It is sooooo darn hot....and humid... bleech!

Gotta run... in laws are pulling up AGAIN!
take care,

06-28-2005, 07:35 PM
Well chicadees, it was a rainy day here, so DD begged to go see "Shark Girl & Lava Boy." I told a little white lie to get out of that one. I know, shame on me, but with all the kiddie movies I go to, I'm avoiding that one like the plague. Instead we saw "Bewitched" which was fabulous!!!

I saw the chiropractor about the (ouch!) foot. Apparently I jammed the metatarsal bone...the one I broke 2+ years ago. Don't ask me how. He adjusted me and did ultrasound. We will see how it goes.

Hey Rob, an idea to try for your foot. When I saw my chiropractor today, he told me how he ices his foot...he fills a clean bucket or clean small garbage can up with cold water, adds ice, and soaks the foot for 20 minutes. You just have to be careful that it isn't too icey. Doesn't that sound cool? I'm gonna give it a try. Today I had ultrasound as my foot soaked in hot water. It was a bizarre and sometimes painful sensation.

Also, when you talk about soda, do you mean you can't drink diet soda either? And if so, why?

06-28-2005, 10:05 PM
cool? Sounds down right bone chilling.... but I'll keep this method in mind... for my left foot and for those I dislike! hehehehe

No soda.... at all... NADA..... nobody's rule but my own.....

06-28-2005, 10:49 PM
Evening all!!

Robyn: Don't forget to answer the message. :) I gave you some ideas for AT.
And I love your son's come back! I have a collection of buttons that have various smart-aleck sayings on them. One of them says, "I think, therefore I am. What's your excuse?" And of course, my favorite: "If at first you don't succeed, become a school administrator!" I wore that one at the last SF convention I went to, and got lots of laughs. I'd never dared wear it before because you never know when one of your principals might show up... especially since I worked in a place that had more administration than... well... it was a very extensive ratio! 1 dean of students, 2 assistant principals, 2 curriculum supervisors (both of whom supervised staff as well), 2 directors, one vice-president (okay, she worked for the overall hospital, but was in our building), plus 1 lead teacher for each program (5), and 1 compliance director for the admissions and IEP office. By my count, that is 14 administrators. We only have 180 kids!
Summer: I want to see Shark Boy & Lava Girl. I am, however, content to wait till it comes out on DVD. Interesting about your foot... But did they do ULTRASOUND in the water, or electrotherapy? The latter is more typically done in water. Ultrasound requires a gel and applicator. I get both on my foot. I hate the electrotherapy... you can do it in the water or not. My current PT and the last one do it without, but my family doctor growing up (a sports medicine specialist as well as GP) did it with the bucket. Oh, and I LOVE my new gym bag. My other bag always seemed so heavy, but this one was way easier to carry. The handles are 'bolted' to the bag instead of just sewn on, and it has a grab handle on one end which makes it way easier for clumsy me to get out of the car. I have the same amount of junk in the bag now that I have always had, with the addition of my new little shower kit... which MATCHES the bag. Aren't I sad? And the water bottle, yet the whole thing seemed lighter!
It was allegedly 94 degrees here today, and I made it home just before the MASSIVE thunderstorms hit. Good thing that I had to go out early this morning and then went to the gym right after or I wouldn't have been able to swim. It stormed from like 3:30 until 8:00. I'm sure they just closed the pool and gave it up for the night.
Oh... and the holidays, Summer... I often have issues with principals over my holidays. Fairfax County doesn't do any religious holidays except Christian which really annoys their HUGE Muslim population. They are very mixed ethnically and religiously, and they say they'd be closed all the time. Not true, because really the only Jewish holidays that the majority of Jews want off are Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Passover. Some would like Simacht Torah or Sukkot (especially those with younger children), but that's it. Hanukkah isn't a major holiday for us, and most Jews don't take off. Now, the Orthodox are way different... and living in Baltimore, that's obvious. The Jewish Community Center here is closed FOR EVERY Jewish holiday... and there are LOTS of them! I have them all in my PDA's calendar. Anyway... as I said, I'm more than willing to make up the time, and its not like I don't do lots of stuff with the kids anyway.
Oh... and I just can't even go into the whole diet thing. I'm eating WAY less food than I was before, way less carbs... and haven't lost ANY WEIGHT. The scale hasn't changed an ounce. I mean, some of my clothes fit differently, and I have more muscles... but the SCALE has not changed.

06-29-2005, 08:39 PM
So, did you all enjoy trying to remember your password? Why do they do this to us every so often? :p :p :p :p :p

06-29-2005, 08:54 PM
Oh my goodness is it HOT! PLEASE send us some of your rain! We just got back from a camping trip and it was almost too hot for a camp fire! We had to wait until after 8 before we could even think of lighting one! Thank God my camper has central air or I wouldn't have been able to stay. To think I use to love this heat!

One nice thing about being in a country school, we don't have many Barbie teachers let alone bus drivers! Teaching high school, I can dress up a bit more than those of you who teach the wee ones but it still has to be a material that red ink and overhead projector pen will come out of!

Thanks for the suggestions for books. I have my list ready. Unfortunately we do library on Wednesdays and we went before I got on line. Hopefully I won't lose my list before next week.

I did pretty well with the healthy eating while camping except those darn SMores. I just can't stop at one. I guess that's how they got their name!

I am with Summer. Brad should have never left Jennifer. They were just too cute together! I can't remember the last time my Dh and I went to a "grownup" movie. We use to go every other week when my children went with their biological father but he has only shown once in the last 10 months!


06-29-2005, 09:22 PM
More thunderstorms tonight, but I did get a little bit of swimming in. I also did some cooking... baked eggplant with fat-free mozzarella, to go with the pork chops or steak (I usually broil everything, so I take two out at a time so I only have to do it once or twice a week.) I think, however, that I overestimated this time... the pork chops were thicker than I thought, and the steak is absolutely HUGE. Hmph.
I just watched the re-done version of The Lion in Winter. I should remember it, I am sure we watched the original when I took AP European history, but I thought it was about Thomas Beckett... and it wasn't! Its about Eleanor of Acquitane and King Henry II. Patrick Stewart did a decent job as Henry, but I kept waiting for him to order his sons 'ahead Warp Factor 8!'.
I also saw my orthpedist today. Per usual, he blew off anything having to do with the concept of nerve damage in my ankle. He's blaming the tightness in my calf and the constant cramping on the injury from 6 weeks ago, and any problems with the ankle itself on the arthritis I've apparently developed from the repeated injuries. Oh well! I told him I was moving to Virginia, and he told me that HE was moving to New York! I guess its a good thing that I'm moving! The last time one of my doctor's affiliated with the University of Maryland moved, it took the University 6 months to find another physician and send out notices. We briefly considered an ankle brace, but the only thing he had was the same thing that I have had for the last 5 years. It doesn't fit with any shoes except cheap cloth sneakers (which I can't really wear to work... we're not supposed to wear sneaker-looking shoes), or my sandles. And, you know, the first few years when we had no snow in the winter, it worked okay. But the last 3 winters when we've had all this snow and rain, its been bad. Plus, principals really don't like their teaching staff (especially the staff that has to chase kids!) wearing sandles.
So, instead, they're going to do custom-molded orthotics for my shoes. I'm sure that will be loads of fun! He was able to give me a place to look for an orthopedist who doesn't necessarily do surgery first. The orthopedist I first saw that the school district sent me to after the initial injury in 1999 (way too late, but oh well!) was very interested in surgery. I'm not: they want to fuse my ankle so that I can't lose my balance. The guy I'm seeing now said that might be necessary later, but not at the moment. Which is good: Fusing the ankle means the joint doesn't move. The orthopedist said that I'd be able to 'function', but he agreed that I wouldn't be able to teach the kids I teach now. I'd have to teach calmer kids who stay in their seats when they are supposed to. Or not be in the classroom at all. And I'm not interested in either option at the moment.

06-29-2005, 11:48 PM
Today I had a play date combined with exercise gentle on my knees and foot. Can you beat that? My friend (teaches at my school) brought me to the Y as her guest to swim laps. They had free childcare! I haven't swum laps in YEARS. Anyway, I did two laps then needed to catch my breath. I ended up doing 20 laps with rest in between. I am too out of shape to swim continuously. But, it was better than sitting on my a*s doing nothing. After showering, we took the kids to Burger King. I got a double cheeseburger and tossed the roll, and had a diet coke. Then we took the kids to see "Herbie..." It was fun. DD didn't want the fun to end, but my friend had stuff to do, so that was that. DD and I are so alike...when we are having fun, we don't want it to end. We could go all night!

I have stalled on my weight loss, but that could be because I have my period. So, we will see how I am in a couple of days. In the meantime, I'm sticking to the program and exercising.

Non-stop thunderstorms all week :p . Tomorrow the "tricklets" (triplets) are coming over for a play date. I'll be wiped out tomorrow night. :yawn:

06-30-2005, 01:35 PM
Where is everyone? I hope this means everyone is doing something fun. It is another thunderstormy day here. I have a set of triplets over to play with DD today. It is really quiet upstairs right now. I'm afraid to call them for lunch, because God only knows what they are doing that is soooo quiet. :?:

06-30-2005, 02:16 PM
Summer, I'll keep you company!!! We too have non stop thunderstorms here.....and it is miserably humid.b Hope the triplets did not self destruct too are a brave woman!

Sue- so you too suffer from no adult movies???? My Dh will only go see violent stuff....and I am looking for something a wee bit kinder and gentler than that. He does want to see Cinderella Man (some blood and guts in that of course!).

Mouse- custom orthotics should not be too big an ordeal.....had a pair once and they did help me. Fusing your ankle does not sound like a good option....glad you let that go!

Robyn- glad you made it thru the inlaw visit ! Do you deserve sainthood for this? Congrats on the no soda! And happy cleaning....mine was in the same state, having not been really deep cleaned since spring break. Don't ask how many swiffer cloths I went thru......

Me, I am in diet lemonade and sugar free jello today....tomorrow is the colonoscopy and that is about all I can have. Tea without milk STINKS! :mad: Aw, in 24 hours it will all be over and I will be able to eat :lol: once more. At least today I do not have to count any points.
Be back later.....

06-30-2005, 05:11 PM
Oh Ginny! I feel for you. I've had EVERY upper and lower GI test ever made during the last 20 years. It is not fun. I assume you will be doing suppositories or enemas? Oh boy, been there, done that. Phew! People that purposely have colonics really make me wonder. Good luck with the liquid fasting. Hey, you'll probably drop a pound or two. I truly hope that it all goes smoothly for you. Enjoy the general anesthesia.

Right now the triplets and DD are dancing and singing to Ashlee Simpson in her playroom. One of them is dressed as Ariel, DD as Tinkerbell, and the triplet tomboy girl is in her normal clothing as well as the triplet boy. The triplet tomboy keeps coming downstairs asking for help with stuff and drew me a picture. She's driving me nuts. They have pretty much torn DD's bedroom and playroom apart. Their mother is supposed to pick them up at 4:30 which means she probably won't arrive till 5:00 because she is always late.

Good news: I made them macaroni & cheese for of my major weaknesses. It is the first time I've made it since 6/20 because I was afraid I would really want to eat it. Well, I tasted it, and I wasn't impressed!!! Yippee!!! This South Beach Diet really does take away carb cravings!!!

06-30-2005, 06:04 PM
We had a very brief spout of rain this morning. Just enough to make it even hotter! It was suppose to rain again around 1 this afternoon with a cool front to follow. So far nothing but hazy sunshine! I may have to break down and water my plants!

Today I have been playing catch up from being gone camping all week. How does a house get so dirty when you aren't even here? I guess it was actually the mass caos that surrounding the departure!

Fusing bones doesn't sound like a good option unless there are no other options.

I am hoping to drive up and check out a new campground tonight or tomorrow. This one has a pool for lounging plus a river where you can rent canoes. My Dh is pretty picky. He had never been camping before he met me. Actually I go to set everything up while he is at work. I also break camp when he is at work. In between I am the one who does the cooking and cleaning. I don't mind as I actually like to camp but one time we were sitting around the fire and he said, "I don't know why everyone thinks camping is so hard?" I almost had to beat him over the head with my camp cooker! LOL So any way he wants to camp where there is a pool, so we are checking out some new sites. I don't want to go too far until I am sure of the new camper.

I got an email from my principal (sent to all staff) that he wanted us to start thinking about grants for the fall. I emailed back and said I would love to as soon as he lets me know what I am teaching and whether or not I have a room to teach in. He replied that he was hoping to know by the end of July. I guess that is better than the middle of August!

Ginny - actually we eventually get to see the movies as my DH will usually rent one on Fridays but it has been forever since we had a grown up date night out!

Summer - so did you make the box stuff or real mac and cheese? I find that a lot of stuff I use to really love (french fries for one) now make me feel ill when I splurge on them. It is funny how adaptable your body can be.


06-30-2005, 07:58 PM
Hey! (and Mouse...I HAD forgotten your PM... I will work on it tonight after dinner!) Spent the day at WaterCountryUSA...part of the parks that we have seasons passes to. I am exhausted.... Spent ALL of my time in the windy pool with the hard and fast current! I don't know exactly what kind of exercise to call it...cause I was running, swimming, floating with and against the current! I'm exhausted...and grinning! My foot does hurt...but we had such a fun time. Today was the first day with sun since Saturday... and so I got a sunburn. I wore 40 and applied it twice... I'm thinking I've got to find a bottle of "virtual shade" somewhere.... I've got to get them something for dinner.... OH and I thought of you guys today .... I was feeling icky due to too much sun and nothing in my belly...and drank part of a soda! You know the sugar trick...and it worked...and I told my ds that I had to confess my sin when I got home... He looked at me like I had lost my mind! ;) The sugar kept me on my feet long enough to get to the car and get get some proper food. Gin, Tea is for Sugar, honey. Not milk! :) Hope your test goes ok! I'll be back after dinner... Mousie, I promise to address your PM tonight! :)

take care,

06-30-2005, 09:08 PM
Evening Ladies,
Every time I went to type you a post, the computer shuts down on me. So that is why I haven't been on here for a couple of days. I have been busy cleaning house, since we had an appraisial done for our home improvement loan. I am hoping to hear back something soon on it. Plus I am having a yard sale tomorrow and Saturday. So I have been busy gathering up stuff for it. My dh and I had a disagreement on Sunday about the way I clean house. He claims that he has to beg or tell me to do it. So now I go out of my way to do something around the house and than I point it out to him. I think I am proving my point but also driving him nuts. Oh well, he deserves it! :)
Sounds like you all are having a good week. I got to spend the day with my dh's niece and two little ones. I loved getting to hold her 8 month old little boy. He is such a cutie pie.
Mouse glad that you know where you are teaching at. Where are you going to be moving?
Summer, sounds like you had a fun playdate with the triplets today. So did their mom come pick them up yet or are they still at your house?
Robyn sounds like you need some aloe on you sweetie! I know that I have to layer the sunblock on me or I get fried. Glad you had a fun day at the waterpark.
Sue, your dh sounds like mine. When we get ready to go somewhere I am the one who has to get all the stuff ready and go to the bank and to the gas station, before we leave. So I know what you mean! :)
Ginny, I will say my prayers that your test goes smoothly for you tomorrow. Like Summer said this way you might lose a pound or two.
Pam, how are you doing?
I am reading The Broker by John Grisham right now. I just started it the other day. So far it is good. But I just haven't found the time to sit and read for a long period of times. Maybe tomorrow and Saturday, well I am waiting on customers I can get some reading done.
Well I better go and get this posted before the computer shuts down on me. Talk to you all later.

06-30-2005, 11:39 PM
Kerry, you made me laugh. The triplets' mom picked them up 45 minutes late, and then it took her another 30 minutes to get them out of the house. :p There are certain people who just can't get it together. I may as well accept it since DD loves the "tricklets" as she calls them. (When she first met them in kindergarten, she called them "chicklets!")

Ginny, I hope you are feeling okay and get rest tonite. I already prayed that your colonoscopy is stress-free, pain-free, and over before you know it. I know God heard me because He has been in extra close contact with me today. You know how you have days where you are kind of psychic? Well, today that kept happening to me. I think that is God talking to us and letting us know He is nearby. He will be close by you tomorrow. :angel:

Robyn, you poor thing! :cool: Ouch! I'm blonde, blue-eyed, and fair-skinned, so you know I've been there, done that more times than I can count. Especially since when I was a toe-headed child, there was no such thing as SPF. My mom had beautiful bronzed summer skin with loads of melanin and thought nothing of how my skin needed protection. We used baby oil, and eventually Coppertone, but there was no real protection. I'm sorry your skin is on fire. Take some aspirin if you have any...otherwise ibuprofen. Yes, you want aloe, but do you remember Solarcaine? That stuff really cooled me off. You can also take a luke-warm bath in baking soda. It is very soothing. Feel better. Take care of your boo boo foot.

Sue, I made the box stuff, which normally I love. There is nothing more junky than that orange powder cheese mixed with real butter and milk. I still can't believe that it didn't taste good to me!!! :?: :dizzy: Wild.

Mouse, say, "No!" to fusing your ankle. That sounds frighteningly limiting and awfully permanent. I have orthotics that I can only wear in loafers. They don't fit in my sneakers and certainly not in sandals which limits me in the summer. I'M NOT WEARING LOAFERS IN THE SUMMER! I hope solutions are found for you. Tomorrow I will get more therapy on my foot. Yes, it is ultrasound under water. At least that is what the doctor called it. It is a strange sensation. I kept thinking I was gonna get electrocuted! The best part is the adjustment when he almost pulls my foot right off my leg! It actually feels good. How weird. I like all of it except for the neck cracking. I always tense up.

06-30-2005, 11:47 PM
G'evening all.

Kerry: I bought the Broker on audio CD, so I could give it to my mom when I was done. She's an avid reader like I am, but since the botched surgery 15 years ago, her eyes are too dry for her to read comfortably... so she listens. It was AWESOME. I'll buy it to read when it comes out in paperback. And a different scene than his usual, which was a nice change. I'm moving back to Northern Virginia. I guess I'm okay with it, but I really would like to go HOME to Pennsylvania... instead, I keep winding up outside of the state. And really, I didn't want to move at all to be honest.
Summer: I love Macaroni and cheese... and I hate to say it, but I've had MORE cravings since they started trying this diet. I don't keep anything in the apartment that might have me eat it, but I'd love some macaroni and cheese... or actually, just the damn macaroni! I can have the cheese. I don't understand why people say that South Beach or Atkins makes them crave foods less. I haven't had over 60 carbs of any type (and most of those are dairy products or vegetable/berry carbs; I haven't had refined carbs the whole month) in more than a month. And I haven't lost any weight either! :mad: The only benefit I see from this diet is that I don't throw-up anymore...
Sue: I'll volunteer your husband for the last camping trip I went on. 55 kids with special needs, pit latrines, and my ex-supervisor... BEFORE he's had coffee and AFTER he's had campfire duty for 2.5 hours in the middle of the night. At the end of May, in northern Maryland. I've been camping before and slept in tents before, but those pit latrines were something I'll gladly NEVER experience again!
Robyn: I'll await your reply. I love water parks, by the way... If I could work outside, I might consider working at one during the summers.
I spent this evening trying to find clothes. I hate shopping of any type, but clothing shopping is the worst. I can't ever find anything decent to wear. I tried EVERYWHERE... Lane Bryant, Sillouhettes, Roaman's, Popken. It all looks horrendous.

06-30-2005, 11:50 PM
Good evening!!!!!
Well, got a few minutes to stop in and say hello before the next round of medication kicks in. I actually got a walk in today I am in negative points land somewhere.....can't wait for a real cup of tea tomorrow (with milk, sorry Robyn).

Kerry-rule #1....housework just does not get done during the school year, or at least not in great quantity. rule #2.....if you are going to belly ache about housework not getting done then you should be doing it yourself. rule #3...if rule #2 does not apply then go back to rule #1 and hire a maid and quit bellyaching! Sounds as though you had a nice day with Dh's niece and her babies. And I hope you can get some quality time in with John Grisham.

Robyn- ouch!!!! Sorry about the sunburn, but it does sound as though you had a fun day. Watercountry is a fun place- we went there about 6 years ago and had a great time.

Sue- yup mass chaos while leaving sure sounds like the culprit!!!! Sounds as though you got some encouragment from that email.....yup, knowing your fate would sure be better to do so sooner as opposed to later! As for us with movies, we usually see them at home too. And I hear ya with the grown up date.....Did you find a campground with a pool yet?

Summer - did your house survive triple trouble??? Hope the mess was not too bad....and that the terminally tardy mom was not excessively late. (Murphy's law for parenting, the parents of the kid you love to have around always collect him/her early....the wacko kids parents always show up late).
That is such great news about the mac and cheese!!!!! What a major accomplishment to have power over a trigger food!! BTW, I am suffering thru the effects of phospho soda- an oral liquid that you take 2 rounds to clean out your system. And it works amazingly fast...can't wait till this is all over.....I go in tomorrow at 7 am, test at 8 and hope to be home drinking my real tea by 10. Not sure if the anethesia is called general, although it is not local. I will be somewhere in twinkie land....awake but not caring about what my surroundings are and what is happening to me. SOunds like good stuff for driving a school bus...... :lol:

Dh has been his usual wacko self with regards to this....think I am going to ask him to just show up when I am ready to come home (he mentioned seeing me in recovery but then had a snide comment about that..I need this ??) Anyway, my friends, thanks to each of you for your support......can't say I am enthusiastic about this but I do not want to do to my family what happened with my mother.

Oh, and does anyone want a totally wacko kitten????? No excuses the full moon is over and this cat is off the wall!!!!
Gotta go....see ya tomorrow!

07-01-2005, 01:50 PM
Well, I can't say that this was the most wonderful experience in the world, but I have survived the colonoscopy. No problems found......thank the Lord and now I can have milk in my tea!!!!!! :D See ya later and thanks for all the kind thoughts.....

07-01-2005, 03:05 PM
Mouse, my guess about the cravings is that during the two weeks of phase 1, I have not had 1 (0), zilch, nada. I can't have any now, not even from certain vegetables like carrots. Maybe it takes a total absence of carbs...almost like take away the cravings. My fear is what will happen in phase 2 when I begin to introduce fruit and high fiber carbs gradually. No joke, I'm definitely concerned.

Ginny, I'm so glad the ordeal is over. ;)

The day that was supposed to be rainy isn't. However, the pool is in bad shape after 5 days of torrential rain. So, DD is entertaining herself in the A/C while I take care of the pool.

Be back later.

07-01-2005, 04:10 PM
Summer, great minds think alike, as I just finished cleaning up our pool. (of course stupid me got chlorine on my favorite they were a bit worn still looked good). Your fears about reintroducing carbs are not odd or unfounded. Just last week at WW a member reached goal and the leader discussed the stress and fears about reintroducing certain foods and how tough that can be. In a nutshell her take on it was to do things slowly.....and of course the ever present portion control. Slowly work on those carbs-and wait a week....keep close tabs on the scale. Sounds like you are doing great!!! Not that we want to lose you here (I will personally harrass you to death if you do!) but maybe at one of the SB threads there is someone who can also add some wisdom to the topic of reintroducing carbs.

I rested while watching a movie with Dd....and now I feel pretty much back to normal. Dh seems to think I can take on Mt Everest today. But that is him. (can't wait till it is his turn for a colonoscopy! if i can ever get him there for one).
Nuff from me for now.....

07-01-2005, 09:56 PM
Hi, all.
Ginny: Great news about the colonscopy. I will probably wind up having one in a few years; my enocrinologist/GYN promised. :snork: She has a way of making me do things I don't want to do at all. I figure it can't be worse than the endoscopy was... my biggest problem will be finding a driver, because I'll probably want my gastroenterologist that I have here in Baltimore to do it. The office she's with has locations in Southern Maryland, so its not far...
Summer: I guess so... but my diet was already so limited that I couldn't also give up cheese and the few other vegetables I could eat (there are carbs in bok choy, celery, lettuce, and cucumbers), along with the ONLY fruit I can eat (berries, which have carbs). I can't have chicken, either. So, basically, it comes down to lean protein, celery, cucumbers, romaine lettuce, bok choy, celery, onions & peppers. I don't like onions very much, and don't eat peppers at all unless they're mixed in something. I can't have any kind of whole milk or most reduced fat milk products because of a milk fat allergy... there are more carbs in the fat-free dairy products. Asking me to give up cheese or berries after all I've already given up (pasta, bread, tomatoes, carrots, yogurt (frozen and regular), oatmeal, chicken, chocolate, rice, soup, pizza, popcorn, potatoes) is just carrying things too damn far. The list of stuff I can't eat is way longer than the list of stuff I can eat... I'm not even allowed to have most of the low-carb substitute things like the South Beach products or the Atkins branded stuff. Before they put me on the diet, I was already eating whole wheat pasta and other whole wheat products.
Like I said, I've seriously reduced the need for the anti-nausea drug ... and its pretty clear that the food was what was causing it, because if I break it at all (even by accident: tonight I had beef with broccoli and no rice... but I forgot to ask them to leave out the corn starch, the carrots, the baby corn, and the snow peas... and I wound up dumping the rest of my dinner because I got sick), I'm sick. It sucks though, that I'm not really losing any weight despite eating an average of 1100 calories a day over the last month; also seriously lowered carbs. Before this, I averaged somewhere between 150-200 carbs daily. I'm right about 50 most days now. Not Atkins (which is what, 20?), but definitely LOW!
I do need to find a way to add some fiber to the diet... Any ideas for that? The vegetables and fruit aren't enough. Maybe I should borrow some of Ginny's phosphate soda (which, I've had before... for a CT scan, because the barium made me seriously sick... I actually threw up in the office).
For movie lovers, although this is definitely an adult or late teen (14+) film: Coach Carter. I went to Blockbuster that was next to the Chinese place...


07-01-2005, 10:13 PM
Mouse, sorry you got sick. That just sucks. :p I am not a veggie lover at all. So, to avoid getting constipated, I picked up fiber pills at the health food store which I made sure had no ingredients that I didn't want in them. I take them at my noon meal with tons of water just to make sure that I'm getting fiber. With all of your limitations, have you checked out any supplements in a health food store? If you are eating whole wheat pasta, you probably have. It is just a thought.

Ginny, thanks for the love.

Rob, where are you lobster girl? :cool: Has your skin cooled off yet? :smug: I shouldn't tease you since I'm going to the beach this weekend, and I tend to burn there no matter how much sunscreen I apply. :cool:

Kerry, how's it hangin?

We have a kid's birthday party tomorrow. Oh goodie goodie gumdrops!!! I guess I'd better eat a big breakfast since there won't be one item there that I will be able to eat. I have to say, my appetite has lessened. Some mornings, I have to make myself eat. Then, of course, once I start, it is hard to stop. But I used to wake up ravenous. Now I actually get some chores out of the way first. Weird, huh? :?:

07-02-2005, 01:00 AM
I am doing a lot better dealing with getting sick since its happening so much less often now. And, really, it is almost worth it. I'm just so tired of not losing any weight. Everybody else that I see on South Beach and/or Atkins loses tons of weight quickly... I haven't, despite the diet and exercise. I'm doing more exercise now than I was over the spring, and my weight is the same. I have more muscle, some of my clothes fit better. I averaged about 35 minutes of exercise every day for 30 days in June, which is pretty good. And, I came in 4th overall at the gym's 9-mile swim for June. I was the 2nd women's finisher---not a big deal because of the 5 women who registered, they were only 2 others that I KNEW were way better swimmers than I was--- I would've been 3rd but I had a touch more time than the other woman (my friend who does the children's lessons). She has 2 kids; I just have a cat. :meow:
Oh... and I found WATERPROOF CASES BY THE DOZEN for the iPod! With headphones!!!!!! Do you have any idea how excited that makes me? Especially since I 'm down to one CD player again (I killed another one). I'd planned to buy one with my bonus from the gym (for going to 15 out of 16 swim lessons across 10 weeks... most of the other staff can't boast that)... but because of the move and not working this summer, I used the money to make my car payment. :shrug: I'll definitely live, but I am now seriously pricing iPods. I would only need one device at the gym, because the iPod cases don't depend on the complicated gasket system that the waterproof bags use for CD Players... and since the iPod is so much smaller, it'd work nicely.

07-02-2005, 03:57 PM
Mouse- I do the same thing as Summer and take a fiber substitute (my Dr recommended Fibercon, but then I am taking it for irritable bowel syndrome)
Congrats on finding the waterproof Ipod case.

Summer- simple answer is that before you were eating all the wrong stuff. We all do.....all that refined carb stuff that flies thru a system and does not keep hunger at bay. Hope you made it thru the party ok!

Major rejoicing here.....Ds passed all his regents!!!!! :D Even did well on 2 of them!!!! :D Ok, it fries his sister's she did really well on them and actually got into the negative curve on a few, so when she finds her mother ecstatic over a 72 she is seething!!! But let me explain....this is the kid who started out the 1rst quarter with a 65 in a class.....went up to a whopping 69 second quarter.....then turned up the heat in the 3rd (85) and a 90 in the 4th. Why?????? Huh???????NOTHING his mother said about his grades mattered....or his father......just that he knew he had to get his grades up or he would be thrown off the baseball team. :lol: Guess baseball is good for something, eh??? And we were worried about summer school for him, seriously.
Well, gotta go......see ya later.

07-02-2005, 09:09 PM
Well, I didn't get to Trader Joes: the parking lot was super crowded, so I just gave up. I bought some prunes (which have an AWFUL LOT OF CARBS, but I was careful to buy ones that had no added sugar) at Aldi's. Yea, that makes sense: I can't get in Trader Joes, but I can get in the cheap-o discount store that is their parent company! I don't understand the carb thing, really: the carbs in prunes are almost all fiber, and not sugar. Does that mean they don't count as badly? The prunes certainly didn't make me sick; but neither did oranges, apples and pears or tomatoes and carrots, and I'm not allowed to have those because of the impact on blood sugar/amount of carbs. Of course, I can't guarantee that oranges, apples, etc didn't make me sick, and I did get sick a lot even when I only ate salad (lettuce, cucumber, celery, tomatoes and fat-free feta cheese). :shrug: Its a mystery to me, frankly.
Anyway... I not only found the waterproof case, but I now own one. I walked into BestBuy with the best intentions of buying a new Sony water resistant sport CD player. It was $90... but $25 for the new headphones from the other company. And sitting right next to the CD players was... the iPod mini. For $169. I'd done my CD order via the Internet, so I got $20 off the original order (which I wound up not getting , and getting the iPod instead), so... all told, with the 3-year-warranty the iPod was $183. The case and headphones for it are being shipped from NY, and I bought an arm-band for the pool too. I am, however, glad I didn't buy it last year, because they are now saying that the Lillipod and the oPod cases are only water resistant. Both companies SAY you can take the device swimming with them, but the reviews say otherwise. I started to "save money" by buying one of those, but research showed me the light. ;) I can't WAIT to use it in the pool... but for now I'll satisfy myself by doing some weights tomorrow before I swim.
It was a bit tricky to figure out... the controls are NOT intuitive! It was dead easy to put music on it though, since I already use iTunes. And yea, I shouldn't have spent the money... really...
Ginny: Congrats on both children's scoring on the Regents. I'm pretty familiar with the tests because I did my undergraduate degree in New York.

07-02-2005, 11:21 PM
hello. sorry to be sort of missing. we've had a major shock. my husband's brother's 21 year old stepson killed himself. they are there is much going on.
without sounding cold, the deceased became a member of our family as a 18 year old with many problems. we didn't know him well at all.... with all this said... his death is quite a shock and very sad event. our nephew who is 11 thought the world of his stepbrother and was, unfortunately, right in the middle of all the tragic chaos. we will get thru the "holiday weekend" and the service is waiting until Tuesday.

gotta run...the phone is ringing again!

i'm drinking soda like it is going out of much for my "wagon"...

07-02-2005, 11:25 PM
Oh, Robyn... my thoughts are with you & your family. It doesn't matter how long the person was a member of the family... its still not any fun. And yea... we all fall off the wagon during times of stress. Remember me? I hardly went to the gym at all when things were going to **** at work. I knew I'd feel better if I did, but I just couldn't get myself there more than twice a week... and that was mostly because I HAD to be there for work 1 of those days! You'll get back up and go again...

And... not to sound callous... I hope this okay... I actually came back tonight to find a recipe.
Aldi's had an awesome deal on bagged sauerkraut... which I like. I have turkey sausage in the freezer. I KNOW there is a recipe for crockpot sausage with sauerkraut, but I can't find ANY that don't also have chicken broth and/or alcohol and/or potatoes... anybody more familiar with the recipe than I am? Can I leave that stuff out and use water with herbs to replace the broth ??

07-03-2005, 12:21 AM
thanks Mouse...

Um... I found this recipe ...I don't know what you're looking for really....but it doesn't call for chicken broth OR alcohol (which I am nearly certain is just and option!) OR potatoes!
It does call for other "odd" stuff....
I googled sauerkraut sausage crockpot....and this was one of the first 4 links... I think it was dianaskitchendotcom or something like that... I have NEVER made or eaten this this is really NOT an endorsement! ;) How do you like THAT disclaimer?

Sauerkraut and Sausage

* 2 bags sauerkraut, drained
* 1 (32 oz.) can stewed tomatoes
* 1 lg. onion, chopped
* 1/2 green pepper, chopped
* Pepper to taste
* Garlic powder to taste
* 1 pkg. smoked sausage, sliced
* 1 pkg. spicy hot sausage, sliced

Preparation : Mix first 6 ingredients together in a crockpot. Cook on slow for 4 hours. Spoon out 3/4 of liquid. Add sausage and cook for 2 more hours.

07-03-2005, 12:33 PM
God Robyn. Even if you didn't know the boy well, times like this are so hard because you have to watch those you care about go through ****. Suicide does horrible things to a family, and not to be morbid, but they'd better watch that 11 year old and get him counseling. My great-grandparents were essentially raising my mother while my grandmother (who was divorced in the 1920's) worked as a musician out of town. When my great-grandfather, who was a doctor, found out his wife was dying of cancer, they both committed suicide by turning on the gas oven. My mother, at the age of 10, discovered them. I can't begin to tell you how this affected her for the rest of her life. Her perspective of death was much different than others. She actually thought she wouldn't live to be 20. When she did die of cancer at 62, she gave in without much fight. Other members of the family were affected by the double suicide. My mother's uncle committed suicide shortly after them. It is a horrible way to die because the pain just ripples out to family and friends in cruel ways. I am really sorry that you have to be a part of such a horrible tragedy.

07-03-2005, 01:09 PM
On a lighter note...

Yesterday was DD's best friend's birthday party. They live 40 minutes away, and the party was at a place called "Planet Play" an hour plus away. The directions from Mapquest were a little confusing, and the place was not well-marked. Needless to say, we were a little late. The funny thing were the people who live locally that were late. What was their excuse?! :dizzy: The kids climbed, ran, slid, and nearly killed each other...thankfully, DD survived without injury, unlike many others. Then came the CHALLENGE OF THE DAY...out came boxes upon boxes of the best smelling, cheesiest, most delectable looking pizza ever (or at least that is how it seemed having been denied pizza for two weeks...the longest I've ever gone in my 40 years of life.) DH and I happened to be standing in between two tables where the pies were stacked, and quickly emptied onto "Bratz" plates. The aroma went directly up our noses, and we became dizzy :dizzy: simultaneously. We stood there drinking bottled water (there was no diet soda to be found) and said, "No thankyou" to the countless offers, and even urges to have "just one slice." Then the cakes, yes I said cakesssss...plural. Chocolate with chocolate frosting with rainbow sprinkles..."No thankyou." :dizzy: My head was swimming and my stomach was had forgotten about the ham and cheese omelet I had eaten two hours prior. When we were finally dismissed from this **** on earth torture chamber, we hightailed it to Applebees and ordered two Weight Watcher shrimp meals and diet cokes. DD watched her insane parents scarf down their meals while she drank chocolate milk and colored her unread menu. Take two. The after party for close friends was going on, and we HAD to make an appearance. There was a 6 foot sub my DH ate without the bread, kolbasa, hot dogs without bread, and more diet coke for us to eat. Everyone else, many quite thin I might add, chowed down on the carbs we avoided like the plague. Its okay that their genetics are superior and allow them to do whatever the heck they want to their bodies...we are willing to work for the results. My previously unsupportive DH is in the throws of cravings just like me, and for once, we are on even footing. Today, we have a picnic at my family's cottage on Fairfield beach. We will eat those hamburgers and hot dogs without buns. I'm bringing baked beans which are on phase 2. Yes, I made it two weeks on phase 1 for the first time ever, and have graduated to phase 2!!! Woo hoo!!!

07-03-2005, 03:12 PM
Thank you for your support Summer! I can not imagine what **** your mother must have been put through.... While our families were not close, it is very sad to be a part of...even on the fringes! I thank you for your insight and support!

Congratualtions ...for not only LOCATING the birthday party location...BUT of course, for NOT killing anyone over the pizzas! ;) You're doing great...and are on your way! I am very impressed that your dh is doing this with you. I don't know how I missed that earlier! I am thinking that my dh would do well with such a MEATY diet! ...and lorrrd knows he needs to lose a ton as much as I do. Perhaps when all the drama has passed, I'll look into what you are having success with! I might kill someone tho...I've got quite a CarbMonkey on my back! or gut...which ever direction I turn!

Everyone being home 24/7 is causing me to be nuts! I sound like mother of the year when I say that the boys are climbing the walls.... we CAN and do get out... we've got great passes to Busch Gardens and Water Country... we even live within 3 minutes of the river/beach.... BUT...there is only so much time you can do out in the heat and humidity....AND I'm fresh out of great ideas that don't include needing $$$$ (which is definately lacking!) Sorry...I'm listening to them "mess" with each other while I type... yet again.... Don't fret...I'm not searching for summer school jobs... however, that would have been $$$......

Ok...enough from me...
take care,

07-03-2005, 03:29 PM
Afternoon, all.
I could only wish I were as good as Summer. Okay, I ate the hamburger and hot dog without the bun, which is actually rather typical of me. But I fear I fell prey to some fresh cut not deep fried potatoes. The place does something different to them, so they look and taste like fries... not sure what. And they cut them in front of you.
Okay... that was AFTER 2 hours at the gym (I was there for 3 hours, but I spent 40 minutes of the 3 hours talking to another lifeguard on duty about teaching swimming... he's a music teacher year-round, and works Sundays at the gym). Maybe that isn't too bad. The hot dogs were all beef and low fat (I checked... some of the hot dogs use chicken in them), and the burgers were 93% lean beef... All told, I'm still negative calories (if I finish the french fries, which is doubtful, I'm stuffed)... the stuff I ate was 745 calories; I burned over 1000 calories at the gym. :shrug:
I'm going to go hide now, because I really do feel guilty over those potatoes. I shouldn't, because its not like I gorged or binged... or even that I do this often. But I do. Oh well.
And Robyn: I think I'm just going to put the sausage and the kraut in the pot with some water and seasoning... salt and pepper, really...and go to town. I normally cook this sausage by boiling it, so I can't see the point of browning it first. I don't like this kind of sausage browned or broiled... I only like it boiled.
Hope things are calming a little for your family, and things continue in a better fashion!

07-03-2005, 04:15 PM
Robyn: Oh I feel so sorry for you and your family. Suicide is always so difficult because the person made the choice to die. People are not only grieving but feel angry and guilt (thinking they should have known and been able to do something). My best friend's husband committed suicide eight years ago and it is still hard to deal with. I will be sending good vibes to give you strenth to get through this.

Ginny - So glad your test came out well. I haven't experienced that joy yet but I am sure it is just a matter of time!

Mouse: Do you think you are not losing because you aren't eating enough food? You are so limited, I can't imagin that you get enough of what you need. Maybe your body is going into starvation mode and trying to convert everything to fat to substain you. I don't do the no carb thing but I think when they figure out the carbs in something they take the amount of sugar and subtract the amount of fiber in it. That is why low carb bread and pasta has so much fiber. I think as far as the sugar buzz, you need to worry about the glycemic index. I don't know what prunes are but raisins are 64 and I would think they were similar. I think that is pretty middle of the road.

Summer - It is funny that you use to wake up hungry and now you don't. I never use to be able to eat food in the morning. The thought of it would just about gag me. Then I read that if you wanted to lose weight you should eat within one hour of waking to kick start your matabalism. It about killed me at first but now I am starving if I don't eat breakfast fairly soon after waking. I can't believe your dm had to deal with that when she was 10! That is the age of my dd and it breaks my heart to think of her discovering one person hurt let alone two dead. That was a terrible thing for her to have to deal with.


07-03-2005, 07:58 PM
Evening Ladies,
Not much to report here. Just other Sunday that my dumb dh decided to pick a fight with me over my weight and working out. All of this before I went to church this morning. He has since said he was sorry, but the wounds have been opened again and probably wouldn't close for a couple days about his comments to me. So Summer I am glad that your dh is being supportive and eating the same foods as you are and helping you lose your weight. Give me a hug for me, I wish my dh would be a little more supportive. Congrats on not giving in to the pizza and birthday cake yesterday. Hope you enjoyed your family cookout today!
Robyn, hugs and loving thoughts and prayers are being sent your way. It is always hard when you lose a loved one. But it is harder when there is a lot of unanswered questions surrounding their passing. I know what you mean about the lack of $$$$'s. We are feeling it this summer too. I think that is what was wrong with my dh this morning, so he lashed out at me. Hope your boys and dh aren't driving you too crazy today.
Mouse, don't beat yourself up over the potatoes. You need to splurge a little bit every once in awhile. You have been doing so good watching your food intake, that little bit of potatoes isn't going to hurt you, is it?
Sue, how was the campground you checked out? My stepkids want to start going camping. But with little extra cash, this is not the summer we are going to be able to buy the gear to take them. Since I didn't work the summer school, there went my little bit of extra cash.
Ginny, glad that your test went fine. I bet that makes you feel better. I will have to go through that in 8 more years, thanks to my dear old dad. I have to confess here lately I haven't been doing my walking videos since the vcr/dvd player in the living room is broke at the moment. But I have been taking walks around town. My dh seems to think that those don't really count as excerise like my walking videos.
Well I better go and either take a bike ride or go for a long walk.
By the way, I think my dh earned the loser award for the day. After listening to him moan and hollar about my weight this morning, were does he take me for lunch today? He took me to Taco Bell. I got two spicy chicken soft tacos and a bowl of pinto beans to eat. Needless to say, I got a spoon and just eat what was inside the tacos and left the soft taco shell. Then he had the nerve to ask me why I wasn't eating much today. Men are such friggin' idiots.
Hope you all have a safe 4th of July!
Take care,

07-03-2005, 09:10 PM
Hi, again.
Kerry: Thanks. You're probably right. I went back through the 6 weeks of food logs, and except for one day (I think it was my birthday, too... I got taken to lunch AND dinner that day, even though I was very good both times calorically, the carb count was high...about 170), I've been 110 or less. The RDA for carbs is 200, so I'm definitely under that. My average across the month is 70 carbs per day (my goal was 65, so that isn't bad). Like I said, definitely not Atkins, but some of the stuff is hard to figure because very few of the carbs are from sugar, refined grain (or any grain) products, potatoes, carrots, or other high glycemic foods.
And its weird, too: I can have tomato juice and low-fat dairy, both of which are verboten on Atkins.
Sue: I'm not sure. That was a theory that was floated in November and why I initially went to see a nutrionist. She was very nice, but not a whole lot of help... She told me to do more whole grains, more protein, less refined carbs. I did that... but it didn't help much with weight loss and my nausea really got bad again in January/February... by April I was having real issues with it again, which is why they put me on this diet.
I take a multi-vitamin daily. Strangely enough, its actually a pre-natal vitamin because the contraceptives I take to balance some of the hormones, plus the other medication remove some nutrients from your body, and these were the only pills that had enough to replace that...
Its also possible that some of the "lack of weight loss" is because I really do have more muscle. People are commenting on it, and I know clothing that I wouldn't typically wear is now fitting better... But I wish I could get the scale to move!!!!! Its not like I'm not working: I was really sweating upstairs today when I was lifting!!!
I hope there is a good person teaching the water aerobics class tomorrow morning. I'd like to go lift weights, do the class, and maybe swim a bit... I won't have time to lift on Tuesday because I have to get fitted for the orthotics.
All: Money is a definite issue. I'm working, but not as much as normal so the salary isn't there. By the same token, I would go stir crazy if I sat in the house all day long and did nothing. So, I go to the gym which uses gas... and the library or the bookstore, sometimes go out with friends for food... I can't NOT do these things or I'll be seriously depressed. I'm really watching what I spend though.

07-04-2005, 12:18 PM
Rob, how is everything? I know it won't be easy for a long time. Just don't forget to take care of yourself in the midst of everything.

Robyn cont., My plan for the cheapest way to spend the summer is to park it in my backyard. DD has her 15 foot ring pool to swim in alone or with friends. I put out bubbles and sidewalk chalk. We've got a basketball hoop, wiffle ball, and croquet. The rest is up to her and her friends. I either garden or read a book. Some days we go to the beach which also has a playground, mini golf, basketball courts, and tennis courts. None of this costs a penny except to feed lunch to our guests. So far this summer, we've been in our backyard, someone else's backyard, or the movies. The days that cost me money are those nasty rainy days. They should be outlawed during summer vacation! When things do calm down for your family, you may want to consider visiting I don't know if it is necessary to join. I did because I wanted access to recipes and other stuff. We also have South Beach threads right here with support and ideas that I use.

Mouse, I tend to agree with Sue. My DS needs to lose over 100 pounds, has been eating less calories than me for years, and exercises (not as much as you though). She makes very little progress, and I think her body has gone into starvation mode. Your food issues are so unique. You really can't compare yourself to anyone else. All you can do is your best to follow the plan recommended for you. After that, I don't know the answer.

Kerry, I'm sorry your DH isn't making things easier or more pleasant for you. My DH may be on this diet with me, but he can still be a jerk. Just this morning when I told him I had lost another pound, his answer was, "Yeh, so what?" I wanted to punch him in the stomach. I just keep telling myself that when I'm skinny and hot, he might want to think twice about treating me like crap. :p Sometimes I really hate men. As my DD says, "Girls rule, boys drool."

Sue, I have always craved breakfast. I have a variety of different stomach problems, and when my stomach is empty, all the acids churn away at it. It just plain hurts when it is empty. During my pregnancy, even though I puked for 5 months, I still gained 30 pounds because I couldn't stand to have an empty stomach. So I'd puke then eat lots of carbs to keep the acids at bay.

:) We did great at the cookout at the beach. I spent the majority of the afternoon in Long Island Sound floating on my shell raft while the kids went crabbing. When dragged back to the beach house to eat, I did as I said I would. I had a hot dog and cheeseburger without buns with my baked beans and diet 7up. My DH and I were elected to make s'mores for the kids by the family matriarch even though we wouldn't be able to eat them. This ranked #1 in difficulty compared with the pizza/birthday cake temptation because he had to toast the marshmallows, and I had to assemble the chocolate and graham crackers. I HANDLED CHOCOLATE IN MY HANDS FOR 30 MINUTES WITHOUT EATING ANY. Another first in my 40 years of life. :smug: We socialized with everyone while all the kids played and stayed for fireworks. Fairfield's fireworks are tonite. But last night we could see Bridgeport's, Stratford's, Long Island's, and Norwalk's. DH lit some small ones on the beach, but the jaded children were nonplussed. DD and I watched in amazement however. Today, DD is swimming at her friend's new pool, and they will all probably end up at our house later and tonite.

One small announcement: Instead of pigging out yesterday, I was a good girl and lost one pound!!!


07-04-2005, 01:08 PM
Happy July 4th everyone!
My dh admitted that he was under a lot of pressure and stress with this home improvement loan and how it is dragging on through out the summer. That is why he lashed out at me bout what I eat on Saturday. I told him that if he does it again, I am going to pack a bag and walk out the door for a little seperation period. That got his attention, but it was immediately followed with a comment about if you want to seprate from me, that is fine but we will go straight for a divorce. God I hate being the second wife at times. Because that is all he ever says when we have a nasty fight. I went for my 2 mile bike ride last night. Than he begged me to go for a walk with him, so we went for a 2 mile walk around town. I am talking to him again, but just really got my guard up. I will probably have it up for a few days. Thanks for letting me vent yesterday.
Mouse, glad to see that you didn't beat yourself up too much about the potatoes. I bet with in the next couple of weeks the weight will start to come off after your body is done forming some muscle. I will keep my fingers crossed that it happens for you. :)
Summer congrats on making the smores and not eating any of them. I think that would have been a very hard task for me, not to eat atleast one. Congrats on being down a pound. I hope that on Tuesday evening, the scales show a loss for me. If not, I will really cry after watching my diet a lot closer since last week's gain. There were fireworks in my area on Saturday and last night. My dh asked me if I wanted to go see them and I told him no. I just didn't feel like watching fireworks after the day I had with him yesterday. I think I got more kisses from him yesterday than I have since we got married. Enjoy your day!
Hi to Robyn, Ginny, Pam and Sue. Hope you are all having a wonderful day!
Take care,

07-04-2005, 03:22 PM
Gee I disappear for a day or so and this goes nuts here!!!
Not enough time to give anyone any justice with a response, but I did want to send my most sincere sympathy and love Robyn's way. What a sad thing to happen to a family- and I am sure that getting over this will not be easy. Hugs and prayers your way....
hope to get here later with some more time.

07-04-2005, 04:20 PM
Happy 4th, everybody. I spent the morning at the gym... did my workout upstairs, one of the machines was constantly in use, so I missed that one. Then I went downstairs and swam. There was a new member there trying to teach his wife to swim, and she got a charleyhorse, so I helped. I introduced myself and told htem I worked there... and got asked to help teach her to swim! I told her first thing: get rid of the noodle. If you use a noodle before you have balance, you'll go vertical. That's the point of float belts or any floatation device... if you stay vertical, your head is usually out of the water. About 10 minutes later she could do breast stroke about 2 feet... :) AND they're going to sign their son up for the parent-child class! :) Then I hung around because I promised the guard I'd keep her company for a little while... its tough to be the only guard for 6.5 hours... you can't leave to go to the bathroom or anything if there are people in the pool! You'd think that with the gorgerous weather (sunny, nice breeze, about 85) people wouldn't want to swim INDOORS. I do, because of all the medication that says to stay out of direct sunlight or tanning beds, but we all know I'm weird. :smug:
I guess I shouldn't get upset over the scale, but it IS hard, especially when people make nasty comments, which happens fairly often. Usually not quite as bad as the kid at the horticulture center, because adults are quieter, and less obvious. And of course, my friends at the gym or regular members at the gym always ask because they see me there ALL THE TIME... and I ALWAYS look the same.
I am also worried that if this doesn't work that my reproductive endo may decide the only thing that will work is gastric bypass surgery, and if SHE gives up, I'm not sure what I'll do. I see her next Tuesday. I know she wanted me to try this for 6 months and lose like 20 pounds. I've done almost 2 months and lost zero.

07-04-2005, 07:31 PM
Evening Everyone,
I went to my MIL for lunch with two of my SIL's, one BIL, my MIL, two nephews and my crew. We had homemade green beans, potatoes and corn cooked together in a pot, cucumber salad, KFC chicken and raspberry cobbler. I was a good girl and ate two small pieces of chicken, a helping of the green beans with as little corn and potatoes as possible, some cucumber salad and a very small piece of cobbler. My MIL told me to cut myself a small piece, so I couldn't hurt her feelings. Then I came home and took a nap. My dh woke me up to ask me if I want to go up to his brother's to pick up the twins. I said no, I didn't feel like getting up yet. So I waited about 15 minutes after he left with my sdd and than got up. I just don't like going up to his house when it is so hot out. I can't hack the hot weather and their house is ten times hot than it is outside. All they do when we come to visit is watch tv, so I try to stay away because that bugs me.
Mouse sounds like you had a wonderful time working out and swimming this morning. That was so sweet of you to help that couple and teach the wife to swim. You are such a wonderful person. You go out of your way to help others. I done 15 minutes on my gazelle this morning and other 15 minutes using my dh's weight machine. I was going to squeeze 30 minutes on the excerise bike, but didn't get to it yet today. I might here in a little bit or go for a walk with my neighbor.
Ginny glad to see you popped in to visit us. So how did your weekend go for you?
Pam, where are you? We miss chatting with you. Hope all is well with you and your family.
Hello to Sue, Summer and Robyn.
Think I will wonder out to the kitchen and fix me something to eat for dinner. Talk to you all later.
Take care,

07-05-2005, 02:40 AM
Hi, all... I know, I know, two in one day again. I need to go back to work so I'm disappearing a bit more often. :)
Kerry: The green beans and corn dish sounds like something from my hometown in Lancaster. The Amish always make this green bean, potato and ham dish. Its pretty good, and if you used fresh corn, I bet it'd be even better. And I just LOVE fruit cobbler. I think I could eat it... I could make the filling with berries and splenda, afterall. I just have to come up with a substitute for the topping. Hmmm.
Maybe that peanut-butter "dough"? Any ideas?
I think I'll make the turkey sausage thing tomorrow... if I put it up to cook in the crock pot before I leave for the gym, it should be done by the time I come back from there and the appointment for the orthotics. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to use the larger links or the small ones. The small ones are supposed to be "breakfast sausage", but they don't have as much seasoning as the larger links which are supposed to be "Italian"... but both taste good with just about anything, and since I really only like them boiled... I should have bought some smoked turkey or smoked turkey sausage to add for some flavor. Hmph. Oh well... this is good enough.
I'm going to put water, garlic, onion, and pepper for the stuff to cook in, and the juice from the sauerkraut. All the recipes said to drain the juice from the kraut and use chicken broth, but... :)

07-05-2005, 11:24 AM
Robyn, I hope your family is coping with everything.

Mouse, You have 4 more months to make some progress...don't give up yet. And, to **** with anyone cruel enough to criticize your appearance. How dare they. Just ignore them knowing that they are ignorant jerks and don't deserve to have any control over your emotions.

Kerry, my DH was married for 6 months and then went through a painful divorce years before I met him. His exwife cheated on him with a friend in his wedding party. Nice, huh?! He had many emotional scars as a result. The first year of our marriage, he kept waiting for me to leave him. He didn't believe that I wouldn't abandon him. He would purposely act like a jerk so that he could hurt me before I could hurt him. I actually took the birth of our DD four years later before he began to get comfortable with me. He still has his moments of what DD calls "temper tantrums" or being rude. Depending on my mood, sometimes I (verbally) fight back, but what gets his attention more is if I walk away and ignore him. A few days ago, as a matter of fact, I brought up our anniversary. He assumed that I wanted to go away and spend lots of money and started acting like a jerk. I just wanted to go out for dinner and a movie, but he didn't give me a chance to say that. I didn't like his attitude, so I went in the house and cursed him under my breath. He ended up not only apologizing, but came up with ideas for our anniversary. He is beginning to learn how to behave after almost 12 years of marriage. Maybe your DH just needs more time with you to feel more confident that you won't leave him. Good luck.

Ginny & Sue, how's it hangin'?

Yesterday, DD went swimming over her friend's house, and they all came over last night for s'mores and fireworks. It was fun.

I lost another 2 pounds on a holiday!!! We had to make more s'mores and didn't put any in our mouths. I love this diet!!!

07-05-2005, 01:49 PM
Just a short hello-

Mouse- Summer stole my thunder - and exactly what my WW meeting was all about...plateaus and the sticking it out thru them. Hang in there it is only 2 months into it...... What a sweetie you are teaching that woman to swim....... a great lady you are!!

Summer-Awesome for you that you lost 2 more #!!!! I am so happy for you!
Thanks too for sharing about your marriage.....Dh hit me with what could have been a marital bombshell this weekend....I am not sure how to take it at all.....and of course he dances away from the subject. I found your story comforting....and reassuring.

Kerry- good job getting all that excercise in!!! Don't blame you about not wanting to go out in the heat. I can't stand it either. Sounds as thought you did a fine job with dammage control over food. That ought to show up at the scale!!!

Gotta house is a bomb out zone, and I have to get dinner on so that Dh can eat while I am at Ds's game/practice (long evening....gotta go find a Walmart to keep myself amused!) See ya later!

07-05-2005, 06:19 PM
Hi Ladies,
Just a quick stop to say hi. I have been busy today trying to figure out how to find some extra money to buy my one sds a new pair of shoes. He ruined his other ones yesterday and his mom was being a pain in the butt about buying him new shoes. She expected him to wear his brother's shoes and they were 3 sizes too big. Called my dh an @#$hole, because he told her that she needed to buy the shoes with his child support money. Her reply was that only is to be used to cover housing and food. I know for a fact that also is to be used to cover their clothing too. So my dh and I scraped $30 toward and he got a new pair of shoes. She didn't even say thank you. Considering that was money we were going to use to pay on a bill. So we are going to have a late fee for sure now. Now my other sds said that he needed new shoes and she said that he was just saying that because his brother got shoes. Well my dh measure his foot and shoe. They are exactly the same size, so the kid isn't lying. It just pisses me off how she doesn't care about her kids and plays the blame game with us all the time. Oh well, atleast one of them has a new pair of shoes. We told her she had to buy the other pair. Come on for someone who has the money to go on vacation with the kids next week, I think she could take $30 out of it and buy her son a pair of shoes. She claims that we don't spend any money on the kids. But we are the ones who babysit them for free, that's right for free during the school year and the summer, we take them to their doctor's appointments and to their sports practices and games. I think we do spend money on them for food, drinks and take them places. But I guess she just wants to live in her own little dream world that we are bad people. Let her think that because the kids already know who cares about them the most. They have already told us that they want to live with us once we get the upstairs remodeled. Sorry I had to vent on here. I can really vent to my dh with the kids still here. :) Thanks a bunch.
Well I am off to TOPS tonight. I hope the scales are my friend tonight. Talk to you all later.
Take care,

07-05-2005, 10:11 PM
I did it. I lost 3 3/4 pounds last week. I was so happy. So I really had been watching what I eat a lot better last week than I had first thought.
Thanks Summer for your words of advice. It really helped put a lot into perceptive. Thanks abunch.
Hello to everyone else.
Talk to you all later.

07-06-2005, 12:42 AM
OMG....what a horribly long and sad day this was... I'll try to come tomorrow and post.... This kid was 3 months post his 22nd birthday. There were young, tatooed, pierced crying kids everywhere......but the worst was listening to his mother's choking sobs for the entire service. I'm headed to bed. Thanks for the prayers and support! You guys are THE best!
take care,

07-06-2005, 02:37 AM
Good morning, everyone. :)

Robyn: Hope sleep offers some needed solace. I can't even imagine: most of my students are near that age, and given the kids I teach, this is something that isn't far from my mind.
Kerry: AWESOME NEWS!!! Congratulations!!! :) :cheer:
Summer: Logically, I know you're right. I shouldn't care, but its not easy.
Ginny: I dunno if you'd call this a plateau... its lasted about a year. I lost some weight when they first put me on the spironolactone; the 65 pounds that were on my tracker. The 55 pounds there now reflect 10 pounds I gained this past year... That was when the testosterone started going up again, but they increased the spironolactone dosage and that made the testosterone drop radically. Its still not normal, but its lower than it has ever been before. I've said that I would be truly pleased with 75 pounds... that would at least take me closer to a somewhat normal weight. My overall goal isn't anywhere near my "BMI" weight that is recommended: that is 145. I'm 5'7" tall, and definitely have a "large frame". I'd look sick if I weighed 145 pounds. I can see some differences, but the SCALE doesn't change, and its so hard to buy clothing... That is what sets me off most of the time.
I badly need to buy some new clothing for my new job. I also need some new shorts and t-shirts for the camp job... the last time I bought shorts or t-shirts was 4 years ago when I interned at the last summer camp. And I hate having to buy the stuff because I really thought by this time I'd be many sizes smaller.
In a way, it was almost easier to deal with the weight BEFORE I became so interested in swimming laps and lifting weights. I could find a reason to blame myself.
But, right now, you cannot convince me that 1600 calories (today's total... the prunes and popcorn I ate for that specific purpose... both work better than the fiber caplets I tried) and 99 carbs are causing me to remain at this weight. Especially since none of the carbs are from refined sugars. I'd have 30 less if not for the fruit and the popcorn. With the removal of most of the carbs from my diet and almost all grains, I think I removed most of the soluable fiber. I'll ask my doctor about that when I see her next week. I could understand if the calories and carbs were from refined sugars, high fat items, or if I wasn't exercising! But I mean, really, I've been at the gym 3 days this week and done 3.5 hours of vigorous exercise. I don't know what else I'm supposed to do!
The good news is that the waterproof case for my iPod is listed as "on-time and scheduled for delivery" to me for tomorrow. I think I might wait till the UPS delivery happens before I go to the gym. UPS is usually here by noon. I won't have the arm-band till next week, but I can tuck the case into the waist of my swimsuit or the strap. I can hardly wait: Its a lot easier for me to get into the workout with music, because I'm not distracted. ;)

07-06-2005, 11:06 AM
Robyn - My heart goes out to you. How emotionally draining that is. I hope you take some time for yourself to recoop. It is so hard to lose someone so young but the suicide makes it that much worse. Hang in there!

Mouse - I think it is time for you to give the scales a break. I use to weigh myself daily and was obsessed with it if I wasn't losing. Finally I just had to give it up. I only get on the scale once a week (at Weight Watchers). I think it will improve your mood if nothing else. If your seeing muscles and your clothes are fitting better, you have to be doing something right! I use to call my prenatal vitamins "horse pills" are they still huge? I can't imagine taking them all the time. They also use to make me really sick unless I took them with a substantial meal. Do they have that effect on you? Spending money to save your sanity is definately money well spent!

Kerry - Congratulations on your weight loss! It is too bad that you husband isn't being supportive of your weight loss. He sounds like maybe he is a bit insecure with your marriage (threatening to divorce you if you tried a seperation). Maybe he is afraid that you will leave him once you lose the weight? You have been doing great on your weight loss so far. Just remember that you are the person who will benefit from it the most, so you need to do it for you and to heck with anyone who tries to get in your way! I wasn't overly impressed with the campground we checked out. It had a lot of seasonal residences, which were very run down. We decided to stick to a place we know. It will be hot this weekend, so I think we will live in the pool! Don't you know anyone who has some camping gear you could borrow? I wish you were closer as right now I still have my tent and my popup camper you could borrow. Really other than the reservation fee, camping is cheap. My children are active all day, swimming and riding their bikes. It is great family bonding time too. I feel for you with your ex-spouse nightmares. I could probably compete with you on who is the worse but we would bore the others to death! Fortunately the selfish b****** just stopped showing up last fall and our lives are much less stressful without them! I just cannot comprehend how people can do that to their children.

Summer - I am bowing down to honor you! How you resisted SMores not once but twice is a mystery to me. I can't even manage to stop at one (or two!). I guess that explains why you are losing so much and I am afraid to go to Weight Watchers tonight!There is a two point SMore which is two fudge stripe cookies and one marshmellow. That wouldn't be terrible IF you stopped at one. You will need to send me some of your will power as we are going camping again this Friday!

Ginny - I hope you are surviving your "marital bombshell". I tell you marriage is a whole **** of a lot of work! Men can be so clueless at times. Sometimes I think my three great aunts, who are nuns, had the right idea! My husband and I got in a big fight earlier this year and he drained all of our bank accounts. He gave most of it back but kept $8500, which was a good share of our savings. He says he isn't spending it but keeping it as a "safety net" in case our marriage doesn't make it. We are in counselling now and it is helping some but we have a lot of issues to work on!

On Monday I made homemade cinnamon rolls (huge, real butter, real sugar, loads of frosting). I love to bake and usually I am good at resisting things after they are made (the raw dough is a different matter all together!) but I couldn't stay out of the cinnamon rolls! I think I ate 4 the first day alone! I sent the last two to work with my DH today, so the temptation is gone. My DD is already begging me to make more! I think I will pass. Maybe I could make a coffee cake that would please them. I can definately resist cake without frosting.

I think I am going to head for the links today. After golfing for 20 years, I have decided to take lessons. So far I do pretty well while I am at the lesson but last night at league I was back to my usual crappiness. I wish I had one of those nets to hit into at home. Our property is pie shaped with the house in the back, so I could easily drive balls in the front yard but I spend more time fetching the balls than actually practicing my swing. I guess I could practice my chipping but I would rather golf at the course.


07-06-2005, 11:36 AM
Robyn, I know this is horrible for you and your family. The saying, "Time heals all wounds," sounds corny, but it is true. I know from experience. Take care of yourself.

Sue, thanks for the "props!" I've been searching for that elusive thing you called willpower for oh, 15 years or so. Why it has finally kicked in, I cannot tell you. Maybe it is the looooong list of reasons that I not only want to lose weight but need to lose weight.

1. Last summer I was told I would develop diabetes if I didn't change my eating habits. (My grandmother developed it and went blind from it.)
2. My knees and feet can't handle the weight. I wonder if I would have reinjured my left foot (broken 2 years ago) if I was at a normal weight.
3. My gastrointestinal problems would lessen.
4. It would be better for my heart, blood pressure, cholesterol (My dad had heart disease.)
5. It would lessen my risk for certain cancers. (My parents died of cancer before their time. My brother, sister, and aunt are cancer survivors.)
6. It would increase my lifespan.
7. My daughter would get off my back. She has never told me that my weight embarrasses her, but she is very aware and concerned about me losing weight.
8. I would be more attractive and feel more confident.
9. My beautiful size 12's would fit me...I could wear real jeans, not the spandex elastic waist kind.
10. I would have more energy and feel better physically.
11. I would be able to buy a gorgeous dress and look beautiful for my nephew's wedding.
12. I would be able to dance at my nephew's wedding. Right now, my knees and feet can't handle it.
13. I wouldn't have to curse when getting dressed up that no matter what I put on, I still don't look as good as I could.
14. My internist, gastroenterologist, gynecologist, and chiropractor would get off my friggin' back.
15. My husband would get off my friggin' back.
16. No more worrying about sitting on a chair and having it break below my weight.
17. No more struggling to get out of a beach chair looking like an a*s as I get on my hands and knees to stand up.
18. No more holding my breath to squeeze into a student desk in grad school.
19. No more buying sweatshirts and t-shirts a larger size than my husband.
20. No more breathless walks up the stairs to the teacher's lounge.

So, I have many reasons for doing this, and probably more that I haven't even thought of. I guess the South Beach Diet is the right fit for me, and my desire and attitude happen to be very strong right now. It helps that it is summer and except for money stress, I don't have the same stressors that the school year provides. It helps that DH is finally on board with me if not totally emotionally supportive. It helps to cook only one way and make exceptions only for DD.

Mouse, the answer for you is out there somewhere.

Kerry, you continue to be an inspiration to me.

Ginny, I hope things calm down with your DH. When my DH and I suffered a major marriage crisis, we went to our minister. It helped us tremendously. Sometimes another person's perspective can help a lot.

Yesterday, we had a play date with my friend who lives 40 minutes away. It was fine. Today, I begin preparing for our tag sale on Saturday. I hate doing them, but sometimes we make pretty good money. I also like to rid myself of clutter. It feels really great.

07-06-2005, 12:25 PM
Thanks you all for your kind words. I am thinking that he is afaird that once I get to my goal weight that I might leave him. Which is not true. Yeah it is nice to have other guys make comments about how I look now, but it is my dh who I love the most. We have been working on communicating better with each other the last few days. I think the problem with his stupid ex-wife is helping us get closer again too. She dropped the kids off this morning and started to fight with my dh. Saying that the one boy didn't need shoes and he was only doing it for the attention. I stayed in the house, because I was so upset and angry with the way she uses the kids as pawns to get us to buy things for them that I probably would have walked up to the lazy fat b@*#! and slapped her in the face. So I just gave my dh the money from my yard sale that I was going to put in the savings account for clothes this fall to go buy his son a new pair of shoes. I think I am going to have to stay away from the house for a few days when she comes to drop them off or pick them up, because I have never gotten in a fight in my life but I really want to now. She is scarring her kids for life if she keeps this up. I think her kids are starting to hate her for the way she treats them and they are only 7,7 and 9. I wish I could just adopt them and give them the mother they really need. It is funny people around town think that I am the kids mom because they seem them with me more than they do their real mom.
Mouse, I have to agree with Sue on the scale issue. I use to be addicted to them too. But I only get on them make every few days at home and definitely on Tuesday nights. I really think your body is building up muslce still and when it is tired of doing that will turn to losing some weight. Glad your IPOD is on the way!
Sue, thanks for your encouraging words. Maybe we will need to IM and you can share more of your wonderful advice with me. I think that would help me a lot! :)
Robyn, I hope you were able to catch up on your sleep and get some rest. I am sorry you had such an emotional draining day yesterday. I hope you can get back to some normal routine. Time heals all wounds. Hugs goes out to you and your family.
Summer, you are doing great on the SB diet. Keep up the good work! :) I am glad that I can be an inspiration to you. Somedays it is hard to keep plugging along, but God helps me through it. I am really wanting to get down to my goal weight by this time next year.
Hi Pam. Did you go on vacation? Hope you are having a relaxing time. Miss chatting with you.
Well I guess I better go get in the shower. I did 20 minutes on the gazelle this morning and 10 minutes on my dh's weight machine. So I think I better go and get a shower before they get home from the shoe store. Maybe I should pitch a fit and have the b***** buy me a new pair of sandals. I am having problems with my feet and can only wear Clark sandals, Clark shoes and New Balance Tennis shoes. They are so expensive. So I guess I am going to have to have another yard sale just to get some money for shoes.
Talk to you all later.
Have a wonderful day!

07-06-2005, 01:09 PM
Kerry- congrats on the wonderful WI!!!!!!!!!! Bet you must be smiling from ear to ear!! I agree with the wisdom mentioned before about Dh might just be afraid of what would happen if you reach goal and look awesome. Some men are like that and just afraid. (not sure where mine fits in that strategy....he would make an interesting case study, to say the least). Think you did the right thing with sds and the shoes. I have 3 kids and there are times that you have to get something for each....just to keep everyone happy. It is a major shame that their mom could not spring for the will be blessed for what you do for those kids. Take a deeeeeeep breath.......and stay away from the crabby ex. Good job getting your work out in!

Mouse- no I did not go brain dead with regards to your weight, i know that this has been a long struggle for you. Guess I referred to the plateau since you started this new eating plan 2 months ago. And I agree with everyone else....hang in there and try to ignore the scale. Bet those new clothes felt great!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you- off to a new start- new job and away from that abusive mess. (in a year from now youshould read your old posts from this past spring to remind yourself how awful it was- you probably will not believe it unless you saw it in print)

Sue- hope you enjoyed your day of golf. I stink at it, but find it a bit fun. Dh has been bugging me to learn the game to give us something to do together (in what spare time???). Hope you enjoy the lessons (nice to do something for yourself!). Oh, and the cinnamon rolls? Well, you got them out of your time to move on and start fresh. Sometimes you just have to do that and allow a trigger food. Noone is perfect. BTW- how did the WW meeting go????? Just curious, but was the topic of yours also about getting to meetings? Our leader started the meeting with the phrase "I came, I weighed, I cried, I stayed" referring to plateaus and not so hot WI's after a holiday weekend. It was a good meeting-glad I went.

Robyn- my wish for you is that you can find some comfort today in friends and family.....or just a day of rest. How terribly upsetting that must have been for you. I will keep praying for you.

Summer-you did a wonderful job of spelling out why you are on this know it might be a good thing for you to print out that post for yourself and tape it to the refrigerator just in case you feel like going off plan. Glad that Dh is doing it with you too.......that has to help.

Me? Got a 35 minute walk in this am (during swimming lessons for Dd) and last night decided to switch to WW core. I have been doing flex......and in a way dislike giving up flex, but need to break out of this slump. I was shocked to see that I had gained a # yesterday, but felt like I was retaining a ton of water, and I really think my system has not totally recovered from the colonoscopy and the IV yet (I think IV's artificially inflate a bodies water balance). So I will give Core a try.....and it had better show up on the scale next week...... As far as Dh and his bombshell, I know him, if I attempt to bring up the subject again he will shut down and not communicate- just gonna have to wait for another moment to discuss it, which could be in 5 years. Got a lot of praying to do......and as far as him and any kind of counselling???? Never. Any problem with our marriage is always my fault. (his opinion) How convienient is that??
Better go help Dd dig out her room.......see ya!

07-06-2005, 06:42 PM
Hey I'm back!
Sorry to be away for so long, but it has been crazy. Where do I start?
Well, first I had to take two online classes and take the tests before June 30th in order to be recertified. The person in charge of all that from central office said that I had met the minimum number of credits I needed and was going to send the paperwork in. I went over her head just to make sure since she would not print a list of my classes, and sure enough I was short two. I took both classes and passed the tests with 100%! Big relief, glad that's over with.
My brother went into the hospital to have an outpatient hernia repair done. He has been in the hospital now for a week and two days. He ended up having a bowel obstruction, had to have a ng tube inserted, his veins were collapsing, running a fever, hasn't eaten since last Sunday. Finally he was able to go to the bathroom, however then his fever shot up, and now they are worried about his lungs and he is coughing all this stuff up. They are considering putting him on a feeding tube. Terrible! Haven't talked to anyone today, so I hope things are going better.
We went to MYRTLE BEACH! What a blast! We actually stayed three miles south of Myrtle Beach but were able to stay right on the ocean front.
Went to an amusement park, a water park, hung out on the beach and read trashy romance novels. This hotel was awesome, it had a restaurant, bar, game room, fitness room( I did visit it once) a giftshop, pool. Fourth of July night, we hung out on the beach and everyone in the town must have been there because it was legal to shoot fireworks on the beach. I have never seen anything like it in my life. My husband went a little crazy in that department. It was a huge party for hours. I only drank one Strawberry Daquiri. (I had to hang out with my little guy since my husband was all doing the blowing up thing.) I didn't want to come home. Yesterday we went to a waterpark before coming home. I finally got the courage to go on the speed slide where you cross your arms and legs and go.(It's like two stories tall) However, by the time I got to the bottom, I might have well as been wearing a thong, because that's exactly where my bathing suit was. UGHHHHH. Also went to this really neat restaurant called the Seafarer. It was like a giant ship inside and there were Mermaids swimming in the little lagoon in there. They don't post their prices, and it was terribly expensive, but very good. It was a huge seafood buffet.
With that being said, the only downside of this vacation was that I managed to gain four pounds. Yes, we ate well, no I didn't drink water. No, I didn't resist chocolate unlike others with the willpower of superwoman. I indulged too much. Ok, so now we're back to reality, and it's back to eating right and excercising, which I can't tell you the last time I've done that with exception the 8 million sets of stairs we climbed at the water park yesterday.
I had just gotten over the yeast thing. Now it's back in full force. I'm sure its from sitting in a wet bathing suit for three days. The other itching problem? I've decided it's all growing back. This stubble is making me crazy, but it's just too much trouble. However, the bump stopper stuff really did eliminate the little red bumps.
I'm sorry not to get personal. I still have to cook dinner. I'm baking chicken. In the midst of laundry and cleaning and I'm still tired from the trip. Atleast I didn't have to get up and go to work today. I'm really not to badly sunburned with the exception of one little strip on my back near my underarm. I must have missed that. Needless to say I'm going braless today. My hubby and youngest son were sunburned.

Sorry I can't remember who said this, but I too think my husband is becoming extremely jealous since I've lost weight. He made a comment that I was gonna get all skinny and leave him. He will make comments like where you going to your boyfriends? I reply to that..........Nope, he's out of town, but I'll let you know when he gets back. It's getting on my nerves.

I've missed you guys.

07-07-2005, 12:58 PM
Pam- we missed you too! Welcome back- sounds as though you had a good time in Myrtle Beach. Aw, well so what if you ate some chocolate!!! Get back on the saddle......back on have to live a little too, right??? So sad to hear about what was supposed to be a sort of routine operation going awry for your Db. I will keep him and you in my prayers...hope he turns around soon.

Speaking of prayers.....this situation in London is horrible....I feel so bad for the people there. Guess living close to NYC keeps me a bit sensitive to this stuff after 9/11 (which I personally saw from a distance- saw the towers burning that is which was visible for miles.)

Doing ok on core for day 2. Now the wrench in the works is because of Cindy (hurricane) all Ds's games are smashed into today......get to sit thru 2 games. Maybe I can sneak a walk in. Gotta go. Sorry not to get personal.

07-07-2005, 05:01 PM
Afternoon Ladies,
Boy what a day I have had so far! I went to Curves this morning to put in my workout with my friend. Than came home to my dh crying on the couch in pain. So I took him off to the ER. Got a police escourt out of town so I could get to the hospital quick with him. Than we sat for almost 2 hours before they would see him. Here he has kidney stones. So after we left the hospital we went to get lunch at a Chinese buffet place and off to the drugstore for his Percocet. $52 later we were able to walk out the door with his medicine. I just wanted to sit down on the sidewalk and cry at this point. I still needed to buy gas because I was almost on Empty and only had $ 10 in my wallet. I had just gotten some money out of the ATM to buy my gas and end up spending on the medicine. I think it is highway robbery what they charge for medicine anymore. So now I am home once again. Still need to take my shower for the day. Just don't have the energy to do that right now. I will check back with you guys later. Talk to you later. Hopefully I will be able to get some rest here in a little bit.
See ya,

07-07-2005, 05:46 PM

Kerry: Woah... I definitely sympathize, although I had a decent prescription plan, I still spend a lot of medications. Honestly, one reason I absolutely didn't want my doctor to change the contraceptives I take is because the other low estrogen one she liedk doesn't have a generic, and it was $48 for 1 month! The other is a generic, and so I pay $36 for 4 months by going through the mail-order pharmacy. And the ER fee is insane too: my insurance dumps a mandatory $50 fee, and if the ER reports that it wasn't an "emergency", the insurance company will only pay 50%. That's to keep people from using the ER as a doctor's office. Fortunately, I hate the thought of sitting in an emergency room, and have only had to do it twice: once for a bee sting while I was at a camp, and then last year when I hurt my ankle. Hope your husband feels better later... and the money gets worked out.
Ginny: Cindy is causing flash flooding and a tornado warning here locally. I'm supposed to go to Virginia tomorrow so I can see my new school and my new apartment, but I'm kinda iffy about the weather. I have to go down on Tuesday also, so I suppose I could go then.
Pam: Welcome back! I love water parks. Seriously. ;) I won't go down the slides, but I like the lazy rivers, wave pools, etc.
Other things: Well, I really only weigh myself once a week. I aim for Tuesdays after I'm done at the gym. I don't always get it done that day though, because I don't like to do it if there are lots of people around. And, I still don't get the whole scale thing. I can see some differences, but its depressing that the scale doesn't change. And while I know intellectually that my endocrinologist probably won't be upset with me, I'm still worried that she might be. I am relatively positive she believes the exercise I do, she's never even hinted that I might not really be doing it the way other doctors do. She did think that maybe swimming wasn't the way to do it for me, but that's about the only cardio exercise I can do: anything else hurts my leg/ankle, and I'm definitely not going to do something that hurts for any length of time. That's why I stopped walking after I hurt myself in the first place. I know my gastroenterolgoist believes me; she's a member of the gym and she SEES me there. But I just don't understand how I can exercise for as long as I do (40 minutes of weights today, and 1 hour 25 minutes of swimming laps) and not lose weight!
I'm going to go... Keep an eye on the weather, everybody. Cindy just came through here early with flash flooding and some tornado warnings.

07-07-2005, 07:35 PM
Well I did make it to get my shower. That is about all the energy I have at the moment. I am drained from our little ER trip. I have to run into town here in a little bit to Wal-mart to get some things. Maybe I will just treat myself to something little.
Mouse: I was told at Curves never to weigh your self after working out because of your muscles getting a good workout. It always makes your heavier than you really are. So that might be something to keep in mind. Hope all is well with the weather from Cindy in your area now. We haven't gotten any rain here yet.
Ginny sorry you have to sit through two ballgames today. Hope you were able to get your walk in. I am hoping that my one friend is home later so that we can take a little walk this evening.
Robyn, hope things are better with you today. I have been keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers. Hope you were able to get some much needed sleep. Hugs to you sweetie.
Pam, I am so sorry to hear about your db. I hope he is feeling somewhat better. I am keeping your family in my prayers as well. Hope all is going well with you. Every once in a while you need to splurge a little bit. It is okay that you had a few different foods on vacation that you normally don't eat now. You will get back on your diet today and do fine.
Summer and Sue hope you had a wonderful day.
Talk to you all later.
I need to go and get my dh something to drink.
Take care,

07-08-2005, 01:37 AM
I am having a tag sale on Saturday...hopefully Cindy will be gone by then. Anyway, I finally emptied my sister's attic of boxes which contained the remainder of the contents of my mother's house. Back when she died in 1986, my father moved to Florida. I rented out rooms to friends and acquaintances to pay the mortgage. That lasted three years. When I decided to finish college full-time, I moved in with my sister. At that point, I wasn't ready to get rid of my mother's things, so I just packed it all up and stored it at my sister's. When I moved out, some boxes got unpacked. When I got married, a few more got unpacked and I incorporated the items into my household. With my relationship with my sister deteriorating, I wanted the rest of Mommy's things in my home to keep or tag sale. I thought it would be easy to do now since so much time has passed. It is now 19 years after her death, and I'm having a difficult time going through these boxes. Even the old newspapers that her belongings were wrapped in bring back memories. I thought that by now I had moved on enough to be able to just let it go. Instead, I'm really missing Mommy. We were so close and communicated so well with each other. She really got me. She would be such a support to me if she were here. She would have advice for me about DH. She would be a wonderful grandma. My MIL is a lousy one. My DD is really missing out. I'm really missing out. It hurts so much. You know, my initial weight gain happened when she died. It is weird that I'm finally losing weight now and not wanting to eat crap. But today, as I opened those boxes, and I felt the loss of her yet again, I wanted a donut and macaroni and cheese. I'm not gonna do it. I won't ruin the work I've done. I'm just looking for some comfort, and I really don't know how to get it...I don't know how to make this horrible pain go away. I cry, and I feel this horrible hole in my gut. She should be here right now. She shouldn't have left me. I can't help but think how much better my life would have been if she lived. It is so unfair. I can't wait till this tag sale is over, and I can stop dwelling on the past. I wish I could let her go while honoring her memory at the same time. I hate this feeling.

07-08-2005, 02:19 AM
Summer: You really need a hug. :grouphug: I've been very lucky so far. My father's mother died 3 years ago, but I wasn't close to her. I didn't know her or any members of my father's family very well, and that was by their choice. I'm thinking about you; things like that are very hard, and I'm guessing your sister isn't being a lot of help right now.
Kerry: Thanks for the tip: I'd never heard that before. I always see people weighing themselves AFTER they exercise at the gym, and so I assumed (yea, yea, I know) that was the way (weigh?!) to do it! I absolutely REFUSE to do it with just a towel on or underwear... I just subtract 4 pounds for clothing... 7-8 if I'm wearing either of my adapted pairs of shoes because they weigh so damn much (my sandles and sneakers don't weigh as much, but my dress shoes weigh 5 pounds on their own, and my walking shoes weigh somewhere between 4 and 5 pounds). I don't care if it is a locker room, I don't get the people who walk around nearly naked with just a towel, or completely naked! And while we have some that "look good", many of the members are older or have weight issues. The gym serves as a rehab center for the hospital that is part of the health network they are with, which is one of the reasons I'm so comfortable there. There are people with cardiac monitors, crutches, wheelchairs, canes, walkers all over the building. Of course, for many years, they were also the gym of choice for the Baltimore Ravens football team (the team now has their own posh quarters and many don't need to come to my gym anymore).
It looks like Cindy blew herself out; its just raining now, and not very hard either. I see some pockets of heavier rain to the south and west, but its much better than it was earlier.
I guess I'd better get to bed... I have to get up in the morning to go to Virginia. I was doing my "homework" for my job with the National Board. The assignment didn't make a whole lot of sense, and I'm not sure if I did it right or not. I can say with total honesty (and this is NOT sour grapes!), that most of the staff at my last school couldn't have gone for national board certification, and I think other than myself, there is only one teacher in the vocational department that would even understand the standards! The standards document clearly calls for the integration of career and technical education with core academics. You can't have it any other way and expect it to work.

07-08-2005, 09:57 AM
Happy Friday to you all!
Summer, I am sending lots of hugs and happy thoughts your way! I am soo sorry you are having a tough time getting ready for your tag sale. I wish I was closer so I could help you. You showed some strong willpower yesterday by not giving into you cravings. Way to go girl! Hope today is a better day for you! :)
Mouse, hope you have a safe trip to VA. today. It looked like it was going to rain last night on my way home from Wal-mart. The west got really dark like rain was on the way. But we didn't get anything. I am glad that you survived the rain from Cindy. Now that I shared that little tip with you, you could probably weigh yourself with just your swimsuit on before you went swimming. That way you would have a more accurate reading. Glad to have been able to share a helpful tip with you.
Hi to Ginny, Pam, Robyn and Sue. I have to run and get ready to run into the gym this morning to meet a friend to workout. I have my mil on stand by to help out with my dh if he needs anything the hour that I am gone. He seems to be doing a little bit better. He seems to have slept good last night. It was I that didn't sleep well since he came to bed and I was afraid to move much for fear that I would bump his kidney's.
Talk to you all later.

07-08-2005, 12:03 PM

Kerry- I am so glad that Dh is feeling better. Have they decided how they are going to treat the kidney stones? or just let them run their course.
I hear ya with the price of meds...and summers are so darned tough on the wallet. (mine at least) and with everyone home seems as though they all want to be entertained and there goes the$$$$$. Hang in there. Ihope you got that workout in.

Summer- Hugs to you! I know from having lost my Dad over 20 years ago what you might be feeling. How blessed for you to have been raised by such a wonderful woman, who cared so much for you and you got along with so well. And what a wonderful inspiration your Dm is to you with your relationship with your Dd. I know that somehow some of what you do with your own family must be a reflection of your mothers love and her loving personality. And what a treasure that is. There are many who cannot or will not ever know the warmth of the relationship you had with her. You have been truly blessed. I know that my own father would have loved my Ds- he would have loved all my kids- but being that he had no sons himself, I always like to think that he would have seen my Ds as the son he never had. The few things that a father leave to a daughter (my dad was an avid outdoorsman and my Dm gave most of that stuff to me as opposed to my sister who is still feuding with a man who died over 20 years ago) I hold special and have told all my kids, especially Ds, their significance to me. And without getting too mushy (or weepy as I am getting now) I try to tell them how much he would have loved them. Like you, my inlaws are poor excuses for parents or grandparents. Just last week, Dh and I ran into a former coworker (she retired last year) and her DIL (who still works with me) and
I introduced them to him. I got weepy just having to explain to Dh what a wonderful MIL/DIL relationship they have- they go places and do things to Lancaster...weekend getaways.....and on this particular day they were working the family vegetable stand together. I consider them so lucky and blessed. My Dh knows how awful his parents are.
So I hope that your garage sale goes well. Yes your life would have been better if she was still with you. But what a beautiful legacy she leaves for you.

Mouse-so Cindy was kind to you......know she is being a pain in the neck for me!! Hope all goes well with the National Board today......this is the temporary job to tide you over, right? And just another theory with WI's. I wonder if the body absorbs some water while swimming. Ok I know we are not sponges...but when your fingers become like prunes.......well, that is due to water retention by the skin, right? Try a WI before and after swimming one day.....see if you notice a difference in the two weights.

SO I was so good yesterday.....then blew it with some stress eating. (sometimes Dd's personality can be SO obnoxious, this is the 19 yr old). She really got to me yesterday.....and it was not just me, Ds hung up on her too when on the cell phone. So, I guess I'd better behave today.....
Off to get a tape in, think I will kick box today.

07-08-2005, 02:01 PM
I'm a little better today. It is just that I opened some old wounds that I had no idea would be so raw after so much time. The last time I was hit so hard was when my daughter was born, and I was overwhelmed with hormones and my father's death shortly after DD's birth. Since then, I have felt so much better by revelling in my mother/daughter relationship with my only child that I fought so hard to bring into this world. We do many of the things my mother and I did, and DD's favorite are the "Grandma Flossie kisses" which are wetter than mine. (She grins as she wipes her face with the back of her hand.)

Now that EVERYTHING is unpacked, I'm becoming more comfortable with her things as I decide what to keep and what to sell. In a way, touching her things are comforting now. I will be okay. I've done this before, and I will do it again.

Thank you to all of you for your love and support of me. This just hit me out of left field, and you were all ready to help me through this. You are all the best!

07-08-2005, 02:38 PM
Had to cruise by to check email, as Ds just could not keep his head screwed on long enough to figure out when his game is tomorrow. He thinks it is at 9 am........the online schedule says 7 pm.......what is wrong with that blasted Y chromosome anyway????

Summer- glad you are doing better today. This kind of thing- especially if you had a good relationship with your mom hangs with you a long time. As I said, I got weepy just writing about my own dad and it has been over 20 years. And you are giving a living testimony to your own Dm- doing lots of things that your mom did with you. We love you here......hope the rest of your day goes well.

Guess I'd better go be productive. Did get the tape in... (decided on the express tape with the stretchie).
See ya later. Mouse, Kerry, Pam, Robyn, Sue hope you day is going well too!

07-08-2005, 07:48 PM
Got my workout in today with my friend. Than came home to my stepkids thinking that their daddy was fine and he should be able to do all his regular things with them. I tried being nice for as long as I could, than I snapped. I told my dh that he better get them off my back because I was very tired from not getting much sleep last night. They were in the mood of repeating everything I was saying and it was becoming very nerve racking. They finally stopped when their daddy told them that I was tired from taking care of him yesterday. Than I was finally able to lay down for a nap this afternoon around a little after 2. By 2:30 I was woke up by the kids slamming their bedroom door shut and messing around in their closet which is right next to our bedroom. Finally went back to sleep about 30 minutes to be woke up at 3:17 with my dh telling me that he was going to drive the kids to our friend's house to play with their sons'. I jumped out of bed and told him that I would take them. He didn't need to be driving with Percocet in his system. But no he just had to go do it. So needless to say I haven't said much to him this evening.
I have been craving ice cream or frozen yogurt. So I might go to the grocery store and see what sugar free/fat free items they have on sale.
Hope everyone is having a great day!
Talk to you all later.

07-08-2005, 07:59 PM
Kerry- hope you found a good substitute for ice cream. At Walmart, there are some Bluebunny chocolate pops ZERO WW points and I think only 35 calories. I use them a lot instead of ice cream. So I repeat, what is it with the darned Y chromosome?????
Driving with percoset??? Sounds like something my own Dh would do. So glad you got some rest in, although interrupted many times. Hope that workout was a good one.....when are you going to Curves again??
Not much new here.......BTW, Ds's game is at 9 am....hopefully there will only be one game. With these darned tournaments you never know.
See ya

07-08-2005, 10:42 PM
Evening everyone...
What a mixed up day this was! I woke up later than I planned because I had trouble sleeping last night. Then, I'm trying to get myself dressed and ready to go... the person going with me (my friend who works at the front desk in my building now) knocks on the door at the same time the phone starts ringing! Of course its the person from the National Board, telling me that I have to be there on Tuesday, and I absolutely cannot be off that day. So, I had to tell my new school that I can't come Tuesday to finish their paperwork or I can't have the job with the National Board. I need that money...
We finally get out the door, and miraculously hit no traffic on the way down (we hit 3 times the normal amount on the way back, so I don't feel slighted in the least!)... went to the school first. And, after waiting for the principal, found out that I'm not assigned there anymore! I have no idea where I'm assigned now! I did get a call this afternoon from a principal at a nearby middle school, but I had to tell him I don't know if I'm assigned anywhere else or not... and I can't come back down till July 19.
Needeless to say, I also had to change my doctor's appointment: I have another week before I'll go see my endocrinologist again.
Then we went to see my apartment: And they had a studio that had just come available. The lady had just been notified that she had to move out of state, and was hoping to find somebody to rent her place in early August. PERFECT for me.
I'm happy... the studio is only 112 square feet smaller than the 1 bedroom, but its nearly $300 a month cheaper. The gas and electric will be cheaper too.
I'd like to know where I am teaching, but at least I have a good apartment now. Its really nice.
Kerry: Sleep makes all the difference, doesn't it?
Summer: Glad you're feeling better.
Ginny: I guess I could do the weight checks that way, but I feel self conscious standing there in my bathing suit. I could do it on my way in and then go change... its just easier wearing my clothes and shoes. The scale is near the front of the locker room, the entrance to the pool is in the back.
I did get a compliment today... it was very warm this afternoon so I took my jacket off and was wearing a sleeveless shirt. I wasn't sure if I'd look okay that way or not, but my friend said I looked just fine. And then, she is looking all over, and says that I have no stretch marks and without the long sleeves or baggy shirt hiding my arms, you can really see that I only have the weight in the torso.

07-08-2005, 11:52 PM
Hello.... what you guys don't know is that this is my 3rd attempt at posting today....
What I said the first time was long...and rather RobynIE.... and lost in space...
what I said the 2nd time was shorter...but rather RobynIE...and evidently lost in space...
THIS time... short and to the point... JUST in case!

*Summer, I hope that you got my PM! (((hugs)))
*Gin, When you solve the male gene issue, please let me know ...I would love some pointers!
*Kerry, Hope you found a good frozen icecream alternative!

I had more to say...but well, I'm all typed out now!
My leg/foot is giving me problems again......arghhhh!

I almost forgot....
Thank you so much for the wonderful support! You guys are great!

If this doesn't go thru, my 4th will be all cursing!!!! ;)
take care,

07-09-2005, 10:25 AM
I did get some ice cream sugar free bars last night. Plus some fudge pops and 2 boxes of popicles that were all sugar free and on sale. So that was a nice treat for me. Watch the stepkids will have them all gone by the end of the weekend if I don't keep an eye on the freezer.
I did get some sleep last night. I would have liked to sleep longer but my sdd woke up at 8:30 wanting fed. I didn't go to bed until after 12:30 and it was a night of tossing and turning for me again. We went over to our friend's house last night around 8:30 and didn't leave until after 11. It was fun just visiting with another grown-ups. I did drive my dh's truck there and home.
Mouse so glad you found an apartment already. When are you planning on moving? Sorry to hear that your job placement is still up in the air. Hope they let you know something soon. Hugs.:)
Summer I hope your tag sale is a huge success today. Glad you are feeling better! :)
Ginny hope you enjoy your ds's ball game and only have one today. As for when I go to Curves again it will be Monday morning. But I think I am going to use my gazelle and weight machine at home this morning.
Robyn, glad to see that you were finally able to post a note to us. Sorry it was a big hussle for you. You should not have been kicking your computer with that leg and foot and it probably won't be hurting again. :) Take it easy!
Hi to Pam and Sue. Hope everything is going great with you two!
By the way, when I was at my friend's house last night, she made smores and I eat two of them. I just couldn't resist them. So I am going to work really hard today to be OP with my eating.
Have a great day!
Take care,

07-09-2005, 07:30 PM
Kerry, have you tried Edy's Carb Benefit Ice Cream? YUM!!! I've heard the slow churn is good too, but I can't have it because of the sugar. I'm glad you got some adult time. We all need that once in a while. I had some last weekend. I'm about due for more. Oh, and just so you know, your DH isn't the only stubborn one, so is mine.

Rob, thanks for the PM. You are a good and insightful friend. Don't ya hate it when you are on a roll with a great posting and then its gone?! AAAAHHHHH!!!

Mouse, you and Kerry need a nap. Sorry you have to do all that rescheduling. Stuff like that drives me nuts...really nuts. EXCELLENT NEWS on the studio apartment!!! That's $3600 extra for you a year, not to mention utilities. Congrats on the compliment.

Ginny, thanks for everything. You've helped me a lot.

Yesterday, we got hit really hard with remnants of Cindy. We had 2 inches of rain, with a threat of thunderstorms for today. So, we postponed the tag sale to tomorrow. It hasn't rained, but it is best that we put it off to Sunday because the ground is drenched. With one extra day, I was able to take some time off this tag sale nightmare. (Speaking of nightmares, "you know who" will most likely take the opportunity of me sitting out on my front lawn all day to come over and harass me. :p ) So, we went to the Whistle Stop Book Shop to trade in old books and get some new used books. I got a bunch that should get me through at least the month of July if not August. Then we had lunch at Burger King. I had a double cheeseburger without the bun and a diet coke. DH had a chicken whopper without the bun. For $3.99, it was this tiny piece of chicken, one tomato slice, and some limp iceburg lettuce. What a rip-off. He also got a shake, and when I said, "You're kidding, right?!" he said, "What?" It supposedly didn't occur to him that it would have fat, sugar, and carbs...all no-no's on South Beach. Whatever. Afterward, we went to see "The Fantastic Four." It got a horrible review in my star. But, DD LOVED it, and DH and I didn't mind it. I've seen worse kid movies. The weird thing was that it was rated PG-13, yet they are marketing it to kids under 13 with the Burger King toys. And, DD's friend's brother got a bunch of Fantastic 4 toys for his birthday, and he just turned five. Now how can they rate a movie PG-13 but make every single kid under 13 want to see it?! So, I told DD she could go and close her eyes if it got too scary.

When we got home, I went to the pharmacy to pick up my Nexium. It had no refills, but normally when the pharmacy calls the doctor, they renew it and make a note if I need another appointment first. Well, I'm not due for another appointment, so the renewal should have gone through. However, they couldn't reach my doctor or the oncall (comforting, isn't it?!) so they gave me 4 Nexium to carry me over till I can straighten this out. Whatever! I came home a little frustrated only to receive a letter from my insurance saying they will not cover my chiropractor treating my foot that causes me such pain that sometimes I can't walk!!! They call this pain chronic. What? I've never seen the chiropractor for this foot pain. This is new. They are such as*holes. So, I don't know what will happen. Now I have two medical issues up in the air, and I am truly frustrated and pissed off. It started out as a nice day. :p

I will be doing the tag sale tomorrow, so I don't know when I will be back. Pray that I make a lot of cash and get rid of tons of crap!!!

07-09-2005, 10:19 PM

Robyn: Welcome back, sorry about the foot.
Kerry: The sugar free stuff is great, congrats! I love the Turkey Hill products because they use Splenda and taste like real ice cream. I haven't liked any of the other low carb or sugar ice creams, though I haven't tried the one that Summer recommended (Edy's, I think?). I tried most of the others. Breyer's was absolutely rotten, and so was another one ...
Summer: Oh, yes. I absolutely cannot STAND having the reschedule stuff. I work so hard to coordinate everything (like doing the benefits/HR stuff at the school board offices the same day as the doctor's appointment and seeing the school so I don't have to go down there too often since gas is $2.35 and rising. And I understand the medical stuff too; my orthopedist's billing office keeps sending ME bills instead of to my former employer.
Okay... today has been the day from absolute ****. Let me tell you all... I'm so tired and angry I could scream. I might walk down to the 7-11 and find some sugar-free ice cream or sugar-free chocolate.
Alright, the day started off pretty good. The Loudoun Red Cross has a project that needs doing that I can do at home, which made me feel better because the supervisor for Baltimore at Central Maryland is obviously VERY eager to see my back. She's taken me off the dispatch schedule for July, and told me to turn in my gear. I'm pissed... i've put up with her for 3 years, and this is the thanks I get? Okay... whatever. Loudoun really wants me though, they invited me to their volunteer recognition picnic, even though I haven't really done anything yet.
Then, I decided to get my stuff together and go to the gym early.... I was going to do some lifting, and then swim. Now, mind, they are doing construction on our parking garage, and we can't park in our normal spots. I park on the roof because I can't do the stairs from the 7th floor, and there are stairs both to the roof, and to the elevator to get to the roof. 6th floor has stairs too. So, I park on 5.
I went out to my car today and some :censored: :tape: :censored: broke out the rear passenger window. He dropped my suit jacket on the ground, and stole my gym bag. Didn't take anything but the freaking gym bag: not the towels, my sweater, winter jacket, CB, CDs, some books... just the gym bag.
Of course, all my swim gear was in the gym bag, and my new waterproof iPod case. I have insurance and my renters policy covers the stuff in the car, while Geico is going to pay for the window glass. The company is going to come to where I'm working on Monday to replace it, but I still have to drive to work without the window and with the glass all over the back seat. I filed a police report: one of the Baltimore City officers lives in my building, so he came and did it for me. A regular Baltimore City officer wouldn't have cared a bit.
I plan to have a discussion with the property manager on Monday because I physically CANNOT park on a floor that has stairs, and I don't care if they aren't responsible for stuff stolen out of a vehicle, I pay $95 a month to Central Parking for a *SECURE PARKING SPACE* in the resident's area. I wouldn't have parked where I did if they hadn't told us about the construction and that we weren't allowed to park where I normally park. I've replaced almost everything except the toiletries kit... I need to go to REI's website and buy that, then go to Trader Joes and get my soap/shampoo again. Allstate will give me a check, I have replacement cost on everything so I've saved my receipts. But its SO ANNOYING! I can't go swimming until at least Tuesday or Wednesday. I can't go lift weights, because they stole my shorts, shampoo, the whole kit... so I can't go get all sweaty in my work clothes!
So, then... I hadn't eaten, I figured I'd treat myself a little and get some chinese. I ordered orange beef (not the fried kind) and some seafood... I wouldn't have eaten all the rice. I get the food, and I ate the seafood... then started on the beef... and it wasn't beef! They gave me orange chicken! I ate two pieces before I realized it was CHICKEN! So, of course, I got sick. Then I called the restaurant, and I was mad. I told him I wanted the money for the dish off my bill and not new food because this wasn't the first time they'd done this. The guy lied and said I ordered the chicken, so I pointed out to him that I made a huge deal out of asking for teriyaki beef (no sauce) instead of teriyaki chicken because I ordered enough to get a free order, and I'd told him then that I was allergic to chicken! So then he offered to let me get something free "next time" and I told him I'm moving in 2 weeks (closer to 3), and wouldn't need the free food.
That was just the last straw at the end of the day, you know what I mean? And the fact that I can't go to the gym until I get my stuff back, and may have to wait even longer: I need a new ID card, which can only be done when the manager is there since I'm an employee... my lifeguarding shirt, my name badge, my ID card (you need photo ID for the lockers) were all in my bag. All of my bathing suits. Oh, yea, and my prescription glasses... they strap on behind my head so I can jump in the pool and not lose them. I can't get new ones till I have an eye doctor appointment. My mom is going to call my old eye doctor and see if he'll take me on the 26th (the soonest I can get home), since I'll never get an appointment down here. I missed work tonight, too...
You know, I could actually get something that I am not supposed to eat at the 7-11... I threw out my entire dinner! I'm just not sure its worth the 2 block walk!

07-10-2005, 01:33 PM
And if that weren't enough: when I went over to REI's website, one of the toiletry kits talks about a "small inset to hold jewelry"... and I realized that I had left my class ring and my Star of David in my bag! I think I told you guys that I broke the chain one day during swimming lessons... our head lifeguard had offered to hold it in the office for me, but my bag was there (we do swimming lessons after the gym is closed, so we can't have lockers... I keep my bag in the office when I'm working anyway) so I told him no thanks...
My mom has the warranty information on the ring, because its from Josten's, and she bought the Star for me as a gift, so she knows where to get another one, I guess. I'm not sure how, because I thought she bought it at a convention we went to together (a science fiction con, but there are usually a lot of jewelers there), but maybe she didn't get it there. I reported both of those to Allstate as soon as I remembered... but the ring is going to cost at least $400 to replace, even assuming that Jostens can replace a ring that is 16 years old. They don't even OFFER sterling silver on their website anymore. The ring was the ONE AND ONLY TIME my whole family (mom, father, both grandmothers) ever did anything together.
I guess that'll teach me to not only take my jewelry off before I get in the water but to make sure I put it back on when I'm done showering!

07-10-2005, 08:15 PM
Just a short hello.....feel as thought I have spent all day cleaning and cooking. Dh did the baseball running yesterday and today- last nites game had themcoming in at midnite. Glad it was not me!

Mouse- good luck replacing the jewelry.......sounds like it could be tough to do. Congrats on the new apartment!!!! Big savings.....and sounds great for you!

Summer- hope the tag sale went well.....and that you did not have to wear your galoshes for it! Dd just saw Fantastic 4 also and liked it. What do those reviewers know anyway?????

Kerry- dont' sweat the s'mores......gotta live a little right?? I love sugar free popsicles....what a great way to get the ice cream craving out of your system. So glad you got some rest really needed it.

Robyn- hope that leg/foot problem resolves soon....what a pain, literally. And I am no genetic specialist......just a lay theoretician....and I SWEAR that there is something with the Y chromosome......either that or it is a full moon coming. But if I find out any secrets I'll let you know.

Well, Dh has lyme disease...but feeling as crummy as he does he still went to Ds's game today, and stayed for an extra game (he knew the coach and some of the players). He will watch any baseball......have hardly seen him at all this weekend.
Dd and I went to church and then after I fed the gang Dd (9) and I hung out in the was so relaxing.
Guess I'd better go be productive. Enjoy the rest of Sunday.

07-10-2005, 08:28 PM
I've just gotten back from Virginia Beach. My brother ended up having to have another surgury Thursday. There were adhesions from a surgury he had two years ago (he had to have a bowel resection because of diverticulitis). He seemed to be doing better the last two times I saw him, but today, he was really out of it, and running a fever of 102 and they have been feeding him intravenously so they have been having to give him insulin shots, and his heart rate is high, now he is on beta blockers. Crazy. Poor thing. He hasn't eaten or drank anything since June 27th. I would be going crazy for some ice water. He has a little sponge to soak in the water to moisten his mouth, but that water would be gone gone gone, if I was in that situation. He has so much restraint. I was going to stay an extra day and come back Tuesday, because my breaks decided to start scraping the rotors while I was there. However,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,next saga with my son's car....Has been in the shop for two weeks. Was only supposed to be in there for three days. He got it out today, and then got almost home and it started acting up again. So, he and his friend need a ride to work tomorrow and I have to deal with this stupid car, so here I sit........I'm over it frankly.
ON the bright side, I was back down to 175 just a few minutes ago after dinner, so maybe I'll be closer to where I was tomorrow. I feel pretty good about it.
Best wishes to everyone out there. No time to address each of you individually. Except, Ginny: Just read Isle of Dogs, by Cornwell. Not bad, was a guest appearance by Scarpetta.
Talk to you all later!

07-10-2005, 10:52 PM
I am still whittleing my way thru Unnatural Exposure- have a few to go before I get to Isle of Dogs. But read it I will.....and I am totally ticked that she ends the relationship with Benton Wesley......or at least that is the way it looks from the point I am in the book.....but then without that tension in her life, Scarpetta might be hohum.
BTW- congrats on the 175! Bet that feels so good. Hope your brother improves- must be so tough to see him like this.
Back to the research on deer repellants.......Bambi ate our green beans, pepper plants and Dd's sunflowers. I used to have a recipe for homemade pepper spray and of course can't find it.
See ya!

07-11-2005, 08:38 AM
Sorry not to get personal.... I am nearly ready to walk out the 7:30! ..AM! THIS is my week of staff development. Today I face the only computer program that causes me to shake in my boots...and don't ask why OR tell me how much you love it...Today I have a class in Advanced nemisis! :) This will be the 5th or 6th Excel class that I've taken.... Remember that at my old school I was LITERALLY "THE" computer girl.... I will pass the class with flying colors...and I will leave NOT having any more of a clue than I do as I sit right here RIGHT now. I simply don't like Excel...... and yes, I KNOW that it will do 600000000cabillion things! :)

I'm off to sit in front of a computer.......... and try not to shake in my boots! ;)

I'll check back in when it is over! Hope everyone is ok! Forgive my ExcelPhobic nervous rant!

take care,

07-11-2005, 01:59 PM
Robyn: EEYEUUW!!! A week of staff development in freakin' JULY?! :p What are they thinkin'? Whatever happened to doing that kind of crap during the school year or at the very least the week before school starts at the end of August? I don't know about you, but I'm just getting into the summer swing of things. Please accept my condolences. ;)

Mouse: How awful. I would feel so violated and really pissed off. Just replacing it all is gonna be a pain, but knowing that somebody touched your stuff and stole what was important must be so horrible for you. I would want to punch a wall. :mad:

Ginny: Sorry about DH's lyme's disease. My DB, DS, and DN all have it...probably because I live in CT, the center of where it began. They all live in highly deer populated areas, and because of all the massive construction of new homes, I now live in a highly deer populated area as well. There is no place for these poor deer to go. In CT, they just keep cutting down trees and building these million dollar homes (monstrosities). There will be no land left for these poor animals. I won't be surprised if one day as I'm leaving my school, I see a deer walking on the pavement down the middle of Main St., Bridgeport, CT. From experience with my family and friends who have it, the key is following the antibiotic regime. I hope it works well for him.

Pam: Sorry about your DB. My DH had the same surgery last summer. Do you know why he got the adhesions from the surgery? I hope he heals quickly.

Well, PHASE 2 SUCKS. :p I am up 3 pounds. When I went to the South Beach message boards, I found out that this is quite common, and my 3 pounds isn't as bad as some others' weight gains. I've got to cut WAY back on the carbs I've reintroduced, cut back on artificial sweeteners, and add gallons of water. Apparently artificial sweeteners not only cause water retention (who knew?!) but also increase appetite!!! Okay, this is news to me. I've been living on freakin' Splenda and Nutrisweet to COPE with all the good food I've given up. Now I can't even have those except in minimal amounts?! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It would help if I could exercise more, but having a foot that feels like it has knives stabbing into it when I stand or, God forbid, walk, has made me want to be more sedentary. That won't help the weight loss. I saw my chiropractor for my one allotted visit. My insurance considers my condition which began at the end of June, chronic!!! What the f*ck?! I wrote them an angry appeals letter asking them to define "chronic." Oh, I defined it for them in my letter and made it clear that it would be in their best interest to let this doctor heal me versus another doctor mask the pain with prescription drugs or worse, perform surgery. Over time, I think the chiropractor would be cheaper for those a*ssholes. Do I sound a tad pissed?! Well, I am. :mad: :p

Tag Sale...I have purged my pain and made $153.00 all at the same time. At first, I had trouble selling my mother's stuff, but I forced myself to do it. We were exhausted by the end of the day. It is done until next year when I have dozens more "white elephant" gifts from my students to sell. And when I say, "white elephant" I'm not kidding. One of my Christmas gifts was a glass candleholder with a resin elephant on the base and ugly red flowers around where the candle would go. Never in my life have I seen anything so odd and ugly. Well, guess what? It was the first thing that sold!!! As I gave the people change, I hummed to myself, "People Are Strange," by the Doors. My DH gave me a dirty look. :p :D

I scheduled my gastroenterologist appointment in two weeks so I can listen to him berate me about my weight...goodie goodie goodie. :p My meds are renewed.

So, the meds are straightened out. The angry appeals letter has been written and mailed. The tag sale and week of mourning is over. My foot hurts, but you can't have everything. I'm ready to get back to my summer.

07-11-2005, 04:54 PM
Afternoon Ladies,
I was at a baseball tournment yesterday in no man's land to watch a close family friend's son play. It was fine until we had to be out in the hot sun for 5 hours. Than I was feeling sick. I feel grumpy and crappy today since it is TOM for me. I started in the middle of the night. I have a headache from h#ll and my sdd keeps bugging me to leave the house and go to the library with her. I think I will just go and get it over with here in a few minutes. Than hopefully I can come home and relax for a little while.
Pam, sorry to hear about your dd. I will keep him in my prayers. Hope things get straightened out with your car problems too. Congrats on being down to 175 again. Your Monday is going better.
Mouse, that is so awful about your necklace and class ring. I bet you are beside yourself. I can't image what you are feeling right now about someone stealing your stuff. So did you get your teaching assignment straighted out yet?
Summer glad that you survived your tag sale yesterday. So what are your plans for your money? Are you going to buy yourself some new clothes? Sorry to hear that Phase Two sucks! I know that you will survive and overcome your weight! You will start school as a new skinny you!
Robyn, hope you are surviving your class today. What are the other topics for the rest of the week? Sounds like you are going to have a fun week! That will be me in a few weeks. Hope you can do something in the evenings to make up for being in school during the day.
Ginny, sorry to hear that your dh has lyme disease. I hope he didn't over do it this weekend. Hope you can find the recipe for pepper spray! I have to give the program at TOPS tomorrow night. I just hope that I find some engery here soon to look over the stuff before tomorrow night. How is your WW buddy thing going for you?
Sue, hope you had a wonderful weekend. You were probably either out camping or golfing huh.
Well I better go and get ready to go to the library. Than hopefully I can come home and read for a little bit. I am hoping to take a walk this evening with my dh. We haven't gotten to go walking in over a week and I miss our walks.
Talk to you all later.

07-12-2005, 09:49 AM
Well I already lost one post. So, let me try again. Not much happening here this morning, just fighting these little teeny tiny ants from ****. They will probably carry the dog off in the middle of the night. Sons car still isn't fixed. He got it back Sunday, the transmission is still messed up after it was changed over from an automatic to five speed. He was at work, so I told him I would take it to the shop and drop it off. Well, that was awful. At first it was driving fine. I stopped to put gas in so I could make it to the repair shop, and on the way, it messed up so bad that I was in the middle of traffic being flipped off because it wouldn't go above five miles an hour. Thank goodness my hubby was following me. I finally had to pull over and we drove to the repair shop and told them to tow it. They better not charge for tow either, because it was supposed to be right when it left the shop and it most certainly was not.
Having a hard time staying focused on losing weight. Getting a really bad attitude about it. It seemed so much easier during the school year when I had everything planned out, and lunch packed etc.... I haven't excercised which I keep planning on doing, but just can't manage to make myself. We were playing tennis everyday until the past two insane weeks. The most excercise I did was to clean the pool last night. Yipppeeee.

Ginny: Sorry to hear about your dh lyme disease. That makes ya really really tired I guess. You have deer eating your veggies? We have some critter eating my fish. Either that, or they decided they don't want to live there anymore. My pond is full of baby frogs and about three big frogs and seven fish. At the beginning of the summer I had 21. HMMMMMMMMMMMMm.

Mouse: That really sucks about your ring and necklace. I know you may be able to replace those things, but it just isn't the same. Not to mention the fact that people are so stupid and have no respect for people's things anymore.

Summer: Glad your tag sale went well. It's hard sorting through stuff like that. What exactly is SOuth Beach? A woman I work with was doing that for a while. Is it anything like Atkins?

Kerry: Hope your headache is gone away. I get migranes when it is tom. Just got over that myself, I was worried that would happen while we were at Myrtle Beach. Did you finally make it to the library?

Robin: Staff development in July? Yuck. I am taking a class from August 8-12. However, there is a five hundred dollar stipend. So, that makes it a lot easier to swallow. Ha!

Sue: Hope you're doing ok.

Let me get off this thing and get some stuff done. Ants to fight, clothes to wash, the work never ends.
Cya later!

07-12-2005, 12:07 PM
Morning All,
I was feeling a little bit better this morning until I came home from Curves. I was walking up the front walk to the tune of my dh yelling and ranting about something to his one son, then he started in all of the kids. So I have another headache thanks to him. It looks like it is going to be a long hot day! I tried talking to him and told him to go walk away from them and the situation and he told me off. So let him have a pissy kind of day. I am not going to put up with him like this today. I will just have to work on avoiding him until he is in a better mood.
Pam, that must have been frustrating this morning trying to get your son's car to the repair shop. I hope they fix it right this time. As for the weight issue, I think it is just that you have a lot of stress in your life right now with your db being sick and your ds's car not running properly. Once life is back to a normal balance for you, you will probably have the desire and motivation again. I felt that way a couple weeks ago, but now I am right back in the mindset that I am going to try my hardest to take off these stubborn pounds that keep hugging on to my body. LOL
Yes I did make it to the library yesterday afternoon. I got a couple books for the kids to read. I wish their father never told them that they could take a break from reading until the end of July. It makes it so much harder for them to pick back up where they left off with their reading at the end of May. But my dh said they needed the break and that they would be fine. Well it came to bit him in the butt big time, since his one son struggles to read. So I sat down with my little struggling reader yesterday afternoon and we read two books. We were only going to read one but he was like Kerry lets read another one. So hopefully when he makes it to second grade he will be fine.
Hello to everyone else! Hope you have a wonderful day today. Talk to you all later.
Take care,

07-12-2005, 08:33 PM
Evening All,
Well I did have a gain tonight at TOPS. But it wasn't as bad as I thought. I only gained 1 1/4 pounds, so I am back up to 199 1/2. But atleast I didn't go back into the two hundreds. So I am pleased with myself. I am hoping that when my dh gets home from signing up the boys for football, we can go for a walk.
Hope everyone else had a nice day! I think I am going to go and read for a little bit. So I will talk to you all later.
Have a great evening.

07-12-2005, 10:15 PM
OOOH PAM!!! I'D LOVE TO TELL YOU ABOUT SOUTH BEACH DIET. ;) Before I tell you what it consists of, and I'm not an expert yet, let me just say that it is the first real success I've had in a looooooong time with losing weight. It is a diet I love and can live with. :smug:

There are three phases. Phase 1: You eat low-fat protein, dairy, most veggies (not carrots, beans, black-eyed peas, corn, or potatoes) and LOTS OF WATER. You need to limit artificial sweeteners because they increase appetite and increase water retention (I only just found out about that.) The two weeks of phase 1 are not easy, but if you can make it through, you will lose a significant amount of weight. I lost 11 pounds. This phase is to detox you from carbs. It really cuts back on the cravings if you can make it through the first week. The second week isn't as hard because the cravings begin to go away. The key is sticking with it no matter what.

Phase 2: You S-L-O-W-L-Y reintroduce carbs. You might begin with a fruit on the first day. Each day you will have one serving of a different HIGH FIBER carb. No more white bread, white rice, potatoes, or pasta. Those days are over. I tried whole wheat flatbread today, and made a roast beef/provolone cheese wrap for lunch. YUMMY!!! And it had 12 grams of dietary fiber!!! Anyway, the first week of phase 2 is a drag because all of a sudden you begin to retain water and either maintain or gain weight. It apparently happens to everyone and a week or two later begin to lose weight again. This is the part that I have found discouraging, and if I hadn't spoken and written to so many people who experienced the same thing, it would be easy to quit at this point. But all these people who stalled at the beginning of phase 2 ended up losing huge amounts of weight after that...70 pounds and more!

Phase 3: I'm not there, so I know nothing about it. I'm assuming it is a maintenance phase.

My suggestion: If you are interested in The South Beach Diet, get the book ( probably has it used really pretty cheap.) and read it. There is a South Beach thread on 3fatchicks which can be helpful. After reading the book and committing to the diet, I joined online. Some days I think of it as a waste of money, and on other days, it is very helpful.

07-12-2005, 10:26 PM
Kerry, Last summer, I gave DD a break from reading on a regular basis. It was a big mistake. This year she not only reads from her guided reading books, but we are working on flashcards from the Dolch word list. It is too bad that you end up being the one to work with the kids rather than your DH.

Today was a nice, typical, summer day. I really needed one of those. We picked up some stuff from the grocery store, cleaned up the house a little (no marathons today), and had a healthy lunch. DD's friend (snow-day girl) came over to swim in our pool. While they swam (4 hours), I read a trashy novel in a lounge chair and soaked up the sun. After her friend's mother fished her friend out of my pool, I watered the garden and did a little weeding (again, no marathon session today), and had shish-ka-bobs on the grill. These lazy days are what I love about the doctor appointment, no major projects or chores, etc. I will have those days that really suck, but as long as I try to have more days like today, my summer will be considered a success!!!

I hope everyone else can have some lazy summer days too... :flow2:

07-12-2005, 10:48 PM
Evening everybody.

Summer: Hmmm. That must be another way that my body acts weird. I am most often NOT hungry if I've had more than my usual amount of Splenda. I use a lot more of it since I can't have NutraSweet... I use sweet n low also, but mostly Splenda. Like, yesterday I hardly ate anything at all: I skipped breakfast between being nervous over having to drive my car on Rte. 95 without that rear passenger window (I hate highway noise, so that noise plus the flapping of the plastic bag, plus a slight fear that I might have missed some glass that was going to fly at 65 mph... and starting my new job with the National Board... then, I wound up having to take the car to the glass shop because the one company over-booked and didn't show to fix the car, so I missed lunch (I got to eat my cucumbers and my cottage cheese, but that's it). I didn't get home till 8:00, so I ate dinner then... But I drank decaf coffee with low-carb non-dairy creamer and Splenda, plus 1 diet soda, and decaf iced tea that I put splenda in. I also am definitely not retaining water at this point: that must be the diet, though, because its been going on since they started me on it.
Pam: I'm not really doing South Beach or Atkins, but my diet has lots of similarities to both. Lean protein, low-fat dairy products, vegetables (no corn, beans, potatoes, or higher carb veggies... carrots, mushrooms, and some others I'm forgetting), the only fruit I'm allowed to have are berries. No grain or bread products at all (though I do sometimes eat low-carb whole wheat tortillas from Trader Joes or high-fiber rye bread). I'm not going to say I don't cheat, especially since I do occasionally get lo mein at the chinese place which is a rice flour noodle, but at this point I'm eating maybe 1/4 of a 16 ounce (the larger) container, and throw the rest out... and not eating more than 2 tablespoons of rice. Its not worth the nausea. I haven't had a bagel in 2 months or anything other than that high fiber rye bread. I've had some potatoes. But where I was eating anywhere from 175 to 250 carbs per day, I am down to 40-75 on most days. And your son's car... ICK! What A Lemon!
Kerry: Oooo... they don't have TO READ?????? WHAT????? Okay, sorry, had to get that out of my system. Does your husband realize that many kids are put in special education because of reading problems only? Sorry about the headache, and I bet that pound is from your TOM... didn't you say it just started?

As for me... I started working for the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards on Monday. They are seriously strict about test security and confidentiality: we're not allowed to have PDAs or things like iPods in the room, and cell phones need to be turned off. I keep my PDA, iPod and cell phone in my purse which is in my school bag, which is zipped. We can only use our cell phones in the hallway outside the area, or the lounge. And, I can't tell you much about what we do or how we're trained. But, I'm enjoying it and learning a lot. I have a great trainer, he has made things very clear, and we are moving quickly. We spent today doing test cases, and I think that we might do real scoring tomorrow. I'm not sure.
I'm in a group of other vocational (career and techinical) teachers, and there are only 2 of us that are local. Everybody else is from out of state: we have New Jersey, Florida, Virginia, our trainer is from Oklahoma, and South Carolina. Tomorrow, we have somebody joining us via high speed Internet (this person is very experienced and piloting the home-scoring version). We're a small group, too... Its neat to listen to the discussions because so many of them believe and say the same things I do. They actually wanted some more voc-ed teachers, but I wouldn't volunteer anybody from my former school because I don't want them there.
And, I'm proud to say that although they feed us constantly, I've not touched most of the stuff. I've avoided the bagels, muffins and coffecake in the mornings, the cookies candy and brownies later. But, in the afternoon they are kind to us: they have a veggie tray (I eat the snow pea pods without dip or anything), cheese and some pretty high quality lunch meat: like real roast beef or real turkey breast. So I have the pea pods, a slice of cheddar cheese (and I checked the fat content, it was low enough for me to eat) and a slice of turkey or roast beef. They also give us lunch vouchers, but the vouchers are only good at Panera Bread, ChikFilA, and 2 more places like Panera. I could eat at either Panera or the one other Panera like place because both have some great salad choices... but you have to walk to the restaurants. I walk so slowly, that I'm afraid by the time I walk there and back I won't have time to eat, and I feel weird driving across the street when everybody else walked. So I've eaten my own lunch (my tuna, cucumbers and cottage cheese) the last 2 days.
My car is fixed, Allstate has processed most of my claim, and I have the new iPod case, new swim suit, the arm band for the iPod case. My new bag will be here tomorrow, and I'll get the toiletries kit once I get to Trader Joes to buy new shampoo and stuff. I'll have to wear my sandles upstairs till I can get new sneakers, which I can't get till I go to my mom's house. Or, I may retire my school sneakers and wear those. I'll see. I'm waiting to hear from the parking garage: I asked them for my deductibles on my insurance. I told them that would be acceptable since I *did* have insurance and had used it.
I'm looking forward to getting to the gym tomorrow! I may wind up having to drive over during lunch, because if I want to go to the gym, I need to have something that will work for me as an afternoon snack... I can't eat lunch at 11:30, leave work at 4, go to the gym, and not eat again till 7 or 8. Well, I could, but I'm learning that is a bad idea! My body really crashes when I do that: I was asleep last night by 9:30, despite not getting home till 8. And I'd prefer having a nice large salad for lunch and putting my tuna in that, then using my cottage cheese or cucumbers for a snack around 3 or 3:30. We'll see what happens. They are getting us breakfast tomorrow morning also, but its from ChikFilA, so I'm pretty sure there won't be anything there I can eat. I'm planning on eating something very light at home, and bringing some berries with me just in case... that way if I can eat something there, I will, and if not, I'll have my berries. Oh... and I actually found the Starbucks sugar-free frappucino in the bottles in the store!!!!! I had that for breakfast this morning, and then refilled the bottle with regular coffee. I didn't drink it, I just used it to warm my hands: those rooms are cold!! :)

07-13-2005, 10:00 AM
Hey guys!
How are things going? I am sitting here believe it or not, drinking a diet coke. Which I must say sucks! I need to make some unsweetened iced tea, but haven't gotten around to that yet.
I don't know about South Beach. Don't know if I have the will power to exclude so many foods that I dearly love. Especially in the summer when watermelon abounds, and I love baked potatoes. I'm still thinking about it. I was back down to 174.5 today. My goal for the day is to drink tons of water. Tons and tons of water. I may read the book and then see how I feel about it. I was on Atkins before, and lost 17 pounds in three weeks. However, as soon as I went back to eating regular foods, I gained it all right back and it didn't take very long. My friend was doing either LA weight loss or Trim Spa I am not sure which. Every two weeks they had to do this thing where they didn't eat carbs for three days for what was called a carb cleansing and then went back on the regular low fat diet. She lost a lot of weight. I mean thirtyish pounds the way I was doing it was great, since I really didn't feel deprived or anything, but I just don't know. Something has got to give. Lately it's just been the I don't give a crap attitude. I haven't been eating like a hog except for vacation, but I haven't been really trying either. So, we'll see. I'm not giving up.
If anyone is interested in their personal ant farm, I'd be happy to donate some of the ants from my house. Free shipping too! Just let me know.
Summer: I love those lazy days too. I went outside to weed my flower beds three times yesterday, I managed to pull one weed. It was too hot. I have become very lazy the past two days. Guess I need to buckle down, and atleast do some laundry today.
Mouse: Glad you are getting everything straightened out from your robbery. What a pain.
Have a good day!

07-13-2005, 10:54 AM
Morning Everyone,
It is raining here at my house. From the sounds of things we are in for some rain today. Good thing I didn't really have no major plans for the day. I just hope that this evening it is not raining out, so my one friend and I can go for our walk. Looks like it is going to be a good day to stay in and read today. Plus I promised my stepson I would take him to the library to pick out a few more books.
Pam as for your eating it will come back together one of these days. I promise you. You will eventually find the right combition of eating foods that will help you lose the weight. Keep the faith! You just hit a plateau and need to break out of it again.
Mouse sounds like you really like your new job. That is great. I am glad that you got your car fixed. So how long is your training?
Summer so what trashy novel did you read yesterday? I am currently reading a Christian book called Oceans Apart by Karen Kingsbury. It is about a couple who are faced with the husband finding out that he has a 7 year-old son from a one night stand. It is very interesting.
Hi to Ginny, Sue, and Robyn. Hope everyone has a wonderful day! I think I am going to go and do a short workout here at home today.
Talk to you all later.

07-13-2005, 12:14 PM
I feel like I have been gone forever! We had a great time camping. The camp had a pool and miniture golf (plus lots of other things but those are the ones we used). It was a bit too hot for me to sit long at the pool. Funny I use to be such a sun worshiper but now I can't do it unless I have a good book to keep me occupied. I read 2 1/2 books! I wasn't very good on the diet. I hit the chips (baked or light at least) at the pool pretty heavily. Then there were those smores..... I have Weight Watchers tonight, so I'll know the damage tomorrow. I also have been terrible on my water.

Pam - I hope your brother continues too improve. That must be very hard for you, especially since it started with what was meant to be out patient surgery! I agree with you it is too hot to do anything outside these days. Our yard is fried and my flower bed is looking sad after being on vacation. We haven't had any rain in weeks. I am glad you enjoyed your trip to Myrtle Beach. I have never been there but hear that it is very nice. It is good that you can joke with your DH when he makes his jeolous comments about meeting your boyfriend. Hopefully he will out grow that soon as that would get old in a hurry. I go through phases too where I just can't concentrate on my diet. I think you need to let yourself do that once in a while or you will go insane. No one can diet 365 days a year for the rest of their lives! I just have a weight that once I get near it, I know it is time to get serious again. I think I'll be there tonight when I weigh in! I feel for you with all the problems you have with your ds car. They are so frustrating (and expensive) when they don't work. My "check engine" light came on yesterday, so I will need to call to have that looked at. Hopefully it isn't anything major. I also really need new shocks. The last time I got tires they told me that I could really use them but I can REALLY feel the bumps when I am hauling the trailer. I think the South Beach diet is very similar to Weight Watchers. They want you to eat lean meat, low-fat dairy, fruits/veggys, whole grains and tons of water. The difference is on Weight Watchers there isn't any foods that you can't have. You just need to budget for them. I don't do well if I think I can't have something, then I obsess over it and eat ten times the calories trying to satify that craving with other food.

Summer - I can't imagine what it would feel like to lose your DM. Hopefully I won't know for a long time to come. It is so good that you keep her memory alive for your DD. I am glad you are doing better. Too bad your MIL doesn't fill the gap. I don't know what I would do without my parents. They help out so much. I had no idea that artificial sweeteners caused you to retain water let alone increased your appetite. That would explain why I am so hungry after I do go on a SF icecream binge! Don't you worry that your students might come to your tagsale and see their gifts for sale? Maybe that isn't a possibility in a bigger city. I teach high school so that isn't a problem for me. I some times get lovely notes (which I save) but seldom gifts.

Mouse - Congratulations on getting the apartment you hoped for. That extra money sure will make a difference. Do you know where you are teaching yet? My first year of teaching I started out at the high school but after a few weeks they realized the caseloads had switched and they needed me at the middle school more. That was a pain moving mid-stream. Hopefully you will know in time to get everything ready. That is terrible about your car getting broke into. My DS was swimming at her gym, since she has lost a lot of weight and was afraid she would lose it, she hooked her wedding ring to her keys and left them in the locker. This is the country so we don't put locks on lockers or anything silly like that. Someone stole her keys. As she was looking in a panic, another woman's keys were missing too. That woman had tons stolen from her car but they must have reached that car first and grabbed the stuff and ran. Lucky for my DS they left her keys in that woman's car, ring still attached! Nothing was missing from my sister's car. I just can't believe someone would be that bold to steal with so many people around.

Robyn - I hope you are surviving your staff development. Is that in your contract that you have to go in July? That would never fly around here. Most people complain when they have to go in the week before school.

Kerry - By IM do you mean personal message? I am not familiar with that abbreviation. Feel free to do that anytime. I'm not sure I'll be of any help but it sounds like our lives are very similar. My DH has done the Kidney stone thing too. I guess it is VERY painful. Has your DH passed his yet? I assume if he is on percoset, they are just letting it work itself out. It is so amazing how small they are when they do make it through. Speaking of the Y chromosome and doing stupid things, My husband went to the eye doctor to have something removed. The doctor told him not to drive or watch TV. So my husband drove 40 miles to get coffee from Duncan Doughnuts, than watched TV as he drank it! Then he got mad at me, when I suggested that it wasn't a good idea! MEN!!! It is so wonderful that you got your DSS to read two books! I have to force my DS to read daily. I keep hoping that someday it will click and he will love it. He doesn't complain as much but he still doesn't pick up a book on his own to read. I know this is really hard to do but you need to be careful to stay positive about your DH-ex when you are around the children. She is worthless but those children love her (ALL children do) and they will take it personally if you insult her. I have had to bite my lip so hard it bleed before but I try really hard to to bad mouth my ex in front of the children. In the long run they figure out the truth and they love you all the more for how you handle it. If you like real icecream as in a bowl and a spoon, I like the Healthy Choice sugar free vanilla. I don't have any on hand but I know it is low points.

Ginny - I always enjoy my golf. It is so beautiful on the courses. Plus I am not competitive at all, so I don't get upset when I suck (which is most of the time!). I love your WW quote "I came, I weighed, I cried, I stayed". It really helps me when I take my lumps. I ended up skipping last week. I never miss during the school year but I am so busy having fun in the summer! I am going tonight no matter what. I need to get back on track because my shorts are beginning to get snug. So how is Core going for you? Two of my DS do Core and are doing well. I tried it. I lost the first week because I was still measuring and such. Then I gained like crazy. I just need to measure and keep track because I don't have a comfort zone that talks English! Are you sure your bigger fish aren't eating the smaller ones? Fish will do that. Plus with this heat they may just be dying and then being eaten. Sorry to hear your DH has Lyme disease. That isn't a big problem in Michigan yet but this summer was suppose to be bad. I worry since we live in the country and my children are always outside. Too bad your DH is opposed to counselling. All men think everything is the woman's fault, that is why you need a counsellor to help mediate. Ours is pretty good about telling my DH he is being an idiot without pissing him off.

Gosh, I think that is everything since I posted last. It is so hard to be gone! I hope everyone is enjoying their summers. Today I need to do all that camping laundry and get to the library for new books.


07-13-2005, 08:32 PM
Evening, all.

Sue: Welcome back! That sounds like my kind of campground. I used to LOVE miniture golf (especially if there were watertraps) before I hurt my ankle. There is a great one not far from the Strasburg Railroad in Pennsylvania (we have some nice camp grounds there too, but the best one doesn't have a pool; its the best one not just because two friends of mine run it, but because it really is a good campground).
Kerry: How is your husband? Did you get to the library?
Pam: I understand the "attitude", I have it frequently (just look at my posts!!!!). Right now, I'm frustrated since I couldn't go to the gym without a swimsuit and all; I got everything last night, and stuffed it all in an small nylon bag I have had around... And tried to get there today, I really did. And all the routes were backed up. I'm going to try again tomorrow, and just deal with the traffic.

We finished training today, and started what they call "live scoring". That means we're reading and responding to actual candidate responses. There are only 7 of us in the room, and we started sometime around 10:30. We scored for an hour before lunch, and then 3.5 hours after lunch. In that 4 hours, we closed around 80 cases. A closed case means that its been read twice, and a score was approved by the system. That's really pretty good!!! :)
I would have thought (I did think, actually) that most of the responses would be pretty good because it costs $2300 to take the test, submit a portfolio, and get a score. But a lot of the repsonses don't even match the scenario that was given to them to read. Anyway... I am enjoying it. I wish we could listen to music while we scored, though. It would keep me more focused. We were told no earphones, and another room was told specifically no iPods. I can only theorize that they're afraid we might try to use it as a harddrive or as a voice recorder, but both of those would be pretty obvious. Or maybe we might be getting advice or something with the earphones.
I'm not sure.
Oh, and I am really pretty pleased with myself: I have not had (nor have I *WANTED*) to have any of the bad stuff they offer us daily... no cookies, muffins, bagels, cereal bars, fruit snacks, or sodas. I did go over to the mall to get lunch today, and got a fresh custom salad: olives, artichokes, feta, romaine, cucumber, and tuna. Fat-free ranch. I couldn't finish it all... even with two sittings (I ate some at lunch, and some at the afternoon snackbreak). And then, just now, I had no problems throwing away the bread from my sandwich I picked up. We get $10 each day for lunch/food, and so I used some for the salad, and some for a sandwich. I was kinda surprised to be honest with you. I just ate the roast beef from the sandwich with a little horseradish.
I did have two small (really bite-sized) cookies; and some skim milk. Most of my carbs today came from the milk.

07-13-2005, 09:35 PM
Ok, I will be back later to address everyone.......but I had to stop in and announce I WILL NOT work tomorrow!!!!!!!! My supervisor (who was so tremendous when my mom was in for surgery) has called me in to sub for another driver the past 2 days. She actually apologized today for calling....but I knew she was desparate, so I thought I would bail her out. Tomorrow I will not answer the phone.
Worked Monday pm, tuesday all day and today pm. I thought this was summer vacation???????
Be back later.....sorry had to vent.

07-13-2005, 11:23 PM
Hey! I just lost a post again!
Sue: Hey! Glad you had fun on your trip. Don't you love summer? It was me who lost the fish. However, several of them just died, when I went back to the pet store to find out what the problem could be because I had tested my water and stuff they told me they happened to be be a batch of bad fish. I know the bigger fish aren't eating the little ones, cause it was my biggest that went missing. I found it today outside of the pond. I think it was my sneaky feline friend who was slinking in the calla lillies chasing a frog today. She denied it. I love my kitty, but the evidence although completely circumstantial is very incriminating.
Mouse: Sounds like you are having a good week. It helps to have people to work with that actually share your view points. Kudos for your power to resist temptation.

Ginny: Don't answer the phone. Hide, and read a good book. Do you have caller ID?

Kerry: I just don't think I can do South Beach. I read about it, but like Sue, if I feel like I can't have something, I only want it more. I was seriously considering it until CHic fila this morning. I happen to run across a biscuit...

Hi to Summer and Robyn!
Nite Ya'll

07-14-2005, 02:37 PM
Afternoon Ladies,
Hope everyone is having a wonderful day! I went to workout this morning with my friend at Curves. Than I came home and finished reading Oceans Apart. It was a really good book. Now I am trying to decide what to do this afternoon since it looks like it is going to rain again.
Well I need to go and try to figure out what is wrong with our email. My dh said he couldn't get it to work. Talk to you all later.
Have a wonderful afternoon!

07-14-2005, 03:58 PM
Ginny - JUST SAY NO!! Maybe just not answering the phone is good too as you want her to say okay if you need time off at a future date. I just can't imagine being on a school bus in this weather.

Mouse - I don't think you would have been thrilled with the pool. It was pretty small and about 1/2 of that was more like a wading pool. I tried to do laps and my hands were hitting bottom doing the crawl stroke. It did work fine for staying cool and entertaining the children though! Some day I would like to travel around and visit other states camping as we go. It is just so hard to find a good chunk of time to be gone.

Pam - A cat has to do, what a cat has to do! Poor little fish!! Is your pond new this year? Fish need certain bacteria to survive, which gets in the water by things dying. That is why when you do a new tank you buy cheap "sacrificial" fish. I never realized that until I married my DH. He is big time into fish. We have two huge tropical fish tanks and a regular one too.

Kerry - So please tell me who wrote Oceans Apart! I keep just grabbing what ever books they have in the "new book" section of the library. I did read the Hot Flash Club and the Hot Flash Club Strikes Again that someone suggested. They were very cute and fast reads. I gave them to my mom to read since she can relate a bit more than I (it won't be long now though!). So it is raining again? I wish we would just get rain once. I think we have only had one measurable rain fall this summer. Everything is so dried out it is pitiful. I wish we would get some rain and a break from this near 90 degree weather!


07-14-2005, 08:11 PM
Sue Oceans Apart is written by Karen Kingsbury. It was a fast read too! It mades you stop and think about life and second chances. Hope you can find it at your local library. I signed up at my sister's library to do the Adult Summer Reading Program and it is about the Arts this year. I have to read a book from the following sections: Art of Fiction (Impossible by Danielle Steel), Art of the Building(Log Cabins of the North), Artful Biographies (attempting to read about Andy Warhol), Artistic Death, Novels of Note and Culinary Arts. I am hoping that I can get through the biography by the end of this weekend since I start back to summer school on Monday for three weeks.
It is thankful has stopped raining here for the moment. It tried to rain off and on all day long but on sprinkles. So I think my dh and I might go for a walk this evening.
Nothing else new here. Just that I can't wait for my TOM to be over and I will stop my food craving binges. LOL.
Well I better go and check email now. Talk to you all later.

07-14-2005, 09:55 PM
Wow! I'm really behind! Let me catch up...

Kerry, I'm in the middle of Full House by Janet Evanovich. I've been busy, so I haven't made much progress.

Sue, no, I don't worry about my students showing up at my tag sale. I live in the suburbs, and my students' parents rely on the city bus to get from point A to point B. I'm pretty lucky that way. My DS lives in the town she teaches in, and sees her students at Stop & Shop, the mall, and even church! She, unlike me, is pretty burned out and hates to see them outside of school.

Pam, SB isn't for everyone. I am trying to avoid adult-onset diabetes, so I really need to cut down on carbs for my health as well as for weight loss. I will always have to be careful with sugar and carbs. Do what works for you...that is the best way to succeed!

Mouse, your job scoring sounds like what my DS does for the state of CT for the BEST program portfolio scoring for new teachers.

Ginny, you are right, it is summer!!! You shouldn't have to work. I'm getting annoyed with all the commercials and catalogs showing new school clothes for fall!!! EEK!!!

Yesterday, DD slept over her best friend's house so DH and I could go see Chicago and Earth, Wind, & Fire in concert. It was phenomenal. As members of the fan club, we were allowed to rush the stage with security protecting us. We got lots of dirty looks, but these kind of perks come with being in the fan club. It was thrilling to be so close...I actually got light-headed! :dizzy: :o For dinner we ate at Ruby Tuesdays. I had shrimp with creamy mashed cauliflower on the side. It tasted like mashed potatoes!!! I drank a Baha Bob's sugar-free margarita...yummy! For dessert, we had sugar-free cheese cake. In the middle of the concert, and again at the end, I got really bad diarrhea. I'm trying to figure out which new thing I ate caused it. Heavy cream can cause it as well as artificial sweeteners. Right now I'm drinking another Baha Bob's margarita to see if it is that. I'm having a party tomorrow, and I will be really disappointed if the Baha Bob's caused the diarrhea. :( Hopefully it was the creamy cauliflower or cheese cake. Gotta go, DD wants to cuddle.

If I missed anybody, I'll catch ya later!

07-14-2005, 09:56 PM
Good evening, all.

All I can say is that I am just about ready to commit violence against teachers who think Powerpoint will save them. I can't explain further, because I'd be giving away testing stuff, I think.

I finally got to the gym today. Monday and Tuesday I didn't have a bathing suit, yesterday there was a tanker truck that spilled over on Route 29, so I couldn't get on that and its the quickest way to the gym from where we're scoring. And now its likely that we have to work on Saturday. I'm not terribly thrilled by that concept, but I could certainy use the money, so I'll do it.
I'm having issues with lunch: I can't walk all the way over to the mall (its up hill and about a quarter of a mile). Well, I could walk over there if I had more time. We have an hour to get lunch. I can't walk there, walk back, and eat my lunch. So I drove the last 2 days, and today there was no parking spaces left when we got back. I wound up parking on the 2nd floor of the garage, then realized that there was no elevator, and while there is a walkway into the 2nd floor, its owned by a private company that leases that half of the 2nd floor of the building: you can't get in!!!! I had to ASK them to let me out that door this evening when I left. Fortunately, I have my salad from lunch today (I had a salad and sandwich, but only managed to finish the sandwich).
Its a shame, too: we get a $10 voucher every day to use at the mall. I've considered trying to use it after we're finished for the day, but I'm afraid if I wait as much as a half an hour, I'll get stuck on the beltway and have no hope of getting to the gym.
Any ideas?

07-14-2005, 10:00 PM
Hey, Summer...
We posted at the same time, but I thought I'd answer your post...
I had the creamy cauliflower at Ruby Tuesdays when my father took me there, and I got a bit sick as well. I didn't eat very much of it because it wasn't very good (I've had it other places and it was fine). I figured they put chicken broth in something, but now maybe it was the cauliflower. Was the cheesecake good? My father tried to talk me into a piece, but it was 400 calories a slice!
I've had the sugar-free cheesecake at Cheesecake Factory, and also a local supermarket chain has one in their bakery. The latter is really, really good... and its an individual tart size, so only about 200 calories. The Cheesecake Factory one was okay, but not worth the $5 they charged per slice. It might have been more, but I was with friends from that special ed teahcer's convention so we split the bill.

07-15-2005, 12:49 AM
this staff development junk is for the birds........ I don't get any $$ for doing this...this is part of my contract...

I could do it in July or in August.... I do NOT do anything for school ANYTHING during the first 2 weeks of August... so this was better than that! I guess....

Funnnn (sarcasm!) stuff here with all 4 of us home.... STRESSSSSS YUMMY!

gotta run......class tomorrow...yipppee! (but it is the last day!)
take care,
hope everyone is ok...I've not read posts in days...sorry! TIMEEE and energy..and dh camped out at computer trying to solve dsl issues that are driving him to insanity... arghh!

07-15-2005, 08:01 AM
Hello all
I am terribly hearbroken this am. My sweet little cat was run over last night. I cried myself to sleep as did everyone else I think. I had gone to Walmart and when I came in, my husband was looking really weird, and I kissed him and said Hey what's up to which he replied, Sassy is dead. I couldn't believe it. Apparently, a dog was chasing her and she stepped into the street and got hit by a van. My nine year old was out there, and thought her paw was hurt so he carried her home. This makes me cry harder. The van didn't even stop. It just pisses me off. So, in the dark, in the rain, we buried her under a shady tree. I'm crying again. She was such a sweet little kitty. I have had her almost as long as my youngest. Almost ten years. Needless to say, my eyes are swollen, and I have a headache this morning. I'm sure my husband will be having one too, as he began drinking beer in response to this accident. He really loved that cat. When she was a kitty, we thought she had drowned because of Hurricane Floyd. But, when we were able to get into the house she was floating on the couch.
Anyway, enough of my babble, I'll come back later when I'm not so depressed.
Take Care,

07-15-2005, 08:31 AM
Pam....I'm so sorry. Our kitty is 18. I am sorry that your child was there to witness everything. Not to even mean! Take care, Robyn

07-15-2005, 08:46 AM
I'm going to vomit.
On the news this morning (3 "cities" away....about 30 minutes...not rural by a long shot...) :

Police are searching for the 2nd morning for 5 year old boy. He is wearing only a diaper. (DIAPER??) Last seen in the front yard of his aunt's house on Wednesday night sometime around 10 p.m. According to the news, he was being "cared" for by the aunt's boyfriend. The news also has stated that the child needs medical attention as he not only is medically fragile (before "disappearing"), evidently he was severely scalded (hands and arms) 1 day before he disappeared and was never taken to the doctor. The photo provided to police is of the child at 2.

Gee...ya think this is going to have a happy ending? People and their indifference to children makes me so sick.

I'm ill over this!

07-15-2005, 04:24 PM
Just me again.
I feel a lot better now, well as better as i can feel anyway. I went and bought a bunch of impatiens and planted them over where Sassy's grave is. I also bought some Zinnia's and but them in this huge kitty cat plant stand I have, surrounded the whole thing with bricks and filled it in with mulch. It looks very pretty. She would like it, she loved flowers she was always sniffing flowers when I was planting them and rubbing up against them. I think the dog is beginning to wonder where she is because she usually hides behind the table whenever Sassy comes in, and everytime I open the front door she runs to hide behind the table to jump out at her. By the way, animal control showed up at my house today saying they had a complaint that my dog was running loose. I said I don't think so, someone reported the dog that was running loose in the neighborhood last night, the one that chased my cat into the road. She said Well you're cat should not have been loose. Their is an ordinance in Rocky Mount about loose cats. I said well I guess you don't have to worry about that cause when the dog that was loose which wasn't mine, chased her into the road she got hit by a car. She said well, there is a law that clearly states that loose cats are forbidden. I said well geez, didn't know that. Thanks for your time. What a b.......
I think my home is being invaded by frogs. I went out to the pond today to feed the fish, and there was a frog sitting on a lily pad. How cute I said, let me get my camera. I took a picture and then noticed it was not one frog, but two...........I began to look around the pond and there were six frogs in there. FROG ORGIE! Does that make me a pervert? Ha :D Then, later, a frog got into the house and my dog was chasing it around the livingroom. We finally got it out. It's Pam's Wild Kingdom around here.
Thanks Robyn, Sassy was my baby, and the sweetest thing.
Ok, I'm done blabbing. Talk to you later!

07-15-2005, 05:17 PM
My this was a depressing read today!

Pam, I am so sorry about your cat. Animals are so much like children when you have had them that long it is like losing a child. Then to have animal control be such a jerk. I would have been tempted to box her ears (as my aunt would say) around a bit!

Robyn, any news on the lost boy. I hate hearing about children who have been abused and neglected. I don't know how anyone could do that to a child. Hopefully he just ran away and when found they will find him a good loving home.

Summer, when you live in a small town like I do you see your students everywhere. My friends can't believe that I won't by alcohol at the local grocery store but believe me students notice that kind of stuff! I stopped going to the local beach a few years ago because students were commenting on seeing me there in my bathing suit (although I usually had my shorts over it). So did you discover if the margaritas were the problem? I'll tell you a great lowfat cheesecake recipe. Just mix a 16 oz container of fat free sourcream with a small box of sugar free fat free white chocolate pudding mix (not made, just the powder) put it in a reduced fat graham cracker crust and put 1/2 can of lite cherry pie filling on top. It is delicious and quick!

Every ad we received this week dealt with back to school. I am not even ready to think about that yet. I don't even know what I am teaching yet. We still have almost two months of summer. There should be a law of no back to school ads until August!

My DD is spending the night at a friends house tonight. This is only the second time she has stayed with a non-family member. I teach with the stepdad (jock/coach) but otherwise don't know the family at all. I am a bit nervous as they have a swimming pool. I know I tend to be a little over protective but I think too many parents don't watch their children well enough.


07-15-2005, 05:29 PM
Pam- my most sincere sympathies on the loss of your kitty.....ours are like family members.....sweet little souls who smile,comfort and stabilize like really no human can. All for some pets, some food and a litter box change. That animal control person was crass and insensitive.....perhaps fools like her should not be allowed to run loose either.

Robyn- how did that little lost boy story end????They ever find him- and hopefully alive? Some parents should be shot....or put in jail....or made to pay for the horror they cause the rest of society. Dd is working as a bus monitor this summer ($12/hour.....) and one student who is totally unable to leave her wheelchair- cannot support her head (which is supported at somewhat of an angle by a brace on the chair) and cannot speak has puked for the past 2 days. Not just on the bus... but at school also- and each time she does so must be evaluated by 2 RN's for fear that she has aspirated vomit. She lives in a HUGE house...... Big $$$$$$$$ area- house probably worth close to a million.....yet momma sends her to school to make the rest of the county work for her. Some people should not be parents........hope that 5 yr old is ok. (anyone figure out the diaper thing?)

Mouse- is the voucher dated? Can you get in to the mall before you go in????
(sometimes food establishments open early- or what about calling your order in to a where you want food- or asking someone else to pick up your food during lunch?)

Summer- I used to be a HUGE Chicago was the concert? How is your stomach? Hope you are feeling better.

Kerry- hope the rain stopped.....and those TOM cravings too (I am suffering from that at the moment, myself).

Sue- I hate this 90 degree stuff too........feel like a soggy sponge. Hope your weather breaks soon too.....

Well, you guessed it, they caught up with me again. Drove this least I got to drive, which I would rather do than monitor. And all the special ed buses (except for one) have A/C. So at least I was comfortable. I did turn down working this afternoon......had to take Ds to his bball game in this miserable won......
I have been bad with my eating.....TOM is due any moment. Did get up at 5 am to sneak in a wet in this awful tropical air. Where is a nice Canadian cold front when you need one?
Gotta go catch up with a gazillion things that I should be doing....see ya later.

07-15-2005, 08:50 PM
Pam: I'm so sorry. Imp (my kitty) and I are thinking about you and yours. I wince everytime I see an animal on the side of the road. Imp stays inside for the most part, mostly because he won't wear his collar. He takes it off everytime I try to put it on him.
Robyn: Isn't it FUNNNN? ;) And, yes... I hate stories like that so much that I've almost stopped watching the local news except in the morning before work. The local evening news is on for 3 hours here, so they go into great detail about that sort of thing, for days. I can't handle it, especially since I know that those kids will eventually wind up in my classroom... Most of the kids at my last school were in foster care or adopted, many lived in group homes and their parents were dysfunctional. Those that lived at home frequently had a less than stellar life as well.
Ginny: Thanks for the ideas; I have considered going in the morning since Panera is open early enough, but I looked up the salads at Panera's website, and the only one that doesn't have chicken which I could eat was 600 calories... I have better things I can use 600 calories on! :) The other place doesn't open until 7:30, and we have to be there at 8. I'm afraid to cut it that close. But after what happened yesterday, our trainer said he'd get me a salad at the place he goes to... One of the other teachers got a sandwich for me today, so its working out so far. I do hate having to ask though... I know I shouldn't but I do. Especially since so many people assume things based on how I look.
We are working tomorrow so we can get done. We finished 1/4 of the assignment today, just before lunch. I wish I could tell you guys about the prompts, so you'd understand better, but I can't...
I can tell you that one of the prompts I scored today had a heck of a typo... the poor candidate was clearly trying to talk about agricultural crops, and the sexual properties of plants... and instead of crops, he typed 'agricultural crap'. I lost it... I laughed so hard I was in TEARS. And you're not supposed to do that.
I'm going to run... My Harry Potter book is supposed to be delivered tomorrow. Its being held at the UPS shipping office here in Baltimore. And, I wont be home! I'm working from 9-2 tomorrow, and then figured I'd go to the mall and get lunch with my voucher... and then go to the gym since we have swimming lessons tomorrow night! I wont' be home till after 9!

07-16-2005, 09:55 AM
First, let me thank everyone for your kind words. It's a beautiful day here. I am going to try to get all my housework done this morning and then just lay by the pool for the remainder of the day with a good book. I think it is going to be 94 here today.
They are already advertising back to school stuff here too. I think I will go out and buy the ninety folders I use when i catch them for 7 cents a piece. I think I am going to have to switch rooms this year. It really sucks. This guy I worked with called me yesterday morning and was telling me about all the latest gossip from Southern Nash Middle School. In the process he asked me where room 605 was. I said that's my room why? He got really quiet and said I was just wondering. Hmmmm.......
Ok, gotta run, so I'll talk to you later!

07-16-2005, 10:02 AM
Morning Ladies,
I told have time for much of a personal post this morning. Have to get ready to leave to go to a baseball game for a couple of our friends little boys. But I did want to pop in and say hi. I hope you all have a wonderful day today! Pam I am so sorry to hear about your kitty! Hugs go out to you and your family.
I am a little bit ticked off at my dh. He knew that I wanted to take a weekend trip just him and I sometime before our summer vacation was over. Everytime I tried talking to him about it he just blew me off. The other night one of friends asked him to go to the Ohio State/Texas football in Columbus the second weekend in Sept. He jumped all over it. That is all he has talked about for the last few days. When I tried to talk about where we could go he was like I thought you decided not to go anywhere now, because you having to go to school this summer. I am tempted to just make plans for myself and go away for the weekend. Maybe I should do that and call my best friend and invite her along. Well I have been summons to take my shower. Talk to you all later.
Have a wonderful Saturday!

07-16-2005, 10:04 AM
Mouse - Did you get your book yet? I actually ran to Meijers at midnight to grab one! I came home and read a chapter but then I needed to sleep. I was hoping for rain today so I would have a good excuse to curl up and read all day!

We have a 30% chance of rain today and we could REALLY use some. Still the next 8 days looks like high 80's to low 90's. Atleast the humidity is suppose to drop on Wednesday, which just happens to be our next camping trip. This trip is with my family. Everyone goes but my brother's family. His wife is a bit prissy and doesn't like their girls to get dirty. They do sometimes come for a day but we are going up to Higgen's Lake this time. That is a bit to far for a day trip. I always love the family camping trip because each adult does what they like the best and the children can choose which one to go to. I have always been the beach person so hopefully it won't be too hot. I may have to switch to the "stay in the air conditioned camper and read" person! I am going to try to be good with the smores this time. I should just avoid them all together but if I could stick to one, that wouldn't be bad. I actually do well with real food as I have never been much of a grease/fat lover. Maybe I'll throw in some Skinny Cow icecream sandwiches. They are the same number of points but I would be less likely to binge on them.

I was up 3 3/4 lbs when I weighed in Wednesday. I am hoping that some of that was the fact that it was that TOM. I also had had a lot of salty foods for several days prior. I'll need to weigh in early this week due to vacation. I hate Monday weigh ins because the weekends tend to involve pizza and movie popcorn.

Speaking of movie popcorn. My DD was at a friend's house, so we were able to see a PG13 movie! We saw the War of the Worlds. I was disappointed but glad it wasn't scarier. I was a bit worried that my DS would have nightmares forever but he wasn't frightened at all. The acting was good though. Of course I plan on marrying Tom Cruise some day. I have been in love with him since I saw him in his underware in Risky Buisiness!

I guess I should go. I am debating whether I should go golf before it gets too hot or just curl up with Harry and the gang. Such decisions! Don't you just love summers?!


07-16-2005, 11:38 AM
Just a short hello.......

Mouse- forgive me for not remembering what your food restrictions are- Panera also has a really nice vegetable soup (comes with some bread too of course) that I checked out the points on and the whole meal was 4 points. With the Panera salad gosh, that must be the dressing.....or something that they could hold to reduce the calories on,perhaps??? Just an idea.

Kerry- hope your baseball game daygoes well. Sorry about Dh.....he must be related to mine.....hugs to you.

Sue- brother you hit it right.....the one thing I hate about the Tuesday WW meeting I go to is that it is so close to the weekend...and lots of times it takes 2 days for the salt to exit my body. Hope this weeks WI goes better for you!

Pam- hope you enjoy the nice (???? 94 is miserable in my book!) weather.....get some pool time in and relax. You have had a rough time recently.

Not much new here.......need a nap, doubt I will get one.....have a great day!

07-16-2005, 12:07 PM
Pam, I'm so sorry about your kitty. I'm amazed by some people's attitude about animals and lack of care for them. That van driver should be ashamed of him/herself. Sorry you have to switch rooms. That involves so much work before the start of school.

Kerry, I like your attitude about taking some time away. If DH isn't into going away for the weekend, then you should do it for yourself. You go girl!

Sue, YES I LOVE SUMMERS...I LIVE FOR THEM!!! I'm really glad I can live my life only concerned with my reputation in the eyes of my DD and her friends rather than my students (although, I do miss them, and wouldn't mind running into them once in a while).

Ginny, what do you mean "used to be a HUGE Chicago fan?!" Did they do something to offend? Or did you just lose interest, and if so, why?! Only kidding with ya :lol: . We had such fun...

Mouse, the cheesecake was DELICIOUS, but I think it may have been part of the diarrhea episode because of HIGH FAT. I didn't eat much of the creamy cauliflower because it was SOOOO CREAMY, and I know how badly I respond to whole cream. Silly me, I thought that foods put on a menu precisely for people trying to lose weight would be not only sugar-free but at least low-fat as well. That apparently WAS NOT the case. The Baja Bob's margarita was not the cause which I am very happy about.

Robyn, I'm glad your prof. dev. is done. I can understand not wanting to do it in the first weeks of August either. When do you go back? For some unknown reason, we go back on 8/29. Last year we were back in school an entire week earlier. So, this year summer is 10 weeks long. Last year's was 8 weeks long. I don't know why they don't make every summer the same length. I technically have 6 weeks left, but I will be back in my room in 5 weeks to assess the damage and prepare for the new year. My good custodian was supposed to be transferred because she could no longer stand working with the Nimrod. This summer Nimrod is in the building by himself except for the principal. Who knows what he will do without anyone really watching him. The early childhood department ordered me tons of new stuff, and I'm really concerned that the boxes will end up "lost." He will need to assemble a bunch of stuff which he just can't do. My good custodian had to do everything like that for him, and with her gone, who knows what will happen. Part of me wants to go to school and check things out, but I'm afraid if I do, my summer will be over. So, I'm going to restrain myself and stay away until the week before school starts.

Yesterday, DD had a play date with my teacher friend's DD. The girl is really competitive, too outspoken, and demanding. At first, she seemed really sweet, but now that she is comfortable with us she can be pretty obnoxious. She and DD were bickering over everything. It is too bad because my friendship with the girl's mom has been growing, and it would be nice if her DD was nicer. When kids play at my house and misbehave, the teacher in me lays down the law. With this child, I've been hesitant about being too "mean" because I don't want her to tell her mother that I wasn't nice to her. I know I should treat all DD's friends the same, but with my friendship being so new, I don't want to "rock the boat." Next time this kid is over without her mom, I think I will just be my normal self because otherwise I will end up blowing up and screaming at her...which I try to avoid with all kids. My friend is a special ed teacher and knows everything about behavior management, but her own kids are so spoiled!

Last night, the tricklets (triplets) and their parents came over for a BBQ. We had BBQ chicken, corn on the cob, and salad. The kids had s'mores for dessert. I drank my Baja Bob margaritas and ENJOYED myself. It was fun getting to know the parents a lot better, and the kids behaved so well. The boy and one of the girls who is a tomboy can be challenging sometimes, but not last night. The girls slept over and are still here now. They spent the morning doing karaoke and will be leaving this afternoon. They have been very low-maintenance which is good since I'm a bit hungover!

07-16-2005, 06:09 PM
:mad: I need to blow off some steam. :mad:

This afternoon, DH and I took DD to see "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." When I wasn't being disturbed by the high-pitched screaming and crying of a toddler in the theater, the movie was quite magical and entertaining. But you see, this baby would not stop crying hysterically except for a few intermittent moments. After about the first 15 minutes a guy shouted out, "Take the baby outside!" The baby continued to cry, and the parent didn't budge. Then there was a small quiet break for us to get involved in the movie. Too quickly it began again. Nobody spoke up. After the first hour of more crying than quiet, I could no longer restrain myself and said, "Please take the baby out of the theater!" Again, no response. I was tempted to get an usher, but was seated in the center of the last row in stadium seating. In order to do so I would have to disturb at least 20 people. I was unwilling to do see, I was brought up with manners and concern for others' feelings. At the end of the movie I was fuming :mad: . When I suggested that I ask for a refund, DH said, "Oh what's the big deal? It wasn't so loud that we couldn't hear the movie over the crying." He acted like I was just overreacting. That only made me more pissed off. :mad:

I realize that a lot of people have low standards of behavior. But you see, I was raised to behave and to expect it of others. DD didn't see her first movie till she was old enough to sit through the entire movie. The couple of times she got either crabby or chatty and wouldn't be quiet, we left so that we wouldn't continue to disturb others. Just because you are watching a child's movie doesn't mean you have to accept a miserable viewing experience. When I was a kid, ushers would be monitoring the goings on in the theater and would ask people who were disturbing others to leave. Now you can't find an usher at all. Maybe I am overreacting. If so, I don't care. I don't appreciate paying almost $20 for 3 matinee tickets only to have the movie ruined by a squealing baby and it's thoughtless parent. :mad:

07-16-2005, 07:40 PM
Summer- well, it sure does sound as though you are having a pleasurable summer!!!
Between the BBQ last nite and the movie today.....some nice fun times and socialization too. Too bad about the not to perfect play date....and then the screaming kid in the movie. I did the same with my own- would not take them until they would sit during the entire movie. But then I made sure my kids could sit.... and they either I was a nasty witch for a mother or was blessed with kids who could sit. Big mouthed me would have said something to the usher or front desk of the theater, I feel it is up to the theater to control their patrons or make sure that they are not disrupting the entire theater. Glad the movie was good- Dd and I would like to see it.

Well, Dh took Ds to both of his games.......this has been a much needed day off. I did not think I could stand more baseball and tomorrow I know that I will have to go to whatever games there are. Tonite, if the thunder storms hold off, Dd and I are going to a concert downtown- some world renowned fiddler- plays all kinds of music from traditional to jazz. The concert is free -fits my budget just fine!- and in a park with a great jungle gym set up (actually 2 of them) so Dd can run around and have fun while mom listens. Would be nice if Dh came with us but he is in baseball mode.......c'est la vie.
Better go get a quick dinner on and check the weather. See ya!

07-16-2005, 07:57 PM
Evening Ladies,
Well we got rained on at the games. In fact, dumb me wore a white t-shirt and was soaked to the bone. My dh took me to lunch at Burger King looking like a drowned rat. He was like you don't seem to be happy with the choice I made for lunch. I said no I am not since I don't eat Whoppers anymore and all I can have here is a salad. I said I told you I was really hungry and that fast food was not going to cut. After lunch we came home and took naps. Than we went out to the local steakhouse for dinner. I got a salad, two chicken breast and green beans. Plus I tried a piece of their sugar-free apple pie. Now I am home by myself. Yeah! I can do something I want to do. My dh went back over to the fairgrounds to watch the horse racing. I figured we went last night and I didn't need to see it again tonight. So I think I will read for a little bit, maybe ride my excerise bike and watch a little tv this evening.
Summer, sorry your movie today was not an enjoyable outing. I can't stand parents who don't care about others feelings while listening to their child cry. I hope your evening is better. Sounds like you had fun getting drunk last night.
Ginny, hope you have a wonderful time at your concert. That sounds like a lot of fun.
Hello to Robyn, Sue, Pam and Mouse.
Take care,

07-16-2005, 09:31 PM
Hello all...
Watch out...I'm on a roll!

I will spare you the gory details of the local news...but the missing child was murdered by the "babysitting" boyfriend of his aunt. There is a bunch more depressing stuff... and they aren't releasing much....I think that this one is going to be a huge tragic story when it is all said and done. The child was in a diaper as punishment for wetting his pants; however, he never wandered off...he was murdered instead. Bleech. Yes, this happens way too often.... I had much first hand knowledge of similar stuff when at my old school.... BUT this one for some reason really, really, really, REALLY got to me! I'll stop with this topic.

That animal control officer was so sweet. Such indifference and coldness. You did good not to be more verbal regarding her reaction...I'm afraid that I would have been a tad bit more, um, "ROBYN" about it all!

My oldest and I visited Walmart last evening at 11:15. We were 7th in line for THE book of the summer! The time went by quickly watching the comings of the line that eventually stretched well beyond and around the corner of our line of vision! We arrived home and dutifully turned the book over to the 1st one to read dh! :)
He read late into the night and has been reading off and on all day! I ended up so jealous that I visited the library to get something new for myself! Has anyone read the "Bubbles" books? They are similar to Evanovitch...not as good...but they work while I'm waiting for my reserve to come in on the 11th Stephanie Plum book! It was cool hanging out last night with the oldest kid. I'm not accustomed to looking up at him. And I did remind him that no matter how tall he gets that he is to be respectful and to "act right"!

Summer, I'm with you regarding behavior. I don't expect excellence; however, I do expect civilized behavior and attitudes! Movie theaters, restraunts (with kids hanging over booths or running around or under tables), stores (digging into stuff, leaving stuff all over the store).......There is just a way to act and expect your children to act... I particularly "luv" foul mouthed adults. Don't get me you might imagine, I can roll with the best of the sailor mouths (have you seen THAT episode of Sponge Bob?! My very most favorite SBSP episode! LOL ); however, there is a time, a place ...AND...a volume for it. ARGGGH!

Today the kids and I went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Movie tickets (discounted for the early show), 2 small drinks, 1 popcorn, (and not including the candy for oldest in braces...which if you have seen the movie will make you giggle at the thought! ;) ..and brought into the theater in my purse..) totaled $38.50 I love babies, toddlers EVEN more...but.... THERE is a time and a place and a volume for everything...I do understand wanting to get out of the house with your family and wanting to see a movie. BUT...some folks don't have the high tolerance of the family that lives with a baby or screaming toddler AND has gotten over wanting to attend to the needs of the child...AND I'm paying $38 to sit in the place, I shouldn't have to listen to a poor tired baby being ignored so his/her parent can see the newest flick!
(I won't go into the behavior of teenagers goofing off....I've got one of those and try desperately to keep his behavior in check AND him out of the theaters with no adult supervision! At this point, I go to the same movie with him... with the threat of "doing something that will totally embarrass him" IF I see or hear behavior that is rude, disrespectful and / or disturbing to others. At this point this is working...but who knows how long it will I will only rant about babies! ;) ) Actually, around here, children that are under 7 are not allowed into anything other than G rated movies after 7........... due to the "Stupid Parent Factor"...enough said. Summer I agree! ...and the dh's indifference would have also had steam coming out of my ears; however, I bet you a zillion lettuce leaves that your complaining after the movie wouldn't have produced any results! Enough on this subject too! ...except to say that Tim Burton's version of Charlie (IMHO) is WONDERFUL a TimBurton sort of way! Johnny Depp is JOHNNY Depp; however, I am concerned that M.Jackson may sue over the similarities! ROTFLOL!

Gotta run...and besides, I'm sure you are tired of my mouth!
take care,

07-16-2005, 11:20 PM
Wow! You guys were BUUUUSY!!!!!
Okay, so was I... let's see...
I went to the gym this morning to swim ... got a whole 25 minutes in before I had to run to work. Got egg and bacon at the one place before I went over (it was a sandwich, but I took the bread off the second sandwich and only ate 1 piece). We scored from 9-2, then I went back over to the mall... I bought a salad at this place called Bistro Sensations. They start you off with a base salad, and you can add your own toppings to it. I bought the seafood salad, and was disappointed: the menu claimed it was real crab, but only about half of it was real. I had to pick the surimi out because of the carbs! And it comes with pasta, too... so that was out, and the tomatoes and carrots. But it was good anyway: I got shrimp, black olives, lettuce, cucumbers, etc. Walked around a bit, and bought a car charger for the iPod, which doesn't seem to work, so I'll have to take it back to Radio Shack. Lucky I saved the package!
Then I went back to the gym, where I lifted weights and then swam for an hour. Then we had swimming lessons, and the kid I had last time came back. His mom registered him for a private lesson, and I didn't know becuase I missed last week (because of my car). She was real happy to see me, because her son has multiple special needs, and is hyper to boot! I can't turn my back on him for a minute!
Then I came home, after a quick stop at whole foods for fruit and veggies (strawberries, raspberries, lettuce, cucumbers). I did fall prey to the bakery section: they had whole wheat chocolate chip scones. Buy one get one free. I figure if I burn 5600 calories in one day (yes, that was the total per FitDay, because of all the swimming!!), I can have a scone, right???
And YES!!!! I have my Harry Potter book. UPS doesn't deliver on Saturdays, so Barnes and Noble shipped it UPS to Baltimore, who delivered it to the US Postal Service, who delivered it today. I feel sorry for all those post workers: these books weigh 2.5 pounds each!
I'm going to go eat my dinner (soup, from whole foods, roast beef and cheese, and maybe a scone???). Oh, yea, and READ!!!!!

07-16-2005, 11:40 PM
A busy day here.....

Mouse- hope your evening was good......enjoying Harry????That whole wheat chocolate chip scone sounds wonderful......I love scones.....hope you enjoyed it! (think you burned off enough calories!)

Robyn- how awfully sad about that little boy. What TRASH the mother must be- what total trash the aunt and the bf.....these kind of people make me so ill. I hear ya with how odd it feels with a kid of your own who is taller than you. Gotta admit, when Ds became taller than me (I am a most towering 5'4"!) it was wierd. Dd (19) is basically my height. But you are so right, no matter how tall, there must still be respect. I will never forget a former Bf, whose mother barely made it to 5' tall- her youngest son was 6'4"l and she put the fear of god in him......and all her kids...pretty funny to see someone so tall cower to a really tiny woman.

Kerry -I hope you enjoyed your evening!!!!! What did you do? Just some quality "Kerry" time I hope!!!!!! (I sort of had some time off today- Dd, Ds and Dh were at the ball park and Dd had a buddy it was sort of quiet) I got a bit of cleaning done, which felt good not to have to clean around others. Hopefully you were able to recharge a bit, and relax too.

The concert was wonderful. We saw Eileen Ivers (sp?) a fiddler from Riverdance and her band. Phenominal (sp)......and pretty decent weather for an outdoor concert too. Dd and I had a great time. SO glad I went.....finally something I wanted to do. :)
Gotta go......have a great nite.Ginny

07-17-2005, 12:17 AM
Well it sounds like everyone had a good day today. I went and rode my excerise bike for a half hour. Than was reading for a little bit when my friend called at 10 pm and asked if I would like to take a walk with her. So we took a short walk since it started to rain again. Sorry I didn't want to be in another wet tshirt contest today. LOL Came home to still yet an empty house. My dh finally came home about 10:45 to ask me if I wanted to go watch more baseball games tomorrow with him. I haven't made my decision yet. But it pisses me off that he never asks me anymore what I would like to do on our weekends together. I really think I will try to get a hold of my best friend tomorrow and plan a weekend trip somewhere. Well I better go and get ready for bed. Talk to you all tomorrow.
Take care,

07-17-2005, 08:49 AM
Kerry- sounds as though you had a nice day also. Think I would have skipped the wet tee shirt thing also......having been thru that earlier in the day. Hope that today turns out great for you,whatever you decide to do.

07-17-2005, 09:49 AM
I am so envious of you who got some alone time. I love my children to death but just one day I would love to be home alone! It just doesn't happen.

Our theatre actually has a statement that flashes before the movie (along with the buy popcorn, turn off cell phones, don't talk etc..) that says to remove crying babies and recieve a free refund of your money. I can't imagine sitting through a movie knowing your child was making it so others couldn't enjoy themselves. With the price of movies now, you definately want to be able to relax and enjoy it.

I am glad to hear people are enjoying Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I have been afraid to go to it since we have the original and would hate to see it done poorly.

I didn't golf yesterday because every time I thought about it, the weather looked like it was going to storm any minute. Of course it didn't and I could have gone. We need the rain so badly. I think there is a chance this afternoon. Unfortunately I didn't get much time with Harry either as I was doing some major baking to take on the camping trip. Robyn - I can't believe you have the book in the house and have to wait! Hopefully your husband is a fast read. Mouse - have you finished the book yet? Don't give anything away but please tell me that it wasn't as depressing as the last book!

Summer - I think Ruby Tuesday is more low carb than low fat. They do have some good things on the menu though. I haven't been there in a while but last time I had some type of fish that was delicious. Isn't it terrible when you lose good support staff? They do actually run the school as we all know. Our support staff has a wierd contract where at the end of the year the all bid and bump to get the job they want. It causes a lot of transfers. This year we lost our head custodian. He was really great. Anytime I asked for something to be done, even when I said it wasn't an emergency, he would come right down and do it. He would go in my office every morning before school and turn on my little heater, so it was all toasty in there when I came. He also would leave cookies for my children, who get on and off the bus at my school. He would leave them for me also but then I told him he was killing me due to being on WW, he started bringing me tossed salads! I'm guessing the new person won't do any of those things, not that I asked for or expected them. Although getting the work done quickly would be nice to continue. I don't have to be back to work until Sept. 6! We had 13 weeks plus this summer! Since our school is made up of several rural communities we are really spread out so it was cost effective to add minutes to the day and reduce the number of days. It works for me since getting out of bed in the morning is the only part I don't like about my job! I think in general teacher's children are worse than most. I'm not sure if it is because we are trained to boost self esteem or if we are too tired at the end of the school day to fight the same battles for control we do at school. I am fortunate that although not perfect, my children are pretty well behaved. Of course they know that I would knock their blocks off if they were disrespectful to someone. Hope you survived your hangover! I swear if I have more than one drink these days I pay for it in the morning. Getting old is a *****!

Mouse - even if you didn't work off as many calories as you do, I think you need to treat yourself to a scone here and there. You can not live on diet food alone for the rest of your life. Since you are so limited in what you can eat anyway, you need a treat now and then to keep you going. I actually try to have some "treat" every day. I find if I don't, I end up going on a crazy out of control binge.

Robyn - Isn't it crazy to have a child taller than you. My ds had one heck of a growth spurt this past school year and is now taller than me. He calls me shortie! His voice is also changing and he is sprouting hair everywhere! My dd just started wearing a bra! I am not ready for this. I want my babies back! It is terrible what happened to that boy. I hope they lock those people up for a long time. Did it appear that the mother was abusive too or was it just the aunt's bf who was watching him that weekend?

Kerry - I think you should definately plan a weekend with your friend. If your DH can't be bothered, why should you be punished. My DH is similar. He won't give up his weekend golf. Now I just plan camping trips and he comes for "visits" around his golf games. He will only stay the night if he takes the day off from work. It is fine with me though as he snores something terrible and I actually get a good nights sleep with him not there! My girlfriends are hoping to get a girls weekend some time this summer. It is just so hard to find a weekend that all three of us are free.


07-17-2005, 04:50 PM
Afternoon, everybody. :)

Robyn: I have to agree with other posters: I cannot imagine anybody doing that to a child. It really makes me angry, because children don't deserve to be treated that way, and if you're GOING to treat a child that way or you don't have the ability to manage/take care of a child, DO NOT GET PREGNANT! There are many, many ways to prevent pregnancy! Use them! I swear, I'd like to inflict my endocrine disorder on every adult that has ever abused a child! That way, we could be sure that they'd never have another child to abuse!
Kerry: Sounds like fun... Most of my friends are, at this point, married, so I'm usually the odd one out. Actually, most of my friends are married and have or are about to have children. :shrug: I only have one friend left that is anywhere near me and isn't married. I have two friends on Long Island that aren't married or dating at the moment, but Long Island is kinda far from VA/MD/PA.
Ginny: :) I did have a good evening, but was too tired to get very far in the book. I took it with me today when I went out to grab breakfast and go to the gym... but I can't read while I swim or lift weights! There are definitely times where I wish I could get audiobooks cheaper!!!! My mom bought the book on tape, but you need it on CD or to download it to put it on an iPod. I had tried audiobooks on CD (I bought John Grisham's last book on CD) when I was still using the CD player and the bag: it didn't work very well. It was hard to hear, because the sound quality in the waterproof earphones isn't great, and each CD only holds about 45 minutes to an hour's worth of book. So, I had to change CDs multiple times at the gym (once after lifting, once after swimming), and that meant opening that darned bag a lot. It wasn't complicated, but it was finicky. I just gave up and finished the book in my car. And then gave it to my mom to enjoy. I'll buy it in paperback when it comes out, because I do want to READ it. Listening just isn't the same, somehow.
Sue: Good idea, actually... and something that I have been doing more often. I went to Barnes and Noble after the gym (its right next door, woe to me since I love books AND sugar-free vanilla frappucinos with skim milk!), and bought my drink and a chocolate chip cookie. I still have the other scone, but it wasn't very scone-ish. It was more biscuit-y... a dry biscuit, at that. I also found a all-cheese berry thingy... it iddn't have any crust, and I'm allowed to have cheese, so I bought that for Monday or Tuesday night. I'm still pretty pleased with my carb levels... I'm under 100 most days, which is a huge change from when I started this. And I think I can honestly say that the nausea was from too many carbs, because if I eat too many, or I eat something that I didn't realize had as much (like forgetting to ask the chinese place to leave out corn starch, or not realizing that the cheap soup I bought one day used wheat flour as a thickener), I get nauseated again. And it hits me faster, because I'm eating so few refined carbs.
Well...I need to go grab my laundry (its about time I did it!!!!), and then I'm going to read! I also have 2 videos from NetFlix to watch: Mean Girls (not sure I'm going to be able to sit through that given that I teach high school AND that I was not exactly in the popular crowd... so much so that I refuse to go to the high school reunions!), and Quantum Leap, Season 3. :) But, I have to work tomorrow, and I have to go to Virginia on Tuesday, so I'm not sure when it will get watched!

07-17-2005, 06:29 PM
Sue: 13 WEEK LONG SUMMERS?! That's it, I'm moving to Michigan!!! Woohoo!!! Well, I caught a peek at next year's calendar, and without snow days, we will only have 8 weeks...which means we will end up with only 7 weeks since we always have at least 4 or 5 snow days (not built in to the schedule) every year. So, I'm trying to make the most of this 10 weeks. You enjoy your extra 3!

Kerry, I don't know why, but men get to taking us for granted pretty easily. Focus on YOU. Do something that is a weekend getaway. Buy yourself something small but especially just for YOU. If you are busy with yourself, his lack of attention won't bother you. My mother always told me, "If you don't take care of yourself, nobody else will." You are an inspiration to all of us with your success with exercise and weight loss. You have a successful career as an educator. You are the world's best stepmom. You deserve to be treated like a queen :queen: and if he isn't gonna treat you like one then do it for yourself. ENJOY!!!

Ginny, the concert sounds like something I would have enjoyed. My DH and I are both part Irish and enjoy that kind of thing.

Mouse, hey the scone was whole had to be healthier for you than the Dunkin Donuts version.

Rob, have you read the Evanovich books co-written with Charlotte Hughes? I just finished Full House and just started Full Tilt. Who is the author of the Bubbles books?

Well, I'm glad to see that I'm not the only person who has high expectations for people's behavior. Do you ladies remember how our parents taught us "good manners?" Does anybody do that anymore? I know I do, and I've seen a couple other people try to reinforce it in their children...but it seems like a dying tradition. I do it in my classroom. In fact, I refer to my 3 & 4 year olds as "Ladies & Gentlemen." The first couple of times they hear me call them that they smile kind of funny and look confused. But when they get used to it, they hold up their heads taller and walk down the hall quietly with pride. :smug: There is something to be said for "high expectations." I mean, if you expect nothing, that is exactly what you will get back. :p

Yes, I am enjoying my summer, but silly me, I'm worrying over the stuff I'm not accomplishing. I wish I could truly relax without worrying about stupid sh*t. I am scheduling fun stuff and really enjoying it. But, when I wake up the morning after, I think, "Oh God, look at that pile of clean laundry that needs to be folded...look at that fence that needs to be painted...yada yada yada." This week is really booked with cheerleading camp and play dates. Somewhere in there I really have got to do something besides dishes. My house is clean...well the rooms that my friends see are should see my bedroom and spare room...woohoo!!! I did finally get to the gym. I accepted the fact that I got screwed over the whole aquasize thing, and need to find another way to work out. So, I returned to my old regime. :p At least this way, I should have a routine in place that should be easier to continue during the school year.

I have not lost another pound...I was a NAUGHTY GIRL. I finally succumbed to PIZZA :jeno: . It's been a f*cking month people!!! And let me just say didn't taste as good as I thought it would. Hmmmm. What's with that? Pizza is my favorite food, and I've been craving it like mad. Yet when I finally gave in, it wasn't so least not as good as my imagination had built it up to be. Chocolate is still the all-time winner. I can now have dark chocolate, and it is a really special treat for me. So, next month I will try pizza again, but I may have to drive 30 minutes to have it at my favorite brick oven hole in the wall pizza joint to really make it worth my while.

Anyway, I'm tired of not losing, but now that I'm exercising again, I should move the scale.

07-17-2005, 10:11 PM
I had to come back, and post. I watched Mean Girls this evening, and I mean, I really watched it. I actually put down my book about 1/4 of the way through the movie. Anybody who has watched a movie with me at home will understand how strange that is! I just can't sit and WATCH a movie. In fact, I wish I could use the exercise bikes or the treadmills/elliptical trainers at my gym. They just bought a bunch of them that have DVD players! Hmm. Maybe I'll invent goggles with little TV screens. Anyway...
Underneath the comedy, it was surprisingly true. Things haven't changed much from when I was in high school, except that its easier to be nasty in an anonymous manner now! I've never taught in a public high school, and middle school is pretty tame. It is rather amazing that we didn't have a whole lot of the stuff that was in Mean Girls at my last school: you'd think with kids with emotional disturbance you'd have MORE of it, but it just wasn't there. That's one reason I think that the teachers at my last school really didn't have a clue! Some of the stuff they'd bust the kids for was ridiculous! Like, the bathroom thing I've told you guys about before. They just don't understand what real teenagers are like. I'm starting to be one of the people that the "kids" that work at the pool are talking around. I heard all about a first date the other night, and I caught myself actually telling one of the instructors that he needed to realize he was probably about the same age as most of my students! He's 19! It doesn't seem that
long ago that I was that age myself!
And this does all tie back to Summer's comments on manners. I have seriously high expectations of my students, among them polite and respectful behavior. I don't call them Mr or Miss as some teachers do, but I do get their respect for the most part, and I frequently get them coming to visit my classroom. And, that's enough of that, or I'll start to cry because I'm still angry that they didn't let me say good-bye.
Something cheerful: I was just elected secretary of the Maryland chapter of the Council for Exceptional Children. How about that? ;) Okay, I don't think anybody ran against me... And I did check to make sure they don't care that I'm moving to Virginia.
They didn't.
I think I'll go back to Harry Potter for a bit, then go to bed.

07-17-2005, 10:19 PM

07-17-2005, 10:25 PM
hello folks...
this will be quick... i'm having difficulty sitting down comfortably....
you would think that at my ripe old age of $) (convert THAT code!) i would figure out that my albinio booty can NOT tolerate not just TOO can't tolerate ANY sun! So, this morning before anyone else woke up, I threw on my bathing suit and went out to mess with the boy's is a little thing...but big enough to need chemicals and I did the maintenance and decided that I would get in for just a few moments.... It was glorious! Clean, I did it myself! Silent, except for birds and the dragonflies that were buzzing around! I could float without the fear of being drowned as the boys giggled! You know! I stayed too long. I stayed too long on my stomach....and evidently more of ME was exposed than I thought.... so, I'm off to bed... to lay on my stomach and read! Dh is reading the new HP it is going to be a bit crowded in there! ...but I can't SIT on the, um, overexposed parts comfortably.... How stupid can I be?! (Mannnnnn that visit to the pool was wonderful!) :) I think my nose must be burned too...cause as I smiled at the thought of the pool my face hurt..... oh geesh...more freckles!

When I can sit down longer, I'll be back! It is times like these that I sure do miss my Mac Laptop (from the old school district!)!

take care!

07-18-2005, 08:24 AM
Well I am off for another week of classes. This is the start of my 3 weeks of classes and than it will be time to start getting ready for my class to come back to school. Where has my summer went? Huh I am not ready for this year to start.
Hope to talk to you more this evening. If I am not brain dead from sitting in class all day long. :)
Have a wonderful day!

07-18-2005, 11:03 AM
Quick hello........
Morning all!!!!!
Robyn- hope you are feeling better..just a quick reminder.....sunscreen should be applied before sun exposure. Go slow today, my friend.

Kerry- this summer is so short.....can't believe you have only 3 weeks left. Where did it all go??????

Mouse- well, we all knew you were exceptional too!!!!! Congrats.

Summer- so, today is a new day. Glad you got those nasty urges out of your system. Start today with a clean start.

Sue- my times that I am alone are rare........hope you can sneak in a few minutes for yourself, and maybe some golf.
The dumb phone rang at guessed it I worked. No more today though.
Get to stay home and play mommy.

Gotta go pick up Dd from tennis. See ya

07-18-2005, 01:46 PM
Oh crap! My computer just shut itself off when I was just finishing my post. I HATE it when that happens! You would think being married to a computer geek, I wouldn't have those problems!

Mouse - So did you like Mean Girls? Is it suppose to be funny? I don't usually find the humor in movies about high school anymore. I guess when you get to experience the real thing, it's not too funny. If it is about the underdogs winning though, I might enjoy it. Congrats on your CEC position. Does this mean you get to go to the national convention free?! Not sure where it is being held this year but it usually is someplace nice. I am only to chapter 12 in Harry Potter. I just keep getting interrupted. That is one good thing about camping, I get lots of reading done.

Summer - Don't worry, I'll take full advantage of every week of summer! Actually it ends up less than the 13 weeks since I go in to hand schedule my students (that way I can prevent potential personality conflicts before they happen and match learning/teaching styles) and to get my lesson plans situated. I like to have about two weeks worth done so I can concentrate on all those unexpected things that come up the first few weeks. High expectations or lack there of is becoming a real problem at our school. Our principal is a dumb jock and only hires more of the same. Anyone with high standards is considered a b*tch! It is getting so bad that I am considering doing schools of choice when my biological children get to high school. We just had a huge buy out last year, so we lost some great teachers.

Kerry - so are you taking any classes that you will actually enjoy or benefit from? Most of my undergrad and masters level classes were a waste of time but when I was taking classes towards my Masters plus 30, I got to pick what I took. Those classes I actually enjoyed.

Ginny - I sure hope that you are saving all this extra money you are making this summer to buy yourself something special that you wouldn't have been able to have otherwise!

Robyn - Two words Aloe Vera! It works wonders, as the song says, "don't ask me how I know"!

Okay, I am off to make lunch for my little darlings. Then I am going to devote some time to Harry. If I don't have time to get on tomorrow, which is likely, I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week. We are heading out camping at 7 a.m. on Wednesday and won't be back until Sunday night.


07-18-2005, 04:33 PM
Sue- where are you going camping? Does your family really rough it or take advantages of some comforts (at this time in my life, I think I am into comfort!). Hope you got some Harry time in.....the reviews I have read of it are that the book is great and resolves a lot of unanswered questions. As for me and the $, I am hoping it will help pay for a fix up or two around the house- as baseball season winds to a close (Ds's last game is Thursday) and we have just a few short weeks until fall ball begins (both Ds and Dh play fall softball/baseball......ugh). So Dh is actually willing to take on a home improvement project or two.......:). So I guess the $ will go for a new 6 panel door. But do not despair.....the $$$ my kiddies gave me at the end of the year is getting my hair done on Wednesday. I usually let my hair go to the dogs for summer- but not this year. Wed I am going to my WW meeting and then off for my hair and whatever $$ I have left will be spent on me. Enjoy your camping- hope you get some peace and quiet and relaxation in!!!!

07-18-2005, 06:24 PM
Okay sisters, I need to make a "drop and run" post. I will be back later or tomorrow to communicate with you all more fully.

DD had a play date without me at my teacher friend's house. Originally, I was supposed to go along, but she insisted I could use some time alone and would watch DD. Whatever! Who's gonna argue with a little time alone.

When I picked her up 3 hours later, I got this attitude from my teacher friend and this look of doom, gloom, and concern were on her face. Apparently, they went in the pool, had lunch, and she expected them to go back in the pool. It makes sense since it is hotter than Hades and so humid, it may as well be pouring rain, only it isn't. DD (for some unknown reason I have not been able to get out of her) didn't want back in the pool. They played in the playroom, and "apparently" DD got deep into pretend play. That is not unusual for her, and 99% of the time her friends join her in pretend play. My friend told me she has an amazing imagination. Yeh, that is normal of children her age. So what?! Well, either her daughter doesn't like to pretend play or DD didn't include her which is what my friend implied. She also implied that DD's behavior was weird. As an early childhood educator, I can assure anyone with any doubts that pretend play and having a good imagination is not only normal but a good thing. And, unless her daughter did something mean, I can't imagine DD excluding her from playing with her. DD has more friends than I can count on two hands, and these are rich, active friendships. In fact, she always gets a note on her report card that her socializing with her friends is affecting her grades in a negative way. :p I'd rather have a social butterfly than a kid who is introverted. Anyway, I didn't like her implications about DD being mean or weird. When I asked DD, she said they were all playing together. I don't get it.

Now, when my friend's daughter was over the other day without her mom, while playing in the pool, her daughter (as you might remember) wasn't sharing or playing nicely, and I hesitated to reprimand her because of my new friendship with her mother. When they played inside, they didn't play with DD's toys or pretend. Instead they ran around playing hide and go seek which is not allowed in the house. I wonder if my friend's daughter doesn't like to pretend or doesn't know how to pretend because she has never had a chance to.

I am about to get an earful because I am having dinner with my teacher friend in a few minutes. I'll be back with the rest later or tomorrow. If you have any ideas, I'd surely like to hear them.

07-18-2005, 06:43 PM
ok. so we spent the last 17 days fighting with Verizon and DSL...and it is now officially over! DH has to reinstall the modem into the computer (Tech Support had him take it out...told him (and he knew this was crap...but...he was desperate!) to take it was interfering with DSL...) before I will have access again.... I will be so happy that this is over!

07-18-2005, 06:44 PM the wrong button...sorry...
I will be MIA....but will return .....eventually!

take care....

07-18-2005, 09:15 PM
Robyn- hope you are happily bathing in Aloe........and back with us soon. Glad that your Dh has the patience to wrangle with a computer. Mine leaves it all up to "moi" and then spends tons of time bellyachin' about it too. Oh- he has plenty of brains to do it- just not the patience......patience is not his forte. Anyway, hope your wit and wisdom are back with us soon. And hope the sunburn goes bye bye.......

Summer-Yes, I remember very well the play date the other day, and you holding your tongue. I might be tempted to (other than blast this new friend....but that would accomplish little) during a conversation with her- while she criticizes your Dd (BTW, I love imaginative play.....send her down here to NY state!) kind of chalk up this past weeks experiences to a learning experience with the two girls. And mention that to your friend- that perhaps your two daughters can be guided to spend half their play time doing what one wants/ half doing what the other wants. Or even better- now that the 2 girls know each other better.......see if they can find some common ground of what they like to do. Forgive me, I forget Dd's youngest is 9. I know at 4-7 she and her best buddies were really big into imaginative stuff.......dress up with anything they could scrounge up.....and hours and I mean hours of dancing around the house as pretend ballerinas to the classical CD's I have. Guess what I am taking entirely too much space saying is that as opposed to responding to this "friends" perhaps judgmental comments I would simply tell her that everyone got to know each other better this week- and maybe the next play dates will go easier. (and you will make a date with your eyes open.....knowing the kind of garbage you might face).

I am venting......Dh just totally shut me out, insisted that he knew how I was going to finish my sentence, and of course, my response (the one he thought I was going to make which could not have been farther from the truth) was alll wrong. So I will kill some time on the computer.....should have served him Franco American for dinner instead of the good stuff I made.
Nuff bellyachin.........see ya later.

07-18-2005, 11:03 PM
Good evening!

Robyn: ALOE, m'dear, ALOE.
Summer: I don't know what to say; I don't have a lot of experience with little children.
Ginny: I see your new title, and have even more respect. I drive a school van a lot for community trips, and its nerve wracking. I'm always petrified I'm going to have an accident with the kids in the van!
Sue: You sound more and more like me (except for the camping and golf. :grin: I'm serious!). I doubt I get to go to the convention for free; I did get to the one here in Baltimore, but that was probably the straw that broke this mouse's back as far as my last school. I am really involved with CEC, and had been planning to get to this convention for YEARS ( knew about before I left Fairfax!). My supervisor was just so awful, and he and the team leader claimed they had no idea I was involved with CEC or that I wanted to attend so much. That is total BS. The conference in 2006 is in Salt Lake City, so its really far. Travel would be a definite issue. 2007 is in Kansas or Kentucky, I don't recall which. I do note that mostly college students or staff attend the annual convention and are more heavily involved, it seems. Makes sense, they have more flexibility in their schedles for the conference.
I'm also working on my master's + 30... hopefully it'll result in a PhD, but the dissertation kinda scares me. I enjoyed my master's coursework, but I pretty much designed my own program. I was already full certified, so I combined two programs at Hopkins: Transition Planning and Severe Disabilities.
And my day today... Oh, wow. I called the one school in Loudoun back today, and discovered the position they wanted me for is really, really severe disabilities. Profound would be a more accurate term, I think. I have all the skills they're looking for, just not at that level. We have apparently had a disconnect and skipped over the MR category when I said I didn't want "mild LD". I am going to meet a principal tomorrow that has a position for MR open at his high school. I can only hope.
Then I came home to a huge mess. Imp has been burying the crumbs from his food dish under the rag rug. I do pick the rug up at least once a month and clean good, usually when his dish is empty. i must have missed it last month, so there were all kinds of creepy crawlies. UGH! Between that, and the construction in the parking garage, my poor apartment is filthy. The construction crew is sandblasting the concrete on the garage, and I live on that side of the building, right next to the garage! My window is so large, it only goes completely totally shut if I put the lock on. You need a ladder to get to the lock, so I have to get maintenance to do it... I usually just leave it unlocked since I'm on the 4th floor... I gave in and asked the company that is doing the move-out clean for me to come tomorrow and give the place a good scrubbing. I can't stand it anymore, and I'm not home to do it! It hasn't been really clean since before the camping trip because of my ankle anyway.
I spent an hour and a half just straightening up Imp's mess anyway. I also completely remade the bed... Changed part of the litterbox... I swear, that cat. He's lucky I love him so much, because the messes he makes at times drive me up a wall!
I need to go to sleep... Mapquest is routing me through 495 to get to the new personnel office for Loudoun, which means I'd better leave super early so I get there on time. The traffic, you know!

07-18-2005, 11:17 PM
Hello All,
Sounds like we all had an interesting day today! I spent my day being bored to death about the Social Studies Strandards. I have another 4 days this week and two follow-up days in the fall. Than I will be considered HQT. I will have a week of Science classes next week and the following week Math classes. Than I will have two weeks before my school year starts. I thought about going in for a little bit each day the first week and half the second week and than try to take it easy the half week before school starts. Plus my parents and sister are planning to come for a visit sometime during the week of the second and third week of August. So it looks like my summer was offically over yesterday. Oh well atleast I will be a HQT and next summer will be able to enjoy my summer hopefully. I think I might just save a couple bucks out of every paycheck to go away next summer to somewhere nice. I think I deserve it after the way I spent my summer. Enough bellyachin' from me.
Ginny, I am sorry you had to work again today. Glad you can use the money to put your dh to work around the house between ball seasons. So are you going to go for a new hairdo on Wednesday? I need to get my hair cut. I basically let it go this summer and can't stand it now. It is getting to long and has a mind of it's own to curl one way on one side and anohter way on the other side. Hope your evening got better.
Summer, hope you were able to have a nice dinner without getting hurt or mad at your new friend. Hope you were able to figure out what went on today with your dd and her dd. I don't know what kind of advice to give you at the moment. I think I will have to sleep on that one and come back to it tomorrow.
Sue, hope you got some time in with Harry. I am hoping to read some before going to bed tonight. I think that would help me unwind and relax from my long day of sitting in my chair for about 8 hours. We even had lunch in the same room. I can't handle all that sitting for so long. So where are you off camping to now? Hope you have a nice camping trip and it is not too hot and rainy.
Robyn, hope you are feeling a little bit better from your burn yesterday. Did you take it easy today and not over do it? Hope you were able to sleep some last night.
Pam so how is your db doing? Did you get your son's car fixed yet? Hope you were able to enjoy your weekend doing something relaxing for you.
Mouse, congrats on your appointment. That is awesome news! You are truly an amazing person all the extra things you do. Hope you have a safe trip tomorrow to VA.
Well ladies, I am off of here. I think I will go read a few pages in my book and go to sleep at a decent time tonight.
Talk to you all tomorrow some time between my class and my TOPS meeting.
Nighty Night!

07-19-2005, 08:49 AM
Ginny - We are camping at Higgins Lake which is about three hours north of where I live. It is a beautiful huge lake. I don't rough it by any means. After my divorce, I did use a tent because I had no money to buy anything else. Then I up graded to a popup, which was really nice (air, bathroom) but I just got sick of having to put it up and down. This year (after saving $ for 5 years) I purchased a regular trailer. It is 26 ft, has a separate bathroom and bedroom for me, full kitchen, central air, entertainment center, etc... So no, I don't rough it! We really don't spend very much time actually in the camper as camping is about enjoying the outdoors but it is nice to have all that if it rains. Plus I don't think I could sleep without air or heat depending on what was needed. The older I get, the less I can tolerate! I am glad you are going to spend some money on yourself. What are you doing with your hair? I have been growing mine out a bit this summer and with this humidity it is quite the curley sight! Actually I kind of like the curls as I don't have to mess with it. Just scrunch it up and go! Sorry your DH is being a butthead. Men can be so high maintenance!

Summer - ummmm let me just think about alone time for a minute...... Did your DD seem upset at all after the last playdate? If not you might want to let it go. I think it is normal for everyone to think of their children as being in the right and any child who is different, wrong. You know a mother lion will do anything to protect her cubs! Your friend may have just been upset that she couldn't go back to the pool. You could have been sensitive too knowing that her daughter was out of control and you didn't say anything. I think if you enjoy the women's company and the girls are enjoying their time together, you should let it go. If your DD doesn't want to play with brat girl, then just avoid having them together and make plans just for the adults. I know that is easier said than done sometimes. Not sure I am making my point here, my brain is mush and the correct words are coming out! I think an active imagination is one of the best things a child can have. Without imaginations how can people invent new things or enjoy books for that matter!

Robyn - I hope you get your computer problem fixed quickly. That is one nice thing about having a computer geek for a husband. I can usually get the computer fixed the day it breaks. Plus we always get upgraded when a faster computer comes out! Now if we just didn't live in the middle of no where and could have access to cable....

Mouse - I am with you. I wouldn't want to work with the profoundly disabled. I think those teachers end up being more nurses that educators. When I first started thinking about teaching special ed, I actually wanted to work with moderately disabled students more along the sheltered workshop (vocational education) line. Then I worked in a resource room my senior year and liked that too. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you will get the classroom you want.

Kerry - I am so envious that you will be highly qualified. They just notified us at the end of the year that the state decided we weren't qualified. At first they said you were with a Masters degree. Now I will have to take the test in the fall. We have to take the elementary test. I am not sure how tough it is. I wish there was a study guide like you have for the SAT. Saving for a trip next summer sounds like a good plan. Even if you decide against the trip you could splurge on something else. My DH and I both get a set amount of money for "fun money". He blows every penny but I save most of mine. That is how I saved up for the camper. I think my next purchase will be a small cottage or even just a lot on a lake somewhere. I guess I'll be saving for awhile!

Okay, for sure this will be the last time I'll be on for awhile. Enjoy the rest of the week! I'll miss you.


07-19-2005, 11:03 AM
Greetings from rain promised but get none state! It's been so hot here the past few days. Heat index of 110 yesterday 105 today. The pool water is like bathwater almost. Bluck. We have gotten a lot of thunder and lightening, but alas no rain to speak of.
Sounds like everyone is keeping super busy. I on the other hand have done nothing wonderful to speak of. I have been reading a lot. Too hot to really work in the yard.
My dh, although I would call anything but darling at this point, had a huge blow out this morning,over the "three" dollars in gas money that I gave my son to get to an appointment this morning. His car has been in the shop for three weeks, it finally came out, was still messed up, took it back it's still not right. So, he hasn't been able to work. He has worked some with his friends, but his job requires a car. My husband, however, refuses to let my son use one of our cars. We have three sitting in the driveway, because he says he doesn't want them torn up. OK, well he needs to stop *****ing about him not being able to work, when he won't even let him use a car. Then, he leaves and covers his ears as I was yelling out the door. What a :censored:
I was planning on running away, but I don't have any gas in my car, no money, and no clean clothes. Think I need to do laundry. All those factors
lead me to believe that I will be here and just not talk to him. It's all stupid anyway.
My neighbor, with the best intentions, brought over a little sweet kitty today. I told her no. My dog would have loved a litty snack this morning, but I had told her before that I wasn't going to get another cat, and besides I don't want a "replacement" for Sassy. So, as hard as it was, cause that kitty was adorable, I turned it away.
I was down to 173.5 this morning. That's where I was when school let out. Geez, talk about lack of progress here.
Anyway, sorry to not get personal. You guys have a great day. I'm going to clean off some of this evil energy I have and then spend the afternoon in the pool. And for those of you without teenagers, JUST HANG ON!

07-19-2005, 03:08 PM
Lots to reply to today...........

Pam- can't blame you for feeling it is too soon for a kitten.......or any cat for that matter. Sweet of your neighbor though to offer. Interesting comment to those w/o teens, hang on to the little ones (which is the way I feel) or tighten your seatbelts for the ride....guess I feel that way too. Hope you got to relax some.

Sue- you are probably off camping now or getting there.....hope you have a wonderful time. Enjoy!!!!!! The camper sounds great.

Kerry- hope your TOPS meeting went well for you. You absolutely deserve putting away a few $$$ for a getaway for yourself next summer!!! The spring break getaway I had was delicious.....never, ever did anything so selfish in my life and I had a blast. You deserve it and as long as it does not throw your family budget into turmoil I would go for it.

Mouse- don't blame you one bit for not opting for the severely disabled kids.
If that is not your calling- it would be hard to work with them. I drove a route at the end of the school year for 3 severely disabled kids- totally nonverbal, seisures all the way home, the most functional of the 3 disrobes constantly....not for me either. But some are given that calling, and bless them for what they do. Sorry about your sweet (?) Imp being such a piggie.
I love my monsters too, and sometimes they are worse than the kids. Beware- the full moon cometh.......Fidget is already tearing the house apart. Hope Imp behaves.

Taking the kids to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Gotta do something to break my mood, which really is not that bad. I lost my WW buddy last nite to pregnancy.....happy for her (hope all goes well for her, she is 40 and has already lost one pg) and the other bummer..........WHY did Patricia Cornwell kill off Benton!!!!!! Cried my eyes out last nite over that one....and how does she ever recover the Scarpetta character after that blow??
See ya later.

07-19-2005, 08:06 PM
;) ;) Okay, when we discussed the play date at dinner, it only got worse. My friend really thinks my DD is some sort of freak for being so imaginative and being able to entertain herself. Some of her eye-rolling and rude comments made me want to smack her, but I restrained myself and ordered a Baja Bob's low carb margarita instead. I'm getting the impression that her DD does not engage in pretend play and she either thinks my DD is weird because she is so imaginative or is just plain jealous because of it. Who knows?! She clearly isn't going to be honest about it, just critical and defensive. Her choice. (It should be mentioned that my friend's DD has never played at anyone else's house except mine, hence she is very inexperienced with children outside of her extended family...the people who think she can do no wrong.) I have no doubt that DD was fascinated with the opportunity to play with someone else's toys and that when her DD wouldn't participate that my DD went on playing. Is that good manners? No. Had I been there, I would have reminded her that she was there to play with the girl, not her toys. Was DD possibly exhausted and in need of quiet time after 3 hours of cheerleading camp and 2 hours swimming? Maybe she tuned her out because she was too tired to argue. DD isn't talking. I will let it go. I officially give up, but my eyes will be WIDE OPEN. Thanks for everyone's feedback.

Ginny, did you enjoy "Charlie...?" Did you have any obnoxious children/parents in your audience? Teeheehee... :lol: I just adore Johnny Depp.

Pam, be nice now...don't you get me started with worrying about what the future will bring. My 7 year-old already thinks she's 16. We talk about a lot of stuff at her level. I am trying to establish an openness between us so that just maybe we will all survive her teens without drugs, pregnancy, or any other kind of ****. If she is anything like me, it will be a breeze. My mom had it sooo easy with rebellion...oodles of communication...Oh, and tell ya what, in support of your feelings, I won't speak to your DH either! :lol: Girls rule, boys drool. ;)

Sue, thanks for your insightfulness.

Kerry, I'm sorry your summer is essentially over. But you know what? We all have summers like that sometimes. That is what makes the good summers great. You will accomplish much. Don't forget to take care of you!!!

Mouse, I know that you will find the right position eventually. I worked with severe/profound students when I was a para. It involved changing diapers on high school students. Those three years were unbelievable. :p

Rob, How are you feeling? Sometimes a lukewarm bath in baking soda will cool and soothe the skin after a burn. I've tried it all. I like aloe, but I prefer something that will actually cool the skin like solarcaine. Feel better.

Today was fun. DD had cheerleading camp this morning. She is in the advanced group which surprises me because her gymnastics skills are certainly not advanced...she still does a cartwheel with one bent leg! :lol: No matter how much she practices, that one leg doesn't want to be straight. Taking gymnastics once a week is good for giving her "muscle memory" for various moves, but it isn't intense enough to really improve her skills. I'm not sure what to do...private lessons might be too much especially during the school year...and I don't want to be like those crazy stage mothers. Anyway, they did stunts in their cheers today. She wanted to be on the top of the pyramid, but instead she had to do three cartwheels in a row through two pyramids. It looked really cool (except for the bent leg :lol: ) and I could tell she enjoyed it. Afterward, we went out to lunch with my best friend and her kids. Then we went to a science museum. It was great.

I am also awaiting the rain to alleviate the humidity. It is hotter than Hades here!

07-19-2005, 09:20 PM
Evening Ladies,
Sounds like everyone had a good day, just very humid. I had an okay day at class. It was too long and our presentators don't have us doing a lot of hands on activiities to keep us focused. Good thing I have wonderful table partners who keep me entertained. LOL Well I went to TOPS tonight and gained a pound. But that was to be expected since last week was my TOM and I have been sitting a lot more the last two days. So I will just have to try harder for next week.
Summer, sorry to hear that your friend was a little rude to you last night. But you did the right thing by listening to her and having your eyes opened by her comments and actions. Now you will know for the next time. Glad to hear that your dd did a wonderful job at Cheerleading camp today. That is way cool!
Sue, I hope you have a safe and enjoyable camping trip. Hopefully it wouldn't be too hot for you. Sorry you just found out at the end of the year about your HQT status. I know I should be looking happy since since I have my Reading and Language Arts done. But I still have to sit through Social Studies, Science and Math classes. But when I go back to school this year, I can look at my co-workers and say that I spent my summer in school, so I don't have to do a lot of the coursework during the school year. Plus if I get the college credit now I wouldn't have to worry when I go to renew my certificate next time. I was short two hours this year, so I am waiting on the college to send me my grades for this summer so I can renew my certificate. I have tried talking to the lady in the graduate office and she never returns my phone calls. So looks like I will be renewing my certificate in August. Sorry about my little rant.
Pam, sorry to hear that you haven't had any rain. We had three major thunderboomers yesterday evening. We have had rain for the last five days. and it is hotter than Hades. Sorry your dh is not being very understanding right now. I swear males go through a TOM too. My mom and mother-in-law agree with me. Hope your day got better and you were able to burn off your evil feelings.
Mouse, so how did your trip go to Va? Hope your meeting went well with the principal. I will keep my fingers crossed for you!
Ginny, did you enjoy the movie today? I think I might save my money and than see if my sisters and mom want to go somewhere next summer. We have always talked about doing that and never have just had a girls vacation. Supposely we are suppose to go on vacation with another family next summer. They wanted us to go on a cruise with them over Memeriol Day weekend this year and we couldn't due to money and school still being session. So they told us start saving for next year.
Robyn, honey how are you feeling? I hope you have recovered somewhat from getting your buns toasted the other day. Hope your computer is fixed soon. We miss your witty comments.
Well I better go and some things done around the house. Talk to you all later.
Have a great evening.

07-20-2005, 09:16 AM

Kerry- that lousy pound will be off by next week! Love your great attitude, and trying harder next week. It is so tough to stay motivated to move in this miserable hot weather. Great idea to save up some $$ for a getaway. Even if your plans to go with your sisters and Dm do not materialize, you still have something set away for something special anyway.

Summer- Bravo to you for keeping a positive attitude about your friends less than kind one. Did she ever think that your Dd's response (to play even more imaginatively) was a backlash to an attitude that she was telegraphing?
As you said, your eyes are open now. I have little experience with the cheerleading crowd- but have heard from others that it is extremely competitive. Glad that Dd is enjoying it. Guess if this became her "life passion" I'd look into lessons. The science museum sounded like fun....with the ages of my kids it is hard to do something together like that.

Well, Dd's crummy old bf (the one who dumped her right before 3 finals and Dh's favorite guy........ :lol: ) has decided to control her life again. She wants to go visit an old friend from elementary school who is in the Navy. She would be going to some sort of "Crabfest" (help me out here, Mouse, I hear it is in Maryland) and driving down with his mother- a woman I know fairly well and trust. So Dd would be palling around with this friend (and that is all he is- he is a nice guy and a hoot to be with but I doubt that Dd would ever be serious with him), his navy friends and his mother. Just over the weekend. So Mr Magnamous.....the ex tells her that he will never speak to her again if she goes (no big a matter of fact when can I start celebrating?). Mr Wonderful,aka Mr Magnamous, aka the creep dumped on her lap that now he thinks she is the girl for him......forever and ever.....but he feels so strange making such a big decision at the age of 19.
Perhaps this bozo needs some time in the thinks he needs to grow up a ton and leave my Dd alone. I hope she goes to Md despite the moron.
Got my walk in this am.....some of the humidity is gone, but it is still hot.
WW today and then my hair cut. BTW- Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was great, I love Johnny Depp was great.
See ya later.

07-20-2005, 09:25 AM
Hey Good Morning!
Well, we finally got some rain. Boy did we ever. My dh and i just finished fishing part of a tree (it took two of us to lift it) out of the pool. Half the water is gone, and I hope the pump still works. Now, the pool is full of leaves, sticks and evil little gumballs. For those of you not familiar with the sweet gum tree let me just say they suck! Guess I know what I'll be doing this afternoon. We are refilling it now, then this afternoon I'll have to get all the other garbage out. Oh well.
This morning jumped on the scale to weigh myself, and had lost twentytwo pounds almost overnight. Promptly after, the battery died. Darn! It was nice seeing 151. ha :D
Ginny: Did you enjoy the movie? I asked my little boy if he wanted to see it, but he said no. He said I already saw Willy Wonka. I guess we won't be going. I want to see War of the Worlds myself.
Summer: Sorry about the whole playdate thing. It sounds to me as though your friend is a little overprotective. Do you think you all can still be friends?
Kerry: Summer school! Sounds like a bummer. I will be sitting in class the week of August the eighth. Then, I'll have four days off until we have to report back to work. It's beginning to fly by now. Before I know it I'll be crying every morning when the alarm goes off.
Sue: Camping? I haven't been camping since Girl Scouts. I think I am too accustomed to ac and tv! Sounds like fun though.
Mouse: Have you found out exactly what you will be doing this year?
Robyn: How's it goin?
Oh, yesterday, my brother in law called to tell us that he and his fiance have decided to get married on the celibrity cruise lines. Well, since dh is best man, (hmphhhhh) he is going to pay for both of us to go on this four night cruise! The only problem, is that they are getting married in early March. Not only will I have to take four days off from work, but have to either beg my mom to come and stay with my nine year old, or pull him out of school and take him up to Virginia Beach. The cruise leaves from Miami, and goes to the Keys and Kazamel (no idea how to spell that). The only think we will have to do is pay for the airfare to get there. So, he needs to know by the end of August what are plans are. I know my husband will be able to go, but I will have to see what I can do. I would love it. I have never been on a cruise, and believe it or not, I have never even flown in an airplane! So, that would be quite exciting. Might give me some motivation to lose more weight. We'll see. I can honestly say that I will be pissed if my husband gets to go and I don't! It always works out that way. I have personal days, however, we are charged half a days pay for those days.

Brother just got out of the hospital yesterday! I guess there will be a home health care nurse coming in for a week or so. He still has some infection in this incision site, and they had to put wicks in to drain it. So, she will be coming to clean and repack the dressings. I know he is so glad. It was a long three weeks.

Gotta get busy!

07-20-2005, 03:29 PM
Hello people......

Well.......we are back online at screaming quick dialup rate! (NOT!) You know, with Dh having worked for NASA as a computer geek for 1 month shy of 23 years.... we are not accustomed to having computer problems (of any sort) that he can not solve. Our friend who works as a field tech for Verizon cable came over last week with his Verizon $$$$ laptop that he uses multiple times daily to solve Verizon problem in the field. He was unable to solve our issues AND told us what needed to be done on THEIR end. Even with this information, Verizon was unwilling or unable or just plain old UN ...... Enough on the subject! Sorry.

Tomorrow I go to the hospital to have some tests done. I go back on Friday for more.
This isn't exactly the way I had planned the summer....

BEFORE I go outside.... This is when I've decided that I need to put on sunscreen. Duh! Thanks for the pointers! LOL

Gotta run.....
take care,

07-20-2005, 03:29 PM
Pam, congrats on getting some rain. I hope your pool is okay. We haven't gotten any yet, but it was breezy and less humid today. However we got the better air quality, I don't know, but I'm surely glad. My friendship? There is no such thing as a perfect friendship or a perfect friend. Some are worth keeping, and some need to end. I've eliminated all of the toxic relationships in my life except family. This new friendship needs to be further explored before I would end it. I will avoid leaving my child at her home in the future. I will try to have play dates that include me being there so that I can intervene. They are on vacation till August, so there won't be too many more opportunities for them to play anyway. I will instead pursue the friendship between the adults. I have a VERY BUSY life particularly during the school year, so if need be, we can return to being friends at school only. Oh, and if I were you, I would move heaven and earth to go on that cruise. You can make it happen with determination.

Ginny, you are correct, cheerleading is VERY COMPETITIVE. My niece got a full cheerleading scholarship to attend ASU. We get to see her on tv during games. If DD ends up being really good, her college could get paid for as well. She has been in gymnastics since she was three. And because of the competitive nature of cheerleading, as soon as the clinics were available for first graders, we enrolled her. By starting early, hopefully we will give her a headstart. And, the thing is, she loves it. The moment it stopped being fun, we would stop. Your DD's old BF is sick and twisted. I hope your DD is smart enough to see how scary he really is. She really needs to stay away from him. It is a shame he hasn't done anything to allow you to get a restraining order against him. Emotionally controlling and abusive boys like him are training to be even more dangerous men. He clearly has no self-esteem, and needs to manipulate your DD to make himself feel better.

Kerry, congrats on the great attitude about everything.

Nothing new, just another day of cheerleading. I have to clean the house and do some gardening when it cools off a little. Take care one and all.

07-20-2005, 09:57 PM
You guys REALLY get talkative when I can't make it online! :)
I'm not even going to try to respond to 2.5 pages of personal notes, sorry!
Let's see if I can't break down my last couple of days for you all.

Trip to Virginia Day:
Left here at 7:00. Reached the personnel office with TWENTY MINUTES TO SPARE (I had to be there at 10). Yes, it took me 3 hours to drive 65 miles. I nearly didn't make it, either, because Mapquest didn't send me to the building, it sent me to the center of Ashburn VA. It couldn't find the street address (too new, I guess), but let me think it had. As if that weren't enough, the session was ACTUALLY scheduled for the old office, and I could have gotten there much faster, much easier... and gotten to have lunch with my new Red Cross friends since they are right down the street from the old office!
Next up: The Interview.
Made it to the school, showed off my Powerpoint presentation, sans music because it wasn't cooperating still, and then asked 3 specific questions:
1. Jewish holidays: District policy is they'll let me off, but I'm required to use sick leave for the hours (I didn't realize that fasting and going to temple made you sick??). Hwoever, the principal has the option of just asking you to make up the time, and since I always do clubs and stuff with the kids, I try to do this. If not, I'll start the year with 5 sick days. I joined the sick leave bank, and that costs 2.
2. Grad school: All the high schools are from 9:00 to 4:00. I was able to get 2 classes back to back at Hopkins this semester, which means I'll only have to go one day a week instead of having to decide if I want to drive there 2x a week or just getting 3 credits. I'm told that school loads my students on buses at 3:15... so I could leave after I get them on the bus, and MAYBE make it on time. Principal couldn't answer me, but he's in charge of attendance, and special education.
3. Hiring decision. I wanted to know when they would make their decision about the placement. I was told that the prinicpal likes to interview at least 3 canddiates, I'm the first one, and he hadn't notified personnel yet that he wanted to interview. Today, when I emailed personnle to ask for a list of the other open MR positions, I was told they wanted to hire me for that building. Well, place me. I'm already hired.
I did get the SD position thing straightened out, too. I've worked with and taught that level of student before (mostly in summer school), and we have had students that level at my last school because of a traumatic brain injury (we had a new student come in just before I left, in fact that is really seriously low functioning due to being hit by a drunk driver). One of my summer students was a master at moving his wheelchair to get what he wanted! One memorable day, he ate glitter glue! He wheeled himself over to the table, and grabbed it from the center, then proceeded to down 1/4 of the bottle. I wrote a polite note home, and the response back was, "we'll be on the look out for 'glitter poop'."
The Gym: I went to my new gym yesterday since I had some time, and discovered that I'm not all that fond of the swimming pool. Its too shallow. I can swim laps, but I won't be able to do water aerobics. The "deep part" is the center of the pool, and its barely five feet. I am not sure what I'm going to do, but I don't think I'll stay there past the first year... sooner if I can find another place. The weights are awkward too, because you have to go down steps. They have an elevator, but its not in a good location and may not be available when I'm at the gym.
The Doctor's Visit: I'm not sure what miracle happened, but my endocriologist was actually on time! :) She's great, though, so I don't mind waiting. She said that I look much "healthier" and she can see some changes, even if the scale hasn't changed. That was nice to hear... she said my hair looks a lot thicker too, which is great. Other than the lump in front from the disorder, the thing that bothered me most was my thinning hair. I used ot have very, veyr thick dark hair. It was so thick it didn't braid or curl or anything. Its still pretty thick in back, but it looks better up front now, too. Not as nice as it was, but better.
She was pretty pleased with the food logs too... I figured she'd be upset because I couldn't get it as low as the Atkins or South Beach Phase 1's... but she wasn't! She said that I'd done a good job cutting stuff out, and my diet looked a lot healthier. I am allowed to add some bread as long as its high fiber and/or reduced carb, and multigrain. So, I found a multigrain low-carb bread at TraderJoes. Its 7 net carbs per slice, which is pretty good.

And that's about it. I'm still working my way through Harry, we were asked to work over-time today, so I stayed till 5:00. We finished our 3 set of prompts, and are on to the last one. We might actually finish on time! Which is amazing, because we were supposed to have 11-14 assessors, but only have 7. I read 57 cases today between 9:00 and 5:00.

Glad you're all here and doing moderately well. Kerry, I want to remember to talk to you about the HQT stuff. After I finish my certificate at Hopkins, I'll be highly qualified in Virginia, but PA and MD are mysteries to me. Especially since I'll be teaching functional life skills in all academic core subjects!


07-20-2005, 10:53 PM
Quick update.....
Pool is back to normal after hours of leaf removal and vacuuming. Atleast I was able to work in the water when it was so hot. Tomorrow we are going to saw the rest of the crap up. Yuck.
Summer: I understand about the friendship thing. I sort of pick my friends. I have several close friends at school, my best friend happens to be the receptionist. Most of the teachers will stab you in the back after they promise you their trust. So, I'm very careful there. I try to get along with everyone and most everyone tells me their troubles, but usually I just listen...
I am going to try to go on this cruise. I really really really want to go. Did I mention I was excited about going? Keep your fingers crossed.
Ginny: You and I must have been posting at the same time this morning. I certainly hope your dd will go on that little trip. I see to many girls following these boys around. My son's girlfriend is the perfect example. She would move heaven and earth for him, he on the other hand I'm sorry to say, "hangs out with her" when he isn't busy. It's sad, I really like her. I have even told her she needs to grow a backbone, and tell him how she feels about things. She just says I know and goes right back to the same old thing. Then, I have to hear her complain, if something doesn't go right.
Mouse: We get one sick day per month. Five personal days, which we have to pay for the sub on those days, and so many annual leave days, which we can only use when the kids aren't there. We don't have a sick leave bank in this system. I think it's a good idea myself. I hope you will find something out definitely soon. It's hard getting used to new things, ie..pool etc... when you are used to something completely different. I hope it will work out. I'm impressed, power point for your interview. Way to go. You make me feel like such a lazy slacker.
Nite ya'll

07-21-2005, 07:33 AM
I'm moments from heading out the door ....I've got an appointment over at the hospital to have my innards checked out... I couldn't sleep due to the anxiety of it all....and then got up a full 1/2 before my alarm went off...

I was making another doctor's appointment for August 1st and dh heard me. When I finished, he told me that I had to call back and rearrange it. I gave him THE look....and he went on to explain that we're going to Hatteras on July 29th and wont be home until August 3rd! He was going to surprise us! We will be staying at our good friends' brand new house in Avon! I'm so darn near excited I can't see straight! :)

Gotta run..... people are waiting to prod me! ;)
Take care,

07-21-2005, 07:26 PM
Robyn, I hope your "innards" aren't sore from being prodded :p . Are you okay? Congrats on the surprise trip to Cape Hatteras!!!

Pam, glad your pool is back. In this kind of weather, it is a must.

Mouse, I have to say, mapquest has steered me wrong or taken me the longest way to places a couple of times. I try to only use it in emergencies.

My friend, DD's godmother, came to cheerleading camp to watch DD. DH had the day off and filmed it. It was the least eventful day of the week! :dizzy: So, they didn't get the full show. Tomorrow is the last day when they will do their big presentations to the parents. My friend went out to lunch with us at a diner. Boy I was wanting to eat some junk, but instead I had a chicken caesar salad. We spent the afternoon in the pool. It was a nice day.

07-21-2005, 11:20 PM
I finished Harry. I can't say anything. Don't ask.
We have .93 of a day worth of reading to do at the National Board job, so they've been giving us some overtime... That's nice.
Robyn: Hope you're insides are okay, and have a GREAT time on your trip!
Summer: Awesome... sounds like you're having fun at the pool and with your daughter's camp.
Pam: We don't even get annual leave type stuff: we're off when the kids are off. Most places don't have sick-leave banks, and this one won't be much good to me: you can only draw on it AFTER you've been out 30 consecutive days, and if you're out of your own sick leave. I can't imagine being out 30 consecutive days... You're talking to the women who worked with a broken hand, her foot in a cast, and in between out-patient ankle surgeries. ;) I've also worked with multiple cases of bronchitis and pneumonia.
(Yet, how telling is that I had over 100 hours of sick leave saved at my last placement, but when I got sick in April my supervisor reported me to HR? Whatever).
Oh, yea... the :censored: :tape: decided not to give me the rest of my stuff back. They swear they can't find it, and if they could, they'd return it. We all know that is utter BS. :mad: :rollpin: :mad:
I will talk to you all later: my projects for Saturday are buying boxes to pack my stuff in, and starting to clean out the bookcases.

07-22-2005, 09:16 AM
Mouse, I can't believe they won't return your things. That would really get me where I live. I don't know about you, but my first year teaching, I spent $3000 on supplies. Over the last four years, that number has dropped to more like $500-1000 a year. But, half of that classroom contains my belongings...books, games, furniture, CD's, art supplies, etc... If my school system pulled that bullsh*t with me, I would go freakin' ballistic :mad: . I'm really sorry they stabbed you in the back but continue to turn the knife. Let's hope that it is true that "what goes around, comes around." :p

Take care.

07-22-2005, 09:51 PM
Well, this is a good sign. Nobody has been here all day so hopefully that means that the majority of you enjoyed this beautiful summer day. :flow2:

Today was DD's cheerleading :cheer: camp finale. SHE DID SO GREAT!!! When it was over, she asked me to sign her up next time. I'm so glad she found a physical activity that she loves and is self-motivated to do. I have friends who keep signing their kids up for stuff but haven't found the activity they love. Maybe they are overbooked and have trouble deciding. :?:

Afterward, I took her shopping and found some BEAUTIFUL fall clothes at the Gap. She looked so cute. I couldn't resist.

The insurance person at my chiropractor's office said the insurance denied my appeal, so the only way I can receive treatment is by paying cash. Yeh, right!!! :lol: :crazy: :rofl: :lol3: What are they nuts?! The insurance company sent me a letter requesting current documentation which the nurse was supposed to fax over. I don't know if this chick actually followed through or if she just bullsh*tted the doctor and me cause she was too friggin lazy. :dz: Or, the insurance company may not give a sh*t and deny me no matter what they fax over. Who knows who is telling the truth?! :mad: I left a very angry message on the machine of the claims person who makes these decisions. Then, after realizing that I'm most likely screwed, and still in a lot of pain which is preventing me from getting much exercise, I called my internist to get the name of a good orthopaedist. The one who treated me when I broke my foot was a d*ckhead, so I want someone competent this time around. I called, and they gave me an appointment with their podiatrist on Thursday. My concern is that they will either try to just give me pain meds or want to operate. I refuse to do either. I am hoping that they will do physical therapy. Then, I will get the same treatment I was supposed to get from my chiropractor, only it will be covered by insurance. (Let's hope!)

We swam in the pool, gardened, and read today. Outside of the horrible insurance problem, it was a great day. I hate when the real world invades my lovely summer days...

07-22-2005, 11:49 PM
We finished the scoring today... We actually finished fairly early! Pretty amazing.
I have to take the picture of they took of us off my digital camera and send it to some of the others.
Good news is that the gym needs me to guard Saturday and Sunday, 7 hours total, plus swimming lessons. Changes my plans for Sat/Sunday, but that's okay. I'll get the boxes and stuff figured out.
As for my stuff: Yes, Summer. When I was in my inner city school in Pennsylvania, I bought everything myself. I didn't get anything from them except some tables, chairs, and my desk plus a carrel for my teaching assistant... And those I had to drag out of the basement and clean myself with the help of some friends! I left that district still owing Citibank at least $4500. That included buying my own whiteboard, but didn't include the money I spent on gas when I had to go pick up items that I wrote grants for (like the classroom computers... which were pretty non-functional and went to a friend of mine's print shop where they donated time and materials to fix them for me), or when I went around to local places trying to get them to let us come in for free. The bowling alley, the gym with the indoor pool, all the grocery stores, the mall, McDonald's, Pizza Hut.
ALL of it is stuff that I owned and had taken super good care of so it would last ... like paying an office-supply store to drill holes in and cut the bindings off of books and put them in a archival-use binder so that the originals would LAST. I just can't believe that they "can't find it". It was all there the morning I left my classroom.
There is no way that somebody stole all of it out of my room without also being an employee of that place because the classroom is right off the main lobby, with lots of traffic in the hallway and security cameras! I know the stuff is either still there or they divided it up and parceled it out to other staff. Quite a bit of had my name on it, so I'd like to see them explain that (like the math textbook. The school had the same book, so I wrote my name in mine; I bought mine when I was in Fairfax because I wanted to use that book with my kids instead of the standard textbook).
If it was stolen, I want them to file a damn police report so I can report the stuff stolen to Allstate... I have so much stuff that I had a rider added to my renter's insurance to cover my school belongings; it made sense when I was in low-income and inner city areas! And Allstate would have a damn field day with those people especially when I give them a copy of the letter saying they aren't responsible for the protection of my belongings, and tell them how I wasn't permitted to take it with me when I left.
In fact, that is exactly the route I would take if I hadn't just hit the renter's policy for all the stuff in my gym bag.
The school is counting on the fact that the amount of stuff is around $400. That puts it squarely in small claims court, and I have to file in Baltimore City. That would take forever to come to court, and there is no parking, plus I won't be anywhere nearby.
But some of the stuff "missing" that they "Can't find" was cataloged by their library. I have half a mind to ask one of my friends to try and check the videos out and see if they are really missing or it they are there. I'm sure they are there, and I'm being told a huge freaking lie.

07-23-2005, 09:53 AM
Just a quick drive-by to say hello. I hope everyone has a great weekend! I finished my Social Studies class yesterday. I just have to go for follow-up classes, one in Oct. and one in Dec. I have to babysit our friends little boy today, so I got out of going to the ball games. Than tonight I will probably have the evening to myself since my dh is taking the boys to the demo. derby at the fair and his daughter is going to spend the evening with her grandma. So I will have the house all to myself and I plan on getting an adult liquid beverage and curling up with either a good book or a good movie. Well I better go and get ready for the day. Talk to you all later when I have more time to be personal.

07-23-2005, 10:34 AM
I tried to post yesterday but in the middle of the post the power went off and so I never came back on. I am pissed off. Two people had called me saying that I was moving to the sixth grade. I have been in the seventh grade for eight years at this school. So, I tried to call the principal and couldn't reach him. Finally, I emailed him and this was his reply.

You are moving to sixth grade math. You are certainly welcome to a math
book(TE) and what other materials you need. Both rooms are ready.
However, the sixth grade hall has not been shampooed yet. I am not
sure when they will get on that. Call......... next week and I am sure
she will be glad to accomodate you and let you know when you can move
your things.
Hopefully, you will enjoy the sixth grade. I know you will be very
effective there and will strengthen the program in that grade level.
I am looking forward to this year. Get some rest.

I feel like I am being separated from my family or something. We all got along so well, and I really loved the people I worked with. We all tried to help each other. The thing is, my school feels everything is so top secret, they don't tell you anything until a couple of days before you go back to school. They moved four of us. Two went to eighth grade, I am going to sixth, my friend is having to teach 6, 7, 8 Social Studies, so she will not have a common planning with anybody. It sucks. I'm going online to see if I can get the standard course of study for sixth grade Math. Iknow it's a lot of fractions. Bluck. I am used to higher level......

Something scarey happened here day before last. My husband was outside cutting up that big tree branch that fell in the pool. He had just hauled all the debris to the curb for the trash. Some guy walked up the driveway, and said "Sir, can you help me? I have an emergency. " My husband went through the house, grabbed the phone, and out the front door. Well, the guy just kept standing on the driveway and my husband was standing at the bottom of the front steps. He asked the guy again what the problem was and the guy said come over here I need to show you something. My husband said what? Do you have an emergency and need me to call someone. The guy kept telling him to come over to the driveway. He didn't go. So, this went on for few minutes, and the guy started reaching into his pocket my husband acted like he was gonna call the police and the guy took off. He actually did call them, and about thirty minutes later they came, and said they were going to look for him. Normally he is at work, but had a day off. That just shook me up. They think the guy was trying to lure him away so he could do something to him and go into the house. I was gone to a friend's house, and my little boy and his friend were asleep on the couch. It really made me so nervous. Gosh, anything could have happened. So, I have been very paranoid for the last couple of days. WEIRD!

Well, I am going to run to Office Depot, because they have pencils on sale for a penny a piece. I am going to take advantage of that.
Have a good day.

07-23-2005, 11:06 AM
Wow, Pam! Glad everything is okay and nothing happened!
Pencils for a penny, folders for 10 cents. At this point, I'm refusing to buy anything for my classroom. I know I shouldn't take it out on my new students, but ...

I need to get ready to go to work. My t-shirt I need for lifeguarding and my name badge were both in the gym bag that was stolen. I didn't get enough warning from the gym to buy a new one. And I know that we don't have any extras as the gym itself.

07-23-2005, 11:45 AM
Mouse, There is no doubt that your things are either right where you left them or have been distributed to other staff. You know, even though you would prefer not to file a claim with Allstate, just for kicks it might be fun for you to make the school think you are going to do just that. If they think that they have to go to all the trouble of filing a police report on your behalf for your insurance, your things might just magically appear. If your things weren't stolen as they say they were, they certainly won't want to get the police involved. Heck, you could probably file that police report yourself. Doing that doesn't mean you have to file a claim. It just isn't right that they should get away with this bullsh*t. Even better, go on Judge Judy!!!

Pam, that stranger in the driveway thing is scary. Thank God your DH had the phone in his hand so he could call the police. And, thank God he obviously listens to his inner voice. Although I live in a town in the suburbs, my house is on a main road. So, I don't like to be in the front yard except to water my plants, and to have my annual tag sale. I prefer to stay in my fence-in backyard. If I do have to be out front, at least I have nosy neighbors, including my nextdoor nightmare (who is actually in a mental hospital as we speak) which makes me feel more secure since there are a lot of witnesses. When my DH and I were first married, before we bought our house, we rented in an affluent area. I used to walk three miles a day in the neighborhood. Once a man stopped his car to supposedly ask for directions. I was across the street, and he spoke very quietly and waved for me to come over to his car. I got this feeling in my gut that he was gonna pull me into his car, so I shouted the directions and ran the opposite way that his car was facing. I ran up to someone's front stoop, and he finally took off. Now, this neighborhood was supposedly one of the safest in the country. Kids played unsupervised all the time. So, between that experience and my allergy related asthma, I prefer not to take walks outdoors. What a shame, huh?

Kerry, enjoy your time to yourself!!!

Today we have a birthday picnic for my DH's uncle who is turning 80. So, it will be one of those days that I will have to make small talk with people I hardly know, and of course, deal with my MIL and FIL. Goodie Goodie Gumdrops!!! :p

07-23-2005, 05:22 PM
Hello all....

Summer, Glad that your dd enjoyed (and did GREAT!) at her "end of camp thingy"! :) The wedding that I attended in June was for a long time cheerleader! I've watched her grow up from a cute little elementary girl practicing her cartwheels to THE ONE that they threw in the air while she was a student at Markette! Cheering was a great outlet for my friend! She and her husband went to Markette. Their wedding was filled with annoyingly perky and cute cheerleader friends who were very very kind to me! LOL At one point they did some University cheer thing that actually sorta scared nonMarkette and old me! LOL
The thing with the insurance and chiropracter totally stinks.... Have you considered trying to find an osteopath to help you with your medical issues?
Hope that you are doing well at the picnic....I feel for you...Inlaws, 80 year olds AND picnic foods! Hope you survive! It is toooooooo hot here for a picnic! It is so miserable outside UNLESS you're in the pool. I even went out and got in the darn thing yesterday for a bit! (I've decided that I'd love to have a bigggg end for me...and the other for my goofy, splashing, screaming boys!

Mouse, I would have to do *something* to get them to give me back my teaching stuff.... I have several ZILLION invested in my classroom...and would be desperate enough to need to go the insurance route to get them to react. Can your friend who is still there get to your old room? Perhaps he/she could be of some help. Also, maybe you should just show up with the police to go in and get your stuff.... Why can't you go back there to get it yourself again? Sorry... I've got CRS badly these days!

Pam, the incident with the strange man must have you petrified! You hear and read about all kinds of junk happening....but you never think that it will happen to you or yours! Thank gosh that it was your husband with his 6th sense ....and not your youngest and his friend! This tale will be told over dinner that I can remind my own family of how sick and scary this world really is! Bleech! OH and how you found out about changing grades doesn't seem right. I'm sorry that it happened this way...AND personally, I'd die if I had to teach 6th,7th OR 8th grade anything! I'm so glad that you love what you do! Those kids deserve teachers...and if it was left to me...well...they'd not have one! BUT, mannnn it sure stinks to be moved like THIS. See what happens when you are a strong teacher? (This is how things worked at my old school....and made me crazy!)

Kerry, enjoy your alone time! Last time I was alone was last weekend...when I carried it to far and got a sunburned backside..... but ::sigh:: it was sooooo nice out there! Why on earth are they playing ball with the weather being so unbearable...Oh wait... maybe you are in Alaska...I can't remember... Maybe in Alaska, ya'll aren't sweating due to the 98degree with 89% humidity! ::shrug:: At least YOU don't have to go tonight! LOL

Gin, I'm sorry that your dd is going thru such crap! the whims of a jerk! He obviously doesn't want her to have any fun...or be around REAL men who might treat her nicely. Never speak to her again?! What a blessing...of course, I'm sure that dd doesn't see this as a good thing... 19? He will be like this at 29, 39, 49, 59, etc.... Can she see this creep for what he is? Poor baby! ....AND Poor MOM! Hang in there...

Hope everyone else is doing well....

This coming week I have the following to look forward to:

Monday: My 4 year old niece and I are going to have a date. We are going to go shopping for her birthday presents AND just the 2 of us are going to go out for lunch. I've not figured out all the details...but...I'm excited. She is adorable.....We've been writing to each other this summer... I will send her a note and a picture from a coloring book for her to color and send back. Last week, I actually colored a picture of TinkerBell ....She called me and told me that "You color better than any growned up woman I've ever seen!" LOL

Wednesday: My teacher friends from my old school are going to come visit my new school (and new classroom...with my ZILLIONs of packed boxes). We are going to "figure out" where stuff should go..... then we are going to go to a foofy girl place for lunch.

Friday: My family must make their every 5 years pilgrimage to the Geneticist. THEN later that night we will pack up and drive to THE BEACH!!!!! :) :) I'm so excited, I can't see straight! LOL

Gotta go. My youngest is about to microwave something...and um, I had better get in there to supervise.... for a multitude of reasons! ;)

Take care,

07-23-2005, 07:46 PM
I'm in a pissy mood. I managed to survive the picnic, barely. After an hour, I was soooo ready to go. I just kept downing Mike's hard lemonade (the low-carb version). My BIL came with his son. His wife is "crunchy." For anyone who is a vegetarian and complete and total purist, I apologize for my comments in advance. Now when DD was an infant, I breastfed her for a year, and her baby food was mostly organic. Then, when she was around 3, I got real and let her try McDonald's. Now she is just like any other fusspot kid who only wants junk. Anyway, my BIL's family only eats "whole foods." Apparently steak isn't whole? Tee hee hee. They believe in home-schooling. No absolutely never ever can they watch TELEVISION BECAUSE IT IS EVILLLLLLLLL!!! :devil: I admit, we should watch less, but zero is taking it a bit far. This child doesn't know how to play because he isn't exposed to normal children. DD tried her darnedest today to engage him, but it wasn't gonna happen. She ended up entertaining herself. Anyway, I can't carry on a conversation with them because they are soooo judgemental about anyone not living their lifestyle. When my BIL was talking about his wife being diagnosed with Epstein Barr, my MIL suggested that maybe SIL was lacking certain nutrients because of her diet, all the crunchies at the picnic chimed in that pure vegetarians get ALL THEY NEED FROM THEIR DIET. God, the poor woman is in her 70's, lighten up! Then when BIL mentioned that he has diabetes, I asked if he had been eating too many carbs and sugars because they don't eat meat, and I nearly got my head chewed off by the crunchies. I can't be around militants from any group. I'm just your average 40 year old who loves both healthy and unhealthy food; enjoys good tv in moderation; loves a good novel; and believes in the merits of public school teaching our children how to be a responsible member of society. If we shelter our children from real life, what will happen to them when they become adults?! So, being the minority at a crunchy party was NOT FUN.

Oh, and one more thing, I believe in the merits of shaving your legs and armpits!!! :lol:

My best friend is also pissing me off. Backstory: She was born into an affluent family, married into an affluent family, but her DH is a spoiled rotten, lazy, bum who didn't finish college, and after a series of bad paying jobs was hired by his father's bank. My friend was slumming when she became friends with me, a middle class college girl about to graduate. In the beginning, being her friend was an adventure rubbing elbows with the rich and famous. But, reality set in when I found myself more comfortable in the kitchen chatting with the cook instead of sampling the appetizers in the living room during a cocktail party. I love my friend, and I especially love her pretentious mother who apparently respects me for being a hardworking, determined woman with an excellent work ethic. Whatever. 99% of her other friends are affluent. They live in an affluent area. When invited to her home, we enjoy most of her friends...those of whom aren't snobs. Her DD is my DD's best friend. Here's my issue: Her DH, although nice to us when we are in his home, always has an excuse when invited to our home. It doesn't matter if it is DD's birthday party, our annual St. Paddy's Day party, my birthday party, or a BBQ. He always has an excuse. The amazing thing is that he manages to have time to socialize with all their other friends, but can't seem to lower himself to socialize with us. I'm really tired of this bullsh*t. I mentioned this to my friend in the past, and she made excuses for him. I don't know if we bore him or what but it is utterly insulting. I've tried to schedule a date for them to come over for an evening all summer, and it appears that it won't be happening this year. That is it. I give up. Her DD is sleeping over on the 10th of August. I feel like not calling her at all. I definitely will not bother to invite them over for an adult evening anymore. Thank God for the friends who do enjoy coming over our house and thank us incessantly for our hospitality. Screw them!

Rob, I'm seeing a podiatrist on Thursday. Thanks for another Robyn-induced giggle!!!

07-23-2005, 08:33 PM

(I wanted to sound like your other "friend".... see, I can talk thru my clenched jaw too! $$$ or not.... (and Hunnne, we are NOT LOL!) I hope that you can see my nose IS in the air!) Um, you had to "book" the kid 2 and 1/2 weeks early for a Wednesday sleep over? AND while it appears that the SnobbyRich DH is the cause of them not socializing with you.... I'm sorta suspicious about your SnobbyRichBestFriend.... What kind of BestFriend treats ya like this? I'm sorry. I have had to come to terms with two very long term BESTfriends....... Things change. People change. And it hurts! BUT it certainly sounds as if these folks wouldn't be too much fun to hang out with anyway! I'm sorry.

Oh and did you say crunchy or crazy? It all sounds sorta muffled to me... of course I can't hear you cause of my untrimmed overgrown armpit hairs wrapped around my head in my new beehive hairdo! I KNOW that I need to eat more healthy. I KNOW that we have many habits that could be "better". I will never (and don't want to! Thank you very much!) understand the whole WHY about homeschooling.... Nor will I ever understand why some people aren't more open minded to other's opinions! Ahhh well.... Glad you survived the picnic and didn't get converted by their crunchy promises and unshaven armpits and legs!

Mike's Hard Lemonade is wonderful, ain't it?! The microwaving didn't turn into an incident, I'm happy to report! He's growing up! Next time I will walk not run in there! :)

Gotstago.... kiddos are "discussing" who will use their game system....loudly AND I don't think that they are just using their hands for helping each other! (Do you know that teacher of little kids quote? "Hands are for helping not hurting!" YEAH...right! I'll try to keep that in mind as I um "redirect" them! :D)

take care,

07-23-2005, 10:36 PM
Evening Ladies,
I survived my afternoon of babysitting. Zachery was attached to me the whole afternoon. He is 1 1/2 years old. He cried when he realized mommy and daddy had left him. He was so tired that he cried for about an hour off and on. Than he finally fell asleep for 3 hours. But he had to lay on my chest or he would start to cry again. If his head wasn't there than his little hand was cupping my chest. His mommy laughed and told me that I should be thankful his hand didn't creep down into my shirt. Since that is what he does to her. But he didn't want to go home when she came to pick him up. Than this evening I went out to dinner with my family before the boys went off to the fair. I took my sdd over to my mil's and visited with them for about an hour. Than I left and make a stop at the store for some Mike's Light Hard Lemonade. That is some good stuff. So now I am going to finish up on the computer, go grab another Mike's Light and sit down to read Hide and Seek by James Patterson.
I will come back and chat with you all later either tonight or tomorrow for sure. Just wanted to drop in and say hi.

07-24-2005, 12:18 AM
Evening, all!

What a bunch of drinkers we have here! Three of you all knew about Mike's light Hard Lemonade. I barely know what the stuff is. ;)

Summer: Ick. I've gone 'round with best friends too. My best friend from high school didn't invite me to her wedidng even though I introduced her to her husband (she quite literally would NEVER NEVER have met him if not for me!). She became infected with her parent's views of Christianity, I'm afraid. The first question her father asked me when we became friends in 8th grade was not my name or how I was doing, but what church did I & my family attend. He was quite shocked (in a not good way, might I add) to find out I was Jewish. And that was her reason for not inviting me, although I suspect there were others (including the fact that I dislike her husband and all his friends with a passion, though we were all friends at one point), but that was the reason she gave me boyfriend at the time. You see, they invited my boyfriend to be IN THE WEDDING PARTY... but he was not even allowed to bring me as a date. And if that isn't the height of rudeness, I'm not sure what is. Good luck with the podiatrist appointment!
And as for your "crunchy" friend: do they realize that many fruits and vegetables have MORE carbs than some processed foods? Seriously. That's why I'm not allowed to have most fruits, and also carrots, and some other veggies. About "Epstein Barr", that is the closest thing to what I have... she should be seriously watching what she eats! The other name for EB is polycystic ovarian syndrome. As I've said, if that is what I have, then its probably one of the most severe cases that anybody has ever seen! If she's got a mild case, she should be okay in terms of fertility. But weight gain is a big issue.
Robyn: You're one busy chick! I hope you have a wonderful time at the beach!
Kerry: That sounds like the kids I have at Parent-Child for lessons. They scream bloody murder when I take them from their parents to hold or demonstrate!

My day was pretty uneventful: I guarded from 12:30-4, did my workout (lifted weights and then swam)... my private lesson didn't show up, so I helped out with the swim team kids today. I got more laps in because those kids swim the whole length of the pool! I was teaching one of the boys how to do breaststroke tonight. I will be guarding tomorrow from 3-close.

Regarding my stuff: I suppose I could call Allstate and ask them. Afterall, they are telling me they can't find my belongings which must mean they were stolen (probably by other staff and my supervisor!), right? I doubt I'd get very far filing a police report with Baltimore City police. They didn't want to do anything about my car, but fortunately an office on the city force lives in my building and did it for me. I see him occasionally, so I might be able to ask him. I can also call a lawyer... my friend from swimming's cousin is a lawyer, and he was the one I talked to back in April when they were jerking me around so badly. This isn't an employment issue anymore, though, so he might be more willing to take the case. My friend says that he can send an investigator to the building to look for my belongings.
And Robyn: I'm not allowed on their property because they decided not to renew my contract and I resigned. If that happens, you're not allowed on ANY of their property, ever. They told me I could get my stuff, but it would be at THEIR convenience so security, admin and HR could watch what I did. I was absolutely not willing to do that. It also had to be at a time when there were no students or staff on campus. Given that they are a year round school, staff is there 11.5 months, when the **** did they think that was going to happen? Did they think I was going to sit around and do nothign all summer so I could go when THEY wanted me to go?? And if I had gotten my stuff, I still would have had to wait till the end of June because the kids didn't get out till June 22!
ARRRRGH! I'll figure out something. But I hope it doesn't come down to a court and a lawyer... if it does, then we'll have some issues.

07-24-2005, 12:24 AM
OK you bunch of lushes.......(I could go for a frozen margarita myself :lol: )
I am laughing my #$@ off Summer at your crunchies.....Ha OMigosh that is too funny. That would make me insane. I work with this man, who sounds so much like these people and he makes me insane. That is a plus of moving to the sixth grade I don't have to look at his face after he stole my Math Chair job last year. He and his family will only eat organic food. They have one television in the house which is in their bedroom and is only allowed to be on for news, and information. Kids aren't allowed to watch tv, when his wife was seventh months pregnant last year, for her anniversary he gave her a tiller so it would be easier for her to work in the garden, would not let her use mosquito repellent. I could go on and on. HE'S A FREAK.
He does not value womens opinions. Sorry, sore subject.
Not a whole lot going on here. I was going to go and clean up the living room, but little guy is having another sleepover and the living room is occupied. (Not that I want to do that, but it needs to be done.)
I am excited I finally found a bathing suit I like at Tj Max today. It was a Ralph lauren with a halter top and solid black bottoms. I got a size sixteen. The great thing, is that i can wear the bottoms with another tankini top I have, so I will get two for the price of one. It was on clearance sale for eighteen bucks. Also found two really cute skirts at walmart for three dollars a piece. I couldn't believe it! They were both size sixteen too. I started out in january at a 22/24. I am sort of in between, it just depends on the outfit. Anyway that's terribly exciting to me.
I think I will go ahead and dust the livingroom since they are just watching TV.
Talk to you all later!

07-24-2005, 04:08 PM
gee, I go missing for a few days and this site goes nuts!!!!
No way I am going to get to all the posts....not with Dh home. Robyn- did your innards check out ok?? Scared me a bit with that...was this just routine stuff, I hope?
Dd did go to Md to see her friend- and has been having a wonderful time. They have toured the Naval base, gone fishing at nite several times, sightseeing in DC, last nite went to a Tiki Bar (whatever the dilly that is) and she called this am while I was walking, and told Dd they would be out all day today too. Her friend was ecstatic that she and his Dm came to visit him- and as I mentioned he is hysterical to be with- one of those people who you smile just looking at. (what a wonderful contrast to Mr Moron...... :lol: ) so she seems to be having a great time.
Me????just been busy- working a bit, trying to get some home improvment stuff done and grabbing moments with Patricia Cornwell. I have a feeling I know where Trace is going and I hope I do not want to strangle her.....these books are killing me.
Hi back later.

07-24-2005, 07:17 PM
Hey Gin! :) Glad your daughter is having a good time in Annapolis! One of my very dearest friends married a guy who went to school there.... Yeah, they did the whole "chapel" thing right in the middle of GradWeekRush! It was crazy! AND absolutely a load of fun! I adored walking around there (back in the day!), checking out all the "GoodHumorMen" running around in their whites! Memories make me smile! LOL

They were checking out my gallbladder...which appears normal.... so we move on to other tests....that someone told me are not nearly as fun as laying there for the ultrasound... I'm not going to worry about it for a least until I get back from our time at the beach!

Glad you checked in...I was starting to wonder...and worry 'bout ya! ( ...and your dh and his baseball loving self! ;) )

Oh BTW, as if ANYone really wants to hear me rant about our ISP.... we have progressed to cable...Holey Smokes....Didn't know that could be THIS fast! LOL

take care...hope everyone is having a great weekend!

07-24-2005, 07:21 PM
Hi everyone,
What a day it was here! My dh and the sds's had to just go watch the baseball tournments in town this morning. I stayed home to ride the excerise bike and to get my shower. Than they were to come home and we were to go for Chinese and take a drive to see where the one school was that I have class at next week was located at. It is an hour away from our house. But when they came home we were still going out for Chinese. But we have to wait for the kids mom to come pick them up and than we are going to go look for that school. Mind you the reason the plans changed today was because they just had to go back to the ball field to watch another ball game. I am so sick of baseball. I am hoping that for atleast a month, I can have my family back before they start football season. So I came to terms with getting to spend really no time with the family this weekend due to their love of baseball and my love of staying cool in the summer. I get very crabby and tired when I am in the heat for a long period of time. So it is best if I stay cool. We went to lunch and I watched my sdd eat three plates of food from the buffet. I told my dh that I give up trying to help her make healthy food choices and to lose the weight. I said that I was just shotting myself in the foot where her health was considered. She got on the scales yesterday and was 131.5. She cried that she couldn't understand why she wasn't losing any weight and than went on to blame it on the food her mom fed her and the chocolate pretzels she ate all last week at her mom's house. My dh was floored when I explained my reasons for being angry after lunch. I said that I was watching her slowly kill herself and I was tired of seeing her cry and make up excuses for her weight gain her in the last month. She has gained over 10 pounds in the last month. She is 9 years old and 131.5 pounds. Not a healthy weight for a little girl. So my dh talked with her and explained to her that she needs to slow down in her eating habits and start eating healthier. She went for all the fatty foods on the buffet bar today and couldn't figure out why she felt sick afterwards. Enough about my ranting and raving over my sdd. I just am tired of working so hard to make her see how eating healthy can improve her lifestyle and the killer of it all is that she asked me for help to lose her weight. I am not saying she needs to be put on a diet, but just needs to make healthier choices about food.
Pam that is good news about the smaller suit size. So did you dust the living room last night? So how was the sleepover last night?
Ginny glad that your dd is having a wonderful weekend! Sounds like a fun trip!
Hello to all the rest of you. I just don't have time to get personal right now. My dh is outside saying bye to the kids and than we have to go on our 2 hour round trip drive to find this school for my class. Talk to you all later.

07-24-2005, 11:17 PM
Had a great day today. Stayed in the pool most of the afternoon, it was fantastic.
Ginny: Just hang on with that book, I can't tell ya more than that. I'M DYING TO TELL YOU.......

Kerry: I understand your frustration about your sdd. I am in a similar situation with my own nine year old. You know I feel so terrible, because we were all eating terribly. Now, he is nine and very overweight. I looked at the height and weight chart for his age and he should be at the highest 90 pounds. However, He is about twenty pounds over that. I figured that by all of us watching what we eat, and excercising, it would help him. I don't want to hurt his feelings, but not only is it terribly unhealthy, but, kids can be so cruel, I just don't want him to have to go through that. The thing is, we can not buy any kinds of snacks I've discovered. Say, for example, that we buy low fat ice cream. He doesnt seem to understand that it doesn't help him if he eats half a box. So, I guess none of us will be able to have a snack. I don't know what to do. We began playing tennis everynight, and he loved it. But, it's been so hot that we haven't been playing.It's very depressing and I really blame myself. Hang in there it will be ok.

Everyone else........HEY!
I'm pooped!

07-24-2005, 11:26 PM
Evening, everybody.

Not a very eventful day here, which is good.
Robyn: Wait till they decide you have to have a hidascan (or did they give you one already?). Those are a blast. Not. You have to lay still on a little narrow table for 1 hour, with an IV in your arm... then, when they're sure they can see what they need to see, they inject your with this hormone that your gallbladder has to expel. The first time I have it done it was "okay", and I didn't get sick then (you all may remember I got sick afterward because my supervisor pulled a stunt that day and I had to go back to the school), but the second time they did it, the injection made me really sick. It is only supposed to make you sick if you have problems with your gallbladder. The first test showed an abnormal ejection factor, but the second test was fine. Its not a very reliable test, especially if you have lost a lot of weight quickly or you have any kind of hormonal disorders. The ultrasound isn't too bad, actually. I've had CT scans, too... those aren't bad either except for the stuff you have to drink. I had that done when I was on glucophage and couldn't get the barium down at all. They gave me some other clear liquid that has permanently turned me off of Snapple Fruit punch (they mixed it with that after the orange juice/tang they mixed it with the first time made me sick in their lobby!). Make sure you let us know how things go!!!! Oh, and endoscopies aren't that bad either. Of course, I really like my gastroenterologist... she is the only doctor other than my endocrinologist that really believes my exercise and food logs. She believes the exercise because she sees me at the gym.
Ginny: I noted that the other day! There were tons of posts, and I was only gone for one day! Welcome back! I'm glad your daughter is having a good time. Annapolis is really pretty. I started undergraduate at Hood College in Frederick, MD: it is the sister school to the Naval Academy, even though neither school is single-sex anymore.
Their choir and the choir at Hood did some Christmas concert my first year there, and they were pretty good.
Kerry: I am not a baseball fan either. My students bemoan the fact, and the last set tried for 3 years to get me interested in baseball (Orioles, please!), football (Ravens, of course!), and basketball (the high school team!). I am also definitely NOT a fan of heat. I wasn't even before I started all the medications... I've always taken Benedryl and it carries heat warnings.
And, please excuse me for butting in... I shouldn't but I have to say something. Be gentle with your step-daughter, please. I was never seriously overweight as a child, but I was heavier than most of the kids my age. My grandmother went after me constantly about my weight, and was always on me about various things. Part of it is definitely because my father was bounced from the military because of a weight problem. But, what happened was that when I started gaining weight so rapidly from my endocrine disorder, I blamed it all on myself... I wasn't exercising because of my ankle problem, and also wasn't cooking very much, also because of the ankle (I couldn't stand very much), and grad school. I honestly believe that if my primary care doctor in Virginia hadn't insisted that I might have something physically wrong, that I would have continued to blame myself and continued to gain weight. And, I was making healthy choices: My grandmother did most of the family cooking and from middle school forward it was Egg Beaters, Turkey-based products, non-fried food, steamed veggies, fish, etc. When I gained the weight, my grandmother and mother didn't leave me alone about it. I was always getting picked at or on about it from them. It wasn't until I was diagnosed that my mom sort of believed it, and that took another year. My grandmother is just now starting to understand, but I do still catch her giving me those looks. I grew up hearing stories about the diets my grandmother put my mother and aunt on: hardboiled eggs, grapefruit, rubber girdles, cottage cheese. I can't help but wonder if my doctor (he was my primary care doctor from the time I was in 1st grade all the way through until I left Pennsylvania the last time in 2000!) would have noticed something was wrong if I hadn't been so wary of talking about the weight issue. I might have been diagnosed sooner. I don't know that, of course, but I do know that thinner people get better medical care. One of the teenage swim instructors has had the exact same symptoms as me: throwing up all the time, tired, etc... they are actively investigating her issues. And that was definitely not the case with me until I found my endocrinologist. I've also told all of you that she's had to go outside her speciality of reproductive endocrinology to nutrionist, medical endocrinology, etc to help me because very few other doctors would. They all blame eveyrthing on my weight. As I said, please don't be upset with me... I just had to say it.

07-25-2005, 12:49 PM
Holy Moly! I have only been gone five days and I am three pages behind in posts! I just breezed through them and don't have much time to comment but here are a few things...

Pam - Definately. What ever it takes. Go on your cruise. How often do you get a free cruise? How is your brother doing now that he is home? I bet he is thrilled to be there even if he still has a nurse coming in every day. I can't believe they changed your grade and weren't going to tell you about it. How strange. Don't they think their teachers might want to prepare or something??! Any word on the guy that was trying to lure your husband away? How scary for you. Luckily with 11 acres surrounded by fields, we don't get very close to the road ever. I would be a nervous wreck after that!

Ginni - I am so glad your DD went on her trip. Hopefully she will see how the other half lives. I married a control freak (the first time) and it can be down right scary at times. My self esteem and confidence level was so low by the time we divorsed, it was terrible.

Mouse - Can you believe that Rowlings? I am so mad that she did that to Harry again! I know in Michigan in order to be HQ to teach all the core subjects in special ed. you either had to pass each subject matter test or pass elementary test. Since what I teach changes every year, I am going the elementary route.

Summer - It is nice that your DD found something she enjoys so much. Plus cheerleading can be done year round! So far my children like to golf and bowl. They don't enjoy team sports very much for some reason.

Kerry - When you finish your classes are you then HQ or are they just preparing you for the test? What a pain this all is and probably about the time we all get HQ they will do away with it! I think they should have grandfathered us old farts in!

Robyn - Glad you are back on line. Sorry to hear you are going through all the tests. What a pain!

We had a great time camping. It was hot but we could swim during the day and the camper has AC. I think we talked about running into students during the summer right before I left. Here I drove 3 hours to go on vacation and there were Lakewood students camping at the same place! They weren't MY students but when you teach at a small school everyone knows everyone!

I guess I should join the AA group. I drank my share of Mike's light lemon-aid while on vacation. Man that is good stuff! I don't care for the lemon-lime as much but then I don't like Sprite either.

My car is in the shop today. The check engine light kept coming on whenever I hauled the camper. The mechanic said it just needed a tune-up. Hopefully that is all it ends up being. I did ask him to check out the shocks as it is getting pretty bumpy in there. Of course that could just be Michigan's roads!

It is suppose to be 93 today with a heat index over 100. We did get some rain yesterday, so my grass is green again. I think it is suppose to cool down tomorrow.

I got my schedule in the mail yesterday. Looks like I will only have two preps this year (biology and physical science) YEAH!!!! I won't know what to do with myself! I went to grab my student's schedules last night. It appears that almost every student has at least one conflict, so that will mean some work. At least I can bring the stuff home and work on it in the AC. Our school doesn't have AC at all and every classroom has one wall of windows, so you can imagine how hot it gets in there! I also found out that our principal hired a new special ed teacher. I sure hope he is a teacher and not a jock. We actually have seven new staff members this year, which is a lot for a small high school. Out of those 7, I know 3 and they are all Jocks. Our principal is a dumb jock and likes to hire more of the same!

I guess I should go finish my laundry, feed the children and call to see if my car is done.


07-25-2005, 09:45 PM
Welcome back, Sue!
The highly qualified thing varies by state: I have one of the same options, which is to become highly qualified in each area, but I can't do the elementary option unless I teach self-contained students not working toward a state diploma in Maryland. Virginia is still a mystery to me, but I know I'll be highly qualified once I finish the Master's plus 30. Pennsylvania wants me to go back to undergrad and do a full degree in elementary education as if I weren't already a certified teacher. Not only do I have a permanent PA license, but I have met their Act 48 requirement (180 hours of professional development every 5 years) with 720 hours total. But, I'm not highly qualified.
It annoys the hay out of me, because while I'm not considered "highly qualified", I am highly qualified enough to do things to determine whether other staff are highly qualified! Like, I spent 2 weeks scoring for the National Board of Professional Teaching STandards (if you're national board certified, you're highly qualified, no matter what), and also sat on the panel that helped ETS determine the cut-score for the severe disabilities subejct exam.
I'm totally with you on prinicipal who are something and like to hire others to compliment themselves... that is, afterall, what goes on in my last school! The skinny blondes get whatever they want, whenever... and those of us that don't fit that phenotype are gotten rid of as soon as possible. :shrug: I don't get it, frankly.

07-25-2005, 10:55 PM
Kerry, my DD is turning eight years old in November, is tall for her age, and weighs 50 pounds. According to her pediatrician, she is of normal weight. I am alarmed that your nine year old SDD is 131 pounds. This is no joke. This child's weight is beyond your help. SHE NEEDS PROFESSIONAL HELP. It is obvious that she is using food for comfort. She is too young to comprehend the impact of her actions. I know children just like her. They are smart, beautiful, and fun to be with. But, they don't understand the damage they are doing to their bodies. She is on the fast track to diabetes. She is laying down fat cells right now that will be with her for the rest of her life, and being a thin adult will be that much more of a struggle for her. I was thin until my 20's, and I'm struggling like ****. I don't even want to know how much harder it would be for me had I been a chubby child. You seriously need to get her counseling with a professional who deals with eating disorders in children. This is an eating disorder. A professional will help the whole family and her deal with her emotional and physical needs so that she will no longer need to overeat to be content. I don't mean to push my opinion on you, but I can't stand to see a child hurt herself like this. And remember, this is not only your responsibility, but also your DH and his ex. If the ex won't get on board, at least she will be getting the right kind of help from your home and the counselor.

Sue, glad you enjoyed camping. Welcome home!

Mouse, in my school it isn't the skinny blondes who are favored, it is men. My principal (who is a married female) LOVES MEN. Our previous "teacher in charge" was a veteran female teacher. Our current one is a handsome, charismatic, male teacher who only just got tenure! Her favorite para is male, and he is constantly pulled out of his 6:1:1 SED classroom to do her bidding. And of course, she favors Nimrod, our brain-deficient male custodian over our now-transferred hardworking, ***-busting female custodian. P.S. If you read in the newspaper about an inner city school in CT that gets blown to smithereens, it is my school. My DH has already been given instructions to name Nimrod as the one to blame.

Rob, put your health worries behind you and enjoy your vacation to the beach. You deserve to relax and HAVE FUN!!!

:hat: Okay copycats...everyone knows you all love Mike's, how about your give Baja Bob's a pun intended. He not only has sugar-free margarita mix, but all those other frozen drinks and I think martini mixes too!!! I love his margaritas, and the best is that they are guilt-free!!! :cheers:

Did I tell you I have an appointment with a podiatrist? Well, my chiropractor's lame insurance person told me my appeal was denied and suggested I become a cash customer. That's a good one. I can barely afford to pay three days a week of copays, and he thinks I can pay his fee?! If his office staff can't provide good enough documentation to prove that I need treatment from him, then guess what? I don't give a sh*t anymore. I will see the podiatrist and pray that they offer me more options than surgery and drugs. Hopefully they will give me P.T. and maybe a steroid shot in my foot. And another thing...I hope the podiatry treatment costs WAY MORE than the chiropractor so that the insurance company gets it where it hurts them the most. :p

JUSTICE: Do you remember my day at the movies ruined by the balling baby? Well, when I got home, I emailed the theater's main office. Today in the mail I received two free passes to the movies!!! ;) It pays to let people know how you feel.

I'm still p*ssed at my friend whose DH thinks his sh*t doesn't stink. Our only contact till we return to school will be that sleepover. After that, I'm backing off completely. It will be entirely up to her to make arrangements for play dates and social get-togethers. I'm not wasting my energy on her anymore. :p

Tonite, DD had gymnastics. Unfortunately, the YMCA in my town does not have it, so we have to go to the next town over which just so happens to be an affluent area where women stay home with their brats while their DH's work so many hours, they never see them. DD has taken gymnastics at this YMCA since she was 3 or 4 because it has the best reputation in our area. Unfortunately, I have to listen to these women talk about their shallow yet glamorous lives. I used to join in, but became so nauseated at one point, I just read now. It is funny how these women didn't bother me as much before I taught in the inner city. But now that I've seen both sides, and somehow fall in the middle of the two, I can't tolerate their bragging knowing that just 15 minutes away, people are really struggling just to put food on the table. These women are so spoiled what with their daily spa treatments, tennis games with their young, handsome instructors, sailing trips, and afternoons spent at "the club." I am surrounded by obnoxious rich people. My DS is rich. My church friends are rich. Many of my coworkers are rich. Many of my close friends are rich. I never cared before, but they all just get on my nerves now. I can't change where DD takes gymnastics. There aren't other options. But, we have considered changing churches to one in our neighborhood. I have made many new friends who are just plain, old, regular joes, and I like them a lot. It is amazing how my job teaching the poor has given me a whole new perspective on my life.

07-26-2005, 08:34 AM
Hey! I lost my post again!
Not a whole lot happening around here except for dog hot days. It was 100 yesterday today supposed to be 104, tomorrow 103. Heat indexes in the teens. Yuck. We went in the pool for a little while yesterday, but it wasn't too much fun. Hard to breath when it gets that hot.
Sue: Welcome back. Hope you had fun. Our school never lets anyone know anything until a few days before the teachers are supposed to go back. It's like the pentagon. The only reason I found out, is because there are these two men at my school who pride themselves on the fact that they know the latest scoop. They call everyone to let you know the low down. It gets on my nerves. I guess sometime this week I will go get a Math Book. Or not.....................

Mouse: This whole highly qualified thing, is the reason a lot of people were moved at my school. In Virginia I am 4-8 Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Math. In North Carolina: k-9 Language Arts, Social Studies, and Math. You should just run the school. Lord knows you have so much coursework. Have you taken any of the All Kinds Of Minds Workshops? Child Attuned? I'm getting ready to do that the week of August 8th. Sounds interesting.

Summer: I never was a margarita drinker, however, we went to Texas Steakhouse one night, and I had a frozen strawberry one. Omigod, I could have licked the glass. Ha! Sorry things aren't working out between you and your friend...........

Ginny: What's up with you? You've been very quiet.............

Hey Kerry!

Robyn: Isn't the cable internet great? We got it in December. I don't think I can ever go back. Hope your tests go well.

I am getting ready to do a quick clean up around here. Son's gone to work, youngest one spent the night next door and my hubby is getting ready to go off to work. Wow, I will actually be by myself for a couple of hours. I won't know what to do with myself.

Have a good day!

07-26-2005, 02:04 PM
Just a short hello......trying to get something done here in this miserable heat and with 3 kids around. Ok, you can stop laughing now. Oh and start laughing again because here I sit like a jerk, reading and rereading several of these addictive Cornwell books attempting to piece together all the stuff she throws at you regarding the "death" of Benton. Half the time I am laughing and the other half the time I am now you all know I am insane.

I've skimmed the posts...regarding the overweight Sdd. How sad too. My Ds is the only one (16) who seems to have inherited his mom's weight problem. And at 16 he is finally seeing the light. No, he does not eat great- but is taking a much better look at what he eats, his activity level (although PS2 wins out far too often) and how he looks. So there is some hope. But I know he is a stress eater like his mom and Dad.
The only difference between mom and dad there is that somehow, Dh's metabolism carries him thru and he does not gain. But the long and short of it is......I know from both my Ds and a friend (who I just got started on WW online) that leaving the materials out about healthy eating and just not having too much junk around is key.
Also- instead of buying a 1/2 gal of ice cream- go for a box of sugar free popsicles or similar. Automatic portion control- and you can still have that snack. I'm gonna agree with Summer that perhaps a visit to the Dr would be helpful, or some sort of professional help.
Sorry not to get personal......I am trying hard to catch up today (had to work all day yesterday, Mom filled in for Dd who was coming home from Md.....her trip was fantastic). So no wonder I am such a burn out.
See ya later!

07-26-2005, 02:44 PM
Well, for some unknown reason, my insurance company changed its mind and will now cover the chiropractor for 5 visits. Now what?! I have a podiatrist appointment in two days. Of course, the chiropractor office is thrilled and wants me to book them. Now that I've committed to seeing the podiatrist, I would kind of like to see what he says especially if he will prescribe physical therapy. I would guess that I would get more than 5 sessions of PT. In the meantime, I feel a sense of loyalty toward my chiropractor. Oh well, I guess Thursday's appointment will tell.

Sorry about my rant about those superficial people in my life! :o I just get so frustrated some times by all the spoiled women I know who don't work, many of them with grown children, while we all bust our humps during the school year. Yes, we've got it great having our summer's off. But, when you look at all the hours of work we put in outside of the classroom plus being required to get our master's degrees, I think we work as hard as any other professional if not harder.

I was a good girl and went to the gym today for an hour long workout. DD tried out the babysitting for the first time in years. She did well considering that there was nobody near her age to play with. I'm fortunate that I have this option. While I was there, I was approached by a personal trainer. She looked like a Russian gymnast and had a body like I would never dream of having. She was nice and asked me questions. She offered me a free consultation, which would of course lead to expensive personal training sessions. I will probably give the free consult a shot, but unless she is outstanding and cheap, it won't continue beyond that.

I've decided to go back to only one carb a day. I have begun to gain again, and that is not gonna continue. I know I am retaining water, because I just started my period, but, others are losing on phase 2 while I'm not. Yes, I should increase my exercise, but it is hard to do much more with my foot injury. If I can at least do the gym 3 times a week, it is better than nothing. And rather than return to phase 1, I would like to see if just one carb would help. We shall see.

07-26-2005, 03:47 PM
I just have a minute. I am actually taking a break from my school scheduling. Nothing seems to be an easy schedule fix and I am losing my mind!

Ginny - the portion control thing works great if you can stop at one. I bought Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches since I couldn't stop on the ice cream. Last night I ate the whole container - 6 SANDWICHES!!!! I can't even blame it on that TOM! I think I have actually gained 10 pounds this summer. I did so well for so long and now I have absolutely no control. I have to weigh in tomorrow too. So far today I have been good. I have to put the past behind me right? Start with today.

Summer - I would love to try your Baja Bob but I had a bit of an incounter with upside down margaritas in my younger years and can't even say margarita without thinking I may barf! Too bad because they look so pretty with their salt and fancy glasses! Congrats on the free passses! That almost made it worth it. So what are you going to see? Men are also favored in our school. The administration makes all these rules each year. The women follow them, the coaches (men) don't, then we are all *****es for doing it. They are never disciplined for not! Luckily I don't have to deal with too many rich people in the country. Teachers are actually considered rich around here! My DH's bosses are rich but I don't have to deal with them too much except to hear my DH whine with envy about their latest toy. The good thing is they get sick of things as soon as the next model is out and sell the old to their employees for dirt cheap! That is how we got our printer and digetal camera. They are much nicer than we could have afforded otherwise. Now my husband is trying to get a Cadillac Escalade (don't even know how to spell it) from one of them for me since my Durango is a 1999 and is starting to wear out.

I think all this HQ stuff if crap. I can see hiring teachers that are qualified for what they are hired for but if a veterin teachers has been teaching something forever they HAVE to be qualified by now! I just ran into one of the middle school's teachers wife and she said her DH just took the test. I'll have to find out what to expect from him. He didn't have his results back yet but if he passed it, I am pretty sure I can pass it. He is a great guy and does great with his students but I have met smarter people!

Okay I am going to go make myself a low cal salad. I've done it before I KNOW I can stick to program again. I have to lose these pounds or the clothes I bought for school last year won't fit right. I REFUSE to dig out my "fat" clothes!


07-26-2005, 06:12 PM
Hey all....
as the wicked witch of the west said, "I'm melting, I'm melting!" WHAT is up with this heat?! It is so HOTTTTTT here!

I went to get my hair "fixed" this morning. Did I tell you how wonderfully sweet my hairdresser is? She has been doing my children's and husband's hair for 9 years, since we were both young children! (Actually, I was old and had two children (The youngest was about 10 months when I first met her!) BUT she was still in high school! LOL) I went for literally years with not doing ANYthing to my hair...maybe a little trim..(When Emily convinced me too!)...but most often....nothing!
Well, Em "grew up"...she became the owner of the salon. She then built her own salon and moved out of the storefront thingy... And well, I also figured out...about 4 or 5 years ago, that if *I* didn't take care of me.... no one was... I have (or HAD) really dark hair. Dark hair that went gray and drabby very quickly AND I tried to color it myself in the comfort and privacy of my bathroom. YIKES....not only did I dye my bathroom various colors...I also made my hair various horrid shades. So for about 2 years now, I've had regular appointments scheduled every 5 to 7 weeks....and "Em" has been coloring my hair in her very cool and upscale Aveda salon and spa LOL Times change! ...AND when my dh lost his job, I called Em......and told her that suddenly she had a Tuesday at 5 opening as I just couldn't rationalize my hair color appointments with my dh not working. Without hesitating she announced that she would call me from home after work. Today was the 4th time that I've had my hair colored for the price of the haircut ($15)........and I have to insist on paying THAT! At first I didn't want to do this.... I even tried to "go natural"....but geesh it really does look and make me feel so much better to have the blahhh colored up! Em says that I'm not "just anyone"! Have to tell you.... I will be loyal to her 'til the end! DH will have to drive me to the salon to get my blue hairs set! :) She is really really special to me..... and I guess I just needed to tell someone about how kind she is! Geesh! Sorry to gush!

Since this is already so long, I'll only add a few things:
*Raspberry Margaritas are the BESTTTT! *I "can get into" my classroom when I want to now. How about next week?! Maybe! *Teaching in an area of poverty will REALLY change how you look at things and people! (In my 17 years at my old school, I also learned some cool "city" lingo, too! LOL ) While I love my new job and school and those kiddos, I *DO* miss my city kiddos! *Summer, go to both the foot dr and the chiropractor!!! Yeehaw about the movie passes and your time at the gym! *Sue, welcome back and ewww about the lack of airconditioning! My dear friend is teaching summer school in the Bronx without airconditioning....She has kids literally fainting daily! ...and Um, I'm with you regarding issues about self control! You and I would get along pretty well...I have a story similar to your Skinny Cow Story...but sadly it is way too long to be included in THIS post! LOL (righttt) *I had to pull out some of my fat clothes.... When I get back from the beach...I *HAVE* to get back to WW. I have already begun to THINK about what is going in my mouth...and I'm getting in a bunch of water.... but when I get back from the beach...I've gotta do something as they don't allow fat naked teachers at my school...what about yours?! LOL

Gotta run...these darn people want food again!
take care,

07-26-2005, 10:45 PM
Robyn- congrats on getting the hair done, girl!! Bet that makes you feel like a million$$ and how sweet of your friend todo that. My hair sounds a lot like yours.......and my Arlene does a wonderful job of keeping it my natural color. I do such a crummy job w/o her and she is my sole indulgence. (figure I put up with 10 months of baseball and all the other stuff.....least I can do is get my hair done!) Hope this heat breaks for you soon too!!!!!!!! Start logging in your food intake.....that will help.

Sue- well, haven't we all done that??? (eating the whole box). Me I can't buy any of the 2 point bars WW makes (except the pb and jelly ones, I think they are awful). I eat the whole box in one day...lotta good that accomplishes! Go for that WI tomorrow...and start fresh. You made the first big step by going for the WI. Remember what Laura (my WW leader and patron saint!) said...."I came, I weighed, I cried, I stayed!". Tomorrow is another day.

Summer- how funny about the insurance.....which can be so unpredictable and fickle.
Hope going to one carb does it for you. And I hope that foot is better.

Not much new here.....somebody please dig me out of these Scarpetta novels......I sneak in 5 minutes here, 5 there.....haven't done any major reading in a day or so, darned things are addicting.
Sorry if I missed you..

07-26-2005, 10:56 PM
Evening, all.
I talked to a lawyer today about getting my stuff back; he's not willing to represent me although he told me exactly what I need to do on my own. His reason for not representing me is valid: he'll charge me more than my stuff is worth. However, the law requires that a company/business be represented by a lawyer, which means their side will have a legal expert and I will not. I clearly need to cultivate lawyer friends.
I guess that means that they are going to get away with this. That makes me almost as sick as the thought that they are keeping and using my stuff; getting it through deceit and lies. But I am the one with the communication issues, right?
My new district isn't looking much better right now. The personnel specialist says that she sent me email on Monday telling me what school I was in, and since I didn't respond I might lose my "intent" status... I have received every other email she's sent me, but not one on Monday. And I was home all day yesterday: I spent it on the telephone with the electric company (which proved nearly incapable of setting my account up for budget billing!), AT&T (who screwed up my order three times and lost a customer they've had for more than 20 years), and the cable company (who will provide my cable and my telephone service (its not the Internet Phone stuff... its a regular land line; they became a local provider when the law permitted it). And the moving company, and the gas company. The gas company was the only one that was easy! The only time I left my apartment on Monday was to go see my physical therapist to get the orthotics for my shoes. I wore them for the first time today: 2 45 minute sessions, one of them while I was working out upstairs.
All in all, it was a VERY frustrating day!
I'm guarding Thursday of this week, 3 days next week, and one day after I move. The aquatics director was really short handed for August because everybody is taking their vacations and some of the others are going back to college, I'm moving... so I told her it wasn't that far and I'd come up if she'd give me a whole shift (8 hours instead of 2).
And it is SOOOOOO hot outside! The actual temp here today was 101, with heat indexes not much under 110 degrees. Yesterday was 106 as a heat index. I hope it really cools down, because I have to take the cat to my mom's house, and I don't want to have him in the car when it is so hot... A/C or no A/C, he'd be uncomfortable.
In fact, I had headed toward the gym after I picked up the orthotics (the better to avoid still more phone calls!), but actually got sick after I walked from the parking garage to the hospital for the PT appointment, and then back. The garage elevators don't have A/C or a vent, so they were super hot! It had to be from the heat, because I'm following my eating plan pretty well. I can't be positive, but it looks like I might have lost some weight. I won't believe it until next week to see if the scale stays the same or goes lower. Especially since I'm not going to meet my goals this month... that is mostly because of the theft of the gym bag, though. I lost a whole week. By the time I got my stuff replaced, we were doing overtime for the National Board, so I missed that week too.
Alright: I'm off to clean out the bookcase near my desk: I keep all the paper and stuff for the computer there.

07-27-2005, 09:10 AM
Good morning.
I'm so glad I'm not alone..............I have been eating horribly. It seems like everytime I go into the kitchen I eat something. It's not good stuff either. Ice cream....Omigosh, I bought some Edie's slow churned light triple chunk fudge..........Big mistake..........Day before yesterday we went to sonic and I got a Orange Vanilla Cream Slushee. Ok, Robyn: we don't allow fat naked teachers at my job either. Actually the thought of having to put on regular people clothes, make up and brush my hair all before 6:30 is terrible. I found out where I'm being moved yesterday. Turns out it was the very first room on the sixth grade hall I was in when I came here. It used to be seventh grade. They told me yesterday I could go get my key and move my stuff whenever I'm ready. It's a bunch of stuff.........i dread that....
Supposed to 115 here with the heat index. I went into the pool for a little while yesterday, and it was sort of too hot to breathe. I ended up going back inside.
Speaking of hair color. I decided to highlight my hair. Well, the directions looked easy just put the goop in this little comb thing, then brush it through your hair. How complicated could that be????Oh well, it was a mistake. One part looked very gold, like Dennis Rodman had dyed his hair or something. So, I ended up having to color it back to light golden brown. Then, my son's girlfriend ended up coming over and highlighting it for me about a week later. I told her I wanted it done very subtly. You can hardly tell...............It looks better, but not the look I was going for. I think I'll just leave it alone. It's pretty light anyway from all the sun and chlorine.
And I am unhappy to say, I have managed to color the carpet in front of my sink. Yikes.......
Speaking of hair.........My nineteen year old came home with a shaved head yesterday. His hair is really blonde, so now you can't even see the hair. I just shook my head and rubbed it for good luck.
My nine year old and I spent two hours yesterday cleaning his pig pen of a bedroom. He collects a variety of cards and they were everywhere. I feel much better now, and I will be able to find him when he goes into his room. I told him I am going to put a sign up on his door that says that before any of his friends go home they have to help clean up. He says don't do that. I said well, this is ridiculous.
I am up to 176.5 this am. Horrible. I drank probably half of a two liter of Pepsi yesterday. I also drank water, but that was being a little counter productive to drink all the Pepsi.

Sorry this is so random. HEY TO EVERYONE..........
Stay cool today.....

07-27-2005, 09:24 AM
Gee Mouse, ever felt that you've got some sort of hex on you?! Maybe even a gray storm cloud! You just can't get a break, can you? Good luck with getting the "stuff" fixed at with the new system. Have you signed stuff with them? ....and do you think that your friend that is still in your old location might be able to help you get ANY of your stolen materials?

Hey to everyone else. I'm sitting here in a pair of my fat shorts.....trying to decide if I'm going to wear them or find some FATTER ones. AHEM... while I've enjoyed summer.... and I will have a wonderful (read that as I'm going to eat and drink!) time at the beach....but girls... it is getting U G L Y here! Yuck! Now that my foot isn't throbbing....I should stand up and do something.... in the house... (cause I'll die outside!) or in our little pool (which has enough water to do some sort of exercises!).

Summer, I owe you a PM....and I will get back with you later today. I hope. Today my best teaching buddy from my old school is going with me to my new school to check out my new classroom and help me plan. I SUREEEE wish I had tables instead of desks for my first graders; however, at the new school this is NOT an option. They don't have them AND there are none to pull in from storage! (Which is hysterical as the old school system had a huge supply of tables that no one wated any more! Sigh.... You don't know what you've got 'til its gone! LOL

I'm 2nd now on the new StephaniePlum Evanovitch novel....I"m SURE that it will come in while I'm at the beach. I've waited ALL summer for this book....they will hold it 3 days. The gal that called me yesterday about another reserved book told me to remind them to mark my reserve. I've got a bad feeling about this. (Hans Solo or was that oldest would know!)(Ya think I'm a tad ADHD? Go on....Give me your professional opinions! I'm (big as a) man enough to take it! Oh look there's a bird! LOL ::sigh:: LOL

Gotta friend just pulled in!
take care,

07-27-2005, 09:48 AM
Pam, I have the same problem with DD (7 years old). She works so hard to clean and organize her room and playroom. Then her friends come over, and you can't find the floor. In fact, on her first day of camp last week, we looked in her closet for her sneakers which had not been worn since her last gym class in school. They were not in their designated spot. We searched high and low. I had to grab a pair of sneakers a size smaller which were going to get consigned for her to wear. She barely got them on, and we were late for her first camp day. By the end, she was hurting. That afternoon, we continued the search only to find them at the bottom of her bin of dress-up costumes. One of her friends had put them there. Thanks kids! When I demand that they help her clean up, there is no guarantee that things will get put back where they belong. Now, the dress-up clothes come out of the closet and the door gets locked. At least this way the contents of her closet remain untouched.

Mouse, well, you tried. Your old school probably knew all along that they could get away with this. They suck. As far as the communication problems with the new school, I think all school systems are a nightmare of bureaucracy (sp?). My district lost my first application/resume. I had a principal that wanted to hire me but couldn't because personnel had no record of me. The second one got mailed by certified mail just to cover my butt. I can't tell you how many times I supposedly was sent something crucial at my school and never got it. I almost lost my national accreditation over it last year. Good luck with everything.

Robyn, your Em sounds like an angel. What a total sweetheart. I wish she were up north with me as well. Last year when I had to stop being bleached every 5 weeks to save money, I asked my Mary Frances to dye me back to natural which ended up being double the cost. Okay now, we are trying to save money here...Once back to natural, the light stuff underneath kept trying to come out which meant more color. The whole thing backfired. She had no suggestions for me, when it occured to me to get highlights. They only get done about every 3 months or so. So now, I save a boatload of money by doing highlights. But, actually, Mary Frances' prices have just gone up because she finished a course making her a master colorist. :p She is just so good, I'm afraid to let anyone else touch my hair. I was a toe-head blonde till the age of 12. My mom would spray "Sun-in" in my hair in the summer to give my dirty blonde hair highlights. At some point I started coloring my own hair until the fateful day I combined a color with an old perm. :fr: YIKES!!! That was a bad idea. I ended up with very blonde straw on my head. So, for the past 15 years, I have been blonding up my dirty blonde professionally. Once again Robyn, thanks for the giggles!

Sue, what is an upside down margarita? :?: Go get yourself that Escalade! Woo Hoo!!!

Hi Ginny and Kerry!

Best friend update: The ***** left a message that we must be able to find time for a BBQ/cocktail party at my house, only her DH won't be joining her. Can you imagine having such a busy schedule as to not allow you to attend any events for an entire straight month...especially when you are a lazy, spoiled man who DOES NOTHING except work for your father's bank?! He does no volunteer yard grad school...just recreation. Please tell me what fun it would be for her to come over by herself for a BBQ and drinks with my DH and me. I'd be fine, but as patient and tolerant as DH is, he would eventually get sick of woman talk. Hey, maybe she can get a date and bring him along!!! :lol:

Nextdoor Nightmare update: She returned home from the mental hospital yesterday with a diagnosis of Psychosis. Last I heard, she was put on Risperdal. She could probably use some Haldol along with that. Anyway, they must have her pretty drugged up because we haven't seen her since she got home.

Today, DD and I are going on a day trip with the "tricklets" (triplets), their mom, and grandparents. Our town is on the coast of Long Island Sound, which is nice, but we prefer open ocean water which is cleaner. So, we are driving 90 minutes away this morning to Ocean Beach to spend the day there. I'm not looking forward to the drive, but supposedly it will be worth it for the nicer beach. We will see!

07-27-2005, 10:30 AM
We are actually going to have a COOL day today! YIPEEEEEEEE! Actually I think I may need to put on pants as it isn't suppose to get out of the 70's. I am going to go into work and take advantage of the coolness!

Robyn - Hmmmm. I work with mostly ADHD children and live with an ADHD DD, so your writing seems right in place to me! LOL. How sweet of your hair dresser to reduce her prices for you. She definately is a keeper! Those things are so expensive these days. I our little one horse town I still pay twenty something for a hair cut and I have blocked out what a high light is because it was so much. I'll need to do that soon though as the sun has caused me to be a bit over high lighted right now. I need to get back closer to my own medium brown. I think my DH would like me to go bleach blond though. What is it with men and blonds anyway? My school is pretty lenient but fat and naked wouldn't fly. Now from what I see the students wear I think young, skinny and nearly naked is a go. I totally understand your difficulty in starting with the exercise after an injury. I hurt my knee at Christmas and haven't exercised (except golf) since. I actually thought about it yesterday, so that is a start!

Ginny - I WILL go to WI tonight and take my lumps. I have just over a month to fit into my school clothes. I actually did well yesterday point wise but not so go on my water. I am going to work on that today. Once school starts and my life HAS to be on schedule, I'll be much better about getting to the meetings. I am going to try to not miss any except the week we are on vacation until then. I know the program works.

Mouse - Sorry to hear you won't get your stuff back. I guess you need to be glad the lawyer didn't just take your money and run. I don't envy you dealing with the utility companies. I think I would rather go to my OBGYN then deal with them!

Pam - Repeat after me - Pop is evil. Between the sodium and the caffiene, it will bloat you and dehydrate you. Not to mention the calories if you don't do diet. Moving classrooms is such a pain. Isn't it amazing how much crap we accumulate over the years?!

We had a little excitement in our small town. A woman was bit by a rattle snake! Luckily they got her to the hospital and she is going to be fine but they haven't found the snake. She lived right across from our school secretary. I don't think I would go outside again until it was found. Luckily I live 8 miles out of town, so we should be safe.

I guess I should head out. Wednesday is library day and then it is off to work I go! I was able to fix several schedules but I have a few that I will need to call the student on. Actually it will be fun to chat with them for awhile. I do love my summer but I miss the little buggers too. I guess in my case they are big buggers since most are 11th or 12th graders.


07-27-2005, 10:41 AM
Summer: We must have been posting at the same time. I hope you enjoyed your day at the beach. An upside down margarita is where you lay on your back and they just pour the stuff right into your mouth. It was a big thing around these parts in the 80's, which unfortunately coincided with my young and foolish stage. Anyway we had a contest one night to see who could do the most. I won or lost depending on your point of view! I feel queezy just thinking about it and it happened over 20 years ago!


07-27-2005, 01:02 PM
Gee - its been so busy here since last nite......

Sue- ya want to share some of that cool weather with us here in NY???? It is miserable here!! And stay away from the rattlers.......not very good friends to keep I am afraid. Good luck with the WI. I switched myself to Core 2 weeks ago, and no I have not been perfect with it- not even close- but have found it easier for me for now.
It takes out several of my trigger foods and counting points. Have you ever tried Core? Maybe you can use it to jump start you a bit.

Summer- enjoy the hot day at the beach. And use lots of sun screen!!!! Stay cool.
The playdate wrecking crew visits here in NY also. Guess that is a universal problem.
Dd has one friend who will take out EVERYTHING and then dance sure hurts my Dd when she has to clean up after her buddies. Hope things work out with the neighbor and she takes her meds. Does she live with someone who can attempt to remind her to take them? (Don't you take that job on!) And I would never in a million years have a bbq without her husband (your friend, that is). My Dh would not put up with it.

Robyn- glad that your foot is on the mend........when are you going to the beach?
Hope your book shows up before you leave- I have the same thing going with a book that I am 12th in line for (jumped way up in the past month) and that is for the entire Ramapo Catskill system (several counties). SO........the week we are gone I will probably be getting the book. Anyway- I know this is not a pretty subject, but would you consider going for some damage control with your eating?? Something maybe not to lose weight (if you are not up to that yet, and we all know what a mental struggle it is) but simply maintaining. Then back on track in the fall. I dunno,just an idea.

Pam- start drinking water girl!!!!! Try not to get too upset with the weight gain. You took it off before, it will come off again. With all the darned heat, water retention is a problem (had a WW leader tell us that a year ago) so it sounds like water weight to me. Hang in there.......and keep the one man wrecking crews out of Ds's room!!

Mouse- Wonderful news that you think the scale is going down!!!!!!! I am so happy for you. On another note- sounds as though you have had much more of your share of grief with idiots. That must annoy you so much losing your stuff like that. Well, maybe you can look at it as baggage from the old school (and although I am sure replacing the items will be frustrating) and getting rid of baggage from your former employer is a good thing. Stay cool in this miserable heat......hope that you got your cleaning done.

Past 2 days I have gotten my "long" walk in (almost 4 miles) and have gotten out early to avoid the heat. Usually don't have time to do so during the school year. This afternoon I am taking the kiddies bowling ($1 a game special!!!:)) after Ds's physical.
Tomorrow is WW and some shopping (nothing exciting.......want to see if they have any summer specials).
Better go see what the kids are up to. See ya!

07-27-2005, 02:38 PM
Yes, Robyn, I definitely have a cloud over me. There is a REASON that one of instant messenger IDs is Eeyore, and I have tons of stuffed Eeyores around my apartment: I like him, but his personality just fits me so well. :smug:
I have a coffee mug from one of my best college friends. It shows a picture of a cow lying upside down, 4 feet in the air, with the moon above her. The caption reads, "Really, I'm fine." That's my life. I'm pretty certain that most of the messes I get into are my fault. Oh well.
I replaced my ring today, since Allstate mailed me the check for the lost items. My $189 ring now costs $370. The rest of the money went to pay for the credit card purchases that replaced the gym bag, swim suits, etc.
As for my storm cloud (and if you've ever noticed, Eeyore has one of those follow him around too!), I pulled a muscle yesterday when I was lifting weights. It was strange, though, I was using less weight on the machine than normal!
I was never allowed to have a messy room growing up or to leave anything out: my grandmother would literally throw the stuff away if I did.
Its hot here again today: 106 degree heat index already, and its only 1:30! I was going to the gym, but I don't think I can even swim right now.
And, I've heard nothing from the personnel department at the district. I'll call them tomorrow if I don't get an email from her today. I save copies of my emails, though, and they haven't bounced back from her address. I would just really like to get everything settled... its not like this is my fault: I've done what I was supposed to do. I even found where I wrote MR on my letter of intent and the grade level... I'm still not sure where they got severe disabilities from.

07-27-2005, 06:02 PM
I came online to check the weather for tomorrow as I've heard talk that the heat wave will be gone.... I didn't get past today's (current) temperature .... Currently it is 104 and the heat index is 117.............. The news teasers just came on the t.v..... They are saying that tomorrow there will be an actual cold front. I just hope that we're alive to greet it! OMG, Ginny, they just showed on the news that the neighboring town is hosting a Baseball Tourney..... They have been playing all day...and tomorrow! (The next question is rhetorical...cause we KNOW the answer!) Have those dumb men LOST thier minds?????

I'll be back..... as soon as I dry up the puddle that is me!

07-27-2005, 07:47 PM
Hi Gals,
I am still alive. Just buried in learning about how to teach science to 6th graders. I am learning alot of neat ideas. Just don't think I can use some of them with my students. Next week is going to be my last week of classes. Than I am going to have a party to celebrate that I made it! LOL I might just go out to dinner at a nice restaurant and treat myself to a nice evening out.
I gained 4 pounds last week. So I am up to 204.5 pounds. I knew that I would probably gain the weight from sitting in class all last week. SO I just need to cut back on my eating this week and move more. Plus drink alots of water.
Thank you all for the wonderful advice for my sdd. She has started to do a little bit of physical activity during the day. So I think that might help her and just watching what she eats a little bit better.
Well it is dinnertime. So I will come back later and chat with you all.

07-27-2005, 08:34 PM
Kerry- I know the gain you saw will be gone in a week or so.....we all know how wonderfully focused you can be!!!!!! Keep up the great attitude. Great to hear from you. Hope all works out with Sdd too. Your knowledge and dedication will surely rub off on her sooner or later. She is blessed to have you around to help her.

Robyn- Don't steal my cold front!!!!!! (think I will go even more nuts if it stays like this much longer.) :lol: So you going to go watch some baseball???
It is addictive and my Dh would be out there with them if he could!!!!! It is after all baseball....... (which somehow snuck in our marriage vows......)Stay cool. Dry off.

Mouse- ok should be call your Eeyore???? Glad you were able to replace your ring. I know it had a lot of scentimental value to you. Don't you take my cold front either!!!!! Please spare some cold air for me. this heat is awful.
Let us know how the communications with the new school are going.

Took the gang bowling (I stink!) but it was fun. Guess I had better relinquish the computer to Dh-who did ask me to turn it on for him. Have a great nite!

07-27-2005, 09:52 PM
Sue, I had a similar experience around 16 years ago with "Purple Hooters." They are made with grape chambord and some other hard stuff. Well, I was at a party where this nuckle-head was making the women lie down on their backs as he poured purple hooters down their throats. I downed several and got soooo inebriated that I not only spent the entire night their, when I returned home the next morning, I was still drunk!!! As God is my witness, I will never drink another purple hooter again!!! I surely hope my DD is wiser than me and doesn't put herself in harms way the way I used to. His angels had to work overtime with me. :angel:

Gin, thanks for the feedback about my friend's DH. I'm glad to know that my opinion isn't unreasonable. Oh, and my poor nextdoor nightmare lives with her brother who is in MAJOR DENIAL. When their mother was alive and very violent with alzheimer's disease, they handled it all wrong. They didn't get her treatment until she was near death because they thought she was just cranky. This chick had all the symptoms of alzheimer's and could be dangerous to herself and others. So, I doubt her brother is handling her mental health issues much differently. I pray her doctors made it clear to him what her needs are including making sure she is not only taking her meds but swallowing them as well...not hiding them under her tongue till she can spit them out. Good for you making it 4 miles! Glad you enjoyed bowling...I stink too!

Mouse, I love Eeyore, but the Disney character I relate to is Tinkerbell. I dream of being petite and cute like her. My personality is a lot like hers. I am the youngest in my family, and I had to do cute stuff to get attention. I would feel left out just like her. I would become frustrated just like her. I just adore the story of Peter Pan with its "I will never grow up" theme, and I can relate to her the most.

Everyone, why doesn't each of you name the Disney character you most relate to? Just for fun!!!

Rob, it was hotter than Hades once again in CT. Being in the icey cold Atlantic ocean for the majority of today got me through it. We are having thunder boomers tonite. Yes, men are nuts. :dizzy: :lol: :yes:

Kerry, I know you will drop that 4 pounds and more in no time. Stay in tune with what sdd is doing so that her weight doesn't get out of control. Thank God she has you for such an inspirational role model.

Well, the drive to Ocean Beach was only one hour because the tricklets' mother has a friggin' lead foot!!! The 90 minute drive took 60 minutes because we drove between 75-80 mph in a 55 mph zone the whole way!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD...His angels were with me once again: 1. I managed not to get a speeding ticket. 2. We didn't get killed. I have never been there before, and I had no choice but to follow her closely so that I wouldn't get lost. Next time, I will mapquest it and meet her 30 minutes later! Phew! Anyway, once we got there, I caught my breath, and the palpatations abated, it was a blast. Ocean Beach has a boardwalk with shops, amusement park rides, water slides, pool, showers, and a b-e-a-utiful beach. The beach itself reminds me of Nantucket Sound off of Dennisport, Cape Cod, MA. The white sand is c-l-e-a-n, s-o-f-t, and loverly. The water (Atlantic) was also c-l-e-a-n and really cold. I spent most of my time in the water since it was such a hot and hazy day. It was soooo refreshing. I was ready to grow gills and flippers and commit to becoming a mermaid. DD and I left after 4 hours because DH was expecting us home. It took me 2 hours to get home because there was a major motorcycle accident on I95. The sick part was all the morbidly curious gawkers who slowed things down more as we were trying to pass the accident which took up 2 lanes. The only reason we could get by was because there was a McD's rest area to pass through. Anyhow, just as the thunder boomers began, we made it home in one piece thank you very much! Next time, DH is coming, and we will stay longer to enjoy the boardwalk.

Tomorrow is a play date with "snowday girl." Yippee!

07-27-2005, 10:29 PM
Evening Ladies,
I had a nice dinner date with my dh tonight. We went to the local steakhouse where my dsil works. She takes good care of us when we go in there. I had a chopped steak dinner with green beans and a salad. So I think I have done a good job being on task today with my food intake. I did do a walking video this morning and worked out at Curves this afternoon. So one day done and six more to go before my TOPS meeting and next WI.
Pam and Robyn I feel for you gals in the South with the hot weather. I know that the heat index here was about 102-106 the last couple of days. Today was not too bad. It was only about 89 degrees today. We are suppose to get some nasty thunderboomers tonight.
Robyn enjoy your time at the beach. Think of me stuck in Ohio with no real vacation in sight.
Summer glad you had a nice time at the beach today. That sounds like a lot of fun. Don't you love it when you follow someone else going some where you are not familar with and you have to speed to stay with them. Hope your playdate with "snowday girl" goes well.
Ginny I stink at bowling too. But it is a lot of fun. Especially when my dh and I went with his nephews who are just a few years younger than me. The only time I am good at bowling is when I have had a little bit of beer or wine coolers in my system. LOL Good for getting your walk in outside. We finally got a new VCR/DVD player and I have been sweating with Lesile in the mornings this week. So I hope to drop my weight this week. Have a good WI tomorrow.
Sue, how was your WI today? I hope all went well with you. I hear you about missing your students. I have gotten really close with a few of my students, since I am really the only teacher they have all day long. Plus I have a close working relationship with the parents of one of my students. I have thought about calling to check on him several times this summer and than get busy doing something else or it is too late in the evening to call. I am going to cry at the end of this year when I have to spend him on to the high school since he has been my baby for four years. I have enjoyed watching him grow and mature. Did you get much work done in your classroom today? I will need to do that in a couple weeks. But I just need to get through my classes first.
Robyn how was your day with your friend? I bet you had a wonderful day! Was she able to help you magically find some tables for your room? I would like to have tables instead of desks in my room too! If you find some extra tables send them my way and I will do the same for you. LOL.
Mouse, sorry to hear that you will probably never get your stuff back. That is just awful! I am glad that lawyer was honest and helpful to you. Usually I can never say the words lawyer and honest in the same sentence. LOL When will you know for sure about your teaching assignment? I hope you can get that all straightened out soon. I will keep thinking positive thoughts that you did see the scale go down some. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.
I have a wonderful way of getting back at my dh for the way he spent my birthday for me. Remeber how we just had to buy the kids two new baseball bats on my birthday and had lunch at Captain D's. Well my dh's birthday is this coming Saturday and he plans on going to a derby to see his nephew run that evening. So my ds called me on Sunday night and asked me to go to WVa to visit her this coming weekend. SO I said sure! I am going to go down on Saturday morning and go to Curves with her so she can try it out. Than we are going to go shopping that afternoon and to the movies that evening. Than on Sunday afternoon, I will come home. I am looking forward to a weekend with just my sister. We haven't done that in a while. It would have been nice if my other sister was able to come down too. But we might just have to do that on one of those long weekends during the school year.
Well ladies, I need to read an article for my Science class before class tomorrow. I better go and do that now. Than in the morning, I can just skim it as a review right before class.
Talk to you all later! Try to stay cool! :) :)

07-28-2005, 12:09 PM
Hey ya'll! Anyone else having spring like weather? Today it is only 85 with a heat index of 90....after the last week...well...WHOOOOHOOO get out the turtle necks! I am about to walk out to do some errands but I wanted to give everyone my weather report..cause, well, I just KNOW you were worried about me with all my melting and stuff! LOL

So, Summer wants to know "my" Disney character.....hmm???
ok...I have 2 or 3.... yeah, I know, I know!
First, you know Hyacinth Hippo from Fantasia??? That is me! To a T!!!
If she doesn't count then... of course, you will all guess this one: SnowWhite!
(Actually... Tinkerbell is my proverbial favorite....kinda built just like me (NOT) but sorta gets in trouble by doing "stuff" and yet, really comes thru in the end! Dependable! yet fun! and SnowWhite IS my other favorite maybe because she is so pure and I'm, uh, more like the evil queen! LOL) (My oldest ds just walked by and I asked him...and his reply was "Cruella DeVille"! BRAT! He, um, sorta has my mouth!)

Gotta run...I've got an appointment at noon! Will return to talk about MY bowling skills and MY beach plans! hehehehhe! (((hugs to my girls)))
take care,

07-28-2005, 01:42 PM
Rob, Hyacinth Hippo totally counts...excellent choice. However, I prefer your DS's submission of Cruella DeVille!!!!! :lol: :yes: :rofl: :lol3: :rofl: :yes: :lol: I luv ya, but I think Snow White is a bit of a stretch...Okay great, now I've got Cruella's song in my head, "At first you think Cruella is the devil, after time has worn away the shock, you come to realize you've seen her kind of eyes watching you from underneath a rock!" All day I'll be humming this song...

Kerry, Okay, I am waiting for your submission of the Disney character you most identify with...By the way, I love your idea for DH's birthday weekend. You go girl!!!

I saw my podiatrist today. He diagnosed me with a heel spur and plantar fasciatis (sp?) and on the x-ray he found some leftover damage from my break which could require surgery to prevent another break in the future. However it is elective surgery, so I doubt my insurance would cover it. They would probably prefer I go all out and do major damage first keeping me off my feet for who knows how long. :p The doctor gave me a cortisone shot, HOLY F*CKING **** that hurt like F*CKING ****!!! :fr: :stress: :faint: DAMN!!! He sprayed this freezing stuff on first which I thought would numb me, but feeling that needle (and that was a BIG needle) deep inside my bony heel...YEEOUCH!!! Man, I saw serious stars...

07-28-2005, 07:09 PM
Potty Mouth, sorry your Dr. hurt ya! Did the shot help? Family is squealing for food... gotta exit very quick.... Are ya still humming my song?! :)

07-28-2005, 08:14 PM
:mad: :nono: :dz: :rolleyes: :no: NO, THAT F*CKING SHOT DIDN'T HELP ONE F*CKING BIT!!! :dunno: :stars: :yikes: :sorry: :tired: :censored: OUCH!!! :tantrum: :stress: :fr: :eek: :cry: "Cruella DeVille, Cruella DeVille..." ;)

07-29-2005, 12:31 AM
Went and moved all my stuff into the new room today. Boy was that fun fun fun!
Thanks Robyn: I will have Cruella in my head for the rest of the night.
I will have to think about which disney character I can identify with. You know, that gives me a great idea for ice breaker activities when school starts. I always have my kids think of the geometric shape, or math symbol which best represents them. They have to draw a picture of the shape, and tell why. They present that to the class, it's pretty neat. Still thinking.

Happy to report I only drank one soda today. I'm trying to get better....I am drinking unsweetened iced tea.
Got a great compliment from our assistant principal today. She is a health fanatic. She runs five miles every morning.......Blah blah blah. Anyway, she said Omigod what kind of work have you been doing for your legs they look awesome. I said nothing, but thanks. I have always had smallish legs, they are just normally all covered up. Still made me feel good.

Let me give you all a laugh....Ok, It's laugh or cry around here. My son's friend dropped him off at 12:30 last night, I heard him messing with the lock trying to open the front door, so I opened it for him. He was standing in the door with a red face, pants around his ankles and the biggest grin you have ever seen. I said Exactly what is going on with this new look of yours? He said what? I said" Is there some particular reason that you have your pants down around your ankles? He looked down, stepped out of his pants and said I had a run in with some Pepe Lopez, he laughed all the way up the stairs, and fell asleep. I was talking to my brother at the time who said he was sure his daughter was out at the club because she would turn 21 at 12 and could drink legally. I said well obviously mine has been drinking illegally.... Apparently he was trying to fish his keys out of his pockets and his pants fell down, when trying to pull up his pants he fell over, and I just happened to open the door at the right moment.

Talk to you all tomorrow.

07-29-2005, 10:15 AM
Pam, yes that gave me one heck of a laugh until I remembered DD who in about six years (hopefully not sooner) will begin to be tempted by alcohol, drugs, sex, etc...Yeesh! Thank God we have a very open relationship. Just yesterday she (7 years-old) was asking me questions about sex. Don't ya luv it?! She was more interested in "when" than "how." She has no idea what sex is just that it looks exciting and like something she will want to do. Great. Anyway, I told her that people shouldn't do it until they are at least in college and engaged, but being married is better. I actually told her why...pregnancy, disease... And then I told her, and if you do it before that, your father will kill you! Then she told me, "Well that is why I talk about it with you mommy, not daddy." So, his authoritarian attitude just shuts down communication and in the long run, won't help us when she starts trying risky behaviors. By me answering her questions now, she trusts me knowing I won't go ballistic...even though inside I'm about to explode. I don't know any other way to protect her.

Okay, the foot is more bearable this morning. And guess what? After researching my ailment, it turns out that it most occurs in OBESE WOMEN. SH*T!!! Okay, yet another thing to add to my long list of reasons to lose weight. I wish I knew all the crap that would happen to my body when I gained weight before I put that first chocolate donut in my mouth. Maybe I would have handled my stress differently. Maybe I would have worked harder postpartum to drop the weight faster. Whatever. It is now or never. :p

My brother and sister-in-law are coming over tonite for a BBQ, so I have to shop, clean, and host. I doubt I will be back today.

Robyn, if I don't get a chance to say, "Farewell..." I'm saying it now. Have a spectacular time on vacation!!! I'll miss ya. ;)

07-29-2005, 01:10 PM
Hey ya'll! I'm off to see the ocean...the wonderful ocean of oz... Will be digging my toes down in the sand in Frisco NC for a few days! I will return....they won't let me stay down there forever!

Gin, it was so cool talking to you! :) Summer, I'm going to send you an email from my home email has a photo attached... it is NOT me...but I wanted you to see it anyway! LOL :)

Rest of ya, (((hugs)))
Talk to you sometime .....

take care,

07-29-2005, 02:21 PM
We are having an amazingly wonderful week of weather here in Michigan. It is/has been in the high 70's low 80's all week. I am in heaven! Too bad I have spent most of it at school. I have been pretty productive though and I will happy for it come August. I finally got out to golf today. It wasn't pretty but it was golf!

Ginny - Did you finally get your cool front? My WI actually was better than expected. I was down 3/4 lb since the last WI. I am still about 8 lbs higher than I was before I hurt my knee but at least I am going in the right direction. I have tried CORE. I just can't do it. For one my full zone doesn't speak English. For another I end up eating TONS of every carb on the list. Core works great for a lot of people. I have two sisters who have done wonderful on it. I, myself need to measure and count points. Lucky for me I am a bit anal so I don't mind doing it.

Mouse - I thought of you when I went into school the other day. I decided I was having a "Mouse Day". First I douldn't get to the mailboxes because the janiters had just waxed and I had some papers in there I needed. Then the computer in my office wouldn't recognize my login so I had to go down the hall everytime I needed something. Then my phone jack didn't work so I couldn't even make calls! Glad to hear the scales are finally moving for you. That helps so much when you are working your tail off.

Robyn - I am glad you got your cool front. I hope you enjoy your beach time.

Kerry - I always gain weight when I am class because I think I retain things better if I eat while listening. You will need to share your good science stuff with me. My students are 10th and 11th graders but they are resource room so it is at a lower level. Enjoy your sister weekend. My last camping trip was with my sisters (all three) it was so much fun!

Summer - Oh no, not homework! My favorite Disney character is Tigger but I only wish I had his energy. I am going to have to give this some major thought. You are making my heal hurt just reading about your cortisone shot! I have wondered if one wouldn't help my knee but maybe I won't ask! My knee was doing so much better but just 4 days of walking around school and it is sore again. That isn't a good sign. Damn cement floors anyway!

Pam - Well I laughed at your story but I am not sure I would find the humor in it if it was my ds. Since my students tell me way more than I want to know, I am aware how bad the drinking problem is at my school. Unfortunately when you live in the country there isn't much else to do! I have decided to stress the don't drink and drive more than the don't drink at all. Hopefully I will have a few more years before I have to really worry about that.

Well I am off to meet some friends for lunch. I have been doing well for three days now, so hopefully my will power will hold out. Keep your fingers crossed for me! Plus my DH is bringing home my all time favorite pizza tonight. There goes my flex points for the week!!!!!


07-29-2005, 04:53 PM
Afternoon Ladies,
I am free for a few days. I actually got out of my class early today! I was so excited. I came home to have the wind knocked right out of my sails. Today is payday for my district. I had been going to pick up my paycheck for the summer. The last time I went in, I was told that I could not send my dh in for my check anymore. I had to do that two times when I was in class in the earlier part of my summer. I said fine, mail my check the next pay period since I will be in class. Well my dh stays home today so that he could get my check out of the mailbox and guess what? No paycheck. So he calls the school board office and they were like um we mailed them out yesterday. Guess her check got misplaced in the mail and that is not our problem now. You will have to call the Post Office. So I call the post office and ask them how long it takes for a check to be mailed from one town over to the next town. They said that I should have gotten it today. So tomorrow I should get my paycheck. So I am glad that we have some extra money in the bank that I can take with me to go to my sister's tomorrow. My dh thought I was leaving to go to her place late morning or early afternoon. I loved bursting his bubble when I said that I was planning on leaving at 7:30 a.m. so I could make the most of my weekend with her. Thank God I have to met my friend at Curves to workout this afternoon. I can really use a good workout right now to blow off my steam over my friggin' check not getting here on time. This is the perfect reason I didn't sign up for them to mail them to you.
Summer, I will have to spend sometime thinking about my Disney Character. I will ask my ds to help me with it over the weekend. My sdd said I remind her of Tinkerbell, because I am always fluttering around doing a lot of things. Plus she says that Tinkerbell does fun things in the movie and I act goofy at times too. So how was the playdate with snowday girl? Your shot sounds like it was more of a pain than a help. Hope you have a wonderful evening entertaining your brother and sister-in-law.
Robyn, enjoy the beach! Have a wonderful and safe trip. I hope you remembered to pack sunscreen.
Sue, glad that you were able to get into your classroom to do some work. I have my last week of class next week. Than I plan on going in and doing some work in my room sometime between the second and third weeks in August. Congrats on the 3/4 pound loss. I have talked to several teachers who said the same thing about the weight gain while taking classes. I am just going to roll with the punches and start working harder to take off the weight when I am done with class next week. I figure that is the best plan to have or otherwise I will just beat myself up over it.
Pam, your story cracked me up. Thank you for that bit of humor. You just relieved some of my stress level over my check issue. You are a blessing!
Ginny, here is a good one for you. My dh told me the other day that he wants to go away with me for the weekend before school starts without the kids. I said okay where do you want to go? He said that I could pick it. So I thought let's go to Cincinnati,Ohio. That way we could go on the riverboat just over the line in Indiana and do a little gambling. He was like that is great! I really love that idea. I wonder if the Reds have a ball game in town that Saturday night. I wanted to scream. I just grinned at him and said I really don't know honey! I really didn't want to go to a Reds game to spend time with you. Remember this weekend is about doing fun things that we really didn't do this summer. He was a little bummed but I don't care. I wonder if your dh and my dh are related somehow. LOL
Mouse how are things going with you? Did you find out what you are teaching yet?
Well ladies, I better go and get changed. I told my friend that I would met her at 4:15. It takes me about 10 to 15 minutes to get to the gym, depending on traffic. Talk to you all later.

07-29-2005, 08:34 PM
Ok, so my idea of a fun weekend is NOT going to a baseball game........yup Kerry, sometimes I think we have married the same man. Rob-l great chatting with you.....have a great time. Hope you brought your pixie dust with you!:) Sue- good for you getting some golf in. Ok, so it was not pretty.....Tiger must have bad days too, right? And you had fun. The most important thing. Pam- yup, I loved the pants story. Ah the joys of raising a son......and a teenaged (or slightly older one) at that.
Summer-gee, you've been in the Navy????? hehehe- sorry the shot hurt so bad. I had to get them for about 6 months to reduce the swelling of a heel spur. Yup they hurt like **** but after each shot I got a wee bit better.
Been busy with a lot of nothing. WIsh I could get some quiet time in......and (oh please forgive me!) I am getting a bit battle weary from kid entertainment. But that is life and it is great having the gang around a lot. (of course the house is trashed all the time!). Did not get to WW a 5:45 calll from work....and the run she put me on I thought was a normal BOCES run with a 9:15 return, ends up we went to Yonkers (1 hr drive) and did not get back until 10:30. What an expense......a driver and a monitor in a suburban to take one student to school. Unreal. Oh well, I got paid. So skipped WW.
Gotta go.......see ya and have a great weekend!

07-29-2005, 09:25 PM
Evening all.
Well... I definitely pulled something. Its not too bad if I sit up straight. It is getting better... I can blow my nose again without wanting to curse (though Summer has taught me some new words to use! :) Thanks, Summer!). Hopefully it'll be all better by Monday, since I have to move the lane lines for class, and put them back. The Monday instructor is the one that made the comments about "at least you're doing something" when I couldn't do her water aerobics class anymore (she yells at you and points you out if you don't do EXACTLY what she says, and she hates anybody being suspended. I can suspend very easily, and get a good workout that way, but the humilation from her wasn't worth it). I have no idea why some plastic disks and wire are so bloody heavy!! They aren't that heavy completely out of the pool, or if I'm in the pool... but if I'm on the deck, and they are in the water, its nearly impossible. Especially if they get tangled up after they're moved... or the hooks fall to the bottom of the pool. Then you have to get in, which means that everybody else has to get out of the pool since there is only one lifeguard.
I am officially catless for a month. Imp went to my mom's this afternoon. She met me in York... I had to have her with me to get something notarized, then we took turns cat sitting so we could each hit the farmer's market. I was thrilled to discover that one of the best bakeries at the market (Mennonite owned... they used to have a restaurant near my mom's house) has started making sugar-free pies. My mom says she'll pick one up for the Jewish holidays, because my grandmother was wracking her brains trying to figure out what I could have for dessert while there. I also got my car's oil changed and all the stuff checked out so that I can drive to Chicago without worrying.
My endocrinologist called me today (well, yesterday and I called her back)... she's taken away my bread again. She thinks its a bad move, so I'm only allowed to have a high-fiber cereal with milk. Guess I'll be eating a lot of the new Weight Watchers high-fiber cereal, since its the only one that has any taste. She did say I could have more fruit... not to go overboard, and still no oranges or melon, but its not all berries. I celebrated by buying a homegrown peach at the market. ;)
And I did find out where I'm teaching... at the high school that I went to for the interview the last time I was down in Virginia. I'm not real happy about it, because it was pretty clear that the principal didn't want me. I think he got stuck with me because I have a letter of intent, and he had an open position. I really just want to be somewhere that wants ME for what I can do for the kids. And its not like he'll have to go out of his way to make it hard on me: all he has to do is not let me leave early for graduate classes (which means I'll have to drop the 4:30 one, and double the time it takes to get the 30 credits I need!), and not allow me to make up time for the Jewish holidays, but instead make me take it as unpaid leave or out of my sick leave (which is the written policy). And he won't be out of line at all, not anywhere close to what my last place did. I guess we'll see what happens.
I'm sure I've missed bunches of stuff... Sorry about that.


07-30-2005, 12:22 AM
Evening Ladies,
Just a quick note to vent. My stupid dh hurt my feelings tonight at dinner. We went out for a nice dinner at Bennigian's. But all the way there and throughout dinner I had to listen to how it was his birthday tomorrow and by God he was living it up. He sure did live it up with 2 beers, a full-baby back rib dinner and a brownie bottom pie, for a grand total of $30 for his meal. I was a good girl and got a mix and match dinner of grilled salomam (sorry about spelling) and a small piece of grilled steak and a baked potato with unsweetened iced tea for a total of $15. He was floored to see the bill. Than he got on me about how I deeply hurt his dd's heart by not taking her to go see my sister. I informed him that I was the only one invited to go see my sister and that I needed time to be by myself. I didn't get to do anything fun this summer and by God before school started I was taking time for me. So than I gave him the silent treatment on the truck ride home. He asked me twice why I wasn't saying anything to him. Finally about halfway home I looked at him and said because I don't have anything to say to you and I don't feel like talking to you right now. We get home and I come in the house and start straightening up the house and doing a few small items that I have neglected this week since I was in class. He kept coming up to me for about 45 minutes and hugging and kissing me saying I hope you are not mad at me. I told him that I was not mad at him and to just leave me alone. I figured why bother telling him that I was hurt by the way I was treated for my birthday for two years in a row, but when it is his friggin' birthday the world is to treat him like a king. Plus I felt personally attacked because I wanted time to do something for me and me alone. So I just kept my mouth shut or I knew we would end up in a major full blown fight. He got ready to go fishing with his nephew and keeps telling me to go to my sister's tomorrow and to have a good time not to worry about breaking his dd's heart. Just to go and have a great time. I let it go at that because my friend from TOPS called and asked me to go for a walk. She was chuckling when we first started out walking because she witnessed our hug and kiss in the middle of the street. He put his fishing gear in his truck and than asked me to kiss him goodbye. I gave him a quick kiss and than pulled away. She sayed that I jerked away from him and turned away and started to walk towards her. She told me that I was doing the right thing and to go buy myself something nice tomorrow on his birthday. So after going for our walk I felt a little bit better. I think I will really get even with him in the morning by getting up at 6, bouncing out of the bed, doing a walking video in the living room with the tv volume up really loud, clanging and banging around getting my shower and leaving around 7:15-7:30. I have decided not to get mad just to get even.
Ginny sorry to hear that you didn't get to go WI yesterday. Just think that few extra dollars will help out with your home improvement project between ball seasons.
Mouse, glad that you finally know where you are going to be teaching. I hope that you have a pleasant teaching career there and that your boss doesn't make it hard on you. Sounds like you had a nice time at the farmers market. Glad you got some good advice from your doctor. That just might be the thing for you to see the scales go down a little bit more.
Summer hope your BBQ with your family was a huge sucess.
Sue hope you enjoyed your pizza for dinner. What kind did you have?
Pam, hope you didn't laugh too hard at your ds tonight. I have to admit I am still chuckling over that story.
Robyn, I know you are at the beach, but I didn't want to leave you out of my post. I hope you are having a wonderful relaxing time with your family.
Well gals if I am leaving in the morning, I better go pack a suitcase and go to bed here before midnight. Talk to you all on Sunday evening or Monday evening. Next week's class is on Math Concepts for Grades 3-6. It is an hour away from my house down a hilly, curvy road. I hate those kinds of roads because they make me car sick. I am going to be a real wonderful student the first half of my class every day.
Have a great evening! Also have a wonderful weekend!
Take care,

07-30-2005, 11:28 AM
Summer- I had the Disney character discussion with my family last night. My ds said right away Cinderella because you have to clean all the time. My dd thought perhaps Snow White because she had to cook and clean for the dwarfs. My dh, obviously trying to earn brownie points, suggested Belle from Beauty and the Beast! I guess she was a book worm and thought her family's well being more important than her own... I suggested Mary Poppins "nearly perfect in every way" and all! I would have to stess the NEARLY part.

Kerry - As you probably won't read this until you get back, I hope you enjoyed your trip. You not only NEED but DESERVE time to yourself. We spend so much of our time doing for others, we would go insane if we didn't do something for ourselves once in awhile. Have you considered direct deposit? That is done electronically the same day the checks are written. I understand the double standard birthday. My dh birthday is in June and mine August. He always ask for something outrageous (last year it was a $500 watch!). The last two years I only got a card (and one of those was the big 40!) At counselling he made the comment that I didn't get his son anything for his birthday this year. I did get him something I paid for his golf league, which is $150. Then he decided not to golf and let his roomate golf in his place. I was never paid back. Then I thought about the fact that my DH hadn't bought ME anything for my birthday for two years. That shut him up. Plus it was just before Christmas so he bought me diamond earrings and a matching neckless. Maybe it would be a good idea to talk to your DH about it! The pizza was from a one store place called Deluca's. They cut there pizza in squares so I can have a middle piece. No crust but about an inch or more thick with cheese and toppings! YUMMMMMM! I did stop at two pieces, so that is good. I only had to use 8 flex points, which isn't bad considering I also went out for lunch that day.

Ginny - Too bad you had to miss your WI. I hate when I am planning on going and then something comes up.

Mouse - I know it is tough, but try to stay positive. Sending off positive vives will not only improved your mood but is bound to reflect off to others. Just think of all the great new students you will have to help mold!

I am off to a wedding shower. The person putting it on does WW, so I am hoping she will have something safe to eat. The bride to be is 43 years old and this is her first wedding. It will be interesting to see what the shower will be like!


07-30-2005, 09:46 PM
The BBQ with my SIL and DB was how should I say, not great. My poor SIL's DS died in March. Her nephew was my first love, and it was his DM that died...the difficult funeral I had to attend in April. Anyway, she is having a horrible time getting over the death of her DS. It has affected her health, to the point where she couldn't eat and had to be hospitalized. My DB and SIL kept all this to themselves until last night. So, instead of a relaxing summer evening of good food, drink, and lighthearted conversation, it was a night of emotional floodgates opening. Having lost my parents before their time, I know the **** that death causes first hand. I wish they had called and told us what was going on so that we could have been supportive. At the very least I could have been praying for her. When I called to check up on her, it was downplayed, and I assumed they were being truthful. Anyway, last night pretty much sucked. Having been through this I know that time will help her an awful lot, and facing the pain now rather than putting it off is better. No, it never totally goes away. You are all witness to that based on how upset I got going through my mother's things for my tag sale a month ago. There are times it becomes unbearable. But then the sun comes out and life is okay again.

The one good thing from last night was the food. Mainly my cheesecake. I have never made cheesecake, and I wanted to make a sugar-free, low-carb one. I searched high and low for recipes on SBD online and here at 3FC. They all involved cottage cheese :p YUCK! I wanted to find one using low-fat cream cheese. Finally, I found a great one in my old Richard Simmons cookbook. Here it is:

3 pkgs. (8 oz. each) low-fat cream cheese
3/4 cup Splenda
1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
3/4 cup egg substitute (I used regular eggs)
1 1/2 tsp lemon juice
cooking spray
1/3 cup low-fat graham cracker crumbs

1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees. In large mixing bowl, using electric mixer, beat together cream cheese, splenda, and vanilla until well blended. Add eggs and lemon juice. Beat just enough to blend, no more.
2. Coat base and sides of 9-inch pie plate with cooking spray. Add graham cracker crumbs and shake pan so crumbs cling to bottom and sides. Pour cream cheese mixture into prepared pan.
3. Bake 45 minutes. Cool. Refrigerate at least 3 hours before serving.

It tasted like something I've eaten in a restaurant. I couldn't believe I baked it and it was essentially sugar free except for the graham crackers.

07-31-2005, 09:36 AM
Summer - That is too bad that your BBQ turned out so differently. I bet you really helped your SIL work towards her healing process though. I am so blessed not to have lost any immediate family members. Thanks for reminding me that I should appreciate them now and let them know how much they mean to me.

Thanks for the cheesecake recipe. Cheesecake is my all time favorite thing in the world! Did you happen to figure the points? I can't remember if you do the WW thing. I am trying really, really hard to be good right now, so I may have to wait to try this out.

I'll tell you a super easy low fat/sugar cheesecake. Take a 16 oz tub of ff sourcream and pour a (4-serving size) box of sf ff white chocolate pudding powder in it. Stir well and pour it into a lf graham cracker crust. Cover it with 1/2 a can of Lite cherry pie filling. It sounds gross, but it is really good. Even my anti-diet DF eats it! It doesn't have the texture of the baked kind of cheesecake, but is exactly like the unbaked version. The good thing is you can make it in about 5 minutes, so it is great for unexpected company. It is only 3 pts for 1/8 the pie (2 pts Core). That is pretty good for cheesecake!

Sounds like our week of perfect weather is going to come to an end. It is suppose to become humid and in the 90's again. What is it with this summer?

I switched our wipe-off family calendar yesterday. I was really worried that I would have to put school up there but I didn't. That means I still have at least five full weeks of summer left! I guess I should start thinking about all those projects that I planned to do this summer like cleaning out the toy room and refinishing my porch swing. I should really spray the weeds that are popping through the tarmac. It is amazing how a weed can grow through that! I really hate spraying though because our driveway is almost 1/2 a mile long and you have to carry that sprayer down and then back to refill. Maybe I could use the children's wagon, if I washed it good afterwards.


07-31-2005, 08:49 PM
Evening, all.
Well... I've done 2 bookcases, my desk, and put all the cat's feeding dishes into the dishwasher. Tomorrow, I start packing. The stuff I've found in that desk... some good, some bad. I'm hoping that I find some books I don't want so I can drop that at the used bookstore... maybe. Not sure if its worth it or not, since I won't be nearby to use the credits! :)
The dresser is up next, because I don't think its been cleaned out in a coon's age, and certainly not for years!
I ordered chinese food for dinner tonight, which is okay, because I didn't eat much today or Thursday and Friday. I did okay with the carbs, too, even with the eggroll and a bit of rice.
I'm still stiff... I was able to swim a little yesterday evening during lessons, but I really regretted having done it this morning when I woke up! It is getting better, I think, at least I hope so, because I don't want to pay my former employer for health insurance for August. I'd like to save that $400... I have 30 days grace, so unless something happens, I won't pay them.
Kerry: Hope you really enjoyed your trip! I just realized: I'm going through Ohio on my way to the camp. I'm staying overnight there on my way out, and probably on my way back, too. I think I am going back a different way. My mom thinks dropping south out of Chicago to pick up 70 is faster, but I'm not sure. Mapquest will only give me one route, and I'm not a member of AAA. On the way out, I'm definitely stopping in Maumee... and I'll probably either wind up in Maumee on the way back or in Richmond, Indiana (the hotel says Richmond, but its really just over the border in Ohio) if I go the way my mom wants me to go. I'm trying to drive back in 1 day, so I can be back to work on Tuesday, but I'm not sure its going to happen.
Sue: I know, but I really am Eeyore. Its hard for me to see the positives in things a lot of the time. Like, I should be insanely happy that I'm making way more money, I'll be near one of my best friends and 2 other friends, I'm going to be with a great Red Cross chapter (I already knew the Loudoun County disaster person, and I have worked with her and the Alexandria chapter person before), I have a nice apartment... but what I'm really worrying about is grad school, having to leave the gym (because my new one isn't as nice... The pool is really too shallow for me to enjoy swimming, since its only 3 feet, 8 inches deep; and the weights are down a flight of stairs and very inaccessible.. they have an elevator, but its not easy to get to), the Jewish holidays (being able to go home to my family... and getting there before sundown, which is tough in October!).... :( I should be utterly relieved that I'm not going to have to put up with the psychological BS that my last school used, because my new public school won't be able to do that kind of stuff. The union will prevent it. I'm going to get to actually do some community instruction with the kids, and its actually budgeted for... I won't have to worry about transportation, because its taken care of.
I guess I'm just not feeling it right now! Sorry.

08-01-2005, 12:50 AM
Evening Ladies,
I had a wonderful visit with my sister. I think she might actually join the Curves near her. I will be so happy for her. We went to see Wedding Crashers. It is a really funny movie. We did a little shopping yesterday and I bought some items for my classroom. I know I was to be shopping for myself, but I ran into a few good bargins. Than we went to over to my ds's friend's house for a home cooked dinner. This morning I slept in and realized when I woke up that I had slept for about 11 hours. I guess I needed the sleep though. I got up and got ready for the day. Than we went to Olive Garden for lunch and went shopping again. I was able to get a few Christmas presents and birthday presents on the bargin racks at the Hallmark store. Plus I bought three books for myself at the bookstore. I came home and went out to dinner with my dh. Than after dinner I came home and put all my stuff away. Laid out my clothes for tomorrow, figured out my banking stuff so my dh can cash my check when I am at school. So now I am playing on the computer for a little while.
I did leave my dh a note yesterday morning by the phone. I just told him that I had worked really hard this summer taking classes for this HQ crap. Plus I had been heartbroken one to many times with the hopes of having my parents and one sister come for a week long visit in August and going to see Brad Paisley in concert over Labor Day weekend. So I thought I deserved to go to my sister's and do something I wanted to do for a change with no strings or person's attached. Than I proceed to tell him about how I was hurt over dinner on Friday night about how it was his birthday and how special it should be. I told him that I was tired of being put on the back burn when it came to my birthday and that I deserved to be treated and made to feel special on my birthday. Not one of these "Oh Honey the boys and sissy need baseball equipment and we need to go buy it for them today on your birthday. Oh by the way Happy Birthday! " I know that he got it because it was not laying by the phone when I got home this evening. I really haven't gotten a chance to ask him about it yet either. I am just wondering if I should wait and see if he mentions it first.
Summer I am sorry that your BBQ didn't turn out the way you would have liked it too. But atleast now you know what they have been going through and can reach out to help them heal a little bit better. Your cheesecake recipe sounds yummy. I will have to copy it down and try it out on my family sometime.
Sue, thank you for sharing your kind words with me. That helped me alot to know that I am not the only female who gets screwed out of a birthday year after year. I hope that me not being here on his birthday and the letter will help him think about it next year when it is my birthday. Your cheesecake recipe sounds good too. I am going to have to try that one too! Darn you ladies are twisting my arm for cheesecake!
Mouse, when are you going to go to camp? How long will you be in Chicago? Hope you have a safe trip! I know what you mean about the feelings of moving. I went through the same thing four summers ago when I moved down to where I am living at now. It is almost like you don't want to give up what you have out feeling secure and not knowing what is to come.
Ginny, how was your weekend? Did you get to spend time with your dh or was he off to another ball game?
Pam, hope you were able to have a nice relaxing weekend. Did you do okay with your soda deintake and up your water intake?
Robyn, hope you had a wonderful time at the beach with your family. Please tell me you have a nice golden tan and not a red sunburn going on.
Well I better go to bed if I want to go to my class in the morning. I have a week of Math classes for Grades 3 through 6. Than I will be done for a while. In Oct., Nov. and Dec. I have to go one or two Saturday's in each of those months to finish up my classes and than I can really celebrate for the New Year because I will be done with my HQ teacher stuff. Yeah!!
Talk to you all tomorrow. Have a great start to another week!
Take care,

08-01-2005, 08:56 AM
Good morning.
I thought I had to be at work today at 9:00, so I got up really early... then realized I don't have to be there until 9:30. That 30 minutes makes a difference because of rush-hour traffic. I can't swim, still, and so I know if I leave now the other lifeguard will want to leave. The morning full-time guy (he opens the pool at 5:30) has been in a really bad mood all summer, and last week left before I came in... the aquatics director wound up finishing his shift. Of course, the water aerobics class today starts at 9:30, so hopefully the lane lines will be moved before I get there.... AND, there are TWO classes on Monday, so they aren't done till 11:30, which is when I'm finished... I might not have to move them at all! :)
I am coming home to pack. My friend who works at the front desk of our apartment building is coming in early to help me pack. I'm going to ask her if she minds doing the kitchen... its too small for 2 people to be in there, and if she's okay with that, I'll start doing my books. The bathroom is super easy: everything is in plastic boxes under the sink, I just need to put the stuff on the sink in one of the empty boxes, and then take down my shower curtains. My hanging clothes just go as is, and my folded junk will hopefully fit in my dresser after I clean it out, or in my huge suitcase that I never use. :)
That leaves the computer stuff... The laptop goes in its carry case, and with me, of course, but the printer, scanner, USB hubs, etc... will need to go in a box. I think my towels and stuff will fit in my foot locker. I was moving so often 3 years ago (I'd moved 3 times in 3 years... and just before that I'd moved 3 times in 2 years, not including all the moves that college involves!) that I made a point to buy permanent homes for my stuff ... it makes it easier in a studio apartment. I really only need boxes for kitchen stuff, and my books.
Kerry: Sounds like you had a good time. I don't think guys get it. I really don't. Are the classes you're taking going to be of any use for you with your students? I know that is one of my biggest gripes about NCLB/HQ teachers. The implication is that special education teachers are doing arts & crafts or something with our kids because our degrees can't make us highly qualified, but a degree in elementary education CAN? And at the other end, since I teach functional math, what the **** good is a degree in math going to do me? Not one iota (never mind the fact that it just wouldn't happen!)!
I am leaving for the camp on August 16. I need to be there by 9:30 on the 18th, so I gave myself a day and a half to drive out there. I plan to drive from Virginia to Maumee/Toledo the first night, then to Chicago the 17th, and stay over there the night before camp. Coming back is different because I can't leave until 5:30... and I know I won't make it back to Maumee if I leave at 5:30... so that is why we were thinking about having me come back a different way.
Hope everybody has a good Monday.

08-01-2005, 10:27 AM
I want to warn all of you that might try my cheesecake recipe...those low-fat graham cracker crumbs which in a sliver of cheesecake may add up to a tbs. total has caused the South Beach Diet community to PANIC :fr:! I had the nerve to post my recipe which is made with splenda (no sugar), low-fat or fat-free cream cheese (can't see a problem there), egg substitute, (again, can't see a problem there), non-stick spray, and a sprinkling of low-fat graham cracker crumbs on the pan. Well, these crumbs which are such a small amount are causing SBD people to freak out because graham crackers aren't allowed on SBD. It's a small amount people!!! :o I've upset so many people because graham crackers aren't allowed that SBD online is totally wigging out that I dared to post a recipe with something ILLEGAL :devil: on it. At SBD recipes, here at 3FC, someone caught me as well and practically slapped my hand. Do they really think that they will gain weight from some graham cracker crumbs?! :?: I mean, if they do then they've got a lot more problems than obesity. (I feel like going back and posting a recipe for fried chicken!!! :lol: )

I'll be back later to post more personal messages to you all. Have a great day!

08-01-2005, 01:31 PM
Kerry, I think writing your feelings to communicate is so effective. I have used it with DH when I had difficulty putting my feelings into words, and I didn't want to interrupt me before I got it all out. I would wait for him to approach you about it unless a lot of time goes by. Good luck!

Mouse, good luck with your packing. It is such a drag packing to move, but sometimes it gives us a chance to purge.

Sue, I haven't done WW in over a year. I'm doing South Beach Diet (SBD). The recipe came from Richard Simmon's FAREWELL TO FAT cookbook. I substituted the sugar with splenda, but otherwise, it is the same. You will see in my previous post that my recipe caused quite an uproar. You can substitute the graham cracker crumbs for crushed nuts if you are concerned that the crumbs will add inches to your hips! I have 4 more weeks of summer, but really only 3 weeks to enjoy since I go back the week before to get my room ready. Like you, except for my tag sale, I have put off all the projects I've saved for summer. So, I need to "get on the stick" and start attending to my list of chores. We've had a lot of fun on our play dates, and just some days of crashing and doing nothing. But, I've got stuff to do in between the fun activities planned for the remainder of the summer.

Well, I've been faithfully working out at the gym every other day, today being one of them. I've only been doing 20 minutes on the recumbent bike so I don't overuse my calf muscles which would worsen my heel spurs. I am working out with weights for 30 minutes, again, avoiding the calf muscles. I've been stretching my legs, especially my calves a lot as well as icing my heel. I have to admit, even though the pain is still there, it isn't as severe as before seeing the podiatrist. :D On Wednesday, I have an appointment for a free consultation with a personal trainer. I hope it doesn't get me into an expensive venture that I can't afford!

08-01-2005, 04:51 PM
Kerry - I think the note was a good idea. Give him time to think it over before you have a discussion about it. I'd wait for him to come to you but then I am a whimp when it comes to confertation! I am so glad you had fun with your sister. If I was a good mom I would have had another baby just to give my DD a sister. Mine are so special to me. I can't imagine life without them.

Mouse - Okay you can be eeyore and we will just have to be your cheerleaders! At least you can come up with the positives when you think about it. It must be very hard to move. Other than college I have never lived more than 15 miles from the house I was raised in. I guess I am pretty pitiful but I like the small town "where everybody knows your name". It is a pain to move from one town to the next, I can't imagine moving across states AND starting a new job!

Summer - I can't believe the SBers would freek over a few Graham Crackers! That is why I like WW, no one tells me I can't have anything! I guess the CORE group is a bit like that though.

I got on the computer because I have 10 cds that I need to copy for my cousin's wedding. I figured I should do something productive today!