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06-02-2001, 10:46 AM
Hope your carpet cleaning date was truly all it should be, Wabby. MMM, Mike's. I like the cranberry one. How predictable.

A favourite lobsterman, now that's cool. Lobster dinner on his sailboat. To the landlocked, your story sounds like the stuff of good dreams. Not like the ones where your TDH parks his truck in the middle of the double garage, and you just know it means there's no room for you in his life anymore. What an awful dream. TDH assures me I have nothing to fear.

Clothes for the job...what do you wear in an office these days? Wabby, Peachez, others? What are your favourite office fashions? Are suits still it? These people wore varied outfits at the interview...a suit jacket over a dress, a shorts and jacket ensemble (looked like Eddie Bauer or Dockers) or khakis and cottons. Probably depends on if it's an 'in' day or an 'out at the O & G Expo'. Do you think Dubya's friends will be there??

06-02-2001, 02:27 PM
with office wear (for which I am profoundly grateful), but please do not go for the safari look with shorts and jacket, Crannylove. I think that sounds hideous for work, unless of course you work at a zoo. I'm sure a suit is pretty much a necessity under some circumstances, but other than that I guess you have to take your cue from potential coworkers.

Well, I am home alone awaiting the time to pick up DD from her sleepover. She and her friend (hereafter referred to as DDF) went to a dance like object last night. I only let her go because it was a church sponsored, supervised teen gathering thingie. I called her a while ago to see how it went, and she informed me that "some guy" asked DDF to "hook him up" with DD. Over my dead body.


See below for your new look, Cran:

06-03-2001, 12:33 AM
we are a tad more casual and prepared for warm weather.

Kiwik, I told Herbie you said he is suave. He agreed. I heard that woman who wrote Nickel and Dimed being interviewed on NPR. She was in Maine doing some of that stuff. Did she clean your house?

I am so hot. I suggest skipping menopause.