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06-20-2005, 11:23 AM
Hi Girls
This is a quickie b/c I'm a busy broad.
I just survived a meeting featuring Donuts UNSCATHED OOOOH YEAH
I did have coffee with half and half but no donutty badness.
I read Bob Greenes Guide to good eating
and I'm working on Overcoming my food temptations.
Come out and play

06-20-2005, 05:15 PM
I thought I would pop in and say hi. I posted here a long, long time ago...bout 50 pounds ago, but since then I have had a baby and gained all that weight back.
I've been back on WW for a year or so, but have only managed to lose 8 pounds. I have a hard time keeping focused. I've done better today than I have in two weeks, so maybe it's a new beginning.
Hi to everyone who is "old", I'm glad to be back!

06-21-2005, 09:57 AM
Good morning, ladies!! Sorry I was MIA all last week--I had my sinus surgery on the 10th and was recovering. I'm feeling MUCH better now. And, while I was sick, I managed to lose .4. Not much, but hey, a loss is a loss, right? :)

Belle--I can't believe it's almost Cleatus time! Has it really been 9 months? It sure doesn't feel like it to me. Maybe it does to you, since you're the one who's pregnant.

Stacey--Welcome back!!!

Kier--Way to go resisting the "donutty badness". I grinned when I read that.

My eating yesterday wasn't so great. My day started off well, with dry cereal in the morning and a 6" Turkey no cheese for lunch. It was dinner that did me in. It has hot here yesterday, so I decided to go to the store and get a bunch of stuff for a big salad. Well, by the time I got home from the store, I was famished and skipped prepping my veggies that were supposed to go in my salad. Instead, I just used the stuff that I didn't need to prepare, which was the lettuce, almonds, cheese, croutons, diced ham, raisins, real bacon bits, and dressing. And I used plenty of everything. I hate how hunger can make willpower crumble.

So, it's a new day today and it's starting off a little bit rocky--I forgot my breakfast at home. I'm not going to hit the vending machine, I'll just wait for lunch and hope that tomorrow morning goes a little bit more smoothly. And I might go to a WW meeting, even though the ones here in town aren't so great. I think that having a fresh start after WI is good for me, otherwise weeks of bad eating roll into one another.

Anyway, that's what's going on here. Come out and post today!!

Sweater Girl
06-21-2005, 11:05 AM
Hi All,

work is good and it's almost the summer. I get to do a lot more cerebral stuff too which is what I really enjoy. Anyway I was eating too much last week, but am back on track now. I find it easy to eat well in the summer so I am taking advantage of it and am hoping to drop at least 5-10lbs by the end of summer. Cherries are in season and I love watermelon. I figure even if I am a point or two over with too much fruit it isn't so bad than being a lot of points over with chocolate, crackers and other binge worthy foods. I actually have no clue what I weigh right now... I weigh more than 158, but I have gained muscle and all from all this running. Admittedly I have been avoiding the scale, but I face it soon at my doc's office for my yearly physical, so after that I think I'll get back into the habit (the once a week or so habit and maybe a WW meeting). I am less concerned about my weight than I used to be, infact I just want to hover between 150-155 now... I know my body has gotten thicker bones and bigger mucles, so I just want to look leaner.

Kierie: Bob Greene seems to make a lot of sense when it comes to eating and WL. Maybe I should check out some more of his stuff.

Jess: I have been doing a cleansing of bad foods from my house, it's still not perfect (I need to keep my fig newtons for long runs, but they are a temptation for me). We have chocolate frozen yogourt (I don't like it) and vanilla (which I do, but have managed to stay away). I have been going back to basics. Pickles for snacks when I crave salt, brushing my teeth and ignoring the kitchen. I am also eating a snack before I leave work (yogourt and an apple) to try and stave off my hunger so I am not starving by the time I get home. Take heart, healthy eating isn't always easy. I am trying to journal again too. Have you thought about perhaps having some emergency food in your desk or something... Like a couple of nutrigrain bars or something or a packet of oatmeal?

Belle: Hope you're not affected by flooding!! Hope everything is going well!

Stacey: Welcome back and you have a little boy now! That's great! It's nice to hear from you and please feel free to post, we're hear to support each other. I've been yo-yoing 20lbs for the past few years, I am probably about 165 right now... It's tough losing weight/keeping focus and maintaining so you're not alone!



06-21-2005, 01:07 PM
Hi Ladies
It's a long Pain in the Arse day. Last night we had dinner with my gf and her mom who is a dietitian I had half a turkey leg OMG this woman can cook!
The DH GF and I went to another GF's place to see it for the first time and it was dessert heck we had sorbet cake soo good and there werre some other things but i didn't go too crazy
I look really cute today if I may say so I have on Black linen capris and a black top with a white and black ribbon crisscross at the neck
I've been eating veggies at breakfast (Spinach crustless Quiche) and it helps me stay more full longer and I'm doing well with the not eating till I burst.
Stacy WB!! I can't believe you're a mom I remember the countdown to your wedding!
Jess it could have been worse If I know I'm mega hungry I buy the precut stuff so no lazy gourmet excuse.
Ali: I really like what bob green ahd to say. . .His recipes are a bit too pricey to make but his philosophy is good
As for My "donutty BAdness" I'm trying to reprogram myself to look at food triggers differently
ie 1 donuts lead to 3 and is taht one really worth it?
sometimes it works and then the donuts/insert food here look gross/mediocre
but it's a step in the right direction.
Gotta run back to work *crackswhip*
Now we need to get Jayne back on the board!

06-22-2005, 11:37 AM
It's hump day, and between you ladies and me, I wouldn't mind doing some. :devil: Just kidding... Sort of. ;)

Had a great day yesterday, stayed in my range. Unfortunately, I didn't get any activity in. It was SO hot here (supposed to be hotter today) and I don't like getting out in that weather. I was going to make myself do my Pilates matwork, but I didn't even do that.

Not much else happening here. I've been really missing Aaron. As you guys know, we broke up in November--I can't understand why I'm still struggling with it so much... If you guys have any insight or advice, I'd sure appreciate it.

OK, getting back to work. Come out and post so I have something to read later when I don't want to work. :)

See ya!

06-22-2005, 11:42 AM
Hi Ladies:
In case you have been wondering where Belle is She had CLEATUS! Err Eva :D the baby was 6 pounds and GORGEOUS. I'm going to wait for her to post the link so she can be the one to show you her baby.
Jess alot of times when I had not alot going on in my love life i thought about/Missed my Exes you also were with him for a long time.
Its good to remember the good. . .But also remember why you broke up with him. Don't let lonliness suck you into a bad relationship cycle
Btw it was great chatting wiht you the other day

06-22-2005, 12:06 PM
Good Morning everyone! I have a few minutes before I'm officially "running behind" for the day, so I thought I'd post. I did ok yesterday eating, but this morning I made chocolate chip muffins (from a mix). They were very tasty. So, instead of drinking a Diet Coke I'm drinking water. I'll try to keep it up with the water today. I've been very bad about maintaining my water.
I hope everyone has a wonderful day! thanks for all the well-wishes. It's great to have a place where people know what you are going through!
Belle: If your joy has arrived...bless you through this life-altering occaison! I wouldn't trade motherhood for the world!
Ali: I love fruit! DS is a strawberries, grapes and watermelon-aholic!
KO: Don't you just love the cute days? I felt that way in an outfit, but too bad it's dirty. That would be just the boost for the midweek!
Jess: What's new in your life? Many people have gotten married/had babies since I posted last! Re: salad...stay away from the Oriental Chicken salad from Applebees. It is soooooo good and after I ate it, I looked up the points...too darn many! and I thought I was being good!

Ok, so much for a short post! I must get myself and DS ready to go to schooL! Have a great day!

06-22-2005, 12:08 PM
Jess: I wish I hadn't been so inconsiderate regarding babies, married, etc. I'm sorry.
Breaking up takes grieving just like losing a loved one. It will take time. In the meantime, take time for YOURSELF! You deserve to be pampered and loved, too! Hang in there!

06-22-2005, 01:22 PM
Hey all, Sorry I've been MIA this month. No good excuse really. I have been eating poorly and not exercising at all. Probably why I haven't been here. Its so hard. You go from all gung ho to stuck in the mud. Argh. I had my yearly yesterady & of course got the lecture from the doc. She is of course super super skinny. Anyway I have to go for a bunch of blood work to see where everything is at this year. I guess the good part about getting the lecture is that it motivates a person to get off their butt.

Belle!!! Congrats! I love the name Eva! What day did this happen? So exciting!

Kier Did you hear directly from Belle? How is she feeling? Did things go smoothly? I am headed to Calgary for the week on Friday. Belle & I were hoping to get together but somehow I doubt she'll feel like it now. BTW So sorry I missed your b-day!

Stacey, glad to see you're back!

Ali, glad to hear your reunion was fun. Is your house back to normal after the spring flooding?

Jess, Hope you're feeling better. Sometimes the boy world sucks. Sorry I have no better insights than that. Are you still on nights? Its bloody hot here too. Major major thunderstorms/tornado warnings all night last night and sound sliek the same tonight. I didn't get much sleep last night. Hopefully it won't be as bad tonight.

B/c of all the flooding in AB our river has risen dramatically. Fortunately here nobody lives on the river banks. The houses are all up on the bluffs so there in no danger that way. Anyway we have a cement weir to help control water levels and normally the water is high on one of the weir and so low onthe other side that there are sandbars sticking out, which is good for our pelicans. Anyway there is so much water that there is no drop from one side to the other. The water is flowing straight across. You can't even see the weir! Its crazy. Its not too far from my work so of course we had to drive by on our way home last night. What a zoo down there! You'd think some festical was going on for the number of people and vehicles down there. Plus all of the street food vendors were down there (making a killing). There is a train bridge close to the weir and last night it was lined with people all the way across. It looked like some of our other bridges do when there are races on the river. Its a natural pheonom. The water hasn't even been close to this high since 1953 but they said its surpassed that height now. I want to try to get a picture of it so tonight after work we're going to pack a picnic supper and eat down there. It should be fun if we can find some parking. Very cool.

06-22-2005, 01:43 PM
Trying to pick up the pace at work I'm behind!
Stacy I stinnk at water
Rina She emailed me, drop her a note she might want to show off the new baby :) The river definitely sounds cool to look at!
ok back to work if I want to have a lunch today eventually

Sweater Girl
06-22-2005, 02:35 PM
Wow, we've been chatty, so now we have to hope that Laura, JenL, Jen K, KT, Tonya, Kim, Lisa, Trish, Kirsty and some other of our past posters come and say 'hi'.

Anyway, things are good, the sun is shining. Did I tell you guys we've settled on a date? We'll be walking down the aisle on May 19, 2007. Seems a long way away, but as you know, time flashes by. We've been engaged for three months now and it only feels like yesterday. I am hoping to have a place reserved by the end of the summer.

I saw some pics of baby Eve, I am so happy for Belle.

Which brings me to another thought. I have been posting here for 5 years and I have grown up so much; graduated University, got another diploma, had many ups and downs with guys, moved cities, got to goal (still working on getting back there;) but I am not that far )found a wonderful guy, got engaged, bought a house, got a good job... geez, I have been busy... I think we've all gone through a lot eh!

Rina: nope, we're still waiting for the flooring to be done. They guy ordered it yesterday so he's hoping that he'll be able to do it next week. Then we need our moulding to be put back on. I am hoping it's done by my vacation which is in three weeks. My doc hassled me for 6lbs (not meanly, just kindly suggested). Yes my reunion, as Hugh Grant said in Notting Hill "Surreal, but nice".

Stacy: I am also throwing some blueberries into my cereal in the morning... yum!! Don't ya hate it when something seems healthy, but learn it isn't the best(though I am sure it's still better than a blooming onion).

Jess: ITA with Kierie... You had your reasons for leaving him. Maybe do something to perk yourself up? A girl's night out maybe?



06-22-2005, 05:01 PM
ALI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY actually I think you're doing it the right way we had 7 months to plan ours ( long story) and it was manic
Rina as for the doc Sometimes I wish there was a compassion switch Last year I had a Physiatrist say Can you lose 80 pounds? hmm I don't know Will you give me help and supervision?
OOh Ediets has a WATP book and DVD for $14 I'm thinking of trying her out
I think I'm goign to email Jayne if her email is still the same if its still in my AOHELL
Stacy we'd love to see pics of your little guy
Jess If you want to have a male encounter (no NOT THAT KIND) maybe you and some GF's can do speed dating LAdy you bubble you would totally work it
but Girls night is defiinitely in need!
I'm reading this book Summer in the City and she's single and goes to a dinner with Smug Marrieds (bridget Jonesish) and In my living room last like I'm like OMG those beeeps how could they talk to her that way. Its mental candy I needed some!
you are soooooooo better off without the aaron baggage
ok enough high horse I'm supposed to be workin here ;)

06-22-2005, 11:14 PM
Hey all-just checking in!
Kier-Belle had her baby? How awesome for her! Tell her congrats from us, ok?

Ali-I missed that you were engaged!!!!! Congratulations belatedly!!!!

Stacey-I remember you, do you remember me? Good to see you!

Jess-I understand how you are feeling-before DH, I was with someone for eight years. He was my first love, and breaking up was really hard. To be honest, I still miss some things about him, but it does get better-for me the turning point was at about 11 months post breakup. Just focus on yourself and doing things for yourself-pamper a little and be selfis, and you will heal...

Hi Rina-glad to see you back.

As for myself, I gained 2 lbs this week, so my goal is more exercise since I am feeling better. I will try to get out running this weekend at least!

06-23-2005, 12:17 AM
Pics of my darling devil/angel? Twist my arm! Dh is trying to get him to sleep as we speak...I'll see if I can find a small enough pic that I won't mess up the boards.
Belle: Congrats on your blessed bundle. It's ok to cry. I cried the first 6 weeks of Ryan's life. Hormones are wacky!!
Lori: Of course I remember you! PG with #2? How old is your first child? boy or girl?
We're all getting so grown up!

06-23-2005, 12:19 AM
One more picture...this time with clothes on!

06-23-2005, 01:20 AM
Stacey, Your little guys is soo cute! Thanks for sharing the pics!

Sweater Girl
06-23-2005, 01:00 PM
Kierie: If I had it my way we would be getting married next year, but my DF didn't want to be too rushed and wants to not have too much debt associated with it. So I gave in on that, but I insisted we have it on a holiday weekend (the Monday after is a holiday in Canada).

Lori: Yup, I have a pretty rock on my finger now. It's shiny yah! But yeah, being engaged has been fun thus far. I just wish the renovations on my house were finished (aka post-flood fix up) so we could throw a party!

Stacy: Adorable pics!!



06-23-2005, 01:06 PM
Ali, I think its very smart to get married on a long weekend. Much easier for anyone who has to travel. That was my one stipulation we were setting a date for ours. We ended up married on June 29th with Canada Day actually being on a Monday for once. It worked out awesome. Hard to believe that was three years ago. Time flies by I tell ya! Good luck getting your house back in order. They were showing pictures on tv of peoples basements in Calgary and all the mess from the floods. I can't imagine. That would be awful.

06-23-2005, 03:54 PM
I got married On July 4th weekend last year on July 4th then we had the monday off for the legal holiday it's the only way to go
Stacy! he's adorable so much personality in that one
Ali 2 years will totally fly trust me!
I bought the leslie sansone last night I can't wait for it to come
today I had lunch with my gf and her 16 month old son it was so nice she is moving back home to ireland b/c her mom is sick we have been friends 7 years I'm goign to miss her
I gotta run work to do!

06-23-2005, 05:22 PM
Wow, the thread has been nice and busy this week, I love it! It's like the old days, sort of. :)

Thank you all for your thoughts and sympathy yesterday. It's great to have such a variety of ladies on here--it's good to know that I'm not unusual. I'm not sure why I'm struggling so much. I think it's maybe because he's with someone new and doesn't seem to care about me at all anymore. I still care SO deeply for him and it's hard to come to terms with that. I've been spending a lot of time crying, perhaps because I haven't really cried about it since I broke up with him. I'm better off without him and don't want to get back together but I still miss him sometimes.

To cope with things, I've been doing some online dating for the last couple of weeks. I've actually met three very nice guys and have plans to see each of them again. I've also been chatting online with a couple of very interesting guys. More than anything, it's a distraction which is what I need right now.

I can't wait for Belle to come back and post photos!!! I love the name Eva, don't you guys?

It's funny that Rina should mention about being all gung ho and then getting stuck in the mud because I've been thinking about the same things lately. I always try to figure out what was different about the first time that I did WW and was SO successful and why I haven't been as successful this time. I think it's because of the "honeymoon-ness" of the first time that you do it. It's not new to me anymore, I'm not learning anything new like I did before. So, I've been trying to think of some way to bring the excitement back into the relationship. ;) But I'm drawing a blank--do you guys have any suggestions?

Stacey--Don't worry about asking about babies/marriages. It's not a sensitive subject for me, since we've been broken up for so long. Your son is absolutely ADORABLE! So cute!

Ali--Congrats on settling on a date. I think it's great that it's so far away--like you said, the time will fly, plus you'll just have that much more time to plan and make calls and all the other stuff you have to accomplish to have a wedding. :) And you're right--looking back, it's unbelievable how much we've all grown, changed, accomplished, isn't it? By the way, did you ever post a photo of your rock? I'd love to see it.

Kier--I think you'll like Leslie. She's a little bit perky for me, but if you can tolerate it, you'll probably really enjoy her. It really is good exercise and you'll definitely see a difference. Luckily, a lady from work and I are planning a MAJOR girls' night out next Friday, and I think it'll be exactly what I need. I can't wait!! That's very sad about your friend leaving, especially after being friends for so long.

Lori--Thanks so much for your thoughts on Aaron--it's such a relief to know that it's OK to be hurting even though it's been so long. Did you start running by doing the Couch to 5K pointers? I'm kind of thinking of starting to run and don't really know how to do it. I remember that for awhile, we had a running challenge and one of the gals on here was coaching. Were you part of that?

OK, ladies, I'm going to get a little bit more work done. See you later!!

06-23-2005, 09:36 PM
Good evening everyone! I'm stuck in the mud, too. I'm sitting here, just got home from class and I'm starving. I'm not thinking "points" smarts, either. I don't have much taboo stuff around the house unless I start eating DS's chef boyardee and stuff like that. :) I have WI in the morning. I usually don't eat until after WI...then I'm thinking about eating bad stuff. I was supposed to lose enough weight to feel better in my swimsuit. We're going to the lake with a bunch (55) friends/family for the holiday. Last year my excuse was I just had a baby. I don't know what my excuse will be this year. Is it dorky to go to the water wearing a longsleeved tshirt and pants over your swimsuit? Kidding.
That's enough rambling for me. Hello to everyone and have a loverly weekend if I can't post tomorrow!!!

06-24-2005, 02:35 PM
Hey I all I just got some super news. My cousin/best friend is moving home from Texas as of August 1st!!!! WOOOOHOOOO! You have no idea how awesome this is. She has been down there for 4 years and comes home once a year. We spend lots of time on the ohone but its just not the same. They are moving back to our home area so that is perfect. I am soooooo hyper now! I guess that's good b/c I have lots of packing to do for my Calgary trip. Sounds like Belle & I will be getting together & so I get to see little Eva in person! That's super exciting too. Can't wait. Anyway I better get my butt in gear. I doubt I'll be on until after I get back so I guess I'll talk to you all in July. Take care & keep healthy! XOXOXO

06-25-2005, 11:18 AM
Hey Girls
DH and I stayed home yesterday neither one of us felt good
I'm stuck in the mud too but I'm some menu ideas off the forum and I'm planning on cooking ahead of time tommorrow night.
Last night was my gf's last night out in america before going home I'm sad I've actually been sad for weeks about this.
but i did make good food choices a shrimp and avocado salad about a 1/4 of an avocado grilled shrimp and it was dressed in Salsa
no dessert
One of my best friends comes back from TX to stay in late july early august too
and we have a big fam party in august and a retirement party in sept these are my gett off my arse impetus
I have to hustle won't have the puter long b/c DH is having tech boy weekend I'll report in full tommorrow night
I'm so glad we're all posting!