Support Groups - Circle of Friends Week of June 19th

06-20-2005, 10:19 AM
Hello everyone,

I started this thread earlier, hit the wrong key, and POOF it was gone! :tantrum:

Hope you all had an enjoyable weekend. My girlfriend arrived early Fri. evening, then she, DH & I went out to a late dinner. On Sat. she & I went to this premium outlet mall about a 40-45 min. drive from the house. We were there 7 hrs. I was totally exausted. I don't think I've ever shopped that long in my entire life. DH was surprised we pulled into the driveway around 5:00 pm. He thought we wouldn't be home until around 7:00 pm. :faint:

Nikki, glad you finally found a camping spot. I hope you have a wonderful time. I'm happy that you had such a good birthday. The memory mattress sounds like a good present for you where you're having back problems. We had Chinese food Sat. night for supper. This place has the best honey chicken. :T :T I used to get chicken & broccoli all the time when we lived in NH, but now I've found the unhealthy honey chicken. But, we only have Chinese food every few months.

Kate, thank you for your kind words regarding Lynn. What you said was very nice. She was a special person. Has it warmed back up yet? I've heard from family & friends who still are in New England on how cold it was. I saw on line that it was in the 50's where we used to live.

Anne, hope you enjoyed your weekend. Hope you are still determined to take things at your own pace at work this week.

Enjoy your Monday.


06-20-2005, 12:23 PM
Hi Guys:
Wow, We had Chinese food on Saturday. Sounds like we all had the same
craving :lol: Actually we celebrated fathers day on Saturday so we ordered
it in for my DH. Man was it ever good too. My waist band is letting me
know how much I enjoyed it!!! :o
We went to the cemetary yesterday with my mom to visit my dads grave.
It was sad. She put 12 red roses in the vase for fathers day.

Nikki, I need a new mattress so bad. Let me know how you make out with your new mattress. I am all aches and pains every single day between my weight and that stupid mattress I feel like I'm 86. I hate the idea of spending big bucks for a mattress. Some of them are thousands :rolleyes:

Katey, hope you had a good weekend. The weather was so nice and cool.
This week we are going back to the deep heat. Bet you are too.

Aleka, I am still determined to do only what I can. I got in blazes this morning
from :devil: She sent me an angry email because bothme and my co worker
failed to attend the quarterly Finance meeting last Friday afternoon. She told me she wants me to go to the next A/R meeting and the next Finance quarterly then alternate with my co worker. I sent her back a reply with only
ok :lol: :lol Whatever!!!
Have a great day.

06-21-2005, 01:27 PM
HI Everyone:) ,

Oh, it's hot and humid here, just miserable and hard to breathe. I really hate it when it's like this.
DH thought that the memory foam mattress from Walmart was going to be a cheap thing. It's surprisingly nice. It was only $94. It comes all wrapped up tightly, with all the air out of it. Then you release the ties and bags and it expands and looks like a regular mattress, with a nice cover on it too. It is so comfortable, I would like to have one for our bedroom. Anne, we paid over $1000 for our mattress in our bedroom and it has been nothing but uncomfortable. I bought a 2" memory foam topper to put on it and I still can barely walk when I get out of that thing in the morning. DH won't get rid of it, because we spent so much money on it. I'm thinking of bringing my mattress in from the camper and sleeping in a different room when we get home from camping.
DD#2 bought a queen sized memory mattress from Walmart and she loves her's too. I would not hesitate to get one for everyday use, if you can find one up there, Anne.
I'm sorry to cut this short, but I have to run. Talk to you all later, Nikki

06-22-2005, 08:21 AM
Good Morning Ladies:
Nikki, do you lie the mattress on a box spring? It sounds great and I live
pretty close to a Walmart. Is the actual name Memory Foam Mattress?
Do you know the make? I will call my Walmart to find out if they stock
this product. I hate feeling like an old lady when I get up in the morning :dizzy:

Hi Aleka!! How are you doing? We are suppose to have a sunny day, not
too hot. I can't beleive we are nearly 1/2 way to Christmas!!! :eek:
June 22 already!!!

Hi Katey, I think we are all headed back to the deep heat by Friday. I am
going to go to the Farmers Market at City Hall during my lunch hour to see
if there is anything good yet.

Have a great day all!!

06-22-2005, 09:36 AM
Hi everyone,

We're in another stormy pattern and it looks like we're going to be in it for a day or two more. We were lucky yesterday because all the rain and storms stayed south of us. It looks like the same today. We do have a stray shower or two, but that's about it.

Anne, that's a hoot we all had Chinese Food within days of one another. :lol:
That was a good e mail you sent :devil: Good for you!!:cp: It's funny you should mention about being half way to Christmas. When I was shopping with my girlfriend, there were a few stores I went into and thought to myself that I would like to return to them to do some Christmas shopping. Speaking about how time flies, we've been in FL 9 months now. Hope you enjoy your nice weather.

Nikki, glad you like your new mattress. There is nothing better than a good night's sleep. I would be interested to know along with Anne if you put the memory mattress on a box spring, or ontop of your mattress. Sometimes when DH & I get up in the morning we feel about 110 yrs. old. :lol:

Kate, how are things going with you? Have you read the Shopaholic book yet? I finished the 3rd one, Shopaholic Ties the Knot. I think they're kind of cute. Janet Evanovich has the 11th, I believe, Stephanie Plum book coming out in a few days. Can't wait!!

Enjoy your Wednesday everyone!

06-22-2005, 11:23 AM

Yesterday, I had so many things to do, I forgot about the time and had to get going.
Anne, I looked at the box and it just says Memory Foam Mattress on it. It also has a website ( that shows it better and it says on the website, you can put it on an existing box spring. They are 8 inches thick. I don't think you'd want to put one on a mattress and a box spring.
Christmas seems like a long time away, but since we had the longest day of the year already, the days are now getting shorter. Just goes by so quickly.
I finished the foundation yesterday on the back of the house. I want to pull up some of the patio blocks and make a garden back there, but the heat and humidity are horrible. I did at least trim my hedges yesterday.
Ali, hope the storms continue to leave you alone for awhile. We were suppose to get some rain and maybe a storm last night, but didn't get anything. I'm watering the gardens now. I am not looking forward to the water bill, it's going to be a whopper next time.
Kate, how's things going with you?
Oh, I better get going, I've had the sprinkler on the garden now for way longer than I planned, Take care, Nikki

06-22-2005, 02:14 PM
Thanks for the link Nikki!! I sent the company an email to enquire if the
mattress is stocked at the Walmarts in Toronto.
Anne. :wave:

06-23-2005, 04:43 PM

Anne, here's a link to that shows the one I purchased. This is for a queen sized and it's around $169. I thought it was thicker, but it's 6 inches thick, still comfortable though.