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06-20-2005, 07:33 AM
Good Morning LWL :sunny:

Hope you all had a good weekend. Last week was wild and the weekend wilder for me. I had 18 people including 4 under the age of 4 in my very "un-baby proofed home" on Saturday for a 30th anniversary dinner for my father and step-mother. I managed to work myself into such a frenzy over the cooking and cleaning that by the time everything was finally done and dinner made, all plans of sensible eating and drinking went out the window. And we had a lot of left overs! :devil: Luckily they were healthy, just not in the quantity I initially consumed :o Now I have about three weeks before my next major upheaval which is a trip out to Boulder with my son to visit my mother and take son to camp.

On Saturday morning I had one client and a crazy cardio/leg workout before the cleaning and cooking frenzy started. I'm still sore :lol: I found a great workout partner: one of my dd's old high school lacrosse team members! Only problem is that she is 26 years younger than me :dizzy: My gym just bought a weight sled: exactly what it sounds like, with a set of straps and a body harness. We have a long paved hill behind the gym with a parking lot at the top and a grassy area beyond that. We put the sled on the grass, marked out 100 yards, then started at the top of the hill. Did backwards lunges down the hill, forwards lunges up the hill, then one of us ran the 100 yards on the grass with the weight sled with 30 pounds on plates on it, and the other sprinted minus the sled. At the finish line, we switched the sled, then repeated the running with and without the sled interval, then headed back to hill lunges. Repeated for 40 minutes. I think we did run/lunge intervals five times. I haven't been this sore in years! We both thought it would be our hamstrings, but I feel it mostly in my upper quads and rear end :o

I'm going to miss spinning today because school is over and "between client time" will be used to drive ds to a friend's house. I'm probably to sore for spinning anyway. Not looking forward to the summer juggle!

How are you all doing?


06-20-2005, 09:59 AM
Mel!!!!! What a workout! My legs ache FOR your legs.

Saturday was a complete wash for me workout wise. I got up at 7AM but due to changing class times, misinformation about locations and utter madness, I didn't get a workout in at all, except trolling the mall trying to find something appropriate to wear for a dinner party. I did very well food wise Saturday. I ate very lite during the day and then for dinner, I only ate 1/3 of what was served to me and didnt take home any doggy bags (except for the dessert one - yes I ate it ALL). I got in a great leg workout on Sunday. Tried squats without the Smith machine for the first time. I started light and worked my way up the weights, topping out at 105 (including the bar). I was able to do 2 sets of 10 at that weight. Food was okay with the exception of about 2 extra teaspoons of natural PB.

Due to the Pistons / Spurs overtime, I got to bed late and missed my cardio this AM. I hope to be able to get it in tonite.

Where is the rest of the GANG?!?!?!


06-20-2005, 10:19 AM
Good morning Mel and LWL -

Wow, that sled sounds like a hard workout. And you are my new superhero! Good luck with the kid juggle now that school is out.

I had an "interesting" weekend and am glad to be back in my own home (I love my bed) and my own routine. I ran 9 miles on Sat in 2:04:19, and feel pretty good about it. I was a little concerned, as I had only done 6 the week before because of the 10K, but was fine. Then I went to see my therapist, and I feel like I am through my funk now (more later). That was money well spent. Then I went to my mother's for the afternoon and spent the night. Let me just say I understand why Norman Rockwell painted pictures intstead of taking photos :dizzy: Came home Sunday and dealt with the usual "getting ready for the work week" chores and crashed by watching a totally inane movie (my favorite Sunday night activity). This week was "Ocean's Twelve" and it did its job.

So, like I said, the funk is past and I am back in control. Thank you ALL for your help and support. The most important thing is I have let go of weight and measurement numbers. The best part of my session with the therapist was her reminding me that I am an adult, and I make the rules and do not need permission. So, hey, I have drastically improved my health, gotten of medication, lost 60 pounds and changed my lifestyle. I love the new me and will embrace her. I am "done" focusing on losing weight and have now moved into maintenance. If I end up losing more, good for me. If I don't I am so much better than I was. She also pointed out that I have better BF% and BMI than most of the population MY AGE and need to remember that height and weight charts are still based on insurance rates and 25 year old men from the 1950s. We do not know enough about women and especially women over 40 and will see those numbers developing over then next 15 -20 years. I need to stop beating myself up over not being perfect and get away from the numbers. Notice my "progress" is gone from my signature. Maybe it wil be back at a later time, but I don't need it staring at me right now (and, to tell you the truth, I wasn't very good at updating it).

Yes, I am very numbers oriented (Cost and Schedule anaylst and Project Managment for over 20 years and now this) and need to branch out, and find other ways of measuring myself and my progress. So I am back to running and in the gym for the joy of it and because I like it, not because I need to see pounds or inches lost. I am stil lrecording my food becaue I like seeing the quality of my choices. It feels like a weight (no pun intended) has been lifted from my shoulders. I have also had 2 personal "stressors" resolved and two more to go - one in the next week or two and the last (hopefully) by the middle of next month.

So, now I am looking into PT certification and eventually another degree. The therapist helped me focus on my future goals, and this is probably the next step. I do want to work with people of a "certain age" and help them get healthy and prolong the quality of their lives. I had to search many disparate and different places and specialists to find what I needed to get me back to healthy and would like to make it easier for others. So, as a pointed to question to you, Mel and Meg: what certification did you chose and why?

Thanks - already got my run in this morning and weights later this afternoon after I buy new shoes (Yay :D baby needs shoes)

06-20-2005, 11:23 AM
Welcome to the wonderful world of maintenance, Ellen! Weíd love it if you poke your head in at the Maintainers forum. I know you have lots of great insights to share. :)

About the PT certification Ė I heard that there are something like 150 certifications out there. :dizzy: Needless to say, the vast majority are Ďbuy a certificationí programs and not very reputable. You want a certification thatís generally held in high regard and that most gyms and other employers will accept. I work for Ballys and they only accept six: ACSM, NASM, NSCA, ISSA, ACE, and IFPA.

The best certification is ACSM but you canít qualify for it unless you have an undergraduate degree in Exercise Physiology or Biology or something similar. I donít, so went for NASM (www.nasm.org). After talking to the director of personal training at my Ballys, I chose NASM over the other five certifications because, in his opinion, NASM is the mostly highly regarded in the field after ACSM. He thinks it's a more advanced, in-depth certification with more useful knowledge than the others. Heís certificated through NASM himself, as are two other trainers besides myself.

Once you enroll in the NASM PT course, you only have four months to take the test, so the pressure is ON! I spent hours studying every week. True, I donít have a science background so a lot of the bones and muscles and science were totally new to me Ė you may have an advantage over me there. The test is closed book at a proctored test center and honestly, it kicked my butt. I thought I overstudied for it but it turns out that I didnít. :p It was very difficult Ė or else Iíve lost a lot of brain cells since law school Ė always a possibility!

Despite its difficulty, Iím glad I chose NASM because I learned a huge amount of practical knowledge that I use with clients every day. It also does seem to have the respect of others in the field. Coming up, Iím enrolled in a two-day NASM workshop thatís coming to Pittsburgh this fall and am considering doing their Weight Management series for continuing education credit.

I think youíre going to love being a PT! Thereís a huge need for women our age who can show that it IS possible to be fit and healthy into middle-age and beyond. And, for me at least, one unexpected benefit of being a PT is that forces me to stay on my toes since what Iím selling is myself and my results. People want to train with PTs because of how they look Ė they want to look like you! :eek: (digression - it still amazes me when a client says that she just wants to look like me, since I still see myself as obese and think - huh? why would anyone want to look like ME??) Anyway, the job sure makes me think twice about that cookie or sleeping in through morning cardio. :lol: Great motivation for maintenance!!

Good luck, Ellen, and feel free to PM me with any other questions about certifications or training. :)

06-20-2005, 01:01 PM

Thanks for asking the PT question, Ellen, and answering it, Meg - there's a local certification program here which I've been considering for the future. Sounds like it in concert with one of the national certification thingies might be really marketable. Do you find that there is a lot of need for personal trainers in your area? Sometimes I think that where I am now is overflowing with them, but maybe they're all working like crazy and I just have no idea!

Busy weekend for me, more later hopefully, have a great Monday all.

06-20-2005, 01:33 PM
Laura, I donít know about other areas of the country, but my gym is desperate for trainers, especially female trainers. We have a number of young guys in their 20s (kind of your stereotypical muscleheads) and one or two guys in their 30s (still with awesome bodies). But 2/3 of our PT clients are women, and a lot of them are middle-aged and they just donít feel comfortable with the 20-somethings.

We have an older female trainer who works exclusively with elderly clients (like those with hip replacements), two women in their 20s who do bodybuilding competitions, a female runner fresh out of college, and then thereís me (Iím 50 :p ). I know that my boss would be thrilled to hire several more women, especially in their 30s and above. He'd ideally like to have a representation of all ages and both genders to appeal to anyone looking for a trainer.

I'm sure Mel can give you some insight into her part of PA. :)

06-20-2005, 02:10 PM
Hi everyone!

Almost done for me today and what a day.
Gym in the morning, arms and shoulders and bike, power down at the office for 1 hour(clients still calling), so no electricity (ever gone to the ladies room carrying a candle?), my colleague alone in a dark elevator for la long time, panic all around, DBF left for 2 weeks on a business trip, cake cake cake all around the office (guess what I had for lunch), all in all a madhouse.

Tonight: I'm going to chillllllllllllllllllllll and have veggies and fruit from the garden and that's it...

Ellen, you seem to have found out what you are made of (steel), It's so good to see that you have decided what you are and what you want to do!

Mel, what a crazy workout!

Meg, is it possible to do the PT course outside the US? It's almost impossible to find a serious course here, and everything is in French. There is only one serious course to go here: Gym academy, which will take 2 years out of your life and has no PT course anyway. Stone age...

Tiki, I wish I only had 2 tsp of natural PB today.


06-20-2005, 02:33 PM
Greekgirl: Most of the certifications that Meg listed test outside the US. Log onto their websites for the international test locations. ACE probably has the most international test sites. ISSA can be done completely on-line so it doesn't matter where you are. The materials are all in English.

I have to disagree slightly with Meg: I think a lot of people's determination of which is the best certification is colored by which one they hold and their particular orientation or experience, be it bodybuilding, weightloss and fitness, athletics and conditioning, rehab, etc.

I'm currently certified through ISSA and I don't think that's the best, but I didn't do a lot of research before I chose my certifying organization. I think the materials and approach that I learned was fine, but I have some issues with the way the (for profit) organization is run. I'm currently taking continuing ed courses for recertification through them (to be safe so I can keep working) and studying for a new certification through NSCA.

No matter with whom you certify, you need to either re-certify or take continuing education credits every two years to stay current.

There are a lot of PT's out there, but few women over the age of 30. Because of the hours, it's hard to juggle training with ever being home when your family is home! My gym is pretty unusual in that we have 3 trainers over 50 (2 guys and me), and we seem to be the ones most in demand. Even among the women clients (lol, why did this surprise me?), my business picked up significantly when I lost 12 pounds below my goal weight and went from a healthy bf to a pretty lean look. It's hard to maintain, but good for business. Both of the older guys are still competitive bodybuilders and look fantastic. We also have several younger trainers.

ok, back to the gym
I did chest this morning...no records set :( Cardio and 3 clients to go.


06-20-2005, 04:08 PM
Okay, that's it - I need to move! (unless one of you wants to relocate to small town Alaska!) Nothing even resembling a certified PT here! My gym has I think 2 PTs. One is a BIG guy in his 30's, in very good shape and very nice but from what I've seen he pretty much has everyone on the same program. THe other is a gal in her 20's who started out working the reception desk! She and the owner (a woman) both use a standard one-size-for-all program. . . Sigh. I worked with the owner a couple times, mostly to get the feel of the different machines and equipment, and to learn where they hid everything. :lol: Now I read lots of books and pick my own exercises. Seems to working okay, but I'd sure enjoy a couple of good sessions with a PT. Maybe I should look into it when I go (come?) to the states (we call it going Outside, or going to America :) ) for a conference or vacation.

Nonetheless, now that I am once again healthy - Yay - I'm back at the gym for regular sessions. Today is upper body/arms and a decent cardio. I was going to ride my bike, but it's pouring! :eek:

06-20-2005, 11:18 PM
MeL!! Geeze you're gonna :censored: kill yourself :faint: !!! ... You're just too much :lol: I don't think you had to worry too much about food the evening of your party after that workout!! No wonder you were hungry anyways !

Ellen -- It was so nice to read that uplifting post... Welcome to Maintenance ... I too am of the thinking that if I lose weight that's great, and if not well I feel pretty darn good about myself for my age!

Had a really good leg :strong: workout today.....BUT dang not as exceptional as MeL's !!

06-21-2005, 03:46 AM
Hi all!

Will not go to the gym today, tonight is the yearly Fete de la Musique, which means about 100 bands throughout Lyon, music, the works.
Last year we had about 1 million visitors, I think. I will probably dance my way through exercise today. Food is better today (yesterday: terrible).

Thanks Mel for the tips! I am still figuring out what would be better to do, here they still prefer dieting to exercise, so PT's are not so much in demand as they are in the States. I might try to combine Dietician with PT or something

Bye for now, I'm being called away...

06-21-2005, 06:05 AM

Glad to hear you are all into moving into the new week with gusto !

Mel - that sounds like an AWFULL workout. Every time I stand dripping wet from my cardio I think about your incredible workouts.

Pat, Lieke - And I can identify with you both at having not so much good PTs around. There is no gym in my village, but there is one in the next...The last time I went out there it offered some trainers at about 20 yrs old, mostly interested in gosssiping between themselves, and NO, as a 46 yr old women with not so great figure, I do NOT identify with a 20 yr old man, and I do NOT identify wit a 20 yr old girl that does not show the moves even if I pay her for it. So as Pat says, it is a question of working through the info to find out what works for you, being very carefull not to get injured. Thank God for the internet !

Tiki - How are you doing ??

Hi to Ellen and Ilene

Foodwise has not been to great these days. My motivation jumps out of the window every day at about 14.00 pm. I bought a "power yoga' dvd which i am going totry out today. Ran 5 kms on the treadmill yesterday. We have a heatwave at the moment, and apart from that my hay fever is giving me itches all over.

have a great day all,

06-21-2005, 07:17 AM
'Morning all. Had a short 20 minute run yesterday as part of the DCFit training. It amazes me how quickly it went by. Boy, how things have changed. I went out and got fitted at a running store yesterday and ended up with a pair of Saucony Hurricane 7s. Then went for my weights. Today I will have my first hill run in the new shoes. The guy at the store was really patient and must have brought out 6 pairs of shoes for me to try. Let's see, heel stability coupled with my narrow toe box and high arches (how cool is that lingo?) - I really made it tough for him.

So, hill run and yoga today. Then I plan on doing the Costco shopping. I am feeling so much better than I was last week. I am hot and heavy into researching certificaiton programs. Do any include hands-on experience? Now I understand why the owner of my gym holds training sessions with the newer trainers every week.

Have a good day LWL

06-21-2005, 10:25 AM
Hey Hey all!!!

Rabbit, I do the same thing. After I finish a workout or get to a new level on the weights I find myself thinking about Meg, Mel and Ilene and all they do and remember that there is so much more for me to accomplish. That really is a motivator for me.

So Ellen got some brand new shoes? Hope they work well for you on those hills. If not, beat the sales clerk in the head with them.

Leike, that festival sounds great! Have a good time and dance some for me as well.

Last night, DD and I went for a nice long bike ride - about 40 minutes. It was the perfect cardio for my super sore legs and butt. We played follow the leader, up and down hills, we raced, just had a great time. I wish she could STAY 10 years old. Food was great yesterday.

Tonite is cheer try-outs. Tomorrrow my new team gets to finally meet the "REAL COACH" and they will soon learn that Coach Tiki expects a LOT from them.


06-21-2005, 06:04 PM
Tiki -- *I* am not of the same caliber as MeL and MeG... YOU all amaze me at how dedicated you are, I often feel lazy when I read all that you guys do... Tiki :cheer: you da :coach of the year girl !! Those girls won't know what hit them...

LIeke -- a music festival that sounds like a good dancing/workout to me

Today I will go to the gym and do shoulder and cardio later around 6:30 and pick up DD at work at 8PM... She loves her new job, I think she may just go that way as a carreer, how cool is that? I think it was Tiki who mentioned how disapointed she was with her first paycheck and the $$ taken off for the govt, well DD was disapointed too, welcome to the real world I always say...

06-22-2005, 04:58 AM
Hi all,

We have a heatwave going on !!! It's 30 C in the shade and willcontinue to be HOT for the next days. i just ran/walked 4 kms on the treadmill, and I'm soaking. Just a pause, and then i'll go back and do some more.
It really is difficult to keep going in this heat !

later addition: YES!! I got inspired by Ilene's post on the excercise forum and Mels words on adding some variety so I added some intervals. This is much more fun. Score for today: 1hr 10 mins cardio , 7.2 kms, dripping wet and close to max bpm.

Have a great day,
melting Rabbit

06-22-2005, 01:30 PM
Great going, Hot Rabbit,

I am sad to inform you all that I have had to add another food to the banished forever from my life list. Yes, unfortunately I have to admit that I am powerless over peanut butter and can't control myself around it. I dumped it last night - added dishwashing liquid to it to make sure I didn't dig it out the trash for one last kiss good bye. Now I need suggestions for other healthy fats I can have. I know adding one whole egg to my omelettes will help. Any other suggestions (outside of olive oil anything) are welcome.


06-22-2005, 01:54 PM
Ah, Tiki, join the club. Unfortunately, my son and husband eat natural peanut butter every single day and it lives front and center in the refrigerator!

Avocado? Sesame seeds? A few walnuts? flaxseeds (grind them up or they gow right through you :p ) ?

Or there's always the totally unfun way to get your healthy oil...buy some omega 3-6-9 capsules and take them like a vitamin.


06-22-2005, 03:34 PM
:lol: Tiki! Good for you though, recognizing you just can't have it in the house. I like adding walnuts to my breakfast cereal. Also avocados have "good" fat, as does salmon.

06-22-2005, 09:00 PM
Good Afternoon LWL, My PT really put it to me today, he had me doing what he called "21s", I had to do bicep curls in sets of 7, the first 7 was just the 1st half of the curl, the second 7 was the upper part of the curl then the last 7 was the whole curl, top and bottom. He was using lighter weights then typically and I thought "oh this is a piece of cake" NOT by the time I got to the end I wasn't certain I was going to make it. But now I feel so accomplished. :strong:

06-22-2005, 09:01 PM
Tiki -- I know what you mean about PB, but like MeL I have to live with a jar that seems to constantly be on the table or counter -- I swear it jumps out of the cupboard everytime I put it away, or maybe the men in my life don't know how to put things away... Anywhooooo, good for you for using MeG's dishsoap trick, I have never been able to bring myself to do that with any foods, although I have thought about it often...... Have you tried Udo's as a healthy oil, it's a bit pricey but very tasty in oatmeal or mixed with strawberries and SF maple syrup, or mixed in with your salad dressing of choice and poured over salad... I like it a lot...

Today I worked chest and triceps, it was an ok workout, just OK... :(

06-23-2005, 06:41 AM

Tiki - Good for you to throw out the demon NPB!! My kids also eat PB and chocolate-hazaelnut paste. Fortunately I never ate it, and I am certainly not going to try it !!. I have the same issue with demon icecream. It is melting hot out here, and if i have it in the house it is like calling me from the freezer to come and get it out!.

I do the un-fun thing: eat omega 3-6-9 capsule each day, and I use some oil in cooking. It is the cholestorol reducing kind, and I use it in salad dressings also. Taking the oil in nuts does not work for me: once I have the almonds or walnuts or whatever nut I cannot stop at the tiny 10 or 12 nuts that are recommended. I go for the whole handfull, and handfull, and handfull. So no nuts for me in this house.
It is funny to read and to realise that in so many households there is separate food for certain household members !!

Excercise for today: I did 7 kms on the treadmill again, mostly intervals. Close to maximum heartrate and got dripping wet. I plan to start lifting again tomorrow, start easily and see how the right elbow and right knee are taking it.

Have a great day all,

06-23-2005, 07:49 AM
So, I havwe decided that Wed are my "hard" day, at least this one was. I have pushed my cardio to try to get into the 150 bpm range for most of a 40 min elliptical workout (would like to work up to 1 hour). Then a session with my trainer. Went home, showered, met friends for lunch, food shopping, took everything inside and put away. Then back to the gym for 10 min warm-up and Pliates. Needless to say, I slept quite well last night.

Today is a 40 min run and a yoga session. I plan on running part fo the trail we will run on our Sat 10-mile run. It is a 2-3% incline (I think) that goes for a long time - 1 to 2 miles (I really need a foreunner, please, please, please). I still can not believe how far I have come!

Still researching PT programs. I realize how much I don't know to even start asking the right questions. I'd like to plan to start something around Sept just because that is "back to school" and I am not a very good summer person and just want to get through.

Have a great day ...

06-23-2005, 11:10 AM
Hi all you wonderful LWL! I know it's been ages since I checked in, but after an initial sticking to upper body after my knee operation, I went into a blue funk, and totally relapsed into indulgence and indolence. But now I am (I think) back on track. I am just beginning to walk normally without any limping, and the phys therapist has added cardio in the form of biking and elliptical, so AT LAST I can do cardio again. The ortho says it will take another month or so before I can get back completely to my regular activities, but the cardio component is the part that was really getting me down. I've gained almost 10 pounds in the last month out of frustration and lack of control, but I joined WW on Tues and hope the regimentation will help me stay on track. I missed you all...totally didn't check in, which was counterproductive, but symptomatic of my depression. After all this I realize I need the physical activity to maintain a good frame of mind. Hopefully there won't be a next time with an injury of this magnitude, but if there is, I will find something to do physically...even if its swimming, which I hate.

Even tho' my ticker is no longer correct, I am not changing it in hopes I can get this weight off reasonably quickly.

Will have to check past threads to see how you are all doing.....in the mean time, Hi all!!!

Susan :D

06-23-2005, 12:36 PM
Hi everyone,

wednesday was great! We made a tour through the city (on foot), listened to all different kinds of music, it was warm and summery, in short, a perfect evening!
Yesterday was reaaly warm and clammy and it was so hot today that I felt really lucky having to work late today. I squeezed in a 45 min swim but no gym, so tomorrow will be double trouble (groan).
Turns out we have some very nice neighbours too, as they saw me watering the vegetable garden they invited me over for coffee (until 23.30 PM). the cats came too and just sat there for company like dogs. When I left, they got up too and followed me home, it's too weird.

Rabbit, tough program! 30 C in the shade in the Netherlands is no joke! It's so humid there. Here at least the air is slightly dryer. When I was little, at the back of my dad's house, near Leiden, we had a river to swim in, but here the water comes from the mountains, no way I'm going to jump in there before July!

Tiki, all the other not mentioned above fats I could tell you are too good to leave alone or eat in moderation (nutspread etc.). What you could do is only have peanutbutter portions outside your home. Mine I hide at the back of the cupboard, I manage to forget about it that way.

Ellen, it's so good to see your determination, you're inspiring me too!

Hi Susan, welcome back!


06-23-2005, 01:56 PM
Hi Susan ... Welcome back ... I missed you!! I know once you get back on track and get that cardio down to routine again you will feel so much better! Weights will follow .. be sure to listen to your body and come back carefully.

06-23-2005, 02:38 PM
Hi Susan :wave: Welcome back, you've been missed :)
You and Rabbit can "ease into the weights" together.

Today I had a good arms workout, then "lung buster" cardio. I'm much better at it than I was when I first did it 3 weeks ago! I really felt like my lungs were going to burst the first time, now I'm just sucking wind :lol: My legs are finally just down to a dull soreness from last Saturday's "Sled Dog" workout and yesterday's leg day. I don't think I'll do a full hour of the sled workout again. I can do the workout, but I don't recover. I felt lousy for 4 days, couldn't sleep but was exhausted...classic symptoms of overtraining. Lesson learned (maybe). I'd love to drop about another 2% body fat, but killing myself is probably not the way to do it :dizzy:


06-23-2005, 05:23 PM
Hullo everyone

A nice afternoon picking strawberries and gooseberries at a farm. Quite delicious. And I ate the strawbs with cream. June only comes once a year, after all!

Tiki - I eat a lot of oily fish: salmon, tuna, tinned sardines and mackerel, etc. I also eat nuts but have to watch out for having too many. My latest scheme is to have an apple and a few (6 or 7) for my mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack. That has stopped any peanut butter misbehaviour in the early evening (that usually happens when my routine is out of kilter). I had worked out that my body needed fat and PNB was the easiest thing available. Now I'm providing the fat earlier in the day my body doesn't seem to need it later on. I'm pretty impressed by this change. I eat a different nut each time (almonds, walnuts, brazils, hazelnuts, cashews, etc).

06-23-2005, 11:31 PM
HI all,

Quickie post here. Thanks for the fat suggestions. I will look for sesame seeds this weekend. I already know where to get Udos, so now I just need to pick some up and figure out what to mix it in.

Off to bed so I can get up in time for chest and tris tomorrow AM.

Mel, good to see that 1) you finally did recover and 2) you are smart enough to adjust that workout so you can get lean, not sick.


06-24-2005, 05:54 AM
hi LWL,

Susan - Glad to see you back !
Mel - So there is something you as a superwoman cannot do ! (Joke !!) This sled workout sounded impossible heavvy to me! Good for you to realise to keep the goals realistic.

Hi to all the other LWL

I started lifting again today, and taking some advice from mel i have started with a little heavvier weight, but I do less reps. Typically i would do 10 - 15 in the past, no i figured I 'd stay in the 5- 10 range. anyway i did UBW today, and my arm muscles still are a bit wobbly from it. Right elbow still seems OK. Additionally I ran 3.3 kms.

Have a great day,

06-24-2005, 02:30 PM
Hi girls!

Today is:
hothothot! 35 C...
So today's workout was: sweaty but good! I see I have to up the pounds again which makes me very happy, I just pounded out the 15 reps at 26 kilos (= about 60 lb's) on my bench press today.
Program tomorrow: housework, lawn mowing and garden and abs and hopefully swimming, Sunday will be Legs and maybe swiming. If it's not to hot, I'm going to "steal" riverstones at the river nearby to make new garden borders.
I had a huge push yesterday evening towards getting really serious about staying on the narrow food track of LWL hood, as I talked to a cousin of mine.
She's only 44 and has been obese for most of the last 15 years. She's decided to have her stomach reduced because she is in danger of dying very young (she's developing heart problems, apart from everything else). Although I am appalled at this (large risk factor operation), in her case it is probably the only way to lose weight (she cannot get the hang of nutrition or portion control, she just don't get it).
Anyway, I keep thinking about it and as she was a factor in my losing the first batch of lb's in the first place (albeit by negative comparison), I am going to use this "boogeyman" image as an extra force to get there.

Silverbirch, DBF is in England right now, he tells me that you are hot also! By the way, I heard English Strawberries are the best in the world.

Have a wonderful weekend


06-24-2005, 04:49 PM
Ellen, sounds like you have been doing wonderfully by sticking to your plan, and focusing on what's important...how you feel and what you've accomplished rather than statistics.

Tiki, I love the idea of the detergent in the PB...too often I toss something into the garbage and then retrieve it (I am ashamed to admit to this)...detergent would solve my stinky behavior.

Well, did 15 minutes biking yesterday adn 10 minutes elliptical today...I'm on my way! Just need to take it very slowwwwly. Don't want a relapse. Am also fighting a miserable chest cold which is affecting how I feel...as well as dealing with the decongestants I am taking to keep the drip under control (I usually get asthma if I am not careful). They make me totally woozy, even the daytime cold medicines. I had to stop my phy therapy this am because I was so out of it...broke out into a cold sweat and thought I would pass out. Can't wait to get home from work and into bed.

Lieke, it is hot in my area also....the heat should keep you from being too hungry, no? I wish your cousin good luck...some people have had luck with that operation, but there is always some risk.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend...if my cold is better I am going to try to hit the gym this weekend and get a fairly full workout in.

Stay cool!


06-24-2005, 05:04 PM
DBF is in England right now, he tells me that you are hot also! By the way, I heard English Strawberries are the best in the world.

It's not been quite so hot here in the West but it's been nice. Um, we finished off the strawbs tonight with ... chocolate and banana cheesecake (the Man's name day meal - we also had pork and onion kebabs, brown rice and green beans and a glass of wine). Well, the cheesecake recipe came from Anita Bean's The Complete Guide to Sports Nutrition. The ingredients were pretty fair and each portion was 194 kc, 7.2g protein, 26g carb, 7.4g fat, 1.1g fibre. I'm such a big fan of Real Food.

Otherwise, more of the same. We have all been ill for about a month now. Some kind of ear, nose, throat rubbish. It is taking for ever to get rid of the infection but it will go, it will. No antibiotics from our GP and I agree with that. Although it makes it hard.

Lieke: when things come so close to home, as they have with your cousin, it really does make you think, doesn't it? Best wishes to her.

Hullo to everyone. I hope you're doing well. Keep away from infection is my advice!

06-24-2005, 05:15 PM
Hi all,

I'm sorry to hear so many of you are ill. Hugs to all and best wishes to get well. Leike, good job on upping the weights. That is a GREAT feeling.

Last night around 11:45 my right eye started itching violently. I rubbed it very briefly and it felt weird so I looked in the mirror and it was swelling up. This AM, it was swollen completely shut so I did NOT go to the gym. The idea of weight training with only one functional eye does not seem like a good thing. I went to work and they sent me to the doctor. Doc couldn't find anything wrong but gave me steroids and sent me home. by 1:00 PM it was opened up pretty good so I went to the gym and got in a GREAT upper body workout without any time constraints - hit chest, back, bis and tris and then did 45 minutes on the elliptical at level 8. I am so happy. I was upset because I thought I was going to miss my workout and ended up getting a really good one instead. Now its time for house work, cheer practice and then the crew is having overnight company! Whew!


06-24-2005, 08:10 PM
Busy day, I went to the gym this morning and did my cardio then a swim, and concentrated on abs at lunch time. I am working hard on my core strength, because I think that's where I am weakest at the moment, and I feel a bit vulnerable when doing leg press etc, as I don't feel I have that "protective band" of muscle around my back and tummy anymore (maybe I do, but it's buried under several inches of fat!!!) I used to be a carer for 4 big blokes in wheelchairs, and felt a lot stronger then, sitting at a desk has withered my strength away!!!

My plan for the weekend is to not sit around and do nothing!!!

Manchester has been hot and sticky, but a lot cooler today. I am not a huge fan of the heat and humidity...........despite being Australian!!!

06-24-2005, 08:53 PM
I love this great heat we are getting.... bring it on...

Today was a very busy day... I made it to the gym for 5:30am, worked back and bis, then home by 6:30 then gone for my Dad's radiation by 7:30... Home by 11am, it takes about 3.5 to 4 hours round trip to go to the hospital, treatment and back... then I went in to work from noon to 4:30, and I was suppose to be off this week, but we have so much work that I just could not leave the other secretary deal with all this cwap... So I did my volunteer work for the year :D... Yea, we don't get paid for any overtime, isn't that pathetic?? Anyways, that's another story :rolleyes:!!

So, all in all, it was a good day although busy and I'm gonna have a glass of wine and veg now :cheers: ..... Welcome back all you old and new lurkers....:wave:

06-25-2005, 06:34 AM
hi LWL,

Lieke - sorry to hear about your cousin, that really makes you think doesn't it ?
Kykaree, silverbirch - I believe western europe is totally in a heat wave ! It's HOT out here. i have all the windows open, hoping for a breeze of air. Today it is a bit cloudy, so less hot, but without any breeze at all. hot and humid.

Tiki - I get exhausted just reading your scedule ! Lots of fun though

Ilene - Keep up the good work !!

I only did 2.5 kms today, just enough to get to my weekly minimum of excercise. I cannot bring myselkf to do morein this heat.
Maybe tomorrow,
melting rabbit

06-25-2005, 09:28 AM
Hi all,

Rabbit, sorry you are melting. I actually agree with Ilene. I LOVE THE HEAT! My skin looks so healthy in this type of weather. My hair also does better in the summer time humidity. Go figure.

Today is another busy day. I'm keeping two additional kids for the weekend. One of them has two bball games today 8AM and 10, so I was up at 5:45 to get my cardio in, then off to drop off the guys for bball, back to the house to shower and get the girls up for gymnastics at 10:30 and then off to an outdoor festival. Should be a very fun, very busy day. We may visit a Coldstone shop this evening. I heard they are nice.

Eating has been clean and my goal is to NOT undo that today while out and about with all the smells from the various food vendors.

Keep up the good work everybody!!


06-25-2005, 04:42 PM
Happy Sat!! I got my 10 miles in today - it was a tough hill course and I survived. From what I understand we will do the same course at least 2 more times before Oct, so I have a 2:20 baseline. Meeting friends for an early dinner then off to the Nats game. What a great weekend - enjoy.

Ilene - *hugs* - good for you for keeping up with your needs in addition to your father's.

Hope all those feeling "punko" are doing better - warm tea and healthy thoughts from me to you ...

06-25-2005, 08:39 PM
Oh Tiki, hope you survived Cold Stone!! :lol: We ended up going there on Thurs night after discovering that the square dance we were going to was cancelled. They do have awesome sorbet - which I had - but their ice cream is off the charts in fat calories! My DH had no trouble downing it though. :) Of course, he is the skinny one always trying to get UP to 140! The lemon sorbet was really good - nice and tart!

Ellen, you are doing great!! I can't imagine running 10 miles. Best I ever did was 5K, but I am in awe of you! Have fun at the ball game. I've lived in/near two major league cities - Boston and Seattle - and loved going to the games. (But not the traffic mind you!)

Our library network (7 libraries of which I am the director of one) held our 9th annual "Race for Technology" this morning. It's a 5K fun/family type run with all the proceeds going to purchase technology related things for the libraries. Our local phone cooperative is our major sponsor and has made us part of a 3 race summer race series to attract more runners (there's a separate award for those who run in all 3). I didn't run or walk however, as the start is at my library and I am always running to keep the logistics moving smoothly. It went really well this year, though there was a moment of panic when we had to move the route due to a side street being dug up! The local Lions Club did hot dogs, drinks, and cake at the finish and since it was warm and sunny, a good time was had by all. :) I did some shopping after and am home doing laundry before I head back to town for a haircut at 5:30. My DH has gone to help a friend on his remote site cabin, and won't be back til Wed (left Fri am).

Last night I took a page from Ilene's book :D. One of the other librarians whose library is 2 hours north came and stayed with me and we had a lovely evening visitng and drinking way too much wine out on the deck! No after effects this morning thankfully. And we were up before 7 to be at the library by 8.

Needless to say, today was a "rest" day - at least from formal exercise. I'm hoping to ride my bike for cardio tomorrow (though it's clouding up and looking like it's going to pour right now), and get in an upper body workout here at home (gym is closed on Sun).

Hope the rest of you are having a great weekend!

06-25-2005, 08:48 PM
I'm giggling over the two librarians getting sloshed out on the deck ... :lol:

06-25-2005, 08:52 PM
Meg, I am NOT a lush!!! Honest!! Stop that giggling, it's not just a giggle, I can hear you from here :nono: You're outright :lol3: .... I hear you young lady!!

Oh, I'm just being paranoid.... sorry ;)

06-25-2005, 08:56 PM
I'm laughing at you too, Ilene. :lol: See, you're NOT paranoid!

06-25-2005, 08:58 PM
:lol3: @ MeG

06-26-2005, 05:11 AM
hi LWL,

Pat, Meg, Ilene, - you make me laugh!!
I too had an evening out yesterday...With my daughter out to camp for a weekend, and DH of to a party with his old chums, I took my son (13 yrs) out to dinner ! We went to a tapas bar in the nextvillage, and I was not able to eat a lot as they have all different kinds of small dishes, and after 2 dishes my son was full. We had an icecream in the next shop for desert afterwards, and I had a glass of wine at home. Still, we had good fun.

I managed my goal for this week: did 5hrs of excercise, 26 km run and an upper and lower body workout. I wake up mornings with the depressed feeling that this is all leading nowhere, but at least I did it and I can be proud of that.

Have a great day all,

06-26-2005, 10:13 AM
Lots of wine and ice cream on the board yesterday :dizzy:
My workout yesterday was detailing dh's car in 95 degree heat :p It was part of his Father's Day present, and I was supposed to get some help. Ds did the interior windows, then went to the pool :mad: I'm such a sucker that I let him. It really wasn't all that much exercise, but boy did I sweat :p

I need to do super cardio today, but it's already 97 and I haven't slept more than about 4 hours for the last 3 nights. I feel like I'm in a slightly vibrating fog all the time...guess I better call my doc. This isn't real good for the eating resolve. Rabbit, I hear you on the feeling that this is all leading nowhere. You know that's not true, but it's hard to combat the feeling. Are you getting any help?

Lots of cleaning, outdoor chores, and seriously starting to pack myself and ds for our trip to CO in a week and a half...ugh, maybe I'll go back to bed and just stare at the ceiling fan!


06-26-2005, 03:10 PM
Hi all,

Mel I hope you get some rest real soon. 4 hours per night is crazy. If I don't get 6 hours, somebody better watch out!

I stared down Coldstone yesterday. We walked in 97 degree heat for about 3 hours before going to the store. The kids all got some, but I did NOT buckle. Instead I treated myself to the smallest size frappucino that Starbucks makes. Dinner last night was grilled chicken. Didn't cook any veggies, was too busy refereeing the 6 kids I ended up with last night.

Got up this AM and worked legs. Then drove straight home, changed shoes and cut the grass and cut down bushes for 1.5 hours. I figure that will be my cardio for the day.


06-26-2005, 03:58 PM
Never did rain yesterday, in fact clouded over and cleared off about 3 times! Today is bright and sunny again. I was out watering the garden before it heats up. Now I'm washing sheets and towels to hang on the line. Then I'm loading up my bike and going into town (where's there's a bike trail!) and going for a ride. We live on a gravel road right off a main highway with not much shoulder, never mind a bike trail, so it's not safe to ride (or walk) there. We've been on the highway dept's schedule for the last several years for a serious upgrade, including a bike trail, but I'm sure since they haven't started, that it's not happening this year either. Sigh...

06-26-2005, 04:30 PM
OMIGOSH!!! I was so proud that I visited Coldstone's website before going there to see the nutrient info. That was the main reason I didn't get anything there. Well, I just went to Starbuck's website to get the nutritional information for what I had there and it was JUST AS BAD AS A SMALL COLDSTONE SERVING!! Worse, even, because it had less protein.


06-27-2005, 05:59 AM
hi LWL,

Mel - yes, I know it is leading somewhere, but it is hard tho shake the feeling indeed. At the moment I see a therapist every 2 weeks and 3FC is more or less my day to day support.

TIKI - Bad luck about the starbucks- coldstone, but Bravo for you for checking that out !!

Pat - It seems so strange to me to go to town for a bike ride !! I hope it was enjoyable