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06-18-2005, 02:17 PM
I just started frequenting this site recently & have found it to be very inspirational & reassuring. Right now I am beyond frustrated & grumpy & thought a post might help. So here goes....

I think about my weight 24-7 - no exaggeration here - I even dream about it. I pulled a back muscle running last week & could hardly breathe (I think from the weight of my breasts) & then went canoe camping for 3 days. So I didn't watch everything I ate for 3 days & didn't do any serious exercise for a week & I gained 7lbs!!!!!

It's not fair!!!! (Ok - I know I sound like a baby whining like this) But I just am having a heck of a time justifying the effort when it took me 5 months to lose 25lbs & 1.5 weeks to gain 7lbs. It's not like I said f*#@ it & pigged out for that period of time while sitting on my butt - I just wasn't perfect.

Anyway, I've been moping all day, not eating because I'm sooo miserable & dreading the stupid party I have to go tonight because I don't feel like pretending to be happy & controlling myself around all the high-fat finger food.

I'll shake this - it's just has a grip on me today.

Thanks for letting me whine.

06-18-2005, 03:44 PM
Oh, Lifeguard. You are being too hard on yourself by far! Remember it takes 3500 extra calories to gain a pound, so while it sounds like your eating was extreme for 3 days, it's probably not all fat. Water gain from salt (and inflammation from not exercising) all equate to extra numbers on the scale as well. I think of those pounds that show up after a bad day (or week) as wake-up-call weight gain. It's the easiest to lose, generally getting back on my plan and a week or so of healthy living and exercise and it goes away. Think of it as your body's way of reminding you what's important to you and what you stand to give up if you don't get back on track.

Thinking about weight all the time, while extremely frustrating, is also very understandable given how much focus an attention you've been giving the process of getting rid of it. The hard part about making this kind of change in your life is that your mind decides in an instant what it wants (to be thin/healthy), but the hard work to catch your body up to where your mind knows it wants to be takes months and in some cases years. My mind decided I should be thinner and healthier in May. And while I've been working my a$$ off since then, I still wake up fat everyday. But each day I wake up a little less fat and a little heathier than I was yesterday or last week.

So hang in there! You are doing really well, and this is a minor setback (if you choose for it to be)-- of which you'll have many throughout this journey and well after you reach your goal. So now is the time to figure out what YOUR strategy will be to make sure it stays a minor setback and doesn't become the event that derailed your efforts completely. You don't want to think back one day: "One time I lost 25 pounds. Jeez, I wish I had kept going..."

06-18-2005, 10:55 PM
What wise words, Cecily. I especially loved that you said this: I still wake up fat everyday. But each day I wake up a little less fat and a little heathier than I was yesterday or last week. I'm going to use this to keep me going. :thanks:

Keep your chin up, Lifeguard. As Cecily said, there's no way your gain is all fat. It's tough to stay positive when the scales seem to be mocking you but hang in there. :goodvibes:

And I really hope you ate something healthy before your party. There's nothing more likely to entice you from your plan than going hungry to a function where high fat food is on offer. :(

06-19-2005, 01:08 AM
I have been where you are. Go and read the post with prayers to Sarah. It will help you put your life back into a healthy perspective (I mean this only in a kind way - kind of a reality check of what is important and what is not). You are far more than the sum of a number written on a scale. I hope you had fun canoeing - taking in the sights, the smells and the enjoyment of either friends/family or both. "They" , whoever the heck "they" are, say that the more you starting living and enjoying your life, the less you focus on food and the more the weight just comes off as you become healthier. I think "they" are right.

Stop beating up on yourself, take a look at your life and find things to be grateful for. It might make your journey to a healthier you a little easier and much more fun. You have already had such a fantastic loss - way to go! You are well on your way to goal. I would also bet, given your low funk mood, that your period is right around the corner (Gosh, I do hope you female! If not, there goes my water retention theory lol).

Hope you had a wonderful evening at a party surrounded by friends. Take care and keep going! You are on your way - silly to let a mere few pounds set you back...

06-19-2005, 03:33 PM
Keep your chin up, Lifeguard. I know it's not fair, but you should wake up every day and instead of feeling fat, know that you're making an A+ effort. Give yourself a few days before you get on the scale- I'm sure a lot of it was water weight, or even muscle from all your activity lately. Please post as often as you can; I know that we can all relate to your strife. We're here to support each other@!

06-19-2005, 07:43 PM
Thanks for the words of encouragement. This too will pass - I just need to remember that & persevere towards the end goal.