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06-17-2005, 11:48 PM
:dizzy: Oh, oh... can I be a Loozing Floozy, toozi? I haven't lost anything yet (well, aside from that 100 pounds that's been coming and going over the past 20 years). But I am quite a floozy -- or at least that's what I'm told. Any paperwork to fill out? Will I need references? A resume detailing my past loozing and floozing ways? (Oh my, I hope not. :o ) Well, didn't want to intrude, so if I may join in, please let me know and I will!

06-18-2005, 08:30 AM
Maggie-Come on over and join in! No applications involved. Just tell us a little about yourself and join in the chatter.

06-18-2005, 09:49 AM
Hey Maggie :wave:

We would love for you to join us and be a floozie!!! Come on over to #39 and introduce yourself!!! :wave: