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06-13-2005, 07:50 PM
(I don't know how to make this a sticky, but would sure love to have all you add to it and keep it handy)

Some thoughts that have helped me through today:

"Everyone is an athlete. The only difference is that some of us are training and some are not."
--George Sheehan, MD

"Obstacles are those things you see when you take your eyes off the goal."
--Hannah Moore

"Nothing will come of nothing. Dare mighty things."
--William Shakespeare

"There is no failure in running, or in life, as long as you keep moving. It is not about speed or gold medals. It is about refusing to be stopped."
--Ambry Burfoot

"If you want to win something, run 100 meters. If you want to experience something, run a marathon."
--Emil Zatopek

06-15-2005, 02:35 PM
I've actually started jotting down motivational quotes on the backs of business cards and carry them in my purse so I have them to reference when I need a pick me up.

I started doing that with something our own Mel said "You cannot exercise away poor nutrition."

Then I was highlighting some things to remember in a book I was reading and decided to transfer those to business cards too since it would be easier to reference the info when I need it if it was sitting in my purse and not on a bookshelf. Some of those quotes are:

I also encourage you to have a lifetime of “successful relapse”. (BOL for Women)

Are brushing your teeth and combing your hair ever up for discussion? Of course not. Neither should paying attention to your eating and doing physical activity. (BOL for Women)

06-15-2005, 02:51 PM
The big motivational quote for me came from the Joy Williams song "Touch of Faith" that I have at the bottom of my signature, and she sings: "Some give up on all of their dreams, one second before they materialize..." I've seen too many people that set out to lose weight, graduate from high school/college, or whatever their goal might have been that think it is a deadend and sometimes we have to stick with something because you truly don't know what can happen in the end:)