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Karen L
06-13-2005, 08:19 AM
Thought I'd do this . And give Maria a break. ;)

Maria I can't believe it's been 7 months already. And I agree it doesn't take long to get more stuff! Hope You enjoyed your holiday.

Slavika the rain is the pits. During breaks in the rain yesterday I worked in the flower beds. But it was so hot. With so much rain my flowers were getting leggy. So I cut them back. Hope I didn't kill them.

We are getting ready to make our trip north. We have our old computer to take to The grand kids. So it will take up a lot of room. Then we have all the stuff for little Sprout. I have a bag that is earmarked for him. Toys ,Food,bowls ,cage and stuff. We plan to be gone for a month at least. So am going to packing quite a bit of stuff. Plus some warm clothes that are too warm for Florida's winter. You need warm stuff for about 1 month all together,but not as warm as what we have from the Minnesota winters. Any way where I was going with that thought is we'll take them north for the times we plan to go up for Christmas . So our car is going to full. Remember we kept my (small) car the Focus. But with the rear seat down we should beable to fit it all in. Sprout likes to ride in the front seat between us. We lose the arm rest that way but he is happier there than in the back. Beside I'm not sure there will be room in the back!

Peggy, I'm just like you I don't like all the prep stuff either just want to get to the fun stuff. I worked all week end on the hat racks for my 2 GS. they turned out really cute. Now I need to put the varnish on them. But Have 2 kinds and not sure which I should use. Will find out this morning at crafts. I also finished another jewlery box (needs varnish) and have one more that I started yesterday to finish before we leave. Am toying with the idea of taking my paints with me north.Depends on how much room we have.

Ann the day is starting pretty but I fear it will be like yesterday before the day is out. I'm tired of rain.
Well I need to head out for a walk so see you all later.

06-13-2005, 07:00 PM
Guys, I haven't been here in a long while. I had my second step of the permanent makeup last Wednesday. I am going to be much happier this time. The lips, as I understand it, are usually a 2-step process. Anyway, hubby did not want to take off that day, and I could not drive because of the valium. Anyway, had an hour to kill before so I did that quite easily at Braum's. It was just a block to the place. She worked on me from 9-1:30. DH took off at 2:30, so what to do for an hour? I walked back to Braum's, but this time with very swollen (inside out) red lips and I couldn't speak well because of the block she gave me, like after being at dentist. The 3 counter ladies stood there looking at me with their mouths open so far I don't think they could have walked without tripping over THEIR lips. I could barely talk but did get out the words, "Large Diet Coke." Tried to explain, but they just looked stunned. Then I went to the corner of the store and sat and, believe me, that corner of the store had more activity in that hour than it had had in a week. They cleaned, they swept, etc, just to get a look at the deformed customer. You know, those people need sensitivity training for customers who are stupid enough to submit their bodies to this junk. Anyway, it was funny--in retrospect. NOT AT THE TIME!

You all are so busy. Karen, glad your hubby came through, but sorry it wasn't everything he wanted it to be. How in the world are you going to put arrange everything? Enjoy, enjoy. It must be nice to be two again. That halo of yours just blinds me sometimes. Sorry about your BIL.

Maria, I don't even bite my lips anymore. As long as the kids take care of their kids and they are all happy, they can do it anyway they wish. You just have to "go with the flow." But the training part does seem to be a bit over the top for your DIL.

Let's see. I read everything so quickly, and cannot remember anything. Just stories about the rain.

BJ3, glad to see you. You have been MIA for awhile.

Got to go. It is 5. My lips are looking good now. Ladies, this is a salute to all you who have good eyesight, can put on your makeup, and have not scared any minimum wage women into early senility with their protruding lips.

06-13-2005, 09:07 PM
G'day all,

Thanks Karen for starting the new thread :) When you said 'trip up North' where are you going, are you going back to Minesota?
Hope you have a safe trip and Sprout behaves!

Glenda sounds like your lip procedure has been worth it and they are looking good now. I cannot wait to get home and start laser treatment for the removal of facial hair. I have now decided that is the best way to go, my poor skin just cannot cope with the waxing. D-i-l had her under arm hair removed with laser treatment and she said it was painless, brilliant and.....expensive :(
I figure if I do it now whilst we are still working that would be good.

Our dd is in Adelaide this weekend to meet little Matilda. I spoke to her this morning and I do feel somewhat relieved. DD said that I just over reacted to the way they look after Matilda...she said it is certainly not the convential way but Matilda is thriving, very happy and contented.
She also cannot quite understand why their sport is so important to them but she doesn't think it is to the detriment of Matilda.
Spoke to ds last night, cannot wait for us to get home and to do our share of looking after Matilda when d-i-l is away for her netball.
All in all everything is fine and I feel very relieved.
This is more or less our last week in Sydney....I don't count Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week ;)

See ya tomorrow,


06-14-2005, 12:08 AM
I put Norton Anti-virus back on the old :comp: . I hope it won't crash anymore. If it does, my SIL said he would put a different one on that he found on the web. I cannot remember what it is called. :dizzy: So far I am liking Mozilla. With the Firefox does anyone know how to put all of your addresses into 1 spot so I would just click on 3fc for instance and your addresses would go into the send automatically? I sent out some funny jokes today, and might have missed one of you. So much to learn and so little brain to work with. :lol:
We did some shopping today, we had to pick up a gift for our DD's 8th anniversary this month. They will be away for 9 or 10 days and we will be getting the Grand-dog. That dog will keep us hopping, no doubt. I bought some really lovely place mats for ourselves. They are Martha Stewart in a vinyl, and they look like they were embroidered. They are white and very delicate looking. The problem is, Sears put these huge 2 x 3 inch stickers on the underside, when I removed the stickers it left a sticky spot that I cannot remove. Slavika told me there is a glue remover called GOOP which I will buy. Doesn't that tick you off when the sticker leaves a mess behind. Why do they use it??? That always makes me :mad:
Maria There is no danger of drought here this year. We are getting so much rain. Our river is going to peak for the 3rd time this spring. Everything is so green.
I hope it gets nicer before you come north Karen. We usually have the same weather patterns. Sorry your DH had to go through so much.
Maria You will have to let us know how that laser goes. Plucking can get to be a real pain.
Glenda Glad to hear this 2nd procedure worked for you. The swelling sounded painful, but worth it. I am sure you look great.
Lily Nice to see you again. We removed some old shrubs this year too. Unfortunately, there are about 4 or 5 more I will like to see go too. My DH said "next year"... groan. Thanks for the tip on Firefox.
Gloria My aunt had glaucoma laser surgery and uses a lot of different eye drops, it keeps her eyesight. There are things that can be done. Once your cataracts are removed it will make a huge difference.

I had so much to read, I tried to remember everything you all said, hope I didn't get anything wrong. Hi to Peggy and Ann...did I miss anyone?

Bye for now :crazy:

06-14-2005, 10:15 AM
They say three tries and your out. I have posted 3 days in a row and lost two so I am typing with my fingers crossed. :lol:

It has been very hot here 90's but we have both AC's in and running and last night it was very comfortable for sleeping. The large window AC is in the dining room and takes care of the first floor quite well and the small one we put in the hall window upstairs as we can't sleep with it running in our room. With all the other bedroom doors shut the air reaches our room with ease. Of course we are getting back door cold front this PM but our efforts in putting in the AC's will be worth it for the next heat wave.

We are getting set for our 4th of July visit to my dear friend who lives on Cape Cod. We met 17 yrs ago when we job shared...she worked 2 day and I worked 3. They have a very old &I large home right across the street from the beach in Falmouth. The town has a fireworks barge that they anchor about 200 yards out directly in front of the front porch. She has invited us down every year for a long weekend over the Fourth. We look forward to it each year.....most of the time the fireworks are spectacular but on occassion there has been RAIN,or FOG, or the barge has burned.....someone made a mistake when lighting the first fireworks and the whole thing burned....WOW! The 83 year young lady has, in the past, used her home for a bed and breakfast and now only has friends in when she is up to it. She has survived (5yr) Breast Cancer and a fall down the stairs 3 yrs ago. (didn't break anything) lucky.

We still have the Granddog and expect to have her for at least another week while DD's lawn grows in. By that time we will need a new lawn :D

Marie: Home is just a heartbeat away...only another week. That lasar treatment sounds interesting, I hope it goes smoothly for you.

Trudy: I have Mozilla as a second internet source but I don't have Foxfire. Is that a Mozilla type of Norton?
I guess I didn't make myself clear...I have the beginnings of Glaucoma and they have just discovered at tear in my Retina. Thank God I don't have Cataracts. Enough is Enough.

Karen: I know what you mean about packing. I am always vowing to do better next time but it never happens. We are going to Disneyworld by car next November to meet DS and family and will be returning via their NC home where we will have Thanksgiving with them. Of course, that means that I will have to bring their Christmas gifts and a couple of birthday gifts so I won't have to mail them. We are also thinking of getting an AERO bed to use at DS. He has a pull out sofa that is not comfortable so we will bring our own. This means another thing to pack in the car. I just hope we have room for ourselves in the car. :lol:

Glenda: So glad your second go around with the makeup worked better. Wow, will that save you time everyday.

Hope this post works. Gloria

Karen L
06-14-2005, 10:16 AM
Trudy, Goop will work. We always have a bottle handy. Yes i hate it when stores ruin things with the stickies. I hope the weather north changes or we may not stay as long like we plan.

Went out early and was working in the flower beds. I put in the ground a plant of SIl's i was afraid it would die while we are gone. This way it will get water from the rain. I also moved her geraniums from pots to ground for the same reason. My neighbors will water for me but i wanted to make it as easy as possible for them. The i also stared putting in new mulch. But had to quit because it got to hot to work. I don't know about any of you ladies but i sweat like a pig :ink: when I get to warm . Unlike some people who perspire. ;) I'm thinking of putting in rocks next year. :lol:

Now i'm waiting for my hair to dry out so I can put new color on it. I really hate to do it myself but i do have the tiime now.

Chatted with my DD last night with Yahoo 's IM. I heard the knock ,knock when she signed on. It was good to talk for a minute. she told me about Grand Son who is 9. He loves to work and the harder the labor the better. He goes out to his Auntie's farm and works like a beaver. He can drive a tractor and hook and unhook things even grown men don't know how to. He loves working out there I hope it carries over in to his adult life :lol: My DD says he is Awsome and I have to agree.

Well this hair is almost dry I'll go finish it off with hair dryer.

Check in later. :wave:

06-15-2005, 12:03 AM
I wish we had some of the rain some of you keep talking about! It is in the 90's and very little rain for the past two weeks. I have to get out before 9 to stand the heat to work in my yard. (And I'm definitely not a morning person.) My Crepe Myrtles are not blooming for some reason this year. I got out and dug little holes all around the drip line and put in fertilizer specifically for Crepe Myrtles this morning. My yellow lab thought I was digging to play with him which was fun. I made the mistake of fertilizing my portulaca and the flowers started growing straight up instead of spreading as they usually do like ground cover - weird looking!
The story about the nosy people finding a reason to stare at your tatooed makeup was so funny.
My son veered off from Florida and went up to Troy, where he GAed for his Masters degree to visit with old friends and then came back down to Florida for the golf when the weather cleared up. He has always wanted to go to Scotland to play - and because that is part of our heritage.
I am trying to get back on program, with some success. I shoud realize this is a life long process for me, and not use birthdays, etc. as an excuse to go off. This was a big one though. I am now officially a senior citizen!
I must go and gather up everything for my quilting bee tomorrow. It's almost like moving every two weeks!

06-15-2005, 10:19 AM

Trudy I love Undu for removing stickers and things like that. You can use it on paper with no harm. It is usually in the scrapbooking section or in office supply stores.

Glenda you gave me the laugh of the morning. Not laughing at you but at the reaction of the clerks. I am glad it all turned out okay. Were they like big fish lips?

Karen have fun packing that car. Speaking of Sprout I know he is little and cute. I just ran across a free painting pattern on Ladybugs site this morning of the cutest little dog on a roller skate. It made me think of Sprout. www.ladybugcreations.com - go to free pattern. She usually has her patterns up for a short time so if you want it print it out.

BJ3 it is dangerous to mention that you quilt. We will all be expecting quilts for Christmas. LOL Although we are still waiting for our tree skirts from Slavika a few years back. I think they got lost in the mail.

Gloria have fun at Cape Cod. Always wanted to visit there. Sounds like you have a fun trip planned in the fall.

I have had the flu for the past few days. Not fun but I have lost 3 lbs which I hope to never find again.

06-15-2005, 08:32 PM
G'day all,

Peggy Glad you are feeling a bit better, nice to have lost 3 lbs though ;)

Trudy How is your computer going, hope the crashes are now a thing of the past. It is very annoying the remainder of the glue used for stickers, we also have similar products as mentioned by the others and they work extremely well.

Gloria hope you are keeping cool, those sort of temperatures are too hot for me! Your trip to Cape Cod sounds good. I checked it out on the net, looks great!

Karen hope all your plants will survuve the heat etc. I 'persire' quite lady like ;) but....my head is like a beetroot :eek: when I work in the garden and it is very hot. Not a good look.
I very seldom get my hair coloured at the hairdressers, guess I am just a bit miserable when it comes to spending money on hair colour and have been doing it since I was 14. I do believe, and don't mind paying, for a good haircut.

BJ3 I am very much a morning person, I love to go for very early morning walks along the beach in summer, best time of the day!
Luckily dh is also a morning person. I had to laugh at your lab thinking you were playing :D
My dd mother-in-law trains lab puppies to become guide dogs for the blind. Over the years she has had 12 puppies. She has a beautiful black lab puppy at the moment, called Nero. He has been a bit naughty and may not be suitable as a guide dog.

This week is going so incredibly slow but around this time next week we will be well on our way to Melbourne where we will overnight (and visit dd) and then on to Adelaide where we will expect to arrive late on Friday.
DH will be flying back to Sydney on Monday and then I will have to start getting my house into order again.

Have a great day all...for some of you 'stay cool' and for others 'stay dry' ;)


06-16-2005, 03:25 PM
I am back to looking like me again, whether that is good or bad. In answer to your question, yes, I looked like a fish. I was kidding around with my DH and said that I had found Nemo and he is me.

Gloria, your friend sounds like the kind of old lady everyone should want to be. Never letting "too old" become your operative word. I know you will enjoy your holiday, right on the beach.

Karen, I have a grandson who is like that. He is 14 and works like a man. He can do anything, but he has to have the best tools and be in charge. He will surely be a leader. Then I have two who like to watch TV. Oh well. When are you heading up north?

Trudy, I remember when your granddoggie was the only "grand" you had. And soon it will be two.

My sister and all her family just got back from Destin, Florida. They stayed in a $1,000,000 house that they rented for one week. She had 3 of her children and families with her and just had so much fun, but kind of cut it short because of Arlene.

Maria, just a few more days! I am excited for you.

Karen L
06-16-2005, 11:45 PM
I've been cut off from the world for the last 2 days. Tuesday morning my Dh was digging around in tha back yard and cut the DSL cable. :fr: he was getting the ground ready to put in some white rock aroung the A/C so the grass doesn't grow so close. So was without internet for a day and a half. You never know how much you use something untill you don't have it any more. I was a lost pup. :mad:

Peggy thanks for the ladybug site. :) I printed out the puppy on the skate. I'm going to try and paint him in Sprout colors. The ears look verymuch like Sprout's . My DH thought it was a good idea to try. He has been very supportive to me and this paint thing. Have decided to take a few projectswith me when we go north. Just in case I need something to do. :dizzy:

We have decided to leave early Sunday morning.

Finally got the yard prepared to be left for a month with no one to pull a weed. Not a job I like. I think I'm goiung to put in some kind of shrubs instead of flowers. We have armadillo :devil: who are forever digging up the flowers. The are after the bugs below ground but they sure make a mess above ground. :tantrum: I will be putting down lots if mothballs to help keep them at bay.

Went back to the beauty shoppe to have the lady finish cutting my hair. It was still too long and took too long to fix in the morning. She was very good about it didn't even charge me.

Well it has been a busy evening was talking to DS and DD on the computer . that can get confusing. DD types as a profession. DS like a 2 year old and me maybe a 5 year old. DD is always about 3 lines ahead of everyone. She types like she talks. nonstop! :lol:

See you all tomorrow

Karen L
06-17-2005, 04:05 PM
wohoo where are you! Just stopped by to see where everyone is. Gotta go see you later .

06-17-2005, 05:55 PM
G'day all,

Our last weekend in Sydney, a wonderful place for a holiday but not to live for 7 months!

Glenda if you really had been Nemo, we could have met, you know he resides in Sydney Harbour :D ;) Glad your lips have settled a bit....now for a photograph with the end results, I would love to see it...go on and show off, it is just amongst us!

Karen you will be amazed how much everything will have grown in your garden (and the weeds :( ) in a month. That is about the only thing I like about being away (ok a few other things as well ;) ) when I return everything has grown lots, it is a real joy.
Have a wonderful and safe trip.

Had my last 'little' shopping spree yesterday and bought some lovely, very fine wool jumpers for dh and a toy for Matilda, not that she is lacking in toys :eek: but this was too cute to leave in the shop. They are little socks with a colourful musical soft toy attached, it is supposed to stimulate hand/eye coordination. There is just so much out there, difficult to make a choice.

I have also been prowling around Ebay looking for a portable cot. As we will be looking after Matilda a bit, I thought it would be nice to have a cot.

I also received an email this morning from someone who wants to know if I would be interested in going into a sort of partnership....
He has many contacts in the country, is an unbelievable sales person and his proposition would be to do websites, he gets all the info and I put the website together. I am waiting for dh to wake up (it is very early here) to see what he thinks.

All the practicing and experimenting I have been doing with websites will come in very handy if I decide to agree to his proposition.

Now for some REAL packing this weekend!!!


06-17-2005, 09:00 PM
Maria You sound so excited to be going home. I would be too after all that time. Hope you are home for a long time and get to enjoy your beautiful city.
I agree that it is hard to pick one, from all interesting things for babies. I always like to have a little something for my :angel: when I see her.
Our family is going way for 10 days and I am sure going to miss them. My DD said she will phone periodically, hope she doesn't forget. We are picking up the Granddog tomorrow morning. This time we are taking her bed and favorite blanket along with a lot of her toys. Last time here, she tried to creep into our bed every night.
Karen We sure do get lost without our 'puters. When I was without mine I felt like I was out of the loop. Sometimes I wonder why I ever got myself involved with it because of the headache it can be, but I would miss it if I didn't have it anymore.
Slavika Can you believe the beautiful weather these last few days? It is like summer finally arrived. I don't know what the long range forecast is, but I hope it is more of the same.

I had my Gastroscopy and Esophagoscopy this morning. The doctor told me nothing "abnormal" going on, but will get back to me with the results later. I was so worried because I have been really sick. Of course you all know what I was thinking.... we all do the same thing. I am to continue taking the Nexium until I am completely healed. It will be great to feel good again. They said I would be really tired for about 24 hours from the sedation, and they weren't kidding. I have had trouble keeping my eyes open this afternoon.

Glenda What did it cost to rent a million dollar house? Having permanent makeup must make it a lot easier getting ready to go out. And, you always look good, even when the day is over. Sounds like a good idea to me.

HI Ann, Peggy, Lily, Gloria and BJ, everyone have a great weekend. :sunny: :beach:

06-18-2005, 03:57 PM
Hi Everyone:
I guess you are all having busy weekends packing for travel and just enjoying the nice weather.

This was WW weigh-in day and my numbers were not good today. Up instead of down. :mad: I keep telling myself that it was because I had something very salty to eat last night. And we even went more than the week to weigh in. Next week will be a short week, so am not expecting any miracles. Just have to keep plugging along.

Finally got DH to go swimming, or at least exercising in the pool. The water is now warm enough:D: for him. And I can see that he is walking better and seems to have more energy. Yesterday we were in the water and a big cloud went over and dropped a good bit of rain on us, but there was no thunder or anything dangerous, so we all just stayed in. Good for a laugh or two.

I am happy to report that our Crape Myrtle tree is now full of lovely pink blooms. It is going to be a real addition to our front yard, and i think it will provide some shade for our porch.

Karen: I know you will find lots of ugly weeds and stuff in your gardens when you get back, but they don't take long to get rid of. Hope you have a great time with your family.

Maria: you must be right in the midst of packing up now,and anxiously waiting to get home. Is this now going to be your last lime living away from home?

Trudy: Glad to hear that all your tests show nothing abnormal going on. That is a relief. I have a friend down here who is taking Nexium, but she is suffering from the side effects of abdominal pain and diaharrea. He Dr. has given her some sort of pill to counteract the side effects. She is hoping that will work.

Glenda: We'll be waiting for your glamour photo. I hope that you are very satisfied now with the results, since the swelling is gone.

Peggy: Loved the designs available on that site you sent. The little dog on the skate board is cute. I can imagine Trudy making a Sprout board.

Gloria: Your 4th of July trip sounds like a lot of fun. Especiall since you can see all the fireworks from the front porch. The way the days are flying by you will be there soon.

Lily: Did you have any difficulties with the earthquakes that came to California? Hope not.

Slavika: Hope you are having a great weekend, and that your DH is doing well. Getting some rest before the next treatment.

Bj3: Hi to you. And after my weigh-in today which wasn't good, I reminded once again that it is a life long process, with some downs and some ups. And just don't get bent out of shape. It is hard not be disappointed with oneself but that is the way things go now and again.

'See' you all later. Ann

06-18-2005, 05:48 PM
G'day everyone,

Trudy you must be very happy that all is 'normal' but it will be even better when you feel good again. When you feel bad it is amazing the things that go through your mind what it could be :dizzy: :?:
Anyway I am a bit peeved with so many of you that will outlive me :mad: ;) , I have so much to do! I might have to do it again and perhaps cheat a little.....about 95 would be good only as Ann said if I have a fully functioning brain...well at least as well as it is functioning now :D

Ann Sorry the scales were not quite as kind to you this week.
I have all these plans that once I am home, it will be journaling again everything I eat, regular weigh ins and regular excercise in the form of walking or bike riding.

As far as if this is the last time away from home....well I don't know but I really hope so. 'They' want dh to do some work from home but that means his boss in Singapore has to release him, the work is also a bit boring, (writing documents) but dh figured he could adjust to that if we are home and the rest of our life will be enjoyable ie he can paddle his canoe down the beach at lunchtime, see OUR football, our friends and last but certainly not least our grand daughter and her parents.
We are just playing it by ear and see what pans out. We have learnt that people in this company who don't want to do something just don't, so we will have to start thinking that way.

We haven't done much packing because in reality it would only take 1 or 2 hours to get packed up. So we did some shopping yesterday, bought some gorgeous stacking blocks for Matilda and some other bits and pieces.
Today we will pack my printer and scanner, my computer won't get packed until the very last day/hour :D ;)

I belong to a photographic group that email the photo of the day sent in by various members.
The one this morning was just stunning and I thought I would share it.

Hope you are all having a good weekend...


Karen L
06-18-2005, 10:20 PM
Maria Your right the rose is stunning. Thanks for sharing

Glenda I sure want to see the end result. And are you really happy with it now. I bet it's great to never have to deal with make-up again.

The car is packed except for the last bag the one that goes into the motels wiwth us. Poor Sprout is sure knowing something big is goin to happen He won't let either Of out of his site. He reall got worried when he say his bag of food go out! I sure hope i don't find anything elsr that needs to go because we are running out of room.

Slavika the Cancer Humor was a good one. I printed it out to share with my Dad. He works at keeping possitve. And i know he will get a good laugh over this story. Thanks.

We I'm going to go. We will drive safe and Maria you drive safe too. I'll check in to the site when i get close to a computer. Bye, Bye now

06-19-2005, 10:05 PM
G'day all,

We are well on the way getting organised for our departure. It is going to be a bit of a struggle getting everything in the car, of course pessimistic dh :( says we may have to leave stuff behind and he will bring it back later as he is commuting to Sydney.
I WILL squeeze everything in come what made, we will have to stand well clear when we open the back of the Landrover on arrival, I imagine everthing will just spring out :D ;)

We hope to get back early Friday afternoon. DS and Matilda will come for dinner and will stay the night. D-i-l is playing netball on the other side of the country and flies back on Saturday morning. We live quite close to the airport so this way ds can pick her up in the morning.
It will be strange having a baby in the house and even stranger having a son as the father of this gorgeous little baby :)

Lots of things are happening down this end. I have been commisioned to do yet another website, I have a number of restorations to do, 2 collages and there is more in the wind.
On top of that, ds has asked me to manage an investment property that they have bought. A tenant moved in this week....and then of course the babysitting of little Matilda.
All go go go. I guess it will keep me off the streets :D and it is nice to be busy.

Karen should be well on her way, hope she will have an enjoyable and safe trip.


06-20-2005, 01:11 PM
This was one of those weekends with everything going on. Makes up for those when there is nothing to do. My niece got remarried Saturday afternoon in her sister's yard. Not an ordinary yard but a big one with a couple of ponds, pool etc. She recited her vows on the pontoon boat on the big pond. They roasted a pig[the poor thing]. I can't eat when I see it before hand but the wedding cupcakes were gorgeous. I had no trouble with those. Yesterday we babysat. It was the first time for us and he was good. After I figured out the right temp for the bottle that is. They went golfing with her parents and then we went to her parents for a cookout. I was ready to hand him over to mom by then.

I guess Karen is on her way north by now. Hope that Sprout is being a good little traveler.

Maria those socks for Matty sound cute. I have to go check out Babiesrus and see what I can find. I love the picture of the rose. It is beautiful.

Glenda have to agree with your email about the longetivity test. It didn't take in your personal history and I have a lot of that in my family. But it is a fun thing to play at. I would love to see a picture of your "new look" too.

Slavika I liked the cancer email. I copied it and sent to a friend with ovarian cancer. She just had her last chemo.

Been enjoying the nice cool weather the last few days but I hear those old 90's are returning.

06-20-2005, 03:33 PM
Today was my Retina Specialist appointment. I had not been to him before but I liked him and he did explain everything well. Bottom line ....left eye with the big floater was not a problem....learn to live with and I will. Right eye he found a 'tuft' pulling away from the Retina and suggested that I have Laser Surgery to put a 'scar' around it so it would be stabelized. The Lazer room was available and he did it right then. It took all of 5 minutes. I didn't even have time to get nervous. :) Din't hurt but they put goop in my eye and because they froze it I can't touch it for a few hours as I could scratch the cornea without feeling anything. So far so good! I will see him in a month for check up. Whew! Glad that is over.

Maria: You are going to be one busy lady when you get home.....Maddie of course must be a priority! Have fun with all your other projects.

Peggy: Isn't baby sitting fun especially knowing they will go home. I just loved it when mine were tiny but still enjoy them now.

Trudy: Glad all your 'scopies" gave you good results. It is a nice feeling when you know things are OK.

Slavika, Glenda, Ann, BJ3 have a great day all!

Gloria....Think I will rest my eyes a bit.

06-20-2005, 06:43 PM
G'day everyone,

Peggy the wedding sounds like it was very grand.
I thought I would see if I could find the toy I bought for Matilda on the net and yes here it is.....http://trains4tots.com/gafoandwrras.html with many others you can choose from.
It is very reasonable to buy on-line...I paid AUS$24.95.

Gloria I bet you were pleased they were able to do the laser treatment immediately. It is just amazing everything they can do, had you lived a hundred years ago, goodness knows how good your eyesight would have been. :dizzy:

My last day on line (might still be tomorrow :crossed: ) and everything is going according to plan.
I got a lovely porta-cot (something else that will have to be squeezed in!)
It has been very wet and cold in Adelaide, storms were forecast for today so I hope my standard Mulberry tree will survive. The last time I was home I took the stakes away, I felt it was robust enough to stand on its own...lets hope I was right.

I might 'see' you tomorrow otherwise I will 'see' you when I am back on line again at home.

Take care all,

06-21-2005, 12:56 AM
Hi Everybody :)

Gosh I haven't been here for a long time, and had a great time reading all your posts. Course I can't remember all of what I read but I do know that MARIA is leaving and going home now, and is also going to be busy working on web sites, babysitting and looking after some property. Have a safe trip home. :) KAREN, also has left. I don't know how dogs know when something "different" is up but they sure do. I'm sure SPROUT will be a great traveller because he is with the people he loves most. :) GLORIA....that is great that the doctor was able to take care of your eye right away. I think it's the waiting for all these medical procedures we have to have that make us a nervous wreck.
PEGGY, I hope you are over your flu. I still cough once in awhile but the doctor says it's allergies. I don't cough during the day, but sometimes at night I get that post nasal drip thing happening, and then I will cough. :(
I guess you gals will never let TRUDY and I forget about the quilted Christmas Tree skirits. hee hee. They must have been lost in the mail. You know how the postal service is between countries. ;) :D :lol: ANN...don't worry that you went up a little this week, you will get it off. I am starting to look like a BIG APPLE and don't seem to stick to the WW program past breakfast. GRRRR :mad: :mad:
BJ, how are you doing? Did you get any rain yet? GLENDA I'm happy that you are pleased with the cosmetic work you had done. I know you mentioned getting it done a long time ago. That's great! :)
We had our family here for Farther's Day and had a wonderful BBQ. My grandson was here again today as he is every Monday after school and I was "showing me" how to do some things on the computer. I can't believe that he is only 11 years old and so knowledgeable. I asked him if his Dad had been giving him some lessons and he said, "no, he just fools around and works things out for himself". Kids just aren't scared of technical things because they have grown up with them.
DH is doing well and has gone to bed and I think it's time I did too. Talk to you all soon. Night. :)

06-21-2005, 08:59 AM
Maria those socks are sooo cute. I am sure that I can find them here. Just have to out and look. It amazes me at all the baby things they have nowadays. Makes me wonder how our kids survived. LOL Have a safe trip home and hope the mulberry tree is okay. Enjoy that first sleep in your bed at home.

Slavika kids are great on computers. They amaze me with their knowledge. Don't you find that night cough annoying? I don't think my dh gets much sleep when I get one. The more you try not to cough the more you do.

Gloria how great that they could do that lazer surgery right away and not make you come back. No time to get nervous was there? Glad that it is behind you now.

We are enjoying the nice cool days and nights still thanks to that Canadian air that is coming our way. Love not to have to run the ac. I like to wake up hearing the birds sing in the morning. I sat outside last night and made a little fire in our chimnea burner.

Are any of you watching that Dancing with the Stars on tv on Weds nights? I am and wish I could dance like that. It is a fun thing.

06-23-2005, 06:41 PM
All, I have not been here for awhile. I think I spent the last week in a bit of a confused, little fuzzy state. A new BP medicine and it just took that long for me to get used to it. I feel great finally today. What always amazes me when feeling like that is that someone would take drugs to feel out of control.

Anyway, Maria, if you are still there, I am so excited for you finally getting ready to go home. Like Dorothy said, "There is no place like home." (Wizard of Oz) You are starting to get too busy, but I think you have Mattie as your first priority.

Trudy, I did have your test date marked on my calendar. I am sooooo happy you are just sick and Nexium will handle it. You had me scared, but just so happy. When the scope turned out okay, did you feel like your legs had turned to rubber?

Everyone, I asked my son to email me a picture of myself, but I really don't look any different because I have always worn makeup, just now I look the same at 3 PM as I did at 8. And I love never having to apply lipstick.

Gloria, my mother had glaucoma and the doctors kept her seeing until she died with little laser surgeries. Just wonderful procedures. I have vision problems and have to wear gas permeable contacts to keep the eye disease I have in check. I do believe being blind would be more of a challenge than I am up to right now.

All, we are getting Austin (4) and Jackson (1) over the weekend. So looking forward to it. We are in the market for some outdoor toys. One thing we need to buy is a swingset. Do you all have things at your houses for your grandkids besides just the regular toys?

Anyway, great talkint to you. Slavika, I have found that our grandkids generation have no fear of a computer. Whereas we are all afraid we will lose something if we touch the wrong button, they just sit down and start pushing buttons left and right. Maybe it is the way we all can drive.

See ya later,

06-25-2005, 04:16 AM
G'day all,

I am home and what a few days it has been :rolleyes: :eek: :cb: :mad: :hat:

We looked after Matilda from yesterday afternoon till early this afternoon. I have forgotten how time consuming babies are and so much work!!!

I have attached a photo I took of her today....

Lots to do so must fly...

See ya all,


06-25-2005, 09:35 PM
Oh Maria: Matilda is a beautiful baby. Thank you for the photo. As busy as you are, I'm sure you are happy with her and delighted for the chance to be close to her and her Mom and Dad. The new way of parenting is sometimes hard to accept, I think for us, as we sure didn't do it that way, so it is good that you will be some stability at times needed for her, when Mom and Dad are persuing careers.

I have been having fun filling out the surveys. I have a notion that we can come up with some fairly accurate things about each other, even tho' we haven't met face to face. We have all become friends over the years and have learned a lot about each other. I am of the opinion that the reason we have stayed together so long, is because we are as much alike as we are different. What do you all think?

Felt better after my weigh-in today. Down the # from last week. I was very careful not to do salty stuff this week. I have learned my lesson about that. Also, it seems to be true that you shouldn't exercise before weighing in, as they say it adds to muscle weight. At Curves you do the weighing and measuring before you do the exercises.

Hope you are all having a nice weekend. We bought a new ceiling fan yesterday and had it installed this a.m. Looks very nice and creates a nice breeze. Today, DH, out of the blue, says lets go to the mall and have lunch and maybe you can find the pcketbook you are looking for. So off we went. Had a nice lunch, and then went searching. I did find just what I was looking for, but the price on it was $50 and I'm not one to spend that much on a purse. So sweet DH says if you want it, get it. So I did, and when the clerk scanned it she says 'Oh you have a bargain, this one is 50% off.' I nearly fell over, so this was a happy day. And besides that I got a coupon for $5 if I purchase anything between now and july 8th. How lucky can you get?

We are having a lot of rain again. We expected that it was going to rain, all day, but it didn't, and finally the sun came out this late p.m. So I rode 6 miles on my bike.

Have any of you tired the 100 calorie bags of cookies or crackers? I got one of Oreo crisps. Half of the bag is one point. And they are really good. Also got a recipe for 2 point cupcakes today. Take one box of Devils Food cake mix, without pudding in the mix - and stir in one can of diet coke. Mix well and put into well sprayed cupcake pans. Bake for the time listed on mix package. Mine was 350deg for 22min. Let them cool and remove from the pan. They really taste good and especially with a teaspoon of light or fatfree whipped topping. So easy. You can bake it in a 9x13 pan and it will come out more like brownies. They are a little bit crumbly, but tasty.

Will be busy this week as DH has a DR. appt. to have an evaluation of his iron levels. And I am working on a 4th of July celebration at the clubhouse, so have to get the preliminaries done.

'See' you all another day. Ann - otherwise known as Zippy

06-26-2005, 08:33 PM
G'day all,

Monday morning, I have sent back all the surveys which I thought was a really fun thing to do. I don't think there will be too many surprises.

We have had a great weekend, the trip home was long and tiring. We actually left Sydney Wednesday afternoon at 3, when we got to the Blue Mountains it was 'snowing' (sleety sort of stuff) which we are definitely not used to. A number of signs warning of ice on the roads. It became really quite hairy so we decided to stop for the night. Next morning still a 15 hour drive to Adelaide. We got up at 4.30 am and drove just about non-stop on to Adelaide, changing drivers every two hours. We finally got home in the early evening.
On friday (our original day to come home) we got just about everything unpacked by lunch time and then Matilda with her other grandmother arrived at 2iin the afternoon.
Matilda is just gorgeous as you can tell by the photo of my previous post.
I did surprise myself how unsure I was handling a little baby, I guess the last time was 28 years ago ;)
Yesterday afternoon dh, ds and d-i-l all went to see the latest star wars movie whilst I looked after Matilda again. I am now starting to get the hang of it again and the smiles I got from her made it all worth while. :love:
DH left for Sydney this morning and I have a heap of stuff to do. The important stuff has just about been done, the surveys and posting here ;) :D

Ann We are thinking of installing a ceiling fan in our bedroom for next summer, it should be just enough at night rather than having the airconditioning going. You did well on your bike ride! Good to hear you are back down to what you were.
I will weigh myself tomorrow morning and start again very seriously so I will look absolutely fabulous for summer ;) :lol: ;)
I have to confess I like a glass of red wine, unfortunately I do very little in moderation and we got into the habit of having a bottle every night with our dinner and on occasions even opened a second bottle :eek:
It is all so easy to get into bad habits. Since last Monday I have changed my ways and I will not have anymore wine but water instead. Hopefully that will also make a difference to my weight,

I must fly and start on the million and one chores that i have to do.


06-27-2005, 04:14 PM
Hi All,

Maria - Matilda is a little beauty. She looks so sweet. It is amazing how tired you can get watching little ones and ours just sleep and cry. Wait till they get bigger like Glenda's. Enjoy your time at home-I hope you get to stay there cause it sounds like a vacation home on the beach to me. I liked the birthday thing that you sent. Interesting.

I woke up the other day and my hands were all swollen and stiff. They are just returning to normal now. My knees are stiff too. I must be being visited by Arthur Itis.

My computer is acting goofy. I am going to send this before I lose it.

06-27-2005, 04:33 PM
A quick post as it is too hot here to even think! :cool:

Maria: Your Maddie is so adorable. You must be in seventh heaven having so much time with her. That was a long trek home but happy you made it without any scary events. I was also in the habit of having wine with dinner but more than 1 glass would put me to sleep so it never presented a problem.

Ann/Zippy: I have often thought of having a fan installed in the bedroom but wondered if having that breeze blowing down on us would be a problem. We do have one in the kitchen and that works out very well. That was a great 'deal' on the pocketbook. It's wonderful when you fall into one of those!

Glenda: Hope you had a delightful time with Austin and Jackson. I'll bet they kept you busy! I can't wear contact lenses as I need Trifocals and that could be a problem....I have worn glasses for so long it doesn't bother me at all.

Slavika: Happy to hear DH is doing well and hope he keeps it up. When he is well then you can concentrate on you. One thing at a time.

We are getting ready for the Cape Cod trip and I will make a Chicken Marsala dish, freeze it and then we can have a meal the my girlfriend won't have to cook. We will also bring a couple of other items for lunches. Another friend from the old work days will be down at the same time so the men will have to entertain themselves because we will be very busy gossiping. :D

My mind has gone to mush it is so hot so I will just say have a great week all.


06-27-2005, 05:06 PM
Maria, your little doll is just that--a little doll. She is so pretty and made such a sweet picture. You sound like you are meeting yourself, but what fun! It is amazing how much work bitty babies can be. We had the little guys over the weekend and had the best time ever. Jackson now sleeps 8 hours or more so I felt better and was able to keep them entertained. Austin and I made a book and some masks from paperplates and Jackson made a total shambles of the house, but it was the most fun I have ever had with them. You have a lot to look forward to.

Gloria, just didn't realize it got that hot in MA. I think your July 4th celebration ought to be so much fun. Nothing like old friends.

Peggy, you know you are old when Arthur Itis starts visiting your children. Good grief! They are just babies. Time does fly. Do you take medicine for it or does it just go away? I have an ache sometimes in my knee, but not all the time. Actually, right now I feel so good. Just realized that my lower back hasn't been hurting for a couple of weeks. I got hurt in the car wreck in October and thought I would just hurt forever. Must just have needed time.

I have a friend who called the other day and we went to lunch. She has lost 75 pounds. She had surgery to get rid of an infection and has just not felt that hungry since then. You know, I am so naive. Told another friend about this and she said, "Think, Glenda. You have had 3 surgeries. Did any make you not hungry?" She had a gastric bypass and couldn't tell me. Can you imagine lying like that? She was so obese that I am sure her doctor recommended it. Just don't tell me something if you have to lie, you know?

Hope everyone is having a good day. Ann, good deal on the purse, the choice of your husband, and the weight. Life is sweet!

06-27-2005, 09:52 PM
on to the next thread......