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06-11-2005, 11:54 AM
Dear All: I used to be a regular poster here at the 3FC forums--years ago before my three-year-old son was born. I have since gained back a lot of weight. I'm currently at 255. ANYway, I'm trying to motivate myself to get healthy--eat right, and exercise, but I need a major BOOST. Every time I started in the past (and it's been time and time again) I always sort of WOKE UP and realized it was all up to me to do this.

I was wondering if anyone would be willing to post thier "straw that broke the camel's back" stories that made them realize it's time to begin again. This will help to motivate me and probably scores of others.



06-11-2005, 11:59 AM
Stepping on the scale and realizing that I was a mere 7lbs away from weighing 400lbs. I started that day and ahven't looked back.

06-11-2005, 12:48 PM
I don't think it's as simple as realizing it's "time to begin again". It's more like the realization that it's time to finally lose the weight and keep it off permanently this time. I think most people who have managed to lose weight AND keep it off are those who realized that they had to completely change their lives. They had to eat differently and exercise regularly. And they realized they were going to HAVE to stick it out, work with it to keep motivated. Because once you go back to eating and thinking like you did before a "diet", we generally always gain it all back. I used to gain it back PLUS more. So I had to realize that I wasn't dieting this time but changing my habits, changing my life.

And the point that brings us all there can be totally different. For me, it was a change that was already taking place in my life that undoubtedly led to the realization that this time I wanted to lose the weight and keep it off. It was a simple act of bending over to tie my shoes and getting out of breath that triggered that realization.

06-11-2005, 03:22 PM

a broad abroad
06-11-2005, 05:12 PM
Turning 40, and knowing that the older you get, the more of a struggle losing it becomes.

06-11-2005, 05:28 PM
Just something last Sunday just clicked inside me, and I was tired of the way I looked and felt. I am tired of not having any clothes to wear, or the clothes that I do wear, being so tight that I'm uncomfortable. And that I don't want to go anywhere because I don't like the way I look. Realizing that I am closer to weighing 300 lbs than I am to 200.


06-11-2005, 05:28 PM
I agree with Almostheaven. It IS all about changing the way you eat, exercise, and LIVE.

My sister has been thin and fit all of her life. But, as an adult she has been plauged by every health problem that runs in our family. She battles high blood pressure (reaching stroke level even on medication), high cholesterol with triglycerides all out of whack, etc. None of which she is able to control through diet or exercise.

And then there is me. I managed to dodge those genetic bullets and yet ate and lived in a way that put me at risk of each and every one of them. Diabetes is common in my family too and I knew that I would likely face that at some point as well. But, there was always tomorrow to worry about all of that.

Then my thin, fit, and 38 year old sister had a heart attack. She had a stint put in and recovered just fine. But, after such a scare, I could not imagine taking for granted the good health I had been blessed to have. It was the wake up call that made me realize that I could DIE. I haven't always been overweight and most of my previous attempts at losing weight were driving by vanity. I failed each and every time. Now, it is all about being healthy and living well. The closer I get to my goal weight the more I am motivated by my physical appearance but what will KEEP this weight off is the fact that I want to live a long and happy life with my family and friends.

If you haven't had a physical or blood work done recently, see your doctor. Seeing the impact your weight is having on your health may very well be the push you need to change your lifestyle and lose weight for good.

Once you get going you'll notice changes that will amaze you. At my heaviest I sort of knew that I didn't have as much energy as I wanted. But I never admitted it was because of my weight - my kids wore me out, housework wore me out, errands wore me out - but never my weight. It wasn't until I lost weight and realized how bad I used to feel in comparison to the new me that I realized what a burden I had been carrying around with me. And the aches and pains? Gone. With the exception of aggressive weight workouts, I don't remember the last time I complained that something hurt. And, oh my goodness, the pleasure of shopping for clothes now. I can't even count the number of social outings that I REALLY wanted to attend but didn't because I could never find an outfit that I looked okay in. Now, I look forward to getting invitations - and initiate as many as I can. I used to avoid old friends while I was out and about because I didn't want them to see how I looked. I'd think, "I don't have time to talk" or "I don't feeling like chatting", but the bottom line was that I was embarrassed to be seen. Now, I love bumping into old friends - and make an effort to get in touch with them. I don't worry that I'll be an embarrassment to my kids as they get older. At one point, this was a real concern of mine.

I could go on and on. There are just soooo many reasons to do the work and lose the weight and no GOOD reasons to keep it on. I can honestly say that when I finally made the decision that I HAD to lose weight it wasn't even hard. Sure, there were days when I might have been uncomfortable due to a little hunger - but how many times did I suffer through discomfort from being too full? Plenty. There are still days that my alarm goes off and I don't feel like going to exercise. But, all I have to do is ask myself whether or not I want to reach my goal and I know that I don't have a choice but to get up and get going. And I haven't given up anything. I eat whatever I want - I just don't eat AS MUCH as I want. What has been interesting, though, is that the further along I get, the healthier I feel, and the less appealing those old favorite foods seem. If someone had told me a year ago that I would one day WILLINGLY choose oatmeal and veggie sausage over biscuits, gravy, and bacon for breakfast I would have died laughing. Not only do I willingly choose healthier meals now I choose them because I LIKE them better not because they are BETTER for me.

You CAN lose weight and you SHOULD lose weight. You are worth it, your family is worth it, your LIFE is worth it.

06-11-2005, 06:12 PM
You CAN lose weight and you SHOULD lose weight. You are worth it, your family is worth it, your LIFE is worth it.

Thank you, jawsmom, for an great post! :cb:

The part about the doctor reminds me, I need a checkup. Haven't been to the doc in a couple years, probably should get that cholesterol tested! ;) Among other stuff!

06-12-2005, 09:05 PM
Thanks to all for the replies. Today when I woke up I went for a brisk walk and that set the tone for a great day. I'm ready. :cool:

06-12-2005, 10:00 PM
I've been absent from this board for over a year - just popped back on tonight to try and encourage myself to lose the weight again. You've all said some things that really "clicked" with me.
This is the one life we are given - we have to do our part to make it an enjoyable journey. I'm not enjoying it when I feel bloated, fat, ugly, out of shape. I need to focus on the things that really make me feel alive - exercise, good food, lots of water, being involved in life....not watching it from the sidelines afraid of what others might think of me.

Thanks for your words - you've given me alot to think about.

06-13-2005, 05:08 AM
I have been struggling with this too, I have so many reasons I want to lose weight and I have had such a hard time just getting started.
I am trying to apply the same principle to unhealthy foods that I did when I quit smoking several years ago. I remember I was smoking one day I thought about how I consume things that are so unhealthy... food, alcohol, cigarettes. I thought alot about cigarettes and what was in them- basically poison. I thought "I'm putting poison into my body. This IS poison! I'm slowly killing myself with poison! Why am I doing this?!?" I quit pretty easily. The thought of poison and how much I love my life and wanted to live it, that motivated me to virtually quit cold turkey. Soon it was three months since I'd smoked and realized I was no longer addicted and never was going to be a smoker again!

Now I'm at a point where I'm contemplating the unhealthy food I consume and how much weight I've gained. I really have a problem with french fries. I eat McDonald's alot, and order french fries at any restaurant I eat at if they serve them. Today I was talking to my mom about that and she was like "How are we going to stick to this? How do we keep each other motivated?" And I said we need to realize what we eat and put into our bodies is supposed to be nourishing, energizing, and life-giving. When I'm thinking about the food I'm going to eat or my daily meals, I try to think is this "poison" or is it nutritious? Am I harming my body, am I destroying my health, or am I being kind and helping my body support itself. I'm not going to totally deny myself, because every once in awhile a small bowl of ice cream, or popcorn will be nice. But in terms of my overall nutrition I am trying to think of the bigger picture. It's only been a week since I really started and I lost 2lbs so far, I am just taking this one day at a time and hopefully soon I can look back and say wow! I've eaten healthy for three months and look how far I've come.

06-13-2005, 05:47 AM
For me, it was both my parents being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. My mum is overweight but never has been obese, unlike me, who until recently was morbidly obese but now I am just plain obese LOL. My dad is tiny, he has never carried any extra weight.

I'm not motivated by my appearance, because if I really cared about that, I never would have gotten into this state to begin with. I have always had quite a positive body image, I'm not sure why. Being fat hasn't stopped me having a good love life, moving countries, having lots of adventures, getting promotions...... but it will stop me having a decent retirement if I don't do something now. I have a lot of living to do, and my body won't accommodate that if I don't change.

06-13-2005, 09:24 AM
Personally, I know I feel older than I am. I am 22 years old (23 next month), and I look and feel old! I get tired going up a flight of stairs, and I can't buy cute clothes for my age (for less than like 50 bucks a piece, anyway!). I want to look and feel physically like I feel mentally--young and fun and vibrant! There wasn't necessarily a "straw that broke the camel's back," but the reasons for losing weight just kept piling up, ya know? Once you've got a laundry list of reasons, a list of things that can be fixed just by doing this one thing (losing weight), then the weight loss seems more like a process to attain MANY goals, not just one...kinda like killing multiple birds with one stone. My list includes:
- being able to fit comfortably in all restaurant booths
- being able to ride a roller coaster again
- being able to have kids without higher risk of gestational diabetes and other health concerns
- being able to buy younger clothing styles
- having more "intimate" fun (I have heard from multiple people that sex is so much better when you're thinner!)
- climbing stairs without being short of breath
- wearing a really great wedding dress (when the time arrives ;) )
- never having people give me "that look" when I walk into a store that doesn't carry plus sizes, when I order a full meal instead of a salad at a restaurant, when I go through a fast-food drive-thru, etc...

So many reasons (even more than I listed) plus, of course, to be healthy. I'm lucky enough to be healthy so far (just had blood work done about a month ago and EVERYTHING is normal), but that luck won't hold out forever! You've just got to get that state of mind that SO many things in your life can be improved just by losing weight! Then it doesn't seem quite as daunting, ya know?

06-13-2005, 11:52 AM
Personally, I know I feel older than I am. I am 22 years old (23 next month), and I look and feel old! I get tired going up a flight of stairs
That's such a great plus of getting healthy, it takes years off our lives. I'm always telling people that when I was in my 20's I felt like I was 40. Now that I am 40, I feel more like I'm in my 20's. That's how we should all feel. Life's too short as it is. ;)

- having more "intimate" fun (I have heard from multiple people that sex is so much better when you're thinner!)
Don't believe everything you hear. My boney husband's favorite saying is "skinny girls bruise me up". Thank goodness he loves me for me, cause he'd just as soon have the 240+ pound woman he married. LOL

06-13-2005, 11:57 AM
hehe, I said "thinner" not skeleton skinny! ;) Jeff definitely loves me just fine the way I am--he has never once made a comment about my body, and we definitely have an active enough sex life. I just want to be thinner so I can have fewer worries about "being on top," those icky noises that sometimes happen as a result of extra skin moving in ways it shouldn't :o , and just overall be less self-conscious of myself (not just my appearance, but fear of hurting him!). So, how's all of that for TMI? :lol:

06-13-2005, 12:58 PM
My friends and I recently had a party and I saw myself after we videotaped some of the party and I was just shocked at how big I looked and that made me more motivated than ever. Also, I decided to start a weight chart on my computer and weigh myself every Sunday, that way during the week I think, do I really want to eat this? Because I know I'll have to see the results on Sunday. It usually makes me decide to NOT eat bad things.

06-13-2005, 01:16 PM
jawsmom- your post really touched me, and I have to say I found myself nodding my head through every sentence. thank you for posting that

06-13-2005, 02:22 PM
So, how's all of that for TMI? :lol:
As I was reading it, I kept laughing and thinking to myself, TMI! TMI! LOL

06-22-2005, 01:03 AM
I really appreciated this thread. For me, I have had a number of health scares and just turned 40. I decided that I have wasted too many years being hidden beneath this layer of fat and it is time to get healthy. I had been to see a cardiologist after having some chest pain and was sent for an outpatient appointment at the hospital. I was laying on a table in the neuro-cardio area of my local hospital when my reality became very clear. Stay the same and expect to have many more appointments like this - change and you may avoid them. The technician was performing an echocardiogram and I was watching the chambers of my heart fill and release. I was overwhelmed with how I could possibly have let myself get this way and how I owed it to my heart and myself plus my children to change my ways. I am fortunate that my problems can be reversed - although my heart was showing stress from high blood pressure. Frightening what we take for granted until all of a sudden we are broad sided by life and everything we felt, thought, believed and took for granted is shattered to the core. So, time for me now. Time to stop putting work, family, friends, dog and everything else in life ahead of myself. Time to look after number one so that I can be the best person I can be and hopefully create two young women (I have daughters - who watch and learn from me) who won't repeat my mistakes.

What I am sad about is what I have missed. I do have a wonderful life, I have a great husband, healthy kids and a profession I enjoy. But, I long for things that I have never enjoyed. I have never felt at ease in my body - always feeling judged, always feeling huge and uncomfortable. I see teens running around in shorts and bathing suits and having fun. I didn't have that. I observe people wearing tank tops, I have never done that. I have physically damaged the shape of my body and short of surgery, I don't know if it can be repaired. I know it is insignificant in the full meaning of life but yet - I am remorseful that I didn't have my awakening to needed changes before this happened. I have wings under my arms and I have ample skin from babies and obesity and that is disturbing to me. That won't firm up regardless of how much exercise I do. I am sad and disgusted but what can I do? The only thing is to keep looking forward, think about my heart and body and hope that my exercise will have helped somewhat with the damage I have done with twenty years of excess weight during what was to be the prime of my life. I appreciated the posting by someone here that said life began at 40, that is what I am hoping for....I want to feel comfortable in my body, comfortable in my person and healthy. The freedom of 40 is that I have started caring less about what other people think and I now care alot more about what I think. Small gifts bring about big changes, right?

06-22-2005, 08:29 AM
I knew it was time to loose weight when I sat down on the grass reading a book. When I stood up I looked down at the imprint I left in the grass :o
I was SHOCKED to see how large of an imprint that my bottom had left and I thought "No way is my butt this big! Its time to go on a diet"
And from that day on, I have been dieting :)

06-22-2005, 06:32 PM
I wanted to live longer
I wanted to be healthy
I wanted to have clothes that were smaller than my husbands
I didnt want to be called names by little brats that have no manners
I wanted to be able to ride a amusment park ride and not have to get off because I was to big to fit.
I want to feel like a little sex kitten when im with my husband and not like Im always trying to hide something from his eyes. I want to do it with the lights on. :lol:
I want to buy the hot outfits that I know I could look good in.

and another reason is I seen my favorite actor from my favorite move go thru a very tramatic accident and get back and try his hardest to walk again and here i am with two legs and arms and I can still walk and run and have a very active life and I need to do what I know I can do.
To my mentor a man who was trully a Superman Christopher Reeve. :)

Flower Power
06-22-2005, 07:10 PM
Abused food all of my life. 100 pounds up and down at least 4 times. Diagnosed diabetic 3-31-04..I am 54 years old and terribly afraid of this disease. Lost 50 pounds and now need to get busy and lose the rest. Fear is a GREAT motivater. I want to live to see how my almost 17 year old sons life turns out. I know that he will live it with dignity and grace and I want to be there to laugh and cry with him. Cindi

06-22-2005, 11:07 PM
My niece told me my brother was on diabetic medication (don't know if he's pre-diabetic or already over the boundary). I had been working out off and on for years, but got too sick the last two years to keep up. But hearing that news put me in overdrive. And here I am.

http://www.3fatchicks.com/weight-tracker/img/bar-blue2/button-blue/lb/252/125/217/.png (http://www.3fatchicks.com/weight-tracker/index.php)

06-29-2005, 03:16 AM
I was getting ready to go to an orientation for a new job, for which I was required to wear khaki pants...the only ones I have are the 4's that I hope to someday wear, so I had to borrow some of my moms. (She's not fat/chubby by any means, but is quite a bit taller). I tried on several pairs, and NONE of them fit. Not even pairs that are quite loose on her. I just broke down, sitting on the floor surrounded by all these pairs of khaki pants that were too small, and I knew I had to do something.

07-03-2005, 12:49 AM
My Blood Sugar being 113 on November 26, 2004! I couldn't believe it. I've always had a BS of 70. And the major thing which changed me was my attitude I had about myself. I just didn't care about myself any more. That is why I let myself go and get fatter and fatter to my all time high weight of 340.

One day, shortly after the 113 BS test result, I woke up and said, "It's time to stop treating my body and my life this way. Today starts a total lifestyle change for the rest of my life. If I don't have my health I have nothing." That day I got on my cycle for 15 minutes. That day I started to eat clean. Not always perfectly clean but 90 to 95% clean.

07-03-2005, 02:03 AM
I'M 55 and had managed to convince myself that it would be all downhill from here, that I'd never get back to the fit person I was just a few years ago before various sports and age-related injuries and a marital breakdown slowed me down. And of course as the weight went up, the injuries got worse... Anyway, a good friend who had been about the weight I am now for several years decided to make changes. Over about 2 years, she took off at least 60 pounds, got fit enough to take part in a sprint triathlon, and now looks terrific. She doesn't "diet", but on a recent visit I realized she has NO "bad" foods in her home. None at all. She has become the person I knew 15 years ago, happy, energetic and beautiful.

Anyway, her success destroyed my excuse. We're the same age, have had similar challenges to overcome, and yet she succeeded. Now I know that if I work at it, I can succeed too. I thought it was "too late", but now I realize that was just a handy excuse. The hardest thing to accept is that it won't happen overnight. Gotta learn patience!!!


07-03-2005, 09:54 AM
I thought it was "too late", but now I realize that was just a handy excuse.
Too late is when you're in a box in the ground. Anything before that might even mean that the box in the ground will come later rather than sooner. It's never too late to get healthy while we're still alive to do so.

07-04-2005, 03:34 AM
Wow!!! This thread is awesome!!! thank you to all that shared!!! You really brought tears to my eyes as I realized that I can relate to so many of the same things as all of you have said.

1st..not to "look good" but to try and get healthy. I have type 2 diabetes, Hypertension, a small amount of neuropathy in my feet. I am afraid of all three and want to change them! So far in only about a month my b/p on meds is actually going very low and I may have to cut back or even stop my meds. Still fighting blood sugar regulation! But I will hang in there.
2nd...my daughter is 7 mos. pregnant and I want to see my grandbaby and be here when he has his milestones so I can tell him all about his Mommy when she was "little".
3rd....because I am starting to like me for the first time in my entire life and I want to treat myself as if I am worthy of respect and love! Not hide every emotion with food!!
4th...because i am an intelligent woman and I know I can do this! So I want to prove it to myself. I have never felt the way I do right now...and I want to take full advantage of my feelings!! I thank all here for helping me stay ontrack tonight!!

07-07-2005, 05:21 PM
I had lost a total of 40 lbs about 1 1/2 years ago, but within the past 5-6 months have gained 15 of that back because I didn't want to make the effort to eat right anymore. Because I wasn't seeing any weight change, I got frustrated and stopped going to the gym. I surrendered myself to the idea that I would be heavy the rest of my life.

It was sort of a gradual decision to start eating right again. The first thing that made me start thinking of starting over was this guy at school said, "You've gained some weight since we had that class together." I could have killed him and he did it in front of some guy I didn't know! He didn't mean it to be hurtful, he is just a clueless older man that has been a bachelor all his life (Gee, I wonder why????). :mad:

The second major thing was that the pants that were starting to get loose on me were now getting tight. :( It made me think of all the progress that I had made and was getting wasted.

The biggest thing was the decision to get married in August. When we made the decision, the wedding was 3 months away. I didn't act right away on losing weight but I began a serious effort when I got my dress and it was a little tight. I thought, "I can't take the chance of gaining more weight and not being able to fit into my dress on the big day!" I thought of how humiliated I would be to not be able to fit into it.

Instead of jumping right back into eating good and working out, I just started eating better at first. Then I bought Dance Dance Revolution for the playstation and we've been playing that sometimes. I went back to the gym on Friday :cp: but I haven't been back since then, it's hard getting used to getting up at 4:20am to go. But I plan on going tomorrow. :)

gray eyed girl
07-07-2005, 07:04 PM
I didn't have any one thing that finally got me in gear. It was a lot of little things. I always thought about it, planned on losing weight, planned on eating better, and so on. I just never actually DID anything. I realized that if I lost 2 pounds a week I could be at almost my goal weight by the my next anniversary. Now, the fact that I've lost 30 pounds is my major motivation. I know that if I stop my new eating habits and stop exercising, I'll be disappointed because if I've lost this much I can lose the rest. I can see some real definition in my neck and my collarbones and I love it! I have more energy already, I feel more attractive already. I hate the idea of just giving up after already working so hard and coming so far, that's what is keeping me going now.