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06-11-2005, 06:51 AM
Wow, yesterday was a hot day and we have at least four more to come. I did get the barrels finished yesterday! Yippee! I drank lots of water all day and moved slowly and survived. The temperature was the equivalent of 40C which is 104F!!!! No wonder my weight is up four pounds as my poor body holds water to survive.

Food is a problem as I seem to have lost my appetite. Im not sure if its the heat or the sore throat, maybe both. The throat feels a bit better today - yesterday morning and last night it felt as if it had been cut!

After breakfast this morning, I am going out while it is cool and get some more stuff into the garden. Id better plant those bean seeds or I wont be harvesting. Ill also hand water the rows so the poor struggling plants can make it through the day.

What's happening in your part of The Beach? Is it steamy? If so stay as cool as you can and sip lots of water.

06-11-2005, 07:56 AM
Good morning!!! 5:51 am Ruth.....ugh! Anyway I'm disgusted this morning! Yesterday was my day off and I exercised for 2.5 - 3 hours and the scale is UP!!!!!! The only thing "bad" that I didn't do was drink all of my water.....maybe that's the problem!
I'm enjoying some scrambled eggs with salsa and some v-8 (I'm a freak...I like v-8) & off to work I go......ahh the land of retail, gotta love it!
Hope you ladies had an awesome day/weekend!!!

RUTH - Hope your thoat feels better ASAP!!!((hugs))

06-11-2005, 08:41 AM
We are sure getting plenty of rain as tropical storm Arlene passes by.But it should be nice by tomorrow. I did terrible with my night eating last night. I am keeping a food chart and it really shows I went over board last night. I have had my first craving and I think I would have been better off eating some chips. I ate healthy stuff but ate too much. Bill and I just decided we will treat ourselves to chips with our supper Sunday.He will grill some hotdogs. I am going to make a new sign for my fridge today.Haven't decided what yet.
It will be one of the following
1.If you are not hungry stay out.
2.What are YOU doing to your self??????
3.Hey STUPID-- if not hungry STAY OUT!!!!!!!!!!
4 Do you really need another snack??? Drink something instead.
5 Don't undo your sensible good eating
I am leaning toward #3.What do you think. Maybe all of them
I couldn't use the pool yesterday so I did stretches and used my abs machine. I should be able to get in pool Sun afternoon.
Well I need to get my shower and get ready for my art class.It takes me awhile to get moving in the morning.On the slow side. :lol:
Ruth Hope you feel better.My hubby was having chills and fever all night but seems to be better this morning. I just got over a chest cold and with my bad heart I don't need to get sick. Here comes more rain. I am ready for some sunshine. Tomorrow should be better
Have a great day ;) :) :wave:

anchor weight
06-11-2005, 09:56 AM
Morning chicks!

Eleni - I eat when I'm bored, mad, sad and just about every other reason in the world. You are smart to put something on the fridge.

Ruth - I'm swealtering as well. Hang in there.

Soon - I like V-8 too! Just not the low salt kind.

My weight is falling off Yeah! Hopefully today is going to go ok. I have two graduation parties and the 3 Fires Indian Pow Wow to go to today. I'm really going to try and watch my eating. By the way I'm down to where I was when I went on VACATION! Thanks Laurie - I love that fit day thing.

06-11-2005, 10:21 AM
Ruth, you sweet thing. It was so good to hear your voice this morning. :grouphug:
You're doing so well... you're just like Catherine Parr Traill. But not like her depressed, unhappy sister, Susanna Moodie. :rofl:
I think you have strep throat. It's really going around. If you find yourself in bed with a fever like a sack of potatoes, you'll know I'm right. (well, sacks of potatoes don't have fevers, but you know what I mean)

Soon2b, you exercise fiend, you!! Good for you, girl!! :cheer: It's probably just water retention. Drink lots of water today!!

Eleni, I love your list for the fridge! Write them all out and rotate them! And don't allow yourself to even open the fridge without reading one first! :grouphug:

Amy, I was so excited when I found low-sodium V-8, but it is DISGUSTING!! :mad: My DH is forcing it down while I drink the regular. :lol:
Have fun today... sounds like you've got a busy day ahead of you! :wave:

I just dropped DH off at Carleton U. He's going on his annual bike trip. Over a thousand people go every year. They bike from Ottawa to Kingston today (180km there), and back tomorrow. I've warned him to be very careful in this heat... I imagine there are going to be a number of sick casualties. :(

I'm going to hang sheets over the windows to keep out the heat... back in a bit...

06-11-2005, 10:36 AM
Ellis - Morning! I've always wondered if I could handle one of those long bike rides but I think I prefer to just do 5Ks. I sure hope your heat breaks soon. It seems like you and Ruth and others are getting unusual temperatures. Are they records?

Amy - Congratulations on getting your weight back down. Good luck with your eating at the Pow Wow and parties today.

Eleni - I think you were better off eating too much of OP food rather than eating chips. I would really try hard to stay away from the chips. I have eaten fat free hot dogs but they definitely spike my weight even if I eat them with WW hot dog buns and only have one. You might try making yourself a three bean salad and eat lots of that with one hot dog. I hope your hubby feels better.

soon2Bfab - I often have my weight go up after a heavy workout even when I drink a lot. I usually goes away soon as long as I don't use a heavy workout as an excuse to eat too much.

Ruth - Did you ever see the doctor about your throat? Hope it feels better soon.

06-11-2005, 12:54 PM
:wave:Hey 2all u early BEACH BABES!

You all ever heard of sleeping in on the weekends:shrug:!

RUTH.....U r 1 planting dude,I bet u hv ten green fingers instead of 1 green thumb:yes: Take care of Harry and that throut:grouphug:............

ELLIS.....Sheets on ur windows? In Texas we call those things curtains or mini blinds :dizzy: . How do u run around in the buff :smug: ,or do u like show and tell:lol3:???

SOON2BFAB.....U r 1 exercising fool:ebike:,,Between housework,yardwork and workwork I just cant get my butt in the mood:rolleyes:,,,U GO GIRL!!!!

ELENI...A thought for ur frig note:chin:....Mr goodscale :goodscale:will not like me in the morning:rollpin: and my BEACH BUDDIES WILL THROW SAND AT ME:fr::fr::fr::!!!!!!!

ANCHOR WEIGHT...Congrats on ur weight loss:bravo:,,,When I'm bored,mad, or sad it's 5:00 somewhere:smoking::cheers:!!!

BARB...Howdy neighbor:wave:.....

2ALL U BEACH BABES IN THE PATH OF ARLENE.....:coach:Batton down the hatches and no wind serfing 2day:yikes:,,,,,:lucky:Hope everything wl b ok ur way,prayers for u all...

Well it's off 2the bank:moped: and later to work again:tantrum::tantrum:,,hope uall hv a safe and fun weekend on ur BEACH TOWELS:dance: ...................GOFISHIN:dancer:

06-11-2005, 01:33 PM
Barb, I think we are having record temperatures. :( It's quite dreadful here.
I told DH that I might go with him next year. He promised not to race ahead, but to go at my speed. ;) We might never get there.

:lol: Gofishin', you're so funny. I love your posts.
I hate curtains. We have curtains and blinds at a few windows, but most of them are bare. Although we live smack in the middle of the city, most of the windows aren't overlooked, so I don't worry too much. ;) (although I'm sure if there's anyone out there with a telescope half-way across the city... )
I hope you have an easy day at work! :wave:

Is everyone else still sleeping?! :?:

anchor weight
06-11-2005, 03:37 PM
Ok - I made through the Pow Wow with just purchasing jewelry no fried bread or anything like that. I just a had lunch at home so hopefully I can make it through the parties with no over eating. The gourmet one will be hard. The other one will just be regular outdoor food and that shouldn't be too bad. I can avoid potato salad that has been sitting in the sun. :lol:

Go fishin - you crack me up. :lol: Yes it must be 5:00 somewhere!

06-11-2005, 07:24 PM
Long time no see! Computer has been "unable to connect to server" for it seems like forever. I think it's been all week......and what a week. One bad decision led to another, and another, and another, and culminated in a jr. bacon cheeseburger, fries, soda, and frosty. About three hours later I was dead tired, shaking, and finding it hard to concentrate....and thinking "I am sooo stupid! Why do I do these things to myself?" Anyway, went grocery shopping, have a nice full fridge of yummy OP things, and am ready for more good decisons! So, the scale hasn't budged except it's usual pound up, down, up , down, etc.

I can say that I've been exercising every day, even getting up early to make it to Curves before DH goes to work (so he can watch DS.) And I really physically and psychologically NEED to work out, I've noticed. Today, and I'm proud of this, I did the "very hilly trail" and jog/walked it with the stroller. Since three weeks ago I walked it for the first time and barely finished, I'm pretty happy with myself. I jogged the downhills and some of the straights. I'm building endurance--I can only jog about 20 to 30 seconds, and then walk for 2 or 3 minutes. But it helps to have a kid in the stroller yelling "Run, Mommy, run!" Any advise for a DD cup, though? A sports bra doesn't seem to do much for the bouncing........ :dizzy:

Man, I've missed you ladies.....feeling kind of out of the loop. Good thoughts to the sore throat, Ruth; good luck with the picnics, Anchor; like the idea for the fridge note, Eleni, and Go Fishin' suggestion. Try to stay cool and dry, everyone.

06-11-2005, 08:12 PM
I FINALLY got Brian's hair cut this morning. I got tired of waiting for DH to take him and took him myself. Then we went and picked up Father's Day cards so we are ready for next weekend. I missed Kwando while helping get him ready for a pool party and getting his Dad moving. Then I was out the door in time for Powerflex. It was great to be able to spend several hours at the gym and know that they were having a ball at the pool party. DH ended up eating cake and this way I didn't have to worry about whether I could resist it.

I need to figure out what we're going to eat this week with Twilight Camp. (see separate thread) and then I can go grocery shopping. Tomorrow we have three hours signed up for the animal shelter. It should be a lot of fun.

06-12-2005, 07:10 AM
Good Sunday Morning!

It is horribly hot here! I have fans going upstairs and down and am trying to keep cool. I am so glad Harry has AC in his hospital room. He seems a lot better and can now get out of bed using his walker.

I gardened for three hours yesterday morning and got a lot done. There's more to do but today is definitely going to be a day of rest - it's 84F right now! The schedule is Church, reading on the front porch, hospital visit and salad supper! I am really hoping for thunderstorms - the kind that clear the air!

anchor weight
06-12-2005, 09:07 AM
Morning chicks!

Well I made it through all but the last party yesterday. I was starving and ended up have 2 hot dogs (no bun) a few chips 1/2 cup baked beans, 1/2 cup potato salad and 1/2 piece of cake and about 4 drinkies. Luckily I've been real good so I'm not going to sweat it. Back on the beach today.

Ruth - It feels like day 157 of this excruitating humidity and heat. I was out in it all day yesterday and every curl in my hair fell flat. :lol:

No fireman yesterday at the graduation party. No interesting men at all yesterday! Must be losing my touch. :lol:

06-12-2005, 10:19 AM
mamaeli, have you tried a running store or a sports shop for bras? There are some really good ones now that encase you in an iron grip. :lol:

Amy, I was thinking about you the other day. I got hit on by a stranger. :lol: This guy was walking by my house, and stopped to chat about my garden. Later in the day, there was a note and some flowers stuck in my mail slot.
"Hi. We talked earlier today. I hope you don't have a boyfriend. I think you are very pretty. If you'd like to go for a walk later today, I live at..." And on the other side, it said, "When I dream, I dream of you." shudder. Creepy. :lol3:

Ruth, I'm glad that Harry is able to get up. :) Don't put up with any crap from the hospital! I know you won't. :rofl:
I was doing major work in my garden yesterday. I was using the push broom, and I suddenly thought, "I feel like I'm having a heart attack!" I don't know WHAT I was thinking... it was about 107F. :rolleyes: I spent the rest of the day trying not to move. With my hand uneasily pressed to my heart.

Barb... "several hours at the gym". sigh. I feel like such a wuss around you. :lol:

DH called from Kingston last night. He sounded exhausted. He made it, but he said that because of the heat, a lot of people had to drop out and take the bus the rest of the way. (there are buses for those who can't make it/have accidents/get sick/etc)
He made frequent stops at gas stations and restaurants to cool off. He said he won't hesitate to quit and take the bus back today if he's having a hard go of it.
Today is supposed to be a whole 3C cooler than it was yesterday. :rolleyes:
I am wearing very little.

06-12-2005, 10:22 AM
It's really dark in here because of the sheets at the window, and little DS turned on the living room chandalier so he could read his book. :rolleyes: Ummm... helloooo!? There are six, heat producing, 60 watt bulbs in that thing! :lol: I've just sent him outside to read.

anchor weight
06-12-2005, 10:30 AM
Ellis - That was cool! Until the last part - super creepy! :lol: I have no intention of leaving the air conditioning today. Even if I have to drive around in my car. :lol:

06-12-2005, 10:30 AM
Good morning chicks!
yesterday was such a beautiful day..and today is turning out to be the same!....J and I went to a cook out yesterday..and I said no to the bread..yes to the artichoke to the ice cream no to the cake.yes to 1/2 a small chocolate chip cookie...NO to the Coke yes to the diet coke...and voila what do you know this morning I was back to the weight on my ticker..141 NOT 142 or 143...yey! I am very pleased with myself....i think I need to give myself a break and a pat on the back for not eating like I used to..:) maybe I will never get to 130...but I know i eat mUCH more healthier now!
Well its going to be a pretty low key day for us..maybe stopping by the grocery store to pick up some Ricotta cheese...and then I am prob gonna stay in bed with the fan on me for most of the day!
hope all of you stay nice and cool today....:)


06-12-2005, 10:36 AM
Amy, I was thinking about sitting in the car with the air conditioning on last night. (we don't have it in the house) I was considering it very carefully... "Environment? Comfort. Environment? Comfort." :lol: I gave in for the sake of the environment. ;)

06-12-2005, 10:37 AM
Chelsea, stay cool, girl!! :wave:

06-12-2005, 10:44 AM
Morning chicks!

Boy, was it EVER a hard weekend. And Sunday isn't even over! DC Pride is here and it's full of activities. I had to wake up at 6:15 to drive HB to work :( She's going to Philly for the day to work Pride there. I have a 10:30a brunch and then off to DC Pride Festival.

Friday was a happy hour. But yours truely only drank water, lots of it. Even went out dancing and only had more water :) Last night as well was full of alcoholic beverages but I am so proud. Today officially ends Phase 1, although I think I am going to take it one more day since I have a lot of P1 foods to eat.

Must go food shopping today as well.

Got on the scale and I am at 193.4!!!! I made it to my June goal already, although I only lost 6 pounds total for P1 and last time it was 13.

But it's a total of 11 for 3 weeks and that's good!

Sure, I've eaten Cobb salads for the last 4 of 6 meals (I hate being out to eat at chinsy dives!) but that's ok. LOL. I am so proud of myself.

Even prouder that I plan to stick to this.

After brunch and pride, it's off to Target today for a small lunch cooler to bring on the conference and then food shopping. I'm excited :)

Happy Sunday. Will check my sun soaked self in later! Sorry so long and winded!

06-12-2005, 10:51 AM
Good morning ladies! Well the weight is down today 212.5 -woohoo. That's better than yesterday's jump (yes, I know I'm like Jenn - a scale ho)
Amy & Angel - congrats on avoiding all the yucky food at the cookouts/gatherings!
Ellis - you vixen.....strangers hitting on you! Too bad be was a strange stranger!
Ruth - I"m with you...we have fans all over the place....I ran the a/c for a few hours last night & shut all the doors to the couple of rooms we don't use & it's pretty cool.

Me: Mom is back in the hospital. Her kidneys are not working properly & she has an infection in her bloodstream (from an infected bed sore.) She's upset, she was suppose to come home on Friday. Doctors gave her an antidepression shot. Dad is upset, my sister is crazy, and I feel guilty because I can't make it down until Sat.
UGH! My DBF took me out to eat last a PASTA place!! Good intentions....but I was mad. I did eat pasta, but took most of it home. The scales will probably jump up again......curses!!!

06-12-2005, 11:02 AM
Soon2b, I'm sorry about your Mom, hon. :( I'll be keeping her in my prayers... keep us posted. :grouphug:

Jenn, enjoy Pride day! :hat:

06-12-2005, 11:58 AM
A quick check in today. Never had time to make it yesterday. All went well with the Woman Build Habitat for Humanity project. No time to really post. I'm watching a movie with Mom. Looks like all is goin well for everyone! Talk with you all later!

Soon..Prayers for mom!

06-12-2005, 02:26 PM
:wave:Morning BEACH BABES!!!!!

:moped: Drive by post,HAVE TO GO 2WORK AGAIN:tantrum::tantrum:,,,Big sales start 2day,the store wl b thrown apart:coach: (PUT THAT STUFF BK FRM WERE U FOUND IT) and tmrrow the compulsive shoppers wl start w/all their returns:censored: :mad: :mad: :mad: !!!!!

RUTH.....When u r at church pray for air conditioning,rain,a young handsome gardner 2help U,Harry,..... and ME TO WIN THE LOTTO SO I CAN RETIRE AGAIN:lucky:!!!!!!

ELLIS.....:nono:I warned U,Bare windows bare all,,Ur creep:fr: probably has that telescope we discussed:eek:!!!! Hope ur not standing by that window wearing very little :o !!!

ANCHOR.....5:00 somewhere:chin::cheers: :dizzy: ,Ur dog pic is so cute,,I read an article that said the best way to meet men:love: is 2walk ur dog in a park!! (short story abt my park experience,,,We used to hv a male pervert :s: that sat in the park naked and played w/himself :barf:as we jogged by,,,people wld warn us not 2go that way,,,,:lol3:WE CLDNT GET THERE FAST ENOUGH :lol3: ....

ANGELSHINE....:bravo:U did great,,proud for ur ticker tape success:yes:!!!

JENNE....Met ur June goal w/3wks left:jig:....U GO GIRL!!!!

SOON2BFAB....:grouphug:Prayers for ur mom!!!! By the way,,,I 2 am a:crazy: scale ho,,,I bet I cld set a record for the times I hv balanced on the edge:goodscale:!!!!

2anybody I hv missed while posting,,,,,:wave:HOWDY!!!!

U BEACHIN BABES STAY COOL:beach::dance:................GOFISHIN:dancer:

anchor weight
06-12-2005, 02:47 PM
Gofishin - That is hysterical :lol: another good place to meet men is the grocery store on Sunday afternoons (provided it isn't football season) I'm headed there right now.

Ellis - Yes I've been sitting downstairs trying to be nice to the environment. It is much cooler down there. DS is like "why are we sitting the basement on a nice day?" :lol:

Soon - Your poor mom! Hugs to you!

Jenne - Good job on the water and cobb salads!

06-12-2005, 04:51 PM
Hello all,It looks like everyone is suffering from the heat.I guess because I have spent most of my life in Florida I forget that not everyone has air conditioners.I don't see how you stand it. I do remember when I was growing up we didn't have air and I don't remember the heat bothering me. But I can't breathe now when it is hot.And it really seems hotter.
I thought our rain was over with but I was wrong.I got out early and exercised in pool for 1 1/2 hours.Good thing I did as right after I came in it started raining and has been off and on all day.
My magnics didn't help keep me out of fridge last night.I will leave them as maybe they will start to sink in.
Nothing new. I blew up some pictures of some Florida trees so I can "try" to learn how to draw them.Have a good evening and try to stay cool and on SB. :)

Sheba's Mom
06-12-2005, 07:11 PM
Hi everyone.

Gofishin - you just crack me up. Thanks I needed a good laugh.

Soon - Hope your mother gets better soon. I will keep you & your family in my prayers.

Weekend has been really crazy. We spent 4 hours grocery shopping on Saturday and then another 2 hours delivering and putting things away for home bounds relatives. We had to purchase all of the meat we had in the freezer again because the guys that put in our new furnace/AC unpluged our freezer to use the outlets and didn't plug them back in. Talk about a mess. YUCK!!

Sunday we went to church and then mom wanted to go out to eat so I said OK again. Watching her eat eggs benedict was a really struggle again but I kept thinking about all of you and how much encouragement you give every one and I was really good with a salad and veggie omelet again. After that we came home and I spent 2 1/2 hours mowing our yard while hubby worked in garden and took care of the trees that are looking sickly. Little pooped but thinking about how many calories it burned (thanks to fitday) I'm feeling really good about myself. Now it is laundry time and figuring out what we are going to have for dinner.

Biggest excitement for me to today was my weekly official weigh in (not quit a scale ho but close) and I was down 4 pounds. Yippee!!

Hope everyone has had a good weekend.

06-12-2005, 09:19 PM
Well I am home. It has rained just about the whole way! I am SICK of the RAIN! But I am enjoying the cooler weather. I think y'all up there must have our heat and we have your cooler weather. It only got up to 75 today! WooHoo! But man is it humid out! yuck! Well I'm off to prop up my knee. I had to go pick DD up from my sisters before I came home so that out me in the car an extra 2 hours and my knee feels it! Not to mention I start my job tomorrow! I cited but nervous also. Take care chickies!

06-12-2005, 10:19 PM
Boy you chickadees were busy this weekend.
The concert was a blast. The 'boss' was really excited. It was the first time my company had ever done anything like that before. Now its a wait game to see if the phones start ringing. I work for a auto insurance co, btw. :)
I think I got my exercise in for the week. Was on my feet about 10 hours walking around.
I did good with the food yest. I had no bread, and only one petie for kind of dessert thing. But I couldnt pass up free beer. :dizzy: Got on the scale when we got home, and it hadn't budged, so maybe I did good. Plus the walking around burned off the beer. (Thats my story and I am sticking to it.) :lol: We had breakfast with a friend and she cooked an omelet for me while everyone else had biscuits and gravy. Wasnt that nice???

Well, off to grill some porkchops. Have a good nite ladies.

06-12-2005, 10:56 PM's time for me to get serious again...for the past month I have just been...uhh...taking a break from the beach...i know bad bad bad...but I have managed to maintain my weight...which is a good thing...but I really need to get serious about my diet...I'm not too far from my goal...I think what 15 or 20 more lbs? I can do this...I have one of the ladies I work with starting the SB...she's on day 4...I have decided to get serious about my workout routine too...I'm gonna start doing every morning....and I'm gonna try jogging again...i'm just not very good about it...i can't pace myself...i would LOVE to learn how to play tennis...but we'll see...I go tuesday for my bridesmaid dress fitting...and I'm going to tell her i plan to lose at least 15lbs before oct...since she's making the dress......eek....ok well i'm off to bed but it looks like everyone seems to be doing great!