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06-06-2005, 09:58 PM
Hey guys, I am having a delimma. I follow WW flex points great all week, but by the weekend I am having a hard time staying on plan. I work 12 hour shifts, nights.. everyweekend and have an hour commute. Needless to say by the wee hours of the morning I have the overwhelming urge to eat junk just to stay awake. I cannot continue this because it has stalled my weight loss, and by Monday I feel quite defeated and seriously think about quitting. I have made alot of progress ...57# removed but I have another 40 to go and have been setting on this same plateau for the last 5 months. I am in need of constructive criticism and/or advice. (and changing jobs is not an option at the moment.) Any help would be appreciated.

06-07-2005, 04:18 AM
Do you keep a food diary? Can you plan your eating around your shifts? It's been a long time since I need night shift, but I used to do an "upside down day" where I had a meal at about 4 in the morning. Perhaps by getting your eating into gear it could help you cope with the time difference, your poor body must be getting awfully confused!!!

And what about exercise? Can you vamp that up a bit to kick start your weight loss?

06-07-2005, 06:44 AM
I work midnights myself and I will have my breakfast when my husband is having his lunch and I will have my lunch when he is having dinner and I will have my dinner at work and I snack as well. You totally have to fit in your eating habits to your lifestyle. Make sure you getting your snacks in when you should are you getting enough water
Stay away from vending machines dont go near them until you have yourself under control. Give your self one meal on the weekends to have a cheat meal. You worked all week and kept up on what you need to do take one meal and have what you want.
Plan your day around your exersise time. Make it a point on getting things done so you can work out.
And change up your routines so your not doing the same things when your working out. Challenge yourself sometimes and go a little harder a little farther.
Good luck and keep up the great work you have done awsome.

06-07-2005, 11:01 AM
I agree with both posts so far. I would also suggest that you remind yourself that by eating junk food you are really defeating your purpose - sugary or high fat snacks are not going to keep you awake, make you feel more alert, or give you more energy. So, if those are the reasons you are eating in the first place, plan meals and snacks to take to work that will accoplish those things for you. If you are eating out of boredom, take the time you would spend going to the vending machine and do some stretches or walk in place, anything that doesn't involve eating but gives you a break.