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06-03-2005, 10:56 PM
Hello and welcome to the Jaded Ladies! :wave:

We're a friendly group that provides support, not just in weight loss, but in all of our daily happenings. Please feel free to join us :grouphug:

Tea Rose
06-03-2005, 11:34 PM HI EVERYONE
Sorry I have been so scarce lately, today I am stripping, yes thats what I said, (oh wallpaper stripping I bet that scared the heck out of you girls, what a visual that must have created. :lol: What a job, messy sticky did I say messy argggggggggggg .I am so pooped my fingers and neck are sore,but I wanted to check in before I jumped into the tub for a soak. I have been busy, trying to get this done, still waiting on the fabric to come in, my wallpaper for the kitchen came .Its yellow striped but a soft yellow actually two tones of yellow its very pretty, I think I am really going to like it. I have set myself up for a lot of work though. Jane I was just posting,and it said the thread closed, good thing I had just started and caught it fast, :lol: Forgive me I don't know what you said now, and I am to tired to go back and forth right now, I will try tomorrow.Angie , :( I am so sorry to hear about your tough break, :lol: OK I know it isn't funny but I couldn't resist.You need not take things so litteral when they say break a leg (foot) poor Angie, you will have to have specially designed shoes to coordinate with you outfits. Are you sure you didn't do it on purpose to get that much needed break ( wrong choice of word) rest from all you do,I hope you are feeling better soon (((HUGS))) Susan what can I say to you, but poor Susan, I hope things get resolved soon,(((HUGS)))Cristi I am here, I only remember reading that your lost some weight thats wonderful keep up the good work,I hope your patio is all done I will go back and read tomorrow, to tired right now Sorry.Marti the sun is shining here to, to bad I am stuck inside for the enjoy it. I am sorry girls thats all I remember reading and I am so tired and sore, right now :( I promise to do individuals soon. I hope everyone else is doing good, have a great night girls , and enjoy the sunshine,and weekend:wave:

06-04-2005, 12:37 AM
Thank you Ellen :) You are a sweetie and so talented to be hanging wallpaper!!
Very impressed.

Did I tell ya I am going to be in the Rose Festival Parade with a co worker?? We are picking up horse crap!! wooooo 15 minutes of fame.

>VENT> Mike picked up his other daughter tonight. He had been at his fathers for the day since he picked up Gaby this morning. I am guessing that.
I called at 4pm and just asked if Mike was there. Grandpa said he was taking a nap 'with your daughter"........he always says it that way -odd.
I said if he wanted to pick up the car seat to come on by and pick it up on the way out of town - he never responded.

The ex wife called me after he picked the daughter up 45 minutes late.
He was mad she said and just sat in the car.
The daughter was scared to go with him when he was like that. Gaby seemed fine in the back seat.
The ex said "Hi Gaby!" and all her little friends said hi too from the porch - lol....
The ex said he seemed mad about that.

Course,,,,,,,,I must say he doesn't know yet that the ex babysits Gaby. haha

When he gives me a second I might tell him. He never wants to parent , so pooh on him.

Anyway, I better get to bed, sooooooo tired.

da fat n da furious
06-04-2005, 03:02 AM
Ellen I didn't mention before but congradulations on the grandbaby coming.
Once all the work is done it will be well worth the hard back breaking,,,or elbow straining job it was.
Susan, Mike just sounds like a immature child with a temper...

I need to go take another funny pill and get some sleep...laying around all day is exhausting. And the foot is th th throbbbbbbbing...yowch
I think I will use a marker to fix up my cast....make it purdy
So I have to go see some specialist about my foot on the same day Brandon sees his Dr about his foot. This is the last appointment for his right foot,,,we then move on to the left and he will be having surgery on teh 30th...both of us in casts,,aren't we just so special?
anyways...I need to crawl up to bed...literally...

06-04-2005, 04:15 AM
Hello Ladies!!!

I'm glad to see that you are all still here....I feel like all I do is work and sleep. I am off today and tomorrow though...and am looking foward to Magic Mountain on the 11th. Am taking DS and Pam - yippee!!! Then the boy will be moving to Arizona with his father...darn it. I won't know how to be...the house will be soooooo empty without him. Honey says that it will be fun too, but I'm not so sure, am used to having little growing feet running through the house with all the friends. lol.

All is well at work, the boss came down and watched me load the truck on Wednesday night...he said "...excellent job for a rookie..."

Weight loss is not going so well, down to 158, but need to get my act together...Congrats Cristi on your 2 pounds....keep up the good work!!

It's late here, so I'll check back tomorrow & do individuals...

Keep Smiling....

06-04-2005, 11:57 AM
Can't remember who asked....
The digging today is to prepare for our expansion. We are adding a bed/bath/closet and remodeling the playroom... all the young hard bodies are descending around 9:30 to dig dig dig.

Getting burned out on journaling, so I am going to switch to the Zone for awhile, as I don't have to count calories or points with that. I need to get the balance in my diet shifted back toward lots of fresh fruits and veggies and AWAY from tortilla chips :dizzy:

Commented to DH this a.m. that I am already feeling stressed by the remodel and it really hasn't begun in earnest yet...I just like control and need to get some strategies in place to handle the out-of-control feelings I am inevitably going to have. I am going to try to hit the gym in the early mornings ...that should help.

Angie - so sorry about the broken leg :( That's one way to get a break from you hectic routine! Don't recommend it tho,lol

Susan - or should I call you the Pooper Scooper Extraordinaire! what a gig. At least you'll get up close and personal with those cool floats. You are handling Mike just need to address this stuff ( car seat, whereabouts, etc) with thim, just make sure you keep telling your attorney ( and writing them down for yourself) It will all be over soon...

Cristi - Well done on the weight loss!

Jane - we can go grey together, honey! I flirted around with some color, but it's too time-consuming and I don't think I look all that bad withthe greys natural it is!

Hi to everyone else! Gotta get in the I'll have to get back with you all later

BTW - Ellen - congrats on impending grandmahood. If my parents and in-laws are any indication, it is a life-changing event....grandkids have made them so happy!

06-04-2005, 01:53 PM
Hiya Ladies~

Slow day for me today and really don't have much to do. Can't do much of anything in the yard-got so much rain yesterday it is soaked! It is supposed to do the same today even though it doesn't look like it. Of course yesterday morning it started out like this...sunny...and then all **** broke loose. I do mean that literally. I hate that it doesn't just rain here...when it starts we have downpours that flood the streets within minutes and it continues for a while. Stops, then starts again. Don't think the backyard will ever dry out from that. Anyway, supposed to have storms today and tomorrow. Crossing my fingers we don't. :crossed: One good soaking a week is enough for me.

Susan~I too think you are handling Mike perfectly. That is probably one of the reasons he is acting like an a$$...because he is trying to piss you off and it ain't working...or at least you are not showing it. I can only imagine how hard it is to let Gaby go with him. This will all be over soon enough. How is Rebecca and Rachel doing? And Rocky? Is he still coming up in July?

Angie~you poor thing...sorry to hear you broke your foot, OUCH! At least you are getting a much needed break. Of course I know what ya mean about laying around, that will grow old fast. Maybe you can get lots of reading in and be pampered by Monte and the boys. You and Brandon will be sooo cute with matching casts.

Marti~cleaning the gutters?! I think I would have traded jobs with James and cleaned his car! :lol: Of course I am a chicken of heights and to clean ours I would have to get on a ladder which I don't care to do, especially in the back. At Christmas when DS and V were doing lights, DS got on the roof to do the back and I was so scared he was going to fall off. The back is up higher, two stories high and the front is one story. I am such a worry wart!

Jane~I guess I missed that Caylin was burned, poor baby. Hope she is okay, and Neal & Mckenzie also. Sorry to hear that Neal won;t be a part of the team afterall.

Ellen~your kitchen is going to be pretty! I love yellow in a kitchen and the wallpaper sounds really nice. Of course I liked your kitchen the way it was but I think we all need a change every now and then. I still haven't done the bedroom, which is a good thing as I change my mind about the color every other day! :lol: I like the stripes also and saw a technique that you do with paint...I think it would look pretty in my bedroom. It's hard to describe the techinique so won't even try, maybe I will go find a link to some site and show you. Just need to decide on whether I want taupe, or green. :dunno:

Katy~glad you refreshed my memory on the construction...couldn't remember what all you guys were doing but did remember it was a big job. Know what ya mean about not having control and the stress. But just remember...the end results will be well worth it all!

Dee~glad to see you checking in. Magic Moutain eh? Oh, I wish I was in CA, miss it. Make sure you ride the wooden roller coaster! I'm not a roller coaster person myself but the kids love them. Of course I wouldn't let them get on that one. Something about the wood ones I don't trust. You guys are going to have a fun time! Wow, Pam went to Disneyland and now Magic Moutain-you go girl! I know you will miss your son, but at least Arizona is not too far away.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Thank you ladies about the weight loss. :thanks: Jane, I am going to do my best to get to onderland! I was there before and I know I can do it again. Maybe this little weight loss was just the thing to get me motivated again. Don't know if I mentioned that I did join e-diets. I like it, because they do the menu planning and calorie figuring for me. So I don't have to write anything down, add points or figure calories myself. I just need to spend a little bit of time on the site every Monday and print out the menus for the week which is great. Of course I didn't really follow it last week because we were so busy and I was too pooped to cook. I also changed my weight tracker and went to Ticker Factory because they show the 1/2 pound loss now. Didn't want to think that I had lost more than I did by it showing the whole pound. Anyway, this week I will be back on track because I won't have a hectic week and will cook. Did stock up on veggies, fruit and healthy foods when I bought groceries so I'm ready for a losing week! When I get to onderland V is going to get me that reward that I was going to get when I lost the first 10 pounds. I think after that I will reward myself with a pedicure. I've always done that myself but want to have it done at least once in my life. Anyway, has everyone seen the newest smilies?! They are soooo cute!
:scooter: :bike: :moped: :beach: :crazy: :genie:
Guess I best get going. Have a couple of loads of laundry to do and catch up on my reading. Have some books due back at the library Monday and then I will start on the ones I have.

Have a GREAT weekend ladies! See ya later!

06-04-2005, 02:28 PM
You have a very green post Cristi ! lol

Yep, on Rocky still coming in July. Though I am unsure of where we are going in all this. I would have to take my girls with me to Hawaii and I don't know if that is possible.
Rach obviously needs her mom and dad's attention.

So, that is all on the back burner......

I will see a lot of thing up close and personal Yuck.....the car seat is a toughie though.......I want her to be safe. Almost ready to throw him mine and me get a new one. How will it look to the court if I don't offer him a safe one??? My main reason is he smokes and it would come back smelling.......*cough *cough........what a nut kepp asking me about her!!! YOU smoke Mike!

I better go. My mother is having a birthday party for her 10 year old cat today- I call him my brother. He is a snob though - won't even be there - probably hide under the bed like he always

06-04-2005, 03:21 PM
Back again! LOL

Susan~completely understand about the girls needing their mom and dad. And also agree about the smoke, cough, cough! DS#2 started smoking a few years ago, why I will never know because no one else smokes. Thought if he had to go outdoors to do it he would quit-umm, no. Guess he doesn't mind having to go out. But little Gaby shouldn't have to endure that. Cough, cough! Too much green, isn't it?! YIKES! Think I will change that! :lol:

Anywho...thought I would post a link for ya Ellen to show you what I am talking about, actually two links of two different colors. I think the right color really makes a difference in the technique. Hopefully the links work :crossed:,2041,DIY_14083_3398147,00.html,1793,HGTV_3403_2407395,00.html

Okay, I'm outta here again. Have a good one ladies :wave:

06-04-2005, 03:35 PM
Just was reminding me of St Paddys Day. lol

Pins and needles because I might not have Gaby 4th weekend after all. I might get her back Sunday at 7pm.

He will just have to drive her down the coast, right?? It would be closer for him. He better not make a stink about it........

He can bring her usual at 7 pm and I would have her Monday and Tuesday at the camp. I guess that is better than nothing......what a bother.




or she could be sick???


*throw up

*high fever

*terribel rash happening

*she is starting to meow like a ktty.


* growing a 3rd arm now


*whats that coming out her nose???

*Nope, she needs to stay with mommy!!! lol

Hey! CONGRATS again on yur weight loss Cristi! Super! :)

06-05-2005, 12:44 AM
Just checking in for a quick "hello."
It was nice and sunny here today so we got in a 2 mile walk. Early this morning I weeded out front and spread some mulch. Filled the bird feeders and made another pot of soup. That was basically my day. DH mowed the yard since he thought it was going to rain tomorrow, his normal day. They have predicted rain the last 2 days and no rain, so maybe tomorrow will be dry also.

The eating has been going well this week, hope I can move the tracker tomorrow. Heck, I will take a pound..that's at least something. *fingers crossed*

Individuals tomorrow....have a good Sunday everyone.

06-05-2005, 10:28 AM
Good morning, ladies,

Angie - sweetie, somehow I missed that you broke you leg/foot!!!! So sorry!! Wish I was your neighbor so I could help you out and bring dinner!!

Cristi - I guess I'm lucky that I like my house decor the way it is now. It took a while to get to this point, though. Neal said there would be tonadoes in Kansas over the weekend and I thought of you. Hope you and your family are safe!

Ellen - your kitchen is going to be gorgeous! All sunny and yellow! Wish all of us JLs could come help you strip the old paper! But since we can't, you'll have to give us a weekly/daily detailed report of your progress.

Susan - you have a lot of tough decisions to make! Although, when it comes to parenting, I guess it's a no-brainer that the kids welfare comes first. Given the situation, would Rocky consent to moving to the mainland? Btw, my sister had a birthday party for her dog once, and another time, we threw a baby shower for her Cabbage Patch doll. It was a hoot! Keep in mind that she was almost 40 at the time, lol.

Sue - we've had hot, humid weather here in So. In. They predicted storms for Sat and today, but so far, so good! Speaking of soup (you were, weren't you?? lol) I'm going to make another huge batch of WW soup to freeze in individual portions. Those are so handy when I need a 0 point food.

Dee - have fun at Magic Mountain and enjoy your weekend off!! Tell Pam hi for me.

Katy - well, instead of going gray, my stylist is having me go lighter. In the words of Barbara Walters "some of us don't go gray, we go blond", lol. I wouldn't ever go blond, but a lighter brown may be just what I need to go with my aging face. Don't you just hate to see an older-looking face with really dark hair? Not that my hair is THAT dark, but you know what I mean. I wish I had your spunk to just go natural. Yay for you!!

Marti - hope you're having a good weekend! Is this the one w/Jhanai?

Today is my family reunion, and I'm glad of that. Although I just got to see everybody at Jerry's funeral, it will be good to see them at a less stressful time. Neal's back is much, much better, and the DGDs are better, too. Life is good. :)

Have a great Sunday and do something fun! Ciao for now!!

da fat n da furious
06-05-2005, 12:58 PM
Katy, I know when we are about to start a big project I too feel a bit overwhelmed about the work involved,,,the mess. But the outcome will be well worth it.

Ellen, can't wait to see pcitures of the finished work. I should be doing something like that,,,

Susan,,,it was 5 yrs ago this week that I came for a day soon Idl like to do that again...

Cristi, we have had rain for the last 4 days off and on....I did buy bedding plants but didn't get them in the ground...they are sitting on the deck in the back...somehow I will get them planted.

Last night Monte and a few friends went to see Pippin,,,it was awesome,,seeing it up front is soo much better then from the side...loved it. The cast sent me a card with some pretty cute and wonderful heal soon wishes... I just kept telling everyone I was a stunt double for one of the cast members ,,,a stunt gone bad. Not much else happening,,,finished reading the second part of the garden series of Nora Roberts,,,Black Rose. It was good.. Thank goodness I had been to the library that week and picked up a few books... this laying around is hard. Ive watched every movie we have...that I want to watch.
Being my right foot Im house bound till Monte is ok with me driving...*sigh till Im ok with me driving. Becky whom I work with is picking me up for work Monday since we start the same time, Angelica is picking me up after work,,,Lori feeling left out says she will be by to help me ahh no thats ok,,,showering was an experience I didnt' enjoy but Im thinking with practise I should be
well Im going to held off to bed....nice rainy morning..

06-05-2005, 01:13 PM
Happy Sunday!

Well it is raining here today.. we needed it.. we had a really hot dry week... and i mean hot.... thought i was going to melt! Hubby is off working outside, so i am on here. Not much on Tv on sundays. I rented some movies last night, but not in the mood to watch a movie. went to walmart yesterday and bought the in-laws an airconditioner. They needed it.. when we got to their house with it yesterday, it had to be almost a hundred degrees in there!:dizzy: And they were babysitting the BIL s 4 kids to boot! I would have gone insane!

Jane: Hope you are having a good reunion... even though you will be missing someone... Hope it is a nicer day there then here!!! Oh ya and hugs to Neill.. hope he feels better .

Suetalks: It has been wayyyyy too hot here to walk or do anything but try not to move too much. Probably sweated off a few pounds... should maybe dust off the scale and see.

Susan: Lol happy birthday to your "brother". lol... My cat just had 3 kittens.. I love them they are soo cute.

Cristi: Great job on the weight loss!!! send some of that mojo over here lol. I cant seem to pull it together here. The kids are stressing me out... and i have a lot of stuff to get done.. and it is hard to do it with 2 crazy kids hanging off me all the time. I have no sitter or anything so i am with them 24/7 because DH is in the truck all week now. Yuck! (but the money is great!)

Katy: I saw a commercial for this stuff, for you roots in between dye jobs..,. i think you like paint it on... it looked neat!.. I just put in blond highlights, to go with my nice new tanned face. (full of acne right now because i started TOM yesterday) but oh well.

Dee: wow i would give my right arm to be at 158!!!!!!i dont even remember ever being there. Awww well someday...... Glad your job is going well!!!!! Trucking is harder tehn it looks.... hubby used to teach it!

Angie: AWWWW poor girl! sorry about your leg... hope the drugs make you feel a little better lol.. I honestly dont know what a broken bone feels like so i am not going to lie and say i know how you feel. But i do hope you feel a little better soon!

Ellen: I had my kitchen yellow in my last house and i LOVED IT! such a happy color!.. And about the baby.. my mom was soooo not impressed when at 18 i told her i was pregnant. BUT... she loves that kid now and the kids are all she talks about.. so i think things happen for reasons.

Hello To everyone else!! Thanx for the b-day wishes to my dad. I guess i should check on the kids they are too quiet lol.. that means trouble. TTFN xxoo

06-05-2005, 02:08 PM
Good Morning Ladies--

Ellen--The colors for your kitchen sounds like just what I want!! Yellow is a great color for the kitchen. I would like that or a country red. I hope you do get some photos of your progress to share w/the rest of us!

Susan--Pooper scooper eh? When is the Rose Fesitval? James & I were up in Portland one year during it (can't remember why) and we notice everything set up and didn't find out what was going on until we got back home! Hope you don't get stuck w/a sick horse!

Angie--So sorry to hear about your foot! OUCH! Now, how does one break a foot? It sounds painful. I hope your boys (hubby included) are doting on you and pampering you like crazy during your downtown. This must have beena sign that you need to slow down a bit. Heal quickly!

Dee--Have a blast at Magic Mountain! Wish I was there to enjoy it w/you and Pam! Take some photos and share w/us JL's! We'd like to see your two smiling faces! :D

Cristi--I didnt' mind getting up on my roof....all though it must have been a sight to see me get up there since we dont' have a ladder. James backed up his truck and then he told me to just hoist myself up there (yea right like I have the muscles in my arms for that!) and I ended up scooting my body up, one leg at a time. James was laughing which got me laughing, making it a little tougher to get up. :lol: Anyway, the darn weeds that were growing in my gutters are finally gone! :)

Jane--Yep, this is my weekend w/Jhanai. We had a busy day yesterday. Or it sure felt like it. I swear we spent a few hours in Walmart trying to find some kind of craft thing for her to do. (She was so undecided) We ended up buying things I needed and then heading to the dollar store, and even checked out good will for a mirror we could decorate. (didn't find one) We had fun. I made her favorite soup last night, Roasted Potato Soup.

Terri--Does your hubby spend most of the time on the Computer when he's home? Is your hubby a truck driver now? James used to be a truck driver and he worked for this company that he couldn't stand. That lasted about 6months before he got the railroad job. Really likes it compared to trucking.

Ok gals, been on here too long, must go spend time w/Jhanai....see what she has on the agenda for the day.

Take care!

06-05-2005, 05:52 PM
I'm back!

Angie - my DGDs would love to plant the flowers for you. Speaking of flowers, I read the 1st book in the series you were talking about, The Blue Dahlia. Can't wait for The Black Rose to come out in paperback, so I guess I'll make a stop at the library for it. Was it as good as the first one? (you hardly ever answer my questions, you little sticker, so I don't know why I bother to ask you any!!) It's so nice of your buddies to help you out while you're down. Like you, I'd have to pass up the offer for help getting dressed, lol.

Terri - so sweet of you to buy an A/C for the in-laws. I can't even imagine doing without one! Yep, Neal feels better, as long as he doesn't sit too long. Since he's always busy, that's not too hard for him.

Marti - lol, I had to laugh at the visual of you getting on the roof!! :D Glad you're having a good weekend with Jhanai.

The reunion was a lot of fun, and everyone except one nephew who was working, and a couple of the great-nephews, showed up. It is 92 degrees, though, and very humid, so most of us left around 3. I just got home, jumped in the shower, and here I am! Marti, you'd be so proud of me! I took lots and lots of pictures and told the group that I'd put them on poster boards for display next year.

Gonna surf for awhile.... see ya later!

06-06-2005, 11:24 AM
Monday Morning Ladies!

And boy am i tired!!!!:tired: I got to sleep after 11 and Emma decided at 3 this morning that she had slept long enough!! She went back to sleep at 5 so i got back to sleep until 7. Little runt has been doing that a lot lately! Windy day here.. looks like rain again too. I made my flower bed yesterday... i must have looked funny in the pouring rain, in the middle of the field digging black cow manure for it!:lol:

So after I was done that i went to walmart to get some flowers to plant... but when i went to plant them last night the blackflies were out in full force so i decided to wait until today. So that is what i will be doing later.. then Nolan has soccer tonight.. i hope it is not raining then!

Marti: :rofl: Wow i wish i could have seen you climbing on the roof! lolYou climbing on roofs and me shoveling cow manure..quite a pair!! Yes hubby decided to go trucking to make more money. He likes his boss he is a really nice guy.. It is a log truck he is driving. He isnt on the computer too much actually... he used to be until i put a stop to that.:s:

Jane: WEll i had ulterior motives for buying the air conditioner... I couldnt stand them complaing anymore lol!.. And it is really hot in their house! My MIL called last night and said she was really enjoying it so that is good. Glad the reunion went well. I like reunions!

Well I guess I will be off for now.. Hello to everyone! Have a good day, think of me shoveling manure in the rain !:lol: TTFN xxoo

06-06-2005, 12:40 PM
Good Morning Ladies--

Well James signed up for the Engineering class. It's a 6mos class that may have him in Seattle for a few months and in Utah for a few weeks. Seattle is a maybe (this class is in Eugene but he may get furlougheded up there) And Utah is a must for the finale' of it all.

He didn't want to do it but he would have to eventually so why not get it done and out of the way? It may be a very lonely summer......

Jane--The reunion sounded like it was a lot of fun! My family hasn't had a big reunion in years! I believe I was a sophmore in highschool the last time we had one. I would really like to have a reunion with my family in Phillipines! That would be fun. My sister & I have never met any of them so it would be something else! (we would have to travel to the Phillipines and I don't ever see that happening)

Terri--The things we do to make our homes pretty! :lol: James thought it was funny watching me scoot up the roof. :lol: Getting down was fun, it was like I was some gymnast, landing on my feet w/my hands in the air letting out a "WooHoo"! I hope you get to sneak in a nap later on. Is your little one teething? Could that be why she's getting up so early in the morning?

Well, I'm up awfully early, James got up to go to work and I wanted to say hi before he left. I think I may take a nap later. For's off to do some laundry.

Take Care ladies!

06-06-2005, 02:52 PM
This is kind of off topic for chit chat, but thought I would tell you about it!

Years ago I never thought I would be one of those "old" people who watched birds. After we retired and I started paying more attention to the yard and flowers I also got intrigued with the goldfinches and hummingbirds. I have feeders for both, plus a wild bird feeder. We attract cardinals, a few jays and even an oriole or two along with the finch and hummers and the regular every day birds.
Last week I saw a nest just outside the patio door in a shrub. It had 3 eggs in it and was a really nice nest. I guess I had never paid much attention to how these things are built. Later I saw mama robin sitting on her eggs. If I watched from in the house it didn't scare her away, but open the door and she was gone. I would go look several times a day...and wondered how long it took for eggs to hatch. The very next day when I looked there were 2 little birds and one egg. Mama was back and forth to the nest and I could peek when she was gone. The next morning the third egg was hatched and when I looked I saw 3 little yellow beaks raised in hunger. Sure enough mama was coming across the yard with a worm. She was so careful, looking around and approaching the nest slowly so as to not be followed to her babies. The last three days I have gotten lots of grins out of watching her feed these little creatures. I commented on what a good mama she was when she brought her third worm of the day. I liked the idea of seeing how she would get them out of the nest and on their way. I still have no idea how long it takes the eggs to hatch or how long they stay in the nest before they are ready to fly. Just really enjoyed seeing what would happen each day.
This morning I took my coffee out on the porch and went over to check the nest. It was on it's side in the bushes and one little baby was smashed on the ground, the others being no where to be seen. Damn! I was yelling about that making me so damn mad. DH came out and said "I knew you would be upset, and didn't know how to tell you."
Now, isn't that silly to be so darn upset over something that happens in nature very often? I guess if it happens out in the trees where I can't see it then it doesn't bother me....this was MY bird family!
I guess I will have to read to get my answers about bird "families" and their habits.

Went for a haircut this morning and boy, did I get a haircut. I just told her to cut it short. Haven't had it like this for years. She did say that more and more gals are going short again. I don't care...I kinda like it. As for coloring hair...I let my color grow out, had colored for 30 years. Anything I put on mine it turned reddish, so I was a red-head. Now that the color is gone I am a gray-head. LOL. I don't know if I will color or not. DH and daughters say let it be...but one never knows when I will get a wild impulse and go red or blond.

Okay, the weigh in...I was exactly the same, down 5 pounds. How much less can I eat for pete's sake? Oh well, if I lost 5 I can lose 10 and I am not giving up.

Be back later!

06-06-2005, 03:59 PM
Sue~aaahhhh, I would be upset too. Of course I would have been out with the video camera taping it. Love nature! In our last house we had some bunnies living under our house and in the early morning and evening they would feed in the little area we had fenced for our dog, so cute. I enjoy seeing a pretty bird but we have these black birds (not sure what they are) and they are annoying. I was thinking about going short with my hair, but decided to let it grow, just easier for me to pull it back. Especially with the wind we get sometimes.

Marti~James should have gotten the camera out! :lol: Well, you may have a lonely summer, but in the long run it will be better for you guys and like you said, he has to do it sooner or later so it might as well be sooner. Maybe when he goes you can get some time off and go for a visit. Seattle is nice and Utah is beautiful!

Jane~yeah, I guess you are lucky in that you have your house the way you like it. I liked the house when we bought it but I have to have color and since we bought a new house we had tons to do, especially in the yard. soon as we do the brick on the patio and finish staining the fence (have the back and the inside to do) we will officially be done with the outside! YIPPEEEEE!!! Then we can concentrate on the inside again which is just doing my bedroom and we are done and we can sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labor! Of course I did the bedroom once, just not liking it. The pink looks awesome in the bathroom and I love it! But we did only the main wall in the bedroom and the other walls are white and it is tooooo plain for me. I really don't care for white walls anymore. Glad you guys had a nice time at the reunion.

Angie~I think I too would pass on letting the friend help dress me, unless of course it was a he and he was good looking! LOL Of course then there may not be any getting dressed! :lol: That would be a little tricky trying to drive with a cast wouldn't it? Hope you get to plant your flowers soon. I think we have had our share of rain here. Of course it is supposed to rain more before the end of the week.

Terri~how sweet, to buy your in-laws an air conditioner. Not sure how people live without it. Of course growing up my dad never believed in it. We had it but he would never use it. To this day he is still the same way. He makes sure when he gets a car it has it but likes to drive with the windows down. Would have loved to have seen of pic of you digging manure!

Speaking of was the festival Susan?

Hi to everyone else! :wave:

The fence is almost done. Well, the fence itself is finished as far as it being up/built. Yesterday DS#2 and I stained the two sides which one side was just about 25-30 pickets, and the front on both sides, again, about 25-30 pickets. Let me tell ya that one side was 85 feet of fence and that did me in! We just have to do the back on the outside and the inside and we can get that done in a weekend. The back (outside) I will work on during the day and evening. Taking our time with the inside. We had some compliments on how good it looks and the color. I'm glad they like it. I was a little worried when V opened the can of stain. I thought it might be a little too red for me (it's redwood). But once on, I really like(d) it. Needless to say I am burned to a crisp and so tired. Seems the staining was more tiring than carrying the pickets. Anyway...need to straighten a couple of things and get a couple of loads of laundry done. Really, just kind of taking it easy today-my body is aching.

Hope everyone has a great first day of the week!

06-06-2005, 09:51 PM
Good evening, ladies,

Angie - I got the Black Rose in paperback today! I had no idea it was in paperback already, and then just happened across it at Walmart. Can't wait to begin it as soon as I finish the one I'm reading now.

Sue - out here in the country, I see more animal deaths than I care to! Molly catches rabbits and even had a baby one the other day, and bit it's head off. I was soooooo mad at her and Neal had to intervene, lol. We have birds nests all over the place, and Mary's new puppy must be part bird dog, because she is obsessed with catching/killing birds. Too sad! Oh I wish I could let my hair go gray! It is such a pain in the butt to keep coloring it. Every time I have it done, I tell my stylist that it will be the last time, lol. But I am liking the length - I can put it back and get it off my neck.

Cristi - so glad the fence is almost done. There is always something that needs attention around a home, even without redecorating. I would sort of like to bring in my old set of strawberry dishes and use them, but I'd have to do something different with the kitchen walls so they wouldn't clash, and I just don't want to do that. I like what I've got, which is a white, taupe, sage green and mauve small floral print and stripe. The mauve is what would clash. Oh well, maybe someday, lol.

Marti - aww, I hope you won't be too lonesome this summer! Just spend more time here with us if you are, ok? Will this new training get James a raise? Hope so. Also hope you can get to the Phillipines someday with your sister. That would be awesome!

Terri - did you get your flowers planted? I have some mauvy-pink astilbes blooming right now that are so gorgeous! And some lavendar ones should be blooming by the end of the week. I've never seen lavendar ones before, except pictures in a flower catalog, so this will be interesting. We planted them last year, but they didn't bloom then.

Seems like the day went by fast. I went to the post office and ran some other errands, got the house cleaned and did some laundry. Also made another pot of WW veggie soup. How boring! Oh, while I was out, I got a small pool for the DGDs to use, when we don't feel like going to the swimming pool in town, and since I was so hot when I got home, I filled it about 1/2 full and sat there in a chair with my feet and legs in the ice cold water. Felt so good!!

Not much else going on.... see you later. :wave:

da fat n da furious
06-07-2005, 12:55 AM
Jane's Post

So I finished Black Rose the other night and thought it was good,,,,Blue Dahlia was awesome too,,,BUT I am hooked on that Susan Jane Phillips...Ain't she Sweet,,(gotta remember to send it to Marti) I went to the library the other day and saw she has like 30 books out,,,,of course all of them where out,,so Im on hold for 3
Went to Chapters the other night and saw more but I also saw Black Rose and I have a thing about buying just one book when its full price,,,if its at Costco its almost half price so I usually get 2.
Send all the DGDs over ...I have about 10 huge planters and hangers to fill, plus my flower beds in the front.
Ya I have some great friends...they have been babying me since my break. And well the family have been like gold. Breakfast lunch and dinner in bed this weekend...haven't cleaned anything since Thursday.
Im reading a Sandra Brown right now,,,its not all that great, Led Astray. I so enjoyed your author.
ITs funny how some of you are having hot weather and some of us are having cold rain....even if it stopped raining now I couldn't plant anything tomorrow, my cast would sink in the muck...have to wait for Thursday...
I went to work today, Angelica picked me up from work and got me,,,I was asleep within 30 minutes of being home,,,that is changing clothes and everything,,,slept for almost 3 hours...Im still tired...stayed up to watch Meduim,,,,even though its a rerun I had missed a few.
Ive watched close to every movie we have in this house,,,Angelica gave me Team America to watch...yikes! did not like that at all. who ever wrote that is one sick pup,,,what he did with them puppets,,,he needs some medication.

well Im off...

da fat n da furious
06-07-2005, 01:01 AM
Sue, watching birds is a old person thing? geesh I must be old,,,I love watching the antics of birds..ok I would of been sad and either close to tears or in tears had a I seen the lil bird on the ground.
I refuse to let the grey show. I started going grey at for the last 10 yrs I have colored my hair,,,but i have gotten smart. I use lighter highlites and so my grey comes in and is hiden with I only have to dye 7-8 or even longer inbetween.

Susan, well you have fun now doing your pooper scoopering. I hears somewhere that cows and horses and poop about 10 to 20 lbs of poop per many horses are in this parade?

Marti, I swear I would not have gotten on the roof,,,you are a brave woman! Do you have an Ikea nearby? They sell cheap mirrors that are cool to decorate.

Terri, share you heat girl! Its soggy here...but to be honest we have been in drought for some years now,,,,,not enough snow so I shouldn't complain...*sigh
Monte wants to buy a A/C for upstairs...we face south and its hot in our room and not for good

Anyways need to get to bed...

06-07-2005, 12:01 PM
A very good morning to you ladies!

Just a quick HI as I have a busy day today. May be back later to post more, just depends on how pooped I am and when I am finished. Thought I would stain the back of the fence today, it shouldn't take too long. Was up at 7:30 this morning to get an early start. Started at 8:00 and ran out of stain but did get 1/4 of it done in an hour and 10 mns. So since I have to come around to the garage and get more, thought I would take a break for a few and get some breakfast. The plan was to do half of it, but since it didn't take so long to get as far as I did I think I can just nip it in the bud and be done with it by 1:00, maybe 2:00, depends on how many times I have to stop. I have a metal bowl that I fill up with stain and I know how far that gets me so unless I have to take a potty break or something... Also had to check the weather. It was cloudy when I went out but looked okay. Off in the distance though it looked a little worse so I thought I better check the weather just in case. I knew it wasn't supposed to rain today, the reason I want to get it done. Anyway, gives me something to do with my day!

Hi To everyone! :wave:

See ya later ladies, and have a great day!

06-07-2005, 12:33 PM
Well, sorry that I said "old" people watch birds. It was kind of tongue in cheek since I really don't feel old. I just know I have more time now to stop and watch things and enjoy!
Today will be house cleaning. I am slow on getting started, but had breakfast with DH and read the paper. Already did 2 loads of wash if that counts.

I am getting frustrated with the scales not moving. I just don't feel that I can eat less or different, so it must be exercise. I walk 2 miles, but guess I need to ramp it up.

Well..I need to remember to do back later.

06-07-2005, 04:38 PM
Hello Everyone, I complained about the heat and now we have a cool windy wet day. Oh well we needed a little rain to water everything.

Marti: Well I think she might be starting to get her 2 year molars. She has been chewing herr fingers a lot. She had a better sleep last night, then she had a big nap today. So that was nice!

Sue: I always get sad when i see broken eggs on the ground. Are there cats around there that would get into the nest? Just a thought. I have had my hair short since i started high school, but i am growing it out now. I find it much easier to pull it up into a ponytail if it doesnt want to cooperate. I have tried to grow it out before but always get frustrated and cut it off!

Cristi: There is always so much work to be done,, but it is always worth it in the end to see how nice it looks! I am sure you will sleep well tonight lol.

Jane: All my flowers are still in the pots on my kitchen table, it has been so windy and rainy that i dont want to plant them because i dont want them to get ruined. Plus i still need a little more manure to finish.

Angie: WEll i think you sent your soggy weather here.. lol.. it is ok i like a break from the heat. It gets to you, and the baby doesnt seem to sleep as well when it is hot.

WEll i better get going, i have a meeting tonight so have to get my paperwork in order and see if i can find a babysitter. TTFN xxoo

da fat n da furious
06-07-2005, 05:44 PM
ok I was ok with the broken foot till I tried to drive,,,I went a whole half a yard. I will have to take a taxi to work and home tomorrow...
Its still raining hard here...ya I can't even get a bit of sun out on the deck. I can't even walk on the deck its too slippery for my cast.
Can you tell boredom is setting in? Ive watched 10 movies in 4 2 books...watched enough tv and visited the computer enough. And the naps...I can't sleep anymore. While reading this use a whiney tone k?
And to top off my bad day,,,I crawled down to the basement for two things ice cream sandwich being the top and the second to do a load of laundry,,,dang my raccoon tendencies,,,did the laundry but forgot the ice cream sandwich.
well Im going to crawl up and watch I Robot,,,yippeee

06-07-2005, 10:13 PM
Hi Ladies!

I'm just checking in for a few minutes...

Angie - well, well, my own special post, lol!!! See, the squeaky wheel really does get the grease, lol. Btw, I re-read my post to you, and I meant to call you a Stinker, not a sticker. :dizzy: I never did say I could type, ya know. About Susan Jane Phillips - I also would love to read more of her books. I really like her style of writing. I am thinking that I should get highlights in my hair, too. Maybe ease into different shades that way. Hard to tell what I'll really do, though. Hope someone grabbed the ice cream sandwiches for you, lol. If you get too bored, give me a call.

Cristi - hope you got your fence done today.

Terri - what kind of meeting do you have tonight, if I'm not being too nosy?

Susan - hope things get better!

A big hello to the others! :wave:

I've been trying to edit and order my photos from Walmart on line so I don't have to use their kiosk, but I can't figure it out! I edited all of them, and had them just right, but then got a message I had to be connected to the internet, which I was!! Arghhh!!! Katie will have to fix it, lol. Thank goodness for a computer whiz kid, lol.

Tomorrow, I'm taking a friend to get her hair done at the beauty college. Her car is in the shop. After that, she's gonna show me how to do the refreshments for Sundays at church. I call it Donut Duty, lol. Can't be too hard - not exactly rocket science, lol.

Have a good evening and I'll see ya later. :cool:

06-07-2005, 11:11 PM
I deleted that post Jane, but thanks.

06-08-2005, 12:27 AM
Angie- I never did say how sorry I was to hear about your break. That must be painful and probably more than a little annoying. I read your post with a whiney voice and I must have a right to whine! I hope you get to work okay and DO NOT slip on the wet ground. Let's see, you have read, watched movies, watched tv and slept. How about a jigsaw puzzle or crosswords?

Terri Lee- I can just see you out there getting the manure. Too funny! Hope your weather improves so you can plant your flowers. Yes, we do have cats all over the place and I have seen raccoons and 2 opossum. No telling what got the birds.

Cristi- Hope you got the staining finished and will be getting a good rest tonight. I bet the fence looks super. You guys should be so proud.

Jane- Hope you get the pictures done right. I have never done that online. I am going to start sorting through some photos here for the scrapbook I want to make. Going to Hobby Lobby tomorrow to look for supplies. Thanks for the tip on the other thread.

I did some housework and then went for groceries today. Tomorrow I am going to go shoppping for "fun." I have a gift card at Kohl's and then to get craft supplies.

I am happy with my short hair. It is convenient when I walk and get so hot..I can shower and it is dry in no time. No blow dryer or curling iron. It is so easy. Too bad it is getting so gray! Ah well.

Good evening to all the wonderful JL's that pass this way!

da fat n da furious
06-08-2005, 10:56 AM
Good morning Ladies,
Had a nap yesterday and was a bit better,,,geesh I reverted back to a 2 yr old...where a nap always helps,,,and an ice cream sandwich which I did get.

Jane, I have convinced Monte to pick me up from work today and off to the library to get a few books. I have a multitude of colors all blending and it does hide my grey. How I do it now is, I color, color then highlite,,,its saves money,,,being a color can run up to 60,,,where as highlites can run double that.

Sue, what kind of craft supplies are you going for? I break out in a sweat when I go to Micheals...dangerous place for a recovering crafter.
Funny how you feel short hair is easier,,,now that I can put mine in a pony tail I find it so much easier to deal with. Don't even have to wash it everyday.

well I should get my coat on, taxi should be here soon...

06-08-2005, 12:56 PM
Hello ladies and Happy Hump Day!

Had a few errands to run this morning and now just trying to get some laundry done. I do two loads a day to keep on top of it so it's never bad. Probably should vacuum and that's about all I have for the day. Going to try and finish my book later and possibly water the yard. Of course it is supposed to rain today so don't know if I should or not. The last few times I watered it rained! Of course if I don't it won't! It is a HOT one today so far! :hot: :flame: Yesterday was miserable too. Not sure how I managed to stay out in it so long. Boy was I glad to get back in the AC! Took two showers yesterday!

Terri-Lee~I'll take your cool, wet, windy day! Don't care for the heat. It's not so much the heat, but the humidity that makes it bad. And yes, it seems like there is always something to do around the house.

Sue~have fun at Hobby Lobby! I haven't been to one in a while. It is not close to where I live, which I guess is a good thing. We do have a Michael's close by but haven't even been in there in a while either. Have fun scrapbooking!

Hi to everyone else! Hope all is well in your little corner of the world. :grouphug:

Guess I should be going. I'm sure I can find something to do or clean around the house. Take care ladies and have a fantastic day!

06-08-2005, 01:34 PM
Good afternoon! WEll i slept in today.. Nolan missed the bus so i have 2 kids running around. Trying to get him to pick up the toys,.. it isnt working so well.

Angie: lol i always feel better after a nap and an ice cream sandwich!

Jane: It was a meeting for the volunteer community board i am on. WE have one once a month. WE were figuring out who would be in charge of what at the fall fair this year. I didnt get home until 10:30 last night! Well i am in charge of games so that will be fun......Adult and kids.... So if any of you ladies out there have any ideas i would be happy to hear them.

Sue: That is sad about the birds.. but i guess it is the circle of life. WE have raccoons around here.. THey are horrible... but not as bad as the skunks! We have foxes too.

Cristi: Another cold day here... it is ok i like the cool. Maybe i will get my manure later today and finish planting! Poor flowers are in the little pots you buy them in,, i am scared they arent going to make it lol

Well i am off to vaccuum... Yay.. not! Well TTFN xxoo

06-08-2005, 03:15 PM
Hi ladies,

How are things? Life is about to change again for us. Joycelyn started walking last week. She is still a little wobbly but she is practicing and is getting better and better. So I'm thinking that my exercise level is about to go up very shortly. Not that I mind. I actually am happy because now we can go to the park and I don't have to carry her as much.

Last time I checked in I was having a crappy day. I did get an apology. Hubby was sorry. I did tell him he made me cry though, a good dose of the guilts never hurt anyone. :lol:

We took our princess up to our trailer this past weekend and she just loves it. There are animals, and ducks to see, and a great big lake. Something she has never seen before. I just know we are going to have lots of fun on the weekends with her this summer.

So far this week has been really good. I have managed to get on the ski machine 3 mornings in a row, I conquest Mt.Washmore on Monday, although, I still have some things to put away, and I even managed to get to bed before, or by 11:00 every night. My gardens at home are looking good, although we could use some rain.

It's been stinking hot here since Sunday. I'm not complaining though, I love it. It sure as heck beats winter and cold. ;)

SUE--- How sad about the birds. It must have been heartwrenching to witness new life and such sadness in such a short period of time. I am wondering though, if perhaps there was something wrong with the other baby, and the mother bird moved the other two? Still sad though.

ANGIE-- Sorry to hear about your break. If you're watching movies you should check out TROY, and RAY. Great movies, plus you get to see Brad Pitt's bum. :) :devil:

I was sitting at my desk today, and watching the landscapers work outside, and I noticed a particularily good looking one pass my window. All tanned and muscley. Sigh.... I love the summer. :sunny:

06-08-2005, 04:36 PM
Ok....Had a post of individuals and my power went out! I looked outside and the weather is beautiful so I don't know what's causing it. I will just do individuals later in case it happens again.

Tonight is Jhanai's final Choir program. She has a little solo part. Can't wait to go! She's both excited and sad that next week is the last week of school. Excited for summer, but sad that she'll no longer have all day classes w/her little girl will be in Middle School next year!

Ok...ladies...there is some commotion going on outside, I'm not sure if it has anything to do w/the power, but I'm getting off now.

Talk to you all later.

06-08-2005, 07:03 PM
Breezing in to say hello to everyone!

I need to catch up but I wanted to say hi....

Gaby is doing great, we were both alittle tired this morning.

Waiting for her father to be served a restraining order from his ex
wife. In it he won't be able to see his daughter for a year. I guess
the weekend visitation was a bust. The daughter called home scared and
upset with her father.

He threatened "harm" to her and the ex.

All with Gaby there - so do I have grounds for supervised visits?? My
lawyer hasn't answered me on this.

This whole thing is wearing me down - along with Rach. Need a vacation!!

Going to the coast with the girls from the 2nd to the 5th of July so am
looking forward to that.

Going to be in the Rose Festival!! So look for me behind the Tea &
Roses horses.....picking up their poop ;0)

wooooo hoooo...

k- back to adjusting rents......

Best to you all :)

06-08-2005, 08:23 PM
peekie boo!!!!

did you all miss me???

just stopping in to fill you all in. we had our u/s last Tuesday and we found out that we have a................................................. ...indian in there. The baby was sitting with it's legs crossed. Plus, all the measurements were measuring a week behind, so we will more then likely move my due date back to the 28th or 29th of October. I go for my next appointment on the 22nd and we will go from there.

hello to everyone and I will hopefully be able to check up in here daily.

(btw, we went to WIC last Thursday. Brandon is 22lbs. 4oz. and 29 inches long. And according to them (and to me, it sounds right) I have already gained 11lbs. so far with this pregnancy.) I was measuring 240ish before I got pregnant and then at WIC and my doctor's office I was 251 1/4lbs.

06-08-2005, 08:46 PM
Susan..YES..if she can get a restraining order and Gaby was there during the fracas I think you have more than enough grounds for supervised visits. He is cutting his own throat so to speak. Just as my ex SIL is doing. He threatened the counselor last week and screamed at DD yesterday. Clearly losing it!

Mindee...Are you all settled and feeling good? Great to "see" you again.

Angie and Cristi...Didn't make it to Hobby Lobby. I love them, and Michael', but our Michael's closed right after HL built here. I am looking for sewing and scrapbooking goodies. Just getting the itch to DO something creative.

Anita...Oh boy, are you going to have fun now! She will be running soon. You are right about the birds, maybe mama moved them..I will think that anyway. :)

Marti...Hope nothing is wrong. Enjoy the program. My oldest DD was in choir all through school, then DS was in all the Drama productions. We spent lots of time at programs.

I will try to get back later. Had a busy day, running here and there. I went and bought Mom and my Aunt those adjustable fans that swivel. They don't have ceiling fans in their apt. Then I delivered them and put both together for the gals. They have A/C but coming from FL they don't want it too cold and like the fans when they sleep. I went to Kohl's and all I found were 2 shirts. Just not in a shopping mood I guess as I usually like everything. Stopped at Goodwill and bought Mom some paperback books and found a couple shirts for DGS. They were Old Navy and looked new. He came from CA with few clothes and then shot up and out so fast we can't keep him covered. He started driver's ed...I can't believe he is so grown up. :(

Come out, come out, wherever you are JL's. We miss you all when you don't check in.

06-08-2005, 10:46 PM
Cute Mindee on your Indian baby. :) Of course we missed you as well as Julie, whatever happened to her?

Jhanai's choir performance sounds great Marti. I always loved going to R & R but they haven't done that in awhile .

Thanks Cristi for the card:)

You think Sue??? He hasn't been served yet. I can't believe she got a year no visitation for her daughter. The judge signed everything on the restraining order. I think he has 30 days to contest (?) and it would go back in front of the same judge.

I should do something. The girls saw each other yesterday and the ex said they sat together and Gaby was saying "mean daddy" to her sister - trying to comfort her.

Anyway, feeling bored. Maybe I will walk around and visit the vending machine - lol

Hey, hope you are doing ok Ang??

06-08-2005, 10:54 PM
Hi ladies,

Angie - Mary says I'm getting some natural highlights from the sun. Who knew?? Glad you got your ice cream sandwich! I've been buying some new light ice cream and sherbet ones that are pretty good. Like you, I find the longer hair much easier to deal with. I've even got one of those hair wrap thingies that I wear when I want it off my neck. Looks just like my own hair - even my stylist didn't know it was fake when I wore it to Jerry's funeral. Coat? You need a coat?? It's 90-some degrees in Indiana and humid as can be.

Terri - how about games such as the cake walk, painting faces, fish pond, a basketball shoot, etc. Or are those too outdated and hokey? I gotta tell you, I still love the cake walk, lol. They still do it at my DGDs school bazaar, and it's a good money maker. You can have a raffle or auction for donated items.

Sue - you oughta pick up this paperback book next time you're out: The Goodbye Summer by Patricia Gaffney. You and your mom both would like it. Trust me.

Mindee - yes, I missed you! Wanted to send a card, but don't have your new address. Wanna PM it to me for next time?

Marti - hope your power is on. We lose ours a lot out here in the boonies. A stiff breeze knocks ours out, lol.

Hi Cristi, Susan, Anita and the others!

Nancy and I had fun today. She got all her hair wacked off, and then we went shopping and also did a run-through of donut duty at the church. I was running late, so Neal being the sweetie he is, made supper. Did a good job, too!

Tomorrow is lunch at Quiznos with my niece, which I'm really, really looking forward to. I just printed out Quiznos WW point guide to keep me on the straight and narrow, lol.

Have a good evening!

da fat n da furious
06-08-2005, 11:30 PM
Hello all,
Well Mindee there is a possiblity your baby will be blessed and look just like me. Or at least half of me.

Sue,,,that is the law of shopping...When you want to shop and have the money there is usually nothing to catch your eye,,,BUT when you don't have the time or money everything is calling your name.

Jane, I notice that I do get some natural highlites,,,what I do is add more. Yes Coat,,,as in major rain still and chilly...there are some satelite towns nearby who are flooded and have been sad watching the news as some people have lost their homes.

Marti,,,ooo I remember Tanner singing in choir, I loved it. Hes doing his show tonight...ya know I don't know where he gets his grit, He has to wear tights and a tunic. And at the end the tunic is pulled off of him,,,so there he stands in not only tights but WHITE tights.

Anita,,,its like this green flag being raised,,,and in the distance you can hear ,,,start your engines...and soon Jocelyn will be doing ah the joy

Christi, please send some heat this way. Best way to water your lawn is at night,,,during the day it just evaporates with the heat anyways...
I should of told you how I did my fence before you started...I stained all the boards before they were nailed in.

Susan,,,*sigh I wish I was there to breaka my other foot up in you knows who's have to say that in a gangsta style way...of course some other word is used instead of butt. So Gabby witnessed whatever happened...what an angel consoling her sister. Give her an extra kiss from me.

Not much happening,,,I hobble to the left I hobble to the right...kidding, went to work in a taxi,,,and Monte picked me up, went to the chiropractor,,then to the library where I got 2 books from Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Got the banking done,,,and watched Canadian Idol. And Im on my seocnd load of laundry,,,Poor Monte he was all happy about getting most of the laundry done on Sunday,,,,and didn't understand why I was doing ahhh cause there are more clothes to be washed...
Im going for a matinee with one of my friends tomorrow,,,there is a cheap theatre that only charges 4 bucks...of course the movies are like a month behind...but who cares.
well I need to go and do some tv watching....

06-08-2005, 11:38 PM
Jane, do you have point guides for lots of restaurants or do you just have to work some out? I must say I am not too up on the WW way of points, so don't know how that works. I did well today again, but didn't get my walk as it was so hot. I am going to have to move the treadmill back into the air conditioning.
Have you tried Fudgesicle's sugar free 40 calories pops? They are so smooth and yummy. Or maybe it was just that I haven't had ice cream for so long. :)

06-09-2005, 12:23 AM
ok, I am going to pick up the Gabster. I bet you are totally bored of my anal yakking. lol

I get natural highlights too Jane. Course Becky picked out 2 (!!!) gray hairs a few weeks ago. I cried and called my

Rach is doing good where she is at, suppose to come home Friday.

Better go!!

06-09-2005, 01:41 PM
Hi Ladies,

Just popping in to say hi. had an AWESOME workout this morning. that's 4 this week. WOOOOOHOOOOOOO!

Another scorcher today. UGH. No wonder hubby is crabby when he gets home at the end of the day. I can't imagine working in this muggy heat. It's supposed to reach close to 100 degrees to day. :flame: :flame: :flame: :beach: :beach:


06-09-2005, 02:23 PM
Sue~ yup, we are settled into my parents house for now. I am doing really good. I have some off days, but I am pretty much on the straight and narrow. I did have to take an antibiotic last week because my urine test showed that I had an infection.

Last night, my mom let me and Tommy get hair cuts, and we got Brandon’s left ear pierced. He looks so cute!! My mom made me and Tommy leave the room when the lady did his ear. He also has a little bit of a cold along with a cough. I am hoping that that has to do with getting some more teeth.

We also went shopping last week and my mom bought me some maternity clothes! I was shocked that they fit, but hey I will take it any way I can get it!

Susan~ Every body keeps telling me that this little one is a girl since it had it’s legs crossed. (I am more convinced now, since when I was pregnant with Brandon, it took some wiggling but eventually he opened up wide enough so we could see.) Never a dull moment in your life! Sounds like a great little vacation for you and the girls!!

Jane~ Thanks for the nice words. I would of got it if you sent it to my old address. We are having our mail forwarded to us, so it would have still made it to me! Mmmmmmm…..quizno’s! I haven’t had that in forever!!

Angi~ You are Indian? If so, what tribe? Tommy is Indian as well, he is Blackfoot. So, we have destructive Indian toddler, and modest Indian baby.

Anita~ You sound like you are getting the same weather we are. Yesterday was warm, but not extremely hot. I decided yesterday that if I was going to make it through the rest of the summer being pregnant, then I am going to get my hair cut short, but not to short. Today is much hotter then yesterday and I am so glad I got my hair cut!

06-09-2005, 02:40 PM
Hello everyone :wave:

Angie~we did think about that but watching the neighbors do their fence that way we decided against it. They have a much smaller yard and still don't have their fence up, going on 3 or 4 weeks now. She would stain about 5 pickets, let them dry and he would put them up, do a few more, put them up, etc. Just too time consuming and V had the day off and wanted to feel like something was accomplished. So...I stacked two rows of about 30 pickets and stained the sides and the top and bottom. As fast as I was staining he was getting the pickets up, well as soon as they dried. Staining the outside was a breeze, again time consuming but pretty easy.

Susan~aahh, I knew it was a matter of time before Mike messed up. Seemed like he was getting stressed from everything. And the ex getting a restraining order, definitely helps your case. Keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes your way. :crossed: Glad to hear Rachel and Rebecca are fine, as well as Gaby. She is such a sweetheart. I can picture her consoling her half-sister.

Sue~like Angie said, and it has happened to me. When I am not looking for something I see all kinds of things and when I actually go looking seems I don't find anything. Haven't been to Kohl's in a while, love that store! Need to go to Pier 1 and find a centerpiece my my dining room table. Thinking about an arrangement of different size candles.

Anita~you are going to have so much fun with Joycelyn, and running all over the place! Glad hubby apologized to you.

Mindee~good to see ya! Well, maybe it wasn't meant for you guys to find out the sex of the baby. ;) Have you guys gotten settled in at your moms?

Marti~where we lived before we could hear the electrical boxes sound like they were exploding, and the electricity would go out for anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes. It was usually in the summertime when it was really hot and everyone was running their air conditioners. It's gone out here about 3 times, the electric and cable. Mainly because they are still building and working on new homes in the area and messing with things. Have fun at the choir program. Can't believe Jhanai in still in school. How late/early do they start in OR? They start here the end of August and got out a couple of weeks ago. Seems early to me, oh well.

Jane~I have always gotten blond highlights from being outdoors. Have to say the grey doesn't bother me either. DD says "I don't know why you cover it because it's not that noticeable." I don't actually cover/color it often, maybe once or twice a year. It's pretty close to my natural color so when the roots grow out it doesn't really matter, and I do it to liven it up. My hair is kind of dull. I need to get a haircut and have gone once but would've had to wait an hour. Took it as a sign I didn't need a haircut! :lol: That was about 6 months ago. Maybe I will try again one day. Have a nice lunch with your niece today.

Well, tomorrow is WI. Went from weighing in once a month back to once a week. I'll be happy if there is a loss but if not, I am fine with that also. As long as I don't gain any it is fine with me.

Who was it that wanted our hot weather we are having? Well, you can have it! Supposed to be only 90 today but that is still too HOT! We had some horrible storms overnight and even some tornadoes NW of us. And flooding! Hoping to get something done this evening when V gets home before it starts again. We are supposed to have this awful weather for the next three days. Anyway, not much on the agenda for today. Had a couple of errands to run this morning. Was going to go to the bookstore and get a book but will do that tomorrow when DD is home. I have been reading this book which is a part two sort of. You don't really have to read the first one to read the second one but for once I started with the first one. And there is a #3 in which she finally gets married which just came out June 5th. Anyway, guess I should be going. Need to order a couple of things online for V for Father's Day to make sure it gets here in time. He showed me some shirts w/o a collar that he would like for work and a couple other things. So thought I would surprise him and get them for him. Not sure what else I will get.

Take care ladies and have a wonderful Thursday!

06-09-2005, 02:46 PM
Hi Mindee and Anita! I see you ladies snuck in as I was taking my time posting. I took two breaks to run upstairs! :lol:

Mindee~did I read that correctly? You got Brandon's ear pierced?! Yikes! Glad you guys are settled in.

Anita~WTG on getting in the work-outs! You are doing an awesome job! I've cut back a little, of course I considered the fence work exercise so...anyway, :bravo: to you!

See ya later! :wave:

06-09-2005, 07:22 PM
I finally got a pedometer yesterday and logged about 9300 far today it says 9478. I need to walk DS into the village for piano lessons, so I'll most likely make the 10000 goal today...wahoo :)

Busy weekend coming up... the young 'uns are coming back to finish the digging...DH has a track meet all day Saturday and we are ( or rather "I" am) babysitting the children of some friends for their anniversary. They'll babysit for us next week when we celebrate our 15th anniversary. Good deal.

Plumbing rough-in is set up for next week so hopefully we can pour a foundation shortly thereafter.

Sounds like everyone is doing ok....glad you got settled in Mindee...great job on workouts Anita....Susan ---well, you just keep hanging that you-know-what is just digging his own grave, so to speak. Jane, Marti, Sue, Angie, Terri..... hi to all
Will try to post more this weekend...maybe while DH is at the track meet.

06-09-2005, 07:44 PM
Hello ladies--

Jhanai's choir program was so cute! They sang parts of a bunch of different songs and Jhanai's solo part was from the B52's song "Love Shack" when she got up to the microphone she started singing and the mic didn't instead of panicking...she sang lounder! She got so many cheers for that! I was so proud.
One song they sang was "Memories" and the kids all gathered in a group and then dispersed into the audience...they all had a rose for their parents! It was so sweet! Tears were in my eyes! So proud of my girl.

Cristi--School starts after Labor day, so in Sept. And the last day of school is next week. My sister who lives on the East Coast always tells me how her girls are starting school early and how they end earlier....she still has a hard time adjusting since we grew up here! I don't know which would be better??????

Angie--How did Tanner feel wearing tights? Do you have a picture you can share?? Such a brave boy! :) I would love to watch his play. I would sit as a proud Auntie!! How's your foot? Getting any better?

Jane--Not sure what caused the power outage...could be what Cristi suggested. It hasn't happened again. James has been cleaning out the computer.....copying things he wants to keep, so I may not have access to the computer in the next day or so. Might drive me loopy! :dizzy:

Ok...I know I'm missing a lot of you on individuals.....trying to type fast here so I can get myself ready for work. Need to shower still.

Oh, we had a sad accident that happened behind our house on the next block. Four boys were near the train tracks...two were off the tracks two were on. The boys who were off were yelling telling the other two that a train was coming. One boy didn't make it. Sad.
James talked to the Engineer who was driving and he said that He saw the boys about 50yards ahead..he blew his horn and motioned for them to get out of the way as he was putting on the breaks (now...for all those that are curious...they were going 25mph and it takes quite a while for the train to stop, they're not like a don't ever try to beat the train!) The last he saw was one boy looking up at the Engineer and flipping him off. And then he got hit. What!? Apparently these boys were on drugs and were not thinking straight....but I kind of wonder if it was a suicide by train. (which happens all the time)

So....if any of you get impatient with waiting for the train to move....don't EVER try to beat the train if it's close. It's size can disceive(sp) you and make it look like it's a lot farther than what it is, and 25mph on a train is a lot faster than in a you have tons and tons of weight following it. James has told me that EVERY engineer has seen a death since they've worked on the RR. And they tell the newbies that they too, will see it happen because people are rushed in their lives and don't take the moment to wait. I sound like some kind of after school special or what?

Better hit the showers....I'll catch up to all the other later!

06-09-2005, 07:53 PM
Hold it! Hop on over to chit chat # 133. please. See you there!