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beach bum
06-03-2005, 06:12 PM
but i can't read all of it as the advertizement from Ask Jeeves is in the way. :mad: I'm still new here,Sorry:sorry: I don't know how to e-mail a private message to you.

We're living on Upper Cape, in Falmouth. We love:love: it up here. with all the beachs:beach: & country all around us.Where are you from?????

Hugs:) Beach Bum

06-03-2005, 08:08 PM
Beach Bum, if you want to PM (private message) someone, click on their name. You'll see a menu. Click on "Send a private message to... "

06-03-2005, 09:21 PM
I am from Falmouth! hahah what part?? how odd

beach bum
06-04-2005, 09:51 AM
Hi I live near the village.Have been there for 8 years, and Love It.

Hugs :) BB

beach bum
06-04-2005, 09:54 AM
Thanks:thanks: Ellis for the information how to get into the private message.

Hugs :) BB

06-04-2005, 11:36 AM
You're most welcome, hon. :)

06-04-2005, 11:58 AM
The Village green???

PM me sometime....

06-04-2005, 12:24 PM
Yup, better PM or the Press may be there. They all read this website, you know!