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06-03-2005, 09:04 AM
Morning girls! Our groups gets smaller and smaller! Have a great time Maggie!

Jean: Sheesh what is in the water around your area???? You have babies coming out your ears! I saw this blurb on the news about some elementary school and I can't think where it is at, but 15 teachers are either pregnant or just had babies! The PE teacher is pregnant with twins. She said her office is closer to the water fountain! :lol:

I was busy busy yesterday. Found out the dinner show has closed so we went back to Penn and Teller tickets! SIGH! I bought them yesterday and we have front row center seats. We couldn't even PICK our seats! Their computer generates them and doesn't even allow the box office person to look at the seating (at least that is what she said, which is probably bull) Anyway, that is done now too.

I bought 2 sweaters, a pair of cotton sailor's pants, a pair of shorts and a pair of capris and a new swimsuit so that I have two to take with me. Everything is a tad snug so I have to kick it up a notch and really workout hard in the pool and on my program.

Do you ever look at Town and Country magazine? I have a subscription to Town and Country Travel (I got 6 different subscriptions to magazines using leftover sky miles for US Airways that we weren't using) Anyhow, this is the MOST stuck up snob magazine I have ever seen! We just got the first two issues together, I might add, and they had an article about Vegas but the only thing they talked about was how it is no longer this tourist trap and all the high end restaurants and fine dining etc etc. ICK! Why would I want to pay $100 for a dinner that includes something called tomato and cucumber gelee???? Anyway, they had a survey for prizes and I took it and told them I thought their magazine catered to snobs and would not renew the subscription!

Well, the dog goes to the groomer and I need to get him over there so I better go as I have to walk.

Have a good weekend


06-03-2005, 07:03 PM
Happy Friday, Flowers!
We woke up to thunder, lightning, heavy rain, and lots of wind. The wind has died down and the rain quit mid morning so it's been just a cloudy, humid day.

I worked in the hospital gift shop this afternoon. It was a whole lot busier than it is on my usual Saturdays that I work. The time went by fast.

Tomorrow we drive to Sioux Falls to pick up MIL at the airport. We still don't know if "dear" sister-in-law will come or not. I'm betting not. I'm not sure what time we are leaving since I want to shop the mall before going to the airport. :D

Beth just called and she is coming over tomorrow afternoon with the kids. She hasn't been here since March so it will be nice to have some Maddy-time. She asked if we wanted to take Maddy to church again . . . after her performance last time, I'm not so sure.

"Gma" -- Thanks for starting the new thread! I bought a "too small outfit" one time and I never did get myself into it. I was so dumb that I bought it two sizes smaller! I learned my lesson on that one for sure! There is no way I would ever fit into the smaller size because my shoulders are too wide no matter how much weight I would lose. I like to buy tickets where you see a map of the area and can choose exactly where you want to sit. I don't think that happens much any more. You will enjoy the show, I'm sure. :cp:

Not much else is newsy from my corner of the world. Have a nice evening!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

06-03-2005, 08:40 PM
It has been a pleasant day in this corner of the world. We have a neighborhood graduation party on Sunday and it is to be a good day, weatherwise. It will be nice to see some of the neighbors who have been sort of housebound this winter and spring. The mom of the graduate has been working hard sprucing up her house and hard and they always throw a great party. This is their 3rd son to graduate HS and all will be away at college next years and the two boys across the street will also be away at colleges. Won't know the neighborhood without all those teenagers. The next batch of kids are still in grammer school and it will be a few years before we have to contend with young drivers speeding up & down and late nite parties.

We have Moshup for a couple of weeks as DD#2 is having her lawn done over.
I think aI will have to have her 13 yr. old over to rake the yard since DH can't walk the dog anymore and the yard shows it. :)

Saw the eye dr. today for a 3 month check up on the Glaucoma pressure that I have been taking eye drops for and he said it hasn't dropped that much so I will try a different medicine. In passing I mentioned that I had a 'floater' in my eye that I hadn't noticed before and he asked if I had flashes of light in my eye....Yes! He immediately checked the back of my eye and said I had a Retinal Tear. He scheduled me for an appointment with the Retinal specialist. I looked it up on the internet and it can be corrected with Lazer surgery on an outpatient bases. I will see the specialist in two weeks and will know more then.

As I always said....If it isn't one thing then it's another. DH's knee problem is in remission and he doesn't have to make any surgery decisions at this time. However, the DR. said no dog walking as they could pull him suddenly and he could twist the knee or worse fall.

Gloria in MA....the home of the walking wounded.

06-04-2005, 07:40 AM
morning gals! It is nice and quiet here. I got up to go to the bathroom and do my test (see story below) and since I had to wait on it, decided to go ahead and post. The story happened yesterday:

I bought a menopause monitoring kit (they are very similar and done exactly like a pregnancy kit except they check different things) Anyway, my dr feels testing is unnecessary and won't authorize (for my insurance) it so I have to take the high road and provide it for myself. Anyway, bought the kit, read all the directions, got it set up so I could do it first urine this morning as I am usually about to burst and wouldn't have much time to look for stuff or take it out of the box! :lol: I did my thing in the cup, put the stick in for the time it said, then let it rest for the right time, went back and NOTHING! No lines at all. Soooooo, I reread the instructions and still couldn't figure out what I had done wrong. Then it dawned on me um, "stupid, you forgot to take the cap off the RIGHT end and put the WRONG end in the urine!" :o :^: :lol: So, gotta try again CORRECTLY this morining!

Gloria: Stinks to get old doesn't it? Boy, when I was younger I don't think I ever appreciated all the aches and pains older folks end up with let alone all the things that happen when you are older. Hope the dr can get the eye fixed right up. When I was at the eye dr two weeks ago, he said my eyes looked nice and healthy, which I am always concerned about because of diabetes in my family. I haven't shown any signs of it, but I still get nervous. So, I asked him all sorts of questions about glaucoma, cataracts etc. He told me glaucoma has a genetic link, that if I lived long enough sooner or later I would get cataracts as it is just somethng that happens to the elderly sooner or later and then there is macular degeneration, which causes blindness but is caused almost exclusively by SMOKING! Since I have never smoked, guess I dodged that one!

Jean: I bet Maddie is just growing like a weed. Thomas's 5th birthday is the 25th and I think we are going to have them here some time that week for a cookout and bday cake. I think we are going to get him some cute camping stuff to take on his camping trip with his dad. His mom is having a Harry Potter book reading slumber party next month when the book comes out and they are taking off for the weekend to get away from all the hens! :lol:

Well, time to check my test.

Have a great weekend everyone. Have to go to the commissary today and you know I love that!


06-06-2005, 12:37 AM
Good Evening, Flowers!
It was a very long day yesterday and it ended with Maddy sleeping in the same room with the computer so I didn't get to check in last night. I did get to do some shopping before picking up MIL -- bought a new pair of Clark sandals, an outfit, Bath & Body lotion, plus an outfit for each grandchild. Everything is on sale and I suppose the winter clothing will be out by July 1st. :(

When we got home Beth and the kids were here. Since Maddy so-called slept on our level, I heard her when she woke up twice, which is very unusual for her. The last time being 4 AM and she thought it was time to stay up. The *&^% birds were chirping away even though it was still dark. We both fell asleep in the recliner but I've been dragging all day. We took Beth and the kids back up to see MIL today. Also got to see Ian, Zowie, and their parents. It rained off and on but the little kids went wading in the cold water. It is going to be a challenge to keep them off the dock and out of the water if no adult is with them.

Gloria -- I'm surprised they are making you wait two weeks to see a specialist. We had a teacher who had a torn retina and she was in surgery the next day. I'm not sure if her's was laser or not as it's been a few years ago. She had the same thing happen again after she retired and went to a different specialist because she had moved. He told her that torn retinas can run in the family and her son has had one since. Good luck! I'm glad to hear that your DH's knee is doing better.

"Gma" -- I've never heard of the test you are talking about. What is it that you are trying to find out? It's hard to believe that T will be 5 already! Time does fly, doesn't it? You will have a fun party with him, I know!

Both kids are now asleep and will stay that way, I hope! Kolby will be up during the night but hopefully Maddy is so tired she will sleep all night.

Hope you all have a marvelous Monday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

06-06-2005, 10:39 AM
Good morning ladies. It is nice and steamy here. It was like 96 yesterday and the humidity is awful.

I had a big row at the pool yesterday afternoon. There were a lot of people I didn't know and most of them were one group. The "spokesperson" was a rude little snot and she refused to give me her address so I told her they would have to leave and she refused so I had to call the cops. I came home to get the phone and Jack went back over with me. They had torn out the underwater light so everyone had to leave and I had to lock it up. This little chit accused me of being a racist that I only wanted white people there. I called her a doofus and said what color are the people over there that I know who they are? She started cursing at me and carrying on. Jack started to get in the middle of it and I told him not to. I told her calmly (though there was a big group including males and I was shaking pretty bad) that when she wanted to tell me where she lived so I could verify it, she and her family and friends were welcome back. She and her troop stormed off, but we didn't see where they went so I have a feeling they didn't live there. Anyway, the pool is closed until the guy can come and fix the light. I talked to the association president and they are working to get laminated picture badges for people and I hope they do so I don't have to go through it again. It is just part of what I have to do I guess, but the cops never showed up at ALL!

Jean: It is called a menopause monitoring test. It is basically the same thing they do at the dr and that is measure your FSH I think it is called in your urine and they can tell where you are as far as peri or full menopause. It just kind of helps me see how far I have to go! Sounds like you had a fun but exhausting time with Maddie. We went to Macy's on Sat because they were having a big sale. Bought Jack 2 really nice pairs of shorts and a shirt and saved about $60. I couldn't stand shopping anymore because he has atrocious taste, won't let me pick stuff out for him, and can't match stuff worth anything but I have to let him make his own decisions. He picked out this kind of faded brick colored pair of shorts and went right to the bright red golf shirts! I told him the shirt made the pants look old because they were muted and the shirt so bright. Oh and he is big into solid with solid and with anything reddish you have to almost match it exactly or it looks awful, which, this of course did. I then walked away and grumbled. I picked out several that would look great that were striped but he whined he didn't want stripes. He finally found one that looks ok if not great and actually kind of became a compromise. It actually looks exactly like Nemo the little fish in finding Nemo. It is an orangish color with white and navy stripes. We were trying to keep to light colors because of the heat in Vegas. We also got him what I would call a spring green pair and he had a shirt that goes great with that. I got to thinking about his shirts talking about it. Sat afternoon when we got back, he got all his shorts and shirts he wanted to take together to see what we would need to buy and what colors. He pretty much only wears those golf style shirts when we are out and that is what they all are and only ONE is striped! It is a shirt we bought for him at the Orleans last year with their logo and is baby blue with a white stripe and is a "Greg Norman" shirt. We are going the weekend of the 4th to Nashville to the outlet mall and get the rest of the stuff he needs. I am pretty set except I want a lime green pair of sandals if I can find them. He was grousing about me taking 9 pairs of shoes and handbags. I told him I wasn't taking 9 but I wanted to match with my outfits. Actually, I am taking probably 5 pairs of sandals, a pair of cheap tennies and a couple extra handbags. Since we are getting a car this time, I don't want to have to wear my New Balance with everything. They are heavy and all leather and hot! We get to pack lighter than last time because it is all cotton clothing and no suits and dress clothes so I should be a-ok. We each have one big roller gym bag type and then one big carryon type to check. I am going to take my handbag that is a backpack too so I can carry it that way in the airport and then a laptop bag I bought last trip to Nashville that is this gorgeous lavender and black leather I got at Wilson's on sale for my books, cd's and snacks. We looked at the Atlanta airport and the Airtran concourse is one long row, which is nice to change planes. We have about an hour between flights, which is just right but the area where our plane is has no breakfast or morning restaurants or even shops to buy a muffin or anything so Jack may have to take a "road" trip out of the area and get us something. That is why I am going to take some fruit and maybe those little crackers with the spreadable cheese on board. Our flight LEAVES at 6 AM from Memphis so it is going to be a longgggggggg day!

Well, I haven't had breakfast so I need to get going

Everyone have a super day

Faye :)

06-06-2005, 09:53 PM
Good Evening, Flowers!
Beth and the grandkids left about 4 this afternoon and I've been putting my house back together ever since. I felt like I'd been invaded by the "crumb squad!" For some reason Maddy was interested in my "pretties" that she's never paid any attention to before so quite a bit of stuff had to be moved out of reach. I hate doing that but didn't want her to break something and get cut in the process.

DH is at a church meeting and I'm home alone. I have a dentist appt. in the morning and need to make a grocery run.

"Gma" -- I can't talk Bob into shopping for him very often but when we do, he makes a haul. He's good about getting rid of old stuff, much better than I am! I would hate to have to argue with unqualified people using the pool. You are braver than I am for sure! I'm not very good at confrontations, I guess. Around here, the white people not-so-jokingly look the other way because most of the nonwhites seem to carry weapons. :( Sad, but true.

Not much else is going on -- it's been hot and humid today. I finally turned the air on; it's not supposed to be as hot tomorrow but we'll leave the house shut up just in case.

Hope you all have a nice evening and a terrific Tuesday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

06-07-2005, 08:53 AM
Good morning. Another hot and sticky day today with possible showers. May they hold off til I get done at the pool then come pouring! :lol:

Jean: Everytime T leaves it takes me several minutes to clean up the mess and he is older. His mom doesn't make him pick up much and she surely won't. I am used to it. With your case, little ones are different. Thomas never messed with anything but these wooden canisters I had on my coffee table. They were graduated houses that fit inside each other and I used them just as decoration but he loved those things. I have Lladro, which is absolutely the ONLY thing I get upset about getting messed up and a few of them already are. I have them in a shelving tower in the entranceway so most kids don't even pay attention to them.

The pool was quiet yesterday. I got in late around 10 and was almost through when a thunderstorm rolled in FAST and the trees started blowing and it got so black the outside lights and pool lights came on. I beat feet out of that pool as fast as my fat little legs could carry me. We had rain until around noon or after and then I reopened the pool. I went over to check yesterday evening and one of the older board members was shuffling chairs around complaining about people being so disrespectful to property. I had never met her even though she lives in my building and we talked and I told her about Sunday and she told me she ran off some a few days ago. She is this sweet older black lady and she said, "It is just awful that all of the trouble makers seems to be my color. I just don't understand why they have to act that way." I wanted to tell her it was because they didn't have discipline at home just like white kids or hispanics or whatever that act like little jerks. It is not some deep hidden secret. It comes from a couple sources, militant parents who generation to generation convince their children they are owed something or parents who are so wrapped up in themselves that they pay no attention to their children. The other thing I have found is parents tend not to make their children pay for their own mistakes, but try and get them out of trouble or make more trouble trying to convince people their "babies" didn't do it, when they know they did. For example, a kid gets in trouble for hitting a teacher at school, instead of making the kid pay the punishment AND punishing them at home, they go to the school and make a scene trying to excuse the behaviour when there is NO excuse. I believe that my childrens' generation who are parents for the most part, whatever color are way too easy on their kids, allow them to act disrespectful, throw tantrums, whatever gets them what they want. My children may be 28 and 32, but I would still box their ears , including the 6'6" black belt one if I heard them speak to someone the way that young woman spoke to me. Helen and I got to talking about when we were younger and how we would have gotten our seats warmed for what that young woman said to me on Sunday. Anyway, it was only 7 but no one was around so I locked it up. I don't do this for pay but as a volunteer so if it isn't being used and it is getting evening I am just going to shut it up because if people aren't in there by 7 then the only ones will be people that don't belong. I have watched and found it to be true. I, like you Jean, am not confrontational, but I do what I have to do.

Everybody have a terrific day!


06-07-2005, 12:34 PM
Good Morning, Flowers!
I got up to a not-so-nice surprise . . . a DEAD bat laying on the floor going into the kitchen. :fr: I was half awake when I rounded the corner and "Mom" was laying right beside it batting it with her paw. I had to look twice thinking she was playing with one of her real-looking mice. Bob thinks maybe it fell through the ceiling light from the attic. I don't care how it got in but I sure don't want any more. :stress: We have a local "batman" who is going to come and find where the critter got in in the first place. He will install a trap so that any friends can get out but not back in. Bats are still on the endangered species list so you're not supposed to kill them. *sigh* We don't own a tennis racket any more so I will keep my broom handy.

I'm hoping to give blood today. :crossed: Hopefully my iron count will be ok.

"Gma" -- Both Ian and Maddy are good about picking up their toys and do so before they leave. It's all the other "stuff" that's laying around because I spend more time with them than I do doing my usual pickup routine. :rolleyes: What is Lladro? I don't think I've ever heard or seen that. I have a curio cabinet full of cut glass and it has a mirror on the back. Neither one pay any attention to that, thank goodness. We are getting more and more professional articles saying that the discipline and manners needs to start at home. Somebody needs to tell the parents! Ian is so good about saying "please and thank you" that I hope it will carry over to school. His parents work with him and you can tell it. Maddy tries but alot of her talk is still alot of Chinese! She'll say something, then tilt her head and look at you as if she is thinking, "well, did you get it or not?" She is getting better although she has "down" and "up" backwards. :lol: I hope your day at the pool is a good one! :D

I need to get busy! Have a great day!

Jean -- :cb: from Iowa!

06-07-2005, 02:29 PM
Afternoon. It is rainy so I had to go shoo a sweet little boy out of the pool and lock it. I told him and his father I would open it up as soon as it quit raining. I just don't trust storms around here, you know? Yesterday's came up very quickly and I don't want some little kid getting killed being in the pool and lightening striking.

Jean: :lol: :lol: so cute about Maddie and the up and down thing! Thomas used to put a p in front of some words like p-giraffe. We would say giraffe have him repeat it, which he would then say, "What is this?" He would then say, "P-giraffe." :lol: Is she two yet? I can't keep your grandkids ages straight. Oh, next time you are in a mall, go to one of the more expensive jewelry stores and they will probably have Lladro on display. They are Spanish porcelain figures that are a glossy pastel pink, blue and green. I believe that is the only three colors they use. I have about 11 pieces, all of which Jack brought me back from Valencia, Spain when he was overseas. That is where the artists make them. They have a whole shop at the Venetian in Las Vegas and last year had this huge Cinderella set to the tune of about $4000! It had the fairy godmother, cinderella, the coach and the mice, etc. It was absolutely beautiful though.

I hope to get my new swimsuit in the mail today. It is a solid bright turquoise. Nice with a tan I think! :lol: Speaking of tans, I had someone at Walmart give me a tester of this new Neutrogena spray tan. It is this fine aerosal mist that you just spray on and in two hours it turns to tan. No orange palms and the orange has been greatly reduced when it colors your skin. It is pretty cool. I bought a can at the commissary because I had a coupon for $1 off and thought it would be great for Vegas so I am not a "fish belly." I get a tan from the pool, but only my face, neck and arms as everything else is under water! :lol:

Well, time to check the mail. Don't want the little darlings next door to mess with it


06-08-2005, 05:11 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
We got up to :rain:, the sun peeked out for a little while, and now we're back to cloudy and humid. The air is still on!

I went to the dentist this morning. . .$121 and no cavities! :cp: We have several dentists who will be retiring in the next 5 years and they can't find anyone who will come to town and take their places. There is a huge sign, at the sign-in desk, saying that payment is due upon receipt of services which has never been there before. I know exactly who is expecting FREE dental care. It sure spoils it for the rest of us. There is a medical doctor leaving our clinic and they can't find a replacement for him either. The newspaper said they will rent a temporary doctor if a permanent one can't be found. I've never heard of that but we do have "rent-a-docs" in our ER on the weekends and holidays. One comes from AZ which blows my mind. He had never seen snow before and I guess he was a real hoot to watch this winter. :lol:

"Gma" -- I will look in the jewelry stores at the mall and see if I can find some Lladro. I know that there is none in the local store because I go in there quite often. That is funny about T using "P" before some of his words. Maddy will be 2 in August and Ian will be 3 in November. They grow up way too fast! :yes: It seemed like it took Ian forever to get here and the rest didn't take nearly as long. :shrug: Will's sister just had a baby girl who weighed in at 10# 5oz. and 23" long! They also have a 2 year old boy so now all 4 girls have one of each (8 under the age of 2 1/2 if we were all ever to get together at the same time, which isn't too likely; there is a possibility of 6 being together though.) DH says it's time to stop having babies! :rolleyes:

I need to get busy and vacuum the fur hunks.

Jean -- :dance: from Iowa!

06-08-2005, 08:19 PM
Ok, what happened to Spring. May was cold and rainy and now June is full blown Summer. Very hot here...90's today. Got the AC working on the first floor but need to set up the smaller one on the second floor. Even with the heat I won't complain as I prefer Summer to Winter.

Jean: Ugh a bat! :( About 10 years ago we had a bat flying around the living room. We were watching TV with the lights off and I saw something fly by. Turned on the lights and finally saw that it was a bat. DH cornered him in the bathroom and was able to 'take care' of the situation. We only learned later that it was not a PC thing to do. I think he came from the attic and we tried to find the entry but never did, neither did we ever see another one.

Faye: You certainly have a job ahead of you.....patrolling the pool. Maybe the other tenants will notice what you are doing in their behalf and join in in keeping out the outsiders. Many hands make small work.

Gloria in MA....have a great evening.

06-09-2005, 09:57 AM
Morning gals! It is stiffling here again this morning. Wish it would just pour down rain for the whole day so I had some peace with this pool thing. I have pretty much had it and have only been doing it a week. I can't tell those that live here from those that don't. They lie to me about where they live, the tear stuff up (last night I had to close early and get in the pool in my clothes and fix the rope between the shallow and deep end as they had torn it up and it is brand new!) they use the emergency stuff like toys in the pool and are disrespectfull and rude. I am a bundle of nerves everytime I go over there so I have had it. It is not worth getting sick over. There are at least 8 people with the board and all that have keys. They can help or the scum will take over. I will open and close and that is it. I was sick all day yesterday from coming from AC to the heat (it is 90's here with 85% humidity) and back and forth on top of litterly shaking dealing with these people. I don't know whether they will pull a knife or what. These are not nice people but the do-rag on the head, get in the pool in your clothes kind of trash. The police don't show up when you call so what am I to do? I go early and do my workout and then to heck with it all. They need MEN to do this and it is all women and no one respects them. Most of them that try to help are elderly women on top of it.

Jean: I am including a pic of one of my pieces so you get the idea. This one we paid about $50 for in the early 70's and it is worth around $200 now! Glad your bat problem is fixed but man, you have medical issues, huh? Sometimes living in a smaller town has disadvantages as well as advantages. How far would you have to drive if there ended up not having any there anymore?

Gloria: I bet this is kind of unusual weather for your part of the country, huh? I have a feeling it is going to be ugly this year. We don't usually hit the 90's until July and it has been going full tilt with only one small rainy day for a couple weeks now. We could use the rain, that's for sure.

Well, it is almost 8 AM and I need to take meds, get some breakfast and get out in the pool before others do

Have a good day

06-09-2005, 12:52 PM
Good Morning, Flowers!
I'm waiting for a load of towels to dry and then I need to get busy. Have to mail a couple of birthday cards but want to write a short note for each one. DH has gone to paint the trim on his mom's place -- it's not very big so shouldn't take him all that long. I opted to stay home and clean since we'll most likely go back up this weekend.

Gloria -- When we were waiting for the "Batman" to come to Beth's house, we were told to shut off all the lights, open the front door and turn on the porch light; supposedly they will head towards the light. Will never tried it, he just clubbed them with the tennis racket! I worry more about getting bit and the rabies than anything, especially with the babies. It is a pleasant 77 degrees here today and kind of hazy -- the sun is trying to peek through the clouds and it is supposed to get up to 85 this afternoon. We have thunderstorms predicted for later.

"Gma" -- Thanks for the picture! She is very pretty! I don't blame you for washing your hands of the pool responsibility. The owners/board members should get some kind of ID cards that have to be scanned in order to get into the pool. Or they could get a hand scan machine like we have at school -- the only problem with that is that you need a computer to keep track of the ID numbers that go with the hand scan. I suppose the hooligans would climb the fence to get in. :( They will eventually destroy it and no one will get to enjoy it. It's too bad that you don't have better police support. It isn't living in a smaller town that is the problem . . . it is the fact that the Mexicans think everything should be free and don't pay their bills! They've wiped out the food bank and go to churches for handouts while driving their SUVs and sending $$ back to Mexico from every paycheck. You can't get into the post office on payday because they are lined up to buy money orders headed for Mexico. The paper today said the U. S. is now 40% Hispanic . . . here they want to be called Mexicans. I have no doubt that they will eventually take over the town and that's why we are seriously thinking about leaving when we retire. DH watched a TV program the other night and a group of Mexicans got caught crossing into AZ. One of the women went into premature labor so they hauled her to a hospital in Tucson and shipped her husband back to Mexico. The baby was 3 months early so we all know what those expenses will be and guess who is paying for it?! The last time we visited the relatives in Tucson, there was a rancher who posted signs in Spanish saying that he would shoot anyone he caught crossing the border and setting foot on his land. There was another article in yesterday's paper and a picture of the spooky (white)guy -- he crossed in from Canada and had numerous weapons with him, one being a chain saw with blood on it. They detained him for several hours trying to find if he was wanted for any outstanding warrants and then let him go. Later authorities found 2 dead bodies (one decapitated) in his Canadian neighborhood. They did catch up with him in the U.S. and he will be shipped back. I don't know why they just don't close the borders . . . no one leaves and no one comes in, period! I don't suppose that would work but I sure don't know what the answer is.

I need to get a move on! Hope you all have a nice day!

Jean -- :dancer: in Iowa!

06-09-2005, 08:31 PM
Evening ladies! Well the issue is solved, at least for me! I went over about 4 pm when it started raining hard to close it up (I refused to go over at all today) and low and behold, they had chairs up and turned over all over the place and had completely tore out the divider rope and the little buoys were bobbing in the pool. I locked it up and came back and called the Association president. He told me to keep it locked up, but that I could use it every morning to swim than to lock it back up! WOOHOO at least I don't lose my swim privileges. I have decided that anyone that asks I am going to tell them we had to lock it up because of hooligans tearing it up, but if they want to voice their opinion to go to the monthly association board meeting. That way, when they open their mouth they will be told put up or shut up! Help or keep your mouth shut!

Jean: Did you see the Cuba thing about the cars converted to boats? Everyone thinks Jack and I are heartless because we think the borders too should be closed to EVERYONE THAT DOESN'T LIVE HERE PERIOD. We could better control terrorism and maybe get a handle on our own socialistic hand outs like Welfare, aid to dependent children, WIC and the like. You know, Jack and I were figuring out what his SS benefits would be tonight and in the early 70's his bring home pay was only about 4400$ a year with the Navy. We never asked for a handout or for the government to feed us and he was fighting for this country. At the end of 20 years of service, his gross earnings were only about $18,000! That was practically poverty level and never a welfare buck did we get. We didn't even get free lunches for the kids! So, I have NO sympathy for people who have no business being here. I do feel for people that are oppressed like those in Cuba, but it is about time they get some back bone and get together and overthrow Castro. He is almost 90 for heaven's sake and there are probably more citizens than there are military! It wouldn't be easy and people would die, but people die everyday for causes and this one would be worth dying for. Unless Congress takes a hard line with Mexico this is not going to stop. That jackass Mexican president loves having his people come over here and why not, they are off his hands! It is about time that the people who are really truly discriminated against (the citizens) are put back into control. Unfortunately, with this war, I see a nice fat liberal president that is going to muck everything up in the next election. Watch for a huge TAX hike and guess who is going to get it? Those Mexicans that live in your town!

Need to go and put laundry away!