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06-02-2005, 04:24 PM
Ladies, where are you? It's Thursday and nobody has even started a new thread for this week. Quite frankly, I'm concerned that if we don't come out and start posting, they're going to close this quiet board down! It's time now to come out and get to posting. I don't care if you post everytime you go to the bathroom, just post something!! New posts are what keeps things interesting. I'm guilty of not posting often, but now that I'm off nights and back on plan, I'm ready to go. Do I hear an "amen"?

I'll be back in a second to post when I'm not on a soapbox. ;)

06-02-2005, 05:30 PM
Yes, I know I was bossy in the last post, but I do fear that they're going to close this board down. I hope that things pick up here very soon!

I know some of you old-timers like me remember how it used to be--tons of posts, lots of good info. Man, it was so addictive posting here... And maybe it's just because I've been posting for years, but it just seems like there's something missing--are you guys getting that too? I think you must be, otherwise there would be tons of posts.

Anyway, YAY, I'm finally off nights. I started back on days on Tuesday and haven't had any problem switching my sleep schedule around, thank heavens...

Anyway, ladies, I don't have much at this time--work is stressful--I have so much to do and there are two girls who act like this is junior high that aren't speaking to me for no good reason, besides the fact that they're both nuts. It just wears a person out.

OK, I gotta get a little more done before I leave for the day, but for heaven's sake, come out and post!!!! ;)

Sweater Girl
06-03-2005, 10:14 AM
Hi Jess, Hi everyone,

A quickkie post.. I have my high school reunion tomorrow.. should be interesting. I got my brows waxed and am getting some more highlights put in tomorrow. I need some more summer clothes so I'll get some tomorrow as well. All my new clothes this year have basically been running stuff. It's weird though, I haven't really had any contact with any of my fellow grads, in the last 10 years and have only seen 3 people within the last 4 years, so it will be interesting. I hope all hatchets are buried (perhaps I won't mention that I work for the taxman).

Jess: no you are not being bossy... this is a quiet time of the year and I am afraid WW is not very popular right now.. even though it is a great program (I think people got tired of all diets... with the constant focus on low-carb over the last few year).

I would still like to lose a size or so and will work on that this summer, as for weight, I think my goal weight is going to be between 150-155 now (I have gained muscle:)). I would like to be a comfortable 6. I am also going to do half marathon training... That should be a lot of fun. I am so comfortable with 10K now it should be fun. I had to miss my nordion 10K run though due to having laryngitis (I had it for a week).

Running and losing weight is harder than I thought since you need cals to fuel running. So it will be slooooooooow, but oh well, I think in general I look pretty good and all. I just know I'd probably gain a little speed being a little lighter(I am probably about 165lbs right now, I had a bad May foodwise).



06-03-2005, 10:39 AM
Hi Ladies,
I am a 20 somthing WW and I always look at this forum but you are right there arn't any post here. so most of the times I am in WW general or the just plain old 20 somthing. This whole board I think has so many sub sections its hard to figure out where to post so I just post in the same places. the 20 somthings thread has been really popular lately but they aren't always talking about diet stuff or WW.

Anyways, I'm doing WW for the 2nd time, the first time I was 264 when I started and got down to about 210 then I went off for about 2 years thinking I could do it without the meetings and the journaling. well I couldn't! this fall I joined back up at 241. I couldn't believe it I had gained back so much weight that I said I never would. Since november I have been losing slowly but I am not giving up. My big goal is to be 150 by my 30th birthday in a little less than a year and a half. I have never gotten this low before. I had done Jenny Craig when I was 18 and had gotten down to 180 but that was the lowest. so I'm basically a weight roller coaster. I am working on figureing out how to lose it and keep it off. I dont' want to keep going up and down, its no fun!

so its pretty much a pound a week is what I have to do. I have to keep on my self not to give up and when I mess up to get back on the wagon and keep going.

Oh and I do love WW, I tell everyone trying to lose they should look into it.


06-03-2005, 12:33 PM
Hi Ladies
TOM hit me like a hurricane this week. . .the upshot I've lost 2.5 pounds putting me at 200.5 circa this AM
Sorry I have been MIA I've been overemotional this week and was too pouty
DH and I are trying to plan a vacation for our anniversary I'm hoping Disney
Ali good Luck tommorrow you will WOW them!
Jess yay you're off nights!!
welcome Jennie! You're in great company!
gotta run before the Mgrs swoop in

06-06-2005, 08:09 PM
Hi all-I want to do my part to keep this thread going, because I know I will need you all when I re start after having this baby. jess-I remember what you mean-I am one of those 'old timers' where has this board gone? Are we not into weight loss anymore? I would love to stick around and support you all through my pregnancy, and hopefully have some support so i don't use this as an excuse to eat everything in sight! Help me step away from the Oreos-please!!!!