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06-02-2005, 12:38 AM
Okay, I just saw this blurb on TV about a woman (who already looked great to me) who lost 6 pounds in 6 days and 4 inches from her hips and waist. She worked with the trainer from a TV show called Extreme Makeover. I can't remember his name. The food looked fairly plentiful and very healthy (all food groups covered--except the all important chocolate group!). She ate 7 small meals a day, which the trainer recommended for boosting metabolism. She walked the treadmill for an hour a day, and lifted weights four times a week. They didn't say how long she lifted weights, and what exercises she did, though.

I know it's possible to lose 6 lbs. in 6 days when you first start eating better because it's a lot of water weight. What I'm wondering, though, is do you think it's really possible to lose that many inches in such a short time? Do people who just start out lifting often have a drastic loss like that?

06-02-2005, 12:53 AM
My aunt had bought one of those 6 week body makeover things, which is made by the same guy you're talking about, Michael Thurmond. She left it in the box it came in and never used it. She was going to sell it in a garage sale, so I figured since she never used it and I'm game, I'd get it and try it. The only thing I tried in the whole thing was the little booklet with the, I think it was - "Lose 5 pounds in 7 days", that little booklet thing that comes with it. Well, I lost 10 pounds in like, 3 days. I think it was the food though because it made me really hyper and only pushed my workouts longer. If you can figure out the whole binder thing that comes with it with the diet and exercise recommendations, good luck to ya, that's the only reason I didn't continue to follow that one, but I've managed to well with the diet I was on before I found that one now that I'm back on track. *LOL*

06-02-2005, 09:23 AM
If you lose enough water weight and measure enough places, I'm sure that someone can manage to lose that many inches that quickly. Michael Thurmond's diet is very low cal and low fat, so anyone used to eating a standard high sugar- high carb-high fat diet is going to drop water weight (and inches) quickly. This isn't fat, and it isn't easy...but the fairly instant results may be gratifying if not maintainable.