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06-01-2005, 06:57 PM
OK. so I do realize I am not as funny as I think I am. I shouldn't quit my day job for the comedy circuit. Or maybe . . . .

So. My goal for June is to lose an average of 2 pounds a week - or 8 pounds for the month. I want to exercise daily, and do weights 3 times a week. ( I also have a side goal of staying closer to my budget. I have not been doing so hot!)

So here's to all of us for June. Have a wonderful month!


06-02-2005, 10:54 AM
Hey Jolly - Your goals are good ones. I can join you on both of them.

Not sure what's going on with me. Feeling very cagey today. I know I'm frustrated with the job/work thing. Frustrated with money. Want things on the business front to move faster than they're moving. It's the 'wanting to chew my arm off to get out of here' feeling. Weight is WAY up today, and I know it can't be calories, so it's probably sodium. Money has been extremely tight this week, so food has been cheap-cheap. Not cool. *sigh* Thank goodness payday is tomorrow.

*throws herself against the bars of her cage*

06-02-2005, 11:09 AM
I understand, Raven - the eternal struggle. The less money you have, the more you want to spend. At least I do. When money is tight, that is when I see that I am spending more on junk - just to prove I can, I guess.

I am also in a bit of a funk right now. Dealing with the whole low self esteem thing. If I do one thing wrong, it makes me a bad person. Yadda yadda yadda. I have to learn to learn from things, without taking it so darn personally. Or maybe skip the "learning" part, and just find good drugs. Skip the counseling. the weird dreams I have been having would send the shrink to the couch.

Well, I did my running this morning. Hurray for that. The first set is always slow and difficult, but then it eases up. I hope to do a 5k this year.

Have a good day!

06-02-2005, 11:56 AM
Good Morning! I have been posting on the Back to Basics weekly posts and noticed this monthly one. Maybe this is where everyone went. Not many posting on the other one anymore. Hope it's ok to post here with you.

06-02-2005, 01:13 PM
Welcome, Roxy! :) I'm not sure if we're the same bunch, but you are certainly more than welcome to join us!

Jolly - I've actually been doing better than usual with that kneejerk reaction to being broke. I've been really trying to focus on NOT spending money. It's just that the food I can buy with the little money I have is not the healthiest, you know? That depresses me. BUT like I said, payday is tomorrow, and though I'm certainly not rich, I'll be able to buy the right foods again. What I'm really agonizing about on the money front is that I desperately want to get more training on the hoof care, and I just can't afford it. The folks I trimmed for last weekend were all really happy with my work, and the gal in FL is having her other emergency trimmer come out and take a look at my work, to see what he thinks. A little nerve wracking, that. Sort of like you... if I'm not doing it perfectly.... you know? I just have to take a deep breath and remind myself I've only been doing it for about a year. I have a lot to learn, BUT I do know a lot. I just need more experience.

I did forget to mention my workout this morning. I did do that... such as it was. It was the Murphy's Law workout. Everything that could go wrong did, but .. I know I got at least a decent 20 minutes plus of either walking quickly or running in.

Water is good so far for the day. Food is .. calorie-wise, fine. *shrug* Tomorrow will be better. My fingers feel all poofy and so do my ankles.

Apple Blossom
06-02-2005, 02:09 PM
Hi everyone! I am back from a week long vacation back east. We were in NJ mostly, and the Philadelphia area. We also went out to Gettysburg. It was nice to be east again. There are so many differences. Especially pizzerias and delis. Man, even bad pizza back east is better than the pizza here. There are exceptions of course, but you have to look hard and eat a lot of bad pizza along the way. And it's VERY hard to find a place that sells by the slice. :jeno: :jeno: :jeno: :jeno:
Believe it or not I did not gain any weight while I was gone. I was truly amazed when I got on the scale this morning.
My goal for the month is 5 pounds and I really need to pick up the exercise.
I might not be posting daily but I'll be around. Have a great day!

06-02-2005, 06:48 PM
Hi all. Food did pretty well today. Also dealing with the work stress alright. No complaints. NO worries.

Welcome Roxy. Congrats on surviving vacation, Apple. Where are you from originally? Vacation sounds sooooo nice, but between time and money, it ain't gonna happen. Raven, glad you are doing better. Have you looked into whether there would be any grants, scholarships, student loans for trade school??? Then maybe you could afford to do the trainings faster. Just a thought.

Have a good one everyone.

06-03-2005, 10:44 AM
Good Morning!

I went to the gym last night after work and did my normal routine. Thought I was going to die before I finished. Just wasn't into it. I made it through though. My goal for June is to loose 5 pounds. I still need to work on journaling. I do good at the beginning of the day and then just forget. Also need to drink more water.

Have a good day and a great weekend!

06-03-2005, 01:33 PM
Apple - Welcome back!! Sounds like you had a good trip! I should have had you freeze me some pizza and send it in the mail... :o Sounds delicious.

Jolly - Keep on truckin' chickie. I haven't got the time to look into grants and stuff. Need to find someone who knows all the ins and outs of that. I'm far too busy trying to make this happen to spend hours LOOKING for stuff. Sad but true.

Roxy - I know what you mean... some days I just don't 'got it' you know? Sounds like you're on the right track! Water, food, exercise!

Ok I finally blew up last night and ordered chinese food. I did pretty good, got mu shu chicken, but ... SODIUM CITY! I feel like the michellen man (sp).

Then I stayed up till 2 this morning trying to get more content onto my website. So .. needless to say this morning I did NOT get up in time to work out. Today was payday, so I went out at lunch and got healthy stuff for work again. I feel secure again. I HATE not having good food to eat while I'm here.

Ok, back to work. Happy FRIDAY people!!!! :D

06-03-2005, 08:01 PM
Hi all.

Financial security??? I am about ready to have to turn in my change jar.

I did go work out this morning, and managed to do weights. One day down. woohoo.

Of course, I have a similar problem, Roxy. I eat well at the beginning of the day, but by the end of the day, it is all downhill. I ate well today, then came home and made a huge pot of chicken noodle casserole. I am so overstuffed right now. How stupid! I need to figure out how not to self medicate at night.

Have a great weekend all.

06-04-2005, 09:10 PM
jolly, can it be that you're not eating enough during the day? It sounds like you may be so hungry that you come home and overeat. I have found that if I don't eat good food and then have even a little bit of sugar or something, I fall off the deep end. If I instead force myself to have carrots or celery or an apple, I can hold until I get a filling meal, and that stays with me. The good meal feels like way too much but in the end I don't eat all the junk, so the end calorie count is much lower. Now....if I can just remember my own advice..........

06-05-2005, 08:22 AM
Hard to post on a regular basis when I'm working a full time 'day job' AND trying to start a business on the side. I went down to Macon yesterday to trim a friend's horse. While I was there I picked up another trim which will now be on a 4 week schedule. Then the barn owner came out, asked how much I charge, and could I please come back and take care of 6 of her horses? I had to think about that for about oh .. a split second. She rehabs off the track thoroughbreds and wants to keep them barefoot! I told her it's time consuming, but it can certainly be done! She said ok, lets do it! I love that kind of attitude.

So, off today to go trim! I almost have two weeks up to the low '7 horses per week to pay board' mark. That was my first goal. Two more weeks and I'll have that. Next goal will be to get to between 20-30 horses a week so I can quit my job at the office.

I need to buy some sunblock. *blink*

I think my weight is going to start dropping a LOT if I do this for a living. Which, I have to admit, was one of the reasons it was attractive to me. A workout disguised as fun plus I get paid for doing it. D'uh!?

06-05-2005, 09:33 AM
Congrats on the new business, Raven. I am so happy for you. Red, no, it is not that I am not eating enough during the day. I eat plenty. It is more a psychological thing at night. What better way to unwind after a long day then to eat, right?

Well, I woke up this morning sore from wrestling my air conditioners upstairs, and still a bit congested, so I didn't run. But (drumroll please) I did throw in my yoga tape and do that. I realized how unflexible I have become. I need to try to do that twice a week. But right now i am just glad I got a workout in. Of course, I also have a dog in a snit. I told them to go lay down and leave me alone while I did the tape, or I would have to lock them up. My girl was ok, though by the last prone pose, she had enough, and came and laid down right next to me. My boy was mad that I told him to go away. Still in a snit as I type. Funny.

OK. OH yeah, a NSV to report. I came home from work early yesterday due to being all stuffed up. I did not dig into the food. I finished cleaning, did my nails, and had 1 sugar free fudgsicle. Not bad, since before i left I was fantasizing about stopping for chips and dip, or throwing in a pizza.

Well, off to breakfast, church, and work. Have a great day all.

Apple Blossom
06-05-2005, 02:03 PM
Jolly, my dogs do the same thing. As soon as I'm down on the floor to do some exercises they think it's play time or petting time and either I try to work around them or thow them out. I could not do yoga with a dog in my face...
I am originally from NY. I moved out to California in my late 20's. I miss the east alot, but I'm happy here too.
I haven't made any behavioral changes since my last post. 5 pounds might be an unreasonable goal. Actually, time based goals don't seem to work for me. I think I'll just stick to getting an exercise program going on a regular basis.
Hope everyone's having a great week-end!!!

06-05-2005, 11:17 PM
It was pretty funny, Apple. They always think that floor time equals play time, and boy were Bubba's feelings hurt:rofl:

So, another NSV to report. I came home from work and did not eat. It was a tough battle, but at least I did it.

Here's to a great week for all of us.

06-06-2005, 09:56 AM
Jolly - Thank you! Lets just hope it keeps building at this rate, and if the work doesn't kill me before I'm used to it, I'll be doing great! Congrats on resisting the call of the munchies. I know how hard that is.

Apple - I set a goal, then just see what happens. I mean .. like my scale goal for last month was to lose ten pounds. I lost eight. I consider that a win. :) But I have other goals that I shoot for - water intake, calorie intake, exercise. I don't always meet them, but I just keep them in mind. It's not a pass/fail - it's something to shoot for. If you fall a little short, you're still doing better than if you hadn't done anything at all!

Two horses on Saturday, five Sunday. My hands are sore. One of them was sure 'nuff determined to kick me off that rear hoof, yep. So my shoulders are a little sore, too. But he didn't get me. ;) Eve was great training. I'm a little more sunburned, even with the sunblock. I kept TRYING to drink enough water to keep up with the sweating. Muscle building is warring with dehydration... very hard to tell how much I weigh. So... who cares. I know my jeans are fitting again straight out of the dryer. I know I feel stronger, more flexible, better. I'm going to need to tighten up the belt on my chaps again. :D

I need to find foods I can take with me out in a pasture... maybe pick up a little cooler for ice.

In four weeks, that 7 horses over two days goes up to 9 horses in one day. One week goal achieved. Nothing scheduled for this weekend... that's good and bad. I haven't had a 'day off' in three weeks. My house is a disaster. I knew this would happen, so ... it's just a part of the transitioning.

Ok .. back to work, off to drink water... back to the 'office job.' Bleh.

06-06-2005, 10:48 AM
Good morning all. I am feeling pretty good today, for payroll MOnday. I resisted food again last night after work. And, I did do weights this morning. I am not doing a lot yet, but am trying to get into the routine of doing them. I figure then I can increase weight and reps, and eventually work with a personal trainer to design a more specific routine. After the habit is set.

So all in all, I feel good. Eating choices are improving, even if they aren't perfect yet. And I lost 1.9 pounds this week. A win all around.

Have a great day all.

06-06-2005, 11:32 AM
Good Morning!

Jolly - sounds like we are alot a like with the eating when we get home. It's not because I'm hungry. I just do it. I need to control it more. Went to the store and bought apples, strawberries and cantalope. If I grab something tonight, I'll be ready!

Today is my Mom's 79th birthday and I'm taking her out to lunch. I told her it was her choice. I hope it's someplace that I can stay within my points. As, I can relate to feeling like the Michelin Man today. I'm so bloated and have cramps soo bad. Not sure if the exercise will be happening today. I will try to get a walk in with the dogs tonight.

Raven - Sounds like you business is getting a great start. Good Luck!


06-06-2005, 12:27 PM
Good luck with dinner, Kathy. I hope you have a nice time, and stay within points.

I just need to ramble right now. I am craving junk food sooooooo bad. And I am coming up with perfectly logical reasons why I "must" go to the store right now, or worse, why I "deserve" a little treat. Sometimes it is just so hard to keep the end goal in mind. I want to eat! I don't care, I don't care, I don't care.

But I do care. I don't want to look like this. I feel fatter now, since gaining 15 of the 35 I lost last year then I did at my highest. It is all psychological I know. I want to be healthy. I want to be more flexible and athletic. And most of all, I don't want to make excuses for myself. Unfortunately, I can't do my nails at work to keep me from food. I do have plenty of work to keep me busy, but it is the sort of work I usually self medicate or try to run from. Boring paperwork. Sigh.

If anyone sees my motivation, please have her send me a postcard at least. That might be enough to get me through the cravings until she comes home.

06-06-2005, 12:48 PM
Ok Jolly - Talk yourself into the right frame of mind! You've already gotten a great start! What do you want? Really want? That food? Is it really going to taste that good? Will you feel good after you finish it? It's NOT going to taste that great. Chances are, you won't even taste most of it. And when you've finished..... well, you know how you'll feel about it.

Be proud of yourself, proud of eating your fruits and veggies and just tell yourself over and over and over that junk food really sucks. It tastes nasty, it makes you feel nasty, it contributes to weight gain. It's GROSS!!

06-06-2005, 03:23 PM
You can do it Jolly! We are here for you but I know it's hard when you are sitting there by yourself. Like Raven says, keep talking yourself out of it. Try chewing a stick of gum. Sometimes that helps me. Hang in there!


06-06-2005, 06:46 PM
Thanks everyone for the support. I got through it by eating lunch early. That took care of the hunger. I am doing bills now, so that helps me not want to spend $. It doesn't help that I have been PMSing for a month. Can't wait until I can talk to the doctor about this one.

Have a great evening, everyone, and thanks again for the help.

06-07-2005, 01:58 AM
Heh guys, trying to come up with a post. Am so far behind though, so it's either just a little bit or nothing. I am in the same frame of mind as jolly I think and it's not good. I have probably been in a slow downslide since last fall. I have lost tons of muscle and so now, even though I am eating less than before, I keep gaining fat. I feel tired, lethargic and just more or less not really wanting to do anything. The gym is a big turnoff, whereas before I used to like doing it. I don't know. It got so crowded and I got sick of the gungho bodybuilders, so hung up on muscles and dieting. Whereas before I liked seeing the familiar faces, now I'm bothered by the fact that they are just like always there and I struggle to get to the gym for lack of time, when lack of motivation or energy. To tell your the truth, I really don't care that much about how I look. I mean, it's not a priority, though of course I would love to look great, I more just want to feel healthy and strong I suppose. The gym people seem so hung up on appearance, bodybuilders and aerobic anorexics alike. I am thinking of finding another gym, yet again, somewhere where people are serious but not fanatical. I will just have to try to get out there and plug along I think. I am trying to get away from this whole perfectionist idea, just enjoy things more. It's hard though. So many people are sooooo into appearance it seems here in Tokyo, and I don't just mean for socializing, I mean as work and for work and for getting the recognition you need in order to find work.

Raven -- I am loving what I am reading in your posts. The work coming your way! At last! And yes, you will lose weight, not that I think this is even going to be a priority any more for you. But, if you don't eat garbage, you will undoubtedly be getting leaner and stronger. I'm really glad this is happening for you. I am jealous and depressed actually by it in some ways, because I can't see anything similar happening to me. I don't even know what I want, that is the big problem.

Apple, how is your exercise program going? Did you get anything thought out yet?

jolly -- as I said above, I'm in the deep end floundering a bit like you. That said, you sound like you are still doing a lot even though you say you have no motivation. All those saves as well and handling the not eating at night. You're doing a lot better than me by the sounds of it.

Roxy -- hello there. Welcome aboard. How did your mom's birthday go? I hope you had fun. Hope you're feeling better.

06-07-2005, 07:49 AM
Good morning all. Thanks Red. I do realize I am doing better overall. It is just times like yesterday, when all the food cravings come rushing back. And I can just hear those internal voices trying to "help" me get to the food. I did overcome it. Really, the only thing I can regret is that I did have some chips when I got home from work last night, but I was actually hungry. Stomach growling hungry, not bored/tired/upset hungry. I should have grabbed something healthier. Oh well.

I did my run this morning. 5 blocks jogging and 2 blocks walking. Felt good, even though i am still coughing up stuff. I have such a good little personal trainer. If only she didn't stop dead in front of me any time she found some tasty little garbage. Of course, I do get good sprints in when she sees rabbit or squirrel :rofl:

Red, I am tossing you a life preserver, to help you out of the deep end. Seriously though. It is so hard when you are floundering. When you can see where you want to be, but all the old habits seem to be dragging you down. I don't know how to drop them off for good. But my thoughts are with you. Good luck finding a different gym.

Take care all, and have a good day.

06-07-2005, 08:16 AM
Thanks for the link to the new thread, guys. I'm feeling really blue. The scale is up, I've not been visiting here and have skipped my ww meetings. I feel like a complete and utter failure and hope to get back on track, yet again.
I did pull out my journal and write down breakfast today. I'm not giving up but I am totally bummed out.
I wish I had you all right here at my house (not just on the computer) to follow me around and caution me every time I put something in my mouth....
Wonder if people could be hired to do "weight loss shadowing".... only kidding, but I feel like I need my own personal monitor here.

06-07-2005, 10:53 AM
Good Morning all!

Sounds like we are all having the same problem. I didn't do too bad yesterday. Lunch with my Mom was at her favorite Mexican restaurant. I had a taco salad and didn't eat it all. I also had a small piece of birthday cake. Just used some of my weekly allowance points. Now I really have to be good this week.

Jolly - glad you made it through the day!

I'm feeling a little better today but still have those darn cramps. Good thing is it makes me not want to eat!

Have a good day.


06-07-2005, 11:28 AM
Heyas Chicks..

All of you.. Red, Jolly, Derry, Apple - For those of you who have been here for a while, you know I went into a massive backslide last year. I gained back 30 pounds, lost virtually all my muscle that I'd worked SO hard to build, stopped running... turned into a total sloth. I suppose there were 'reasons' it happened. But it truly bothers me that when life gets hard, I resort to hiding behind food and the TV in an attempt to escape. Or when life gets threatening to me because I'm not invisible anymore. These are things I'm facing THIS time around.

Red - I'm 45 years old and I'm finally just now figuring out what I want to do with my life, and being either stupid enough or brave enough (depending on my mood at the moment) to pursue it. It's terrifying, but exhilarating. I've never been so exposed, if you will. All my mistakes, my knowledge, my skills (or lack thereof) - right out there for everyone to see. I can't hide anymore, and it's been very, very good for me. During that 'down' time, I'd watch people here having such great successes and making goals and I'd feel so dejected. I wanted to do it. I knew what to do. I just couldn't seem to get there. I guess I really needed a reason. I mean a tangible, put my hands on it, physical reason. Looking better, feeling better, being healthy - wasn't enough. Sadly, even doing it as an example for my kids was not enough. I needed to do it for me, and even doing it for me, I needed a WHY. I'm built that way. So are my kids, darnit. I think that's why I needed a job, and I knew it, in which I was working with my body, my hands - and my brain. It's all coming together now. But I've been agonizing about this for about 4 years. I knew I needed more in my life, and it found me, I didn't find it. I was just open to it when it hit, that's all. Like I said... it's scary. It's all on me now, you know?

Jolly - Good for you for finding a solution to the hungries! We're all a puzzle. We need to be flexible, because our needs will change daily, just about. I find that when I start lifting (and I thought I was some sort of freak till I realize this is actually VERY normal and just about everyone goes through it) I was HUNGRY! I mean .. like .. chew the table leg off hungry. I had to start working harder at watching the nutrition content of my food. I needed much more protein than I was used to eating. I needed higher fat levels - but I couldn't drop my carbs too low, or I'd start getting sick to my stomach and weak. Your body might be telling you that you NEED better food. But I'm not sure what you're eating, so ... I'm just spouting off stuff. Feel free to ignore at will. :D

Linda - Been there. Probably will be there again, though god bless it I hope it's not soon. Please, whatever you do, don't beat yourself up over this. That won't help. Crappy feelings just beget more crappy feelings. Positive thoughts beget positive thoughts. And what I've found is that the thoughts usually result, ultimately, in positive actions. It may take some time, though. And don't expect total adherence or consistency when you're trying to get back on track, just do the best you can. Really.. the best. That's all you can do. And sometimes the best isn't going to be that great. But it will be what you can do. And then - hopefully soon - your best will be fantastic. *warm hug*

06-07-2005, 11:59 AM
Hi all, I am new to the site and hope you don't mind my posting. I can relate to everything you guys are talking about. I know how finances can truly affect the dieting front it seems like all of the good for you food is so expensive! Jollygirl I read you are going to try to run a 5k this year and I am trying to train to do the same. Right now I am just walking six days a week and trying to lift weights three days a week but hop to work up to running soon. I have a sister who runs marathons and I want to run a 5k with her I know it will be very easy for her but she is willing to run with me for support. I am looking forward to hearing when you reach your goal. Well anyway I hope it is okay for me to jump in on your site and I look forward to hearing how things are going for everyone.

Apple Blossom
06-07-2005, 03:37 PM
Just a quick hey and hang in there everybody!
No exercise plan really, just a daily walk and some sit ups. Next week school will be out and I want to start some jogging, just adding it to my walk gradually so my knees can get used to it.
Hate to bring it up but a friend of mine gave me a few pictures of me and my daughter from 2 years ago and YUCK. I hope I look a little better than that now......
Hi momof2r's....I'd love to run a 5k too....on another thread someone challenged herself to run a 5K every month for a year. If my knees agree to that I'm going to try it, but I won't make that decision for another month or so. I need to get moving first. How did you come up with your user name?

06-07-2005, 04:44 PM
Welcome momof2r's!

I could never run. My knees would give out. I do get on the eliptical machine at the gym. Plan on doing 30 minutes on it tonight after work.

06-07-2005, 08:46 PM
Hi guys, feeling much better today. Got to the gym for the first time in ages. Walked there and back -- 50 mins each way -- just because I didn't feel like rushing there on the bike. I ate well yesterday too. don't know. Just hope I can continue this feeling.

jolly -- thanks for the life preserver. Maybe that is what helped me out yesterday. It was funny. I went to the gym yesterday thinking I had to find a new one. I said to myself, that if they had thrown my stuff out of my locker cause I hadn't renewed it, I would definitely quit. Well, the stuff wasn't touched. And also, I met a guy as I came in, an older guy who is always sweet and he remarked that he hadn't seen me in a while and that he'd been worried. Sweet of him. I told him I'd been busy and that on top of that I just didn't feel into it anymore, the going through the motions, the gung ho bodybuilders. The coach, who can be a great source of inspiration, but at the same time, can be a great annoyance. His entire life is bodybuilding. And I get increasingly pissed off when he chides me on not losing weight or not putting enough into my workout. But this older guy said, everyone feels the same. He has learned to just tune him out when necessary. He said, he didn't feel like getting stressed when his objective in coming to the gym was to destress. Then, I got talking to some other familiar faces and I realized that there are a lot of people like me there too and that they are sources of encouragement. I just have to learn to ignore the other ones, whose goals right now are different. So, I did my stuff, very light weights. I've decided I have too many other thing to be doing than expending all my energy in the gym. So, just saying, I'm hoping I can stay with this feeling. I lied when I said I didn't care about what I looked like, but I think I needed to say that in the face of what we so often encounter, people and society obsessed with appearance. I am SO much more than that. I am the sum of ALL parts and if someone tries to evaluate me on just one of those parts then I really can't let such idiocy get to me.

derry -- glad to hear from you but sorry you are feeling down. Look, you're not a failure, ok? We all go through slumps. There are reasons for this. It's natural. Life is all about cycles. Yes, getting back on track is one way of looking at it, but don't let the words get in the way of the actual picture. It's a cycle. You're not on or off. You're always on and sometimes it just feels like you're doing nothing. But you're not doing nothing! And you don't need us to monitor you. There's nothing wrong with eating. Anything. I'm afraid I could never do all the points and counting that I know you do. I would rebel something horrible. Maybe you need to loosen up, stop thinking of life as being on or off, on track, off track, on plan, off plan. Gosh, Linda, you're not even really heavy, not at all. I'm getting the feeling that you are just way too hard on yourself and that what you really need to do is start appreciating YOU. If you have to gain 50 lbs to do that, then maybe you should. Can you try to take your bodyweight out of the equation and start evaluating all the rest of you, the stuff that really matters. I think with me it wasn't until I got really busy that I realized I am doing damn well, because I know all the things I am juggling. The end result is seen by everyone, the cake out of the oven so to say, but only I know all the work, all the ingredients that went into that cake. YOU know what is going on in your life. Are the few extra pounds more important than handling what all you have to handle now? I don't think so. I'm not saying give up on your appearance. I'm saying, get it into a better perspective. Drop it on your priority list, perhaps.

Roxy -- After I get done saying all that to Derry, I come to your post and it's about points! :lol: But, we are all at different points in our weight dealings, aren't we? If you are happy doing this now and feel this is something you enjoy doing that will move you healthily toward your goals, go for it! Good luck, kid and keep up the good work! :yes:

Raven -- I hear you and I DO know what you'd been going through. I didn't mean to sound like I was green with envy or anything. I suppose I will get there...wherever that may be. I don't know if I'll ever have one specific thing to focus on like you do. I kind of think I won't. But, I do think the whole picture will start to get a little clearer. I can feel it now. I get down and stuff these days, but unlike earlier, I am so much more solid feeling somehow. It's like I know my strengths and the moods are just that, moods. Whereas they used to feel like strong ocean undercurrents, nowadays they just feel like waves and ripples on the surface, sometimes crashing, other times just whitecaps. But I can now always feel this strength that is me way under the surface and it feels really strong, like an unshakable force and one that has learned to allow me to look outward and to others more and more and in doing so, feel the connection with so many others.

momof2 -- welcome aboard. Glad to have you here and over on the challenge too! Good luck and post often, ok?

Apple -- don't worry about the pictures. You probably look tons better now! Good luck with the jogging! I am starting back to at the gym and it feels good. I have always preferred jogging to cycling. Something about feeling shaken up all over just feels good! :lol:

06-07-2005, 08:53 PM
Hi again all. I just got back from a very nice ride. We went outside too. The first time we had a chance to this year.

I am feeling really good about the running. I had done this "10 weeks to your first 5k" program from Runner's World a few years ago. I ran two 5k races. Not fast, but it felt so good to complete this. I tried again a few different times and just couldn't - knee and ankle problems, etc. i have been taking glucosamine, and it feels really good to be doing it again. Amazing that I can get my body to do this.

I think you are right, Raven, about diet. I do need to increase protein. I could never be a vegetarian, but I don't eat as much protein as I should. I have made a commitment to decreasing how often I put carbs on my menus too. That is such a trigger for me, in that I don't follow portion sizes and I really overeat. So, here's to redoing my menus.

Have a great night all.

06-08-2005, 06:18 AM
Nice to see some new faces here. Hope I can offer some words of wisdom from time to time to help you out.
Raven, I appreciate what you said. I picture myself doing the same backslide thing that you did. I have no defense other than to say it's as if I am sabotaging myself. I know what I should be doing, but I just can't right now.
I must pick up the pieces and move on.
If I can't lose weight right now, I should at least try being healthy.

06-08-2005, 08:07 AM
OK, I have a new resolve today. On the spur of the moment, I decided to go back to the WW core plan for at least a week to see if maybe I might be more successful trying that approach, seeing as it's obvious that I am not doing something right or well with staying on the ww points plan.
Maybe my current emotional state is making it just too hard for me to keep track of what I eat and journal. I am hoping this new approach will be the thing to get me back on track? We'll see, but it can't hurt at least.


06-08-2005, 11:05 AM
Hello - Another hot one here!

Good luck Linda with the Core plan. Hope it works for you.

Red - You got lots of exercise yesterday! 50 minutes each way to the gym! WOW! Good for you! Glad to hear you are feeling better.

Raven - Sounds like you are on the right track for the 5K. I'm proud of you! I could never do that. Keep up the good work!

I did better yesterday. Went over points by a couple but that is better than I have been doing. Today my goal is to say within my points. I also plan on walking for 30 minutes during lunch and then going to the gym after work. Had a muffin for breakfast. Brought a can of Progresso soup and some fresh strawberries for lunch. If I get hungry this afternoon I got a box of the snack size low fat popcorn packets I can make. Not sure about dinner yet.

Have a great day!

06-08-2005, 11:24 AM
Good morning all. Even though I was running late today, I did 20 minutes of Precor, and 1 set of weights at the gym. I need to do better time managment in the mornings, so I can get more of a workout in. I was a bit discouraged, however, as I hopped on the scale and had gained???? And I had stuck to cereal for breakfast, even though I was craving carbs ( pondered making loaded hashbrowns or macaroni and cheese :( ) Ah well, that's what I get for getting on the scale more than just Mondays. Too depressing to see little ups and downs.

I want to get some nutrition books and a better log, to really track where I am overeating. The on line food charts just seem to take soooooo long. I don't have the patience. but I do know I need to cut back a bit on the dairy and grains, and up the meat and produce.

Good job everyone with getting moving in the right direction again. I know how hard it is. We can do this, and we deserve to do this.

06-08-2005, 11:34 AM
Thanks Roxy and Jolly.
For whatever reason (maybe it's enthusiasm for the core plan as a change of pace?) I feel so motivated today. That doesn't mean the entire day will go this way, but I am happy with today's choice and my new direction.
Maybe the old plan was too entrenched in past failures and boredom?
Sounds like you guys are really trying, great job.
It's 10:30 am and I am feeling pleased with my day so far... been up since 4:30 am, so the day is certainly well under way for me!
I was on the treadmill for 40 minutes and have stayed totally on the core program so far. I just finished a very early lunch/snack as I have a doctor's appointment at 12:15 kind of far away from here and have to leave soon. So, I will not be having my usual lunch at it's normal time. Hope the snack holds me until I can get home and have something else. Will bring a snack along in the car just in case for later.
Don't want to blow this by not being prepared.

06-08-2005, 01:13 PM
Jolly - Cereal IS carbs. Try eggs? Or protein shakes? Yogurt? Though I tend to do oatmeal for breakfast, myself.... But on days when I know I'm going to be working hard, I make myself eat eggs for breakfast. Add lots of lean meats to your dinners and lunches. Do you like cottage cheese? Even peanut butter can be a surprisingly good snack, with good fat and high protein content. One of my favorite dinners is rotisserie chicken with a bunch of salad - I use the light ceasar dressing and just put it on the side. I'm having to get back into the more protein thing again too, so ... I feel your pain. It's not my favorite, either.

If you started lifting weights, I wouldn't be surprised if you gain. Stop looking at the scale!! Or look at it and then forget it. Watch your ratios, your calories, get your water in, and do your exercise. Those are the basics, right? If you get all those in line, you will get in shape. You will lose fat, and build muscle.

You know these things, chica.

Linda - Great to hear you're feeling a little more on the right path. Preparation is a big deal, so good for you!

Roxy - Sounds like you're doing well with your plan. :)

Today for me was abbreviated pilates. Was running short on time this morning - I'm like you Jolly, I need to manage my mornings better. I need to get to bed earlier, but that's so difficult for me - I want to spend time with my kids and boyfriend, and to do that, I end up staying up later than I should. Then getting up the next morning early enough to work out is very very hard. Of course, being tired all the time does absolutely nothing for my ability to work out well. And contrary to popular opinion, working out won't increase your energy level if you aren't getting enough sleep to begin with. :rolleyes: So - anyway, I did the back and tummy parts of pilates, and figured the legs weren't that important. I get a lot of legwork in already.

Tomorrow I'm going to get on the treadmill and see what kind of running I can do. I know these last couple weekends of hoof work have pretty much destroyed my running schedule. I'll just see where I'm at and go from there.

Water yesterday was just .. not. Every time I tried to drink water I'd literally just get sick to my stomach, sooooo... I didn't. This morning I was thirsty again, I drank water, and I was fine. Who knows. But I figured forcing water just to toss it back up again wasn't a good thing. As long as I'm ok today, I'll just let it go.

Food has been .. food. :shrug: Within caloric targets, uninspiring. *lol* Whatever. Why can't I be out working with horses? *starts chewing on arm*

06-08-2005, 06:52 PM
Hey, y'all.

Raven, I am not in any way trying to do low carb. Just trying to get to the 6-11 servings per DAY the FDA recommends, vs 6-11 servings per MEAL. I did have a good lunch. I met a friend at Applebee's, and had the sizzling chicken skillet. Good seasonings. Yum. I need to get a better grip on serving sizes, and find some new reciipes to match.

Off to work soon, and want to pick out a new run route too. have a good one.

06-08-2005, 09:10 PM
Jolly .. no, I know you're not trying to do low carb, you just said you were sticking to cereal even though you were craving carbs. Maybe I just misunderstood... *confused look*

Anyway.. I know you know all of that stuff anyway. I'm probably just typing because .. it's something to do with my fingers. :D

Personally I completely ignore the government. I find out what's right for me, not for the 'average' person, whatever that is.

06-09-2005, 01:10 AM
I guess I was unclear. I was craving pasta or potatoes. Cereal has never been a big trigger for me. Who is going to binge on Bran Flakes, or whatever. The only cereal I am even tempted to eat more than a portion of is PB Cap'n Crunch, which I only allow myself to by once, maybe twice, a year.

Go ahead an give your fingers something to do. That's what they are there for :)

06-09-2005, 06:06 AM
Hmmm...talking about carbs when I just got up and haven't had a full cup of coffee yet makes me dizzy, almost. I'm a carb person, love them and I feel they are my downfall, sometimes. It's not that they are dangerous, in fact we all need them and they are good for us, but I have been eating the wrong carbs - especially lately.
I'm taking a long and serious look at what I've been shoving into my face these last few weeks and it's really very poor choices.
I did well yesterday, which was day 1 of my new regieme of being on the WW CORE plan. So, today will be day 2 and I hope to manage well. I think the best way to describe the CORE plan is nothing is processed food, all fresh and whole grain. No white sugar products, especially. Artificial sweeteners are ok.
So, last night instead of the frozen yogurt I've had lately, I have sugar free FF pudding, made with skim milk. I used one of my 35 flexpoints a week and put some lite cool whip on top. It was good.
Dinner was a 93% ff sirloin burger grilled. On the side was whole wheat pasta with diced tomatoes and FF feta cheese mixed in with it and also string beans, and I loaded up on them. I really enjoyed it.
Lunch was a chicken breast, no skin, with veggies and salad with FF mozarella cheese and lite rasberry pecan dressing (yummy) and for an afternoon snack I had 94% ff microwave popcorn. I also had a half banana at one point during the day and a few grapes. I drank all my water and that was an accomplishment as well. For breakfast, I had cream of wheat cerial with an orange and a small serving of FF/SF yogurt.
I don't know how many ww point that would have been and I felt kind of "free" as to not having to count my points. I didn't feel starving and out of control all day.
Not sure what that day will equate to as far as any kind of weight loss, but I did feel as if I was in control of myself and that I ate healthy.

06-09-2005, 10:49 AM
Hi all. Good eating day, Derry.

I did my run this morning. I increased the distance by about a 1/2 mile. I want to keep increasing until I get between 3 -3.5 miles. The first run segment is always tough, then it gets better. I guess a body in motion really does stay in motion.

I love carbs too, Derry. Particularly pasta. My problem is that I just can't stay at one serving. Then, later, I sit there in a stupor saying "I can't believe I ate the whoooooole thing."

Well, off to work. Have a great day all.

06-09-2005, 11:17 AM


Uhm. I didn't run this morning. Something came up.


*ahem* There are some interruptions to my regularly schedulded workouts I can deal with.

Linda - I don't know about WW and points and stuff.... but ... would you come cook for me? Please!? *beg* That food sounded scrumptuous! And healthy, too.

Jolly - :high: You go, girl! Good for you! I've always found the first run segment to be harder, too. As a matter of fact, anything before about the 20 minutes of movement is difficult. They say a 5 minute warmup. I seem to need more than that.

Mkay ... I seem to be getting more and more interested in more than just losing fat again. Ride the wave, yes? I am starting to want to eat RIGHT, not just in a good caloric range. My weight is holding at about 193, which is understandable. I told my daughter I don't lift weights, I lift horses. I looked at my upper body and the difference is major for the last three weeks. If this is the change after only doing a few horses, I'm reeeeeaaaaal curious to see what I'm going to look like doing 5-10 horses a DAY! :strong:

06-09-2005, 08:15 PM
Jolly, one thing you need to try out is whole wheat pasta, you might find you can eat less of it and it's more filling. At first I didn't like it, but now I love it. I used canned diced tomatoes last night over top of the pasta and it was pretty good with the ff feta cheese mixed in. I'd love to come cook for you guys, too bad I live so far away.
By the way, wouldn't it be nice to have a personal chef. Have y'all ever heard of Rosie, the chef who Oprah W. "stole" from a fancy health spa she want to. She loved the food and the cooking so much, she made an offer to this woman and hired her as her personal chef. Imagine being that wealthy to just hire someone like that? Oh well. Actually I do enjoy my own cooking, but would love the luxury of hiring a personal trainer as well as someone to CLEAN. I hate cleaing. Oh well, maybe I'll win the lottery some day?
I did ok all day today, I used one of my flex points and ate a low carb pita with my sliced deli roast beef at lunch. I also had vegetable soup. I wasn't craving sweets and cookies after lunch today and I was really happy about that feeling.
Breakfast was oatmeal, skim milk and brown sugar substitute as well as a pear. Mid morning I had a banana, no sugary snacks! Tonight was a small slice of ham, baked potato and olive oil margarine and peas. I have not been starving all afternoon as I usually am and running to the cabinet freaking out looking for snacks. I feel satisfied, which is unusual. I like feeling this way!
Dessert will be sugar free vanilla pudding made with skim milk and a dollap of lite cool whip over top and maybe a sprinkle of nutmeg on top.
Day 2 was a good day!
Let's report on what we've been eating, maybe that will help?

06-09-2005, 11:20 PM
Hey all. I did good with my eating . . . . until dinner that is. I was hungry after riding, and was actually craving fast food, junk food - anything quick, hot, and plentiful. I saved my budget, but did come home and make a mess of homemade mac and cheese. Got to stop this.

I am slowly plowing through nutrition stuff to revamp my menu. Found a fairly simple tracking site.

Raven, I usually walk Justin for 15 minutes before running with May. It helps. I usually feel more energized at the end of the run than at the beginning. It feels so good to be able to do this again, pain free.

Derry, I tried wheat pasta once, and hated it. I think it is like anything else though. I just have to make myself eat it until the other kind tastes wrong. I did that with skim milk. At first, I thought WATER. Now anything higher in fat tastes like cream. I am working on switching to healthier salad dressings. I will work on the pasta next.

Have a good evening all.

06-10-2005, 08:00 AM
Back on the treadmill! No time right now, just wanted to post that yes, I'm STILL doing week 4, but hey! At least no backsliding! Did 2 miles, 33 minutes. Getting there!

06-10-2005, 08:48 AM
Way to go, Raven. I think I am on week 4 of my program too. And doing 2 miles. I think my time is slower though. If you ever read "Runner's World" I am definitely a penguin.

Today is crazy. Have to get all my nightime stuff done during the day, as I am covering a second shift at one of my homes tonight. Did get to sleep in, though, which felt great. Off to shop, and ride.

Have a great day.

06-10-2005, 10:26 AM
Happy Friday everyone!

I couldn't get on yesterday (computer problems) so I had some catching up to do. Sounds like everyone is doing great! I did pretty good yesterday. Got my 30 minute walk in at lunch and then 45 minutes at the gym after work. I'm not having problems with the exercise part. I did well on my eating yesterday until my family through me a curve. Got home and DD wanted me to color her hair, DH called and said he would be very late and not to fix him dinner. He would grab something. So DD made cheese breadsticks. They smelled so good! I just had to eat a few. That through me off a little.

Today should be alot better. I will get my walk in at lunch then off to get a mammogram, what fun! OUCH! Not sure I will get the rest of my workout done. We are suppose to have very bad storms today and they are already starting. Don't want to be stuck at the gym if that happens. I'll have to do something at home.

Have a great day!

06-10-2005, 01:22 PM
Jolly - *lol* A penguin! I'd bet I'm one, too. The visual on that is enough to keep me giggling all afternoon.

Roxy - I know the failing of the food. I can stay within calories pretty well, but the nutritional quality of the food fails. I need to work on that badly now. I haven't even checked to see if we're going to get any of the fallout from the tropical storms up here. :rolleyes: I sure hope not, I would really love to spend some time with my horses this weekend! Good for you on the exercise!!

06-10-2005, 02:52 PM
Hello Everyone!
Can I join in? Well first I will tell you all a bit about myself. I'm 18, almost 19, and Ive always been a bit overweight my entire life, but I never paid much attention, in grade 6 im guessing I was around 130-140 and have slowly gained every year since then. I am now 215lbs! I never started paying attention to my weight until grade 7, and up until about a year ago I never had a grip on it and never tried to do anything about it b/c I was undereducated and didn't know I had to eat properly and exercise to lose weight. Now that I have taken the time to get serious about wanting to lose weight and have done ALOT of reading, and I've been trying to lose weight for about a year now with no luck! lol

I am so disgusted with myself, I always make up a plan (what Im going to do about my eating, exercise Im going to do etc) but I never ever do it! Summer is here and I so desperatly wish I could wear shorts and tank tops and bikinis but I can't :( Im hoping I can finally fulfill that dream of being hot for summer by next summer! lol

Well I was looking in the mirror the other day and I was just so disgusted with how bad Ive let myself get and I really need to do something about it, Im so scared though b/c I do fine in the beginning and I can say what Im going to do but never do it and I really want to do it this time, not just b/c I want to look better but I also want to do it for my health now, Ive been having troubles with my knee for the first time b/c of my weight and my doc told me I need to get my blood pressure down, I dont want to become diabetic or die b/c of my poor health and weight, and I want to be able to straighten myself out before I have kids so that I can set a good example for them and they never have to go through this! Even tho I dont plan on having kids for like 5 years! lol

Anyway I've come up with *yet another* plan lol This time I intend to try my damn hardest to follow it though, Im sick of this weight. My goal weight is 135, hopefully by next June I will be there. Im also taking it slower, Im not looking at it as I need to lose 80lbs by 8lbs 10 times (got that from someone else on here! lol) when I look at it as 8lbs 10 times it doesnt seem so hard, average weight loss is 1-2lbs/wk so at that rate it should take me 10-20 months to lose 80lbs.

Im doing weight watchers at home, I cant afford meetings. Im trying to eat healthier (less junk/take out, sugar, salt etc.) more veggies & fruits (really have to work on this one) and Im trying to stick to the recommended servings for each food group, Im thinking 6-8 servings of grain (whole wheat of course), 5-7 of veggies and fruits, 2 of meat/alternatives and 2 of dairy (fat free or low fat!) As for exercise Im starting slow with that too. Im aiming for a minimum of 30 minutes 3x/wk of cardio (mostly walking) but I'd really like to do it 5-6x/wk 30-60 minutes. Strength training (full body) 2x/wk with hand weights and I'll always do cardio first to warm up for a minimum of 10 min and Im going to try and do "cardio bursts" in between each set for like 30-60 seconds to burn extra calories, and I will always stretch afterwards. I also want to do crunches every night before bed cuz I wanna have a nice "britney spears" stomach lol I dont want a six pack but I want the nice small flat tummy she has with the little bubble around her belly button, I think it looks sexy.

so yeah there is my plan, lets hope I can stick to it this time!! :) How is everyone else doing this month?

Apple Blossom
06-10-2005, 03:29 PM
Hi Trixie, hope we can help you with your goals!
Uggh, I'm to old to even imagine looking like Brittney. Don't want to think about it. But I'll be doing sit ups along with you. Right now I try to do 3 sets of 15. Not much, but a start.
I have been on an eating binge lately. I hope I can knock it off. Derry, your idea to post what we eat is good, but I'd be embarressed lately....yesterday I went out for lunch to celebrate the last day of school and I had a milk shake, a tuna melt and fries. Good diet eh? :^:
I have been walking, but I'm sure the calories burned are trivial to what I have been eating. It makes me feel better though. I really really miss being able to go out and run. A nice sweaty 4 miler makes the milk shake guilt go away. Darn knees. I'm going to do my leg lifts right NOW!!!
PS...Waddle on!!! ;)

06-11-2005, 02:18 AM
Hey all. Real late night for me. Iam on call for my main job, AND I worked a shift at one of the group homes tonight. I much prefer 3rd to 2nd, but what can you do? I do have a NSV to report. I was really craving ice cream and junk food. We, of course, have a 24 hour grocery store just down the street, but I did not go. I told myself I would only have myself to blame if I either didn't have enough money to show,, or couldn't fit into my show clothes. So, I may snarf down a couple sugar free fudgsicles, but its better than a pint of Ben and Jerry's.

Welcome Trixie. OF course you can join our journey.

Have a good one all.

06-11-2005, 06:07 AM
Welcome Trixie from me as well!
I'm really into this new CORE (no counting) WW plan this week and it's giving me a new level of interest and excitement in my weight loss efforts, something I've needed to regain. I lost about 18 pounds and have regained 11 of them in the last few months. I was feeling very disgusted with myself. I would try to stay on track and resolve every single morning to do so and then lose my way. Exactly like Apple reported the tuna melt and French fries, that was me up until the middle of this week. All the good I had done seemed to be erased and for whatever reason, I have reached out and decided it's time to start fresh.
I'm "ditching" my current ww meeting and going to start going to another meeting, I think this will help me out. I was doing well at a Tuesday morning meeting and then my leader left and the new leader doesn't seem to inspire me. It seems like at about the same time she started, I lost control. I'm not blaming her personally, but I think it might have contributed to some of my issues. I have some family illnesses (dad with cancer, etc.) right now that are very hard for me, but that is no reason to pig out.
The WW CORE plan is giving me a much needed fresh outlook. I've grown tired of the journalling that was required on the other plan and this CORE list of foods has inspired me to make a new effort. Whatever works!
Essentially, the core plan has no processed foods, no sugar and is just basic "core" foods. Soups are ok if they are a clear broth soup and breads are not ok, unless you use some of your 35 flex points a week to have them. Last night we ate out and I was kind of proud of myself. I used 8 of my 35 flex points, but I still was in control. I have used 11 flex points so far this week and I hope to stay in control!
Yesterday's menu:
3 egg white omlet with diced tomato and FF feta cheese, 1/2 grapefruit
vegetable soup, slice of ham, string beans
Dinner: (ate out!)
Minestrone soup, grilled chicken salad with ff dressing, roll, olive oil. The salad had shredded parmesan and croutons, I had to count the 8 points for this meal, but it was a good and fairly healthy meal in comparison with the heavy pasta dishes I would have ordered or the personal pizzas the rest of my family had.
FF, SF, vanilla pudding with sm. amount of lite cool whip and sprinkle of nutmeg
(for whatever reason the nutmeg on top makes it seem special to me)
I never wrote down and figured out points on the entire day as I've done in the past with my WW plan, all I had to tally up in my head was the non-core foods! It was a "freeing" experience.

06-11-2005, 03:41 PM
Hey Derry, how do you make an egg white omelet, and how many calories do you save? Omelets are about the only way I eat eggs. Love 'em!

I need to give myself a pat on the back. I did weights again today, and increased to two sets! Feels good to be doing it, and also feels good to be doing the running. A positive choice. I am hemming and hawing right now over how to spend some money. Do I want to get a bicycle? Put the money towards a personal trainer session so I can focus my workouts better? Or put it towards my horse show stuff? I just don't know.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

06-11-2005, 07:58 PM
Hey all. Just me again. Well, I have a bike. An early birthday present from my father. I can't wait to christen it.

I have an NSV to report. Sort of. It is really hot here, and I was not feeling like cooking the pork chop I had planned for tonight. So, I was deciding between ordering out for a pizza, getting a bunch of Chinese, etc. I was also fantasizing about ice cream, again. Instead, I made sure I did not go near any tempting food places, and made dinner at home. Not a good dinner (that is the "sort of" part), but still less calories than I would have spent on going out, and all the money saved.

I also had another good moment. I tried on my dressage breeches and boots. Both fit. Whoa! All I can say is thank goodness for weight training. I now regret the bad dinner I ate.

Have a good one all.

Apple Blossom
06-12-2005, 01:59 AM
Hope everything is going well with everyone. Still can't stop eating but the exercise is going well. I've been walking and I've started to do leg lifts for my knees. Hope to start some jogging next week. I think I'll try that 10 weeks till 10K program. Have a great week-end!! :)

06-12-2005, 09:32 AM
Hey, Apple. Let me know how the program goes. Which one are you using?

I did run today (hurray). I only did a mile and a half today. But, getting out at all on Sundays has been an issue lately. So, I figured doing some was better than doing none.. Plus, depending on the weather, I am either going swimming or christening my bike before I go out to the barn today, and hope to stretch out to my yoga tape this evening. The yoga tape is a relaxation one - all stretching and flexibility, no cardio.

I do feel like I had a setback last night. I am on call, and got a late page from someone calling in. She ended up finding coverage, but I was stressed and couldn't get right to sleep, so I sat up and finished some low fat pringles I had. I know low fat chips is better than what I could have gotten, but it is the principle of the thing - that I couldn't destress without food. What else could I have tried? Hmmmm. Points to ponder for next time.

Have a great day all.

06-12-2005, 11:08 AM
Hey folks :)

Sounds like some major positives going on! That's a good thing.

Jolly - Congrats on the new bike! That's awesome! And even bigger congrats on the breeches and boots fitting!! :five: I know when I get serious about upping the protein without the calories, I'll scramble 3 egg whites with one yolk ( I just separate them out ) and viola. Very filling, and a huge protein increase.

Apple - Good for you on the exercise! Sometimes we just need to keep doing what we CAN do till the other stuff starts to fall into place.

Linda - I know how hard it is to focus on eating right and exercising and all that stuff when you have a lot of emotional and/or financial issues smacking you around. I admire you for keeping at it. I know eating junk doesn't help, but it's the first thing I turn to more often than not to avoid thinking about the hard things. I'm getting better, but .. obviously not good enough. One day at a time, huh?

Trixie - Welcome!! Sounds like you have a pretty good handle on what you are trying to accomplish. The only thing I have to say is lose the self loathing. I know that kind of feeling only made it harder for me to do what I needed to do. Self respect and self worth are huge in the weight loss arena. The more you care about yourself, the more you try to take care of yourself. At least that has been my experience.

Ok .. well .. ow. My low, low back is spasming. I trimmed my three horses yesterday, and of course two of them are cake, right? But Shadow... the evil monster horsie from ****. Ok, not really. She has issues and I'm inexperienced. Hence, my back is boogered up six ways from Sunday today. Better than it was last night, though. The kinda funny thing is that at least with my back being in as much pain as it is, I only hear little echos of how sore the rest of me is. ;) I know my arms are sore, my butt is sore, my thighs are sore... but that doesn't hold a candle to the back spasms. I'm stretching it as I can, and that helps. I'll be fine, and next time I do Shadow, I'll have learned a few more things. And hopefully she will have, too.

Weight is still on a plateau. I'm still stuck at 193. I'm not sweating it too much, because I've looked at my upper body in the mirror and the muscles are getting very defined. Water is good, food is ok (still need to upthe protein ratio), exercise is ... every day pretty much of one sort or another. I wonder what I could do today that wouldn't kill me off completely. I might try pilates, but I'm not sure my back can handle it. We shall see. Maybe just walking?

06-12-2005, 12:23 PM
Jolly, congrats on your NSV!
Egg whites can make a great omlet. I cheat and buy the egg whites that are in individual containers, just like egg beaters. I can buy them in a small container that equals 3 egg whites and there are three containers to a pack. Use them the same as regular eggs. You can have 3/4 cup of egg whites for only one WW point. An egg is two points and 1/2 cup of egg substitute is one point, I think. You save many calories by just eating the whites. I am just loving the combination of the FF feta cheese, the egg whites and canned diced tomatoes, this morning I had that same thing again, but added about a tablespoon of salsa to the tomatoes for a bit of zing! Yummy!
You guys are doing so great on your exercise. I did get on my treadmill this morning for a walk and stayed on 40 minutes, but it was nothing really wild. I am pretty tired, the heat wave we have had with this muggy air has been just nasty.
I am about ready to make lunch in a few minutes. I am taking large portabella mushrooms (0 points!) and filling them with tomato paste, diced tomatoes and topping with FF mozarella! Will have polenta on the side, maybe?

06-12-2005, 06:48 PM
Hi guys. Linda, your dinner sounds yummy. I love mushrooms any which way. I am off to make dinner now too. I am so happy. After everything I did today, I am starving. But I resisted the lure of fast, expensive, high calorie food. I figured I could just make a salad to eat while I cook my dinner.

Congrats getting on the treadmill, Linda. Any movement is better than nothing. just take it one day, one meal, one workout at a time. You can do it. Raven, have you tried any yoga tapes? I am using one to help with the whole stretching, flexibility thing. Just an idea for when your muscles are giving you problems.
Have a good evening all.

06-12-2005, 10:15 PM
Hey chicks..

Ok. I've found that I am TERRIBLE at being caged and in pain. *scowl* I resorted to food medicating again. Ordered pizza. Then had cinnamon sticks. Then ate M&Ms. :rolleyes: At least it stopped at that? Yeah, I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel for that consolation.

Tomorrow is back to the office. Some possible good news is that they're going to see what the penalties for bringing me on perm would be before my contract expires. That would be nice. More money, benefits... and that would give me breathing room to develop my business at a much slower pace, and allow me to get certified before I'm desperate. It would also give me a permanent job which looks good to people who oh.. say .. give auto loans? *nod* All around, a good thing. I can suck it up and deal for a while longer.

Jollie - No, you know, I haven't. Maybe once I get some spare cash floating around I'll try them. I use the pilates stuff, though an ex-friend borrowed and never returned my good pilates DVD. I know yoga is really good. That's a good idea, thanks. :)

06-13-2005, 06:18 AM
Hi guys!
Wow, went on this site to post last night on another thread I am on as well as this one and I was "attacked" by pop up ads, about one ad coming up a second, basically. It was not a good thing. I'm hoping that doesn't happen again or I might not be able to be back here anymore. : ( Had to call DH in with his wonderful computer skills to put a stop to it all, it was actually scary. I still don't understand how and why it happened, as I have been on this site for a long time and have never had that happen before. I've gotten advertising, which I know pays for this site and accept it and even try to support some of the products, knowing that they "pay" for 3FC, but this was a true "attack" and I even have a pop-up blocking program as well. Have you all had something like that happen?
At any rate, I was a pretty good girl yesterday and stayed on my CORE program throughout the day. I found a very good trick to share as well.
Have you all seen the new SF, FF Jello cheesecake flavored pudding? If you have found this treasure, try it, but mix it with two cups of plain FF yogurt instead of milk. It's totally awesome and is truly like a real cheesecake, full of the good dairy calcium we need but yummy with blue berries and strawberries. I bought some philo pastry frozen shells at the market and filled them with this stuff and put fruit on top, three of them equal one point on the core plan as the other products are "core" the shells are not. Pretty good treat and pretty enough to bring to a party and people wouldn't truly notice they are a "diet" thing! You can take any flavor of SF, FF pudding mix and mix it with the 2 cups of FF plain yogurt and get a thicker more satisfying and filling consistency.
Today is hot, hazy and humid again. I feel badly for my two kids as this is the last full week of school and they are going to be uterly miserable with this weather in a non AC hot environment. They have finals starting on Wed. and I hope the weather cools off a bit before then. Believe it or not, they have to go in on next Monday for ONE half day to take one more final as the school year got messed up due to so many snow days this year for us. They were supposed to get out of school on June 15, now it's the 21st.
Today, I will work out and get back on my treadmill and I plan on eating "right" today all day, no exceptions. I can use up two points that I will earn with my workout for something non-CORE, but aside from that I have to behave.
I weigh in tomorrow afternoon, I'm hoping for a loss - even .2 would be nice.
Raven, hope the job situation works out the way you want it to. Jolly, sounds like you are really staying on track nicely!
Linda in HOT NH

06-13-2005, 10:06 AM
Hi all. Couple good things to report. I had a 3 pound loss this week. Hurray! I made it to the gym today. I didn't get weights in, but did do half an hour of cardio. I had almost talked myself out of going at all, so I am glad I got there. And, the big save, is that I hadn't eaten breakfast before I worked out. I was going to stop at McDonalds on my way to work. I started thinking about it - about how my riding stuff is fitting better, how I am feeling better, how good the loss felt - and thought maybe, instead of getting all the fat laden stuff I was thinking of, that I never get just one of anyway, maybe I would try that new apple salad thingie. Then, I thought even more, about spending money. And drove straight to work and had the yogurt and banana packed in my lunch. Feels pretty darn good.

The only down side about being so responsible with my spending, is now my change jar isn't filling up as fast. Ah well.

Derry, that cheesecake thing you are talking about sounds yummy! What a good treat, and save. I will have to try it. I really need to get to the library and check out some cookbooks. I have to find recipes that use seasonings etc to amp up the flavor, without increasing the fat.

Speaking of the library, RAven . . . Check out your local library for videos. I know ours has some workout videos. Might be a good way to check out some, to see what you like, before buying. Just a thought. Good luck!

Have a great day all!

Hey look! I even updated my tracker, to show my real weight, not what I was many months ago and am too ashamed to admit I had gained back.

06-13-2005, 11:16 AM
Good Morning everyone! Another week has begun!

First of all, welcome Trixie! We will try to help you in your journey.

Congrats Jolly! 3 pounds is great!

I had my WI this morning and stayed the same. I guess that's okay, at least I didn't gain. Didn't get the exercise I needed this weekend. It was raining cats and dogs all weekend. Lots of flood warnings around here. I did help my DH with some of the remodeling of our basement. Woke up with some sore muscles. So I guess that counts for something. Plan on going to the gym after work. Brought a WW meal and a banana for lunch. Chicken planned for dinner. Today should be a good day!

Hope all of you have a good one!


06-13-2005, 02:10 PM
Arggghhh. I just needed to come here and vent. I just had the most "Sybil" like argument with myself.

I have tons of paperwork to do today. Unfortunately, I am not fond of paperwork. I get bored. And then, eating seems like such a nice accompaniment to paperwork. Like beer and pizza, chips and dip, cheese and crackers . . . you get the idea. So, all of a sudden, the healthy lunch I packed just did not seem good enough. I wanted to go out for Chinese, subs, tacos, or all of the above. YOu would not BELIEVE the amount of arguing I needed to do to shut up and eat my packed lunch. How crazy is this?/??

I finally did settle down and eat my lunch. Which is good, as it IS a victory. But I wish this would all just go away. I know what I want. I know what I need to do to get there. I just wish I could let go of all the old baggage that holds me back.

Thanks for letting me vent. HOpe you all are having a better day.

06-13-2005, 03:56 PM
Jolly, that could have been me writing that about the lunch. I don't have an answer, but I am proud of you for making the right choice. So often the food I have at home here is just so darned boring. I think we all need to start planning interesting treats for take along bag lunches as well as things I can have at home. We are creatures of habit and have all spent our lives developing all the bad habits.
You did great making those choices. I have been exactly there.
Plan ahead, stick with the plan. Exercise, drink water, "look before you leap".
Where is Red? Chach hasn't been here in ages either.

06-13-2005, 04:11 PM
Jolly - glad you talked yourself out of the bad lunch. It always makes me feel good when I can talk myself out of these things. I wish it would happen more!

I try to brings a lunch everyday, also have some packets of the 100 calorie snacks. I love the oreo ones - 2 pts. per packet. Also helps with the chocolate cravings.


06-13-2005, 04:54 PM
Wow I have been looking for you guys.

I did really good this week lost 2 more pounds and 3.338 inches. I was happy with that. that makes 5 lbs so far this month. I will be happy with what I loose as long as I stay consistant this will work.

Have a great day!


06-13-2005, 07:12 PM
Welcome, Daisy. Congrats on the loss - keep up the good work. Linda, yes - the food is just too darn boring. That is exactly it. I want to find some new recipes, but then that takes time too. Sigh. I guess this is just something that will have to be battled every now and again. Kathy, I keep sugar free fudgicles at home. So far, that has beaten out a lot of the ice cream cravings.

Off to work at the part time job now. I picked up some cookbooks and Dr Phil's book from the library. Going to try and find some new things to try.

Have a good evening.

06-14-2005, 08:20 AM
Good morning all. Hope to hear from y'all soon.

Well, did my run this morning. Wasn't sure I would be able to, as I woke up pretty stiff. But, figured I would try the first set, and see how I felt. Try and do at least the short run. Well, I was able to do all 30 blocks, and increased to 7 blocks jogging/3 blocks walking sets. I did have to walk the last 1/4 block of a hill. I just didn't have it in me yet. Thursday :)

I picked up Dr Phil's weight loss book at the library yesterday as well. I resisted for a long time. Had a real problem with him saying "this is not a diet." then turning around and selling diet foods and supplements to go with his book. But, decided if I checked the book out at the library, I can see if what he says helps, without giving him any of my money.

Have a great day all.

06-14-2005, 09:19 AM
I read part of Dr. Phil's book awhile ago, but don't remember much about it. I, also, took it out of the library, Jolly. Let us know what you think and do report in on some of the "basics". I think Phil is all about a mental attitude and how you defeat yourself. I do think the commercial part of selling products is far too tempting for the average weight loss guru to resist, plus they have to make a living somehow as well?
I remember reading about the history of Weight Watchers for example and it started out more like TOPS, a club for people who needed to lose weight to support each other. Then, it became more about the money in a way. It's a business and I think they are owned by Heinz corporation now????? I like them and still support them and go to the meetings, but the products, cookbooks and foods are all about the money. Richard Simmons was that way as well. Wonder where he is nowadays, haven't heard much from him in recent times.
I weigh in this afternoon, we'll see how my new CORE plan is going to work out. I'm trying to do this and I hope it's working out. I don't know if I'll have a loss this week, as it's been about three weeks since I weighed in and I went up before re-starting CORE this week, but I am feeling more accomplished.
I have a renewed interest and am not as bored at least.
Jolly, don't overlook on line recipes as well. You can search all over and this web site, in particular, has great things to offer.
Welcome Wendy. You were looking for us and now you found us! Sounds like you are on the right track!

06-14-2005, 09:50 AM
Jolly - The food being boring, not having time, those are things I posted about a while back. I don't particularly enjoy cooking, and even if I did, I don't have the time to mess with it all. New recipes inevitably turn out yucky for me, and I get tired of buying all these special ingredients only to have them then sit in my cabinets forever because I'll never use them again. *shrug* The lure of ordering the yummy stuff becomes overwhelming. Personally I find Dr. Phil to be a pompous know-it-all but then... that's just me.

My back is still absolutely killing me. Can't sit, can't stand, the only position comfortable is laying down so that it takes pressure off the sciatic nerve and those sacral muscles. But I can't exactly just stop and lay down, now can I? So .. here I sit at work, literally verging on tears because it hurts so bad. Food? Who gives a rats behind. Water? That means I'll have to move and go to the bathroom. Exercise!??? :yikes: I did get a lot of rest last night, anyway. I think it's better than it was yesterday. At least it's different. The pain spikes aren't as bad, but the constant is more. Make sense? All I can say is that I learned a very valuable lesson through this. All I am hoping now is that I'm recovered by this weekend.

06-14-2005, 10:00 AM
Raven, I only have a minute here. Check out this site, and try this at home:
Once in awhile I pull out my back and am miserable just like you, this is the only thing that helps. A few days of doing these and I am back to myself again. Not sure this is what will help you, but it's worth a try.
Are you taking anything for pain? If not, take some Ibuprophen. Take care of yourself honey!

06-14-2005, 11:19 AM
Had a pretty good day yesterday. Stayed in my points and got in some good exercise. Today should be ok also. Going to Subway for lunch with DD. Pasta for dinner. I won't get as much exercise in though. I'll get my 30 minutes walk in but that's all I have time for today.

Jolly - I'm always on the lookout for new recipes. If I find something good, I'll pass it along.

Raven - Hope you back is feeling bette soon.

Wendy - Glad you found us!

Have a great day everyone!


06-14-2005, 11:21 AM
Linda - Took a look at the link you posted. Pretty much everything on that page is stuff I do with pilates. I think what I did has to be taken into consideration. I didn't exactly wrench or throw my back out. Uhm.. I did something relatively stupid. :o And I learned that wrestling a half ton horse is NOT good for me. *sigh* It's more like I just overworked those muscle to the point where they are spasming uncontrollably. Or were yesterday anyway. Today it's more like they're still swollen and hot and pinching the sciatic nerve, but not spasming as badly. Sort of like lifting weights to an extreme and just tearing the muscles up badly. More excersize right now would only make things worse. I need to let them heal before I do anything else. If that is, in fact the case, then today should be the worst, and tomorrow things should start mellowing out.

Right now the best thing seems to be standing instead of sitting, and slow walking as much as I can manage it.

06-14-2005, 08:43 PM
Hello all. Had a pretty good day. The urge for Chinese food is pretty strong right now. Luckily, I don't know any places that deliver, so I got into my pj's pretty quick so I am not tempted to go back out. Rest of day was good.

Sorry you're back is still hurting, Raven. Hope it gets better soon.

Everyone else - have a wonderful night.

06-15-2005, 10:12 AM
Hey all ..

Jolly - Did you manage to resist the chinese all night? If so, good for you!

My back is actually worse this morning. Driving aggravates it, then I sneezed while I was driving, and as ludicrous as it sounds, caused spasms that were absolutely unbelievable. I could barely walk across the parking lot (oh and getting out of my car... HA!) this morning. Dragging my left leg behind me.. *sigh* The warehouse manager saw me and said 'you need to get that treated.' I told him I wished I could! No insurance, no money... makes for no treatment. Turns out his wife is a chiropractor. Get this .. she's going to fit me in today *free* and my boss is going to pay me for any time I need to take to go. Of course, being in tremendous pain puts me on edge already, and .. I started to cry. Schlepp that I am. He's even going to drive me over there.

Major lesson learned on this one.

06-15-2005, 10:12 AM
Hi everyone. A bit lonely here. Everyone all right?

I almost oopsed this morning. Again, sat on the couch too long, and thought that I really didn't have time to go work out. But, after one of "those looks" from the dogs, I did go. Only did 20 minutes of cardio and one set of weights, but better than nothing.

Hope everyone has a great day.

06-15-2005, 03:54 PM
Well I made it to the chirporactor. I need to go tomorrow again, and the next day. Then she'll let me know how I'm doing after that.

X-rays showed my pelvis is rotated and tilted. My upper lumbar is off at a nasty angle, and I have at least one disk being compressed. My neck is also curved out, instead of in. All this is probably due to a lifetime of injuries, pregnancies, falls, etc. and the incident on Saturday just broke Marian's back. Almost. :D

She made as much of an adjustment as she dared, warned me I'd be sore, told me to ice it 15 minutes out of every hour, and sent me on my merry way. For about an hour I was almost completely pain free. What a relief that was!! Slowly, the soreness is creeping in, but ... at least I know I'll be going back to her tomorrow after work, and the healing has begun. No wonder my hips hurt, with my pelvis that much out of whack.

Anyway.. so it will be a while before I'm really back to working out like I was. She cautioned me against resuming anything terribly physical right away because there's a great deal of muscle swelling, plus the nerves are still damaged. Even stretching at this point could actually cause more damage because it might cause the muscles to lock up and spasm again. *lol* At least when I do it, I do it right, huh? Blah. Anyway. At least I have help now.

06-15-2005, 06:26 PM
Glad you sought help, Raven. I hope you are all better soon.

Well, I ate a bit more today then I would have liked. I was at a meeting at corporate, and food was plentiful. Didn't do horribly bad though. Then, on the way home, i decided I didn't want to cook. So, I called and ordered chinese for carry out. Then I called back, cancelled the order, and am cooking from home.

So I decided to make comfort food - chipped beef on toast. I always use skim milk, light margerine, and add veggies. But I don't care about portion sizes. Today, I kept the meat and veggies the same, but halved the milk, butter, and toast. A save.

Won't it be nice when stuff like that ISN'T noticable? When I don't feel like I have to announce that I did'nt eat enough for the entire French Army?

Have a good night, all.

06-15-2005, 08:58 PM
Hi guys!
What a busy day today was, finally got my hair cut and took my daughter with me for a highlight as well. That took the afternoon and this morning I had a quilt meeting to attend. It was all "fun and games" at least!
I was a good girl today with what I was eating and feel STRONG in terms of my committment today. I had vegetable soup, ff cottage cheese and a boiled egg for lunch while DH sat right beside me and ate Doritos, crunching noisily (sp?) and dipping them in salsa. It smelled and sounded so tempting, but I ate my own stuff and I lived through it. He is such a bad influence, but I can't forbid him from eating what he wants, that is not fair. I've got to learn my own balance and self control.
Breakfast was puffed wheat cerial and ff milk with banana and I did go to the quilt meeting, but controlled my eating there to only 4 points... I brought the snack and planned ahead.
Tonight was sirloin tips, marinated with shrimp on the barbie! Yummy with whole wheat pasta and string beans. I'm satisfied and looking forward to my sf, ff, chocolate pudding with lite cool whip. I'm getting the hang of this and I've been well behaved and managing to stay away from those Doritos!
How's it going everyone?
Raven, sounds like your boss is wonderful to bring you to an "on the house" chiropractor. You are lucky and I hope that helps you.
Jolly, you said you were lonely. What's up hon? Everything ok? Get that work out time in, girl! No more morning couch time. I'm expecting a full report of what you did to burn off some big-time calories tomorrow morning! You can do this.
Also, tell me what you are eating guys! I need ideas, boredom can set in and lead to cheating.... we all don't want to "go there"!
Linda in dreary, rainy NH

06-16-2005, 12:36 AM
Hi Derry. Glad you had a great day. I was "lonely" cuz not a lot of postings here. Glad to have you to talk to.

I passed up chocolate not once, but twice, at work tonight. Did have some fruit there - they had a picnic today and left stuff for 2nd shift. Amazing. I want to make these choices all the time. Actually, today was a good day with the exception of the low cal pringles and beef jerky I had for a monring snack, and the high cal dressing I dumped on the salad I ordered for lunch. I have to remember to "dip" my dressing, I know.

Good night all.

06-16-2005, 08:37 AM
Good morning all. Well, Derry, I did my full two mile workout this morning. Jog 7 blocks, walk 3 - repeat. I even made it all the way up the large hill without stopping - except for a brief "Rocky" moment at the top. I am slow, but I made it.

Have a wonderful day all.

06-16-2005, 09:22 AM
Glad you were able to report a successful work out Jolly!
I'm starving... but on the CORE plan that is not an issue, as it is "eat until you are satisfied" as long as it's core foods. I'm heading out shortly to a quilt meeting and I think I need to bring fruit in case someone shows up with doughnuts.
Still now word from Red. I'm concerned. Has anyone been in touch with her?

06-16-2005, 12:49 PM
Good Morning! I'm back from a day out of the office and out of town at staff meeting. I know I went over yesterday. I have no control on what is being served for lunch an dinner. Glad it's only once a month! Also, since I was in the car for 6 hours (3 hours each way), I didn't get any exercise.

Today, back on track. Oatmeal for breakfast, walking at noon, brought a Healthy Choice meal and applesauce for lunch. Then to the gym after work. Busy night planned so we are having sandwiches for dinner.

Raven - hope you are feeling better soon. Sound like the chiropractor is going to help.


06-17-2005, 07:18 AM
Good morning all. Linda, how did the quilt meeting go? I need to get back to work on the knitting project I started ages ago. I have such a short attention span. I am acutally kind of surprised I finished two before getting bored. I wanted something to do other than read, but I do love to read. And Kathy, meetings are soooo hard. It is hard when the food is in front of you. It is hard when others are grazing. I had the same issue Wednesday. Ah well, one day at a time.

Off to breakfast and the gym. Have a great day!

06-17-2005, 10:32 AM
TGIF!! Mornin'

I didn't do too bad yesterday. The only thing I didn't do is go to the gym after work. I had a bunch of errands to run and wanted to get home before the storms got here. Have been having severe weather the last couple nights. Most of it missed us last night, thankfully. The weekend is suppose to be nice. I only work until noon on Friday's during the summer, so this afternoon it's off to the grocery store. Then a long walk with the dogs.

I have to tell you about my find. I love to cook and have been trying to find a new cookbook program that has the nutrition information when you add recipes. I found one yesterday that I think I'm going to order. After downloading the trial version and playing with it some, I found that you can program the nutrition part to actually figure your WW points! I was so excited! I have so many recipes that I have made low fat but don't have the time to sit down and figure all the points. The program is called Living Cookbook if anyone is interested.

Have a great day!


06-17-2005, 01:25 PM
That sounds good, Kathy. I may have to check it out.

I hear you on the after work thing. that's why I am up before the birds to work out before work. Otherwise, it just never gets done. Working out is so important, and yet so hard to schedule.

I am doing ok food wise today, except I indulged in a bag of the baked ruffles. This would be ok, except I can't eat just one serving. I can eat one BAG, but not one serving. Otherwise, choices are ok.

Hope everyone is having a good day.

06-17-2005, 03:41 PM
Well, I blew it last night, but I do have flex points and haven't yet used up ALL of them for the week, so all is not lost. The quilt meeting went well yesterday, no one actually brougth food for a change and I had my trusty apple with me just in case. But, last night, I let the family talk me into Chinese food and it was kind of a sabotage thing. I kept trying to suggest other places to eat, places I knew I could find better choices, but it didn't work out. I tried to eat what I thought would be "better" choices, but my self control was not the best. Today, I have been very good, though.

06-17-2005, 09:41 PM
I hear you on the self control thing, particularly with Chinese food. Today was good except 1) the bag of chips. I did stop before I ate the whole thing, but it was close. and 2) Pasta! I work this weekend, so I always like to make something that reheats well to take to work with me. I made a small lasagna, and gave part of it to my neighbor. But, I always eat the leftover parts for a meal, and I overdid. I am soooo tired right now. just can't move.

Ah well, Scarlett. Tomorrow is another day.

Have a good one.

06-17-2005, 11:51 PM
Heh, guys, sorry I haven't been posting. I am going to try to get back on here. Thanks for your concern, Derry and jolly! :)

06-18-2005, 01:25 PM
Glad to see the lost is at least sighted, if not completely found yet.

Despite a bad bout of acid reflux last night, which has left breathing a bit painful today, I did go to the gym this morning. Did 30 minutes of cardio, and 2 sets of weights. I did go ride my horse, and had a nice ride. And got most of the stuff done I needed to today, before I go to work. I am actually ahead of schedule.

Hope everyone has a good day.

06-18-2005, 09:33 PM
RED!!! I'm so glad you are back. I missed you so.
Hope you are doing ok and back to join in. Tell us how you are.
Jolly, I have acid reflux as well, but it's under control with medication and when I eat properly, I notice I feel much better. My doctor bluntly told me one time that eating properly is usually the key to it all.
Had a nice day today with the family. We shopped, I took an afternoon nap and we went out to dinner. I kind of blew it for dinner, but I am learning as I go with this ww CORE program. I didn't eat CORE foods and came home feeling bloated and nasty. I think next time I would eat more wisely. I won't always make the right choices, but I am finding that more "simple" basic foods agree with me better.
I am feeling excited as if I am on the threshhold of something good. Wonder if it is finally a realization of HOW I ought to be eating or something else? It's nice to be feeling more positive at least, even if I blew it tonight at dinner.

06-18-2005, 11:05 PM
LInda, you have to love those "aha" moments, when things just seem to come together. Congrats.

I have a NSV to report. I was planning on stopping at the grocery store after work tongiht, to pick up a few things I had run out of. Well, work was a bit nuts tonight, and I started craving junk - ice cream, chips, etc. I was planning on going to the store anyway, so . . . I decided that I could wait to get the stuff I needed, and go some other time when I wasn't feeling so tempted. If I was going to binge, it would have to be on stuff I have at home, which isn't so much.

Have a good night all.

Apple Blossom
06-19-2005, 03:13 AM
Hi! We just got back from a trip down south. We camped a few days and then visited my in-laws. I did not eat well, but I didn't gain weight. So here we are again. hoping to get on track next week. Sooner or later something's gotta click.

06-19-2005, 08:13 AM
Hi guys, something really did kind of click with me last night. Hope it does for you all soon. Jolly, great NSV. We all have choices to make and we all need to totally recognize that it's in OUR hands an no one elses. Something Red said to me recently hit home as well. She was talking about the influences of the people around her and how they make her feel about herself. It's not about conforming to the people and what they think, it's about conforming to how YOU think you ought to live and feel and be. I have got to get a handle on this.
I saw my dad eat poorly for years, he could have had a nickname of Mr. Junkfood. Almost every night he would sit and eat chips and lots of carbs, he would eat tons of ice cream and that kind of thing as well. I hardly ever remember him eating fruit, especially, growing up. Now he lies with hospice care in great pain. His cancer makes me think. I wonder (no one will ever have the answers, either) if his years of eating improperly have contributed to the situation he is in.
Do I wan't to be immobalized due to disease in my old age? Do I want to be one of those really heavy people who literally eats themselves to death and pays for it with all the aches and pains? No way, not me.
So, I ate the baby back ribs, pulled pork, BBQ'd chicken, baked beans, cole slaw and corn bread last night. I had a beer. I had fun, there were appetizers that I won't even get into. It was a great dinner, we had a nice evening. But, there were better choices on that menu. Did I have to be a total PIG? Could I have ordered some much better choices and have not felt AWFUL, bloated and uncomfortable when I got home? My stomach still feels "off" today.
I savor the flavors (hey, that rhymes!) of a meal like that, but can I come up with substitutes or have not "had it all"? I have to think, I need to not have this mental thing go off in my head every time I am at a social eating situation. I want to join in with the crowd and have "fun" (which I totally associate with food), but I have to recognize what my body needs and not conform.
Food for thought, not the body.
Linda (forgive my spelling)

06-19-2005, 08:41 AM
Good morning all. Welcome back, Apple. I am glad you had a good trip, and hope an "aha" moment clicks soon for you too.

Linda, I have those same thoughts and worries when I look at my family history. Diabetes is the norm, not the exception, in both sides of my family. Arthritis, heart problems - these are also very present. How foolish am I to not take the opportunity NOW to save myself from these preventable diseases? Do I want to live a long, HEALTHY life, or what?

Well, I just got back from a very nice run. At first, I was just going to do the shorter route. Then, I decided to do the shorter route, but jump ahead a week on the training program. But, again, once I was out there, not only did I increase the running portion, but I did the longer route. I feel so good too. I hope to add distance again in about a week.

Off to do my yoga tape for a cool down, breakfast, horse, then work. Have a great day all.

06-19-2005, 09:00 AM
Heh all, had a busy day today. Lots of exercise, okay eating, meaning didnt eat that much even but didnt get the fresh veggies in. Still, good day, went hard at the gym and it felt good to be back again working out hard. Hope to keep it up.
Just a quickie here to show up. Take care, all.

06-19-2005, 09:55 AM
Glad to see your post, Red. Glad to also read you were back to the gym as well and that it felt good. We much take care of ourselves!
With that said, I'm on my way for a very healthy breakfast and then a workout!

06-19-2005, 08:33 PM
Heh all. See my weight tracker has moved! Hurrah, made it under 73 kgs, just under 160 lbs. This is the lowest I've been this year. My 21-day challenge (other thread I started) is working! Hurrah, hurrah! :cp:

06-19-2005, 10:53 PM
Hey all. Congrats on the loss, Red.

Me? Not so good. Sigh. Today was not a good day. Ate too much for lunch. Then, at work this weekend I was just feeling really edgy and crabby. Today, I gave in and bought a candy bar. I know, I should be happy I only bought one king sized candy bar, instead of ice cream or a pound bag of chocolate. It just frustrates me that I self medicated. Then, it was really hard to ignore the voice that said more chocolate of any form would be a really good way to unwind after work. I did ignore it - had a sugar free fudgicle when I got home though.

I know I should keep it in perspective, but right now that is hard. The whole perfectionist thing again. I should wait and see what the scale says tomorrow.

Have a good day all.

06-20-2005, 06:50 AM
Congrats on the loss, Red! I'm proud of you!
I am doing a challenge this week on another thread. Would you all like to do a challenge?
I am challenging myself to eat only CORE food and stay on program this week as well as to clean out my kitchen cupboard where all the "goodies" are stored. I am going to organize a special shelf where all the low point foods are kept so I can feel safe opening the doors. Being a WW person, I am going to use a permanant market and mark the points on each package of food so I will know when I take them out and look at them!
Challenges anyone?

06-20-2005, 08:52 AM
Quickie here. Thanks derry. I'm going think about your challenge idea. Waht thread is it? i have my 21-dayer and that is major but I could do a week thing. Tell me where it is and I'll check it out.
Ok, later. Hello to all. :wave:

06-20-2005, 08:54 AM
Oh, maybe derry, you meant just do a challenge here? I guess so. Well, when does it start, when end? I need structure these days! :lol:

06-20-2005, 10:32 AM
Good morning all. Hmmm. I am going to have to think about what I would challenge myself on.

Workout went well today. I did go to 30 minutes of cardio, and 2 sets of weights. I really need to scrape up the funds to meet with a trainer. just to help me find the right combo of exercise, and the right intensity.

I did have a loss this week, but only .9 pound. I feel disappointed, and kind of "cheated" if you know what I mean. And of course, that evil little voice is saying "see, it doesn't work. you are destined to be fat. go forth and eat with great glutony." Maybe the government should control our choices more. junk food can't be sold to people over a certain BMI. And you have to hop on a scale to prove that you can legally buy the stuff. "Really sir, I am buying this 5 pound box of chocolates for a 20 friend!"

Life should be so easy.

Sorry. I went from being crabby and short tempered to kind of down. I know I should be happy about the loss, happy that my workouts have improved. Happy that my food choices are improving. But happy is just something I can't find right this moment. I already downed the last of that bag of baked cheddar and sour cream ruffles to get through the first part of payroll. I am trying very hard to ignore that little voice to go get chocolate, which would make the rest of the morning so much more peaceful. . . .

I hope everyone else is having a better, less "Sybil" like morning.

06-20-2005, 10:54 AM
Good Morning.

Well, I broke down and bought a new scale over the weekend. I knew mine wasn't right and since I'm doing WW at Home, I really needed to get a new one. It weighs me more like the Drs. office - 10 pounds more. So that's kinda depressing. I really need to stay focused now. I updated my weight tracker, which was really hard for me to do. I really need to make it go down now!

Going to the gym after work. Don't know if I will get my noon walk in though. I have a meeting that might run into that time.

Hope everyone has a great week!


Apple Blossom
06-20-2005, 09:37 PM
Hi. I think a challenge is in order for me. I've mentioned before that my biggest obstacle to weight loss is my love of beer. I'm going to go beer less for 5 days, one smiley ( :) ) for each day.
I just got back from the emergency room. My toddler son, just learning to walk, crashed into my mom's bed. 5 stitches right above his eyebrow. Poor little guy, but he's really a trooper. This was the first time i've had to take one of my kids to the emergency room. Hopefully not again...
Derry, I'm with you about seeing how our parents habits have put them in certain positions later in life. My mom smoked for 50 years or so. Wow. So she had a stroke and I'm sure that's why. And my mother-in-law has hip problems and it's because she never exercised. If we correct our bad habits now, we can hopefully live long productive lives!!

06-21-2005, 12:30 AM
Hi all. Well, unfortunately, I gave in to "Sybil" today. Had a very bad middle of the day. I did get things back under control later, but still . . . I get so impatient. I want perfect, and I want it NOW. In everything that I do. I guess, subconsciously, I feel like if I can't have control of what I really want, and the feel good you get from that, I need some kind of immediate gratification - food. How to break the cycle for good, not just temporarily change the shape, and where to start? That is the question. The outward behavior - overeating, or the inward cause - perfectionism?

Have a good one everyone.

06-21-2005, 08:06 AM
First, any of you are welcome on my other thread, certainly, at any time you want to join in or stop by for a "quickie":

However, we have had our thread going for awhile and it might be refreshing for us to do a challenge of our own. I can do both.
I have already challenged myself to stay on CORE foods until Saturday with the other thread. I can do this!!! I aslo challenged myself to clean out my kitchen cupboard and organize all the healthy/low point foods onto a special shelf and to mark with permanant marker how many ww points each of the foods is per serving. I can get exercise cleaning out the big cupboard and I can toss out old and outdated food and I can put all the junk food the rest of my family insists I have on the highest shelf or the lowest one out of my view????
The closest shelf to eye level for me should have all the healtheir choices!
Now, for this thread, I can either continue on this one challenge of have something different to report in for this group.
I don't mind either way.
For now, I can report on what I ate yesterday, I may want to challenge myself to report to you guys what I am eating and be held accountable, somehow to it all?

bowl of bite size shredded wheat with ff milk
1/2 grapefruit

snack: banana

vegetable soup
"grilled cheese": 2 slices of ww bread (whoops this was non-core food, but only one point) sprayed with ww butter ff spray and ff American cheese

mid afternoon: blew it had a few chocolotes - so here I am being totally honest here... bad bad girl! :devil: Another non core food for sure.

So, I when I am moaning to you all about why didn't the scale go down, remind me of this and remind me of eating out and my poor choices over the weekend!!!!! :?:

Roast pork, baked potato, carrots, lite margarine

ff, sf, chocolate pudding made with 2 cups plain ff yogurt instead of milk (really like a cheesecake, try it!) and a bit of lite cool whip

I did ok, looking back, I had water and if I could have chosen fruit rather than the chocolates, I'd have had a better day.

What are you all eating???
Linda ;)

06-21-2005, 08:44 AM
What all am I eating? Anything that isn't nailed down. OK. maybe it isn't THAT bad, it just feels like it, as I am making poor choices. Or, made bad choices for lunch yesterday. The rest of the day was good.

So, am I going to beat myself up about yesterday, make myself feel like the world's worst human, and set myself up for failure today? Or, can I get over it, accept that today is a new day, and resolve to make better choices? The choice is mine.

On a plus note, I have to say. While the food demons are still alive and kicking, the exercise (or lack thereof) demons are quiet. I have heard them. This morning, first, maybe I didn't want to run. Then , well, maybe I could do just the short route. Then, I hear myself say, "Let's just see how it feels." I ended up not only doing my longer route, but increasing the time running again. I almost added blocks too, but my personal trainer was looking a little beat. Since I am responsible for her too, I decided to wait a day or two for that. it is a good feeling though.

Have a wonderful day all.

06-21-2005, 08:52 AM
Jolly, sounds like our challenge (how bout for ONE week for now) should be to report what we ate on a daily basis. Being totally honest, not leaving out the "bad" stuff that we grab onto unthinkingly?
If we hold ourselves accountable to reporting it ALL to eat other, maybe that is what we need to make us all think twice before stuffing chocolate into our faces? : )

06-21-2005, 10:09 AM
I can do that!

06-21-2005, 10:15 AM
Hello all. Sounds like everyone has made some good challenges. I too need to start writing down EVERYTHING that goes in my mouth. I started yesterday. It was really hard to figure out points on some things. But did the best I could. I did get the exercise in too. My downfall yesterday was a lunch meeting at a Chinese restaurant - buffett. I didn't do too bad. My plate wasn't full - tried to stay from the dishes with the sweet sauces. No egg rolls. For dinner I had fish and garlic mashed potatoes made with low-fat milk. This was really hard for me, I'm not a big fan of fish. I did make some progress though. No snacking after dinner!

Apple Blossom - Hope you little guy is doing okay after his fall. I DD had to have 5 stitches over her eye when she was about 3. She had a fall also.

Jolly - good for you on your run!


Apple Blossom
06-21-2005, 09:39 PM
Well I earned myself a smiley. And right now is about the time of day when I crave a drink. Hopefully I make it through the evening. I have my husband monitoring me so if I give in I will be shamed and embarrassed. :nono:
Swimming lessons have started and I'm out and about in a swim suit. Yuck.
I still can't bring my selk to wear shorts often. Fortunately we haven't had any relly hot days so far this year. Gosh I hate my legs... :p
I could never bring myself to actually write down what I eat. Just can't for some reason. Sometimes I log on Fitday because I like all the pie charts and it shows how I need to balance things. I'm always low on protien it seems. Antway, I am convinced that a few weeks of little or no beer will slip a few more pounds off. :crossed:
The baby is doing great, by the way. He seems completely oblivious to his injury.

Apple Blossom
06-21-2005, 09:41 PM
Oh yea, I almost forgot my smiley.... :)

06-21-2005, 10:13 PM
Good evening all. Just wanted to report my eatin's for the day.

Breakfast: 1 cup orange juice, 1.5 cup skim milk, 2 eggos w/ margarine and light syrup
Snack: 1 cup V8, 6 light pringles
Lunch: Chicken noodle soup, carrots, light pringles, apple, sugar free yogurt
Dinner: chips and salsa, chicken fajitas w/ all the toppings, but no tortillas or sides, 1 strawberry margarita and a half an original margarita.

( I went out to dinner with a friend :) )

Have a good night all.

06-22-2005, 07:58 AM
Apple, glad to hear your son is doing ok. Kids have these things, my own daughter and son were chasing each other in the house, laughing and my daughter ran right into the kitchen counter and cracked her front tooth in half at 2 1/2 years old. We were on vacation.... way out in the middle of nowhere and we had to find an oral surgeon and she was put under general anesthesia and had the tooth surgically taken out. It was a total nightmare.

Yesterday's meals: (just pointing out that I journalled and by journaling I am discovering that I am more happy on Flex vs. CORE, but I am not giving up on CORE yet??? or will at least be trying to stay with CORE foods as they are so healthy)

Omelet made with egg substitute, asparagus and one Laughing Cow lite cheese wedge (all core, except the cheese wedge)
whole wheat flat bread roll up with turkey, provolone, sliced tomato, honey mustard and 1 tsp lite mayo mixed together (really yummy, try it!) (core, but not the flat bread and the provolone - 5 points)

no afternoon snack - surprisingly, just had water

Sirloin steak, brown rice, string beans, lite margarine (one point)

SF, FF chocolate pudding with lite cool whip

If I used the flex plan to deal with this, it's 24 points. I earned 2 points on the treadmill and get an allowance of 22 points... so I'm right "there" on program for the day.
If I used the CORE plan, I didn't do awfully well and used 7 of my 35 FP for the week and at that rate, I'd go over the 35 in five days vs. seven.
So, which plan am I on?
I'm thinking I will keep journaling and maybe this won't end up a CORE week, but I'm still going to try to be on those foods for the most part. I think they are so much healthier.
I'm confused.
I have to admit that maybe my challenge on the other thread for this week is not going well, it was to be on CORE foods all week and I have blown that already. So, what is my challenge, then? I think it's to still clean out that cupboard, maybe today!
But, in addition it is to figure out where I stand with my meal plan and to stay on whichever program I can - just managing to be eating better and staying reasonable.
Did I mention my weigh in results? I was the same yesterday. I guess that is better than a gain, and I know I blew it dining out over the weekend.
I'll do better... :?:

06-22-2005, 10:20 AM
Good Morning! I'm happy to report that I stayed within my points yesterday! That is such a good feeling. I got my walk in at noon and a nice walk with my dogs last night. I didn't make it to the gym after work, but at least I got some exercise in. Also did a good job of journaling what I ate. I think that is what I really need to consentrate on right now. It seems to help.

Sounds like everyone is having a good week so far. Keep up the good work!


06-22-2005, 10:39 AM
Good morning all. I made it to the gym today. Did 30 minutes of cardio, and 2 sets of weights. I even increased the weights I was doing. I still feel like I need to have someone tell me how to improve my efforts, but I can't quite yet.

I made a bad choice for breakfast, especially after last night, and making pasta for my dad for a belated Father's day tonight. Ah well. Will stay on track the rest of the day. Things are overall looking up.

Have a good day. No, don't. Have an INCREDIBLE day.

06-22-2005, 12:57 PM
OK. Real quick NSV to report. I was sitting here at work, doing paperwork. My butt was dragging a bit. So, I decided to go get some caffeine. Normally, this would be my internal justification to get some chocolate, or other very sugary treat. But, I was able to go, get a soda, and bypass the food. (The soda is, of course, diet).

This is HUGE for me right now, as the food demons are still very much present.

Talk to you all later.

06-22-2005, 02:51 PM
Way to go jolly! Taking this one step at a time is great advice for all of us. :)

06-22-2005, 05:17 PM
Great accomplishment to bypass the chocolate and other treats! It's just SOOOO hard to do.
In one of my local grocery stores I found Weight Watchers candy in small packages, they are so "cute" and made by Whitmans. Two pieces are two points, you can still have some candy and in a very portion controled way if you can find these things.
I had the peppermint patties today after lunch and I didn't feel guilty!
Food has been good today and I just finished cleaning out that kitchen cupboard and it took almost all day. I ended up washing the floor as well as a soda got spilled in there at lunchtime. Have washed it FOUR times so far and it's still sticky. I hate that feeling of walking on a sticky floor.
I just looked on line for low fat cornbread recipes and found a couple of them. I will try one and see how it comes out. I love cornbread and want it for dinner with chicken, but don't want the excess calories that are usually part of it. The one I found has ff buttermilk and egg white in it. Sounds ok?
I was on my treadmill for 20 minutes this morning as well as did a half hour work out tape concentrating on inner and outer thighs as well as arms/shoulders today. I'll be sore tomorrow, but it felt good.
Take care everyone, feeling good and strong in NH,

06-22-2005, 05:43 PM
Linda it sounds like you have been very busy today! I love the way I feel after a good workout. Hopefully you won't be too sore. Thanks for the tip on the candy. I'll have to look for it around here.


06-22-2005, 11:27 PM
Hi all. I am hoping I can do my run tomorrow. I was cleaning my horse's feet, when he had a random neural firing and reared. In my scramble to get out from under him, I munched my gluts. Raven should relate!

I do have another NSV to report. I had to go to Sam's Club to pick up some stuff for work. It was "happy hour" but I went through the store without eating any of the samples they had out. This for me is huge.

My eating for the day was still not great.

Exercise: 30 minutes cardio, 2 sets weights

Breakfast: 2 sausage McMuffins, 1 order hashbrowns
Lunch: Ham and cheese sandwich, carrots, light pringles, apple, sf yogurt
Dinner: salad, 2 large helpings chicken alfredo (though I did throw out all the leftover pasta and freeze the leftover sauce).

Have a good one all.

06-23-2005, 07:36 AM
*lol* Jolly... I am not laughing at the situation, because I know how much of an adrenalin rush that can be, but .. 'random neural firing' *lol!! I love that.

I hope your butt feels better soon. Hey, to your credit, at least you didn't hang on under there and wrestle with him. *cough* :o

06-23-2005, 08:01 AM
Hey guys, been reading the posts as I get notices but just have had no time to post, what with my challenge thread, that takes up just about most of my time for posting these days. Just wanted to say that I am doing very well with exercising and eating. I am allowing myself absolutely anything but just listening to my body and feelings (for taste, not emotional eating) and I really like it. Of course, I have been doing this dieting stuff and nutritional stuff for so many years, I KNOW what is good, what isn't and I'm listening to that. It's like cycling without training wheels. Feels great!

But I know everyone is at different stages in getting their eating together. So, more power to you. I just couldn't do the challenge you're doing to write everything down. It goes against what I'm trying to accomplish now. I may think of another challenge sometime but for now, the 21-day thing is enough. I have another week with that.

Well, gotta work. Keep up the good work everyone.

06-23-2005, 10:14 AM
Good Morning to all!

Yesterday was a pretty good day for me. I did go over my points by 1 so I took that from my weekly allowance. I really do thing that writing everything down is helping. We will see what the scale says on Monday. The weekends are my hard days. That's when I really forget to write things down. Anyway, I plan to walk during lunch and then go the the gym after work. I had grape nut flakes with 1% milk for breakfast, lunch will be a WW frozen meal and a peach, dinner is going to be a sandwich and baked Lays. I will probably have a snack a Healthy Creations bar from Schwans. They are so good and have only 1 pt.

Red - glad to see you check in today!

Jolly - hope you get to run today. And congrats on making it through Sam's without sampling anything. That can be so hard to do!

06-23-2005, 10:49 AM
Good morning all. Yeah, Raven, it was a rush. First thought was to get out from underneath him. The crab crawl scurry I did was what yanked my muscles. then, try to keep him from going over backwards. Luckily, others were there, and he was already calming down by the time I straightened up.

No, I did not get my run in this morning. I was still pretty sore. So, I did my yoga tape, in hopes that this would help stretch out the muscle. It did to a point. So I will try to run again tomorrow. If not, I will go to the gym and work out. But, at least I did do the yoga. So that's somehting.

Have a super day all.

Apple Blossom
06-23-2005, 06:56 PM
It looks like the baby is going to end up with a pretty big scar. It doesn't look like it is healing together too well. I mean, there is a scab, and I don't think that's supposed to happen with stiches.
This dramatic week old cat (18 yrs!) seems to be dying :(
Part of me wants to take him to the vet, maybe he just needs fluids and he'll pull through. But the vet will cost an arm and a leg and he most likely is just dying.....I might take him laer's such a hard decision. Poor pussycat.
Amazing with the week I've been having, I've been able to stay away from beer. I did do some stress eating yesterday, but not too bad. Peanuts and golfish crackers. So I get 2 more smileys!
:) :) :)

06-24-2005, 12:10 AM
Depending on how much they cleaned up the area before stitchiing, scabs are normal. Especially if there is some seepage around the actual stitch site. Hopefully, it will fade with time - they have those strips or cream or something you can put over it (post stitches I am sure) to help it fade. Good job on the not too bad stress eating. I am sorry about your cat.

OK. Here's today

Exercise: 1/2 mile walk, yoga tape
Breakfast: juice, omelet
Lunch: chips and salsa, chicken fajita salad (I didn't eat the bowl)
Supper: Chicken chef salad, apple
Snack: cheese rice cakes

Have a good one all.

06-24-2005, 08:11 AM
Good morning all. Well, just checking in for the morning. I did manage a bit of a run this morning. I only did the short route, and I was VERY slow, but at least I got out there. Still a bit stiff in the thigh, and walking funny threw my ankle out. Ah well. I can do lots of stretches today and tomorrow, so we can have a great run on Sunday.

I feel guilty because my workouts weren't very hard yesterday and today. (again, the perfectionist) And it was really difficult to get moving today, as I skipped the run yesterday. Amazing how loud those workout demons can get in one day. but, I did overcome.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

06-24-2005, 10:29 AM
Happy Friday!

Jolly - I know what you mean about the workout demons! Skip one day and it's hard to block them out. Glad you got to run at least some today.

Apple - When my DD was 3 she got 5 stitches above her eye. It did scab over abit. She has a very little scar today. She is 19 now and you can't hardly see it unless you know where to look. Hope that helps. Congrats on the 3 smilies!

I had another really good day yesterday. Stayed within points and got my walk in at noon and went to the gym after work. Now if I can just keep it up through the weekend. :crossed:

Have a good one!


06-24-2005, 09:42 PM
Good evening all.

Well, I had a good day overall. Spent the whole day with my mom. I love her, but for some reason, it always seems a bit stressful. like I think I have something to prove or something. Crazy, I know. But, we had a good day. I even don't feel like stress eating. It's a good thing.

So, my day:

Exercise: mini walk, aprox 1.5 mile jog (jog 9 walk 1), walk all over the mall.
Breakfast: juice, 2 grilled ham and cheese sandwiches, pickles, light pringles
lunch: hot and sour soup, 2 plates chinese food
snack: fat free frozen yogurt (small)
supper: 3 slices pizza.

OK. Not the best choices for food, but . . . And I may add a few sugar free fudgicles before I end the night - it is really hot up here. I do have a NSV, in that I did not polish of the whole pizza.

Hope everyone is having a good day.

Apple Blossom
06-25-2005, 01:56 PM
My pussycat died on Thursday night. We are all very sad. I have lived with him since I finished college, so we've been through alot together. He was a great cat. My husband always said he was more like a dog. (he's not a cat person) My 8 year old took it alot harder than I thought he would. I was suprised by his emotion. My daughter had a good cry too. We will miss him. :(
The baby had his stitches out this morning. He is fine. he's a happy little guy.
I made it 5 days with out beer, or any other drink for that matter. Tonight I'm going to my SIL's and I'm having one. Or 2. It's been a tough week.
Maybe next week I'll challenge my self to no desserts too. The scale isn't moving.
Well, have a great week end everyone!!
:) :) :) :) :)

06-25-2005, 04:55 PM
Oh, Apple. I am so sorry to hear about your cat. It is so hard to lose one of our furry family members. My thoughts are with you.

Busy weekend. Did not get a bike ride in today. See if I can find time tomorrow. Hope so. Did try swimming - but could only manage 10 minutes.

have a great day.

06-26-2005, 01:33 AM
Wow. Where is everyone???

Well, here is my not so good day . . .

Exercise: 1/2 m walk, 15 min cardio, 2 sets weights, 10 min swim, walking
Breakfast: juice, omelet
snack: slice of bread
lunch: 2 slices pizza, raisens, lt pringles, 2 sugar free fudgicles
supper: cheese fries, 2 plate pasta salad

Like I said, not a good day. Hope yours was better.

06-26-2005, 08:04 AM
Apple, I'm so sorry to hear about your cat. I share your sadness, knowing well what it's like to lose a loved furry one. :( I just lost a dear neighbor lady, who was always so kind to animals, including the strays. She was only 64 and went instantly it seems from a stroke. Your cat was loved. This woman was loved. Let's hope we all go as well. Take care, Apple.

Enjoy your beers.

06-26-2005, 09:24 AM
Hi everyone, I had to go away suddenly on Thursday as my dad is really bad. He's now in the hospital and they now say he'll never be able to come home again.
We'll see. I shall read your posts later on and try to get back to my routines, but weight loss is not on my mind right now, though it still should be.

06-26-2005, 06:13 PM
So much sad times right now. Just remember to take care of yourselves through all of this. If you don't love and take care of yourself, you wont have anything for anyone else. You matter.

I did not make it to run today. The plates of pasta I had before bed caught up with me. i woke up feeling almost hungover. I did go to the gym after church and did 40 minutes of cardio. Had a wonderful ride on my pony. Then just got done doing over an hour on the bike trail. I think I am going to try and go to the dog park. It is a bit warm, but they deserve a little treat.

the only thing I didn't get done this weekend was 1) going to my friend's barn (she cancelled) and 2) staying for the church picnic (I just all of a sudden wasn't feeling up to a crowd.) Rest of the weekend has been great. Except for the food. I have to make sure I don't schedule that many out to eats at one time agian. Even though I made healthier choices overall (OK - not hte cheese fries - it was a ball game for crying out loud!) I still ate more than I do at home. Not good. Not looking forward to the scale tomorrow. Oh well. Got to face the music.

have a good one all.

06-27-2005, 10:31 AM
Good morning all, and welcome to a new week. I hope everyone comes back around.

I forgot to post my food for yesterday, so here goes:
Exercise: 1/2 m walk, 40 min Precor, 1+ hour bike
Breakfast: Juice, yogurt, slice of bread w/ marg
Lunch: 1/2 sub, baked chips
Supper: 2 helpings chicken alfredo

I made it to the gym this morning, but did not do weights. I really have to get off my butt tomorrow and run. I did hop on the scale, and stayed the same.

I hope this week brings better things for everyone.

06-27-2005, 10:52 AM
Good Morning all!

I'm so sorry to hear about everyone's losses. Hang in there. It's truely is a sad time.

I had my weigh in this morning. Drum roll please....... I lost 5 pounds last week! Writing down everything I eat really has helped! I was so surprised! Going to try to keep this up. Today I plan on walking at noon and then going to the gym after work. I has a bowl of cereal for breakfast and brought Progresso soup and a nectarine for lunch.

Have a great day!


06-28-2005, 12:12 AM
Congrats on the loss, Kathy. Weigh to go :cb:

I did not do so well today. Here was my day:

Exercise: 1/2 m walk, 40 min Precor
Breakfast: Juice, cereal, milk
Snack: Baked cheddar and sour cream Ruffles (1/2 the bag)
Lunch: whole Cousins sub (Hey, at least I didn't down the party platter!)
Snack: Baked cheddar and sour cream Ruffles (there went the rest of the bag . . )
Supper: Chef salad

OK. So the only save is that I started feeling like since I had done so horribly, obviously I couldn't do this, and should just eat whatever. I was going to stop at Taco Bell for a bunch (read, more than one order) of nachos. I found some small smidgeon of self esteem somewhere, and came straight home.

Have a good one!

06-28-2005, 10:11 AM
Good morning all. Not a very good start to the day so far. I did not go out for my run. First, it was raining. But that really was just a lucky excuse. Because I sure didn't try to do anything else either. I will try very hard to do my yoga tape tonight, so I at least do something, but . . . we shall see.

I really hope to hear from y'all soon. Have a good one.

06-28-2005, 10:52 AM
Hang in there jolly! We all go through those tough spots. My weight stayed the same and it was really hard to keep motivated for the last three weeks. Then that big loss last week - it was great! It was good that you were able to skip the nachos.

I'm going to have a hard day today. I'm not going to get my walk in at noon. The office is going out to lunch (Mexican) for a co-worker's birthday celebration. I need to calculate what I can eat. I brought a can of V-8 to drink before I go so maybe I won't have all the chips beforehand. Then DH has requested Chinese for dinner. I'm making it at home so I can use low-fat ingredients, hopefully it won't be too bad. No fried rice or egg roll for me!

Have a great day!

06-28-2005, 09:51 PM
Hey all. Not a good day. Did not get a workout in, though did get a nice ride on my horse, despite the weather.

Exercise: None
Breakfast: juice, omelet
Snack: light pringles
Lunch: ham and cheese sandwich, chips and cheese dip, two cookies (work lunch)
Supper: pizza

Hope everyone is having a good night.

06-29-2005, 08:38 AM
I didn't have that great a day either. We went out for lunch the the Chinese for dinner. I went over by 4 points. The only exercise I got was walking the dog last night.

We have to think positive! Today will be better!

I plan on my noon walk and going to the gym after work. Brought a Healthy Choice chicken and pasta for lunch with a FF Jello pudding cup. Dinner is going to be sandwiches tonight.

BTW - Where is everyone?

Have a good one!


06-29-2005, 08:41 AM
Yeah, Kathy, I have been a bit concerned about where everyone is too.

I did make it to the gym this morning. Did not get weights in, but did a solid 40 mins of cardio. That was very good.

Here's to a better day!

06-29-2005, 01:23 PM
Sorry I'm not posting. I really have little to say. My exercising consists of whatever I can do that won't have me flopping on the floor in muscle spasms. My eating .. eh. It's about the same. It really never changes much. My water is ok, I guess.

My life has pretty much come to a screeching halt till my back heals and I am extraordinarily cranky about this whole thing. :mad:

I lurk, but that's about the best I can do right now.

06-29-2005, 02:38 PM
Raven, I hope you are feeling better soon.

Apple Blossom
06-29-2005, 09:25 PM
Looks like Jolly and Roxy are holding down the fort! Sorry I haven't been posting. Not much progress going on here. I'm at a bit of a stand still myself. Yesterday was terrible, I went out for breakfast (belgian waffle) and had a dinner guest so lots of food and , yes, BEER. Time for another beer challenge.
I've been going to the pool everyday and I really want to wear a bikini. I'm just too self conscious. :( I keep saying loose 5 more pounds, but I don't. To heck with it, i should go for it anyway....I should also swim a few laps while I'm there...
Derry- my prayers are with you and your family. I hope your dad is comfotable.

06-29-2005, 09:38 PM
Hi, all. Thought I'd venture a hello. Nothing much going on to talk about. I'm trying not to focus on eating so much. Find this is better for me. Out of mind, out of mouth with me. Thus, the lack of posting. I have realized I really eat much, more when I am thinking of dieting. My focus now is mainly to get vegetables into me and stay away from anything else but fruit and whole grains. Of course, I am eating other things, but consider the day a success if I get in fresh vegetables. Just finished off a bag of mini carrots. Great snack and so portable. Even more so than an apple, no juice, no mess, and they last a few days out of the refrigerator too. I have celery and fresh cherries waiting to be eaten in the fridge too.
Good luck, everyone. Hope things go better for you all.

06-29-2005, 11:50 PM
Hey all. Glad to hear from some more voices.

Here was my day:
Exercise: 1/2 m walk, 40 min Precor
Breakfast: juice, milk, 2 eggos w/ light syrup and margerine
Snack: Chex mix
Lunch: 2 sets of nachos
Supper: small sub, baked chips, single serving M&Ms

06-30-2005, 04:59 AM
Hi everyone. Sorry I've been out of the loop for the last few days. I am heading North today until Monday as well. My dad is being moved into a nursing home today and it's going to be a rough day. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers. He is giving up, I think and had now developed a bladder infection. With his white cell count so low, not sure how this will effect him. Miracles happen, though, and I am not giving up on my own prayers.
I've not had time for work outs the last few days and will try today before I leave mid-day, if I can. I feel so much better when I can do that, emotionally and physically. I'm bringing a work out tape with me. I need to keep up with the good I've done, even when times are tough.
Now, even though it's been rough, I had a good weigh in on Tuesday afternoon, I lost 2.2 pounds. Getting on the core plan to kick off my renewed weight loss must have been the right choice? I am back on flex points now, though, as with all that is going on, being on Core foods is way too rough for me. I've been hapharzardly journalling, but with all that is going on, even an awareness of my weight loss efforts is a good thing as far as I am concerned.
Keep up the good work, I will be back on Monday and hope to check in then. If you don't hear from me, that means that things are just way too crazy. If you all want to start a new thread just keep the same title and I'll find you all for sure! Or, send me a PM, or post it here so I don't get lost!
Happy 4th of July holiday to us Americans, stay safe and drive carefully.

06-30-2005, 10:43 AM
Good Morning! Nice to hear for all of you!

Linda - My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

Yesterday wasn't too bad. I didn't go over on points. Got my walk in at noon, but didn't get to the gym as planned. DH called and said he would be late, so I decided I would mow the lawn for him instead of going to the gym, in 100 weather! I think that made up for not going to the gym.

I probably won't be posting much over the weekend, but will try to check in. My DS is coming home for the holiday tomorrow. Haven't seen him since February. I'm really excited! The only bad thing is, I'm making some of his favorites which aren't very diet friendly. Hope I have the will-power to not over indulge.

Have a great day and for those traveling, have a safe time. :sunny:

06-30-2005, 08:33 PM
Hey all. 'Congrats on the loss, but so sorry to hear about your dad. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

I am kind of in a bad place right now emotionally. I had a talk with my supervisor yesterday, about the position I applied for. The talk left me feeling like I have basically no shot at it. This may not be accurate, but it is what I "heard." I just feel like I am never going to be good enough. For the job. For a man to love me. For anytyhing. I called my dad to talk about the job situation, and after explaining the conversation to him, he said it sounded like Shakespeare - "the evil that men do lives after them, the good is oft interred with their bones." In other words, since I made some mistakes in my people skills, that is what the higher ups are remembering. Not helpful. i know I need to find a way out of this place. It is just hard. Everything seems so dark right now. I am eating poorly. My workouts are suffering. I just don't know how to shake myself out of this.

Sorry to dump, just needed ot I guess. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

06-30-2005, 08:43 PM
Heh jolly, I hear you on the job problem. I know you keep saying you like the place, but if they don't like you, for the things you may have said or done earlier or whatever, then it's time for you to move on. Don't sit there trying to be "the good girl." There are places who will appreciate you for what you are. I live in the country where the saying is, "the nail that sticks out is pounded down." Don't buy into that kind of thinking. We are all individuals and have a right to be taken as such. Remember the story of the ugly duckling, nothing ugly about it. You, too, are that beautiful swan. Find your kind of people and the place you can thrive in. I don't like hearing you get so down on yourself. Come on, kid, spread those wings and fly! :sunny:

07-01-2005, 10:00 AM
Don't stop! I've been struggling with depression this week, but I know that God loves me just as I am. I'm tired of letting others dictate who I'm going to be! I want to be who I want to be, not who they think I am or only what they think I'm capable of being. I can be anything I want to be...I'm a child of God. He loves me and he loves you too. You can be and do anything you want to. Don't let them make you feel like you aren't worth sticking to your goals. Don't let them control you! You go work out and you eat healthy...and with every pump of iron and good healthy thing you eat, laugh at them and say "It's my life and I can do anything I want to do!'re not controlling me!"

07-02-2005, 04:46 AM
Here's the link to the July thread. Hop on over!