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06-01-2005, 06:49 AM
Hi chicks ....... I hope you had no trouble finding us.
Here we are on June 1 2005. I am feeling fat and miserable and this new start is just what I need. In just less than 8 weeks I will be 54 years old and still I am trying to get rid of this extra 14 pounds of fat. I have been trying for the last few years but still it stays there. :( I am carrying this extra weight around with me every day and it is such a stupid situation to be in. I could do everything with much more ease if I was 154 pounds instead of 168. I would also be much healthier. It is coming to the time of year when I cannot hide under a coat and I will have to walk with just a top and jeans. I feel so self-conscience when I am this much overweight.

So today is going to be the beginning of a new healthier me ....... how about you ladies ........ would you care to join me?

Anyone reading this is most welcome to join us ....... we love meeting new people and we need all the help we can get. :D

All those magazine articles about weight loss, which promise that you will drop a dress size in a few weeks are very seductive.

You know that, if you follow the plan to the letter, you will lose weight and because they generally include both a diet plan and an exercise routine you will become a little more toned too.

How many of those articles have you cut out and intended to follow? And how many have you actually stuck with?

Most are just too stringent to keep going for any more than a day or two. They are too much of a complete change in your life style. If you spent the next month to doing this for yourself, then you would probably succeed. But most of us have multiple demands on our time and energy, juggling families and work, with little time left to devote to an entirely new weight loss regime even for a few weeks.

And what happens after you drop a dress size, should you manage to keep going on this miraculous plan? Can you keep up the regime forever? Of course not - it's not designed for that. You're back to square one, eating as you always ate and doing about as much exercise as you did before, the very behaviour that caused you to gain weight in the first place. You'll gain all the weight back again and fast.

So what can you do instead? For those of you who live a normal busy life, set yourself up for success in the long term, by introducing only a single small change or two at a time.

Choose those things which you can easily incorporate in your life and which will give you a taste of how success feels - especially important when you've spent the last goodness knows how long not succeeding at more drastic weight loss plans.

And then go a little further. Change a food habit here, add more activity there. Make gradual sustainable changes until you have the lifestyle which supports a naturally healthy, slim you for the long term.

You may find that you change your life style substantially over the coming months. You may even find it's not so far off that magazine lifestyle you want. But you will be changing in such a way that you stay within your comfort zone, stretching it a tiny bit each time you make a small change.
This is the way to sustain lasting changes - the difference between losing and gaining the same 10lbs for the rest of your life and being 10lbs lighter forever.

So the small changes I am starting with are:

I will stop nibbling at cheese, ham etc., when I am making DH and DS's lunches ........ strange I never nibble at the lettuce!!

I will eat less at suppertime as I seem to end up going to bed on a full tummy which is not at all good.

Good Luck everyone!

06-01-2005, 07:36 AM
Weight Loss Motivation

I expect you feel that your weight loss motivation already exists by the bucketload.

You've been trying to lose weight for ages, right?

You want to be successful in your weight loss so much and yet you know that you struggle sometimes.

You feel at times that your willpower just fails you and you don't know why you can break your diet so easily when you want more than anything to be healthy and slim.

We've all been there! Why is it so hard and what can you do about it?
Here we explore

ē what makes you eat that chocolate cake , when you'd rather not for the sake of your diet

ē what stops you from going to your exercise class, when you know how much you would benefit from it

ē what you can do to help your motivation to stick to your diet and exercise routine

So why do weight loss programs promise so much and succeed so rarely?
Weight loss programs fail because you want to eat more/move less than you want to lose weight.

It sounds simple and yet when we look at what drives you to eat and what stops you from moving the picture becomes complex and involved.
There's no one simple answer fits all. There are many reasons why food passes our lips and why we don't get off our sofas and "Just Do It" as the adverts implore us.

In What makes you break your diet we explore the many types of hunger and how to deal with each one, so that you can stick to your diet - weight loss motivation without the gritted teeth determination, which seems to be accepted by dieters as a necessary evil.

Our What stops you from exercising section looks at ways to motivate yourself to keep up with your exercise program, so you just do it, no matter what and achieve a double hit of losing weight and feeling wonderfully fit and healthy at the same time.

Weight Loss Motivation

What makes you break your diet?

No matter how great your weight loss motivation, you invariably break your diet at some point. Why is that?

You break your diet because you're hungry, in some way, and food is everywhere!

You just can't avoid seeing delicious food, even if you wanted to. It's in the office, it's at home, it's on TV, it's the focal point of nearly every social occasion, it's on every street corner. It's as if your weight loss motivation is under attack everywhere you go! And the more hungry you are the more delicious everything looks!

So given we can't remove all tempting food from your reach, controlling hunger is the key.

You may think that being hungry is a necessary evil when you're dieting. (Haven't we all heard the diet gurus of the past spouting "Hunger is your friend"?) But it's just not true! Help your weight loss motivation by dealing with your hunger, in the right way.

Now, how do you stop being hungry on your diet without stuffing yourself all the time eating the fridge empty?

The answer lies in identifying your hunger! What type of hunger is motivating you to eat?

1. True physical hunger. You haven't eaten for a few hours and your tummy is rumbling because it's empty. Cure for this is just to eat. And eat before you get too hungry and wolf everything down!

2. Low blood sugar hunger. Typically within a couple of hours of eating some quickly digestible starchy or sugary food you'll feel hungry again. The body is looking for food to replace the sugar quickly again. Cure for this is to eat slow-release foods regularly throughout the day to keep your blood sugar levels even.

3. Cravings. These can be caused by

o a sensitivity to food - you may actually crave the stuff that you're slightly allergic to e.g. Allergy to wheat and you crave pasta and bread. Cure is to detect and deal with your allergies. See a specialist if you suspect that your cravings are allergy based. Clues are always craving foods with the same basic ingredient, wanting to eat them several times a day, finding it physically difficult to leave them out of your diet.

o a deficiency in nutrients. Your body craves what it is lacking. Cure is making sure you have a good quality multivitamin and mineral supplement each day.

o a feeling of deprivation. Cure is not to ban any food from your diet. Everything in moderation.

4. Comfort eating. There are quite a few reasons why we eat for comfort. These range from stress, low self-esteem, guilt, loneliness, boredom .... The list is endless. The cure involves identifying your own personal reasons for using food as comfort, facing up to your need and finding other ways to get solace than trying to fill the gap with food.

5. Social Hunger. You're not really hungry but you have been offered food and it might upset your friend if you refuse. After all she made you a cake, went to all that trouble. Or you're out at a restaurant. Everyone else is eating dessert. You've just eating a main course so you're not hungry but you join in anyway. Cure is to be clear about your reasons for wanting to lose weight /stay slim and to value yourself enough to be assertive (without hurting the feelings of others) as well as deciding to put your long term goals before short term satisfaction.

You need to be a bit of a detective in identifying your own patterns of eating and what is contributing to your breaking your diet. Use the clues above to start solving your own situation.

Weight Loss Motivation

Keep up your exercise routine

When it comes to weight loss motivation, are you an exercise drop-out?
You start, full of good intentions, resolving to get fit, healthy and slim and then, somewhere along the line, you lose interest and stop going for your walks, stop attending your class. It's a common pattern. Why do we do this?
Do you say to yourself...?
ē It's too much effort. I can't be bothered.
ē I don't have enough time, I'm under enough pressure as it is
ē It's much harder than I thought
ē I'm not enjoying it
ē I can't see what difference it's making
ē I feel too awkward, I feel people are looking at me

Ask yourself why you no longer have the level of desire that you once had, to find the clues you need to know what to do about it. Your own weight loss motivation will be a combination of factors unique to you.
Do you still want all that exercise can deliver?
If you do, then it means finding a way to keep your desire to be fit alive, while reducing the things that make exercise feel like a negative experience for you.

Motivate yourself to keep going :

1. Focus constantly on what exercise can give you. This is a key principle for Weight Loss Motivation. If you don't really want the results you will get, you will never keep up your routine. Continually confirm to yourself your decision to get fit, slim and healthy.

2. Look at how you feel about exercise
o Before
o During
o After
What do you say to yourself at these times? If you had a personal trainer to support you what would they be saying to you? How would you then view it differently? Be your own coach and help yourself get going.

3. Just resolve to do a little. Constantly tell yourself that you are doing well while exercising, knowing that you can stop at any minute. Don't distort how hard it is in your mind. People often exaggerate the effort, the discomfort of exerting themselves. Feel the pleasure of pushing yourself a little. Some discomfort is part of really beneficial exercise. Acknowledge those sensations as momentary.

4. Focus on the things you like about exercise rather than the discomfort - the good feeling you have about yourself once you've done your session, the feeling of being out in the fresh air, the camaraderie of the girls in your class, the great music etc.

5. Focus on the good you're doing to yourself, not how unfit you feel.

6. Say to yourself "I'm getting stronger, slimmer and fitter every second I keep going". You are doing yourself some good every time you exercise. Don't worry about visible results. Congratulate yourself every time you take any exercise at all.

7. Don't compare yourself to others. There will always be people slimmer or fitter than you. Make the focus of your weight loss motivation your own personal best.

8. Resolve to reserve the time for exercise. What is more important than your health? Watching TV? Cleaning? Overtime at work? I don't think so. What priority are you giving your well-being. Remember that if you are fit, well and happy with yourself this will benefit others too. Every child deserves a happy parent, every boss would rather have a fit employee.

9. Adopt a positive attitude towards exercise. Decide to look forward to each session and to get the maximum benefit out of it.

10. Chart your progress. You'll see how each week you're able to do a little more.

11. Find an exercise that you feel comfortable with. Enlist the support of a friend as your fitness buddy. If you're not sure you can do anything, just start by walking short distances every day and then gradually add speed and time to your workout.

12. Look for fun ways to fitness - try dancing, ice skating, skiing, hill walking. Find your own pleasurable activities. Fitness does not have to mean the gym.

06-01-2005, 09:24 AM

06-01-2005, 11:54 AM
Hi Mooz and Ladies,

You have done an outstanding job setting up our "New" home. Your graphics are most motivating! I also like what you have posted in regards to getting off this extra weight. I haven't gotten into Susan Powter's book too far, but already I see she is calling a "spade" a "spade." The weightloss industry is out there to take our money with no guarantees it will work! That is why she is saying "Stop the Insanity." I really like her attitude--the first thing she tells you to do is to take off all your clothes and look into a full-length mirror and then you try and accept your body as it is right now. There is no "perfect" Barbie out there, unless she is always starving!

Okay -- let's come up with some challenges for this first week! Mine is to exercise at least 30 to 45 min. each day, even if it's only walking. I am going to the gym before I visit my DH--they have come up with a lottery to entice the seniors to come in during the month of June. Each time you go there you receive a scratch ticket and you may win something! I am all for getting rewarded!

1-Day, Catlover, HalGal and anyone else--do you want to issue a challenge?

Hope your day is a "super" one!


06-01-2005, 06:29 PM
Morning all. Mooz I'm sorry I didn't get back to start your new thread. Afraid things are a bit awry with the good folks in this asylum and as a consequence I go home eat and go to bed.

Madcat, Hollyhock and I have a June challenge called Back to Basics. What we want to do is to accept that to lose weight we have to eat within our range, exercise frequently and drink the water. That is what helped us before and no doubt will again. You are welcome to join in - I'm up to lose 2kg this month.

The stress here at work is not helping however I am just going to have to rise above the madness. I looked at my contract last night and can't get out of it before September or there will be penalties, so I might as well relax and go with the flow. Ultimately, it won't be me that suffers, it will be the system users, so why should I care - probably because I was reared with the saying that if a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well. I'm too old to change my ways completely now. I can accept the new and it is not all bad, just to my way of thinking not good enough for the working people.

That's my lot for today. If you want to join our challenge that's fine. We can pick up any results from the threads and deliver the answers back to the threads.

See you all.

06-01-2005, 09:50 PM
Hello ladies,

Mooz - Once again you have done a wonderful job with our new home. I can't believe we're on part 17. I too am tired of this extra weight I have been carrying around. I tend to lose to a certain point then go back up then lose again to that point. This time I'm going to get past that point that I always stall at, and I know the only way to to also exercise.

Nita - I think for me right now it is to drink my water. Here it is after 7pm and i only had 12 oz of water. I have slowly gotten out of the habit of drinking water. So my first goal is to drink more water.

Ok ladies, this month I am going to have a weight loss, let's get MOVING!

06-01-2005, 11:16 PM
Mooz--great new site! Yes, it is hard to believe it's #17.

Earl made arrangements to buy a replacement car, so that will be good. It's a Chevy Lumina, a '97. Not real exciting, but he can get in and out of it easily, which he couldn't do with the Toyota. Will pick it up tomorrow. Have to arrange to scrap the other car. Sigh.

I was helping a new person at work. She's done phone work before, but she was just lost. Just kept getting more depressed and anxious. Tried to tell her just relax, you'll make mistakes, everyone does, as long as you get the caller the right information, don't worry about some of the technical stuff. But she still couldn't do some of the basic stuff like opening a new call. Our supervisor is going to see if he can get her some more training.

Need to get to bed.

Pleasant dreams.

06-02-2005, 05:50 AM

Mornin chickies ...... great to see that some of you found your way here! :)

Shad - Back To Basics sounds great and just what I need and I believe I have actually started!! When is your weighin day so that I can report on how I am doing?

I am feeling good about losing the weight this time. I know that I have to make the change in my eating habits for life. None of this losing the weight and then thinking that I can then go back to eating as I used to do!! :o

Have a great day all

I think it is time for a Marsdon so let's see what he has in store for us today!

Thursday, June 2, 2005

What's right

Think about what's right with life. Think about the good and valuable things that you sometimes forget to even notice.
Think about the positive possibilities that are real and present in this very moment. Think about all the worthwhile things you can do with this day that is yours right now.

Think of how you can take action and cause good things to happen. Think of how you can set an ambitious goal and work with persistence to reach it.

Think of all the good people who quietly and reliably work to make this world a better place. Think of how great you feel when you give of yourself to others.

Think of the opportunities you have to live a life that is filled with richness. Think of how fortunate you are to be able to experience and appreciate the beauty in this world.

Think about what's right, what's good, what's valuable and fulfilling. For the more you focus your thoughts on the good things, the more abundant they will become.

-- Ralph Marston

06-02-2005, 07:10 AM
Umm I think report day is Friday or Saturday, however with my Saturday being USA's Friday etc., it doesn't really matter. Swing on over to the journals to see the 'rules'

Be good to have you join us.

06-02-2005, 09:16 PM
Hello Ladies,

Didn't have a very good eating day today. Work was real stressful and of course the first thing I do is eat and unfortunately i was not prepared with any jello or low fat treats.

Cat - I'm sure your co-worker appreciated you being very patient with her. Hopefully she'll get the training she needs. Good luck with your vehicle.

Mooz - Thanks for the marston quote.

Shad - I too will look at the journals and see the rules. thanks for the info.

Looking forward to the weekend to get some more things done around the house. Hope everyone is having a great day!

06-03-2005, 12:05 AM
Just a quick call in to put us up to the top!

06-03-2005, 10:33 AM
Hi there chickies ...... just a quick call. I am doing fine with my small changes in my eating habits so next week will decide if it is making any difference.
Orla had some university friends staying last night. They had planned to camp out but it was too wet. I was happier to have them staying in the house anyway! Two from Glasgow (one of them Orla's boyfriend) one from Ireland and one from Nashville! The American girl was celebrating her 21st birthday yesterday. She has been at university in Belfast for 1 year and will be going home on Monday. Orla told me she loved one of my paintings of a ballerina so I took it out of the frame and gave it to her ....... well it was her 21st and she was away from home....... she was delighted with it.
I hope you all have a good Friday.

06-03-2005, 05:32 PM

Oh my gosh... I am back, and so happy to be here!

I am as pleased as possible to report the young man that took AJ's life was given a maximum sentence. Those of you that wrote in, I thank you so very much. The judge mentioned he received a large number of letters. I do apologize if I've already posted this link to the story. I don't think it will be up many more days so look quickly if you are interested:

After the sentencing, we were all sitting around a table attempting to eat lunch. No one had a thing to say, and finally someone said we should be happy as we did the very best we could have, with the circumstances. It made no difference, we were all sick at heart. I went to the cemetary after eating and promptly got sick to my stomach. I was unable to eat anything the balance of the week - last week. This week has been touch and go. The good thing, I've lost some weight, my clothes are feeling better. I am still shaky. This has affected me more than I realized.

It is wonderful to have stable parts of my life to return to such as this weight loss thread. I agree, summer time is time for some good challenges. Think of all of the healthy veggies to be harvested, yummm so good!

School is out, graduation is Sunday. I still have to work 4 days a week the next 2 weeks, and then have about a month off. Ahhh....!! :angel: :flow2: :dancer: :cp: :angel: :angel:

06-03-2005, 09:02 PM
Hello Ladies,

Just a quick hello.

Hal - I'm so glad that he got the maximum. I hope with that that he has no chance of any early release. My prayers have been with you and your family. I'm sure your excited with school being out. Hopefully we'll get to hear from you more this summer.

Mooz - sounds like you had your house full. Be sure and let us know how you do with your program.

gotta run be back later.

06-04-2005, 09:38 AM
Good Saturday morning movers and losers!

I am not so sure I am ready for a party, but it feels like a party just not having papers to grade, lessons to plan before class begins on Monday! I started reading a Robin Cook (fictional mystery) last night, and I am ready to get some serious R and R.

Yesterday I mentioned we are lucky to have fresh fruits and veggies this time of year. Thin - can you say red peppers! Here is an article I found on reducing cholesterol and eating more natural foods.

Veggies Add Vim to Low-Fat Diet

Adding Plant Foods to Low-Fat Diet Doubles Cholesterol-Lowering Effect

You can lower your cholesterol with a low-fat diet. But you get twice the bang for your buck if you eat lots of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.

For years, Americans were told to avoid fats. But it's not enough to avoid unhealthy foods. New dietary guidelines stress the value of eating plenty of healthy foods: vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and beans.

How much better is the new advice? At least twice as good, find Stanford researcher Christopher Gardner, PhD, and colleagues. Gardner's team finds that people who eat a low-fat diet lower their cholesterol. But those who eat just as few fats and eat lots of plant-based foods double the diet's cholesterol-lowering power.

"The effect of diet on lowering cholesterol has been really minimized and undermined by a lot of clinicians and researchers saying, 'Yes, it has an effect but it is really trivial. It would be better to put you on drugs to control your cholesterol,'" Gardner says in a news release. "We weren't really giving diet a fair shake. We were so focused on the negative -- just what to avoid -- and not what to include."

The plant-food-enhanced diet isn't strictly vegetarian. It's simply rich in foods known to lower cholesterol. These include soy-based foods, garlic, soluble fiber (provided by food like oats, barley, psyllium and beans), whole grains, and nuts.

Two Low-Fat Diets

So what's more important -- simply avoiding fat or eating lots of good foods? Gardner's team asked 120 people to help answer this question. These 30- to 65-year-olds had moderately high LDL "bad" cholesterol, ranging from 130 to 190 mg/dL. None was obese, and all were in generally good health.

For four weeks, half the volunteers adopted the old-fashioned low-fat diet and half stuck to a low-fat, plant-based diet. To minimize cheating, the researchers fed them dinner every weekday and gave them a cooler filled with foods for the rest of the time.

The diets were fat and calorie balanced so that nobody gained or lost weight. Some of the study participants were, indeed, overweight. Losing weight is a good way to cut your cholesterol. But the study was designed to look at the effects of diet and not weight loss.

Exactly what did they eat? Here's a sample menu for each group:

Low-fat diet:

Breakfast: frozen waffles, butter, syrup, apple juice, coffee, and low-fat milk
Morning snack: apple-grape juice and nonfat raspberry yogurt
Lunch: turkey-bologna sandwich, light potato chips, caffeine-free Diet Coke
Afternoon snack: lemon cake pudding and low-fat milk
Dinner: garden lasagna, iceberg lettuce salad, French dinner roll, margarine, coffee
Low-fat "plus" diet:

Breakfast: whole-wheat bread, sunflower-seed butter, smoothie, plain yogurt, tea, grapes
Morning snack: soy nuts, sun-dried raisins
Lunch: tempeh burger with vegetables and cheddar cheese on whole-wheat bread
Afternoon snack: black licorice
Dinner: parsley pesto and soba noodles, garlic butter, spinach and mandarin salad with sesame, egg, Odwalla Superfood juice, and tea

Iced tea! Does anyone drink the green tea mixtures out there? I read it is very healthful also.

I picked up some pottery yesterday at an annual festival held here each June. I collect this stuff, and have begun collecting for one of my brothers (executive chef with the Marriott). This guy is getting older, and each year I cringe, hoping he is still coming. He is from Cincinnati, and I see myself making the dirve there some day if he stops coming to the show. It is fairly inexpensive for pottery, and very well made. I love pottery.

Now, to snag a few flowers to fill my flower containers. I have a large deck with tooooo many containers. Trust me.

And, to move it... walk Rocky.

Happy weekend everyone! I'm getting back on the scale Monday. I am ready for a challenge, to feel better!!! I like Oprah's plan which is lots of exercise and low simple carbs.

:angel: :ebike: :chef: :judge: :flow2: :flow1: :angel:

06-04-2005, 10:44 PM
Good Evening ladies,

Hal - I hope you get lots of rest and relaxation. Interesting article. Makes me want to eat more veggies. I too have a small collection of pots on my patio, but mine are just plastic. I have several tomato plants and two bell pepper plants (red & orange). My tomato's have already bloomed so me and Blackie are patiently waiting for them to ripe. (Blackie loves tomatos).

Monday i'm starting with a exercise program. Let's get moving!

06-05-2005, 06:30 PM
Hi Ladies,

Well time is really going fast. Gene will be in the Rehab Center one week and two days. He is pretty depressed because he feels he should be moving along a lot faster than he is. Also when I took Tiffany to visit him (3 times as of today) she really doesn't want to be with him. My friends say she may be angry for leaving her. However, she surely enjoys all the other people.

Friday in Ohio, my sister had all of her toes removed from her right foot and a little above them. She has been in pain with gangarine for over six months and these doctors chose to see if it would go away by itself. It is sad for me that I can't be there for her but under the circumstances I can't leave Gene.

I have been going to the gym but I really haven't been too strict with my dieting. It is really strange to be home all alone. My husband never left the house unless I took him. I have all this extra time on my hands and I just don't feel like doing anything constructive. Hopefully this will pass. I have a whole bunch of sewing to do and I had better be getting started.

Hal --It's so great to have you back--your graphics are always so awesome! I liked the menus you also posted.

Well I am going to try and call my sister in the hospital.

Take care all,

06-05-2005, 06:56 PM
Hello Ladies,

Nita - Don't be to hard on yourself. I'm sure you sister understands why you can't be there with her. Animals are funny and I too think Tiffany is mad. Maybe you could bring a treat for Gene to give her next time she visits. Also keep in mind that she know you all and getting to visit different people and smells have her interested.

Today I have been busy with painting the back of the house. The majority of that is done, now I just need to go back over with the brush at the top. I'll do that next weekend.

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday!

06-05-2005, 07:09 PM
Thanks Patty, I needed some re-assurance in what is going on here. I just ate a ton of popcorn and it wasn't the 94% ff either, but it really tasted good!

Tomorrow I am going back to the gym and get back on track, I promise!


06-05-2005, 07:32 PM
Quick note--couldn't use computer part of time because we had a lot of lightning. Now my internet access isn't working, so I am borrowing DH's. I may have mentioned that DH is left-handed, so everything is backwards. It's very awkward.

So just a quick check in before I walk the dog.

Meanwhile, I did get the 3 apples/day book.

06-06-2005, 11:12 AM

Good morning movers and losers!

I am getting ready to go into school to wrap up extended days I have to finish up. I have several things to do right away. I went in on Friday, and the AC was off. (They wonder why we have a mold problem?) If that is the case today I don't think I'll last long - the heat is on. We hit 90 degrees yesterday. Last summer we only hit 90 a few days.

Nita: You are in my prayers. I hope your husband is feeling better and stronger each day. My sister also suffers from complications of diabetes. She says some days she cannot walk due to pain from lack of circulation. One thing is for sure, they are both lucky to have someone like you to support them in whatever way you can. Remember, you cannot be in more than one place at a time. It sounds like you are doing a great job, so hang in there.

Mooz: I hope your Mother is doing OK. I think I read that she has not been sleeping and is having a difficult time also. It is a good goal to use your birthday to plan for success. This is how Oprah Winfrey lost over 60 pounds and has kept it off - her 50th birthday. Hey, my man - Hal Ketchum is coming to Ireland later in the year to tour - :dizzy: !!!

OneDay: Nothing better than home gown tomatoes. I am planning a quick trip to the farmers market tomorrow morning. You are painting the exterior of your home? I plan to make a few interior changes this summer, one room at a time - including the dreaded garage. Rocky likes apples, he just learned to eat them this month while I was traveling back and forth from Indiana. He finally is accepting of his travel kennel. It took more than a few trips. He is pretty high strung, and I just never know where he might land if something sets him off. I am hoping he grows out of this.

Montel is on. Hal Ketchum was on one day last week for a MS special. Did anyone catch it? :o

Also, Governor Huckabee of Arkansas was on Meet The Press this Sunday. He has lost 100 pounds in the last year with diet and exercise. This is where I am, so I am interested in folks with a large amount of weight to lose. He gets up at 4:30A to exercise - now. His diet is pretty much what Oprah said - lean protein, lower fat and no white stuff - or no simple carbs. He wrote a book, and I have a feeling I'll be reading yet another weight loss saga soon.

CAT: How is your new car? I had a dream last night I had a simple wheel alignment done on my Jeep and the bill was just over $2,000.00. It woke me up - stressed! The good news, I was actually jogging in my dream. LOL. I don't think I'll ever be a runner, but I do see exercise walking. Rocky would be so happy.

Hello to Thin, Michellez, Shad and anyone else I may have missed. It's good to be back in the real world - almost. :angel: :cloud9: :goodvibes :stress: :dancer: :flow2: :flow1: :ink: :angel:

06-06-2005, 04:23 PM
My aplogies for lack of comment lately ladies - we have begun training at the lunatic asylum and the inmates are in deep shock!!! Seriously. yesterday was the kick off for training in the new system to be implemented July 4 and although I was already working 9 and 10 hour days, yesterday turned into 12. Don't know who dreamed up this course I'm doing but the timing is way, way out. Such fun!!!!! Not.

Hope all folk are doing well and those in hospital or hospices are showing improvement. Sounds to me like Tiffaney is having such a wonderful time meeting new friends that she forgets about those who love and look after her. Can you take the dog and the patient outside to sit by yourselves for a while? Put the dog on a lead and that way it is controlled in a small area?? Dogs respond to power, they are power crazy animals themselves. You either have to show them who is the boss (I don't mean literally, but by commands, bribes or confinement to leash) or you confine them to do what you want. I think Tiffany is demonstrating who the boss of the house really is!
Gotta go, the crazy house calls. Another day of yakkity yak blah blah.

06-06-2005, 07:56 PM
Hi Ladies,

Just a quick note to let you know I am going to the gym as I promised I would. Tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. they are having a new class called "Body Flow". It is comprised of pilates and yoga. I thought I would give it a try. I talked to a couple of other senior ladies and hopefully they will be there too. Gene seems to be doing a little better each time I visit but he is depressed he can't come home. I told him it is very important he gets to the point where he can be independent again. He agreed and is going to keep working hard.

As far as eating is concerned, I am just trying to maintain at this point. By going to the gym each day and bowling I am getting my energy back in tact. I see what some of you mean when you are just cooking for yourself. I seem to make way to much and probably have to throw a lot away. Today I ate cold cereal for breakfast and for lunch I made scrambled eggs with one National Hebrew 97% ff beef hotdog in it as well as 1 egg, about 1/2 cup of fake egg and some shredded cheese. I am not sure what I will fix for dinner--I may have the leftover rice and chicken I prepared the other day with veggies.

Thanks for your prayers. Right now I am more concerned about my sister in Ohio because when I talked to her today she seemed to lose her concentration. Her surgery was Friday at 5:30 p.m. and I would presume the anesthesia would have worn off by now. They had also given her morphine.

Well I had better get moving. Thanks again for being here!


06-06-2005, 09:32 PM
Nita--Glad to hear Gene is doing better. Will certainly pray for your sister also. I know the anaesthesia should be worn off, but the whole hospital experience, and even convalescing at home can be disorienting--not the usual relationship to time etc., can't sleep right, and probably still on pain meds. So I would give her some more time.

Shad, Hal--greetings to all. HOpefully tomorrow I will get my own Internet access and it will be easier to write.

Oh--the 3-apples-a day book is very big on weight-lifting. Ugh!

06-06-2005, 10:09 PM
Hello ladies,

Nita - My problem with cooking for one is either I make to much and eat it all, or I have to eat leftovers and I get tired of leftovers. I think that is why I end up eating alot of the same stuff. I think Shad suggestions of taking Tiffany outside and have some one on one time with just her is a good one. Let us know how the pilates/yoga class goes. Keeping your sister and Gene in my prayers.

Hal - Blackie doesn't like his kennel either. I had purchased it when he has surgery last dec and I keep it in my bedroom. When we get bad storms I put him in there otherwise he runs up to the window and jumps at it. Rocky is just a pup, hopefully he'll grow out of it. Has he been fixed? They say that sometimes calms a dog down. It didn't make a difference with Blackie. Right now i'm painting the exterior of the back of the house. It started with me just touching up the door and the frame around the door, then I decided to touch up just a little on the house, then I figured might as well paint the whole thing. I"m not getting on the roof or any eaves real high.

Shad - Now you have a interesting job. I know you drop in sometimes. I'm thinking that you had visted Mooz about a year ago, Is that correct?

Cat - Hope you get your internet access back up. I saw where the storms came through. It was a hit and miss here. My parents got lots of rain and I barely got any. I'm with you on the weight lifting. But I know that is something I eventually need to do.

As for me tomorrow i'm starting back on South Beach. It's like I know i'm starting back so I have to eat everything I can. Doesn't make sense, but it does in my mind. Went to the grocery store and stocked up on all the ph1 foods. I'm also committing to walking on the treadmill. So tomorrow someone be sure and ask me if I walked.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

06-07-2005, 04:24 AM
Mornin chickies :D
Just a quick call ....... waiting for my mother to wake up!
My eating has been good mainly but I did hae a couple of 'bad' moments wher for a short period I lapsed. It is amazing just how much a person can eat during a short lapsed period. :( Enough said I am now in control and backto basics.

Nits - Good to hear tha Gene is improving daily ...... sending :angel: :angel: to him and your sister. It may still be that she is still has those drugs in her system.

Patty - I know how you feel about starting back and eating al you can before you start ........been there also!!!

Catlover - keep us posted about the 3 apples a day book ..... the little tips may help us too.

Shad - sounds like a very stressful job ....... 12 hours a day :dizzy: ............ hope it eases off soon for your sake.

Halgal - I checked out the internet and Hal is coming to Coleraine in September which is a 30 min drive from where I live. I would love to go but it all depends on my mother. MAybe I could get something sorted......
It was good to read in your link to the newspaper about the trial. I am glad that he got what he deserved. Now you all have to try and make the best you can of your lives and as far as possible put it behind you. Don't let him ruin any more lives.

Thin - hope you find your way here soon!

Have a great day all

Todays Marston is a good one for every day ...........

Tuesday, June 7, 2005

This is it

This is the day that you are alive. This is the moment that you are in.
All your hopes and dreams are real right now. All your possibilities are ready to be lived.

Everything you've ever done has led you to this point. You are more fully alive, aware, experienced and prepared than you have ever been.

What matters is not how old or how young you may think you are. What matters is making the most of this moment you now have.

What matters is not how much or how little you may think you have, how fairly or unfairly you may think life has treated you. What matters is that you make the most of who you are.

This is it. This is your moment to fill with the best you can imagine.

Live it with love, with purpose and joy.

-- Ralph Marston

06-07-2005, 07:18 AM
Good Evening everyone.
Had a much less stressful day today if not much shorter. But I have to say it was much more enjoyable. I would hope that soon I will be going back to regular hours again - it just that all this is new and a bit frightening to the trainees and it is also a Government department. They always think differently from the private sector.

Yes Patty I did visit Mooz but it is closer to 2 years ago. Doesn't seem that long, time does fly past so quickly. Mooz lives in a lovely part of the world and she is a lovely lady. It was a great visit. That was a great holiday as I visited Asia, Europe, UK, Ireland, Canada and the States - a real round the world trip. I'm hoping to repeat at least some of it next year.

My tea smells cooked, so I'm off to get my veges and chicken stroganoff.

06-07-2005, 08:24 PM
No Internet on my computer yet, so will be brief.

I don't find the 3 apples book very clear--maybe I'll try to start a group on diet plans.

Meanwhile my leg, which seemed to be doing much better, is definitely worse. I think I will see if the dr can fit me in before Friday.

Hope everyone else is OK>

06-07-2005, 10:08 PM
Hello Ladies,

Day 1 of SB and it's been a hard day. I have had sugar cravings all day. Tonight i'm getting on the treadmill for at least 20 minutes.

gotta run, Blackie is barking up a storm, someone must be at the door.

06-08-2005, 08:26 PM
Hello Ladies,

Another stressed out day at work, but the good thing is I didn't reach for any candy. Need to go through recipes and try and find something new to eat. I seem to fall in the same routine.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

06-08-2005, 11:28 PM


I hope this finds everyone staying cool and doing well this week. I've been doing as little as possible and enjoying every minute of it. Diet has been good, but I expect it to improve as the month moves along. I watched a very cool healthy cooking show called Christina Cooks on PBS yesterday. She had lots of input on why/how foods are healthful that I have honestly never heard. Here is a link to her website:

Here is an interesting article on the nutritional value(s) of apples. ;)

Red Delicious: King of the Apple Orchard?

More Antioxidants Than 7 Other Apple Varieties, Canadian Study Shows

May 26, 2005 -- If apples had feelings, some might be just a tad jealous of the Red Delicious variety right now.

Canadian scientists say Red Delicious apples have more antioxidants called polyphenols than seven other apple varieties. The findings appear in the June 29 issue of the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, an American Chemical Society (ACS) publication.

But there's no need to get bent out of shape about it, says researcher Rong Tsao, PhD, of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada in Guelph, Ontario.

"When taste and texture do not matter, choosing an apple with a high proportion of polyphenols in the flesh and skin can potentially produce more health benefits. But eating any apple is better than eating no apple at all," says Tsao in an ACS news release.

'A' Is for Apple Ö and Antioxidant

Scientists already knew that apples are loaded with antioxidants, which protect against "free radicals" that may cause problems including cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer's disease.

Last November, researchers reported that an antioxidant called quercetin in apples appeared to protect rat brain cells from free radicals. But those lab tests didn't involve living rats.

In March, other scientists said apples may protect against breast cancer. That study was also based on rats, not people.

Want nutrition tips, plus the latest news on healthy eating? Sign up for the Diet & Nutrition newsletter.

There are different types of antioxidants; polyphenols are the main source of antioxidants in apples, say Tsao and colleagues. They wanted to see if any particular polyphenols stood out and which apples rated highest for polyphenol content.

Taste had nothing to do with it. Tsao's team was probably too busy peeling and producing apple extracts. They analyzed apple skin and flesh separately, measuring polyphenol levels.

Polyphenol Champ

There wasn't a bad apple in the bunch, and the peels had many more antioxidants than the flesh. Here are the rankings for flesh phenol content:

Red Delicious
Northern Spy
Ida Red
Golden Delicious
Red Delicious apples had more than twice as many polyphenols as Empire apples, the study shows.

What about Gala, Granny Smith, Pink Lady, Jonagold, Fuji, and other apple varieties? They weren't in the running. Tsao's team studied apples that are popular in Canada, not the U.S. All of the apples came from the same farm and were grown under the same conditions.

Delicious Data

The mildly sweet Red Delicious apple is a "classic Ö America' favorite snacking apple," says the Washington Apple Commission's web site.

It's got lots of company. There are 7,500 apple varieties grown worldwide, says the University of Illinois Extension's web site. A medium apple has about 80 calories and 5 grams of fiber; Americans eat nearly 20 pounds of fresh apples (about 65 apples) per year, says the university.

Gourmet Guide

Red Delicious apples may be antioxidant heavyweights, but your taste buds might appreciate a little variety. Here's a look at the Washington Apple Commission's guide to other apples:

Golden Delicious: Mellow and sweet
Gala: Crisp, snappy, aromatically sweet
Fuji: Immensely flavorful, crisp, big, super sweet; originally from Japan
Granny Smith: Extremely tart, juicy, crisp; often used in pies
Braeburn: Rich, sweet-tart, spicy flavor; very firm
Jonagold: Juicy, orange-tinted, delicate flavor
Pink Lady: Unique tangy-tart, sweet flavor
Cameo: Sweet with a zingy crunch
Some varieties -- like Granny Smith, Jonagold, and Pink Lady -- are favorites in pies, and all of them make good salad ingredients (as well as snacks), says the commission.

That's a wrap for this hump day girls! :angel: :cofdate: :sunny: :comp: :flow2: :flow1: :angel:

06-09-2005, 02:32 PM
Hello Ladies,

Just a quick hello. Taking a quick lunch break.

Hal - thanks for the article on apples. There are several cooking programs I watch on TV Food network. Sometimes the cooking is to elobrate for me though, I watch to get tips on how to cook veggies or quick meals. I'm sure Rocky is enjoying having you at home.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

06-09-2005, 09:27 PM
We replaced the modem--and now neither DH's computer nor mine has Internet access. I'm at Kinko's, but it's too expensive to stay on long.

Then the surgeon cancelled my appointment. (Operating schedule) I don't know why I was seeing a surgeon anyway--maybe I'll try to get in with another doctor.

Wow, that stuff on apples really encourages the idea of the 3-apple-a day diet. Still, I'm not entirely clear how it works. Must try later.

06-10-2005, 09:40 PM
Well, the surgeon's nurse called last night and said that my appt was cancelled--not a word of apology. Anyway, I have appt with another dr for Tue.,

And DH's computer works now, but mine needs to be fixed. Ugsss.

06-10-2005, 09:45 PM
Hello Ladies,

Cat - At least one computer is up and running. My pc at work crashed today. Hope they are able to retrieve my files. Hopefully you get in to see this new doc without any problems.

Not much going on here, we're due for another hot weekend. I need to finish up my painting in the back but i'm out of paint. Wished I would of stopped this evening. Oh, well. My tomatos plants are getting big. I had two cherry tomatos that were almost ready to pull, but Blackie beat me to them.

Hope everyone is having a great evening!

06-11-2005, 02:41 AM
Hi Ladies,

Just a quick "hello". Today has been a very busy day--first of all I decided to buy a new and "safer" car. Before I could make the deal, however, I had to go the Rehab Center and discuss it with Gene. He said as long I liked it, buy it. Well I did--it is a 2005 Glacier Blue Buick LaCrosse. It has the side curtains as well as the airbags. The other cool feature is the fact that when you are walking to your car and the temp is over 100 you can click your remote, hit the lock feature and then you hit this half moon and it turns on the air-conditioning in the car. By the time you get to the car it is partially cooled off. The other feature is the On Star. They certainly have come a long way in making these cars very safe. It also has the anti-lock brakes. Because I was so busy today I really didn't eat all my meals. I ended up with a grilled cheese sandwich for supper at 8:30 p.m. It is amazing that when your mind is focussed on other things food doesn't seem as important!

Well I had better get moving it is 10:40 p.m. here and I had better call it a day. Gene is really working hard at getting his strength back and I do believe one or two more weeks and he will be coming home.

Have a "super" weekend!


06-11-2005, 12:29 PM
Hello Ladies,

Nita - Sounds like you had a very busy day. Good to hear that Gene is working hard on getting his strenght back. I'm sure your encouragement has helped him quite a bit. Wow a 2005 Buck LaCross, i'm excited for you. Yes, the vehicle industry has come a long way in making our vehicles safer. I really like that On Star feature.

Last night we had some fast storms that moved in, in fact the radar showed it was more north of here, but we got some rains, so that was good. Unfortunately Blackie woke up and was barking for about 20 minutes. My plans today were to finish up in the back, but since i'm getting a late start (due to the heat)& need to go to the paint store. I might do that project first thing in the morning.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

06-11-2005, 12:52 PM

Hal Ketchum host Grand Olde Opry LIVE, Saturday, June 11th at 8P Eastern...!!! On GAC channel

OK, I feel like Tom Cruise's gal, I'm jumping up and down on my sofa, I am bouncing on the chair as I type - Hal is hosting the Grand Olde Opry live tonight. You have to get GAC - Great American Country to see it! I don't, believe it or not. I have a brother in Indiana taping for me. I cannot believe CMT let go of the live Opry rights. Anyway... tune in, if you can.

I have a quiche in the oven as I type. Yummm....

Nita: The car sounds really neat. What color?

OneDay: You inspire me, keep the painting going. My list is long, but much needed.

CatLover: Tell me where you work again? My memory is bad. You crack me up with your comments, but I do understand - we live in a crazy world.

All the best to everyone else - Mooz, Thin, Shad, Michellez! :angel: :dizzy: :listen: :ebike: :flow1: :flow2: :angel: [/IMG]

06-11-2005, 04:37 PM
Hal--glad your brother can get the show for you. Not available streaming on the puter?

I answer the phone for Medicare at PEarson Governmetn Soiutions. Now I am only doing Spanish calls, because we're supposed to be "so busy." Well, I get a lot of time to read . . .

Nita--sounds like a great car! Glad Gene is working away.

Went and told stories at Toy & Miniature Museum again. One family came in just before 11, so we had a nice group.

I made an appt with the dr my friend liked so well, so hope she can fix may leg and I will have a permanent dr again.

And I have sooo much to do!

06-11-2005, 07:54 PM
Hi Ladies,

I took the car down to show Gene and he approved. The color is Glacier Blue with light gray leather interior. I tried the remote and it works like a charm--you just hit the lock on your remote and then you hit another button that automatically turns on the air-conditioning (or heat if you are in cold weather). This is truly exciting especially when it gets over 110 here in Phoenix.

It is pretty strange having to cook for only one person and now I know what some of you ladies are going through. If you make too much of one thing you end up eating the same thing for days. Sometimes I really don't feel like cooking, however, it is better to make some kind of meal.

I do have some sewing to do and I had better get started.

Hope you ladies are having a "wonderful" weekend!

Take care,

06-12-2005, 06:38 PM
To quote Effie from one of the local tv shows. I can't remember whether I told you ladies that I had bought a new lawnmower to add to my collection of 'Boys Toys'. When you live on your own, you have to master some of the basics. Anyway, I purchased this lawmower and took it home and mowed the front yard, no trouble. As soon as I got to the back yard the lawnmower decided it no longer wanted to go, despite my trying to persuade it to do so. So I rung the shop and told them of my problem. Let it cool completely and try again was the reply, we think you have overprimed the engine. If it doesn't start bring it back. To cut a long story short, it didn't go. I took it back and the following embarrassing tale occurred.

I put it in the car and took it for a jaunt up to the mower shop yesterday. I didn't know they were open on a Sunday and rung them just for the **** of it when the mower didn't start yet again. Bring it in they said. So I did. This young blond god took a hold of it and pulled the start handle, nothing happened - well hallelujah! Give it another pull and it spluttered into life only to snuff it again. Hallelujah once more. He then says, is it out of petrol (gas to the the Americans) - no I say, the young man who sold it to me, told me he had filled it up. It mowed the front lawn fine and then wouldn't look at the back. So we had a peek at the petrol tank, still some sloshing around inside - not out of petrol? Well yes it is out of petrol, there's enough in there to get it to start but not run. How embarrassing. Thank goodness there were only 1 other customer and one staff in the shop at the time. Brought the darn thing home, mowed the back yard. Thought dark thoughts about toys.

The rest of the day was all about cleaning the house and giving me a bug free environment to live in. Which may be a good idea as the sore throat is not going away and I feel a bit blurk today. Not allowed to be sick, not allowed to be sick, not allowed to be sick. My new mantra. I'll try to sweat it out at the gym this morning.

Nita the new car sounds lovely. I just love a new car. They smell so..........well new! Glad you DH approves of your choice.

Halgal - hope you enjoy the show. Isn't it such a pain when popular events go to pay TV and you don't have the channel. I'm finding more and more that the programs I like (and pay to see) are going to digital pay tv and I have to A: pay more to see them and even worse B: will need a new tv to get to see digital properly. Darn the lot of them.

Cat - are you Spanish or Hispanic or is it that you can speak Spanish?

Time to get on with my day. Lots to do and if I don't wash the car today, people will start asking why I have bought a nasty brown coloured car instead of the delightful burgundy red one I really have under all that dust, dirt, grit and grime.

Have a great day. This is the last public holiday, apart from one in August, for this State before Christmas so I have every intention of making the most of it.

See ya

06-13-2005, 08:24 AM
Mornin chickies....... just a quick call ......... I am still walking a lot and eating is going OK most of the time!! WE sdid have a surprise party on Saturday night for my father-in-law at his house. He was 80 and it was a good night and I did have a few drinks and some food that I did not need! :o
Enough said! .....................
Monday again and back to the healthy eating plan. :D
We have had lovely weather for the past few days but it is back to cold and wet again this morning. Hopefully it will not last long as this type of weather is depressing! :( :(

Have a great day all

06-13-2005, 08:44 AM
Food and Nutrition

Eat Yourself Better

Eat to make you look better with Jane Clarke for shiny hair, glowing skin, strong nails & sparkly eyes!

Janeís top ten body nourishing tips (core diet)

1) Drink 2.5 litres of water a day

Drink around 2.5 litres/4 pints of water a day, staggered throughout the day to help your body hold onto it. Try sipping on one glass every hour. The best way in checking whether your body is sufficiently hydrated is to glance at your urine which should be very pale in colour, not dark yellow.
If a dehydrated body receives an extra 600ml/1 pint of water, it will repay you by giving you an extra 20% of energy.

2) Eat 5 fresh fruits a day

Keep your energy constant and give your body all the antioxidants it needs to stay young and healthy by eating five succulent fresh fruits a day.

3) Eat vegetables twice a day

Treat your body to a health giving supply of fibre and antioxidants by having vegetables twice a day, be they raw, steamed, roasted, stir fried or even pre-prepared salads or frozen vegetables.

4) Use fresh herbs and spices instead of salt

Rather than adding salt, which can raise your blood pressure and aggravate fluid retention, use fresh herbs and spices, such as basil, dill, parsley, freshly ground black pepper, lemon grass and garlic, to enhance foodís natural flavours.

5) Cut right down on coffee and tea

An aromatic cup of coffee or tea can be life enhancing, as long as it is a good quality beverage that you really savour. But donít have more than two or three cups a day; too much caffeine aggravates stress, energy swings, headaches and anxiety as well as inhibiting your bodyís absorption of essential nutrients like calcium and iron.

6) Eat something before you drink alcohol

Before drinking alcohol, either prepare your stomach by having something to eat Ė even if only a banana Ė or wait until youíve sat down to enjoy a meal. Youíll sleep more soundly and feel better the next day if you drink a couple of glasses of water for every glass of wine.

7) Eat protein rich foods twice a day

Twice a day, eat protein rich foods like chicken, fish (especially oily fish like salmon and mackerel), seafood, eggs (which donít raise blood Ė cholesterol levels), lean meat or pulses. All of these will boost your energy levels and improve your concentration. Protein rich foods also keep you satisfied for longer.

8) Ditch processed foods labelled Ďílow-fatíí and Ďílow sugaríí

Do your skin, bones and taste buds a favour by ditching processed foods labelled Ďílow fatíí and Ďílow sugaríí. Small amounts of full-fat butter, cream, cheese and even chocolate are more delicious, as well as healthier than their over processed counterparts.

9) Eat calcium rich and iron rich foods each day

Maintain the strength of your nails, bones, blood and immune system by having some calcium rich and iron rich foods every day. Calcium is found easily in milk (and skimmed milk contains just as much calcium as full fat milk), cheese, yoghurt (ideally organic, containing live, probiotic cultures), green leafy vegetables, small boned fish, like pilchards and sardines, dried apricots and figs. Iron rich foods include dark green, leafy vegetables, pulses, dried fruits, whole grains, eggs, cashew nuts, lean red meat and offal.

10) Eat whole grain foods every day

These help to nurture the growth of positive bacteria in the gut, which in turn produce substances which reduce the signs of ageing, as well as the risks of developing cancer, heart disease and other life threatening conditions. Choose from wholegrain cereals, oats, wholemeal bread (rather than brown, which may contain no more fibre than white bread) whole grain rice or pasta. Other great fibre packed foods are pulses, including lentils.

Foods for specifically improving your appearance

How your skin, hair, nails and eyes look, in my opinion, gives a true indication of how healthy you are inside. Whether you are worried about spots, dry patches or crows feet around the eyes, your lifestyle and how you treat your body can have a huge impact on your skinís appearance, dramatically more so than expensive skin creams.

My 10 ways to flawless skin

1) vitamin A can have a magical effect on problem skin. Boost your intake of foods which are rich in beta carotene (which the body converts in to vitamin A) eg carrots, watercress, apricots, mangoes and melons

2) vitamin C is one of the most effective skin healers.
eg apricots, mangoes and melons (as above) also blueberries, blackcurrants and blackberries, plums, papayas and kiwi fruits

3) Zinc reduces the inflammatory process within the body, so if you suffer from acne, eczema or psoriasis, eat more zinc-rich foods
eg seafood, hard, crumbly cheeses, nuts, seeds and pulses.

4) Omega -3 fatty acid and eicosapentanoic acid are also good if you suffer from acne, eczema or psoriasis
eg. oily fish like salmon, fresh tuna, sardines or mackerel twice a week Ė also linseeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and hemp and nuts (these are great roasted and sprinkled over cereals or salads)

5) Selenium and vitamin E are both skin nurturing ingredients
eg avocados, blackberries, mangoes, tomatoes, seeds, spinach, watercress, brazil nuts (these are an excellent source of selenium) cashew nuts and whole wheat cereals

6) Fruit and vegetables Ėmake sure you are eating lots of fruit and veg. If you are deficient in fruit and veg (and are eating too many sweet foods), it could lead to problem skin.

7) Limit your intake of caffeine and tannins Ė they dehydrate the skin.
Eg donít drink more than a couple of cups of coffee, tea and colas each day. Drink 2.5 litres / 4 pints of water a day

8) Cut down on alcohol - over indulgence can dehydrate your skin, make it more coarse and give you thread veins, open pores Ďoyster eyesí.

9) Probiotic, acidophilus supplements Ė a poor complexion can often be a sign that your gut is not happy, particularly if you suffer from ibs. If you think that this might be the cause of your skinís distress keep a note of everything you eat and drink, as well as your skinís appearance, for a few weeks, to see if you can identify the food that might be irritating your digestive system and skin. Taking a probiotic, acidophilus supplement may also alleviate both problems.

10) Regular cardiovascular exercise Ė eg running, cycling, swimming (remember to wash your skin with pure water after getting out of the pool to flush away the chlorine and other chemical residues). This exercise will pump a healthy supply of impurity banishing blood around your skin. Get lots of sleep too.

NB make sure you consult your doctor before taking up any new form of exercise

Foods to eat more of...

Drink 2.5litres of water (thatís 4 pints) each day

Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables
i.e. carrots
kiwi fruits
oily fish like salmon, fresh tuna, sardines or mackerel
hard, crumbly cheeses
whole wheat cereals
brazil nuts
cashew nuts
seeds and pulses
inseeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and hemp

Foods to steer clear of...
Don't eat too many sweet foods

Limit yourself to just 2 cups of coffee, tea or cola each day

Cut down on alcohol


Hair loss and hair thinning in women is normally a sign of iron deficiency. So you may be suffering from anaemia. Iron is also needed for healthy blood and muscles.

Daily requirement

The daily requirement for iron varies between 8 and 15 milligrams a day. Most women need 12 Ė 15 milligrams; men need slightly less, since they donít suffer from menstrual- related iron losses.

Those with health problems which predispose them to an increased risk of bleeding, such as ulcers or piles, should make sure that their diet is generally high in iron, so that their body is better prepared for the loss of iron should it occur.

Also good for...

Essential during pregnancy

Helps form red blood cells

Helps formation of haemoglobin



Calcium is essential for strong, healthy nails. Lack of calcium has also been linked with the development of osteoporosis, a condition that causes brittle bones. Although this usually affects post-menopausal women, everyone will benefit from a diet that meets their calcium requirement throughout childhood and into adulthood. Itís thought that calcium may help to lower high blood pressure and may help to protect against colon and breast cancer, although more evidence is needed to support this.

Daily requirement

You should be able to get all the calcium you need from your daily diet. Adults need 800 mg a day, children under 11 need 550 milligrams, 1,000 milligrams for teenagers and pregnant women. To put this into perspective, half a pint of cows' milk contains 300 milligrams of calcium.

If you can't eat dairy products for any reason, other food sources include green leafy vegetables (such as broccoli, cabbage and okra, but not spinach), soybean products, nuts, bread and anything made with fortified flour, and fish where you eat the bones, such as sardines and pilchards.

Also good for...

Good for the skin
Healthy bones and teeth
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Healthy skin
Healthy tooth enamel

Recipe ideas

1) Pan fried salmon with lemony chilli pasta (serves 2)

When cooking fish I like to keep it simple. Here I have just pan-fried the salmon and served it with a basic fresh tasting pasta. If you do not have preserved lemons, then just use the zest and half the juice from one lemon.


Bring a large pan of salted water to the boil and drop in 200g / 7oz tagliatelle.

Cook according to the instructions on the packet.

Meanwhile. Heat a large frying pan. Brush a little olive oil and seasoning over two salmon fillets and lay them in the pan.

Fry for 3-4 minutes on each side until lightly golden or done to your liking.

Remove from pan and put aside to rest.

Return the pan to the heat and add 2 tbsp chopped capers, 3 tbsp chopped preserved lemon, Ĺ tsp crushed chilli flakes and 30ml / 2tbsp olive oil.

Heat very gently for 2-3 mins, then toss in the drained pasta. Spoon the tagliatelle into warmed pasta bowls, flake over the salmon, then sprinkle over 1 tbsp roughly chopped parsley and a good grinding of black pepper. Serve immediately with a fresh green salad.

2) Noodles with red peppers, chicken & cashew nuts (Serves 4)

Red peppers are rich in betacarotene, an antioxidant that the body converts into vitamin A which helps to reduce the incidence of cancer, as well as promoting growth, good vision and healthy skin.


Preheat the oven to 200ļC/400ļF/gas mark 6.

Brush a roasting tin with a little olive oil. Arrange the peppers, shallots and garlic in the tin and sprinkle with the thyme and rosemary leaves. Bake in the oven for 10 minutes. Add the chicken and bake for a further 10 minutes, basting the vegetables occasionally.

Bring a large saucepan of water to the boil and add the salt, olive oil and noodles. Boil the noodles for about 4 minutes, or until they are al dente.

When the chicken is cooked and the vegetables are soft and brown around the edges, remove them from the roasting tin. Drain the noodles and combine them with the chicken mixture. Stir in the cashew nuts and season with salt and pepper.


dash of olive oil

4 red peppers, cored, de-seeded and chopped into quarters

8 shallots, peeled and halved

3 cloves garlic, peeled but left whole

1 teaspoon fresh thyme leaves

1 teaspoon fresh rosemary leaves, chopped

3 chicken breasts, sliced into thin strips

1 teaspoon olive oil

350 g/12 oz dried noodles

50 g/2 oz cashew nuts

salt and freshly ground black pepper

3) Zesty Stewed Rhubarb & Blackcurrants (serves 4)

Vitamin C is a key ingredient for nourishing the skin and hereís an easy way to combine fruits rich in this strong antioxidant. Rhubarb, orange and blackcurrant make a lovely sharp, sweet, tangy, combination, which in turn, is perfectly complemented by the creamy custard or fromage frais.


Trim and wash 900g/2lb rhubarb, then chop into bite size pieces and transfer to a pan. Sprinkle over 30g/1oz caster sugar, the zest and juice of 1 orange and 1 tsp grond ginger. Cover the pan and leave to cook over a gentle heat for 10-15 minutes or until the rhubarb has just softened, but still retains its shape. Remove the pan from the heat and carefully stir in 100g/4oz fresh blackcurrants. Levae the fruit mixture to stand for about 15 minutes, or until the blackcurrants have softened and the mixture has cooled slightly. Serve warm or cold, layered in individual glasses with fresh custard or fromage frais, and perhaps with some brandy snaps or langues de chat biscuits.

4) Mango, Lime & Raspberry Juice (serves 2)

Easy to make, this is great food for your skin, packed with masses of Vitamin C and beta carotene.


Peel Ĺ large, ripe mango and cut the flesh from the stone. Place in a blender with 20 large frozen rapberries, the juice of a large lime and a few ice cubes if you like it chilled (otherwise add enough water to thin the mixture). Whizz together and serve.

5) Strawberries with Lemon & Sugar (serves 4)

Strawberries and cream is, of course, a classic combination and one of the quickest and easiest puddings to make, or you could team strawberries with black pepper, which really intensifies their flavour. If you prefer, you could steep them in orange juice or red wine.


Youíll need 700g/1ib 9oz strawberries. Leave any small ones whole and cut the larger ones into halves or quarters. Place in a bowl with the juice of 2 lemons and 3 tbsp caster sugar (or your preferred quantity). Stir them carefully, but thoroughly, to coat them with the sugar syrup and leave them to sit for 20 minutes. Transfer to serving bowls and, if you like, serve with thick, Greek-style natural yoghurt.


Aloe vera juice

By drinking Aloe Vera juice before food, it ensures that your body absorbs all of the minerals and vitamins from the food you are eating. It also contains healing properties

Take 10ml of aloe vera juice before eating 3x a day.

Milk Thistle

By taking milk thistle supplements, it helps to clean out all of the toxins from your liver and flushes them out your system.

Take 300mg of Milk Thistle supplements 3x a day either before or after eating.

06-13-2005, 05:18 PM
Just bringing us to the top again ;)

06-13-2005, 10:42 PM
Last night DS came over and replaced Internet card on my computer. Worked beautifully--for maybe 5 minutes. Darn. So I am still on DH's

See new dr. tomorrow--wish me luck.

Shad--oh, I have done far stupider things than that--and more publicly. I am not HIspanic, I just learned the language and love it.

Sometimes people complain and want a hispanic, and I think they can surely put up with me!

06-14-2005, 02:44 PM
Hello Ladies,

Did not do to good on eating yesterday. I was getting stressed at work and thought i'll just have one small hershey chocolate w/almond candy, and from there it went to about 5 or 6, finally gave the rest away. Today i'm back on track.

Cat - They better be glad I don't work there, cause i'm hispanic and I don't speak spanish. Just a few words, I can understand more than I can speak. Too bad about the pc, hope they figure what's wrong with it.

Shad - I've been there. My car has a lock feature on the motor, not quite sure what it's called, but i had to be unlocked with the remote to let the motor turn. ONe day I was picking up some donated items for our walk and when I went to turn the car over it didn't start. Real fast the men that were out there said open the hood, I did, they look and check and then one said I think it the alternator, they went and got another vehicle and were about to put the jumper cables on and then I remember the lock feature. So I clicked it and said let's try one more time... It started... I said thanks for looking at it and drove off as fast as I could...

Mooz - thanks for the articles that your posting.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

06-15-2005, 10:11 PM
Hello Ladies,

Just bringing us to the top. Not much going on here. Oh, I was talking to my neighbor and she has the new Billy Banks (Tae Bo Boot Camp) tape and said I could borrow it. So I did, going to try it tomorrow morning.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

06-15-2005, 11:14 PM
HA!!! At last I have my Internet access.

One thing the 3-apple-a-day book says is that you should set POSITIVE goals for losing weight. I don't have any positive goals--just want to avoid being sick and wearing out my knees.

Do any of you have positive goals? Let's make this a share-around.

Went to Topeka for a good poetry workshop tonight. They really have a lot going on at their library.

06-16-2005, 10:04 PM
Hello Ladies,

Cat - Glad you got your internet back. Hum... positive goals? I guess my positive goal is to be healthy but I guess that's to generic. I'll have to think about it.

06-16-2005, 10:07 PM

Good Thursday Movers and Losers!

I hope this finds everyone doing well. I am just fine. I have just finished a 4 day training session, and actually have most of 3 weeks off. Nice, indeed. Much needed, absolutely.

I bought a flat of flowers at 50% off yesterday, the weather is going to be absolutely beautiful the next few days (low temps in upper 70's and low humidity) so I'll be working on the deck for the next 3 days - for sure!

We ate lunch out all 4 days, and I am happy to report I made great choices. Today we ate at Applebees, I chose a WW menu item. I will say, this is the 3rd time I have ordered the WW Applebees foods, and the taste is less than appealing, and the price is appauling. Today I ordered a shrimp and steak skewer entree served with steamed veggies and yellow rice. The vegges had an 'odd' flavor, as did the rice.

I am still 'shaken' truth be told. My healing will be more timely than I imagined. I am ever so empathic of victims of crime as I watch the news, read a paper or listen on radio - we live in a crazy world.

Anyway, I am ever thankful for a wonderful group of friends and continued support from each of you. More soon! :angel: :angel:

06-16-2005, 11:06 PM
Wish me luck, Chicks. I have an interview for a supervisor position in my dept. I think it would be much more interesting than what I do.

Bought a new outfit--back on the Women's side. Ugh!! But it is attractive without being overdone.

Hal--you're right, healing can take a long time, and we don't allow for it in our culture. The old mourning was often phony and overdone (and overly expensive for families who couldn't really afford a complete set of new clothes.) But at least the black--or even just the arm band--was a protection for people who were bereaved.

Best to all . . .

06-17-2005, 12:39 PM
Hi Ladies,

Sorry I have been absent. All of a sudden I feel overwhelmed with the situation at hand. Gene is still in rehab and working very hard to come home. He still has the catheter in and hopefully it can be removed this coming Monday.

HalGal -- Your graphic is awesome. It has brightened my day. I have been not eating well and as a result haven't been feeling too well every morning. I guess I have to go through these days to convince myself that eating properly is the only way to go.

I would say one of my goals at 70 years of age is to regain and keep my energy that I have always had the luck to enjoy. I see my friends at bowling who are in their 80's and the lucky ones are still going strong! Living a long life is what I would like to do, only it must be one of good health! I was considering perhaps giving up beef for a while and sticking with chicken and fish. I really believe they are feeding these cattle something that makes them overly fat and as a result even after the meat is processed we end up getting some of what they give to them. I know this doesn't make sense but it would be interesting if we could know all the facts.

Well I have to go and pick up an ultrasound for the urologist for next Monday so I will close for now. Hopefully everyone will have a "wonderful" day!


06-18-2005, 05:52 PM
Good morning Ladies.
Yesterday I spent two hours at the gym. One on weights and resistance, one on Body Balance class. Hasn't made the slightest difference to my weight. I think I am destined to be this size for ever and ever. It can't be exercise, so it has to be water and or food. I'm holding steady at 1300 calories and may try dropping to around 1200, and maybe the water isn't enough but for heavens sake I spend almost as much on loo paper now as I do on the cat. The exercise I get just running to the loo must count for something extra. Enough whinging. Well maybe not.

Okay somemore whinging. My mobile phone died yesterday. I suspect it is just about out of contract although I can find my copy of the contract to check it. So today I will need to go get myself a new one. Drat it all. Although the thing has been showing signs of imminent departure. They sure don't last all that long do they? About 2 years seems to be the life span - just about the length of the contract plan I guess. I really don't want to spend big to buy something where I won't use all the features. We'll see what they try to palm me off with when I get to the shops this morning. It is an expense I could do without.

House wise, yesterday I finished cleaning (had planned to do the cleaning on Friday night but...... sat in a chair to watch something on tv and never woke up for a couple of hours) and chipped another tile off the floor in the hall. Only 9 more to go. Today will be 1 hour at the gym, shop for phone, put the second coat on the walls and make a start on the scotia boards, clean up the painting gear, put up the blinds which I have been promising to do for a week or more and try to find some time in the garden. The roses need a prune and dead heading and maybe some fertiliser. Some of the pots need replanting and the whole thing needs mulch and water. That should take care of my day.

Goals - well I guess mine is to age into a healthy and happening old girl. Genetics has to play a part in that and they are against me I think. I plan to stick around just long enough to become an embarrassment to the kids. My Dad died suddenly of a heart attack at the age of 74, and my Mum went out with stroke brought on by Alzheimers disease at 81. Of the two, I more resemble my fathers side of the family I think - and if I have the same problem as my Mother, then I will do something about it before it gets to the complete dementia stage. It is the most horrible disease I have ever seen.

Short term goal - I would like to shed enough kilos to get back into the 60's kilo range this year.

Hal - grief takes so many different forms. It takes at least two years to get over the death of a loved one. The closer you were to them the longer it takes. A violent death must take an even bigger toll on the body's nervous system. It's okay to feel the way you do. It's okay to vent and rage and cry. Let it go. Darn the people that pat you on the shoulder and say there, there, time heals all. So it does, but that's not the way you feel right now. Talk about it as much as you like.

Fruit, mushrooms and bacon bits on toast for breakfast coming up - right after the chicks on the forum and journals have been checked. Coffee nearly done. It's now 6.30am on Sunday. We're belting through June at the rate of knots.

06-18-2005, 05:52 PM
Fell into another "can't say no." Guy at work asked me to help with his dissertation. Since he's foreign born, I thought it would be mostly grammar/punctuation and maybe a bit of re-organization. Instead, it was a major re-writing. It's work I love to do--bringing out someone's best--but I was so far behind already . . .

I need to get back to my yoga--my knees are getting stiff again.

Hope all are doing better than I am. Nita--hope Gene gets home soon.

06-18-2005, 07:23 PM

What a beautiful day here in central Kentucky. I hope each of you have the same weather. Today we have upper 70's and virtually no humidity. Nice.

I've talked myself out of running out for prepared food (drive up from restaurants is nice, but expensive) and pulled out of veggies and staples from my pantry to prepare somewhat healthful meals. I love this time of year with all of the better tasting veggies. Yummm... (Where is Thin?)

THIN: I had a kebob with large chunks of both green and red peppers and red onion with steak. I used barbeque sauce, which was not as healthful as some balsamic vingerette dressing. I plan to use this next time. Where and how are ya??? ;)

Shad: You crack me up girl. So you are makig extra steps to the hopper, eh? You call it the loo? Water-loo? :lol: I am going to begin making lists of daily accomplishments 'to be done' as you listed to us. I really, really need to do some 'spring cleaning'. Today I potted flowers. I am still working, and plan to return in a bit.

CAT: Is this paid help to work on the dissertation? Just curious. I've found myself in your same shoes, but always for free. When it is over, I think gosh that was hours/days. I like your statement about bringing out the best.

Nita: I've seen an ad for your car on television several times now. I think of all of the neat accessories you have. Technology, what a neat thing. Speaking of which, I watched a show in TV last night about a musician that had a brain tumor. They operated on him while he was awake. They wanted to make sure they did not remove any brian tissue that controled his ability to make or read music. It was done at UCLA. I have a friend that is married to a brain surgeon that practices there, so I was kind of watching to see if he would be mentioned or in the video, he was not. His speciality is pediatric brain seizure disorders. I will include you and Gene in my prayers, and hope that he is able to return home this week.

OneDay: Chocolate, huh. Me too. Hang in there. I think it is my vice, as in alcohol to an alcoholic. Rocy goes 'nuts' chasing flies. Buster was never really bothered, Rocky is on a mission. It is funny, and then gets nerve racking - for both of us! He got his hair done yesterday, and he looks and smells great!

Mooz: Thanks so very much for the tips from Jane Clarke. I especially liked reading the tips for great skin. AS I get older, it is a challenge. I hope your Mother is resting well, and you are hanging in there as you provide support for her.

Here is an interesting short article on tomatoe sauce, and anti-aging:

Dr. Roizen beams when he talks about one particular food: tomatoes. "They decrease cancer and they decrease arterial aging, heart disease, stroke, memory loss, impotence, wrinkling of the skin," he says. "In fact, Dr. Oz and I think a small town should be named after aspirin: it's that important. But a whole country should be named after tomatoes!"

So should they be raw or cooked? "It takes 165 raw tomatoes to equal 10 tablespoons of tomato sauce," Dr. Roizen says. "So it's much easier to have tomato sauce."

Dr. Roizen adds that it doesn't matter what kind of tomato sauce you have, "as long as it's cooked, and you eat it with a little olive oil and a little healthy fat because it's much better absorbed with it."

Hello Michellez, and anyone else I may have missed! :angel: :chef: :flow2: :angel:

06-18-2005, 09:55 PM
Hello Ladies,
What a busy day! Went to see the musical "The Producers" here in dallas. It was wonderful. Tomorrow I plan to get up early and replant or add more soil to my crape myrtles I planted last weekend. After church going to visit with my dad. Friday I had a doc's appointment with a dermatologist. Went to see him about two moles that were getting darker. He cut them and sent them to be looked at. Say a prayer for me that it nothing.

Hal - a while back there was a doctor on Oprah and he has listed like ten things you should eat every day or was it every week. One of the item was tomatoe and like your article said eating the sauce was the best way to get it. I wonder if it was this Dr. Rozien? I kept saying I need to get that book. I'll look on her site and try and find it. Eating fish was another.
I too like eating veggies at this time. I received a new grill from my work as a work anniversary gift and i'm just putting it together. My goal is to grill more veggies. Just love grill squash and corn.

Nita - I'm sure it's really stressful having to handle all the household duties and at the same time worry about Gene. Just remember that we're here if you need to talk or anything.

Shad - sounds like you have alot of projects going? What are you doing to the floor?

Cat - Saying a prayer for your job interview. I'm sure your co-woker is very thankful that you are willing to help him.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

06-19-2005, 01:36 PM
Hi chickies ...... just a quick Sunday call. I am still trying to keep my eating in control and I am not doing too bad but it is hard to shift those stubborn pounds!

Patty - sending you :angel: :angel: Orla went to see The Producers when she was in London. She said it was very good.

Halgal - glad you are enjoying your time off school and that the weather is nice for you. We all feel better in the sunshine. I hope to be going to see Hal Ketchum when he comes to Coleraine in September so I will keep you posted! ;)

Shad - my you are a busy gal ....... are you sure 1300 cals is enough for you to be eating? Sometimes we hear of people being told to eat more to lose the weight :?: Maybe you are ar the right weight for you and you probably have more muscle than fat and they say muscle weighs more. The body certainly is a complicated piece of equipment!

Cat - that is a really nice thing for you to do for your co-worker. I hope the yoga helps you.

Nita - just a few days ago they were talking here about too much red meat causing bowel cancer so you maybe are wise to cut down on it. I hope Gene gets home soon - he must miss it so badly.

Thin and Michelle ....... I hope you get a chance to post soon.

Have a great day all.

Saturday's MArston quote is a good one ..........

Small change
Somewhere in your life right now there is a small, positive change you can make in the way you live each day. When you make that small change, and stick with it, the results can profoundly influence your entire world.
Perhaps it's a destructive habit that you can choose to leave behind forever. Or maybe it's a useful action that you can add to your daily routine.

It could be something as simple as choosing to start each day with a smile instead of with a complaint. Or you could identify something that has always made you angry and just decide that you're not going to let it get to you anymore.

Your life is filled with opportunities for making small, positive changes. When you look for them, you'll see those opportunities in every direction.

Even one small change can have a large positive impact on your life because the benefits of that small change are repeated day after day. Keep adding more small, positive changes from time to time, and the results can be truly incredible.

Give yourself the gift today of a small positive change in your life. And continue to enjoy the rewards you receive far into the future.

-- Ralph Marston

06-19-2005, 02:34 PM
Oh, yes, this is paid work for the dissertation. In fact, he tried to cut the rate, and I politely said no, that if he couldn't afford my rate he'd just have to use fewer hours. I was rather proud of myself.

I must make myself some apple pictures so I remember to eat my apple before meals.

Much to catch up on esp. because of the extra work. Reminds me of Michellez and her freelance projects.

06-20-2005, 10:20 AM
Trying to post a photograph I took last night of sunset on the beach.

06-20-2005, 02:51 PM
Hello Ladies,

Mooz - what a beautiful sunset picture? Is that setting in your town?

Cat - Glad you stuck to your guns and not reduce your prices. Have you had your interview yet?

Monday, getting back on track with my eating. Ate way too much yesterday for father's day celebration.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

06-20-2005, 08:07 PM
Hello Movers and Losers - Happy Monday!

Monday always seems like a renewal time, time to forgive the previous weeks diet pitfalls, and re-establish new goals. So...

Did anyone else here catch The View show today? (I just love to be able to talk about what was on TV - as I rarely watch during the school year - day or night.) They had a nice segment on the traditional best food choices, and then brought out several women that have lost well over a 100 pounds each. One of them had the lap band surgery and lost almost 200. Her sister saw her success and had it, and passed away on the surgery table. She said she does not recommend it for anyone, but did not go into it. Can you say curiosity got the cat? Hummm.... I think I'll find the website and read more about it.

I am doing some house cleaning and patio work (I have a patio with no less than 500 square feet - huge.) and stationary biking. My annual physical is this Wednesday. I dread it, but am honestly glad. I just want to once and for all 'get serious' and 'do something(s)' to improve my weight problem. I am so envious of folks I've seen lose weight. It appears you just have to make a plan, and get past that first hurdle of establishing the habit/goal.

Tonight I had a grilled hamburger patty, 2/3 cup cottage cheese with a half dozen cherry tomaotoes. Good, but I find myself still wanting more. I know much of this is in my head. Lunch was a Sponkita (spinach/feta cheese in phyllo dough - all organic).

Mooz: Oh my gosh, I love your picture. It is now on my computer as the wallpaper. Thank you. How far is this from you? You are blessed. Hey, I think Hal will be in Coleraine on September 17th. I will be living vicariously through you, but you already know that.

OneDay: Neat that you got to go to a play. You know, and this is hard to admit, but part of my misery - I don't fit into many seats any longer. I have a back side the width of your state. I always have, and with age I guess it is growing. Time to take action, and my choices are unfortunatley limited. I think I told you guys about going to see Bruce Springsteen a few years ago with a guy in Atlanta - and I did not fit. I was SO humiliated. He called this weekend saying he had just purchased more tickets to see Bruce again, and just around the corner from where we sat. I have a feeling he was hoping I could say I would 'fit'. Sad, sad, sad stuff cause I don't. Tell me about 'myrtles' I am not sure what they are. I have wave petunias and begonias on my deck - all deep salmon or white in color. I am still potting. I need to do tihs quickly this week as it is due to get really hot later in the week.

CatLover: Hats off to you, for sticking to your price. I remember helping one friend finish a project, doing as you said and it just got bigger and bigger and bigger. I got paid nothing. Just lots of compliments on how good it was. It was good, but still time is money. I guess that is unless you are a teacher. I know of no other profession where you can be ask to work day(s) for no extra pay - on a routine basis. I have a friend that says she is drinking a glass of metamucil prior to each meal. I think I would prefer an apple, but the sugar free metamucil is virtually calorie free. I'll let you know what she says.

Shad: I think you should bump your daily caloric intake to closer to 1400 a day. Even at this level, you will need a good multivitamin. Your exercise is enviable. You go girl. Keep telling us what you are doing. Trust me, it makes a big difference in your body shape, even if the weight is not falling off. I can see a 'huge' difference from lack of exercise the last 5, yes I did say 5 years. Keep it up, I am going to try get back on the exercise routine too.

Someone ask if the Dr. Roizen I posted the article on was the same one on the Oprah show, and the answer is yes. I have a really interesting email from the Oprah site on health and anti-aging tips. I think the book would be good and on the current side of nutrition.

Nita: I hope Gene is home tonight. If not, soon. Let us know how you are doing. :angel:

Can anyone tell me if Thin is traveling? I was out of touch for a short while and wonder if I missed what she is doing. I know she travels lots. Hey to Michellezzzzzz too! And, anyone I missed.

06-20-2005, 08:46 PM
Hi Ladies,

I met Gene at the urologist's office this morning and he did take out the catheter, however, if Gene is not successful in urinating a catheter will have to be put back in. He is going to call me in about an hour to let me know if he was successful. He is walking with the walker quite well but is still having a problem with his balance. I anticipate it will be another week or so before he gets to come home. I do believe it makes sense for him to do it right the first time. Also, getting back into rehab is not easy.

Today when I came home from bowling I got out of my car and a "miracle" happened. The day I had gone to buy my new car I lost one of my favorite earrings. Well you guessed it, there it was laying underneath my treadmill. When something likes this occurs I really feel it is a miracle! Now all we need is for a miracle re: Gene.

I believe I mentioned prior that my sister with diabetes had half of her left foot removed and she, too, is in a rehab center learning how to walk with it. My niece told me, however, that her mother is in such pain she can hardly handle it. So Ladies, if you will, keep Gene and my sister, Char, in your prayers. Thank you.

As far as dieting goes, I do start off the day exactly correct, however, as the day wears on I all of a sudden think I have to be eating something. HalGal, you are so correct when it comes to exercising--for some reason I lost my incentive to go to the gym prior to visiting Gene. Even though I am contemplating finishing my cleaning int he morning, I am committing to going to the gym tomorrow and do the treadmill at least for 35 minutes.

Well ladies, as always, you are the very best friends a woman could ever have--you are always there when we need you!

Thank a whole bunch!

06-20-2005, 09:18 PM
Mooz--that it so beautiful. Thank you for sharing it.

Patty--yes, I had the interview, and I thought it went well. However, they do want people who can work weekends and overnight. I said no to overnight--I know I can't stay healthy and do that. I wouldn't mind Saturdays, but I thought it over carefully--no, I'm not going to give up my Sundays. So if they can't fit me in, well, then I'll just keep doing what I'm doing.

Had good walk with dog tonight--waited until it cooled down a bit.

Best to all . . .

06-21-2005, 09:03 AM

Hey Everyone!

Just a quick good morning. I think I mentioned I watched 'The View' yesterday and they had tips on foods for weight loss, and had a few ladies that had lost over 100 pounds. I went to the website and found this:

Since recent studies have expressed that eating dairy may actually help you lose weight, we recruited nutritionist Joy Bauer to explain exactly what that entails as well as to disclose other foods that also vow to assist in shedding those extra pounds. Below you will find a brief description of the topics discussed on this morning's program. For more nutritional advice, pick up a copy of Joy's latest book Cooking with Joy. This publication is now available through the ABC TV Store.

Insoluble fiber takes a longer time to chew and provides volume to food without adding a lot of calories.

All-Bran Cereal
Low-Carb Bread
Wheat Bran

Soluble fiber helps to stabilize blood sugar levels, which ward off hunger and cravings.

Steel-cut oats oatmeal
Black beans

Fruits and vegetables with a high water content "built in" helps to fill you up resulting in eating less collectively throughout the day. Drinking straight water separately does not have the same effect since it leaves the stomach more rapidly.


Lean proteins can slightly rev up your metabolism after ingestion. To calculate your daily personal requirements, multiply .50 x your body weight in pounds to find out how many grams your intake should be.

Chicken breast
Canned light tuna
Shrimp cocktail
Turkey breast
Turkey burgers

There is some evidence that ample dairy can help promote weight loss. Stick with low-fat or non-fat sources and reap the other benefits from calcium as well, bone health, colon protection, alleviate menstrual cramps and help manage blood pressure.

Non-fat yogurt
Part skim string cheese
Skim milk
Low-fat or fat-free cottage cheese
Low-fat or fat-free cheese

Capsaicin has been shown to increase fat oxidation. However, studies have yet to prove that hot spice can promote weight loss. On the other hand, studies have reported that people are often satisfied with less food when the meal is spicy hot. Plus, you automatically eat slower and drink more water.

Chili peppers, jalapenos
Hot salsa
Spicy vegetarian chili
Stir-fry veggies with chili peppers

A study from The University of Texas has shown that people who drink diet soda are more likely to become obese because they are over compensating and give themselves permission to eat high caloric foods. Bottom line is you must be accountable for the calories you intake and drink water!
Next, Jorge Cruise, weight loss expert and author of The 3-Hour Diet, showed us how the things we do in our daily routines, such as brushing your teeth and going to the mall, can actually burn calories and help us lose weight. Below you will find a brief description of the topics discussed on this morning's program. For details on how to set your metabolism in motion and for a free weight-loss profile ($40 value), please visit Furthermore, The 3-Hour Diet is now available through the ABC TV Store.
The Ultimate Calorie Countdown
Brushing Your Teeth:
2x a day = 46 calories = 322 calories per week

Getting Dressed:
10 minutes of extreme activity = 100 calories maximum a day = 700 calories per week

Pushing a Stroller:
Working with the stroller (i.e., opening, closing, picking up the baby) 3x a week for an hour = 1,800 calories per week

Sitting and Eating: If you eat 400 calories of food per meal you will burn 100 calories from chewing and digesting, 3 meals (at 400 calories each) and two snacks (at 200 calories each) per day = 2,800 calories per week

3x a week for 10 minutes sessions = 300 calories per week

Doing Laundry:
Vigorous activity once a week = 600 calories per week

Cleaning House:
Deep cleaning for an hour once a week = 600 calories per week

Grocery Shopping:
Vigorous activity for an hour once a week = 600 calories per week

Playing with your Kids:
3x a week for 30 minutes intervals = 1,400 calories per week

Having Sex:
2x a week for 10 minutes = 200 calories per week

Shopping at the Mall:
Actively moving around the mall once a week = 400 calories per week

Jumping Rope
Pilates or Yoga
Weight Training
Each individual activity 3x a week at 30 minute intervals = 900 calories per week

This all appears to be pretty basic, and more than likely stuff we already know, but may need to be reminded of.

Mooz: Your picture on my computer wallpaper absolutely takes my breath away. Thank you, thank you, thank you....

Nita: I am including Gene and your sister in my prayers - along with you! I firmly believe in the power of talking to the higher powers. There is no doubt in my mind, there are higher powers. Hang in there, take good care of you.

Have a GREAT day girls!!!! :angel: :dancer: :flow2: :flow1: :chef: :angel:

06-21-2005, 07:11 PM
Hal--what a clever idea! I set it as my wallpaper also. Thanks, Mooz.

06-21-2005, 07:16 PM
Morning all.
I'm back again for another stint at work. Working hard as you can see. I'm hoping to be out of here for 3.30pm today since I have no meetings and no training and yesterdays thumping of the keyboard produced so many questions to which there appear to be no answers !$^#%# Go live date - 4th July. Should be fireworks spectacular I suspect. Might also turn out to be a whimper. I should not presume. Never presume! Also turned up a portal defect of showstopper proportions - and I did not deliberately do the action, it was something anyone could have done and should have been tested for - tech heads have been working on it most of the night so I am told. Tough hey?

Tough workout last night at the gym, but achievements were made. When Jason gave me my new workout list I could not use the ChinHipDip thingy - could only hang there and count to ten twice before I ran out of upper body muscle - mostly shoulders and arms. Let me explain better. This contraption expects you climb on the footrest and reach up to rest your forearms on the pads you then take your feet off the footrest and are supposed to swing the legs out and up while holding oneself on the frame with the forearms and hands holding the gripper thingys. Now I'm short so it takes an effort just to get into the right position. Anyway I started off with two hanging session of 10 seconds each and worked up to 7 or 8 and then 10. So then I thought I would try the kick bit and managed one x 10 kicks. However having persevered through the aching muscles of the shoulders, arms and neck I now find I can do 4 x 10 kicks and space it out with 4 x 10sec hanging. Anyway to cut a long story short, last night I was kicking away there and hanging on for grim death and counting the seconds when all of a sudden I encountered resistance. Humpphhh - open screwed up eyes to find I have kicked the large and well muscled butt of a man. Quite hard too I think. Hop off the contraption, apologise profusely to this giant bloke who laughed and said that the first time he tried the contraption, he kicked his trainer squarely in the jaw. I am impressed and in awe. I don't think I will ever be able to kick high enough to get anyone in the jaw!!!!!

Thanks for the list of calorie counting HalGal however I take a bit of convincing that some of those figures are right. For instance if I was to have 10 minutes of vigorous activity putting clothes on, I would have my entire wardrobe draped somewhere on my body. 10 minutes is a long time for putting the normal load of clothes on. In my estimation - as long as I know more or less what I am going to wear, then dressing takes less than 2 minutes. Some of those figures look extra strange when one considers that if I do the cardio circuit at the gym for 1 hour and end up in a lather of sweat - as I always do - according to the machines and my brain I have burned just under 500 calories. It's difficult to know who to believe when there are so many conflicting opinions around.

Anyway, better get on with the day.

06-21-2005, 08:41 PM
Hello Ladies,

Hal - Thin is back, last time we heard from her she was busy unpacking and getting settled in. I dread going for my yearly too. Seems like every year I gain 10 lbs. This past year was the first time that I hadn't. I not able to catch any of the morning programs, I do watch Oprah some nights when they replay the earlier day's program. OH, I saw that book at Walmart, will pick it up next time.

Cat - I don't blame you for not wanting to work nights. That would be too hard.

Shad - Ok, your starting to motiviate me to go to the gym too. Glad the man you kicked was not facing the other way.

Nita - keeping Gene and Char in my prayers.

I'm not doing to well on my food. Sunday I ate alot of pasta salad and I think that triggered my cravings for carbs. Plus, it's also week before TOM and I always have cravings.

Mooz, Thin, Mitchellez - Hope to hear from you guys soon.

06-22-2005, 06:55 PM
Hi there ......just a quick call ....... if anyone wants the sunset picture in its original size let me know and send me your e-mail address (unless I already have it) in a PM. As it had to be made smaller to go in the thread then the quality is not as good.
We wnet down tonight but the sun was notr to be seen although the sky and sea were a lovely blue colour........ and I will just show you.

06-22-2005, 07:11 PM
Morning, afternoon or evening all - strike out that which is not applicable.

Looks like it is going to be another superb winters day here and I shall be stuck inside looking outwards. I shall have to get me a job on a building site or something. Anyway it is very cool out there. When I left home this morning the thermometer in the car read 7.0c and by the time I got out onto the main road it was down to 4.5c. That's very cool for here. It was absolutely freezing standing on the station - wind chill might have had something to do with that I guess. The natives are freezing their buns off and complaining like mad - as if that will do any good. I keep saying that the temps are good during the day when the sun is up, count your blessings, but they don't seem to understand that there are places in this world that rarely get above 7.0c for the ENTIRE day during the winter. And the other blessing is that the bugs are gone - gone, gone, gone. Scarcely a fly left standing. It is sooooooo nice. Heat dust and flies will come back far too soon. Actually I have to admit to feeling like LindaT does in the journals. She is feeling the cold since she has lost so much weight. Muscle may be fine and good, but the fat was insulating. My almost non existent butt is continually cold. So are my legs for that matter. The places with the least amount of fat seem to be complaining this winter. Wouldn't it be nice if when losing this fat, it redistributed itself so there was a thin layer (thin fat layer?????!!!!) all over just to keep us toasty.

Silly me, I am losing my mind somewhere. I got to the station this morning and as per normal rearranged the bag - took out all the gym gear and left it in the car and put in the good shoes, book, water bottle, food - errrrrr where's my lunch, breakfast, morning tea and snack???? Yep okay it is on the bench at home. What a dope.

What I find I am also having since these muscles come to pass is the need for hot food in the winter. Salads just aren't cutting it so much at the moment, so I am going to have to think of other ways to get the nutrition without the fat. Interesting thoughts go through my head at times like these. Soup is one of them. However I make a big pot of the stuff and then waste it. Like I'm bored with it after a couple of times. I can freeze it, but once frozen I tend to forget it is there. Besides which my fridge has only a smallish freezer now and I tend not to be able to put a lot of stuff in it. I do like variety. Not sure that I could do the LindaT thing and have alternating fish or chicken for a whole week. I need to work on my food I think.

Okay best go find out if the powers that be have made up their minds about things yet. What things I hear you ask? Well I don't know, when I left here last night, they were still making their minds up.

06-22-2005, 10:12 PM
How about stir-frying those veggies instead of serving them cold? You can add a little chicken, sea-food, whatever's good. Our health food store has very good canned soups--not too much salt etc. Not sure what you have there, though--even some of the regular commercial kinds have some good lines.

Take care.

06-23-2005, 02:14 PM
Hello Ladies,

Just a quick hello. Trying to get things done during lunch. One of them is paying bills. I tend to forget them.

Shad - Not sure what your temp is since your using celcius, but i'm sure it's cold. It's hot here our high is suppose to be 96 today, this weekend expected to get up to 100.

Mooz - that's a beautiful view too.

Hope everyone is having a good day!

06-23-2005, 07:11 PM
Went to see the hypnotherapist yesterday and it looks like, for reasons I won't go into, that hypnosis won't work for me. So that was a little disappointing, but I really liked him, and we may try something else.

Meanwhile, I've been eating a lot of apples, which isn't really following the whole plan, but I have certainly found (only over a few days) that I am more satisfied, and don't binge eat at night.

Yoga lesson tonight.

06-23-2005, 07:19 PM
Following on from yesterday mornings weather report, the following occurred during the day and overnight. Itís only interesting because I live in the Sub-Tropics on the east coast of Australia.

Yesterday, on the plaza at the bottom of the building that I work in, the powers that be had a morning tea and seminar on the joys of State Government superannuation. They put out tables with bunches of balloons and edible goodies like sandwiches and buns etc etc.

Yesterday the wind blew, and blew and blew and blew. Donít anyone ever tell me about NZís windy Wellington anymore.

As a result of this cold wind blowing, the seminar shifted indoors, but not before the wind picked up enough strength to blow the sandwiches clear off the plates and into the air. We were watching bits of lettuce and other unknown foodstuffs floating through the air and past our windows. The wind was so strong that it picked up one of the bunches of balloons - which were weighted down with little brick thingies and they too floated past the office windows.

Of course winter here in the subtropics means cool nights and mild to warm days - but yesterday it didnít get passed 18C (if you need a quick formula for conversion to fahrenheit - double the temp and add 30.) And that wind was just the pits. Once the sun left the sky, the temps plummetted again. Somewhere in the inland sub-tropics snow fell yesterday. First snow that far north in 46 years. Mind you the Canadians would have called it dandruff not snow, but the kids were having a wonderful time of it sliding down the slopes on their skateboards minus the wheels.

Last night got very cold and the drive to the station this morning was more than a tad chilly. In fact the little information screen on the dash started a 7c and went down as far as 2.5c. After 3.5c little snowflake diagrams started to appear on the screen warning me of ice outside. ICE - we only use that in our drinks!!

I remembered my lunch and breakfast today. So yesterdays bad eating is now a thing of the past - ha ha. And although I was bitterly cold and missed my usual train home last night due to a meeting running overtime, I talked myself into going to the gym for the cardio circuit (15 mins ea on Treadmill, bike and stepper last night) and felt better for it - or is that my conscience taking a well earned break?

Tonight I am going out to dinner with the brother and the niece and nephew and then home to start preparations for the weekend. I have a rowdy bunch of footy fanatics coming over to cheer on the All Blacks against the British & Irish Lions tomorrow. I have decided to serve comfort food (for the British of course) such as lamb shanks and mashed potato and carrot. The kids love them slow cooked in wine and stock. Thereís some NZ beer for the boys (the Brits will just have to make do) and a nice Spanish red for me and the niece. Following the footy we will spill out on to the patio and toast some marshmallows etc over the barbecue and I will put a good old favourite of rhubarb crumble in the weber for comsumption. By that time we probably wonít feel the cold. Later is the Australia v Italy test and we will all have to watch that as well no doubt. It should be fun.

Meanwhile back in the office, I have to prepare for 3 training sessions of 1.5hrs each. Kate - our administrator is hoping to make the 3 into two so we can all go home early. Good onya Kate.

Back later to catch up on the news and comment

06-23-2005, 07:47 PM
Mmmmmm Shad .............. toasted marshmallows (never had them but they sound wonderful) and rhubarb crumble ...... are you having custard and icecream with it? Have I still got time to get a flight over there for the party?
Oh well :mad: ........ I can dream anyway :tantrum:

06-23-2005, 09:43 PM
Flight time around 24 hours. Yes you have time if you start now. I'll hold dinner for you.

06-24-2005, 12:12 PM
Hi Ladies,

Just a quick note to say "hi." Gene is coming along slowly but he definitely is working hard. My sister, however, is not doing well with her foot. In fact it may be infected and it seems the care she is receiving is only making it worse.

Thanks for enlightening me that I can stir veggies. Since I haven't had to cook real meals, I haven't been eating very well, and as a result my usual energy is diminishing. As far as the apples go, I have to agree they most certainly fill you up and keep you from wanting those sweets!

Take care,

06-24-2005, 08:55 PM
Bringing us to the top!

will post more later, I feel a major headache coming on, going to take something for it and lay down. Allergies are driving me crazy!!!

06-25-2005, 04:18 AM
Mornin chickies ..... just a quick call ...... waiting for my mother to wake up to start her day.
I had a very good eating day yesterday :D During the week my sister-in-law was using my Blood Pressure reader and I took mine also and the bottom reading was 101. I have White Coat Syndrom (even though there iwas not a white coat in sight!) As soon as I think of checking my BP I can feel myself getting tense! I went for a 2 mile walk yesterday and checked it shortly after I came home a few times ........ I know silly me! Again it read 100 but at one time I did get it reading 91 which I was happy to see.
Anyway it scared me and I got to thinking that I have got to learn to Eat To Live and not Live To Eat. So the cups of tea and biscuits have to stop.

It is 8am here and Paul is up early to watch the rugby ........ same match that Shad is watching with her party no doubt.
(Mmmmmmmm marshmallows and rhubarb crumble :D )

Shad - enjoy yourself but I am sure you have no need to be told that!

Patty - I hope you are feeling better soon...... these allergies seem to be a worldwide thing as a lot of people here in Ballycastle suffer from them ioncluding Orla earlier on this week.

Nita - glad to hear that Gene is getting steadily better. Sending :angel: :angel: to him and to your sister.

Catlover - its good that the apples are keeping the hunger at bay and they are a healthy food.

Halgal - thanks for the tips from The View........ we need all the information we can get. Someday something will work for us!

Have a good day all

Posting last nights sunset for you all and if anyone wants the full copy let me know.

06-25-2005, 10:04 AM

Good Saturday Morning Girls!

Good to hear from everyone this week. This was my first full week off, and I feel better - rested, and some initial cleaning/work is finished. I've spent a fair amount of time on the patio repotting new flowers for the summer. I always wait until they go 50% off. This year there were lots of pretty ones to choose from. I have a few more begonias, and almost an entire flat of wave petunias to finish this weekend. I had to go purchase more potting soil and some pearlite. It gets really, really hot on the deck. The enclosed walls raise the temps even higher, and I have to be careful where I place certain plants as they will 'fry'.

I say, "Go Tom Cruise!" He spoke out against abuses of psychiatric drugs in America today. Now folks are speaking out for the meds, and I am sure they help some folks, and all is well. But, when one of the leading and most lucrative entry level jobs in our country for new college graduates is pharmacy drug sales - well, that pretty much sums up what Cruise is saying. I shall never forget the $800 a month pharmacy bill the nursing home presented to me the first month I placed my Grandmother in the nursing home. These were all psychiatric meds for her Alzheimers - and honestly many sedatives. When she entered the facility she was on 1/2 asprin and stool softner - only. OK, that's my Saturday soapbox! :comp:

Mooz: Thanks for the beautiful pictures. Believe it or not, my bottom number of my blood pressure was one number lower than yours. My doctor ask me to purchase a home monitor, and if it does not come down I'll be looking at more meds - which I am not for if I can avoid by exercise and diet.

OneDay: I know how awful it can be to suffer with those allergies. I had one spring I had them, but it was due to a fall where I injured my sinuses. I ended up taking all of the allergy tests and came up with none. About a month later all of my symptoms subsided. Who woud have thought. I had a bad fall early that spring hitting my chin, which affected my sinuses - for what felt like an eternity. I have home air purifer machines I'll be yard saleing this summer! :s:

CatLover: A TV channel called FitTV had a segment on using hypnotherapy for relaxation and weight loss this week. I had totally forgotten the sessions we had when I went throught the medically supervised fasting diet about 15 years ago. I think it only worked on me one time. Anyway, I kind of went along with the session on TV, and I do believe just using proper breathing techniques and meditation can calm us. At the time, I use to think it was a total waste of time, and it never worked. I can only remember one time (this is out of a year and a half) that I ever felt hypnotized,

Shad: Thanks for your commical input. I find your posts not only informative (I just love hearing how you talk, terms you use and FOODS you eat that are very different from what we eat.) And, your humor. Thanks for joining us!

I hope everyone has a great weekend, what did we use to call it, uh... um.... I believe it was OP. LOL.. :angel: :flow2: :flow1: :dancer: :angel:

06-25-2005, 06:27 PM
Yep well definitely not OP this weekend HalGal. Last nights dinner turned into a feast - both of Rugby and food. We danced our way through the courses and the games and the resultant scale watch this morning is not pretty. Lots of water, lots of movement and lots of good things for the body today.

I have the feeling Paul may have returned to bed a little upset Mooz?? The Brits here (unfortunately we couldn't find any Irish) were a tad quiet towards the end of the game. Would have been a better game without the French referee, not that he did anything bad, but he certainly gave the pea in the whistle a good workout. And I was delighted to see that apart from the usual pushing and pulling, there was no fighting or violence in the game. I deplore violence in what is supposed to be 'sport'. I've even been known to put pen to paper (actually fingers to keyboard) if there is too much violence in sport. It gives a bad name to the game, whichever game it is, and sets a really bad example to the young. Not that many of them need an excuse really.

Anyway, we didn't get the rhubarb crumble for dessert, simply because I could get any rhubarb. None in the shops and we can't grow it up here. It's a temperate to cold weather plant. However the rest of the meal went down well. Judging by the number of bones piled up for the cat!!??? it was appreciated. Cat by the way only picks at bones once in a while, I will have to go rescue the bones before they are swarming with ants. A few bottles out there in the rose garden as well. No doubt it was too thorny to try to pick them up!

Nita, I'm glad to hear that your DH is doing okay and will be coming home soon.

I hope all the allergies and headaches are clearing for those of you suffering from them. So many people seem to be suffering from them at the moment. What are we doing to our environment to cause this?

Mooz, the sunset photos are lovely. I really do love a good sunset or sunrise on the beach. The light gives such wonderful shadows on the sand.

So today it is back to the painting, sanding and chipping of tiles off the floor. Only 7 more to go of those. I really should have hired a jack hammer but it seemed like such a small area to go to those lengths. Maybe mow the lawn as well. Lets just see how the day pans out. Siesta might be fun too.

Have a good day everyone. I'm off to enjoy my Sunday now.

06-25-2005, 11:41 PM
Mooz, Hal--My dsil had very very high blood pressure, and drugs didn't help--nor did losing weight. But by drinking pomagranate juis (sp?) she is off all meds and her bp is normal. It doesn't taste very good--she mixes it with soda.

Tried to get DH to try it--he can't drink anything with bubbles. His BP is controlled with meds, so he wasn't willing to drink the stuff, but I have gotten some in a pill. Needs to get his dr's clearance first. But would be worth a try.

06-26-2005, 11:32 AM
Hello chicksters....
I am here and alive. so sorry i've been out of touch. It's been just over 1 month since we got back to our home for the summer, and it's been very hectic...or so it seemed, as it's only going to get more hectic soon. DMIL is arriving later this week and staying with us for perhaps her whole 2 wk vacation. Usually she goes to her daughters for part of it, but with her job schedule she may not even be in the country at that time. Her job sends her all over. This time just to Canada, but it's still another country--just one that is closer to Michigan LOL! ;)
Also it is going to be my 30th class reunion around the 4th of July, and i am one of the 'planners' of it,so much to do there. Should be fun tho. Not a huge bunch planning to attend but it will still be nice.

Reading all the posts trying to catch up with all of you.
It is good to see so many still posting.

I am not walking or even watching my diet as yet since i've returned home, so i guess that is part of the reason i don't post. Just can't get started.
What will it take? Probably a doctor appt! :?: :(

Right now we have my sisters youngest (her only son 9 yrs old) here with us. He is having a blast being away from his 4 sisters and mom. Maybe he's getting a little homesick now and then but we (my mom,dad, other relatives and us) have been keeping him pretty occupied. He loves it at the lake, esp. when it's been exceptionally warm and the lake is even warm for swimming already in June. That is a first. We've even had warm nights, one night it only got down to the 70's. VERY Odd for the U.P.! But we'll take the record years this way too.

Talk more later~ must cook them a big breakfast as promised now, they have been out fishing already this morning.(DH and nephew)

Thanks for thinking of me and i will try to post again, sporadically at least!
till then,
:wave: :grouphug: thinlizzie

06-26-2005, 02:35 PM

Gosh it is hot here! We have had more 90+ degree days this last week than in the last 5 years. I am watering plants twice a day, but that is not a problem at the moment.

THIN: Great to hear from you. Good to hear you are enjoing the lake this summer. That would be the life, I would imagine. Let us hear how your 30th reunion goes. Mine was last summer. I did not go, but when I went home in August for my Mother's funeral I heard all about it. There was a $50 charge, per person for the event. Folks organized an alternative reunion at a local pub downtown. They said by 10:30P it was standing room only in the alternative event, funny!

CatLover: Thank you for the tip on the Pomegrande juice. I've seen it, and I am thinking is is not inexpensive. I'll try it just the same. I think I'll add some splenda to it more than likely.

Shad: Lots of luck with the tiles, 2 more down this weekend? :dizzy:

My doctor ask me if cancer runs in my family during my physical exam last week. I explained my maternal Grandfather passed away of some type of intestinal cancer about 30 years ago. Naturally, I began reading on this... here is an interesting article. It encourages less red meat, and more fish. This is how I've eaten until 3 years ago, when I 'tried' the low carb thang. I prefer fish and chicken actually.

Red Meat-Colon Cancer Link Grows

Eating Too Much Red Meat or Too Little Fish May Raise Colon Cancer Risk

By Jennifer Warner
WebMD Medical News Reviewed By Michael Smith, MD
on Tuesday, June 14, 2005

June 14, 2005 -- Eating too much red meat or not enough fish may increase your risk of developing colon cancer.colon cancer.

Researchers say the results confirm previous studiesprevious studies that have shown that eating large amounts of red or processed meat raises the risk of colon cancer while eating lots of fish has the opposite effect.

The study, which followed more than 500,000 men and women from 10 European countries, showed that people who ate the most red and processed meats had a higher risk of colon cancer than those who ate the least. Meanwhile, people who ate the most fish had a lower risk of colon cancer.

The results appear in the June 15 issue of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

Red Meat Raises Cancer Risk

In the study, researchers looked at the association between how much red or processed meats, poultry, or fish people ate and their risk of developing colon cancer over nearly five years of follow-up.

During that time, more than 1,300 cases of colon cancer were diagnosed among the participants.

But the study showed that colon cancer was more common among heavy red and processed meat eaters (an average of more than 5.6 ounces per day).

For example, researchers estimate that 1.71% of heavy meat eaters would develop colon cancer during 10-year period meat compared with 1.28% among those who ate the least (an average of less than an ounce per day).

The researchers found that the chance of developing colon cancer was higher with processed meats compared with just red meats.

They also found that the risk of colon cancer was lower among people who ate the most fish (an average of nearly 3 ounces per day) compared with those who ate the least (an average of about a third of an ounce per day).

For fish, the researchers estimate that 1.28% of heavy fish eaters would develop colon cancer during a 10-year period compared with 1.86% of those who ate the least amount of fish.

There was no link between poultry consumption and colon cancer risk.

Researchers say an estimated 70% of colon cancer cases could be avoided through changes in lifestyle in Western countries.

You know I never eat processed meats any more, do you guys? It is so full of sodium I just avoid it. My late gradfather ate lots of extra thick bologna, I remember munching on it with white bread, home grown tomatoes and lots of mayo! :devil:

Have a GREAT balance of the weekend! :angel: :angel: :angel:

06-26-2005, 04:08 PM
Hal--yes, the juice is not cheap--though you only need a small glass a day. But I bet it is cheaper than most of the blood pressure meds--even if you only pay the co-pay!!

Of course, meditation is also effective and free--but most of us just can't fit it in.

06-26-2005, 11:44 PM
Hello Ladies,

Mooz - my mom also has the white coat syndrom. When ever she know she has a visit her blood pressure always rises. She purchased a machine for the house and checks it their daily and at the grocery store. Always reads within one or two points. When she at the doctor it reads way higher. What a beautiful sunset.

Hal - I did my planting about a month ago. I planted my tomato's about two months ago. I started getting tomatos but now I have some kind of disease. I don't want to use pesticides so i'm doing the organic thing. Doesn't seem to work as well though.

Thin - Glad to hear from you. I know it's so hard to get motivated. And now with the heat here, I definitely don't want to spend time outside exercising. Sounds like you are going to have your summer full with family. I"m sure you nephew is having a great time with the fishing and swimming.

Shad - Hope you were able to get more tiles removed. What do you plan to put down? A different flooring or different tile?

Cat - A lady at work drinks that juice and she says it has helped her too.

Spent most of yesterday in, allergies still bothering me and it was to hot to be outside. This evening I went to our local festival and walked around, ate to much, but had a good time. Purchased a real cute bird feeder, so I'll have to set that up this week.

06-27-2005, 12:30 AM
Planning to put in a laminate wood floor Patty. Will probably extend it right through the house except for the wet areas.

If I can get away from here early and get through the gym okay, maybe another tile tonight?

06-27-2005, 10:36 PM
Hey, liked the therapist today.

Hot here--guess not nearly as bad as AZ.

Thinking of all of you.

06-28-2005, 12:06 PM
Good Tuesday Morning Everyone!

How are you guys doing? I am enjoying my time off, immensely. I am still on a schedule taking care of many of the 'things to do' that did not get done over the last few months. It is long, but as I make daily progress it feels great. My biggest accomplishment is my deck. I only have a few more trays of flowers to plant, and then a few more cosmetic improvements and it will be ready for relaxing evenings by star and candle light. Ahhh....

I cannot say enough about the health food cooking show "Christina Cooks" on PBS. If you have a chance, go on line, see when it is shown in your area and tune in. I think I'll begin taping this one. She also has a website that is awesome... Here it is again:

I found this article on home exercise techniques to get us ready for summer clothing. Talk about a day late... But, no time like the present. My diet has been OP. I am proud of me. Now to move this body!

Fitness Ideas
Toning Tools
By Kimberly Dawn Neumann | 4/26/2005

Woo hoo Ė It's almost beach time! Sun, sand and, oh yeah ... swimsuits. But before you let a little piece of spandex send you into a spiraling panic, stop sarong shopping and get fit-focused instead.

"The absolute best tool for changing your body is resistance work," says Wini Linguivic, author of Lean, Long and Strong (Rodale, 2005). With that in mind, Linguvic has concocted a quick beach-toning routine that will tighten the areas you've kept under wraps all winter, specifically: glutes, legs, abs, and the back of your arms.

Committing to this workout can help you get beach-ready, says Linguvic, but the right mindset will make even more of a difference. "Don't think of this as a quick fix. Instead, focus on how strong and balanced you'll feel when you work out regularly," says Linguvic. "Looking great will then just naturally radiate out of that commitment to your body. And when you feel better, you'll be encouraged to keep working out for the long term."

Three times a week, complete one set each of the following exercises. For faster results, tack on 20 minutes of fat-burning cardio after each toning session.

Two-Towel Crunch: Lie on your back with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor, hands clasped gently behind your head, and a thick rolled-up towel beneath your lower back and another placed between your inner thighs. Keeping your lower back pressed into the towel and squeezing inner thighs together, contract abdominals by bringing your ribcage forward and lifting your head and shoulders off the mat. Pause for 2 seconds at the top of the contraction. Lower slowly and repeat. Start with 10 reps, adding 1 rep each workout until you reach 20.

Superwoman: Lie facedown on a spread towel. Extend arms above your head, legs straight behind your body. Rest your chin lightly on the floor with the neck long. Keeping hipbones pressed into the ground, simultaneously extend and lift head, shoulders, arms and legs a few inches from the floor. Do not "crunch" neck by tilting your head back. Pause for 2 counts at the top of this move, feeling the contraction in your glutes (rear end and back of thighs) and lower back. Lower slowly. Shoot for 10 reps, adding 1 rep each workout until reaching 20.

Drop Lunge: Stand in a lunge position (right foot front, left foot back, about 3-feet separating legs), knees soft, left heel lifted, torso erect, abs tight, hands on hips. Keeping torso upright and centered between legs, slowly bend your right knee (keeping knee over the ankle) until right thigh is parallel to the floor. Pause. Push right heel into the floor and squeeze glutes to straighten legs and return to starting position. Do 10 reps, switch sides. Add 1 rep each workout until you can complete 15.

Inner Thigh Squeeze: Lie on your left side, both legs extended, left elbow bent with hand supporting head, right hand pressed into the floor in front of your ribs. Keeping hips stacked on top of each other, abs tight, drop your right knee forward to the floor in front of your left leg. Maintaining a still torso, flex left foot and lift leg up and forward a few inches. Pause at top, squeezing inner thigh muscle. Lower leg. Complete 15 reps, switch sides.

Suspension Bridge: Lie on your back, knees bent, feet pressed into floor hip-width apart, arms down by sides, palms flat. Without arching your back, lift hips to form a diagonal line from your knees to shoulders. Pause at the top for 2 counts. Keeping hips even, slowly lower until they're suspended 2 inches from the floor. Don't touch hips to the floor between repetitions. Immediately lift again into bridge position. Complete 10 reps, working up to 15.

Bare-Your-Back Row: Holding a 5-10 pound dumbbell in each hand, stand with feet hip-width apart, knees slightly bent, shoulders over hips. With abs tight and back flat, hinge forward from your hips until your torso is nearly parallel to the floor. Arms hang down naturally from shoulders, palms turned in. Keeping arms tight to torso, simultaneously retract shoulder blades and bend elbows while pulling weights up toward body. Pause, squeezing your shoulder blades and elbows toward each other. Lower arms. Complete 12 repetitions.

One Arm Kickback: Hold a 5-10 pound dumbbell in your right hand, palm facing in. Stand, with your left hand resting on a chair back for support. Step your left leg front, right leg back, knees soft. Tilt torso slightly forward from hips. With your arm close to your body, bend your right elbow (90-degrees) and lift it slightly higher than your back. Keeping your upper arm stationary, extend from the elbow, straightening your arm behind your body. Pause. Slowly bend elbow to return to 90-degree starting position. Repeat 12 times, switch sides.

I lost 107 pounds a few years back, OK, 15 years ago. I had a scheduled, planned time for exercise almost daily. I looked and felt SO much better. With that said, pray for me I walk the walk, and not just talk. LOL.

Have a GREAT day girls!!! :angel: :angel:

06-29-2005, 02:01 PM
Hello ladies,

Shad - Oh, that is the next thing I would like to do to my house. My carpet is old and I really want the laminate flooring. With a dog, he would scratch up the real thing, plus it cost more. I'm hoping to fit it in my budget my year end, or first of next year.

Hal - Busy bee! I got my a new patio poured back in April and I just love sitting out on the patio. I now have a rabbit who is leaving little dropping by my tomato plants. You'd think that having a dog with a doggie door would keep them away. Guess Blackie is not doing his job! I will have to check my tv guide and see when her programs are. I try and catch the tv food network ones programs. Got alot of tips from them.

Cat - i'm with you on the heat, today's high is 99 or 100. But i guess when I think of AZ, it's not so bad here.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

06-29-2005, 02:43 PM

Good Day Girls...!

OK, it is a sick world we live in, I am convinced. Our local cable station added a few new channels this week. One is Court TV. I've been glued to the live coverage of the sentencing hearing of a young woman that murdered her parents. I just don't understand. Up until this point in my life, I"ve pretty much ignored 'evil' as a real element of life on planet earth. That has changed, and I fear evil. I guess that may have something to do with the increase in blood pressure, huh?

Here is a neat recipe I found on a 'kids cooking' site. Yes, KIDS... it looks very healthy and very good.

Turkey Enchiladas

Serves 6 to 8
Turkey, corn, tomato, and black bean filling is baked inside a corn tortilla topped with a mild sauce and melted cheese.

2 tablespoons olive oil, plus more for brushing

2 tablespoons all-purpose flour mixed with 1/4 teaspoon ground coriander and 1/2 teaspoon each chili powder and ground cumin

1 can (15 ounces) tomato sauce


1 small onion, cut into 1/4-inch dice (about 1/3 cup)

12 ounces ground turkey

8 corn tortillas (6 inches in diameter)

1/3 cup frozen corn, thawed

1/3 cup rinsed and drained canned black beans

2 plum tomatoes, seeded and cut into 1/4-inch dice (about 1/2 cup)

Freshly ground pepper

1 3/4 cups shredded Monterey Jack cheese

1. Preheat oven to 350į. Heat 1 tablespoon oil in medium pan over medium-high heat. Stir in flour mixture; add tomato sauce, 1 cup water, and 3/4 teaspoon salt. Simmer 10 minutes.

2. Heat remaining tablespoon oil in a large skillet over mediumhigh heat; add onion and turkey. Cook, stirring, until browned, 10 minutes. Brush tortillas with oil; warm in oven 3 minutes.

3. Stir corn, beans, and tomatoes into turkey; season with salt and pepper. Spread 1/2 cup sauce in an 8-inch baking dish. Top each tortilla with a spoonful of sauce, 1/2 cup turkey, and 1 tablespoon cheese. Roll up; place in dish. Cover with remaining sauce and cheese. Bake until heated through, 15 minutes.

I think I'll try this one. It would be good served as left over too.

:angel: :angel: :angel: [/COLOR]

06-30-2005, 03:14 PM
Hello ladies,

Just a quick hello! Planning on taking a vacation day tomorrow. My project for this weekend is to dye my old drapes that I use to have in my living room. I have never dyed before but I figured why not try. The worse that can happen is that they don't turn out and I throw them away. Right now their just sitting in the garage.

Hal - I agree there is alot of evil in the world. When I see the news or read the paper their is always a story that makes me sad. But I try and focus on the good.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

06-30-2005, 07:15 PM
Below are the results of yesterdays weigh in. I weigh (officially at the end of each month) in and do my measurements and it sometimes seems to keep me on track.

Maybe I should have called this entry chasing my tail or the weight goes around and around and around

Weight 72/ 73 Up 1Kg
Upper Chest 36/ 37.5 Up 1.5 inch
Bust 41.5/ 41.5 Same
Low Chest 33/ 34.25 Up 1.25 inch
Waist 32/33 Up 1 inch
Up Hip 38.5/ 38.5 same
Low Hip 39/ 39.25 up 1/4 inch
Arm 12/ 12.5 Up 1/2 inch
Leg 20.75/ 21.5 Up 3/4 inch

So not what I wanted to see. Just have to hope that the month gets better. Otherwise I might have to try fasting!!

Flat out at work and busy at home. Seems like some weeks are destined to go on forever and ever. Iím so looking forward to this weekend. Except that Sunday the cat must go to the vet for her annual check up. There will be squeals and yells and frustration all around. How the vet quietens her is a mystery. I should be a vet. No maybe not.

Work continues to get busier again. I have more training to do after go live this weekend. This time some of the Executive Board - since I got a letter of commendation from them, the implementation team has decided I should teach the lot. Oh thank you. Now I have to deal with politicians, quasi politicians and others of the ilk. Next they will give me accountants - oh happy days (daze). Sorry LindaT and Ruthxxx and any other accountants out there. I just find that you canít give training the accountants - only point them at the computers and tell them to get on with it - and answer any questions to do with the system workings that they canít figure out for themselves. Actually showing them what to do with the systems is an exercise in futility. No doubt that is why they are accountants. Engineers work the same way.

Gym again last night - cardio circuit this time. Only I found that the bike really annoyed me last night. I couldnít get comfortable on the seat and my legs got the burning feeling that goes before cramp. However I was fine on the eliptical and the treadie and the stepper. I feel somewhat stiff this morning. Canít think why. Actually not too sure about going tonight since I am going to dinner with friends at the Thai Orchid. If I get away from work early enough, I should manage to fit in a half hour session, but we will see.

I posted some pictures of myself (and mooz) on my thread. I'm going to try to put them here as well. That way you can see who I am and point and laugh too. Ha Ha.
It does look like I have lost a lot of weight. However, it is around the 14-16lb mark but it does show what exercising can do for you. The first is taken on a trip to Ireland 5 years ago. The second on a trip to Ireland 2 years ago and the last at home last weekend.
There you go. C'est Moi
Adieu mes amies - gotta go and figure out what happens today. It seems I have no training, so maybe an early mark is possible today.

06-30-2005, 07:25 PM
We don't laugh at people.

Lots of thunder here--need to shut down computer.

06-30-2005, 08:17 PM
Aaargh sorry. It's my weird sense of humour. I didn't mean it the way it came out.

06-30-2005, 09:09 PM
Hi Ladies,

Just a quick note to let you all know I am reading your posts, however, I am feeling very frustrated today. I managed to get to work at 5:45 a.m. and was able to leave at noon to go bowling. Bowling always seems to help my mood. Gene went to the urologist's office on Tuesday and they had to put the catheter back in because he had no idea when he had to go. Also, he wasn't emptying his bladder. He is still in the rehab center and making a lot of progress with his balance and walking. It so happens the urologist is on vacation and he will not see him until July 22nd. These doctors here in Phoenix definitely go on a lot of vacations.

It is 115 here in Phoenix! Too hot to do much outside. I am awfully concerned about my sister who had half of her foot amputated. It has developed an infection and she is more pain than ever. Here again, the doctor is on vacation. You would think that there would be someone qualified to take over when these incidents occur.

Thanks for listening to my woes. As far as dieting--I am not. I am just trying to maintain at this point. Next Thursday I have to go for a colonoscopy and I am not looking forward to the preparation the day before. My doctor said I didn't need to have it done but that it is far wiser to get it over with.

Take care ladies,

07-01-2005, 05:52 PM
Hello Ladies,
We got a nice surprise. Thunderstorms and a cold front. The temp here is 77 and it is wonderful. My plans to dye my drapes was put on hold, first of all because they did not have the color dye I wanted, and I didn't want to go running around looking for it. Tomorrow the high is back up to 99.

Nita - Keeping you all in my prayers. I know it has to be frustrating for everyone. 115Degrees... and I thought it was hot here at 99.

Shad - Wow you have lost weight from the first picture. That's a good picture of you and Mooz. Someday I'm going to visit her too.

Cat - we got the storms too..

Here it is the month of July and I have not lost any weight since April. In May and June I regained and the lost the same 5 lbs twice. Ok ladies, I'm up for a challenge... Drinking water, or walking so many steps, or miles. ANYTHING!

Hal, Mooz, Thin, Mitchellez, - Hope you all are doing ok, hope to hear from ya.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Holiday!

07-02-2005, 12:11 AM
Nita--think you are right not to worry about losing now. Just avoid junk food if you can--I know that's a real temptation when you're running around taking care of others or even just visiting and worrying.

That is a shame about the drs not being available. Praying for all of you.

I do feel with this new counselor already I feel less stressed, less likely to stuff myself. Of course it's too early to tell.

Incidentally, the 3-apples-a day approach doesn't weigh at all. She believes measuring is more accurate and helps you keep on a better emotional even keel. Mooz--I remember the scale was your great enemy--maybe you should look into this one.

Our ACis out. What a weekend for it!
Good night to all.

07-02-2005, 06:22 PM
This is the tale of my taking my cat to the vet. It's always a tough task - since she hates being enclosed in small cases. This is because I found her as a kitten tied up with electrical tape and put into a bag and left lying on the road. She has had a tough beginning and it seems that she will be a nervous cat for all of her life. She just never improves on the caged bit. She is better with people than she was but not by that much.

I got her in her case (all four legs are going in different directions) and managed to shut the door on it before she came steaming back out again and accompanied by street cat music got to the car with the case. I did well this time - only bleeding from 2 places. One of the neighbours asked if the cat has had an accident because of the distressed yelling going on. Bonny has a Czech accent and we had to yell at one another over the top of the cats distress calls. Two dogs and a cat joined in the chorus. Bonny and I yelled louder to try to explain the problem.

Drove to the vet. All eyes swivel to my car at the traffic lights.

Get to the vet and there is a little Westie in the waiting room. The vet nurse shouts - ĎOkay Sunday is here. Take a seatí. The Westie disappears under the chair. The owner would like to follow. Iím tempted to go to the hardware store and buy earmuffs for all present. Eventually the Westie goes to see the vet. The vet is surprised that Heather (the Westie) is so keen to get into the surgery. Hi Joy yells Joe (the vet). I wave. Distress yells continue unabated.

We get into the surgery after the Westie has gone and yell at Joe about the cats health. Nothing wrong with her lungs. She has managed to wet the newspaper and towel in the bottom of the cage. Joe takes her out of the cage - the yowling ceases. Joe takes the cage out the back and asks the nurse to dispose of the wet towel and newspaper and reline the cage. The cat tries to escape. Joe and I and the nurse are chasing her through the surgery and corner her under the computer desk. She then quiets down but then accuses Joe of rape when he sticks the thermometer you know where. Fur flies when the thermometer is removed. She escapes off the table again. I catch her halfway down to the floor. More blood flows. Body check reveals she is in good health but needs teeth scaling. Since she only licks her chicken necks and wings she is never going to do it herself. Joe wants her back soon to do the job under anaesthetic. Wise man - he doesnít need to lose blood. Joe decides to clip the claws so the mother has a bit of a break from bleeding to death. Vets are nice people. We put the cat back in the cage and I pay the bill. Two other dogs now in the waiting room disappear under the chairs. Itís quite amusing to see a Great Dane trying to fit under a normal waiting room chair. I put the cat in the car and drive home accompanied by the cats chorus. Cars occupants stare at us at the traffic lights. Get home open the cage. Cat gets out - SHEíS BL**DY PURRING!!!!!!!

Rest of the day is spent on a bit of housework, Body Balance class - good workout there, 2 hours of hammock time with a book, a bit of shopping and picking up the niece and nephew so they can come and watch the Lions play the All Blacks again (and get beaten again). We had chicken tacos for dinner and a glass of wine (nephew had a beer) and then I took them home. We all enjoy our football. Niece is an avid All Black supporter. She yells louder than I do. Sheís recently become interested in our side of the family tree and is trying to understand the ramifications of being 1/8 Maori. Nice kids. Good to keep in touch with the young even if I donít understand all that they are talking about.

Watched a bit of mindless tv and went to bed. Such is life. Today is all go. Painting, sanding, putting up some fixtures for shelves etc. Got to find some time to look at laminate flooring soon and a couple of new doors round the house and also get the electrician in. The list is now long enough to justify bringing him in. The bill wonít be too small either.

Thatís about it for the weekend from me. I look forward to hearing the tales of 4th July. Have a wonderful long weekend to all those having a long weekend. To rest of us - just have a good one

07-03-2005, 01:13 AM
Hello Ladies,

Just a quick hello, stayed around the house most of the day, trying to finish up cleaning closets and refiling my file cabinet. I get to the point where I just put everything in one drawer and not file properly. This evening went over to the next city (8 miles) with my mom, sister and neice to watch the fireworks.

Cat - Hope you all got your a/c back.

Shad - You definitely had an exeperience taking your cat to the vet. Just love the way you tell your tale.

Hope everyone is enjoying there weekend!

07-03-2005, 01:46 PM
Hi chickies........ a very quick call ..............sorry I have not posted in a while and what a surprise to find my picture on the thread!! Shad you are looking absolutely fabulous!!
I hope to post more during the incoming week.

Have a great day all

I put all my sunset photographs in to Webshots if any of you want to have a look. The addy is

07-03-2005, 04:06 PM
Hi Ladies,

Just a quick note to let you know Gene is still in the rehab center and is having a great deal of trouble getting his balance back. I understand this can take quite some time. He seems to be handling it okay. My sister, however, had her surgery yesterday and took her leg just below the knee so she will be able to wear a prothesis. I feel so bad for her especially since she still is in a great deal of pain. I sure hope they did it right this time, a person should not have endure all this pain and suffering.

Sorry I am not feeling too positive today but I am handing in there and hopefully before long things will get back to normal.

Thanks again for your prayers and support.

07-03-2005, 05:03 PM
Nita--shame about your sister. Hope at least the pain decreases. Also too bad about Gene and the balance. Glad he is not discouraged.

Shad--how hilarious!! :lol: Can you get Feliway down there? It's a spray that helps relax cats. Or can the vet prescribe a tranquilizer for travel? I know these can be overused, but this seems a case that would call for them.

Nope, no a/c,and I have been very sleepy--I think that's why. If it were in the airconditioning itself, we have a contract and they have to come out even on a holiday. But it is clearly in the wiring--which may be a lot more expensive.

Also the a/c in Earl's car died, so I may be driving his part of the time since he has to drive all the way to KC and I only drive across town--and we spent our "spare" cash on my car.


07-04-2005, 12:05 PM
Just a quick note now to bump us up and say happy holiday to each of you! I'll post more later.

07-04-2005, 02:41 PM

07-04-2005, 04:19 PM
Happy 4th to everyone. The electrician is coming out--maybe we'll have a/c!!

07-05-2005, 02:08 PM
Hello ladies,
We'll today i'm trying to get back on South Beach and let me tell ya the cravings are there. Trying to drink lots of water. Tonight I'm getting on that treadmill no matter what.

Cat - Hope the A/C get back on soon. Can't believe the one in the car is also out.

Nita - Angels and prayers are being sent your way. I know how much you wanted to be with your sister, but with Gene in the rehab you weren't able to go. Keep the faith, things will get better.

Shad, Hal, Mooz, Thin - Hope to hear from you guys soon!

07-05-2005, 04:00 PM
I hope everyone had an enjoyable 4th of July holiday. I was able to enjoy the fireworks from my deck. My neighbors cut down a cherry blossom tree and sure enough, I now have a clear view toward where the fireworks are shot. They only lasted about 20 minutes, and were nothing compared to what I saw on television for DC. They were nice, just the same. I had just finished working on the deck. It is 'almost' finished. I don't like the shade of the rustoleum paint for my deck table/chairs I purchased - so I think I'll just use it to touch up the rusty spots. I painted one chair - it is too yellow in color and I thought it would be light brown/tan. So... that will shorten what was going to be a pretty big job. Believe it or not, I have to pick up one more load of potting soil - and I'll finish potting this week. I picked up 3 healthy 'Canna' plants in Cleopatra color = red. One of my former students mother has an organic farm and was at our local farmers market Saturday. Her cut flowers were absolutely beautiful.

I tried an ice cream product by Starbucks that is awesome. They are frappuccino bars - java fudge. The calorie content for a bar is a tad high at 130 calories, but, but, but... there are 3 grams of fiber (who ever heard of fiber in ice cream?), 2 grams of fat, 45 mg of sodium - all good numbers. I'll be purchasing another box soon. It looks like they offer two other flavors mocha, and cafe vanilla. Our store only had this one, and it is good.

Nita: You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Do know that we are here for you. I've had a rough year, and coming to our thread and reading the words of support were extemely helpful. So, with that said, we are here for you. By the way, I firmly believe in angels.

Mooz: OK, are you listening to my man? LOL! You should tell me which CD's you snagged. My fav songs would be Past The Point Of Rescuse, and Sure Love. Among 25 other favs. ;)

CatLover: I missed what happened to your electric? I knew you were out of AC, but what happened. I do hope all is well now. You know, as Rosana Anna Danna use to say, "If it ain't somethin... well, you know it is always gonna be somethin else!" :s:

OneDay: I think I am following a basic South Beach plan. Low/good carbs, and mostly in the AM, rather than PM. Now that my deck is finally finished, I'll be hitting the closets too. Oh my gosh... it has to be done.

Shad: Your cat story sounds somewhat like what it was like placing Rocky (10 pound Yorkie) in his travel kennel over the last 4 months traveling back and forth to Indiana (350 miles). The last time, he figured out I did not have it closed properly and popped out the top, and he was so proud the first time. The second time, he knew he was in trouble. The 3rd time he did not care the scene was similar to what you describe, the 4th time, I finally got smart and correctly closed it, using a metal toggle to hold the zipper. :?:

I am still knee deep in house work. And to think I remember the days when I would attack the house and do it all in a day. I was tired, but I did it. It now takes a plan and a week!

By the way, thanks for the pictures! It is always great to see them, and especially when they show progress in the weight loss department!

The new food guide pyramid and dietary guidelines make it crystal clear we need to increase the amount of whole grains in our diets. So, here comes Wonder bread, finally... doesn't it make you wonder what our live would be like today if we had some of these more healthful choices 'back then'? Something to ponder...

Wonder what's next? Whole-grain white bread
By Elizabeth Weise, USA TODAY
Wonder Bread, the nation's No. 1 bread brand, is going against the grain.

New federal dietary guidelines recommend that at least half of a consumer's bread and cereal intake be from whole-grain products.

Next month, it's coming out with a 100% whole-wheat loaf aimed at mothers who are worried about children's nutrition.

Made with an albino wheat variety that doesn't have the harsh taste of whole red-wheat flour, the bread has the same spongy texture, the same mushability and pretty much the same taste as Wonder Bread. But it's a shade or two browner because it's made from 100% whole wheat, and it has three times the fiber.

Whole-wheat and whole-grain flours contain all three parts of the wheat kernel: the bran, germ and starchy endosperm.

But traditional Wonder Bread, made with white flour from which the bran and germ are removed, isn't going away.

The 100% whole-grain alternative is meant to "deliver all the goodness and health benefits of whole grain without sacrificing the benefits of white bread," says Jacques Roizen, chief marketing officer for breadmaker Interstate Brands. "It still has the taste and texture of white bread but the benefits of whole grain.

To keep consumers from getting confused, Interstate Brands has bestowed the loaves the somewhat clunky name "White Bread Fans 100% Whole Grain." Roizen says it's meant for fans of white bread who want 100% whole grain.

Loaves are set to roll out of the ovens July 18 in six U.S. markets: San Francisco, Sacramento, Kansas City, Omaha, Memphis and Little Rock. The rest of the country will follow by the end of the year.

A year and a half in development, the new product comes as Americans are beginning to turn away from low-carb diets that turned bread into a forbidden food. At the same time, new federal dietary guidelines are recommending at least half of a consumer's bread and cereal intake be from whole-grain products.

It's a tough row to hoe when an estimated 40% of Americans eat no whole grains at all, according to the Tufts University Health and Nutrition Letter. Whole-grain products, with their high fiber, mineral and vitamin content, may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, may help with weight maintenance and may lower the risk for other chronic diseases, according to the federal guidelines.

Brian Wansink, who directs Cornell University's food and brand lab, calls the idea of a whole-grain Wonder Bread that tastes like the original "stealth health." Says Wansink: "It's like whole-wheat Lucky Charms. It could succeed in bringing back the disenfranchised customer who left because they just saw white bread as sticky stuff that balls up in your stomach."

But to Marion Nestle, a nutritionist at New York University, the long list of dough conditioners necessary to give the new Wonder Bread its distinctive soft, mushy texture means it's hardly bread at all. "Bread is flour, water, yeast, salt. Period. This has something like 20 other ingredients. ... Why not buy your kids real bread?"

Mooz and Shad: Do you guys have Wonder Bread? :D

:angel: :flow2: :flow1: :ebike: :sunny: :angel:

07-05-2005, 06:45 PM
Ummmm yes of sorts Halgal. Never tried it though since I love whole grains and wholemeal bread and mostly make my own in the breadmaker.

While I agree we should eat more grains, fruits, veges etc etc., I am a great believer in everything in moderation. No fads, nothing forbidden, moderation in all things. I find that when I say I will not eat any more xyz product, then the thing I crave the most is exactly that. I also eat natural foods mostly. By natural I mean butter not margarine (but it is limited), fresh veggies, free range eggs and chicken and fresh baked goods (nothing wrapped in plastic). I grow my own lettuces, tomatoes, spinach, beetroot, herbs and refuse to buy anything in the fresh fruit and veg line from the supermarkets - always from the greengrocer (fruit and veg shops). In fact these days I buy very little from the supermarkets - tins maybe, cat food, cleaning stuff etc., but my fresh stuff comes from the local butchers, farmers markets, fishmonger, cheesemaker etc. It sometimes costs me a little more, but at least it will keep for more than a week (veges) in the fridge. I'm afraid the supermarkets hacked me right off with their advertising of fresh food people when you had to process the food immediately you got it home or the leafy veg went all limp and horrible overnight and the beans went limp and mushy in a day or two. So much for fresh.
Actually funny story there. I live in a big country. The State of Queensland for example takes more than 24 hours to drive from one side to the other and nearly two days to drive from top to bottom - that's continuous driving I'm talking about - and we're not the biggest state. Anyway I was living in Townsville - around a 1000 miles north of here - where there is a huge industry in growing bananas and tropical fruit such as mangos. The so called fresh food people in the supermarkets bought the bananas from the growers, shipped them to Brisbane to their market and storage places (3 days drive allowing for the transport industry driving regulations) put them in the store (maybe a week) and then shipped them out to the rest of the country - including the supermarkets in the area they had come from - where is the logic in that???? The darn things could be anything up to 3 weeks old when they hit the stores! I rarely buy beef these days as I have seen the feed lots they put the poor beasts into. The stench can not be described. Thanks but no thanks, I'll pay more and get organic.

I best get off my soapbox about the fresh food people.

Anyway it is now time to get on with work. Not sure what surprises are here for me today, but there will be one or two. That I can guarantee. As someone once remarked: That's what you get paid big bucks for!

07-05-2005, 11:17 PM
Hello Ladies,

Just a quick hello, got my 20 minutes on the treadmill. I know I should do more, but this is a start for me. I have not exercised since Jan? or was it Dec?

need to run and water the tomato plants.

07-06-2005, 02:13 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies,

Having a hard time with drinking my water today. Here it is noon and I have barely drank 8 oz. Need to get going on that. Getting ready to have lunch. Work is going to be hetic the next few months, one of my co-wokers quite and of couse all his work load is coming to me.

Shad - Wow you grown your own, tomatos, spinach, lettuce etc. I'm just getting into gardening. I don't have a garden in backyard but I have some tomatos in some big planters. Next year I'm going to try herbs. I agree with you on the freshness of fruits and veggies from the grocery store. We have a few local fruit & veggie stands and I try to get from them when I can. I'm also concerned with the pesticides they spray on our food.

Hal - Seems like there's always something to be done around the house. I had a new patio poured back in April and on 1/2 of the patio I have 6 very large pots with tomatos in them and a few flowers. The other side is a patio table and 4 chairs. I have been eyeing one of those patio heaters/burners for it. Right now prices are high and i'm waiting for them to go on sale. The ice ceram bars sound good, but i'm going to have to pass right now. Started up on SB yesterday. Got to get rid of these cravings.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

07-06-2005, 03:41 PM
Hi Ladies,

1-Day -- I have a suggestion on how you can get rid of your cravings. Since tomorrow is my colonoscopy, I started yesterday eating very light. I had oatmeal and one piece of diet toast in the morning and the rest of the day until about 5:00 p.m. I drank only liquids--for lunch I had a chicken boullion, tea and some white grape juice. I wasn't going to have anything for dinner, however, I opted for two softboiled eggs and one hamburger bun toasted. I also had some sugar free jello. This morning I had my coffee without creamer, grape juice, water, jello and I put some apple juice in the freezer and probably drank most of it while visiting the rehab center. I have to tell you I really don't feel bad and when I was in the grocery store I didn't have any of those cravings and only bought good stuff. Today was senior day at our store and they always have coffee and some type of dessert. Today it was cookies--I really didn't want it but I took one and wrapped it up in a napkin and thought I would have it tomorrow after the test. I am even going bowling today since I only have to pay $3. The only thing I am not looking forward to is having to drink 3 oz. of that awful tasting stuff. But I am planning on doing that about 7:00 this evening. I did read after you do this cleansing thing it is a very good time to get on some type of diet program.

At this time we are looking into moving to where family is--it is called East Palestine, Ohio and it is on the border of PA and Ohio and W. Virginia. It is a new development and there is a five-year tax abatement where you only pay about $150 per year on the land. I do believe when you get older being around family is very important, even if it means living where it is cold during the winter. When you are retired you really don't need to go out. Gene still does not have his balance back but he is still working hard. I talked to my sister yesterday and she is still in a great deal of pain but she did sound like herself.

Thanks again for your wonderful support.

Take care,

07-06-2005, 08:32 PM
Me that is - just had this entry all written out and then added a link to my new photo album and previewed everthing and LOST THE LOT. Hello, Shad....... brain is where???

Anyway it is sunny Thursday here. The weekend is looming and Iím ready for it. The living room project is at the stage where you can actually see results and not demolition anymore. I love it when things get to this stage.

Been having a long think about my whole eating/ exercising/ working/ playing/ rest thing. I have been putting on weight again, which I am a tad unhappy about and the measurements from the end of June were a little depressing to say the least. So yesterday I decided to have a sort of fasting day. I ate only apples and the mussell/ tuna steak salad for dinner. I drank lots of water and went for a walk in the Botanical Gardens and took photos at lunch time. Today I find I am down one kilo and I feel more like my old positive energetic self again. So...... maybe there is something in the things I have been eating that are not doing my any good at all. It has to be water retention to drop that amount in a 24 hour period. So what have I been eating that contains salt. I guess I have not been reading my labels too well. I donít use salt much at all (generally only with an egg) and never in cooking. I flavour food with things like herb mixtures (herbes de Provence, Tuscan herbs, Greek herbs) and spices (Chermoula, szechuan, paprika, lime and chili, Thai flavours and Chinese 5 spice) and I am now wondering if there is more salt in those than I realise. Check the labels Shad. You keep advising others to do it, now do it for yourself.

Anyway to cut a long story short, I think I will cut back a little on the food, check the contents carefully, drink more water (again) and eat more fruit and veg than bread or meat and watch what I buy in the lunch places very carefully.

I took some photos of Brisbane City, Brisbane River and the Botanical Gardens yesterday. If you are interested, try this link

07-07-2005, 01:40 AM
OK, I am officially addiicted to the FOOD CHANNEL. Help! I have been up past midnight (remember it is the last days of my vacation) watching numerous chefs prepare foods, travel to cities on $40 a day - eating 3 full meals, new kitchen equipment, you name it, I am watching it. OH my gosh!

Diet is very good. I'm doing pretty much what you are doing Shad with emphasis on portion control. For lunch today I had something new from the Zatarain's company - which features New Orleans traditional foods. This was blackened chicken alfredo. As I placed it in the microwave I noticed it contained a whopping 540 calories, 30g fat and 1510 mg sodium. Yes, it earned it's nickname 'heart attack on a plate'. I ate about 1/3 of it. I have never been so proud of myself. I must confess, initially I felt doom over come me. I am thinking this is all my fat and sodium allotment for the day! I just measured out part of it into a smaller pottery cup and enjoyed each bite. It is good, and I'll have some more at a later time. This is KEY girls, paying attention to serving sizes. The fat content was high enough, after a few minutes I felt full. It was on sale and that is why I purchased it. I'm not likely to do that again - even tho, it's great!

Shad: Thank you for the slide show. I enjoyed the flowers very much, as well as the water pictures. How and when do you guys have fireworks? I agree whole heartedly on your theories on weight loss and more importantly maintenance. It is a choice, a life style. Thanks again for joining our thread.

Nita: I agree moving closer to family as we get older is a good idea. My Grandmother Preuster moved here with me for her last 10 years. She left her home town she was born and raised in to be here with me. All of her relatives had passed away (she came from a small family). Follow your heart, and you will not be disappointed. You and your family remain in my thoughts and prayers. :angel:

OneDay: The frappacino bars are low fat, and remember high in fiber. Who would have thought. SB does not allow dairy? I have the book, I'll have to take a spin through it. Hey, contrats on 20 minutes on the treadmill. That is awesome. If done routinely, you would see differences. If I would do it routinely, I would see a difference. I really need to do this, I don't know what I am waiting for. I read an article on stress reduction from exercise. That is right up my alley - stress reduction. I ordered a blood pressure monitor on Ebay tonight. My doctor told me to begin monitoring it. I need to get it down, or more meds. I am very anti meds.

CatLover: I hope your electric problem is repaired and you are 'chillini'. Hang in there! Good to hear the therapist is working. If you have the right one, it is a good thing.

Mooz: Turn the Hal CD's off for a few seconds and write in. LOL. ;)

Ahhh.... my summer days are coming to a fast end here. This makes me sad. I have so very much enjoyed just existing for the last few weeks. It was very much stress reduction time. I feel better.

07-07-2005, 09:31 PM
Hello Ladies,

Very sad to wake up this morning to the bombings in London. I pray that all this will end. Doing good on my eating, and tonight i was planning on getting the treadmill and I really don't feel like it. If not tonight then I have to do it in the morning.

Shad - I need to experminent more with herbs. I really don't season my food and maybe that's why it's bland. I would like to use fresh herbs.

Hal - yes you can have milk on the first 2weeks, but I seem to have a problem with ice cream, I just can't have one. So i know not to buy otherwise I eat them til there gone. When does school start? I just love watching some of the food network shows.

Nita - I agree, it's good to live close to family. Is this close to your daughters? Hope your test went well.

we'll I better run, need to make something for dinner and pay some bills.

07-08-2005, 12:44 AM
Yes, terribly about London. I think of Pres. Bush saying, "We fight them in Iraq to keep us safe here." Um-hum.

Getting new compressor for a/c tomorrow. The company thinks maybe it was struck by lightning.

Excited about vacation. One more day of work, and then another whole, lovely week and a day of no work!!

07-08-2005, 12:53 AM
Hi Ladies,

Well, the test is over and I came out clean as a whistle--they said I won't need another screening for 10 years. The day before wasn't too bad and the test was really a piece of cake since I had no clue what they were doing even though the lady who gave me demoral and another drug explained what was going to take place. If any of you ladies have been putting this off, please get it done.

Gene is coming home tomorrow even though he says he is not ready--evidently the physical therapists say there is nothing more they can do for him. He still does not have his balance but hopefully he will be able to get up on the walker and do what he has to do. They are going to give him in-home therapy three times a week. The social services person said his progress is going to take a long time. I already received the shower bench and had a hand-held shower installed by my neighbor. For some reason I am very apprehensive about this. On the other hand being home might spur him to do better. Only time will tell.

In our newspaper today there is an article about Fly Lady--she is a home organizer and now she has turned her attention to weight loss. You might want to check out her website She talks about taking baby steps not only for decluttering your house but also for getting rid of body clutter. The fly in FlyLady stands for Finally Loving Yourself.

Well I had better get to bed--tomorrow is going to be a particular hectic day!

Take care,

07-08-2005, 02:58 PM
Hello ladies,

Nita - I have had two of those test. I'm not sure what you had to do for the pretest but I had to drink about a gallon of this mix to clean me out. The drink was worse than the test. I'm glad you were able to get some items to help you out at the house with Gene. I'm sure your both are anxious with him coming home. Can you get anytype of home health care to assist you?

Cat - going anywhere on vacation? If it was lightning that hit your a/c, i'm glad it didn't hit the roof. Could of really caused some damage.

Just got back with a friend of mine from whole foods. I think i might run back some time this weekend and get some veggies. They looked so good. Gee didn't think I would be saying that.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

07-08-2005, 06:21 PM
Just been watching a cooking program on the Lifestyle Channel. Now I never cook anything from these - just watch. The amount of salt that they put into everything appears to be enough to clog the arteries and stop the heart. Just a pinch of salt I hear him say taking half a handful from a bowl and throwing it in. I know that a certain amount of salt is necessary to maintain the blood but from what I have read and understand, the majority of it can be obtained naturally from the foods we eat. Anyway enough of the soap box stuff.

Fireworks - Halgal was asking me about fireworks?? We have firework displays on the river several times a year. New Year, Australia Day, Riverfire festival, gala nights etc. Australians love fireworks and will gather in their thousands for a good display. I have to admit the displays are done well.

Patty, I have fresh herbs in the garden. There is basil, coriander, chives, oregano and thyme as well as different varieties of parsley. At the moment for some reason, they are all shooting off to seed. I think I might have put too much fertiliser in the soil and they think life is too good.

The news from Britain was not good. However who ever did this is seriously underestimating the British. They will not be beaten or cowed by this. They have lived through the IRA and WW11 & WW1 bombings. Their anthem Rule Britannia says it all - Britons will never be slaves. They always pick themselves up, patch themselves up, suffer in silence and find a sneaky way to put the perpetrators out of action. Gotta admire the British stiff upper lip.

Got out of work yesterday around 3.00 which was nice. Got in the workout and came home, proceeded to bust the cold water tap in the kitchen so have some work to do on that today. Should be fun. Weather this weekend is supposed to be rotten so work will proceed inside. The two new roses I put in a couple of weeks back appear to be dead. I'll give them another week to put out leaves and then replace them.

Weight is at 71.5 today. Thats down from 74 earlier this week and yesterday was at 70.5. Usual fluctuations again. However it would seem most of the retained water has gone. I can see and feel the bones in my wrists again. Hallelujah. In case you are wondering, I measure in Kilograms. A kilogram = 2.2 pounds so you can see that I was definitely carrying a lot of water.

Off to gym again soon for the body balance class. Then home for housework etc. Back out again to get the tyres done on the car for 1.30 and then pick up the niece and nephew for the third and final Rugby test against the British Lions. Will end a bad week for the Brits no doubt.

With that, I am off to have a shower, get dressed and start my day.

07-08-2005, 08:41 PM
Hi Ladies,

Well Gene is home and is doing quite well. He still is pretty unsteady on his feet when it comes to standing up and sitting down. However, they are going to give us some in-home nursing as well as in-home physical therapy.

I even went bowling. Since he still has the catheter he was able to sit and watch TV while I was gone. I had fed him lunch before I left. I just hope the night goes well. The catheter they gave him does not hold a whole lot and he thinks he needs to empty it during the night. This I don't think he can do.

I did have my diet breakfast today but I fudged a little at lunch. I think once I get organized and now that I will be cooking for two it will be a little easier.

Wishing you all a "wonderful" weekend!

07-09-2005, 12:15 AM
Hey everyone!

OK, over the years I've seen you all post about writing an entire, long - as in lengthy post only to lose it, by seemingly doing nothing. This happened to me earlier today. I empathize with each of you, it is awful! So, once again I shall begin...

Good reports in from the doctor on all tests with the exception of my blood pressure. She gave me some time to see if it will come down. Does that mean I should be extra viligent with diet and exercise? Yeah baby! :tread:

I read that the canna plants I just potted attract Hummingbirds. I have 3 of them in large 30 pound pots. They are tropical and can stand lots of heat and sun, which is a requriement for my hot deck. I can't wait to watch them flower. I have just a few more white begonias to pot, and I am finished. It will be so relaxing to have a beautiful, peaceful place to relax at the end of my days these next few months.

I'll be back at school pretty much 3 or 4 days a week beginning Monday until school starts. It has been wonderful to have a few weeks to sleep in, and veg. Much needed down time... just say ahhhh.

Shad: Earlier in my post I noted how quickly the folks in London simply went back to work, ignoring or giving little attention to the terrorist bombings. I say cudos to the Brits! It is shocking, but I agree part of the terrorists goal is to upset daily life. I agree on the salt with the cooking shows. Are you watching Emerril by chance? He is bad with the salt. I've decided I need to stock up on olive oil, garlic and oh don't forget the square plates. How could I have survived without them? I don't prepare the foods either, just watch.

Mooz: Come out, come out where ever you are! I hope all is well with you and your Mother is doing well also. I know you have become addicted to the new Hal CDs you have received. Take a few minutes to pull yourself away, and join us! ;)

Nita: This graphic is dedicated to you. I continue to keep you and Gene in my thoughts and prayers. Just follow your heart, and try not to over stress. Just remember, in years to come the memories of these days will be cherished memories. I say that as I look back at the time my Grandmother spent with me as she suffered with Alzheimers. There were times when I thought I was going to lose my mind from stress and frustration. If I could do it all again, I would take more time for the little things and stress less. I know he is very, very happy to be home again. Remember to take good care of yourself.

OneDay: Students begin on August 17th. I am in charge of a transitional program for incoming freshmen that runs August 2-4. I'll be working beginning next week organizing it. Ahhh.... I feel much better now with some serious down time these last few weeks. I am almost ready to return to the real world. Do you have a favorite food channel show? I like watching Rachel Ray when she travels and attempts to eat 3 meals a day for $40.

CatLover: I am right there with you on the Bush comments. I cannot even watch him without thinking evil thoughts. :devil: I want an end to the killing, and sooner than later. I just don't see the positive results forming that we were told would occur, hummmm.... 2 years ago. May you be listening to the silent humming of central air conditioning as you read this!

Thin, Michellez - I know you must be lurking out there! :listen: Drop us a line and let us know how you guys are doing!

There was just a news report on television. Many potential Kentucky recuits to the military are being turned down due to obesity problems. No surprise.

07-09-2005, 10:32 AM
Thanks for all your concern--we do have our a/c back, and it is a blessing! The man who installed it, though, said we need to watch out for some underlying reason why it failed. (HE didn't think it was lightning, tho his boss did.) So our fingers are crossed.

Nita--Hope it works for Gene to be home. Thought I would mention that there is an appeal process if you truly decide it was too early. Also, one of the University of Kansas professors has developed a video. It's supposed to help Parkinson's patients with balance, but I asked her if it would be useful for Earl, and she promptly wrote me back and said she certainly thought it would. You could find the information on the University of Kansas web site.

Hal--is your school airconditioned? I should think August would be quite unpleasant if it isn't. We have a hassle here, because the older (and generally poorer) schools don't have a/c, and the new ones, in the well-to-do neighborhoods. But of course retrofitting is far more expensive than installing it from the beginning. Our neighborhood school, incidentally, is one of the ones Langston Hughes attended.

KS Authors Club today. Must run.

07-09-2005, 12:38 PM
Good Saturday Morning Movers and Losers!

This week I tried a low fat chocolate soy milk by 8th Planet. It was so good I think I'll try it again. It not only helps with cravings for chocolate, but serves as a protein serving, and is low fat.

Did you all hear on the news about 8 cows being destroyed that were born from a cow linked to mad cow in ****Texas****! It is the first time I've seen mad cow linked to our country other than the west coast.

Here is a recipe for Mango Salsa, using veggies that are better this time of year than ever. I think keep the carbs to healthy ones (fruits, veggies and whole grains) is key to keeping the pounds off. I saw a guy on a morning news show yesterday that published a book with pictures of EVERYTHING he ate for an entire year. Can you imagine? Anyway, I noticed he began each day with oatmeal and end each day with a bowl of cereal. Fiber, fiber, fiber moving the food on through the body before it stays with us. He was the size of a bean pole. So, anyway... Mango Salsa!

Mango Salsa

Servings | 4

Serve this with a store-bought roasted chicken for an effortless meal.


2 medium mango(es), finely diced
1 medium sweet red pepper(s), finely diced
1/2 medium red onion(s), finely chopped
1/2 medium jalapeno pepper(s), seeded and minced
1 Tbsp cilantro, chopped
1 1/2 Tbsp fresh lime juice
1/8 tsp table salt, or to taste
1/8 tsp black pepper, or to taste


Combine all ingredients in a bowl. Season to taste with salt and pepper. (Note: Omit jalapeŮo if you do not want salsa to be spicy.) Yields about 2/3 cup per serving.

A friend of mine met a guy yesterday that is on WW and has lost 75 pounds. He said he has a friend that has lost just under a 100 pounds. Our programs here are running about $50 a month - which I find a tad high. Also, we have one day a week for meetings only. I need something with more flexibility. If I have a meeting of a class scheduled that day/evening I am out of a meeting. But honestly the $$$$ is what shocks me. I think the place would be full of folks if they cut the prices a tad. Everything is getting expensive, our gasoline took a 20 cent leap this week, and then another 10 cent leap. AS the prices of all commodies rise in direct proportion.

Happy weekend girls! :angel: :dancer: :flow2: :angel:

07-09-2005, 05:45 PM
Good afternoon ladies,

Hal - I like to watch Rachel Ray - meals in 30 minutes and also Paul Dean's southern home cooking. I don't cook alot but I like to get the food tips. I have tried a few of the recipes and they are good.

Cat - glad your a/c is back on.

Nita - I'm glad your able to get some nursing care at home. Like Hal said try not to stress to much. You take care of your self too. Keep doing a few things for you like your bowling.

Shad - Hope you have fun with your niece and nephew watching the game.

As for me, didn't exercise last night or so far today. I have got to get two more treadmill walks in by sunday night.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

07-09-2005, 06:24 PM
Sunny Sunday morning here. We have been promised rain and cold and wind but so far there isn't the slightest indication that this will happen.
Yesterday I didn't get to the gym, so will try to go this morning, however there is so much to do here I may just skip it altogether and say 4 times is enough this week.

I have an old tap in the kitchen that has been dripping and which I thought I had stripped the thread trying to turn it off so hard. Yesterday I took the thing apart - mainly to see how it worked and to see what I had to do to replace it. Found that DS2 has put a universal seat on the tap and this had come loose. A quick tighten with the allem keys and she works again, but is still dripping. So while I was at the hardware store bought some new washer thingys. Today I need to turn the water off again and fit this. I guess that while I'm there I might as well do the rest as well. If one goes, the others can't be too far behind. At least the new taps in the bathroom don't need doing.

Had the niece around last night. Nephew decided that the series was won and therefore no longer needed his support and so did not come. Their Dad (my DB2) appeared on the scene around half time, stayed long enough for a glass of wine and for niece to wrap the present for the party he was going to later. Watched us cheer and dance and jig about and then yell at the ref about the state of his spectacles. Shook his head sadly and wandered off into the wild blue yonder.

Yesterday while the car was having its tyres checked and the wheel balance done, I wandered into the hardware/ nursery store and bought a few more plants (some herbs, some veges and some pansies and petunias (bright red)). The pansies and petunia will be planted in a pot with the New Zealand Christmas Bush I bought yesterday (has bright red bottle brush flowers and attracts birds). I also got a new orchid for the brother (DB1) since he is a tad down at the moment. His DW has been diagnosed with a pancreatic tumour - this is the one who had to retire through ill health and deep vein thrombosis last Christmas and has not really been well since. I've got her a couple of plants as well since she loves her garden and has a beautiful house and garden. We are not sure whether the tumour is cancerous. There appears to be some doubt. The powers that be have decided to wait a month and then check again to see if the size has increased. If so, out it comes. Blood test are negative in that respect.

So today is:
Sand the ceiling where I replastered.
1st coat on the ceiling
1st coat of top coat on the wall
Chip another tile off the floor.
Gym if I can make it
Plant these seedlings
Change the bed and wash the linen
Clean the kitchen
Fix the taps.
Fold yesterdays washing and do the ironing.

Looking at that. It's time to get started. Back later to catch up with you all.

07-09-2005, 06:58 PM
Hi Ladies,

I can see you ladies are sure busy! Thanks for your words of wisdom in regards to stress at this sort of complicated time of my life. I spent part of this afternoon putting together a shower chair and installing one of those special toilet seats. He really is doing quite well and is using his four-wheel walker. He is also taking care of emptying his catheter. Now that he is home I am not nearly as organized as I was before, but is always being organized the most important thing in life!

So much is happening my friends I bowl with her husband ended up in the hospital Friday and he is still there. He, too, is a diabetic and hopefully nothing serious is wrong with him.

HalGal--I love the graphic you devoted to me. Those words make a lot of sense. Also, I appreciate the fact that you enjoyed having your grandmother even though she ended up being sick. That is one of the main reasons we really are considering moving back where family is. I have 12 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren. Gene knows most of them and they really like him. I am still checking out the financial impact of doing this move. There are so many things to consider.

Well I had better get moving and get the clothes out of the dryer.

Take care,

07-10-2005, 01:03 PM
Hey, we can't be on p.2!

I was very disappointed--seems my neighborhood grocery isn't carrying any Starbucks ice cream--though they have a Starbucks in the store. I must look somewhere else for those appealing-sounding bars.

We'll be leaving for vacation on Tue., so you may not hear from me for a while.

Looks like the a/c repairs will total up to about $1,000. Ugh, we didn't need this. And I didn't get the promotion either--apparently I blew the interview, tho I didn't think it went so badly.

Well, next week is to think about storytelling--forget that silly job!

Love to all--

07-10-2005, 03:39 PM
Page #2 you say? Say it ain't so!

It is really warm here today, along with high humidity. Add to the mix a water emergency with no use of essential water allowed until further notice makes for a miserable Sunday for folks. A main water pump is down, and evidently we service water to 3 surrounding counties also!

I had dinner at Red Lobster last evening. I am proud, as I ate about 1/3 of the serving and brought the rest home. It is in the refrigerator. I had a really good penne pasta dish with lobster, shrimp and fresh asparagus. I ordered my dressing on the side and used it frugally, and ate tooooo many of those dinner rolls. I admit, I could have done better, had one, and stopped.

I saw a neat recipe on the FOOD channel last night. This channel is going to be the end of me, I stay up too late at night watching it! Anyway, this dish was in a foil packet. Chopped, diced sweet potato, mango, sweet onion, diced red peppers, ((((((Thin)))))), cinnamon, brown sugar and olive oil. He put it on the grill, but you could easily put this in the oven on a cookie sheet. You could use the baking splenda product (which is 1/2 splenda and 1/2 sugar) and sweet and low version of brown sugar. I use this and enjoy it. Anyway... it sure looked good.

Do any of you listen to Bonnie Raitt? I have a friend that sent me a concert CD of hers from 1972. The clarity of the recording is awesome. She speaks about the writers of each song, mentioning 'Stevie Winwood' and 'Steve Stills' years before eithe of them would become famous. She closes with one of the best versions of "Since I Fell For You' I think I have ever hear. Inbetween songs they start the 'Tighten Up' guitar pull, remember that song... it only went on for a few seconds, but was too cool.

Nita: Good to hear Gene to perking up! I knew just being home would be of great relief to him. Now for you! Hang in there. I know what you mean about not being as organized as you want to me. That would be me lately.

CatLover: Have a great vacation. AS I return to work tomorrow! Are you doing anything special this time? On the job interview, you know I believe if it is meant to be - you got it - it will. And, the cynical part of me says so many times decisions are made, but interviews are made for protocal reasons. I'm kind of negative today, huh? I call it years of experience.

Shad: You are way too handy. You go girl. I don't think I would ever be brave enough to tackle plumbing. I am impressed.

Shout outs to MIA members Thin, Michellez and Mooz. Hope you are enjoying lurking - we know you are out there! ;)

07-10-2005, 08:49 PM
Hello Ladies,

Hal - What the name of the recipe you just mentioned? That sounds good, just might have to try it now that I have my grill set up on the patio. You do know you can go to TVfoodnetwork and download the recipes? I can't believe you already have to be back at school. Seems like the start dates keep moving up.

Shad - you are a busy woman. I was getting tired just reading you list of things to do. Like Hal said you are a handywoman. Best of luck on your projects.

Nita - I"m glad to hear Gene is doing well. OH, you do have alot of family back home.

Cat - Have a safe trip? Sorry to hear about your unexpected a/c expenses.

As for me having a lazy sunday. Went to church, water plants, rested, moved water, rested and now chatting with you all. Ok, I guess I could get on the treadmill.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

07-11-2005, 02:17 PM
Bringing us to the top!

Hope everyone is having a great day!

07-11-2005, 03:44 PM
One last check-in before vacation. Hal--yes, this is the National Storytelling Convention, so I'm really looking forward to it.

"Fortunately," the $18 for lunch, $25 for dinner seemed out of our budget range, so at least lunch will be a meal bar. Dinner may be a McD salad.

Hope you all do well.

07-12-2005, 06:44 AM
Sorry, didn't manage to get here yesterday. Only got in to the site long enough to post on the other thread. I am a real morning person. If I don't get it (whatever it maybe) at least started in the morning it is not going to get done.

Most of my Sunday list got done. However the taps missed out. I just ran out of time and energy. They are top of the list for next weekend.

I'm still busily training away at work. I had thought that it may have calmed down by now, but all of a sudden we are getting people coming out of the woodwork claiming they need training for this or that or the other thing. Gotta just love them. I have been asked to stay on in this contract until Christmas. Might just do that if nothing else comes up that pays as well or is more interesting.

I presume that recipe is a type of salsa Halgal??? Sounds interesting. Might have a go at it myself when mangoes come back into season (that's around November here).

Cat - have a great holiday.

Nita - hope all is going well with the DH at home and that he is getting better all the time.

Better go get these dishes done and a load of washing on. Wednesday tomorrow - which means hump day. And I am only working for half a day. I have an eye appointment in the afternoon. Woohoo. Out of the office early.

07-13-2005, 04:30 AM
Hi there gals ....... sorry I have not been here recently. I am so tired most of the time and do not rellly feel like using the computer a lot. I have had a social worker round with me to find out if I can get a sitting service for my mother so that I can have a few hours to myself. That would be just great for me.
I will read the poste and call back later if I can ....... have a great day all.

07-13-2005, 10:02 AM

OK, I want a 'golden ticke't' to Willy Wonka to see hunka, hunka Johnny Depp. I am fascinated by his acting, and most of the movies he does. They are all different, and I appreciate something out of the way. Naturally a ticket to a chocolate factory is right up my alley.

I have just a few minutes this AM because I have some students meeting me in an hour to help fold and stuff 330 letters, application and brochures for the transitional program for incoming freshmen I run the first week of August. These things need to be in the mail today. I've been plogging along the last 2 days by myself, and decided to call in the troops yesterday afternoon. I am so happy to see how quickly 4 students promptly returned my calls, and volunteered to meet me there this morning.

I met an old friend for dinner last evening in from Los Angeles. She has her own company/business running a vocational rehabilitation company assisting folks making transistions during/after medical problems that change their living circumstances. She does very, very well. She has well over 400 current clients - she works with their insurance companies negoiating benefits and then assists in llving arrangements and such. It is pretty interesting work. I've kown her for just about 20 years now. I think I posted earlier it has been 15 years, but actually 20 years.

It is pouring rain here today, and that is good. We are in the middle of a moderate dought.

Diet is so, so... and exercise is improving. I am beginning to move around more and get active again. Altho, I'd appreciate a nice quiet hole for another month. Sad, but true. I miss my enthusiastic outlook that seems to have slipped away. I hope it comes back soon. I know 'they say' give it time, but gosh. I am actively seeking out the positive and praying for the best.

Nita and Mooz: You both are in my thoughts and prayers also. :angel: :angel:

CatLover: Enjoy your vacation!!!

OneDay: I'll start paying attenton to the names of the recipes. I did not know you could get the recipes on line. You know, last night I was up once again until 1AM watching Emmeril Live. This has to stop!

Shad: I am a morning person also. I get so much more done in the AM, and by the way there is nothing like a nice afternoon nap, right! ;)

Hang in there movers and losers! :angel: :dancer: :flow2: :flow1: :angel:

07-13-2005, 02:08 PM
Hello Ladies,

Mooz - Hope your able to get some assistance. I'm sure a few hours a day would make a big difference for you. Let you get out of the house.

Shad - I too am a morning person. Unfortunately most of my morning are in a office. Hope your able to get all your errans done.

Hal - the web site is great. After you've seen a program you can do to the site and download the recipe.

Cat - have a great time!

As for me, work has been busy. This friday night family is all coming to my house for a barbeque. We'll we just having burgers and hot dogs. It's my mom's b-day, so we all getting together. Guess I need to start cleaning house this evening.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

07-13-2005, 03:39 PM
Good afternoon ladies,

Mooz -- I have a taste of what you are going through. Although Gene has come a long way since 6 weeks ago, he still has a ways to go. However, I can leave him long enough to do shopping and even get in my bowling. Today he even got into the shower without my being present. I told him that was not a smart thing to do. Since I complained so much we are going to the urologist's office on Friday and perhaps the Doctor's assistant can schedule the necessary out-patient surgery he will require.

Diet-wise, I am starting out breakfast great but then I sort of go downhill after that. I did get a Maganizer and it allows you to use it on the table for your arms and on the floor as a bicycle for your legs. I am doing the table exercises and perhaps it will help my upper arms.

Well I need to go and make lunch so I can get ready for bowling.

Take care ladies and have a "super" day!

07-13-2005, 10:51 PM
Left work early yesterday and went along to the Eyeman. I spoke to one of the receptionists and checked the time of my appointment which was 4.40 (Iíd forgotten my phone and therefore lost all my appointment times as well). They said then that I could go in early as there had been several cancellations between now and then so report back in 20 minutes. Okay.

I needed a couple of new bras, so I went to the underwear section of the department store and a lady came up and asked if she could help. I told her the story of how I have lost some weight and redistributed some weight and she said she would give me a fitting. Fine. To cut a long story short, all my old braís have been between a 14 and a 16C, now I find that although I have lost several inches in the bust I am a 16D. And even worse the old bras still fit!!!!! Iíve never been a D anything before in my whole life, but now I am a D. Whatís more the sample bras she gave me to try on fitted.

So my question for the day is - have they devalued the boob??? I might be able to understand this if these were the horrible made in Indonesia/ Taiwan/ China/ Vietnam/ India type clothes that we have to put up with in the shops, but these are either made locally or made in NZ. Why do manufacturers put us through this trauma - or is it that we allow them to treat us in this way. And the prices are horrendous, even for the cheap imports.
Clothes used to be different sizes depending on the brand. You used to find brands that fitted and just keep on buying that brand. Now you can get identical trousers for example, wearing identical labels, on the same rack and bearing the same size and one will fit and one wonít. Iím getting really hacked off with this. Iím tired of paying money for inferior rubbish. I might have to start making my own again - if I ever find the time to indulge in some sewing or crafty stuff.
The wife, of a bloke I used to work with, works for a clothing store in Stones Corner, just down the road a bit. She was telling me that some of these imports are just ridiculous. One container load of shirts from India came with 1 sleeve and the buttons and buttonholes on the same side of the front. How???!!! Where is the quality control?? It seems that they come over by the container load and get sent back by the container loads as well. How stupid are we to put up with this???

Apart from that, I went back to the eyeman to get the news that I can no longer wear the permanent contacts. He has given me a pair of disposables (3 months = $95), permanents cost $200 and last 2 years. If these new (rolls royce type) lenses donít work for me and they donít for everyone then I have to resort to glasses. I HATE GLASSES - these WILL work.

And because of those two things to think about I missed the gym yesterday - well that's my excuse anyway. Today might also be a bit of a battle to get there as I am getting my hair cut and foils put in and maybe some sort of colour since grey is on the increase - or maybe I will get streaks put it so it all looks the same. Who knows - Iíll talk to Cara about it tonight.

So here I am, bigger than ever, poorer than before, missing the gym and going grey. Isnít life interesting!!!!!!

07-13-2005, 11:19 PM

Hey all...!!

Just a quick note to say hello and wish everyone a happy hump day...!!!

07-14-2005, 01:33 PM

I should be at school. Should be.

I just finished watching a rather humorous spot on the television show "The View". A chef from the magazine 'Cooking Light' was on. He and his wife have both recently lost 60 pounds by, 'they say' changing up ingredients in foods we eat routinely and love. He brought in 6 sample desserts for the hosts to taste test against the traditional recipe. BIG mistake. Time after time, the hosts insulted the lower calorie foods, and raved about the real deals. He kept his cool, and a good attitude, but it was blunt. I say just a few bites of the real deal. I have a freind that says your taste buds only really experience the full taste the first few bites anyway. Now, if we could only follow this philosophy the weight loss industry would be outta business!

I found this interesting article on the Mediterrian Diet. It seems to resemble the new dietary guideline that were recommended in January. Take a read...

Understanding the Mediterranean Diet

Barbara Bourassa Nubella LLC Editor-in-Chief

The other day one of my friends asked me about the Mediterranean diet. She had heard someone talking about the benefits of this eating style, and she wanted to know where she could buy the book. I had to laugh to myself, as there is no one book that describes this diet. And using the word diet to describe it isn't really accurate, either, as the Mediterranean diet is really more of an eating style than a specific program.

Still, because it has been studied so often, and so many experts agree on its benefits, I thought it was worth pulling together a primer on the Mediterranean diet.

The Mediterranean diet reflects the lifestyle and eating habits of the people living in the Mediterranean region, which includes Italy, France, Turkey, the Middle East, North Africa, Spain, and Greece.

As such, the diet includes the following characteristics: 1) high in fruits and vegetables (especially those that are locally grown); 2) high in legumes (such as beans and lentils); 3) high in olive oil (vs. butter or other oils); 4) low in animal products, such as meat, poultry, and saturated fat; 5) moderately low in dairy products; 6) high in nuts; 7) moderately high in fish; 8) high in unrefined cereals (think whole grains); and 9) moderate consumption of wine.

Study after study proclaims the benefits of the Mediterranean diet. One of the most recent studies, which followed more than 74,600 men and women aged 60 and older from nine European countries, appeared in the April 2005 issue of the British Medical Journal. In short, the researchers concluded that eating a diet rich in fruit, vegetables, grains, olive oil, legumes, and fish may help people live longer.

Many experts believe the diet's low levels of saturated fat contribute to its benefits. Others point to the proven health benefits associated with eating nuts. The diet also has very high levels of antioxidants, which are found in fruit, vegetables, and red wine. And a diet rich in antioxidants has been shown to help protect against certain cancers and age-related diseases.

The good news is that following the Mediterranean diet isn't that difficult, or even that different, from what many nutritionists recommend. Start by eating fresh or dried fruit for dessert, for instance, and snack on small portions of almond or walnuts. In the kitchen, cook with light-colored olive oil instead of butter. Eat as many vegetables as possible, especially leafy greens. Try to eat fish twice a week, and center one meal per week around beans, lentils, or other legumes. Experiment with ethnic whole grains, such as bulgur wheat or pearl barley. And last, but not least, eat less red meat.

And remember--this is not a diet for dramatic weight loss. This is an eating style for a lifetime--hopefully a long and healthy lifetime.

Interesting stuff, huh?

07-14-2005, 10:49 PM
Hi Ladies,

Shad -- I really enjoyed reading your post today. I can agree with you when it comes to contact lenses. I have been wearing them for 39 years and the ones I wear now are Bausch & Lomb two-week soft lenses. Today at work for some reason my right contact was really uncomfortable so I ended up just taking it out. Lucky for me the left contact is for distance so I was able to work, as well as drive home. Here in AZ I also went from a size C to a D. I believe you are correct--they have just changed the sizing to suit their needs. Perhaps when we have to wear a D that makes us happier!

HalGal -- I sure do enjoy your graphics. They always make me happy! Gene is doing quite well and seems to be getting stronger each day. A physical therapist came over two times this week and is trying to get authorization for a couple more weeks. Now if we can just get this catheter thing straightened out!

Well ladies I am not doing well with my eating--it seems in the evening I am falling into my old habits of eating goodies. This is not good because if I don't get with a program real soon, all those nice clothes in my closet will have to be given away.

I am probably just over tired today because I started work at 5:45 a.m. which meant I had to get up at 3:30.

Take care,

07-14-2005, 11:23 PM
Hello Ladies,

Just a quick hello. Went out of town for the day work related. It's a nice drive out to the country. Trying to get the house ready for a barbeque this saturday.

need to run! will post more later.

07-15-2005, 11:09 AM
Good Friday AM Movers and Losers!

I am taking a short break to post as I clean out MIA ingredients from the rear shelves of my refrigerator. I cannot believe how old some of the things are that I simply forgot about were. I had a few canned items that were beyond the best used by date, as well as a bottle of dressing. When I wonder where my money goes, it is simple things like this that add up. Anyway... I'll scrub the shelves before I restock. I'll also try to purchase foods for the week only. I have a friend that does this. His refrigerator is pretty empty most of the time, but full of relevant foods to be consumed 'now'.

I need to go into school for the afternoon. Students do not return until August 17th, but my list is long, long, long to get ready! I'll drop Rocky by the groomer on the way. Hey, this is cool. He picked up a piece of celaphane paper I had placed on the coffee table to go into the trash. I told him that was bad, and to come here. He did! Imagine that? ;)

Have a GREAT Friday girls....

07-16-2005, 06:02 AM
Been a busy day today. I have dusted, swept, sanded, cleaned, washed, folded, dusted some more, changed the washers in the taps and am now in the process of processing the veges I bought today into soup and also roast vege for salads during the week. The roasted red peppers are done, now the veges are in for their turn. I still have to prepare the eggplant and do some onions. But we are getting there. Then I am about to do some fish chowder and pumpkin soup. I also have some bananas that will either be made into banana cake or chucked. I won't eat them when they get to this point.

I think I also have a problem with my ceiling. I'm not yet sure, but I was plastering up there today and there seems to be a distinct lack of wood in a couple of areas. I poked a rather large hole in it trying to find the beam to screw up the plasterboard. Maybe tomorrow I will have to get into the ceiling space to see if there is something happening up there. Keep your fingers crossed that I don't fall through or something else stupid!!!!

Tomorrow is some more sanding and some paint. And I guess I will have to dust again. I am going to a jewellery party in the afternoon. I hope we don't have to sit around there to long. Only promised to go because of a good friend. It will do me good to get out of the house, but there is still so much to do here. At the moment, whatever I get done is visible, which is one reason why I want to get on with it. Preparation seems to take so long and you don't really get to see much for it.

Love the ostriches on the graphic Hal. I know what you mean about things that congregrate in the back of the fridge. I often wonder how they got there. I'm sure they move that way by themselves.

Glad you agreed with me re the clothes Nita. I really get annoyed about silly things like that these days. Maybe it is me getting old. But it just seems sheer stupidity to buy clothes that don't fit, aren't the right size and no one seems to know what the right size is. Don't get me started again. I've just had a nice peaceful day without a whinge or grizzle in it.

Time to go get the veges out of the oven. Gotta go, I can smell them. The herbs smell wonderful.

07-16-2005, 09:31 AM
This will be quick as I want to get out the door this early AM to shop the farmers market. I am going to Louisville to spend some time with my friend in from Los Angeles. She is house sitting for her sister and brother in law. They have a really nice in ground pool. Too bad I would not wear a suit infront of another human. I have a group of friends that go to a local hotel pool for exerise and I admire them. ;)

Shad: Tell me about roasting veggies for salads? I noticed a local Mexican restaurant offers these now as a meat substitute for all of their products. What all are you roasting, times and most importantly tell me about the herbs!
Again, I could never imagine plastering. You are an inspiration. I need to 'get busy'. There is a chance my nephews will be dropping by the end of the week on their way back from Florida. If this happens, they will stay here a few days, and I'll take them back to Indiana. This place needs to be turned inside out - top to bottom. Nothing like a good reason to do it.

Nita: Oh my gosh, 5:45AM to work? I thought it was bad that I have to been at school at 7A. I know it will be difficult to be in bed, sleeping on time. I am so addicted to the food channel. I've not prepared the first recipe I just gwak. Try to make better choices, and keep your place stocked with the better choices. I had just lost 107 pounds by diet and exercise when I took guardianship of my Grandmother. I put it all back on and then some within the first 3 years. I found myself making foods for 'her'. I knew better, but I was using food as a stress reliever. Now I have the stress of all the extra pounds - my living prison. There is no easy answer. I saw Oprah yesterday with a show on favorite clips over the years. One was where she compared her eating decisions to an abusive husband. She said she had to make the same choice to stop eating, eat well as the abusive husband had to stop abusing. It is a choice.

OneDay: Picnic, Picnic, Picnic... details! I hope you have a great day. My Mother's birthday was July 4th. She will be gone a year the 29th of this month. Time flies by...slips by... says good-bye. Anyway... let us know how it went.

THIN alert...! THIN alert...! THIN alert...! THIN alert...![CENTER]

Here is a recipe using summer produce. It has red peppers and pesto in it.

Pesto & Roasted Red Pepper Dip

Prep Time: 10 min
Total Time: 2 hr 10 min
Makes: 36 servings, 2 Tbsp. dip and 16 crackers each

1 container (8 oz.) Cream Cheese Spread, divided
1 container (7 oz.) Basil Pesto Sauce
1 container (16 oz.) Sour Cream, divided
roasted red peppers, drained, chopped (about 1 cup)
Snack Crackers

REMOVE half of the cream cheese spread; place in medium bowl. Add pesto; mix until well blended. Stir in half of the sour cream. Place remaining cream cheese spread in separate medium bowl. Add peppers; mix well. Stir in remaining sour cream. Cover both bowls.

REFRIGERATE at least 2 hours.

SPOON dips alternately into 1 serving bowl. Swirl with knife to marbleize, if desired. Serve with the crackers.

This sounds really good to me.

Shout outs to Mooz! :dizzy:

07-16-2005, 11:03 AM
Hello Ladies,

Just a quick hello, took yesterday off to really clean house, ended up logging on to work site for about 2 1/2 hours yesterday morning. Anyway a few weeks ago I had started cleaning files, and I never really finished that project. I have a hard time with throwing things away. And it can be anything, papers , broken knick knacks. I guess I like clutter. As Mooz says I declutterd the house had two big trash bags and if it could be donated went in one bag, the other trash. House looks good this morning. Now it's time to go grocery shopping, then come home, clean off patio and get ready. It's my mom's 74 birthday and to top it off my only nephew who has been living in North Carolina for 10 years is moving back. He'll be in later today. So we are all excited to have him home. My brother has volunteer to do the cooking on the grill and my two sister are helping out with making something.

Wishing everyone a great day!

07-16-2005, 08:50 PM
Have a few minutes while I have a bit of toast and a cup of coffee. Then I need to get back into it. Sanding and plastering will take up much of this morning and then when I get home, there should be enough light to add some paint to the ceiling and walls. Mind you if I keep at it, I should be able to get some painted before I go out. Really don't know why I said I would go to this jewellery party. I don't want any jewellery really. Guess it was just to go out with a friend and see something outside my own house.
Went up into the ceiling this morning. There is no problem with the timber in that corner mainly because the timber is nowhere near the nail that the builder hammered in to the plasterboard. Aaargggh. Now there is a whole stack of little beasties (spiders) living up there so I got tangled up in a couple of webs. I now need a good soak in the tub to get rid of the feeling.

Feeling a bit sore this morning after that mammoth effort at the gym yesterday. It will go away no doubt. Wonder when the muscles will get limber enough not to hurt anymore??? It seems that I am always finding new ones here and there and there.

I'm going to have a go at that pesto dip. I love roasted red peppers and do my own from fresh. I have a container full of them in the fridge right now. As for roasting veges - I do three different types. The red peppers I quarter, seed and take out the membranes and then put them under a fierce grill until the skins are blackened. Then I take them out, put them on a plate and cover with a clean tea towel and let them steam until just warm. Then I skin them and put them in a container and into the fridge. They last about a week (as long as I let them). The root veges and pumpkin (sweet potato, parsnip, carrots on occasion, corn cobs cut up, onions) I peel, cut into bite size lumps and then put them into an oil/ herb mix. Use a good olive oil or even an olive oil/ garlic spray will do the trick. Not too much - we don't want to cook them in oil, just give them a coating to stop sticking. The herbs/ spices can be whatever you fancy. If you buy the already mixed varieties, check for salt content. Some of them have amazing salt content. Anyway, last nights ones were Herbes de Provence - a mixture of thyme, majoram, parsley, tarragon, celery seeds and lavender - yes lavender. I have also used cajun spices, tandoori spices, italian herbs, greek herbs, morroccan style mixtures etc. It depends on what you like. I then rub the oil/ herbs all over the veg and put them into a tray which has either been lined with foil or sprayed with oil to stop them sticking. Bake about 20 minutes until done.
The third thing I do is eggplant. Now eggplant sucks up oil like nothing else except maybe mushrooms so I dry bake these. Peel, cut into rounds, sprinkle with spice or herbs as above and bake about 15 minutes on a foil lined tray or ceramic dish. Then I just put what veges I fancy into a fresh mixed lettuce salad, add the peppers and drizzle on a good dressing. I'm using a creamy wild lime dressing at the moment. Don't think that will be available in the US as it is made here using wild fruit and herbs. That's about it. Tastes good and is more filling that a normal lettuce salad.

That's about it. Coffee break over. Back to work. Can you all hear the whip cracking?

07-17-2005, 04:10 PM
Hello Ladies,

Just a quick hello. Great party last night. The last few guest left around 4:00am, and boy I"m I tired today, phone rang this morning at 8:30am. Ate way to much, but had a really good time. I'll be hosting another party in two weeks, my niece is graduating and she lives in Austin, I'm having one party here at my house for her other side of family that lives in town.

Shad - umm.. your veggies sound yummy. The baked ones sound really good. Sounds like your projects are really coming along.

Hope everyone is having a great day, then i'll go back to the couch and rest a while.

07-17-2005, 05:53 PM
Hi Ladies,

Just a quick "hello" to say I enjoy reading all your posts. You ladies are certainly very busy these days. I am anxiously waiting for my embroidery machine to come back from getting a good cleaning. I have had it for almost 3 years and thought it was time. I just bought Sponge Bob and Strawberry Patch designs from E-Bay. They should be here about the time I get the machine back.

I am having a very difficult time getting back into the swing of things when it comes to losing weight. I have to agree with HalGal--since Gene has come home I am cooking more than I did while he was gone, and as a result eating more. I am, however, keeping up with my bowling. The temperature here is 116 degrees and I have no choice but to stay in doors. The one thing I do right is to eat a "healthy" and nutritous breakfast. Maybe I should just eat breakfast foods and that may help.

Well I had better get moving. You ladies have given me incentive to get busy doing chores I have put off way too long.

Hope everyone is having a "super" day!

07-17-2005, 07:38 PM
Just hate Monday's especially when they are cold and unwelcoming when I get out of bed. Even the cat didnít want to get up this morning. She objected to going outside, and was back in and under the bedclothes faster than you can say Jack Frost.

Consequently we did everything at the trot this morning to keep warm.

It was an interesting jewellery party yesterday. No I didnít buy anything, but there were a couple of people there who were just looking out for their own agendas and not there to look at the stuff on sale. Networking is all very well, I do it myself from time to time but not at someone elses party. There was too much to eat for the number of people there and I indulged in a bit of cheese too much. So we are off to the gym again tonight to move along the excesses of the weekend.

Another week here at work. Donít have a huge schedule, but there will be time to bring things up to date at last. Iím a bit happier about that. Some of the grammar, spelling etc was Ďinterestingí and some of the lessons in OnDemand are less than the basics which I think are required. So I will do something about that as well. Still managing to work slightly shorter hours, and thatís just fine by me.

Got an entire wall painted yesterday morning. And part of the ceiling as well. There needs to be some more plastering done this week and a few patches where I missed before painting. Why is it that when you put a coat of paint on a wall or ceiling all the flaws stand out - why didnít I see them before I painted? Still it is moving along, for which I am grateful.

So here we are at work for yet another week. The bloke who went on leave to the UK returned today. He is all ready to go on holiday again. When he gets through his e-mail, he will be more than ready to go home I should imagine.

Weight still holding on the normal fluctuations. Donít think the shape is changing much. Think I might have to change the exercise and food around again to see if I can fool the body into a bit of movement.

Speaking of weight etc. I watched a program on the Lifestyle Channel yesterday called Fat Man Thin. Now this is a weight loss program for men mostly however, the principles still apply.
This man was an Marketing/Advertising guru. He must have been good at it because he said himself that his income had been at 6 figures for several years. He lived in Auckland in New Zealand and had a beautiful home there and another beach Ďshackí (bigger than my ordinary Ďshackí) in a place called Muriwai which is a beach/ coastal town not far from Auckland. He was huge!!!! He weighed 168Kgs (370lbs). He took a year off work to get his weight down. He wanted to lose 40Kgs. He left his Auckland home and with his wife went to Muriwai to spend the year getting the weight off in consultation with his doctor and a personal trainer.
Within six months he had lost the 40kg. His doctor said he could lose another 20. He went for 25. He even had the packets of butter lined up in the supermarket to show the loss he had already made and then another pile to demonstrate what he had left to lose. What a huge amount of fat!!!!!
This manís year of diet and exercise proved several things to me.
1. That you can eat well as long as you watch the portions. You can enjoy the cheese, wine, and odd chocolate as you wish.
2. You must limit the proportions.
3. You wonít do it by exercise alone or diet alone. The two must be combined and varied.
4. You wonít do it by fad dieting either.
To cut a long story short. He missed the 25kg by 1kg. But the difference in him was amazing. At the end of the program, the producers showed photos taken of him in the same place and in the same pose for the entire year. It was so interesting to watch these shots flash past. He didnít always appear to lose weight every month, some shots he looked bigger than before, and he still is not lean taut and terrific!!! but he will probably now live past his 50th birthday. This was doubtful previous to the diet and exercise. It was a program well worth watching.

Okay, time to go sort out my day. Remind me to pay my bills tonight please.

07-17-2005, 10:08 PM

Good to hear from everyone!

I am just finishing watching a Dateline special about 2 young men that randomly murdered a professor and his wife, as practice incase they needed to murder someone while they were traveling in foreign countries - on the cuff. I am telling you, I know crazy unexplainable things have always happened, our generation does not have a copyright on the horrors of life. Anyway...

I am still cleaning, but not doing lots at the moment. I'll return to school this week once again working full days, but going in a tad later and staying later.

There is a chance my nephews (deceased niece's boys) may get to come stay toward the end of the week and for the weekend. They are in Florida with their Grandfather. I think he may go right by me on the way back to Indiana. I am going to see, and if so, save him about 600 miles on his trip. I am excited. They have never seen my place, and they are both curious. They have ask lots of questions about where I live, so they just may get their chance to see.

I am finishing laundry now... Let's have a GREAT week. SHAD, you are right moderation in all. Hey, why did that guy have to stop work? Curious. Good story!

07-18-2005, 11:53 AM[/SIZE]
Good Monday morning Movers and Losers!

OK, I just lost a post and it was just about finished! Errr....

AS I was saying, how about a 21 whole wheat bun salute, only after 21 minutes of aerobic exercise!

I'm up late again this morning, because once again I was up late watching the food channel. I am addicted. Emerril was mean to one of his assistants last night, so I may not be so anxious to watch. AS the bumper sticker says, "Mean People S__K" with the _ _ filled in. :devil:

I am under a deadline. It looks like my nephews will be able to come for the end of the week, and weekend. Yippie... and oh my gosh. Time to kick into high gear.

I saw a short clip of Carnie Wilson last evening on television. She was saying how she still fantasizes about a human size bowl of twinkies and her diving into the center of it. I say a chocolate pool would be heaven. Warm chocolate pool. I have a friend that had a chocolate fountain at her wedding that that was very cool. I only went up once. She tells me about all the left over food and chocolate they had - and they had to take it because it was paid for. Her parents bought her a smaller fountain, and now she uses it for parties. Oh my gosh... 41 minutes of aerobic exercise = one dip. ;)

Here is an article from the WW folks on weight loss blunders. Dr. Phil has 10 blunders in this months issue of O magazine also.

The Top 5 Diet Blunders
By Paula Kennedy | 9/10/2004

You're eating less and exercising more. Why won't that scale budge? Even when you feel like you're doing everything right, there are certain behaviors that can still get in the way. Are you guilty of any of these habits?

1. Skipping Breakfast
Running late for work again? Before you bolt out the door on nothing but a cup of coffee, be aware that skipping breakfast can be bad news for weight loss. Chances are, you're going to feel hungry later, and that may be when you have less access to healthy food and are more likely to reach for a doughtnut.

Antidote: Keep something on hand that you can eat on the run, such as fruit, yogurt or fat-free cereal bars.

2. Feasting on Family Favorites
When your kids or spouse have a favorite family meal, it's hard to ban it from your menu list. Family favorites, such as lasagna, are often high in fat and calories.

Antidote: Treat yourself to a smaller serving of the main meal and a large serving of vegetables or salad. It's also a good idea to try to find a lower-fat version of the family favorite.

3. Social Overeating
Eating whatever you wanted at a restaurant was okay in the days when people ate out only a few times a year. But these days we eat out every week, if not every day.

Antidote: Search the menu for meals cooked using low-fat methods, such as grilling or stir-frying, and ask for sauces and dressings on the side. That way you can control how much you have.

4. Not Counting Nibbles
A few potato chips while you clean the house. Just a sliver of cake while you cook dinner. When we snack, we tend to be standing up or have our attention focused on another task. This can lead to thinking the calories "don't count." Unfortunately, they do.

Antidote: Set ground rules, such as "I don't eat in the car or while I'm watching television." And always, always keep track of everything you eat during the day. Knowing you'll have to write it down will make you think twice about having that one bite.

5. Expecting Too Much Too Soon
After several months of dedication you're down in the dumps ó you feel the scale has barely moved. Expecting too much weight loss too soon is an extremely common diet blunder. A healthy rate of weight loss is up to two pounds a week. But many people aim for more than that, then feel like failures and give up when they don't reach that unrealistically high goal.

Antidote: Make "slow and steady" your diet mantra. If you really don't believe that one to two pounds amounts to much weight loss, lift two pounds of butter the next time you're at the supermarket. You'll realize how well you're doing.

This is so true, I think we expect instant results. Wellness is a lifestyle and long term. Mind over matter. :angel: :dancer: :flow2: :flow1: :angel:

07-18-2005, 03:03 PM
Hello ladies,

Hal - I'm so glad your nephews are going to stop by. I'm sure they'll be excited to see you and Rocky.

oh, need to run.. will post more later

07-18-2005, 03:52 PM
Just to let you know I'm back. Didn't do too badly on trip but now time to do better.

Mooz--hope you got some help with your DM. Shad--I loved "did they devalue the boob?" I wonder, though, if perhaps the old ones are stretched and a bit saggy--maybe the new ones look better. Maybe.

Lot of unpacking and rearranging to do. I was NOT going to get the new Harry Potter yet--but there itwas in the grocery store. Now I am NOT going to read it until I have things done. I hope.

A very good deal on hearing aids in paper, so I we are going over to take a look/listen. Darn, you would think with all the high tech there is they could make a hearing aid cheaper. I suppose it's that you can get the old style cheaper, but the new ones that are so much better are pricey.

AND we had to replace the a/c (the working part of it) so that was $1500. Ugh.

Still we had such fine in OK City.

Best to all.

07-18-2005, 03:53 PM
Goodness I typed in hearing aids and after I submitted the letter, two hearing aid ads popped up.

So, what happened when you typed in Jonny Dep?

07-18-2005, 03:54 PM
Hi Chicks~~~ finally starting to settle down around here. At least no company staying with us anymore. After his mom left, then friends of ours came for a few nights. They have a big motorhome, so they just plugged in here, but stayed in their own 'space'. So that was very easy.

I have been reading the posts and trying to catch up with all of your busy lives.
~~NITA~~ glad DH is home and doing well. Hope he does even better as time goes on. Long as his attitude is good that is more than half of it, right?
Have you decided more on moving? Or just getting DH more used to the fact that you want this?

~~HALGAL~~thanks for thinking of me so often. :) You are so sweet.
That;s great that your nephews can visit. I had my 9 yr old nephew here a few nights just b4 MIL got here, and then spent time w/the 16 yr old niece, but she couldn't stay overnights as we had no more room at that time.
I really am glad for some quiet time here at the lake now. It was getting very hectic at times.

My 30 yr class reunion was a fun time. Me and another gal were in charge of pulling it off, and it all went fine. We were a tad worried, but for only 13 classmates it wasn't that huge of a crowd, so our plans seemed to work out about perfect. The weather cooperated for almost the whole day. It did rain once near sunset, but not for long. Then we still had our campfire at dusk. It was awesome to see the ones who could show up.

You know we are having a drought now. In fact that rain the night of our reunion party might have been the last rain we had. And that was July 3. It is so very windy today, and rain clouds go by but they don't drop anything! And HOT. It has been mostly 90+ degrees here for about 2 wks now. Some days only 80 but mostly hotter. A record setting summer i guess. I have swam quite a bit.

~~CAT~~ hope you are having a fantastic vacation.

~~~MOOZ~~~ hope things are settling down w/your DM and you have some daytime help coming in. Post soon and let us know how you are.

~~~SHAD~~ nice to read your posts. You are a very busy lady!

~~1DAY~~~ That is so nice that you are hosting this grad party for your niece. High school or college grad??

thanks to all for posting the recipes, tips and articles. Nothing like these boards to get the latest info. YGG's~~~~~

Till later :wave: :grouphug: thinlizzie

07-18-2005, 07:35 PM
Thatís Queensland in the winter for you. Although it is still cold at night and early morning.

Iím looking at clear blue skies (around the skyscraper across the road) and sunshine and shadows through the trees. Might go down to the gardens for lunch. It would be nice down there I think.

Here you go, Brisbane in the morning. Errmmm the building that I work in is the one on the extreme left with the tower thingy on the top.

Changing the food around again today. Going for a bigger breakfast, lots of veg and salad for lunch and tea will be a light affair - maybe mushrooms or something. Have to see if I can shake this body into some action again. I need to journal the intake again as well. What am I eating or not eating that has stopped the weight loss in itís tracks? (again)

Going to shake the exercise around as well. Maybe do both cardio and weights/ resistance in the same session. I know I am fitter than before, and I know I am stronger than before, and I know that the muscle weighs more. But I am not seeing changes in the way my clothes fit and I am not seeing changes anywhere else. Maybe a couple of classes like Body Pump or Step once in a while instead of the program I am currently doing.

So I am thinking - up the protein some more - fish and chicken and a lean steak once in a while and also add some nuts into the mix. I used to eat these frequently, but havenít for some time. Knock off the carbs again - bread, potatoes (oh dear, boo hoo) and see what happens. I thought about upping the calories again too, but not for long, just as long as it took to remember what happened last time!

Still getting around the 15 minute housework dash. I have a list of things to achieve each night during each 15 minute cycle. Things are getting done around here slowly. Iíve resurrected the white board list as well. This time I have only given myself three things to achieve per evening. That should also allow for cuddle time with the puss who is definitely neglected (according to the gospel of St. Sunday that is) and a bit of tv viewing, although much of the time these days, viewing is done from the back of the eyelids.

Okay, having said that I have a short training course to deliver in half an hour. I had better go get ready for it.

Morning to you all. Hope to get back later to comment on the posts.

07-19-2005, 07:04 PM
Better move us up to the top.

07-19-2005, 11:59 PM
Hello ladies,

Things are work at not getting any better. I don't know if I had mentioned but one of my co-workers in my work group, quite about 3 weeks ago. So now it's just my supvervisor and me. And guess who picked up most of the work load? ME. It's so hetic with bids and placing orders and of course everyone wants something now, and when I get stressed I want to eat. I have been trying to walk at lunch for 30 minutes, so destress and blew off steam.

Thin - so good to hear from you. Glad the reunion went well, now that i'm thinking about it It think my 25 is this year. Hum, haven't heard anything yet. I'm sure your nephew and niece were excited to come visit. When been lucky with rain here, but it's hot. Guess we're use to it.

Shad - what a beautiful city. I like your idea of the white board list, and the 15 min cycle. I will have to try that. I really want to get started on working out, I have a membership to a gym, I guess it's just getting motivated and going.

Cat - glad you enjoyed your vacation. Didn't realize you were in OK City, you were somewhat close to me. We'll i guess still a 2-3 hour drive.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

07-20-2005, 04:29 AM
Mornin chickies .......... sorry for not posting regularly .......... I just don't seem to have the time between looking after my mum, family, housework and painting. I still get walking though which is good. I have actually lost 3 pounds in the last few weeks so the weight is moving slowly. I am trying to be more in control with my portions and not nibbling when I am making Paul and Brian's lunches!! :lol: I rarely eat biscuits, cake, crisps, sweets etc now and I think it is due to reading the Paul McKenna book and listening to his CD. I should be listening to it every day but finding the time is not easy. :( I am happy that I have cut out the rubbishy foods as I thought I would never have the willpower to do that.
I have an appointment to go get my Blood pressure checked at the end of August so I want to try and lose some more pounds before then so as to give myself a better chance of having a good reading......... probably a very difficult task as I have White Coat Syndrome ........ although not so sure it should be called that with me ......... I think I should call it Blood Pressure Checking Equipment Syndrome as I seem to get all tense when I go near one even here at home! :(
I have not had time to read all the posts but I did notice that beautiful picture Shad posted :D

Gotta go now and get showered and go for a walk when my mother is settled after her breakfast.

Have a great day all

The only way you will ever totally agree with everyone around you is to be alone. (Of course unless you're schizophrenic)

The more important the new client is at your buisness lunch, the more likely you are to have spinach stuck in your teeth.

If you take internet conversations too personal, chances are that complete jerk you told off this morning is the really hot girl/guy you've been trying to hit on all week.

No matter what you do, you will be the only one in the house that can remember to put the cap back on the toothpaste.

You can learn from the mistakes of others... but chances are you'll still want to see how hot the fire is anyway.

If you put your shoes on in the dark, you will inevitably find where the dog/cat put that soggy ball they've been playing with.

You will never get an "emergency" call from your child's school when you're home with the car on your day off from work.

Religion and politcs will always get the most debate, but they're the subjects that can change the world.

There will always be someone uglier, stupider and weaker than you. Be nice to them though because there is also someone prettier, smarter and stronger as well.

If you are willing to laugh at yourself, there will be fewer people that will laugh at you.

07-20-2005, 10:05 AM
Good Tuesday Morning Movers and Losers!

I hope this finds everyone enjoying 'losses' like the 3 pounds Mooz is missing! That is AWESOME Mooz, You Go Girl...!!! :bravo: :cp: :bravo:

I have no weighed, but I've been good both with diet AND exercise. I feel better. I have no idea. We all know exercise cures more than large waistlines.

I am pretty excited my nephews will be here for a few nights. I bought them each University of Kentucky t-shirts yesterday as I was stock up shopping. I just hate that kind of shopping. Laundry detergent, trash bags, light bulbs, and too much money.

I have not done my grocery shopping for their visit. I have been going back and forth on what to serve them. They love yogurt, and I did pick up a 12 pack of strawberry and yogurt for them. The love mixing in low fat granola or a hard cereal like Grape Nuts. They act like it is chocolate - that good! I do have ingredients sitting out this AM to make a cheesecake for their visit. I'll make it with the baking splenda product (which I believe is half splenda and half sugar). It will not be all healthy, tho. I plan to experiement and make a turtle cheesecake with fudge, carmel and roasted pecans. I have Oreo crumbs to use for the crust. Ahh, I just gained weight typing this.

It feels to to get some much needed spring/summer cleaning done. I found some pictures of my niece I completely forgot about. That really brought up my spirits. I plan to take some pictures of the boys this weekend. Hey if someone wants to email or PM me about how to post pictures that would be great. I do have a scanner, and should be able to figure this out.

THIN: Always good to hear from you! I laugh to myself as I 'taunt' you! I remember how Mooz use to type to me she knew I was 'lurking' and it would make me LOL. So, we appreciate you when you and here. Sounds like you have had a very busy summer.

Mooz: I am right there with you on the blood pressure. My doctor told me to get mine back to normal, or more meds. I say no meds if at all possible. I'll do the exercise and diet to avoid this. I bought a home monitor and had the same white coat syndrome, until I could not get it to work! I had a really hard time getting the 'large' cuff to fit around my big arm. When I finally did get it correct, and it worked, my anxiety was long gone. Good to hear your Mother is doing well, and you are too!

OneDay: I am with you on stress eating. I have always done this. When AJ passed away I did not eat for a few weeks, but trust me the stress eating kicked in for 2 months afterward. I see this, now to address it and challenge myself to do the right thing. Remind me again, what kind of work do you do? You mentioned placing orders, and I am not sure what for. We have a new gym in my town. This is big news. We have never had more than one ever. So hopefully prices will settle down, and quality will improve. When I belonged to the local gym a few year back I had one illness after the other, usually sinus infection related. The machines were really dirty. A sweaty guy would 'attempt to wipe the machine down' after completely coating it is body sweat, and you could still smell the sweat. After months of illness and consistent gross outs, I dropped the membership. My sinus infections ended with the end of the membership. Strange but true. I was in Tulsa a few years ago for Christmas/New Years. I really like the area. I wondered what the highway signs meant 'Don't drive in smoke'. ???

OK, Carly Simon is on the ABC morning show with Barbara Walters. She just ask her the 'Your so vain." question, and did not get an answer. She has a new CD out with classics. I saw Carole King has a new CD out. I find myself wondering who this generation will be listening to, remembering in 30 years? I cannot see some of these artists in the future. Old age I guess?

Shad: Lucky you, to work in such a beautiful city, beautiful area. Can you see the water from your office area? Thanks for the motivation you bring to our thread. I believe you have been helpful to me as I begin doing some much needed cleaning and organizing. I subscribed to the Fly Lady website last week, but have not heard a word yet - other than the subscription confirmation. Doing 3 things a day on a work day is ambitious! I usually come home, eat some dinner, play with Rocky (Yorkie) a few mintues and crash hard. I hope to change that to 'walk Rocky', and add atleast 1 thing to do each day. We can only hope.

CatLover: Welcome back! Johnny Depp huh? Did you know he went to elementary school right here in my town? Add to that, I have friends that know one of his elementary teachers. Way cool, huh? I love him too. I think it is his individuality I respect. I was wondering if the new chocolate factory movie would be too 'dark' to take my nephews to see. I see it is rated G, but have heard it has a dark twist to it. Anything medical is expensive. The first blood pressure monitor I found was $65 at WalMart..! I ended up getting one on EBay for $35. I was pretty surprised they were that high. Somehow, I think our insurance should support the cost of wellness products used to maintain good health. I don't get it.

Nita: Did you get your embroidery machine back? You should post some of your work as you finish it. I would love to see it. Remember, I have that nice machine at school, and have never used it. My schedule is so full, the thought of having time to do this kind of thing is remote. I hope Gene is continuing to progress. Hey, is it really terribly hot there? I saw a news report about the extreme heat out west. I hope you guys are taking it easy and keeping cool. We are due to have a heat index of 98 later today. Ick.

Here is a recipe for peaches and creme pie. If you use all sugar free and low fat products (which are available and very good) this is not a bad choice. It looks like whipped cream with fresh peach chunks inside. Yummm...!

Peaches and Creme Pie

1-1/2 cups finely crushed Nilla Wafers

1/3 cup butter, melted

1 pkg. (4-serving size) Orange Flavor Gelatin

3/4 cup boiling water

2 cups ice cubes

1-1/2 cups thawed whipped Topping

1 cup chopped peeled fresh peaches

COMBINE crumbs and butter. Press firmly onto bottom of 9-inch pie plate.

STIR gelatin into boiling water until completely dissolved. Add ice cubes. Stir until gelatin is slightly thickened; remove any unmelted ice. Add whipped topping; stir with wire whisk until well blended. Gently stir in peaches.

REFRIGERATE 15 min. or until gelatin mixture is thick enough to mound; spoon into crust. Refrigerate 3 hours or until set. Store leftover pie in refrigerator.

Have a great day girls..!! :angel: :dancer: :flow2: :flow1: :angel:

07-20-2005, 07:04 PM
Good morning ladies,
Mooz - great to see you in the thread again. And congratulations on the 3lbs. That is wonderful news. Keep it going. Sometimes it is hard to not nibble when making lunches and dinners to go.

Halgal - no I can't see the water from my desk. I can see across the street - new apartment block and the old church now a Pancake House and down the street (Police Station) and across the other road - Casino Hotel. The Hotel blocks out the the river and Southbank view. If I go up to the training class on the 13th floor I can see the river on both sides - Southbank Reach and the Brisbane Reach (where the photo was taken) but the view from my desk is not exciting.

My 15 minutes didn't work last night - Wednesday I am always tired. It is usually my off gym night and I go home and do a few extra things, but last night was cold and the cat and I just settled down to watch tv. Unfortunately that is the worst thing I could have done. Never got back up again, but at least I did do the dishes. Didn't have to face them this morning.

I have a friend coming down from Japan on Saturday morning - early - she is on her way to New Zealand to see the family and grandkids. She will be at my place for the day and I put her on a plane at night to go to NZ. We will have a fun day making plans for our next trip overseas and eating stuff and giggling about stuff etc. We've been friends for 30 years. Hard to believe and she is not my oldest friend. I have one who lives in Arizona now, who has been a friend for just on 40 years, and I also keep in touch with a friend who started primary school on the same day I did at 5 years of age. I'm now 56 (how did I ever get this old???) I treasure each and every one of these lovely ladies.

Time to make tracks for the training class once more. Second day of a course that really should have been finished yesterday. Still I am not training it and each trainer must make what they can of the material. Gotta go.

07-20-2005, 10:21 PM
Hi Ladies,

Just a quick post to let you know I have been reading all your posts and find them very interesting! To answer HalGal's question--the temperature here has been 116 on Sunday, 115 on Monday, 115 on Tueday and 114 today! It really is almost too hot to even go any place. However, we bowlers are still bowling!

It's great to hear from Mooz and Thin--as far as the move is concerned Gene is leaving it up to me. I have been in contact with the contractor who is building new homes in East Palestine, OH. Part of me wants to pursue this move and another part says "way too much work--and do I really want to do it." And you guessed it, I am eating away my stress in making this utmost important decision that most definitely will have an impact on our future.

I did get my sewing machine back on Monday and they did an excellent job--it runs like a new machine! The first thing I did was make a tshirt for my friend Joe who is in the rehab center where Gene just left. Today I also put designs I got off the internet on two t-shirts for myself. HalGal, I most definitely will take some pictures. I have a CD coming with Strawberry Shortcake and I can hardly wait to make some shirts for my 3-year old granddaughter, Angelina. HalGal, do enjoy those boys--children are most precious because they are so loving and just fun to be with!

Take care all and have a "super" rest of the week!

07-21-2005, 02:50 PM
Hello Ladies,

Great to see alot of posts. Things are still busy here and I don't see any relief. I do count my blessings because 1 year ago we had several rounds of layoffs. I'm just hoping we hire someone soon. I have been trying to walk at lunch with two friends, they know i'm stressed so they encourage me to walk. Their the ones i usually eat lunch with, so I kinda of have to go.

Hal - I'm sure it doesn't matter what you serve the boys. They'll be happy just to be visiting you and Rocky. I'm a buyer. I purchase turbine parts and dragline parts for our power plants and our draglines. I get to spend lots of money, but unfortunately it's not the stuff that exciting to buy. Gee just think if i was a food buyer..(ok, i'm drooling here) I thought the Carly Simon song was about Mick Jagger? I guess that was the rumor I had heard.

Nita - Is there anyway you and Gene could make the trip to visit the development. Maybe that would help with your decision? I saw on the news about your high temp. Be careful when you go out driving, carry bottle water with you. (OK do I sound like your daughters) we're due for some 100degree weather this weekend.

Shad - So where's your next trip? That's great you have a traveling companion.

Thin - Hey, we all understand your time constraints. Post when you can. Congrats on your 3lb loss :cp: Where you able to get any assistance for your mother?

talk with ya later,

07-21-2005, 10:00 PM
Yaa Hoo on a couple of counts really.

1. It is Friday and the weekend stretches in front of me.
2. I have a friend coming to visit tomorrow and I am really looking forward to that.
3. Scale is looking a bit more reasonable this morning.
4. Well, just because really.

Great workout at the gym last night. Felt good at the end of it - stuffed but good. Drove home, feed the cat, showered and got stuck into the necessary work.

Dinner was quick and a I baked a cake, did a load of washing, paid a couple of bills and cuddled with the cat while trying to stay awake to watch a tv program. Sleep however won and I woke up some time later. Went to bed and couldnít sleep for ages.

Miss Puss is not pleased with me cos I put up some white timber venetian blinds in the lounge room windows and now she canít sit on the window sill and watch the world pass by the door. Not much of the world has passed by the door lately. She is going to be even grumpier with me when I do the same to the spare room!

Tonight is dusting the computer table and get it ready to move down to the bedroom because the painting and sanding will be starting in itís corner next week. Progress indeed. I need to get the electrician in soon to sort out the lighting, fans and power points - not to mention aerials for tv and also I need to think about where to put furniture so I can get at the plugs on the wall. I would like to fill the entire wall with cupboards and drawers & shelves and it is a long wall. We shall see.

Anyway, time to go start my last scheduled training class. See you.

07-22-2005, 11:44 AM
[/FONT]Hey there Chicks~~ Just a quick post to bump us back to page 1 and the TOP! ;)
Starting to get some ambition back, the temps are cooling off at night at least so one gets good sleep! And it actually rained(? drizzled for a tad more like it) but at least some has found it's way here, and tomorrow and Sunday there is chances for more. Maybe the wild berry crops will still adjust. Raspberries are VERY abundant even w/the dryness. The second batch might not do so well but this first ripening is pretty good. Wish i had more recipes to use them. I just love eating them fresh about the best. Hard to pick a cup-full when i keep popping them in my mouth! We have alot of wild blueberries in the county i live in, but they are sparse and alot of people get out and take them all right away. It is a big thing here, and now when one hears how good blueberries are for them it does make it more enticing.

HalGal~~hope you are doing well and is it this weekend that your nephews arrive? Have a great time with them. Also i did email you so hopefully it reaches you. Lately some of my letters to 2 people who use AOL have come back to me! Yikes, don't know what is up with that.

Made a homeade soup last night for supper. Finally cooler weather to make & eat some hot soup. Well, it could be called a stew but i don't thicken up the liquid. Spuds, carrots, celery, onion, rutabega(my secret ingred!), and some lite Hillshire Farms smoked sausage. Oh, also use alot of pepper and one vegetable bouillion cube. It is so yummy when one hasn't had it for a long time! Leftovers for tonite so i don't have to cook again YAY!

~~1DAY~~ hope you get someone hired at work soon to help you with the workload. It can get to a person when they just want you to do both jobs! Take care of yourself and keep up the walks w/your co-workers YGG!!!

~~SHAD~~ are you a single lady? Sounds like you have so many household chores to handle that arent' the norm for us ladies. Proud of you for learning so much! I wish i knew half of that stuff! One never knows when we need it.

~~~NITA~~ Wow, you are having quite the heat wave there. I did see on the news how terrible it is with like 20 people dying from the heat--mostly are homeless. That is just so sad. Wish they had more shelters with air cond. or at least swamp coolers!
Glad you got your machine back and are right on the job making things again. That was sweet of you to make that guy a t-shirt that you & Gene met at the Rehab center!

Hi to ~~MOOZ~~~~CAT~~~& ~~~our missing MichelleZ~~~ Think of you often...heard there was bad storms near was it by you??

:wave: :grouphug: thinlizzie

07-22-2005, 10:39 PM
Hi, all.

Very slow at work. We keep adding people because there will be a huge jump in calls in October when people get more information about this ridiculously complicted prescription drug plan that's coming. But right now we sit around with hardly any calls.

I did read a very interesting book by an Israeli Jew who reached out to Christians and Muslims--will get the title if anyone's interested.

Have been doing better with my yoga.

Yes, Shad, you do seem a very busy lady. No wonder you dozed off!

Best to all.

07-23-2005, 06:42 AM
Hello to everyone on this cool Saturday evening.

Had a wonderful visit with Chris. It is so good to have a friend who one is so comfortable with. It just like having an old pair of comfortable walking shoes around the place. Such a good day. Time went by far to fast but that is life. It always does when we are enjoying ourselves. We've more or less sorted out the route for the Italian job. Both of us were not interested in sticking to the cities - we want to explore the little mountain towns of Tuscany, Umbria and the Veneto. Then a bit of time in Switzerland maybe? We haven't worked that one out yet. Chris tells me this will be her last big trip. She is looking to return to NZ in three years time. I shall have to find a new travelling companion if I am going to continue travelling. Anyway we will just have to make the most of this one. Who knows it may be my last as well.

So I'm now processing my vegetables for the weeks lunches and dinners. Then I am about to watch a bit of tv cuddle with the puss cat and a fairly early bed. Tomorrow will be busy. I have another part of the ceiling to plaster and paint, some sanding to do, some grouting and I really must wash the car. There is a need to go to the hardware store and the gym must be visited. As well the washing needs hanging out and bringing in, folding and ironed. The lawn needs mowing as well. Aaaaaah well no rest for the wicked.

My DB1 just rang to thank me for the orchid that I put on his doorstep tonight. He has been in bed for a week with pneumonia. Still doesn't sound too bright but is on the road to recovery. SIL is still waiting for the 2nd scan to decide the story on her tumour of the pancreas. Haven't heard from the rest of the family so don't know what happens then.

Time to go get those peppers out from under the grill and then to watch that tv I was rabbiting on about previously. See you, back later when I've had a chance to read the posts.

07-23-2005, 01:22 PM
Hi Ladies,

Just a quick "hello" from Phoenix. Today we are experiencing humid weather--something we ordinarily do not have. So again I will be staying inside. I received my Strawberry Shortcake and Sponge Bob designs in the mail yesterday and at this moment I am embroidering Strawberry. If I would only stay in my play room most of the day, my eating problem would be solved.

Shad, you sure are a busy lady--but that is what keeps us going. My friends are coming over to play cards this evening so it will be my first entertainment in several months. I am actually looking forward to their visit.

I was going to check out LA Weight Loss today but after talking to one of my friends I decided against it. The WW program at the State will be starting again the middle of August and hopefully by that time I will be ready to get back into control. I have still maintained my 40 lb. loss but have gained back about 12 lbs. because initially I had taken off 54 lbs. Well I am the only one who can take care of this problem and I really intend to do so!

Thanks again for being there. You ladies are so great. Not having family here is really difficult and at least when I get sad I can always come to our site.

Take care,

07-23-2005, 02:24 PM
Hi everyone~~
Thought i'd post a quick reply to Nita on the LA wt. loss. That is what my MIL there in Mesa lost a good amount of wt. on---- 28# i think she said, and about 14 more to goal. The main thing that makes LA work is the cutting out of sodium and alot of red meats.(they have to take a teaspoon of some kind of salt daily tho'.) I think she said she can have pork or beef once a week or so. Protein is also a big key thing. She does buy their protein bars and religiously eats two of them a day.
She has the same breakfast daily (which i would have to vary--i can go awhile then i begin hating it!) Hers is 1/4 cup of eggbeaters done in microwave, 1 or 2 of the lite rye wasa breads and fruit. then a bar for a snack. Lunch might be 1 cup lettuce(they have to measure that too, which to me seems can one eat too many veggies?) with 4 oz. of salad shrimp and ff dressing. also a wasa bread here.
Then supper could be grilled chicken, some kind of veggie(w/ limits) and fruit. Another protein bar for evening snack.
OH, also when she opens canned tuna or such , she rinses it many times b4 eating it, and she weighs that too, she can only eat part of the can as her protein serv at that meal.
The potato is pretty much gone from her life it seems
:( Tho when she was here on vac, it was hard to stay so strict. I had made potato salad twice for some of our big family gatherings! YIKES. And i know she indulged a bit. And she journals, but i did notice she 'forgets' to write some of the things she cheats on down in the book! like all of us! LOL. She still goes to be weighed in at her LA wt loss place, and does aqua aerobics and was doing some walking, however i doubt many can do that outside in Phoenix area right now. Very sad to hear of all those people dying there from this heat wave. Hope it cools off for you and rains here for us. We need it really bad, but so far today only clouds for us, i think it's going south again :(

I have the wasa breads from her visit, trying to use them b4 they totally go soggy from the humidity. The crunching thing is what she says they stress, don't just do protein drinks cause your body misses the chewing sensation. Sounds right. That and her bars and maybe she will reach her goal. Well, i need to weigh in and get a new start. I have no idea where i am at. Well, what clothes fit me kind of tell me a bit. I couldn't have gained it all back yet...but i must start to go back down or who knows
:wave: :grouphug: thinlizzie

07-23-2005, 07:04 PM
Thanks Liz, I appreciate your comments about LA WL. In all honesty, I do feel WW is still the best program out there. But I also know one has to be ready and want to do it according to the plan. Perhaps after Gene gets his urinary problem straightened out, I will be in a better frame of mind.

Because of the heat I have not been exercising and I sure can tell the difference. I don't have my usual energy. I am going to try and go back to the gym starting Monday and perhaps I can get into the swing of things.

Thanks again for your comments.

07-24-2005, 05:13 AM
Well that is the weekend gone. Too fast again. I didn't get most of what I had planned done. But that's the way life goes I guess.

I didn't get the car washed, or the painting, sanding, plastering done. I did get to the gym and into the garden. So I haven't been exactly idle I suppose.

Yes Liz, I am solo. I live alone with Sunday the cat. I've always been interested in building design and decoration, so it doesn't bother me that I do a lot of things which are considered to be male oriented. I have a collection of tools that can make a man drool. The only things I don't touch are electricity and the car. Mind you the car is under warranty anyway so that is not a problem at this time.

That LA weight loss plan sure sounds like a lot of work. I'm not sure I could follow something that I have to stop and count, choose or becomes mundane. I do like variety in my food. That's why I go to the gym 5 times a week.

Okay, time to go tidy the kitchen, fold the washing, shower and cuddle with the cat for a while before bed. Work again tomorrow.

07-25-2005, 03:57 AM
Mornin chickies ......... just a quick call ............. it's my birthday today 54 :( where does the time fly. I really thought I could have lost some weight for this day and I suppose 3 pounds is better than none but I would have liked to have been slimmer. So if I did not do it for my birthday I can then try and do it before my next one ;)
Sinead is coming from Belfast to visit me for the day and introduce me to her boyfriend. She was in Australia for my last birthday ....... yes Shad it must be about 1 year since you very kindly spent a day out with the girls showing them around your part of Australia. The day they spent with you was one of their favourites. Then tomorrow they are both heading off to spend 2 nights in Barcelona and from there going to a chalet somewhere in the French mountains to spens a week with his father and his partner.
The boyfriend will be going to Australia for a year in September so who knows what will happen after that. He wanted Sinead to go with him but I think she had seen all she needed to see when she was there last year and she a bit of a home bird.

Gotta go see to my mum so I will try and call in more often and I still have not read what you are all up to!!

07-25-2005, 06:35 AM

Happy Birthday Anne, and many more to follow.

It would be nice to be slimmer but we have to realise we are getting older and it is getting harder to lose. All we can do is try to be the best we can and do the things we need to do.

Is it really a year since I was toting Sinead and Caroline around the countryside?? Good Heavens. How time does fly.

I think I will take Wednesday off work. There is little for me to do at the moment and it gets really boring sitting around drumming up things to do. Today I couldn't even get onto the internet and find out whats happening in the rest of the world. Some one had managed to give me a different password for the internet and mail. Such fun. Anyway there is plenty I can do at home both indoors and out.

The washing machine is beeping at me to tell me it has finished the wash. So I best go hang that lot out before I get too settled here and do nothing for the rest of the night. See you later.

07-25-2005, 09:23 AM
Have a happy day Mooz!! You make 54 look pretty darn good!!! HUGS!!!!

07-25-2005, 09:58 AM
:D ;) :) Happy Happy Birthday!!

07-25-2005, 11:22 AM

07-25-2005, 01:34 PM
Hi Ladies,

Just a quick "hello" and to wish Mooz a very Happy, Happy Birthday!

Already got a lot done and it is only 9:30 a.m. Because it so hot here--I used the weed eater to cut my patch of grass this morning at about 6:45 a.m. before the sun hit. Hopefully I didn't disturb my neighbors too much! I also washed two loads of clothes and helped Gene shower. I am now in my play room drinking my water. They told Gene to take baby steps and eventually they would become normal steps. Perhaps we can do the same with our losing weight. You do know ladies with all of our expertise in this field if we can come up with a "perfect" solution to getting our weight where we want it, we could all be millionaires. Just think about it. And even if we don't make all this money, just think how much healthier we will be. For me today I am just going to try and stay occupied with my sewing and when I come home from bowling I have decided to start a crochet project. I know it sounds good, now all I have to do is act it out!

Take care and hopefully everyone is having a "super" Monday. Michelle, I hope you have time to check in with us every so often. I think of you often!


07-25-2005, 02:46 PM
Just a quick note.

Mooz - Wishing you a HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!

will post more later.

07-25-2005, 11:36 PM
Happy belated Birthday Mooz. Nice your daughter could be there. I am hoping for the whole family since this will be my 60th (in August).'

Nita--my friend in Mexico started getting up really early (like 2am!) because of the heat and the electricity was working then. Maybe in AZ you need something like that (less extreme!) and then a siesta in the hot afternoon.

Oh--my allergist had said I really should have a regular dr with all my health problems. So when I couldn't get one, I asked who he'd recommend--and SHE isn't taking new patients. Good grief! I must keep looking.

Best to all--


07-26-2005, 01:48 AM
Knock, knock - pardon the interruption, just popping my head in the door to wish you a very happy but a bit belated birthday MOOZ. Hope it was as delightful as you are. May the whole year ahead be a joyful one for you.

Have a good day ladies.

07-26-2005, 04:26 AM
Oh my goodness ........ what a lovely surprise coming to the thread and finding a party!! :lol: You have all made my day and bringing tears to my eyes too.
I had a lovely relaxing day yesterday which was nice as I did not get much sleep the nifgt before. On Sunday night I got my mum to bed an hour earlier and then I went out to watch a great Irish comedian who was appearing in our local hotel. Orla kepi an eye on mum for me. I got to bed at 1am and my mother was waken at 4 am and did not sleep very well after that so neither did I :( :(
So yesterday I did practically nothing apart from what I needed to do for mum. Sinead came home with her nice young man.
I had a Chinese last night (I mean a meal not a man!!!:nono: ) for dinner ........ we all did so there was no cooking to be done and I went to bed at 11 as soon as I got mum to bed and thankfully she slept till nearly 6 and I had nearly 7 hours of unbroken sleep .......pure heaven! :lol:

Shad - thank you for the cute kitty and the balloons amd you are so right about it being harder to lose the weight as we get older. I weighed myself this morning and thankfully I have still got those 3 pounds still off :goodscale ....... which is a nice surprise especially as I was eating cake yesterday too. :D

Hollyhock - thanks for the surprise and the compliment and the hugs ....... I must drop into your thread and see what you have been up to lately! ;)

Thin - thank you for the big pink Happy Birthday ........ I see you are like me and don't get as much time to post now. We are so lucky to have this thread to come back to for support when we need it. :)

Melody - thank you for dropping by and surprising me........ just llooking at that dancing Happy Birthday cheers me up!! :D

Nita - thank you and I think someday we will all find our own solution to the weight problem. You are off to a good start by keeping busy and you seem well in control. :D

Patty - thank you for the good wishes ....... and I hope things at work get less stressful for you soon. :D

Catlover - thanks for the good wishes and I hope all your family can be with you in August. What date is you birthday on? :wave:

Happy2bme - what a lovely surprise and thank you for the kind wishes :wave:

Halgal ...... I take it the boys are keeping you busy just now :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy:

Michelle - hoping to hear from you soon.

Thanks again ladies ........ you are the best and I am priviliged to have such great friends :grouphug: ........... you are all stars! :lucky: :stars:


I have a little group of friends,
As dear as they can be.
I love them all, but sad to say,
The only claim I have is that
When I feel sad, alone or blue,
I get on line,
And maybe find someone who feels it too.
They give love and support,
Opinions and such,
Which I can take or ponder much,
But...sometimes I round a bend And Lo!!
I'll make a brand new friend.
Feel bad, or sad?
Just plain sick?
Got an attitude or habit you want to kick?
"Its ok", your friends will say,
"We've all been there before,
A time or two, just like you".
We know the ups, the downs,
The highs, the lows,
The "I-could-kill-that-so-n-so's".
The pain and strain, of getting through
The leave-takings without adieu.
We've seen it all, the been-theres done
We've worn all the different hats,
Makes us each uniquely "us",
And when we want to make a fuss,
We come online and find the equalizers,
The friends, who become our sympathizers,
Who know, And feel, And wish, And pray,
When you both know there is nothing more to say--
But an online friend will say it anyway.
Author Unknown

07-26-2005, 06:14 PM
Just bringing us to the top :wave:

07-26-2005, 07:21 PM
A quick post and then Iím off to the gym, do a bit of shopping and then home to catch up on the chores here. Iím having today off work. It means I wonít get paid for it, but hey it feels so worth it.

Slept in to 6.30 this morning and woke to a delightful dawn and clear sunrise. There is a bit of a breeze blowing which will dry the washing - thatís if I ever get it out there!

Today I intend to take the computer and fax/phone down to the bedroom so I can sand some more in the lounge/ dining room and do the necessary painting as time permits. I want to do some more plastering on the ceiling as well. The lawn needs a mow and there is some more weeding to be done in the garden. I will keep myself busy I think. Oh yes and the two roses which passed into the hereafter immediately after planting have been despatched and I will need to find something to replace these. A nursery up the road is advertising the best selection of roses in town. I may go and check that claim out after gym today.

Speaking of gym and diet/ food related topics, it is the end of the month coming up this weekend. That means measure and weigh in. Oh boy AGAIN!??? Well I guess we shall see what we shall see.

My trip plan is slowly starting to gel. Chris has left me in charge of the planning while she is off visiting grandkids and family. This old hen is busily researching the net and the travel guides. Today I shall have to see if I can find some stuff on Switzerland. This could be interesting, bearing in mind she doesnít like heights and Iím not big on buses. Training it seems to be the case in Italy. More revelations as they come to hand.

Righto then, at 8.16am Iíll be wasting time if I stay here longer. Have a good one.

I'll be back later to catch up on the doings of the 'movers & losers'

07-26-2005, 11:18 PM
Mooz--my what a sweet poem.

Glad you got some sleep. Does you mom nap during the day? If she does, you should try to nap then too--just like with a new baby. You know you need to protect your health. Glad you made the effort to go out--and good that Orla could help.

Really boring at work--they started offering unpaid time off very early. I did that Friday, but really I can't afford to do it much. However, I used the time to work on some story-marketing material. I took a free course from the company on leadership which wasn't anything really new, but now I've signed up for an introduction to web design. I don't know if a 3-hour class is enough to give any practical skill, but I might understand the process better.

I met with the therapist again today, and worked on getting to bed and avoiding late night snacking. Will see how it will work.

Noticing there are a lot of really severely obese people where I work. This is not to criticize, which I am in no place to, but I wonder if it is because our jobs are so extremely sedentary.

Must not let this happen to me!

Oh, my b-day is August 9/ David's is Aug. 4, and my mom's was August 11. So I would be happy with any time in there.

August 6 we will have a specially big vigil for Hiroshima Day.

07-26-2005, 11:23 PM
Hello Ladies,

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days. Been very busy at work. The heat has been hot here but not as hot as Phonix. Trying to keep my tomato plants from burning up. Had to move things around the patio.

Shad - I'm sure it will be exciting to start planning your next trip. When do you all plan on going?

Mooz - I'm glad you had a relaxing day yesterday. That was very nice of Orla to stay home and watch your mum while you went out. I too like going to comedy clubs.

Hal - How was the weekend with the boys? I guess your back at school.

Cat - when's your birthday?

Thin - glad you could drop by.

Nita - any decisions on moving?

Mitchellez - how are you doing? drop us a line!

Wishing everyone a wonderful tomorrow!

07-27-2005, 12:39 AM
Hey Everyone...!

Wow, it is wonderful to read so many postings! Everyone sounds good, and inspired. Me too!

First off, Happy Birthday to MOOZ, Happy Be-lated Birthday to Mooz! I hope it was a great one!

The weekend with my nephews was awesome. They arrived last Thursday, and I drove them 300 miles to northern Indiana on Sunday. I returned to Kentucky the next day, Monday. Today I had to trek back to Louisville for a conference (120 miles round trip). So... try Jeeping in the hot weather we have had. The best of air conditioning helps, but gosh, it was really hot.

We had a really great time together. I think my favorite time was Friday night laying on my deck chairs watching the stars. My youngest nephew fell fast asleep and the older nephew carried him into his bed. I took them to the new Willy Wonka movie (Johnny Depp is really good here!) and they both loved it. I cooked with them (the older one wants to learn to cook as my sister does not and they are on their own in this area - sad but true). I remember the younger one pulling on his cheek as he tasted the sour from the balsamic vingerette dressing - it was funny. He laughed and puckered! I gave them low fat soy chocolate milk, and it was a hit. I bought chips for them and they sat on the counter all 5 days. Humm... I made a bacon, lettuct tomato dip, and we used the whole wheat crackers to dip with. I miss them very much. They have been through so much, they did make comments about coming back, and staying. I just let them know they were welcome here, anytime.

I turned my washing machine on to wash the bed linens when I got in this evening and out of the blue it sounds like a truck on a bad road. It is only 4 years old and is made by the manufacturer that advertises the repair men get lonely. Go figure. Anyway, I put a call in for the repair service to contact me to arrange a time to service it. Last week I serviced the Jeep for routine maintenance. I guess the saying 'When it rains it pours' may have some truth to it.

Rocky LOVED they boys. I can tell this evening, he is wanting to play more than nomal. You should have seen the youngest one follow him around. Rocky jumped up on the back of the sofa behind me and down the other side of me. Masen jumped up on the top of the sofa and down the other side right behind him. I think Rocky knew he had met his match. As the boys said frequently 'sweet'. :)

Tomorrow, I have students meeting me in the AM to help me inventory my 10 new double sets of text books for the new school year! They will remove the old ones, inventory the new ones and put them on the shelves. Thank goodness for loyality from a few cherished students. I have been blessed in so many ways, I need to stop and remember this as I tend to sweep through my days simply being thankful I have gotten through them.

I think I am feeling better, emotionally. I cannot describe the emotional roller coaster I've had this last year. It will be a year the 29th I lost my Mother. It all began a year ago, and it truly feels as if it has been 10. Anyway...

I spent the night in Indiana at one of my brothers. His daughter is starting high school this year. They just remodeled her bedroom, which is where they put me. I am very impressed. My brother made a bookshelf, and dresser for her. He is very talented. Her colors are a dark mauvey pink, with navy and purples. Her new curtains and quilt are a soft silk type fabric, very neat. She gave me a picture of her from a honors graduation she was in at the end of school. She is really something else. My brother went out and brought us 'girls' ice cream back. It was so hot, it was soft and melty, but we all appreciated him. My sister in law and niece count each and every calorie they consume, and I am not kidding. You should see their refrigerator, all cleaned fruits and vegggies - lots of strawberries and blueberries in containers. I was impressed.

I need to get ready for bed now. I'll post more and individually tomorrow. Again, great to hear from everyone.

07-27-2005, 07:44 AM
Mornin chickies .......... just to let you know that I do take it easy sometimes in fact quite a lot ;) ........................ here is a picture of me doing just that and here is a picture of the conservatory without me ........ it looks better without me I think...................... just look at that big tummy ......... I really must lose it! :o :D

07-27-2005, 09:54 AM
Tis a beautiful day here today so I thought I would take some photographs of our garden for you to see. Thank goodness DH does all the gardening otherwise it would not look like this! :dizzy:

07-27-2005, 09:56 AM
and some more ......

07-27-2005, 10:34 PM
Mooz--how lovely. Thanks for the pictures.

Have been trying to eat more mindfully, and it seems to help.

Mostly just a quick note to kick us back up.

Oh--my birthday is 8/9, for those who asked.

07-28-2005, 01:11 AM
Today, it is so laid back here, one could almost state that it is laid out! One of the business analysts is leaving tomorrow. We are all going to a trattoria or a cafe or somewhere for a 2 hour lunch break. Well some of them are going for a long break. I only get paid for the time I am here so I will be coming back early.

Had a lovely day off yesterday - only problem is that today feels like Monday for some reason. Oh po*p thats not fair!!!
I went to the gym and did my 45 minutes and then felt drained at the end of it - ummm you idiot, you forgot to eat before you went. Duuuummmmmyyyyyy!!! After gym I went and got the meat and fish for the month and then went to the nursery and went stir crazy on the roses - they weren't wrong when they said they had a good selection. Anyway I finally picked up two - Fionas Wish and Aotearoa.
Fiona's Wish is named after the youngest heart transplant in Australia. It's described as having Red upper and creamy Almond underside petals with an deep fruity fragrance. Sounds almost good enough to eat AND some of the buyers price goes toward the Victor Chang Cardiac Centre - a heart/ lung hospital. Mr Chang - brilliant man that he was got shot in a hit and run accident shortly after the charity dinner which starred the late Princess Diana. She was dead not long after that as well. Anyway, Fiona has survived, she was 13 or 14 when she got a transplant and is now in her thirties I think and does volunteer work for the hospital among her other commitments.
Aotearoa is New Zealands gift to the world (according to the label) It is a deep pink (I really wanted a yellow but hey) and has a fragrance described as intense. I can only hope it is not intense in the Rotorua style (sulphur, rotten eggs perfume and very intense) According to the label it should never be planted on its own but in groups and hedges. Sorry but no room for more.
There was one other rose I was very interested in - a bright deep yellow/ gold rose called Golden Girls (it reminded me of us lot) however it had no perfume. That's why it got left behind. I can't see the point of a scentless rose!

Then I went home and had some lunch, watched a bit of daytime tv, packed away the months meat in the freezer and hung out the laundry. Lots of different bits of work called my name but I resisted them all and had an hour in the hammock. Such a lovely day out there.

Mooz - lovely photos. Your garden always looks so pretty. It looked just as pretty when I was there - do you plant the garden or is that DH's problem?

Cat - Quote <August 6 we will have a specially big vigil for Hiroshima Day> Unquote.
I was in Hiroshima some years back on August the 6th. It is an amazing place. The museum dedicated to the Hiroshima explosion is a mindblowing place. Very emotional, very sombre. Talking to the survivors (now old people) is a priviledge and an experience. They are amazing. The Peace Gardens are well worth a visit. I will try to search out some of my photos of Hiroshima and post them on the site for you to see. It is a very moving experience.

Anyway, better go find some work to do. The 'boys' around here are playing practical jokes on one another. I have stated loudly that none of this is my fault ever!!!!! (even if I did put the tape over the phone button - which he hasn't found yet)

07-29-2005, 01:05 AM
Just got back from the Public Services Club where we all went for lunch to farewell Glen to Brighton, England and the SAP Real Estate sector. Had a very nice lunch (huge plate which I couldnít fully eat) for 6.50 and a small bottle of white burgundy for a couple of bucks (enough for 1 1/2 glasses). Wonít need dinner tonight.

Which is good in a way because I can then get the laundry done, the sweeping done, the floors washed and the house generally tidied before the couple of tv programs I like to watch on Friday night. That way I can go to the eye man on Saturday, do a gym workout and come home to a clean place on Saturday - Sunday will be spent painting and plastering some more. All good plans as long as the hammock stays out of sight and mind!

Sunday is of course weigh in and measure day. That should be interesting all I donít think all that much has changed. Yes I have moved inches I think in the hip area. Iím beginning to wonder if these trousers that I bought yesterday should have been a size smaller. They just feel a little loose, particularly in the crotch area and all (since they are stretch) maybe a smaller size would have been better. I have no grumbles with loosing the butt, hips, gut area but it would be nice to match the top bit up. Iím still a 16 up there. If I moved to a smaller size in the hip I will be a 12. That is a bit too much out of proportion. One thing is for sure, I won't fall flat on my nose if I trip up!!!!!

Last night was gym with weights. I did actually manage 5 reps of the hip/ chin/ dip thingy waving the legs around madly 20 times on each. It doesnít seem so long ago that I couldnít even support myself on it much less move anything around. I just get so tired at the end of it all, I wish the stamina would build up somewhat. It is a pain to come home, sit down and then wake up just after the end of the program I wanted to see. Tonight is cardio circuit. Iím getting better at that too, but the rowing machine stills really gets me going. I do 5 minutes on whichever is the warm up machine and then 10 on 4 others. That gives me 45 minutes. The rowing machine is the one which really taxes this body. The bike is in second place. The rest I actually quite enjoy. In fact last night after weights, I had ten minutes left of my time at the gym so went onto the treadmill to do a short program there. I must be mad.

Right, need to ring the vet to book Sunday the cat in for a dental check, tartar removal etc. Oh joy!!!! Another trip in the car for the little she-devil.

07-29-2005, 10:31 AM
Good Friday Morning Movers and Losers!

Shad: Wow, I am so appreciative of the motivation you provide our thread. I need to work on my hip area, and would love to know about the exercises you are doing for this area. It is 'way' cool to hear about your progress. I know what you are talking about getting tired. Me tooo! You go girl! :cp:

Mooz: Oh my gosh, your flowers are stunning. You are so lucky to have a husband that enjoys them, and works on them also.

CatLover: August will be full of cake for you, huh? What is your favorite? Unpaid time off is only fun on a limited basis. When the lower paycheck arrives it takes on new less important meaning. Time off is a good thing tho.

OneDay: We just took about a 20 degree temperature drop, and 50% drop in humidity. It is really nice outside now, and this weekend. I have a friend going to an outdoor concert tomorrow evening, it will be great.

My 4 year old top of the line washing machine from the company with the lonely repairmen had a bad pump. I had it fixed to the tune of $141.00. I mentioned this machine did not even have normal wear and tear as I am single and only do a few loads of laundry a week. He suggested I write in to the company. The pump has been redesigned, from problems with the one they took our of my machine. It took him all of 25 minutes to diagnose and repair the machine.

Here is a recipe for a summer favorite!

Frozen Lemonade Squares

18 squares graham crackers, finely crushed (about 1-1/4 cups crumbs)
1/3 cup margarine or butter, melted
1 qt. frozen vanilla yogurt, softened
1 can (6 oz.) frozen lemonade concentrate, thawed
1/2 cup thawed whipped topping
Mint sprigs and lemon slices (optional)

MIX crumbs and margarine. Press firmly onto bottom of 9-inch square pan.

BEAT yogurt and lemonade concentrate in large bowl with electric mixer on medium speed until well blended. Spread over crust.

FREEZE 4 hours or until firm. Cut into squares. Serve each square topped with a dollop of whipped topping, mint sprigs and lemon slices, if desired.

I just finished watching a movie I rented for the boys last weekend, Shark Tale. Cute flick. :angel: :angel: :angel:

07-29-2005, 06:36 PM
Hello Ladies,

Took the day off to get some errans done and tidy up the house for another party that i'm having at my house. Tomorrow's party is for my niece's graduation who lives in Austin. I'm just loaning my brother my house. He's doing the shopping, grilling etc. Either way still have a list of chores to do. Yesterday evening had a little scare with Blackie. I noticed he wasn't really walking around to much, when I went to pet him he somewhat backed his head away. We'll he let me pet him and I started to check him over. Noticed he was getting tense when I got to his mid back. (Remember he had surgery two years ago, problem with his disc) Anyway this morning he was back to his usual self running around, playing, but I still took him into the vet. The vet did noticed he was more tense and a little twitchy when he got to a certain point. Doc gave me a prescription and some other pills for him. I have got to keep him from jumping on the bed. I guess i'm going to have to lock him up in his kennel house for the night. I don't want to have to go through another surgery. (pocketbook can't afford it).

Hal - it's hot here. Yesterday it was a little cooler, maybe 85 but today back up in the 90's. I'm so glad your nephews got to visit you.

Shad - can't wait to hear what she devil does this time. I too need to get back to the gym. I have a membership but just never seem to find the time.

Mooz - oh, what a beautiful garden. Your so lucky to have a hubby who enjoys gardening. I love your sun room too.

Hoping everyone is having a great day.

07-29-2005, 08:57 PM
Hi Ladies,

WEll it is still way too hot in Phoenix--you can hardly stand to go from your car into the store. However, I am managing to get my bowling in. I, too, need to get back to the gym. My insurance company pays for my membership and I just need to get in the groove.

We are still looking into moving back with family, however, there are a lot of financial things to look at, especially the fact we would both lose our good health insurance. Gene is doing a lot better and hopefully he will be strong enough to walk with a cane and not have to use the walker all the time.

Shad -- I agree with HalGal, you sure have a lot of energy and put it to good use! Perhaps your energy will rub off on the rest of us ladies. I know we all have good intentions but somehow other things get in the way.

Well, my dinner is almost finished so I will close for now. Wishing everyone a very "happy" weekend!


07-30-2005, 07:31 AM
Went to the eyeman today. He was pleased with the way the eyes have improved since a couple of weeks ago. I can now carry on wearing contacts. So I have ordered a 3 month supply and also a new pair of glasses. The cost may prove prohibitive later on but for now I am happy. Because I don't carry medical insurance I have to pay full price. If I had insurance I would be paying 10 dollars less each time (40 dollars a year). However the insurance would cost me around $500 per year so I think I am still winning. Such a gambler I am with my health.

So I wandered around the shopping centre. Couldn't find anything to spend my money on. Came home via a furniture shop and purchased a chest of drawers for the DS2 - it's his birthday, Christmas, next Christmas and birthday present all rolled into one. I like it. Whether he will or not remains to be seen.

Two of my orchids are in flower. Here you go - There's Chocolate drop x Red Fire and Lemon Tree x Golden Magic.

The Chocolate Drop one is brilliant as a full size photo even if I do say so myself. If any of you want it for your wallpaper let me know, I'll mail it on or maybe put it onto webshots for you to download.

Thank you for your kind comments on my energy levels. Sometimes they are really high and sometimes like now, they seem to be quite low and I feel constantly tired. I do gym because I know it is good for me to keep the joints moving and the muscles alive etc. Most of the time I quite enjoy it while I am there and work up a good sweat which shows that I am working well. I don't do any particular exercises for particular areas HalGal, I do the sessions that my trainer (aka Jason the torturer) sorted out for me. He tends to push me harder and harder to make me achieve. His theory is that the long muscles (thighs, upper arms, calf, abdomen and stomach) have to be strong to make the metabolism speed up which burns calories faster. He maintains that the more you move the better you get. So I have a series of machines I use to build those muscles - I do that 3 times a week, and a set of cardio circuit - rower, bike, treadmill, eliptical and stepper that I do twice a week. I also go to a Body Balance class one day a week (generally after a muscle workout) mainly because I enjoy it but also because it gives me a good workout without too much sweat. It's a mixture of Tai Chi, Pilates and Yoga, last around an hour and leaves me feeling good.

Time to get off here and go watch The Bill - my Saturday night goof off into TV land.

07-30-2005, 12:03 PM

Good Saturday Morning Movers and Losers...!!!

What an absolutely stunning, beautiful summer morning. I hope each of you have the same weather, it is incredible. Our temps will be in the upper 80's today and humidity in the low 20% which is heaven on earth - in my humble opinion!

I went to see the new movie release "Must Love Dogs" for the late show last evening. It was a good movie, but to be honest, not as good as I thought it would be. I would say go see it, but parts of it were a real stretch for me, but hey - it was a movie and that is what they do.

A teacher friend lost his Mother a week ago Tuesday. He telephoned about 45 minutes before the movie was going to start. I spoke with him right up until I had to go inside for the movie. I don't think he realized I had said I was on my way out. Anyway, he was the youngest of 3 sons, and for the 8 years he has been teaching she has telephoned him in the AM to say good morning and make sure he is on his way. I know it took a lot for him to tell me that, and my heart goes out to him. I want to do something extra nice for him, and am still thinking, thinking, thinking... I know I'll see him toward the end of the week when he attends a training at our school. He lives in the next town about 20 miles.

I have some type of beetle bugs that are attacking/eating one of my 3 canna plants? So, I need to quickly find some type of product to protect it. They are eating the large leaves, and aggressively.

Here is an interesting recipe for 2 of my favorites, asparagus and avocadoes.

Grilled Asparagus Spears with Guacamole

What You'll Need
grilled asparagus:
3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
_ (one half) teaspoon sea salt
juice of 1 lemon
20 asparagus spears

3 ripe avocados, halved, seeded
_ (one half) fresh jalapeno, finely minced
1 clove fresh garlic, finely minced
_ (one quarter) red onion, finely diced
1/3 (one third) cup extra virgin olive oil
sea salt
juice of one half lemon
1 small vine ripened tomato, diced
2 sprigs fresh cilantro, finely minced


Fire up the grill about 10 minutes before you are ready to cook. Medium heat will serve best for this dish. I use my George Foreman!

Mix together the oil, salt and lemon juice, whisking to emulsify. Using your fingers, rub each asparagus spear with the mixture, coating them very well. Lay the asparagus on the wire grate and grill, turning occasionally, until browned at the edges and slightly wilted, about 5-6 minutes total.

Make the guacamole by mashing the avocado flesh until smooth. Mix in the balance of ingredients, adjusting the seasoning to your taste. Cover and chill completely.

To serve, place the guacamole in a bowl in the center of a serving platter with the grilled asparagus spears around the rim. Serve immediately. .

Makes 4-6 servings.

You certainly could serve tortilla chips and salsa with this, and just remember you are including a veggie in a new way. The new dietary recommendations say more veggies are a good thing.

I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend...!

07-30-2005, 06:33 PM
Lets get the news (good/ bad/ indifferent) out of the way first.

Weight - 73/ 73 - Same
Upper Chest - 37.5/ 37 - down .5inch
Bust - 41.5/ 40 - down 1.5inch
Lower Chest 34.25/ 34.25 - same
Waist - 33/ 32 - down 1.inch
Upper Hip - 38.5/ 38 - down .5 inch
Lower Hip - 39.25/ 39 - down .25 inch
Top of arm - 12.5/ 12.25 - down .25 inch
Top of leg - 21.5/ 21 - down .5 inch.

There it is out. Happy? well not really. I really thought I had done better this month. Although most of it is down so I should not really complain. Sometimes it just seems that I do a lot of hard work for so little results. Still I know I haven't been good on the water. I know I have skipped a meal or two that I really should have had and I know that I had a bit of a chocolate binge there in the middle somewhere. At one stage the weight was back at 71.5 and is now at 73. Can't blame it all on water!

I don't normally eat chocolate - in fact I really don't like it that much, however once in a while I will go on a chocolate binge where I really must have chocolate. Have no idea why or what triggers it off. Sometimes I can go for years without it, sometimes I just have to eat it.

It is still too dewy out there to go wake up the neighbours with the lawnmower so I will take the spade and go dig over the front garden bed by the fence. That is right after breakfast and trip to the shop to get the paper. I was going to go to the markets up at Forest Lake today, but I feel energetic enough to do some gardening. The markets can wait for another Sunday.

Anyway - seize the day before it gets too hot and sunny. Let's go.

07-31-2005, 11:21 PM
Shad--you did better than I--no change at all the last 3 weeks. Today I started a different yoga approach aimed specifically at weight loss. And took dog for a long walk. Still, there is always that feeling that I planned to do so much more.

Also my printer is out of black ink. I asked DH--neither of us feels up to changing it--last time I did it broke the printer. So must wait until one of the kids comes over.

08-01-2005, 06:31 AM
Made the decision
Itís taken a while and a bit of soul searching but I have finally decided to carry on and extend my contract at the Ministry of Funny Walks aka OSR.

I had at first decided not to, and up to a few days ago was sticking with that decision. However Iíve been checking out the available work and there isnít an awful lot of it around and that which is there is not paying the sort of money Iím getting here. So............. here I stay for the next 5 months or so.

Thanks for the comments re the weight for the month. Sometimes it is like pulling teeth trying to get this weight off, but there is simply no way I can give up now, Iíve come too far and been through too much. Besides which who would Madcat have to annoy and be annoyed with if I gave up. Iím trying to work out what to do this month which may shift the final kilos from this butt and gut and tummy. Not that the butt is big, but it is flabby.

Today my DS2ís christmas and birthday present arrived. What !!!! Well he asked for a chest of drawers made of timber not the cheaper veneered MDF/ chipboard and I said I would look for something and check it out with him. However he didnít go and have a look at my choices - too busy Mum so finally on Saturday I took the plunge, paid for it and had it delivered. He liked it. At least I think he did - maybe it was only an impression that I got. But anyway he has got it now and is putting in orders for Christmas this year. Unbeknowns to him, I have already got part of his Chrissy pressy - the goofy part. Every year I try to get them something that is totally ridiculous - last year he got a singing bottle opener and stubby holder and a few other gimmicky things relating to his footy team. This year I have found a seat pad (no it doesnít sing) and a dressed teddy bear. Iím sure I will find a couple of other goodies before Christmas strikes as well. Now all I have to do is find something for the older one (whose sense of humour doesnít run to footy paraphenalia) - maybe crutchless bike knickers or something equally stupid.

So no gym tonight. Iíve been feeling so worn out lately that I am going to cut the gym back to 4 sessions per week for a while and carry on with the walking at lunch time (I can do 4k in my lunch break and the scenery is superb). I may still do a double on Saturday morning - we will see.

And that is about it for today. Clean the bathroom, do the dishes and the ironing and thatís about me for tonight. I'll catch up with your posts tomorrow.

08-01-2005, 11:03 AM
Hey Everyone!

What a beautiful weekend here in central Kentucky. Temperatures were in the upper 80's and humidity remains low. Such is the good life!

I finally rented a few movies. I took back Sharktale and Napeleon Dynamite I had rented for my nephews, and rented The Notebook and Milliondollar Baby. The baby movie was one of the best movies I have ever seen. It is a must see. The Notebook was good, but I had already heard so much about it, I think that took some of the zing out of it. It was good, don't get me wrong, but not like the build up I had heard so much about.

Today I am going in to finish final touches for the freshman transitional program which begins tomorrow. One of the teachers I had scheduled to teach came in late Friday saying he had just signed a contract for a job in another county, with a promotion to an administration job. I say good for him, and he was helpful in finding a 'quick' replacement that called me last night saying he could teach the 3 days this week. Whew...!

Nita: Good for you staying busy during this heat wave. I know last week when it was hot here, I wanted to go under and stay cool. Can you tell me some about your health insurance coverage and the execise benefits? I have long argued with my doctor (wrong person I know) about the beneifits of wellness coverage for folks like me that are ticking time bombs if we don't lose some serious weight. Our industry is long over due to look at the benefits of preventative options - such as exercise and medically supervised weight loss programs. Errr.... Don't get me started. I take my own personal responsibility, but professional help would greatly benefit many of us.

OneDay: How is Blackie doing? I hope the meds and kennel rest are helpful. My last dog went through that and did just fine. It helped that there were no others in my home - so no distractions - and he rested as he needed to. I think Rocky has a serious case of allergies. He is just 2 years old, and this is a fist sign. I think I will call this afternoon for an appointment tomorrow for him. He is also due for the heart worm treatment. You know, I never gave that to my last Yorkie, and he did just fine. If the dog is a house dog, and not outside that much (exposed to mosquitoes which transmit the heart worm) I think why put the dog through yet another medication? We shall see what I end up doing with Rocky. He is a different dog, and I may make a different decision. Who knows now!

Shad: GREAT job on your body measurements, and continued exercise! You are motivating me, and that is very much appreciated. The chest of drawers sounds really nice. Your son will have it for a generation, to be shared with more - wild huh? I feel very tired lots also, and I know it is a combination of my age and body size. I would love to have my old energy level back. I remember my doctor telling me not to 'jump outta bed' while I was on the medically supervised fast (15 years ago). I did just that, I was so energetic I did jump outta bed. Now I sit a few minutes and comtemplate walking to flip the switch for some java!!! ;) THANKS for the flower pics!

Mooz: I hope this finds you doing well and enjoying those beautiful flowers all around your home!

Thin: Where are you? :s: LOL...!!!

CatLover: It sounds like you are getting fairly regular exercise, you mentioned yoga. I agree with you, a class would be the best way to try to learn it. I saw a program last night with 109 degree temps and yoga. That does not sound relaxing to me. Don't be afraid to change the computer printer cartridge. Chances are the old printer was ready to break when it did anyway - they tend to simply break with little notice.

Here is a breakfast recipe, what a better way to begin a summer Saturday or Sunday?

Banana Three-Grain Pancakes


1/2 cup oatmeal
1 cup white all-purpose flour
3 Tbsp uncooked cornmeal
2 Tbsp sugar
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp table salt
1 cup buttermilk
2 Tbsp unsweetened applesauce
1 Tbsp vegetable oil
2 medium egg white(s)
1 large banana(s), diced

6 Tbsp maple syrup (I use sugar free)
2 1/2 tsp sugar (I use splenda)
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon, to mix in with 2 1/2 tsp sugar


Preheat oven to 350įF. Spread oats on a baking sheet. Bake until golden brown, 6 to 7 minutes. Let cool. This gives them a nutty flavor as well as adds a crunch texture to them.

In a food processor, combine 1/4 cup of oats, flour, cornmeal, 2 tablespoons sugar, baking powder, baking soda and salt. Process until oats are finely ground.

In a large bowl, whisk buttermilk, applesauce and oil.

In a small bowl, with an electric mixer on high speed, beat egg whites until stiff but not dry.

Add dry ingredients to buttermilk mixture and stir until just combined. Add banana to batter, then fold in egg whites until just combined.

Heat a large nonstick griddle or skillet that has been sprayed with cooking spray.

Pour batter onto griddle by 1/4-cup measures. Sprinkle each with about 1 teaspoon of oats. Cook just until bubbles begin to appear at edge of pancakes, 2 to 3 minutes. Turn over and cook 2 minutes longer.

Repeat with remaining batter and oats. You may have some left over.

Serve hot, topped with maple syrup and combined cinnamon-sugar.

*You can skip the stiff egg white part and just add them in, but the final pancake will not be as light and fluffy. To me, it is worth the extra few minutes and bowl to wash - you decide!

Well time for a spin on the stationary bike, yes you read this correctly, and then get to school. It will be a busy day! All the best girls!! Or girlfirends! :angel:

08-01-2005, 07:08 PM
Yes, those 109 degree temp yoga I think are just trying to be macho. I also hear the instructors are not trained to look out for those it could be very dangerous for. I've had people ask me what yoga tape to start with,a nd I say it really is best to take a class. Afterwards you might go on by yourself.

As far as a health club, we have help with fees from our job--not through the health insurance (that way it's available to people who don't have health insurance) but for all employees.

Re the heart worm medicine--I would check with the vet. I think there is a balance of cost/benefit, but if you live in an area where the heartworm is common, then it's best to give it even if the dog is indoors. (We know skeeters do get in.)

My son changed my printer cartridge. I suppose I must learn some time.

So--I am off to get my hearing aid! Really looking forward to it.

08-01-2005, 11:03 PM
Hello Ladies,

Had a wonderful late party for my niece's graduation (high school). She'll be heading for a Jr. college in San Antonio in a couple of weeks. Of course I was stressed about everything going right and having a good showup. She was very appreciative of me having her party at my house. Of course I ate way to much. My mom makes the best macroni salad. I could probably eat 1/2 of it myself. Luckily my nephew was spending the night so he helped with the cleaning up the patio, stacking the chairs etc. Now I think i'm coming down with a sinus infection. My ear is starting to hurt. Going to try and make a dr. appointment tomorrow.

Hal - oh it's been hot here. I think we're due for some 100 degree weather this week. Blackie is feeling much better. Of course he's on pain medication. In fact earlier he came flying into the living room and jumped over two cushion pillows and landed on the couch, acting as if I didn't see him. What am I to do? He doesn't understand why he's feeling so much better. I loved Million dollar baby... didn't expect the ending... I thinking it won many Oscar's.

Shad - I keep saying on going to start exercising and haven't started yet. But here it is August. You have don't great on your loss. I know it doesn't seem like much, but it's a loss. Keep up the good work. OH and what beautiful orchids.

Cat - I too am not very good with fixing computer or printers. I think I would like like to take up yoga. Work is getting very stressful and I think it would benefit me to stretch and relax. Maybe I need to sign up for a meditation class.

Nita, Thin, Mooz - Hope your doing well.
Mitchelez - Drop us a line.

08-02-2005, 12:28 AM
Just one day after agreeing to extend the contract I am bored. I have work to do, it is fixing some stuff done by another trainer, who has now left and I am not sure of all the ins and outs of what happens if I change this or that and I need to make sure all the composition and steps are in the right place. There doesn't seem to be anyone who knows anything to help me. I don't mind re recording the thing, but I need to know why it has to be done and what I have to do to avoid the same mistakes again. Is this too much to ask for???

So I sit here drinking coffee and getting more and more annoyed with it all. This has more or less happened to everything I started out to do today. Why did I bother to get out of bed??

Sorry for the rant, but I feel better now.

Not much going on here at the moment. I forgot my pass this morning so have to be let in and out of the building if I want to go anywhere. So silly of me. Sometimes I wonder where my memory went. Other times I get really worried about forgetting things. When your Mother had Alzheimers, you really get paranoic about forgetting things particularly as one gets older.

Dull grey day out there. It would be nice to get some rain, but somehow I don't think it is going to happen. We really, really need rain. Last weekend I cleared out a much neglected garden bed in the front of the house and transplanted some bits and pieces from elsewhere into it. I have to go out and water the plants each night otherwise they will just shrivel up on me. I had some snowflake bushes which had self seeded and were growing on top of one another and also so bird of paradise plants being strangled by jasmine and an old rose bush about to bloom it's last before being overtaken by weeds. They are all now residing in the clean and tidy bed. This weekend I will need to get out and mulch the garden to keep in moisture and prevent the weeds from growing again. I also have to tidy up around the big tree because I see some horrible weeds appearing there as well.

Gym tonight - it's weights time again. Once I get there I am generally okay with it all. Sometimes just getting there is a gigantic effort with lots of self talk and encouragement. I know how hard it is to get started on exercise, but it really is worthwhile. Whether it is gym, riding a bike, walking or doing videos from home - just do it. 45 minutes 4 times a week. It's not too much to ask out of your time is it? And the benefits are great
- you don't have to watch how much you eat so closely, you can eat more!
- you feel more energetic and are more inclined to do something - that is when you've built up the stamina somewhat
- you sleep better and deeper - less chances of hearing those crazy things that go bump in the night ;) :lol:
- it becomes a habit and a fix. You find you really need to go do it.

So ladies, no excuses. Just do it!!! :devil:

Gotta run.

08-02-2005, 10:01 AM
Mornin' Chicks~~
We've gotten the heat and humidity back again. Can't say summer passed us by this year! :o It is just plain sticky out there already this morn. I am going to go in to town early and get a few bills paid and things and get back out here to swim i hope. Tho a thunderstorm is predicted for 'later on' today. Whatever that means.

DH and I worked very hard Sun eve to get some grass seed down over the new septic/drainfield. Then the straw went on top. Rain was a possiblility, but like only 30% chance. Well, about 11 it started thundering and lightning, this went on big time. And the rains came down in buckets, so now we have to wonder if any seed stayed put? The straw mostly did stay so hopefully we start sprouting something. Actually it should be a little cooler, so will the heat slow it down also? I hope it's o.k.

~~HALGAL~~ thanks for the neat sounding recipes. I also just love avacado and asparagus :) We have the same tastes in food don't we? LOL
I know you love to think of me and the red bell peppers in the same sentence now ;)
Did you get an email or PM from me? i did send it both ways cause some of my letters to people w/aol don't go thru for some reason.

~~SHAD~~ hope things get less boring at work. What is it you do again?
Keep up the good work w/your gym exercises and your house yard work. that is also very good for us they say--Gardening anyway! And it's a stress reliever too. I have only pansies --really jonny jumpups from prev. years, they just come back on their own, and then something (now i've forgotten what i planted) from last year that didn't come up, but this year they finally did. Tall with just a feathery purple plume for a bloom at the top. Maybe a picture later so someone can tell me what i planted! YIKES :?:

~~1DAY~~ glad Blackie is feeling better,but like you said it's a catch 22 with the pain meds. Then the pet thinks they can do all that crazy stuff again! I remember it well.
The party sounds like it was alot of fun, and good that your niece appreciated you having it at your place!
Hope the doc can see you and get that ear infection under control quickly. They are very painful.

~~CAT~~ i too, don't see any point in that 100 plus degree yoga class. Esp. if they aren't able to see when people need assistance! Heat stroke is a very serious thing.
Got to keep the sport drink handy today to put back what a person sweats out! Muggy seems to be the word of the day here. I loved it when it was 70 there for awhile! Oh well, weather is one thing not under our control. But i certainly can't do my walks in this stuff. I will try to swim tho.

Hi to all the rest of the chicksters...:wave: :grouphug: thinlizzie

08-02-2005, 09:56 PM
Hello Ladies,

Doctor was able to get me in today. Put me on antibotics and another prescription. Hope it kicks in fast. He also wants to draw some blood so i'm stopping by in the morning. (have to fast)

Shad - you are so right. I just need to do it. I am... i'm ready.. i'm on meds so i'm going to just do light walking, but more walking than in a normal day. (make sense) My brother was taking pictures this weekend and I was just dreading him taking them of me.

Thin - Blackie is feeling much better. I think a little to good. Wish we would get some of the rains down here. In fact i think i'm going to run out and set the water on. Our high today was 101. Nothing like where Nita is at. Hope the rains didn't wash all the seeds away.

08-03-2005, 01:04 AM
:tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum:

I think that about sums up how I feel. And it's not work this time.

I came home last night and collapsed in the chair, woke up some hours later and as per normal nothing got done. I really have to do something about this.

It's to do with gym late in the afternoon. I was trying to work out why, when at gym the other day, I got through a workout really easily on the Wednesday I had off last week, but couldn't manage the same one after work.
It is to do with this day fowl, night owl thing.
It to do with food and water.
It's to do with living life as I do.

So it is time to take stock and work out a new plan. New and different food too, since I am becoming bored with just about everything at the moment and really can't be bothered about food when I get home at night.

My plan at the moment is to not go back to the gym until next week. I think I will possibly go to the other gym for the cardio type stuff which is the stuff that gives me problems in the afternoon. This other one opens at 5.30am and is closer to town which means I can work out and still get to work on time. My normal one doesn't open until 6. and I still need an hour or so to get to the station and get the train to the city.

I may stay where I am for the weights which don't worry me so much in the afternoon and........
I will work out some menu plans which involve hot food for lunch. Salads are just not cutting right now. I think I will look at Happy's approach and venture into some hearty soups and maybe a frittata or too. Something I can warm up which will stop me from going downstairs to the cafe and buying things like fish cakes and roasted drumsticks (nice and all as they are).

Meantime, I will go home at night, snuggle with the cat and wait for warmer weather to arrive. It may be the lack of blubber on me right now, but this is the first winter ever I have felt the cold like this. This morning was so hard to get out of bed.

Anyway, that's my moan for the day.

08-03-2005, 08:52 AM
Just read your post SHAD~~ and i do believe it's your wt.loss making you feel so cold. I remember when i lost my near 40# (and that year we did not have a summer like this one) so i found it very difficult to jump in the lake and swim. It is a spring fed deep water lake so never real warm. this summer must be some kind of record, more weeds growing in it than ever! It definetly is a different body that we have when we lose the poundage :)

And going for a whole new plan sounds great. YGG! The mediterranean (sp?) diet is one to keep you eating alot of proteins and good things. Olive oil, almonds, raspberries, blueberries. I think CAT just wrote about it recently. You can look it up online. The warms soups and fritattas sound great too! Let us know what you end up with.

Where do you work SHAD??

Talk more to all you great chicks later...
:wave: :grouphug: thinlizzie

08-04-2005, 05:16 AM
Dancing away the winter blues.

Mel is probably right - I have the winter blues. It's an interesting phenomenom over here. The nights are cold - we have got down as far as 4C (about 38F) but the days are reasonably warm - at least they are if you can get out of the August winds and generally it is clear sky and sunshine all the way with no humidity (and few flies). So the days are fine. It's the nights that cause problems for me (apart from being tired that is) and the fact that it is dark by around 1800 and doesn't get light until 0600. So daylight fades and so does this day fowl. Add to that the fact that the house doesn't have much in the way of flooring and fabrics so it gets cool quickly. I really will have to get cracking on fixing the place up and getting the new furnishings in to make life better.

Sorted through a stack of recipe books last night for soups and stuff that I can bring to work and re heat. LindaT from the journals has some good recipes for lunches too. She wants me to try her pumpkin chilli!!! I'll go check it out shortly. A great many of the recipes I have will need playing around with to get the calorie and fat content down. Some of these grannies made great soups in vast quantities but eggs, cream and salt seem to have featured in a great many of them. I can remember my own grandmothers soup pot on the back of the stove. Anything and everything went into it. It was hot, instantaneous and nourishing. I can remember times when I was in bed sick and my mother would bring me some soup into which she had dropped an egg. The egg gently coddled away with the heat from the soup and the whites set but the yolk was runny. Yummmy. Sometimes I'd like to go backwards through my life. I would give a lot for some of either Mum's or Nana's soup right now.

I thought about vitamins and things. I really do loathe taking tablets, but I took a trip to the chemist and got some multivitamin tablets for the short term (sure as hades, I'll forget them after a short time). They know how to charge for those things as well. Have to save up if I want to buy any more later.

Lizzie, I work for myself. I contract out to companies putting in new computer systems - big ones. I train the workers on how to use their new system and how to adjust to the changes. Mostly I work with SAP but I have used JDEdwards (Peoplesoft) and Baan. And I'm qualified to teach Microsoft as well. Well at least I was. I haven't upgraded to XP certified yet. At the moment I am working for the Office of State Revenue (Queensland Government). Normally I work for private companies which I much prefer. Wheels of Government grind too slow for me. I like to get busy, get involved and get out. However this is the best paying contract I've had in a while and I do need the money if I am to go on a round the world trip next year as well as get the house renovated and save for a new kitchen and some building work to be done.

Anyway. I better go clean the bathroom and fold the washing. Have a good day. Tomorrow is Friday and I'm really grateful for that.

08-04-2005, 11:14 PM
Hello Ladies,

Feeling much better today. I guess my meds have kicked in. There's still a little pressure in my ear, but not as much as before. Looking forward to weekend where I just just rest and relax.

Shad - I'm with you I need sunshine. I notice that in the winter I too get the blues. I thought about buying one of those lamps but don't know if they really work. I keep forgetting where you are at it's winter time. Wish you could send us some of your cold weather.

08-05-2005, 12:21 AM
Just to kick us back up to the top!

08-06-2005, 04:51 AM
Okay, I have done the shopping and hung out the washing. I've put the groceries away and made the first of the soups I'm interested to try that one of LindaT's although I have the idea it may be a bit too chili for me. I'll try it with less first and then build it up to where I can still taste the rest of the stuff but it has a bit of a bite.

I have the planted the garden bed I dug out last weekend. I bought some plants today - blue and white petunias, primula and pansies, blue agapanthas - it already has white snowflake bushes in it and the rose is a peachy gold shade. I'll get some petunias to go around the rose later. So there you have it a blue and white bed with a splash of orange/gold . Should look okay. I'll take pictures as it grows.

Nearly forgot. Take a look at this tomato out of my garden. It's huge. There's about 5 others like it as well. This one fell off the vine when I went to check out the truss of tomatoes. It's called Black Russian.

The tomatoes behind it are the orange variety. supposedly less acidic. At least they will be orange when they ripen. Some cat I know knocked the truss off the bush while chasing a butterfly or some such insect. As I have said before it's a good job she's cute.

Time to go make a start on the second soup and then the ceiling. See you.

08-06-2005, 10:22 AM
Good Morning Ladies,

This morning i'm working on my fundraising project. As many of you know i volunteer with the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. I help them with the 10k that they have in the fall. So this morning making phone calls and getting some prizes donated.

Shad - what a beautiful tomato. I have not had any luck with the larger ones. Mine always seem to split or the bugs get to them. Of course I'm growing in containers so that might make a difference. But i do have plenty of grape, cherry and roma ones.

Hello to all !

08-06-2005, 11:35 AM
Just a quick call to let you know I am still living!
Nice tomatoe Shad ......... I am sure it will taste delicious.
My weight is still the same so I need to try and eat a little less this week to see if I can shift some of it!
Gotta go start the dinner.
Have a nice day all.

08-06-2005, 11:12 PM
Hey Movers and Losers...

So, altho the calendar may say summer is half way over, the school calendar says it is all over! :s:

My transitional program for the incoming freshmen went well last week. It ran Tuesday through Thursday. Friday I stayed home and cleaned. Today I did almost nothing. Not too many of these days left. I have training Monday, opening day is Thursday, and Friday is professional development, and I am doing the training for that with a group of teachers.

Shad: LOVE the pics of the tomatoes. Very cool. Nothing like home grown veggies.

Thin: Yes, I did receive the PM and email. Thanks! ;)

I'll post more, and indivdually soon!

08-07-2005, 09:48 AM
Mornin' Chicks~~
It was a nice cool sleeping temp last night...but high 80's today and 90's Monday again! just hope the humidity stays down a tad. I guess i will be jumping in the lake again for some exercise. I have this floatie thing called
'Aqua Jogger'. You are supposed to wear it round the waist and go out deep and just do your jogging w/o any impact. I do try to do water exercises with it on. The jogging gets old, but i do some, then i do stuff from the water aerobics classes like waist twists and such. I finally did weigh in and have a starting point. Got to tone up some of this and change my eating patterns B4 i gain the whole lot back again. I saw some pics another gal took of me at the reunion and that sure made me see reality :( :o :mad: Guess i'd better get serious already.

Aug.6th is only halfway thru summer? Not up here. We end usually by Sept. You can get hot days in Sept. but one never knows. Hope to hear back from you soon HalGal~~

~~GREAT tomato Shad! That could be some kind of record here. Now is it good growing season tho' it's getting to be cold there? i guess i'm mixed up.

~~MOOZ~~ good to hear from you. Glad you are doing well, and keep on movin' ...are you still able to go walking w/your girlfriends as much? One of my good friends is moving away ...i guess it's not too far, it's about 4 hours away into Wisconsin. I will miss her tho. I hope she gets a computer soon so at least we can keep in touch via email.

~~1DAY~~ hope you got all the fundraising/soliciting donations done for the diabetes found. Congrats on doing such a great job for the juveniles that have this awful disease. YGG! I bet it feels good to help others.

OH, forgot to report in that alot of the grass seed did stay underneath that straw that we had put down! so hurray! some green is popping up with our consistant watering, since not much rain has come since the storm.
Got to run they are showing water exercises on the today show.

Hi to CAT~~NITA~~and everyone else lurking!
Have a great Sunday.
:wave: :grouphug: thinlizzie

08-07-2005, 11:15 AM
Good Sunday Morning Movers and Losers!

Gosh, what a beautiful time of year. It is very, very dry here - so it could be greener, but the flowers are doing well. I don't believe mine are as beautiful as the ones Mooz has, but I enjoy them immensely. My new canna plants now have flower buds that are 6 to 8 inches long! These should produce nice flowers for the next few months.

I stocked up on seasonal fruits (strawberries and blueberries) at the supermarket yesterday. They smell so good! There is no doubt if I eat more nutrient dense foods, and fewer empty calorie foods, my weight will benefit. I've been watching (too much) of Rachel Ray on the Food Channel. She says to always, always clean fruits and veggies before putting them in the refrigerator. Well, I'm doing it, and she is right. I am much more likely to eat the fresh produce, rather than throw it out because it got too old. I just hate that.

Also, I am a flax seed fan! Any of you guys familiar with the oh so healthy grain? I have been picking up a flax seed oat bran bread at a local bakery every other week or so. It seems to stay fresh longer, more than likely due to the fat content of the flax seed. It has the good type of fat. The one that actually takes fat from the blood stream and returns it to the liver to be metabolized. Way cool. I also purchased some bulk flax seed to add to my 1/2 cup steel cut oatmeal breakfast and snacks I make during the school year. Did I say school year? :s:

OneDay: WTG with the fundraising activities. My school club, FCCLA does a fair amount of this during the school year for a variety of good purposes. Nothing feels better than helping others that are in need. Yesterday there was a 10K motorcycle run here that ended up at John Michael Montgomery's new restaruant with a luncheon. He is a country singer that is from this area. I without any doubt believe the more we give, the more we shall receive. :angel: My Grandmother Preuster has inner ear problems, and I know how very much she suffered when this problem acted up. Hang in there! I hope you are feeling better, and soon.

CatLover: I took Rocky Road Ketchum to see the vet on Tuesday afternoon. She took blood for a heart worm test, which came up negative, so I'll now give him the monthly medication. She gave him some type of steroid pills for the allergies. He is immediately feeling better, but begging for more food. I've given him an extra bowl of food each day this week! Bless his heart. Naturally, he has to 'go' more frequently on this stuff. He starts the lower does tomorrow, and in 10 days will be done. He is much happier now, he was really 'on edge' with the itching. So, add a flea treatment to the heartworm test and allergie meds, and call it yet another $112.00! I have had an over $100 expense for the last 4 weeks. Add this to the time of year when I don't have extra income from doing extra things at school. Anyway, Rocky is doing well. You are right on the heartworm. He chases all bugs, and tries to eat them. He is a wild child.

Nita: I hope all is well with you and Gene! Write when you can! Don't forget the pics of your embroidery.

I was talking to a waitress in a cafe a few weeks ago about weight loss. After talking a few mintues she told me she has lost almost 200 pounds, and she just began exercising and going to a nutritionist to learn how to eat. She was very sincere. She told me flat out she rarely eats out, and takes extra time to prepare her meals. Makes since. Anyway, I've been interested in going to a nutritionist since our converstaion. Here is an article I found on the topic:

What It's Like to Visit A Nutritionist

Barbara Bourassa Nubella LLC Editor-in-Chief

I consider myself a healthy eater, but with my history of high cholesterol and high blood pressure, my doctor recommended I visit a nutritionist. I have to admit--I was curious to see what a nutritionist would recommend, and I wanted to learn something new. I wasn't disappointed on either front.

The nutritionist I visited started by taking my weight and calculating my body mass index. For women, a BMI of 25 or lower is considered healthy. She then asked me about my medical history, including what medications I take, as well as my exercise schedule and my eating patterns. After she learned that I exercise regularly, she recommended I get my body fat percentage calculated, as this will give me a more precise baseline measurement for my health.

When the discussion turned to food, she brought out a copy of a 2003 article from Eating Well magazine that outlines Walter Willet's Healthy Eating Pyramid. Willet, a well-known professor of nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health, has long been a critic of the USDA Food Pyramid, and in 2001 his book, Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy, replaced the existing USDA pyramid with one based on years of research conducted at HSPH.

The premise of Willett's pyramid is fairly simple: it puts heavy emphasis on vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beneficial fats, and exercise; moderate consumption of fish, seafood, poultry, and eggs; and 1-2 servings/day of low-fat dairy products. Several items are categorized as "use sparingly," including saturated fat, red meat, butter, white starches such as rice, bread, and white-flour pasta, and sweets.

The nutritionist then gave me a range of advice, some of it based on my medical and genetic history. First, she recommended that I take a multivitamin daily just to cover my bases, and a calcium/magnesium/vitamin D supplement to protect my bones. With regard to fiber, I should aim for 35 grams of fiber per day, and look for whole grain bread, crackers, or pasta with 3 grams fiber/serving. On the fat front, I should aim for 10 grams of saturated fat or less per day, and she gave me an example that helped put that in perspective. A 4-ounce serving of pork tenderloin has 1.9 grams of saturated fat, while a 4-ounce serving of pork spareribs has 12.6 grams of saturated fat.

With regard to specific foods, eggs are fine, but I should limit red meat to 1-2 servings per week, and when I do eat red meat, select very lean cuts such as 91 percent lean ground beef, top round, or eye round. Legumes and beans can be used to replace white rice or pasta, and I can eat up to 1/4 cup of nuts per day. And last, but not least, my lunch and dinner plates should contain 50 percent vegetables.

I won't lie--some of these are big changes for me, although many are things I already do. But it was an eye-opening experience all the same, and one that I recommend everyone consider. Here's a list of the top 10 ways such a meeting might benefit you, assembled by the American Dietetic Association:

1. You have diabetes, cardiovascular problems or high blood pressure. A registered dietitian can help change your eating plan without compromising flavors.

2. You are thinking of having or have had gastric bypass surgery. An RD will help develop an eating plan for your new needs.

3. You have digestive problems. An RD can help fine-tune your diet so you don't aggravate your condition.

4. You're pregnant or trying to get pregnant.

5. You need guidance and confidence for breastfeeding your baby.

6. Your teenager has issues with food and eating healthfully. A registered dietitian can assist with eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia and overweight issues.

7. You're struggling with weight issues and need to gain or lose weight.

8. You're caring for an aging parent. A registered dietitian can help with food or drug interaction, proper hydration, special diets for hypertension and changing taste buds.

9. You want to eat smarter to stay fit. A registered dietitian can help you sort through misinformation and get you on a healthy eating plan.

10. You want to improve your performance in sports. A registered dietitian can help you set goals to achieve high performance whether you're running a marathon, skiing or jogging with your dog.

I believe in :angel: :angel: ANGELS :angel: :angel: and honestly felt as if an angel brought this young lady and myself together for this conversation on weight loss. I was having a quick lunch and recognized a former work friend that I knew almost 15 years and 110 pounds ago. I sat quietly hoping he would not recognize me. He did not. Whew. I told her about this, and she just began talking about true weight loss, the difficulities and realities and how she did it. You should know she has the best of best of carrot cake, German chocolate cake and you name it facing her daily - all locally made and beyond belief. She says, she does not eat it.

I hope everyone had a GREAT weekend! Off to finish chores to prepare for a semi busy week, before the real deal the next week!

08-08-2005, 07:13 PM
Okay today feels better. A bit more life in me I guess. Don't know what happened yesterday unless.........yes I do........ eating was not so good and so the energy lagged and all I wanted to do was sleep. I was supposed to return to the gym yesterday, had all my gear and stuff, but I left work late. I was working with on of the guys and we just kept on going until it was more or less finished. So no gym. I have my stuff again today so will try once more.

Yesterday I met up with a friend from Townsville days. She had an interview for a job down here in Brisbane and we had lunch together. Years ago she had a stomach band put in to help her lose weight. She did lose an awful lot of weight, however now she is at a stage where nothing is moving. The band has not taught her how to eat properly only to eat slowly. Every so often she has fluid put into the band to squeeze the stomach a bit more, and then she gets reflux and has to have water taken out. So it is a catch 22 situation. I doubt whether she will ever get much smaller than she is now, but as she says, she is no longer huge and that is a huge plus. I had chicken and mushroom soup and she had a caesar salad for lunch. Oh it was nice to see her again. I hope she gets a job back in Brisbane and then we can go out for dinners on Fridays like we used to in Townsville. A bit of social life might just do us both some good.

The Italian job (next years holiday) is coming along slowly. I am reading my guide book and checking the 'net for places to go, see and do as well as stay. Trouble is, I want to go, see, do and stay just about everywhere. I would like to do the hilltop walks in Cinqueterre. Apparently there are five villages built in and on the hilltops and hillsides about the coastline in Northern Italy. It's about 14 kilometres from first to last and a relatively easy walking track. Check out the pics of Riomaggiore on the net. I know Chris will not want to walk that far, so it could be a day trip on my own. There are buses which go from town to town as well. Maybe part of it and bus the rest??? Will have to discuss this with her.
Meantime I am still trying to find frequent flyer seats for Japan in October. It's a fairly unrewarding occupation at the moment.

Okay, duty calls. Time to get on with the day. I've included a pic of my African Violets now in bloom. Hope you enjoy them.

08-08-2005, 08:33 PM

Good Monday Movers and Losers!

OK, today was a full day of preparation for a presentation to be given on Thursday to our faculty and staff. It was fun, and we laughed a lot. That seems to generally be in short supply when anything school related is going on, but not today! I have some more work to do to finish up my part of the presentation and I'll do that tomorrow. I carried home bags of new textbooks as well as the materials for our presentation. It looks like our maintenance dept will be entering my room for the next few days to strip and wax the floors, and then they do the hallway which means we cannot enter any of the rooms in our hall for 2 days! The week before school starts! Things have been helter skelter for the maintenance folks working around outside contrators. Anyway...

Shad: LOVE the pic of the flower. I agree eating poorly will zap our energy. If I eat simple carbs, I may as well plan for a nice nap. We ate out for lunch today and I ordered a cheeseburger, and only ate the veggies (nice slices of tomatoes, lettuce and red onions) and hamburger meat with the cheese. I ordered steamed brocolli in place of the fires. This really works for me, I am satisfied after I finish eating this.

I hope this finds everyone else doing well. NITA where are you? ;)

Have a GREAT week girls!

08-08-2005, 11:20 PM
Shad--beautiful flower! Hope your friend gets to come back near you.

Hal--glad you had fun with the preparation for the presentation. Too bad about the cleaning. I should think you would have more to do to get your rooms ready than, say, the English teacher, so I'm sure that is a problem.

Right now I am working on acu-yoga (it's yoga that is specially planned to stimulate the acupressure points) and Eating Awareness Training. Haven't done it long, and lost 1/2 inch off hips and thighs, tho not waist. I think measuring is healthier than weighing. At least worth a try.

Having trouble with Kitten--she wants to get somewhere, just zooms up my back. Usually she's gone too quickly to do anything, but today I swatted her twice. Not to hurt her, just to let her know not to do it.

Best to all--

08-09-2005, 05:46 PM
Hi Ladies,

Sorry I haven't written lately. I have been trying to get my act together. This Sunday I checked out some new furniture for our family room--two great reclining loveseats. I also found a dinette set--a glass table with four chairs on wheels. It has been rather hectic today trying to find someone to haul away the old furniture. However, it looks like this will happen Thursday while I am at work. Tomorrow we are going to have a carpet cleaner come in and do the carpets. Perhaps having these new items will cheer me up and I can get back on my program. Even though it has been rather hot and humid here the last couple of days, I managed to get on my treadmill both days for at least 20 to 30 minutes.

Gene is progressing rather slowly but I am thinking positive that we will hear some good news on Friday from the urologist. Tomorrow is his birthday and I am going to try and take him out for dinner.

Well I had better get moving--I really think I need a nap, and I may just take one!

Take care,

08-09-2005, 07:35 PM
Nita--pat yourself on the back for those treadmill workouts! Hope you and Gene can go out.

08-09-2005, 09:41 PM
Wishing you a Happy Birthday CAT - Hope your having a great day!

08-09-2005, 11:02 PM


Hope it is a great day.

08-09-2005, 11:56 PM

Happy Birthday to Cat! Happy Birthday to Cat! Happy Birthday dear Caaaat!
Happy Birthday to you!

08-10-2005, 12:01 AM
Thank you all. Those are great!

Funny being 60 . . .

08-10-2005, 06:35 AM
Funny being 60???!!!! Well we are all going to get there sooner or later Cat. In my case, it is not that far away.

Not a very interesting day today I'm afraid. I did my work and came home. Didn't go to the gym today as I am feeling a little stiff and sore from yesterday, but I will be back there tomorrow once more never fear. Also for some reason or other I am not feeling 100% and I have noticed that I am getting what looks like a boil or abcess on the lump of flab just above my waist. It's been many a year since I had one of those. I had a look at it and found that there are 3 hard little lumps surrounding it, so it seems that something is happening with the system. I'm thinking that it may be the vitamins. They are the only thing that I'm doing differently this week. I know I have had some strange reactions to vitamins previously - in fact I had a very bad encounter with Vit B some years back and to this day can not take it in any quantity at all.

Tomorrow I go to pick up my new contact lenses and glasses. That will be another blow to the credit card. Not that I worry about it too much, it always gets paid off at the end of the month. But sometimes the totals come as a bit of a shock. Fortunately this will come on the next bill and not this one which should arrive in the next couple of days. There is enough on that as it is - tyres for the car, some wine and a couple of other things which should make it look awful. Ohh well I guess it's only money.

Weight is still being slow. Somedays I see an improvement but it swings around again in the next couple of days and I am back where I started. Painful journey this one.

Today I also bought myself some new trousers (black) and a new bra (pink). I am weeding out all the saggy baggy bits from the wardrobe and ditching them. I may have got smaller everywhere else but the bra size has grown. Don't know how.

Okay, time to move along again. Hope everyone is doing well. Your challenge for this weekend should you choose to accept it, is to take a walk for 30 minutes (try early in the morning before the heat hits) :lol3:

08-10-2005, 10:28 AM
So Cat, I am still in the purple club, not the red hat club, but in a few weeks I will qualify. My, my, my... I never thought I would be this old! :lol:

I am getting ready to go to lunch (gourmet tea type place) with lots of old antiques. This is one of THE last days of freedom I have left.

This time tomottow, I'll be training the staff. Joy to the World. LOL

Hey, I now have cable modem, yippie...!

08-10-2005, 03:28 PM
Hi All,

Happy Birthday Cat--you and Gene were born on the same day. I do believe Leo people and I get along very well--I am April 1st--two fire signs! Have a "super" day! I was working on a brief for my attorney this morning and come to find out she has just decided to revamp the whole thing. I guess all my efforts were in vane. However, I still will get paid for my work.

Our new furniture is coming Saturday and today a couple of young men came in and steamcleaned our carpet. Gene thought it was easier on me if we had it done--I totally agree!

In our newspaper today they had an article on the glycemic way to lose weight. I guess I will have to dig out my Volumentics book again and give it a "real" try this time. I was surprised to see cantalope and baked potato were not the best choices--mashed potato outranked the baked ones. The apple definitely outranked banana. I do eat a lot of fiber and I do read ingredients which is very important. If only someone else could do the cooking!

Well ladies, the brief should be coming back any minute. Once again, it's so great to have friends like you!

Take care,

08-11-2005, 01:06 AM
Gym this morning - did a workout on the cardio stuff. Probably wasn't quite long enough but you do what you can in the time available. There is no other choice.

I had LindaT's soup for lunch again today. Don't think I will need much dinner tonight - that stuff sure sticks to your ribs and lets you know that you don't want anything more for a while. It's good, but next time it will have more pumpkin and veg and less chili. It is so darned thick you could eat it with a knife and fork as well. Biggest problem I find with bringing stuff like this soup to work is that it stains my plastic containers orange. So I guess there will only be a couple of containers that get used for this soup - the rest can be for other things.

I tried to go shopping today for a bedside lamp. I had a pair of touch lamps for each side of the bed. One of them has relocated to DS2's house - it appears to have permanently relocated. The second one - the one in my bedroom got out of sorts the other night and blew it's bulb plus the touch facility. Now it has to be turned on and off at the wall. Am I impressed with this - NO!!!! So I am looking for a new bedside lamp or two if I can find what I like. Mind you, DS2 also has the beside table that the lamp lives on - again I think it is a permanent loan. So I will now have to go find a lighting shop. Nothing here in town has even raised a spark of enthusiasm for any stock on hand.

Anyway, time to get on with it again. At least I have something to do at the moment. It won't last long and I'll be haunting the internet again. Roll on Friday night - around 4.30pm.

08-11-2005, 07:48 AM
Hey there Movers and Losers!

Just a quick post the AM as I head into school for an inservice day. I am on the instructional leadership team, and will be giving the instruction today. I am not really hip on teaching teachers, but am getting use to it if that makes sense.

A good girlfriend and I went for lunch yesterday at a place that has awesome antiquess and gourmet French food. Can you say YUM. It was a very nice day. The drive there is beautiful.

My canna plants are now in partial bloom. The flowers stand almost 5 foot tall. They are pretty impressive, the flowers almost look tye dyed with yellow and deep orange/red flowers. They are called Cleopatra in color.

The only time during the year I really enjoy a brew, is during the dog days of summer. That would be now. I look forward to popping one later today on my deck enjoying the flowers, Rocky's company (if you could see him pouting now - he knows I am on the way out) and just like in general.

Life is good. I hope each and everyone of you are doing well also. :angel:

08-11-2005, 02:24 PM
Hello Ladies,

Just a quick hello. Planning on going to Austin this weekend, another family party for my niece. This one will be really big. All my cousin live in San Antonio, which is an hour drive from there. So I will get a chance to catch up with all of them. Looking forward to having a relaxing weekend.

Hal - when is your b-day?

we'll need to run... might not log on til sunday night...

08-12-2005, 07:37 AM

Good Friday Morning Movers and Losers!

Today is opening day for school for teachers. Students come next Wednesday! My training went OK yesterday. It was in our cafeteria, and the AC was out so it got pretty warm in the PM. But, I 'think' the training went well. We did not do an evaluation at the end, so we will never really know how the teachers felt about it.

We have meetings the PM, and work in our rooms this PM. My room is blocked off because it is still being stripped and waxed! I have no clue where or what I'll do this PM. But, do know I have 6 new sets of textbooks I need to begin making lessons for next Wednesday! The books are here, the teacher resources are still straggling in! I think they believe we just wave our hands and the lessons, materials and supplies appear.

Ah... no stress. I'll deal. We are planning to go for Chinese for lunch today. That should be nice. Then, back to the teacher 25 minute lunch for the next 185 days!

It is hot, hot, hot here! :angel:

08-12-2005, 10:43 PM
Have I told you about the EAting Awareness TRaining? I find I have left part of a chocolate bar in the fridge for a week! Never happens.

Still, she is very strict, and if you haven't followed the steps the first week, you have to do it over. So guess I am not ready to move on to week 2. The hardest part is not reading while eating. Also, I put down my notebook (you write all you eat), and forget to bring it home or to work, then I don't have it. Now I have a very small one, so the temptation to leave it behind is less.

This could work . . .

08-13-2005, 06:20 PM
I'm pleased to say that the abcess/ boil/ whatever has gone. It was painful while it lasted, but in true Shad style I gave it the threat, come to a head and I'll get rid of you the easy way, or stay like that and I'll lance you myself. It came to a head and things got a bit messy there for a while, but it is now gone. There do not seem to be anymore around so that is that for the time being.

Seem to have been busy today but what have I achieved?? Well, the laundry is in, folded, put away (almost) and the ironing is ready to do. I've done the shopping and bought loads of veges for soups etc. Made some fish chowder (which I had for tea) and froze a couple of containers of it for lunches. Had a nap, and now am making some of the pumpkin chili stuff and then it will be a case of watching tv - footy is on. My much loved All Blacks are about to take on the Wallabies. Geez, there is some good looking butts and legs among that lot. Probably why I like to watch it.

I should have changed the bed today but it will wait until tomorrow.

It's cold out here. Yesterday was the coldest day on record for over 100 years. We did not even make double figures. This is always the coldest part of the winter - its the time of the State Fair otherwise known as the RNA Exhibition aka 'the Ekka' and during that time the wind always blows and the winter gets a bit nasty. Well this time it outdid itself. Still the wind blew the washing dry in record time.

Now lets see, what's going down on the threads? My footy team won. Maybe I should go out early to get the paper and stay indoors for the rest of the day. That should stave off the wrath of the neighbourhood!!! I have to admit that I wasn't impressed with the first 20 mins of the game when they were 13 - 0 down. I was thinking some very unholy thoughts at that stage. But they came through and won 30-13 So todays list consists only of a couple of things - sanding and painting. With a bit of luck I can get a fair amount of preparation done today and a coat of sealer over the lounge ceiling and walls. That will make me very happy.

This cat has gone beserk. She runs from room to room and looks as if she is three parts gone on uppers. I took the brush to her last night as she is dropping fur everywhere. I have the scratch marks to show for it as she figured that I was about to attack her with this thing. So then the clippers came out and she got her claws clipped as well. She's talking to me again now, but wasn't earlier on. Maybe this is the onset of Spring.

Cat - chocolate is not one of my things. Yes I will have a binge on it once in a while but it is not often. When the DS2 was living at home we cleared out the bar fridge and the back room and found chocolate in there which was out of date by 3 years. Neither of us are sweet eaters. Obviously the chocs must have belonged to the ex-dh. My eating problems rest with cheese and dairy products as well as the savoury things like pizza, tacos etc.

I guess it's time for breakfast and then on with the day. I see the journals are still not back. That's fine. Less time spent on the computer. Today is McBusy day.

08-15-2005, 12:19 PM
Hi there chickies ..... I am still here ;) My mother was not so well last week and could hardly walk but she seems to have pulled herself out of the worse bit and is more like she was. She is not really able to walk on her own now at all and would probably fall if she tried so I have to keep a close eye on her.
She was 93 on Thursday!
I am still walking and trying to eat healthy but the weight just does not move!
My brother and his wife are in America at the moment on holiday ......... somewhere near Seattle I think........ lucky them!
Someday I will be able to get away! :D
Gotta go cook dinner .......

Happy Birthday Cat ....... sorry I missed it!

08-15-2005, 01:56 PM
Hello Ladies,

Back from my weekend getaway. It was a really nice visit. My brother had about 60 guest at his house. My mom and I went over saturday morning to help with some side dishes. By the time the first guest arrived we were ready. Spent the evening visiting my cousin who drove in from San Antonio. (We were all in Austin,TX). Sunday morning drove back home. I'm taking a extra vacation day just to regroup, go grocery shopping. I was going to try and get a massage in, but i did not make an appointment. Tomorrow i'm going to start a somewhat modified version of South Beach, Or i guess it's like Ww Core program. I have got to get off the sweets(processed cookies, cakes, chips, etc).

Hal - Some of our schools started last monday and I think 4 of the major districts started today. My sister is in education and I know she went back last week. I'm sure Rocky is going to miss having you home during the days.

Mooz - I'm sorry to hear that your mom's not doing well. Wishing her a belated birthday. We'll if you ever make it to America you have a place to stay in Texas.

Shad - It's hard to image you having your coldest days there and here we're having our hottest days. Now on your footies team. Is that rugby or soccer? You seem to have so much energy. I know it's from eating healthy and of course exercising.

we'll i guess i need to get going. I do have a small list of things to do today.

08-15-2005, 08:33 PM
Mooz--sorry about your mom. Does she have a walker? I know they can help so much. DMiL has one with a seat on it, so she can (possibly) sit down if she needs to. It gives her more independence, too. Did you ever get set up for respite care so you can go out?

Shad & Patty--yes, we forget about the seasons being reversed. I subscribe to an Australian quarterly, and when I got the "winter" issue I thought it was very late--until it hit me!

I think I have lost weight, but NOT going to WI as that is not the idea with this.

Well, the new dr is coming in to replace my old one, but I already made an appt. somewhere else. Think I will try the other doctor anyway. My old dr's office just has developed terrible customer service skills. Phooey.

See y'all later.

08-16-2005, 01:48 AM
Hello all,
Been sitting here feeling sorry for myself as I am not feeling well today - or yesterday for that matter. No matter, I will survive - as the song goes!

Patty, it is Rugby Union that I watch and follow. Being a New Zealander and it is our national game (along with netball) - there is another type of rugby - Rugby League, similar game and of course footy here in Australia could cover Union, League, AFL (Aussie Rules) or Soccer. But when I talk footy, I mean Rugby and you don't want to be around me or my niece when things go wrong or the referee gets a bit shortsighted (in our humble opinion).

Talking about being a New Zealander, the news of the death of David Lange ONZ hit the news on Saturday. Who was he? Well he was the NZ Prime Minister who took on the wrath of the US Defence Force and Government Agencies when he banned US warships from entered our ports due to his Nuclear Free Zone policies. When they and the Australians threatened us with reaction, he withdrew the country from the ANZUS treaty He was also the Prime Minister who took on the French Government regarding the Mururoa Atoll nuclear testing (he asked the French, if it was so safe to detonate these things, why did they not do it in mainland France?? Among other things he bombarded them with). He really let them have it with a terrorism charge after the sinking of the Rainbow Warrior and he was the man who set the terms of imprisonment for the perpetrators of the bombing (4 French Secret Service personnel).
Sadly we do not have politicians with the same sort of standards anymore. A brilliant speaker and a man with a huge sense of humour who could also be bluntly sarcastic. After a long battle with bad health, he passed away. Goodbye Mr Lange. As you might be able to tell, I did admire the man. Didn't always agree with him tho'. Sorry if speaking politics upsets anyone. I normally don't do it. But today I needed to.

Mooz, sorry to hear that your Mum has not been well. She certainly is a remarkable old lady though. I do hope you are getting enough rest and recreation. Taking care of the 'folks' is not an easy occupation.

Cat - what magazine do you subscribe to?? Quarterly? I'm sure it is not the Queensland Country Times!! I hope that you have lost weight - sounds good anyway.

Better go get a bit more done for the day.

08-16-2005, 10:54 AM
Good Tuesday morning Movers and Losers!

The LAST day of freedom! I think. We have serious computer glitches with our scheduling program. There were rumors yesterday it may delay the beginning of school. I know the high school schedules are not finished. The program has been down the last week. Yesterday we received desperate emails and intercom warnings not to try to access the program. This is also where we place all of our lesson plans, and such. Ah... back to the real world.

Mooz: You and your family are in my prayers. Just know how very thankful you Mother must be to have the comforts of you and your home. When all else seems to disappear, these are the things that matter the most.

I just watched a neat movie, Coach Carter. As an educator, it was awesome and right on. One of my biggest suprises about education is the politics. Yes, it is true. I am a board member of our state professional organzation. I was at a meeting until well after 8P last night with updates of current issues to be addressed in education. It is my pleasure to do what I can to make a positive difference in educational outcomes for our students.

OneDay: I think I am going to drop Rocky for a groom today as I go into school. It is getting ready to rain, and I am wondering if the rain/storms may upset him and make it difficult to handle the 'alpha male'. He is so bad sometimes. = )

CatLover: It is getting interesting to find a good doctor that has the time and interest to 'treat a patient' these days, huh? Strange times we are in.

Shad: What if I told you we are finishing one of the hottest summers on record here? We have had over 20 days in the 90 degrees. Last year we did not hit the 90s. Stay warm, and you will be enjoying good weather soon, as our Fall brings on chilly days. Our gasoline prices are going up by leaps and bounds, up 30 cents over night this week, after 20 cents last week. Prices are about double what they were this time last year. Your prices are high also aren't they?

Here is a neat recipe from Oprah's emails. I just love her.

Baked Cinnamon Apples with Honey-Sweetened Farmers Cheese
Makes 4 servings

2 cinnamon sticks
1/2 vanilla bean split
2 tablespoons brown sugar
Pinch of nutmeg
4 whole apples, (Cortland, Gala, or Macintosh) cored, tops peeled
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
2 tablespoons maple syrup
2 cups farmers cheese

The night before: In a medium pot, combine cinnamon sticks, vanilla bean, brown sugar and nutmeg with 2 cups of water; bring to a boil, reduce to low boil until mixture reduces by half

In an 8x8-inch-baking dish, place apples sitting upright. Pour reduction over apples, cover with foil, and bake for 45 to 50 minutes until tender when pierced with a fork. Remove from the oven and cool in liquid. Refrigerate overnight.

Preheat oven to 375įF. Mix reserved liquid with farmer's cheese. Fill the cavities of the apples with mixture and serve.

Nutritional information: 395 calories

All the very best girls, and remember rule #1...!! Be true to you! :angel:

08-16-2005, 08:57 PM
Hello Ladies,

Did not start South Beach diet today like I had planned. Last night got lazy and didn't make it to the grocery store. And tonight came straight home, major headache, so I probably won't start tomorrow either. And to top it off it's that TOM so i'm just feeling cranky and tired.

Shad - i'm sure you and your niece feel the same way we do with our referee's here. During football season I think i sometimes hear my neighbors. I hope you get to feeling better.

Cat - What program are you doing? Good luck with your new doctor. I too need to find a new GI one. My old one went back to teaching. I really like him.

Hal - are your gas prices as high as ours. This past weekend when I gas up to go to Ausint I paid 2.34/gal coming home it was 2.57/gal. I think our prices are still lower than other countries. I have noticed a big increases on the train in my morning commute. I know the storms bother Blackie. He barks quite a bit when it's thundering and lighting.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

08-17-2005, 02:55 AM
Good Evening Ladies,

Sorry I haven't written for a few days. I have been busy taking Gene to the urologist last week and then today we spent 5 hours going to the PCP, then for a chest x-ray, and then onto blood work. I did treat him to a nice lunch because he really did a lot of walking with his walker. He had to go through these tests so that he can have a 10-minute out-patient procedure to get rid of the catheter.

One day -- I, too, am doing very poorly with any type of program but after seeing Oprah's show this afternoon about the ladies who had to lose enormous amount of weight and they showed grusome pictures of how their bodies looked prior to plastic surgery, I really need to do some serious soul searching and get back on track. I did manage to do 30 minutes at the gym this morning prior to our medical appointments.

I also go to go the American Idol concert since it was right in my neighborhood. It was quite enjoyable except the sound system was too blasting, however, I do believe that's what the young people enjoy! At least I got to see Anthony and Bo Bice, and they are so much better in person than on TV.

It is way too hot in Phoenix and our gas prices are in the $2.50's range. I do believe something drastic has to be done because I really don't know how people can even afford to go to work each day.

Well I had better get moving--as far as our intentions to move to Ohio and/or PA, it definitely has been put on hold until we get Gene back on his feet!

Take care all,

08-17-2005, 08:12 PM
Shad--the magazine is a literary journal called Studio: A journal of christians writing. Excellent taste--they've published me several times! But not a biggie--it's out of NSW.

I have been doing Eating Awareness Training, with some additional specialized yoga.

And out to walk the dog!

08-17-2005, 10:01 PM
Hello Ladies,

Nita - I'm sure with everything going on in your lives it hard to focus on whether or not to move. I agree, focus on Gene getting stronger, before you tackle that decision. I think we're due for some more hot weather this weekend.

Cat - Is that a book? I guess I have not heard of it.

Another busy day for me at work. Plus TOM and i'm still feeling cranky. Glad this will pass in a day or two.

Hope everyone is having a good day!

08-17-2005, 10:24 PM
Hiya all,
Another busy day at work (not) but since I had yesterday off I am trying to get things done around here.

Yesterday was a bit of a disaster as far as getting things done around the house. First a visit from my DB2 (complete with broken nose and disagreeable attitude) and then the postman brought DS2 some unwelcome news - the tax office wants to get to know him a little better, so I spent time in the cobwebby, hot, dusty attic finding his paperwork for him. I did manage to get some work done in the front garden but even that was interupted by JW's and some person who wants me to change my whole telephone system around. Oh just great. So it wasn't a great day off at all. Still only 1.5 days to the weekend. My friend and I are going to Banora Point on Saturday morning to check on Motel accommodation for guests for her parents 50th wedding anniversary. Haven't been there for ages so that will be a nice change. It's about a 90 minute drive from home. The car could do with a run as well. Mind you with the price of petrol at the moment, it's no time to be driving anywhere - 1.11 per litre which is about 4.50 per gallon in your terms. Yikes. Talk about being held to ransom.

Still feeling cold but not shivery or sick like earlier in the week so I guess I have staved off the worst for the time being. Can't wait until it starts to get lighter earlier in the mornings and a bit warmer as well. Mind you in a couple of months time I could well be complaining of the heat. Are we ever satisfied with our lot?

Hope things are on the improve Nita.

Halgal, sure hope that they get your schedule sorted. What a thing to go wrong at this time!

Better go sort out the next crisis in daily life. Back later.

08-17-2005, 11:54 PM
Quick note--Eating Awareness Training is a book--will get the author soon. They have just started a very minimal web site which doesn't help now but might get better some day.

08-18-2005, 09:29 PM
Hello Ladies,

Cat - Keep us informed on how your doing with that program. Earlier today I found my hypnosis tapes. Think i'm going to start listening to them on my morning commute.

Shad - Wow, I thought our 2.50 gal was high. I currently drive a small SUV but thank goodness I don't put alot of miles on vehicle. I commute on the train, so i only have to drive 12miles roundtrip.

Had dentist appointment today, doc wants to recap two very old fillings I have, think that will run me $ 500. Told him it's not in this month budget will have to work in before holidays.

Hope everyone is having a good day!

08-20-2005, 12:30 AM
Hello Ladies,

Just bringing us to the top!

Looking forward to the weekend. Lots of errans to run... taking Blackie to vet to get his yearly checkup, then i'm off to get a hair cut. Hoping the rest of the day is quite. We in for a hot weekend, so i'm hoping to stay indoors.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

08-20-2005, 10:07 AM
Hey everyone, and happy weekend!

It was a good start to yet another school year! Our computer problems are not solved, but I guess they are making due. We are taking paper attendance reports. I am putting my lessons in, and printing back ups. Technology is great, when it works. ;)

After the first day of teaching, I found myself with a slight scratchy throat. I thought no biggie. Talking non-stop for 7 hours, it was understandable. Then came some chills, and congestion. Yesterday teaching was a challenge. I had no voice, no volume... so I had to switch activites around. I feel much better today, only slight symptoms prevail. I slept for 12 hours last night, and I think that helped.

Hey girls... guess who is coming to MY town to play a concert for the first time in approximately 6 years? You got it, my man HAL KETCHUM. Oh baby!
No, I am not excited! :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil:

Mooz: Are you listening to the Hal CDs you purchased on EBay? If so, do you have a fav yet? Song or CD?

OneDay: I am going to try to get Rocky groomed this AM. I need to make this short so we can get running.

I don't know about you guys, but I have just about had enough of the missing persons news reports, scared families and dreaded results. I know I am very sensitive to violence, but this is enough. What is going on in our country? So much violence. So few consequences... or shall I say ones that seem to make a difference.

Nita: Good to hear from you. Hang in there.

CatLover: Eating Awareness... sounds key to me. I ordered the Christina Cooks book on line this week. She prepares all whole grain and organic foods.

Shad: Today our temps are due to have a heat index of 110 degrees. Hope that gives you a warm up! :o Hey I used a hammer to put a bookshelf back up that fell in my classroom. Thinking of you, and how handy you are!

Gotta go... I'll do my best to post more later in the weekend!

08-20-2005, 07:08 PM
Hi Ladies,

Just a quick post to let you know I am hanging in there. I went shopping to the mall today and had a real fine time. I got a lot of bargains and that always makes me feel good. I decided to dye my hair today and after I had the dye all over it, I suddenly realized I was using "Medium" blonde instead of "light" blonde. Oh well, it is a little darker than I would like but at least I will have the body that was missing. It's amazing how we forget things so easily.

A week from this Wed. is D day for re-joining WW. I am really looking forward to it because it always gives me a sense of security. We are still waiting for a call to find out when Gene's surgical procedure is to take place. If only this works, we may be able to take a trip back to Ohio and PA and check out the homes there.

Well I will talk to all a little later.

Take care and have a "super" weekend!


08-20-2005, 09:47 PM
Hello Ladies,

Hal - I know your excited about Hal coming to town. Can you purchase your tickets in advance or do you have to wait til they go on sale to the public? Your right about all this violence. I heard some disturbing news about the young pregant girl, apparently it was her boyfriend who murdered her.

Nita - I guess i missed a note somewhere. What procedure is Gene going to have? I received a Ww offer today in the mail about rejoining the program. It's a good program. I just need to do something.

Busy day today, ran lots of errans. I think our temps got to 99degrees. I tried to stay indoors most of the afternoon. Just got back from church so tomorrow morning i'm heading up to the office to get a few things done.

Hope everyone is having a great day!