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08-20-2005, 10:11 PM
Hi Patty,

The procedure is where they insert a tube through the lower abdomen into the bladder and there is a 10 inch tube that has a plug on the end of it. Supposedly this will enable him to hopefully make the bladder work again and eventually the tube can be taken out. I do believe it is worth a shot!

I know what you mean about following the WW program. Since our temperatures are still in the 100's I still cannot use my treadmill in the garage. It is a good thing I at least do 3 to 4 days worth of bowling. I really don't have my energy I used to have 10 lbs. less than I am right now. I am fortunate that I only have to pay $59 for 10 weeks of WW, and I do feel that I am ready to give it my all--last time I joined I really didn't commit myself.

Take care,

08-21-2005, 09:35 AM
Good Sunday Morning Girls!

Oh yes, I am excited Hal is coming to town. The last time I saw him in concert was 2 years ago in July. He played a small town fair in southern Indiana and I had to drive just over 2 hours to see him. He went to a town in Illinois with the same name, and there was doubt he would make it for the concert, but he did. I hope he makes it to the right Lexington, and does not go to Lexington, Virginia! LOL :lol: Can you imagine the stress of having that happen to you?

Most of my cold symptoms are gone. Atleast it will not turn into a sinus infection as it usually does. I only have a cough that appears to be bronchitus like, and some blocking of my ears. Who knows how I landed this one so early in the school year. I slept lots Friday night and Saturday - had chicken soup, fresh cantelope, and lots of hot tea. It seems to have helped.

Nita: It is hot here also. We had heat index warnings yesterday, and I think we will today also. We are due to have a nice cool down this week. I enjoy warm weather, but to a limit.

OneDay: I am with you, off to school this afternoon to work out new lessons and take in supplies. I have a list of students that need notebooks and paper and I have promised them I would help them. Many of them offer excuses, but I just say not to worry. There are too many barriers to learning, and students should not have to worry about the basics. Our school averages about 70% free and reduced lunch. The odd part is the other 30% are the upper crust. We don't have a large number of the middle class. Young people can be so mean, and so judgemental, I do my best to work with the ones I can. I told these students to drop by my room before school tomorrow morning to pick up their supplies. How did Blackie do with his yearly check up? Rocky looks fabulous with his 'new hair do'. He is not spoiled at all. :s: I received the WW mailing too! Wild, huh?

Shad: I hope you had an enjoyable weekend trip and you are feeling better also! Our gasoline prices are a dollar higher than this time last year. Most folks talk about a $40 tank of gas these days. Lots of money. It really sad part of it all is how it has affected our food costs already, and will soon affect our energy prices for both electric and natural gas. Can you say inflation, ression and republicans. Oops! :devil:

Shout outs to THIN and MOOZ...!! :angel:

08-21-2005, 05:40 PM
Hal--glad to hear you're feeling better. I know my DFiL taught at a school something like that. There were the kids of the miners--and the kids of the mine owners. FiL also drove the bus from one town to the other, and sometims had to face down the kids from the mines. He was not a big guy, but guess that Army sargeant was able to get them in line!

I'm sure I have lost some weight. Want to get a really accurate tape measure so I am not cheating--either way. Will try to WI Tue--even tho you're not supposed on this approach, but I just gotta know!

08-21-2005, 07:32 PM
Morning all,
Well here we are back at work on a sunny Monday morning. The sky is blue, the grass is brown etc.etc.etc. Am I impressed with Monday, no not at all.

My SIL is to be operated on today. DB1 is supposed to ring me to let me know the outcome but won't so I will have to ring him later myself. I'd best get some flowers sent from all of us (DB2 will not think about it and DSister is gravehopping trying to find the GPs. Keep all fingers and toes crossed please.

I have decided that my motivation to lose weight has completely gone. I am just going to try for maintenance for the next few months or so. I'm sitting between 72 and 73kg. (158lb and 160lb), and it doesn't seem to matter how much effort I put into it, nothing shifts, just bounces from 73 to 72 and sometimes to 71.5 but nothing further. I've had enough. I'll settle for what it is and continue doing what I am doing - ie eating well and going to the gym. I can do without the stress and depression of that situation. I've given up writing in the journals. I can get more information, help, friendship here. I make the odd comment here and there but that's it, I don't have anything to say and since I haven't made an entry in 10 days and no one has missed me yet, obviously whatever I had to say wasn't interesting. So that's that. It doesn't worry me, I've been losing interest in them for a while.

Cat - Hope you are right and that you have lost weight. That would be great.

Hal - Yes the price of petrol has affected everything here. The people are complaining bitterly about it. SOMEBODY should do something!!! according to everyone else. I've done what I can to hedge the inflation. I grow quite a few of my own vegetables and eat little meat and no longer keep a full refridgerator or pantry so I'm not affected that much. However it will take it's toll on those driving big cars and the 4WD's. I have a near new car (it's about 18 months old now) and is very economical so that all helps as well.

Nita - hope you get to hear of the medical procedure soon. Keep cool. I have a friend in Chino Valley who tells me it is darned hot up there.

Anyway I had better go get some work down before this turns into a novel.

Catch up later.

08-21-2005, 08:05 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies,

Shad -- Evidently with the time difference it is already Monday where you live--it's sort of interesting that we can all chat even though some of us are so far apart. I know about this going up and then going down a few pounds--it gets rather discouraging. I presume I am using Gene's illness to eat whatever I want to and think it won't matter. However, when I do overeat I truly suffer for doing so--I get very bad indigestion and sometimes I can hardly get over it before going to bed. I am waiting patiently for a week from Wednesday when I definitely am going to go back to WW for the 10-week program. It is most important that I really want to do this and will commit to whatever it takes to get there. I have tried "Lean Pockets" and they are truly not only good tasting but I don't suffer afterwards. They had a lady from Arizona who lost 100 lbs. and she claims she did it by eating Lean Pockets for lunch and dinner and droped 30 lbs. right away. She then joined a gym and began working out regularly, which changed her body composition and made her feel great. The other thing about these Lean Pockets is they are not all that expensive and you put them in the Micro for 1.30 min.

Thanks again for being such "wonderful" friends!


08-21-2005, 08:35 PM
Oh yes it is definitely Monday over here - you ought to listen to the groaning and moaning going on in this office.

I believe I am 17 hours ahead of you Nita. I think that is what I worked it out to be some time ago when I phoned my friend over there. Phoning is difficult because you have to work out a time when both parties are likely to be awake and at home. Still it is fun.

08-22-2005, 03:02 PM
Bringing us to the top... will post later tonight..

08-22-2005, 08:56 PM
Shad--howtall are you? 158 might not be too bad. You also might try measuring, because if you are working out a lot you may be losing fat although not weight.

Nita--I've had the lean pockets, and some of them are very tasty.

I've lost an inch in my hips and an inch in my thighs--none on my waist, unfortunately. But note that this is without "dieting" at all!

Today I craved ice cream, so I bought a bar at work--ate two bites,and that was all I wanted.

NIght to all.

08-22-2005, 11:39 PM
Hello Ladies,

Started South Beach today and i'm starting to get a headache. I guess it's from sugar withdrawls. The wierd thing is i'm not hungary, just craving something sweet.

Cat - WTG for only taking 2 bites and getting rid of the rest. Ice cream is my major downfall. I can eat a gallon in a day, if I let myself.

Shad - saying a prayer for your SIL. Hope the surgery went well. Maintenance might not be a bad idea. Give you body a rest. Then get back full force.

Tomorrow will be a challenge for me. I'm going to a meeeting away from office and we always eat lunch out. I've decided that i'm having a salad no matter where we go.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

08-23-2005, 07:50 PM
Hello Ladies,

Day 2 of South Beach and so far no cheats. I did have a headache last night though. Today really proud of myself. Went to a meeting away from office and of course for lunch we went to a ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET. When I walked in, I had told myself to make the best choice you can, not knowing what they would be serving. I did great, had baked chicken, summer squash and a big salad. Passed up the dessert table.

Hope everyone is doing ok. Hope to hear from you all soon!

08-23-2005, 08:23 PM
:D :D :D :goodscale Hey, chicks, I lost more than 3 lb. How much? Well, the last time I wrote my weight down, I weighed less than 200, and I know I was over that :o , but apparently didn't write it down. So now I am 3 lb under the old weight--I love it! Food tastes so good under this plan.

Worried about Kitten. :( . We had her spayed,and she seemed to be healing very nicely, but today the incision area looks swollen. Of course, I got home too late to call the vet (barring emergency). So we'll have to wait until tomorrow. Fortunately, DH has tomorrow off, so he can take her in or get medicine if need be.

Well, time to write poetry again.

Night all. :wave:

08-23-2005, 09:16 PM
Catlover -- Congratulations on your weight loss! What plan are you doing? I just found out today I cannot rejoin WW until the Wed. after Labor Day!

Patty -- Congratulation to you, too, on making great choices at the Buffet. It is amazing what we can do when we make up our mind.

Yesterday I bought a new bowling ball--this one is drilled so that your two fingers go in up to the first joint. It is going to take some getting used to. Today instead of taking a nap, I went bowling and lucky for me one of my friends was there and we bowled 5 games, one right after the other. He finally gave up and I did one more. Even though they have air conditioning, I was sweating up a storm. I didn't do too bad but I still have a lot of learning to do.

Hopefully the rest of our ladies are doing well!

Take care,

08-23-2005, 10:16 PM
Nita--WTG on the bowling. I know little about it, but what is supposed to be the advantage of the different style of ball?

I am doing Eating Awareness Training. They just have a very limited web site, but the book is easy to follow.

08-24-2005, 02:38 PM
Good Afternoon,

Day 3 on SBD and going pretty good. I need to start incorporating some exercise. I'm not having the cravings for sweets as bad as I use to, but I still have them. Need to focus on drinking more water too.

Nita - I'm sure you burn lots of calories when you bowl. I'm sure it will take a while to get use to that bowling ball.

Cat - WTG on your 3 lb loss. Hope Kitten is doing ok.

08-24-2005, 08:20 PM
Thanks. Kitten seems OK after all. Maybe I was over-worried.

My DSiL says that drinking lots of water has really helped her blood pressure. She just couldn't make herself drink the plain water, but gets it with a little flavor and she is fine.

08-25-2005, 12:28 AM
Sorry, I haven't been posting in a while, I've been hospital visiting and feeding the DB1. Not to mention trying to meet a couple of deadlines at work that were thrown at me at the last possible minute.

My SIL has had her operation and according to all reports the mass was not cancerous. Instead they removed the lump, some fatty tissue which should not have been there and part of the end of the pancreas (not sure as to why that bit got removed). Anyway she is up and about although darned sore and will come home when they get her blood levels stable again. They had to stop the hefarin (warfarin??) to get the blood thick enough to operate and know that she would not bleed to death, and now they have to reverse the procedure so she doesn't clot again after she goes home. Anyway, all seems well at this stage. She is hoping to be home by Saturday - DB is hoping they will keep her there until she is well enough to come home. She never sits down, and never stops working and it is very hard for her to rest up and get over things - hence the DB wanting her to stay in until she is well on the road to recovery.

I'd better get back to the grindstone since I am leaving in an hour or so to go to the hospital. Maybe DB and I will eat out tonight on the way home.

Hello to all - catch up again as soon as possible.

08-25-2005, 02:38 PM
Hello Ladies,

Shad - Good news on your SIL. I agree she should stay in the hospital as long as she can. I'm sure your DB1 is appreciative of you helping him out.

Cat - I tried that flavored water they sell and didn't like it(too strong). Crystal Light sell some small packets to go and I usually mix 1/2 of it in my water.

Just another day here at work. Took car in shop and repair man just called, total cost is $ 510.00 :yikes: But the good news is the car is paid for and this is the first of repairs in over two years other than oil changes. Eating is good, still need to work on my exercise.

08-25-2005, 09:00 PM
Shad--good news about your SiL.

Patty--will try to ask my DSiL what kind of water she drinks--there seem to be a lot of kinds. Too bad about the car, but as my husband says think how much you are saving compared to making car payments!

08-26-2005, 12:01 AM
Good Thursday Evening Movers and Losers!

Oh my gosh, I am almost through the first FULL week of school. It's been very good, but getting up in the morning is NO fun. Today I actually poured the coffee, washed my face and went 'down under' for 15 more minutes! Rocky is so good, he promptly sat on the pillow next to me demanding to be played with - no extra minutes for me!

I've dedicated myself to arriving at school earlier each morning to give myself additional preparation time since I have all new textbook materials, and I am teaching out of 6 new textbooks, count them 6... this school year. So, I leave the house at 6:30A now. Just a tad early, but it makes the day so much better to have about 30 minutes of solitude before students begin coming in, and I have to do my early morning hall duty. Now, to keep this pattern. Several other teachers are already there each morning when I arrive and I find myself asking, 'What time do they arrive?" LOL

SHAD: I hope your brother is feeling better and able to come home this weekend as hoped. I think it is so scary how they manipulated the blood levels for medical care these days. Just plain scary. I had dinner out last evening after an 11 hour day. By the time I arrived home, I was so exhausted I think that is why I wanted the extra '15' this AM. Hang in there and I am sure your brother appreciates your support while he is recouperating.

OneDay: No car payments are a nice thing, I seem to remember! I took my Jeep in for annual maintenance in July for raidiator flushing, brake adjustments and tire rotation. Then, 3 weeks later my battery decides to die but good. The good part was I was able to have it replaced with no tow trucks or anything. When I think of all of the places I've been recently that it could have died on me, and where it did - I thank all of my 'angels'. Oh yeah, I belieive. I am with you on the diet - all is good, and exercise needs to improve - soon. My principal is walking in the building or around the grounds each AM I arrive at 6:45AM. It just takes the decision to do it. Just takes!

CatLover: I would like to hear more about your Eating Awareness program. I don't have room for another book to read at the moment, tho. I have 3 personal books going, as well as all the new educational stuff I am working through for the new lessons. Eating Awareness... just sounds interesting. IF I were more aware - of each bite I wonder? WTG on the weight loss. You go girl. That is wonderful.

Nita: So what color is your new bowling ball? Strange question, right? I wanted one so badly when I was younger and on a league. I was in 9th grade and bowled Saturday mornings. I wanted a purple ball. Go figure! I have a coupon for a FREE box of Lean pockets. I'll try to remember to use it this weekend when I shop. Anything that is conveneint, good for you and taste good is a real plus. I think my cold I had last week (and is trying to revisit daily) has affected my taste and smell). I made a cup of hot tea after school today while I was covering a 2 hour extended detention. A teacher came in and said my tea smelled wonderful - and I could not smell it at all. Now, sometimes not being able to smell as a teacher is a good thing. :lol:

I've often said if I did not eat after 8P I would never have developed a weight problem. I found this article that addresses this problem. I don't know if any of you tend to do this, but it is me all over the place. It is from the WW folks and it sounds like a few of us will be members soon.

Nighttime Nibbles
By Leslie Fink, MS, RD | 8/22/2005

Need ideas for coping with restaurant buffets? Want some good snack ideas? In our Q&A series, nutritionist and food editor Leslie Fink, MS, RD, answers readers' questions about food, nutrition and weight loss.

Q: How can I put the brakes on my non-stop nighttime cookie nibbling?

A: For years I used to eat on automatic pilot. I wasn't ever conscious about it; I just found myself standing in front of an open fridge. Then one day I stopped and asked myself why I felt so unsatisfied after supper. My conclusion? A lack of substantial calories.

Non-fat cottage cheese mixed with fresh, chopped fruit, for example, was certainly a nutritious dinner, but it didn't suppress my appetite for long. That's when my wandering fingers began to roam. When I added a little fat and a bit more protein to my meal by tossing in some slivered almonds and by switching to low-fat cottage cheese, I felt much fuller for longer.

But perhaps you're already eating well-balanced meals. Are you eating at breakneck speed? It takes a while for your body to know that it's full. Or maybe it's your environment that's leaving you unsatisfied? Make meal times more appealing: Try surrounding yourself with a vase of fresh cut flowers, soothing music and a pretty-patterned tablecloth.

If you watch television while you eat, the food commercials or food-centered events on some programs may unconsciously trigger your appetite. Shut the TV off, stop riffling through the mail and focus on your meals. You may be surprised how much more flavorful they seem when you pay attention to each bite. And greater meal satisfaction may curtail your free-for-all in the kitchen cabinets.

Here are some suggestions:

Love strong-flavored crunch? Try some ranch-flavored baked chips or mini cheddar "Goldfish" crackers.

Want something chocolaty? Enjoy a small piece of very rich dark chocolate like a Hershey's miniature or two, or a small fudgy brownie.

Need a longer-lasting sweet? Opt for some butterscotch hard candies or a chocolate lollipop.

Crave volume? Try a few handfuls of baby carrots, grape tomatoes, celery dipped into peach salsa, air popped popcorn or something you can sip that'll keep your mouth full and your hands occupied. Great picks include a hot mug of broth, diet hot cocoa, flavored coffee or fruity herbal tea.

When you can't seem to draw the line there, try a few stop-the-cravings-on-the-spot tactics:

Brush your teeth right after dinner. (I do this, and it helps!)

Gargle with minty mouthwash.

Chew a piece of very flavorful gum.

Eat a piece of "hot" candy. One Community User suggests eating a spicy cinnamon candy (just one) like Hot Tamales for a long-lasting mouth tingle.

Some of the new sugar free hard candies are very good, try them if you have not.

One more day...!

08-26-2005, 02:17 PM
Hello Ladies,

We'll went and got car out of shop. Seemed to drive better. Ran a few errans and got home opened up door and the hand latch that moves the seat forward and backwards fell off. I looked it over and decided it was not the car's shop, looks like the lever was rusty and the metal just worn. Took car back in shop this morning and it was another $ 200.00 YIKES. But i'm hoping this is the last of repairs til I get some new tires. Hoping to get those before winter weather.

Cat - I agree with your husband. Even though I just spent $ 750.00 I haven't had any majors problems in years and no car payments.

Hal - Good article. I need to not eat in front of tv and I need to slow down. Hope you have a relaxing weekend.

08-26-2005, 06:18 PM
Hi chicks ....... just dropping by to let you know I am still alive and well ;) ...... well alive and tired might be a better way of putting it. I don't think I will get to the Hal Ketchum concert in September as at the moment I really feel it is too much hassle......... sorry Halgal :(
I have to get up through the night most nights with my mother ....... sometimes twice ..... it is very exhausting but there is no-one else to do it. I don't want her to go into a home as that would finish her in my opinion so while I am able to look after her I will do it.
I have not had a chance to read the posts so I hope you are all keeping well.

HAve a great weekend all.

08-27-2005, 11:53 AM
Good Morning Ladies,

Mooz - Good to hear from you. I'm sure your pretty exhaused not being able to sleep throught the night. I can understand not wanting to put her in a home. I think I would probably be even more worried if she was getting the proper care. You take care of yourself though.

Woke up late today. Trying to decide if i'm going to go anywhere or just stay in. We're do for another 100 degree day and besides that just spent $ 800 on car so I really don't have extra money to shop. Think I'll just make a good breakfast and read the paper.

Hope everyone is having a good day!

08-27-2005, 05:58 PM
Hal--the WW thing fits right in with the EAT. You have to eat at the table (unless it would be really ridiculous like a stand-up buffet), no TV, no reading (the hard part for me) and you write down what you eat. The idea is not limiting what you eat, just to be aware.

Oops--Patty, sorry about the extra $200. Sure hope that will be it!

Hi to everyone else!

08-27-2005, 06:18 PM

Hey Everyone!

I just finished watching a movie all about COMPASSION, called 'Pay It Forward". I've seen it once before, and there are just no words to describe it. If you have not seen it, do.

I bought a George Foreman roasting machine. This is different than the grill in that is has a larger roasting area, rather than two grill areas that compact together. I think I am going to love this thing. I have tried boneless lemon chicken breast I purchased from Swan. They were finished in 18 minutes, and very, very good! I was worried about the clean up, but it was easy too.

I read the final page of the latest O magazine. Oprah says we should not actually try to lose weight until we have decided we will. She says there is a clear difference. I believe that. I'm ready. :angel: :angel:

08-27-2005, 07:09 PM
Good morning Ladies.

Well it is Sunday here and it is grey and overcast. I do hope we get some rain out of it. We badly need rain, however we don't need the tropical deluges we get here in the summer as the ground is so hard it would just flood and run off to the creeks and rivers - such as they are at the moment - all drying up and going nowhere. We will be facing further water restrictions soon because of the bad drought situation.

Sunday the cat is still intact, she had a brushing but decided against the manicure (pedicure???) and obviously picked up the vibes that this was going to happen. She disappeared for the entire day yesterday, emerging only when I was outside and digging weeds (and observing the new neighbours moving in - geez I am nosey) Today may well be the day. Those claws of hers are razor sharp and she will insist on digging them into me while settling down for a sleep on the lap. The fur is everywhere, I seem to spend forever cleaning up the furry bits lying on the mats and under the beds. So brushing will be a common occurence until she stops shedding her winter coat.

Had nephew over for the footy last night. The niece was living it up at a party. Our team won although it was a nail biting finish and only 4 points in it at the end. We had a fair amount to say about the ref - who I suspect has a degree in knock on rules but not in offside rules or some of the other rules of the game. Added to that he was French, excitable, and had a good set of lungs. The whistle was the main feature of the game. That annoys me when they won't let the game flow. I wonder what the new neighbours thought about the noise from next door. Wait till we get a few more in for dinner and game for the final finish next weekend.

My weight is still static - anywhere from 73.5 to 71.5 depending on the day, and it is weigh in day on Wednesday/ Thursday. And for now it is time for a gym appearance (scarce last week because of holding up the db's spirits and visiting the dsil who is now home by the way - thank you for all your good wishes. We will have to tie her down to stop her from trying to do things too soon. DB is on leave for another couple of weeks - his employers gave him 4 weeks leave and all his sick days to use as necessary while she was in hospital and recuperating and they sent her a huge bunch of flowers. Nice folks where he works.

So I'm off to get changed, go to the gym, come back to sort the cat, sand some more and do some more weeding out front. Oh and I had better attach the photos of the orchids. There is the Pastoral and a new one I picked up yesterday called Tropical Fantasy. See if you can pick which is which. Um I can't upload it because it keeps telling me I have already done it on another thread. So if you want to see the pics, click
here (

08-27-2005, 10:28 PM
Shad--glad DSiL is back home. She will have to understand that if she gets sick again she will just make MORE work for everyone else. As for not getting to the gym, sometimes there are just needs that are more important--the main thing I think is that you pick up and go back when things are better.

08-28-2005, 07:28 PM
So it's Monday morning and back to the grind again. Still didn't get the cat's claws clipped - everytime I thought about it, she disappeared but this morning - thank you Sunday - she is in full view, sleeping on the end of my bed.

Didn't get as much done as planned yesterday, due to the fact that the DB1 was on the phone several times to ask questions about e-mail. Then the DB2 arrived for coffee and cake (didn't get any - tea instead, no food).

Been to the gym this morning. I have rescheduled my days/ nights and am now going early mornings for cardio on Monday/ Thursday and afternoons for weights/ resistance on Tuesday/ Friday. I find that cardio late in the afternoon is absolutely no good for me at all. I shall also do the Body Balance/ Weight routine on Saturday or Sunday. I have a list of all the jobs to do on the board separated now into easy, medium, hard/ expensive. So hopefully I will get on with things in a more settled way. I have a couple of weekends coming up where not much will get done, so it is best to do as much of the housework as possible during the week.

Roses - I've been searching for a rose bush for this Golden Wedding Anniversary as you may know. Went to the biggest rose nursery down our way and all I could find was a climber - Gold Bunny, a couple of standards - Golden Girls and Friesa, and a bush called All Gold. The latter two are fragrant. Spoke to the lady at the nursery about Golden Jubilee and Golden Anniversary and she referred me to another rose nursery about 20kilometres away. I rang the place from home (after I brought an All Gold and a Friesa) and chatted to the owner about the said two roses. She doesn't recommend Golden Jubilee at all. Has Golden Anniversary and another one called Golden Years. She also has one called Happy Anniversary which is orange (also known as Orange Kardinal as opposed to the Red Kardinal which is popular down south). She says they are both okay for the climate however Golden Years blooms much more profusely than the Golden Anniversary. So next Saturday she will bring all three plants into her shop and I am going to check them out. So now I have 2 new roses for the garden. Where am I going to put them?? I'm sure I can find somewhere.

Hope everyone is doing okay. Enjoy what's left of your weekend. Mooz, my thoughts are with you and your Mum. Please try to rest when your mum is resting. You need to snatch what downtime you can.

Okay time to get on with the day. Reporting. Reporting training. Report documentation. 52 reports - 6 down 46 to go.

08-29-2005, 09:59 PM
Hello Ladies,

Can't believe how fast time is going by.Soon it will be Sept. The weather is still hot here. We'll actually today was a little cooler. Doing ok on my eating, still need to drink more water and do some type of exercise. I have been real tired lately and i'm guessing it due to the lack of carbs.

Shad - OH, your roses sound lovely. My mom has several in her yard and they are just beautiful. I love to go by and pick some of her blooms.

Hal - are you getting any of the hurricane rains? I hope your staying safe and dry.

Hope everyone is having a good day!

08-30-2005, 09:08 PM
Hello Ladies,

Just bringing us to the top!

Sending :angel: 's and prayers to everyone that might have family in the Hurricane Area. Looking at the pictures on the news it's so devastating.

08-30-2005, 09:36 PM
Well, my where is everyone?

I saw the new dr today and I really liked him. So I said send over my records from my old dr's office. Perhaps they'll be glad to see me go. Their customer relations . . . are very poor.

Yes--one terrible thing is that the hurricane damage is not over. Some people in NO who rode out the storm now are flooded with the break of the levees. There was a shelter established that they can't get in touch with now. Flooded? Must pray for all of them.

08-30-2005, 10:25 PM
Hi Everyone,

Sorry I haven't been in touch for a few days. In fact, I stopped getting e-mail alerts that someone had posted. It is probably because I was absent so many days.

It is extremely hot here in Phoenix and as a result I am not in the diet mode and haven't been for several weeks. However, I agree with what Oprah said about being ready to do it! I thought the WW meeting was going to start this Wed. but they have put it off untl next week. I have been really out of control and this morning I just threw out a couple of items I had been binging on because I know if they are not in the house, I won't be tempted to indulge. My DH got his surgery date--it will take place on Sept. 15th. Today we had to take him for a CT of his lungs because the chest x-ray had showed some abnormality. Between my DH's medical condition and the heat, I am not a happy camper. However, when I see what those people are going through in NO, it makes me very sad and seeing all that destruction in such a short period of time is very scary. I told my DH how lucky we are to be living where we do--far away from water.

I received a coupon in a mailer today regarding Contours Express--similar to Curves--and they are offering a "free trial workout." It is less than 3 miles from where I live so I definitely am going to check it out.

You ladies are sure encouraging and hopefully you will not give up on me.

Take care,

08-30-2005, 11:13 PM
Our mission is not to give up on anyone Nita. So you are definitely not on a hit list.

My thoughts are with the people on these threads who live in New Orlean, near or anywhere in the path of Katrina who may be suffering from the weather. It is not pretty to see the news and the destruction and loss of live and living arrangements. Having lived through a couple of cyclones and very bad storms I can sympathise with these people and I gape in awe at the power of Mother Nature. It seems she is in a very bad mood these days with drought, floods, fire, cyclones and hurricanes all around the world.

Glad to hear you liked the new Dr., Cat. That always helps. Sometimes the receptionists are a bit on the harsh side at medical centres these days. However I think it works both ways. Our surgery has a notice about not harrassing the nursing staff - what the **** have we come to that we have to put notices up about the behaviour of patients and staff in these sort of places?

We've had a spot of rain over the past couple of nights. Certainly not enough to fix the drought but it was nice not to have to go out and water the pots when I got home from work or gym. And the plants just love rainwater. They much prefer it to tap stuff. So some of the petunias and pansies are on the move again.

Weigh in day today. Always at the end of the month. Yes although I am 'resting from my regime' at the moment, I still weigh in and measure at the end of the month. Still sitting on 73, measurements more or less the same. I will document these when I get home tonight. No gym tonight - Wednesday is rest day for this old body so I will be able to answer some of my email letters then - and about time I can hear some of my friends mutter.

Anyway I had better go. I have 46 reports to finish, 2 more training classes to go. The reports come in three parts. I had 52, I did all three parts of 6 of them, I have now done one part of 23 more, so I am moving along even if dead slow.

Have a good day and stay out of the rain if possible - in Nita's case maybe started a rain dance to cool off the place a bit.

08-31-2005, 07:02 PM
Hello Ladies,

Still doing good on my eating. Have to work hard on the water... same old story.

This morning they stated that Dallas had opened two shelters for the hurricane survivors. We're about 10 hours away from New Orleans but there driving this far north. Didn't know what I could do... kept thinking, called a girlfriend who has been waiting and praying to hear news from her cousins and grandmother(90) who live in Hattisburg MS. I said what can we do, we brainstormed and decided to put our past volunteer efforts to work. She called several vendors and I called several to get food donations for the local shelter. She was able to get a local dairy to delivery milk and juice today and not only that they were willing to donate for a week and I was able to get Whole Foods to donate 10 cs of fruit, that I will be picking up this evening. It's not much but it helps, meanwhile as we're making calls she received a phone call from her cousin, they were ok, shaken but ok. I told my friend Deb, see Gods works in mysterious way, you stopped to help someone else and he answered your prayers. Just my thinking.

will post more later

08-31-2005, 07:15 PM
Well spring has sprung, today being the first day of spring, however I don't feel too overjoyed about it all.

I feel for those people in New Orleans and would love to line up the looters against the wall and give them a dose of lead poisoning. They deserve shooting. I just hope that the damage to the heritage areas is not such that they must be destroyed and rebuilt. Such a lot of history there, not to mention the one of the city's few chances to recoup with tourism and sport etc. It's not only the initial devastation that is so bad, its the aftermath as well, the realisation that some folk are not coming home, that those precious remnants of past life are lost forever. My thoughts are with them. For those of you close enough and able to hold out a helping hand, then do so, it maybe all they have to keep them sane.

Also in the bad news brigade last night, you all know that I said my friend Chris (the friend I travel the world with every couple of years) who lives in Japan was to go for MRI scans etc., well I haven't been able to get in touch with her despite leaving messages on her answer machine, sending emails etc.etc. Last night I rang her ex-husband to get their daughters number in NZ as I only had her address and not phone number. I left a message on Jenny's phone and she rang me back some time later. It appears Chris is in hospital and has been diagnosed with Churg-Strauss disease. Never heard of it??? well neither had I until I looked it up on the net last night. It is no longer fatal but only just. The only cure appears to be varying doses of steroids namely prednizone and to bring it back to remission, large doses of the stuff, some folk can't take the dosage. It apparently strikes mainly females, not usually more than one in the same family, and is often preceded by asthma in mild or chronic form. Now Chris has been having lung troubles for years although she swore it was not asthma. The doc over in Japan had prescribed Prednizone for the ailment and I think the dosage has masked the Churg-Strauss for years maybe for the good, maybe not. Anyway, before she came down to see me and go to NZ in July, the doc thought she was well enough to come off the prednizone and take aspirin or a derivative of aspirin. She came down with a lurgy and was not completely well when she left here. So, 3 weeks without the drug and she gets back to Japan with numbness and tingling and is now in hospital. Ummm what more can I say without disolving into floods of tears again. I tried to ring the hospital last night to talk to her. Jenny gave me the hospital number and her room number, but my Japanese is too limited to understand what the man was trying to tell me and I could only repeat the number and name. Come to that I don't even know if I got the hospital, it could have been the drainage department for all I know. I'd better see if we have a Japanese speaker in the building and see if I can get some more direction. Other than that I'll just have to get back to Jenny and get information that way.

Sorry to be a doom and gloom merchant today. I'll try to cheer up and come back tonight a brighter soul.

08-31-2005, 10:29 PM
I think what you did is great! I know it doesn't seem like much compared to the devastation, but still it's a real contribution.

How sad that these people who are in the Superdome have nothing better to look forward to than the Astrodome.

Meanwhile a minor note on the importance of using the same scale--at my old dr's, I was 196, at the new dr's 198, on the scale at the drugstore 191. I think I should stick to measuring!

And Nita--of course we're not giving up on you. We know you're going through a rough time--our prayers are with you. Maybe going out to Contours Express might help you to deal with the stress. Hope it works!

09-01-2005, 07:15 PM
Morning all,

This site is amazing for those who need help in one form or another. One of the ladies on my other thread knows someone from another thread who lives in Japan and presumably speaks Japanese. I have emailed Red Balloon this morning for help on my inability to contact my friend in Japan. Last night I tried the hospital again. This time I managed to get a bit further than previously however still no Chris on the phone. I think the man was telling me he was putting me on hold and would I wait because she was on the phone. However I'm not exactly sure that that was right. It's easier face to face with a language problem since you can wave arms around or draw little pictures or see by expression or gesture what you or they don't understand. Me, I just plain don't understand, blank vacant looks all over that's me.

Hope everyone is hanging in there with weight, weather and all the other factors of daily life which manage to give us a headache.

Patty - what a wonderful gesture to help those poor souls from New Orleans and other areas devastated by Katrina. You rock girl. Keep up the good work. I'm sure there will be plenty of others willing to help, donate and work with you if you can just get the message to them.

Righto worldly chicks. I'm off to write some more bullsh*t about BW reporting. I am only writing the planning doco for the time being as I am working on the powers that be to reduce the number of reports I have to document since they all work the same way more or less. This is means that should for some reason the visual reports change, there will not be so much work to do to change the doco regarding how to run, read and interpret these reports. I think I am winning. I hope I am winning. I'd better be winning. Something needs to go right this week!!!

09-01-2005, 10:22 PM
Hello Ladies,

This is my friday at work. I've taken two days vacation days, so I don't have to be back at work untill Wednesday :cb: Not sure what all I am doing, but I know i'm taking my niece to the zoo tomorrow evening, there having some type of opening of area, and I need to empty out flower pots and clean and put up for winter. I know we still have a month or two of warm weather, but this 100degree heat has pretty much burned several of my plants. Other than give dog a bath, going to try and catch a movie and just relax.

Shad - so sorry to hear about your friend. Will keep her in my prayers. I hope your able to get through on the phone to her. I know it must be frustrating with the language barrier.

Cat - I think I would stick with the drugstore scale.

Nita - I'm never in the diet mode. I just have to remember to make the best choice that I can. I know you have been busy with taking care of Gene. Do the best you can. Keep up with your bowling. That's giving you some form of exercise. How's that new ball doing?

Hal - did you all get rains?
Thin - how are you doing?
Mooz - hope your Mother is doing ok. Hope your able to get some rest.
Mitchellez - Would love to hear from you!

09-02-2005, 12:50 AM
We are getting effects from Katrina even here. KU has said they will take students displaced by the hurricane who meet the basic requirements, charge them no late fees, and help them find a place to stay. A small gesture, but a nice one.

Looks like we'll be doing a storytelling concert as a fundraiser, too. The Chamber of Commerce of the city of Gladstone (just north of KC) has tentatively offered to do all the publicity, finding a venue etc. (which is hard for us, as we aren't a very big group), and we'd just donate the entertainment--stories of hope and healing. Sounds exciting.

National Storytelling network is trying to start a program of grants. These would give work to the storytellers whose living (schools, libraries) has been wiped out, as well as provide a wonderful experience for those in the awful life in the shelters.

09-03-2005, 01:47 PM
Hello Ladies,

Went to the zoo last night we sister,niece and mom. I can now see how my sister has lost weight running after her 2 year old. She is very active and just pulling her wagon, I was getting so tired. Had lots of fun.

Cat - I'm might be a small gesture from the KC university, but to those it will be helping, it will be a wonderful gift. That is great that the National Storytelling is trying to get grants set up. Looking at the devistation they need everything.

Today is clean up day, will spend afternoon cleaning up. This morning slept in last, just had breakfast, and not to start cleaning.

Wishing eveyone a safe holiday!

09-04-2005, 06:56 AM
Evening ladies.
Just a short note as I am very tired - I've been in the garden all day and dug, weeded, fertilised, watered and planted. I've put in soil conditioner as well, the place is so very dry with no rain at all.

I did get in touch with my friend. Red Balloon from one of the other threads lives in Tokyo and I e-mailed her my friends details and she rang and spoke to my friend. It really restores your faith in human nature when someone whom you don't know and will probably never meet goes to the trouble to help someone out. Anyway, I have since had a couple of e-mails from my friend who now has her laptop in hospital and she writes the letters and sends the laptop home with one of the other teachers who then hooks it up to the internet and sends the mails then returns the computer the next day. My friend still isn't too good. She has numbness in the hands and feet and can't walk or pick up anything at the moment. She is desperately hoping for some improvement soon. I've sent up a box of books for her as it is not easy to get good reading material in English amd will send up more if she requires later.

Bless you ladies who are doing things for the evacuees from Florida. Such a terrible blow to all those people. And all that lawlessness, shooting and looting etc. What are we coming to? And I guess it shows how thin the veneer of civilisation really is. The more we rely on others to do things for us and the more we rely on the 'mod cons' to deliver us from having to do things by hand the more problems we have with coping when things go wrong as they inevitably will.

Enough, I am off to bed to rest the weary bones. Have a good day - all of you. Enjoy your long weekend.

09-04-2005, 08:50 PM
Hi Ladies,

I am still not getting e-mail alerts--is there anything I need to do? It is still way too hot here in Phoenix to do any yard work. Shad you are really an ambitious lady--keep up the good work! Gene is still coming along--but he has to use the walker 100% of the time--however, that is better than falling. I am very proud of him though because he can shower and dress himself all alone. I am just hoping the surgery on the 15th is successful. He had the CT done for his lungs but we haven't heard back from the PCP. I think that is a good sign.

Yes, I am still bowling and trying to get used to my new fingertip ball. It still is not comfortable but I am sure one day it will just happen all of a sudden. I decided not to check out Contours because they really don't give you a trial period and pretty soon I will be able to do my treadmill in the garage. I also have all these wonderful DVD's that I haven't even tried. Today after bowling I have been in my sewing room since about 1:30. I am really lucky to have such a "wonderful" hobby. It really does take my mind off of food.

To you ladies who are helping with the disaster in New Orleans, my hat goes off to you! God does work in strange ways and perhaps something needed change here!

Well I had better get moving, it's almost time to make dinner.

Take care all,

09-04-2005, 10:15 PM
Hello Ladies,

Shad - I think there is alot of goodness in the whole and like you said here you have a friend of friend helping you get in touch with your friend. I truly believe in Karma. I'm sure your friend will appreciate any reading material you send her. Keeping her in my prayers.

Nita - I don't get any type of notice either. I guess I just log on every day. I know somedays it's just me, or other days it one of you chicks. I guess I type something one way or another. So keep checking in as often as you can.

Today was a lazy day. After church went to Walmart and they had the outdoor furniture on sale. Got a outdoor set for 1/2 price. It was the last one so I was excited. It's still in the back of the SUV, waiting on a friend to help me unload tomorrow.

Hope everyone is having a good day!

09-04-2005, 10:50 PM
Maybe you haven't got the subscription to thread ticked anymore. I know that happened to me a couple of times - go to the top of the page, click the thread tools button and check that you are subscribed. If it says subscribe to the thread then you are not currently subscribed. If it says unsubscribe to the thread then you are currently subscribed and the problem lies elsewhere. Thread Tools, in case you can't find it is under the page numbers. Sometimes the buttons are hard to find.

Good going on getting a bargain with the outdoor furniture, Patty. Always fun when you get a good deal.

My friend in Japan has been my friend for 30 years. We were neighbours when our children were small and later e-mail buddies as I shifted to Australia and she moved to Japan to teach. We are both now single and for the past 5 years or so have travelled the world together laughing and giggling our way round castles, caves, cities and countryside. We've looked up family trees and played rounds of golf. We don't always agree on things but mostly we can agree to differ. I was hoping to go up and see her at the end of October. However depending on how she gets on, it may be to help her pack up her stuff to return to NZ if she can't or doesn't improve. We were planning on a trip to Italy and Switzerland next year but that is now hanging in the balance as well.

Nita, I'm sorry that Gene is having such a hard time of it. Here's hoping the surgery will improve his lot. It's good that he is trying so hard himself and that he can do somethings for himself. I'm sure that helps you as well.

It rained overnight and this morning which was wonderful, however not nearly enough to give us any relief from this terrible drought. We desperately need more gentle, steady rain. Hopefully we will get some more this week. The forecasters are telling us it is possible - which generally means that it will not happen.

Okay, best go back to work and fight with this system some more. I'll see if I can find some pics of my garden to upload tonight. Have a good day all.

09-05-2005, 01:15 PM
Hey there everyone!

It is great to see almost everyone posting, and I thank you for keeping the weight loss spirits alive and well. Our country certainly has been through an interesting time - certainly to be recorded in history in a new way that just may resemble earlier history. Sad, sad, sad stuff. We have gulf residents (why don't we call them this - rather than refugees)? here in central Kentucky and as of Friday has 3 children enrolled in our elementary schools. I am sure more will follow. We have had people with 2nd homes give them up for a year for these people. I have a question. If we cannot maintain basic human dignity supplies such as food, water and shelter for our resdients right here in the USA, why 'on earth' do we presume to maintain the same in another country/ Just think about it.

Oh, yesterday was my birthday. It was the half century mark! My 5 year old nephew sang to me, the sweetest gift of all. The 11 year old 'honestly' thought I was 31 years old. This is how old his Mother was. I am not kidding, he was in shock I am 'this old'. I guess he thought since his Mom and I were so close, so was our age. Both priceless gifts.

OneDay: Yes, we did receive lots and lots of rain. Oddly, it was just what we needed here. It took us from a severe drought to absolutely beautiful weather. It rained nonstop for 3 days, and we had flood warnings out, but all was just fine. I bought my patio table and chairs this time of year half price also 2 years ago. Nothing like a good savings. I paid a guy from the store $25.00 to come put it together for me - included getting it out of my SVU too.

Nita: It is great to hear from you. I know Gene is happy to be home with you. I hope all goes well, and he is able to have the surgery this month. You are both in my thoughts and prayers. Finger tip ball, is this something new?

Shad: Hey, what kind of music do you guys listen to there? My logon is a reference to my personal favorite, Hal Ketchum. I also listen to Keith Urban, who is from your area. He has gained lots of attention here. I am good friends of the lady that owns the company that runs his fan club. It is an awesome responsibility - she has many other clubs she runs for famous artists and her husband has a recording studio in Nashville. Our school district is experiencing major computer glitches with our computer system used to keep attendance, grades and lessons. On Friday at 6P, after exactly 11 hours in the place, my computer froze. I have no idea what I lost and what was there - it was the program actually not my computer. It is a mess. I have not gone in to work this weekend, as I normally would/should. I may later today. May...

CatLover: I think you are correct, measure... how to your clothes fit. That certainly works for me. I can go up and down a few pounds a day and it means nothing to me. I do need to be more consistent. I totally blew it yesterday - but it was planned.

Mooz: Hal will certainly miss out, with you not there! LOL. You know, it was when I was taking care of my Grandmother with Alzheimers I found him. I heard his voice on the television singing, and it calmed me. Now, when I saw what he looked like, it excited me. LOL You and your family do remain in my serious thougths and prayers. You should try to listen to your new CD collection and see if they help you.

Well girls... I do so very much appreciate this tread and each of you. I hope you all have a lovely holiday.

09-05-2005, 01:44 PM
Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all our best wishes! I really feel blessed that I do have Eugene. We will be married 15 years come December 15th and we have known each other for 16 years. As far as my weight is concerned, he always gives me positive feedback and I am very thankful for that.

Today is another day and I am really thinking positive when it comes to being in control. I had two soft-boiled eggs, 1 piece of toast with a small amount of peanut butter, a ripe plum, a small piece of watermelon and my coffee. I am a breakfast person and I feel great afterwards. I am having a problem, however, when it comes to dinner. No matter what I eat, even a small portion, afterwards I have been getting very bad indigestion. As a result, I am quite uncomfortable during the evening and even at bedtime. So today I have decided to just have a bowl of cereal at dinner time and just feed Eugene something else. Hopefully this will work.

Yesterday I made the most beautiful flower design on a shirt I bought from the second-hand store for $2.00. I will take a picture of it, as well as a couple of other designs I have made. I find creating designs on the sewing machine very relaxing. I buy these cheap shirts, but I make sure they are in good condition, so I can try a design for the first time. That way if it messes up, I haven't wasted a whole lot of money.

Well I need to do some errands so I can come home and sew again.

It's so great to see so many of you posting--we certainly have been friends for a very long time!

Have a "super" day and week!

09-06-2005, 01:00 PM
Good Morning Ladies,

I had taken today as a scheduled vacation day and I"m sure glad I did. I'm sure tomorrow I will be swamped at work, but at least I will be relaxed.

Sounds like you had a wonderful day getting calls from your nephews.
I agree with you on the term "refugees" . Their not from another country, there from the USA.

Shad - I guess only time will tell with your friend. You never know, maybe you trip will just be postponed for a while.

Nita - You definitely have to post some pictures of your sewing.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

09-06-2005, 05:55 PM
bringing us to the top!

09-06-2005, 08:15 PM
Good morning - on a beautiful spring morning in downtown Brisbane. This IS the time of year I love best. It's cool enough for sleeping, the temps during the day are around 24-25C and the air is clean and crisp. Humidity is not yet with us - nor are the bugs, although they are coming back! The rain washed the dust away yesterday, but we still need more.

Shall I tell you the story of my morning - which is why I am in such a good mood I guess?

I got up at 4.00am and made the coffee, fed the cat, had a quick peep on the computer, put the washing away and got dressed in my gym gear - left home at 5.00 to drive to the gym 25 mins away. Put in a good workout - 45 mins of cardio equipment - rower, stepper, free runner and bike for a total of around 10km and 450 calories, showered, dressed and drove to the ferry terminal. That was all pretty normal wasn't it?
Then at the ferry terminal I had about 7 minutes to wait for the city cat (ferry) and the morning is sparkling down on the river. There is just the slightest breeze to rattle the palm tree fronds, the river is sparkling in the sunlight, the buildings, boats and bridges are reflecting in the water - barely a ripple to be seen. Then along comes Mr Pelican who is gliding along in great grace and beauty and under the water you can see the legs going at great speed just to keep this great big bird moving along. What did I just say??? Under the water you can see........ Yeehaa, all efforts to clean up the river are working. Not so many years ago you wouldn't have been able to see you hand in the water it was so awful. It wasn't known as the open sewer for nothing.

Now the birds are back and obviously the fish as well. Anyway Mr Pelican glides along pecking away at the water when all of a sudden he is dive bombed by a butcher bird (smaller version of the magpie). Mr Pelican is not amused. So the butcher bird lines up for the next attack and Mr Pelican waits until the bird is only inches from him and he rears up his beak and give the butcher bird a swat across the tail feathers. Butcher bird is now making loud squawking noises like he has been shot and lines up for the third attempt. Mr Pelican is not amused. He waits for the butcher bird to get in range and opens his beak and give the bird a broadside and a bite at the same time. Butcher bird is not seen again at the ferry terminal. Talk about David and Goliath - except that ended the other way around.
That ends todays nature watch. Tune in tomorrow for the next big adventure.

I've had a message or two from Chris who is just beginning to realise the enormity of her situation. She's had a bad couple of days but is coming to terms with it. There will be more tears and anger before she is through. She still wants me to go up there. I will organise the flights today and if the worst comes to the worst I can always borrow her car and go touring for myself. However by that time she should have read up on the syndrome and figured out where she can go, do and be. I have great faith in her rising to meet the challenge.

Halgal happy belated birthday. Sorry I didn't know it on the day but anyway here is a belated birthday wish and some flowers for you.

I'm not an adventurous music person. I likes what I likes. There is a country music station that I listen too in the car, I don't mind a bit of country - but I guess I'm sort of stuck in the 60's and 70's and light popular stuff. I don't mind a bit of classical but not opera too much and I'm not a big jazz fan either especially the discordant stuff. Keith Urban I thought was a Kiwi - and when I go to the fan club site I see he is. The other site told me he is a native Australian! It seems he lives about an hours drive away from me - and I heard some rumour about him going out with Nicole Kidman???!!! If that fan club is the one your friend has, please tell her that the name of the town where he is from (Whangarei) is pronounced Fong-a-ray and not Wong-a-ray. Wh is an F sound more or less. It's not a big problem with me, I'm part Maori, but some of the diehards would give you a big raspberry if they saw that.

Nita, I would love to see some pics of your sewing. I have a friend up in Chino Valley Az who does crafty things to tee shirts and jeans and things. Lovely stuff. She sells some of her stuff at markets and things.

Gotta go - work calls, why on earth wasn't I born rich instead of beautiful????? :lol3: :lol3:

09-06-2005, 10:00 PM
Hi Ladies,

Shad -- I really enjoyed your post. You are an excellent writer. I wish it would get cooler here in Phoenix--it was 106 today.

Well tomorrow is "D" day. Hopefully the WW series will go forward. They only have 10 members and we need 20. I am going to take a chance and go down there and perhaps we will get our 20! A lot of people just show up. I believe I shared the price with you $59 for 10 weeks. Today I just ate All Bran cereal for dinner. I will see if I get indigestion again.

HalGal -- I also forgot to Wish you a Belated Happy Birthday! Hopefully your day was filled with a lot of fun!

I made those Blueberry All Bran Muffins today and they came out quite good! When I eat home cooked bakery, I never have a problem. If only I didn't have to make breakfast, lunch and dinner for my husband, it would be very easy to stick to my program.

Well I will close for now.
Take care all,

09-07-2005, 09:44 PM
Good Evening Ladies,

Shad - I have to agree with Nita you are a wonderful writer. Your words make me believe i was right there with you. I know Chris will be going throught some tough times ahead, but it good she has friends like you. Is her daughter close by?

Nita - It's starting to cool down here. I believe our high today was 92. Once it's get cooler I plan to start walking in the evening with the dog. I hope you all get your 20 to start the Ww program. $ 59 is a good deal. The best deal I found for 10 weeks was $ 100.00.

Today was a busy day and that was to be expected with taking off 2 work days. This evening planning on getting on treadmill and watching the rerun of today's Oprah show. I believe they were filming in MS.

Hope everyone is having a good evening!

09-07-2005, 09:57 PM
Just a quick note--I am really excited about the EAT program. So far it's eliminated the cravings, the out-of-control feelings and I feel lighter. I wonder if they have training for counselors. Guess I'd better finish it first!

09-07-2005, 10:39 PM
This is a picture of my piggy bank after filling up with fuel this morning.

09-08-2005, 02:52 PM
Hello Ladies,

Just bringing us to the top.
Will post later.

09-08-2005, 07:28 PM
Shad--that's funny!

A little busier at work. They've taken some of us off the phone to work on helping health care professionals who want to help with Katrina relief. Still, sometimes it's 17 minutes between calls.

09-08-2005, 11:43 PM
Hello Ladies,

Shad - I feel your piggy's bank's pain. We had several stations here who not even posting the amount per gallon, they were putting up the words " arm and then leg".

Cat -I think I need to look into this EAT Program.

I had planned to get on treadmill tonight, but was tired when I got home. I think i'm going to try and get on in the morning.

Hope everyone is having a good day!

09-09-2005, 07:20 PM
Kickin' us up to the top before I take my walk.

09-09-2005, 09:37 PM
Morning all,
Haven't yet gone south for the weekend. Will be doing that in a couple of hours. Meantime better get some work done around here. I'm only staying away one night because of the puss cat. I had originally thought of the entire weekend and asking DS2 to come and stay while I was away, but he is busy on other things. So I will toddle off down there, rage on into the night (well to 9.00pm anyway, we'll think of other things later) and come home around lunch time tomorrow. The plant is repotted, I just have to festoon it with golden ribbons since it hasn't obliged with a golden flower! I've done the eggplant rounds for the antipasto dish as requested. I've got my outfit sorted and just need to pack some underwear and shoes and do a bit of housework so that the house is not full of ants when I return. They are bad here at the moment. Can't leave anything around. I'm trying to think of what I might do to keep the cat's food safe overnight.

New acronym for the BW module (that is the part of SAP I am working on at the moment. Learning how to create, change and read reports. It should be BBW - Business Bl**dy Warehouse - since I am sick of the sound of my own voice telling the OSR population that they can get all the information they require simply by changing the order of the columns to show the info in a new and different light. Now they are getting the hang of Lies, damned Lies and Statistics I hope!!! You want the Minister to see ???? Then change these figures to read this way, delete this characteristic and whammo you see just what the population is not doing with their payrolls - or rather what some of the population is not doing since we left out the high earners and added in those on the widows pension to foul up the figures so they look really bad!!! I'll probably see some of my sins come back to haunt me on television one night!!!! Don't worry if you didn't understand that rant. I get stroppy about my job once in a while.

Hello to all. Hope Thin and Mooz are okay. Haven't seen them around for a while. I don't even get jokes from Mooz at the moment either. Things are obviously not funny where she is. Love to hear from you Mooz!

Right better go and get started on the kitchen, followed by the pots on the patio, followed by hosing and cleaning the pavers, followed by sweeping the floor, followed by........... (fill in the blanks as required). Back tomorrow afternoon. See you then.

09-10-2005, 12:04 PM

Good Saturday Morning Girls!

Whew, back in the real world, and at full throttle. I'll tell you one thing, I absolutely must take care of my weight in order to be able to maintain these 10 to 12 hour days. This next week will be no less than a 10 hour day daily, and I see one 13 hour day (detention coverage immediately after school for 2 hours to be followed immediately by a 2 hour open house for parents - all after a 8 hour school day). So... having strength, stamina and energy are a must. I have the positive attitude, now to kick start it into action, huh? One teacher said he thought I was losing weight 'as we passed in the hall' and that was nice. I have been eating roasted meats (mostly chicken) and microwaved frozen veggies (least expensive and quick).

I am haunted by the faces of the victims of hurricane Katrina. I cannot dwell upon it too long, as it will give me nightmeres - something they are living. One thing is certain, the strength and effect of our countries emergency services are not what have been advertised by our leaders. How does the saying go, the 'proof is in the pudding'. I cannot imagine how it must have felt thinking they may have received the debit cards, think about making a few needed purchases after 10 days, only to have the rug pulled out - and the wait extended.

Do any of you have HBO? If you do, watch Real Time with Bill Maher this week. He has much to say, as do his guest speakers including Kurt Vonnegut that are eye opening. Both sides are represented, and it is very interesting.
Very sad. Altho, Bill Maher is a humorist - very little of this is funny.

Nita: Surgery date is coming up, and I know you are nervous and busy. My thoughts and prayers come your way also. Keep us posted, and don't forget to show us your sewing projects! Remember we are here for you.

Shad: Love to read your posts! Girl, you have the energy I want to bottle up! I sent the Keith Urban info along to my friend. Let me know if it gets corrected! He is such a cutie, and I love to watch him play his guitar. In his genre of country music - you rarely see such licks on the guitar - usually only in rock and roll. Go Keith! LOL Do you work for automotive manufacturers... when you said SAP I wondered. Trust me, we all understand manipulation of charts and numbers - we Americans receive such reports from, well.... guess. Sad, sad, sad state of affairs. The rich get richer, the middle class shrinks, the poverty level sores. I hope you had a great overnight trip!

OneDay: Good for you taking a few days off. I believe we need to take time for us. So important. Thanks for bumping up us up. I am watching pets on TV as I type to you - dogs from New Orleans looking for homes. SO sad, the owners must miss them immensely. I hope some of them can be returned to the owners. So muuuuch sadddddnessssss.

CatLover: The eating awareness program sounds really good. I have tried to really pay attention, and eat nutrient dense foods. I have, however - been sneaking in some dark chocolate here and there. Word out it is good for us!
What does 'taking us off the telephone' mean for work. I know you have said, but what is it you do? My elder years allows for such lapses, huh? :lol:

Mooz and Thin - we miss you. Take good care, you little lurkers! = )

I have a few get togethers this week with different friends to celebrate my new decade. The food was generally very healthy - crab cakes, shrimp, fresh spinach salads... roasted chicken... all good stuff. I hope you guys are enjoying the same. We splurged on a strawberry pie, as the season ends.

Here's a quick foil pack fish recipe: I prepare these on Sunday, and use them during the week. It is nice to walk in the house, turn on the oven and have time to play with Rocky while dinner cooks. Ahhh... what a life!

Foil-Pack Fish Florentine

2 cups instant brown rice, uncooked
2 cups warm water
1 lb. flounder fillets, cut in half crosswise (any white fish works!)
4 cups fresh spinach leaves, coarsely chopped
1/2 cup minced green olives
1/2 cup minced black olives
1/2 cup capers
1 cup diced tomatoes (can use drained/minced canned tomatoes)
1/4 cup Chive & Onion Cream Cheese Spread
1/2 cup Sun-Dried Tomato Vinaigrette Dressing

PREHEAT oven to 375°F. Mix rice and water; spoon evenly onto center of each of 4 large sheets of heavy-duty aluminum foil. Top evenly with half of the fish. Cover with the spinach, cream cheese spread and remaining fish pieces. Drizzle each with 2 Tbsp. of the dressing.

TOP with minced olives, capers and diced tomatoes.

BRING up foil sides. Double fold top and ends to seal packet, leaving room for heat circulation inside. Place foil packets in single layer in 15x10x1-inch baking pan.

BAKE 15 min. Remove packets from oven; let stand 5 min. Place 1 packet on each of 4 dinner plates. Cut slits in foil with sharp knife to release steam before opening.


Nutrition Bonus:
Incorporate fish into your family's diet with this easy low-calorie meal. The spinach adds a splash of color and an excellent source of vitamin A.

Nutrition (per serving)

Calories 380

Total fat 11g
Saturated fat 3.5g
Cholesterol 80mg
Sodium 570mg
Carbohydrate 43g
Dietary fiber 2g
Sugars 4g
Protein 28g
Vitamin A 110%DV
Vitamin C 15%DV
Calcium 10%DV
Iron 25%DV

I love this dish - it is one of my favorites!

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!!!! :angel: :angel: :angel:

09-10-2005, 04:47 PM
"Taking us off the phone" is just doing something other than sitting in our little cubicles asking Medicare questions.

EAT requires you to forget every "diet" rule you've ever learned, and listen to what your body wants.

This a.m. DBiL asked if someone could watch DMiL tomorrow morning, so they could have some free time together (BiL and SiL). They really deserve because of working so hard as care givers--but guess who was the only one available? Not that I mind staying with DMiL, who is delightful, but it was such a busy weekend already.

So I'd better get back to work tho kitten wants more attention. Choices, choices.

09-11-2005, 09:38 AM
Good Morning Ladies,

Shad - Hope your having a wonderful trip. I forgot where you were going or for what event, but hope your having a good time. On your ant problem with the cat food. I know a friend of mine uses a tin plate, or pie pan fills with water then set a smaller bowl inside with the food. Ants won't swim to the food. Your right didn't quite understand your work jargon, but that's what were hear for anytime you need to rant about work, we're hear to listen and We won't tell them.

Hal - The fish recipe sounds good. How does it taste as leftovers? If i made it I would only use 1 packet. I've been following the doggie rescues on the different news sites. Maybe next time something like this happens they'll let the people take the pets with them, when their getting rescued. WTG for eating healthy. And yes your right dark chocolate is good for you.

Nita - Keep us informed about the surgery. I'm thinking its the 15th. Keeping you all in my prayers.

Cat - I think that might be a good idea to forget about all the rules of eating and dieting. I get so confused on what I am suppose to eat. I don't have time for reading right now, working on another book but that might be my next choice.

As for me, work was really busy taking off 2 days. Went into the office for a few hours yesterday to get a few things caught up. The heat is not as hot as it's been we're in the high 90's. Looking forward to some 80 degree days. Went to chuch last night, so today is my cleanhouse day and going to a 48th B-day party for a friend. Need to eat before I go, so i won't be tempted to eat chips,dips and cake.

Thin and Mooz - hope to hear from you all soon.

09-11-2005, 10:40 AM
Good Sunday Morning Movers and Losers!

What a beautiful morning here in central Kentucky! What a wonderful day yesterday was - doing next to nothing. I did some laundry and read from a mystery novel, napped and had breakfast twice - once for real breakfast and later for dinner. My kind of day. Today - more laundry and back to school to work out notes for two meetings I have to facilitate this week, and new unit plans for the four class preparations I teach. With all new textbooks and resources (well, I am still waiting on some of the 'resources') it is kind of like teaching the first year - but with experience. OK, it is like having homework all the time, plus having to grade the papers - maybe that explains the extra.

The Hummingbirds have found my Canna plants, and they stop by the Petunias also, I saw one first thing the AM - life is good...!

OneDay: I freeze the 3 packets and then bake them from the frreezer to the oven, just allow 15 more minutes. They are fine that way.

CatLover: So, I bet you are glad to be 'off the telephone'! My job previously to teaching required almost nonstop telephone use and I lost my love for using a telephone even at home! Wild, huh? I hope you have a good day with your Mother in Law!

Here is a healthy dessert for those of you looking for a way to enjoy fresh fruit and still have a nice treat.

Fruit & Custard Tart
Creamy custard, fresh fruit and a nutty crust...light and satisfying, this
is a great dessert.

Oat & Nut Crust:
1 cup rolled oats
1⁄2 cup almonds
1/4 cup light olive oil
1/4 cups brown rice syrup

1 cup amasake (may substitute milk)
2 teaspoon kuzu dissolved in 1/4 cup cold water (may substitue cornstarch)
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

3-4 cups fresh fruit-i.e.-sliced strawberries, halved grapes, sliced
peaches, pears or apples (tossed with 1 teaspoon lemon juice to prevent
oxidation browning), blueberries, raspberries

1⁄2 cup apricot preserves (unsweetened or fruit-sweetened)
1⁄2 cup brown rice syrup (may substitue Karo syrup)
1/4 cup water
1 teaspoon agar flakes (may substitute 1 tsp gelatin)


Preheat oven to 350º.

Prepare tart dough by blending oats and almonds into a fine meal (in a
food processor). Mix in corn oil and rice syrup to create a very stiff
dough. With wet hands, press firmly into a pie shell to create an even
covering. Bake for 15 minutes. Set aside.

Prepare the filling by heating amasake thoroughly. Stir in dissolved kuzu
until mixture thickens and starch cooks, about 3 minutes. Stir in vanilla
after removing from heat. Spoon amasake into pie shell evenly. While custard
is still soft and warm, press fresh fruit in an attractive pattern covering
the amasake completely.

A fermented sweet rice drink. It has the texture of milk, making a great,
creamy base for custards, puddings and frostings, not to mention a
wonderfully satisfying drink on its own. You may substitute milk.

Kuzu (Kudzu)
Kuzu is a high-quality starch made from the root of the kuzu plant. A root native to the mountains of Japan (and now in the Southern US), kuzu grows like a vine with tough roots. You may substitute cornstarch.

Prepare the glaze by heating ingredients over low heat, stirring
constantly, until agar dissolves, roughly 10 minutes. The mixture will
thicken slightly. Brush or spoon over the fruit while very hot. Allow the
tart to set up for about an hour before serving. Makes 8-10 servings.
Note: Pouring the glaze over the fruit while hot, cooks it just enough to
make it slightly tender and bring out the sweetness.

Agar (sometimes called agar-agar) is derived from a species of red seaweed. It can be found in health-food stores and is sold either in powder, flake, or bar form. Agar bars can be crumbled to make flakes. Equal amounts of powder and flakes will thicken dishes differently, so they are not interchangeable. A general rule of thumb is: 1 tablespoon of agar flakes or 1/2 teaspoon of agar powder will thicken 1 cup of liquid.

I have included some explanations on what some of these whole food ingredients are. You may have to shop in a health food supermarket for some of these items, or go on line to shop. I think there is much to be said about cooking and eating whole foods. Stay tuned... :angel: :angel: :angel:

09-11-2005, 11:41 AM
Hi chickies ....... sorry I have not been posting recently. :( Things are much the same here ........ no weight loss..... just about getting enough sleep ...... have to snatch naps during the day to make up for the broken nights sleep but my mother is keeping fine for a 93 year old. I got her a new chair with a foot rest so she can sit all day with her feet up! One of her legs swells up during the day when she has her feet down so this is helping her that way. It also has a clip on tray which means she cannot get up and try to walk on her own now. She cannot walk on her own but thinks she can and that was a problem up until now. I just hope she does not figure out how to take the tray off!!
I will post a photograph of her taken on the day I got the chair for her.

I am thinking of going to WW this week to see if it gives me the extra push to lose this extra weight. I have been able to keep off the biscuits and coffee which is great for me. I think Paul McKenna helped me there and I should read his book again and listen to his CD every day but I don't!! :devil:
I will try and post every day as I know I will get the support I need here from all you lovely ladies.

Have a nice day all.

09-11-2005, 02:08 PM
Good to hear from you again. Nice photo of your mom. Are you anywhere near the riots we read about? (Naturally they are tucked inside the paper, because everything is Katrina and then Ophelia here).

Hal--that fruit sounds delicious. Will try to fix it.

Poets against the War reading this afternoon--must try to do a few more things before I leave.

09-11-2005, 07:26 PM
Yes I am back - had a nice time. It was a very pleasant evening and apart from half a can of bourbon and coke and a glass of very dry champagne I stuck to coke all night. Not that we went into the night too far. I called quits and went to bed around 11.00 because I had had enough of the day - 5.00am to 11.00pm makes a long day. I did watch a bit of an old Rambo movie on TV and some news from CNN when Rambo got too much to take. Not sure that the news was much better. I saw some starving dogs rescued in New Orleans. And some old men who didn't want to be rescued but were starving, scared and ornery!

Went for a run along the Terranora Inlet on Sunday morning. Photo's are on Webshots - here's the addy [url]

Got back around 10.00am on Sunday and Miss Puss missed me so much she ignored me. She's back on speaking terms now. No ants either - I found an old feeding bowl that had a moat around the outside of it. Ants don't swim so the cat's biscuits were fine. I then cooked me a huge breakfast and slept the rest of the morning away in front of the television and went out into the garden for the rest of the afternoon. I turned the sprinklers on late afternoon and gave the garden 2 hours watering and lo and behold what happened?? We had a storm and rain overnight to really get the garden wet.

I'm waiting on Shane the travel agent to get back to me re the flights to Japan for the end of October. I seem to be going up on the 27th and back on the 8th November but am wait listed for the 6th November. I tried to get the trip on my frequent flyers card but it is just so pathetically painful to try and find a date - I could get up but not back. Why can't that website simply list what days there are frequent flyers available. Grrrrrrrrr. Chris is progressing. She was allowed home for Saturday night but had to go back for Sunday so they can do more tests. She is walking with a cane. Hope they sort out the origin of the allergy soon. Yep that is what caused it. It's not any of the usual allergies either - not plant, food, flower - that they can find. Still searching.

So onward to another week. Wonder what joys await me.

Mooz - good to hear from you. Your Mum looks so comfy in that chair. Say hello to her from me. Not that she will remember me, but that's okay.
Glad to hear that although you are not losing anything, you are keeping off the biscuits and not adding to the total like I am.

Hal, that fish sounds good. Since I love fish, I might give it a try myself. Packets for the freezer are a good idea too. No I don't work for an automotive manufacturer. I do contract work, I actually work for myself. I've been in coal mines, iron ore mines, diamond mines (no I didn't see any), Nickel and gold refineries - again no I didn't get paid in gold, power stations, fertiliser manufacturers, plumbers, oil companies and at the moment I'm working for the Queensland State Government. SAP is in many places and doing many things. I prefer the private sector, but government is fine as long as they pay the fees.

Cat - hoping you are coping with the weekend and the MIL.

One Day - I like the service stations sense of humour. Arm and Leg - well that's what we are paying at the moment. Day by day, sometimes hour by hour it rises. Yesterday I saw it over the $1.30 per litre - there are just over 4 litres to the gallon - thats over $5 per gallon ye gods!!!!!!! I filled my car before I left for the coast on Saturday, put the trip meter on and did 96.4Km to the motel. Did 96.7 back and the car wasn't even down to the 3/4 mark so if that is reasonably accurate, my car would be doing 800Km (500 miles) to the tankful on the open road. Not too bad and a lot better than the 4WD's around the place. Apparently since the price hikes, the sales of 4WD - SUV's - has dropped nearly 40%. Good, then they won't be around to terrorise us on the roads anymore! Don't know what it is like in the States but over here I'm positive that the 4WD drivers think they are immortal and that they own the roads!!!!.

Better go and strike a blow for the working week. My two cohorts are not coming in today so I shall be on my own in the office. Oh well could be worse. At least no one will know what I am up to! See ya

09-11-2005, 08:12 PM
Hi Ladies,

Just a quick note to let you all know I have read your posts and I find them very motivating. Yes, we did get our 20 members so the WW program will start this Wed. Since Gene's surgery is on Thurs. I will be going to work on Wed. and that way I may be able to attend the WW meeting before I go bowling. Yesterday Gene walked from his bedroom into the living room to get the telephone without his walker or cane. His TV wasn't working and he just didn't take the time to use the walker. I am very optimistic that sooner than later he will be walking again as he used to. Yes, his surgery is Thursday morning at 9:00 o'clock. Thanks a whole lot for your concern and prayers.

My very good friend's surgery to remove one of her kidneys that had cancer came out wonderful. She is doing fine and the surgeon believes they got all the cancer. We just never know what we may have to face in the future.

I am still having bad indigestion and no matter what I eat in the evening, I end up being very uncomfortable. I took some medication this morning and I will see if it helps. I do believe I can start the treadmill tomorrow morning. It has finally cooled off enough to open the doors in the morning, at least for a couple of hours.

Take care, and I will write soon again.

09-12-2005, 01:06 AM
Just going to try the link again since it didn't work on my other thread.

Work this time??? (

09-12-2005, 08:02 PM
Kickin" us up to the top!

09-13-2005, 03:54 AM
Mornin chickies .......... not a very nice morning here today ........ wet and windy........ still not cold though.
WW tonight ........I am excited .......... maybe this time I will make it work for me! ;)
Catlover ............. and anyone else who may be interested .......................the riots in Northern Ireland are mainly in Belfast ....... Sinead and Orla live in Belfast when they are not at home but thankfully they are not living in the most troubled areas. Orla is driving home today and she may have to take a different route from her usual as some of the roads may still be blocked........ she will be coming home in the middle of the day which should be quieter. A lot of these trouble makerprobably do not have jobs to go to so they can stat out late throwing missiles etc., and then sleep in their beds until late evening.
The troubles now seem to be from either one side not being allowed to walk a particulat route or else they were allowed to walk it and the other side kicks up!
Why can they all not just live and let live? There are enough troubles in the world without this madness! The problem is the children are being brought up to hate the "other side" from a very early age.
Paul drives through Belfast morning and night and he had to change his route yesterday too. :(

Shad ...... beautiful sunsets ,,,,,,, thank you! :D

Nita ....... sometimes stress causes indigestion so I hope Gene keeps on improving. Good luck with WW! ;)

Patty ...... hope you had a good time at the birthday party and that you were not tempted too much! ;)

Halgal .......... glad that you are finding time to post such uplifting images here even though you are back at school! :D

Thin ....... I see you are being marked absent just like myself! ....... hoping to hear from you soon! :dizzy:

HAve a nice day all ............

JOKE for Shad (amd anyone else) as she has been missing them ..... I think! ...... it's not too rude ;)

Take off clothes and place them sectioned in the
laundry basket according to lights and darks.
Walk to bathroom wearing long dressing gown.
If you see husband along the way, cover up any exposed areas.
Look at your womanly physique in the mirror - make mental note to do more sit-ups/leg-lifts etc.
Get in the shower.
Use face cloth, arm cloth, leg cloth, long loofah, wide loofah and pumice stone.
Wash your hair once with cucumber and sage shampoo with 43 added vitamins.
Wash your hair again to make sure it is clean.
Condition your hair with conditioner enhanced with grapefruit and mint.
Wash your face with crushed apricot facial scrub for 10 minutes until red.
Wash entire rest of body with ginger nut and jaffa cake body wash.
Rinse conditioner off hair.
Shave armpits and legs.
Turn off shower.
Squeegee off all wet surfaces in shower.
Spray mould spots with tile cleaner.
Get out of shower.
Dry with towel the size of a small country.
Wrap hair in a super absorbent towel.
Return to bedroom wearing long dressing gown and the hand towel on head.
If you see your husband along the way, cover up any exposed areas.

Take off clothes while sitting on the edge of the bed and leave in a pile on the floor.
Walk naked to the bathroom.
If you see your wife along the way, shake willy at her making the "woo-woo" sound.
Look at your manly physique in the mirror. Admire the size of your willy and scratch your bum.
Get in the shower.
Wash your face.
Wash your armpits.
Blow your nose in your hands and let the water rinse it off.
Fart and laugh at how loud it sounds in the shower.
Spend majority of time washing privates and surrounding area.
Wash your bum, leaving those coarse bum hairs stuck on the soap.
Wash your hair.
Make a Shampoo Mohawk.
Rinse off and get out of shower.
Partially dry off.
Fail to notice water on floor because curtain was hanging out of bath the whole time.
Admire willy size in mirror again.
Leave shower curtain open, wet mat on floor, light and fan on.
If you pass wife, pull off towel, shake willy at her and make the "woo-woo" sound again.
Throw wet towel on bed.

09-13-2005, 07:18 PM
We did get a little better news after the original, so I knew it was limited to Belfast. Hadn't realized, though, that a couple of your kids were there.

I don't know either why people act that way, but I know it happens all over. I suppose people who have nothing much to be proud of about themselves then like to be part of the "superior" group. At least that's what it seems to me with the racists in my country.

09-13-2005, 07:20 PM
Morning all,

Mooz - good to here from you and thanks for the joke. How true. Hope that weight watchers does its thing for you and you finally break through that barrier. I hope that Belfast settles down soon. Such a stupid act. How can people be sooo narrow minded and silly. Good grief. Hasn't there been enough trouble in Ireland already.

Nita - I'm thinking of you and DH as you go forward towards his surgery. Good luck with weight watchers too. That must have been really good to see the DH walk without the aids again. Cheers to you both.

Hello to all the Cat, Oneday and Halgal as well. How are you all doing?

I finished that course of multi vitamins today. Finally!!!!!!! I'm not taking anymore, I really don't think I need them. They certainly didn't make me feel any livelier and I suspect that I am getting enough from the good solid meals and fruit that I already eat.

DS2 is going camping on Fraser Island for a week today. He rang a couple of days ago to tell me this and put in a request for some Hedgehog. For those of you who are shaking their heads at this point, hedgehog is a confection of dark chocolate, butter, sugar, egg, cocoa and broken biscuits all flavoured with a liqueur - in this case Bailey's Irish cream - and it is not one of those prickly little animals that live in the bush. Take a bow Shad, not only did you make the stuff but you did not even eat any of it - not a crumb. And I packed up the left over chocolate and biscuits and gave it all to the DS2 last night. Actually it wasn't all that difficult not to eat any - not enough alcohol in it for me!! Then he cadged my camera bag to hold his new Canon digital camera. Yes he bought one and we gave it a workout last night. He tells me I can borrow it to take to Japan with me. He also left with one of my camera lens which has a bigger macro than his new one. Kids - doesn't matter how old they get, you still have to organise them.

Well not much more to be said from this end. I'm off to do some more reporting doco and should just about finish that today. Then it will be refining it and having it QA'd. How I hate that bit. So without further ado, I will be off to do some work, pack my stuff (I'm being shifted to the 13th floor) and go get some coffee. Back later.

09-13-2005, 09:25 PM
Hello Ladies,

Had fun at party, unfortunately I did eat some cake, but I did pass on the chips and dip. Monday night went to a major league baseball game, to see the Texas Rangers and Baltimore. Texas lost, but had great seats. Work is still busy, doing good on my foods but need to eat more veggies and drink that water.

Nita - Keeping you all in my prayers. I got on my treadmill about a week ago, and I need to get back on it. I have mine just sitting in the living room, but it the kind that folds up.

Mooz - cute joke, and so true. I guess I hadn't been reading to much news around the world and didn't realize what was going on. Will keep kids in my prayers too.

Shad - Glad you explained the hedgehog thing. I was thinking oh, poor critters. They sound yummy. Good for you passing them up.

Cat - I have to agree with ya.

Hope everyone is having a good evening.

09-13-2005, 09:56 PM
Hi Everyone,

Well our WW meeting has been scheduled to start next Wednesday. It so happens the leader was out of town and they didn't have anyone to send in her place. I did get on the treadmill again today but tomorrow I will be going to work very early (5:45 a.m.) because on Thurs. Gene will be having his surgery. I do believe stress is what is making my indigestion so pronounced. The last 3 days I have taken Asaphex, a drug similar to Nexium and it does seem to be helping. I also bowled on my league today and didn't do too badly. I am hoping to get out of work by noon so that I can join the bowlers again tomorrow.

Catlover -- What is your EAT program. It sounds like you are making progress.

Thanks again for all your thoughts and best wishes for Thursday.


09-13-2005, 10:36 PM
EAT is Eating Awareness Training. Comes from a book by Molly Groger.

Hope you indigestion is better. Nexium has really worked for me--and the funny thing is I didn't realize the problem was my stomach, just that I was sleeping badly. So hope this other will work for you.

09-15-2005, 10:23 PM
Hello Ladies,

Nita - said an extra prayer this morning for Gene, hope everything went well.
When I get stressed I tend to get a very upset stomach too. My doctor said it's a mind/gut thing. So when I get stress it messes me all up.

Cat - think I might pick up book this weekend. I have been taking the train in everymoring, so that would be a good time to read. I have a 27min ride in.

Shad, Mooz, Hal, Thin - Hope you all are doing well.

As for me, workload just doesn't seem to stop. Fortunately my boss realizes that I can't do it all, and is ok with it. I know we're not going to hire anyone soon, so I do what I can.......and take deep Breaths....

Hope everyone is having a good evening!

09-17-2005, 12:51 PM
Just bumping us to the top ..... will hopefully get to call later .......

09-17-2005, 01:20 PM
Good Morning Ladies,

Well finally I was able to open windows this morning. However, this afternoon the air-conditioning will have to come on, but at least it's beautiful as I am writing this post. Thanks for all your prayers and concerns, Gene's surgery went well. At this point, however, he is still using a catheter but this should be eliminated sometime next week. He really lucked out because he didn't even use any of the pain medication. And you ladies are right on target, now that we are passed this surgery date, my stomach problems have become less significant. Because I didn't have to weigh in this week, my eating is still somewhat out of control. I am going to take this in stride because I do know come Wednesday I will be on the path to getting back to my goal.

I am planning on doing some yard work today and then perhaps work in my sewing room--it really needs a whole lot of organization.

Hope all of you are having a "wonderful" day!

09-18-2005, 05:25 AM
Mornin chickies.......

Nita ..... glad to hear Gene's surgery went well :angel: :angel:

Last night was the Hal Ketchum concert but as you probably know I didn't get :( ............... but yesterday I did actually get to see him but I didn't know it at the time!! DH and myself went for a short drive around the town and as we driving past the Marine Hotel corner I noticed a man with longish hair, wearing a denim jacket and jeans and he was talking into a mobile phone. We went around to the seafront and came back again and the man was still there. I looked at him again and I said to DH "That looks like Hal Ketchum! ..... turn at the roundabout and go back!" ...... so we did and I had another look and we drove to the seafront and turned and came back again and he was still there and I still thought it looked like him ...... but I wasn't sure.
When we got home I showed DH a picture of him and he said that looked like him. I immediately sent my friend a text message saying that I thought I had seen Hal Ketchum and she phoned me back and asked if I wanted to go down to the Marine to see if it was him ...... so we did. We went into the hotel and asked the receptionist if he had been there and she said that he had stayed the night there and had just left!! :(
So we drove about the town for a bit looking out for him but we never saw him again. :( I thought ...... how weird is this ...... driving around our wee town looking for Hal Ketchum!!
Why oh why did I not have my camera with me at the time?? :( :(

09-18-2005, 02:00 PM
Good Morning Ladies,

Slept in late today. Missed the morning masses. Will have to go later this evening. Yesterday was a busy day for me, went to church carnival (not my church) to see my mom & other ladies from her recreation line dance. Their ages range from 58 to 87. They did a great job. I don't think i could keep up with them.

Mooz - oh, wait til Hal reads your note. I'm sure in a way it was relaxing for "Hal" to not have all the fans watching his every move. But i'm sure he would of taken a moment to have his picture taken with you all. If only you had your camera!!

Nita - so glad the surgery went well. I'm glad you stomach problems are't as bad as they were. It's still hot here (97), no way i'm turning the a/c off. Our nights are getting a little cooler but still only 76 at night .

Shad, Cat, Hal, Thin - Hope to hear from you guys.

09-18-2005, 09:04 PM
I came back,

Sorry, I've been a bit busy this weekend. We had a storm on Friday night - with heavy wind gusts. It did a bit of damage to some places around town and the boats etc. etc. No damage at my place, but just around the corner a big tree branch came down and smashed through the neighbours fences and came to rest on top of their car. Apart from the fence not a lot of damage done. Scratches to paintwork only on the car. I'd picked all the blooming bulbs and flowers so that they wouldn't get blown to pieces and tidied up all the stuff that was lying around. Still I ended up with someone's laundry in the yard. I put it out the front on a bench thing made of old tree trunks and a plank. The laundry went and darn it all so did the bench. Strewth it was only a temporary thing to put the missing laundry on. Some folk will take anything that's not nailed down.

Paid for my ticket to Japan last week as well. Now I just have to get the money sorted, pick the ticket up and wait for the sleeps to pass. It gets exciting once all those things are done. Waiting, waiting for the 27th October.

Saturday I went to gym and did some shopping and cooked meals for the freezer. I now have a weeks worth of marinated chicken for a salad and some lamb shanks cooked in stock and red wine which I took off the bone and froze the meat. All I have to do now when I go home is to reheat the meat and cook up some veges. I also experimented with some salads as well. They turned out quite nice and will be made again for lunches etc.

Yesterday was spent in the garden. I have a patch of grass where the lawnmower can't reach very well so I dug out the grass and levelled it off and next weekend I will get some cement mix and pave the area. I'm going to put pebbles and mondo grass between the pavers to make sure the weeds don't grow through the paver joins. Then I dug up some of the lawn which was very weedy and put some good turf in there as well. Fertilised the lawn and watered everything. The vege patch is growing quite well and I will be harvesting the beetroot and basil shortly. The rest of the lettuces went to seed so I put in more as couple of weeks back and they are going okay as are the strawberries, but I need to do something about the mint - it is not looking good and I love mint in fresh fruit salads, and with couscous salads.

Nita - glad to hear that the surgery went well and have my fingers crossed for a successful outcome.

Mooz - My camera travels more or less permanently with me. Sometimes I even bring the old digital to work. You just never know what you are going to see happening today. You must have looked funny going round and round the town. However people going round and round roundabouts is fairly normal over there. They are usually tourists like me, trying to work out which way to go.

Time to go strike a blow for the company. They have at least signed my timesheet so I may get paid again. Yahoo.

Hope everyone is well and getting out there and getting active. Just a small increase in activity levels, done daily achieves an awful lot over time. So move it or lose it!!!!!

09-19-2005, 08:18 PM
Was a little nervous waiting for blood test results (probably Friday not the best day!), but everything OK.

So thank the Lord!

09-20-2005, 08:11 AM
The Elusive Hal Ketchum Story

Hal Ketchum (the hero)
The Promoter (the bad guy)
The Bodyguard (the scary guy)
Brian (DH) (moral supporter)
Eileen and Anne (damsels in distress)

In this story, as I don’t type too quickly, P stands for Promoter, B for Brian, E for Eileen and Hal for Hal Ketchum!!

Saturday night was the Hal Ketchum concert but as you probably know I didn't get :( ............... but on Saturday I did actually get to see him but I didn't know it at the time!! B and myself went for a short drive around the town and as we driving past the Marine Hotel corner I noticed a man with longish hair, wearing a denim jacket and jeans and he was talking into a mobile phone. We went around to the seafront and came back again and the man was still there. I looked at him again and I said to B "That looks like Hal Ketchum! ..... turn at the roundabout and go back!" ...... so we did and I had another look and we drove to the seafront and turned and came back again and he was still there and I still thought it looked like him ...... but I wasn't sure. I had never seen him before except for photographs.
When we got home I showed B a picture of him and he said that looked like him.
I immediately sent my friend, E, a text message saying that I thought I had seen Hal Ketchum and she phoned me back and asked if I wanted to go down to the Marine to see if it was him ...... so we did. We went into the hotel and asked the receptionist if he had been there and she said that he had stayed the night there and had just left!! :(
So we drove about the town for a bit looking out for him but we never saw him again. :( I thought ...... how weird is this ...... driving around our wee town looking for Hal Ketchum!!
Why oh why did I not have my camera with me at the time?? :( :(

On Sunday morning E phoned me and said that she and her hubby had just driven past the Marine Hotel and Hal was sitting a the corner window with P. E and her hubby were going to a restaurant for lunch and I knew she weuld not be free for sometime so I asked B if he would drive me down past the Marine and I would take my digital camera and take a little movie as we drove round the Marine corner. B was washing the car at the time and I expected him to say “ Catch yourself on woman and have a bit of sense!” but he said OK!

We set sail and I started my movie just as we were approaching the Marine corner. We drove round it and there was no sign of Hal at the window and B said he’s not there so I stopped the camera and just as I did we drove past this car and I looked at it and there was Hal sitting in the passenger side with the window rolled down and he was looking at me ( probably thinking “why is this silly woman holding up a camera?”) I could have reached out and touched him! I could have kicked myself for stopping the camera at that point!!

So I said to B ……. let’s go to P’s house and see if they went there so we set off. We came to P’s house and the car was there but there was no-one in it. B drove on a bit and turned to came back and this time they were in the car. B stopped the car and said “Get out and take your camera!” I walked over to Hal’s side and said “ I have been searching Ballycastle all morning for Hal Ketchum!” I shook hands with him and asked him if I could take a picture and a little movie for my friend in America. So he got out of the car and I got my camera ready. By this time B was out of the car which I was really surprised at…… wellie boots and all …… well he had been washing the car and doing a bit of gardening when I took him away on this adventure!
Hal went over to B and shook his hand and then turned to me. I asked him if he would say Hello to Connie for me and he said
“Hey Connie ………. how are you ……….just waking up here in Ballycastle ……… missing you ……….(at this point he runs his fingers through his hair and I am thinking “Is there something going on here that I don’t know about?”) ….. hope you are well ……..”
By this time his bodyguard was out of the car. Hal asked if I wanted my picture taken with him (Hal not the bodyguard) so I didn’t want to hurt his feelings by saying No ……… so I said Yes Pleeeeeeze! ….. and anyway I was kinda scared of the bodyguard! So the bodyguard took a picture of Hal and myself and then they went on their way and I went home with B.

I couldn’t wait to get home to look at the picture and the movies but I had my eyes closed in the picture …… well at that stage I was in Heaven!! …… so what do you expect!
Just then E phoned me and I told her what had happened and she was so disappointed at not getting to meet him. So she said she was going to go down to the Marine to find out if he would be coming back that night. She did but the receptionist was not allowed to say so I said I would ring P and ask him. I phoned P on his mobile and asked him if Hal would be back at the Marine that evening. He said they had a busy day ahead and if I was to ring at 7pm he could tell me more. I rang at 7.15pm and he said they were still quite a bit away and would not be at the Marine until very late. I asked him if my friend and myself could see him at sometime on Monday just to get our cd’s signed and a photograph. He said they were leaving the Marine at 3pm Mon so if we could come down at 2.45 he would arrange for the autographs and photographs.
On Monday at about midday I was with Orla in the car ............. she was going to leave something down at the little pub where she works ........ and as we passed the Marine corner ...... guess who was sitting at the window seat all on his own! ........... for all to see ........ not hiding away .......... very few people in Ballycastle know who he is! ........ I think it is just E and myself! ....... what a chance that was ....... but E was at work and I did not want to be approaching him myself without her again as she was the one who now wanted to meet him. When I got home I phoned her anyway and she said we should check with the Marine before we went down just to make sure he was still sitting there and we did but he was not.
Orla works in a little pub near the Marine Hotel and although she was not working on Sat night (the night of the concert) one of her workmates told her that P and "some American" had been knocking at the door at 2.30 AM. very drunk trying to get in and she told them " No, you are not getting in" Orla said to her workmate"That would have been Hal Ketchum" and the other girl said "Who's Hal Ketchum?"
Anyway E and myself went down 15 mins early on Monday and just as we were coming to the Marine E said "there they are" ........ we had just met them driving away! ........ but we were not beaten! We went into the Marine just to check that they were definately away and they were so E immediately phoned P and very assertively told him that we had been at the Marine early to wait for the autographs from Hal and we were very disappointed that they had gone early. So P said we could come up to his house for the autographs and photographs. We went to his house and I parked my car in front of the drive (just in case they tried to escape). We knocked on the door and P, looking grumpy, came to the door and asked us to just wait there and they would be out soon. We thought that was very rude asking us to wait outside. He could have at least asked us to wait in the hall!! We waited about 5 mins and then they all came out……… P still looked grumpy ……. I think he was just jealous that Hal was getting all the attention! ……… Hal looked gorgeous!
We got our photographs taken and our cd’s signed. The bodyguard was standing beside me and I asked him “Are you the bodyguard?” …… well if he wasn’t then I was going to grab Hal and run off with him! The bodyguard said “Yip” and E said to Hal “Can I be your bodyguard?” Hal opened his jacket a bit and said “There’s not much left of me to guard” P still looked grumpy!
When I was gettimg my cd cover signed, the one that has the self-portrait of Hal on it, (thanks Connie for that tip) E said to Hal “We are artists too” and the bodyguard said “Hal did that picture” E said “we know ……that is why Anne took that one down".
P still looked grumpy so we said our goodbyes and let them go on their way. They were heading off to do the show in Letterkenny that night and soon Hal goes to Scotland for a show there. I am actually glad Hal has left Ballycastle as I have been so unsettled since I first saw him on Saturday! …… although he does come back to Northern Ireland for some more shows after Scotland. They are quite a bit from Ballycastle so he will probably be staying nearer the venue ……… but I will still keep an eye on that window seat at the Marine Hotel ………. just in case …….
Now for a little bit of useless information ……. When I first phoned Grumpy P on his mobile he asked me “How did you get this number?” I said “from your website” E was saying last night that she went to his website yesterday and it said it was Under Construction …… so we are assuming that after this weekend he will be taking his mobile number off the website …… but we still have it …….
So here are a couple of pictures

09-20-2005, 09:12 AM
Ooh Anne - you groupie you. What a great story. Glad you had fun. Good on you!

09-20-2005, 03:38 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies,

Mooz -- Wow! You and your girlfriend are sure lucky to not only meet a famous star but to also have your picture taken with him! Way to go!

Just got back from the dentist, Gene had to have a tooth pulled. When he was taking his shower this morning his catheter bag broke and he decided to get rid of it and use the plug instead. I do believe this urologist knows his stuff because he found it more easy to use than the catheter. He is also thinking positive about taking a trip back to Ohio and PA. It probably won't happen until the middle of October.

Tomorrow is my first official weigh-in at WW. I'm not sure if anyone has tried the Yoplait Whips --I have tried the Chocolate Mousse Rasberry and Cherry. They are awesome--only 160 cal., 2.5 fat, only 105 mg. of sodium and 23 g. sugars and 5 g. protein.

Well I need to make Gene some bullion for lunch so that I can meet my friends on our bowling league.

Take care all and have a "wonderful" day!


09-21-2005, 12:59 AM
Good morning girls!

Mooz: You are cracking me up, in a very good way. ASssss I pick myself up, running his hand through his hair you say. Believe it or not, one of the pics of have of myself with Hal, he is doing just that... I think I gave him a copy of that pic last time I saw him. He ask me if I wanted him to sign it. I said no, it was for him to keep. He looked at me funny, but hey... I want him to remember me one tiny bit as much as 'we' seem to remember him! LOL

Ahhh... just finishing a 12 hour day, and wishing I could say I am caught up.

Next Thursday, Hal will be HERE for a concert. Excited remotely describes me.

Sorry for the diversion girls, this is a once every decade event...!!!!

09-21-2005, 04:55 AM
Mornin chickies ........... Halgal ......... you are so lucky gettin to one of Ha's concerts. ;)
........ went to WW last night and I lost 3 pounds :goodscale:
............ must have been all the chasing .......... :crazy: .............. and catching ............:stars: ...........Hal Ketchum in Ballycastle over the weekend that did it ...... :hyper:

09-21-2005, 02:25 PM
Hello Ladies,
Just a qucick note.

Mooz - Girl, you had an exciting adventure. Glad you were able to get the pictures. Now if it was me, I would of offerered to show him the sites, but then again, I am a single girl. WTG on your 3lb loss.

Nita - good luck with your weight in.

Hal - I don't see how you put in so many hours. I'm get so mentally tired working that long.

Shad - glad storms didn't do any major damage to your house. Next time just hang laundry of the tree limbs that are to big, then if they take laundry and limbs, you got a free tree triming. :)

Cat - glad everything came out ok in blood test.

09-21-2005, 06:57 PM
Morning all,

Not a lot to report, haven't had the excitement that abounds in Ballycastle :lol3: and haven't been anywhere except to work, gym and home, :crazy: And haven't done anything worth noting recently either. :comp: It's all work at the moment.

Days are flying past much too fast. It's now only 4 weeks to my trip to Japan to see my friend. Then the fortnight will go by at the speed of light and I will be back home again. I have a dilemma to work out about work. Do I finish here at the end of this contract (while I am away) and go find something else to do, or do I stick with it until after Christmas. There is always a problem with looking for work in November because of Christmas. Sometimes there is no work until the end of January. Normally one just plans for it and either works through or has time off. I don't particularly want time off just then. The bank balance hasn't completely recovered from the 3 months off I had last year. Now that was a bit of a ramble wasn't it??? :eek:

Thursday already - good heavens - this week has surely sped by. And I obviously haven't been great with the eating since I was at 72 last Friday and am at 73.5 this morning. Grrrrr. I have joined the 21 day challenge thread, to see if I can make myself more accountable.

I'm in the process at home of getting rid of my tatty wardrobe. Some of my old tee shirts are really not even fit to paint in. Some of the casual stuff I have should be my working around home gear and some of my go to work gear should become my casual stuff. I have far too much stuff anyway. Time for it to go. What I am short on though is good shoes. They are so expensive these days. The cheap shoe stores never have either the colour I want or the size I want and if both those things are present, it's never the style I want.

Mooz, congratulations on the 3lb loss. I think I found it.

Nita, I'm so pleased that your DH seems to be on the mend and getting determined with it.

Hal - work sure sucks time out of your life doesn't it.

Hello to Oneday and Cat. How ya doin'???

09-22-2005, 11:21 PM
Hi, folks, doing fine. Shad--praying for a safe trip.

I have been falling off on the exercise--even walked the dog for less than the full half hour. So much to do. Had to finish the storytelling group newsletter, staple yard signs ("another neighbor for peace"), meeting with local UN group on 60th anniversary and how LCPJ could cooperate, and even see DH and DS.

Well tomorrow is another day. Big anti-war march Sat--will get my walking in then!!

Night, all.

09-23-2005, 09:59 PM
Hello Ladies,

It's been a busy two days here. Bracing for the storm. Which looks like it's coming east of us, so we shoud be ok. Just wind and some rains. But about 1 1/2 hour away (east) looks like there going be anywhere from 12 -15" of rain. We have some work sites out in east texas, so we're on call to help us if needed. Grocery stores were packed last night, stopped by and picked up a few items. Came home and put some patio furniture in the garage, even though we're not expected to get high winds, you never know what path it will take.

Shad - Decisions, decisions - I"m sure you friend Chris is looking forward to your visit. I too need to clean out some closets.

Cat- I can understand, too much to do and too little time. I did get on my treadmill two nights this week. I knew I was going to watch the show "Lost" and 7th heaven, so I knew I was going to be glued to the tv for at least an hour.

Hope everyone is having a great day.

Keep us all in your prayers that Hurricane Rita dies down before she hits land.

09-23-2005, 11:33 PM
Patty--prayers for you, for all of Texas, and esp. for those poor folks being evacuated a second time.

09-24-2005, 01:01 AM
Hello everyone,

It has been a traditional, long hour, hard working - yet week of total enjoyment teaching this week. It is nuts, absolutely nuts the number of tasks or requirements that continue to be added to our responsibilities, and nothing is ever taken away 'in exchange'. State test scores came out this week and our school scored very well, even in comparison to other high schools in our district, city and surrounding are suburbs - so why am I not out partying? I am 'too pooped to pop' to quote my beloved Grandmother Preuster! Love her...

Here is yet another foil pack dinner. If I do not have things like these prepared and waiting in the freezer I find myself having frozen meals which tend to be too high in sodium for me to stay healthy.

Foil-Pack Chicken & Artichoke Dinner

Makes: 6 servings

3 cups quick brown rice, uncooked
3 cups warm water
6 small boneless skinless chicken breast halves (1-1/2 lb.), 1/2 inch thick
1 can (13-3/4 oz.) artichoke hearts, drained, quartered
2 large tomatoes, chopped (about 2 cups)
1/2 cup capers
1/2 cup KRAFT Zesty Italian Dressing
1/4 cup DI GIORNO Basil Pesto Sauce

PREHEAT oven to 400°F.

Mix rice and water; spoon evenly onto center of each of 6 large sheets of heavy-duty aluminum foil.

Top each with 1 chicken breast. Cover evenly with the artichokes, capers, and tomatoes. Drizzle evenly with the combined dressing and pesto sauce.

BRING up foil sides. Double fold top and both ends to seal each packet, leaving room for heat circulation inside. Place packets in single layer in 15x10x1-inch baking pan. Freeze on tray, then place into freezer bag.

BAKE 30 to 35 min. or until chicken is cooked through (170°F). Remove packets from oven; let stand 5 min.

Shad: Enjoy your trip! We will look forward to hearing all about it!

CatLover: You sound like your activities are so very worthy. Hats off to you.

OneDay: I do hope you stay safe, and free of damage from the horrible storms. My prayers are with you, and our gulf coast residents.

Nita: Good to hear Gene is doing well. Certainly your temperatures are coming down a tad with the change of seasons? They say we will be in the 60s for highs next week. This week saw 90 degree days. We always go from summer to winter, little fall these days.

Mooz: You are such a tease! I am SO proud of you, hunting the Elusive Hal Ketchum down. Priceless. Trust me, if you only knew how skillful he is at avoiding 'the masses' you would be bragging much louder. Thanks for all of your support and humor as you chased 'my man' last weekend across the hills or Ireland! Too funny. Just think, I'll see him this Thursday. It is not ironic? Is it a small world?

I agologize for not posting more frequently girls during the week. My schedule is absolutely nuts. I arrive at school anywhere from 6:45 to 7A and ususally get home about 6 to 7P. Some nights are later, but usually not more than one or two a week. Shad is correct, it absoutely sucks the life out of me. Like I always say, it is a good thing I love what I do.

09-24-2005, 05:29 PM
Good morning all,

Quick stop in before I take to the shovel again to finish the paving I started last weekend. This time I am about to cement the pavers and then put pennyroyal and pebbles between them. These are concrete pavers and they are heavy and I don't want to have to cut them - that's way too hard. It should look pretty good when done. Then it's back to inside the house to carry on there. The roses are looking really good in the garden. Come summer they will once again be scraggy - this is really not rose country - but I love them. They do grow well and bloom well if not as big as down south however the humidity gets them in summer and the black spot is a problem.

Oneday, I hope you are okay after the storm (or are you still in the middle of it?). If you are without power like so many homes seem to be, then keep the spirits up. We are thinking about you.

Hal - I hardly think that Mooz and her friend can be described as the 'masses'. The guy probably didn't think there would be anyone in town who would recognise him off stage. Good on him for being charming and co-operative when caught. He could have been totally rude and lost a couple of fans as well.

Cat - how's the peace rally going?

Nita - hope things are going okay down in Arizona and that Gene continues to improve.

Mooz - have you got up from your swoon yet. Mel and I have found the 3 pounds you lost. Your welcome to have 'em back if you want - please, please, oh pretty please. I'm really tired of the lose/ gain back/ lose/ gain back cycle I am on. Gym seems to be refining it, but not losing it. I don't mind being heavy, I detest being flabby.

Right, without further ado, I shall begin to assemble the wherewithall needed for cementing the pavers and start work. Back later.

09-24-2005, 10:21 PM
Good Evening Ladies,

I enjoy reading all of your posts very much. I did do my weigh-in on Wednesday and I have 13 lbs. to lose to get to goal. Hopefully I can accomplish this within the 10-week period. I have even started writing down what I eat and it is amazing how much you can eat if you eat the right things. Evidently I was eating the wrong things because all of a sudden my stomach problems seems to be going away.

Gene is doing well with his new apparatus and that really makes me happy. Also, when I am on WW his blood sugars are really low each morning. So this is a good thing--today I fudged a little bit but it just goes to show I am not perfect!

Tomorrow is another bowling tournament and I really get excited about bowling. I believe I mentioned I got a new "finger-tip" ball and it has been almost a month and I an finally quite comfortable with it. I also did join the YMCA on Thursday and Monday morning at 7:00 a.m. I have an appointment for an orientation to go over the different equipment. They have three Silver Sneaker classes-Mon., Wed. and Friday at 11:00 a.m. These are my bowling days but I am going to try the class on Wed and see how it affects my bowling. The young woman in charge says the group is very motivated and anyone who wishes can put their phone number on the list and that way perhaps we can find someone to meet there at other times.

Mooz - Your Hal is quite a handsome dude!

Take care,

09-25-2005, 11:42 AM
Good Sunday morning everyone!

Ahhh... Sunday morning... one of my favorites. I have a few minutes to sip coffee, wake up slowly and contemplate the upcoming week. This week was the week for new magazines to arrive, and with some luck I may take a spin few one of them. I love reading. One magazine I've received for many years is O by Oprah. I see she has published a book now of some of her favorite articles. If you have not been a regular reading of the magazine, this would be a great read.

I'm doing well as far as dieting goes. I just need to exercise. I was watching part of a movie last night (that I must watch the entire thing soon) called Ambulance Girl with Kathy Bates. Actually I saw on the credits she even produced it... anyway... as she decides to become a paramedic in her mid 50s she acknowledges the need for daily exercise. OK... ;)

Nita: Good to hear from you! Hey tell me about the fingertip ball, does it only hold a part of your fingers, and what is the theory? Less stress on the nails, better game? I've not been bowiling for years, and I guess it shows. I love reading about your physical activities and you are helping me change my attitude. I saw Barbara Streisand on TV last week saying she hates exercise,and I found myself saying, I know why I love her even more! I know it is good for us, needed for good health, I am fooling or trying to fool myself. Hey... Hal is 'my' Hal. LOL I do love how Mooz attached herself to becoming a HalGal extroidinarre... :stars: I bet you guys would like him too!

Mooz: Who knows how much more weight you may have lost chasing Hal. You really placed a well needed smile upon my face for a good week now. I thank in so very much! Do you by chance have a favorite of his songs. One of the songs he sang on the radio yesterday is one of my favs - called The Angel Song. He wrote this for his 3 daughters. Once I connected with the northern Ireland BBC radio frequency... I just listened. I thought the conversation was interesting, and just thought it was cool. Lo and behold about 5 minutes later I determine I am listening to HAL :sunny: with a very hoarse throat - I did not recognize him. So you see... I am a HalGal through and through. LOVE HIM...!!! :flow2: :flow1: :flow2: OK, I am OK....

Shad: Your job/employment sounds so interesting. You have a say upon when and where... that means so much. One thing about our extended time off in summer is finances. If you do not prepare for the time off finanacially it is no fun at all. It is difficult to try to save for this when teachers in our state quality for low income tax credits usually until they reach their 10th year of teaching or receive their masters degreees (which ever comes first) and we received a $2,500 raise. Ahhh, anyway - we don't do it for the money so that is not a huge issue. Neat news. I had a student appear in my extended detention Friday afternoon with a Woodstock '94 t-shirt on. It was way cool. He said he found it at our Goodwill store - a seconds store where folks donate items they want to disguard. I told him how neat it was, and how much I would love one... he smiled, I know it made his day. It was without any doubt, very cool. :encore: I have heard Hal has a larger audience there, than he attracts here. He really does not attract 'the masses' any longer. This works just fine for me, I like the smaller venues, and the calm atmosphere as I enjoy his "Every Little Word".

OK I had to digress a tad here... have you guys noticed the good music coming out? Paul McCartney, The Stones, Bon Jovi all have new CDS out, or coming out! Dylan has a DVD on his career which should be a good catch also. Trisha Yearwood just released her first CD in 4, count them 4 years... ah as you all (ya'll) know I love good music. If any of you receive the cable channel CMT try to catch the Crossroads show playing now with Bon Jovi and a new country band called Sugarland. This is very good, a nice suprise!

OneDay: I hope the storm damage/rains have been minimal for your area. I can barely watch or listen to this now. I feel like we are so very unprepared to help our citizens that rely upon us - the impoverished. As far as my long hours, I do just fine for 10 hours without blinking. I usually need a snack and a 10 15 minute breather for the last few hours, but don't always have that opportunity. They schedule our meetings back to back. I had a parent sub for me toward the end of the school year last year that had previously spoke at a school board meeting saying 'Us teachers have the life of Riley" as far as our work schedules go. I had his son in extended detention last week, and he said his dad had 'no idea'. If you recall last year I had the schedule that began at 7:30A and did not have my first break until 12:45P. That was grueling. I don't know how I did it. This year I begin at 7:30A and have my first break at 11:00A. Much better.

CatLover: Keep rallying good friend. I am proud of Cindy Sheehan, and her efforts to bring attention to our losses. I heard Jane Fonda was preparing to go nationwide on a bus bringing information to the public about the war - then nothing. I also heard at the same time she has reconciled with her former husband, Ted Turner - I bet that has something to do with her disappearing act! Lucky girl!

Thin! Are you enjoying lurking? Huh, huh, huh? We know you are out there! LOL :s:

09-25-2005, 09:12 PM
Morning all,

Hal - I am self employed. That's how I get to choose where and when I shall work or play. I train in the workplace. I've been going from business to business mostly with SAP or JDEdwards (now Peoplesoft) although I have been known to train Microsoft and other programs as well. I've been lucky there has only been the one time last year when I had no income for 3 months (and I have been doing this since 1997 on my own) before that and since then I have been busy. Been working on projects since 1993.

Feeling a bit stiff and sore this morning - 2 days of hard gym workouts (2 hours on Saturday and one yesterday) plus mixing the cement by hand and laying those pavers (paving stones to the Americans) I have managed to outdo myself with exercise. Does't happen often I can tell you. And it doesn't feel like I have lost any weight either. It is so difficult to lose after 50!!!!

Nita, so you have joined a gym? Well done. Hope you get rid of those pesky pounds soon.

Okay, better go and do some work since I am being paid for it. Really can't think why I was born rich instead of beautiful.

09-26-2005, 07:17 AM
Mornin chickies.
Couldn't see the picture Halgal.
Not a very nice morning here today ...... wet and windy so I did not get for a walk. I will get some exercise cleaning the house and it needs it! Hopefully going to TaeBo tonight. Not too sure if I will lose weight this week ...... No Hal Ketchum to chase this weekend! :( Looking forward to hearing about Halgal's adventure on Thurs at the concert. :dizzy:
Heard yesterday from a friend about a small party in a local pub ......... The House of McDonnell on the Sunday night (tha same day I first caught Hal!!) My friend's friend and her hubby, who plays music, were invited to the party with Hal and his promoter. She said Hal was very nice and she found out that he had been married 3 times and that his present wife's father was in the Mafia! So they were saying to him that is that case he would probably not be going for a fourth wife! :lol: Sorry Halgal !!! :lol:
If only I had known he was in that pub on Sunday night we could have just dropped in!!
Better go now and get some housework/exercise done!

Have a great day all.

09-26-2005, 02:04 PM
Hello ladies,

just a quick hello. Storms didn't come up my way, instead they veered East. Got some winds but nothing major. Boss called me on saturday night and asked if I could come in and help with calls. Went in saturday night and work a few hours, then went back Sunday morning and worked 8 1/2 hours with taking in overflow of phone calls of customers calling in that they have no power. It was no fun talking to angry, hot people. Today i'm back at my job and I now have a much appreciation for the people in the call center.

will post more later this evening.

09-26-2005, 09:28 PM
Hi Ladies,

Just a quick hello to let you know I did make it to my orientation of the exercise machines this morning at 7:00 a.m. I then went back at 11:00 and did an hour of senior stretches and weight lifting. It went by pretty fast and the group seems to be a good one! I was surprised to see so many men present. I only met a couple of ladies but I did get the telephone list. I also checked into the use of the pool and it can be used whenever they don't have a class. I might just try this out--the heat has gone back up to 106, and 107. I even went bowling after the class.

My eating started off great this morning but this afternoon I messed up but it's okay because I will get back on track!

Take care all,

09-26-2005, 10:10 PM
Mooz: I have no idea what happened, but here it is again... scroll up! You know we heard Hal's current wife came from major money, we just did not know how much. She divorced one guy, and he was a singer also... Italian looking guy. Hal has not really worked much the last 8 years, and word out was it was her money supporting them. Interesting... He is not so comfortable with fans here, too bad.

09-27-2005, 08:41 AM
Hal, don't know about that picture - first he wasn't there, then he was larger than life, then he wasn't again. Now he is back and in my face again. Might be something to do with firewalls as I haven't been able to see him at work (McAfee software) but I can at home (Norton software).

Can't stop, I've a 4.00am start tomorrow to be ready for the gym when it opens (5.30am - half hour drive, breakfast and time getting ready). It's the last gym session this week. I have Thursday and Friday off - Yeehaaaaaaaaa. Some much needed time out from pushing, pulling, swinging, lifting, running, stepping, rowing or cycling. I loooooovvvvvvve it. Only wish all this activity would actually take off some weight!!! Even take off some inches, but it seems I am stuck AGAIN. Fasting may be the only way!!!! :faint: :faint: :faint: :hun:

09-27-2005, 06:55 PM
Had my last workout for the week this morning Five days on the trot, I feel virtuous and no I haven't lost any weight. It's leading up to weight and measurements day as well for those of us who, once a month, put ourselves through the torture of weigh, measure, sigh. :censored: :censored: :censored: :censored:

Now for the next two days I can sleep a little longer in the morning, and get home a little earlier at night. Gotta love those two days. I had my treat for the week this morning after a lovely ferry ride to work. I got a bacon and egg muffin - no sauce, no salt, no oil, hold everything else. It was good too. Aaaah well there's always next week for another one. Lunch today will be salads - I forgot to get anything ready last night so salads from the MYO is on the menu. Dinner tonight will be chargrilled salad and veg.

Hope everyone is doing okay. Catch up with the news later tonight.

09-27-2005, 08:53 PM
The paper said we had 400 people at our rally--about the same as the pro-war rally in D.C. People who were there said there were hundreds of thousands of people in the peace march--way more than the press reported.

Lech Waleska (sp?) was here to lecture, and said the U.S. had completely lost any claim to moral leadership of the world. Right.

Yet I did hear a story on the radio today that reminded me what my country can be at its best. It seems that cricket is becoming a big sport, particularly in California, but in other parts of the country as well. The cricketers are mostly people from the former British colonies--people from countries that hold each other in bitter hatred at home. Yet here they play on teams together with complete cooperation.

I wish we could live up to that.

09-27-2005, 09:06 PM
Cat - it is an amazing thing that people as ordinary people, get on extraordinarily well. It's when politics and religion get in on the act that the trouble starts. Now I hope I haven't offended anyone with those comments, but it is true.

As to cricket - well there is enough weirdness in there to keep any war at bay. I've lived with cricket most of my life. Both brothers played it. I played it at school. My 2 sons played it in their young days and my ex coached. At the moment I am working with a man who is a cricketing king in Queensland - selector, coach, mentor to the youth cricket teams, advisor, organiser and whatever else it takes to get things done. From him we get to hear things that never make the press from the Australian Cricket team.

We can live up to that. It's eminently possible, but it will take a lot of effort, time, tolerance and patience.

09-27-2005, 09:18 PM
Hello Ladies,

Cat - This weekend I really didn't keep up with the news other then the weather channel. I was going to say that 400 is a good show, but i'm like you said i'm sure the news media didn't get the right numbers posted.

Shad - I have to agree with you. For some reason when religion or politics get involved, trouble starts. WTG for getting your workouts in. Hopefully you get some good measurement numbers.

Been somewhat busy this week, I volunteer with the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and our 10k walk is this weekend. I have been busy with getting prizes donated. I'm busy with last minute phone calls.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

09-28-2005, 07:17 PM
Shad--there's a Lord Peter Whimsey murder mystery (Murder Must Advertise) where the humor is based on cricket. Of course, it's opaque to us Americans. They say you have to grow up with Cricket to understand it.

09-28-2005, 07:31 PM
You must be kidding - I grew up with it and I still don't understand much of it. The basics are there, but men being men have to fiddle with the rules from time to time. Of course once money started coming into play then the game had to have some golden rules - ie them what has the gold makes the rules. It's changed a lot in the past 20 years and I haven't kept up with it.

09-29-2005, 04:16 PM
Weigh in day today. I'll post the results tonight. Meantime back up to the top we go!!!!!

09-30-2005, 05:16 AM
Usual monthly weigh in figures:

Measurements are as follows:
Weight 73 71.5 down 1.5k or 3lbs more or less
Upper Chest 36 36 same
Bust 40 40.5 Up 1/2 inch
Lower Chest 34 33 Down 1 inch
Waist 33 32 Down 1 inch
Upper Hip 38.25 38 Down 1/4 inch
Lower Hip 38.75 38.5 Down 1/4 inch
Top of Arm 12.25 12 Down 1/4 inch
Top of Leg 21.25 21 Down 1/4 inch

I'm really pleased to see the lower chest and waist measurement reducing. I've been putting a lot of effort into abs and crunches. Still not enough and those bl**dy boobs are GROWING!!! :faint:

10-01-2005, 07:30 AM
Every one must be busy - back later.

10-01-2005, 05:04 PM

Good Saturday afternoon girls!

I guess everyone is out enjoying this beautiful weekend. I am going to also, thus a short post just to say I am alive, well, and Hal-rested. I got to see Hal in concert Thursday night. I am still coming down to earth. I took yesterday AM off, and slept in. I actually worked out before going into school in the afternoon. It felt great. My schedule is just so full, maintaining healthy habits is a challenge and a half. Now, to do this exercise thing...

10-01-2005, 09:36 PM
Hi Ladies,

Just to let you know I did manage to lose 1-1/4 lbs. this week at WW and now that I have joined the YMCA I am sure I will do better next week. I went to two senior exercise classes and after each one I went bowling. I also met the nicest woman who has agreed to become my "Big" sister. She, like myself, would like a teammate to exercise with. We are starting this coming Monday. Her sisters don't live here either. Also I have a new book by Art Mollen, he is an O.D. and I went to him in the late 80's to lose weight. His book is entitled "Dr. Mollen's Anti-Aging Program." By getting the flu shot at one of our drug stores, I got the book free. The one thing I like about it, it is only 135 pages long. I am only on page 24. His program is for 4 weeks. Chapter 3 talks about Too Much Protein is Dangerous to your Health. "Eat breakfast like a king...Lunch like a prince...Dinner like a pauper." - Thomas Jefferson. I most definitely will pass along any good tips I gain from reading this. The other thing he talks about is to keep yourself surrounded by "positive" people. I do believe everyone in our group is just that.

Well I need to go and get some dinner on the table.

Will post again soon!

10-02-2005, 07:37 AM
Mornin chickies ...... just a quick Sunday morning call. My eating is going well but unfortunately due to the weather I am not getting walking as much as I would like :( Hopefully it will be good this week. I am getting someone to come and stay with my mum on Tuesday for 4 hours so that I can go shopping with a friend ...... so looking forward to it ...... seems like ages since I have done that.
Paul and Sinead both head off on Wed for a holiday. Sinead is going to Chicago for about 17 days with a friend. On that same day Sinead's boyfriend is going to Australia for 1 year.
Paul is going with a friend to Nova Scotia where they have hired a jeep and are travelling to Toronto in it over a period of 2 weeks.
At the end of this month Orla is going with her boyfrienf for a 4 day trip to Berlin.
Don't kids get great chances these days and right they are to take them.

Nita .......... looking forward to hearing more about the book ........ sounds like good information.

Halgal ............ have you come back down to earth yet??

Shad ...... congrats on all the DOWNS!! ..... and only one UP and that is not one I would like either!!

Patty ...... hope you had a successful walk this weekend and raised lots of money.

Catlover ....... tha papers seldom get their stories right! Glad you had a good turnout at the rally.

Have a great Sunday all

10-02-2005, 12:29 PM
Hello Ladies,

The walk was a great success. Not sure how much was raised but our goal was 1.2million. My day started at 4:30am and got back home by 3:30pm. I was so tired. Today i'm taking it easy, getting ready for church then relax at home.

Mooz - I'm glad your able to take some time for yourself and enjoy. Shopping with girlfriend can be relaxing. Hope you enjoy your day. Your kids are so lucky. They have really traveled quite a bit. Remind them if they ever come to Texas you have a friend here.

Nita - WTG on your 1 1/4 loss. The Y is a great place and now that you have a workout partner, it makes working out more accountable. Keep us informed on any new information you read. How's Gene doing?

Shad - WTG on losing some inches and 3 lbs.

Hal - Glad to hear your recovered from the Hal concert. Guess you didn't have any exciting Hal sightings like Mooz did. I'm with you on the exercise thing.

Cat - hope your doing ok.

Thin and Mitchellez - Would live to hear from you guys!

Got on scale this morning no gains or losses for the month. So I guess that's good. My goal for October is to exercise 3 times a week. Work has been stressful and I know working out will help that, but I tend to go for the food.

10-02-2005, 03:08 PM
This is a picture of Mr. Hal Ketchum and myself just before he went on stage Thursday evening at The Dame in Lexington, Kentucky. My toes b-a-r-e-l-y touch the ground this beautiful Sunday afternoon! It has been suggested I play the lottery since this last week has included not only a personal video from Hal in Ireland saying 'top of the morning' to me, a concert with a personal meet and greet but this picture too! Personally, I already won. OK, so I'll play!

10-02-2005, 05:59 PM
Hi Everyone,

HalGal -- Thanks for sharing your picture--you and Hal look like you were made for each other! I am so happy you got to do this--I only wish I could have a picture of myself and Clay Aiken--that would be awesome.

It's great to read so many posts, especially on the weekend. My new Big Sister and I are definitely on for tomorrow. I did send her the info on WW so I will have to see if she is ready.

Gene is coming along quite well--in fact, he was overjoyed just a while ago because he was able to go to the bathroom on his own. And then he walked around the living room with his cane quite steady two times! I am encouraging him to do this at least twice a day!

I need to pay some bills online so I will post again later. I don't have any more info from my book but I plan on reading some more today.

Take care and have a "super" sunday!


10-02-2005, 07:49 PM
Good morning everyone - it's Monday again.

Mooz - so good to see you posting again. As you say, the young ones have great opportunities to see and do so much these days. It's great to see them taking those opportunities too. If the boyfriend requires any help or happens to land up in Brisbane at any time and needs a bed, just tell him to ring me on my mobile. Happy to help if I can.

Hal - glad to see you are getting some exercise in. It is so good for you even if it doesn't feel like it at the time. Way to go on the concert and meeting the man himself. Photo looks great.

Nita - what good news on your DH!!! WTG. Good loss for you too. Keep it going.

1Day - Good goal to have. Great challenge for yourself.

Cat - Have you come home from the march yet? :wave:

Not much to report from here. It's been a fine and sunny weekend. I went to the gym for weights on Saturday morning and then to the Body Balance class. Gym yesterday as well and the rest of the day was spent cleaning, dusting and mopping. The house has been a bit neglected lately and the dust around here is legendary. Not to mention that darned cat fur. Hope she has moulted most it now. You should have seen the size of the dust bunnies under the bed. :blush:

Okay, better go do some work. Back later to catch up.

10-02-2005, 10:47 PM
I didn't go to the big march in DC--just our local one. We wanted to do some things that would draw in other than the "true believers," so we had music (some people danced), face painting for the kids, silent auction for t-shirts as well as t-shirts, bumper stickers you could buy.

Nita--good for Gene!

10-03-2005, 09:47 PM
Good Monday evening ladies!

OK, I'm back on track, back to earth but still remembering the week from heaven! ;) I'm not sure I've mentioned this, but Hal was diagnosed with MS about 7 years ago - so each concert is precious. His Mother passed away from MS at a rather young age. Life, it happens, huh...

Shad: I know exercise is good for me. I use to exercise relentlessly walking daily and stationary biking 45 minutes without a second thought, using the weights at the gym. Time to get back on plan. Just to feel better. Your posts are very helpful and motivating in this area, and I thank you.

Nita: Thanks for the comments. Hal is married to wife #3, and has a second family of 3 beautiful daughters - kind of his second family. His first set of children are grown, one graduated from college and the other one in college. He joked about having multiple wives, and suggested a couple in the audience celebrating their 2nd anniversary stick it out because "It never gets any better." Wild, huh? GREAT news on Gene. You both have been in my thoughs and prayers.

OneDay: Oh my gosh, and I thought I have long days. You were walking and that is awesome. Exercise is my mantra for now... and to be honest ever if I am smart. Gotta do it. Better sooner than later.

CatLover: What's up? I hope this finds you doing well.

Mooz: Thank you for helping a dream come true. You have no idea, or just possibly you do!

I could almost be a vegetarian - seriously almost! I found this articlefrom the WW folks on different ways to cook chicken breasts. I do enjoy them occasionally.

10 Things to Do with Chicken Breasts
By Bruce Weinstein | 9/7/2005

Chicken breasts are the busy cook's salvation. When you have a late night at work, they defrost in a flash and cook up just as quickly. But admit it: You're stuck in a rut, always returning to the same three or four tired preparations. Ready for some new ideas? Inject your culinary repertoire with a little variety and try these deliciously easy takes on the ultimate quick dinner.

Bake them. Place the breasts on a sheet of foil or parchment paper. Try one of these two toppings:

halved cherry tomatoes, sliced fennel and lemon wedges for a Mediterranean twist or shredded mustard greens, zucchini strips, thyme and a splash of apple juice for a Southern take
Bake in a 425°F oven for about 20 minutes.

Use a spice rub. Grind dried spices in a spice grinder or in a clean coffee grinder. Our favorite combinations are:

rosemary, parsley, oregano and lemon zest
cumin, paprika, chili powder, oregano and a pinch of cayenne
Massage the mixture into the chicken breasts, then refrigerate for at least 4 hours, or up to 12 hours. Broil, grill or sauté chicken breasts for about 20 minutes over medium-high heat.

Pound them flat. Arrange the breasts between two sheets of plastic wrap, then pound them to 1/4-inch thickness with a heavy saucepan or rolling pin. Spread one of these two mixtures over the breasts:

frozen, chopped spinach, dill and Dijon mustard
chopped, fresh arugula leaves, diced tomatoes and rosemary
Spray a casserole dish with nonstick cooking spray. Roll up the breasts with the filling inside and place the rolls seam-side-down in the casserole dish. Bake at 425°F for about 30 minutes, basting them twice with a splash of cranberry juice.

Try a stir-fry. Cut the breasts into strips. Spray a wok with nonstick cooking spray, then sauté minced garlic, shredded ginger and chopped scallions over high heat. Add the chicken strips, some vermouth and a splash of reduced-sodium soy sauce; stir-fry for 2 minutes. Toss in sliced carrots, broccoli florets or watercress; continue stir-frying until the chicken is cooked through.

Use pre-made sauce. Chop the breasts into 1-inch cubes, and then mix them in a saucepan with your favorite jarred marinara sauce. Cook the chicken mixture over medium heat for 10 minutes, or until the chicken is cooked through; serve over whole-wheat pasta or brown rice.

Steam them. Cut the breasts into strips and steam them with your favourite vegetables and an aromatic herb. For an Asian twist, try snow peas, shiitake mushrooms and crushed lemongrass. Discard the lemongrass before serving.

Make kabobs. Cut the breasts into small pieces then slide them onto metal skewers, or wooden skewers soaked in water for 20 minutes. Add on your veggies of choice: onion wedges, green pepper slices or yellow squash. Grill or broil the skewers for about 20 minutes, basting occasionally with apple juice.

As you prepare the breasts, follow these three general tips:

Don't poke the breasts with a fork. Use tongs or a spatula to turn the breasts over the heat. Every hole in the meat allows moisture to escape.

Salt them at the end. Salt pulls out moisture; only add it to a completed chicken dish, just before serving.

Let the breasts rest. After the cooking is done, let the breasts sit at room temperature for five minutes before serving so that the natural juices can reincorporate into the meat.

Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough are the authors of Cooking for Two (Morrow Cookbooks, 2004).

I always, always, always soak chicken in salty ice water for a few hours prior to cooking. Try it, you will be pleasantly suprised.

All the very best girls! :angel: :angel: :angel: :flow2: :flow1: :ebike:

10-03-2005, 10:35 PM
Hi Ladies,

HalGal -- Thanks for the chicken suggestions. We do eat a lot of chicken and I almost always prepare it the same way!

Well I met my new big sister, Dorothy, at the gym at 10:00 a.m. We both arrived on time. We then worked about 30 minutes on the different machines, helping each other when necessary. I can honestly say the time went very fast and we even met a couple of other ladies who were willing to help us. We then took a breather to get ready for our Silver Sneaker class which started at 11:00 a.m. The yount wipper snapper really give us a complete 60 minute workout. A lot of the exercises are done on the chair. We also use weights, bands, a small ball and rubberbands which you put on each hand and simply open and close your fingers. They say the instructor on Friday is much better and I am looking forward to seeing him. Today I opted to take along a peanut butter sandwich on Sara Lee's Delightful bread (2 slices - 1 pt) and I added a half of a banana. I read some place that this is an energy sandwich, and it must be because I went shopping after this and never got home until 4:00 p.m. Mind you I left at 9:30 a.m. this morning. Before leaving, however, I made Gene's lunch because he still can't do this for himself. We made another commitment for Wednesday--the machines and then the class. Only this day I will go onto bowling afterwards. It is so very true, exercising sure does give you a lot of energy.

I made the best spaghetti for supper--here again I decided to use a whole lot of veggies--zuccini, celery, orange pepper, mushrooms and 96% fat free hamburger. I realized while I was cooking this that I didn't have my usual jar of sauce so instead I used a small can of cut-up tomatoes and a large can of crushed tomatoes. I also served it over whole wheat spaghetti and it really tasted quite good.

I am just getting into Dr. Mullen's book and he suggests to "control eating." The good news is that you can do this. It will take practice, practice, practice. Eat more often and don't be too rigid about your eating. He suggests using the "10-minute" rule. Ask yourself are your really hungry, or are you bored, or are you using food to procrastinate form doing something else. When you are watching TV do anything but eat. Do your nails, knit or crochet, work a puzzle, or read. It's best to keep your hands occupied.

Well ladies I will sign off for today. Thanks again for all your prayers and concerns for Gene, we certainly appreciate it!


10-04-2005, 07:16 PM
Wow, Nita, you amaze me!

Good that Gene is doing well enough to leave.

Didn't lose weight this week--but I still think this is the way to go. Met with my counselor to work on some adjustments to plan.

Think I will walk dog up by river today. It is a beautiful day, and she loves being up there.

Earl is getting ready to apply for Social Security. Talked to our financial advisor, and it seems it is best to take it now (at 62) rather than wait for the increased payment.

He looked in the "birth certificate" file--and it wasn't there. So he has to get a new one.

See you later.

10-04-2005, 07:20 PM
Morning all,

Hal - thanks for the information on chicken - I eat it and fish frequently. Actually I have a marinade for chicken that is a bit spicy and divine. I'll sort it out tonight and post it on the thread.

Nita - sounds like life is good for you at the moment. You sure are keeping busy with the exercise and bowling. Good for you. And good news on the DH as well. Controlled eating - well we should all be doing that. I struggle with portion control all the time. It is a trial having to weigh it all.

I am well into my preparations for my trip to Japan now. Yesterday I got my International Drivers licence and picked up Y120000 - sounds a lot but is about $1500. Probably won't need it all, but it's a just in case scenario. I got stuck in Japan without access to money once. That was enough for me. The international drivers licence is a strange thing. I was reading through the book last night and there are several countries which require one of these things. All they really are is a 3 fold brochure, which contains your photo, explains the limitations of your drivers licence in about 10 different languages and is an extension of your own licence. It comes with a little booklet which explains which countries embrace international signs and what they are, what side of the road they drive on, where the Automobile clubs that participate in the international driving scene are. Quite handy. It also warns of some bizarre rules - such as in some parts of rural Asia, if you run over someone!!!! make sure they are dead!!! Hello?? apparently some folk are so poor they send out the old folk to get run over and claim compensation for their injuries. They don't want them dead, they only want them injured. Remind me not to drive in 3rd world countries. Approximately 2/5ths of the countries of the world drive on the left and the 3/5 on the right. Japan drives on the left and so does India - that was a surprise. Not Japan I knew that, but India. Must be the influence of the British Raj. Most other countries in that area drive on the right!! Africa is left, Europe is right. There you go, trivia for the day. Now all I need is the ticket (Thursday night) and I am ready to roll. Chris tells me we are going to explore Nagoya and surrounds, do a tour of the Toyota factory (you get to see the cars being made mostly by robot and then get to see all the fancy models in the showroom and sit in them etc.), make some pottery and decorate it, maybe a tour of the Noritake factory (we did Wedgewood and Waterford in Ireland). We are going to a shrine, castle and garden as well. Oh yes and we have to go to a speech competition because one of the students from the school is participating. While she is at school, I can take the car and go looking for autumn colour. It all depends on how well she is and how much she can do. Only 22 days left to wait.

Gotta go and strike a blow for the working person. See you all later, meantime have a wonderful day.

10-04-2005, 10:07 PM
Hello Ladies,

Work has been very hetic and this past weekend I fell off my eating plan. So we all know when i get stressed I eat and to top it off it's TOM and i'm craving lots of candy, sugar, anything. I have got to get on a exercise program cause i'm afraid with my work load i'm going to end up gaining 10 lbs. Tomorrow i'm heading to a off site meeting which will be nice, but I know my work will pile up and be there on thursday. I talked with my boss about hiring another person, but due to budget they are not. So for now I am literally doing the work of two people, getting the pay of one and expected to help others with their work load.

Nita - Good for you for getting in that workout. I think you are going to see a big difference now that you have a workout buddy. Keep us informed on Dr. Mullen's book. I'm sure you are going to start seeing the results you want.

Shad - 22 days until your trip. I"m getting excited for you. You will have to post some pictures and tell us about Japan. I think your brave driving in a foreign country.

Hal - Great picture of you and Hal. I have to confess up, I did not walk in the event, I was helping with the organization of it. I've been volunteering with them for over 15 years now. I help with set up, t-shirt distribution breakdown and whatever else needs to be done in between.

Cat - speaking of dogs, my dog just ran in and he is stinky. I had the water running outside and he must of gotten wet. He needs a bath, but not tonight.

Mooz - hope your doing ok

10-05-2005, 06:44 PM
Morning all,
It's going to be a stinking hot day here today - they are predicting 35C which is around the 100F mark. Hot gusty winds as well. It will not be pleasant out there. Seems we've bypassed most of spring and gone for the hot stuff already. I can only hope that there will be some rain during the rainy season as well. We are desperately dry now. Garden sprinklers are banned, gardens can only be watered by hand held hosing on certain days of the week, and from 7pm to 7am. Yeah right like I am going to stand there holding a hose for 12 hours of a night. It would actually be more beneficial for the garden to allow us one deep water a week. But there you go. More gardens will die I suspect.

Only 21 days to my trip. Can you tell I am looking forward to this??

Catch up again soon. We are all so busy right now.

10-06-2005, 08:33 PM
Hello Ladies,

Shad - I keep forgetting that your on the other side of the world. We're just getting our fall. A cold front came in last night, this morning and when I woke up it was 63, and kept going down to 60. It's kinda of windy here so it makes i kinda of chilly. I hope we keep this fall weather for a while. We too need some rain. I can't decide if I want to plant some winter plants (pansey or mums) I love to have flowers around but once it get cold I don't really go out and sit on porch. I'm sure your just counting down the days for your trip.

Once again work is hetic. I have got to start meditating or doing something. The last two weeks I have been eating more candy. I purchased some halloween candy and of couse had to try it, we'll that led to more candy. I don't know why I buy it so early, it's not like the store going to run out. I guess TOM doesn't help either. Our State Fair started last week and i'm planning on going sometime this weekend or next. I just love going and eating corny dog and walking around.

We'll I think i'm actually going to get on the treadmill tonight. I think it's the guilt from the candy I've eaten today.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

10-07-2005, 12:11 AM
Oh plant some pansies and petunias or similar in a big pot and keep it near the door just to remind yourself of the lovely garden outdoors. I have pots which I bring in and take out and move around just to make the deck look fresh and new. I bought a stack of those trolley things on wheels to make moving them around so much easier - stops the ants as well which is a bonus. So when one is looking exceptionally pretty I wheel it to the door or inside so I can see it. Which reminds me, one of the orchids popped out a couple of pretty pale lavender flowers on Wednesday. Didn't even know it was budding, so I have brought it in and put it on the bench so I can enjoy it.

Have fun at the fair. Haven't been to one in years. I should go but I really don't enjoy the crowds and it seems such a waste of money to just go for a couple of hours.

Better get back to work I guess.

10-07-2005, 08:42 PM
Hello Ladies,

Shad - I think your right about the flowers. Tomorrow going to make a trip by the store and pick up something. I like mums too, so I might pick up some of those. Oh, I have some of those dolley things and they worked wonderful with my tomato plants. I think some of my plants probably weight 30 lbs with all the dirt and plants. I picked up several more at the summer end sales.

Today I got some bad news from a former co-worker. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and last year and her recovery sounded hopeful. But today I found out she was back in the hospital with a blockage and she and her doctors decided not to do surgery, since the cancer has spread. I've know her for over 24 years and the last 4 years she worked in the office next to me. If you all can keep her and her family in your prayers.

I think fall is finally here, today's high was around 65, tomorrow high is 75.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

10-07-2005, 11:15 PM
Shad--I envy you your trip to Japan. Do tell us lots about it so we can share in the adventure. I have always wanted to go there.

Took today as a stress day. Breakfast with DH, did yoga, lots of writing, got a massage, some housecleaning--plan to do a little more yoga and send some poems off.

Haven't included any poems for a long time. Here's a short one I think you'll like:

The clock’s efficient buzz calls us awake
purring warmth slips under my chin
follows up the alarm
with gentle rough licks.

I really feel this system is cutting my cravings and helping me control my eating, though I haven't seen as much results as I'd like. At breakfast the food was delicious, and ordinarily I would eat every bite. But today I just knew I wasn't hungry after half. Amazing!

10-09-2005, 02:55 PM
Hello Ladies,

Cat - you destressing day sounded wonderful. I need to get more of those in.
Yeserday I somewhat had one of those, took my niece to our local festival. Played in bouncy house with her and pushed her on the swing set for about 30 minutes. Just watching her laugh, makes all your troubles and stress go away for just that moment.

Today, going to run up to office and maybe hospital to see my friend.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

10-09-2005, 06:36 PM
Hello everyone!

What a cool thread of Movers and Losers! I took a few minutes this lazy Sunday afternoon to read back a few pages (through my Hal-lucination week) and get the full picture. I am so very impressed with how dedicated each of you are to taking better care of yourselves. Your words mean more to me than you can know. Exercise is alive and well on this thread - and for that I am so thankful. It is time for me to 'just do it'. Little by little.

CatLover: Thanks for the poem. You know I always enjoy reading what you write. So conscious eating is making you more aware, and wanting less food? When we make decisions that keep us in control, there is no better feeling, huh? Your stress day sounds great! I"ve never had a massage, but have friends that do frequently. I would like to implement a combination of both yoga and pilantes into my exercise program. I have some students taking pilates classes, and they are asking me to join the club they go to and take the classes also. I am off this week. :cb: It is our Fall break. I think this is my favorite time off - no stress of having to be anywhere, give anything, just time off to plan what is most important at the moment. Ahhh.

Nita: I agree with OneDay - I am so very impressed with you! Thanks for helping motivate me to 'move it'. Good for you for you for joining the health club and finding an exercise partner at the same time. Your spaghetti dinner sounded wonderful. I've made traditional spaghetti and topped it with diced sweet onions, green peppers and grilled chicken breasts. It is yummy! It sounds different, you just have to try it to see. When you think of it, tell me why/how the new bowling ball works. I am curious about the fingertip thing.

Shad: Just a few weeks until Japan!!! It was interesting to read about the international drivers license. I didn't really think about traveling and needing current licenses for different places, but surely you do! Now, the Asian story was sad, huh? We take so very much for granted. Today I hear there has been a pretty devastating earthquake in Pakistan and India. Hey, you mentioned petunias as year around flowers, are they really? I am going to clean out my summer flower trays and I have some petunias. Is there anything special I need to do to keep them? Also, your trolleys with wheels sounds interesting... but I am not sure what you mean. I like the idea of fresh flowers, the more the better! I am with you on the 'neglected house', and this week will be spent on just that. I love a clean place, and with just Rocky (Yorkshire Terrier) and myself, you would think it would be easy?

OneDay: So, what does Blackie do when you are on the treadmill? Rocky tries to run with me as I stationary bike. Bouncy house sounds fun! Just being around children gives us the lost prespectives of what really matters - every little thing, huh. I am sorry to learn about your friend. I lost a teacher friend about this time last year with the same cancer. She gave it the good fight - and was rediagnosed just a few months prior to her 5 year cancer free anniversary. We are working on several fundraising projects/charities to donate to her memorial scholarship fund. I will keep you and your friend in my prayers. Fall has arrived in centraly Kentucky also. This weekend has been cool with highs in the 60's and overcast skies.

I'm getting ready for the change of seasons getting out the warmer clothing items. I also have had fun shopping for Christmas (dare I say that word in October?) ornaments for my new tree. I snagged a 7 1/2 foot prelit tree on sale after Christmas last year. The lights are white, and I am just looking for some new white, silver or gold ornaments. I've picked a few here and there.

Did you guys read the story about the 3FatChick forum participant that has lost 78 pounds on the Mediterrain diet? It was on the front page earlier this week. It was pretty interesting. She gets up at 4:45A to exercise so she can be at work by 7A. That would be me. Hummm... She credits the relationships on 3FatChicks for helping her, but EDiets sponsors the article and provides a link to join their site?

I went shopping yesterday with one of the younger girls I've met at my university classes. She is in her mid 20's and from Korea. She is full of energy and fun to be around. We hit 2 towns, 3 malls and a few other places. Then, I came home, napped an hour and drove an hour to see old friends for late dinner. As I left in the wee hours I heard them mumbling about coming back sooner - claiming it had been years. Anyway, the day was full, busy and fun. Today... just it a quiet Sunday doing some laundry, reading a good book by Lisa Scottoline, listening to Hal ;) , and napping!

Mooz, Thin, Michellezzzzzzz.... hope you guys are doing well!!!! :angel: :angel: :angel:

10-09-2005, 06:45 PM
Morning all,

Sorry I didn't get in over the weekend, it just got a bit busy and I thought about it and then forgot.

Patty - so sorry to hear about your friend. Brave thoughts go out to her. Such a rotten disease and so little is known on diagnosis and cure or prevention.
I'm glad you decided on the pots of flowers. They may not be as useful as tomatoes or veges, but they are so pretty. My front flower bed where I planted the blue and white petunias, blue, black and white pansies, not to mention that some of them have turned out orange and lemon and other shades is starting to look really good. Unfortunately with the water restrictions now in force, they won't look that good for long. Still petunias are a hardy bunch - not the prettiest flower but hardy. I have one double white one which last year flowered profusely in a pot. When it died down I pulled it out and threw it down the back of the garden to compost. This year it is blooming again!!! Such a determined plant - it deserves to live on.

Cat - Thank you for the poem. It describes my place in the morning exactly. The alarm goes off, the cat comes and sits on my chest and licks my face. She ensures I do not go back to sleep again. Don't be envious of me going to Japan. Save the pennies and go yourself. It is not as expensive as they make out - at least it doesn't have to be. If you avoid Tokyo, the prices are better. I'm fortunate in that I have a friend who knows where bargains are to be found and a travel agent who always gets me a good deal. Anyway I shall take pictures and you can see them when I get back. I'm taking DS2's new digital camera with me when I go. Should be good.

Hope Hal and Mooz are going okay. Haven't heard from either here for a wee while. Meantime Mooz has sent me some good jokes recently.

My weekend was busy with gardening and cooking. I have been making meals for the DS2 who is looking after my house while I am away. There are now about 10 dinners in the freezer for him. I will make some spaghetti bolognese tonight and that will be it. I'm running out of containers to put them in. It should just about see him through the entire time I am away.

Best run along and do some work I guess. Have a good day.

10-09-2005, 10:44 PM
Hi Everyone,

This has been a pretty busy week for me. I did, however, weigh in Thursday evening and I lost .2 lb. However, I do believe all this exercise has something to do with it. They say muscle weighs more than fat. I am still managing to do the weight machines, and then an hour class of aerobics and then I go onto bowling. I kid you not this exercise plan really gives me a whole lot of energy. My big sister, who is 3 years younger than I am, says she never seen someone with all this go-power.

HalGal -- The fingertip bowling ball is where instead of putting in your two middle fingers all the way into the holes--the holes are drilled in such a way that they only go up to the first bend in your fingers. Today I went to practice and bowled 3 games all by myself. The next two games one of my bowling buddies bowled with me. The first game I bowled with him I got 225 and that is very unusual for me. Here again, it's like being in control of your eating--when you are bowling it takes a whole lot of concentration and control. I might add when I bowl eating never enters my mind!

I am not sure I shared these muffins with you--you take a Jiffy cornbread mix and add 1/2 cup of crushed bananas and 1/2 cup of milk and you bake them in a 350 oven for about 25 mnutes. I believe they are 2 pts. I just made a batch and added some cinnamon, a little sweetner, a few raisins, a little vanilla and a "few" mini chocolate chips. That probably adds another pt.

Patty -- I am so sorry to hear about your co-worker and I most definitely will keep her in my prayers. One thing Dr. Mollin mentions in his book is that Adkins and the South Beach diets are not good for your over-all health. I haven't gotten into his menus yet, but he does have a few recipes in there as well. I also have the book I bought when I was going to him in 1988 and I think I will get it out and see if it is somewhat the same as this one. I managed to lose 24 lbs. back then on whatever he suggested I do. He did have me sit down with his nutritionist and she went over a plan for me. I believe I even have this some place in the house.

This is going to be another hectic week for me because I need to work both Wed. and Thurs. That means I will miss one of my exercise days. However, now that it is cooler I will be able to make it up by doing the treadmill. I am also getting my garage straightened up so my exercise room will be more inviting.

Take care all, and thanks for caring!

10-10-2005, 05:36 PM
Good Monday afternoon Movers and Losers!!!

Just a quick note to say hello! It's been a quiet, rainy and cool day here. I hate to admit it, but I've slept and slept. I guess I need it. Now to oranize my things to do list and get movin!

I am going to make some foil packets for dinner, and to freeze. Tonight's menus is tilipia with chopped green and black olives, chopped tomatoes, capers, and olive oil with garlic. Yummmm.. Low calorie, and very good for you!

Have you guys noticed the home page of 3FatChicks? They have a list of recent posts and you and hit them and just go in and randomly read a post here and there. I have no idea how or why they select the posts they do, but wonder if the reason our read number is so high because we were on it at one point?

It's very nice to have a few minutes to 'notice' things, explore and such! Just say ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... ;)

10-11-2005, 12:35 AM
Hal, nice to see you. The dinner sounds really nice too. Might have to try that myself although at the moment I am eating whats in the fridge and freezer and not getting or making new stuff.

I saw that list of posts the other day while I was puddling around. Didn't realise that we had featured on it tho. I think the number of read posts is because we are due for a new house. It's starting to get a bit long. Wonder where mooz is and whether she is coming in to give us the new home or should we do it ourselves.

Don't know if any of you have seen the new smilies either. There are a couple of new welcome ones :wel3fc: :welcome: :welcome2: :welcome3:

Nita - the muscle certainly does weigh. Do not be surprised if you go up instead of down for a week or so. I haven't lost much weight at all, but I have shed 3 dress sizes which is great - although the wallet is protesting.

The air con in the building seems to have broken down again. Getting a bit warm in here today. Time to go do some work I guess.

10-11-2005, 01:49 PM
Hello Ladies,

Another busy day here at work. I have been walking at lunch with some friends and both of them are out today. Guess i'll have to go alone.

Hal - hope your enjoying your time off. I have a few vacation days left and i'm thinking of taking one or two real soon. The weather has turned cool here to and it is wonderful. I just love the cool crisp air.

Nita - WTG on your .2 loss. If you continue to keep up with your bowling and exercise i'm sure you see more results soon. Keep up the good work.

Shad - I'm sure DS2 will be happy that mom is taking care of him where is meals are concerned. You mentioned you lost 3 dress sizes, how long did that take you?

We'll I need to run, talk to you all later

10-11-2005, 07:33 PM
Morning ladies,

Another beautiful day here although it is supposed to storm later in the day. I will believe it when I see it tho'

Today is the last day of exercise at the gym for a week. I'm really pleased to see Wednesday. I am so tired by the end of a week of solid exercise - guess I must be getting old!!!

Bought in a yummy salad and chargrilled salmon fillet for my lunch today. Lettuce, tomatoes and beetroot are all out of the garden. Such a productive little vege patch. I love it.

Cat - I'm so pleased that this system of controlled eating is working for you. Once you have the appetite under control, I am convinced that you are 4/5's of the way to success. I enjoyed the poem too.

Hal - Only 15 days to go to Japan. I'm really looking forward to this. This is the first time I have had to have an International Drivers Licence. Lucky my friend reminded me of it. India and Pakistan are really having a tough time. One of the biggest problems is that they don't have the tough building regulations of countries which are prone to earthquake like Japan and NZ and the US. Therefore, their injuries and death toll is always so much worse.
I use petunia as a year round flower here. They are supposed to be annual and probably would be if it got cold enough to kill them off. I like their perfume and they are now bringing out such a range of colours and doubles as well as singles. They spread quickly and become a mass of flowers in the garden beds. I don't have as much success with them in pots but that is probably because I don't feed and water them enough. At the end of each flowering season I give the plant a haircut - trim it back several inches and cut off all the dead flowers. It then comes back and flowers again. Feed it up and it will flower indefinitely or at least it does here.

1Day - I've been going to the gym for nearly 2 years. The first year I probably only played around. Didn't push myself too hard and then got a personal trainer who told me I should be pushing a lot more weight that I was. He really got at me. So I pushed the boundaries and gained some muscles and have gone from a size 18/20 to 16 to 16/14 and now I can fit into some 12's. Mind you the clothing industry is weird as far as sizing goes, but I count the size decrease a victory. I basically have to wear separates as the bottom half has decreased faster than the top half.

Anyway, I better go do some work. See if I can find the people I need to talk to - if they don't disappear when they see me coming.

10-11-2005, 10:28 PM
Hi Ladies,

I did get to the gym yesterday and my Big Sister was there as usual. It is so great to have someone you can count on being there. They announced that they are going to be having a Senior water aerobics class at 12:15, right after our hour-long class on Monday, Wednesday and Friday's. I have decided to try the class on Monday because that is the only day I do not bowl after class. I am really looking forward to trying it. The pool is outdoors but I understand it is heated anyway.

Shad -- I have to agree with you as far as the weight is concerned when you are really working out. One thing so far is I have gained more strength in my upper body and my bowling is getting better because of it. The only time I have that food seems to be a problem is after dinner. For some reason I think i have to munch on something! I know I cannot be hungry because I have just eaten.

It seems when I am watching my weight Gene, who is a diabetic, his blood sugar in the morning really is low. It is probably because I am not bringing in those processed goodies I have in the past.

I am going to miss my aerobic class tomorrow because one of my attorneys requested I come in tomorrow and perhaps Thursday. If I do not work on Thursday, however, I most definitely will go to the gym and do the weight machines on my own. They have a Silver Sneaker contest going for the month of October. If you come 12 times during October you get a Silver Sneaker watch! These kinds of things always give me incentive to do what it takes. I understand Silver Sneaker is in a lot of states and if I am ever out of town and one is there, all I have to do is show my badge and I can participate. Several of our insurance companies are in this program and they are really smart because fit people are usually healthy as well.

Take care all and have a "super" rest of the week!

10-12-2005, 08:11 AM
Hi chickies ....... quick post .........gosh it is over a week since I have been here!! :(
Last week at WW I put on 1 pound and this week I lost 1.5 pounds so really I have lost half a pound in 2 weeks. Oh well I have still lost 4.5 since I started so that is good I guess!
Paul has phoned once since he went away and I have heard from Sinead a few times. Seems they are both having a ball.
Sinead also said of her boyfriend, who is in Australia for a year, "he is also having a great time travelling through the jungle and doing other crazy things like eating crickets +getting food poisioning!"
Sounds nice!!! :D

Have a great day all

10-12-2005, 11:47 AM

Sit down, it is a post from me in the middle of the week, in the middle of the morning! I am so thankful to have a week off. With that said, after I finish this post I'll be going into school to work. Sad, but true. I don't have to, but if I don't life will be beyond awful next week when we return. I already see two mandatory 12 hour days, and I just cannot imagine not having everything possible ready in advance that I possibliy can. SO....

I have some time to watch television that I normally would skip this week. Last night I watched a show called 'The Biggest Loser'. Are any of you watching this show? Oh my gosh, all of the contestants - both male and female - lost about 8 pounds this week. I really did not see what they were eating, but I did see the exercise, and it was a big part of their day.

Nita: You GO girl! :strong: I am very proud of and happy for you with your exercise program. Now, for me!

Mooz: Good to hear from you too! Hey, where is our Marsten? Are you keeping them all to yourself? Did you get the Hal Ketchum CD called King of Love? I think this is his latest. If you did, I really like 'The Angel Song'.

Shad: Beets, ooh ick! One veggie on planet earth I cannot eat! I have really tried. I feel nausious when I put it in my mouth! Beets are more commonly served pickled here, and just add a double ick! Your garden sounds lovely, and thanks for the petunia tips. I'll let you know what I decide. I like the trolley idea, moving them around. I have a large deck attached to the back of my kitchen. I'll keep an eye open, but I don't shop that often. Can you tell me where you found them? Again, you and Nita keep the exercise motivational levels high. Thanks! You know I bet the new welcome icons are for folks that post on threads they normally do not. It would make sense if folks are reading on the front page, and decide to post of join. I don't know if we were on it, I just compared the number of posts to reads and our number is high - like we have subscribers!

OneDay: Walking during the day is a great idea. I tell myself to walk around the classroom more. It improves student productivity, and is good for me. It is not aerobic walking, but it is moving around rather than standing or sitting. I am enjoying every second of this week. Every split second! :goodvibes

Shout outs to CatLover and THIN...!!! Have a great week girls!!! :angel: :angel:

10-12-2005, 02:32 PM
Hello ladies,

Nita - I think having a variety of exercise keeps you interested in exercising. I think you will like the water aerobics. On the munchies after dinner, have you tried keeping some ff jello/ff cool whip or some celery sticks with peanut butter. I think like you said it's just habit, but if you gonna munch, might as well make is lowcal/lowfat.

Shad - 15 days to your trip, getting excited for you. I hope you all get some rains to ease your water restrictions. That is great going from a 18/20 to a size 12.

Hal - I found my dolley things at Walmart in the garden dept and at Big Lots. Don't know if you have one of those. They work wonderful with my tomato plants. I was able to move them around the patio all summer long. I did see part of the program Biggest Loser and yes your right they exercise quite a bit each day. I was channel surfing last night and saw some but i'm curious how long they are exercising each day.

Mooz - .5 loss is a loss and a 4.5 lb total loss is great. Sounds like the kids are having fun. Don't know about eating the crickets, unless they were dipped in chocolate.

As for me the same ol stuff. Last night I did get on the treadmill and walked for 25 minutes. Tonight my goal is 30 minutes, since I know i'm going to be watching the tv program "Lost".

Hope everyone is having a great day!

10-12-2005, 10:53 PM
Tired and still need to do yoga. Hi all, love ya and just kicking us pack up to top.


10-13-2005, 11:27 AM

Good Thursday Morning Movers and Losers!

Just a quick pop up for the thread and a note of appreciation for our thread of diversity. Neat things happen here, and I say THANKS!

CatLover: I slept for 3 days until I felt 'back to normal' this week! Sad but true. Mother Nature has a way of letting us know our limits. I hope you are able to get your rest soon. I feel SO much better. I've gone from needing 5 hours to 8 or 9 hours of sleep. Just the facts. I have to plan for it, and it is a real challenge to work it in.

OneDay: Thanks for the heads up on the trolley set ups. I'll check them out, and now I know where to look. I'm glad it was not just me, I wondered how long the biggest losers were moving it daily. I have a feeling it is an incredible amount of time. Again, is losing 8 to 10 pounds a week healthy? I don't think it is, and I am suprised a nationally syndicated show would promote this 'quick weight loss'. I just hope these losers safe healthy and are free of problems.

Here are some tips on shopping for ingredients as we attempt to prepare nutrient dense taste delights!

Buying better quality brands can be more expensive, but since you're using such small quantities, it's well worth it.

Parmesan cheese. Don't use canned, pre-grated Parmesan – it's nothing but oil and fillers. Instead, buy a small block of Parmigiano-Reggiano, a skim milk cheese from the Parma region of Italy. You can tell it's the real thing by the name stamped on the rind. Shave it with a vegetable peeler, or grate it with a microplane grater, available at cooking stores. Taste a bit of each cheese on its own and you'll be converted.

Fresh Produce. Use fresh fruits and vegetables, rather than frozen or canned conveniences. Sure, it's easier to buy pre-chopped, bagged, frozen onions, but your casserole will taste better if you dice a fresh one. Blueberries, cherries, carrots, broccoli — they're all better fresh. And that goes double for herbs. Buy fresh whenever possible. Double the amount of fresh to substitute for dried.

Seafood. Buy fish or shellfish at the fish counter. Avoid prepackaged, frozen, or canned fish (with the exception of tuna fish). Ask your fishmonger if you can smell before you buy. It should smell fresh, like the ocean on a spring morning — never like the tidal flats on an August afternoon. If you're buying a whole fish, the eyes should be clear, not cloudy, and the fish should have tightly closed, shiny scales.

Cold Cuts. Shop for deli meats at the deli counter. Use sliced fresh turkey breast or roast beef for your sandwiches, not prepackaged versions stuffed with salt and preservatives.

Pasta. Go for imported dried pastas like those made by De Cecco — they have a wheaty, bread-like taste and stay al dente better than most other brands. Or buy high-end American brands, like Hodgson Mill: Try their whole-wheat fettuccine. And while you're at it, don't put tasteless tomatoes on good pasta. If the fresh ones you have aren't quite ripe (or they've been refrigerated, which diminishes flavor and texture), use canned Italian tomatoes instead. (Make sure the label says "packed in Italy.")

Olive Oil. Olive oil should taste like, well, olives. There are plenty of good extra-virgin brands available in the grocery store, such as Colavita or Filippo Berio. Or go for one of the luscious new high-end bottlings from places like O & Co.

Vinegars. Use balsamic vinegar when you can – it's light and fruity. Look for Colavita Aged Balsamic, or indulge in a boutique bottling of syrupy balsamic to drizzle over salads or steamed vegetables.

Rice. Life's too short for tasteless rice. Rice Select makes many types that are robust in flavor: Texmati (toothy and mild), Kasmati (slightly fragrant), and Jasmati (almost floral). Try various types and find a few you like.

Honey. Honey should taste like flowers. Buy types from specific flowers or trees, like orange blossom, acacia, star thistle or even pine tree. Read the labels — many "blueberry" honeys, for example, are made with artificial flavoring.

Chocolate. Chocolate is never just chocolate. Some brands are cut with shortening. If you're going to splurge on chocolate, don't you want the very best? For baking, use Scharffen Berger, available in the baking aisle; or Lindt bars, often in the candy aisle.

Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough are the authors of The Ultimate Potato Book (William Morrow, 2003).

Groceries are super expensive now, and it is important to make the best choices so we don't have to throw anything out. I hope this helps you, I thought it was really good.

I thought I would mention, after I read the article on the 3FChick that lost the 87 pounds using our site, and at the end I noticed the article was 'sponsored by ediets' I received no less than 10 emails from them! Just from reading the article, I did not reply or inquire about anything. Wild, huh?

10-13-2005, 07:24 PM
Morning all,

Today is day 21 of a challenge I took up over on another thread. It was fairly simple and easy - keep a check on portions, lo carb, drink the water, exercise 5 times a week. However the close I got to the 21st day, the worse I seem to get. I've managed but only just and will have to hold myself together today to stop from blowing the last day. Why is it we crave what we can't have?


Hal - good advice there on buying the good stuff. It really is worthwhile for the important things. I have recently found that I can no longer buy my underwear from Target which I have been doing. It's now rubbish and it isn't that cheap either. Now I will buy from the big department stores where the stuff fits, doesn't shrink or warp and the underwire tends to stay put and has a name brand on it, not generic as Target now are - they sell under the Target brand.

I thoroughly agree with the buying fresh fruit and vege and growing your own where possible and the Parmesan cheese as well. Nothing like freshly grated or sliced parmesan and if you can't get the authentic Italian, go for a New Zealand cheese if you can get it. It's (and I admit to bias) as good as any and certainly better than most. I never buy fish at the supermarket. It takes so long to get there that frequently it doesn't last the journey home. A fish shop or even better the fishing company outlets are a much, much better proposition. Here some of the fishing fleets have a shop where they sell the fish almost straight off the boat. And it is much cheaper than any supermarket. So if you are near the sea, it's worthwhile making enquiries.
I love balsamic, but watch the sugar content. A little goes a long way and the age of the vinegar also affects the flavour and the price.
As for the chocolate - well the Belgians, Dutch and Swiss make the best in the world and having tried all three from the countries of origin, NZ chocolate stands up well to the test. It's because they have a high rainfall and the amount of fat in the dairy (as in dairy milk) makes it so much creamier. You'd think the Brits could feature in there as well, but no their stuff is not as good, IMHO.
When I visited the States - all I saw was Clover honey. I remember remarking to Happy2bme (from one of the other threads) that the bees in the US didn't have much fun. Maybe it was just the supermarket we were in because you mention different flavoured honeys in the article. I'm not talking additives to the honey here, flavours of honey taste different depending on where the bee forages. Here we have Ironbark honey and Spotted gum, not to mention Teatree honey and wildflower honey. In NZ you get Manuka honey, Rata honey, Kowhai honey etc. etc. It all depends on where the bees come from and what blossom is out at the time. It's an interesting taste test (and I am not a honey fan)

I'm glad that you said that about LindaT and ediets. LindaT is a lovely lady, and I have read the article a couple of times now. My firewall keeps telling me someone is trying to access my computer. It may well be that since it has only recently started this gig. I haven't had an e-mail from them, but it could be that the firewall is doing it's job. Doesn't usually work on e-mails though. I still get scads of junk coming from some mailing list somewhere.

Only 13 days to my trip now. We have an itinerary coming together. There's the Toyota factory visit, the Noritake factory visit, a trip to the mountains where my friend is to judge a speech competition, an autumn festival in Tajimi, a visit to a castle, shrine and some gardens. Added to that I will have some hours to myself when she has to teach or visit the hospital. It will be fun. I think there is something else I have forgotten but thats okay. It will happen.

Mooz - sounds like the kids are having fun. Must be your turn soon? As for the boyfriend tramping through the jungle?? and eating crickets?? He must be having fun. The Witchety Grubs must be coming up next. His constitution will be altered forever when he gets back.

Okay, time to go do some work. Nita, keep up the exercise. Things will move soon.

10-13-2005, 11:27 PM
Hello Ladies,

Hal - I found my trolleys at Walmart in the garden center, you might some on clearance. Thanks for the shopping tips.

Shad - 13 days left, by the time your read this it will be 12. I wish I knew of some fish stores, but I don't think there are any in this area. I'm not really use to eating fish but would love to try some different varieties, try some new foods.

Just got home from a meeting. Getting to stressed out at work. Didn't eat lunch til 2pm. I"ll be out of the office for two days next week, kinda of looking forward to that, but at the same time not looking forward to the work load.

Hope everyone is having a good evening.

10-14-2005, 11:52 PM
Good Evening all you fine ladies!

This has been one of those very busy days for me. However, I did survive. Before going to the gym this morning I washed two loads of clothes and changed my bedding. I also replaced the filter for the filter. I then met my big sister at the gym and worked on some of the weight machines before the aerobic class. Joe is probably the best instructor and he really works all of our muscles. It is amazing, however, because when you are through you just have so much energy. I then went bowling and almost made 500 -- 496. I then went on to an office supply store far away from home to get a chair with wheels for Gene so he can do his exercise machine on the patio. On my way home I stopped at the hospital and seen my friend who had his leg amputated almost the same as my sister. Needless to say I never got home until 6:14 p.m. and I had left at 9:30 a.m. While I was gone we paid a guy to come and wash all the windows inside and out and he did the screens as well. They are sparkling at the moment. He charged $90 but it was really worth it. Now, however, I believe I have to clean the curtains to match the windows.

Shad is correct, all this exercising and I am not losing any weight. I do feel a little more toned up but I really hope the scale starts moving again.

Well it has been a long day so I will close for now. Again, you are an awesome group and I hope we stay together for a long, long time.

Take care,

10-15-2005, 10:26 AM

Hey girls!

What a beautiful Fall Saturday morning. The trees are just beginning to show a hint of the orange and red shades of Fall. So pretty!

Nita; I am right there with you, so thankful for our support thread. You had a great day yesterday! Now, time for me to move! ;)

Shad: Count down time... I know you are excited. I have a freind that works in a Toyota plant here - so does her husband. It is huge. They make very good money also.

OneDay: I'll check out Wally world, don't they seem to be the solution to all that ails? Kind of scary. I was at a good friends home yesterday - she is a newly wed. She had the nicest wooden wagon on her front porch with plants in it. She said someone at her church made it for her. It was really unique, very neat. I saw a clip on the Today show this AM that said we should try to reduce our work day by 30 minutes to 'be more effective'. I will if you will. LOL Sometimes don't you wonder where these folks come up with these ideas? For living in a so called democracy, we really don't have the choices it advertises.

Do any of you watch HBOs Real Time show with Bill Maher? I just love that show. He spoke about the reality of a democracy in the US last night. The wheels are spinning...

I remember the night prior to the sentencing hearing for the young man that took my nieces life last May - I gave it totally to God. I let my stress go (So I thought, hoped and prayed.) When this young man received the maximum sentence of 50 years, and the average sentence in that state was 8 to 10 years - I knew then - all things ARE possible. This is very comforting.

10-16-2005, 12:17 PM

Good Sunday Morning Movers and Losers!

I hope everyone is enjoying a restful, relaxing and beautiful weekend. It is so nice here. My fall break is so over. I am finishing odds and ends here to go in this afternoon to pull a few things together for the week of teaching!

If any of you are Martina McBride fans - do catch the Soundstage show on this week. She recently made an album of classics, and it is Martina at her best. She began her career selling tshirts at Garth brooks concerts, where she met her husband, John. John was Garth's road manager, now he is hers!

I've tried to put the weight tracker on my posting. We shall see. I knew I had gained some serious weight when I had my physical this summer. I did not register on my doctor's scale. She ignored it. Honest. Yes, my friends all say get a new doctor. I bet I won't have a choice. The state department is changing insurance companies in January - and a new list of doctors will be part of it. So... I 'think' this current doctor honestly believes fat folks make fat choices - and who knows - I guess we do. I have no thyroid glands (surgically remove) so I am dependant upon meds for my TSH hormones, and there have been some interesting occurances over the years with lack of responsiveness to the thyroid meds. Anyway... Thi picture I posted of Mr. Hal with myself showed the proof. I've never had a stomach, and I do now. One word - ICK. This tracker will place me one pound under 300 pounds - you do the math.

I was reading the current issue of O. I lost 107 pounds along with Oprah about 15 years ago (she lost 60). Trust me, keeping those pounds off the next 3 years were the longest ones of my life. You cannot, cannot, cannot fast and begin eating food without expecting your body to say thank you, thank you, thank you and return some (much of) that body weight! She said she thought she got it then, but now she has it. Certainly looking and listening to her - she has it. Now for me... It is a choice, a decision to be followed up with actions.

Wyonna is another example. She is on the television as I type. She just published a book on her life. Imagine having Ashley Judd as your sister, and having a weight problem. I love them both for each of their talents. They are Kentucky girls!

So anyway... exercise is key. I think the diet part is not a huge challenge for me, it is movin it. (

10-16-2005, 03:11 PM
Hello Ladies,
Been a busy weekend. I am going out of town monday and tuesday, work related, so I was busy yesterday with getting oil changed, tires checked etc. Just got home from church and I need to run up to office to get a few things done.

Nita - WTG on bowling 496 that is awsome! Remember you might not see the scale move, but like you said your are toning your body, your probably reducing your blood pressure and lowering your cholestrol. Lots of underlying things are improving. But as usual we want to SEE the results. Keep up the good work, you inspire us all.

Hal - Girl i'm with you. I know I have to exercise, but i just don't seem to find the time. And work, we'll i'm off to the office to get some things done because i'm going to be away at work site for a few days. What's wrong with this picture. Let's make a committment to get more exercise in.

You all might not hear from me til wednesday. Don't know if i'll have use of a computer or not.

10-16-2005, 07:22 PM
Morning all,

Nita - glad to hear that the exercise is really doing well for you. I think it is great (most of the time)! Sometimes I really don't want to be there but I have this argument with myself and get along there and just do it. Always feel better afterwards - exhausted sometimes - but good.

Hal, Oneday, Cat, Mooz and any others here that I have missed. Hope you are all having a great Sunday and are getting in some quality time before going back to work on Monday. It's Monday here. Time I got off this site and moved into doing some work.

Come home early from work on Friday not feeling very well. I feel better now, although I still have a blocked up nose. At least the back pain and neck pain have gone. I went to gym on Saturday and did the Body Balance class and I'm sure that made me feel better. Went again yesterday and did a full cardio and half a weights session. Then went shopping. I needed some new gym shoes and a new clothes drying rack (not much use hanging the washing out in the rain). Wasn't that impressed with the price of either the shoes or the rack I might add. What I didn't really need was 3 new tops, but I got them anyway.

We have just had the most wonderful weekend of steady rain and coolish temps. I have no doubt that when the sun does shine again everything will spring up 3 feet (including the weeds). The weatherman tells us there is more on the way at the end of the week. News tells us that the dams have now got 2 more weeks of water in them, and when the run off gets to the dams we might have as much as 2 months more. Apart from the weather and Princess Mary's new baby there hasn't been much else in news. Still I guess both of them were good news stories which doesn't happen very often does it?

Better go strike a blow. 10 days to go.

10-18-2005, 07:15 PM
Morning all, :wave: :wave:

Everyone must be really busy. I'll be back later to say hello properly. Better get on with some work now.

8 days to go

10-19-2005, 12:41 PM
Good Morning Ladies,

Shad -- I am with you there in regard to not always wanting to go and exercise. In fact today I was thinking seriously of missing the aerobic class because my buddy is not going to be there today--she has a doctor's appointment. What I have decided to do is do 30 minutes on my treadmill because our weather finally has gotten really cool. Then I will go to the gym about 10:30 and do the 11 o'clock class and then I will be on my way to bowling. In fact, I bowled in no-tap tournament on Sunday and came in 3rd place for $48. The scale is definitely not moving. This could be because I haven't really been in control of what I eat. I am finding out that no matter how little I eat at night time, I seem to have an indigestion problem. I do not have this problem during the day but almost every night it happens. I was thinking of just having some soup for dinner tonight. Tomorrow is my day at the office so that is going to be a long day!

Do any of you ladies watch Boston Legal. James Spader is one of my favorite actors, however, even he seems to be putting on the pounds. I do believe this obesity problem somewhat stems from what they are putting in our food as well as what they are feeding the cattle and chickens!

Well I had better get moving--I need to take the clothes out of the dryer and get on that treadmill!


10-19-2005, 07:25 PM
Good morning everyone.

Nita my scale is not moving either - hasn't done for a long time. Don't know whether to up the food intake or lower it. Whatever, I am reasonably content with who and what I am as long as the body keeps improving. Had a terrible time at the gym yesterday. I really didn't want to go at all, however I pushed myself into it, got there and there were young people all over the place - they seem to use it as a useful meeting place. My hassle with that is that they lounge all over the machines I want to use and talk or meditate or psyche themselves into whatever they want to do and it takes so much time and the rest of us are forced to work around them. I'm afraid I lost it when two of them decided to leave their towels, water bottles and keys on the machine they were doing their reps on and go for a wander around the gym talking on THEIR BL**DY CELL PHONES while the rest of us waited and waited for the equipment. I don't think they do it deliberately. If you ask them politely they will shift for you, but it is just so annoying. Eventually I just gave up and had a few words to the manager and left. I will now try to use the city gym first thing in the morning before coming to work. At least those who go to gym at that hour of the day have only one purpose in mind - get in, get sweaty, get showered, get out.

Gots lots of work to do today so I had better go do something.

10-19-2005, 09:25 PM
Hello Ladies,

Back from my work trip. Had a overnight stay. Blackie was very happy to see me. Thank goodness for the doggie door. Not doing to good on my food, I started buying Halloween candy and of course started eating it.

Shad - 8 days left. I'm sure your getting excited. I think my gym is like yours in the evening. More of a pickup place.

Nita - WTG for your 3rd place. I have to agree with you on what additives they are adding to the feed they are giving our cattle. One of the tv shows did a program on that and unfortunately I missed it.

Lots to do this evening. Hope everyone is having a good day!

10-19-2005, 10:34 PM
Hi Ladies,

Shad, Since our YMCA is rather new since I go late morning before our aerobic class, we don't have the same problems you have. In fact, the machines are very easy to get to. It is a huge place and they must have 20 or more treadmills and perhaps 15 bicycles and some of those elipitical machines, plus all the weight machines. It is really a "super" place to go. I, too, didn't really want to go again this morning but you are right you just have to bite the bullet and do it. As a result after the class I went onto bowling and really felt like a million dollars. My first game was quite poor--116 but then I went on to l82 and then ended up with 191. And can you believe after all this I ended up going to the mall and walked around and did some shopping for another hour and a half. Exercising really does give you a whole lot of energy.

Tomorrow is work again so I will not be exercising until Friday. Hope the rest of you ladies are having a "super" and "happy" week!


10-21-2005, 11:54 PM
YIKES - Found us on page two at bottom.

Thank goodness it's friday. Even though I was out of town two days and I have plenty of work to do, I am not going into the office. Lots of things to do around here. I have some Halloween decorations that I need to put out, so i'll be doing that tomorrow besides cleaning house. My sister is going out of town so I volunteered to watch her dog. She has a 70lb beagle mix. Blackie loves playing with her but I'm afraid sometimes they get a little to rough. Needless to say it will be a Doggie filled weekend.

Nita - Sounds like you ended up bowling some good games. How did you do at Ww?

Shad - i'm forgot the count, but I know it's getting close.

Hal - Hope your able to enjoy your weekend without having to go to the office.

Mooz - Hope kids all got back home safely.

Thin and Mitchelelz - Would love to hear from you all.

10-23-2005, 07:19 AM
Well, we are at the end of a busy weekend. It's back to work tomorrow but only for 3 days and then I am on leave and leaving on a jet plane. Yaahoo.

I've been busy this weekend with all the last minute things one has to do before going away, you know like emptying and cleaning the fridge, mowing the lawns, cleaning the car, weeding and deadheading the garden. I've also pulled all the lettuce and tomatoes out and given most of them away to family and friends. They will have gone to seed by the time I get back and the tomatoes will be over ripe. So the gang benefitted. Not sure what I will plant when I get back since it will be moving into summer, high temps and humidity. There isn't a huge amount of vegetables that can take those conditions.

I also need to keep the laundry up to date and make sure I have ironed everything and put it away or in the pile I am going to take with me. Probably pack around Tuesday night.

Nita, I wonder what is causing the indigestion. Could it be a spice or a food that you don't realise is in the food you are eating. If you are having a lot of ready prepared foods, read the label. Make sure there is no gm foods or maybe MSG that might be upsetting the system. If it is not that, how about trying something with a milky base and see if that helps. Or now that I am thinking about it - something with apple or just apple on it's own. Apple juice is very good for upset tummies as is ginger. Glad to hear you are getting on well at the gym. Yes I understand how hard it is to get motivated, but as you have seen the results come after.

1day - Good to see you back. It's been very quiet on this thread lately.

And it is time I went to bed. I need to get up very early in the morning. Gym then work and then home to work some more. Catch up soon.

10-23-2005, 07:25 PM
Hi Ladies,

Shad, you are correct it is very quiet here--perhaps everyone is enjoying good weather like we are. I did weigh in yesterday at a 7:00 a.m. WW meeting and even though I hadn't eaten breakfast I still gained 1/4 of a pound. I am sure it has something to do with all this exercise because I am toning up.

Now that I know there is a meeting just 10 minutes away from where I live, I have no excuse to not go. The Leader is about 5 ft--the same as I am, only she has red hair and seems really to enjoy what she is doing. She lost 25 lbs. and has kept it off for 4-1/2 years. There must have been 40 or more people at the meeting. It is true if you stay for the meetings it is very motivating.

Since the cleaning people are coming on Wednesday, I have been very busy getting my house in order--on Friday I spent most of the day cleaning the garage and yesterday it was my office and the next things I need to do is clean the desk in the other room. I have never had anyone clean for me so this is going to be a treat.

I hope all of you are having a "wonderful" Sunday.


10-24-2005, 10:25 PM
Hello Ladies,

What a busy weekend. My brother was in town and I told him and my parents to drop by saturday night for some burgers. Next thing you know my other two sisters are coming over too, so i was busy tidying up the house. Then one of my sister's decided to stay the night, with her big dog. So that was interesting trying to keep both dogs seperated. But it was fun to get all of family together. Today I work a big trade show for work. Got lots of goodies there. Did lots of walking.

Shad - Two days left. Don't know if you be logging on but if you do be sure and tell us of your adventures.

Nita - 1/4 of lb is not bad. Like you said you have been toning up, so I wouldn't worry about that. I've never had a cleaning person to. I think i would probably clean before cleaning people come.

Hope everyone is having a good evening!

10-24-2005, 11:15 PM
Hey There Girls...

Good to hear everyone is doing well. I am also!

SHAD: How long will you be gone on your trip? I am excited for you!!! Guess what, I want to hear about the food. Surprise! :lol:

Nita: I am thinking/looking for a cleaning person. But, I am right there with you, I know I would clean before. But, once I have one, and am on a schedule it would be heavenly. I just got in, finishing yet another 15 hour day! I did get to come home for about 45 minutes around 5P to walk Rocky and freshen up. I don't know why, but I am not tired? I just found out we can now place money in our flexible spending account for weight loss and management programs. Finally, someone gets smart. I am thinking seriously about joining WW once again. I know you enjoy the program.

OneDay: Rocky would be nuts with an extra dog or animal in the house. I would have to keep him in his kinnel most of the time. I bet it was nice to spend time with you sister, tho. My poor sister is still at freak out level after losing her daughter. I know it will take time.

Mooz, CatLover all the best to ya, girls! Write in soon!

Have a GREAT week!!! :) :angel: :angel: :lol:

10-24-2005, 11:43 PM
Hello everyone,
Yes we are down to counting the days. only 2 sleeps left now. I have organised the little brother and the big brother and the youngest son. Now all I have to do is to get myself fixed up and sorted out and packed. Nothing new there, I always pack on the last day. That's when I sort out what I really want to take and what stays at home.

I am going to the duty free store today to buy a new lens for the new big digital camera. DS2 bought the camera some weeks back and has lent it to me for the trip. I'm hoping that I get some good shots with it. Should do and once I get them onto my computer, you shall see them on the network.

I had an email from my friend telling me it was getting a bit cooler now and that the leaves are starting to change colour so I look forward to that. She also says that she has heard of a park up in the hills a bit further that lights up the maple trees at night and the wonderful colours reflect in the pools around them. Sounds good to me.

I will try to log in while I am away, but it may not always be possible. You will hear from me as often as I can make it. I'll keep a diary while I am away, so you will get to hear about the food and the weather and the people and the scenery and all the places we go to visit.

Nita, having a cleaning lady is good. Provided of course she is a good cleaning lady. I always used to do a tidy up before she came. But I have had to put her off because of the renovations which seem to be never ending around here. It's so nice to come home to a clean and tidy house.

Okay, better fly. Lots to do today and tomorrow will only be half a day at work. So catch up again later.

10-25-2005, 08:56 AM
Hi chickies ....... just a quick call to let you know I am ok! ......still trying to eat healthy and exercise but the eating is difficult! Lost 1 pound last week but I will be lucky to stay the same tonight. I hope I have not put any weight on!
Paul is home from Canada. Sinead is back in Belfast afte 17 days in Chicago and Orla is getting back to Belfast tonight after 4 days in Berlin.
Mum is getting slower all the time now but at her age I cannot expect anything else.
I will try and call tomorrow and let you know how I did at WW!

10-25-2005, 12:47 PM
Good Morning Ladies,

It is finally cool every morning now in Phoenix. Tomorrow is the day for my "first" cleaning by other people. I understand there will be two people and that they will be done in two hours. Today I steamcleaned a couple of spots on the carpet and then went on to clean the windows in my car. Would you believe after all my exercise yesterday I came hope and washed the car. Instead of eating dinner I only had some jello mixed with coolwhip and my stomach was a whole lot better. I have decided to have my biggest meal either at breakfast or lunch and just a snack for dinner. Not only will it help my stomach but I am sure it will help me get rid of some of these extra pounds.

Have a "super" trip Shad, I know how excited you must be! While you are gone I most definitely will continue my exercise program as well as checking in with WW each Saturday morning.

Mooz -- It's good to hear from you and I know how it is taking care of someone who is not getting around very well. I am very lucky, however, because as long as I fix Gene's lunch before I leave I can be gone for 4 or 5 hours and he does not have a problem. I always have my cell on and our next door neighbor is always available in case of an emergency. I really think he could do more walking with his cane but he is still terrified of falling. Perhaps this feeling will get better as time goes by.

Well I need to go and get my hair cut before I go bowling. Take care all and have a "great" day!


10-25-2005, 08:45 PM
Morning all,
Well there is only one more sleep before I go on the plane tomorrow. At LAST!!!!

Mooz - good luck at your weigh in. I'll be waiting for the result.

Nita - good to hear that you are going to carry on with the exercise. Apart from anything else, it does allow us to eat a little more without gaining weight.

Gotta go. Meeting in 10 minutes, I am so not ready.

Next post from Mizunami in the Gifu prefecture Japan.

10-25-2005, 11:53 PM
Sorry I have been AWOL but I have been discouraged about the whole weight thing. I've been walking but not enough yoga. There just isn't enough time for everything.

Love you all, though.

10-26-2005, 04:50 AM
Mornin chicks ........ just a quick report ....... lost 1 more pound making it a total of 6.5 so far. :carrot:

Have a great time in Japan Shad.

Talk to you all later ........

10-26-2005, 05:15 AM
Well done Mooz

10-26-2005, 11:49 AM
Good Morning Ladies,

Mooz -- You are doing so awesome, keep up the good work!

Catlover -- I know what you mean about this losing weight business. I am not losing weight either, however, I am toning up from all this exercising I am doing. And Shad is correct, the more we exercise this gives us a chance to eat a little more if we so desire. Perhaps you just need to take a breather for now and stop and when you are ready, I know you will get back on track! I am still having a problem at night time and I really think it has to do with nerves--even though I don't discuss Gene's situation with him, I think unconsciously I am rather nervous about the whole thing. Some days he seems better than others and then other days he really has a hard time getting up from a sitting position. Maybe it is a good thing I am writing this down because I really have no control over the situation and can only pray it does get better.

Well I am ready for the cleaning people even though my house looks rather good since I have put up a lot of things I should have done long ago. I won't see the end results until I get home from bowling but I will be here for an hour or so while they are working.

Take care all and do keep posting--that is what this support group is all about!!!!


10-26-2005, 10:12 PM
Shad - I hope you have a fun and exiciting adventure. Looking forward to you wonderful stories and photos. Will keep you in my prayers for a safe journey.

Mooz - WTG on your weight loss. Glad all the kids got home safely.

Nita - I can understand your stomach being upsetby stress. My doctor call it the mind/gut syndrom. He said what's on my mind, effects my stomach. And he is so right. When I'm really stressed, I can feel it in my stomach. During those times I try to do mediation or any kind of relaxing techniques.

Hal - 15hour days, girl, I don't see how you do it. I'm thinking of rejoining Ww too.

Cat - I feel your frustration.

Ok ladies, tonight I went and got my hair permed (needed it badly) and left the hair salon feeling pretty good. My hair was looking good. Then I stopped at the mall. I'm attending a funeral tomorrow (coworker's son) and wanted to get a new top or something. We'll I looked around and picked up a few items that I thought would look good. WE'll they didn't look good or one or two items didn't fit. So I tried on a larger size and it too didn't fit in the bust. I ended up trying on a size 18 jacket and it fit. Now remember i'm 5ft 1 1/2" tall. Now I realize different clothes fit differently, but I was so discouraged with myself I wanted to cry. The blouses fit me and they were a XL. I left there and immediately wanted to eat everything in sight. I have got to do something about this. I haven't gained any more weight, but I haven't loss anything. I'm starting my exercise program on monday.

10-26-2005, 11:14 PM
1day--I just hate clothes shopping no matter what. Good luck on the exercise.

I got a new yoga CD. Sometimes something new gives me a boost.
Went to candlelight vigil tonight in remembrance of the 2,000 US fatality--and of course the coalition deaths, the deaths elsewhere, the 30000+ Iraquis. We sang some old songs including "Blowin' in the wind" "How many deaths will it take till he knows/that too many people have died?" I wonder.

10-27-2005, 09:57 PM
Hello Ladies,

Cat - Can you recommend what's a good yoga tape to start with? Did you get your from a local store or purchase or on-line?

Hope everyone is having a good day!

10-27-2005, 10:25 PM
Morning all,

Quick note here. We are on our way from schoo to Nagoya today. Dont have a lot to report. Things here are fine and mostly warm. Someone asked me if I was cold today but it is quite pleasant out there. Went for a run in the school grounds this morning so that got the aeroplane kinks out of the way. Didn't get lost either.

This keyboard is a killer, very small space bar. I end up with one very long word every so often. No idea what some of the symbols mean either. But it is all fun.

Sorry to hear about the clothing blues. How well I know that feeling.

We have done a 55 minute English class this morning. Lots of fun and shouting so I think that is it until a kindy class tonight.

Glad to hear it is all going okay with everyone so far. Try to get back tomorrow again.
Now I better get ready to read the signs to the railway station. It's all fun!

10-27-2005, 11:09 PM
Good Evening Ladies,

Patty- I know your frustration and the only thing you can do is bite the bullet and look at what you are eating realistically--I am only 5 ft. so I know your frustration. You just need to take the time for you no matter if it pertains to exercise or getting a handle of what you should be eating. Since I worked 9-1/2 hours at the office today I was in no mood to cook so I picked up two Premium chicken sandwiches from McDonald's and I only ate the top part of my bun and tossed the other half. I also bought some of Walmart's mustard potato salad and just had a small amount of this. I did also have one of those Pudge Bars for 90 calories. Now comes the real test--not to eat anything else tonight--only water if I am thirsty.

I need to close for now but I will post again tomorrow.


10-28-2005, 07:26 PM
This has come up before, but I can't really recommend starting with a tape. If you possibly can, find a teacher or a class so that you learn the asanas correctly and how not to hurt yourself.

If you absolutely can't find a class, I'd suggest Yoga for Dummies. It's pretty good and safety, and you're not trying to keep up with someone on a tape.

I'd try to visit a class to see if the teacher seems skilled and trustworthy before signing up.

10-28-2005, 09:42 PM
GoodMorning everyone,

It's raining up here in the hills. Started when I was on the downhill side of the run this morning. According to the weatherforecaster it is to be cloudy this morning and come fine this afternoon.

Yesterday we didn't go to Nagoya, we went up into the hills to a place where you make paper and design patterns on your paper. My paper is blue and I drew what was supposed to be a bird on it, but it looks more like puff the magic dragon! Chris did some thicker more textured type of paper in leaf shapes - sort of. We went to a coffee bar for lunch and had 'Italian' spaghetti (Japanese style ) which is nothing like Italian but for all that was quite nice - tried eating spaghetti with chopsticks lately?

The leaves are starting to turn nicely and I have seen a couple of brilliant red maples on the roadside when we went to a pottery place. Speaking of the pottery place - which is not just pottery - it has pickles and preserves and apples and the weirdest looking veges I have everseen in my life, is built like a space ship and has a cafe and telescope up on the roof. And you should have seen the loos!!!!! Talk about Starship Enterprise - automatic doorclosers, automatic flushers, automatic lights - I was expecting God Save the Queen at the end of the performance.

Went for my exercise this morning - had to walk up the hills cause they are so steep, But I ran down from the Golf Course and around the baseball diamond and past the gym and then went out the top gate and ran down the road - waving and saying good morning to the people around the place all out doing their gardening or beekeeping in one case - I ran faster past that place - or Tai Chi. Got home in around thirty five minutes with a good sweat up so guess I managed about 3 or 4k. Long hot shower and a big breakfast - Chris is big on big breakfasts. Apparently lunch is Soba noodles and then we are going to Toki for a kindergarten class - I may go and do some shopping if we are anywhere near shops that is and I can find them - Some shops don't look like shops. Wouldn't mind going back to the pottery shop and will do so if it is not too far away from the class. Chris says it is not - we will see.

This afternoon I believe we are off to a Ninja museum and something else up in the hills. Tomorrow I believe we are going to Grandma's Market. I say I believe because sometimes the things that happen in the day are not what was discussed the night before, but it is all good fun.

Patty - Do not be discouraged about the scale and the clothes. I hate clothes shopping and avoid it when I can. I have clothes ranging from size 18 to sixe 10 in my wardrobe and most of them fit. Go Figure. Use a tape measure and write down the measurements of your body. Measure all the bits you want to keep tabs on. Then you can check them month after month after month. It is so hard, but you have to keep trying. Scales are not good indicators, neither are clothes these days although they used to be, measuring tapes tell a different story.

And that is about it for today. I'll be back tomorrow if we come up to school.

Have a good weekend and have fun.

10-29-2005, 03:56 AM

Wow Shad, how cool to go along on your trip with you! Awesome stuff. Spaghetti with chop sticks, and running the same day = weight loss for sure! The pottery place sounds pretty interesting. We have a local pumpkin festival this weekend here. I plan to go and look for a guy that brings pottery. Over the years I've collected a few of his pieces. I'm not artistic, but I love art. Anyway, I'm enjoying your posts, and thank you for taking the time to think of us!

Nita: You are so busy, and keep me motivated to keep going with a smile. I can see your smile in your words! I'm typing and working on my second glass of water. You are right, more water is a good thing. I tried one of those premium chicken sandwiches also, and just had the bottom bun. I was not impressed at all. I am almost always better off to take a few minutes to make something here - and do my best to clean up after myself. Last night I made chilli for the teachers today. I am a member of a service sorority and it is our founders day anniversary so we treated the staff to 'soup day'. I used a Cincinnati chilli recipe which has a touch of cinnamon in it, plus lots of chilli powder, black pepper and a hint of sugar to ease the blend. As Rachael Ray says "Yum-O!"

George Clooney is on the early morning Oprah show... (They replay it at 2A and yes I am up! I fell asleep as soon as I walked in the door this PM, and missed going back to our last home football game!) He showed a picture of him after he gained 30 pounds in 30 days for a movie. He talked about taking it off, saying he exercised, exercised, excerised.

CatLover: Sad stuff, headlines in our news today of purgery and disception from those that we not only are forced to 'trust' but lead our country. I bet your rallys will have a 'new wind' in the near future. So many lives have been lost. I have students with brothers there, asking me 'why'? It's a tuff one. Hang in there on the weight thing... I'm right there also. I try to focus upon the positive, visualize the results I want to achieve, and work as much postivie in as possible. It takes a plan, and an effort. I see that about myself. I feel as if I have 'thrown me out' and not place myself as a priority. I know this has to change, if I want to continue with good health and enjoy the finer things!

Is this :carrot: a carrot? LOL

OneDay: Long hours are a part of the plan. You know, I think most folks or many, many folks do the same. I have no family to take care of, just me and Rocky Road Kechum... and that seems a challenge. I wonder how folks with families do it? I am somewhat disapointed in the hours/days/times of WW meetings here. Twice a week, and one day is during the day, so that leaves one evening. You would think Saturday would be a given for extra support.

Anyway... I bought a few of Rachael Ray's cookbooks and received a free year subscription to her new magazine. I think she going to have a wonderful career - she is very positive, upbeat.

Mooz and THIN stop lurking :lol: and tell us how you are!

It is suppose to be a peak weekend here for fall colors, so I plan to run some errands later as well as go to the pumpkin festival to enjoy the weather. Have a great day girls!

10-29-2005, 06:23 PM
Hi Ladies,

It sure is great to see so many of us posting even on the weekend! Shad, thanks for sharing your experiences on your vacation. It's almost like we are there with you. Awesome post!

Patty - Yesterday I completed my 12th visit to the gym in four weeks to qualify for a Silver Sneakers' watch. I am sure they got them at a good price but anyway it did give me incentive to complete those visits. I also talked with one of the ladies about the Yoga class and she said they are wonderful and that you feel so good afterwards. She also said beginners are welcome so I think I just may give it a try. Our instructor, Joe, said he was flatfooted all his life but after doing Yoga he now has an arch!

I went to the WW meeting at 7:00 a.m. this morning and I lost 1/2 lb. Even though I am doing all this activity the pounds are really coming off slowly. I have to agree with Shad. She is totally correct--sometimes because of exercising we most definitely lose inches because those fat cells are turning into muscle which weigh more.

This leader we have is certainly vivacious. She seems to have tons of energy and the one thing she stressed is we need to be in "control" of what we want to accomplish. she also admitted that she, herself, had gained a few pounds and felt she couldn't keep telling us what to do if, in fact, she was not doing it herself. Some of the people shared how much better they felt about themselves, not only because they had lost weight but because they were in control! A very pretty young woman sat in front of me and has to lose a whole lot more weight but she was so excited because at her doctor's office last week he was finally able to weigh her on his scale. He was really surprised and shared his suprise with her. She also stated her blood pressure had come back to normal. I do feel staying for these meetings is very important because we are all in the same boat and when you hear other people stating exactly how you, yourself, feel, it really hits home!

I am one of those people who tends to think the scale is so important. Well as of tomorrow morning the scale is going in the garage and I am going to see if that makes a difference. The leader also said she got out her program and start tracking all her food intake and, yes, she is starting to get rid of those pounds.

Take care all,

10-30-2005, 01:04 AM
Hello ladies,

Nita - you are so right. There are some things I can control and some I cannot. My eating is one that I can control. I have recommited myself to start exercising and eating right on monday. Yes, I know I should start today, but my fridge is empty and today was busy with errans. I've put the calendar back up on the wall, so I can start tracking it. Tomorrow i'm going to store and buying groceries. WTG on your 1/2lb loss. And congrats on qualifying for the silver sneaker watch.

Shad -I think it is wonderful keeping your exercise up while on vacation. I guess I tend to not even think about that when i go on vacation. But it is one way of seeing the countryside. Keep us posted on your adventures.

Hal - I guess I have no excuse on the Ww meetings. There is one about 8 minutes away from my work and there probably 6 within 20minutes of my house. So no excuse for me. I just saw where Rachel Ray had a new magazine out. I'm going to look for it in the stores.

Cat - I need to look into some classes. Several years ago (7or 8) I did take classes and I felt so good. I need to start back.

Busy day today. Church had a halloween party and I worked one of the game booth's.

Hope everyone is having a good evening!

10-30-2005, 05:37 PM
Nita, Patty--good luck with the yoga classes.

I got a new tape--it's a yoga/sleep/wt. loss. Only used it once, but I like it. Then you play a CD and do some journaling to end the day on a positive note. This felt really good, because I almost always end thinking of what I didn't accomplish, what I ate I should not have etc.

Hope you all hava a fine weekend.

10-30-2005, 10:46 PM
Hello Ladies,

Just a quick hello. Ended up going into the office today for about 4 hours, tomorrow I plan on leaving a little early to get home in time for trickortreaters.
Went to grocery store and stocked up on food, so there's no excuse of eating out this week.

Cat - I think that's a great way to end the day journaling something positive.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

10-30-2005, 11:56 PM
Good Sunday evening girls!

This is my second attempt at posting today. My internet connection was lost and evidently could not reconnect and I lost an entire post. Thank goodness that rarely happens. So, once again.. I'm back to say hello and wish everyone a great OP week.

On Yoga, I saw a clip on FitTV about the Yoga practice in 105 degree temps. It is suppose to be cleansing... my goodness... it looked like it took all they had to pull it off. I think a combination of yoga and pilates would be good choices for anyone. I took dance lessons for just under 10 years as a child/teen. I know it helped me for years in a multitude of ways.

OneDay: Working on Sunday, wow. I did not, I took the weekend off. I think I work so many hours off, the only way I can do it with a good spirit is to take Saturday/Sunday off - if possible. I agree about eating at home. I've done a great job the last few weeks on eating in. I even met with my bookclub last week, and and only had coffee while they ate out. I arrived late and did not want to hold them up, and had food here at home.

I have not purchased Haloween candy, caus I would be eating it now! I spoke with one of my brothers as he was polishing off a Nestle Crunch... and it sounded so good. Too funny. They had just finished cooking out, our weather is still really very nice for late October.

Well girls... those of you going to WW good luck at weigh in. I promise to keep moving it. Rocky is into it with me... I think I may be sore tomorrow, but that is a good thing! My challenge is to continue to exercise, and try to increase or challenge myself daily. You guys are right, weight loss may not be as evident as the changes you will see in your body and blood chemistry.

10-31-2005, 08:56 PM
Hal--yes this high-temp Bikram yoga is very popular with some people. My teacher said that there's something to learn from every school of yoga, but she thinks they do not screen out the people for whom it's dangerous. I've also read that they don't care much about form. I would skip it. It seems so American to turn something enjoyable into an endurance contest!

Well, folks, I lost a pound! So that's a step, at least. Not to celebrate eating Halloween candy!

11-01-2005, 12:07 AM
CatLover: Right on, and laughing along with you... leave it to us to take an art form, exercise routine if you will... and turn it into a larger portion i.e. high temp yoga. I'll mellow out with the traditional moves, and enjoy the stretch. I found new muscles from working out this weekend. Feels good. Now to continue... and I shall. WTG :cp: with ONE POUND. One at a time!

Have a GREAT week girls!

11-01-2005, 10:32 PM
Hello Ladies,

Cat - WTG on your 1 lb loss.

Hal - I think you were the smart one in not buying halloween candy. We did not have any many trickortreaters as last year. Today was drizzly and kinda of cool. Guess many went to the churchs or other gatherings.

Still can't seem to get motivated. I know it's my work that bringing me down. I just need to take a few days and get organized here at home.

Anway hope everyone is having a great evening.

11-02-2005, 05:00 AM
Evening all,
Not much time tonight but it is the only time I have and will have for a while.
We have been tripping around to Museums, gardens, castles, flower shows , ninja museums and the biggest garden show I have seen in a long time.

Nabana no Sato is a sort of theme park of flowers. At the moment the flowers are Dahlia, Cosmos and Begonia anb it is absolutely beautiful. My mouth dropped open when the doors slid open and the Begonia house was displayed. I could only say - oh, oooh, oooooohhhhhhh, aaahhh for quite some time. Just wait until you see the pictures. There was an entire field of purple, lavender and white cosmos. About an acre of it. Just delightful. The dahlia ranged from the dinner plate size to the tiny miniature pompoms and they were superb. We found one from NZ and one from the States and one from Australia. Try as I might I could not see Canada or UK.

At Nagoya Castle there was a Chrysanthemum display. I have never seen some many huge Chryssies in all my life. And they had some Bonsai ones as well - again you will have to wait for the photos. There was also some dolls done up in flower costumes - not quite as good as the ones I have seen at the Ellerslie flower show but good - and being Japanese at least one of them had to be animated and make a noise. I went up into the castle - 5 floors of stairs, anly to find that there are elevators in the place (only found that one out when I got to the top) Silly me.

The ninja museum was very interesting and the ninja show good. I don't think I would have liked to get on the wrong side of that lot.

Today we have been in and around Mizunami, Chris had to go to the Doctor because she was getting itchy everywhere. It isn't anything serious but best to get it checked. I walked around town and did a bit of shopping. I'm getting better at it, but not good. If I have an idea about what the conversation is about I can pick up some words but only if they speak slowly. Mostly I can't answer them but I've drawn a lot of pictures since I have been here!

Okay, best get off and let Chris have a go. Then we are going to a Tempura Restaurant for dinner. Yum Yum

Love to all. Sorry I can't reply individually. I just don't have the time.

11-02-2005, 10:53 PM
Shad--thanks so much for sharing your adventures. Sure, we don't expect individual answers.

I am in for another month of PT for my shoulder. Sigh. How will I fit everything else in?

I am so tired now. Over at hospital at 7 for annual mammogram, then to work, then PT after work, only a little straightening around the house and some attention to the animals and I am ready to fall into bed.

Getting busier at work but it's not too bad yet. You know, not one person, not ONE has said "gee, I love having all these choices for my prescription drug plan." They HATE it. They want us to give them the best choice, or can't they just take the Medicare plan and not a company's plan. (No, the plans are only offered through companies.) Doesn't this say something about the folks who set this up?

11-05-2005, 10:27 AM
Hello Ladies,

Shad - thanks for sharing your adventures. Can't wait to see the pictures. I bet the Nabana no Sato is just beautiful. Too bad they don't offer cuttings, but if they did then i'm sure it would all be bare. Be safe.

Cat - Your day sounds very hetic and to add to that the holidays are coming up. I'm sure your job is stressful with having to hear people's complaints.

I'm so ready for the weekend. Tonight going to a friend's baby's 1st bday party. Believe it or not, the temp is suppose to be 80 today. Here it is Nov. and 80. Lots of errans to run today, then laundry, clean house.

Wishing everyone a super Saturday!

11-05-2005, 04:33 PM

Doughnuts have never been a problem for me... but let's talk about chocolate. OK, we don't have that long. If I were to indulge in National Doughnut Day, it would be a cake doughnut covered in powered sugar. LOL...

Our temperatures are bordering the upper 70's again today, for the 3rd day in a row. Nice stuff. Good for walking outside, and enjoying the beautiful fall colors. I've been pushing myself to do some daily stretching, stationary biking and walking every other day. A little at a time. My self confidence is at a all time low, on overcoming my weight problem. Who knew... time to buckle down. In the mail Thursday came a free WW registeration card if I do it before December 3rd. They only meet one day a week in my town, and I would just have to say I'm leaving school on time that day (Tuesday). It is important, and I plan to do it. I know several of you guys go, and enjoy it. I spoke with a school psychologist during a training day yesterday that said she followed WW to lose her baby fat after both babies, and she looks great. She said she was dilligent, and never cheated. She looks great.

So... If you guys get FitTV, Marilu Henner has an interesting new show on that airs weekly. This week she demonstrates macrobiotic cooking - bascially whole foods free from mostly meats and extreme foods (sugar, alcohol, unnecessary medicines - first time I've heard this part). Anyway, she does her research, evidently has 4 or more books out now. I read one she wrote about 5 years ago. She promoted a dairy free diet. I shopped and tried it one week. This is something that would have to be gradual, because I found dairy everywhere, I like dairy, and found myself off her plan in 2 days flat. The book was good, very interesting.

OneDay: I ended up picking up food for dinner twice this week, but it was at the end of both 13 hour days, and I just could not see myself cooking/cleaning when I got home, and it was getting late to even eat dinner - 7:30P. I did a curbside pick up both nights and got grilled fish and veggies. They give you a small loaf of bread - which I never eat. The second night Rocky actually got up on a dining room chair, snagged the loaf which was larger than he - and came running with excitement. I laughed to myself, but told him to 'give it up' - which he did. :lol:

Shad: That is funny about drawing lots of pictures in place of language. We should develop a mini set of flash cards for travel in foreign lands. Huh... maybe that will be our way to get rich. :smug: The purple lavendar sounds heavenly - and it suppose to be relaxing. Sounds like a great trip so far. How was Chris's itching - was it just an allergic reatction to something? Getting sick while traveling is never a good thing.

CAT: Your days sound like mine... too long. Take time for you. I need to take my own advice! You know, folks don't want to think, trust me as an educator they just don't. Fast food, fast thought.

Nita: Journaling is important. I remember when the folks on this tread journaled relentlessly. I have not in a long time. If you have to write it down, will you really eat it. Good idea. Hope your week was a good one.

Mooz thanks for the jokes via email, THIN I know you are lurking!!! Write in as you are now past due in the posting department! ;) Miss Ya!

11-05-2005, 10:00 PM
Go to the top of the forum page, and read this post by one of the administrators of this forum. You are in for a surprise.

11-06-2005, 11:42 AM
Hello Ladies,

I can't believe I missed National Doughnut Day! Went to b-day party last night had lots of fun. The girls there were friends from high school.

Hal - did you all get any storms? Our weather has been very warm this weekend too. I'm so ready for fall. Hey you do great when you get take out, ME i tend to stop at fast food and pick up burgers or if's a restaurant i got for the italian ones. Your makeing good choices. YGG!

And yes i read that post you said too and I google myself and found my posting. I guess that's why they advise not putting any phone numbers on here. Luckily when I do talk about work, it's not anything I would not tell my boss. He know's we're overworked and stressed. So i'm ok there.

Hope everyone is having a blessed sunday!

11-07-2005, 12:33 PM
Hi Everyone,

For some reason I had to enter my password again and I haven't been getting e-mail alerts. Oh well I guess that is something I can get over.

I did weigh in on Saturday morning and I lost 1 lb. And I firmly believe putting my scale in the garage had something to do with it. I am still going to the gym three times a week for their aerobic classes and I do seem to be toning up. I also believe it is helping my bowling because I have more upper body strength.

The weather here is finally awesome. It goes to 80-86 during the day and in the morning it is 60 or 63. I am busy doing alterations and making Christmas gifts. Like I stated before working in my office is the best of both worlds. I not only do not eat food (other than maybe a sliced apple) but it takes my mind off of any problems I may have at the moment! I believe I am finally able to brush off my children's problems because I definitely have no control over the situation.

CAT -- Great job on your weight loss. I know this is a slow process but we have a better chance of keeping it off.

I am working with Gene by encouraging him to pick up the two-pound weights which I always have on the table in the family room and working with them. This is what it probably takes--my getting involved with his fitness routine.

Well I had better get moving--today is gym day again and then I will come home and work again in my office.

Take care all,

p.s. Shad -- Thanks again for sharing your adventures!

11-07-2005, 09:04 PM
Nita - WTG on your 1 lb loss. A pound is a pound. And your right, you will probably have to encourge Gene to pick up that dumbell and do some exercises with it. That is great that you are already working on Christmas gifts.

As for me another busy day at work. Going to balance checkbook and do some things around house.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

11-07-2005, 11:45 PM
Busier and busier at work. Still, I am pleased by how good my Spanish is getting to be. Fitting in physical therapy (did I tell you my shoulder is acting up again?) is another problem.

Oh--I am telling stories Sunday in Spanish. I sure hope people come.

Chin up!

11-08-2005, 10:33 AM
Good Morning Ladies,

This is going to be a "great" day, I just know it. The first thing we have to do this morning is take Gene to the urologist to get his tube changed out. And then I get to go bowling. I did go to the gym yesterday and sometimes I really don't want to go, but I know it is very important that I stay healthy. For some reason I am not as energetic as I usually am, but I get these days now and then. Since I will be on vacation this week, I am going to try out the Yoga class. I will let you know how that goes.

Hopefully all the rest of our group is having a really great day!

Take care,

11-08-2005, 11:33 PM
Hi - I am back.

Had a great time, but a bit fuzzy round the edges at the moment. So will keep this short and sweet. Photos are uploaded but I probably won't put them on the net until the weekend as I need to do some bits around the house. Back to work tomorrow for the last two days of the week.

In the meantime - here's a photo to keep you interested.

11-10-2005, 02:12 PM
Good Afternoon ladies,

Shad - I didn't see a photo. Glad you made it back home safely. Hopefully everything as house was in order. When you get a chance tell us about your adventures.

Nita - Hope everything wenk ok with taking Gene to doctor. Hope the yoga class works out well for you. Your so right about staying active. I think it's great that you went to the gym even when you didn't feel like it.

As for me, another busy day. Taking a vacation day tomorrow, need to pack up halloween stuff and put in attic. Might try and get a massage in.

hope everyone is having a great day!

11-10-2005, 07:37 PM
Hi Ladies,

Welcome home Shad. It doesn't seem like you really were gone very long!

The trip to the doctor with Gene went well and he convinced the nurse to let him come back in six weeks vs. 4. I did manage to do the whole Yoga class, but I thought it was really hard. However, I can see where you learn to breath correctly and to stretch all parts of your body. I may go back again next week, I will have to see how I feel tomorrow. Afterwards since I am on vacation I went bowling again and didn't do too well but at least I was with friends and it was fun. All of a sudden I have this urge to give up on this dieting and just accept myself the way I am at this moment! It just seems too hard all of a sudden. I think I am having one of those pitty parties today because I am thinking how great it would be to be where my children and grandchildren are. The fact that I cannot go and visit them is making me unhappy. And I am not sure Gene will ever get to the point where he can manage on his own for even a week. I know I have a lot to be thankful for because at least I can come and go pretty much as I please and one of my best friends here cannot do the same. Her husband had his leg amputated due to diabetes about six weeks ago and she pretty much cannot leave him for any length of time.
Take care all

11-12-2005, 05:44 PM
Morning all,
Quick catch up as I am just about out the door to the gym. Lots to do around the house and the heat and humidity are making the weeds grow twice as fast as normal.

I was away about 12 days in all. Not that long, but we packed a fair amount into it. I have loads of photos to upload and then I will tell you all about my holiday.

Catch up soon.

11-13-2005, 10:45 PM
Hello Ladies,

Had a packed filled weekend. Took friday off and ran lots of errans. Took my car to shop and have it looked at. My car was leaking transmission fluid and luckily it was just a small and inexpensive leak. Don't know if I had mentioned, but i'm going to buy my sister's SUV. Her's is a 99 and mine is a 97. I think I can sell mine what i'm paying her for her's. She gave me a good deal, so I also ran the 99 one up to shop and got oil changed. Today i was busy cleaning out both SUV's, so I can put a 4sale sign on mine. Cleaned house and files rest of weekend.

Shad - looking forward to hearing about your adventures.

Nita - I know there are days when I feel like giving up to. But we can't, maybe take a day of rest? I think the yoga would be hard too, but like you said it helps with the breathing and with the stretching.

Cat, Mooz and Hal - Hope your doing ok. Drop if you get a chance.

11-14-2005, 10:22 PM

Good Monday evening girls!

What a rainy, dreary day. We certainly have had interesting weather these last few weeks. Tomorrow we are due to have our high temps once again reach the lower 70's. This is vey unusual for mid November.

You guys know what a music fan I am, and especially country music. I am excited to see the live CMA (Country Music Awards) from NYC tomorrow night. I have Larry King Live on tonight with live interviews with Martina McBride, Trisha Yearwood, Barbara Mandrell... all big favorites. LOVE music.

I had a quiet weekend, taking it easy. I guess I was preparing for yet another week of fast paced excitement. Tomorrow I'll begin my day at our career and technical center making a classroom observation of a younger teacher I am mentoring. Then, off to my classroom to finish the day. I have a meeting after school with the folks from a teaching strategy we have been using for the last year and a half (at a 6 figure cost) with my team. Then, it is off to another meeting (45 minute drive) to meet with legislators to discuss the future of educational funding in our state. Our state government (as most in the US today) operates at a deficit and it is difficult to fund much less make much need improvements to our programs. If you take a step back,and look at the history over the decades of educational funding and decisions it becomes pretty clear where our priorites are. With that said, you just go and do what you can, say what you can, and trust that it helps in some small way. This meeting lasts until 8P, which means at the best I'll be home by 9P.

I'll have to make a point of spending some extra time with Rocky tonight! Bless his heart...

I am doing well with my diet, and exercise - remaining ever thankful for the ability and opportunity to work on making things better. This week I plan to each a few meals using beans. High fiber and good carb.

Shad: I cannot wait to hear details about your vacation. You know me, I want to know about your favorite foods! )

OneDay: You are SO smart, taking a day to prepare. I think it is a wise decision to do this. Good luck selling your SUV, I bet you will sell it quickly.
What kind of new SUV did you get? I have a Jeep Liberty and it has been a good SUV. Mileage is not a huge problem.

CatLover: I watched a movie called 'Spanglish' this weekend. It was cute! I bet you would enjoy it if you have not seen it. How is your shoulder? We never appreciate good health, until problems arise, huh. I have a shoulder than occasionally hurts, and I empathize with you - ouch!

Nita: You know, I immediately felt bad for you friend, but then found myself thinking quickly how lucky she is to still have her husband. Life deals difficult cards and it can be so hard to understand why. Trust me, I know this. You are right to be appreciative of all you have. With the reduction in public services due to cuts in public funding - unless you have personal bucks - it is a lonely road. So much for living in a land of democratic lifestyles. It is a green back lifestyle, which any of us can tell you rather quickly. Kind of negative, but very real.

Well, I miss hearing from both Mooz and Thin. I hope all of you have a great week. Only a week until Thanksgiving. Do any of you have special things you prepare for the holiday?

All the best!

11-15-2005, 07:24 AM
Hi chickies ........ sorry I have been away so long :hug: ...... I have been busy painting. There are 2 exhibitions coming up and I am trying to get 3 paintings into each. One of them is opening tomorrow night and I did get 3 in for it. Keeping my fingers crossed that I sell something. The paintings for the second exhibition have to be ready for the Sat after this weekend.
I have now lost 7.5 pounds at WW and tonight is weighin again. It is a struggle to keep off what I have lost never mind losing more but I do feel so much better for having lost what I have so I will struggle on. :carrot:
I will read through the recent posts and try and catch up with all you gals.
Have a good day all.

Think I will go see what words of wisdom RAlph has to offer today ...... it's been so long since I have visited his site also!

What you make it
You can speculate and guess and theorize and envision, and all those things have their place. Yet you will not know for sure what you can and cannot do until you step forward and make the effort.
There are many things that might go wrong, and many obstacles you likely did not anticipate. Yet you must not allow the possibility of those problems to stop you before you even get started.

When something comes up that you didn't plan for, you can learn from it and make adjustments. When a difficult challenge arises, that challenge brings with it the opportunity for even greater value when you choose to persevere.

Everything that is easy and guaranteed to succeed has already been done. Real accomplishment comes from doing the things that no one else thinks you can do.

Lift your eyes up and see the objective at the end of the path. Then lift your feet up, one after the other, and take the first few steps along that path.

Accomplishment is not what is reasonable or practical or certain or without controversy. Accomplishment is precisely what you decide to make it.

-- Ralph Marston

11-15-2005, 10:37 PM
Hello Ladies,

Mooz - Good to hear from you and congrats on your 7.5 lbs loss. YGG :carrot: Hope your able to finish your paintings in time to enter the exhibits and are able to sell something. Let us know how it goes.

Hal - WOW, you have a busy schedule. I hope your legislators listen to you all. Something has got to be done about cutting funding in the schools. Way to go for keeping your eating and exercing in check. I have not done to well this past few days. Next week is a 3 day work week and of course it's my birthday weekend, so that will be nice to have off during my b-day.

My sister's SUV is a 99 but has about 30,000 less miles than mine. This weekend i was busy with cleaning up both vehicles. OH, and some good news. I met a guy about a week ago, he's younger than me 39 but we really seem to get a long. I'm was so worried about my weight, I almost called off the date. But we met last wednesday and have been talking everyday, even when he was out of town he called me. He asked me out again, so we'll see where this goes.

Cat - started looking over this medicare prescription plans for my parents and it is definitely a headache.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

11-16-2005, 06:29 PM
Good Morning - and what a beautiful morning it is already. As the Irish would say, Top o' the Mornin' to you.

I'm feeling pretty chipper today. Don't know why. Had a fight with the cat last night and she got put outside for the whole night. Wish I could somehow get through to her that I won't desert her, won't go away permanently, she has a spot for the rest of her days. She just would not stop talking last night and wanted out, then in, then out, then in. Finally I said no you are not going out again and she just got louder and louder, whereby she got put out unceremoniously and told to stay away for a number of hours. :devil:

Okay, I have the photos up and finally ready. They probably need a bit of fine tuning, but they are all there. Two albums - take your pick.

Flowers, Gardens and Autumn colour ( and

Japan visit (

Hope those links work. There were some problems on that website a while back. Grab yourself a coffee, sit back and relax and click the View Slideshow button and wander down the narrow roads with me.

Now let's see what you have all been up to.

Nita - I know where you are coming from. It all gets too hard and you think you will never get where you want to be. Courage friend. Take it one day at a time. Give yourself a pat on the back for each day you achieve your goals. Take a rest from exercise at least once a week. And every so often, pack the DH in the car and go somewhere you haven't been for ages. Stay overnight if you feel like it. We need to have some life in our days in order to get through the days of our life. There is only one life. Make sure it is not all discipline, good food and good works. There has to be something to nuture the soul as well.

Hal - Japanese foods. Well you know me - I like food period, Japanese or otherwise. So what did I eat over there -
We had Sushi at Gonza one night. Gonza is a franchise (I think - sort of) and it was the last night of trading - they were closing the doors. So we got all kinds of Sushi Nigiri and it was fairly cheap.
Then we had a Tempura night. Oh the tempura batter was so light and crisp - it was yummy. My friend had a plate of sashimi (raw fish) which included puffer fish (fugu) which can be deadly if not properly prepared. I declined and she is still alive to tell the tale.
One night was Okonimyaki which is a sort of cross between pancake and omelet with lots of cabbage and fish flakes and other veges. Quite nice although I'm not raving about it. It certainly was filling.
We had temaki sushi as well - that's sushi where you pick up your nori (seaweed sheet) and fill it with whatever you want. There was a huge variety of fish, prawns, egg, eel, roe, avocado and natta (fermented soy beans) as well as tofu.
In Nagoya City I had Domburie - which is rice with (in this case) chicken and vegetables, but you can have beef or pork or egg or curry.
Most of the above comes in a set - soup, pickles, the dish, green tea, etc.
Other food that comes to mind is Omrice (omelet stuffed with rice) a Japanese pizza - can't remember what the Japanese name is unfortunately. The miso soup is actually quite nice. It grows on you and depending what they put in it can be very filling. Pickles (some okay, most blah) come with everything. We went to a bread shop where, when you buy some bread, they give you a bowl of mountain vege soup and a cup of coffee free. When I say bread shop, it is nothing like a franchised bread shop here. It's a building on its own, stuck in a tiny village halfway up the mountain and is really for the rural population. However she does a roaring trade on Sundays for half the neighbouring city. Photos are on the web.

That's about it for food. There was other stuff, but much of it tastes similar since rice, soup and pickles are staples. Mind you living on that soup could take pounds off you.

Mooz, Good luck with the exhibition. I know you will do well. I have that one of the Giants causeway on my screensaver. It reminds me of you everytime I see it. Love the colours.
Oh and what a great weightloss. Well done.

I day - hmmmm a new bloke huh. Enjoy it. It could be fun.

Cat - hi where did you get to!!!

Duty calls, gotta go.

11-16-2005, 10:26 PM
Patty--you are so right. Do they have retirement prescription benefits? Because if they do, they are almost certainly best off sticking with them. If you need a plan, I think the best thing is to go to with a list of their medications and then compare plans. You can actually even save your work (hit "save work") and go back--for example, if you see there's a generic version of something they're taking and you want to check with the dr to see if that could be substituted. I just rant and rave, though, about what a disaster the whole thing is.

Shad--welcoe back.


Patty--glad you met someone nice.

Hal--WTG on the good food.

Nita--We each have our problems, and knowing that others have it worse doesn't just make ours go away. A friend once said that if I have a broken arm and you have a stubbed toe, your toe still HURTS. Any way some of the family could come out and visit you?

I am discouraged with the physical therapy--my shoulder doesn't feel any better. Wonder whether I should keep trying--or try something else. ???

Night, all.

11-17-2005, 11:49 PM
Hello Ladies,

Just a quick hello to bring us back to page 1. Will post more this weekend.

11-19-2005, 08:44 PM
And another kick back to page 1.

11-19-2005, 09:57 PM
Hello Ladies,

Cat - we went to SS website and with my dad's medications there are 57 plans to choose from. I did some print out for him to review and my other sister was looking into too. Sorry to hear your physical theraphy isn't working. Does your therapist have any suggestions for you?

Shad - going to look at your photos after here. The food didn't sound to appetizing to me, but then again I don't care for seafood. I probably would of eaten rice and chicken the whole time. So much for me being adventurous.

Mooz - let us know how the art exhibitions is going?

Nita - How did you do at this week's weigh in? How's Gene doing?

Hal - How did your meeting with the legislators go? Get any funds from them? Are you staying home for holiday or going to see your brother or sis?

So what's everyone's plans for thanksgiving? I guess Shad and Mooz don't celebrate that day with us.

I'm looking forward to a nice long weekend next week. It's also my b-day weekend, not to sure what i'm doing on that day. Going to my parents on thanksgiving day, all my family will be there so that will be nice.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

11-20-2005, 10:56 AM
Happy Thanksgiving Week everyone!

It looks like our weather will be traditional for this time of year, with cold rains and the 'chance' of snow. I was beginning to wonder, as this time last week our high temps were still in the low 70's. I truly enjoy the change of seasons, and all of them! I've been happy with the warmer temps since our heating expenses are due to be 50 or more percent higher than last year - I cannot imagine - but I think reality will arrive in the mailbox this time next month.

I have a school picture this year I can send in our Christmas cards this year. If anyone has a new address, would you send me a PM so I can update it. I usually start writing cards after Thanksgiving. I am pretty excited to put up my new Martha Stewart prelit tree. It is 7 1/2 foot, has white lights and will turn around it I want it to. Nice, huh? I bought a few new ornaments over the last month at one of my favorite stores called Tuesday Morning. Do any of you guys have that store? They sell high end items at 40 or more percent discounts. You still have to look for the 'real' bargains - but it is fun. You have to be there at the right time. I love to pop in on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon and take a quick spin around. Anyway, I found boxes of crystal angel ornaments with hints of silver and gold. I picked up 4 boxes of them and I think that gives me 24 of the little Angels. As one of my friends reminded me - IF I want this new tree to rotate I had better decorate it all the way around. :turkey: :happ3: Let the holidays begin...

Mooz: WAY TO GO on your weight loss. I am so happy for you!!! :bravo: :cp: That is awesome. Have you been doing anything different? I see you said following WW is what you are doing. I have a coupon for free registeration until early December. Hummm... Hey I saw the 'biscuits' you talk about in the store I mentioned above. They were imported from Scotland, and I found myself thinking of you. They were what we would call a fancy cookie here. So, have you found any new recipes from the fine folks at WW that are working for you?

Shad: The food, the food... Oh my gosh! Way cool. I would have loved it, I love all of those types of foods. You did not have to worry about gaining weight with the extra walking and eating well did you? I just began eating sushi a few months ago, and have enjoyed all I have tried. What type of hotel accomodations did you have there? I don't think you mentioned where you stayed while traveling. I bet you are glad you are home. Do you have contracts lined up for the end of the year? You mentioned you were working on therm.

OK, I have the television on and they are showing the a segment on the life of a food critic. Yes, that is the job for me. ;) One guy said the first thing he did was hire a personal trainer. I have a feeling, can you imagine?

OneDay: Happy Birthday to YOU, Happy Birthday to YOU, Happiest of Days!!
I'm going to post a special card to you immediately after this post... = )

Our dinner meeting with the legistators appeared to me to be nothing more than a song and dance with traditional retoric. We need this, and we can't do that with out more of $$$$$ this. Sad, but true. We drove home in threatening weather with high winds and threats of tornadoes - quite a night indeed. Thanksgiving will be a quiet one here. I don't have plans to go anywhere this year, and that is fine. I've gained some serious weight this last year, and don't need any more opportunities to add to the damage. I'll never forget the year I fasted and how different the holidays felt - as in the very, very best. When you don't have to worry about food, the stress is all gone - it was wonderful. I think I'll think along those lines this year. I've never been larger. Scary, but true. I keep thinking Oprah was her smallest at 50, and look at me - the largest. Anyway, time to make a plan.

Nita: I hope you had a nice vacation. Are you cooking for the holiday? I bet Gene looks forward to this special time with you. I had a dream about bowling this week, and I know it came from you! :D

CAT: Way to go on Spanish lessons. How are you learning it again? This is something I should look into. We are getting more and more Spanish speaking students with no English. We call them LEP - limited English proficeincy. It should be NEP. No English! :dizzy: I hope your shoulder pain fades quickly, how are you? Are you cooking for the holiday?

If you guys have special recipes for the holday you should share them! That would be fun.

OK, now this show has a bakery spot on for dogs! The foods look like human food, and they say we spend $1.6 dollars annually on dog treats. Poor Rocky, he must be mistreated. He LOVES milkbones! LOL...

11-20-2005, 11:28 AM

11-20-2005, 06:35 PM
Morning all

It's another glorious morning in the great South East and going to be a scorcher like yesterday. We got a tropical storm yesterday afternoon with some welcome rain and some not so welcome thunder, lightning and wind. But it is that time of the year.

Tried a new gym in the city this morning. Got everything ready last night and just picked myself up and went this morning. I'm working on the theory that I work better and more during the early part of the day than the later part of the day. Besides there is that feeling of not having to worry about it later - it is already done. The City gym is fully refurbished and is not bad, however I have difficulty figuring out which of the machines I need to use, since they all look different - the cardio stuff is okay, I can get with that. So maybe I might just do cardio at this gym and leave the weights till I get back to the other gym on Saturday and Sunday. So far this new regime of 5 days on and 2 days off seems to agree with me. Not that I am losing weight of course but because I only go Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday during the week. Then I have time off for good behaviour. It's all pyschological but what the heck.

1day - No we don't have Thanksgiving here. Maybe we should - because we have it good out here really. But that is not the way we seem to work.
The food in Japan is really not bad. Yes they do eat a lot of fish and Pork. Beef is very expensive. Chicken is not bad in price. But I found that their meals are quite big enough to sustain - just not always a lot of flavour. Nutritionally it is very good. They tend to eat very bland food and flavour it with soy and/ or pickles. I'm not that fussy about the pickles. But there is nothing to stop you cooking Western style. My friend does, often.

Hal - we stayed at my friends flat on the School Campus. We travelled about by car and train. Last time I was there we stayed at hotels and the odd Ryoban - sort of guest house. They are fine. You can choose between a Western or Japanese breakfast in most of them. Some have the Japanese Onsen (bath house - a real treat but not for the fainthearted) others have beautiful gardens and/or singing toilets (I kid you not). Their public transport system is very good. Underground, buses and cableways (sometimes monorail) in the city and good frequent train services between cities. Some of the commuter trains have women only carriages due to the number of gropings some women had to put up with.

I've been busyat home cleaning and washing and getting the wardrobe cleaned out. Chucked out 3 bit bags of clothes and shoes. It's now all sitting in the hall waiting for me to take it to the goodwill bins. I've also weeded and watered and dug. I have the ironing to do tonight and the 2 spare bedrooms to clean and I am done. Life is good.

But now I better go do my duty to the State and the Federation and the Commonwealth and the Queen. i.e. work. See ya

11-21-2005, 08:57 AM
Good Morning

Had a few extra minutes this morning and thought I would checkin.

Hal - Thanks for the b-day wishes, I think when i type earlier i stated it was this weekend, but it's actually this upcoming weekend, the 26th. But that doesn't really matter, i'm already in the b-day mode.

Shad - Singing toilets? Wow, now that would be interesting. STG on packing your bags and hitting the gym. Went in and look at your photo album. OH, where to start. They were all so beautiful. I especially liked the begonia house, and the Chrysanthem doll display. Oh and the reflecting pools were just beautiful too. I wasn't able to get into the 2nd album. Will try again later.

gotta run

11-22-2005, 07:40 PM
Oooh heck we are in danger of becoming page 3 girls.

Where are you all.

Check back later.

11-22-2005, 10:27 PM

This is the life, 5 days off! We are off tomorrow so students and staff may travel to long distance family locations. Nice, nice, nice. We are due our first snowy weather of the season, just in time! :happ3:

I had part of a supermarket rotissery chicken and steamed brussel sprouts for dinner this PM. As I always say, diet is not a big problem for me, now to move it!

I taped the season finale of The Biggest Loser tonight. I'll watch it later. Those guys certainly are masters of moving it, and it appears that is just the way it has to be.

I'm going to move a few things around, to prepare to put up my new Martha Stewart 7 1/2 foot prelit tree. I am excited. I picked up a few new ornaments these last few months, but I am still nervous I may not have enough for this huge tree. It rotates so I have to have ornaments ALL the way around. :goodluck: to me...LOL...

I have the American Music Awards on. I have to say, I do not know many of these entertainers!

Well, I bet you are all busy making dinner arrangements and plans for the holiday.

Shad: I'll take some time to look at the pictures from your trip!

All the very best to each of you!!! :turkey:

11-23-2005, 02:30 PM

Where ever this Thanksgiving holiday finds each of you - may you have a joyful and restful holiday. It's nice to be a part of such a nice group of Movers and Losers! :thanks2:

11-23-2005, 06:03 PM
Everyone must be so busy. Where is Nita?? I know she was feeling a bit down last post she made, but she usually bounces back a bit before this. Hope Mooz is doing okay. She must be still in the land of the living since there were some jokes from her on my e-Mail this morning.

Last night was a pain on the trains. There was a signal failure somewhere down on our line and we got stuck for long periods of time at various stations. Took 2 hours to get home. No matter how grumpy you get about it, there is not much to do for it and you hope that there is someone on the train who can provide some entertainment. Well yesterdays was a policeman. He told some of the school kids where to go and how to get there and organised the crowds so that they didn't all stand around the doors getting in each others way. He had kids going in all directions. Sorted out where they were getting off and putting them further up the carriage so the rest of us could get on and off the train. Some drunk in the far corner kept us entertained ?!#$%??? with a monologue running down the various races, nationalities and their lurks and quirks. I was waiting for an argument to develop but it didn't happen. Such is life.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving for you all in the States. Hope the day is wonderful, light and bright. There won't be a forum tomorrow so I need to wish you all the best today.

Happy birthday to 1 day for this coming weekend - in case I don't get back in time. :hb: :hb: :balloons: :hat:

11-24-2005, 12:29 AM
Hello ladies,

Just a quick hello, was busy this evening cooking a jello rasberry-cranberry dessert. Got it from TV food network. One of Paula Dean's recipes. We'll see how it turns out. Tomorrow morning make a corn casserole.

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

talk to you all on friday.

11-25-2005, 04:32 PM
Enjoy your special day.

time to do something different. How about dancing on the rooftops.

11-25-2005, 10:37 PM
Hope everyone had a fine Thanksgiving. We did--not a lot of people, but everyone together, and the food fine.

Got a call today at 4:27, and it lasted 47 minutes! We have so many terribly long calls with this prescription drug program. Then today after we'd been telling people with Medicare and Medicaid that they should be sure to enroll before the end of the year, we got a message that we don't have the information for them to make a choice of program. What a mess!

11-26-2005, 03:12 AM
Hiya all,
Saturday afternoon here and I am getting ready to go to a friends place for their Christmas dinner with friends. I understand we are barbequing. But what we are barbequing I have no idea. I need to get some wine and some flowers for the hostess. No the wine is for me and since I am driving a bunch of small bottles will do the trick. What I don't drink I bring home.

It's been a warm day, busy mostly as well. House is cleaned (again) - really don't know where all the washing and cleaning comes from. I blame the cat!! Couldn't possibly be me creating all the mess.

Food has been sparse owing to the upcoming, aforementioned barbecue. I can afford to eat a good plateful tonight.
Water has been a bit sparse, but I am getting through it. I will be taking some with me tonight as well and alternating with the wine.
Exercise - well I went to Body Balance and have done the abs/ crunches.

So it's been a good day. Not too hot. But the temps are rising.

Hope Patty is celebrating her birthday in style. All you lovely ladies must still be celebrating the holiday weekend. Hope you are all having a good time although it sounds like Cat is at work.

Catch you all tomorrow.

11-26-2005, 05:53 PM
Hello ladies,

Thanksgiving dinner was just wonderful. All our family was together. Sister and her dog came over and spent two nights with me. We went shopping yesterday, I was looking for a new Christmas tree. Found one and came home and starting getting Christmas decorations out. The tree is up and the living room is decorated, but the rest of house is a mess.

Shad - You said you were going to a friends to celebrate their Christmas Dinner? Are they celebrating early or is their Christmas earlier than ours?

Cat - sorry you had to work the day after thanksgiving. Going over my dad's information is so confusing. Luckily, my sister and my brother and myself are all willing to help look at it with him, to help sort things out.

Hal - Hope you and Rocky are having a relaxing week.

Mooz & Nita - Hope you all are doing ok. Hope to hear from you.

We'll I'm off, going to run up to craft store and pick up a few more items. Then off to dinner. Thanks for all the birthday wishes.

11-26-2005, 06:55 PM
Darn, you'd think I'd know by now that the longer I put off balancing the checkbook, the worse it is. Need to walk dog before it gets darker.

11-27-2005, 12:07 PM
Hey Everyone!

It's good to hear everyone enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday. I had a quiet one here. A two of my brothers and my sister did get together in Indiana and go to a restaurant. That is half of us. The rest of us live a good distance from them. Anyway, Rocky and I had an enjoyable, quiet one. I was super good on the diet - why not! I had a Stoufers turkey dinner, and it had 400 caloires, 6 grams of fiber and it was way good! I feel really victorious days later having consumed just a few calories all holiday weekend. Yes, I have been exercising on my stationary bike. It's all good!

Hey, do you guys notice none of the icons work on the site? No smilies, nothing above for posting? Any ideas?

I'm off to grocery shop and run a few errands on this rainy Sunday!

11-27-2005, 12:16 PM

11-27-2005, 04:22 PM
Happy Belated Thanksgiving to All of You,

Sorry I haven't been posting lately. I just had to get over being depressed. I think I have finally done that. I went bowling this morning and bowled five games. I have also been very diligent about going to my Silver Sneaker's exercise classes. Gene and I stayed home and had steak, but we did have sweet potatoes and Sara Lee Pumpkin pie. I did not go to the WW meeting and have decided to just try and maintain during these holidays. I did manage to talk to my daughters on Thanksgiving Day and perhaps next year we can be together. After the new year I am going to try and find someone who will come to our house each day and make Gene his meals and be there while he is showering so that I can possibly take a trip back home for at least a week!

Even though I have not been writing, you ladies are always in my thoughts and I value all of your friendships!

Take care,

11-27-2005, 06:25 PM
I'll swear I posted yesterday morning giving all the details of the bbq on Saturday night. However, I can't find it. I did have problems with the smilies and buttons on the first day after the upgrade but they fixed themselves by the following day. Suzanne put a note on the forum help to explain one way to solve the problem - it's to do with old cookies and new cookies. Yeah right. But it could have been something like that that swallowed my post.

Saturday's bbq went well. Lots of food. Bit of a fall down on the sweet chili cream cheese dip but I had a small piece of steak, a chicken tenderloin on a skewer (satay style) huge plate full of salad and veges - passed on the dessert and refused the chocolate. The chocolate was a close run thing as I love the Belgian Guylian choc truffles. I took along a piccolo bottle of Lindauer champers which was very dry so there was no difficulty sticking to one glass. I came home around 11pm and watched the footy from Scotland which finished at 3.00am. Woke up yesterday feeling extremely blah and sore in the gut - obviously too much food and too little sleep. Went to the gym and woke myself up, didn't feel like eating until around 3.oopm then ate everything in sight. Luckily I hadn't shopped and keep a boring refrigerator so there wasn't a lot of damage I could do. I worked in the yard until a storm sent me inside and the cat ran under the bed and wouldn't come out. It was a real doosey this one. Lots of rain, thunder, lightning etc. Some damage done north of the city, but none down our way. I gave up trying to do anything thing and went to bed for siesta.

I'm trying to sort out the Christmas dinner for this year. I think it is going to have to be the week before Christmas because of my going to Adelaide for Christmas itself. Therefore I will have to start organising the brothers by this week. The bossy sister effect comes back into being, but if I don't organise something then no one else will.

In my now disappeared post I put in some birthday wishes for Patty. Sorry if you didn't get to see them. I did think of you. Hope you had a very happy day.

Nita - good to see you back and posting. Sometimes this quest to move stubborn weight is enough to get even the most super optimist depressed. I'm glad you came back.

Hal - way to go on the calorie controlled thanksgiving dinner. You rock.
Better go do something. Hard to believe it is nearly the end of November and weigh and measure is just around the corner AGAIN.

Cat - way to go on balancing the checkbook. A chore and a bore, but must be done.

Better go do some work. See you all later.

11-27-2005, 10:40 PM
Hello Ladies,

Can't believe how fast this 4 day weekend went by. The tree is up and the living room and dining room are decorated. Now to put up all the empty boxes and nick nacks that I removed to put up the Christmas decorations. Keeping an eye on Blackie as he looking at Christmas tree as maybe a gift for him. :yikes: Christmas is going to be at my house this year, so putting up more decorations than I usually do.

Nita - I hope your able to find someone to come and help out with Gene. I'm sorry to hear you've been depressed, but remember we're here for you.

Hal - WTG on exercising and watching what you ate for the holidays. Sorry to hear you weren't able to spend time with you family, but I know that's a long drive to make.

Shad - WTG for skipping the desserts and the chocolate, and for going to the gym. I did get your birthday wishes and thank you.

Cat - I feel your pain. Paying bills is the thing I really don't like to do.

We'll I better get going. Talk to you all tomorrow.

11-28-2005, 11:24 PM
Just a quick hello, bringing us back to page 1.

11-29-2005, 06:18 PM
Weight and measurements!!!! Yes well.
For some reason I had this thought that things were getting better - if not weight wise then size wise anyway. However a trip around the tape measure this morning is not good news. Not only am I 1/2k up from my last weigh in and 1kg up from when I got home from Japan, I am up in just about all the measurements as well.

I'm so tired of all this. So fed up with getting up early and exercising, with being diligent with food, with being GOOD. I think I will be BAD for a while.

Day 19 of my challenge on another thread came and went. Same old story. Day 20 - Same as before no doubt. Second verse, same as the first........ and on, and on, and on
It's okay, I am just feeling sorry for myself. Day 21 will be the end of the challenge. Habit maybe formed but thats about all. No other changes have been made. :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah:

Gotta go - do some work, I'm training a co worker in the joys of the OnDemand program today. Sometimes I fail to see how companies can pay so much for a program that while a good idea, delivers so little. See you all later when I get out of my snitchy hissy fit.

11-30-2005, 04:52 AM
Mornin chickies ........ I really must get back to posting here nore often. :hug: I did not go to WW last week because I felft I had done badly so I decided to miss that week ..... wrong decision. I went last night and I have put on 3.5 pounds! :( :( I really must get my eating in control amd move more :carrot: Christmas is coming so quickly now and I do not want to be putting on weight this year like all other years. Maybe with your support I can do this.

Have a nice day all.

11-30-2005, 06:16 PM
Morning all,

Mooz - good to hear from you. Sorry to hear that you have put some of that good loss back on. Stay in touch now do y'hear?

It's been very quiet around here. Our lovely ladies are all obviously very busy with work, home, school and family.

Okay - well we have had a night of heavy rain and thunder storms. On Tuesday we had heavy rain and some places got such a dose of hail that roofs, pergolas, and carports collapsed under the weight. It looked like a mid winter scene in Canada. Around 7000 homes were affected in one way or the other and 1000 are damaged enough to be unliveable. People are without power because the weight of the ice and water in the ceilings is collapsing the ceiling and pouring out through the light fittings.
I might add, that a lot of the places damaged have been newly built in an area where there were protests about the developers. It all used to be forest which was bulldozed willy nilly and houses put in to fill just about every square inch of the ravaged soil. Such is greed. Up round my way which is by every piece of information I have ever read, situated in a storm belt, there is no damage at all. We live under the convenant that for every 5 acres developed, there must be one acre of parkland or the existing forest must stay. Therefore we always had large trees around the place. I think that has helped. Not to say it can't happen. Anyway, it made for an interesting night last night. Haven't seen rain like that for ages.

Gotta go. Strike a blow for the workforce. See you

11-30-2005, 08:04 PM
Hello Ladies,

Mooz - Good to hear from you. Sorry to hear about your weight gain. But you know that will happen, the thing is to just get back on track.

Shad - I'm so glad that you did not get any damage to your home or vehicle. That hail can really do some damage. I know you've been talking about a water shortage, but yikes. Even though this did some damage to some, hopefully it helped out were needed. Sorry to hear about your weight gain. I know it's frustrating to go to the gym and watch what you eat and for what? a gain! We'll I guess we need to keep the bigger picture in mind, you've helped your blood pressure and your cholestrol and all the other good things that exercise does for a body.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

12-01-2005, 04:29 AM
Mornin chickies ....... had a good eating day yesterday and I did 15000 steps ....... thought I could manage 20000 but it did not happen!
Sending you a link to an article on The Richard & Judy Show which may or may not be of interest to you ........ Drop a Dress Size for Christmas. Hopefully this link will take you to the diet and explain it all
HAve a good day all

12-03-2005, 10:40 AM
Good Morning Ladies,

Mooz - Wow, 15,000 steps that is great. You just reminded me that I have a pedometer too. I think I'll put it on and see what kind of movement i'm getting.

Not much going on here. Still haven't started my shopping. I have a repair man coming out today (dishwasher). Going to work on decorations outside. Can you believe it's going to be 79 degrees here today? This weather is something else.

Hope everyone is having a great SATURDAY!

12-04-2005, 08:48 PM
Good Evening Ladies,

Sorry I haven't been posting again but evidently I am off their list again.

Shad - I know about this exercising and going to the gym. I, too, sometimes wonder if it is worth all the effort and then after I get there it does make sense. I spoke to Joe, our trainer, on Friday and he definitely said by doing these classes consistently, we are toning up and getting rid of the excess fat. He also said it is possible to gain weight instead of losing it because muscle weighs more than fat. My WW leader definitely disagrees with this statement, but I am sure she is wrong!

For the first time in two months I took Gene to the casino and let him gamble for about 2 hours. We then went to the buffet and had dinner. All in all he really appreciated getting out and doing something different.

My gym is starting another Silver Sneaker class at 7:00 a.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I cannot do Thursdays but I am going to try this Tuesday's class. It is supposed to be a little more cardio than our other class.

I really don't have to do any decorating for Christmas because we will not have anyone to celebrate with. Tomorrow I am going to try and design my Christmas cards for this year.

Hope all of you are having a very pleasant and wonderful weekend!


12-05-2005, 11:24 PM
Shad--what is a pergola?

12-06-2005, 08:15 AM
Got back up to 36C (about 102F) again today. I worked late and tried to get to the gym however when I got there I found I had left out some of my gear so had to go home anyway. So I'm calling today a bust on exercise. Weather on the news tonight tells me it got to 49 in Longreach today. Hot is hot, but that is just awful. 49 is something like 128F. I've been to Longreach but I reckon you would only go there in the winter. If you think about looking for Longreach on a map, it is in Queensland. It's plumb on the Tropic of Capricorn.

A Pergola is a structure that (usually) joins onto the house but can be freestanding, has a roof of shadecloth, roofing iron or could be climbing plants. Oh Heck a picture would be easier.
Bed calls. The cat doesn't know where to put herself so I put her outside. Better get up early tomorrow and water some of those poor plants. The roses love it but the pot plants are showing some pain.

12-06-2005, 09:56 PM
Hello Ladies,

just a quick hello. Work is hetic, but help is on the way. Heard we were hiring some temps. We'll see. House is as decorated as it will get. Now to do some shopping. We're suppose to get some cold weather tomorrow. Guess winter is here.

Nita - glad you all were able to enjoy a evening out. Did you have any luck with gambling?

Shad - Wow talk about hot? No, wonder your plants are thirsty. I know you mentioned last week about the storms, did they help with the water rations?

Hope everyone is having a great day!

12-07-2005, 06:28 PM
Sorry I haven't been posting regularly. I'll be back tonight with a round up of the doings. It's been very hot for the last week and we are all suffering from heat and dust. The flies haven't got here yet but no doubt they will soon. Another misery.

No the rains never fell in the catchment areas - we are still hovering around the 35% of capacity and getting lower by the day.

12-07-2005, 10:56 PM
Shad--Right now I'd be willing to trade. It's -40 windchill here, and snow. Got rear-ended on way home from work but no one hurt.

Left early because no voice. Can't talk on phone no voice.

Went to allergist--lost another pound!

12-09-2005, 12:22 AM
Hello Ladies,

Cat - Glad no one was hurt. Hope you didn't get to much damage on your vehicle. It's cold here to. BUT not like your having. We're expecting record temperature's tonight. Something like 15 degrees. Yesterday we got sleet, and schools were closed today. Hope you get your voice back soon.

Shad - Hope you all get a break with the temperature. I don't like when the flies arrive here, they bring that disease.

Hal, Mooz, Nita - Hope you ladies are doing ok.

12-09-2005, 10:43 AM

Hey Everyone!

Long time no see, and you get three guesses why! I have opted not to take classes in the Spring, because I simply don't want to do without sleep at my age. I should say, I cannot do without sleep! This makes a year and a half with no classes, and I am only half way to my rank one. I still have long term goals, and that is what is important - I guess! :hohoho:

Today is a SNOW DAY. As I like to say, there is no day like a snow day. I don't care if we go a few more days into the summer - the unplanned break is just a wonderful thing. We had no days last year, so this one is very nice. We actually dismissed school an hour early yesterday. We had freezing rain and sleet pouring down. It was actually kind of scary - to think of all of those high school students driving on sheets of ice. I gave a good warning to my last class of the day to be oh so careful.

Cat: What a bummer on the accident, and was this in your new vehicle? I hope you do not suffer any after the accident aches or pains. Congratulations on the loss of a pound. Each and everyone count! :xcheer:

OneDay: We had temps of 71 degrees just 10 days ago. Today our high temperature is 20 degrees, and sheets of ice line the roads and byways! I have yet to decorate, I think today will be 'the day'! I am going to have to go to school tho to borrow a dolly to haul the new tree in. I really did not realize how heavy these artifical trees are! However, with the ice on the patio (connects garage to house about 100 feet) I could slide the box? Hummmm? LOL I am excited to get it up. It has all white lights. I have always had the multi colored lights on a natural tree. I hope I am not disappointed. Anyway... I picked up a few more ornaments since this tree is 7 1/2 feet.

Shad: It is neat to hear about the weather in your homeland, and make the comparisons to ours - quite a change, huh? So you are keeping busy with work for the latter part of the year? I remember you mentioning you were unsure how it would work out. When I fail to post routinely, it means I'm working long hours. Energy, I need some. Oh, I have been stationary biking and increasing the time. I feel better, and hope and pray I continue to make these efforts. I think just any type of exercise is so beneficial. I don't think we see the differences/changes until we stop exercising. Trust me on this one! :snow4:

Nita; So, tell us how did you and Gene do on the gambling day? I've never really been much of a gambler. Hey, I plan on writing Christmas cards today. I have a picture to put inside this year. I think most of you send me pictures last year, but I did not have one to send. I'm not real happy with the double chin - but that is what is it. I've appreciated hearing from and reading about you this last year.

Now, Mooz - GREAT to hear from you. Just one thing to add, MORE, MORE, MORE. LOL Hoping this finds you and your family doing well.

THIN: Stop lurking! Time to post girlfriend. I know you are out there!:clause:

All the very best to each of you! Happy holidays!!!

12-09-2005, 11:34 PM
Thanks for those who asked--no damage to the car, and I seem fine, too. I had already been planning to go to the chiro, so that worked out well.

Hal--Suzy Spafford, who does the Suzy's zoo, such as your picture, was Earl's date to the sr prom!

12-11-2005, 07:49 PM
Hello Everyone,

Sorry I have not been posting. Again, they must have taken me off the list to receive e-mails. Also, as of Friday morning I have been having a problem with vertigo. I remember getting this off and on throughout the years, however, this time it seems to be staying longer. It was really bad at 5:00 a.m. Friday. The room was just spinning around. I remembered I had some Dramadine in my purse so I managed to get it. It did lessen the spinning and I managed to get breakfast. After breakfast I took an Advil and layed down and took a nap. I woke up at 9:00 a.m. and felt pretty good and decided I should go to my exercise class. I did manage to get through the hour class and I asked the trainer if I should go on to bowling. His reply was yes if I felt like it. So that is what I did. I just now got up from another nap and I am still not feeling very well. If this continues, I will call my doctor tomorrow.

I think part of this is I am paranoid that the vertigo will come back strong again. As far as dieting--I have not been doing well at all. Although after hearing about all your poor weather, one thing for certain Arizona is the place to be during the winter.

To those of you who asked, we did not win any money at the Casino but we did have fun and went out to eat afterwards. All of a sudden Gene is walking without even his cane, at least two or more times per day. I do believe as soon as he realizes he will not fall, he will do even better.

It is sort of scary when you are not well to realize your partner cannot be of assistance to you. We do have a wonderful neighbor but who wants to bother a neighbor when it is only 5:00 a.m. in the morning.

Well I had better get moving--I wanted to finish my Christmas cards today but that is going to have to wait until tomorrow.

My best to all of you,

12-12-2005, 12:36 AM
Hello Ladies,

Sorry I didn't post this weekend. I was busy shopping. Got most of it done. Need to pick up a few more items. I"m hoping to get that done during the week. Tonight I also started on my Christmas Cards.

Shad - Can you email me your address. Last year we exchanged Christmas Cards and I would love to add you to my list.

Hal - Our schools were also out for 1 day. I got to work from home that day. It was kinda of nice. Wow, you have a big tree. I think I would borrow the school dolley. No need to get hurt trying to move it. Blackie still not quite sure what to think of the tree inside the house. He lays in front of it, staring at it. I think he's waiting for a squirrel to appear.

Nita - I hope the vertigo is short term. I know that's not a good feeling. That is great news about Gene. I guess he's starting to feel confident about not using the cane.

Cat - good news that there was no damage to the car, or any injuries to yourself.

Mooz - Hope your doing ok.

12-12-2005, 06:05 PM
It is now a quarter to eight and I am already grumpy. Yesterday I found they (being the 'IT security' people) had taken away a lot of my access to view results from running background programs in the training database. They have also taken away a lot of access from others as well. I had it last week. Gone this week. Maybe it will be back next week - who knows. Now I whinged a bit yesterday afternoon, and now I am told I have access to do it in the UAT database. Oh lovely!! Thank-you so much, how long did it take for you to do that? Why? Well I don't have an account in the UAT database. Thats' @#$%##$$$###$$$## well why.

Yesterday I had a phone interview with the mob from the desert about my next contract. It was quite possibly the worst interview I have ever done. So I am not feeling happy about that. Agent rang last night but I was driving home. I rang back but he was now out. Did I get the job, did I not? Who knows, who cares.

Got home to find DB2 on the doorstep with his list of problems and worries. So now I have some other things to sort out as well. Aaaaaah well the list goes on.

I hope you have all done your Christmas shopping! The crowds in town are bad now, next week they will be horrendous.

In fact I am considering taking a lunch break at 11.00 to go to the Post Office and post these cards and letters. Yes I finally got most of the far away and overseas ones done last night. Tonight should see an end to all but the local cards. I may even combine morning tea and lunch and go very early since I have yet to have breakfast and brought no lunch with me.

I'm sorry I haven't been posting as much lately. I think it is the time of the year when we all get icky and sticky and tempers fray etc. Christmas used to be a time of peace and happiness and serenity. Now all I see is tense, tired faces and tempers rising.

Okay - up, up and away to the thirteenth floor to yell at the tallest man in the building. I have to yell, he is in a different stratosphere. I hope to get back with some personal comments tonight. Let's not bet on it though.

12-12-2005, 09:38 PM
Hello Ladies,

Just got in from work. Stop at the local mall and pick up two more gifts. All I need now is 3 more (I think, need to check list twice) and I"m finished. Then the next item on my list is the food menu. Christmas Eve will be celebrated at my house. Picking up a Honey Baked Ham and of course tamales. Not sure what else will be on the menu. I'm sure Mom and my sisters will help with something.

Shad - sorry to hear your having a bad day at work. Maybe your phone interview didn't go as bad as you thought. I think I heard a high pitch yell earlier today, Was it you?

Hope everyone is having a good evening!

12-12-2005, 09:52 PM
Shad--found myself quite grumpy last week, though I think I'm doing better today, thank goodness. Sometimes there just seem to be a string of calls. I had one woman last week who someone else had told her to tell us about her insurance. I said she didn't need to tell us, and she just got so insistent, and I wanted to yell, "Isn't is JUST possible that the OTHER person is wrong?" Anyway, hope you are feeling better, and that you get the contract if it's the right thing.

Nita--that vertigo is nasty. Do you have a chiropractor out there? Might help.

I still had the cold this weekend, then woke up Sun with a very sore leg and hip--the bring-tears-to-your eyes kind. Did hot baths and pain patches and yoga and it was somewhat better. Went to see the chiro again after work. That helped.

Meanwhile, we are waiting to put the tree up. Not sure it will survive the kitten!

Ran my proposal for the vacation church school by the Kansas Authors Club Sat. Everyone thought it was good, though I didn't get any really helpful feedback. One of our members is 80 and quite a character. He said, "That's the first thing you've brought in I'VE though was any good." (Buster ain't much for poetry.)

I may go to bed early again tonight.

Oh--another stress. I sold my shotgun in the Internet. DH took it to the store where he works to have them ship it. Deal for the Internet site is delivery a week from when you get the money. A week later they hadn't even shipped it. DH told them to ship it overnight and he'd pay the difference, but they sent it 2-day air anyway. Of course the buyer is very annoyed. Since I already spent the money to pay off the hearing aid, we'll have to sell some stock if I have to give him a refund. And the hearing aid stopped working!

One of those being-nibbled-to-death-by-ducks times in my life.

12-13-2005, 11:10 AM
Hi chickies ....... thought I should drop in to let you know I am still living. I have so much to do for Christmas ...... trying to dejunk the house at the moment! Tonight is WW night again and then no more for 2 weeks. I hope to try and have a fairly healthy Christmas ....... trying to go easy on the treats! I lost 2.5 pounds last weighin but then I had gained 3.5 the week before! :(
Have a nice day all :carrot:

12-13-2005, 09:05 PM
Hello Ladies,

Not much going on. Work, and this evening trying to get some laundry done. Tomorrow night might try stopping at the mall, to pick up last items.

Mooz - I hear ya about the dejunking the house. I wish I had a big shed where I could just put things to get out of house. My garage is full, 1/2 is for car the other half is for outdoor furniture that I don't want to get ruin with the cold weather. WTG on your loss. A loss is a loss even though you had a gain week before you got back on track and had a loss. Are the kids home for the holidays? How's your mother doing?

Cat - Oh, I can't even imagine all the calls your getting about the new program. I looked over with my Dad and it's so confusing. We are going to have to sit down and log into site and look over. Hopefully the buyer on the shotgun will be understanding and not return it.

Hope everyone is having a good day!

12-13-2005, 09:06 PM
Hiya all,
Didn't get back to post last night as we had another great thunder and lightning display - with rain YAHOO.

Mooz - great to hear from you. I have posted a card to you which I hope will arrive before Christmas and you will no doubt get an e-mail from me in the next day or so.

Hello to all others. Hope the hips come right and any other aches and pains that we all have from time to time.

I will be having a couple of weeks off work and will get back to looking for work in January. I can use the time to carry on the renovations etc.etc.etc.

I'm not unhappy about not getting this job, so I don't think it was me yelling that you heard.

Gotta go, catch up later.

12-14-2005, 09:10 PM
Good Evening Everyone,

I did go and see the doctor re the vertigo and fortunately it has not come back. He did give me a prescription for Antivert. But he was quite concerned because my blood pressure was way up there. He advised me to take it easy and give up the exercising for this week. He, however, agreed I could go bowling. I have been keeping track of my blood pressure and it still is a little 148 - 88 and then sometimes it will go to 144 - 74. If it stays high he wants me to see him on Monday. He was a Physician Assistant and didn't even listen to my heart or check me in any way shape or form. Perhaps I should cancel that appointment and wait until I can see the regular doctor. He did, however, give me good advice on taking Asiphex for my indigestion. He told me to take it as soon as I got up, even before my shower and at least one hour before breakfast. It seems to working fine. Another item he mentioned was that Advil tends to increase your blood pressure and since Friday I had been using Advil at least once or twice a day.

I guess we are never too old to learn new things. My Christmas cards are almost ready to send--all I need to do is sign them and put them in the mail.

It's nice to hear from you fine ladies.

Take care,

12-14-2005, 10:26 PM
Patty--let me know if I can help you and your dad.

Some people are so nice, and others . . . One caller wanted a certain plan for his folks, so I went through the whole process until the enrollment and he asked--would the local drugstore take this plan. I said I didn't know, because I hadn't checked. (We don't check if the person is sure which plan they want). So we went all the way back, found indeed the local drug store didn't take that plan, and he was very annoyed with ME ("That's the only drug store within walking distance,") then we went through from the beginning. Ugh.