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06-01-2005, 03:39 AM
I feel so mean doing this instead of Marge, but I got to June first, being here in Bonnie Old England, so I took the plunge.

Hope everyone has a great June 1, it's pouring with rain here, fabulous. I am going to do some power shopping before work (that counts as exercise doesn't it????)

Two more sleeps til I'm 33, can I not start going backwards now!!!

06-01-2005, 07:51 AM
Thanks for starting the new thread, Kylie. I checked out Marge's profile, said she was active just a couple days ago, but the last time she posted anywhere was May 6--almost a month ago! I sure hope everything's okay...

Well, Happy June, I suppose. I just requested some time off from work yesterday. Towards the end of June (I requested vacation for June 22-24), Jeff and I are going to drive down to Georgia to visit his aunt and uncle who he lived with for a year before I met him. We're also going to see a concert while we're there, but I don't know much about it--something Jeff wants to see. Then, at the end of July, I took 2 days off because my parents are coming to visit from CT for my birthday (they'll be here the weekend of the 30th even though my birthday is actually the 20th). My sister will also come up from Va Beach that weekend, and Jeff will come stay with me as usual, so my whole family will be here :D My parents and sister want to take me shopping--who am I to say no! ;) I know my sister wants to buy me an indor grill thing like hers (it's like a Foreman grill, but the grill trays come out so you can put them in the dishwasher--ingenius!) so I can easily cook burgers and chicken and stuff. I know my mom wants to buy me a good food processor and probably a real vacuum cleaner, too (the one I have is very tiny and not so powerful). I'm so excited, and it's still 2 months away! I'm excited for the trip to Georgia, too, though. It'll be a 12-hour drive each way, so lots of quality Jeff time in the car :p

I do not know what I ate yesterday, but boy did it tear me up! I had horrible crampy gas pains in my stomach aaaaaall day--thank goodness I didn't have to work at the restaurant. I did meet up with a friend whom I haven't seen in over 2 years--we were good friends in high school, but her mother passed away while we were in college, so she never had much reason to return home to CT, so she stayed in Nashville, which is where she went to college. Well, last night she flew into Dulles airport, which is like 10 minutes from my office, so I picked her up and brought her to her hotel in Arlington (she is in town working for a tour guide company--she has to set up the arrangements to get 3 groups of middle school kids from the airport to the Smithsonian to their hotel and then to New York the next day). we ate out at the Macaroni Grill, but my stomach hurt so badly that I only took about 5 bites (and man do I LOVE their chicken parmesan!). The last time my stomach hurt so badly was when I had eaten a bunch of sugar-free Reese's peanut butter cups on an empty stomach (the ones with malitol or lacitol or whatever sugar alcohols Reese's uses). Those KILLED me for an entire day! But I thought and thought and thought, and I just couldn't think of anything that has sugar alcohols in it that I ate. I did splurge and have a box of Junior Mints yesterday at work (much less fat than anything solid chocolate, at least), which is definitelya deviation from my normal food plan, but I have had thembefore without recourse. Who knows--all that matters is that I'm all better now :^:

Well, I came in this morning to an email from my boss. Rather than repeat what she said, here are the highlights (copied and pasted directly from the email):

I do not know the exact number but what Cheryl told me is that you were put in for a raise that would bring you up to $39,500. Usually Cheryl [our group manager] and Tina [other group manager] work the numbers out to be a nice even number for your biweekly salary so it will probably work out to be a few dollars more or less than this.
I do hope that this alleviates some of your stress and that it will keep you with us. This sort of raise is almost unheard of in our group, and certainly within the entire company [I'm sure no one from my company is knowingly reading my posts, but since they have over 90,000 employees worldwide, I'll just go ahead and delete the comany name from here]. But that isn't to say that you haven't earned it! However, there are folks around you who have not been as fortunate so I ask that you keep this information to yourself (I know you know that, that goes without saying but I still have to say it).

I do want to take this opportunity to say it again…I personally appreciate all the hard work you put in to help me produce quality products for our various clients. You are a key member of our team and I think that your contribution to the group/projects will grow exponentially in the next few months. You're ability to work quickly, learn quickly, grow, and make decisions is to be commended considering your very few years of work experience. It is because of these skills that I trust you with our projects and will continue to call upon you to take more of a leadership position on various projects.

How exciting is that!! I'm getting bumped from $31,400 annually to close to $39,500!! That will certainly help to pay the bills and reduce the number of nights per week I have to work at the restaurant! Of course, it all also makes me feel kinda guilty about having gone on that job interview last week (which I have yet to hear a verdict from), but I gotta do what's best for me, right? If that other company comes back offering me nearly $50,000, I will still have to consider it.

Well, I also came in to find a pile of papers awaiting me on my chair, so off to work I go! Have a great day, everyone (it's already Wednesday--gotta love the long weekends!)!

06-01-2005, 10:19 AM
HELLOOOOO!!! and don't feel mean Kylee..I am sure she will understand...and I am hoping along with all of you, that she is okay....Not been to Curves yet this morning, just woke up after a long night of terrible sleep...I will go after I consume some much needed JAVA...wel..., Jill, WTG, that must be a wonderful feeling...and you should be proud of yourself for such a great compliment they have given you!!! And, on that note, am off...HAPPY JUNE Ya'll!!;)

06-01-2005, 12:01 PM
Goodmorning! I am up EARLY!! I have my first morning shift at this new job, I'd like to say I get off early because of it.. but I'm working 9:30 am until 6:30pm. Loooong day! It's raining here too I suspect, I haven't looked outside yet, just watching the morning news and they say heavy rain. Which means it'll be dead all day at work, so we can finally get the 10 boxes of stock out.

kykaree - thanks for starting this :) I totally think power shopping should count as exercise! Its hard work! Happy early bday incase I don't see yah then.. I love love love birthdays :)

Jill - congrats on the raise! It doesn't quite compare to 50,000 a year, but it sure is a start :) Sometimes I find if I eat something completely different than what I've been eating lately, I get a really upset tummy... so I'm betting it was the chocolate things you ate that did it... I once ate TONS of gumym bears without sugar.. oh lordy, I could hear my tummy gurgling and the bears making their way down. It was completely unpleasant! Thankfully I was at home...ouchies. my tummy hurts THINKING about it! heh..

Diana - Thats too bad you had such a bad sleep last night, I read your post.. it was very late! I actually went to bed early last night, well semi early. I was in bed by 10:45pm, but I had to get up at 7:30.... so it didn't really feel early enough.

Well I am off to finish my breakfast and get ready for work! Have a good one :)


06-01-2005, 12:30 PM
Good Morning! Happy June!!!

I got up early this morning (5:20) and was out the door at 5:35 to go rollerblading before work! Sam and I took Lexi with us... first time. She did very well, didn't get ran over or make either of us fall down! It only took us 20 mins to go about 2.5 miles, Lexi got to run which she really likes to do, then she just DROPPED when we got home! Too much for her so early!!! I forgot how much fun blading was! Haven't done it for about 7 years until Monday. Needless to say... my a$$ is sore from using a muscle that I didn't know I had in there!!!

It is going to be a beautiful day today... high of 78. I have to work in a room with no windows until 8pm tonight. Tomorrow I'm off of work so I'm hopeing it's just as nice out.

Jill, awesome deal on the job front! Way to go!!

Aimee, have a great 'long' day at work. I work 11 hour days so your 'long' makes me giggle!

Marge, ??? Hello!? Are you there??

Kimberly, Good morning sunshine!!! (you're almost awake by now)

Diane, hope you sleep better tonight!

06-01-2005, 12:36 PM
Hey... just browsing... I don't usually post here, but I know Kylie and Jill! I just had to stop and say, WAY TO GO JILL!!! what type of work do you do and how long have you been with the company? It's always nice to see that your employor appreciates your work, isn't it? congrats...

06-01-2005, 01:20 PM
I started working there in November as a Technical Writer/Editor. I don't do much writing--mostly editing, proofreading, QCing, researching, procrastinating...;) So I will have been with the company for 7 months as of June 11. It DEFINITELY feels good to know they want me to stay so badly! Here I am, an itty bitty nobody in a corporation of over 90,000 employees, and I have never felt so appreciated :p It's a good company to stick with, though, since they have offices practically everywhere, so no matter where my future takes me, I should be able to stay with them. Another bonus of such a huge corporation is the benefits--I've got a 401k and pension plan plus inexpensive (but good enough for me!) medical, dental, and vision coverage. I also get a 10% discount on my car insurance and a discount on my personal cell phone service just for working here. I also get discounts for other stuff, too (theme park tickets, flower delivery, certain online retailers, etc.), so I've discovered first-hand that while I may feel like a nobody in the grand scheme of things, sometimes it's worth it!

hehe Sara, I chuckle at Aimee's "long day" too--but then I remember what working retail was like, and 9 hours of that really does seem like forever! I'll take my 8 hours in the office plus 5-ish hours of serving at the restaurant over her 9 hours of retail any day!

06-01-2005, 01:31 PM
Jill, How TRUE! If I never work retail again my life will be complete! Oh how I hated it.

06-01-2005, 02:40 PM
First off, hi Biggirl - welcome, you! Jump on in any time.

Kykaree, absolutely shopping counts. ;) What'd you amass?

Jill, what a great e-mail from your boss - aside from the excellent raise, it's obvious she really appreciates you!

Diana, here's to java! :cheer:

Aimee, those Lane Bryant bras sound good. I should at least go get fitted and then I can order them online once I know what fits well.

Sara, I've never roller bladed. I used to roller skate all the time, back in the mid to late 1980's. We have a really good family-owned rink here in town, with owners who keep it clean and well maintained.

I'm feeling kind of subdued today. My working out in the yard yesterday netted me a sinus headache today. Hopefully acetominophen and aspirin with my morning coffee will help. I need to get back out there and finish up those beds! (We need a gardening smiley)

06-01-2005, 11:43 PM
I am home!! Home sweet home.. I had a LONG LONG day. Yes, 9 hours retail insane, there really is nothing like it. Dealing with customers, pretending to look busy (which I didn't get to do today :( ). It was overall a good day, I got up, got ready for work, the bf came home at 9:10, and we left again at 9:15am to head to work (it's SO nice working in the same mall!), we stopped for coffee, he gave me a kiss on the cheek and I headed to work. I was busy with stock and customers, and one of my fav co-workers came in, we babbled for a bit, and did some more work. To top THAT off, my other FAV co-worker came in and we all worked together, and then I took a lunch break with the first girl. Other than my incredibly upset tummy, it was good :)

So a long time ago, and far far away, I used to work in a photo lab. Very little dealing with customers, and I gotta tell yah, the 12 hour days I used to pull without breaks was EASY compared to this kinda retail. It's draining! It was SUCH an interesting job, not great pay in the long run though.

Jill - a job with benefits is a nice thing :)

Josh gets benefits at his job, really really good ones, and since I'm living with him, I get them too :) He pays 22.19 once a month, which covers our Medical Services Plan fee ($50 each a month). We get dental (1500 each a calender year), free prescriptions, vision, naturalpath, chiropracter, massage therapist, psychologists, and I'm sure I'm forgetting something. His company is in the business to compete with Unions, they don't want to become unionized, so they offer good wages and insane benefits. It baffles me the medical system in the USA, I know when I was in university I was fairly poor, and I got REALLY sick and had to see like 6 doctors in the quest to find out what was wrong with me. It was all covered, and all the hospital visits were covered as well.. but I guess our world isn't perfect..

Kimberley - I am sure we've covered this ground before... why can't you take sinus medication? I get those sinus headaches every once in a while, they are killer, it feels like your face is throbbing and you wanna rip it off! heh. Hope you are feeling better!

Alrighty, my tummy is fricking INSANE, so i'm going to go lay down and try not to move. Be good :)


06-02-2005, 02:52 AM
Just a quickie, early start at work. Hi tammara!!!! (biggirl)

I bought towels and sheets coz I have a friend sleeping over, and I didn't have any spare linen to speak of. We have never had anyone to stay!!! I got some new jeans and a nice red top to wear out tonight (and on Saturday - going to a concert for my birthday)

I feel so bad coz I haven't replied to Jill or anyone else properly but must jump on the broomstick, gonna be late for work!!!

06-02-2005, 08:00 AM
Why am I so dang tired?! :tired: I was in bed by 10 last night--got out of work just a little after 9 (a nice early night!) and walked with $45. Not bad at all for a not-too-long shift. I also found some $$ in my server book from tips that I had forgotten to take out and put in my purse from last time I work. I love that--it's like when you find $$ in the laundry: even though it's rightfully yours, you feel like you just discovered a little treasure :p

So, my stomach hurt AGAIN yesterday. I got up in the morning feeling just fine. I didn't eat any candy like I had the day before, so I didn't know what it was! The only thing I had both days that I don't normally eat is my breakfast--Kashi GoLean Crunch. Maybe since I don't eat much in the way of veggies, this has more fiber than I'm used to? :?: I've eaten other Kashi cereals without a problem before, but I haven't had time to sit and compare the labels to see if there's really that much more fiber in the Crunch kind. I'm having a bagel with cream cheese fr breakfast today, so I'll see if I get an icky tummy again. If I do, then I really don't know what it could be!

Kylie--don't feel obligated to write personal responses to everyone individually--we're just glad you're here, and hearing about your experiences could help us out even if you never even acknowledged our existence ;)

Aimee--yeah, the US medical system--HA! Just for my ingrown toenail, I spent about 2 nights worth of tips. First, I had to go to my regular doctor to get a referral to a podiatrist (they won't cover fees for a specialist unless you get a referral), so I had to pay the copay ($10) for that visit. Then he gave me the prescription for my antibiotic for the infection, so I had to pay the copay for that ($20). Then I had to go to the podiatrist for the procedure ($20 copay) and then back to the podiatrist again for a follow-up appointment ($20). I know I'm lucky to have insurance or else it would have been hundreds of dollars for all of this, but it's still a pain in my butt. I know I have to go to a dentist, but I don't want to because I don't want to have to pay for it! I know I have at least one cavity to be filled, and I'll have to pay a certain percentage of whatever the cost for that is plus the copay for the cleaning plus the copay for the filling appointment...jeez, I hate being a grown up! :p

Kimberley--hope today finds you feeling a bit better!

06-02-2005, 08:10 AM
Ahh, our medical care, and a lot of thigs, in fact, really bites here...if it weren't for our families, and his job, we would move to Canada in a heartbeat...I love it there...hehe..
was a short note, am off to Curves, bbl all, hag1, Diana

06-02-2005, 09:56 AM
I'm off work today!! JOY! It's supposed to be 80 degrees today! I'm soooo excited! Leaving with the dog when Sam leaves for work and taking her to the dog club so she can run off leash for a while. Then my plan for the day is to go to a few consignment shops in the area to look for some clothes that actually FIT me! I have exactly 1 pair of pants, 1 pair of capri's and 4 skirts that can be worn to work, and I'm fast shrinking out of them! I have 2 pairs of jeans that are the next size down and a really cute Tommy Girl denim dress that I got for $8 last time I went to the consignment shops. That's it! I need to find things soon in 22's and lower for work clothes or I'll be going in wearing a potato sack! We can only wear blue jeans on Fri,Sat,Sun. Rest of the week it's business casual. Really sucks when I'M the hand-me-downer to everyone else!!

I'm also closing in on my next goal of 240 and need to start calling places to get prices on that hot stone massage! I want to be at 240 by the time we go to the Dells on July 24th... 7 1/2 weeks - 15 pounds... no problem!

Later when Sam get's home we're planning on walking to a new chinese food place for dinner. I mapquested it and it's only 2.4 miles. Good walk for (hopefully) good food?!!?

Have a great morning!! I'll talk to y'all later!

06-02-2005, 01:51 PM
Goodmorning! I was feeling pretty nasty last night, so I got into bed at 9:30pm, and was sleeping by about 10:30pm. I was up in the middle of the night with a sore tummy (Jill maybe we have the same thing? ;) Mine is IBS, grr I hate it!). So I am feeling tired this morning as well.

Jill - your medical system sucks... however if the Canadian one isn't managed properly, it ain't gonna be around for too long. I can't imagine paying for seeing a doctor... it completely baffles me.. I think depending on your medical coverage here you have to pay for part of chiropracter visits.. I haven't been to one in YEARS, so I can't remember. I hope your tummy feels better, drink some peppermint tea, eat some fat free yogurt with active bacterial cultures!

kykaree - I love love new sheets, heh. I'm addicted to bed stuff, I sleep with 2 blankets (one against the wall) and 8 pillows. 3 of them are feather pillows. I also have a feather matress cover.. I'm SERIOUS about bedtime ;)

Diana - you can come stay in my guest bedroom! Josh and I were having a hard time sleeping in the bedroom, so we moved into the livingroom (couch is pullout). We've been using our bedroom for guests.. hehe..

Sara - I am trying to lose 15 pounds in 5 weeks! I am down 1 pound thus far (today is weigh in). I hope to be handing down more clothes soon, you should live closer to me! I gave away all my 20's (except 2 pairs which fit TIGHT!), and some 22's. I hope to be shrunk down to a 16 with those 15 pounds (I am on the border right now), so I'll be getting rid of my 18's! I should figure out how much it would actually cost to send stuff via greyhound. We also might have different taste in clothes..

Alrighty! I am off to drink some water, make some breakfast, and I guess do that weigh in.. I don't like weighing in these days... I always worry the scale won't move.. oh well!


06-02-2005, 02:13 PM
I weighed in! And I am down 2 pounds this week! Yay :) I got on my older (wrong!) scale and it said 239, so I'm really only about 5 pounds from where I was when I first moved out here (about 2.5 years ago). I'm excited :)


06-02-2005, 04:10 PM
Aimee - Good job this week!!! I'm so happy for you, you've been staying on plan and it really shows!! I think we probably have the same taste in clothes... a little funky, a little sassy, but still wearable and not too revealing! I haven't made it out to the shops yet... I'm leaving shortly though, really!!

Lexi and I walked around the yard at her school, (the Dog Club we belong to) 4 times before another dog showed up. The other dog happened to be 'Chipper', Lexi's sister (I know, REALLY stupid name for a girl dog!!). Well the owner is an idiot, and Lexi hates Chipper with a passion. A little info about the Boxer breed; female Boxers can not get along and will, at times, fight to the death! (What *****es huh?!) Well the dumb broad lets her dog in the yard (off leash) and she get all up in Lexi's face, so, of course, Lexi growls at her and still she dosen't recall her dog! UUUGH. I hate people! So she got to run, uninterrupted, for almost a half hour. Then I took her to the pet store to pick out treats! What a good mom I am!

I got my June issue of Cooking Light in the mail, so I need to read that today too! I love getting new ideas and recipes to try! If I ever had to get rid of my cookbooks or lose a limb, well I guess I'd change my name to Ilean! (but then I weigh less, hmmm, maybe not a bad plan... )

later chicks!

06-03-2005, 07:29 AM
Ugh, I am having issues sleeping. I will be SO glad on Monday when he gets home from his LAST morning (4am-12:30pm) shift!! He woke me up about 10 minutes ago when he got up and left, but I just can't get back to sleep. I have a stitch above my belly button on the right hand side, and down also on the right hand side, but just above my pubic bone. TMI? I really have to take better care of my body, I know these symtoms all too well.. It's a nasty combination of Vestibulitis and IBS, I was reading somewhere that they definitely are known to co-exist. I can get rid of all of this by sticking to an almost bland diet, with very very little sugar, lots of water and veggies. Our bodies are so complicated at times, and I know I kinda deserve this with the pasta I ate for dinner tonight..

Sara - you are close to it with my style, however, I do wear a lot of form fitted clothes, and have a few shirts that are low cut without being sl*tty. The biggest difference might be that ALL of my pants are low rise, I have an incredibly low rise, and if I find "ultra" low rise anywhere, I scoop it up! I am SO casual most of the time too, with wearing a t-shirt and jeans a lot.

Alrighty, my stitch is gone, so I'm going to go diveinto bed and hope to fall asleep pronto :) Hey Jill, you are already up on your end of the world!


06-03-2005, 07:55 AM
Yupyup, I'm already up! I know I didn't weigh in yesterday--I didn't today, either. I know I'm up, and I don't want to face it, so why frustrate myself with the scale when I can just wait another week and maybe see a loss?

Last night was pretty busy--I walked with $69, so not bad. My partner made over $90, but he got over $45 in tips from ONE table of 8 people, so had he gotten a normal tip there, we would have made around the same amount, so it's all good.

I have been so bad with my food this week (which is why my weight is up, duh). Not only did I eat on Monday like it was still the weekend (since it was a holiday), but I also ate out on Tuesday night, and then for lunch on Wednesday and Thursday, I had leftovers from the Tuesday night dinner (chicken parm with pasta on Wednesday, barbecue chicken pizza yesterday). Last night, I also had some loaded cheese fries at the restaurant because they were extra (the kitchen made them, but the server forgot to say they wanted no bacon, so they had to make new ones, so the loaded cheese fries were just tsitting there). I didn't only eat them because they were good (REALLY good)--I ate them also because they were FREE :p A free dinner totally works for me! But I'm paying for it this week. I also haven't been drinking nearly enough water, so I'm sure I'm retaining some (additional sodium in restaurant food + drinkning entirely too little water = major water retention!). I need to get back into the swing of things right quick if I have to find a dress for a wedding in the beginning of July (Jeff's friends' wedding).

On a happier note, I finally hauled my butt over to my doctor's office between jobs yesterday and picked up the results from the blood work I'd had done a month ago. Apparently, I'm a vision of health! EVERYTHING they tested (all different cholesterols, thyroid, sugar, minerals--potassium, sodium, etc.--blood cells, and all other kinds of fun stuff) was in a normal range. the only exception is my HDL (good) cholesterol--mine is 33 and they like it to be above 40. All considered, though, I'm glad to be healthy (despite the 15 years I've spent being clinically obese).

Well, only have to work one job today (YAY!). Then home to clean up and meet my Jeff for the weekend. Here's wishing a Fabulous Friday to my FABULOUS ladies!

06-03-2005, 09:13 AM
Hi all...hope all is well with you...been busy...had to set up the new PC yesterday, and reconfigure everything onto it ( favorites, etc)...Sigh!!! Everyone keeps telling me I am really losing clothes are getting bigger, so something must be happening there. I weigh in at Curves tomorrow, then will measure Sunday, so wish me luck there! Other than that, not much else to report, just trying not too eat too badly, trying to stay somewhat focused, and working in the yard...Hope ya all have a wonderful weekend, and all that jazz!! WTG on losses, raises, and what have you!!! Diana

06-03-2005, 12:34 PM
Good Morning Fabulous Ladies!!!

Working today... yuck! I work with some cranky people!

Did a sneak-peak at the scale this morning; after working out, drinking water, and having sweaty clothes on, and I was down 2 pounds! This comes the morning AFTER walking 5 miles for chinese food!!

getting too busy on my radio at work now... chat with you all later!

06-03-2005, 04:22 PM
Goodmorning! I don't know what was with me last night, but I am feelng better today. Hmm, I guess it's not morning anymore, it hurt to drag my butt out of bed this morning.. lol.. I didn't REALLY have to get out of bed, I don't work until 5:30pm. I have most of next week off, my manager is mad at me I suspect, so I only have 2 shifts. I imagine I'll get called in when someone calls in sick.

Jill - Get back on plan.. NOW! Hmm, did that work? Cuz I could do it in caps lock ;) Remember, the instant gratification isn't worth it. Thats all I've got so far..

Diana - I can't wait to hear about your weigh in and measurements, you are doing so well, and it's time for that signature to change! :)

Sara - yay 2 pounds is awesome :) Whats your weigh in day?

I am feeling super lazy, but I need to do some laundry.. I did the dishes this morning... I am slightly productive... see? heh. I feel so boring, lol... have a good one :)


06-03-2005, 04:28 PM
LOL @Aimee~ I will change it after I, you are so funny...what happened at work to make the boss mad? You seem like such a sweet person, why on Earth could she be upset with you? And WTG Sara, 2 pounds down is way better than 2 pounds up...Keep up the great work...Where is Kimberley too? Must just be that time of year...everyone is busy busy busy. Well, gotta go shower, just planted the last of my flowers, and am filthy, and so hot, we go from "BRRRR" to "Pant, Pant, Pant" here, lol...And going out for my fave pizza and salad, too, YUMMMM!! hag1 gals! ;)

06-03-2005, 04:33 PM
PS: in High school, I dressed very odd...Sometimes my hair was purple or bright red too, and I dressed very preppy to boot...Ahh, the 80s, I wanted soooo to be like Molly Ringwald, even made a lot of my own clothes or improvised the ones I had...then I geot into a wild phase, used to be called Boogie Bunns, and dressed sort of trampy I guess...Very mini skirts, and very high pumps, and VERY big hair, LOL...then went into a Biker type of phase, ( black and leather mostly), now, in my old age ( LOL) I am reverting back to my casual, preppy like ways...I am sooooo looking forward to filling my closet with jeans, new ts, polos, dresses, skirts, shorts, etc...etc...etc...hehe..

06-03-2005, 05:19 PM
Hi all, what a day!!! Last night I went out for dinner with work colleagues, my best work friend, Laura, is leaving to travel the world, then she came to stay at our house, to celebrate my birthday this morning. We went for a long walk, then out for breakfast. We went to a very swish gym for a workout, swim, spa and sauna. So it's been a great birthday, a mix of indulging and exercising!!! I'll miss Laura, she and I workout a lot together at work.She is 5 foot 9 and about 130 pounds, but I don't feel weird going to the gym or swimming with her!!!!

My dh bought me new pyjamas for my birthday, he got the right size!!! I was so proud of him, not even I know what my correct size is at the moment!!!!!

06-03-2005, 06:41 PM
Happy bday kykaree! I just left you a little thread over in 100LB group! Sounds like you are having a good one :)

Diana - I made my boss mad by not taking every single shift she's offering me, which I don't get, because the most recent one was at a different store... and I EXPLAINED to her that Josh gets weekends off, and I'm working weekends, and thats its important for me to spend time with him. She's single.. so maybe thats why she doesn't exactly get it? Either way, I don't WANT every single day off to be spent at home waiting for her to call, and cancelling MY plans. The other day I was going to hang out with my friend, and she called me to come in, I told her I was gonna be out until 4pm, and she asked me to come in at 4 until 6:30, I said yes. And then when I talked to my friend, she said we wouldn't be back until 5. I couldn't get ahold of my manager so I just cancelled my plans. I also found out recently that the maximum raise I can get a year is 17 cents!!! 17 CENTS?!?! Thats just ******ed! I'm done venting.. lol..

I went grocery shopping today, and the parking lot has put in some speed bumps, which when we went over it, cracked part of my car. I called the mall admin, and hope they will be calling me back soon. In the mean time.. I am off to have some lunch!


06-03-2005, 09:34 PM
Happy birthday, Kykaree!

Hey, ladies - sorry I've been AWOL. Wednesday evening I was going to settle down and do some posting, but I felt cruddy and went to bed very early. Yesterday was just plain busy with stuff.

But I'm alive and kicking, and today feel pretty good. Aimee, I am not taking Sudafed and its generic equivalents because they raise blood pressure. The doc has me on Zyrtec and Flonaise for my allergies, and Ultracet for when the headaches get too bad for over-the-counter analgesics.

Promised Howie I'd at least get the office and kitchen clean tonight, heh. I got behind this week and last since I've been working out in the yard more and just plain spending more time outside photographing and enjoying the days. I can't seem to do both, you know? ;) it's such a gorgeous evening, and what I really want to do is sack out by the pond with a book.

A family of common grackles (, especially the fledgling chicks, has taken a keen interest in our pond's water feature. Moving water really is a bird magnet. There are five babies, and today I watched them squawk and jostle for the best position on the flat rock where the water disperses and falls back into the pond. They're considered a nuisance bird because of the great numbers they tend to flock in and their tendancy to raid birdfeeders down to nothing in a day or two, but these babies are really entertaining.

A friend of ours from Dave's Garden ( who farms and sells produce at a farmer's market in North Carolina is going to mail us some herbs, pepper, tomato and cucumber plants on Monday. What a cool thing to get plants in the mail from friends...And we even have these plants' bed ready, for once.

How can I forget one other thing. The scale made me happy today -- I was down 4 pounds since last week, so I'm now 221. One more pound and I'll be at my wedding weight. Yahoo! I'm thinkin' my treat for reaching that milestone is going to be some highlights when I get my hair cut next time. ;)

06-03-2005, 10:32 PM
I forgot the photos! As you can see, the young robin really blends in with the dappled light. He sat very still as I approached, hoping I would not see him. I got within about 3' of him before he flapped off to another part of the yard. The grackle babies are a little more savvy, though I was able to sneak the back door open enough to put my camera outside and get a few shots. Unfortunately, none of those came out well, so the grackle shots taken through the window screen were all I got today.

06-04-2005, 02:20 PM
All right, where are you all? Come out, come out wherever you are....

Olly olly oxen free! :lol:

06-04-2005, 02:43 PM
Goodmorning!! I am SO excited to go to work today... yah right... the fulltime employee (there is only one), is giving her notice today. The staff is going to be lost without her, and I'm not in any position to take on all the extra crap that she did. They really need to get rid of the manager, because the employee would stay .. we'll see how things will turn out..

Kimberley - you are all alone, whats going on here?!?! I remember now about the raising of the blood pressure thing.. I wonder if I have to worry about that.. I should go to the doctor and get all of that checked out. I take the no-name brand of sinus medication for my sinus headaches, I'd be stuck in bed, dying, if I didn't. I don't know how you do it! Congrats on that weigh in :) 4 pounds is GREAT :)

Well I must run off to work, have a great one gals :) I'll bbl!


06-05-2005, 01:48 PM
Wow, it must be the weekend again.. it's so quiet! Whats going on out there? This is my work week damnit! heh..

So work yesterday was SO boring! It was pretty quiet most of the day, so we just kinda hung out... My manager was totally into the idea of not working hard (as per), thankfully tho, because if we had to look busy all day, that would have been twice as much work! I tried on some jeans at work yesterday, in a size 18, I don't know how I feel about that.. I was a 20 when I started there, so shrinking a size is pretty good, Again with those high expectations though.. I didn't buy the jeans, but only because they fit SO bad.. there were WELL above my belly button, which makes my belly look larger. I suspect I might have issues with our pants, there are just too high in the rise for me. I'll find something... sometime.. it's gotta happen!

Well I am off to work again... I guess things will pick up tomorrow.. on my weekend!


06-05-2005, 03:00 PM
I waver about low-rise pants. Right now, I've lost a lot of inches total, but disoportionately skewed toward my upper body - still have a belly pooching out. At least my boobs stick out farther than my belly now, though. I like the feeling of higher-rise pants because they hold in the pooch. I wish they made form-fitting bootcut jeans that had just a little higher waist! LOL Once I lose the pooch and start tucking stuff in, though, I won't want a waist defined 3" below my boobs, though, I know.

06-06-2005, 12:02 AM
Kimberley - so whats the deal with sinus headaches? I have NO idea why I am getting them, and they are killing me. I should look it up online.. The reason I wear low rise pants is so that they sit on my waist.. also for some reason I have a fairly flat tummy, I wear tighter shirts, and they look alright. I prefer to have my pants sit just below my belly button. It's too bad you don't live in Canada, I know where you can get the exact jeans you are talking about.. I don't know if people sell them online.. but both Reitmans and Pennington's have that type of jean. Reitmans jeans go up to a 24 I believe, and Penningtons goes up to a 32. So I looked up the causes of sinus headaches, and since I don't have allergies.. I suspect it's because my nose was broken. I went to the doctor and they said that since my nose didn't bleed it wasn't likely broken.. but my nose hasn't ever done that before.. which means, in order to fix it they will likely have to fix it. Scary. I notice it the most when we have a weather change.. I woke up with a sinus headache on Friday and knew we were going to have a temp change... which we did.

Alrighty, I am totally babbling! So I'm going to go be productive..


06-06-2005, 12:27 AM
So I found Marge's email address and sent her an email! I will let you all know if I hear from her!


06-06-2005, 07:53 AM
Happy Monday--hope everyone had a great weekend (despite the lack of activity on here and the sinus headaches!).

On Friday night, Jeff and I went to Carrabba's--an Italian chain owned by the same company as Outback. It was really good. We got mozzarella sticks appetizer, and we each got soup, plus they gave us bread, so by the time our actual meals came out, we each literally only ate about 3 bites! Now, there was a time when I would have eaten the entire meal whether I was still hungry or not just because it was there and it was good, ya know? So I had a bit of satisfaction when I had almost the entire entree put in a to-go box. We had the leftovers for lunch the next day, so the calories I would have crammed into one meal were split between 2 instead--much better!

Saturday, I had a minor emotional breakdown. They seem to be happening more frequently. I think it was a good thing, though. Here's what happened: Jeff told me he had called his aunt in Georgia, and it was all set for us to go down there to stay with them later this month. He was thinking of things for us to do while we were down there, and he suggested Six Flags. Now, I LOVE theme parks and roller coasters, the whole bit, but I told him I didn't want to go. He said, "Don't you like roller coasters?" To which I replied, "Yeah, I love them...but there's a really good chance I won't fit in them." Wow--to say something like that out loud, to admit that my weight was keeping me from doing the things I love--that was rough. Of course, the tears immediately followed. Jeff just held me and said it was okay, we didn't have to go, but I think it finally clicked in him that this was such a huge issue for me.

After dinner on Friday, I had told him that we needed to go back to eating out only once a week. After the little crying session, I told him that this was why I only wanted to eat out once a week. Of course, he's never argued me on that, but if I decided I anted something out after we'd already eaten out, he definitely never protested. That all changed when we went to see Madagascar that night (really cute movie). When we left, the amazing Chinese restaurant, PF Chang's, is right across the parking lot. I asked him if he wanted to go for dinner--I said I could just get the chicken and broccoli. He said, "No. I'm putting my foot down. You only want to eat out once a week, then we're only eating out once a week. We can go there next weekend." I just smiled and gave him a huge hug. We went home, and I made turkey burgers with turkey bacon and reduced-fat cheddar cheese on whole-wheat buns and some low-fat sweet and sour noodles. It was good, and I know it was probably healthier than even the chicken and broccoli at PF Chang's (since it is, of course, dripping with a dark sauce).
So yeah, it was a good weekend. I also made a HUGE fruit salad (watermelon, pineapple, green and red grapes, plums, and strawberries), so I'll have that to munch on all week. I even had to go out and buy a bowl big enough to hold it all :lol: Yesterday, we had a homemade salad bar for lunch/dinner, and it was SO good! I bought lettuce (bagged iceburg and romaine), bagged baby spinach, bagged shredded carrots (for him--I hate carrots), and I cut up red onion, a cucumber, some hard-boiled eggs, and some boneless skinless chicken breasts. Then we topped em off with some shredded cheddar cheese, bac'n bits, and low-fat croutons--SO good! Honestly, probably the best salad I have ever made myself at home. I also bought a new organic honey mustard dressing that has nearly half the calories of the regular stuff, and that was really good, too. So now I have a salad packed for dinner today, too. I also drank more water this weekend than I had been (still not really enough, but at least more, which is good).

So, Here I am, back on plan. I got on the scale this morning just to see what kind of damage I had done to myself between last weekend and this weekend. 298. Up a pound. Not horrible, but you bet your butt that pound will be gone by the time I weigh in on Thursday!

Alright, enough of a novel from me to start the week off. Time to get to work. Start of the week right, ladies!

06-06-2005, 09:24 AM
hey all...well, measured and weighed in, lost nothing...Sigh...So, kicked it up a notch at Curves this morning, and plan to do the walking thing and biking thing too...UGH!!! frustrating...Aimee~~I never had a sinus headache in my life until I moved here. I am thinking, at least on my end, it is the higher altitude doing it...My neighbor has the same problem, and she is from Long Island NY, so she says she never had them til she moved here either.... Low rise jeans? LOL LOL LOL....I am too old for those babies...Just give me a comfy pair of relaxed fit Levis and I will be happy...I have never been into the wider legs( flared), or the boot cut, and bell bottoms, ugh, I always hated them...but some people like them I guess, just not me...Well, hope someone keeps us posted about Marge...I wonder what happened there? HAG1 all, Di

06-06-2005, 10:37 AM
Wow, I haven't been here in a while. I see you've moved into I just wanted to hop on and say hi. Missed reading your posts. I'll do that after I finish a project that's due for class today, and hopefully reply. I'm still plugging away. I was eating really bad for a couple of weeks, but I'm back on track and managed to lose 3 more pounds, so I'm happy about that. I'll be back more often again,but I wanted to say hi, miss you all, keep up the excellent work in life, love, and the pursuit of a smaller waist!

06-06-2005, 05:19 PM
I'm working outside today, so just popping in to say hi before the patio pulls me back out to the begonias and window boxes. ;)

Jill, your guy sounds like a good man. I'm thrilled you guys were able to talk like you did, and that he cares enough to support you. That's so great. Your post brought tears to my eyes.

I read everyone else's, too, but I've gotta get back out there! More later!

06-06-2005, 07:22 PM
Kimberley - I had to laugh, one of my goals has been for my boobs to stick out further than my belly!!! They're about the same now!!! I am starting to wear slightly lower rise pants coz my waist is right under my boobs!!!

Aimee - get thee to a specialist and get them to look at your hooter. It might be a deviated nasal septum (inside your schnozz - you don't have to bleed to have a broken nose). These days the op is quite simple, usually just an overnight stay in hospital and about two weeks recovery time.

Jill - Jeff sounds like a keeper to me!!!!! Bless him for making you stick to the once a week thing - I do hope you can open up to him soon, it sounds like he will be a great ally in your weight loss.

I've had a crazy day, it's been kinda nice to be back at work, the weekend was chaotic, but fun. I have been to the gym tonight and did a load of leg weights. I can push 160lbs with my legs now!!!!

06-07-2005, 01:52 AM
Hi! So I had QUITE a few problems with my computer and internet today! I got some nasty new virus.. ugh, I don't even know that I've gotten rid of it yet. It came thru via msn, ugh.. I swear I am getting a mac!

I got a hold of Marge! She was on vacation, and then her boss was having some heart problems so she's been SO busy with work and hasn't had time to get online. She's also had to let up on diet.. But she's alive :) She should be back to us in a couple or 3 weeks!

Jill - good to hear you and your man got things worked out... or at least talked about it! Thats half the battle... being able to talk about it.

Diana - I don't get it! You are dieting, exercising, and walking.. your body is as confusing as mine!

kykaree - I dislike doctors with a passion :) But I will go before the summer is over.. I promise... even tho I don't like hospitals either!

Well this is just a short one from me.. I have more scanning to do, gotta get this all worked out. Have a great one gals :)


06-07-2005, 08:58 AM
YAY Marge is alive and well!!! :woo: :cp: That's so good to hear--we can stop worrying and wondering!

Well, I came in to work this morning to about 20 emails from various bosses and clients. I thought that meant I would have a TON of work to do--but I already got it all done :smug:

I was planning on working late yesterday to finish editing a 200+ page document, but it ended up that almost the entire second half of it was nothing but tables and charts (most of which are copied directly from client resources, so we do not have the authority to change them at all). So, I ended up only staying bout a half hour late instead of the 2 hours I had anticipated. Since I thought I was staying so late,I hadn't packed my gym clothes, so I just went straight to job #2 and hung out till my shift started. Today, though, I packed my gym clothes and will be there between jobs if it kills me! There's an eliptical machine with my name on it...:ebike:

Well, nothing much new and exciting here. We apparently had REALLY bad thunderstorms last night, but I was home, showered, and in bed by about 9:30, and once I was asleep, I did NOT wake up--no thunder, lightning, or torrential downpour was going to deprive me of my beauty sleep! ;)

I ended up having a cup of corn chowder from the office cafeteria yesterday for lunch. I still ate what I had packed (except the yogurt--I gave that to someone at job #2 who wasn't feeling well and hadn't had any lunch), so it was really just extra calories :mad: Hopefully, it wasn't too bad--after all, it had a lot of veggies in it (saw some red peppers, corn, an occasional potato, and lots of green things), and despite the name "chowder," it wasn't very creamy at all, so I'm hoping it didn't kill me for the day. No more walks to the cafeteria for me--I obviously can't handle it. Or at least, if I do go (I like going for the walk with coworkers to get away from my desk for a few), I won't bring any money, so I won't be so tempted.

Aimee--hope your computer gets better...what a pain!

Kylie--I too wish my boobs stuck out farther than my stomach :lol: However, being only a B cup, I think that'll be quite some time from now...

Heather--good to see you here! We know you're busy, but it's great to hear from you, even if only to say hi!

Kimberley--I do have a good man :D He's insanely patient with me and my emotional ******edness--this high level of patience leads me to believe he will be a good father someday, too...(doesn't hurt to imagine, right?)

Diana--as much as it sucks to see no inches or pounds gone, you've got to remember that you are doing AMAZING things for your body! I bet your blood pressure is lower (even if it wasn't necessarily high to begin with), and your good cholesterol (HDL) is higher (I don't know how, but apparently exercising helps to increase your HDL :?: ), so you've decreased your risk for about a million different ailments :D

I LOVE boot cut jeans--I think they make my legs look longer and slimmer, especially with just the right shoes. Of course, I don't have very many pairs of jeans that I wear normally anyway, since I have to wear jeans every night at the restaurant as part of my uniform (straight leg, medium-dark color, not too long, not too baggy, not too tight, blah blah blah), so wearing jeans is no longer a comfortable kinda thing. I'm usually wearing khakis, capris, or even sweatpants on the weekends (good thing Jeff doesn't care what I wear).

Well, off to dig up some more work to do, I guess. I'll catch you all later!

06-07-2005, 09:34 AM
Good morning everyone... glad to hear everyone is alive and well (except for Aimee's PC!)

Finally I get a day off from work! (actually 6) I had a ****-of-a last few days... too many storms here in northeast Wisconsin. And people get really crappy when their cable tv is broken! So I was able to read but no time to put a thought together to post.

My mom is coming over today (lives about 45 min away). Not sure what we're going to do yet. Probably stop at the organic food market that I have a couple miles away from my house, we both really like it and unless it's my day off I can't go. They aren't open very long during the day 9-6 I think.

As for jeans, I will not EVER own another pair of 'relaxed fit' jeans again in my lifetime, I look aweful in them. I prefer a low rise with a boot or flare leg. I have thiner thighs so relaxed fit makes me look like I have clown pants on! yikes!!

I'm hoping that My mom can take some pictures of me (and Sam and Lexi) today and I'll have to figure out a way to get them posted on here. I don't have a digital camera or a scanner though...

The scale was my friend again this week, down another 3 pounds to 252. I've really got to start getting quotes on my hot stone massage! It's quickly approching!!!

Alright Ladies... I'm off to a fabulous day, already have my 2.5 miles of rollerblading in, and it's supposed to get up to 85 degrees today! Tan fat here I come!!!

06-07-2005, 02:59 PM
I'm so glad you got a reply from Marge, Aimee; I've been really concerned about her.

Our kitty's at the vet right now. It's our grand old man, Elliott the Siamese, who's' 16 years old. Poor fella has lost a bunch of weight this last week, plus is deyhdrated. He also has bloody urine. The latter's happened off and on for a while and we struck it up to stress since he'd had a problem with that before. The vet's keeping Elliott and giving him fluids, then doing blood tests and a urinalysis. He might have a bladder infection or it could be renal failure -- hard to say until tests come back. He's just been lying around all the time, obviously not feeling well. I've had him since he was about 6 weeks old, so this is rough.

Yesterday's garden workout ( was pretty thorough! I got a lot done, and there's more to do this afternoon. Someone on Freecycle is giving me some goldfish for our pond, so I'm driving over to her house to get them, then hitting the yard work again when I get home. Right now, though, it's A/C for Kimberley. LOL

06-07-2005, 06:59 PM
i'm so sorry to hear about Elliott, my Molly is my baby and the only kid I am likely to have, I know how hard it is when your furbabies are poorly.

Aimee I am really bad at taking my own advice. Since I have been exercising my left leg has been so painful. I have a varicose vein (at 33!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and I know I probably need surgery, i was so hoping that losing weight would help, but it's making it worse!!! Less fat to hold it up perhaps!!! I will get to the doctor eventually, it is so hard getting the time off to attend to that sort of thing.

I am so glad Marge is alive and well, I was so worried, like everyone else. I miss her!!!

I feel so good, I have exercised every day since Friday! I so love doing it now, I was listening to Yngwie Malmsteen (heavy metal guitarist) at the gym, having a lovely time! I am feeling quite rebellious as the cute gym instructor always has boppy dance music on, and I can only take it in small doses. If I hear Akon and the deranged chipmunk singing "I'm so Lonely" one more time, I am going to smash all the mirrors in the gym with a baseball bat!!!!

06-07-2005, 07:07 PM
If I hear Akon and the deranged chipmunk singing "I'm so Lonely" one more time, I am going to smash all the mirrors in the gym with a baseball bat!!!!
I bet THAT would get everyone moving! LOL!!

I stopped by the vet's to drop off some food for Elliott. We should all be so picky as this cat - obesity would not be an issue, I assure you! Poor fella was sitting hunched over in the cage with his back to the door. When I said his name and petted his back, he did his petulant meowwwww. When I opened the door and scratched his head, he rolled over on his side and offered me his belly for scritches. The IV fluids definitely have him feeling better. I so hope the tests show something antibiotics will cure, and not a chronic illness.

06-08-2005, 12:07 AM
Hey all!! I got called into work today and missed my morning of coming online.. but I am here now! ;)

Kimberley - I sure hope your cat is alright.. I hate it when animals get sick :( My mom's cat is SO picky with her food as well, it's very cute. I'll keep my fingers crossed for him :)

kykaree - I just have issues finding a good doctor, I found a good doctor in my home town, but I get there MAYBE once a year, and thats just not often enough. I'll find someone out here... eventually. I have a few issues I need to get worked out, namely IBS, Vestibulitis, and this silly nose thing. I know I can control the IBS thru diet, and I had a REALLLLLY good gynocologist a few years ago who showed me how to control the Vestibulitis. I really believe I can control most of the things wrong with me thru diet, I'd rather not take drugs unless it's REALLY bad. I like dance music when I'm working out :( But I like DANCE/TECHNO music, not that new pop crap. However, I am a teeny bopper in a 25 year old's body.. heh..

Sara - relaxed fit just doesn't look right! I don't know why women want that type of shape for their body.. I guess they get used to it. I am trying to convince the world, one woman at a time that they need something that has a straight line from the thigh down. So far, so good! Most people agree with me, but I also show them in my pants, and I actually have larger thighs.. 6 days off, I'm jealous :) Enjoy :)

Jill - "chowder" sounds sinful.. but it sounds like yours wasn't too bad :) Of course, I am one to talk, I had pasta with pesto on it. It definitely WAS sinful.. but everything else I ate today was 100% perfect.. so it's all good :)

So my computer works.. we THINK the virus isn't on it anymore.. but neither of us is really sure. So hopefully things work out alright with that. I heard from Marge again today, she's still working hard at work. I will pass along a little note saying how you all miss her.. it's scary about the internet.. how would any of us really know if anything happened?

Today at work I was approached by the manager and told that the full time employee quit.. and that she wants to sit down to talk about me taking her place. Hopefully it means a raise :) I doubt it though... but I guess the fulltime hours will help out my pocket book! Well I am off to veg out, have a great night gals! :)


06-08-2005, 02:22 AM
Alrighty, I need to vent... I'm having ISSUES! I've been sticking to a low cal, and low fat diet, aiming to not have bread/pasta for more than one meal a day, and not having processed sugar. So doing that I lost 4 pounds, sounds great, but I've stalled. It's WAY too early on for me to be stalling like this. I just don't GET why weight loss has to be SO fricking hard! My calories are under every day, my percentages look good, I'm eating a fruit or veggie at every meal, and am getting enough fibre! It seriously baffles me! My weigh in isn't until Thursday, but I got on the scale yesterday and was CONVINCED that I had lost a pound, but nothing. Okay, I'm done. I'm hoping to feel more motivated tomorrow, it's just tiring to have to work SO hard for weight loss when so many do less than I have to and lose big every week! Guess I wasn't done just yet... heh..


06-08-2005, 08:16 AM
Yeah, Aimee, I hear ya. I look at others who started out at about the same weight as me in January, and here I am still at almost 300 pounds while they are down to like 250! How not fair is that?! I count every calories of every food I eat during the week, I drink lots of water, I eat lots of fruit, and though I don't eat many veggies, I get plenty of fiber through cereal and such. I also have milk every day (they say calcium helps you to lose weight--I don't know why). I know my problem has been the weekends, but even back when I was doing really well on the weekends, I wasn't losing like others. There were weeks when I would go to the gym 4 days a week, eat sensibly over the weekend, count everything during the week, and only lose like half a pound. How insanely frustrating is that!? But we've got to remember that this is a long-term thing--even if you don't lose ANYTHING this week, it'll show up in a big loss in a few weeks, ya know? We have to be patient and know that no matter how frustrating it is, it's the right thing to do for our bodies. I hate saying that because I know if I were at a point where I was really p!ssed off and frustrated, that wouldn't be the answer I'd be searching for, but I don't know what else to tell ya. I've only lost 13 pounds in 4 months--imagine my frustration! :tantrum: And yet I keep going because I know that, at the bare minimum, I need to KEEP those 13 pounds off! And damm!t, Aimee, stay off the scale!!! I weigh myself on non weigh-in days sometimes, too, but I keep in mind that on Thursday, it will always say something diferent, so I don't get worked up about it. I think you should just completely get rid of the scale so it's not there to torment you ;)

So yeah, I've lost so little weight that it hasn't even made a difference in my clothes yet. I need to got more focused. I went to the gym between jobs yesterday--30 minutes on the eliptical, burned over 400 calories :smug: I also found someone to cover myshift on Thursday night at the restaurant so I can go to my TOPS meeting (since I've only been to I think 3 since I joined). The group os mostly older women, but they are kind and supportive nonetheless, and I think I need that weekly accountability, ya know? So I am going to change my availability at the restaurant and not work Thursdays anymore so I can go to my TOPS meetings every week. I think having to get on a scale and tell the group whether I lost or gained for the week will help keep me in line. I'm also pretty competitive, and the top loser each week gets a basket full of goodies (everyone contributes a trinket, healthy treat, or money to the basket at every meeting), so I think making the weight loss a more competitive thing will be helpful to me, too.

I have been doing pretty well so far this week, but today, I forgot to pack a lunch :o I packed my bag of food this morning, and it was full, so I zipped it up and left, but all I packed was dinner (regular salad and fruit salad), breakfast (a bagel and ff cream cheese since I got up late and didn't have time for my usual cereal), and snacks (a yogurt, a string cheese, and some fruit). No lunch to be found! So, now the dilemma is: do I get a salad here in the cafeteria for lunch (I'm afraid I will get SICK of salad eating it every day and TWICE today), or do I get the pot stickers at Ruby's or fewer than 500 calories? I was also thinking of maybe a 6-inch sub from Subway (sweet onion chicken teriyaki with lettuce --YUM!), but I don't think I want all that sodium (about 1200mg in the 6-inch!), plus I doubt I will have time to hit Subway after the gym and before my Ruby's shift. Hmm...I think I just talked myself into the pot stickers :p

So tomorrow, I plan on leaving job #1 at 2 as usual, then having a POWER workout at the gym--at least an hour [I know that's what we're supposed to be doing almost every day, but I don't normally have 60 minutes for the gym (plus I have to run around the restaurant all night, so I count that as some exercise, too, since I'm usually working up a sweat!)]. Then I'll come home and take a bit of a nap till about 5:45, then off to TOPS (before I eat dinner!). I hope it registers a pretty big loss from last time since I ate dinner before my last weigh-in (I thought I had to work that night, so I had dinner, but then someone came in and picked up my shift, so I went to the meeting even though I'd already eaten), plus I'm hopefully down at least a tiny bit for this week. We'll see :crossed:

Alright, now I'm just babbling for the sake of babbling--I'm gonna go eat my breakfast and do some work now. Catch ya'll later!

OH, and I'm so sorry about your cat, Kimberley--I hope they find it's a quick fix, and he'll be good as new in no time!

06-08-2005, 09:48 AM
Good morning all.

Jill - Yes, I very well can imagine your frustration! I've been on that side of things too. This time I'm dead serious about losing though. I stay VERY strict with myself so that I don't have an option of relapsing back into crappy habits. I've lost a friend at work over losing as much weight as I have. She had lost over a hundred pounds 2 years ago, while I just stayed the same, and shes gained almost all of it back! I can't talk about my success when she is there because I know it'll hurt her feelings. So, anyway, here is my appology to you for starting at the same weight you did and losing more. Differances between us as far as I can tell; I don't have 2 jobs fighting for my workout time which is consistantly 6-7 days a week, I very rarely ever eat out, and I don't have any health issues to be concerned about.

Kimberly - I hope Elliot is feeling better! My friend at work just made the decision last week Fri to put her siamese cat (15 y.o.) down because he had liver failure and was not able to make it to the litterbox anymore. Her husband was taking the Felix to the vet and he died in the car on the way there. She is very upset, not that I blame her!

I'll be back in a little bit... gotta get some htings done and take Lexi to the park to run before it gets too hot!!!

'see' ya later

06-08-2005, 09:51 AM
Hey all...aww, ss about the kitty, Kimberley, I hope all turns out well...
I too, know how it feels to see some people have lost a ton of weight, and others have to struggle to lose a few pounds. some people it just comes easier for and that's all there is...About relaxed fit jeans..l.well...I have very long legs, to be honest, and not overly large thighs either. so, for me, they look the best. They do not make me look manly in the least, and every time I have ever attempted to put on a pair of boot cut or flared leg, or low rise jeans, I leave the dressing room lookin like a big ol all have different shapes, and some look better than others in different types of pants and jeans. Shorter women look sort of silly in the type of pants I like wearing, and I look silly in pants that shorter women look good in. I have a figure, not hourglass, never have, but, not manly either. But, then again, most shorter women look silly in long skirts, and taller women look great in them, so I guess that is said...Hope you all have a great day...Am off to walk the dog b4 the black flies, and heat get out of control! :)

06-08-2005, 10:11 AM
Sara--don't ever apologize for losing weight! You're doing an AMZINGLY awesome job; why would you be sorry?! It's not your fault if I'm screwing things up for myself :p It sucks that the woman at work is so rough about it, though. That's not cool. She should remember how great she felt when she lost the weight and be HAPPY for you to have such great success! I'm lucky that I also don't have any health issues to worry about right now--got everything checked, and I'm pleased to announce I'm in good health :D I still watch my sodium intake, though, since my father has high blood pressure (and they told me I did once, but then it's been normal ever since, so I chalked that one up to a stressful day). I'll be getting to the gym more now, too, especially since I'm going to cut back on my restaurant hours to only 2 nights a week. Jeff seems to be on board with the only eating out once a week thing, so weekends should go a little more smoothly. Now I just need to get him up and moving instead of watching movies all the time. We went miniature golfing a few weeks ago--we can do that again. We've also been talking about going bowling (been FOREVER since I've done that!), and we sometimes like to go feed the ducks (which involves walking around the pond)--anything to get us off our butts and moving a bit! I'm confident that all of this plus being able to go to my weekly TOPS meetings all the time will really help me with my weight loss. But good lord woman, you should never have to apologize to anyone for all of the hard work you've done! Also, I hope you weren't thinking my comment was personally directed toward you--there are a number of ladies on the 300+ boards that I post on who have also had much more success than me in the same period of time. You're an inspiration, not an offender, and every pound you lose proves to me that I could be doing more!

06-08-2005, 02:09 PM
Goodmorning! I'm not sure how I'm feeling this morning about weight loss, I wish it didn't have to be so hard.. and I know if I REALLY buckle down and cut out pretty much everything, I can lose weight. I am pretty used to doing drastic things to lose weight, hense all the eating disorders I've had, but I do want to do this in a healthy way. I'm just babbling..

Diana - I wonder about your diet.. you have that working out thing down PAT, I once heard diet is 80% of losing weight. Are you counting calories? Eliminating foods?

Jill - I can understand why you aren't losing weight, you have too much battling for your time. You will get there... I know you will. I should look into a gym pass, see if I can get one for cheap because I make SO little money (my next paycheque will be 330 before tax, eek!). Actually, scratch that, a gym pass would do me no good, the closest gym is 3 km's away, and since I'm not driving, I'd never go. Thats the problem with living on a huge mountain, I used to walk 1 hour a day before we moved here!

Alright, I am heading out to go for breakfast with a friend who is turning 30 today! So I gotta wrap a present, write out a card and get dressed before 11am! Which is 55 minutes! Have a great on gals!


06-08-2005, 04:14 PM
Why don't you guys try the AHA plan for a few weeks? Seriously, it works, and it's all-around healthy for ya. Just count out the number of servings of each food group using portion control and you're automatically staying within a good number of calories. LMK if you're interested in more info.

We're going to have to put Elliott to sleep today at 4:00pm. His kidneys are not functioning right and he won't eat. We could prolong things by feeding him a low-protein food (which he undoubtably won't eat), periodically giving him sub-cutaneous fluids, etc., but the poor guy's got arthritis and hurts, anyway...And how long and for what good would it be to keep him around? It would be for us, not for him. :(

06-08-2005, 06:59 PM
AWWWW I am SS to hear that Kimberley~~ it is so hard to have to put a loved pet to sleep...My thoughts are with you...
Aimee~~ I have cut back on all foods ( as in portion control, etc)...I will never cut anything completely out of my life, because then I binge, and that is not good. But I do need to drink way more water for one thing...not drinking nearly enough...And I am almost 40 so metabolism is not nearly as good as it used to be...It really is harder to lose the older u get...

Kimberley~~I would be very interested in the AHA diet...My friend in Ohio was going to print off her diet for me and never did. Physicians weight loss plan... I cannot afford a lot right now, so this is why I am not doing WW or anything like that, it would have to come out of my money and my money is very tight right now...So fill me in...if you want my email addy or anything, let me know...and God Bless!!

06-08-2005, 08:46 PM
Well, it's done. I wrote about the day in my blog if anyone feels like being sad. ;) What an emotional day it's been.

The AHA diet is pretty much just common sense eating, a well-rounded diet. This is it ( in a nutshell. We count calories, but try to stick to the recommended servings of the various food groups and to limit our fats to unsaturated fats that are good for you.

06-09-2005, 02:23 AM
Oh Kimberley I am so SO sorry to hear about your kitty :( Cry lots, mourn, and never forget him :)

Diana - losing weight is hard for me as well, years of abusing my body with periods of not eating to eating lots does some harsh damage. Most things I read about say you should have one meal a day that is ONLY fruits of veggies, that theory has definitely worked for me. I'm not the best model for weight loss, but I do know lots about it! I have to put all my theory's into practice!

Well ladies, I am completely exhausted, so I'm going to go spend a little quality time with the bf and get some sleep! Talk to ya'll tomorrow!


06-09-2005, 08:24 AM
Kimberley--I'm so sorry about Elliott. Do you have any pictures of him? Are you guys going to get another cat--not to replace him, by any means, but to have a new baby to spoil? ;)

I don't think I've read that a meal a day should be only fruits and veggies, but acording to the "negative calorie diet," that makes sense. I don't think I could do that--the protein is what fills me up for longer. Just fruit and veggies makes me hungry again about an hour later. When I have a salad for dinner before my restaurant shift, I have it with grilled chicken, egg, and cheese (YUM!), so it really keeps me going.

Weighed in this morning--295.5 :smug: I knew I'd get that extra weight off from last week, but I'm really glad I lost 2 more pounds on top of that. I have to weigh in at TOPS tonight, too, so I'm sure I'll have a pretty good loss since the last time I was there. I think they are always surprised that I lose even when I haven't been there for a few weeks. The leader of our chapter seems to think that if you don't go to the meetings, you won't lose weight because you don't have the support you need. Maybe that's what she needs, but I told her that I get amazing online support at 3FC, yet she insisted on finding out information for me about doing TOPS online for the weeks I couldn't come to the meetings. I'll take any help I can get, but I don't think I'll ever be able to find the same type of support and assistance as I get here on these boards :)

The only reason I don't think I'd try the AHA plan is that it's just more counting. Instead of just calories, then I'd have to count servings of each food group plus make sure everything is a true serving size--even if I had time for that, I don't think I'd stick to it, ya know? As it is now, I eat so little fat that, if anything, I probably need to eat more! My diet is comprised primarily of fruit right now. I have a kiwi and a big container of fruit salad in my lunch bag today. My lunch is a salad (lettuce, spinach, onion, cheese, and a few croutons with a measured portion of organic dijon honey mustard dressing), and my other snacks are a low-fat string cheese and a ff, no-sugar-added yogurt. Plus my brakfast of Kashi with strawberries and banana and skim milk--plus whatever I have for dinner tonight. I should be around 1500 calories for the day once I add dinner in (I usually treat myself to Subway after the TOPS meeting--that way I don't have to cook when I get home, and it still feels like a treat even though it's still low in fat and fits into my caloric allowance for the day).

My frustration isn't that I'm not losing weight--I've actually been losing quite consistently (minus last week, which I made up for this week) for about the past 2 months, but it's itty bitty losses at a time. Usually when people start dieting, they bang out that first 10 pounds or so of water weight and rapid loss from changing habits and patterns, but that never happened for me. It has just been so slow that I get frustrated even when I do lose a 1/2 pound or a pound a week. I know slower is better for maintenance in the long run, but in this world of instant gratification, I just want it GONE! And seeing others with 2-3 pounds lost every week is just what makes me feel like I'm obviously doing something wrong (even though I'm still losing). Does that all make sense? I also have yet to see any physical changes, which is also frustrating. When you only weigh 150 and lose 10 or 15 pounds, that's like a whole dress size! But I will have to lose probably at least another 25 pounds before I go down a dress size (I wear the same size now as I did when I only weighed about 275-280). Who knows--maybe with my newfound weekend partner and such, I'll be seeing 2-pound weekly losses more frequently, too. I just keep thinking about this dress I'm going to have to wear for my sister's wedding in's a long way off, but only losing a 1/2 pound a week (for a total of 20-25 pounds) isn't going to make a whole heck of a lot of difference in how I look in a dress! :(

I hit the gym again yesterday, but I had to cut back on my time since I ended up having to stay late at job #1. I only did 20 minutes on the eliptical, but I burned almost 300 calories in that time, and ANY exercise is better than no exercise! I'll be there again today after work for as long as I want since I don't have to work at the restaurant tonight :)

Well, I'm gonna go fill my water bottle and at least pretend to do some work. Hope everyone has a great day!

06-09-2005, 02:01 PM
Thanks for the kind words, all. Our other cat, Hattie (, is happy being an only cat - little pipsqueak actually played more last night than she did before. She and the dogs are pretty tight, too. I don't think we'll get another cat until she goes. Hopefully that won't be for a long time. :) I have photos of Elliott in my most recent blog entries if you click the link in my sig.

Congrats on the pounds lost, Jill - that's great! I don't think Howie and I will get a chance to weigh in tomorrow. He's getting a vasectomy (yippee! LOL) and we have to be at the surgery center for a 7:00am appointment. :mad: Early, early, early. Dang, did you know it can take several months for the last of the swimmers to be gone? No fair! ;)

06-09-2005, 08:10 PM
Awww...jill...I know exactly how you feel...10 pounds on someone our size is not a huge deal, when it is to someone smaller...I will be happy to lose 30 pounds, then will really see a change...It can be very depressing, I know. But, just keep whatever you are doing up, in the long run, no matter how slowly it comes off, the point is, it is coming off...Sometimes, people who lose weight way too fast, end up gaining it right back anyhow, so just think of it that way...
And, Kimberley, I will look into your Blog, and kitty story too, and TY for the AHA info, I plan to look into that this weekend...Dh starts afternoons, and this is my hardest is when he works those hours.
Well, am off. Have got to get to my emails, my MSN mail is acting up ( when isn't it, lol) hagn all!

06-09-2005, 08:11 PM
ooooh MY! Me and my big belly are here! I just had a HUGE lunch! Fast Fry steak in a chipotle tobasco sauce, and some peaches and cream corn, it was very yummy! I'm having a pretty good day, I got up a little late, watched some Ambush Makeover, and then had breakfast.. I even went for a walk!! It took me 39 minutes to go 2.6km's (or 1.6 miles), half of that is hiking up a mountain though. I am in such a cheerful mood! Dunno where THAT is coming from.. lol..

Jill - It takes most people a while to find the balance which works the best for them, I definitely am having a hard time with it. I do believe in that whole thing of having one meal a day being made up of fruits and veggies, but I think if you have a salad with some low fat cheese and a light salad dressing, that would still work. I find for me the key to losing weight is to drink 3L's of water a day, and eating tons and tons of veggies. My mom is a slow loser as well, and for the final week at Weight Watchers she wanted to reach her 10% goal, which was hard for her since she'd be losing about .5-.9 pound a week. She drank lots of water, cut out all bread (she's allergic like me), all sugar, and she added more cardio (she hates cardio and focuses on weights). Anywho! The point of my story is that she lost the 2 pounds it took her to get to her 10%. I think that was my point.. I don't remember anymore :( Drink Water! Thats my new point! Congrats on the 2 pounds :)

Kimberley - How many dogs do you have? I think I am equally a dog person, as well as a cat person. I've had over 6 cats in my lifetime, usually calico's.. although we did have one black cat with a white nose, she was SO cute. I don't think I've ever had a cat over 4 years ago .. they've all met a cougar/coyote and lost the battle. :( Now that I've moved to the city, I feel torn about having any animals, there just is no room for them to run around. It's all what you get used to I suppose, I've almost always lived on a fairly large plot of land. Your Hattie is very cute :)

I am having a hard time focusing today.. I've managed to just type and type and completely forget what I was talking about.. lol. I should get going, I am shopping for a wedding shower.. I am going to hit up Pier 1 as they usually have REALLY beautiful stuff, and great sales for the girl on a budget :) Have a great one :)


06-09-2005, 08:15 PM
Diana - we posted at almost the same time! Which msn version do you have? That virus I got the other day was ONLY bothering my msn, we had to go and delete the old one and get the new version, and now it's working fine :)


06-09-2005, 08:18 PM
Kimberley~~~Hattie is a gorgeous Kitty, and looks so much like my Misty did..she was so beautiful, with such an attitude. Then I had to go read the blog, and now am crying like a baby...I just dread the day when I will have to lay my Baby to rest too..he is such a baby, and even though he has a few mor years left, it makes me cry just thinking of it...The only thing that gives me Peace, is knowing that, someday, he will be there waiting for me when I get to Heaven, unfortunately, so will my bird, lol who will probably proceed to peck me in the head and poo on me...

06-09-2005, 08:19 PM
Aimee...we only have the msn mail...We have RR DSL, and use MSN mail for our main email, it has been acting funny all day, hopefully will be to normal soon...LOL. Ahh, the joys of owning a PC!!!

06-09-2005, 11:38 PM
When your bird poops on you in Heaven, just try to smile. ;) One nailed me under our sycamore tree yesterday - ugh, high-velocity bird poop from 70' up above me!

Our veggie plants arrived from our friend in North Carolina and I spent 5-9:30pm working outside getting them planted and mulching our raised bed in anticipation of planting it full of herbs. So far I only have a little basil plant and a stevia plant (natural sweetener - awesome stuff, 30x sweeter than sugar).

Meesa one pooped woman tonight, and sore. After today, I should weight nothing. Really, zero, zip - I can't believe there's anything left of me! ;) I'm consuming a bit of my calories in a rum & Coke (not Diet Coke, either). Howie has to be at the outpatient surgery center at 7:00am, so I will probably head to bed early tonight.

We probably won't do a weigh-in at our doctor's tomorrow since his appointment is so early. I weighed on my MIL's scale last night, though, and it said 218. I can't remember whether hers is a pound lighter than the doctor's or a pound heavier, but either way, I should be under 220! La la la la LA!!

06-10-2005, 07:55 AM
Wow, Kimberley, I can't WAIT to be below 220--that's awesome! :cp:

So I am now officially down 15 pounds from my highest (known) weight. No matter how long it took me, I am glad to be down. I am glad to be below 300. And I am glad to have all of you to listen to me whine when I get down about it! :thanks:

Tonight, Jeff and I are going to the movies to see High Tension, the new horror flick that opens this weekend. In an effort to resist the candy and soda (I don't eat the popcorn at theaters since I worked in one for over 2 years :corn: ), we are going to dinner before the movie. I made a reservation at PF Chang's, the amazing Chinese restaurant right across from the theater. Without a reservation, it's usually at least an hour-and-a-half wait! I already checked the nutritionaly info online, and I know what I'm going to get. We always split the Chicken Lettuce Wraps appetizer (630 calories and 8g of fat in the whole thing, so I get half of that) and the Ginger Chicken and Broccoli (621 calories and 21 grams of fat in the entire dish) or the Chicken with Black Bean Sauce (640 calories and 22g of fat), unless I go with the scallops, which has even fewer calories--have to see what kind of mood I'm in. It kills me that the salads have more calories than the regular entrees :dizzy: . So I will certainly stay under 1000 calories for dinner, only had a low-carb bagel for breakfast with Brummel & Brown butter (made with yogurt, so lower fat--total of about 220 calories for breakfast), brought fruit salad as a snack, and will grab a salad in the cafeteria for lunch, so my day will be slightly high in calories, but not much to worry about (it'll be a little high in fat, but since I hardly eat any fat during the week, that's probably a good thing, especially since it's all very little saturated fat). Planning ahead for my restaurant foods is so helpful--I wish EVERY restaurant posted the nutrition information online!

I talked to my father on the phone last night when I got home from TOPS (where I posted a 3-pound loss since the last time I went, which was 2 weeks ago). I LOVE talking to my father, and I don't get to do it much. I talk to my mom all the time because she has an office job, so we chat while we're both at work. My dad, however, works in a mill and cannot use the phone during work. He gets home at 4pm, which is when I usually start my shift at the restaurant, and he goes to bed at about 9pm since he gets up really early for work (apple doesn't fall far from the tree, eh?), so I'm not even usually home by the time he's in bed! I miss him so much--if I got along better with my mother, I would probably move back to CT so I could be closer to him. It just made me really happy to talk to him, especially since I know he doesn't really like talking on the phone, and he called me! My parents will visit me for my birthday at the end of July--they'll only stay for a weekend, buy me lots of stuff, and then go home, so I always like when they visit ;) I'm so spoiled...(but I like it that way :p )

I really have like no work to do today. I know my boss will be out all of next week, so she is going to contact the client and tell her that if she has any questions or issues concerning the product we are delivering today (huge thing we have been working on since before I even started working here), she should contact ME :o I'm very excited to finally be in a slight position of responsibility--I feel so grown up :D
Well, I guess I'll go putz around and find something to pretend to do. Kick of the weekend right, ladies!

06-10-2005, 08:04 AM
WTG! Kimberley...that is something to be very proud of...the day I am below 220, I will cry....I weighed 220 when I first moved here. I am ideal at 170...not too thin, not too fat...I never want to look like a stick...And WTG! Jill, as well...just keep doing two ppl are alike, and though it may be easy for one woman, it may be something you will have to work on for life, but, all good things are worth the work and the wait. Jeff is helping out now too, so that is a step forward for you, and, I bet, the way you are going, a year from now, you will have lost over half of what you want to too....I just took a Preg babies here...It gets depressing, but, not looking at it at anything other than what it, now, I wish I would have my P...That would be nice..Have all the signs, swelling, bloat, mood swings, but only spotted lightly 2 days and no TOM...UGH!!!!!

06-10-2005, 11:57 AM
Howie felt fine after his procedure, so we weighed in after all. I weighed 219! Happy happy, joy joy! We then stopped for our weekly Egg McMuffin goodness. Happy happy, joy joy! Err, well, it was really good.

Question: If you order a large black coffee and get home to find you've actually been given a large French vanilla cappucino, the calories and fat do not count, right? Hope not, 'cause I sure didn't dump that baby down the drain just now. ;) It's treat day for us, so I guess it was serendipitous.

06-10-2005, 01:50 PM
Kimberly - It dosen't count at all! Not after a great weigh-in, and a sperm-free husband!

Jill - Chinese food sounds soooo good to me. Sam and I have been trying to find a great place that's close to where we live. We had an excellent place at our old apartment but we move 3 cities away from there, so it's a pain to drive 20 mins for take out and 20 mins back home while your food getting colder by the second!! Last week we walked to a place her frined at work recommended. It awas a 2.5 mile walk each way, and the food was absolutely excellant! I think we found our new favorite!! I usually get the Broccoli with garlic sauce. The 'meat' at those places usually isn't trimmed well enough for me and I end up with a bite of grizzle. UUGH! I absolutly refuse to eat any meat-like chunk that's been deepfried either, and that was before dieting!!

So, yesterday I finally came inside after spending most of the day getting the ground ready for our weekend landscaping project, all I wanted to do was check-in with all of you and feel connected to our cyberworld, and the darn thing wouldn't let me on!! I was so sad! I felt so cut off from my friends!

Sam is really impressed with how much work I did outside this week (I am too actually!) the old Sara would have spent her entire 6 days off watching tv or reading a book... not this new and improved one though!!! I mowed and edged our entire lawn (we moved here in AUG last year, there's no telling WHEN the lawn was last edged) we now have an additional 6" of sidewalk and driveway! I hauled all of the lawn I dug out to the city compost center. I dug out a garden area that we are finishing this weekend. We do not have a back door, so Lexi's 'spot' is in the front yard, I don't think it's fair for the neighbors to have to watch her take a couple poops a day. We bought some retaining wall blocks and decorative grasses to build up her spot a little and she can hide behind it to go!

Cooked like a fool most of the morning today. Made a cold past salad based loosly on a mediterranean flavor. It's got whole wheat pasta, barley, onions, broccoli, carrots, black olives, minced garlic, tomatoes, mushrooms, feta, oreagano, basil, salt, pepper, and a dressing of olive oil redwine vinegar and balsamic vinegar. I tasted it (which I don't normally do anymore) and it's really good! Yum... can't wait for lunch! Also made a rhubarb cake using a recipe from my mom and tweeking it to make it a healthier choice. Having company tonight, a guy from work who's hot for me. He know's I just want to be friends with him but he keeps trying... oh well. He, along with everyone else, dosen't know that Sam and I are together (we've been for almost 2 years!). We don't advertise it, but we also wouldn't deny it! When we were really just roommates, we were asked all the time if we were, now we really are and no one asks?! How crazy is that?! sorry I guess I totally got off topic...

Have a great day everyone!

06-10-2005, 08:39 PM
Boy, that salad sure sounds good; just from those ingredients I can tell it's a winner!

I crashed and took me a much-needed nappy. Just as I was drifting off, there came a knocking at the door. It was our friend Amy, bearing a little bouquet of red carnations and a card. She and her husband John are our best friends...And let me tell you, they are rotten. The carnations, Amy pointed out, were snipped. All the flowers were down in the bottom of the cellophane at the base of all the stems! And John had taken two deflated pink balloons and taped them inside the card to resemble, uh, the boys. What a riot!!

06-11-2005, 12:48 PM
Where is everyone? I know, it's Saturday! ;)

We succumbed to temptation yesterday; even though it was our treat day, we way overindulged. I brought home Chinese take-out around 6:30pm, and then late at night we ordered a large ATW pizza. We both feel blah after eating all that - we're not used to it anymore. It's so easy to do when you spend a whole day just lounging around and watching TV like we did. When I work out in the yard, I don't even think about food until I'm so weak and hungry I'm forced to! Bet you can relate, Sara, after your day o' trimming and edging!

Today's a new day.

06-11-2005, 02:33 PM
:dizzy: Hey one is around in the Summer weekends eh? So hot and humid that I am literally sick to my stomach...Has beeen terrible here this week. And sooooo many weeds..UGH!!!!! My Clemaits plant I planted in the back died, GRRRR...TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE...but, I do have 2 small tomatoes already, so that's a big plus, hehe...No bike rides yet this week either, way tooooo hot for me...Anyhoo, here are a cpl of pics for ya to glance at...My peonies are beautiful this year...and this dolly is going on ebay today....HAG1! :D

06-11-2005, 03:25 PM
I love peonies! We have a few really old bushes on our property, and I need to divide them after they die back. You sure your clematis isn't just going dormant, pooped out by the heat? Ours are doing well, but they get shade in the hottest part of the day and have a lot of underplantings to keep the roots cool.

06-11-2005, 11:32 PM
Hey there Kimberley...Nope...Clematis was dead as dead can be...UGH!!! one I planted out front is fine...don't know what happened in the eh, what can ya do? Sometimes it happens..HAGN!!!!

06-12-2005, 12:24 PM
Hope everyone's having a great weekend!

I did end up getting the Ginger Chicken and Broccoli at PF Chang's--SO good! I forced myself to eat ALL of thr broccoli before having any of the chicken--otherwise, I know I would have eaten the chicken and then said I was full to avoid the broccoli :lol: They only use white meat chicken (I don't know how it's cooked, but it is SO tender, and definitely not breaded or fried), and I couldn't even find any hunks of fat (I HATE the texture of eating fat). It's really not your typical Chinese place by any means--kinda upscale, definitely not just a take-out place. You go in and sit at these gorgeous hardwood tables, and they have deep red lights hanging from the ceilings--the walls are marble times halfway up, then wood the rest of the way. The place is beautiful, and the food is amazing quality. Jeff and I split the chicken lettuce wraps appetizer and each got an entree, and it was only $30 plus tip, so it's a great place for eating out, even on a budget!

Yesterday, we were going to go bowling. I called places for prices on the "extreme" or "cosmic" bowling (every place calls it something different, but it's when they have blacklights and music and colored lights and stuff--makes it a lot of fun, plus if you o badly, you can blame it on the lights :p ). I was amazed at how expensive it is here--in CT and in PA, it was always like 15 bucks to bowl as many games as you could in like 4 hours or whatever. Here, the cheapest I found was $5.25 per person per game, PLUS shoes! How we didn't go. We couldn't see spending nearly $20 for the two of us to bowl just one game ($4.50 per person for shoes, too).

Instead, we found a new mini golf place. AWESOME place--very nice. Not a childish one with animals and windmills and stuff; rather, it was very neatly landscaped with little waterfalls and rockas around each hole--it was really nice. And I beat Jeff by one stroke, so I had a good time ;)

I made my own spaghetti sauce last night--ground turkey, turkey sausage, 1 large can of diced tomatos, 3 small cans of "no salt added" tomato sauce, and 3 small cans of tomato paste (so it wouldn't be runny). Then I added garlic, Italian seasoning, parsley, onion powder, oregano, just a pinch of salt, and just a sprinkle of brown sugar (cuts down on the acidity). It was SO good. Oh, I also added some crushed red pepper, so it had a little bit of a hot aftertaste, but Jeff and I both really liked it (I can tell he likes it when he goes for seconds ;) ). I love pasta, but I can't stand the 600+ mg of sodium per serving in the kind you buy prepared in a jar at the store. Even with all the spices and salt I used, this didn't even come CLOSE to that amount (and who needs more sodium when it's SO hot and humid outside?).

Well, I'm off to shower (as soon as Jeff gets his butt out of the bathroom), then we rented a bunch of movies to watch today. Catch ya all on a sunny Monday morning!

06-12-2005, 01:00 PM
Your spaghetti sauce sounds great! I need to buy no-salt-added diced tomatoes.

I'm pooped today...Yesterday, my MIL offered to help me get the house cleaned up a bit since we're having company. While we were cleaning, we got to moving furniture (she and I are really good at that, LOL). Now our living room has a dining room table and chairs in it. We moved the table and chairs from the kitchen out there, put our little antique drop-leaf table in the kitchen with just two chairs...we moved our TV armoir to the office, where I put the desktop in it, and then we dismantled the big corner desk we had in the office. I mean, we were BUSY!

And I still have some cleaning left to do. Heh. Guess that happens when you get sidetracked...

06-12-2005, 01:00 PM
Just stopping in to say hello quick!

Yesterday I bought new rollerblades, the ones I had were close to 10 years old and really cheap. Tried to just buy new wheels for them but it was $35 for new whhels for crappy blades -or- an $80 new pair on sale for $40! Guess what i chose!?!

So this morning I tried out my new blades (2.5 miles)... what a HUGE differance they make in my preformance! I am very impressed! Sam and I had breakfast then walked to Walmart, which is about a mile away from our house, and bought new bikes! We rode home our new Mongoose split frame bikes (very 'bouncy' with all the suspensions), taking the long way home about 3 miles!

Gotta run... shopping and weeding is calling my name.. oh, wait... that's Sam!

06-13-2005, 03:01 AM
Wowsers, it's been a few days since I've posted, life has been a little crazy on my end of the world! My update! Friday I spent the day with my friend and we hung out, went out for a nice sinfully delish dinner! Pesto Penne with chicken and tomatos, sooooo good! It was nice to get away and spend some time with my friend, we went to her place in Vancouver.. which is about 45 minutes away. Saturday was a sleepy day, the people upstairs are sanding their floor I believe.. I'm not entirely sure.. but they were up and at it around 7:30am!! Too early for THIS girl.. We went to a VERY boring Wedding Shower, I tell yah, not so great to hang out with people you don't know, have nothing in common with for 6 hours. Our present was well-recieved, which was nice.. I'm like a fat Martha Stewart! I LOVE to wrap presents, and make them BEAUTIFUL! :) Today I worked all day, but got woken up at 7:30am AGAIN! So before work I went for coffee, picked up a paper and am keeping an eye open for a place without a children's playroom above the ENTIRE place. Grr! Tonight was a pretty humbling evening, my mom called me with news. She was out on Saturday and got a pain in her chest and back, it was so bad she went to the hospital. My mom doesn't go to the hospital. After hours of tests, and waiting for results, they discovered it wasn't a heart attack (takes 6 hours for the enzymes to be detectable in the blood). They suspect it has something to do with her liver, or the fact that she has no galbladder. She's going to call doctors tomorrow, find the one who is experienced enough to help her out. Very scary stuff though, especially with a mom who doesn't go to the doctor unless it's REALLY bad (I get that from her).

So thats my end of the world, and it's getting a little late! So I will be back tomorrow to catch up with all of you gals! Take care!


06-13-2005, 08:41 AM
Aimee--I hope your mom finds out what's wrong and gets it fixed pronto! I hate doctors, too, but I certainly don't get it from my mom--she's at the doctor's every time she sneezes too hard, and she pops OTC pain relievers like they're tic-tacs. I, on the other hand, HATE taking medicine (I do take "the pill," but it's as a cyst prevention medication since my doctor called me a "cyst farm" when I had just turned 16), and I only go to a doctor if I REALLY need to. That's why it took me over a month to get my darn toe fixed :p

Sara--you're so active; no wonder your weight is just melting off! Walking or biking around my house is pretty much equivalent to begging to get hit by a car. There is SO much traffic, and they certainly don't slow down for anybody. Seems like everyone is in such a rush to get everywhere! Jeff doesn't help, either. We went to Panera Bread a while back, and I asked him if we could walk there (less than a mile). He looked at me like I had 6 heads. He indulged me anyway, and we ended up walking, but now that we only eat out once a week, there's no more going to Panera (or Subway or Glory Days or Applebee's, all of which are within walking distance). At least we did get off our butts this weekend and go play mini golf--it's a start :)

Kimberley--I couldn't find the no-salt-added diced tomatos at my store, but the sodium wasn't too bad in the ones I bought anyway. Also, I have heard that you can rinse your canned veggies to remove even more sodium since it doesn't all get absorbed into the food, so I rinsed them off a bit before dumping them in the pot. Whether it actually makes a difference or not, at least it's still not 600mg per serving :o

*a moment of silence for Diana's Clematis--even though I have no idea what that might look like :p

So I forgot to mention that Jeff got out of work early on Friday. Apparently, his shop lost power, so they all just closed down and went home, which meant he went to my home. I hate it when he's there before me because then I don't have time to clean up before he gets there :p Anyway, so I came home, and he had bought me a houseplant, which was sitting on my kitchen counter waiting for me :D This is a big step since he has only bought me flowers ONCE winse we started going out over a year ago (and that one time was for my birthday). It was just a normal flowering plant (probably from a grocery store) with kinda dark magenta flowers (can't think of the name of it of the top of my head), but it was special because he thought of me. What a good boy :D

So we saw High Tension on Friday night. I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good slasher horror movie. I hope when it comes out on DVD that they release the full version--it was originally a French film, and they had to cut a lot of scenes out of it to make it R-rated in the US (it was originally NC-17). I'm glad it was good because we have been waiting for it to come out for FOREVER--it was supposed to have been released back on Valentine's Day, but they kept pushing it back. But yeah, totally worth it. Leave it to the French to finally make a good horror movie (after recent horrible disappointments like Saw, Darkness, Boogeyman, White Noise, etc.)--who'd a thunk it? :p

We also rented Dog Day Afternoon, National Treasure, Racing Stripes, and Sideways. I had heard Sideways was good, but I thought it was kinda dragged out. It was okay overall and had some really great parts, but some of it definitely could have been cut out. National Treasure was awesome! I'm totally into kid/family movies, and this one was a good one. Racing Stripes, on the other hand, had a little too much gross humor for my liking. I'm sorry, I love the talking animals and such, but do kids today really need to see things like farting and pooping and flies falling into piles of dung?! And we wonder why kids today are so confused as to what is and is not appropriate behavior :soap: ...Anyway, Dog Day Afternoon was definitely worth the rent. There are so many great older movies out there that I have yet to see. I sometimes wonder why I waste my time on the newer crap.

Alright, off my movie tangent and back to work. Hope everyone's weekend wrapped up nicely!

06-13-2005, 01:58 PM
Hello ladies. I hope your weekends were terrific. I have been busy w/ school, the house, the I managed to get back on track w/ a vengence, and lost some more weight. It's now officially time to change my short term goal! woohoo!!! Finally made it. It almost makes not eating all of my favorite foods worth it.....almost. :D I know a lot of you can still eat your fave foods, but I'm one of those that have to cut it out completely, (at least for now) or only eat a small portion of it once in a while, kind of like a really cheesy
well, I have to finish my homework before class, and then spend some time w/ my kids...they are going on vacation w/ the ex, and I won't see them until next week...I usually don't go more than 2 days w/out seeing them, so I'll be a mess for at least a couple of days. So you will more than likely see me more during the times I would normally be w/ so until then, have a great day, I miss you all bunches, and I'll talk to you later I'm sure!

06-13-2005, 06:37 PM
Oh, Aimee, a six-hour marathon bridal shower sounds like pure torture to me, even if I were best buddies with many of the women at it. *shudder* It must have been interminable. I'm glad to hear your mom's heart was not the culprit in the episode and hope all can be straightened out soon for her.

Sara, my ankles turned in sympathy at the mention of roller blades. You are a dynamo, I tell ya!

Jill, if you're going to live together, ya better get used to Jeff seeing the place before you've had a chance to make a cleaning whirlwind through it! ;) As far as Diana's poor clematis, I'd imagine it looks like a dried up little brown twig with roots clinging to it. In their hey-day, they're quite lovely, but dead? Not-so-much. They're really pretty when alive ( , though!

Heather, we'll help you ride the child-withdrawal waves until your kiddos return. When I was little and we lived in Illinois, I used to spend summers with my grandparents in Ohio. Considering what a butt my dad was to mom, I don't know how she stood it. Never thought about what it was like for her -- I just know I always looked forward to being with my grandparents!

I'm enjoying the view from our now living room/dining room. It looks out on our front yard through a big picture window and I just love it. I think I'll be spending quite a bit of time here.

The lady who's bartering with me and redoing our front wall called this morning. Since it had been raining a bit, she said she'd hold off until tomorrow. She plans to get her at noon (yay for us, LOL!).

06-14-2005, 08:00 AM
aww, Kimberley, your dogs are adorable!! I can't wait to be able to get a dog again. We had a toy fox terrier named Chico (had to go on a special diet because he was overweight at 12 pounds--was only supposed to weigh 10 :dizzy: ) from the time I was 4 until I was 17. The apartment I'm in right now doesn't allow pets, though, and even when I move in with Jeff, I know I won't have the time I really need to devote to a new dog, so I'm pretty sure we will just get a cat, since they are much more independent. Jeff is open to the idea of a cat, but only if it's all gray--something about some cat from some cartoon that was all gray--who knows.:dunno: boys... But I will be plenty happy with a cat--gray or not, I just want a pet that I can, well, pet :D I did the hamster thing in college, but they were a little more nippy and less cuddly.

Nothing from Aimee yesterday--hope her mom is okay! :?:

Heather--way to go on the short-term goal! :cp: I'm plugging away at mine, too--kickin' the exercise into a higher gear.

Speaking of which, I dragged myself to the gym and did my 30 minutes on the elliptical yesterday. I tried weaseling out of it by going home to get my belt for job #2 (a required component of our uniform), but I decided to just bag my shirt out over the top of my pants enough to hide the fact that I'd forgotten my belt. It worked--the manager sure didn't notice, so sssshh, keep it on the down low ;) Point is, I had a legitimate reason to skip the gym, and yet I went anyway, so I'm really happy about that :D

My work schedule has been changed. I worked yesterday, and I work today, and that's it for this week! I told them I could still work Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, but I have a feeling they're just going to keep me on Mondays and Tuesdays now. That's fine with me--that gives me a day smack in the middle of the week for chores and errands and an extended workout (since I can only fit that 30 minutes in between jobs--without the job #2 shift, I'll be able to workout longer 2 days a week now :) ). I'm really hoping this exercise addition will get me rockin' the weight off--I really want to go to Kings Dominion!!!

Speaking of which, I don't think I have told you about my new motivation. Kings Dominion is an amusement park in Virignia (with some kick a$$ roller coasters). Well, I bought 2 tickets, and they have to be used by October 31st (the end of the 2005 season), so I need to be able to fit my a$$ into the ride restraints by then. I haven't told Jeff--after the disappointment of not being able to go to Six Flags while we're in Georgia next week, I want it to be a surprise when come October, I suggest we go to Kings Dominion :D

06-14-2005, 03:39 PM
hidoodelydo to you all Thanks for the congrats! it means a lot. and way to go on your exercising Jill. Its so wierd, cause I am not one of those that loves to exercise, I only do it to lose the but i am starting to look forward to doing it. yesterday i had a ton of stuff to do, and didnt get to it at the time I normally workout, but by the evening, I kept thinking about not doing it that I finally just did So I guess I'm trying. I'm so proud of you! I'm proud of all of you that go and workout, because I know how hard it is.
Well, Im off to clean the house. I know once it's done it will stay like this until about 2 hours after the kids get home next Have a terrific Tuesday all, and Ill be back later

06-14-2005, 03:43 PM
oh, I just read some of the other posts I missed. Thanks Kimberly. I appreciate it. I felt really bad when we dropped them off at my ex's house yesterday. My 9 yr old son is very sensitive, and he just cried cause he didnt want to stay w/ his broke my heart. and I love your pictures. Your room is gorgeous! Im sorry to hear about your mom Aimee. My dad went through something similar a couple of years after they took out his gall bladder and they finally found out it was diverticulitis....I'll put her in my thoughts as I put all of you.

06-14-2005, 03:50 PM
Your King's Dominion plan sounds like a winner -- what a reward! When you go, we want pictures. :) Good for you getting the eliptical in, too.

We've not had a terribly exciting day, though we've done more than we usually do before Howie goes to work. Both got haircuts, then we stopped by his mom's church and assembled the desk we gave them from our office.

06-15-2005, 07:49 AM
Jeez, where is everyone? Now we got Heather back, but Aimee and Diane seem to have vanished.

Well, not much to report on my end of the world. I didn't get home till about 11 last night and only made $45, so I'm tired and broke :p But at least I know I don't have to work at the restaurant tonight, so that's always something to look forward to. That means I'll have more time at the gym after job #1. As tired as I am, I will go to the gym--I want to make sure I have a loss at TOPS this week. Since I've joined, I haven't recorded a gain at any of my TOPS weigh-ins, and I'm not about to start now!

Heather--I'm definitely not one who loves to exercise either--far from it! :lol: I hate getting all hot and sweaty and tired, and it takes so long (it's not just the 30 minutes of working out, it's the changing clothes and the showering and the driving to the gym and the packing the 30-minute workout takes about an hour :p ). They say that you begin to enjoy it after a while, but I know I have gone through spurts of working out nearly every day for months on end, and I don't ever recall actually enjoying it. However, when it becomes such a constant like that, I always feel guilty when I don't go, so I guess that's a good thing to keep my butt going to the gym :dizzy:

Well, I do have an itty bit of work to do (less thn an hour's worth), so I guess I'll go get that done before anyone comes in while it's still quiet in the office. I hope it's not so quiet on our boards today!

06-15-2005, 12:18 PM
Sorry I've been MIA lately, my computer has been acting up, so it's really hard to type! Everytime I hit the space key it lags the space, doesn't work, or does like 80 million spaces. It's not my space key, so I'm thinking I have some really nasty bugs on this comp, my brother is coming July 1st to reformat it :) Fortunately, my mom is completely fine, she's already been to see a doctor, and her doctor is going to run a bunch of tests just in case... I suspect that she got a little worried since a few of her friends around her have been getting cancer of all sorts. I am hoping that things with my mom and brother will work themselves out, they've been having some problems lately and after what happened with my mom, my brother revised his summer vacation plans to extend his trip home.

Well thats all I've got time for now (and my space key is working normally! ), I'll try and come back after work to properly catch up on how everyone is doing. Take care!


06-15-2005, 01:07 PM
Aimee, your keyboard may be defective. Try another one and see if that helps. :)

We're sitting out on the patio enjoying some coffee. It's actually kind of chilly here in the shade! We're going from 90-degree days to ones in the upper 70's. Unbelieveable!

06-15-2005, 01:25 PM's supposed to be 93 here today :o

06-15-2005, 08:21 PM
Hey! I am home! Early too :) The bf went home from work sick today, he was sick yesterday too, the poor boy doesn't realize his body is screaming at him to eat healthy. Silly boy doesn't know how to listen to it. Either way, I'm forcing him to drink PURE cranberry juice (it's a possible UTI).. I'm evil.

Kimberley - I totally just thought it was my keyboard, so we switched it with our old one, it didn't work though. It'll be fixed soon though :) Plus we'll have SO much extra room on our computer when we reformat, Josh's mother gave us the computer with ALL her programs on it, so it loaded with things we'll never use. Your patio sounds lovely :) We had a jump in temp from 30 degrees down to 12-15, celcius.

Jill - I want a cat.. and a dog! We were at Josh's co-workers house the other day and they had 3 adorable dogs. I fell in love with two of them, and so they tried to find me one. Their friends do the Fur Babies website, and thats where they got one of their dogs. We can't have pets here either :(

Heather - I am going to look up diverculitis, see what I can find about it. Thanks for the tip :) I am the only one in my family WITH a galbladder, everyone has had it taken out by the time they were 21, and I'm now almost 26. I suspect I'll have it for LIFE now! Kid withdrawl, I can't imagine that just yet... I am FAR too selfish to have children yet. One day possibly..

Alright, I must go tend to the bf.. have a great night!


06-15-2005, 10:25 PM
In the process of re-assembling that desk yesterday, I managed to inadvertantly get in several sets of crunches as I lay on my back beneath the desk and leaned up a bit to screw plates together...Man, is my chest sore! Coupled with that muscle tenderness today was the sudden realization that the doohickey at the bottom of my sternum is sore (it's the "xiphoid process", if you want to get technical, and I didn't know what it was called until I caved to paranoia and looked it up). ;) Isn't it weird to feel bones where you don't remember having them? Ouch!

06-15-2005, 10:27 PM
P.S. I just saw lightning bugs outside for the first time this season. Love to see them come out. :^:

06-16-2005, 07:40 AM
Lightning bugs--yay! One of the few creatures with more than 4 legs that I don't feel the need to run away from :p

Aimee--I search on because they have animals listed from all kinds of shelters and societies for adoption. I did a whole presentation for a communications class in college about why people should never buy puppies from pet stores, so I'm pretty sure any animal I ever own will be adopted (even if I get the horse I want when I grow up!). Glad to hear your mom's okay, too!

Well, I did the deed--I weighed in this morning. 294.5--down a pound from last week. Continuing at my snail's pace, but at least it's in the right direction. I did another 30 minutes on the elliptical at the gym yesterday. I could have stayed longer, but for some reason, my legs felt like absolute jell-o! I went to the mall afterwards to look for a steering wheel cover at Target and any cute tops on sale at Lane Bryant (I ended up leaving empty-handed), and I was going to go to Sears, but it was all the way at the other end of the mall, and my legs just were not happy for some reason. Maybe today, I'll do my workout on the recumbent bike instead so it's not quite so intense on my lower body. I also know I didn't drink nearly enough water yesterday, so I've got to kick that habit up now, too. I have a 24oz bottle on my desk that I usually fill and drink 3 times just while at the office, but yesterday, I only filled it once, and then I only had 2 glasses (maybe 10-12oz each) of sugar-free kool aid at home, so definitely need more water.

Well, hopefully my weight loss will show up on the TOPS scale tonight, too. I never know how my body is going to fluctuate after eating and drinking all day and then weighing in at 6:30pm. When I weigh in at home, I know I'm "empty" since I do so right when I wake up, after I go pee :) The TOPS scale has been good to me so far, though, so I hope tonight is no exception.

Well, off to pretend to do some work. It's Thursday--week's almost over! Of course, normally I'm happy that I'll get to see Jeff on Friday, but not this week :( He's going fishing with his dad who is up visiting from Florida, so no Jeff for me until probably Tuesday (since we leave Wednesday morning for Georgia). Anyway, have a great day, all!

06-16-2005, 08:15 AM
Hey ya'lll...Not disappeared, just busy...Summer months, are spent doing yard work, etc...And arguing with neighbors, but I digress....Hmm, maybe I will tell you...This is a guy who lives around the bend. He and the neighbor who moved ( next to me) did not get along, but ever since the guy moved, this guy, Bill, well, all he does is walk his dog ( a Scotty too by the way~~which he got last year becuz he wanted one just like ours) three-4 times a day. He is very retired and very nosy...and very bold, on top of it all...Now he knows we are thinking, if we have not gotten P in 2 years that we will look into adoption. I told him, that I wish they would change the laws though, that it just seems wrong to me, that women who sign papers to put the babies up, should not have the right, 6 months or 3 years later to change their minds and take the child back. I said it would just break our hearts to have this happen...Well, now keep in mind, this guy knows "Everything about NOTHING" at all...he says "You have no idea what you are talking about ( as if I am dumber than a box of rocks) That when a girl is 18 or 19, they are not of strong enough mind to possibly make any decisions on putting up a child for adoption, and they should be able to change their minds."...WEll, that was enough for me...I went and said "Oh Bull-S...t! Women know by that age what they want...good Lord, they are not 5 year olds" he said "Well, I have lived life, and done a lot more in it than you have, and I know..." I just looked at him, like he had 6 heads, and said' "Whatever, I neeed to get inside, You do NOT know everything in life" and shut the door on him as I told him to go Screw himself...If Iwould have been on top of my toes, I would have said "Oh? And, when were you an 18 year old girl, Bill, I had no idea...forgive my ignorance"...But, Hindsight is always best eh? He also has argued with me abotu Ohio...As if he ever lived there, and knows all about it...He has told us how to rear Scotties ( um, pardon me but ours is very well behaved and we have had him for 6 years..If we'd have gotten a weiner dog, he would have gotten one too)...And once even had the nerve to tell me I would never be thin, my bones are too big...As if I am the Giant Purple People Eater...He said once, to me, that I have a great prsonality, and looks arent everything....As if to say I am the Hunchback and need to stay in the bell Tower...I am, to be very honest, sick of me, he has way too much nerve...and who does he think he is anyhow? GeeZ! Anyhow, sorry to have ranted...but boy...I get tired of that crap...
Well, WTG on losses, etc...that's great...And Jill~~~ WTG on sticking with it...I would focus on the eliptical, M-W-F, and the others on Tues, Thurs or give your muscles a day to re-coup...HAG1 All!!!

06-16-2005, 03:05 PM

Diana - I TOTALLY hate people like that, they bring the worst out in me, cuz I keep arguing, and arguing. I get really pulled in, heh. How old the is guy? Maybe you could tell him that times have REALLY changed recently, and he's, uhm, lets just say out of touch. heh. That would drive him insane, just patronize him.. "suuuure, whatever you say". Don't give him the credit of valuing his opinion, because it is just that. Good luck!

Jill - the woman from Fur Babies adopts animals from shelters, she was at a shelter that doesn't keep their animals for long, they put them down within a week if they aren't gone. She felt SO bad, and could only take 8, but just couldn't pick 8. So I believe it was her and her husband rented a truck and took all of them! And it was welllll over 100 dogs! Thats where the couple we know got their dog, from that group of dogs. It's definitely better to adopt animals, thats how we've gotten all of our cats. Congrats on that weigh in :) It always seems odd to weigh in at 6:30pm, but I guess consistancy is the most important, my mom always stops drinking and eating after 3pm for her 7pm weigh ins. I'm sure the TOPS scale will agree with yours :) So what are you going to do this weekend? And how long are you going to Georgia for?

Kimberley - I haven't seen a lightening bug before.. although I've seen my share of mosquitos ;)

So I got on my scale this morning, I was scared stiff! We've been broke (to put it nicely), so I expected to put on some weight with eating so much pasta and cheap foods. I did put on 3 pounds, I'm hoping its water weight, and since we've got money now.. I'm sure it'll be gone within a week! I am starting to get excited for my vacation, which isn't until July 2nd, but I am SO SO looking forward to not working, and to not being called into work.. the plan so far is to do lots of hiking, lots of hanging out.. lots of beach visits (providing the weather smartens up!). Anyways, I am off to be productive and clean my house a bit! Have a great one :)


06-16-2005, 07:32 PM
Hi all... just catching up after a couple days! Very busy this week at work; hoping that the possibilty of a new position will be posted soo so I can do a different function of my department... just a waiting game now! I'll try to post more tomorrow! have a super day!!

06-16-2005, 08:28 PM
Heya, everyone. That neighbor would drive me nuts -- I'm easily pulled into arguments with people like that, too!

Today was a big day at Chez Gardenwife, with the lady coming with her crew of two fellas to rebuild the wall by the driveway. Looks like they did a good job of it. There are still a few large stones needed, and Cindy said she'd come back next week to put them in. She loaned me her loppers while she was here, and I made good use of them. I climbed up on our ladder and trimmed back some of the neighbor's overhanging trees. I also had a saw on a long pole, loaned to us by a neighbor, so I was able to get bigger branches cut back, too. It was good to cut back those limbs not only because the firs were just about ready to begin hanging on our roof, but because the others' absence will allow more sunlight to our flowerbed along the fenceline.

She drove away and I then noticed she'd left the tool behind - I'd forgotten to give it to her when they were packing up. As I picked them up and walked toward our front porch, I couldn't help but laugh....They're Cindy Loppers. You could not make up a play on words like that. LOL!

06-17-2005, 07:41 AM
heheh--arguing with people is my specialty...bring on the neighbor!! :devil: When I was younger (and sometimes still today), everyone told me I should be a lawyer when I grow up. I considered it, then decided I didn't want to go to school that long only to end up being some like tax attorney or something boring rather than doing what I would want--battling it out in the courtroom like on tv :p So here I am, a technical editor and proofreader--probably not much more fun than being a tax attorney after all, but at least I didn't spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on law school! :dizzy:

Anywho...I called Jeff last night, and he said he is not going fishing with his dad because he couldn't get the day off from work. However, he is spending tonight at his aunt and uncle's house (which is where his dad is staying), but he'll be home by like noon tomorrow, so I'm gonna go spend tomorrow night at his place :) Yay, I still get to see my Jeff this weekend!

Since he's not coming over tonight like usual, I'm going to go pick up a shift at the restaurant. I'm not scheduled to work (they know I do NOT work weekends), but there's always someone willing to go home, especially on a Friday night, so I'll go in and make a few bucks. Couldn't hurt, right? Plus it'll keep me on my feet and busy, whereas if I just went home and spent all night alone, I'd probably end up eating a lot out of boredom :s:

Ooh, the TOPS scale did NOT agree with mine last night. Mine said I lost a pound, but the one at TOPS said I lost 1.75 pounds :smug: Whick sort of makes me fear the idea that maybe next week I'll stay the same according to my home scale, yet gain .75 according to theirs, but whatever. I'm going to really work at everything as much as possible because I haven't had a gain recorded at TOPS since I started going, so I want to continue on that trend for as long as humanly possible :)

Aimee--We're leaving for Georgia at the crack of dawn (I'm hoping to have him up and out the door by 5am) on Wednesday, and we'll be driving home on Sunday. It's gonna be about a 12-hour drive, I think, so quite a haul, but we'll take turns driving. It's also going to be insanely hot, I'm sure, as we'll be about 30 minutes south of Atlanta, so I'm going to run out to a few shops today between jobs to try and find some new cute sandals and maybe a few cute new tops that are nice and light. I'm such a penny pincher, though--who knows if I'll actually be able to find anything I'm willing to spend the $$ on :lol:

Kimberley--Cindy Loppers. :rofl: For once in my life, I have no comment on that :lol3:

Diana--Yeah, resting in between days would probably be a good idea, but instead, I ended up on the elliptical again yesterday--4 days in a row! I tried not to...I started off with 20 minutes on the recumbent bike. After the 20 minutes of sweating, it said I had only burned like 127 calories. That's when I got on the elliptical. I did 30 minutes, and it said I burned 435 calories. It just seems so much more efficient, I couldn't tear myself away! However, I did only do it in the forward motion this time, whereas I normally do 5 minutes forward, 5 minutes backward, 5 minutes forward...I think the backwards is what was killing my legs more, so I'll just have to work on slowly increasing the backwards motion. My legs were jell-o free yesterday :)

06-17-2005, 05:12 PM
I still haven't tried the eliptical. Shoot, I've been working out in the yard so much, I've not been to the gym. Judging from how sweaty I get and how sore certain muscle groups are, I think I'm okay with that. I should walk, at least. It's been so nice to be outside, even when it's hot, I don't want to go inside to work out. When it gets to be in the 90's and muggy again, though, I think the A/C'd walking track will be nice. ;)

06-17-2005, 09:52 PM
LOL @ Jill :lol3: ...I hear ya about ppl...and about the eliptical...I need to really get under 250 so DH will keep his promise and buy me one ;) ...I ALSO NEED TO GET OFF MY BEHIND AND WALK...and BIKE :bike: ...I am making a solemn vow that beginning Sunday morning...I don't care if it is raining or what... I WILL BEGIN WALKING AND BIKING OUTSIDE!!! If it is hot...NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING is stopping me from getting up at 5 am and doing such things...used to do the early mornings. :sunny: ..Sigh...well, am off...HAGW all. Working in MULCH this weekend...getting 10 yards dumped in the drive at 8 am...hee..usually it rains the whole time we are doing it, and I end up looking like a monkey from sweat, rain and dirt :lol: ...should be fun! :df:

06-18-2005, 01:17 AM
I'd love to get mulch by the truckload! Right now, I scout out Lowe's for their ripped bags. They sell them at half price. If there is a large number of them, they sell them for 50-cents a bag!

Forgot to mention, I just maintained this week. Again the weird spotting is happening, too...The doc had me switch to a lower-dose BC pill this month since I've been spotting for three (four?) months, and yet the spotting persists. I just can't wait to get off the darned things.

I got a tetanus booster today after weighing in. Yesterday I stepped on a rusty, sheared-off fencepost while trimming those tree branches - oops. Fortunately, I hit it with the well-calloused ball of my foot and not my instep, and I felt it and backed off before putting much weight on it. It gave me just a nick, but better safe than sorry with the tetanus. Childhood reminiscences of my mother touting the horrors of LOCKJAW! LOL

06-18-2005, 01:54 AM
Well ladies, I'm still having issues...although, today when I cleaned the keyboard I kinda hurt the space key...oops :( I'm gonna get a new one hopefully this weekend! The sooner the this takes like 20 minutes to type! grrrr!!


06-18-2005, 03:07 AM
You need voice recognition software, Aimee! ;)

06-18-2005, 03:36 AM
lol....I wish! bf suffers from BAD headaches but refuses to go to the I'm faced with many LONG nights of no sleep and him crying in pain.Poor boy....and poor sleepy Aimee!Thats.all.the.patience.I' .key...night.girls!:)


06-18-2005, 01:17 PM
LOL @Kimberley :lol3: ...Sounds like a real deal at Lowes...unflortunately, we would still have to buy a truckload of bags, lol, we have almost an acre of land, and let me see, 2 rows of arborvides lining the sides of yard, which is close to 50 each side if not more, then we have 6 trees we mulch around in the front, 2 king krimson maples, a magnolia, 1 crabapple, and 2 cleveland pairs ( 7, oops), then a huge bed in the front of the house, and a smaller one, and around the lamp post we have purple fountain grass :crazy: ...then in front and in back of the privacy fence going into the back we have beds, filled in the front with Black-eyed susans, daylillies, purple fountain grass, Purple coneflowers, and in the back rose of sharons...around the perimeter of the house ( foundation) we have 50 or so hostas, they all get mulch...then in the back I have a bird area filled with flowers ( coneflowers, black-eyed susans, cosmos, etc, that gets mulch :blah: ...we have around 25 blue spruce going the back part of the hill and the rest of the side of the yard, they all get mulch, and all around our deck, there are burning bushes, and daylillies, and that all gets :yes: ... he is doing it all this year...he says he wants to put it on very light this year, so he wasnts to do it, lol...I pulled the weeds out from my bird feeders in the front, mainly because I did not want him to think the cosmos were weeds and pull them :nono: ..Usually we end up getting 2 truckloads, but this time he says a lot of the arborvides and stuff still have it left over from last year, so he only wants to do the rest...and he is not doing the hill this year like usual...We want to plant phlox all over the hill next Spring, to give it color...I also plan to plant some Lemon Thyme there or another type of groundcover u can walk on...We like the thyme though because it smells so good when you step on it :D ...Next year he is putting a big brick patio off the deck with a fire pit too, so that will be more flower beds, he is making raised ones along the sides of the brick...and we are putting a gazebo in the back corner in the shade, with electrical in it, and screens so in the Summer or Fall, we can got out and play games back there when we have ppl over :cb: ...Work, work, work...
I bet you will be really glad to get the spotting done with...I had a weird TOM this month myself, all spotting, no real bleeeding, and then that was it...ahh, the joys of getting older as a woman. :stress:
Aimee~~~Please, Please make him go to the doctor...That scares me that he is in that much pain, and I would hate to see something happen that could be preventable...My thoughts and prayers are with you...WEll, am off...HAG! all, Diana :flow1:

06-18-2005, 02:18 PM
Aimee, does he only get the headaches at night or do they last days at a time? There are so many medications that could help him with them, but he's got to go to the doctor to get 'em! I know we're preaching to the choir here, because you care about him and want him to be checked out, too.

We want a screened-in shelter, too...That sounds wonderful. :)

Man, my foot is still tender from where I nicked it. There doesn't appear to be redness or swelling around it, but boy do that tiny spot hurt. I'm a barefoot babe around home in the warmer months, and like the saying goes, "no hoof, no horse". ;) I need this thing to heal up so I can do some serious damage to the weeds.

06-19-2005, 02:43 AM
Hey ladies!! I am back with a new keyboard... it's a challenge to get used to it! I also got a new Cd.. it kinda sucks, but does have one good song :) I should really just download it, but I absolutely love Mariah Carey. Her voice is just AMAZING!

Josh's headaches are weird, they seem to be when he's going to sleep, in the middle of the night, or early in the morning. We've gotten new pillows, better pillows, tried getting him to sleep in different positions.. it's just weird. I will make him go to the doctor, I think he didn't realize that the doctor will know which kinds of drugs will work the best for him. I'm sure I can convince him, he's definitely turned a slightly new leaf, he just doesn't want to be sick anymore. Last night was KILLER, he had a headache and then got a stomach ache. We were up all night long, and he was throwing up for part of it. Weird thing, I took that new tylenol ultra stuff.. I fell asleep for about 15 minutes and woke up with a start, I had NO idea where I was, or who was in my bed (freaky!!), it was Josh.. it took me a few minutes to get my barings back though. It was such an odd feeling, I'll actually never take those drugs again.

I was at work on Friday and the manager from Eddie Bauer came over to talk to us, she was actually trying to recruit one of us to go over there and be her assistant manager. I am going to have a interview with her on Monday, I'm excited/scared. But it's just an interview, and I'd be guaranteed fulltime, and a raise. I found out that my company put a freeze on wages this year.. NO ONE gets a raise. No point really, the max raise you can get per year is 17 cents. That just doesn't cut it for me if they want to keep me as an employee.

So it's all about me so far... but I'm not done! I had this dream where I decided I would go back to school to become a Dietitian/Nutritionist. It's a 4 year degree to become a registered Dietitian, my previous University should cover the first year, so I'd have 3 years of schooling left. I'm just playing with the idea right now, but thats always been something I've been thinking I'd like to persue. I decided not to go back and finish up my degree because it was a degree in Health and Fitness, and at the time I was SO SO sick, and couldn't exercise. It didn't feel right to do it. But here I am again thinking about it.

Well I am completely tired, and don't have the energy to write personalized msgs... justknow you are in my thoughts.. and I've been fighting to get on here to post. My bf's friend is staying with us until he finds a place to move into.. he was living in his truck. Just seems so wrong to me, even if we butt heads. Its... interesting living with two boys, they have been hanging out for 3 days now, and already have a NAP TIME! They are off at a movie tonight, and I'm going to turn in VERY soon, I have to get some sleep, I probably slept for an hour, and was woken up every 10-15 minutes during that time. Alrighty! I am off to bed! I'll talk to you gals tomorrow! :)


06-19-2005, 02:59 AM
Hey, Aimee - glad to see you're up and running again! That's great about your interview. I'd be looking, too, if such a freeze was at my workplace and there were other jobs available in my skillset!

Not to scare you or your BF, but check out this link: Realize that in the majority of people, the cause is going to be the most tame of the possibilities!

06-19-2005, 11:02 AM
This is COMPLETELY depressing, it's 10 to 7am on a Sunday morning and I am awake because the kids upstairs are awake. We got up 20 minutes ago. Now, I didn't get to sleep until 12:30am... so I'm working on 6.5 hours of sleep + 1 hour in the past 46 hours. I am cranky, annoyed, and want to curl up into a little ball and cry... well preferably sleep. I'd grab my blanket and move elsewhere... but they are moving furniture over my kitchen and bathroom. And this jumping up and down, running and yelling is happening over my livingroom AND bedroom. I just don't get how parents are so ignorant/stupid these days.. they literally don't care.

Thats my rant... and I could go for hours... but I'm going to go for a walk, or rather go sit outside so I don't scream and yell profanities at 7 & 9 year old children! Their parents WILL be getting a nice phone call as this is weekend TWO of *US* getting up before 8am.


06-19-2005, 03:38 PM
I'd definitely be calling those parents. It's one thing if kids are toddlers and have little self-control, but those kids are old enough to know to be quiet (if the parents bother to tell them to be). I don't miss apartment living!

My foot is still tender, but doesn't seem to be infected. To be safe, though, I've been putting antibiotic cream on the cut and covering it with a big Bandaid. Sure put a damper on my beloved barefootedness.

Mom and dad are coming over for a cookout in a bit. We're having grilled salmon steaks topped with mango salsa (any excuse for mango salsa!!), cauliflower hash browns, and a big salad. For dessert I have low-calorie vanilla ice cream topped with fresh strawberries and minced chocolate mint. Good stuff, good for us!

06-20-2005, 07:36 AM
Aimee--Yay for your keyboard! Boo for your lack of sleep! Parents swearing at young wonder the kids misbehave. I hate hearing/seeing parents raising their children so disrespectfully. Not that I am an expert or anything, since I have no kids of my own, but I certainly have done more than my fair share of babysitting, for I have more little cousins than I can count on all of my fingers and toes! It's one thing to let the kds jump around and play and have fun--every kid needs that--but to allow them to do so noisily at such an early hour...I swear it all comes down to respect, and so many kids today aren't taught to respect others. Of course, I may have been taught a little to much respect, if that's possible--I end up going out of my way to make sure everyone else is happy before I even think about myself, but I'd rather be this way than the opposite!

Kimberley--glad your foot seems to be okay. Good thinking on the tetanus booster, though--just in case. Can never be too careful with things like that. Oh, and that meal you described sounds AWESOME! I wish I could have a grill, but we're not allowed to have grills within like 50 feet of the apartment building or something like that, so no grill for me. I'm waiting for my birthday, though--I think my sister is buying me an indoor grill--one like a George Foreman one, but not that brand--the one she got has removable grilling trays so you can throw them in the dishwasher, which is so perfect for me!

Diana--so did it rain while mulching? Did you turn into a monkey?? The weather here this weekend was GORGEOUS--couldn't have asked for better, and yet we didn't really do anything outdoors--stupid lazy kids! (and by kids, I mean Jeff and me :p )

So yeah--I went to Jeff's around 5pm on Saturday and spent the night there. I am so excited for Georgia. I haven't been on a vacationin YEARS...the last one was to the Bahamas with my singing group in high school, but that doesn't count because we had a curfew every night and had to get up early every morning for rehearsals, so we didn't have a whole lot of time for actual vacationing (even though I paid over $700 for that trip!). Not that cental Georgia (we'll be about 30 minutes south of Atlanta) is exactly the vacation hot spot or whatever, but hey, it's 3 days off of work--both jobs--and I'm not going to visit my sister or my parents (which are the only places I go for any other time off I ever get), so I'm counting it as a vacation! According to Mapquest, it'll be about a 10 hour and 33 minute drive to Jeff's aunt's house (which is where we're staying). Add into that stopping for gas and food and maybe some traffic, and we're looking at at least a 12-hour drive. We've driven to CT together before, though, which took a good 8 hours, so we should be okay, plus we'll take turns driving (I drove the whole way to CT). The new plan is to leave around 2am on Wednesday morning (yes, we're insane, but that way, we'll be all the way down by Richmond before the DC area traffic picks up for the morning commute--and no one wants to mess with DC rush-hour's the reason I come in for 6am!). Then we'll head back up here on Sunday. tonight at work, I'm going to try to find someone to pick up my Tuesday night shift so I actually have time to pack and get ready tomorrow night--imagine that :p

Well, I'm off to make sure everything is in order for the bosses' return this morning (3 of them all went to Key West last week). Hope everyone had a great finish to their weekend, and I'll catch ya'll later!

06-20-2005, 01:47 PM
Howdy, howdy!

Jill, if the indoor grill's by Hamilton Beach, I can tell you I wasn't thrilled with it. I tried it out two or three times and ended up taking it back for a refund. I ended up sticking with George -- you just can't beat a George Foreman grill, IMHO. The one I have has the removeable plates, and is the smaller of the two they sell with that feature. It's plenty large enough to cook for four people, though. I just love it! :D

We bought a few fish for our aquarium last night, and it sure is nice to have something swimming in there again, finally! We got 2 banded gourami, 5 tiger barbs, and 1 striped Raphael catfish (also called a talking catfish).

I should have bought 6 tiger barbs - oops. We learned later that they like being in groups of 6 or more, and I can see we always have one little guy off on his own. I'll pick up another one today.

We're going to Maryland this weekend to a get-together with some of our Dave's Garden friends -- can't wait! We'll be tent camping. Right now, then plan is to drive out toward Baltimore Sunday afternoon and meet Sarah & Lorraine for dinner somewhere before we head back. We can't wait to meet them!!

06-20-2005, 02:24 PM
I have no idea what brand it is, but I know my sister loves hers. I didn't know GF made one with the removable trays, though--that is definitely good to know. I miss the GF we had in college (I always had at least 1 roommate who had one, so I never got one of my own). Awesome for burgers and chicken breasts or tenderloins so I don't have to cook them in a pan on the stove (where the burgers spit grease all over my kitchen since I don't have a lid big enough for my big pan :p ).

And of course, Miss Kimberley, you must be in Maryland on the one weekend when I am in Georgia! I was just in MD yesterday at Jeff's house! That is awesome, though that you'll get to meet Sarah and Lorraine. Sarah is just such an amazing person--I'm sure you guys will have a blast!

06-20-2005, 08:01 PM
Hey Gals! Phew.. I'm having another rough day! The kids woke me up this morning, but this time I called, and talked to the mom (I usually talk to the dad), and they were silent for the rest of the morning :) I also had my interview, and it turned out like I thought.. I just don't have enough management experience yet. But I made a great contact, which is never a bad thing.

Jill - 2am is slightly insane, we always leave at 4am though. I hate traffic! The parently don't *really* yell at their children, the other morning the dad came down and said to them that it was too early for them to be playing so loudly, and then something about rules. Which makes sense, my mom had a rule that if I was up before 9am on weekends, I could watch tv in the downstairs tv room, quietly. This was when I was younger.. at about 14 I started sleeping until 12pm, heh. They definitely don't swear, I'd be completely disgusted at that.

Kimberley - good to hear your foot is alright, I remember some stories about lock jaw, freaky. I've never really hurt myself before, and can't ever remember having a shot, I'd probably cry. lol. I used to have one of those Hamilton Beach grills, it was a total pain to clean! However, I liked it better than the George Foreman one, because it had different temperatures. I'd prefer to had a BBQ though :) Thats pretty exciting that you are going to meet Sarah, she's such a great person from what I've experienced. Have fun :)

I am off to watch Oprah! I'll talk to yah'll later!


06-21-2005, 07:54 AM
Aimee--Wow, shows how tired and nearly incoherent I am in the morning--I read your post and saw the word profanities (where you mentioned NOT going and shouting profanities at them) and jumbled it up in my mind to read that the parents were yelling profanities at them :dizzy: Oi vei, I should nap before I come on here :p

So yeah, we're definitely going to try to leave around 2am tonight/tomorrow morning. Rush hour here begins around 6-6:30am. I have NEVER experienced traffic like in the DC metro area. I live about 12 miles from work, mostly straight down one main road. When I leave at 5:30am, it takes me about 20 minutes to get to work (stupid stop lights). However, if I leave almost anytime between 6:30am and 9:30am, it takes me about an hour and a half! I hear things on the Maryland side aren't as bad as here on the Virginia side, but it's all just completely ridiculous. When I leave work on a Friday at 2pm and try to go to Jeff's house (which means I have to take the Beltway around DC), it can take up to 3 hours, and that's at 2 in the afternoon (it normally takes me just over an hour to get to his house)! Also, if we leave any later, we might still miss the early rush hour here in DC, but then we'd still hit the main rush hour (around 9 like a normal city) going around Richmond, which wouldn't be nearly as bad, I'm sure, but if we can avoid both, then why not?

Yup, so I have to go home and do some ironing and packing. It's going to be HOT! I went shopping on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. I bought some short-sleeved button-down linen shirts and tank tops to layer (I certainly don't have the arms for a tank top with nothing over it--my flaps could poke an eye out :lol: ), and I have a few really lightweight see-through shirts to wear with my new tank tops, also. I won't do shorts quite yet, but I do have plenty of capris. I also bought 2 new pairs of sandals. As much as I love shoes, my feet actually seem to have gotten much WIDER lately, so finding a good fit was very difficult (and frustrating!). I blame it on the waitressing!

Speaking of which, I made a whopping 21 bucks last night. I wasn't supposed to be serving, but we got busy, so I ended up taking 3 tables anyway. I was actually the "To Go" girl, which meant I was supposed to just take orders for carry out and put them together in bags in the kitchen and take them out to the people's cars. I only had 3 To Go orders all night, though, so that was a bust! Also, people don't realize that the To Go person only makes minimum wage, so they don't usually tip. I must admit, I wouldn't know to tip them either if I had never worked in a restaurant, but only making $5.15 an hour and having half the people NOT tip you--ugh, To Go is the worst! Okay, done whining about that now :p I was supposed to serve tonight, but I gave my shift to someone else so I could go home and pack and get ready for my trip. Yay!

Well, that's more than enough babbling for now. I'm off to, umm, make up some work to do, I guess. Catch ya'll later!

06-21-2005, 02:21 PM
Da-da-da-dum! It's To Go Girl, that purveyor of bags filled with all things hot and savory! See her fly out to the curb, a broad grin splitting across her face! See her making change! See her wishing some of that change would be left in her hand as a thank-you. But nooooooo....

I never realized you were supposed to tip To-Go Girl, either! I tell you, what gets me is tipping at a buffet where diners get their own drinks and food. What the?? I can see tipping at a buffet where the staff refills drinks, clears plates, etc.

I'm out at the branch office ( right now, trying to get motivated to run some errands and go to the store. With us camping this weekend, I really ought to get the house whipped into shape so we can come home to a nice, clean house...But that's the last thing I feel like doing.

Did I tell you guys I'm off the BC pill now? Saturday, Howie and I talked about it and decided I should just go ahead and quit taking it since the spotting continues even with it. I'm beginning to wonder if the spotting is caused by something else. I'll try to get in to see the doctor in the next month or so. Until Howie's in the clear, we'll just keep the patent-holders of condoms and Nonoxynol-9 in business. ;)

06-21-2005, 02:45 PM
Goooooodmorning! I am awake, and prancing around in my 18+ pj's because my bf AND his friend are NOT HERE! yahooooooo!! :) So, I'm an idiot, last night I got my friend to call my cell and I went outside and talked to her on the phone because I didn't want the two guys to hear what I was talking about. So that call led into a call from my mom, and then I called my friend BACK! I was outside/in my car, from 8:30-12am! I just can't wait to have my house back..

Jill - it's amazing what early mornings can do to the brain, I hear people wrong sometimes. If I'm really sleep deprived, I just stop talking because nothing good comes out of my house.. lol.. I get potty mouth too. I haven't ever tipped a to-go person, I'm sorry! And if I have a bad server, I don't tip that great either. Don't hurt me! ;)

Kimberley - you are so silly, it's great! You are going camping this weekend? And Jill is gone too? I'm going to be ALONE! Well at least we'll have a lot to talk about when you guys get back!! It's only 11 days until my 2 week vacation. :) I dislike the BC pill, so I support your decision to get off it! hehe.. cuz you were waiting for that and all ;)

Well I should go get ready, I am going to head to the mall today to have coffee with a co-worker on her last day, and I HAVE to go out and enjoy this weather! You two have a GREAT weekend and I look forward to hearing about your adventures when you are back! Take care!


06-21-2005, 07:44 PM
Jill - it's amazing what early mornings can do to the brain, I hear people wrong sometimes. If I'm really sleep deprived, I just stop talking because nothing good comes out of my house.. lol.. I get potty mouth too. I haven't ever tipped a to-go person, I'm sorry! And if I have a bad server, I don't tip that great either. Don't hurt me! ;), we know you weren't sleep deprived when you wrote this one, so what's your excuse? ;) :p

06-22-2005, 09:10 PM
Hi ladies... work is so busy it's taking me FOREVER to even catch up with you all! So, across the board Hello and I hope you're doing well! Work is really busy for me the last couple weeks and it's not looking promising for the next couple months. Too busy to get on line... it's a crime really ;)

Weight wise I'm looking good for being at 240 (or below!) for my trip July 24th! Just had to buy new pants again... I'm in 22's now and 18/20 tops. I wish clothes would just diet with you! Sam and I want to take our bikes with us to the Dells, however, we looked at getting a bike rack trailer hitch, yeah right $250!!! The heck if I'm spending that much! So I called around and we can rent one from a bike shop for a week for $40. Sign me up!!! It's cheaper than renting bikes once we get there.

I'll try to get on here more often and keep up better... promise ;)

06-23-2005, 03:51 PM
I always wanted to see the Wisconsin Dells. When we lived in the Chicago area, I remember all the commercials for them.

Boy, it's going to be a hot one for camping -- mid 90's. Aaaargh! Hopefully it will cool down in the evenings since this place we're going to is in the mountains. Mountains?? My geography is sooo bad. It's hot here today, but I'm in the shade of patio umbrella and it's not too bad. We still get a nice breeze. Before the umbrella shades this corner, the fir trees do, so the patio doesn't get very hot to radiate heat.

Last night I planted a garden by floodlight. How nice to work outside at night with all the nice night smells and fresh night air. The full moon was gorgeous, too! I'm trying to get a lot done with the plants before we leave for the weekend; that way, my MIL won't have to water anything but our smaller potted plants this weekend.

Congrats on getting down a size, Sara! I have, too - just tried on some 18's I got a month or two ago from a local list member. They fit great! :D :D

06-24-2005, 09:45 AM
Great job on the new pants Kimberly! It's so fun dropping sizes!
I wish Sam and I had our own house so we could do more gardening. We did a ton of gardening here already (we rent a duplex) but I don't plan on staying for too long, so digging up the yard in multiple places is not a very great idea when the next person will probably have zero desire to keep up with the weeds!
It's supposed to be in the low 90's here for the next week at least... it's so darn humid though, uugh. we hate it! It was so hot yesterday that the dog wouldn't even run when we took her to the park for a play date! Lexi and Wink (almost 4 month old Great Dane puppy belonging to a guy I work with) tumbled around and chewed on each other but niether of them did much running!
Have to go to work in about a half-hour so I need to get my face on now... hopefully it doesn't melt off!!!!! ha ha
Have a great day all!!!!

06-24-2005, 04:57 PM
Hey Gals! It's Friday! I have the day off, and I have tomorrow off too :) I do work Sunday, but I'm starting to enjoy my job. I dunno where THAT came from! I'll take it though. Cute, but weird story... this girl I work with just called me because she had an "incident" with a boy, sex, and no birth control. I just think it's cute that she called ME for advice... does that mean I'm old though?


Kimberley - you are soon off for camping.. I hope you have a GRAND time :)

Sara - Wowsers, look at you go! You are only 7 pounds from your hot stone massage! If I could just borrow some of that drive.. heh. I'm having issues dieting these days, nevermind EXERCISE!

The only good thing I've been doing lately is cutting back on portions, and doing some ab exercises. I have lost a little bit off my hips/lower belly roll area. Which I'm sure has returned with my period.. but that water weight will be off in a few days.

Alrighty, I lost my train of thought.. so I'm going to go relax and enjoy my day off, have a great one gals! :)


06-24-2005, 05:35 PM
I pretty much give up on makeup in the summertime, except for some lip gloss. It's really warm here today, especially inside the house. I'm loathe to turn on the A/C, though, because we won't have it this weekend and I don't want to spoil my poor, pitiful self like that only to be hot when I get there!

Aimee, have a great weekend of relaxation. Glad you're liking that job more now! Sounds like you've been elected den mother, LOL!

The plan is, Howie and I will sleep from about 11pm-4am, get up, and head out about 5am. That'll get us there mid-morning. I'm presuming tomorrow will be our treat day since that's when the main potluck dinner is together. Sunday, we're meeting Sara and Lorraine at a restaurant in Frederick, MD for dinner before we head home. Yay!

So far, no poison ivy from my weeding rampage yesterday. I'm keeping my fingers crossed (and my toes, and my eyes). I have some sorft of little thingie on the corner of my mouth - a fever blister, maybe? It's not noticeable, at least - hope it stays that way! I had a herpes simplex virus when I was a child -- it was type 1 and I spent the week of summer camp in the infirmary with blisters all over the inside of my mouth and throat. Evidently the virus stays in your system forever after that, just hids in your nerve endings and pops up every once in a while. That might also explain the occasional little itchy bumps that appear in between my fingers, but go away as fast as they came.

06-25-2005, 06:39 PM
Hello everyone, I've been so busy lately. I have really missed posting here.

I am keeping busy with the exercise, I've stepped it up a bit with the gorgeous weather here and for the past two weeks have gone to the gym AND pool every day, before I start work at 12, and doing exercise either a walk or the gym at work at lunch time. It's really helping my stress levels, and the way I figure it, I am too busy to eat!!! Well, overeat that should be. I love my veggies too much to give up food. We had roast chicken with baked butternut squash, snow peas and sugar snap peas for dinenr tonight, yum!

Nothing exciting to report here, just same old happy life! I was meant to go to my new job in mid July, but now it won't be til mid August, as they dont have the capacity to run the training yet, and I was actually quite relieved, the weather being so good, and the new job not being shifts, I want to keep to my current exercise regime til mid August now, and see whether I can't meet my end of Summer goal!!!!

06-27-2005, 08:57 AM
I'm baaaa-aaack! And off to a wonderful </sarcasm> start for the week...I rolled over in bed this morning only to find--the sun shining?! But no, my alarm goes off aroun 4:30am, so there should be no sun out yet! I must have accidentally turned my alarm off at some point this morning, since I KNOW I set it correctly last night. I ended up getting to work almost an hour late, as it was 6:09am when I jumped out of bed (I'm usually at the office by 6). Ooooh well...c'est la vie! vacation was great! Jeff's aunt, uncle, and cousin were soooo nice. On Thursday, Jeff and I went to the zoo in Atlanta with his uncle. On Friday night, we went to the concert Jeff had bought tickets for (it was the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra playing the music from the Final Fantasy video games). I really expected to be bored out of my mind. I mean, really, vdeo game music? But it was AWESOME! I would go again in a heart beat. I'm really glad he made me go :) On Saturday, we went to a place called Callaway Gardens. They have a butterfly house (I LOVE butterflies!) and a lake and a huge beautifully-landscaped vegetable and flower garden to walk through--it was really fun and relaxing. The weather was very hot (in the 90s the whole time we were there), but it wasn't very humid at all, so it didn't feel as gross as it does here. We hit almost no traffic at all on the way down on Wednesday (we got up at 2am and were on the road by 3 and arrived at their house in Georgia at about 1:45pm--and that includes an hour stopped at Denny's for breakfast and multiple gas station stops), but we hit a TON of traffic on the way home yesterday. We survived, though, and got home safely (even if I was ready to pull my hair out due to traffic frustrations) :)

As for food during the trip...HA! Actually, it could have been a LOT worse. We ate almost every meal out except breakfast, for which they bought us Krispy Kreme donuts :dizzy: I hopped on the scale when we got home yesterday (in normal clothes in the middle of the day), and the damage doesn't seem to be too bad at all (especially considering I normally weigh "empty" in the mornings). I think all the walking around (the zoo, the gardens, and we even walked around Atlanta quite a bit the night of the concert) helped a lot. Of course, she sent us home with the remaining Krispy Kremes and almost a whole 12-pack of regular Barq's root beer, so of course I had donuts for breakfast this morning :o I can't go to the gym today, either, because I was in such a rush to get out of the house this morning after waking up late that I didn't grab my restaurant uniform, so I have to go all the way back home to get that between jobs. ARGH! But I will be okay. I will drink TONS of water to help "flush" the bad stuff out, and now the donuts are GONE, so I can't eat any more of those :p

Poor Jeff also came down with a cold while we were down there. He seemed to battle it off okay--ended up with mostly just a runny nose. However, I started getting it, too, so now I am taking my DayQuil religiously and swabbing with Zicam every 4 hours (that stuff really seems to work!).

Well, hope everyone else is still doing well. Can't wait to hear about dinner with Sarah and Lorraine. I like coming back from a vacation knowing I only have to work this one full week before another long weeking (4th of July next week!!) and then 2 more full weeks (after that 4-day week) until another 3--day week when my family is coming to visit for my birthday. July is going to fly by! :dizzy:

06-27-2005, 02:51 PM
Welcome back Jill!! Glad to hear you had a good time :) Krispy Kreme Donuts eh? My mom and I always go in (When we are in the USA that is..), get the free donut, and order iced coffee's. They are SO sweet and melt in your mouth, and one is often enough. I am craving one now... BAD JILL! ;) It was quiet without you here! It's just been very quiet around here all around lately.. I don't know whats going on!

kykaree - wowsers, you sure ARE stepping it up! We are having spring/fall weather... it's rainy and cold! I'm NOT feeling motivated to buy a bathingsuit today, or even leave my bed. I got these fancy new runners and don't want to try them out in the rain.. it better go away soon!

My world is pretty boring these days, with all the rain and nasty weather, I've mostly been staying home and eating bread (Which explains the 3 pound gain recently!). I'm really hoping this weather will clear up and I'll be able to get this vacation stuff ready to roll! I leave early Saturday morning, for 13 days :) I'm VERY excited to have time off work, to get away.. and hope to enjoy lots of BBQ's, lots of hiking, and lots of beach time! Well Ladies, I am off to plan some shopping .. have a great one!


06-27-2005, 08:34 PM
Hi, girls -- back home and catching up. Our dinner with Sarah and Lorraine was wonderful and stretched into a 4-hour visit at the restaurant. What a great time! One of the servers took a couple of pictures of us right before we left, and I viewed them on-camera in the van on the way home. Can I find the darned card now, though?? It's not in the camera and not in my laptop's card reader...

All I can figure is I took it out of the camera once inside the house, intending to put it in the laptop, but then put it down somewhere. We didn't get home until almst 6:00am, so I was pretty scattered and ready to sleep. Aaaaaargh! I've looked everywhere I can think to, three times now. Hope I can find it.

P.S. Howie and I were not on plan at all this weekend, but we're back on it today.

06-28-2005, 10:59 AM
Whew, I'm on late this morning--thought someone might beat me to the morning post! No such problem :p

Glad to hear you guys had a great visit, Kimberley! I saw Sarah raving about you guys on her own thread in the 100's group :D

13 days off! Jeez, Aimee, you make my 5-day vacation look like a holiday weekend :p

I really wish I could take a REAL vacation--just me and Jeff, no family of any kind, stay in a hotel or something that is NOT a relative's house...I haven't been on that kind of vacation since my junior year of high school when I went on a cruise in the Bahamas, and that didn't even really count cuz it was a school trip, so we still had curfews, early wake-up times, and rehearsals! :dizzy:

One good thing I did find out yesterday is that I am working tomorrow night so I do not have to work on Monday night, so I get 4th of July off! Yay!! I LOVE fireworks soooo much! I didn't get to see them many times as a kid--I guess that's why I still act like a kid about them now :D

Well, back to work. I'll hit the gym between jobs today, then I have to stay till close at the restaurant tonight because I am hostessing instead of serving. Catch ya'll later!

06-28-2005, 02:28 PM
Goodmorning! Phew, I am suffering from caffiene withdrawl! I plan to get coffee today, so that this headache is NO MORE! *insert evil laugh here* I am STILL planning to go shopping today, my friend yesterday slept until 12pm, and ended up calling me at 2pm. She's having issues with her bf, and she says when she's upset she doesn't feel like doing much. I guess I could understand that, but it's not really me. My bf has never really upset me to that kind of degree, we've always worked it out. I am thankful for my relationship!

Jill - 13 days is pretty crazy huh? I just don't see how it could be relaxing without taking that many days off! Plus I am going home to see my mom and some friends, the time is going to go by WAY too fast. You know, I've never taken a vacation where I've stayed in a hotel before! When we went to Florida for 6 weeks when I was 13 we stayed with friends, and my vacations always revolve around seeing family or friends. However!! In August I've made plans to go to Vancouver Island with a friend for 4-5 days to go surfing.. that'll be my first vacation without my family or bf! The Bahamas sound amazing.. I really need to travel some more. I got the evening of July 1st off, so I could also go see fireworks.. BUT! They CANCELLED fireworks for Vancouver. Does that seem insane? It's like cancelling fireworks for Seattle... just WRONG.

Kimberley - I always do that.. and then spend DAYS looking for something. Find it soon, I look forward to seeing that picture! We all deserve days off plan, just glad to see you promply got back on plan!

Well I am off to do my measurements, while I'm not losing pounds (and I'm up 3 as I mentioned yesterday), my measurements are slowly working their way down. I have been consistantly doing abs, like everyday, I've been REALLY stretching them out, and have been warned if I have muscle soreness to take a day off. Same with arms, I'm liking how strong I'm getting, since I only have 3lb and 10lb weights I've been doing arm curls with those, and its getting easier each day :) I'm definitely looking forward to the hiking portion of my vacation and getting stronger in that sense as well... alrighty, I am babbling and need to go call my friend see if she's out of bed yet. Have a great one!


06-29-2005, 09:14 AM
oooh, quiiiiiiet on here...GOOD MORNING! :D

I was pretty much on plan yesteday (except the extra peaches and cottage cheese I got off the salad bar at work, which isn't much of a splurge), and yet my weight is WAY up this morning, even higher than when I came back from vacation! Who knows--I'm not going to worry about it till my weigh-in tomorrow, which is my real "official" weigh-in day. I'm sure I'll have a big gain to record at TOPS tomorrow night, but on a lighter note, it is the first weigh-in of our 4th of July contest there, so I know I'll at least have a big loss the week after the holiday so I can maybe win the contest :) The important thing is for me to GO to my meeting and not stay home because I gained :o

Aimee--hope your measurements went well...I'm sure the wieghts have had a positive effect!

:wave: to everyone else!!

06-29-2005, 09:27 AM
Goodmorning Jill! Very quiet on here, huh? I did my measurements and was pleasantly suprised, I didn't realize it until a couple hours later.. I was SO bloated yesterday! I have lost 3 inches off my hips/lower roll! I guess the abs HAVE paid off, I have worked pretty hard at doing them though.. speaking of which, I took yesterday off. I was just TOO sore!

I found a bathingsuit! I had borrowed a top from a girl at work, but it was FAR too revealing for my tastes, so I went to Wal-Mart and just got a very plain black top, I have some blue bottoms from a few years ago, so I'm SET! Now if only that sun will come out! I'm not sure I'm READY for a bathingsuit, I have been eating SO much bread and pasta lately.. yesterday I had pasta for lunch and bread at dinner, someone needs to come smack me around!

My friend decided to go to the gym yesterday instead of hanging out with me, now normally that would be just fine, but she didn't end up going to the gym, and has been saying she's going to go for 4-5 weeks now. And then later she "broke up" with her boyfriend, meaning she told him to get out of her house, and packed up all his clothes. When he left she called and begged him to come home.. which he hadn't at 9:30pm last night when I last talked to her. I will be interested to see how it plays out. Makes me VERY thankful for my relationship, I know if I jumped down Josh's throat at the reasons she jumps down her bf's throat he'd put me in my place... or I'd hope he would because.. wow.. she just goes right after him. Anywho.. this has just been on my mind lately and just needed to blow off some steam :) I am off to work, have a great one gals! 3 more sleeps!!!


06-29-2005, 10:57 PM
Hey, y'all. I've just been busy the last couple days, and also fighting the sinus thing -- our weekend camping kinda threw me for a loop, I think. The drive home was miserable while we were in the mountains, darned ears just kept popping and my head felt like it was going to explode a couple times. Now there's a nice visual, eh? K-pow!

Did you see the photo of us with Sarah & Lorraine? It's over in Sarah's thread ( now (found the missing compactflash card! Yay!).

06-30-2005, 07:27 AM
What a great picture, Kimberley! I know a million people have already said that in that other thread, but I'll say it here :D I hear ya on the ears popping while driving--when I lived in PA for college and drove back and forth to CT, I had to drive through a lot of mountains in PA on I-81, and it never seemed to fail that I would have a cold when making the trip, so my ears would pop like CRAZY! Not to mention I have bad ears anyway (can't even count the number of ear infections I've had on all my fingers and toes, plus swimmer's ear, plus having ear tubes put in because I lost about 80% of my hearing when I was younger...), so I never looked forward to high-terrain trips!

Aimee--way to rock the tape measure! I'm so glad you're seeing results, even if it's not on the scale. I think I'd rather lose inches than pounds anyway, honestly.

Speaking of pounds...I weighed in this morning at 297.5. Ouch! I thought it would all come off when I came back and started drinking water like a fish, but my ankles are still very puffy, my fingers are a bit swollen--I had at least 10 servings of water on Monday and Tuesday and probably about 15 servings yesterday, so why can't I stop retaining water? I want my ankles back, damm!t! :mad: Oh least, like I said, I should be able to post a big loss to counteract this big gain at next week's weigh-in.

Well, I'm off to work and eat my breakfast (sooo hungry--I usually eat an hour and a half earlier before I leave the house!). I just keep telling myself that tomorrow is Friday...have a great one, all!

06-30-2005, 07:35 AM
Water retention stinks, I know. Are you eating a lot of processed foods? The high sodium in them can cause you to hold onto fluids. Sometimes it takes a while before the water guzzling pays off, too.

I really oughta get to bed...LOL :tired:

06-30-2005, 12:05 PM
Water retention sucks. And I'm far too tired to be up this early, even though it's 8am, and really thats not early.. I'm just SO tired and SO sore... bbs to post!!


06-30-2005, 02:05 PM
I has a meeting with my boss today--got some great news! My raise has finally been approved by ALL levels and is completely official now...I got a 26% increase! I can't tell anyone here (since most people here only get about 4%), so I had to come share my excitement on here. I'll first see the new amount in my July 22 paycheck :D

Also in the meeting, she gave me 3 projects to "take ownership" of, so I get to lead and coordinate anyone I enlist to halp me, and I get to have direct contact with the client (something I have been wanting). Also, there's a big project heading our way within the next couple of months that she said she wants to turn over to me, so that'll be a huge step. She said she's basically turning me into another her :) She likes it, though, because the more Medicare stuff I work on, the more time she has to work on EPA stuff (her degree is in Environmental Science, so that's what she would rather be doing). I, on the other hand, like doing the Medicare stuff because it's easier to understand, so I think their long-term plan is to have her head up more of the EPA stuff and have me take charge of most of the Medicare projects. Yay!!

Alright, I'm all done tooting my own horn now. I just HAD to share it with someone since I can't talk to people here about it all!

07-01-2005, 12:02 AM
Wow, Jill...That is just...Well, HUGE! Yay for you!

I worked outside on the garden bed over the retaining wall we had rebuilt. What a muddy mess after the storm that came through about 2pm! Hauling and dumping three waterlogged bags of hardwood mulch was no picnic, and the outside of my right leg is tingly down to mid-calf. What a weird feeling!

:( Sad news: Howie's 93-year-old grandma died. She was his paternal grandma and had been in and out of the hospital with congestive heart failure for the last couple years. He's got tomorrow off work and we'll be away for calling hours in Columbus all afternoon and evening...Long day ahead of us. The funeral's Saturday morning.

We're still getting together with our friends for the Independence Day concert and fireworks Saturday evening. We'll be tent "camping" in their back yard with the kids Sunday night. So...All that to say we'll more than likely be scarce this next few days! :dizzy:

Well, I think some dinner is in order. I am so under calories for this time of night...My mind boggles at the thought of having so many calories left for a meal, and just when I'm really hungry from working outside. Gee, and I think I'll spend a hundred calories on a beer.

07-01-2005, 12:04 AM
Oh...And we just heard a friend of ours from Switzerland is in the States on furlough for a month (she is a missionary). She's coming to our place for dinner next Sunday night. It's been a couple years since Pat was here, so it'll be fun to catch up. She always brings us good chocolate, too....Heh. We'll have to make next Sunday our treat day!

07-01-2005, 07:09 AM
Sorry to hear about Howie's grandmother :( No matter the age or physical condition, it's never easy to lose a loved one.

Chocolate from Switzerland--ooh la la! I'm lucky that chocolate doesn't really do it for me, so I very rarely have any. I make up for it plenty with other junk food addictions, though :p

So I was right--huge gain at TOPS last night. 4.5 pounds in 2 weeks :o But my ankles are still icky, so I know I've got to do something about this water retention. I think part of it is that I have NO food in my house (haven't been grocery shopping in over 2 weeks because of the GA trip), so I have been having lunch in the cafeteria here in our office building. Normally, I would just have a big salad, but lately, I have been having a smaller salad and a cup of soup. I try to steer clear of the heavy, creamy soups for the calories and fat, but I know these broth-based soups are LOADED with sodium. It didn't even hit me until I was discussing it with people at TOPS last night, and now it's like, well duh! I should know better! Heh, no soup for me at lunch today :dizzy:

Some of our dear friends seem to have joined the likes of our Marge--Sara, Diana, Heather, Kylie...are we the only three amigos left?? I know it's a busy time of year, though, with vacations, kids being out of school, yard work, jobs, etc... Maybe we'll all be up and kickin' again in a few months. In any case, have a great Friday, guys!

07-01-2005, 02:02 PM
Yah, I know, I miss all the gals!

The soups did you in, eh? I can believe it, salty as they are. Why does salt have to be sooo good??

I lost 3 pounds this week! We decided to start weighing on my MIL's scale, so now we're weighing nekkid. A pound of my loss was probably clothing I'd normally have on, but we decided to go with the scale. I'm at 214 now. :D

Well, we're outta here. See y'all later!

07-05-2005, 07:18 AM
Hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th! :) Soooo quiet on here--I think Aimee is gone on her vacation?

Well, Tuesday morning (though it feels like Monday) brings me good news--my scale read 294.5 this morning, so those 4 pounds I gained at last week's TOPS meeting are gone (for now). I think part of it may be because it's been much less humid here this weekend, so I'm probably getting rid of some of that water retention (yay!). I know I shouldn't weigh during the week and it could change again by Thursday, but it was still pretty encouraging, and it keeps me motivated to eat well and drink all my water in order to keep that water weight from coming back!

I'm already starting this week off better than last week--I went grocery shopping on Saturday, so I actually have food in my house :o Which means I was able to pack all of my food for the day instead of having lunch from the cafeteria downstairs (salad and soup) and dinner at Ruby's (Asian steamed dumplings and peanut sauce). Rather, I have some baked ham and fruit (canned pineapple, sliced apple, sliced fresh peaches, sliced kiwi, and grapes) for lunch, boneless skinless chicken for dinner, and some egg salad for in between (made with ff mayo, mustard, onion powder, and paprika). Now I just need to keep packing my food for the rest of the week!

Well, off to do some actual work. Hope everyone is doing well--have a healthy week!

07-05-2005, 07:29 AM
There is a july thread now lol,in case no one knew that...I think it was started the 1st...anyhoo, See ya there... ;)