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05-31-2005, 04:40 PM
I'm not a healthy person. I have had extremely high cholestrol since I was eight, even though I didn't eat meat until a few months ago, and even now, just white meat chicken. I detest fried foods and always have. I was diagnosed with type one diabetes after going undiagnosed for an estimated three years. It took its toll on my kidneys then. I have decent control but due to other medications I'm on, they throw my blood sugar out of whack some. I also am a recovered bulimic, which messed with my body even more. I went in to recovery right after diagnosis when I was fourteen because it was what I knew I had to do. I had some slip ups, but not for a long time. However, looking at me you would never know I had all this internal stuff. I run or bike daily and do yoga. During school i dance

My weight isn't as much an issue for me as my health. Its all vanity weight I want to drop, and it doesn't bother me that much. It is just an extra motivater to do as much as possible to stay healthy. I get so discouraged. i'm only 19 years old. Thanks to my doctors letting my diabetes go undiagnosed I have nerve damage in my feet. I'm just so frustrated with my body. I get resentful of healthy people my age who poison their bodies with tobacco and weed and excess alcohol, when I would do anything to not have to do seven injections a day. I was on the insulin pump but my body had an allergic reaction to the cannula that delivers insulin, so I had to go off after a month and a half. Everyone says how well adjusted I am, but I guess I'm just a good actor.

I'm just frustrated today.