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05-29-2005, 02:00 AM
So I haven't started dieting YET because I know I can't just "cut back" I need structure, something strict, but not ridiculously hard to of my biggest problems/weaknesses is that I LOVE tummy totally gets off on anything italian basically :) I don't want to completely cut them out, because I don't believe it's healthy to totally get rid of them. And also the fact that I am a pretty picky eater...I pretty much eat like a 12 year old, in regards to the variety of foods I eat...I would like to eat more foods, but it is kind of hard because I live with my fiance and cook for him, and he is about 10x's worse than me in the picky eaters he eats chicken nuggets, pizza and hotdogs and macaroni, and thats about it :) So, accomodating both of our tastes is difficult. Also, I don't have lots of patience/experience in cooking...if there is directions on a package, I'm good, but I don't know how to cook much else. If there is any kind of diet plan someone could reccomend for me I would be very appreciative :) This is the beginning and I am ready to start planning my diet/exercise routine and get going with the weight loss! I have actually been steadily GAINING weight recently, since I am a stay at home girlfriend and don't get much exercise...anyways, thanks for reading my long babbling post! :)

05-29-2005, 02:11 AM
ugh so i just went to that fitday site...yesterday i ate like 6500 cals :( I did not realize how bad I am doing now...

06-10-2005, 06:36 PM
Congrats on using's a GREAT site that really helps you keep track & gain perspective regarding your eating & exercise. I recommend you pick up the cook book "Crazy Plates"'s a link to the book on Amazon

The recipes are easy, delicious, and healthy. If I were you, I would take this as an opportunity to push yourself and your boyfriend out of your food comfort zone. If you prepare a healthy, delicious dinner & he doesn't want to eat it, so be it. He's a grown man who can fend for himself. However, I highly doubt he'll be disappointed with the tasty recipes in Crazy Plates (and thier follow up cook book Loney Spoons).

Good luck! :D