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05-25-2005, 06:13 PM
so I've recently given up meat entirely and began eating veggies (like 3 times my usual amount) but I've noticed that I'm A LOT more gasy :dizzy: and have been going to the bathroom more hehe sorry for the bathroom stories :lol: but is this normal? and does it go away when my body gets used to it?

05-26-2005, 01:48 AM
thats so much for clearing that up for me :D I'm gonna try to ease it up, but I'm happy that I don't have anything seriously wrong with me haha

05-26-2005, 04:09 AM
I had the same problem when I started adding a LOT of whole grain and veggies to my diet! Had I known I should have taken in the new eating regimen slowly, maybe I wouldn't have experienced the umm, well, you don't need details. haha :lol: But it took my body about 1 1/2 months to adjust completely!!! I don't get it anymore (thank goodness) but it was definitely annoying when it was happening...!!

05-28-2005, 03:33 AM
lol I think I can imagine the embarrassing experiences haha but let's hope it doesn't take a month lol but I had more fruit today than veggies so we'll see hehe

05-29-2005, 09:58 AM
There are also enzyme supplements (like Beano, to name one that's commonly available in the grocery store) that can help ease the transition. Usually I'm all for not messin' with Mother Nature, but have used these with no problem and they've been around for a long, long time ... still should always check with doc, of course, about usin' them! Good luck! :wave:

08-12-2005, 01:46 PM
Thank god I'm ot the only one!!!
I get severer (and embarrasingly enough... smelly) gas when eating even a few beans or certain veggies... I LOVE beans and veggies, but my body can't usually handle it.

10-02-2005, 05:33 PM
Yep, Beano works and helps a lot.