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05-23-2005, 12:58 PM
Hi Ladies
We being watched alot more at work now that's why I didn't post last week much. Belle You look Gorgeous! I made up with MIL I'm back up to 203 so I'm changing my sig bleh and Thursday I'm going to a seminar for WLS it doesn't mean I'm going to have it I just want to investigate. Another WW thread totally ignored me after I mentioned it. I got soaked in the rain friday. . .Sopping wet and now I'm all creaky but I'll survive
Quiet weekend we sat out in the sun on Saturday and Sunday I gave myself a mini spa day. Come out and play!

Sweater Girl
05-23-2005, 07:57 PM
Hey all,

Watched the Saga twice already (I am a bit of a Star Wars freak). Anyway, very good. I am also relieved there is no election coming up...

JK: I have had three colpolscopies now, plus I had a LEEP (Laser excision something something). I had some HSIL dysplasia which is bad bad bad... my cell changes are at the level before they are considered cancerous (but the first level of cancerous is really not considered cancer) so I am okay. The scary thing is I went from the basic squamous not really considered dysplasia to the high level in just over a year which is basically unheard of (I had good paps before that). My doc says it's rare. I am sooo sorry you're having bad paps again, I understand your frustration. The next step if the HSIL is still present is for me to have a cone biopsy and find out where the bad cells are coming from... My doc says he'll do what he can to preserve my fertility... I HATE this.

Belle: Hope you enjoyed your long weekend.

Kierie: WLS might be a good option for you, we won't abandon you here! I am sorry you got soaked in the rain. It's been raining here. I am also getting over laryngitus.

I am also dealing with a moody friend... sigh...

Jess: A chipped race is a race where tyou get an exact time by having a chip on your shoe for when you cross the start and the finish line.

Lori: I am a Star Wars geek. I also thought the dialogue between Padme and Anakin was kinda over drawn.

Take care!


05-24-2005, 10:22 AM
Ali I'm a Star Wars Freak too and I haven't seen it yet! I have to club DH to get him to go he hasn't seen 1 or 2.
an example of my love when I saw 2 and they started playing the Darth music at the end I got scared lol
I have wierd paps too while I'm hoping it doesn't really mess up my fertility. . .I already don't ovulate regularly But we're no where near ready to try for kids yet
back to work *crackswhip*

05-24-2005, 08:36 PM
Just got back from Florida. We were visiting my grandma which was great. She sent back four loaves of fresh baked bread, yum. She spoils us. We went to the beach once but mostly we just spent time with family which was really nice.

I have never seen any of hte Star Wars movies until today. My husband wants to see the new movie with me so he is making me watch all of the movies up until the last one. We have watched IV and V today.

I had another appt today, it looks like this might be a false alarm and they just took another cell sample and we will see if there is dysplasia. I must have the same as you do, sweatergirl. Hopefully we will have no problems right now. If I go until next March with negative Paps I can go back to once a year..woohoo. We will see.

I hope everyone is doing great. I am kind of out of it from traveling and watching movies..hehe. Talk to you girls later.


05-25-2005, 10:30 AM
Well, I had an internal yesterday too. False alarm as well. I had - ehrm - leakage, shall we say, that was quite heavy and soaked through to pants (was wearing protection) and I have had braxton-hicks for a few days every few hours. Ends up, it's just a ton of normal secretions and I have use a full on pad now. And I am having those practice labour pains. As long as they don't become more frequent, more painful, longer, I am OK. But the doc did say that when they are not as intermittent, like mine are, it's a sign that it could only be a few more weeks. So I am now ****-bent on getting everything at work organized and under control, and getting the baby room all done and clothes all washed, etc. I am almost done with baby stuff. Work is another matter!!

I have to run, I"ll be back to post proper in a few!

but JK - can't BELEIVE you haven't seen any Star Wars? NOt even the Return of the jedi? That was the big one when I was little - Ewoks!

05-25-2005, 01:00 PM
This is just a quickie for now ;) My Dog Murph Looks like an ewok! I always wanted to dress him up for halloween But my sis wanted to make her dog a jedi and I didn't think that was fair . . .YEs I Wierd bbiab