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05-29-2001, 01:16 PM
Prevention Millennium Diet*

Daily servings
veg and fruits, 9 servings ( 5 veg/4 fruit)
whole grains, 3-6 servings
high-calcium, 2-3 servings

Weekly servings:
Beans - 5+
Nuts - 5
Fish - 2

Serving Sizes

veg. & fruit
1 serving = 1/2 c. chopped fruit
1/2 c. cooked or raw veg.
1 c. raw green leaves
3/4 c. veg or fruit juice

Whole Grains
1 serving = 1 slice whole wheat bread
1/2 rice or bulgar
1/2 c whole wheat pasta

Calcium 1 serving = 1 c ff or 1% milk
1 c ff yogurt
1 c calcium fortified O.J.
1 oz. reduced ff cheese

100% DV multivitamin/mineral
500 (under 50) to 1000 (over 50) mg. calcium
100-400 IU Vit. E
100-500 mg Vit. C

Keep calories to 1500 a day - 250 cal. per meal. Eat 6 small meals a day. Do not exceed 42 fat grams per day.

Drink 8 glasses water and 1+ cup of tea daily.

* Copied from the Jan. 2000 issue of Prevention Magazine

Here is the website address for the Prevention Millennium Diet.

This is not necessarily a vegetarian diet. The guidelines summarized above are just that. In interpreting the guidelines, it is helpful to read the sample menus on the website as well as the more detailed principals of the diet.

Mrs. Yogi
05-29-2001, 02:21 PM
Hey, Judi, sometimes ya just gotta have one, they're sooo good.

BTW, phosphates (the kind found in laundry and dish soap) are what they use in fertilizers. They make things grow like crazy. Try it on your plants and you'll see.

That's why they say it's best to use non-phosphate stuff b/c it goes into the ocean and causes algae blooms and stuff like that. I would use the non-phosphate stuff all the time except DH has a weird bias against it. So I use it when he's away and we use the super sudsing stuff when he's home and we'll put it on the plants instead of in the ocean. :)

Ledom, you didn't go crazy on the drinkies, that's great! I used to drink A LOT more than I do now. I find with low carbing that a couple of drinks goes right to my head. Something to do with how the liver processes the glucogen. Makes for a cheap drunk!

Still riding bike to work every day, it's been glorious.

Have a loverly Tuesday everyone!

05-29-2001, 02:29 PM
Alice: Pinot Grigio is something I recently discovered too. It was last fall when we were in Germany. Here is B.C. we can bottle our own wine. There are wine places where you can go, mix it up, wait six weeks and then go bottle it. It has less sulfates (and the government doesn't get a big tax). Anyway all that to say this...I made 30 bottles of Pinot Grigio.

Thanks for asking about my dogs. They are fine. Parasha still is hanging in there. Thankfully! It must be fun to have a new pup.

Shebacat, sorry I don't have any advice about sugar cravings...I don't often have them. (Then I usually give in to them :( ) More of a salty thing addict.

Ledom, how long can unopened developer sit before it goes bad. I have had mine about 2 years? I don't want to go thru the work of mixing up developing trays then find out it is too weak.

Mrs. Yogi, I love those pappadums. If the rest of you girls haven't tried them, give them a try. They are by "Pataks". I especially like the cracked pepper one. I am having a friend over and we are having lentil soup and pappadums for lunch.

Isn't summer great?!!!

05-29-2001, 02:36 PM
judi, I bet they are bad. If you use Dektol, which is what I use, you can tell right away because it turns dark. Just pour a little into your tray and if it has turned color, you know. I find a shelf life of about 2 months with developer.

05-30-2001, 03:54 AM
Thanks Ledom. They will be bad then and I bought big bottles in a burst of enthusiasim for all the work I was going to do that never happened. I think I will just get small batches of chemicals from now on and be more modest in my aspirations.

p.s. They were Ilford products, I learnt on them and have never tried anything else.

05-30-2001, 03:32 PM
Today is hard! I haven't totally lost it yet, but I have the I don't wannas... don't wanna exercise, don't wanna eat healthy food. I know it is my bodies reaction to indulging over the weekend. Thought I'd log on for some group therapy. I am headed to the darkroom, if I can just get through the day without setting myself back a few thousand calories I'll be happy!

05-30-2001, 05:44 PM
Today was weigh in Wed and I am the same as last week. :mad:

I know what you are talking about Ledom.

Some good news Costco here is now selling boxes of Clif Lunas and the box contains my favourite varieties...the Lemon. the Nutz over Chocolate and Chocolate Pecan Pie.

Also I figured out that the big long red Twizzler is 1.75 pts.

(Not probably what you had in mind for group help Ledom...laugh.)

Hey, where is everyone else...give us a hand!

Mrs. Yogi
05-30-2001, 05:52 PM
Hey Ledom, speaking as an ex-Couch Potato, we all get them (the donwannas). You'll get over it and you'll be posting about your next great kayak adventure. Then again, a good book, a hot bath and nice cuppa tea can do wonders. YA CAN'T BE "ON" ALL THE TIME!!! (Hope you're not getting this flu - I always get cranky before I get sick...)

I've got the aforementioned cold or the flu today - it's finally taking hold despite my valiant efforts to fend it off - so did not ride bike in the rain, and will most likely head home to a hot bath, hot toddy and some quality couch time today. (I'm actually kind of looking forward to a bit of a rest from all this frantic activity!)

Judi, glad you like the pappadums! They are now a staple in our house. Out with corn chips, in with Pataks. Pataks RULES!

You might also want to try their sauces. They're YUMMY. Or go get the spices and make your own lighter sauces, usually just the juice from meat or veg after sauteeing in onion, add a bit of water, cumin seeds, cumin, garam masala, saffron and a bit of curry and garlic. Makes anything taste great... I'm going thru a lot of chickpeas with my hummus habit, but I believe they're good for us. :)

Mrs. Yogi
05-30-2001, 05:59 PM
hey we must have posted simultaneously.

I haven't lost any weight for a couple of weeks, but my inches are shrinking! Don't worry, it'll happen. I'm coping with At Home Husband Syndrome at the moment - no gym time because he's always on the road so when he's home I'm all his... We'll get back in some kind of groove eventually. Hope he gets a call for work soon or I'm going to blimp up again! **wink** Not a chance, I'm not going to go back to a sixpack a day!!!

Is everyone depressed here today or what??? Can there be such a thing as Global PMS??? LOL I'm perimenopausal :)

05-30-2001, 08:01 PM
It HAS been a strange day. D gave me a huge scare by not coming home after school and not calling me to let me know what was going on. 1 1/2 hr. later she remembered. Guess I have to cut her some slack, just one more day of school left and she was hanging out with her friends. But that sort of thing does not help with the stress eating! Still haven't gone hog wild - just not the greatest day either.

Mrs. Yogi we need to trade hummus recipes. Mines is 1 c. chickpeas, 1/2 c. lemon juice, 4 to 5 T. tahini, 2 garlic cloves, 1/2 tsp. salt, and a handful of parsley in the food processor. We like it a little chunky rather than perfectly smooth like the blender does it. I buy whole wheat pitas and cut them in wedges and then bake them. This is my favorite lunch to take on the kayak. Keeps without ice and gives me lots of energy.

I do have a good trip planned for the weekend. I am driving up to the Buffalo River to meet a group of recreational kayakers I met through the canoe club. It'll be fun, I'm looking forward to it.

05-31-2001, 12:01 PM
and so far it is off to a much better start. I did a video first thing. I have to get in the habit of getting my workout in first thing because the longer I put it off the more likely I am to not do it. If I wait too late in the day I get so revved up I can't sleep at bedtime.

I ended up yesterday with a caloric intake that was higher than a good diet day, but that could have been a lot worse. It was a struggle all day long. I won out over most of my cravings though. It was the kind of day from which I might have gone to bed hating myself, and I didn't. One day at a time!

05-31-2001, 12:53 PM
Way to go on your successes yesterday Ledom and this morning! All the victories add up. I did ok all things considered (I had a toasted veggie salami & cheddar sandwich at eleven), I think it is going to be TOM so I am unusually hungry. Though I can't really tell because I take Alesse without the 7 day break so I never get a period. But it felt like it, good thing DH was gone there was no one to grouse at.

I am going to Vancouver today I think. I get a good days walking in if I go to town. THe sun is out and I want to look up some avant garde jazz groups at Virgin Records. Weed pulling can wait ANOTHER day, they will be just be bigger and I can see them better. I also want to buy another pair of walking shoes to leave in the trunk of the car so I NEVER have an excuse when I am out. I don't want to buy an expensive pair either because then I won't want to walk with them in the rain, muddy trails etc and then what good is that. The New Balance pair I bought over a year ago still haven't seen a trail and I just walk on city streets. If they are cheap I won't be so conscious of where I am walking and I will do more walking. At least that is what I think at this point.

Sorry to hear you have the flu or a cold Mrs. Yogi. I hope you will soon be on the mend. I use the Patak's curry paste and I love it. They have a good line of stuff. Have you tried those Indian meals in a foil pouch in a box for about 4 bucks? Safeway has them. I forget the brand name, they are pretty good too. Just cook up some basmati and heat up the pouch and pour. Add a dab of chutney and some yogurt on the side and you have a quick fast meal. The package makes about 2 servings. The Lentil one is best I think.

Hi Alice, Shebacat , Bannod and Lana!

Mrs. Yogi
05-31-2001, 12:56 PM
...Ledom, you like that garlic! I only put one clove in, but then again I only do about 1/2 cup at a time, so I guess that's about right. I throw in a bit of olive oil and fresh lemon juice and usually forget the parsley. I keep forgetting to buy some!

I also keep forgetting about the tahini... I think I have an ancient jar of tahini in the fridge somewhere - does it ever go bad I wonder?

Have you tried it with pappadums? They're harder to transport than pita, so would be best to just have them at home - they would not survive the kayak ride he he.

Have a great day (don't worry about your D, she'll be fine... just let her know that she scared ya)

05-31-2001, 12:58 PM
Ledom, sorry to hear about the scare you had with your daughter. I am glad everything was OK. You can never be too careful is my feeling. I know I worry about my D all the time. She has classes at night sometime and is coming home late and it is a worry. Just too many crazies out there!

Mrs. Yogi
05-31-2001, 01:03 PM
Judi, this is very strange, we must log on at *exactly* the same time in the morning...

I'll give those pouch meals a try when DH is away, he insists on making his own, and who can blame him because he eats so much fast food on the road.

I bought some New Balance walkers and am not really happy with them, so I use them for bike shoes which is just fine (I have AAA narrow funky feet and have to wear orthotics :( ) Have you considered investing in a good pair of Vasque hiking boots? They're absolutely the best, with a steel shank so your foot doesn't wobble when you hit uneven ground. They have a pretty nice selection from lightweight urban hikers to the heavy duty ones (I got those for a trip to Ireland a couple of years ago and the soles are so thick that no water ever gets in! They're a dream. I can walk for hours and never get sore.)

I believe you have a dealer in Vancouver, just go online and search, they have a list of outlets you may want to check out.

Good luck with the jazz hunting - I'll assume you attend some jazz fest action?

05-31-2001, 04:55 PM
Hello everyone!

We passed papers on my Dad's mobile home today. That is one less thing on my mind. Maybe now that things are quieting down some I can get out of the habit of eating "junk" food. That is about all I've wanted to eat for the past few months. I seem to be able to stay on track for 1 or 2 days, then fall off the wagon. I haven't been able to walk very much because of heel pain, I have plantar faciitis (sp?). It does seem to be a little better now, so hopefully I'll be able to do some walking later.

It is awfully cold here. Today it only got into the mid-50's. Everyone is wondering if we will have another awful summer like last year.

LEDOM~That must have been an awful scare with you D. I am glad that everything turned out alright.

JUDI~I am glad that your doggies are doing ok. I read a story in People Magazine about this woman in Bellingham, Washington who runs a diner for dogs. I thought that was great.

MRS YOGI~That is too bad about your New Balance walkers. I am on my third pair and they are the most comfortable shoes I wear.

I finally figured out how to change my Avatar. Under my name is a photo of my new "baby"

Take care. Alice

05-31-2001, 05:52 PM
What a cute puppy! Good to hear from you Alice. I am glad things are getting back to normal for you.

06-01-2001, 12:54 AM
Alice, I love your new baby! She is adorable!!! MY DH is going to put up an electric fence to keep Marley in the yard when he comes home. He bought one in CA. We are having warm weather here today. Have you gone to your cottage yet this year?

I have been happy with my New Balance too but I will try to find the shoes you suggested Mrs. Yogi. A lightweight walker would be good. I am going to look for them on line. I didn't find anything today.

Well, that is not exactly true...I found a movie on DVD with Ralph Fiennes in it. I just love him!(Called "Sunshine") On the cover it says "In a time of revolution in a family torn by a tradition one man was consumed by love"...isn't that delish!!! "Consumed" I like that...

06-01-2001, 12:28 PM
We are having a delightful day today, but unfortunately it will be short lived. We are expecting more rain on Sat. which is supposed to last into Tues.

JUDI~We haven't been down to our cottage to open up yet. We've been busy getting my Dad's things in order, and it has been rather chilly lately. We do have to get down there and do some raking. How will the electric fence work? Will Marley have to wear something on her collar? I recently saw the movie, "Tea With Mussolini" which was very good. We have a satellite dish and sometime this month they are going to show "Best in Show" which I am anxious to see.

Hello ledom & Mrs Yogi! I hope you all have a great weekend.

Take care. Alice

Mrs. Yogi
06-01-2001, 01:52 PM
Aleka, that is too adorable. I've always wanted one of those!

Raining here too also, but it's good, we need it. Feeling a yukky sinus infection coming on. I'm on my way to get a throat swab and to hit my couch for the rest of the weekend. Am going to take today off, came in valiantly this morning but am not going to make it to lunchtime.

See ya!

06-01-2001, 09:09 PM
Mrs. Yogi, sorry you're under the weather. Summer colds are so discouraging.

I've had a good couple of days. Jogged this a.m. I feel so much better when I exercise, you'd think that would be motivation enough! You'd think?

Thought I'd toss in a few movie reviews! First, get your gf's together and go see Bridget Jones Diary. It's a hoot, ever so much more fun if you can laugh with your friends and then go out for a drink afterwards and act silly, that is what I did. Then, D and I rented Traffic this week, it is the BEST movie. We both enjoyed it, D said it was her new favorite movie. I also rented Requiem for a Dream, very strange, dark movie that will make you want to jump out of your skin, but you can see why Ellen Burnstyn got nominated for the Oscar. Billy Elliot is a sweet flick too. MHMMMM, I know I saw something else I liked recently, just can't remember what it was.

Oh, and then a thought or two on New Balance shoes. Believe it or not, that is what I thought about as I was jogging today. I love mine because of the wide toe box, so comfy. I can see why they might not be so good for someone with a narrow foot. An JUDI! wear those shoes. Much better to wear them out and get the good out of them than to let them languish in the closet!

Oh yes, one more thing Mrs. Yogi. The more garlic the BETTER!!

Mrs. Yogi
06-04-2001, 06:55 PM
Hey Ledom, thanks for the good wishes.

It seems this may actually be hay fever in disguise. I don't have a temperature, but I'm awfully lethargic and the glands in my throat keep swelling and shrinking, swelling and shrinking. Very strange. My throat feels like I've been up all night singing karaoke in a smoky bar.

Spent most of the weekend lolling about reading and watching hockey and some movies - old movies from the 70s, and a cute Irish flick the name of which escapes me (any Ballykissangel fans out there?) - most of the weekend escapes me, actually, I was such a slug.

DH celebrated his birthday almost on his own, there was no way I could face Jim Beam and coke (ugh), but I did participate in the pastries and BBQ chicken, garlic mashed potatoes and organic strawberries w/ honeydew melon and various other delicacies he kept spooning into my mouth :)

He exercised for two and I ate for three he he.

No loss of appetite, so it ain't the flu, that much I know.

Can't wait to get back on track. This dry hacking cough is no fun.

(As for the New Balance shoes, they make *great* bike shoes, though. Lots of traction.)