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05-29-2001, 01:10 PM
but my computer says it's tuesday. Hey! women! I walked this morning for the first time in about 3 weeks. I'm still fat, though.

Is it true certain ppl have been offending other certain ppl with the power to boot us out of here? Behave yourselves, I like the smiley faces.

You all know how nice I am. Well this weekend I got into an argument with our neighbor that escalated into an actual yelling match. Can you believe it? And he told DH that I started it. nah-na-na-na na nah. Of course I didn't, and when I first started talking to him I was trying to be friendly but this man is an incredible jerk. It all involves him accusing DH of spraying roundup by his newly planted bushes that are dying. DH did not spray by his bushes, and it's been over 90 degrees here and the guy hasn't watered these sickly bushes since he planted them. When he started talking about how our homeowner's insurance would pay for his plants, labor and attorney fees, I kinda lost it. I told him he had alot of nerve to call himself a neighbor when he was acting like such an *ssh*le. So now you know. I'm really not so nice.

llushanne luscious
05-29-2001, 01:39 PM
This is why I like having no neighbors. They are so difficult. I think you behaved admirably, Wabby, darling. I mean, how could this Jerk accuse YOU of anything? Tonight, go out and spray Round Up on his remaining plants. You can say Peaches did it. Everyone knows she is mean.
And thin. I think that is the real reason the fat chicks want her out. They have seen her lanky pictures.
I'm not thin, so the fats should be nice to me. I like the smiley faces, too. I also plan to get a pic by my name any day now.
I have tenant problems. I think I am going to evict a woman and her four children. See? This is a drag. DH is no where to be found in this situation. I am the TOTAL mean person in these people's eyes.
My house is a sty. Why doesn't someone come and clean? L

05-29-2001, 01:59 PM
If I could have jumped the fence. I don't like having these un-neighborly feelings toward this person, but at this point I don't even want to look at him.

Lush, give us the dirt. Why do you have to evict the poor woman and 4 darling children??? And I thought I was mean ;)

We had such a social weekend. We went out with friends on Saturday to a movie and dinner, we fought with the neigbor on Sunday and then went for a drive in the '64 Chevy Impala that DH bought for me ( I had no idea I wanted it) we went to a little old restaurant way out in the country for dinner, then on Monday we had friends over for a barb-b-q. In between I went antique shopping, visited my Mom, and cleaned the house. And next weekend I'm having bunco (do you guys know this game?) with 12 gals at my house, so I will be in a cleaning and cooking frenzy all this week. Then next sunday several friends are coming over to make those cement hypertufa planting tubs. We're going to make it into a party. Doesn't a bunch of women mixing up big tubs of cement sound like a blast?

Bagzie isn't really kicked off is she?

05-29-2001, 03:18 PM
Parental units are safely home, their grandchildren are delighted and so are we. They had lots of fun...they sound young and relaxed and happy. Good for them, I say. TDH and I should run away and have fun somewhere for a week. We probably wouldn't know what to say to each other. It's been too stressful around here for too long. have a great collection of friends--and you do such interesting things. Bunco parties...cement mixing. I'm simply green. Lucky you. Someday we'll know people again, I'm sure. Right now, people are busy and the phone simply doesn't ring enough for me. For fun, I mean. Like mixing concrete with other ladies.:)
Lush. Go clean. Then fly North and West. Clean a certain split level in Stampede City. Then you can rest. :s:
Marcella's nephew might do better to market an Ex-Lax-free diet aid. With all the MLM stuff out there and the herbal people buttonholing one to sample their wares, he might as well slog his version of snake oil.
Gotta go. Mark letters. Ick. :p:

05-29-2001, 03:39 PM
I had no idea you had it in you--speaking so vehemently. Neighbours can be angelic :angel: or neighbours can be from the hot place.

Watering new plants does help them survive, I believe the friendly green-clad ladies at Golden Acres said so. Perhaps your neigbour was grouchy at the garden centre and they were afraid to give him such sage advice. You are usually so nice and open-hearted, Wabbit, but we all have our limits. If you offered him an olive branch, would he water it?

05-29-2001, 04:52 PM
Good mamabear protecting her turf. Some people can be so stupid. My neighbors are no trouble at all. We have woods on one side of us for 2 miles, a bit of railroad track behind us, and woods and a dam on the other side of us. None of them ever even want to borrow any sugar.

The weekend sounds lovely, Wab, (well, except for the neighbor). I thought bunco was something illegal -- isn't there a Police Bunco Squad? What are you ladies doing??? :eek: I think that bit about making cement shoes is self-explanatory, given the trouble you've been having with the n.

I didn't know you knew the heartbreak of landlorddom, lushiepoo. It's awful, isn't it? Good luck, don't worry about what they think of you, I doubt you will see them at the next PTA meeting.

In case anyone is wondering, we had a nice weekend on the sailboat. Didn't really get very far -- we sailed out on Saturday, it was a gorgeous day. Then we had some sail trouble, so we started the engine. then we had some engine trouble... so we jerryrigged the sail and limped back to point A. DH got to use his new bosun's chair and shimmy up the mast :eek: and fix some stuff. We stayed on our mooring the rest of weekend -- it rained most of the time. The guys (we had 2 guests) fixed the engine, we ate mass quantities, drank lovely beverages, played cards, slept late etc. Not very stressful. Except for the horrible snoring emanating from DH...


llushanne luscious
05-30-2001, 12:06 AM
My tenant in question is "Dawn, the slob worse than us" she has four children and no money. She is married to the hapless, Fran. Fran used to be a postal worker but is now a philandering jerk. No matter, she has a mother, she can move in with her. She only owes me one month because I file IMMEDIATELY when I don't get my rent. I am not soft and sweethearted like Frappe. It is our goal to be out of the rental business entirely by the time we are fifty. Four years. When Dawn leaves we are selling that place. Little by little we have been unloading everything since we sold the business some years ago. Eventually, we plan to be bums. Well, I plan to be a bum. DH plans to have 'hobbies" and "projects" which will serve to make me look lazy, so what's new?

DD and I are going to check out the PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL on Thursday. I keep thinking that I can call her bluff on this. I can't imagine why she would want to go to a place with no nuns particularly nuns with bad breath. I'm horrified. I used to think she disliked Catholic school because she didn't hang around with the kids, but for the last couple of years, she has had lots of friends.... now she is May Queen, and a cheerleader and a model 14 year old..why would she want to leave? Anyway, she just wants to see. They have a TV studio, several stage productions every year and an award winning band. She wants to be in a place where she doesn't know everyone and where everyone isn't just like her. If she were not my kid, I would LOVE that she felt that way. But I'm a hypocrite, they have metal detectors. Cops in the halls. Terrify me. I don't want her to take the bus if she goes there, already a discussion. My kids have never attended a non-religious school. Even their Pre-schools were put on by the re-born Christians.
Marcella, what's wrong with your nephew cutting grass? Blueberry pie? When I was in High School, Junior Achievement made little paper plate holders out of wood. They also made lots of decorative things that people seemed to like. They paid for production, etc.

Wabby, if I lived near to you, would you invite us over? We love cars. I want a social life of my own rather than it being an off-shoot of my kids. It sounds like fun. Congrats on the walk.

05-30-2001, 09:33 AM
Gosh, is this a novelette writing contest?

My life continues to slog along as boringly as ever.

My new friend from around the corner who just happens to be divorce lawyer with 4 kids (18, 11, 8 and 4 - are we tired yet?) is coming for tea on Friday. She was supposed to come two Fridays ago but dh took care of that by ripping out a couple of walls. Then ds5 was sick all last week so we'll have to settle for this week. She says things like "Oh, come over ANY time, I'm home EVERY morning!" And I say "Um, just when exactly would any time be?". Can you imagine people just dropping in unannounced??? I'm busting my butt trying to keep my "public areas" (copyright Lushbag 2000) decent in case she does that to me. I already caught her being unfaithful today talking to ANOTHER mom. Then nerve! Quick, how can I make myself seem interesting? The muffins just aren't doing it any more. I am also meeting my new-found Canadian :D internet friend downtown sometime soon. Hope she doesn't bring her axe.

My loud, tarty cousin in Ontario and her bear-like Franco-Canadian policeman husband (he makes a great quiche!) are finally expecting in October after years and years of trying so the grandparents-to-be are thrilled to bits. They actually have another grandson who is 21 but Auntie refers to him as "the bum" so I guess they are putting their hopes on the new baby.

Wabby! What courage! Are you making dh build a fence? So far we have just been ignoring potentially hostile neighbours but dh says if the old bag from across the street complains one more time, she's in for it.

Dad used to own a rental house and the tenants were two wierd guys who had a monkey that could poop in the toilet. They were nothing but trouble.

I think I gained back the 3 pounds I thought I'd lost. (obligatory weight loss content) Dang!

Talk to you cows later!