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05-21-2005, 01:40 AM
Good Evening, Flowers!
I'm on my way to bed but wanted to check in here first.

It was the day from he** at school and I was anticipating an easy first day of finals. The teachers were all still complaining about the hoopla yesterday. I ended up reading more final exams than I was scheduled for, thanks to another teacher's lack of scheduling. So I'm not any further ahead in packing away the room for the summer than I was yesterday.

The best news is that we have another granddaughter! She decided to come a week early -- Zoe Kathryn, 6# 11 oz., 19" long. She looks exactly like Ian did except she has dark hair. We left right after school to meet her -- had to fight the other side of the family to hold her but we did get to. Ian was more interested in how the hospital bed buttons work than his new sister.

I'm going to bed! Have a great Saturday!

Jean -- :yawn: from Iowa!

05-21-2005, 10:55 AM

How wonderful that you have a new granddaughter. I love her name, Zoe! Glad that all is well and she wasn't as small as they thought. WOW! now you have 2 boys and 2 girls. You must be in 7th heaven.
That was a wonderful ending to your school day from he**! I hope it made you forget all the awful things happening at school. Your summer will be a busy one now. Again Congratulations to you and all!!

Faye: Hope your ankle is better now. It isn't fun when you can't get around as you are used to. Oh, to be able to swim in the pool sounds wonderful!

Maggie: You are in your final count down to the road trip. I think it is a great thought to come back for a few months of West Coast living and then to take off again. Your chairs sound nice and soon the MH will be all set up and then we will be missing you.

Our dear friend's wife who had been in the nursing home with Cancer and Alzheimers died this morning. It is a blessing as she will no longer be suffering but her husband will now be all alone as they had no children and both were only children themselves. It is tough to lose a spouse but when it leaves you alone it is worse. We will be there for him if he will let us. He and DH were friends since high school and thru their stint in the military.

Gloria in MA....looking at another gloomy weekend although, right now, no rain. Hope you all will enjoy your weekends.

05-21-2005, 02:04 PM
Happy Saturday, Flowers!
It is trying very hard to rain and I see a few drops on the windows. It's another windy day in my corner of the world . . . guess I'll stay inside and work on my "to do" list! The cat fur hunks are the first thing that needs attention.

Gloria -- Thank you for the balloons! :D I'm sorry to hear of your friend's death but yet you have to take comfort in knowing that she is no longer suffering. It will be a big adjustment for her husband, I'm sure. It's sad that he has no family for support.

I need to get busy before the day is history! Have a nice day and do something nice for yourselves!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

05-21-2005, 06:17 PM

I have been busy since I got up going through things and deciding what I want to sell. Got my craft/office room all cleaned out. Been through everything and all that is left in the closet are a bag of packing paper and a bag of bubble wrap. I will set those out when we have our sale and folks can use what they want for what they buy. Cowboy is still out being an umpire and I can imagine he will come home very tired. He left before 8 this morning and it is two now. I wanted to sleep a bit more but Ragg Mopp had other ideas. He is such a smart little thing and fun to have. He can't yet jump upon our bed and I am hoping he won't be able to in the MH but we shall see. I have gotten most of my things weighed now and there are many more pounds available. Cowboy will have to start weighing his stuff now . . . I weighed some things that I have decided to sell now so I got to subtract that weight from the total. And the beat goes on . . . but Life is good and I'll not complain.

GLORIA how sad for the friend of yours to have lost his mate. One of our male friends here died a year ago and his wife died just recently. She didn't stay much longer than he did for she missed him so. She did have a lot of family here but she so missed her husband ~ just goes to show we don't know when our time will be up. :cloud9:

JEAN are you going to sew any baby clothes? I loved making little girl clothes and plan on making Cindy's little girl some things when she is about 2. Enjoy your weekend. Wonder what your cats would think of Ragg Mopp. :o

05-22-2005, 11:11 PM
Good Evening, Flowers!
I'm heading for bed shortly; don't know why but I'm tired! We drove over to see the kids and stopped at Penneys first. I saved $107.39 by shopping their sales today! :cp: We ate lunch with Maddy, Kolby, Beth, and Will then went to visit Amanda, Jason, Ian, and Zowie (they spelled it differently than I thought!). Amanda and Zowie will be going home tomorrow.

Tomorrow is another day of final exams and I hope I will be able to do some packing/putting in the afternoon. I think these days are almost more work than just having regular classes.

Hope you all have had a nice weekend and enjoy a marvelous Monday tomorrow!

Jean -- :yawn: from Iowa!

05-23-2005, 10:37 AM
Good morning girls! Boy, I am in a really foul mood this morning. I have been tired all weekend and wanted to sleep in this morning and the dog wouldn't settle down so I got up, did my upstairs chores and brought the trash down and the dirty clothes. I found I hadn't folded the ones in the dryer and had some in the washer and then a whole load to put in UGH! So I got that all done, changed puppy pads and picked up doggie poo on them, went into the kitchen and of course Jack made breakfast but then put everything in the sink because unloading the dishwasher was too much trouble, even though we have tiny ants I can't find where they are coming from and have been spraying around the sink side of the room and have told him repeatedly to clean up every mess WELL! SIGH! So, I unloaded and reloaded and cleaned everything up well, then saw that *&*^#**@()_# didn't take the letter to the mail when he took the Netlix envelope even though it was sitting underneath it (it was a legal size with a stamp on so how could he miss that?) I haven't been shopping yet as T's graduation is Wed and so I will go then so my meat in the freezer is limited to stuff that takes longer to cook and I am not in the mood today, but guess I will fix chicken fried steak. I am just going to wait until he gets home and he can peel potatoes! I usually use these frozen mashed ones all the time and we like them, but I haven't been able to find them in any stores!

Friday night we picked up the car (it is good to have it running properly again and the check engine light out!) went to Bob Evans for dinner then I took Jack home and went and got my haircut, went to Walgreens and picked up color (the whole back of my head was gray after my haircut as was all but about 1/4 inch of hair) and then went and got my nails done. Came home and colored my hair and picked up the house etc.

We went to Star Wars on Saturday after my eye dr appt. The only good thing about that was after my insurance it was $54 for the year and I had a $50 rebate (the envelope dummy was supposed to take!) The dr said I had good healthy eyes and I discussed family diabetes concerns (though I have never had high sugar thank God), glaucoma, cataracts etc with him for a few moments. He is such a nice guy, probably late 30's and really quiet. He took as much time as I needed and answered my questions. We then had to take the rental car back and I had it so I called Jack when I left the eye dr and told him I was on my way (I am only about 5 minutes from the airport where our eye dr is) but anyway, saw a Payless and zoomed in there to find a pair of black sandals for vacation and spent about 15 minutes, OOPS! I called Jack from the car and he was already there so I lied and said I missed the exit and had to come back. He believed that as it is tricky coming from the south to get onto the correct street and then we went downtown for the day. (ok, so as I proofread this, I see we are probably even now, he didn't take the envelope and I made him sit and wait on me Sat! :^: )The movie was better than I expected and then we headed over to Abuelos and had a quick dinner. We were both so tired we neither one enjoyed it. We went out to Walmart's yesterday morning but then stayed in the rest of the day. It was pretty boring but there was nothing really to do.

I have started my weekly cleaning upstairs and will go up and finish in a little while after I am not so mad! lol

Gloria: I know you will miss your friend, but it is hard to miss someone who is already gone. The disease robs your of your friendships and your families and it sure would be nice if they could find a cure!

Jean: I am late on the bandwagon, but CONGRATS GRANDMA! I just hope they don't call her Z-OW (as in ouch) I-E. I am afraid that is what she is in for! I love the name Zoe though and Kathryn has such class I think.

Maggie: I feel like singing "On the Road Again" I know you have to really be excited! I would be in your place. I am counting the days until vacation.

Well, the cleaning is calling my name!


05-23-2005, 07:59 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
It's been a beautiful day in my neighborhood . . . the sun is out and no wind for a change. The weekend was so windy we couldn't be outside to enjoy the weather.

We ate at Garfield's yesterday for lunch and then DH popped popcorn (with butter on it!) last night -- I don't know if it was lunch (a cheeseburger) or the popcorn but I spent most of the evening running to the bathroom and got up twice during the night. My stomach felt strange all day long too. I've never had that happen before and I sure don't want to do it again. :no:

It was a good day at school -- pretty quiet actually. I spent 3 hours with a kid from algebra, talking him through the final exam. This afternoon we packed away alot of the stuff so hopefully one of us will remember where we put it when we come back the middle of August!

"Gma" -- All I can say is "been there and done that" with DH a time or two! But what would we do without them? ;) Amanda did choose Zowie and I can hardly wait until someone asks her how to pronounce it! I told Jason, that as someone who works with hard-to-pronounce names, I would be calling her ZOWie if I saw it on a list. I thought they might change it to Zoey but no luck there either. Oh well, what do I know?! :lol:

Not much else is newsy from my corner of the world and it's time to start something for supper. Nothing sounds good to me so it will be whatever DH wants out of the freezer. Have a terrific Tuesday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

05-24-2005, 11:24 AM
Morning ladies! It is sunny hot and very humid here today! UGH! That is why I stay inside.

Jean: When I get mad at him like that, I am glad he is not here as that way I can cool off and then deal with it rationally! Hope you are feeling better. I think that if you have been staying on your WW that it might be the reason for the upset tummy. Our tummy's get used to eating properly then when we change it makes us sick. Does it to me every time. Won't be long til you're out for the year. Our kids got out last Thurs.

We have a new neighbor moving in. Her name is Velma and she is older and lives alone so it will be nice to have a good neighbor. The other one is still a royal pain and looks like she is having ALL her grandkids for the summer, UGH! I found it horrifying yesterday when I was upstairs and they were making a ton of noise. I peeked out the window onto their patio and three of them were face down with their hands behind their backs being "arrested" by the other two. Man, little kids shouldn't even know about stuff like that.

I have a question for you guys. When you post, instead of just blinking like normal, does your cursor quiver like the Verizon add on the right side of the post? I just wondered if their is somehting wrong with my computer or if it is tied to the add somehow.

I need to go as I have things to do


05-24-2005, 05:38 PM

It is going to get to the low 90's yet today. Summer is here. Ragg Mopp got his weekly bath and a fresh bandanna. His groomer said that when she takes his bandanna's off each week she throws them in with the towels and washes and them and has saved them for us for while we are on the road and I will be doing his bathing. How nice of her! Good thing she likes him so much because he is a wiggle worm to try to comb and cut his face hair and nails. I think we need a squeeze shoot for him. ;) Maybe Cowboy could make one. He is out as I type washing my car. It will probably get all dusty again at the ball game he is going to ump tonight. Time for us here is running short and the time of departure is upon us. We won't be going far for the first stop will be down the mountain a ways to a friends ranch so Cowboy can build him a brand new saddle and do some repair work on about 4 others. We can park under some huge shade trees and finish the outside paining on the rig, hopefully.


Oh give me a home
that will roam where I roam,
A home that will stay where I stay.
No garden to hoe, no tall grass to mow,
And a flock of new neighbors each day.

A home that will go
from the cold and the snow
And park in the valley sun.
You pull in your place
and scan each new face,
And soon you have met every one.

Folks talk of their farms
and exchange a few yarns.
They talk of their families back home.
Of their aches and pains,
and their shuffle-board games
And all of the places they roam.

And the people you meet
just can not be beat.
They are happy and witty and gay.
May we meet again,
my neighbor and friend,
As we roam on the endless highway.

Home, home on the road,
Where all the trailerites throng.
With never a fear
of no lodging place near,
Cause we drive our motor home along.


JEAN how does it work when you help someone do his finals? Do you read the questions and then explain what they mean? I can imagine how you will love it when school is out for this year. :D

FAYE oh girlfriend! Men don't see the whole picture or what is in front of them. That is part of being a man and we women are better off if we just accept that and go on. I think they are born blind. Where is it? Right on the shelf to the left. I can't see it. OK I'll come get it.

05-24-2005, 11:45 PM
Good Evening, Flowers!
It's been nice day in my corner of the world. . .not too hot and no wind. This morning an outside mother cat brought her kittens up on the deck. One has Siamese markings, one is all black, and one is gray tiger striped like the mother cat. They are so cute and I so wish I could find a home for the whole family. Any takers? Maybe I could deliver?!

We packed away the rest of the classroom today, had the last two final exams, and finished up with all of the students who still owed back assignments. Tomorrow is a staff/breakfast meeting, an insurance meeting, check out for me, and a baby shower for the secretary at the end of the day. I'm taking a fruit bowl and have the fruit cut up and ready to go for the breakfast. Thursday morning is the district retirement breakfast and final hurrah in the buildings until 1:00.

"Gma" -- I had grilled chicken salad for supper tonight and so far so good. I showed a loss of 4# at WW tonight; I didn't tell the receptionist how it happened though. :o

Maggie -- When I read tests to the upper level students, I just read each question and then the multiple choice answers. Sometimes I might have to explain a word but not very often. They are usually the biology and health tests and use scantron answer sheets. To the lower level students, I might rephrase a question or explain what it means. With the algebra student, he does the test and I check it; then we go through the problems and I walk him through each step by saying, "what do we need to do first?" (change the signs) "And what do we do next?" He knows how to do the problems but he has trouble concentrating in a room full of other students so I take him to a conference room for the tests. If he has the right answer, but the wrong sign, I just say, "check your signs." If he's way off I make him erase the whole problem and start over. He came out of the class with a D on the final and a C for the semester. :D His writing is awful and his notes were a mess; he did do all of the assignments, took notes, etc., so by doing that he would pass. It kind of depends on what their IEP says as to how much help they get. If they are a good reader, they seldom get one on one help except for answering a specific question regarding the assignment/test question.

Not much else is happening, that I can think of anyway. Have a wonderful Wednesday! I am heading off to watch the news and then bed.

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

05-25-2005, 09:38 AM
Morning girlies! It is already 65% humidity and it is only a little after 7 so we shall see! Today is my big boy's graduation from preschool. Can you believe he is going to go to Kindergarten in the fall? They grow up so fast. His granddad and I are just giving him $50 to buy whatever he wants. That way he can save for a new bike or buy a new video game, whatever. Their pool is probably already open so he could get toys for that too.

Maggie: Love the song. It is perfect. Fortune doesn't give them a whit of trouble when he gets groomed and he only goes about every 8 weeks. At $40 a pop I couldn't afford a weekly bath and groom! He needs to go again as he is beginning to look shabby. I don't know where you are going to bath him, but what I did is bought a cloth leash and collar and put it on him then wrapped the leash around the soap dish thingy in the tub and secured it. He couldn't move and I have two hands free to wash and rinse him. I would NEVER attempt to groom him though. I don't even cut his nails, but have the groomer and/or dr do it. I am afraid to I guess.

Jean: Isn't it a sad thing that parents don't encourage their little ones to love to read? Most kids would probably not have trouble reading if the parents had read to them and then encouraged them to read when they were younger. Very few kids actually have reading disabilities, I think. My kids both LOVE to read and I think it is because I bought them books for gifts and encouraged that for others too. I remember Kelly loved The Babysitters' Club series. She reads boring stuff nowadays and what she calls "chick lit" which I hate! :lol: Jay is a big Jack Kerouac lover and tends to go for that kind of stuff for fun but reads high brow stuff as well. Me, I read purely for PLEASURE! Any junky trashy thing I can get. Not sex stuff, just not brainiac stuff! :lol: I love Stuart Woods, most of the lady detective writers like Paretzky, Buchannan, Grafton and the like, I actually like the Harry Potter books a lot. I also like the books written about women's clubs etc like The Red Hat Club series.

Well, we are on a countdown to vacation and only have 90 days to go! I have bought the airline tickets (they are first class, which we got for $1300 total woohoo and I looked yesterday and the prices have gone up $300 a ticket!) paid for the parking at the lot at the airport for the car, bought tickets to see Mystere, paid the deposit on the hotel and am waiting until after the first of June to get our Penn and Teller and possible Tony and Tina's Wedding tickets as you can only purchase them 3 months in advance. I want to go to a third show but Jack doesn't. I am going to wear him down as I think the Tony and Tina's wedding one would be fun. I guess you are part of the wedding and reception though it is a play too. You have an Italian buffet dinner, champagne, wedding cake and dancing just like a real wedding, but then there are plots to the play like the minister getting drunk and someone getting into it with the bride, etc. At least you don't have to buy a gift! :lol: I would really like to go as I can't go and see any of the singing acts I want as they are either too expensive (Barry Manilow tickets are like $250 apiece) Jack HATES them (Elton John) or they are not playing in Vegas, (there are a bunch of those. :lol: )

Well, guess I better go and check on the rugs in the dryer and get another load in.


05-25-2005, 02:31 PM

It is fixin to get up in the low 90's today. At 10:15 as I type it is 80. So thankful for the cooler that does work swell. Cowboy is working on a saddle and I am going to chop some veggies for the baked beans I am making for dinner. We are having the market rotisserie a tri tip and I will serve a huge green salad, beans and griled french bread for dinner. Our weekly guest is coming and that will be fun.

FAYE We don't have to pay that much for Ragg Mopp weekly. It is only $15 and she does everything. He loves his bath, tolerates the blow drying, lets his nails be clipped if someone else ~ like me ~ keeps his mouth busy and HATES to have his face trimmed. Cowboy holds him when that is done for the little scudder is so strong. I believe between Cowboy and me we can get him bathed and the rest done also. I have clipped his nails so have the proper cutters to do that. We can find places occasionally along the travel route to do it once in awhile. I have a plastic dish pan that I am going to be taking for his bath tub and do it outside. ;) I'll get the rinse water all ready before I start so hopefully it will work out fine.

I am sure your excursion to Lost Wages will be a fun one. That wedding thing sounds like a hoot. What a fun thing to do ~ I think anyway. Kids do grow up so quickly. Turn around and they are teens.

JEAN how nice for you that you have your stuff at school all packed now. You can take a breath and dig into what it is you want to do this summer. I know you will be enjoying those babiesl.

05-25-2005, 11:29 PM
Good Evening, Flowers!
Today was our last "official" day at school and we started by having a pot luck breakfast in honor of the superintendent's retirement. Everything was yummy but I didn't overdo on anything. Some of us worked in our rooms all morning while some has department meetings. Iowa has decided that ALL special ed. students need to be in regular classes and modified elective classes will eventually be phased out. The teachers need to have a certain number of hours in whatever subject matter they are teaching or else will have to team teach with a regular ed. teacher. I wonder how long it will take for them to figure out that there are some kids who will never "get it" no matter what, in a regular class. We went out for lunch and then had an insurance meeting. Our premiums will go up 16% but by doing some juggling with a middleman company, we will become self insured. It involves a whole lot of paperwork, mailing EOBs, etc. In the end we aren't supposed to notice any increase but we'll see. I'm not convinced. After school there was a baby shower for the secretary and then a "so long" reception for the nursing home administrator where DH is on the board. I didn't eat a thing there and am still not hungry. Tomorrow morning is the retirement breakfast when all the "oldies" come back to congratulate the new retirees and reminiscence. I will be FREE after 9:30!

We have a number of graduation invitations for the weekend, most are on Sunday after the ceremony. I'm thinking we might go visit grandkids and skip them all this year. There aren't any that I'm really close to and some are obviously asking for $$.

"Gma" -- I haven't been able to sit down and concentrate on a book for a long time. I get several magazines so do read most of those. There is so much advertising in them but I take them to the hospital and to school so recycle them! :)

Maggie -- I have a very long "to do" list for the summer! I need to get busy on Christmas stockings as I am now 5 behind! Jason and Amanda will have been married 6 years in July, and I still haven't finished hers. :o

I am heading off to watch the news and then go to bed. It seems like it has been a long day and I'm tired. Hope you all have a terrific Thursday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

05-26-2005, 11:33 AM
Morning girls! Well I just got scared to death. I had clicked on the reply and my computer shouted out, "Mom!" Sounded just like my son, except he calls me mama! Man, my heart is still in my throat. I would like to find out how to stop that nonsense as I have all kinds of sounds from time to time like creaking doors, someone yelling, whatever and usually when I am trying to post to something. I just don't know where to look to shut it off if you even can!

Jean: Well by now you should be finishing up and almost done with school stuff and be free for a few months! I know you are going to have a great time having all this time to yourself. When I graduated from high school I only asked I think 2 teachers to my graduation reception and that was because I was close to them. I know that one of them came. He was this elderly man who taught a variety of stuff from US History to some more practical stuff like using a checkbook, using a bank, buying insurance, etc stuff like that. I don't even know the classes name. I just took it because I had all my credits by the end of JR year except ENG and US GOV/ECON so I took all sorts of stuff I wouldn't have normally. My senior year they went to this 8 week english courses. You could choose your classes as a senior from stuff like, speech, eng literature, a class sort of like a book club, grammer, amer lit, stage, stuff like that. I guess they figured if you had gotten to be a senior, you were pretty well set and should enjoy yourself. They let me take 2 eng classes a day and so I got to take all the stuff I loved, one hour of which was that book club class where all you did was read a book and make a journal about what you read. I remember I read Gone With the Wind during that class. I also remember speech. I did a speech on the evil of Jesus Christ Superstar (my teacher was an agnostic) I was a mouse of a pupil, but I pulled out all the stops on this one and even got an "A," which was amazing from him. He was probably the hardest teacher I had (I had him for Soph English) and years later when my goofball son decided English was a waste of time and flunked it and had to take summer school, Mr DeRue was his teacher. I threatened that boy to with an inch of his life to do well in that man's class and not embarrass me. He got an "A" and probably because he knew I wasn't messing around! :lol:

Maggie: I am amazed that Fortune does so well as being a yorkie he gets cut very close around the eyes. I just can't do it so I pay. Gosh, if I could get someone to do it for $15 a week, I would have Fortune done all the time too! Does he like to ride? I know that Fortune LOVES to ride in the car. We bought him his own carseat where he rides in a harness that attaches to the seatbelt. It is kind of cube shaped and sits on the backseat and high enough for him to see out the window. This way he is protected and not wanting to sit in our laps constantly like he would before. We haven't taken him on a trip in a long time though.

Thomas's graduation was cute but 2 hours long so like one of the other ladies said, you love watching your child but then are bored with the rest, which is true. There are of course always a couple showoffs that make it fun. Thomas couldn't believe Nonny and Granddad gave him, "dollars." I told him that was lots of dollars, $50 of them and he could buy whatever he wanted! The little binder they made with all their stuff in it over the year was so cute. There was lots of pictures in it of Grandparents day, Donuts with Dad day, his birthday (which they celebrate during the year as it is June 25) etc. There was this cute one of a paper astronaut and his face in the helmet.

Well, I need to clean and this is definitely NOT gettting anything done

Have a great day girls!


05-26-2005, 01:42 PM

It made it to 92 yesterday and I was wilting. That shower before bed sure felt good. I get to go to the dentist today at 12:30 and have my teeth cleaned which will be the highlight of my day. I love to have them cleaned. Other than that we don't have anything planned out of the ordinary for these days. :dizzy:

JEAN I got a laugh about those stockings. I remember them. Maybe you can get them done this year. Consentrate. :D

FAYE We didn't invite teachers to our graduation they were all there anyway back then. My senior year was fun also. I took swimming ~ became a life guard and drama ~ right down my alley. The in depth American History class I took was a very intense course and then when I started college I had the same teacher. He said if I had all my assignments and term papers to just turn them in next class session and I wouldn't have to come the rest of the year. He taught us as seniors the same things he was teaching in his college class. I was in what they called back then the "X" classes. I was in "Who's Who of American Teenagers" which was a kick. And voted senior girl with the best sense of humor of my class. What a hoot that was. I was president of most of the clubs I was in and of Acappella Choir. We sang at lots of functions. My goodness, I am going down memory lane here. Get this though, when I went back to college after I had retired they once again wanted to put me in Who's Who and I declined for I was not searching for another "career." I was in the top 1/2 percent of college grads across the nation for those two years I took those computer classes. It was so much fun going back and taking classes at a university ~ I would like to do it again. As my electives I took desk top publishing and the professor let me use the dark room and help put the year book together and work on the news paper. Then one day I received a check in the mail ~ he had put me on the payroll. Here I was having fun and got paid for it. I had no idea he was hiring me for I was taking the class for fun. He let me be in charge of that dark room since I ~ in my previous college days ~ I had taken a photography class that included using the dark room. Anyway I loved school. I got a good start with a beautiful young kindergarten teacher who hung the moon. And her fiance' was "Mr. Charming." Miss Miles was her name. I think a good beginning is so important plus if you get read to at home.