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05-19-2005, 06:04 PM
Hello and welcome to the Jaded Ladies! :wave:

We're a friendly group that provides support, not just in weight loss, but in all of our daily happenings. Please feel free to join us. :cofdate:

05-19-2005, 06:16 PM
G'day all...
Went w/ DD3 and her preschool class to a cool farm out in Estacada today for a little field trip to visit with farm animals. This family split up a bunch of acreage amongst family members and raise their own meat and vegetables. "Aunt Leslie" is also a folk artist and many of her creations are tucked around all the lamb pens and chicken coops... a very fun visit. Some one had a digital and took pix of me and my DD, so I will post them if they get emailed to me.

Karey - welcome! Look forward to getting to know you....a party at Bill Murray's house would have been tough to pass up.. I really liked Lost in Translation

I managed to get in the 25 minute Core video...was hoping to get out for a walk, but it is raining...again. :( I did get out in the backyard and weed for about 20 minutes in between rain showers. My backyard is a complete swamp. I am ready for some warm summer weather.... at least we shouldn't have to worry about a drought.

Can't make chat tonight as DS8 is participating in the variety show at his grade school. Maybe next week?


05-19-2005, 06:28 PM
Hello girls!

Thought I would start a new thread since we hit 53 post on the other one! remember what was said:

Katy--I've attempted to quit smoking many times.....but just wasn't ready. Your mind really needs to be set to quit and when that happens...I will be smoke free. I'm not sure what is keeping me from wanting to quit, but I know that the day will come. As for my sciatica, it's not really my back that aches, it's the leg from the hip joint on down. I end up walking like I'm about 99yrs old!!

Susan--I'm sorry you're going through all that stress and emotion having to deal w/Mike. Eventually the system will have to see what he's like. He'll show a pattern and eventually they'll wake up and think "OMG...what have we done to poor Susan and Gaby?" As Katy said, we're here to support you.

Karey--WELCOME!! So glad to have you here! I'm sorry I didn't welcome you sooner! Sounds like you're doing very well w/your plan to stay OP. Fajitas can be very good for you and low fat if you make them that way. I make them a lot and burritos...they fill you up and are low fat. Congratulations to your friend on carrying girls!! fun AND scarey is that??

Sue--I know we can both eat and be healthier. Just need to get that first step of getting motivated to make it happen. Been doing my best w/eating healthier. Really helps that James wants to eat better too. He's such a great supporter!!

Terri--I went and looked at that site...looks like fun stuff! I've never heard of it so I'm assuming it's from Canada?? You know, I had to skip through yours and Katy's post some because I watch AI, but don't get to actually watch it until the next day since I'm at work. I record the shows I want to see. So, I got off the computer than watched it...then came back. :lol: Silly isn't it?

Cristi--I don't think I've heard of any of those movies. I'm so bad when it comes to new movies coming out or had been out for awhile. Never have time! I do want to see Star Wars...but will wait until it's on video so I can watch it w/James. Hard to go to the theaters when he's on call!

Ellen--I just LOVE the little clip art! What program are you using to attach it to the posts? I need to find some and add it to mine. Make for a fun and pretty reading! Also want to change my advatar. May do that after I'm done w/my long post!

Hello to anyone I may have missed!! So sorry.

Well I have to make my dogs some food. We've been making their food instead of buying it....They seem to stay "regular" :D and they really like it. We got a recipe book from a healthy pet store. And James treats these dogs like royalty and he enjoys doing how did I get stuck making it??? :lol: Ran out of time..but he did leave the cook book open to the page that I need to follow! :)

Ok gals, I will talk to you all later on. Before I go, has anyone been coming in on Wednesday mornings for chat? I usually check first thing when I get on, but never catch anyone. So was curious if I'm just late or everyones been busy.

Take Care

05-19-2005, 06:51 PM
Hi Ladies, back again!

Going to try and make this quick as Ellen is on and can't get back tonight as it is my favorite show night and they are all the season finales so can't miss them.

Karey~that would have been so cool to go to Bill Murrays house! How fun to be planning a baby shower for twins! How fun to be having twins! My brother has 12 year-old twins and they have been a joy. I too woud want to know the sex. Didn't want to when I was pregnant with the first three, just liked the surprise of it all. But with #4-I definitely wanted to know.WTG on the 3-mile walk, getting the water down and staying on plan. :bravo:

Susan~(((((HUGS))))) to you sweetie. I wish there was something that I could do. Want me to beat Mike up? Just know we are here for you and that what goes around comes around. This all will bite Mike in the a$$ before it's all said and done with. Of course I really don't understand the lawyer or why the heck he is even talking to Mike. Just make sure you keep all e-mails, notes, &/or phone messages if possible. And yes, definitely take a witness with you to this meeting and get anything and everything in writing!

Sue~that's what we plan on doing in about 9 years. We knew when we moved here it would be temporary. I figured by then I will be ready to possibly live on a dirt road again, maybe! :dunno: WTG on the exercise also and getting back on track with your eating. :bravo: Wish I could say the same. For some reason I have been craving steak-such a weird craving for me as I don't really care for it. But gave in and got one from Applebees for lunch-bad, bad, bad! :nono:

Terri~I took a gander at the site for a few mns. going to go back later and really check it out. Looks interesting and I bet you do an awesome job with it. Black interior with the orange sounds really nice. I don't think I have seen a black interior in years, which seems odd. Seems like everything is grey. hope your little angel gets to feeling better. I hate to see the little guys sick.

Ellen~hope you are having a wonderful day also! :sunny:

Katy~haven't watched much of AI. I usually catch the whole beginning, a little in the middle just to see what's going on and then the last show to see who wins. While I think Carrie is pretty (and love her name of course!) and sings good I am definitely pushing for Bo to win. He is just awesome! In all ways! ;) Haven't been into reallity shows since Paradise Island-that show ticked me off and I vowed to never watch those type of shows again.

Marti~like the idea of a 12 week to Marti's Health Program. I need to do something but not really worried about it right now, obviously. I thought you had quit smoking? Or was that someone else I am thinking of? Well, whenever you decide to quit I know you will do it. I tried to get DS#2 to quit smoking but he's not having it. Thought if he had to go outside (this is a no-smoking house) to do it he would tire of it and quit, no such luck.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Hope I didn't miss anyone. I did make notes and it does seem like I am missing someone but kind of hard to go back to the other thread.

My eating has been horrible, not sure why except that when V was home (not that I am blaming him) for the 5 days all we did was eat out. I tried to eat healthy and didn't think I did so bad considering when I went to the doc I had lost 1/2 pound. Not that it mattered or I was watching my weight. Only reason I knew I lost that was because I was there earlier in the week and she weighed me both times and both times it was early morning before eating breakfast. The exercise hasn't been happening, not because I haven't wanted to or got lazy I did something to my left heel and couldn't use it. Hoping to get back on track with that in a couple of days. Now to stay away from the steak! :yikes: Just seems like a weird craving to me. Anyway...other than that just finished Ten Big Ones by Evanovich-love those books and going to start Metro Girl before I get the next two in the series of What a Girl Wants-been dying to read those and see how they end, if she finds her good christian guy and gets her prada bag! Okay, I am outta here, missed Ellen but don't want to miss the 5:00 news.

Again, Hi to everyone else :wave: Take care ladies and enjoy what's left of the day! :sunny:

05-19-2005, 07:02 PM
Hi Marti and Katy :wave: No one had posted when I started typing...

Katy~the farm sounded like lots of fun! WTG on getting the CORE video done! :bravo: I'll take some of your rain here. We got a little last night, of course after I watered the yard yesterday morning. It is 90 here today and bright and HOT! Too hot for May.

Marti~just saw what you said to Katy about the smoking and yes you are right. It's like losing weight also, when you are ready it will fall into place and happen. Just ain't happen' with me at the moment. Tow of the movies are independent films and DD is into those. Some aren't so bad but others seem to bore me for some reason. Speaking of Star Wars...they had a midnight showing here last night and you wouldn't believe the people there to see it. I think I have seen one or two of them but not really a fan of them.

Okay, ladies the news just started and I need to get off this thing. Have a wonderful evening!

05-19-2005, 07:21 PM
I don't remember what my ticker says but I weighed in at 149 this morning! YAY. Gotta love that stress.

Thanks Marti. I do appreciate all the support I get at JL. Goodness knows JL is the first place I run to to share all the injustices!!!! lol

I tossed and turned all night. I was wide awake at 2 am and couldn't sleep. Today is better though.

Gaby and I woke up at 8 am and she watched Barney while I dressed. She took a bath after I was ready for the day and before I knew it an extra potty chair ( it is just one of those kinds that is shaped liek a ring) that she plays with in the tub went around her neck and she said........"I'm stuck"

Poor thing. So I yanked it no I didn't. With my gentle touch I took it off her - left a mark on her ear though.

We went to Freddies and ate some lunch. She seemed interested in mostly some processed cheese - gobbled some slices of that up and drank some root What a good mommy I am ........*roll eyes*.

She is happy at her new sitters, I am so glad she gets to play with other little ones.

Is that farm in Estacada open to the public Katy?? Curious, sounds fun.

k- better get!!

05-19-2005, 09:45 PM
Hiya ladies,

Just a quick note to say hi! I cooked my tushie off today, and have cleaning and errands to do tomorrow. Then Saturday is THE BIG DAY, and we're attending other grads' parties on Sunday after church. So if I'm not here much this weekend, hopefully you'll understand!

Karey - my DD has twin girls who will be 3 next month. She and her DHs biggest problem after the babies were born was sleep deprivation, until they started sleeping through the night when they were about 3 months old. That was pretty good for preemies. Btw, they also have an 18 month old DD now, lol. Thank goodness for vasectomies, lol.

A big Hello to all the other JLs, and have a good weekend!! :cool:

05-19-2005, 11:24 PM
Thanks for the welcome all :cool:

I was in the chat room around 8:50 and then 10:00 Eastern time and I was alone. Am I figuring out the time right?

Jane ~ My poor pregnant friend will actually never get sleep. Her husband is in Iraq until at least March so although she has family support she's got some long nights ahead of her. :faint: She's so excited though, and she's already a great mother! You mentioned you have an 18 month old grandbaby. I have a 13 month old daughter. She's at such a fun age. She just started walking (everyone tells me I'm in trouble now) giving kisses, and doing a lot of talking. I love spending as much time as I can with her!

Cristi ~ I didn't want to know the sex of my daughter either. DH said girl the whole time but I was convinced she was a boy. Get crazy theory was that if I didn't know the sex I'd have something to look forward to and it would help me through the labor. :rofl: Obviously the blabbering of a first time mother. I actually got lucky and had a relatively easy labor but....give me a break, I didn't once think of the sex I just wanted it out!

Marti ~ You'll have to share some Mexican recipes with me. My husband loves it and you're right, it can be healthy as long as you make it that way. I actually made them with beef but I marinated the meat in lime juice, no oil, it was so delicious, DH downed it!

RosieKate ~ Regarding the Bill Murray party, I could just see us walking in. What would we say...."Oh hi, I'm the one that directed traffic so you could shoot your movie, remember me" :lol: As cool as the invite was we would have probably been uncomfortable, you know?

I had a good day OP. I got all of my water in. Only did a 1.8 mile walk, but I know it's better than nothing. I had a delicious ceasar salad with a blackened salmon filet. So yummy and then I had some sushi for dinner. I am a sushi roll addict. Luckily the place I frequent makes a lot of rolls with brown rice so I feel better about eating it. Hope everyone had a great day. And someone has to let me know the correct time in Eastern time for the chat. I can't tell if I missed it or not. :?:

05-20-2005, 11:35 AM
:coffee2: Good morning. Think I'll write in blue today. It's going to be alomost 100 here and so I'm very into cool colors, blue being the coolest. Love my yard when all the flowers get going and the yard is freshly mowed. I've been trying to surround my yard with high bushes and tress. and have managed to do all but one side. I guess I'm trying to make it as private as one can living in the city. No more problems as yet with that nasty neighbor. I'm keeping my eye out though . Wouldn't you know, this jerk has the worst house on the block. Run down , yard full of trash and junk, even his dogs look miserable. DS got a safty bonas and some gas cards from work. He gave me one. Yippi. It's for 100$ free gas from Arco. For me thats about 4 tanks of free gas. I'm planning on going a few places I've been putting off because of the high cost of gas. It sure is fun to go when you don't have to worry.PAM

05-20-2005, 11:45 AM
A very happy, good Friday morning ladies!

Karey~know what ya mean. I think we all feel that way when it comes down to it-we just want it out! My first I was in labor for 22 hours, yikes! But it was an easy labor, not hard at all, just long. With the next two, both were 5 1/2 hours and the pain with my daughter was awful! She made up for the two boys for sure pain wise. But in the end I would have done it all over again! You are doing an awesome job with your exercise and you're right-anything is better than nothing. Not sure about Chat as I never go, especially on Thursday night. It is my favorite show night with The O.C., then C.S.I. and Without A Trace. But I may try and make it sometime now since last night was the season finale. I've only made chat on Wednesday a couple of times I think. Also, forgot to mention that someone usually starts a new thread when we reach about 50 posts. Can't remember why we do that, think someones computer was slow or something. :dunno:

Well, I need to get going. Went tanning this morning and to the bank and now I need to jump in the shower. Don't like to smell this vanilla tanning lotion-it sticks with you all day, ick. DD is off today and we are headed to the bookstore and to get lunch. Also, need to get some boxes at the box store and pack up my hutch till V builds a corner one. We can't find one anywhere. Of course we are still waiting on the new furniture, supposed to be here June 19th but I need to get everything out of the hutch soon to get it outta there.

Hi to everyone! :wave: I know I won't be back this weekend so I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL weekend! Take care and see ya Monday!

05-20-2005, 11:49 AM
Hi Pam~you snuck in on me while I was typing away. :) Glad to hear the jerk neighbor hasn't bothered you. Your yard sounds nice. Nothing like getting free gas!

Well, gotta go. Again, have a great weekend ladies!

05-20-2005, 03:10 PM
Good Morning ladies--

Up early and ready for the work day to be over! I'm so ready for this weekend. It's supposed to be up in the 70's (even though I'm wondering "How?") and Jhanai is here!!!

Cristi--It was me who earlier in the year had mentioned trying to quit......ashamed that I didn't stick w/it. I went two weeks....and it's like My goodness, two weeks and I HAD to smoke one??? Makes no sense. But then again, I had quit for 4yrs before I had started up again. Cigarettes are evil little magnets! :dizzy: They go straight to my fingers! I enjoy independent films here and there too, could not tell you the name of any of that I've seen, usually went w/a group a friends and watched them at the Bijou. Some are good...some not so good.

Susan--That farm does sound fun doesn't it?? If I wasn't such a wimp when it comes to driving in big cities...I would visit Portland more often. But I'm so horrible when it comes to busy traffic. Get anxious! When I first started to learn how to drive back in high school...,my uncle took me for a drive and it all ended so bad that I can still hear him yelling at me!! Granted that I DID leave a scratch on his car, the size of my pinky, but the way he guided me around road and told me what to do....there was no way to avoid it. (or so I thought as a kid) Anyway......I think I'm venturing of here....went down memory lane. I think Gaby would have a blast at a petting zoo!

Jane--I am SO excited for Katie!! Take photos and make sure you get a lot w/the two of you together and the her and her dad together!! AND all three of you! Heck.....why don't I just start driving now and I should make in time to take the pictures for you! :lol: I hope you have lots of fun!! Don't worry about checking in this weekend....enjoy yourself!

Karey--I sure wish I had recipes for mexican food! But I just do with what I have around. For burritos, I buy low fat tortillas, black beans and then fill them up w/tomatoes, onions, olives, cilantro and then squeeze lime juice. And if I want's usually chicken or left over roast. Quick and easy.....and I'm full after one. (but have to admit, I sometimes eat two) That's my problem right there.....portion control and learning to stop when I'm full.

Pam--100 degrees?! WoW!! Send some of that up to Oregon!!! I need to mow my yard! I have to say, I'm pretty ashamed of how bad it's looking! W/me working nights and James working when ever...then mix that with constant lawn is a sad site!! Neighbors must think we're the laziest people around! I'm hoping it drys up this weekend....long enough to get the front yard mowed!!

Hello to all my other JL friends!!

I can tell I'm tired. I'm babbling on and on here. Didn't realize that I can write a lot too when I'm tired...usually I'm just a talker! :D

You all have a great Friday and just think...the weekend is almost here!!!

Take Care!

05-20-2005, 04:27 PM
HI a quick stop off here.... It is the long week-end here in Canada... I think you ladies in teh states have your long weekend next weekend. So i probably wont be back until Monday or tuesday.. we are going to the cottage for my grandmas 80 th birthday. Oh and i think it was you who asled Marti.. Watkins originated in the states.. the main spot is in Winona... I dont know which state that is in.Michigan or Minnesota.. an M state lol. Anyways. I hope everyone has a good week-end and i will get back when i have a minute or monday... TTFN xxoo

05-20-2005, 05:01 PM
Afternoon --

*sigh* you all sound like you have such normal lives. Makes me feel like a total loon. haha

I was up at 6 am to put a load of laundry in. Cleaned the living room, put away clothes, ran back down and put clothes in dryer back up to finish cleaning Gabys room.
8am went back to bed with Gaby who laid there snoring, beautiful child.Her sister gave her a makeabear ( but this was a dog) to bring home for the weekend so she was hugging that in her sleep.

Lauren went to her grandpa's last night and lo and behold Mike called while she was there.
He said he was coming in for the weekend for Gaby and he wanted to see her. That he was going to be getting a telephone number soon but he was only giving to her, not her mother to have.

Anyway, big secret!

Though Lauren being the typical 12 year old told her mom and who in turn asked Lauren if she could tell me and Lauren didn't care. lol

So, anyway. Gaby and I woke up at 9 am and out the door at 10 am because I needed to buy her some socks. So onto hwy 26 to Old Navy. Got there and we bought socks, hoping they had rain coats but they didn't. They did have plastic dog bones and Gaby wanted that for the borrowed doggie.

Dropped off video's. Went through McDonalds and home at 10:15 am. Sat Gaby down and she ate her breakfast. Gaby spilled the orange juice on her lap. So off come her clothes and clean ones back on.

10:45 am I finally am at my wits end. Grab her overnight bag and we head outside to wait.
Mike picks her up at 11 am now. So, we aren't out there long before he pulls up. Gets out and notice he is wearing baggy black pants with a pull over sweat shirt and on the back it says his last name. His hair is all messy. He gets Gaby in the car , tells her she looks nice. Gaby chatters about her dog.
He turns and takes her bags,,,,,,,,,,I say " so, are you spending the weekend in town??"

He goes " I don't have to tell you anything. I will go through your lawyer. "

I say " fine....."



So, I walk inside and start getting chest pains, close to tears. I just want to know where she is going to be. He gives a message phone that isn't even in the same city as him and if he is getting a new number doesn't he have to give it to me??
Of course he moved without telling me until I asked.

I called his ex and she talked to me said to ignore it and never to show him it upsets you. She said he just wants control and thinks if he doesn't talk it will make me crazy.

I exhaled and inhaled tried to get the chest pains to ease. It took 30 minutes. I got in the car and went to Goodwill breathing in and out - trying to calm down. Found a cute blue that helped - lol.

Was feeling better so went to Freddies and got some coffee and a new tooth brush. lol

Came to work ..............still feel like crying.

Boss went out to buy cake for the residents- we are celebrating birthdays today!

Will try and focus on the other girls - maybe go to Michaels and get a craft thing to do???

Welcome Karey! Where is Ellen?? I am a really good driver now Marti. My ex never let me drive while married.Terrified the first time I got on a hwy, couldn't merge - I am super!

05-21-2005, 03:41 PM
Just a quick hello!!

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend. Waiting for James to get up so I can make noise and take a shower! :lol:

Not sure what Jhanai & I have planned for the day but we'll have fun together. get.

Take care!

Tea Rose
05-22-2005, 02:51 PM HAPPY SUNDAY LADIES
Just popping in to say Hi , woke up with a big headache that won't go away , so I have to go lay down for a bit, I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend

05-22-2005, 05:50 PM
:df: :flow1::sunny: Hope you're all having a wonderful Sunday!!:sunny: :flow1: :df:

Beautiful post Ellen!!

05-22-2005, 08:29 PM
It is a beautiful post Ellen. I don't know how you do that clip art, would love to learn.


3 hours and counting until Gaby comes home. After Friday I called his message phone and asked if he would call to let me know if they made is safely. No word.
I called the next day (Saturday - I know. I shouldn't have but he annoys me.......actually, I wanted to know where Gaby was.)
I just said that my lawyer had answered the question if he was required to tell me where he was staying if visitation wasn't going to be at his home??

The answer was yes, an address and telephone number.

If you remember Mike just said " I don't have to tell you that."

blah - blah.....

I went out to dinner with his ex and visited for 3 hours. She is a very interesting lady, a true survivor. He started a relationship with her when she was 14 ( he was 27). They kept it a secret til she was 16 and legally became an adult, when they started living together. They were married when she turned 18 and divorced at 23. He was very abusive. Hung her over a bridge and threatened to push her off. Only to pull her back in and say he was sorry.......and do it all over again. She said this went on and on,,,,,,,seemed a long time.

Anyway, this is all icky stuff.

I just want Gaby home.

He gets her Memorial weekend but if he doesn't say anything I am keeping my mouth shut ( I know......hard to fathom, eh??? lol)

Weighing in at 149, craving beans sooooooooooo bad.

Early day tomorrow at work so better get my housework done before Gabster gets home.

I bought her the cutest things at Goodwill :)

05-22-2005, 08:55 PM
Just popping in......

Susan--It really bothers me to hear that you have no idea where Gaby is and that the lawyers arent' don't anything to insure that you ALWAYS know where she's at!! (is it possible you need a new lawyer?) Who is to know if he decided to take off??

And w/his past history w/his ex!!!! OMG!! He sounds like a predator, turned abuser once she was of age.

Let us know when Gaby gets home, I will feel so much better knowing she's home safe w/her mother!

05-23-2005, 08:22 AM
Good Monday morning, ladies!!

Karey - aww, your friend is going to need some help!! So your little one is walking, huh? As they get older and older, their care becomes easier. I remember being glad when each child of mine could put on their own shoes and coats, lol.

Pam - Yay for free gas!!

Cristi - hope you had a good weekend.

Marti - omg, I've got so many photos to sort through!! I had the camera with me, around my wrist, during almost the whole party! It is only as big as a deck of cards, so that was no problem. Anyway, I got some great shots and will share once I've got them lined out. Hope you had a great weekend with Jhanai.

Terri - my parents sold Raleigh products on the side, after my dad retired. Those products are very similar to Watkins, I believe.

Susan - I have to say my big ol' butt would be in jail now for contempt of court because I don't think I could let my child go with someone like Mike to who-knows-where, but I know you're stuck between a rock and a hard place! Damned if you do, and damned if you don't! I'm with Marti - I think you need a new lawyer, especially after the conversation you had with him where it sounded like he was more for Mike than for you. The whole situtation is weird and just doesn't stack up. What does your mom say about it all?

Ellen - hope you're feeling better! Maybe you could relax by a pool, and let the lifeguard, who looks like Brad Pitt, rub suntan oil all over you. Would that make your headache go away? ;)

Well, I made it through the weekend! Katie's graduation ceremony and party was so cool and she was so happy. As I said to Marti, I took a bazillion pictures and will share once I sort through them all.

What are you gonna do today? I plan to just veg out, lol!

Ciao, bellas! :cool:

Tea Rose
05-23-2005, 11:56 AM GOOD MORNING LADIES
I think I might have eaten something bad , I have been awake since 5am with an upset tummy and headache, but I can't for the life of me figure out what I might have eaten.

So happy to hear your party went well, I am looking forward to seeing those pictures , sounds like everyone had a wonderful time. I don't think even Brad could fix the way I feel today, but if you have a connection to him , send him on over and I will give it a try :lol: I hope you have a wonderfully relaxing day

Did little Gaby get home safe and sound, I can't understand what court would allow a father in the middle of a custody situation , take a small child , without the mother having access to where she is being taken, something is wrong here, I am with Marti and Jane, no one would be taking my child anyway under those circumstances, maybe you should look into another lawyer is working on your behalf, because it doesn't sound like this one is.I feel so bad for you , I would be so frightened from the time she left me, till she came home I would be beside myself, I didn't mean that to upset you more, its just there are so many reasons for you to be weary of the currant situation,. Let us know that Gaby is home , and I hope she enjoys the things you got for her. I hope your having a great day

I hope you had a wonderful weekend, , did you get to do anything special or did you just get to relax,either way I hope your having a great weekend


05-23-2005, 02:49 PM
Hi Ladies :wave:

Not much to say...had to run to the library and return some books. Did check out a couple more, not sure why when I have lots here to read and then bough some while at the bookstore a few days ago. Didn't sleep very well last night and I am very sleepy right now. We had some bad thunderstorms move through and was up till 2:30, a lot of hail. Goofy me of course had to take pics of it, almost covered the deck and I was waiting for a tornado! Don't like, nor will I ever get used to this kind of weather. Give me the earthquakes anyday! Was out cleaning up the mess. Thank goodness it wasn't bad and we didn't lose any trees! Definitely won't have to water the yard for at least a week, and if it rains tomorrow and Wednesday...won't have to for another week.

Susan~ditto what everyone else said about Mike, and the lawyer. (((((HUGS))))) to you and Gaby.

Ellen~hope you get to feeling better. I had something like that a few weeks ago-had me in bed the whole weekend.

Hi to everyone else.

I'm going to try and take a quick nap once I start a load of laundry. May be back later, not sure. Anyway, take care and have a good day everyone!

05-23-2005, 03:48 PM
Good morning/afternoon, depending on where you are.
Ellen, I did the rise part, but the shine part, I'm not so sure. Hope you get feeling better soon.

Jane, Congrats to you and of course to Katie. Can't wait to see the pictures. I just know that you put on a great party and hope it didn't exhaust you too much. Me, I usually do okay for a couple days after a big event, then I feel a day of "let down." Where I just have to rest and collect all those stray thoughts. Anyway, I bet you are excited to be helping make those college plans.

Cristi, Wow, big storms it sounds like. We are having wonderful, sunny weather right now. I am actually going to go out and pull a few weeds and then walk.

Susan, I must say I agree with what has been said. I know you have to abide by the courts rulings, and that is not always easy. I wonder how many of the judges or lawyers would allow their child to go off and not know where they were? Makes me so darn mad!! But then, having been thorugh this with DD and DGS I can say, there are a lot of things that don't make sense and more that make me mad!

I hope all the JL's had wonderful week-ends.

We spent Sat. with DBL that finally got home from his ordeals. He spent over 3 months in the hospital and nursing home. That was great. DGS came to spend Sat. night with us. He and I went to church Sun. then shopping in the afternoon. Nice to spend time with him.

Diet and exercise is on track and I am hoping for a good weigh in on Wed.

05-23-2005, 06:23 PM
Hello Ladies,

I'm still here...just been busy. I tried to post on Sat. but the darn pc went buggy and I lost it all.

Glad to hear everyone had a good weekend, mine starts on Wed. Lost 2 more pounds, will weigh in with Pam again on Wed. Work is going...had my first oops...hurt my pride more than anything else....they say it happens to the best of us. Just not to me again, I hope.

Well, gotta run and get ready for work. Will be back later!!

Keep Smiling and have a great day!!

05-24-2005, 07:15 AM
Really quick post as I am SO tired!!

I had a GREAT weekend!! So looking forward to more great weather!!

Jhanai picked me a bouquet of roses from our yard yesterday...she even trimmed off the thorns! Such a sweet girl!

I will catch up more tomorrow morning.

Goodnight ladies!

05-24-2005, 08:26 AM
Good morning, oh Jaded Ones!! :D

Ellen - thanks, I did mostly just rest and generally goof off yesterday. Hope your tummy is better today. Well, I got ahold of Bad, but he said Angelina won't let him leave, so I guess we'll have to find someone else to rub suntan lotion on you. ;)

Cristi - we had hail here last week, and it damaged my hostas! It always scares me when I see hail, because I know there is usually a tornado nearby. Hope you got rested up yesterday. Noticed you have your ticker back again. Good vibes are being sent to you, friend!! :goodvibes:

Sue - glad your BIL is fanally home and that you got to spend time with DGS. My DGS from Mississippi will be visiting Mary and Dale for a month, starting on Father's Day. I'll sure be glad to see him. That is, if his mom doesn't change her mind again.

Dee - aww, sorry about the oops! Hope the damage wasn't too bad. YAY for 2 more pounds down! :cp: You're doing great!!

Marti - yep, Jhanai is a sweetie pie! And she's growing up entirely too fast!! Before you know it, we'll be talking about her graduation instead of Katie's! Hope you got rested.

Wow, we were a tired bunch yesterday, weren't we? I did get all rested and feel great today!

Need to tackle Mt. Washmore and do some ironing today, too. Later I'll be taking Mackenzie the 6 y/o to her next-to-last swim lesson. The instructor said she's doing great, considering she didn't even want to get her head under water on the 1st lesson.

Well, I'm starvin' like Marvin, so need to get off here and go get some breakfast and coffee. See you lovely ladies later!

05-24-2005, 11:07 AM
Hello Everyone! WEll had a good week-end. Went to the cottage on Saturday perfect weather.. The kids played by the lake all afternoon.. then had a good supper! I am soo tired! lol i was going to tell you about the rest of teh week-end but i think i am going to lay down and come back later.... Hope everyone had a good week-end! ttfn xxoo

05-24-2005, 05:42 PM
Jane...can you answer a diet question for me?
How many stalks of asparagus would equal a cup? Same question with brussel sprouts...lots of veggies are hard to measure. I know I can cut them up and do it, but if I go out and get served asparagus I want to be able to eye-ball it, you know? This might be the most stupid question you have been asked.

05-24-2005, 06:31 PM
Good afternoon,

Congrats Dee on the weight loss~ and welcome. I forgot to say that earlier.

Congrats to Katie too, forgot to say that as well.

Don't know anything about asparagus Sue, sounds yummy though.

I have been reading a book titled Espresso for the Soul. I don't think that is correct but close enough. Anyway it is a good book and the author is from Portland. I was going to call the church she talks about in the book and see if she was still there. It is a inspirational type book and one thing she wrote about acceptance hit home.

I am driving myself nuts with this Mike thing. As much as I have tried , I can't control it!!! lol and I want too.

Gaby came home on time Sunday night. His ex had called saying he was suppose to be at a church thing to see his other daughter at 6 pm.

They showed up at 7 pm. Gaby was walking up the stairs outside and I called out her name and she turned and ran. I missed her sooooooooooo much.

He gets her Memorial Dy weekend and so that will be 3 weekends in a row, torture??????? Yes........right to my heart.

It is frustrating to see her come home and it takes me days to get her back in the groove. She does like her new sitter and I left her playing in the yard running around in the sun, she looks so cute.

Predator? Actually Marti his ex used the same word on him herself. She said she was worried about my daughters when I was with him because her mother had a relationship with him before he started one with her. That she always called him Uncle Mike, he was family to her growing up.
Mike is sick, no doubt in my mind on that.

With that said below is the last email from my lawyer. Working on helping Mike get a carseat. Next I will be told to give him mine. lol

:bomb: :bomb: :bomb: :bomb: :bomb: :bomb: :bomb:

Dear Susan: Ok, bring your friend. And yes, Mike needs to give you his home #. Car seat: you can ask for it back, but better if you just buy him a new one. Give a little. I doubt if he will buy one himself, although we can, of course, require in the order that he use a proper car seat. I'll work on the 27th - AM, correct?
Also, please forgive me on two accounts: First, for asking for another copy of your 2004 tax return and W-2, which I had misplaced (it was in my basket to be filed), and secondly, for calling you "S****" on, I'm sure, more than one occasion. I never used to do that, and I honestly think that my brain surgery (or the pain meds) has caused me to do screwy things like that. I apologize.

05-24-2005, 06:32 PM
Another fly by from me!!

Been out enjoying the weather instead of being couped up in the house on the computer. The sun is shining here in Oregon and it's brightening my attitude!! :D

My weekend was fabulous. Enjoyed every minute w/Jhanai. She's growing so fast and I can see her personality growing too. We rearranged her room this weekend. She wanted it more teenage friendly instead of little girl. :) Can't believe it!!

Yesterday I spent some time w/James when he got home. He was gone all weekend. We worked on our yard...mowing and weeding. Will more of it later on this week.

Ok...sorry for no individuals at the moment....I will try to after work!

Have a great day!

05-24-2005, 06:52 PM
Well ladies, I have no time to chat today. It's 2:45 and I need to leave for work at 3:15.
Pam is at Disneyland with her DS girlfriend, I have to wait...still working. But we will go to Magic Mountain instead, on the 11th. Hope it was great, Pam, can't wait to hear all about it!!
Jane - Thanks for the support, I'm thrilled about the 2 pounds, but it just doesn't seem like much, and as for work....I think I worry too much, even the boss wasn't very upset about it. Wheew!!!
Marti - I love it when my kids bring me flowers, I know it must have brightened your day!! They just seem to get sweeter as time flies by!!
Ellen - So glad you came back...Pam talks kindly about you...looking foward to getting to know you. Hope you are feeling better today!!
Susan - Hang in there!! And enjoy your time with Gaby.

The rest of you ladies Have a Great Day and Keep Smiling!!

05-25-2005, 09:24 AM
Happy Hump Day, ladies,

Sue - I don't like them, but I personally would eat all the brussel sprouts and asparagus I wanted since they are free foods when raw, and can't be much worse when cooked. I don't count veggies like that, or even carrots, since I am positive they weren't the reason I got fat, lol.

Dee - wish I was at Disneyland with Pam!! I've never been there, although I have been to Disney World in Florida 5 times, and will be going back. Two pounds is like 8 sticks of butter! Does that image make it seem like more?

Hi to Terri, Marti and Susan, too, and all the Jaded Ladies!

Katie bought an iPod mini last night with some of her graduation money. It's real sharp - kind of a lavenderish pink, and I can't believe all the things it does! Now I sort of want one, too, lol.

We've got a bumper crop of ripe strawberries, and lettuce, green onions and radishes galore! Wish I could share with you guys.

Have a good one!

05-25-2005, 11:03 AM
Good morning everyone!

Well i agree with you Marti.. we have been out enjoying the weather here too! The lawn grows so fast this time of year seems lioke we are always mowing it.

Susan.. That lawyer doesnt seem very professional... is there any others around you could get? Man i would have a heart attack every time that guy picked up my kid!!!

Jane: I love brussel sprouts and asparagus!.. Call me crazy! I just cant buy them all the time becasue they are expensive.

Dee: Hi there... My kids think dandilions are flowers and i always get handfuls of them!! lol oh well i guess they try

Hello Cristi and Ellen and Suetalks.. and Pam and Katy and Katie and anyone i might have missed.. hope you are having a good week! TTFN xxoo

05-25-2005, 11:10 AM
Good morning..Jane, you are probably right. They can't do much harm can they? We love vegetables and fruit...the only thing that is going to get us through this week. I figure after the week I will be used to the diet and it will be easier.

Going shopping with my mom and aunt today. Looks like a sunny breezy day, so should be nice.

I will report in tonight.

Oh yeah, I lost 2 pounds since last Wed. woo hoo...

05-25-2005, 03:18 PM
Jane and Sue- I just returned from New Seasons (our organic grocery) w/ tons of fruits and vegetables. You know, I never count the calories on vegetables unless they have a dressing or something like that... I just eat away! I just harvested our first radishes from the backyard garden...going to have some chard soon, atoo, but the strawberries are limping along. This is my second year with these I need to give them a few more years to start producing? I bet once they start, I'll wonder what I ever worried about :dizzy:

Susan - sorry the weekend was so stressful for you...hopefully the settlement conference will improve things...when do you meet?

Marti - Jhanai sounds like such a lovely young lady- I hope my DD is just as pleasant when she hits the "tweenage" years.

You want to watch something to put you off junk food forever? We just saw Supersize Me on DVD this weekend. I even let DS8 watch it. With the exception of one scene, which I skipped over with the remote, the movie seemed to be appropriate. There's some exploration of school lunch programs and soda machines, etc in schools. Really opened his eyes. I wasn't too surprised....none of us would be as we are all pretty hip to good nutrition. What scares me is how many people just don't have a clue about nutrition.....

05-25-2005, 04:02 PM
Hi ladies--

Jane--I'm so glad that Katie had a wonderful party!! And a great gift to buy from the graduation money! ipods are great. I'm wanting one. James has one, but it's bigger than what I would want. He got it to keep all his files on the rules from work on it. Those things are amazing!

Terri--The weather is FABULOUS here! And it's about time. My mood needed some sun! Have great time w/your little one out there playing around!

Dee--Sorry you didn't get to go to Disney w/Pam!! How fun to go to Magic Mountain though. I would enjoy going to any of those kinds of places. I agree about kids getting sweeter. She is just perfect! I just love her to pieces!!

Susan--How come he got Gaby 3weekends in a row? And this weekend is a three day weekend...does he get her for the whole three days? I hope you get to spend some of the weekend w/her.

Sue--I was going to mention eating as many veggies as you want as long as you're not topping them w/dressings or cheese or what have you. I LOVE asparagus. I usually lightly steam them, but I've been wanting to try and grill them. May do that soon.

Katy--Your DD WILL be a sweetheart as she gets older! She already sounds like a sweetie!! And so does your son. Now, how are you liking the sunshine?? It's suppose to get up to the 80's here. Which means I need to get outside and wash my car!!

Cristi--How scary about your weather! Here I'm talking about our sun and your hiding from possilbe tornados!! I hope it all clears up soon and you get to enjoy the weather.

Ellen--How are you doing? I had a great I usually do. This weekend I might be going to a meeting for the Relay for Life Walk. That will happen next month. I say might because if James is home, then I plan on just being w/him instead of running around. I hardly get to see him as it is....all time spent is a cherished time. Same w/Jhanai.

Hello to everyone I may have missed.

I'm off to wash my car and weed the yard if James bought some string for the weed wacker!! :lol: Gotta enjoy this sunshine!

Have a great day!

05-25-2005, 05:01 PM
HI ladies~

Sorry, for yet another quickie, just been busy. But did want to check in and say Hi to everyone.

Went to see Monster-In-Law today after Wal-Mart. Must say I was a little disappointed, but then not...never cared for J-Lo as an asctress so wasn't impressed. Just went to see it because DD wanted to. I picked the last one. Jane Fonda and Wanda Sikes was funny in parts but it was quite boring-now I know why it only got two stars! Anyway...gotta go.

See ya tomorrow! :wave:

05-25-2005, 05:09 PM
Real fast because I have to work today.

I am reading the order that he has her Memorial weekend. I could be wrong , maybe it is just the day he has her?? He also gets her Labor day weekend, I get 4th of July.

I told him that I get the 4th of July (per the temp order) and he says " will , we haven't gotten that far".....

WhatEVER - come up with your own rules Mike.

Now my lawyer writes he doesn't have a phone number for Mike and do I have one??? lol

ummm, if they can't get their act together , we ain't having no meeting. I need to give some notice to my boss - bet sakes.

k- that is all the venting I get per day! lol

ate Gaby's nuggets and fries at McDonalds..............she is cranky/tired.Poor baby.......

05-25-2005, 07:05 PM
Back again........

Won't vent,,,,,,,,but I can rant - lol

Lawyer calls message phone and a man says that isn't Mike's message phone. I called his ex and she gave me a cell number.
Which I gave to lawyer and I called it myself. Same Mary lady that he is friends with. So , I leave a message saying he needs to call my lawyer and he also needs to check his emails.

I don't care if we have a meeting. Seems if Mike was interested he could have called my lawyer. Making us be like wild goose chasers! I asked my lawyer about Memorial weekend. Hope it is just the day and not the whole weekend.

Below is an email I wrote Mike...........hope I don't sound too angry?? lol Actually I'm not. I think I am getting to the point where I just don't care.

Did you get my messages?
1] One was the car seat info. Gaby needs proper car seat. She is not safe in the one you have. I told you that back on March 7th. Gaby weighs 45 pounds.
I left messages where you can contact and get a low cost one through the ****** Fire Dept.
2] Gaby came home with a faint rash on her face. Now she has a rash on her arm. Noticed this Monday and the sitter did as well.
Curious about what she ate while with you? She also came home with loose BM"S and saying her tummy hurts. She complained about this with my mother too.
I would appreciate a response back. I have left messages and you never seem to get back in a timely manner.
While I understand you might not like me we still need to parent Gabrielle.


Tea Rose
05-25-2005, 08:01 PM
Hi Everyone
I have a bit of a family crisis at present I may not be here for a couple of days,I didn't want you to worry.I hope you are all fine and having a wonderful day.

05-25-2005, 11:22 PM
Well..another day OP, unless I go eat everything in the kitchen between now and bedtime. No, don't worry, I won't do that.

Shopping trip was fun and I found a skirt on sale. Haven't worn a skirt or dress for awhile, but wanted it for church. Just felt like something different. Went to Fazoli's for lunch and I actually passed on the bread sticks. I ate a grilled chicken pannini and left part of the bread. Mom is a pasta lover as I am, so she always wants to go there for a quick lunch. I told her that if I lose 5 pounds we will go to Olive Garden and I WILL eat a bread stick. (my reward) Hope we can do that next week.

05-26-2005, 08:30 AM
Good morning, ladies!!

Sue - yay for the 2 pounds down!! :cp: Hope you don't mind if I mention, though, that you might want to rethink rewarding yourself with food. Instead, you could try to work the food into your daily allotment. One breadstick from Olive Garden, plain, is 3 points. For rewards, you could try my favorite - jewelry! Or how about a CD, a book, a manicure, new perfume, etc?

Katy - I've been wanting to see Supersize Me, also. The only veggies I count are the starchy ones like corn, peas, etc. If we had to count tomatoes, I'd have never been able to stick with it, lol. I dearly love them and can hardly wait until they are ripe in the garden. I also can hardly wait for cantaloupe! As often as I ate it last year, I still didn't get enough, lol. There is a field of them to the left of my front yard, lol, and I plan to beat a path to it.

Marti - I never even thought about an iPod holding other files than music! Katie's will hold about 1000 songs, depending on the length. She's been having fun with it. I agree, your DD is a beautiful sweetie and you have so many more memorable times coming your way. First dates, proms, academic acheiments, etc. Makes me think of scrapbooking, lol.

Cristi - it seems there aren't any really good movies out right now. Neal and I were going to go the other night, but when I checked the listing, it was pathetic. Keep in mind, though, that we only have one theatre and it shows only 8, maximum. During the week it is less. Btw, how's the patio coming along?

Ellen - oh no! I hope the crisis is a small one and that you are back soon. (((HUGS))) for whatever it is!! If you need us, friend, we're here, ok?

Well, it's Thursday, and I'm heading to Wal-Mart afterwhile. I'd like to take a DGD with me, and will leave it up to Mary to remember whose turn it its, lol.

Other than that, not much going on. After the hectic couple of weeks I've had, I'm enjoying the still waters now.

Ciao, bellas!!

05-26-2005, 09:49 AM
Good Morning!

Hello Ladies! Well my brother is moving his stuff back to my moms..(he was staying at my uncles house til he sells it) so yesterday I was moving boxes in the heat... Now today we have to do the big stuff.. Yuck,.. it is only me and him so i have to move couches and stuff. Yay... not! Ah well i am getting good exercise!

Jane: I had to go to Walmart last night for diapers.. Bought a 5 dollar baby pool for Emma t osplash in while we move stuff.. she was in it last night and she liked it.

Suetalks: I dont wear skirts often.. but i like to wear them because they hide fat really well.. lol well the long ones i wear do anyway!

Ellen: (((BIG HUGS))) that is all i can do... hope you are ok!

Susan: Well he is still a weiner.. and i think the lawyer is too lol.... Poor gabby with the rash and tummy ache.. I hate that when they come back sick..

Cristi: Ya i dont find JLo a very good she isnt even a great singer!... But i did like her in the movie Selena.. I will give credit where credit is due;;;

Marti: WEll i got emma a pool so she should be happy... i like the heat.. but it is really hot.. I am glad the new car has air conditioning! I have to wash it today! my baby is dirty lol

Katy: I saw supersize me.. that was really gross... i stopped eating fast food for a while after that.. now i try to get subway when we eat out!

WEll Hello to everyone!! hope you have a more relaxing thursday then i will have... think of me lifting all that stuff lol TTFN xxoo

05-26-2005, 12:25 PM
A very good, Thursday morning ladies!

Wow, finally a free day, sort of...need to catch up on straightening the house but other than that, a lazy day for me.

Tuesday, V was home and we spent the day outdoors working in the yard. Figuring out where our property line is and marking it. He dug where the posts will go for the fence and then is getting an auger Saturday to dig the rest of the way down. Will do the posts Sunday and then work on the pickets through out the week. Glad to finally see the fence go up! Of course Wednesday was run around day, jeez! Was nice to relax at a movie but just wish it had been a good one.

Jane~patio won't be finished completely for about a month. The concrete squares are down and we will do the brick within the next month. First we have to decide what kind & color of brick we want, keep changing our minds. But we did get the patio table and chairs put down there Tuesday and V put the swing together. Just need to finish the brick, get a new BBQ grill and some potted flowers and enjoy. Actually, I've been enjoying it since we put the furniture down there-love the swing.

Terri~there was a time I did like J-Lo's music, but not anymore. I think that whole Benifer thing ruined it for me. Really tired fast of always hearing about their every move. I liked Selena also, and thought she was okay in Anaconda and that's about it. Emma is going to love the swimming pool. Hey, I too love brussel sprouts! Hate aspargus though, ick! Take it easy on helping your brother move and be careful.

Susan~it sure seems like there could be something someone could do about that whole situation. It's just not right that Mike is doing what he damn well pleases and getting away with it! Jeez, louise! Hope Gaby is better now.

Sue~WTG on the 2 lbs. and staying OP! :bravo: Olive Garden is a good reward! Yummy :T

Katy~I saw Supersize Me, most of it. It's been on cable off and on for the last month or two. Was just on again last night. I guess it would take a lot to phase me and keep me from eating junk/fast food. it's too hard to not grab something when on the run.

Ellen~(((((HUGS))))) to you sweetie. We are here for you. :grouphug:

Marti~they do grow up too fast! I still can't believe how old my kids are now-makes me feel old sometimes!

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Such an ugly day today. Got more rain last night and it is cloudy today. The other night when we got those bad storms, the hail damaged V's window on his truck and all three of their (DH, DS#1 & DS#2) trucks/car got some damage. It's not bad and you can barely see it, unless you are right on top of it. Glad it wasn't worse and my car was in the garage! I took pictures of it, not sure if they will turn out. It was bigger than I have seen in a while here.

Take care ladies and have a wonderful day!

05-26-2005, 12:35 PM
Good morning. So far my plans for today are just to go to the bank. Big fun, huh? But of course, when your DH is home all the time, plans are subject to change. He might pop his head in the door and ask me to run to the hardware or the lumber yard. Never know. He is busy with a project for DGS's 16th birthday.

Jane, You are right on the reward. It is just that right now I can't think of anything I want more than a juicy hamburger or lots of breadsticks. LOL. I am going to have the hamburger sans bun on Mon. so that is something to look forward to. Along with dieting we are trying to cut down on red meat and processed foods. That eliminates a lot. I too love tomatoes and can't wait for them to arrive at the fruit stands. I really love any kind of melon too. This week we have had grapes, strawberries, apples and bananas. Just can't wait for the Indiana fruits and vegetables.

Terri, I used to wear skirts all the time when I worked at a bank. Maybe I will find that I am more comfortable in them again. I have been so much the "stay at home" and live in jeans or capris. Actually cleaned out my closet and found only 1 that's sad. (and I didn't know that I had so many dress-up slacks)

Have a good day everyone....

05-26-2005, 01:28 PM
Hi Ladies :smug:

Sorry I've been MIA since the weekend. It's been crazy now that Kaitlyn is walking. Plus I had my pocketbook party which was a big success but nobody ate so I threw everything out and put dishsoap all over it in case I got tempted. Gross! Then Sunday was FIL's b-day. Monday and Tuesday had work and then a concert in NYC Tuesday night. Yesterday I just vegged and watched Lost. I can't wait until next season. They are killing me! I made chicken soup b/c it's been really cold in NY for the past few days.

Of course today is my weigh-in and the scale jumped up 3 pounds!! I am hoping it was the soduim in the chicken soup because I have logged all my food and didn't think I was doing that bad! So, I'm pretty bummed about that. Figured I'd drink tons of water today and then re-weigh in a few days. It just stinks when you think your doing well and then you don't lose, let alone gain!

Hope everyone is having a good week. Work tomorrow and plans all weekend so I'll try to pop in and update on the weight. :dizzy:

da fat n da furious
05-26-2005, 07:20 PM
I am alive just in the midst of a play,,,,oooo I know tell you all something Will be back Sunday or so...
And will catch up with all the reading,,,,Susan what comes around goes around,,,Mike will get his in the end....
Marti one of the ladies I work with quit smoking after 45 yrs....
hey Karey Welcome!!!

hey everyone !

05-27-2005, 07:46 AM
Good Morning ladies--

Today I am VERY tired. (hmmmm...what's new lately?)

Wish I had more energy to chat w/you all, but I'm heading off to bed. I will get back to you in the morning. (my morning)

SO glad it's Friday tomorrow(today)!!!!


05-27-2005, 07:47 AM
Don't post here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We've gone over to ChitChat #131!!!! :D