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05-19-2005, 11:27 AM
Well, for all you STAR WARS fans, this would be a big day. and all you who are into Canadian politics too. The sagas both continue.... ;)

I had a massage last night - woo hoo. That felt awesome. I will go again in 2 weeks. Tonight I am having a pedicure too. My feet are really dry and cracking (from pg?) but I can't give myself a pedi right now - tummy too large!

HOw are you all doing? It's been quiet lately. Well, there is a man at work, a Newfie, and he lost like 48lbs on WW since January (at work program) and a girlfriend of mine did the on-line since January 1, 2005, and has lost 52lbs. WOW she looks amazing. She is really tall and personally I think she should stop but she is losing about 10 more for her goal. She is really inspirational! I can't wait to join again when I am post-partum. I am debating doing on-line or going to meetings. Harder with meetings and baby, but then again, it'll get me out of the house!

Well, I better go - come out and play if you can!!

05-20-2005, 04:50 PM
Hey everyone,

Been really busy with the move and end of semester. FINALLY the semester is over. I'm SO happy :) We close on the house next Friday and move that weekend. I can't wait!

Belle I saw your pictures from the other day - you look great!

I saw Episode III last night. I was pretty satisfied except that I wished the dialog between Anakin and Padme was less child-like. I had a similar complaint about Episode II, but what can you do. It tied the series together nicely, though.

I've been sick all week. Haven't followed WW for more than 2 weeks now I think. Really been off the mark. The end of the semester (final projects, exams, etc) was absolutely horrible. Then I was just lazy. And now I've been sick since Monday. Haven't been eating much at all. When I feel better I'm going to get back OP. I had to go through all my clothes today and pick which ones to donate and which ones to pack. I held up an old pair of shorts... I would only be able to fit half of me in there. Its really depressing, but I'm going to take those shorts out when we get to the house and use them as motivation.

Hope you are all doing well!