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Chubby Barbie
05-17-2005, 03:26 PM

So earlier today I was watching Ellen, (Britney was on, I confess I'm a Brit-aholic) and afterwards I watch a little Montel but then I started cleaning and doing things like preparing my fruit, freezing grapes, washing strawberries, cutting up pineapple freezing some. I tuned out but then in the middle of Jane Pauley I started listening again. The show was something about how to make work more fun and be successful. Not about weight lose right? Well then when the guy was talking about focusing on strengths and not weaknesses I start thinking. That is why I am failing so much at weight loss. I focus so much on how fat I am and how much I have to lose I don't think about the good things about myself. So I started thinking and here are mine...

- I REALLY try to get along with anyone. Even if I don't like them I try to see the best in them and make them feel good. I do this without thinking about it even. Ex: My fiancť told me how this girl at work went on and on about how much she likes me. I've only met her twice but I guess I'm the only girlfriend/wife at the base that spent time talking to her or the only one who did it nicely.
- I am pretty low stress. I try to think about how a problem can be solved before freaking out. I also have my massage license so I can help my fiancť who is a HIGH stress guy.
- I'm 5'11, blonde, small frame and a pretty face. Thatís more than a lot of thin girls have going.
- Iíve got an amazing family = parents, 4 brothers, 1 sister, 3 sister-in-laws, 4 nieces, 4 nephews, and a best friend since I was 14.
- A fiancť who tries to make me happy and feel good. He really loves me!

While I don't have a degree (yet), Iím fat, sometimes lazy, and have many other weaknesses, I still have many strengths. These are just ones I thought of offhand that. Sorry if they sound cocky or you donít agree they are strengths.
What are your strengths?