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05-16-2005, 06:49 PM
Thought I'd better start a new thread!

05-17-2005, 12:13 PM
Bringing this up to the top so people see it before they see the "old" thread!

05-17-2005, 09:48 PM
Anybody out there today?

A rather rainy day here in the northwest, off and on. I started the day with 10 min. on the treadmill, followed by 10 min. of stretching, then 50 min. of weight lifting and another 5 min. of stretching after that. After watching All My Children, I went to the post office to mail the assisted living facility information to my Dad, and to the library. I was looking for this one book that I saw on another forum, but I ended up with two mystery books instead. Got home and changed cat boxes (always a pleasure--not!) and vacuumed, then I washed the stinky dog. He doesn't lift his leg the way he used to and ends up peeing all over himself every time he goes. We have to use baby wipes on him all the time, but that only lasts so long. He's going to the kennel next week when we're out of town so he's going to get stinky again, but at least he'll start out clean. Tomorrow we interview a kennel and a petsitter for the cats.

Not a very exciting day, but I got a bit of stuff done. Also stayed on my eating plan today, which is a big change from the past few days. I've been exercising just great, but the eating has been rough. I'm thinking about taking a nutrition class offered at the health club. The person who teaches the weight lifting class is the nutrition expert, and I really like her. She's 62, and in incredible shape. I thought she was my age when I met her.

What's everybody else been up to?

05-18-2005, 07:18 AM
Good mornin
Been making baked goods for our garden clubs perenial plant sale, along with crafts, baked goods,& art. Have no extra plants,not a crafty or arts person, do what i can. alos got things around for our jazzercise class relay for life garage sale fund raiser , both are this thru, & fri
Hope to get my seeds in the garden today. BUSY BUSY!! of course get to work too. Bonnie2

05-18-2005, 10:51 AM

Good morning,
Sounds like everyone is busy! I have also been very busy. I'm trying to learn how to manage the Herb store "Herbs Instead", when my sister can't be there. I'm not really into running a store, but realize there will be times that she would like to be off. Wow....I didn't realize how many people DID rely on herbs instead of prescribed meds! Hopefully, the store will do well. For now, we're replacing a few things the former owner took with her (it was in the agreement), so won't show a profit for this month.

Hope all of you are doing well. I have to get ready for work. was so good to hear from you...I was getting very concerned. Knowing it's work related, we understand fully. Just get back to us as soon as you can. Glad you're feeling better.

Bonnie-2....sounds like you are a busy lady! Do you do a lot of baking? I love apple pie!! We had fried apple pies at the festival at the TV Station last Saturday. I had to really control myself! I DID slip a little. :^: I'm sending SunnyD, Bluet, & Sheila a CD. If you'd like one, send me a pm with your address. I sing Southern Gospel (of course! :lol: ) We had all decided to send each other what we could to get to know a little about what we do. about an apple pie!! :D

Sheila...I know you have your hands full with your dad, your dog & cats & especially your house. Please take care of yourself. Good to see you ARE taking time out for things you want to do.

SunnyD....Hope all are well. Hope your dad is doing better. I'm still enjoying your CD. I got new copies made of mine, so hopefully, I'll get them mailed off tomorrow. I learned yesterday that Mary Fay Jackson from GMT (the singer we visited in Texas last year) is coming next week! I'm so excited to get to see her again. She's going on to Nashville to record & Connie is going with her. She's going to do some recording at the TV Station, also.

I really need to beeee to all!!!

05-18-2005, 11:10 AM
Good Morning,

Another cold rainy day along the lakeshore in eastern Wisconsin. Daughter next door watched the weather on Monday before she posted the ad in the papers for her garage sale. Wednesday (today) was predicted to be cool with heavy showers, so she switched her sale to Thursday (tomorrow) and went ahead and posted in the papers. Well, true to Murphy's law the weather God switched the days around. Too late now. :dizzy: So I am taking tomorrow off of work instead. It's a good thing too, because apparently I marked the wrong day on my calander for the accountant to come. I thought he was coming yesterday, but he is coming today. When I do dumb things like this, I really start to worry about myself and the "getting older process."

Well, Shiela, sounds like your animals keep you on your toes. :) Your Dad keeps your life really interesting too. :) Do you think he will really come to Corvallis to live? Sounds like another moving expedition for you and DH and your son. Wow, you are really getting yourself in condition. How is that competition going between DD and yourself?

Sunny, hopefully the weather has been better in Ohio than it is here. Have you been able to get outside in your gardens to get things in shape and to plant? It has really been too cold and rainy here for us. I thought I had lost all my rose bushes, but slow but sure they are coming around. Last year I pruned out my huge pink rose bush that i just loved, and I must have used a clipper that had a disease on it, I had a time trying to save that bush last summer. This spring it has very few leaves on it, and needs either to be cut down or pruned severely. You can bet that I will be dipping that clipper in a bleach solution before I start. :o I hope you and yours are well, and that you have just hit a busy spot in your life. :)

Charlotte, How are you doing? Think about you a lot. Hope the business is going ok and that your daughter is doing better than just ok too. I'll bet you are really busy right now. How are you holding up? Don't wear yourself down now, remember Charlotte, you come first. :)

Hey Diane, thank you for asking about me. :) I loved the picture of you and your grandson, he is a real cutie. I can feel so blue, but when one of those grandchildren shows up at the door, it just brightens my day. We have nine grandchildren now. Benjamin Charles was born on 5/10/05 to our son and daughter-in-law last week. Ben is doing well, son and DIL are very happy, and adjusting to a new baby in the house. They have two children a boy and a girl. Your little grandaughter is due soon too, that is very exciting.

Bonnie2, must be that time of year for rummage sales and plant sales. Good luck with you sales too. Do you have perennial beds in your yard? What perennials grow best in your part of Michigan? Hows the weather over there? Has it been as crummy as we have been having? May sure hasn't amounted to much. I don't want it to be hot, hot, just a little warmer please. ;)

Well gotta go guys. Hope we hear from Everyone today on Sheila's new thread. :D


05-18-2005, 07:01 PM
Oh, good, you're all alive and well! And what Bluet said in her last sentence! :lol:

So what have you been cooking, Bonnie2? Describe it in great detail. :D I seldom bake because I want to eat what I bake, although if I am taking it to a bake sale, then I usually don't eat any of it. Once in my binging/purging days, I baked a cake for some function, then ate half of it. I told my DH that I was carrying it, and I dropped it. I'm glad those days are over. So you and Bluet are both going to be doing garage sale stuff this week. Hope the fundraiser nets the group a lot of money! What are you planting, by the way? I have seed envy. Still haven't figured out where to plant anything so we'll probably plant nothing.

Charlotte, LOVE the cats! They look very cool. I'm hoping the store will do well, too. Do you have to do the cash register and stuff by yourself when your sister is gone, or is there an employee to manage? I've never heard of fried apple pies. Are they like turnovers? Saw once where somebody deep fried pickles and Snickers bars, which I can't even imagine. Can't wait to get your CD!

Bluet, I always look at that memory stuff as, after living 50+ years, we have too much data in our data banks so it's hard to access it. I was watching Oprah yesterday and this neurologist said that to keep our brains young, we should take B vitamins, and pick a card from a deck of cards each morning, then remember that card at lunch and dinner time. That's a bummer about your rose. I hope they all come back looking healthy and blooming well. What's blooming around your house these days, if anything? I've seen several beautiful golden chain trees in our area. Do you have those where you are? I want to put one in my yard along with a dogwood, a cherry, and a Japanese maple.

I went to check the kennel out today and liked what I saw. The guy is nice, and we talked dogs for about 15 minutes. Also met the petsitter, and my cats seemed to like her, although they like anybody who pays attention to them. Two of them run right up to people, and the third, who always looks very regal, waits for people to come and pet her. Yesterday she came and jumped in my lap, however, which made me wonder if she was sick. When my animals do things out of character, I get worried!

Dad sent me a birthday check, which was nice of him. And it was quite a big one, too. I was a little shocked because he usually gives me about 1/4 of what he sent. I'll take it to Idaho with me when we go next week. My DH has to go for work (he works out of Boise) so I thought I'd accompany him. We're staying with my son so I'll get to see my granddaughter. I'm going to be there when her teachers come on Monday and when her physical and speech therapists come, too. Also have lunch scheduled with a friend, dinner with other friends, and another dinner with a friend. My DH has dinner scheduled on Wednesday with a guy from work so he and his colleague will eat at one table, and my friend and I will eat at another. Then if I get done earlier, I can move to his table to wait for him, and vice versa. I did that as a way to avoid having to drive in the evening, which I just don't do, and I didn't want my friend to have to pick me up.

Hope everyone is having a good Wednesday. Is today the day when the new Idol is chosen? If so, I know where some of you will be tonight! :D

05-18-2005, 09:00 PM
Sorry I'm not a good pie baker, can"t send it. Yes I would like your cd Charlotte. Love southern gospel music, thanks..
I have mostly perenials in my yard. peony's, tulips, pansys,daffodils,roses,bee balm, cone flower, bleeding heart, hostas, that's about it. Our garden club exchanges with each other also.I bought myself a hydranga bush for mother's day.
I planted sweet corn, green beans,& peas today. plant regular plants later, like tomatoes & green peppers.
weather hasn't been very warm here lately.. Got our wheat sprayed for weeds, etc. today. hope for a good crop as all farmers do. Lord willing.
made molasses cookies, baby ruth bars, banana bread & angel food cakes for the bake sale part of our plant sale, bought a few tomato plants 1 gal brought to sell. Will show up at jazz. sale tomorrow early, always lookin for a bargain.
See who gets the boot on AI tonite. I'm glad Tom won survivor. Isn't he handsome now all clean shaven? Bonnie2

05-18-2005, 10:13 PM
Had to come back on and share my exciting news with you. My oldest son got his grades today, and he got a 4.0!! He's been wanting to get one since he started college two years ago, and he finally did it. He's the one who works fulltime at night, goes to school during the day, and is a single parent to a special needs kid. I'm so proud of him! :cp:

05-19-2005, 07:07 AM
Good morning my little friends. I just read all the messages and seems like everybody is doing really good. :D

Sheila congrat to your son that is great!! He definitely has his plate full I know you are so very proud of him. You have been awesome with your exercise sure do wish you would rub off on me. :cheer:

Bonnie2 good luck with the fundraisers, sounds like you are one busy lady.

Bluet congrats on the new Grandson, wow 9 of them!! They are such a joy but can also be a challenge when you have them everyday. Bradley who is 3 spends alot of his time on the naughty bed. He has a 15 yr. old big brother and has picked up alot of his bad habits. :( I believe it is called the terrible 3's instead of 2's. :D I hope your rose bushes will be ok, I just love roses. I bought my first rose in years the other day a Peace Rose. I planted it in a big pot and plan on nuturing it to no end. :D Years ago I had tons of rose bushes, remember I had a blue rose it was beautiful.

Charlotte wishing you luck on the new business how exciting. Could I have a CD too? :) I have enjoyed the one Sunny sent so much, I just love gospel music.

Sunny :coach: where are you?

Have a wonderful day and good luck girls with your sales.

05-19-2005, 03:50 PM

Good Afternoon Everyone...
I didn't know that everyone was writing! I'm sorry!
I have not gotten any notices because I had not
posted in the new thread --- silly me forgot!!!

It's been quite a week...
Monday: Joe and I went walking together... NOW he is joining me on Mon - Wed & Friday's... his BP has NOT been good and we think he just needs to get plenty of rest, a walk in the mornings and lower his salt-intake. Today it has lowered some (we have a machine), so we are doing the right thing. He really doesn't want to go on meds. I will monitor him twice a day right now (for 10 days / he's on day 3) and if it doesn't continue to go down; then he has to get to his Dr. So far the numbers have gone down slightly :crossed:

Tuesday: I had my GYN ck-up & Peggy went for hers too, so that makes it nice, going together --- all is well and I am healthy, my Doc just thought I should slow up and walk every other day right now, so that's what I am doing... 2.25 miles every other day (21.75 miles for May so far). I have been getting so very tired by noon, having to push through my days & I've had a slightly elevated temp (I do that whan I get over-tired). Now I just have to go for my yearly Mammo in June (double yuk :p ).

I also got a call from my mother Tuesday and now she is very ill :( She has a blocked bile-duct (a stone we hope! and not caner :( ) causing pain in her liver (ouch!!) She has a difficult time eating and sleeping right now. She is going for blood-work today @ 3:30pm to see what needs to be done - looks like surgery! In the meantime... she is on pain-meds to get her through a day and sleep at night. I hate that I am so far away!! She insisted that I stay put and that she is fine, but I am so very concerned! As for my father, he was put on meds for Silent Pneumonia... a very sick man. It's *All or Nothing* you know... when I spoke to my mother yesterday she said that daddy is feeling much better now that he has the meds and she was anxiously awaiting for the Dr's to help her :?:

*Thank-you so very much for your fervent Prayers* I have told my parents that you all have lifted them up and they are very touched that people that don't even know them are praying for them. That is really cool when you think about it!! You gals are God's Gift to me and my family!! *Thank-you!*

Peg and I had a great time out Tuesday after our Dr's appointment... it felt good to laugh, I have felt so very down-hearted about my folks lately. We went to lunch and then off to the computer store :D We shopped for a whole NEW system for her --- she is so excited! I helped her because she didn't have a clue what to get --- we got her a whole new HP system. I am SO GREEN :lol: It's beautiful and she'll have it for a lifetime with all the bells and whistles on it. She got the HP Pavilion Pentium4: 512MB Ram, 200GB Hard Drive, DVD+RW, CD, XP Home, the 15" Flat-screen Monitor, the Keyboard & Mouse, Altec Lansing Speakers, and a HP 3 in 1 (copy, scanner & printer) and a Good Serge Protector for a grand total of only $1,200 after her rebates and with an extended 3 year warranty to boot --- she did "real good"! ***SHEILA --- NOTE *** ALL HP PRODUCTS *** :smug:

Joe took the day off yesterday and we went over to their home to help her set up and get going --- it's always so exciting!! She needed a phone line run... so Joe did that. We got home at 11pm last night --- LATE for me! I really wanted to get her connected to the Internet, but she could not find her ISP Providers number --- oh well... we'll get her up and running soon. In the meantime, I loaded some games, a card shop program and a screen-saver that I had to keep her busy till we get her going. She and hubby are going camping this weekend anyway...

This morning I have been on the phone trying to clear up an error made in my checking account... I went to check my acct. as I do every Thursday and there's a company that I wrote a check out for 125.00 and it's very clearly written on the check, but they cashed it for 725.00 :eek: !!! When I called the bank this morning she said that it has to be investigated first, but that I should see it cleared up in a day or two (fingers crossed!)... this could really cause problems for our account if they don't... thank the Lord I had enough $$ in the account and it didn't go red! Scary!! When it rains it pours --- :dizzy:

to be continued...
I want to answer your posts after I
have caught up with my reading, okay :^:


05-19-2005, 04:48 PM

Hi everybody,
Gotta keep this short. Trying to get to the post office with the CD's & tapes...finally. ;)

Diane, I'd be happy to send you a CD. Just send me your address in a pm. Remember, though, I'm not a great singer, so don't expect to be amazed! :lol: I sure do enjoy it, though.

SunnyD....I'm soooo sorry about your mom & your dad. I know you must be very worried that you aren't with them. Remember, though, that you also have health problems, & need to take care of yourself. You may be needed, if/when your mom has surgery. I am praying for all of you. Hope Joe's blood pressure is better. I'm on BP meds, & don't want to be. I was able to get off of them for 6 yrs. Then, with all this mess going on with me, had to go back to them.
Glad you had a good day with your friend. I'd like to have a new system, also. Lucky to have what I do, though. I'm so glad the thieves & fire didn't touch my HP! :D Well.......the smoke did, but...oh well........

Sheila, thanks for your address. It's on it's way. :) Hope your dad is better.
Yes, fried apple (or peach, or berry, or chocolate,etc.) pies are kind of like turn overs. You roll out the dough...put the fruit in & wrap the dough over. Go around the edges with a fork to seal the dough around the fruit. Then, they are either baked or fried. I really like them baked better. Don't know why they're still called fried. :lol: hmmmmm...delicious!!

Bonnie-2, thanks for your address. It's on it's way. :) I bet you know what fried pies are! I've been wanting home-made ice cream. Do you all know about that? You make up cream & sugar & flavoring (a little fruit if you want). Put in a container, down into an ice cream machine. Put ice on top & around. The older ones are cranked by hand & the newer ones are electric. There's a thing in with the cream that turns when cranked until it makes ice cream!! Kind of like churning butter. Ohhhhhhh, so good!!!! We usually have it along with watermelon on the 4th of July.

Hi Bluet....sure hope you're feeling better. I think about you a lot, too. My daughter is coming along slowly. Thanks for asking. Yes, I'm very busy with the store & the station, both. But, I'm enjoying. If I just wasn't so fatigued, I'd really be enjoying it more. My hair is beginning to really thin out. Kind of I bought som Biotin from myself at the Herb store. My beautician started washing my head with shampoo for people on chemo this morning & recommended I take it. So, maybe it will help. Lupus thins the hair. So does Methotrexate. Also, when I receive my Medicare papers each month telling me what drs I visited & charges for each thing, it always has the Remicade treatments down. This last one said "Chemotherapy" treatment. :o Gotta talk to my Rheumy about that!

Well.......THOUGHT I'd keep the post short, anyway. :lol: Everyone have a good evening......

05-20-2005, 12:10 AM
Good Evening Everyone,

Well, we had daughter's next door garage sale today and the the redo was a smashing success. Thank goodness, I was feeling so sorry for my daughters, all the work they went through and not many people the first go around. We were tired, cold and wet. Another nasty cold wet day in Wisconsin.

I am really tired, but just wanted to check in with everyone. CSI, well how gruesome was that? I thought they were going to keep us guessing until next fall if Nick got out of the box or not. Idol, was interesting. Bo is really good. I liked Carrie's rendition of Cryin. Some of my co-workers didn't. Tom deserved to win the million. He was helpful and stay loyal through the whole mess on Survivor. Katie, did not deserve the runner up prize. I would have prefered to see Ian get it.

Sunny, I am really sorry about your parents not feeling well. Will keep them in my prayers. Good for you encouraging your friend to buy HP products. :)

Sheila, I have three perennial beds and a rose bed and a slope behind one of the farm shed covered in perennials. I have a magnolia tree that is young yet, but it is full of flowers, don't know why as cold as it has been. This week I have seen a Baltimore Oriole in the yard and some Bluebirds. I have a climbing hydrangea that is doing well too. The hostas and peonies are up through the ground and so are the lillies. The next two days are suppose to warm up a bit, lets hope so.

Charlotte, I am so excited to get you CD, can't wait. :) I hope the herb that you are taking for your hair really helps, you deserve the best. :) I have high BP too and have been on meds for years to control the levels.

Diane, I have three grandsons that live in Green Bay. their ages are 11, 8, and 4 soon to be 5. The youngest one, Caleb had never been allowed to be the baby cause the two oldest teach him so much stuff. He is a little toughy and spends a lot of time in time out too. :)

Bonnie2, hope your sales and activities for the day turned out really great and successful for you. Our county's master gardeners are having a plant acution on Saturday. It starts at 9:00 a.m. I hope to go and see if they have anything different to bid on for my gardens.

Well I am falling asleep at the keyboard. Have a good Friday everyone, and thank you so much for being my cyber friends. :)


05-20-2005, 03:04 AM
Bonnie2, I don't know what Baby Ruth bars are, but they sound good. You have a lot of great flowers in your yard. I've been looking at sun patterns in my yard to see where I can plant some bleeding heart. It's a popular plant around here because people have lots of trees and shady areas. Hostas are popular, too, but the slugs love 'em, too, so you don't see too many. While I don't watch AI, I have seen some commercials, and it appears the long-haired rocker guy and the blonde country girl are competing. I haven't heard the blonde sing, but I liked the guy. Of course, I'm a rock and roller from way back. :)

Diane, I had to laugh at the "naughty bed." First heard the "naughty" stuff on an Oprah show where they had the super nanny or whatever. Not having little kids, I don't watch the show, but I did watch the segment on Oprah. I thought the "naughty" places you put kids was a good idea. How do you think Bradley's going to take to having a baby around? Peace roses are so pretty. I think that was the first rose my parents bought. Hope it blooms beautifully for you. I've never heard of a blue rose!

SunnyD, I'm so sorry about your parents! Did you find out if your mom is going to need surgery? I'm glad they found out what was going on with your Dad and that he's feeling better. I'm praying that these health crises will pass soon for your dear parents. It is so hard to be far away when our parents are ill.

All right--all HP products! Now, if you ever have any problems with an HP product, let me know. Employees have a special line for when they hear of customer complaints, and you really do get special service. I had a friend complain to me about her printer, and I told my DH, who called the special line and someone called my friend the next day. Now, they left 7 messages for her, and she never responded, but that's her problem. I will see her next week, and I'll have to ask why she never called them back.

Charlotte, I hope you and your daughter had a good talk. I imagine it will take a lot of time to get over losing the baby, and I'm glad she has such a supportive family. Homemade ice cream--yum! We had an electric maker when I was a kid. Didn't use it too much, but it was really, really good when we did. I think you can get little refrigerator ice cream freezer now. Sure hope the new shampoo helps your hair.

So my son told me that my GD has scoliosis. I'm not sure what they do for little kids who have it. I guess it's part of her overall Trisomy 18 problem, and since most kids don't live as long as she has, it's hard to manage. The stuff I read wasn't very encouraging, but then again she's managed to surprise everyone already so I'm betting she will do okay.

Well, that was quite the CSI tonight, wasn't it? Have a good Friday everyone!

05-20-2005, 07:06 AM
Such good news about the sale Bluet they are alot of work. We need to have one but I can't get the energy to get it all together. Hey Caleb sounds just like Bradley he thinks he rules the roost around here the little stinker. Your flower and rose beds sound beautiful would love to see them.

So sorry to hear about your Mom Sunny bless their hearts they are having more than their share. I am glad to hear your Father is feeling better.

Sheila hated to hear about GD, so sad for you and your family.

Charlotte I had forgotten about ice cream freezers...years ago we used to make homemade ice cream alot..yum. The fried pies are so delicious we have a business here in town that makes them.It has been here ever since I can remember and they are out of this world. I hope the shampoo works on your thinning hair.

Bonnie2 you have been busy baking I see sounds delicious. I believe you must have a green thumb by the sound of things. I just love tulips too. It has already reached 90 here yesterday so I will send you girls that want some warm weather some. It gets so hot here in the summer time and I just hate it, wonder sometime why I live in Texas!!

Have a great day....Diane

05-20-2005, 11:18 AM
Good Morning,

Just a note to Sheila, sorry I forgot to mention anything about your son's good news about his grades. Good for him, I am sure it just made your's and his day. :) Don't we just love it when the kids do well!! Sorry to hear about GD's new health problem, she is just so sweet to look at. I could just hug her forever. Take care dear friend, my thoughts are with you. :) My computer says that you posted at 1:04 a.m., were your really up at 1:04 a.m.?

Good Morning to everyone else, the sun is shinning in Wisconsin this morning. :D


05-20-2005, 09:12 PM
Diane, do you get tornados where you live? Hope not--they seem pretty scary. 90 degrees in May sounds pretty darn warm.

Bluet, thanks--we're very proud of him. Also found out today that my daughter passed her exam and is now a Petty Officer. Her DH also passed his exam and is a Petty Officer, too. So what did you think about CSI? I thought it was pretty compelling. Not a fan of Tarantino movies, but I thought he did a good job with the CSI finale. Oh, I started typing at 7:55 pm, remembered that CSI was on at 8:00, so didn't get back to actually post the message until 11:00 pm my time. Congrats on the sunshine!

Weird weather around here today. Thunderstorms followed by sun, then some clouds and rain, some more sun, and some more thunderstorms. We haven't been able to mow the grass so it's kind of long. Hopefully tomorrow the waterworks will dry up.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, and a great week ahead. I will be in Boise until Thursday when I have my Botox appointment in Portland. While I dread the needles, I'm hoping to feel better in a couple of weeks if the neuro gets it right. Cross your fingers! So, anyway, I'll catch up on posts on Friday. And, Bluet, I'll give my little sweetie an extra hug just for you. :)

05-21-2005, 09:21 AM
Sheila have a wonderful trip and give the little one a hug for me too, she is so precious to look at. I do hope the Botox works well for you. OMG yes we have tornadoes here quite often I might add. I have only been in one and it put the fear in me.

We are having another scorcher here today so plan on staying inside and getting some much needed housework done. I hope you girls have a good weekend.


05-21-2005, 05:42 PM
Congrats on your sons grades,also daughter passing exam for petty officer.
Charlotte I got your cd today, it is good. Never heard of the songs but I like them , You have a great voice. Thanks for sending it.
sprayed my weeds around the yard & road today with roundup. get my tomato plants in later.
Have a great weekend all.
How is your W. watchers meetings going candlelady? Bonnie2

05-23-2005, 06:26 AM (

05-23-2005, 10:29 AM
Good Morning Everyone,

Wisconsin had a beautiful weekend, first one in a long time. I went to a plant auction Saturday morning to get some perennials for daughter next door's flower beds. Then showed up at her house to pack up all the stuff from the garage sale to save or to send to Goodwill. Drove over to Goodwill with my daughter's van chucked full of stuff. Three young men came out and in no time had the van unloaded. Went home, because daughter and grandson from Stevens Point were coming down to see our son and DIL's new baby Benjamin, and we were meeting later at my house. We had a nice visit, got to spend some time with grandson Adam. He is really growing, he will be one year in September. I was really tired at the end of the day, I kept falling asleep watching TV, so I got up and got ready for bed. Sunday morning went to church for 8:00, then DH and I went out for breakfast, stopped in at our son and daughter-in-law's house to visit with grandaughter Anna and see her new baby brother Ben. Went home took a little rest and worked outside in the yard until 6:00 p.m. This is the first real chance that I had an opportunity to get out in the flower gardens. There is soooooo much work to do. Perhaps I need to downsize!

Well that was my weekend. Now I am back to my real job. What did all of you do this weekend?


05-23-2005, 11:14 AM

Hello everyone,

Sheila....I'm so happy for your son. WOW! I know you are proud. And your daughter, also, & her DH!

We get a lot of tornado weather here, also. It comes in from Texas & Oklahoma & Mississippi. It's a hit or miss situation. We're in Tornado watches quite often, which we've grown accustom to. Sometimes one will touch down, so have to be on the look out.

Hope you have a good & safe trip! Yes, give that little one a hug for me, too!

Bonnie-2...Glad you got your CD. Thanks for the compliment. I know I'm not very good, but do enjoy. Those songs are popular here. Especially the last couple of years. (which is when I made it.) The song "Two Shoes" is a true story. The story was given to the "Inspirations" by a lady & asked them to write a song. It became their #1 hit that first year. That song & "Time to Get Up" was the most requested by me last year, at the TV station, churches, festivals, etc.

Diane...I'm hoping to make another trip to Texas this summer with Connie. If I'm close enough to you, I'll get look you up. :D

SunnyD...Hope all is going better for you & your family today. You're in my thoughts & prayers.

Bluet....I know you're facing another work week. Smile real big & blow ob's mind away!! :D I've heard to be really nice to people that are mean to us really messes with their mind!! ;)

Yesterday was DH's birthday (56). I got his cake from a lady who cooks coconut cakes (his favorite) at the station. She has a program up there & is all time bringing us cakes to eat.'s really hard to lose weight & work there. :lol: I bought him the "Comparitive Bible" for studying. It has 4 different versions of the Bible. He's a teacher & studies a lot. I heard him tell someone a few days ago that he had thought of getting himself one, but they were a little costly. (I didn't think $50 was so bad for my DH!) He was really pleased. Then I took him to eat with our pastor & our former pastor who visited chuch yesterday. Our pastor insisted on paying for all of our meals. :) I surprised him, then, by having all the waitresses come to our table with a slice of cake & singing "Happy Birthday" to him. Embarrassed him good!!! :D :D :D It was a fun day.

He says he wants to take me on an Anniversary trip next month to the Smokies. I sure hope we have the money to go. We both need to get away from this house awhile. I get Remicade on our Anniversary (June 14th), so we're planning for the following week.

Please pray for our pastor, he's having problems with his heart. Very unexpected. They are putting him through tests. He didn't look so well yesterday. That was the reason that our former pastor visited & took care of the services.

Gotta go get ready for work. Hope all of you have a great Monday!

05-24-2005, 10:44 AM
Good Morning Everyone,

Sun is shinning here today, looks like it is going to be a beautiful day.

Charlotte, thank you for the encouraging words of support for my work week. ;) Thank you too for the beautiful CD and Video, I appreciate them so much. You have touched my heart once again dear friend. You are a blessing to know. :)

Good morning and best wishes to the rest of our gang. How are you all doing? What's our little Sunny bear up to? hmmmmmm? Bonnie2, you must be up early and tending to all the chores that need tending too, ahhh such is country life. :) Diane, are you hiding indoors with the Texas heat? Yes, you can send some of that warmth our way.

Check in later have to take care of payroll now.


05-24-2005, 12:20 PM

Good Morning Ladies!
I have some good news... My father is doing much better today - the meds are kicking in! Even the sore on his foot is healing up finally after months with wounds that wouldn't heal :) And I finally got things straitened out with my bank... and I got my $600.00 back :dance: What a mess, but they did a pretty quick job of fixing it so far and have adjusted all the fee's... yeah!!!

As for my dear mother... she is still on pain meds till she can get in for the MRI... she has an appointment for May 31st. The Dr. told her she definitely has something there - the bile duct is twice it's size... but they cannot get the machine till the end of the month. I guess there's only the one machine --- how frustrating! I have been calling her whenever I can just to keep in touch and make her laugh. That's part of the reason why I did not come back as I said I would. Please forgive me :sorry: I get overwhelmed very easily these days and just do my best.

I also want to share with you that I have made a deal with my hubby to turn off the computer by 8:00pm --- he feels that I am on it way too much and gets concerned for me. I get headaches from eye strain lately... so that limits me just a little bit... (well, EXCEPT on THURSDAY NIGHTS - that's when he has choir practice ;) I'll sneak on then :lol: ). It's not that Joe is restricting me - please don't think that - he is just concerned for my well-being and rightly so... I am on this computer allot! I am so addicted to it --- if I am not on-line I am organizing my files which I have to do again! I have gotten so many lovely graphics and siggys these days :D Or I'm playing with the Paint Shop Pro I have (I really want to lean how to make graphics, but no success there... YET!)... I had a Wedding Shower to go to Sunday and we have a First Communion this coming Sunday and we have gone to Birthday's in between and some coming up... so I am making allot of cards these days! That is time consuming on the computer too, not to mention the embellishing I do afterwards on them... fun too.


Charlotte, Joe & I got your package on Saturday, but were not able to look at it till last night --- we LOVE IT!!! I went to call you, but when I got out my address book and looked up yours - no phone number - :( I really wanted to speak to you personally and let you know in the moment what we thought ;) The first thing my hubby said... "she has the sweetest, purest sound!" "I can hear how much she loves the Lord in her songs!" I Dido'd him :D We both enjoyed it very much and so appreciated your sweet dedication!! That was so cool! After seeing your video and all you sweet people & with your NICE weather reports, my hubby wants to MOVE there!! :lol: I'm not kidding you... he really does! I told him he would have to settle with a visit some day :lol: I will not go through another move in my lifetime ;) We are in the 50's still and WET here! With predicted temps of only 55 - 60* for the whole week... looks like rain for the Holiday too. Anyway... we enjoyed your tape and CD very much!!! *Thank-you* so much for taking the time to make it and send it... we really enjoyed it and will!! :flow1: By-the-way... Joe and I were singing some of those songs with you :D We knew several of them :D Good job sweets!!! Bless your heart!!

How is your DD feeling lately? I pray for her often. You didn't say a thing to bother me --- so don't give it a second thought ;) My heart goes out to your DD and her loss and I so appreciate your tender heart :grouphug:

*Happy 56th Birthday* :hb: to DH!!!! Sounds like he had a really nice day! I LOVE coconut too!! Those cakes sound DELISH :T What Anniversary will this be for you and hubby??? Your trip sounds like a good plan.

*Prayers* for your pastor!!!

Also, I thank you for *all* the prayers and good thoughts for my parents... it is so scarry to be so far away when things go wrong. And my mother isn't one to have someone gush all over her when she's ill --- she likes her space. But I want to be there! In respect to her wishes - here I sit ;) Joe's BP is a little better... but I am not real happy with his bottom number --- yesterday it was still 134/88. The top number is much better, but that bottom number is a big concern. I would like to see it at 80 or less! Keep him in your prayers... he really doesn't want to go on meds. But if it doesn't get better real soon --- off to the Dr's we'll go! My Dr. told me that it could be inherited and it's important he gets to his Dr. if it climbs or doesn't change. What was your BP when the Dr. put you on meds??? Do I have a concern?? I so appreciate your prayers!!

Sounds like you & your sister's herb shop is coming along nicely!! I love shops like that and go often when cannot grow them myself.

Bluet, Thank-you also for your thoughts and your prayers. Are you okay!!?? Your post just sounded do sad... if that is possible for a post to sound sad... ( :lol: ) Darn that *OB* anyway!!!! Give him to me... I'll take him on for ya :rollpin: :lol:

I STILL haven't done much with my gardens... they need weeding so bad!!! I started to get some done, but with all the rains lately they are shooting up like crazy :dizzy: The perennials are coming along real nice - they love all this rain, but I have annuals to put in. Not to mention that Joe & I have a garden to make yet for veggies :o We are beginning to think it's not gonna happen this year at this rate :(

I'm so happy to hear that your DD's garage sale went so well!!! I need to do one, but they are so much work and with the rains we are having - it may have to wait for August! I have allot I'd like to clear out of the house and would love to see it go to a good home :) Thursday's - Saturday's are the best sale days!

*CSI-Vegas* ~ Bonnie... Nick got out!! It was a two-hour show, didn't you see the second hour?? Oh my, what an intense show that was!!!! I couldn't imagine being buried alive... just couldn't imagine!! My worse fear... *Survivor* I too was thrilled that TOM -the firefighter- won the $$$ He so deserved to win that game!!! I was jumping for JOY! when I saw he won! As for *A-Idol* I am praying that *Carrie* win's it, but I think that *Bo* will by popular vote - not necessarily because he is the better singer. He is so loved by the gals... but I think that they will both do well!! Remember in the last Idol - *Rubin* won, but *Clay* is actually more successful then he is... I wouldn't worry about the second place person at all ;)

Your gardens sound just lovely!!! Mine are thriving too. But are longing for some sunshine!! My Lilac's are in full bloom now - what a scent!!! I keep my bathroom window cracked just to let in the scent - even though it so darn cold!! I have some pics on the camera.. ;)

Oh... I just read your new post... I am so glad that someone is getting Sunshine! :sunny: We sure aren't! :no: :p Would you send some our way... pleeeeeazzzzzzzzzzzzz :twirly:

Sheila, I hope that you have (or had - depending on when you read this ;) ) a wonderful trip to Boise :goodvibes *Prayers* that all goes well in Portland!!!

YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT *BABY RUTH* BARS ARE??? :lol: You don't know what you are missing!!! If you like peanuts like my hubby does that is :lol: BABY RUTH's are his fav!! He gets them in his Christmas Stocking from Santa every year :lol: Well, we'll just have to fix that... I guess Santa will have to send you some too :lol:

How is your competition going with your DD??? Still working hard? Who's winning so far? :D I have been getting some miles in but not like I was last month - it was just too much for me... I have 27.5 miles walked so far for MAY. Not too bad...

I am so very sorry to hear about your GD and her diagnosis of scoliosis (spine??) ... I don't know much about it, but please know that I hold her, her parents and you in my prayers... she is such a sweet baby-girl :bubbles:

Congrats on your DS's grades and with your DD too!!! That is just awesome that she made Petty officer & so did her hubby :cloud9:

My mom...I won't know till the end of the month what's happening --- I just don't understand why they are not looking at this more seriously? She is in allot of pain when those meds wear off & is having sleepless nights. She is a tough egg to crack too --- being a retired nurse she knows too much!! It gets in the way...

I knew you would like to hear that she bought *HP* :smug: Thank-you so very much for the offer of the HP help-line... is there a number you could send me in a PM? I'd be glad to share it with my friend in case of need. She is now on-line again and enjoying her new toy... I haven't been over since I was there last week (she works), but I want to go over... I have lots of stuff to show her still :bubbles:

Diane, Thank you also for your thoughts and prayers... they are really helping me as well as my parents ;)

Would you do me a HUGE favor????? Would you please send some of your sunshine and warm temps our way??? We are desperate here in NE OHIO!!!! Cod Liver Oil is selling off the shelves (Vit D)!!! Hehehehe... :lol: My hubby was even talking about buying a tanning bed this morning he's so desperate! I'd love to have one!! But we have no place to put it :D

How are things going with you at WW's --- still doing well? I have lost another pound, but haven't lost anymore :shrug: I just keep on truckin' :jig:

Bonnie2, Sounds like you are plenty busy with your farm and gardening... I wish our weather would cooperate with us! It's very frustrating... my folks live in Maine and their weather is even worse! My sis-in-law bakes like you do... she bakes the best pies!! I bet yours are great too ;) I am not good at pies, but I'm pretty darn good with cakes, cookies and such :smug:

I have a question for you... do you still have the Private Messages I have sent you? If so... you can go to the *Reply w/ Forward* lower right hand corner and it will show my post to you in the forward --- my point --- you will see how the CODES look!! You will see all the codes I have used to write to you. If you didn't save them - let me know and I will write you a new PM and then you will be able to see, okay. This will show you how to use the "color code" and "font code", etc. THEN... I will be able to show you how to use the "IMG code" for pics, okay :goodvibes I have not forgotten you --- I just needed to figure out a way to show you and this works :)


So what are you all planning for the Memorial Holiday Weekend? We wanted to spend the time planting, but it looks like RAIN all weekend AGAIN!! Don't know that we will ever get that veggie garden in! :dizzy: Maybe on Monday...

*God Bless You ALL!*

05-24-2005, 09:22 PM

Hello my friends,
You are all so very kind to say the nice things about my video & CD. People do tell me that they are attracted to my singing because they can tell I love the Lord. I realize my voice isn't that great. I've often wondered why the Lord didn't give me a better one, knowing how I loved to sing. He knows what's best for us, though, & I trust Him. I DO love Him with all my heart. He's done so very much for me. There's no way I could even begin to tell how he's taken care of me through my life time, thus far.
I admit I was a little embarrassed by the video. The quality is bad, but we had tried 3 different times to tape both programs & had problems, so I gave up & used it. I told Connie about it & she's checking into the recorder. We've started recording on DVD's, but, for our own purposes, just use the regular recorder. We try to be saving with everything. We operate on donations & program payments & commercial selling. Just a struggling little station, trying our best. We've come a long way, though. We started out in a one room shed, at 100 watts. Then, went to a small trailer. Now we have a new & beautiful building, with 500,000 watts! The Lord blesses.

SunnyD...I'm so glad your dad is better. I was very concerned for him. Your mother is in my prayers. It's hard knowing that your mother is suffering & waiting on that machine, I know. Hang in there, hon, she's going to make it. Please do as Joe says & take care of yourself. If you need off the computer earlier, we understand. Just don't come up missing!
My BP was 156/101 when I was put back on the meds. I had been able to get off of them for 6 yrs, but the RA causes fluid retention, making BP go up. It's still a little high when it's checked, but not bad. The last time I was checked by my GP, though, he had me remain at the clinic for awhile, until it went down. It was 150/96, then a few minutes later 149/100...just kept changing, & he didn't like it. But, it finally stabilized, & he let me go at 136/90. I was a little dizzy & had been having nose bleeds. Everyone's situation is different. A little high might not be bad for some people, but dangerous for others. Just keep it checked. A headache is a sign it's too high. A nosebleed is...really a good thing...because it relieves the pressure. But, it's a little scarey. I'm sure your Joe will be fine, with you for his nurse. ;)
I'm a computer addict, also. After the housefire, I used it to keep my mind off of everything. DH worried about it a little. But, really, there wasn't much else I could do around here, except practice my singing. I can't sing for very long, because my voice isn't strong enough. I go to sounding croupy. computer was my company! Lately, I've slacked off for various reasons. To be honest, Saturday, I lay on my bed & watched movies all day....home alone! :o
Thanks for asking about my daughter. She's doing better. She was really devestated, & it will take time. Thanks for the prayers.
This will be our 37th anniversary. I've been on the computer all day trying to find a package deal. WOW! They are so high! I'm just about ready to try to talk him out of it. I keep thinking how we could put the money on the house. :( He keeps saying he & I really need to get away, though. He's right. I doubt if it would make a difference, anyway. Something is always there to take our money.

Bluet....that was a very sweet pm you sent. I love you, my friend. I hope I can be of help to you, when you need me. You don't have to go to the CD. I try to check my messages through the day....remember that. You DO sound sad, lately. I don't like that. Did I know when that new grand baby was born? I don't know, but I may be getting "sometimers". :^: Anyway, congrats!! How many does that make?
I wish I could have went to that yard sale! I love to attend them, but promised myself I'd never have another one, myself :dizzy:

Hope Sheila is having a good time!

Bonnie-2 & Diane...hope you are having a good day. Diane...I haven't sent the CD yet. I'll try to get it off Thursday. (my next day off.)

Love to all of you........

05-26-2005, 12:15 AM
Good Evening,

It is 10:00 p.m. my time so this will be short. Stayed home from work today, had some sort of virus thing going on inside of me today. Slept most of the day. Hey, everyone, thank you for the worrying looks, but I am not sad. Goodness knows, you all are the first to know when I am blue, that's for sure. I don't know why my posts seemed sad. I am o.k. really. :)

Hooray Carrie Underwood. Acutually Bo and Carrie were both so good it should have been a double American Idol this year. I am glad Carrie won though, I hope everyone else is too. I sure would love it if someone just gave me a red Mustang to drive away with. ;) Idol was very good tonight, except for the Simon Cowell/Paula Abdul spoof. I think they should have just let dead horses lie. :) I had completely forgotten about those accusations by the former Idol contestant. It was just too tongue-in-cheek. It wasn't worth acknowledging, o.k. enough said. :)

Hope everyone had a good Wednesday, catch you all tomorrow. Hey Sheila, hope you are enjoying your trip and your grandaughter.


05-26-2005, 07:01 AM
Hello Sunshines

My goodness didn't realize I had been gone for soooo long, it has been since Sat.

Sunny I am so glad to hear your Father is doing better. My prayers for your Mother, bless her heart hate she is in so much pain. I certainly will send you some of this weather you can have my heat anytime. I know what you mean about being addicted to the computer I just love this thing and stay on it too much. I might get alot more done if I would stay off of it. ;)

Charlotte if at all possible go on your trip you guys deserve and need the time away with all that has been going on in your lives. Our 36th. anniversary is June 7 and the last of the month we are going on a little trip to Lousianna for 3 days. I will be off on Maternity Leave....hahahaha!! so figured I had better take advantage and get away for a few days. Hopefully DD will have had that baby by then.

Bluet sorry to hear you were sick hope today finds you feeling better. I was tickled pink that Carrie won. She is so good and cute as a bug...

I went to WW weigh in and only lost a half a lb. :( So I am trying harder this week, that shower cake will do it everytime. :D As long as the scale keeps going down I am happy.

We are expecting rain for the next five days and I am doing the happy dance. It has been so dry here this Spring we need it so bad. No plans for the holiday just getting caught up inside I guess since it is going to rain.

I will check on you girls later.

05-26-2005, 12:48 PM

Good Morning Gals,

I spoke to my mother and she is hanging in there... thank you so much for all your prayers!


Bluet, I am so glad to hear that you are not SAD... but I do hope that you are feeling better from that bug! It sure hit people hard this year! {{{Bonnie}}}

*A-Idol* was an awesome 2 hours last night!! Joe & I enjoyed all the music! But you sure can see/HEAR that the ones who got voted off should have been after getting back with Bo and Carrie... those two are AWESOME! Especially when they sang together!! I have had Carrie picked out to WIN ever since the auditions - I am so glad that she WON, but saying that... Bo will go far too! I KNOW someone will pick him up --- he was so good last night! I agree with you --- it should have been a DOUBLE WIN! They both won cars :D

YES, I agree! They over did the Paula/Simon thing for sure... couldda left that ALL out :yes:

Angel, as far as the Lord... He considers your voice to be PERFECT silly ;) Thanks for the prayers for my mom especially! She said that as long as she takes the pain meds she is okay and gets about her day, but at night when the meds wear off and she is trying to relax, that's when she really hurts. I just wish it was Tuesday (5/31) already, so they can make her all better... thank-you :goodvibes

WoW!!! Your BP was high!!! Joe's is much better everyday - he got ME out of bed to walk yesterday!!! It was COLD and I didn't want to move :lol: But we went and he is feeling better... the sunshine helps too! We finally have SUNSHINE and looks like we may have temps in the 70's today :D

Awesome... 37 years married this year!! So COOL :cool:!!! And here I am all excited over 30 for Joe & I this year... I agree with Diane... you should go on your trip! You are deserving of time away and sometimes the Calgone Bath just doesn't cut it :lol: Have you found any good deals yet? I did hear that the prices had gone back up... way up :( I hope you will be able to find something.

Diane, I broke my computer rule the fist night!!! :lol: I promised Joe I'd turn it off at 8:00pm and @ 8:4somethhing I was checking for posts :lol: I caught myself and hurriedly shut it down and joined him in the TV Room :lol: It's so hard!!! I don't want to miss out on anything :lol:

We don't have any real plans for the weekend either... just the First Communion on Sunday, which is nice! I like quiet...
As for our weather --- we were suppose to have rain the whole weekend too, but it has changed (typical for NE Ohio :lol: ) but this time for the good! Sunny and in the 70's & 80's :D Yeah!!!!

As for your WW weigh-in... 1/2 loss is still good!! I just don't seem to be moving at all --- to much time in this chair on the computer I think :lol:

Sheila, WE MISS YOU SWEETS!!!!!!! Come back as soon as you can and fill us all in on your visit w/ your family...
:eek: ***WE WILL BE ALL EYES*** :eek:


*Loves & Smiles*


05-26-2005, 09:41 PM
Hi all, Don't know how often I'll be able to post after next week as dear mil is coming to stay with us for the summer anyway, sure hope her health is fine to go back to winter in Ariz. as she has done for years, Since her dh, Ed died her 1st family will be back caring for her. When she was married to Ed they had a summer home in Minn. close to his family.Her health wasn't well with him in hospice, she'd forget to take her meds & try to be by his side in case he passed . So much for that
Nothing doing here this weekend.
Sunny d,I don't still have your pm to me to help me with posts.
Must go need to work on monthly statements Bonnie2

05-27-2005, 12:08 AM
Good Evening,

Well here I am again posting when it is going on near 10:00 p.m. I felt sluggish today started feeling a little better as day wore on. This evening I went over to daughter next doors house and finally planted those pernnials that I bought at auction last weekend. Grandchildren Noah and Leah helped me and son-in-law came out a redid a small brick path that I had pulled out.

We don't have any big plans for the weekend. Just work around the house or yard depending on the weather. We were suppose to have one of those awful cold swirly rainy things come down and stall over us from Canada, but it looks like there might be an improvement in the weather. Temps are suppose to be in the low 60's. Oh well, better than 50's I guess.

Sunny, I am most pleased that your Mom and Dad are feeling better. I am sorry that your Mom has to take pain medication to ease her pain, hopefully they find out what the problem is on Tuesday.

Charlotte, hope you get to take a trip for your anniversary, you and DH deserve a little break....just go. :)

Diane, you get to take a road trip too, how nice is that.? :)

Bonnie2 sounds like you are going to have a busy summer. Hope you got done with the statements. We will be ending our fiscal year at the end of May. Oh yeah, more work. :dizzy:

Sheila, we miss you. :(

I hope everyone has a great Friday.


05-27-2005, 01:35 AM

Hello friends,
It's been a long day....still up at 11pm. :( Maybe I'll get sleepy later. Hope all are feeling well today. We're having gorgeous weather! No rain for awhile!! :D I know some people need rain for their gardens...I just so sick of it.

Well...believe it or not, I received more bad news this morning. My RA nurse called & told me she has cancer. It's in her uterus & they won't know if it's localized until the surgery. She is a little younger than I am & we've become very close. We sat on the phone & cried with each other awhile. Please help me pray for her. Her name is Cathye. There's a special nurse being sent to give me my treatments, because I'm so hard to stick (tiny veins) & sensitive to the Remicade. She said she had a long talk with her about me & that she was worried about leaving me for 2 or 3 treatments. It sounds just like her to worry about me instead of herself. I'm not worried about how many times she'll have to stick to find the vein, I'm use to it. Only thing, it's not like drawing blood, the needle has to stay in for a couple of hours & sure doesn't want to. It'll be ok, though. I do dread getting to know another nurse. I trust Cathye, & feel she knows when I might be in trouble. I am so very sensitive to meds. Please help me pray for her. I've been a little ill today at times. I know it's because of the bad news...just didn't want anything else to go wrong.
Yes, I'm very ready for that vacation! If we don't have much money, at least we'll be gone from here a few days.

Bluet....You're just not doing to well, lately, are you? I'm concerned. Have you been to your Dr lately? It might be a good idea. I know it's not fun to go, but sometimes necessary. You may still not be over your problems. ((hugs))

Diane...Glad you're going to Louisanna. :) You have an anniversary, too! Congrats! My DH spent some time in Patterson, LA a few yrs ago. Our station manager goes quite often to LA, to visit his mom. We have a lot of birthdays in May & June....hard to keep up with all of them.

Bonnie-2...I hope you enjoy your MIL being with you. Do you get along well with her? I get along very well with my MIL, but haven't lived with her....only a couple of weeks once. Now....our (divorced) son IS living with us, & we're beginning to not get along very well, at all, I'm afraid. It's been well over a yr, & I'm ready for him to find his own place. Easier said than to get him to do, though. :^:

SunnyD...Such beautiful graphics! I haven't had time to find any. I've been designing & ordering business cards, labels, etc for the Herb Store. Also, making signs for the inside of the store. I've received a lot of nice compliments on my work. Some people wanted to hire me to make signs for there businesses. :D I just don't have the time.
I'm glad your mom & dad are better. Still praying. ((hugs)) I'm also glad Joe is better.
Yes, the prices for Pigeon Forge is very high! I found us a room that's pretty reasonable & reserved it. The tickets for all the attractions are outrageous, though! As DH said, we'll be out of here for awhile, though! ;) Congrats on 30 yrs! When is your anniversary?

I miss Sheila, too!!!!!

05-27-2005, 08:57 PM
Hi, all!

Sounds like we're all having a quiet Memorial Day weekend, which is just what I like. Haven't enjoyed holiday traveling in years. Maybe it's an age thing??

Charlotte, I got the package, but haven't had a chance to open it yet. I'm especially looking forward to it after reading all the posts. The consensus seems to be that you and your DH really should take that minivacation so we better hear that you're going! :) It'll be a great way to celebrate 37 wonderful years of marriage. What a nice birthday gift for your DH from both you and your pastor. Sounds like he had a wonderful birthday.

Diane, any weight loss is a good loss in my book! Think what it could have been if you weren't doing Weight Watchers. I'm joining up again next week--it's definitely time. Sure hope I can find a good leader. To me, a good leader makes a huge difference. Loved your "maternity leave" comment. :) Your anniversary is one day after ours. Sounds like we're all going on little trips to celebrate our anniversaries. Guess that's the good thing about having an anniversary in the summer. We're going to the Oregon coast for the weekend and staying at a place we've wanted to stay at for years. Enjoy your rain! We had it for most of May. Wouldn't you know the entire time we were in Boise, it was sunny. It's supposed to stay sunny (and warm!) for the rest of the weekend and into next week.

Bluet, if you had a big load of stuff for the Goodwill, does that mean the garage sale didn't go so well? Hope she did as well as she'd hoped. Glad you got to spend some time with the grandkids. You and Charlotte have so many now--lucky you! I'd love to have more, but none of my kids are really ready to be parents at this point. The only married one is too young (in my opinion, and luckily in hers, too). Three days off, Bluet--how great is that! Hope you enjoy your weekend, and are feeling better after your bout with the virus.

Bonnie2, did you get your tomatoes in? I forgot to have the pet sitter water ours, but it seems okay. It had gotten pretty waterlogged (it's in a pot) the week before with so much rain so I guess that kept it from getting too dry while we were gone. Hhmm, can't really tell by your post if you're looking forward to having your MIL spend the summer with you?? I hope so--it would be awful to have to spend the summer with someone you don't enjoy. Does she get around okay? Don't be gone for too long--we'd miss you!

SunnyD, had to laugh when I read about you breaking your new computer rule on the first day. :D Glad your weather is looking up for the weekend. Are you getting together with your friends at all this weekend? I'm so glad to hear your Dad is doing better, and that your mother will get some answers on Tuesday. It must be hard to hear that your Mom is in pain and is taking pain meds. Ooh, I love the smell of lilacs. Wish the area near our bedroom got more sunlight because I'd love to be able to open the window and smell their heavenly fragrance.

So the surprising thing was that it's been hotter where we live than where we were visiting. Boise is usually pretty warm, but it was a balmy 75 while we were there, and it broke 90 here. It's supposed to be 90 again today, too. It's definitely warm, and I'm wondering if the unexpected spring heat taxed the power system because the electricity went out for about 1/2 hour today.

I got to sit in on my GD's "class." She's really come a long way! The teacher had her put in puzzle pieces, and she did a pretty darn good job. Then she gets to choose a toy by looking at photos of toys. Just recently, she has to point at the photo before she gets the toy--before she just had to look at the photo. She really spends a long time looking at the photos before choosing. Then the teacher plugs the toy, for example, an Elmo doll playing a guitar, into a switch. My GD has to touch the switch to get the toy to activate. The toys all make noise and have lights on them. She really wiggles and laughs when the toys start up. The teacher also tries to get her to eat, but she's not having any of it. She absolutely hates having food in her mouth, but an encouraging sign is that she's begun to lick her favorite toys and bring them up to her mouth. She started that a couple of months ago.

While I was there, I volunteered at the animal shelter where I used to volunteer, and that was a lot of fun. I also ate way too much and exercised too little. For the last two days, I've eaten all three meals at restaurants. After water aerobics today, I noticed my ankles were all puffy. :( I'm figuring the salt from too many meals out is doing that. Has anyone else had that problem before?

I only hyperventilated once during my treatment. The place I went to is a medical school so I had a "Fellow" doing the injections, supervised by an attending. My DH and I kept trying to figure out how these doctors would relate to ER characters. I think the supervisor would be like Carter and Kovach, and the doctor who actually did the injections would be like Pratt and Morris, although maybe it was more like the supervisor was Pratt, and the injecting doctor was Abby or Neela. Do you think when I go again in September, I should ask them, "If you were an ER character, who would you be?" :lol: The nice thing was that they only had to use the thick needles (hooked up to an EMG machine) about four times, and the rest of the time, they used smaller needles so it wouldn't hurt so much. I'm crossing my fingers (and praying hard!) that i get some relief.

Have a wonderful weekend, ladies!

05-28-2005, 05:53 AM
Good morning dear friends. I wish each of you a nice and relaxing Memorial Day holiday. We have no plans just veggin out :) and waiting for Emilee to be born. The Dr. examined her yesterday and said anytime.... :D

Charlotte so sorry to hear about your nurse, I hope they are able to take care of it. I too had female cancer years ago and they got it all so hopefully that will be the case with her. I wish you luck with the new nurse too.

Sheila that little Grandaughter sounds like she has come a long way, I know you are so proud of her. Here's hoping you get major relief from the treatments. Glad you are back!!

Sunny how is Mom doing? It's not long now until she goes to the Dr., I know you are anxious to hear.

Bonnie2 nice of you to have your MIL for the summer. As usual you sound very busy have a great weekend.

Bluet hope you're feeling better, take it easy this weeked and get on the mend.

05-28-2005, 07:52 AM
I get along with my mil, just hope she is as well as we plan on her being. hope to still be able to do my jazz., garden club,etc.
Diane, a loss in my book is good news, RIGHT!!!do you have a good leader? that is a plus.any new things in ww in the past few years?
Got my tomato plants in ,Put down the red mulch in my flower bed, looks great I think.need more.
Well I better get going today, my usual sat. groceries,browsing,maybe a couple garage sales.Have a great holiday all. Bonnie2 :balloons:

05-28-2005, 07:55 AM (

05-28-2005, 04:34 PM

05-30-2005, 06:41 PM
Hope everyone is having a restful, reflective, and enjoyable Memorial Day. We just had an F-14 do a Memorial Day flyover, which reminded me (very loudly!) what today is all about. Thank you to all the people who have made the ultimate sacrifice to keep the U.S. free.

05-31-2005, 03:09 PM

Hope all of you had a great weekend. It was quiet around here. DH & son had to work all weekend, so I was alone. I really enjoyed it. I've been off work since Friday, & have done almost NOTHING! I'm afraid I'm enjoying it too well, although I'm feeling better, with nothing to do but lay around, & mostly watch movies. :p I go back to work tomorrow, but, Thursday is another off day. If I worked for pay, it would be the perfect set up. :lol: Have been working on brochures for the Herb store. I hope June shows us a good'll be our first full month of ownership. We had to replace a lot of items taken out, in May. That's's what we agreed to.
We're still planning our vacation. Had to cut it down from a week to 4 days...a little short of money. We'll still be home to recuperate, though. Have to come home to rest from vacation, usually. :^:

Sheila...That little granddaughter of yours is really doing well! I know you're so very proud of her. Did you bring back a new picture? Of course, the one you have on here is fine....just wondered if she's changed any. She's a little angel!
Don't worry about what you ate on your trip. We're not suppose to worry about diets, while on pleasure trips. :D At least, that's what I'm planning to tell myself!
So sorry about the trip to the ER while you were gone. Are you doing better now?
I'm already dreading when I get my next treatment on the 14th. Usually I look forward to it (because I know I'll be feeling better), but with a new nurse............

Diane....I finally got that CD mailed to you last Friday. Hope you enjoy it. I too, hope they get all the cancer, when they do the surgery on my nurse. You encouraged me........thanks.

Bonnie-2...I agree. Any loss is good! I haven't seen any in awhile. Haven't really been trying, though. The sugar-free way of life is keeping me busy enough. I think it's helping me.
Talking about yard friend at the TV station, went yard saling at Nashvillle, TN this past week! I can't to see what she found! I'm sure there are a lot of good things in those yard sales...just wonder about the prices. :o

Bluet....I hope you were able to get a lot of rest during the long weekend. Hopefully, your health is better, by now. Been praying for you.
Our temps dropped here, also. Had to use those blankets, again. Even turned on a couple of heaters. Still not too warm....but, better.

SunnyD...Thanks for the pretty graphic, Monday. As I said....I didn't do ANYTHING! :^: Well...I have to change that statement, a little. I went to my daughter's house & revived her computer. Her & the 3 teenagers had almost killed it! It's only 1 yr old, but wouldn't do anything! She even tried to put Windows XP on top of Windows XP!!!!! :dizzy: What a tangled mess I had! I finally got it back, to like it was the day she bought it. Nothing on it....starting over. Whew! That was close! I gave her a good talking to! (well....I AM mama! ;) ) Then I told her I had mopping to do & a tub to clean, etc, when she got the time. :lol: She said "Yes ma'am"....although I doubt if I ever see her. They all know I need help...but never come. Oh well.....whatcha gonna do with kids?????????? :dizzy:

Gotta go do nothing again. I'm getting kind of use to this!

05-31-2005, 06:05 PM

Hello my Friends,

Hi BluetI am so glad to hear you got all your perennials in... I still don't have my annuals in, nor my veggies :flow2: We had just enough day to get our weeding & fixing done in the gardens. Everything else waits :dizzy: We had a quiet day yesterday :goodvibes and loved it! Joe & I played a Scrabble game after breakfast on or porch while it drizzled (I WON! :D - it was close though! Scores were: 284-Joe and 306-me ) and then went out into the gardens to weed at around 1pm after it cleared and we knew it was done raining. We didn't get in our potting or the veggie garden, just not enough time in a day. BUT we are going to have some nice sunny weather for the next few days, so we'll get it done soon. If we don't... we'll not have any harvest! :o ! We had our own little cook-out of grilled chicken (marinated in Zesty Italian Dressing) and corn on the cob, served with a freshly tossed salad :T It was 8pm by the time we ate, so no dessert. It was a lovely, lovely day!

Do you watch *NCIS*??? We just watched it on tape... I was STUNNED!!!!! And my jaw is still hanging! That is such a great show with all the characters - I will miss Kate - in the show! If you have never seen *NCIS* you have been missing a great show! The banter that goes on between all the character is fantastic!! That's why missing any one of them is a real bummer! I am hoping that when they come back for the new season... that someone was DREAMING and it didn't really happen! And if you have never seen the show... you are now very confused :dizzy: :lol:

I just got off the phone with my mother (10:15am)... they put her on some meds that help with the spasms as well as the pain and she is doing much better - sounded like her chipper self again! When the meds wear off she has pain, but it's bearable now, she said. She went for her MRI this morning and will not know the results till JUNE 13th!! :o They sure do take their time in Maine... At least I know that she is doing okay till then with the meds.

Sheila, You SHOULD be Proud of your little GD's accomplishments, I loved hearing how far she has progressed. And I bet you see it more then her parents, being you don't see her as often. I am so happy for you :sunny:

As for the salt in the food & swelling... DEFINATELY!!! That's why Joe has to watch his eating out. I swell too - gaining up to 4 lbs (sometimes 5) in water retention. It's terrible! So you are not alone... and the exercise is a great way to get rid of it. And your experience at the hospital sounded... errr... well... ... funny! :lol: I love to read your post :lol: So do you feel like a PIN COUSION? :^: Prayers for relief soon!!

Yeah :lol: I did break the rule on the first night :lol: But have been doing much better... I must admit, that when he is outdoors or busy with a project and doesn't need me... I slip in here to check on things :dizzy: It's hard to stay away!!! We did get together with our buds this Saturday... we went to breakfast and then all went to check out the NEW SUPER *Wal-Mart* that was built in Middlefield, Ohio (where the Amish live)... it is just too funny to see a parking lot just for the horse and buggy's!!! But the Wal-Mart doesn't look all that great, it looks like they rushed it or something... the floors are concrete and painted! Do they think that the Amish have dirt floors or something? I don't know about the contractors that build these - what are they thinking! The Amish don't seem to mind any - they are just happy to have a huge store like that to shop in so close by. And believe me --- it is HUGE!

Well, now my Lilacs are pretty much done... BUT I have the *Lilies of the Valley* in bloom right now and the scent comes right into my office when I have the window open --- another heavenly scent!! Neither last long enough for me, it seems that I wait so long for this time of year to enjoy the flowers and they are gone so fast!

Angel, Here is a Sig I had made for you --- I sent you an e-mail w/ it but wasn't sure if you got it, so here it is again... hope you like it :) And from the sounds of things... you could use another Angel ;)

I am so very sorry to hear about your nurse friend, Cahtye, and her cancer --- how sad! I will say some prayers for her in hopes that the surgery will show that it's manageable and that she will get better... I am so sorry! As for your shots coming up... prayers are going out that whom-ever gives it to you, gets it the first time! So you can put your mind at ease :)

I am glad that you are enjoying the graphics... your Parrot is Beautiful today! Cute kitty too!! I take time in the early mornings to check that site out for new stuff, I am so addicted to graphics and such. I hope to learn how to use the PSP7 I HAVE and make them myself one day. They give free tutorials all the time on the net, but you haveta have the time! Maybe this WINTER I will learn. That's too cool that your signs are wanted by so many :flow1: I hope that all goes well with your new business... have you opened yet?

Oh... Our Anniversary is on June 21st :) When will you go on your 4 day trip? You can relax in 4 days ;) Good for you getting your DD's computer all squared away!! :cp: I bet she was a happy camper!! I hope she comes to help you!

Diane, How was your holiday weekend? We had the best time at the Birthday and Communion parties we went to on Sunday. My niece has a brand new Country French style home (valued at aprox $650,000.00) to host her party at - it wasn't even finished... Beautiful home!!! And here I sit in my humble home (of aprox $60,000.00 - :lol: ) But we had a wonderful visit with everyone and we loved our time home together yesterday! It was so nice... even the phone was quiet! We watched 2 movies: *The Aviator* and *National Treasure* both great movies! We watched *National Treasure* 2ce and I am not a Nick Cage fan, but it was a great movie! Much like the *Raiders of the Lost Arc* films.

Bonnie, I'm sorry... I forgot :sorry: I will send you a PM tomorrow if I am feeling better and try to help, okay.

So did you hit any of those garage sales? Find any good finds?


I started this post this morning (10am) when I was feeling fine and right now (4:40) I have a fever of 101.4 and rising --- I think it's the flu, not quite sure :( Darn it all! I thought that a shower would help me feel better... NOT! :no: And so I laid down w/ my blanket on and woke up shivering. It's 75* in my home, but I am shivering... from the fever. I will go to bed very early tonight, I think I just overdid it at the parties we attended. There wasn't any foods " I "could eat (- the dairy, the high fats, the sugars, etc.) and I thought I'd be okay if I had a little of it w/ my enzymes. I was wrong. Now I have loose BM's, a headache, a fever and the shivers. I will have to pack my own meals from now on! I just cannot indulged - ever... it's just not worth this. It's gonna take me about 3 days to get everything back to normal. I ate very little today to keep my stomach quiet. Hope I feel better tomorrow.

If I messed up in my posts to you, please bear w/ me...

*Gods Blessing's*


05-31-2005, 07:41 PM
Sunny d ,I never heard since I've been in this group, what health problems do you have? All weekend i had VERY bad tooth ache & loose tooth, Dr. said to day it is infected under the tooth that lifts oi up some. looks like I have a big double chin,can hardly swallow or open my mouth to wide. HURT FOR TO LONG, DR. says start feeling better with meds in 24 hrs. I want it NOW!!!!
Tomorrow we pick up my mil. have this weekend lined up with grands,great grands coming to visit her,
I'll close must be about time to take more motrin 800, & pennicillin. Bonnie2

05-31-2005, 10:45 PM

Thank you,SunnyD! That is so sweet of you! I love that beautiful angel. :) I'll certainly use it. Yes, please do pray for Cathye. I'm so concerned for her. She was going to tell her two daughters about the cancer Saturday. She was waiting for them to get out of school, through proms, etc. One of them is a very bad diabetic. She has to watch her very closely...even during the nights. Of course, she's concerned about being away from her.
As far as my treatments. I dread it a little. If it was just getting a shot or drawing blood, there wouldn't be a problem on my part. But, this catheter needle is large (larger than my veins) & doesn't want to stay in for 2 or more hours after it's finally in. The Dr wants to put in a port, but I don't want one. Anything on my skin really irritates it, & I'm afraid I'd be in misery. Tags on my clothes drive me crazy! :dizzy: I hope she's a good & patient nurse like Cathye (she has me spoiled :) ), & not a grumpy one.
Glad your mom is better.
Our business was never closed. It's been opened for 10 yrs. We just went with busines "as usual". That made it easy. We just wanted to change up a few things & brighten it up some. Everyone really likes the new look. :D We've been officially the owners for 2 weeks, now. So, June will be the first full month! Nature's Sunshine is the best seller. I've tried a lot of different things there, for different reasons....very good results!
Oh sorry you're not feeling well. You sounded so chipper at the beginning of your post! I sure hope you're not taking the flu. And having to watch so closely what you eat. You poor thing. I'm praying for you. (((hugs))) Get some rest, my friend.

Bonnie-2...toothache.........ouch! Hope you get help soon! (((hugs)))
Hello Sheila & Bluet & Diane

06-01-2005, 06:09 AM
Good morning and let me start off by saying thanks Charlotte for the wonderful CD, I am enjoying it so much. You have a beautiful voice and I want you to stop putting yourself down. I hope all goes well with your treatment and the new nurse is good to you. It sounds like you are really enjoying your new business, I wish you much success.

Oh Sunny what happened to you girl? I do hope it isn't the flu. It sounds like you and Joe had a good holiday. I always enjoy reading about you as a couple, you seem so close. :)

Bonnie2 ouchy a toothache, you get that taken care of girl. If it is abcessed like it sounds that could be dangerous. The penicllun should work though. Take care of yourself.

Hi Sheila and Bluet.

DD goes to Dr. this afternoon so we should maybe know a little more of when to expect the baby. Hubby is going out of town for a couple of days fishing so she will probably go into labor then. He will only be an hour and a half away so he can fly back.

As far as my life all is well except taking care of grandsons. I need some prayers for patience there are times that they take away all the patience I have ever had. :(

Have a wonderful day.

06-01-2005, 11:17 AM

For the sweet compliment. I really don't know why I put myself down so much. I suppose I'm afraid I'm going to disappoint people. I always feel I should apologize before I sing a song. :^: I know that sounds terrible, since I'm singing for the Lord & I do enjoy it & feel HIM. It's just that I know I'm not professional. Ohhhhh....I WOULD love to be a professional gospel singer & go traveling! That would be so neat! I've been blessed to sing at different places I've been, though.
I know you're anxious for that new grand to be born. Hope all goes well. Yes, those little ones can be rough on us........praying for you.

SunnyD....How are you today? I sure hope you're feeling better.

Hello to Sheila....haven't heard from you since you got back. Hope you're rested up, now.

Hello to Bluet....Suppose you had to go back to work yesterday. Take care.

Hello to Bonnie-2....We're getting flooded today! How is it there?

Everyone have a good Wednesday.........

06-01-2005, 10:13 PM
Hi, all--

Hope everyone had a good holiday. Hey, has anyone been to that endless garage sale? I saw something about it on HGTV. A newlywed couple was spending their honeymoon travelling the endless garage sale. Not my idea of a fun honeymoon, but different strokes for different folks.

Charlotte, your voice is amazing. It's incredible that we have two such talented singers on this bulletin board. How'd we get so lucky? Can understand about not getting the port, but the catheter needle, well, your description makes me cringe. Did your friend ever tell her kids? I'm praying for her. Glad you got some time to rest and relax. Never feel guilty about doing nothing is my motto! Not sure what you meant about the ER?? I'd mentioned that I was trying to relate the doctors who injected my botox at the movement disorders clinic to characters in the television show "ER." Is that what made you think I was in the ER? Sorry about that! You know, your daughter would have had to spend some serious money to get her computer fixed after messing it up like that. Hope she realizes how much money you saved her and gets hopping on cleaning that tub and mopping that floor. No pictures of my GD, unfortunately. When I unloaded them, they were all fuzzy. Very disappointing!

SunnyD, how are you doing? Hope you're doing better today than you were yesterday afternoon. Fevers make a person feel so awful, not to mention the rest of the symptoms you mentioned. I'm glad your Mom is feeling better, even with the aid of pain medication. That IS a long time to get MRI results. Your dinner sounds wonderful. They have corn on the cob available where you are? Yum! I haven't seen any yet, and we live right next door to California. Since you mentioned NCIS, I took the opportunity to watch two episodes last night and really enjoyed them. Loved the character interaction. And even though it's forensic, it's not gruesome at all. Didn't have to cover my eyes once. :D

Bonnie2, oh, ouch! Toothaches are no fun, and with all the swelling you have, well, it sounds horrible. Did the medication kick in pretty fast? Hope your mouth was better by the time you picked up your MIL. Do you need the tooth removed? On a positive note, I bet you didn't eat much while your tooth was acting up, right?!?

Diane, what's the word on the new baby? I will be thinking good thoughts that she comes when your DH is home! Will be praying for some extra patience for you, and also that those GKs behave!

I joined Weight Watchers last night. It was time. I was most dismayed when I got on the scale. Hopefully some of it was water weight, but we'll see next week. I'm not changing my signature, though. :) I worked extra hard at water aerobics today, and my eating has been spot on today. Trying to make an eating plan for the weekend because we're going to spend a couple of days at the coast to celebrate our anniversary.

Hope everyone is having a good Wednesday.

06-02-2005, 09:50 PM
Hhmm, everyone doing okay today?

Not much happening around here. It's kind of chilly, but I can't force myself to turn on the heat when it's June. I worked out for an hour at the gym plus an additional 20 minutes of stretching. Still need to walk the dog, but I may make my DH do that since he didn't get any exercise today. Also cleaned toilets. My circuit training instructor said that women are more flexible than men because we bend and stretch more (cleaning toilets, picking up babies, etc.). I can believe that.

Hope everyone is having a good Thursday. I'm missing my Thursday shows, but I went to the library yesterday and checked out a bunch of books so I can huddle under a comforter and read.

06-03-2005, 06:39 AM
Good morning girls just wanted to check in and let you know still no baby. She went to Dr. Wed. and she is dialated to a 4 and if she doesn't deliver by next Wed. the 8th. she is going to be induced. Our anniversary is the 7th. so wish she would have her then.

I have been really busy with the boys the last few days and by night fall I am pooped, so I just fall into bed.

Sunny I am worried about you?? I hope you aren't too sick.

Sheila send some of that cooler weather here, we are under severe weather today. Hubby is gone fishing until tomorrow so I do hope it doesn't get too bad, it scares me....

Hi Charlotte and Bonnie 2 how are you girls?

Any big plans for the weekend? None here just hope maybe a trip to the hospital to see my new baby. :D :D

I have done terrible on WW the last couple of days, have got to get back on track today. I don't know what comes over me sometime, just want to have something in my mouth constantly and most of the time not the right choices. :(

Hugs, Diane

06-03-2005, 03:39 PM
Hello Everyone,

Pretty quite over here lately. I think I see some dustballs starting to form in the corners. :) I am the one that is most quilty for not posting, I know.

I did my usual thing over the Memorial Day weekend. All the outdoor work had to come or bust, I can never do things the easy way. :) Since our spring was so cold and rainy, there was very little time that I felt I wanted to be outside working in the perennial beds. So the three days off from work were unusually nice days and I wouldn't rest until I had things in order again. Guess I'll never learn. I am still not all done though, then again with yard work is one ever done?

Last week I had a flu thing that had all the same symptoms that Sunny described when she was coming down with something. Took about four or five days to feel better with that virus.

It is fiscal year end at work, so there's just so much more to do. Also insurance renewal time.

Sunny, I hope you are ok and improving everyday. Sheila, It is nice to be able to bundle up in a comforter and read, but when it is summer, I want the weather to be agreeable, our summers are so short :( . How's your Dad? Charlotte, how are you doing? Minding the store? Ae you going for your anniversay get away this weekend? Diane, hope the baby comes soon. About those grandson, we have 6, and they wear me out too. We all lose our patience at times. :) Bonnie2, how's your tooth. Did you get to finish your red bark? Is MIL with you yet.

Well gotta go guys.....Take care. All of you that are having June anniversaries, and I think that is just about everyone...HAPPY ANNIVERSAY!


06-03-2005, 05:22 PM

:wave:Good Afternoon my friends,
Thank-you *ALL* so much for all the *well-wishes*! I am so much better today - just like new again! I cannot believe how ill I was... it's been a long time since I felt that ill. Yesterday about midday the headache that I had since Tuesday finally left me and now I feel just fine! I even went for a 1.5 mile walk w/ Joe this morning. So no more worries, okay. I am fine... BLESS YOUR HEARTS! I spoke to friends and they all said that this flu hits hard and last at least 3 - 4 days, so I was par for the coarse. Other then feeling chilly from this crazy weather - all is well... it wasn't my gut nor the food as I thought, although... I don't think it helped.

Yesterday we had a picture perfect day! 78* Sunny :sunny: with a breeze... we are getting some "hit and miss" rains today and it's only in the 60's - chilly today compared to yesterday. I had all the windows open yesterday and not a thing playing - no TV - no Radio, nothing! All I heard were my kitties talking to the birds & the birds... nice!

Speaking of birds... Joe put up the 1950's Diner Bird Feeder yesterday, that my sister gave us for Christmas. I took some pictures! It is so neat to see it out my kitchen window and all lit up at night!! I will send pics as soon as I am able and show you - they are still on my camera right now. It is so DARN CUTE!!

Joe & I still don't have our annual plants bought nevermind planted... and may not at this rate! I was going to work on my potting this week - then I got the flu! Just can't win sometimes... Our Perennials are doing great! The pink *Peony's* will be opening soon and all my *Painted Daises* have opened... so have my *Lilies of the Valley* - what a heavenly scent!

:flow1: Tomorrow we are meeting Peggy, Mike (our best buds) and the girls for breakfast and then Peggy, Sandy, Lisa & I are going to play *putt putt gulf* then going out to lunch together, (the guys are going their way for the day together) - both girls are leaving soon - one for college (Lisa) and the other for Ca (Sandy), so we all wanted to spend time together. I am just glad that I am all better now and can still go! We have had this day planned for over a month!! Then... we are meeting the guys for dinner out and a baseball game - Lisa bought Joe & I the tickets for the game - wasn't that nice!!! $20.00 each! The weather is suppose to be perfect! It will be a FUN FULL day!

Sunday will be a quiet day after we get home from church... yeah! :cp:

Forgive me not catching up w/ you all right now, just no time to.
But hopefully on Sunday I will catch a moment when I can stop in and catch up then ;)
I am so far behind in my reading, I haven't been here in days!! :o I spent the whole morning on the
computer this morning writing to all my family whom had not heard from me since Tuesday morning! :dizzy:

Big *Hugs & Smiles* :df:


06-07-2005, 05:47 AM
Come out, come out where ever you are!!!

It has been way to quiet on here for several days, hope everyone is ok.

I really don't have alot to report still waiting on Emilee is about it. As it looks now tomorrow is the day!!

I will be off for six weeks and man do I have a ton of stuff I want to get done. OMG I just realized today is my anniversary, I honestly have been up for 45 min. and had forgot what today was. :dizzy: No plans for it our Lousianna trip is for our anniversary and that isnt until the end of June. It will be nice to get away and then in Oct. I have my trip with my friends to Maine for 10 days. I have always dreamed of going to Maine and the opportunity came up and I grabbed it. I am going with three of my friends, two of which have already been there so they plan the trip. We are spending several days in Camden. I went with them five yrs. ago to Yellowstone and the Tetons and we had a marvelous time. That was four months before Sister passed away and she went too, I am so grateful to have had that wonderful vacation with her. :)

Have a wonderful day and let me know how you are.

06-07-2005, 08:57 AM

How long have you & DH been married? I hope you have a great day! Also hope everything goes well with your new arrival! Keep us informed.

Not much going on here, either. It's been really hot & humid. Didn't have the air conditioner in until Sunday. I nagged until DH got around to putting it in. Bless his heart....he works all the time, but I couldn't take it anymore.

Well........I got older last Friday (3rd)...
I really had a great day! I was showered with gifts (especially angels!) & flowers all day! When we did "Tennessee Valley Now" at 4 pm, everyone at the TV Station came out on camera with balloons & presents & song...then, afterwards...had a surprise party waiting! I'm spoiled rotten there. :D DH got me the juicer that I've been wanting! I've been juicing up a storm. :lol:

Well...I just heard DH get up, so I've got to cook his breakfast. Hope all have a good day. I've missed everyone.

06-07-2005, 11:57 AM
Good Morning!!!!

Charlotte, HAPPY BIRTHDAY so glad to hear they spoil you at the station. :) I could kinda tell they really love you there as we all do. Great going on getting the air conditioning.

Diane, enjoy your day HAPPY ANNIVERSARY I always wanted to go to Maine too, it will be fun to hear about your trip when you come back. Enjoy your get-a-way to Louisiana.

Getting worried about Sheila and Sunny, hope you two are o.k.


06-07-2005, 03:58 PM
short note
after I went to the oral surgeon he said get right over to the hosp. you can die from this cutting off your breathing. in hosp. thur- sun. WOW talk later taking mil to dr. Bonnie2

06-07-2005, 05:40 PM
Hi, all!

Charlotte, a happy belated birthday!! I'm so glad that you got incredibly spoiled at the TV station--you deserve it. What fun to celebrate your birthday on air with good friends. I bet your viewers had a good time, too. So what have you been juicing? Glad you got your AC working. I know I would have begged, pleaded, coerced and even threatened to get the AC going, too, if I had those hot, humid temps.

Diane, is she going to be induced, or is she just dilated enough that you know it'll be tomorrow? I should go back and read the threads and find out, I guess, but I'm lazy. :) Happy anniversary! A Louisiana getaway sound like fun (although hot!). I love Maine, and if you're going in early October, the leaves should be pretty there, too. Once when we were in New Hampshire visiting my DH's relatives, I asked if we could go to Maine so we drove up over the border, I got out to touch the ground, then we drove back. A couple of years ago, we stayed on the coast for a few days. It had been 100 where we'd been near Boston for the week, and it was nice and cool in Maine. Had the most wonderful scallops, too--they got them fresh just down the road. Yum!

SunnyD, glad you're feeling better. Sounds like Mother Nature gave you just a tiny taste of spring, and then took it away. I hope the rest of your weekend was better. Sounds like you had a lot of fun stuff plan. Looking forward to seeing the bird feeder photos.

Bluet, sounds like you had an all-or-nothing kind of weekend. I get like that about projects, too, and often can't start them just because I know I don't have time to finish them. It's kind of an obsessive thing.

Bonnie2, hope you're having a good time with your MIL.

We had a fabulous anniversary. We stayed at a hotel on the beach that we've wanted to stay at since it opened. It's called the Sylvia Beach Hotel and here's the URL:

It's a themed place and we stayed the first night in the Meridel Lasoeur room on the 2nd floor. I'd never heard of her so we had to read up on her. The second night we stayed in the Agatha Christie room, which had a fireplace and a private deck. It rained most of the day so we didn't use the deck, but the ocean view was wonderful, and my DH made two fires. It was a really special weekend--and I stayed on my eating program, too. How about that? :)

So while we were driving to the coast, we were listening to NPR, and heard this woman say she's trying to visit all 50 states by the time she's 40. I liked the idea so much that I decided that we need to visit all 50 states by the time I'm 60. So I've got 8 years to go to 17 different states. Most of them are in the south, and several are in the midwest. Also have Alaska and Arizona here in the west. We've already planned an Alaska trip in a couple of years so that one will be easy.

Today we get our new dining room table. I can finally have friends over for dinner. One friend has had us over twice, and we haven't reciprocated because all we had was a card table. I'm going to try to get a photo of the dining room once we get the table in it. Our family room furniture should come within the next couple of weeks, too. Yeah!

Hope everyone is having a good Monday! It's been cool (we turned the heat on!) and rainy here, but it should look better in a few days.

06-07-2005, 05:41 PM
We must have posted around the same time, Bonnie2. WHAT HAPPENED??!!

06-08-2005, 05:29 AM
Today is the day please keep us in your prayers. I will be back later with an update.

06-08-2005, 10:43 AM

Hello my Dear friends... :wave:

I do hope this post finds you all doing well and enjoying the Summer!
I cannot believe how fast the time goes by these days!!!

It has been so crazy busy here w/ Joe & I. My mother is holding her own till she hears from the Dr's about her MRI next week. And my father is improving everyday :flow1:

Our nephew is getting married this Saturday and tomorrow evening we have his rehearsal to attend (Joe is singing for the wedding) and then we are all going out to dinner together... it's a huge group of people (Italians - Huge!)! But it's gonna be FUN! I will not be back to the thread till next week so don't be worried about me - we are well, it's just such a busy, busy time of year! I think busier now then during the Christmas holiday :o :dizzy: :faint: This weekend is the Wedding and the family gatherings... next Sat. we have Grad. parties to go to and then it's Father's Day. Oh and then the 21st is our 30th Anniversary --- and Joe & I are going to a B & B for a couple days the weekend of his birthday (6-25). And then... there's July... phew! More family wedding's and showers to go to... :faint:

What a crazy day I had this past Monday... mostly on the phone with SBC phone company reps. I am going to go with high speed DSL to speed up my computer. I called just to pay a bill by phone and got a rep that talked me into it... I am nervous and excited at the same time, should have it by tomorrow... I just hope I won't have any problems. They really gave me the best deal I have seen in a long time - $26.95 for a year and then you call before the yr. is up and they will honor the quoted price (or better) for another year to keep you. I will have a change of e-mail address when I finally do switch over... so I will let you all know right away when I do, okay. I will be sending out a bulk notice... I also had 3 weeks of bill's to sort out and pay!! With the bank messing me up taking out the $600.00 - I had some making up to do after they put it back in. I didn't want to write any checks till I had it back, you know. I am still not quite finished - will do that today or tomorrow.

Joe & I had a day out with our friends and their kids this past Saturday. Girls & Guys went their separate ways and met for dinner at the local minor league baseball game... We had a great time! And the baseball game we went to that night was so good! What a beautiful night for a game weather-wise! It was nice that they won 6-2 just for us :lol: A perfect day! We (Peggy, Sandy, Lisa & myself) played 2/ 18 hole *putt putt golf* games and I won one game :) Lisa won the other... We went to *TGIF Friday's* for lunch and ate dinner at the baseball game meeting the guys there. The guys had a good day too hitting a bucket of balls each at the driving range & catching a kids BB game - it was so much fun! We were all so zapped on Sunday that when we got home from church we just collapsed (Mike & Peggy too - :lol: !). Although, Joe & I did rent a movie... *The Phantom of the Opera* --- have any of you seen it? Beautiful movie!!! Just Beautiful! You gals would LOVE the music, such beautiful voices!!

Now to catch up with you gals!
Be right back with another post ;)

06-08-2005, 12:04 PM

Hello again... toldya I'd be back and this time
I held to my word (unlike last time... :sorry: )


and many more...

I hope you had a *WONDERFUL DAY* on your birthday!
The will have the Bestest / Healthiest year ahead!

Birthday {{{Hugs}}}

Charlotte, I do hope that you had a Great Day!! I am so sorry I haven't been around lately... I am so glad you liked your Angel :smug: You are so very Welcome!

As for my health... I am all better now, like nothing was ever wrong and I am so careful about what I eat!! So far so good! When we go out tomorrow evening it will be social for me only - I am eating before I go ;)

Hi Diane, Looks like I have missed out on allot!!!! From the looks of things that baby is being born as I write!!! I cannot wait to hear!!! I'll be sure to keep checking in right now :D
Belated wishes for you and hubby! :cheers: How many years for the two of you??

Camden, Maine is BEAUTIFUL and full of Gift Shops!!! My folks live in Maine... near Augusta, Me. You will love it there... it's beautiful there in October!!!! :dance:

I am okay now... I was really sick there for a few days, but all better now - like nothing happened at all :sunny:

Hi Sheila, you went to that endless garage sale!!!! I saw that on HGTV too and have always wanted to go --- I am so GREEN!!!! Did you find anything good there? I bet it was just fun going and talking to people! I wanna goooo... :lol:

The Sylvia Beach Hotel looks beautiful!!! I love it!!! I am going to keep the url in my favs for future ref.! Belated wishes for you and hubby :cheers: ! When was your Anniversary?? How many years?? I loved reading all about your stay there --- makes me wanna be there NOW! :lol: I love the names of the rooms too ;) How fun! Good for you sticking w/ your plan even though you are on vacation, that's hard to do!

Where's that picture of your NEW diningroom table???? :smug:

As for *NCIS* I am so glad you liked it --- it is such a great show!!! I love all the characters and hated that they killed Kate off in the season finale --- I am so hoping it was a dream/nightmare of someone's and it didn't really happen :crossed: it just won't be the same w/o her and Tony going at each other! Keep watching it... Joe & I like it so much we watch the reruns when we can. Nope not gruesome at all :D And I love *Ducky* David McCullum (sp? Man From Uncle). Me too!! I miss all my shows, but and kinda glad they aren't on right now with the craziness here :stress: I am anxious for it to slow up a bit. I even felt a bit sad :( yesterday, because I felt so overwhelmed with all that is happening, but feel much better today.

How is WW's going? How's your competition w/ DD going? You winning??? :D :cheer:

We are getting temps into the 90's now... are you still chilly? I'll be glad to send someheat your way ;) We went from 60* one day and 90* the very next - I kid you not! We had to caved and put on the AC 2 days ago it was so hot and wet w/ humidity!! And still is!

Hi Bluet, Thank-you for the *well-wishes* --- al better now :D How have you been sweetzzzz? You feeling any better these days? That Flu is terrible! I wasn't sure if it was something I ate or the bug, but it looks like it was the bug! Although, I don't think that the food I ate helped any! My tummy really hurt!

You should see all my perennials... so many are ready to bloom right now :flow1: I'll have to get pics to share... we never did get in that veggie garden :no: and won't till next summer - just too much happening here this year. And all my pots are still empty :( I am hoping to get them filled real soon with some of the annual sales at the gardens ctrs.

Bonnie2, I am so very sorry to hear that you are so ill right now with your mouth... I sure do hope that you feel better real soon!!! *Prayers* for you my dear!!!

You asked about my health... I have several health issues with my intestines since the car accident I had years ago... basically I have Diverticulitus and Severe IBS. But have found the answers to keeping it calm with my diet and if I stay with it I feel great! But it's not always easy with all the parties we attend :dizzy: Like this Thursday... I have to eat dinner before I go to dinner with everyone else. Then I just have a salad, fruit or a bowl of soup... nothing big. Thinking of you!!! Let us know how you are doing...


Here's that pic of the bird feeder... that the chipmunk just loves!! :lol:


06-08-2005, 12:51 PM
A GIFT for your BIRTHDAY... CHARLOTTE!!! :flow1:



06-08-2005, 06:53 PM
My abcess went down into my neck & really enlarged it, in 1 day & was about to cut off my breathing, the oral surgeon took 1 look & said get to the hosp. Now & get on iv & antibiotics &after his work day he'd put me in for surgery. 2 hr. surgery, 3 drains in my neck, 1 less tooth & plenty of pain later I'll make it.I go back again tomorrow to see how swelling is going down,redness,& teeth trying to stretch apart more, Pain is trying to put thumb & forefinger on top & bottom teeth to try to get them back where they were before drilling in my jaw for part of surgery, OH THE PAIN, have to keep it going as he'll measure each time I go if I can open wider.SCARY TIME FOR ALL WHEN HE SAID YOU COULD DIE FROM THIS IF NOT DONE SOON ENOUGH!!!
Today nothing much going on, had to get back to work for most of the day to get work done at the office, dh & ds really missed me.
better close & see if mil wants to use the computer. I set her up with email as she wanted to , her husband used it all the time, hope she does now lost 5# through this, hard way to go. Bonnie2

06-09-2005, 07:43 PM
Oh, Bonnie2, how scary and horrible for you! And drilling in your jaw for part of the surgery--oh, my. Hopefully they put you totally under. I hope the pain is much better today. I can't believe you were going into work so soon afterwards. That certainly wasn't the way to lose weight, but you should take it, right?! :D

Diane, I hope everything went well with your granddaughter's birth. Can't wait to hear how big she is, how long she is, if she has hair, etc. What fun!

SunnyD, glad you're feeling 100% now. My circuit training instruction, who also teaches nutrition, was talking today about a woman in her nutrition class who is being eating healthy for about 10 days now. At the urging of a friend, the woman had a small ice cream cone (and dairy is a no-no food for her) and had problems for two days afterwards. Glad your Dad is improving so much, and I hope your Mom gets some good news next week. Sounds like you are super busy with all your wedding and graduations. What a fun time you had with your friends! I haven't played miniature golf in ages. Love the bird feeder--how cool!

No, I haven't been to the endless garage sale. I just saw it on TV and wondered if anyone else had ever been to it. Since my new goal is to see all 50 states, maybe I should plan trips around going to the endless garage sale?!?

Had lunch with a couple of friends yesterday. One friend had to go after about 1.5 hours, but my other friend and I stayed for an additional hour. I could have talked for longer, but I really had to go to the bathroom! Got lots of water in yesterday. :) Oh, I weighed in on Tuesday night and had lost 11.6 pounds--do you believe it? I'm sure it's mostly water weight, but I'll take it. I bet I don't lose much, if any, next week. Didn't starve myself either because I had two glasses of wine and a few bites of my DH's creme brulee and bread pudding.

Had a cavity filled today. Yuck. I was supposed to have two filled, but I asked if we could hold off on the other one. They aren't very big, and my Seattle dentist was on a wait and see pattern, but this dentist likes to get 'em all over with, I guess. I take really good care of my teeth just to avoid cavities so I was bummed about having two, even though they're small. I think they were around previous fillings from when I was a kid. Fillings don't last forever, dang it! On another healthcare note, my neurologist dumped me. Do you believe it? She had the risk management person at the clinic call me and tell me. They're the only neurology group in town so now I have no neuros to go see locally. I don't quite know what is going on, but I believe it's because I chose to get my treatments in Portland because the docs there are more experienced at giving Botox injections.

Well, even though I'm a little woozy, and the double shot of novocaine hasn't worn off (I'm just like my mother--I require two shots to get numb), I think I should take advantage of this warm sunny day and do some yard work. It's supposed to start getting cold and cloudy again tomorrow.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

06-09-2005, 08:35 PM
Hi girls just got a minute to post and send some pics of our new little Emilee. She was born at 12:28 pm, 7 lbs. 13 oz. and 20 inches long. Beautiful baby I must say..... :D Mother and baby are home now and doing great!! Bradley just loves her.

Oh Bonnie so glad you got that taken care of, how scary that must have been.

I will be back tomorrow don't have much time now.

Hugs, Diane

06-10-2005, 10:53 AM

Hello friends,
I wasn't able to post yesterday....for some reason, I couldn't get in here.

Diane...what a beautiful baby! Congratulations!! Such a cute big brother, also. I know you are all so very proud. Glad it's over & all are doing well. She is a little doll. :)

Bonnie-2....Oh my, you have really been through it! I'm so sorry. You must have been scared, as well as in pain. Hope you're feeling much better, now. ((hugs))

Sheila...WEIGH TO GO ON THE WEIGHTLOSS!!! Good for you! That's a lot to lose. :D I wish I could do that before we leave for vacation on the 19th....but, doubt it. I'm not doing much to encourage it, either, I'm afraid.

Sorry about your neurologist....sorry to say....I know the feeling. I received a letter this week from my GP. Just simply said "You are being discharged from this practice". I called for an explanation, but only was told that no one knew why...he just sent out several letters. I've had him for abour 10 yrs & don't know what to do. Just have to look around, I suppose.
SunnyD...thank you so much! I love my gift! Don't worry about being late. I was late with all of you on your birthdays. I don't know when they are, & hardly ever check the profiles. I've got to do better. I wouldn't have mentioned mine, only wanted to tell about my juicer & what my friends did for me.
We'll miss you terribly until you're back with us. So glad you're feeling better.

Bluet....Where are you? Hope you're doing ok. This is Friday, girl! Got the weekend ahead to relax!

Well.......hope all have a good Friday.

06-10-2005, 11:38 PM
Omigosh, what a beautiful baby, Diane! She looks so alert. I bet you and your family are just thrilled. Bradley sounds like he's willing to give this big brother thing a shot.

Charlotte, I think the site was down for a while. What's the deal with these doctors? Can't believe he did that to you after 10 years.

Did a lot of housecleaning today after water aerobics. We're going to a garden tour tomorrow, then to pick up the chair that had been damaged during shipping and was repaired. Sunday we'll go about an hour south to go to Trader Joe's. It's a once-a-month kind of thing.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

06-11-2005, 11:08 AM
I'm feeling much better, don't have to go back to Dr. fo 3 weeks. most of the draining is done now. my face is almost back to normal. still working through stretching my teeth more apart.
It has been extremely HOT & Humid for days now 90* plus. rain each night.
today is our local RELAY FOR LIFE walk. 24 hr. I walk from 4:00 - 4:30. that will be plenty long enough with the humidity. I'm sure I'll be up to that much for my part of our jazz> group participation each year. we raise over $2000 at least for cancer research. Haven't benn back to jazz. in over 2 weeks. hope to go Mon.
things are ok with having mil with us this summer. that's part of family life. Bonnie2

06-13-2005, 03:21 PM
Good morning!

Bonnie2, glad you're feeling a bit better. I got a little shiver when I read "most of the draining." Don't think I could make it in the healthcare field! Does it cool down at night with the rain? Hope so. How was the race?

Bluet, you're on my list! What's been happening with you? Remember. . .we know where you live! :D

So what did everyone do this weekend? Hopefully, Charlotte, you weren't affected by the storm. Lucky for everyone it weakened and didn't turn into a hurricane.

The garden tour was fun. Some of the places had beautiful views of a lake or a river, and all but one had huge, huge yards. One place was a tiny corner lot owned by a woman in her 70s. She said she remodeled every 20 years, and decided when she was 75 to remodel her yard. She must have loved water because she had three water features in this small yard--and no grass!

Sunday we went about an hour south to Oregon's second largest city, Eugene. They have a Trader Joe's and a PetsMart. We got dry ice and got a bunch of TJ stuff, and finally found the kitty turbo scratcher we've been searching for. My cats were in kitty heaven over that. Do you have one of those, SunnyD? Stopped at my sister's house on the way out of town to say hello. She wasn't home, but her DH was. They live in a 1920s house on a rather busy corner lot surrounded by a lot of shrubbery (cuts down on the noise). Turns out they were robbed a couple of weeks ago. The burglars smashed the glass in the old door, but couldn't reach the door handle so they just broke the door jams. They took computer and camera equipment, my sister's wedding ring, and rummaged around in the basement. Later on that night, my BIL found a plastic disk on their porch swing. They hadn't seen it there before so they opened it and found a substance wrapped in plastic. They called the police officer back, who told them it was "bindles," which is meth wrapped up. The officer said the robbery was probably a wash because the value of the meth the burglars left was about the same as the value of the stuff they took. Meth certainly does addle the brain! My BIL thinks it was friends of the kids next door. Pretty scary stuff!

Got back in time to enjoy the sunshine and fairly warm temps yesterday. We ate lunch out both days, and I was so virtuous. Saturday I had a 1/2 chef's salad with no cheese and dressing on the side (which I dipped my fork into so I didn't use much), and on Sunday, although I wanted the smoked salmon hash with poached eggs and hollandaise so much, I got a big plate of mesclun greens. I told my DH that when I can wear a loose size 10, then I'm going back for that smoked salmon hash!

Diane, how's that baby doing?

Hope you all are having a good Monday!

06-13-2005, 06:56 PM
Hi Sheila thanks for asking about Emilee, she is doing just fine. Although she is having a little trouble sleeping at night. :( Her Mommy is so tired.....I am going to keep her Wed. morning while DD goes to a funeral of a co worker whose husband hung himself yesterday morning. He was going to trial on June 27 for theft. Just makes me so angry that he has put his family through this, he left behind a wife, son and a daughter, so very sad.

So sorry to hear about the burglary, very scary. It sounds like you had a great time this weekend and did good with your eating. I wish I could say the same about me, I have been slacking a little. :(

Bonnie2 glad you're feeling better.

Waving at Charlotte and Sunny.

06-13-2005, 10:34 PM
I'm feeling better everyday, went to jazz. tonite, felt good to be back.
had nephew & family visit us &mil yesterday, also went to church.
RAIN RAIN RAIN!!!!! we want to start cutting hay but the ground is so wet. hay is getting taller & tougher everyday.can't spray the soybeans for weeds either. finally going to cool down & have less hunidity tomorrow
night all time for bed Bonnie2

06-13-2005, 10:38 PM (

06-13-2005, 10:41 PM
how do I get rid of old weight tracker???/

06-14-2005, 12:15 PM
Hello Everyone,

Thanks for wondering about me. Hey, if you all know where I live, when are you all coming for a visit? ;)

I am sorry about being gone, we have had so much rain and heat here, that the gardens are filling up with weeds, so I have been spending every spare minute outside. It stays light until nine o'clock in the evening here now, so it is kind of hard to call it a day and go into the house. We have not had 90 degree heat, as Bonnie2 has had, thank goodness, but it has been in the upper 80's and humid. I guess Lake Michingan cools us down a bit. Sometimes that lake comes in handy, but most times NOT. You can imagine how the inside of my poor house is suffering. I have to get in gear though, because all the kids and grands are coming home this weekend for Father's Day.

I am at work, so I will catch you all later. Take care! P.S. Diane congratulations on your beautiful grandaughter. Bonnie2, so glad you are feeling better. I don't know how you could stand the pain. :( . Sunny, hey party girl, how are all the celebrations going? Charlotte, take care pretty lady, hope you are doing ok through this stormy hot weather. I think you have roof now, right? Sheila, a garden tour, is my idea of great fun, good going on your eating program!! :)
Love Bluet

06-15-2005, 11:55 AM

Hello everyone,
Good to hear from you, Bluet. I know what you mean about the time getting by before the the daylight. That's happening to us, also. I always got on my computer when DH was watching tv at night, after dark. When he gets on it, now, it's after 9pm & I'm getting pretty tired. I'm usually doing other things until then. So now, I make a quick check in the mornings. Just haven't been on much lately.

Our Anniversary was yesterday. I had a treatment, so we're celebrating next week, on vacation. I'm looking forward to going to Pigeon Forge again. We haven't been there in a couple of years. Just to get away will help.

Bluet, glad to hear from you. I'd come visit if I could, girl! Hope all is going well with you. No...the shingles aren't on yet, but the black paper is. DH has been working a lot on his job.

Sheila, how scarey for you all with the robbery! I know how that is, after being involved with 2 robberies! It's hard to describe the sorry. I hope they were insured. Glad you enjoyed the garden tour.

Bonnie-2,we bought some hay for our horses....was almost too wet. That hurricane weather came close enough to give us a lot of rain for a couple of days.
To get rid of the weight tracker....go to top of this on "User CP" on "Edit Signature"...then, just delete your tracker & save. You can put anything else there you'd like, or leave it empty. Need more help, just ask.

Diane....Is mom allowing the new baby to sleep too much during the day? It's really tempting, when she's tired from losing sleep herself. If the baby's tired at bedtime, more likely she'll sleep. Some babies are just little "night owls" though. Sorry about the funeral. It is so hard on the family & friends when this happens. My son had a friend to hang himself a few months ago. He's had some rough days over it.

Hope SunnyD is doing ok.....we miss her!
Everyone have a good day...I'm still getting over my treatment.

06-16-2005, 01:16 AM
Diane, that's awful about the coworker's husband. It's the ultimate act of selfishness. I hope your daughter is getting a bit more sleep. How was caring for Emilie while they were gone? I remember the first time I cared for my granddaughter while her parents went out. She was a little bit older, but it was pretty scary since she was tube fed (nasal tube at the time) and hooked up to monitors plus the oxygen. But we got through it, and I really miss babysitting.

Bonnie2, so glad you're feeling better. Can you open your mouth up all the way? I bet it felt really good to start exercising again plus it's probably a good social thing, too. We've had a couple of really nice days lately, but it's supposed to rain for the next three. Hope it stops at your house soon so you can get all the chores done.

Bluet, you're back!! Yay! Sounds like you've been putting in some pretty heavy days with working and then coming home to work in the yard. Hope you can take some time to relax, but it sounds like you have a busy weekend ahead. Yup, I love wandering around in other people's yard and houses--does that make me a voyeur? Hopefully not--I just like to get some good ideas.

Charlotte, a belated happy anniversary! So where is Pigeon Forge? It sounds familiar. I'll have to look it up on the internet. I was wondering if you were going to catch any of the Arlene weather. Hope your almost roof held up and you didn't have to use too many buckets.

We inaugurated our new dining room table tonight by having a friend over for dinner. He's an old buddy of my DH's, and after we bought the house we learned he lived right around the corner. I barbecued some chicken on skewers with veggies--really good. On Friday I have a couple of my old friends over for dinner. The last couple of days I've been walking dogs at the Humane Society. It's been great weather for it, although that's supposed to change as of tomorrow. Also went to the farmer's market today at the fairgrounds and bought some wonderful strawberries, lettuce, beets, and Swiss chard. I miss my garden so it's nice having local produce when I'm not growing my own.

Hope everyone has a great Thursday!

06-16-2005, 06:48 AM

Charlotte as always I am late but hoping you had a good anniversary and I know you will enjoy your vacation. Hoping you are feeling better by now from your treatment. So sorry to hear about DS friend, that is always so very sad just can't imagine ever getting to that point.

Sheila I did just fine with Emilee, but must admit it was a little ackward but I will have to get into the swing of things in about 5 wks. but at least she will be a little bigger. She is very petite. My Mother was only 5 ft. tall and wore a size 5 shoe, wonder if she will take after her? Although DD and I are small boned but we are chubby, should have never let ourself get this way. :(
It sounds like you have been doing alot of entertaining on that dining room table, do you ever rest?

Bluet good to hear from you girl.

Waving to Bonnie2 and Sunny :wave:

We are off to GS final pig show today and sale. Hopefully his pig will make the sale so he will have some money to buy another one for next years project. Have a great day.

06-17-2005, 10:18 AM

Hello everyone,
I'm doing much better now, thanks. Good nurse's surgery was a success. Dr says he's sure he got all the cancer. She doesn't have to have chemo. Also, my Dr says my Lupus test showed a low positive... so I can stay on Remicade, & they will keep me closely monitored. He said it's possible that it's caused by the meds, & would go into remission if I went off of them, but I need them too badly. This was good news for me....I've really been concerned. Don't know what I'd do without the meds.

Diane...that little one sounds sooooo dainty & sweet. I had two grands that were born premature & flown to another hospital. They were so tiny, I was scared to hold them. Can't tell it is big for her age...& they are both very intelligent. I know yours wasn't premature, but, still dainty.

Let me brag on a grand a little! My 16 yr old granddaughter (cheerleader) was chosen by the NCA (National Cheerleaders Association) to be a member!! She is now an "All American Cheerleader"! They are the best of the best. :D She had an injured wrist, a sprung ankle, & a black eye (from the previous day...catching a flyer cheerleader) She was told by the Dr there that she didn't need to try out...that she could cause further injury & be in a lot of pain. She told him that she didn't go all that way to sit on the side lines. The judges knew nothing about her injuries & she won!! Out of 103 girls, 5 were chosen. She was the only one out of her school. I suppose that shows the prejudice her school has been showing against her & her sisters! We are so very proud of her...although she's in a lot of pain now. Going to her bone Dr this next week. She'll be cheering at the game in Hawaii! Also, at the Florida Bowl, & Super Bowl! Will be up for a scholarship!

Sheila...Pigeone Forge is in Tennessee in the Smoky Mountains. It's where Dollywood is. Hopefully, we'll see Dolly Parden while we are there. I was there once, & looked over the backyard fence of her theater to see what the yard looked like. She was back there, & saw me. She smiled & waved like she was so happy to see me. :lol: She's sooooo tiny! There are a lot of attractions in Pigeon Forge & Gatlinburg. We use to go once or twice a year. The Smokey Mtns are beautiful!
Happy you're enjoying your new house. Don't forget those pictures. :D

Hello Bluet...I think of you most on Fridays!! TGIF!!! :D

Hello Bonnie-2...Our weather is just beautiful right now. Hope it stays that way.

Hello SunnyD...I miss you sooooo much!

06-17-2005, 01:42 PM
Congratulations to your DGD Charlotte. That is quite an honor.

Hope the rest of you are doing ok, hot here and going to get hotter this weekend so plan on staying in.

Oh BTW DGS won 4th place at the pig show which is an honor since they say this show is very hard to win at. We are so proud of him, going tomorrow morning to the sale. :(

Take care girls...Diane

06-17-2005, 09:05 PM
Hi, all--

Charlotte, glad you're feeling better after your treatment and that you can still continue to have them. Congratulations to your GD!! What a great accomplishment, and she was so determined. Reminds me of the gymnast who won a gold for the team despite a broken ankle. That's great news about a potential scholarship, too. I never watch the Super Bowl, but will have to so I can see the cheerleaders. I bet your whole family is just thrilled. That's so cute about Dolly Parton. She seems like a pretty regular person (except for one part of her anatomy--my, oh, my!), and very nice, too. What a cute kitty graphic--hope SunnyD gets on to see it.

Diane, sounds like you enjoyed hanging out with your granddaughter. All too soon it will be hard to remember when she was that small. My two good friends are almost 5' tall (so they like to say!), and I'm 5'9" tall so we look pretty funny together. Congratulations to your GS on his 4th place win! Is he going to raise another? Hope your A/C is working well! :)

We're off to Seattle tomorrow to take my Dad out to dinner and watch Wheel and Jeopardy with him, then we'll see him in the morning on Sunday before heading back. He hasn't called in a while so he must be okay. I'm wondering if he's still using the walker. I need to remember to get a checkbook from him in case he ever has to go back into the hospital, although I'm praying that doesn't happen. Gotta be prepared, though. My son is also coming for dinner, and he said he might be bringing someone. Since he rarely lets us meet the women he dates, this should be interesting.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

06-18-2005, 10:50 PM
Hello friends,
No time for graphics. I'm trying to get packed to leave early tomorrow morning
for our vacation to Pigeon Forge & Gatlinburg! I'm so tired, but still have a lot to do.

I'll miss you all!! Not sure what day we'll be back. I'll post soon as I can.

I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!

06-20-2005, 03:07 PM
Hi Sheila, Bonnie, Bonnie2, Charlotte, Sunny D, Candlelady, and everyone else I may have missed,
I know some of you don't know who i am, but i had to stop in and let you oldies ;) know how my hip surgery went.

I had the surgery in Columbia, SC on June 1st, and got out of the hospital Saturday, June 4th.
The surgery went well. I stayed in South carolina until June 11th just in case something might go wrong.
That horrible osteoarthritis pain in gone and I recommend this surgery to anyone who is told they need a hip replacement. It's a much quicker recovery and you don't have all the restrictions for the rest of your life like you do with a total hip replacement. You can cross your legs, squat, do anything you used to do before you had osteoarthritis. And you don't have to get the head of your femur amputated like with a THR.

I started driving my car yesterday. I go for a four-block walk every day now, and Wednesday I'm going to increase it to six blocks, and increase it by that much every week.
The surgeon said I should be walking a mile at a time without use of cane or crutches by the time I go back for my 6-week check-up.
Right now, I still have some muscle pain in my groin when I sit for a while then stand up and walk. It lasts for about the first 6 to 10 steps. Otherwise I walk around the house without the use of a cane or anything. When I walk outside I use a cane now instead of a walker, and that's more for balance than to relieve pain.

I still limp but that's mostly because the muscles are weak from being cut during the surgery. I have a six inch scar.

I feel wonderful. I have much more energy now. But I can't use it yet, that's the bummer.
I have to wait till the hip capsule heals together again before I can squat and cross my legs etc. That should be by the six week time.

I hope you're all doing well too. More later. Take care! .....

06-20-2005, 06:54 PM

Okay... I went all the way back from my last post to you all :o I sure have missed you!!! I really didn't mean to be away so long, time just flew by!!! I just cannot believe all the STUFF we have going on, I am exhausted... but am so glad for my health that I may enjoy all we are doing. I finally called my Dr. & I go on August 8th for a FULL Physical... hopefully, she'll have only GOOD news for me :D I did have a bad spell last week where I cried my eyes out for a good hour... I cannot remember the last time I did that :o I just felt so overwhelmed with everything I had to get done and the places we had to be. I really needed a break and will be getting it this week and into the weekend. Joe is taking off tomorrow for our 30th Anniversary & we will have a easy very enjoyable day together. Then we'll be going to dinner with Joe's sister, Anne, & her hubby, Mike... that'll be great! The restaurant is a Fondue restaurant... a bit of Retro... Fun!!

My parents are doing very well today! Yeah!!! :dance: I spoke to my Father yesterday for Father's Day and he was having a good day and his feet are almost all healed up now. And my Mother is doing well and still under Dr's care for her Bile Duct, she has passed the stone that was causing the pain but is now on meds for guess what!? IBS! ( :chin: gee, I wonder where I get it from... both my parents have it!) She is also on a very low fat diet and is doing very well. Thank-you again for all your beautiful thoughts & prayers for them!

Well gals... I am now connected with SBCYahoo! DSL and so happy with it!!! I am amazed with the speed. I load graphics now in a blink and the DSL will make posting so much easier... no waiting! Yeah! :cp: It took me some time to get everything switched over, but all is flowing nicely now :D


Hi Sheila, How was your visit with your DF for Father's Day? I bet he was in his glory having you visit him :D And I hope that all went well. Sounds like you are breaking in your new dining-room table nicely... How was your DS's dinner date? Do you approve?

Looks like you are doing a great job with your exercising!! Joe & I have 15 miles in right now for the month of June and that's not high at all, but we are out there every morning by 5:15am and I am seeing benefits for us both! Joe's BP is back to normal and I am seeing some results in how my clothes are fitting... nice! Plus I have been kept very busy elsewhere, so that is helping keep me physically active too. WoW! I bet you are down even more since your last post to me!!! Keep up the great job.

How life been treating you & hubby in your new home these days? Will you be sharing any pictures of what you have done.. I'd really like to see.

That garden tour sounded really nice! Bet it gives you allot of new ideas for your yard. As for the kitty turbo scratcher... I have never heard of it! What is it? I bet my boys would love it too!!

OMG!!!! I can't even imagine how your sister must have felt having her home robbed, nevermind losing such valuable things!!!! I am so sorry to hear that! Do you think she'll ever recover them? I just couldn't imagine!!! :o

Wednesday I will be helping my girlfriend out with her hubby's 50th birthday celebration. She works full-time and doesn't have allot of time to get invites done and plans made, so I am helping her. She's planning a *Christmas in July* party for him and everything will be decorated for Christmas... so that's gonna be fun.

Hi Diane, That baby is BEAUTIFUL!!!! My Joe even commented on how perfect her features & skin are - not all babies a beautiful, either... some have to grow into their skin. But not this baby - just perfect! Do you know that little Emilee is the same birth wt .that my baby was? So neat! I am very happy for you and for your family!!! *Thank-you* so much for sharing your pictures with us!!!! Babies have such a hard time adjusting to a sleep schedule in the beginning, not knowing day from night till they are taught. Maybe if she keeps the baby awake more during the day, she'll sleep better for her at night.

Congrats to your DGS and his piggy prize! :)

Oh my goodness... how sad! I am sorry for your DD having to go to her friends funeral for that reason - how terribly sad...

:wave: waving back ;)

Hi Charlotte, Aren't you the sweetest! :goodvibes I have missed you and the other gals very much also and promise not to stay away so long next time... I just don't know where the time went! :o

I am so happy for your nurse friend - in that the Dr's think they got all the cancer! Awesome! I pray she recovers fully from this. How did everything go with the replacement nurse? JOB
of your Granddaughters!!! You have bragging rights :lol: I am so happy for her!

You are so very welcome for your siggy... she just fit you ;) How do you like your juicer? I luv mine!! I just read that you are on your vacation... I hope you are having a fantastic time!!! You deserve it! :)

Belated Anniversary wishes for your and hubby :bubbles:

Hi Bluet, I'd love to come for a visit one day :) How have you been?? Having some nice weather finally? We had some very HOT & MUGGY weather here last week, but it's really nice today... clear & a sunny 78* :bubbles: I have to get some weeding done also... I spent all day yesterday potting all my annuals - they look so nice. I won't have a veggie garden as I hoped to this year, just ran out of time and now most garden ctrs don't have anything left in that category. We hope to get the veggie box garden ready this fall for next Spring... I will miss my tomatoes & peppers this fall :(

My nephews Wedding was absolutely Beautiful!!! But the reception was another story :p It was 94* and as thick w/ humidity, so hot and muggy!!! The reception was outdoors under a pavilion and most dressed for the inside thinking they would be in AC. I felt bad for all those in long sleeves and suits... I was in a sundress :D and as comfy as I could be in oppressive weather. I will share a few pics later of the groom & his bride @ the reception ;)

How was your Father's Day with the kids? I hope it was a great day for you...

Hi Bonnie2, I am so glad that you are feeling so much better now!! I can just imagine the pain you were in! I think there's nothing worse then mouth-pain...

Hi Willow, My neighbor had hip surgery a few months back and is recovering well from it... I am so glad to hear that you are also recovering well from yours, you sound like a NEW person!! I am so happy for you :) You must have been in such pain for a long time...


God's Blessing on you all and know that you are
always in God's thoughts & mine :goodvibes

06-21-2005, 07:22 AM
So glad to see you back Sunny sounds like you are one busy woman. You don't need to bite off more than you can chew it is too stressful, been there done that. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU BOTH!! :cb: Enjoy your day together. So glad to hear your parents are doing well too. Thank you for the nice compliment about our little Emilee, of course we think she is beautiful. ;)

Willow good to hear your surgery went well, come back more often.

Sheila how was your Father doing? I know he enjoyed your visit sure hope it went well.

Charlotte hope you are having a good time on your trip. :)

Bonnie 2 and Bluet how are you girls? Check in and let us know.

Gary just left to go fishing so think I will finish on here and go for my walk. It is so nice out this morning. The weather has been brutal the last few days and is to continue on into the week end. :( I don't remember if I told you but I have been walking 2 1/4 mi. every day. I have to go early before it heats up but I am up so it doesn't matter. I feel so much better if only I could get Gary to go with me.

I have a busy day planned today with doing some grocery shopping being at the top of the list. I am still doing WW and loving it. I have only lost 4 1/2 lbs. but at least it is a start.

Sunny how do you put your graphics in among your text? If you have time pm and let me know, I love the way you and Charlotte do yours. :)

Hugs to all....Diane

06-21-2005, 07:30 PM
I finally have a free night as mil went to visit her other son & family overnite tonight with sister who has been here a few days, busy house lately.
the abscess problem is gone, now for some reason I have an allergy rash that itches like mad & I'm on pills, cream & got a steroid shot. never been sick & nowone thing after another.
I try to keep on your posts. like hearing from each of you. glad to hear about your hip feeling good now willow. hi to all. Bonnie2

06-22-2005, 12:00 AM

Charlotte, hope you're having fun on your minivacation. Can't wait to hear how much fun you had and if you saw any famous people. :)

Willow, so glad the surgery was a success! That's wonderful that the pain is gone. Isn't that the pits that you have lots of energy now, but can't use it? Oh, well, that will happen soon enough. We'll be hearing about your first 10K race soon, right? Okay, at least let us know when you get to the one mile mark--we're cheering you on! When can you start swimming again? Maybe that will help build up the muscles.

SunnyD, it's so good to see you back. I'm glad you're healthy enough to be able to enjoy everything you're doing, although I don't like to hear that you're getting overwhelmed. Happy anniversary! Hope you had a great, relaxing day. So are we all June brides or something? And I thought I read that August is the month for weddings. I think I would have collapsed if I had gone to your nephew's reception. Glad you were smart enough to wear a sundress.

Diane, when do we get to see more photos of that beautiful baby? I don't think you did mention that you've been walking so much--good for you! So how early is early? Congratulations on your loss at Weight Watchers. I'm glad you're enjoying it. It certainly works if you put the effort into it (which I didn't do this weekend at all :( ).

Bonnie2, boy, you really are going from one thing to another. Glad your mouth is feeling better, though. I wonder if you developed some kind of allergy to the medication you were taking for your mouth, or did the rash come much later? Hope it feels better soon. I got a touch of poison oak a couple of weeks ago, and that itched so bad so I understand how you feel.

My Dad has been doing pretty well. His big toe still hasn't healed from over two months ago, but that's what happens with diabetes. He didn't use his walker at all when he was with us. We took him out for dinner, then watched Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy with him. His room was so hot that my DH felt like he was going to faint, but we made it through. The next day we went to breakfast alone, walked by the water, then went to see my Dad for a while. We had a nice visit out in the courtyard. He's decided to stay put in Seattle. Oh, he said that there is live music at the facility every couple of weeks, and he asks the "girls" to dance. He said he just sits in a chair, and they dance around him. He said all but one of the "girls" he's asked to dance has said yes. My Dad the Casanova!

We're going to put in a new front door. It's the one at this link made out of fir, with opaque glass rather than the "stained" glass pictured.

The door we have now is kind of cheesy and it doesn't let in any light so the entry is really dark. Hopefully the estimates won't be over our budget. After the door, we're going to be done with major fix-ups for a while.

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!

06-22-2005, 06:51 PM

Good Afternoon! :sunny:

Hi Diane, *Thank-you so much for the Anniversary Wishes* We had a Beautiful 30th Anniversary yesterday :cheers: And we had a very relaxed and refreshing day *at home* we decided not to go anywhere till dinner - the weather was Beautiful!! Perfect, in fact :sunny: We just putts around in our yard all day together... went for a nice walk, talking about what we want to do in the future together - that kinda stuff... Then we met Joe's sister, Anne, & hubby... Mike, for dinner at a Fondue Restaurant --> that was FUN!!! And what Great tasting food :T & Good company we had!!!! It really felt great to have a kick-back day like that... actually, it is pretty quiet all this week & weekend for me :sssh: and I am loving it!!! My girlfriend cancelled our evening tonight, so we'll get to stay home this evening :smug: I am so looking forward to that!! I told my hubby we needed to chill out a bit - he realizes that it's been a whirlwind of activities the last 2 months and that we both need to catch up with ourselves... that's why we are looking forward to the nice quiet weekend coming up.

That is GREAT that you are walking!! How many miles have you walked for June? I log it on a calendar each day. Joe & I walk every morning now but Sunday (our day of rest) and we have in 18 Miles for June as of this morning. We only walk 1.5 miles a day right now and hopefully in July we'll kick it up a bit to 2.25 miles a day again. With all our activities we barely get in the 1.5 right now :lol: We usually walk in the mornings - getting up at 5am to head out the door by 5:15am, so he can get to work on time. I will say a prayer that your Gary will go with you ;) It really is so nice to have someone walk with you, especially your hubby - we talk allot over while we walk... not to mention Joe is doing so much better :smug:

:bravo: in losing 4.5 lbs Diane!!! That's nothing to sneeze at girl!! :cp: Keep up the great job! :dance:

Hi Bonnie2, I too am glad to hear that you are feeling better... hope your rash goes away soon! :p How nice that you got a bit of a break and MIL went to visit someone else... hope you enjoyed it :)

Hi Sheila, It's good to be back... I MISSED you all allot!!!!! I really didn't mean to be away so long... time just got away from me :dizzy: *Thanks for the Anniversary Wishes* Joe & I had such a nice day together... and YES... very relaxing, we loved it! And the weather was perfect too!! A nice 75*, Sunny with a breeze and No HUMIDITY... just perfect!

Your NEW front door is *BEAUTIFUL* - just beautiful... I bet you cannot wait to have it installed. Will you be sharing any pictures of your home with us - and your new dining-room table, etc... I'd sure love to see.

I am so glad to hear that your DF is doing so well, not using his walker - cool. I know what you mean about his toe... that's what happened with my father and his foot! He too has diabetes and it has taken it over 3 months to heal up --- I hope your DF heals up soon. It sounds like your dad is getting use to his home now and enjoying what they have to offer ---> that has to put your mind to rest! I'm so glad for you and your DF aka Casanova :goodvibes

Charlotte, I too hope that you are having a WONDERFUL TIME on your mini vacation... I cannot wait to hear about all the fun things you did!!!

Bluet... do you think that you will ever come back to us?? I sure do MISS seeing you coming around here!! Please try to stop in more often, even if it's brief. I am gonna try to stop in more regualrly. I hope this post finds you well!!!


I didn't do a whole lot today - felt tired today for some reason... just enjoyed the quiet and the sounds of the outdoors coming in today and caught up with my e-mails :D
I was so far behind :dizzy:



06-22-2005, 11:53 PM

SunnyD, it sounds like you had a wonderful anniversary. I'm glad you're having such a nice relaxing week after all your recent activities. Did the kitties enjoy having Joe home, too? You know, my DH and I also talk about our future and the upcoming year on our anniversaries.

Today I went to the animal shelter, which I've been trying to do at least once a week. I walk a couple of dogs around the park, which takes about 25 minutes each time. If the paperwork is correct, these two dogs hadn't been walked for about two weeks, poor guys. They were listed as being pretty high energy, but I felt pretty good today so I thought I'd go for it. Actually, they weren't too bad. Not like the second dog I ever walked there that was listed as being easy to walk and he about tore my arm out of the socket. Also petted the most beautiful little cat. She was so petite, which I'm not used to since I have three big bruisers (two girls and a boy). This little cat was a Persian mix so she had great big amber eyes and the flat, but not too flat, face. She was a light orange stripe. When one of my cats got up on the counter tonight, my DH told her we'd be trading her in for this cat if she didn't stop countersurfing!! Don't worry--we're all talk and no action. :) So with the hour long water aerobics and the 50 minutes of dog walking, I got quite a bit of exercise in today.

Hi to Diane, Bonnie2, and Bluet (Bluet, DO NOT pull a Fatpuss on us!). I can't wait to hear how Charlotte's trip went.

06-24-2005, 01:04 PM

Hi Sheila, Guess it's you and me right now kid ;)

Oh yes! The cats really hate it when we are busy like that and it shows! They love sitting with us in the evenings and we haven't been home, so they have been pestering us more during the night - funny how attached they are to us. And they show how they miss us too! Very unlike cats, but I have said before... they don't know that they are cats :sssh: :lol:

That is so very sad to know that many animals don't get the TLC that they need in life! My heart aches for them... thank the Lord for people like YOU!!!! Giving of your time. You sure do get in your exercise!!! Joe & I have been walking every morning and have 21 miles in for June so far... not as high as in the past, but we also have been very busy, so it works for us. It feels great to have a quiet week this week.

Tomorrow is my Joe's 52nd Birthday and we'll be going out in the evening to celebrate at the *Olive Garden* with our best buds, Mike & Peggy... it will be so much fun!!

All is going well with me... I gave blood last night and it knocked me for a loop! :dizzy: I got real dizzy :dizzy: That doesn't take much to do these days :lol: It really knocked me out last night! I got up to feed my kitties and began spinning I was so dizzy. The last few times I went to give blood they denied me because I was anemic, but this time I met the qualifications and could give. So my walking each day and new diet is making a big difference in my overall health. I also had my mammogram on the 13th of June and received a notice yesterday that it read well and I don't need a follow-up --- yeah! :dance: It's the first time in 4 years that I don't need a follow-up... I am so excited!

Hello's to all the gals!!! I Miss you! :grouphug:
Have a great weekend everyone!



06-24-2005, 09:26 PM

I didn't see the beautiful little cat that I saw the other day at the shelter. Hopefully she got adopted. You don't want to ask those kind of things because you might not get the answer you want. But she was so pretty and sweet that she must have found a home.

A big happy birthday to Joe! We're the same age. :) The Olive Garden is a nice place to go. Pretty popular, and the ones I've been to are always fairly crowded. Love their breadsticks! Congrats on the good mammogram! Bet that makes you feel really good. I wonder if you were just on the border ironwise so you were able to donate, but felt dizzy afterward. Good for you for donating. I need to get back into it, but I'm not sure where the blood bank is here. Guess I could look for it. My daughter used to donate frequently because she's a universal donor (O neg), but then she got a tattoo and had to stop for a year. My other son did the same thing.

My kitties are off their feed, vomiting now and again, and at least one is having some diarrhea. The not eating much is really worrying because they are hearty eaters. Nothing has changed at home so I'm not sure what's going on with them. Any ideas?

After walking a couple of dogs, I met a friend downtown and we got the new light frappucinos at Starbuck's. Has anyone had one? Yum! Then we walked to the art center and looked at all the exhibits. I wasn't all that impressed with the paintings, but I liked the jewelry, pottery, and weaving.

Going to a couple of garden tours over the weekend and meeting my DH's daughter for lunch on Sunday. Cross your fingers that the rain holds off!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

06-25-2005, 07:55 AM

We're back! I missed all of you, too!! :)

We had a very nice vacation. The long ride there & back was rough on me, but we took our time & rested afterwards.

There's so much to do in the Smokey Mountains, that it's really hard to make decisions....but, chose the best places, I believe. We went to the Dixie's a dinner show, where we sit in a gigantic arena watching horseraces, comedy acts on horses, beautiful songs, etc.

Went to Dollywood. There's a lot of musical shows of all kinds well as other things to do. We also went to an Aquarium....a very large place, with all kinds of fish. We watched them feed the sharks, etc. I learned something I'd always wondered about. Do you know where sand comes from? There's a fish called the "Parrot Fish". It poops sand!!! There's a lot of those fish, & they poop a lot! The waves wash the sand onshore to make the beaches. Remember, next time you're on the beach, what you're lying in! :lol:

We went to a dinner show at the Blackwood Brother's Theater. A very large place. Had a goumet meal...then, gospel program by the Blackwood's. It's got a large screen on each side of the stage, & is televised. They were selling videos of that program, as well as pictures of us that was taken before the show with the Blackwood Bros. I asked the host if I could have permission to play the video at our TV Station. She went & got Ron Blackwood (the leader of the group) & he was very gracious. We talked awhile about the TV station, & he gave permission, & brought me another DVD to play. Told me to fill out a form for him & he'd be sending more. Before the show started, he got on stage & said there was a special person he'd met that would be airing their singing at a TV Station in Russellville, AL.....then he had me to stand up! I was applauded......& thought that was it. NOT......during the show, they did a little comedy including a lady & a gentleman from the audience. DH was the gentleman he called up on stage! Now, this is no small place! I wasn't sure he would go, but he did. :D He wore a long beard & a big hat & song with them! :lol: Then, they had him & the lady exchange places & they put a skirt & top, wig, & large sunglasses on him! He sung again. It was so funny! His skirt kept falling off! :lol: Ron Blackwood kept saying things about me! After the show, he gave me a picture & signed it, saying that DH & I stole the me a big kiss on the cheek. ;) I can't wait to let the kids all see it.
We did a little shopping....lingered by the pool, etc. Just whatever we wanted to do........or not do. When we got home, we found our son had surprised us with a clean house & the grass cut! He even grilled supper for us. He said he knew we'd be tired. Sometimes, he can surprise me. :)

SunnyD......Happy Anniversay!! Happy Birthday to Joe!
I'm glad you're feeling better. Also, glad your parents are doing better. It's good you got your mammogram out of the, be sure & keep your appt for your physical. I try out a new GP next Tuesday. It's a lady Dr. Makes me a little nervous changing Drs. But, the other one gave me no choice.
Sorry, you got so overwhelmed. You know that kind of stress isn't good for you. I know...because a lot of the nights that I can't sleep, I spend sitting here & crying. Hard to get control over it sometimes, though, isn't it? Do listen to your own body,'ll let you know when to slow down & rest, even if you don't think you have the time. I've learned to do that, no matter what others might be thinking. I learned a long time ago, because I don't "look sick" that I have to go by my instincts & take care of myself...because I know more about me than others do.

Sheila... that door is beautiful! I'm still waiting for more pics! Are you about through with the house, & getting settled down?
Hope your dad is doing better, now. Our daughter brought us a miniature Dachhound (spelling) She's cute! DH said she would stay on the porch, NOT in the house! I noticed the other night, though, that she was in DH's lap, asleep, while he was watching tv. :D

Bluet...Where are you, girl? Please don't leave us for very long....we go to worrying. I remember you saying that sometimes you tend to (don't remember the word you used) withdraw. Please, let us know you're ok.
If I can ever get my son to move out (I'm trying very hard!), I'm going to finish the room that he's in, & fix it for my music/computer room. Bring out my angels & put up curtains. It has a door with a lock on it, & I'll have my own little place to go to when I'm stressed. I think it'll help me a lot. DH said he'd finish it for me, so I could do that. happy about your surgery being a success! You've been suffering with your hip for as long as I've posted to you, & sure it was before that. Take care of yourself, & don't overdo.

Diane...Hope Emilee & big brother are doing well. Is mom getting to sleep more, now? Good news on the weightloss. Hey, better loss than gained! I think I actually lost a couple of pounds on my vacation. Never did that before, I usually gain.

Bonnie-2...Hope the rash is gone, bless your heart. Also, glad you had a free night, which is needed sometimes.

Hope all have a good weekend.

06-26-2005, 02:33 PM
Charlotte glad you made it back and had such a good time. It sounds like you had a great time especially with the Blackwood's!! I would have liked to seen Dhb. What a nice surprise to come home to.

Here's hoping everyone is having a good weekend. So far so good around here, it is so hot out we have been in most of the weekend except for early morning walks and a quick trip to Wally World this morning.

We are leaving tomorrow until Wed. on our little mini vacation to La. We both are looking so forward to getting away even if it is only a couple of days. Who knows we might just stay long. :D

Our baby Emilee is doing great, sleeping 6-7 hrs. at night!! I would say that is good for a 2 1/2 week old. Bradley is just crazy about her, he calls her his "little princess."

I am sending a pic of her that was taken professionally then I copied it onto my puter so it isn't the clearest but still darling.

You all take care while I am gone and I will report in when we return.

Hugs, Diane

06-27-2005, 05:10 PM
Good morning!

Charlotte, it sounds like you had a wonderful time! I'll never look at sand the same way again. :D Your DH sounds like he can really cut loose when he wants to. I hope you got some photos of that--I bet your kids would love to see them. And how wonderful that your son did all that stuff. It's so great when our kids surprise us like that. That's cute about the Dachshund. What is her name?

Wow--what a good baby! That's such a cute photo of her. She is so sweet and perfect looking. I'm glad Bradley loves her so much. That's sweet that he calls her his "little princess." You should tape him saying that and play it back when he gets older! :) Have a wonderful vacation!

We took our kitty to the vet on Saturday. They were all commenting on what a mellow kitty she is. She's on medication for her vomiting, a bland diet, and something for her diarrhea. All the cats are taking that. Hopefully, they'll all be feeling better shortly. We're going to have to steamclean the new carpet before our new furniture arrives on Friday. Wish I could have afforded hardwood in the livingroom.

On Sunday we went on a garden tour in the little town where my stepdaughter lives. Saw a couple of really nice gardens, but I forgot the camera. Did get some ideas for our yard. We stopped by the SD's house (we were supposed to go out for dinner, but she hurt her back), and got a tour of her yard. Didn't stay very long because she never invited us in and I was tired of standing around. Her mother was home (they live together), which is why I figure we never got invited inside. Oh, well.

Hope everyone has a good Monday! We're really drizzly today, which is nice for the plants. The car is in the shop so I figure today is a great day to catch up on housecleaning.

06-27-2005, 06:30 PM
Hi Sheila,

Thanks for the pm, I will be back later this evening to post.

06-27-2005, 07:53 PM
Hi all, Another HOT day here 94* had hay to bale luckilly didn't have to unload it. Boys will in the morning. worth every penny.
Didn't do much over the weekend. to hot to go on home tour,so stayed home.
dd was 28 yesterday. dh will be the big 60 tomorrow. waiting till sat. to celebrate when his sister comes to visit.german choc. cake his favorite.
got him a wheelbarrow & road atlas for his we are going on a business trip we earned thru business the 6-10 to a spa,resort in missouri. only bad part is driving to & from as it's over 13 hours 1 way. try to email at a later time before I go hopefully Bonnie2

06-28-2005, 12:26 AM
Hello Everyone,

Gee Bonnie2, a road trip that is really cool. Too bad you can't fly instead, thirteen hours is a long drive. It has been hot here too and we desperately need rain, but it has not been up to 94 yet. Summer is my most favorite time of year. All our first crop went into the silos, we won't have to bale until second crop is cut down. Hope everyone has an enjoyable birthday at your house. enjoy your vacation het away.

Diane a road trip for you too. I am surprised you are leaving baby Emilee. She is so cute.

I am falling asleep at the computer, so I will try for more tommrow.

Take care Everyone....


06-28-2005, 06:21 PM
Yikes! 94 degrees already, Bonnie2? And you're baling hay, too--whew! I'd be inside my air conditioned house. I think 94 degrees is too hot to do much of anything except hang around the house, but I'm a weather wimp. Happy birthday to your DH and a belated happy birthday to your daughter. I have a 28 year old stepdaughter. German chocolate cake--yum! Are you making it? I'm afraid I can't stay out of the frosting or the cake batter so I tend to buy my cakes these days. And DH may get a cupcake for his! The resort sounds wonderful, but the drive sounds awful. Hope you can break it up into a couple of days.

Bluet, it's SO good to see you! Glad it hasn't been too hot where you are. I can understand why summer is your favorite time because your springs seem so darn short. I swear you just had snow not too long ago, right? It hasn't been that long since SunnyD posted a photo of her yard covered in snow. Hope you got some good sleep last night, and that you're not working too hard.

My DH and I went to a lecture today on "Oregon as Eden." Oregon has been the site of a lot of interesting utopian movements, and the speaker was both knowledgeable and amusing. I added weight to my weight lifting routine this morning, and I was a bit more uncomfortable sitting in the chairs than usual, but the guy kept me "entertained." Need to soak in a hot tub! That'll come tomorrow after water aerobics.

Going to my weigh-in tonight. I'm pretty sure I either gained a bit or stayed the same. When I was in Seattle, I ate poorly, and it seems the older I get I can pack on the pounds in a couple of days of bad eating, but it takes two weeks to lose that weight. :( Oh, well, I'm nothing if not persistent, and I will get to my goal by December 31!

I was all a-twitter yesterday because my daughter has been looking into colleges, and is interested in computer engineering or bioengineering. I wrote her, though, that I would support her decision no matter if it was engineering or cosmetology. I did mention that I might be a bit skeptical if she decided on studying ancient Sanskrit because supporting herself with that degree might be difficult. My son ( the one who isn't already in college) has been looking into taking classes, too. Hopefully, the two looky-loos will actually enroll one of these days!

Hope everyone is having a good Tuesday! Hello to Charlotte, SunnyD, and Diane!

06-28-2005, 11:38 PM

Well, I am a little more awake tonight than I was last night. :D After supper, I put the sprinkler out in some of the flower beds and lugged buckets of water with miracle grow mixed in down to my roses. It is a very good summer for roses, very hot, but they need moisture and we are in a mini-drought right now. The grass has turned crispy brown, and there is way too much of it to try to even start watering it. So we pray for rain. Things have been very busy at work, the owner is out of town his week and OB is puffing around the office like he owns it. UGH :dizzy: Son-in-law next door flew out to Lake Tahoe to help a friend replace a roof on his summer home in the mountains, he is due back tomorrow evening, I have been helping DD out with the kids, so that has been keeping me busy too. Yesterday MIL was working in the kitchen at the Senior Center and she suddenly passed out. SIL called me at work to meet her at the Senior Center. I insisted that MIL be looked at by a physician before we took her home. So I took her to the emergency room. They did a brain scan and an ekg and she didn't have a heart attack or a stroke, which is a good thing. :) Her blood pressure was very elevated and she was dehydrated. She had decided that instead of taking the prescribed two blood pressure pills a day that she would just cut back to one. They gave her a lot of fluids intraveniously and explained to her that she needed to take her bp medicine one in the morning and one at night. SIL is going to monitor that and other SIL is going to make an appointment with MIL's GP and take her to the appointment. Yes, she still goes to the Senior Center to help make meals once a week for the "Old People" MIL is 92 :)

Sheila, good luck at your weigh-in tonight. I hope you come away very very happy. :) I hope your kids decide to go back to school, they will never regret it when they get older. Now's the time for them to do it, before they get too tied down.

Charlotte, your vacation sounded wonderful, I am green with envy, but so very happy for you and DH that you were able to get away and enjoy yourself.

Sunny, do you guys need rain too? We are not getting any forcasted either, kind of scary. It is nice that you are able to walk with Joe in the morning, was wondering how many miles you have in for June now.

Willow, so glad to hear your hip surgery went well. Thank you for letting us know. Looking forward to hearing how evey thing healed and it all the pain went away. :)

Diane, happy vacation in Louisiana, hope you are enjoying yourself.

Bonnie2, did you get all your hay baled? That is such hard work, do you have a bale thrower, or does some custom bale for you?

Well gotta go guys, have to go turn the sprinklers off. Take care!!!!



06-29-2005, 03:31 PM
Good morning!

Bluet, that's pretty scary about your MIL. I wonder why she decided just to take one pill? Nice to know she's still volunteering at age 92, isn't it? How about some photos of those roses? I love looking at them, and smelling them, but growing them is way too much work.

Not much going on here. We went to water aerobics, and as I was dressing for the pool, I discovered I didn't have my water shoes. I have a phobia about locker room floors so I could either go home or wear my socks. I ended up wearing my socks to the pool edge, then taking them off to go into the water. Of course, I had to explain it to everyone, but what the heck, I'm sure they have phobias, too. After aerobics, we went to Starbuck's where I got a coffee light frappucino--it's only 2.5 WW points, and I don't indulge too often.

Going to try to finish planting the color spots I bought for 50 cents the other day. Then go to the animal shelter to walk a couple of dogs before it gets too warm. Our too warm is 80 degrees. :D Luckily, I walk in a nice shady park near the shelter, but with the dogs I walk, it's pretty vigorous and gets me all sweaty. Maybe that's a reason I don't like hot weather--hate getting sweaty!

Have a good Wednesday, everyone!

Oh, almost forgot to mention that I'd gained .5 lb. That's okay, though, because I really did overindulge during my trip to Seattle. It's so darn easy to pack on the pounds, and it takes forever to get them off, doesn't it?

06-30-2005, 02:38 PM
Hi Sheila,

My MIL is of strong German stock and was raised during the depression, she is extremely conservative, and with age has become more so. I keep reminding myself of this stuff in hopes that I can remain more open-minded as I age. :) But who knows what lies ahead.

Last night I took a bunch of pictures of my flower beds, but it was late because DH and I had been hoeing and weeding the garden, and it is a big garden. Actually it is not really our garden it is SIL's next door. Back to the pictures....I have posted pictures only once and that was the winter pictures of our house. I can't figure out how I got them reduced to a size appropriate for the forum. I will take another look at it again tonight. Surely I can figure this out, it can't be that hard, right?

I have that phobia about pool surfaces too. Door handles, shopping carts, etc. I developed this problem when they started showing what germs and fungus really look like on TV. Oh, don't get me started. ;)

What are color spots that you bought for 50 cents? You have me completely baffled.

Not much else going on, except work and more work. Oh by the way, remember when DH fell off that ladder in March? Well, the internest dinked around until last month when DH put his foot down and insisted on a MRI and to be refered to an Ortho. Well, they discovered that he had severed tendions in his arm with his rotary cup when he fell on his shoulder. So he is going in for surgery next Thursday. :(

Well, lunch time is over, gotta go. Hello to Charlotte, Sunny, Diane and Bonnie2.


06-30-2005, 09:11 PM

Good evening gals...

I am sooooo sorry I haven't been around... I just don't know where the time goes!!! I am beginning to feel that "closed-in" feeling again... I really don't like it when I am feel this way! I have not had a chance to read and catch up so forgive me for not posting to each of you at the moment - I just wanted you all to know that I have been thinking of you and that I am still around, well but just very busy. I will come back after the 4th Holiday and fill you all in... I have had some good days with Joe that I would love to share with you.

I am so glad to see that Bonnie/Bluet is posting again & enjoying the summer weather and that Charlotte is home and had a wonderful time on her mini-vacation, and that Sheila is keeping this thread alive and kicking (((Sheila))), Diane is enjoying that Beautiful baby girl and that Bonnie2 is feeling well again... I Love You all! :grouphug:

Be seeing you soon :sunny:
May God Bless you and May you
have a Safe and Happy 4th of July! :goodvibes:


07-01-2005, 11:12 AM

Hello everyone,
Couldn't get into the site yesterday.........

Hope all are having a great Friday! It's so hot here....hit 96 yesterday. :^:

I'll have to come back when I have more time. Enjoyed reading all of the posts.

I'll be back...............................

07-01-2005, 09:30 PM
Hope everyone has a wonderful Fourth of July weekend!! Take care, and have fun! :)

07-02-2005, 12:08 PM


07-02-2005, 07:15 PM
Hi ladies back from our little trip had a good time but was so glad to be home. I am such a home body. I wonder how I will do in Oct. when I am gone for 10 days to Maine? :(

Not much going on here just trying to stay cool like the rest of you. We did get some much needed rain last night so today has been cooler, we haven't had to run air all day. :D

I hope you all have a good holiday, we don't have any plans at all. I just have two wks. left off so I am trying to get my work done before the babies start coming. :D

Talk to you all later.

07-05-2005, 11:57 PM
I started up #25 here: