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05-16-2005, 02:42 PM
We are the Curvy Vixens!!!! Why? Because we aim to have our curves in the right places--and according the dictionary a Vixen is a female fox! Remember the 80's? A fox is a good thing!!!! :lol:

Please feel free to join in and chat with this lovely group of ladies! :grouphug:

05-16-2005, 02:44 PM
WELL..My phone calls are done!! I did alot of cleaning. The laundry is endless thou. I wonder how many calories I burned???

05-16-2005, 04:43 PM
Finally...a new thread.

Things are good here. Just picked Nic up from work. Stayed on the plan all day long. I bought some gorgeous flowers today...bird of paradise, heliconia, roses. Thats about it. I got out for a little while today. Im dreading doing the grocery shopping tomorrow. Gotta stock up on lean cuisines. I just know all the people at the store can tell that we dont cook.

Ok, will post later...


05-16-2005, 10:38 PM
Hi ladies,

It's been a busy couple of days. I took my daughter (Alexa) and her friends to "cosmic bowling" on Saturday for her b-day. It was fun. Then most of yesterday I helped my other daughter (Jessica) finish up a science fair project. She did it on "Are cats predominantly left or right-pawed?". She had a lot of fun with it. I think it turned out great. I hope she gets picked by one of the judges and possibly gets rewarded for all her effort. Last year Alexa got picked, and won 4th place for all of her 4th grade. And honestly, Alexa is the kind of kid who tends to win or do well in many things. And poor Jessica knows that she doesn't always do as well, despite her best efforts. But I really think it turned out great--and would love for her to feel good about it. I think she does already feel good--but getting picked by a judge would make her feel really special. Although, I told her that no matter what it is great.

Anyway...this is my last week at my old job. The week started out the same as always--but I know by the end of the week I will be a little emotional to say goodbye to some of the people, especially one lady who is like a sister to me. But at the same time, today the management was talking about the layoffs again and only being safe through December. So that tells me that this is the right time for me to move on.

Hope you are all having a happy and healthy day!

05-17-2005, 01:43 AM
Hi everyone! I am home for a nights sleep before I go back to the hospital with my dad. I am glad goddess kim is keeping you all informed. He is improving, but he has had
the crap scared out of us. He told me last night he couldn't keep going and that the good Lord was going to take him this time. That is NOT my dad! I have cried till my eyes are literally dry. He was pretty much to himself today and we can't seem to make him understand what happened to him. He is so scared. I am going back in the morning and spending the next couple of nights with him as my mom in law will be here with my kids. My friend picked the up at school today and came home and got them in bed. My hubby had to go back to work today, so we are doing what we can. I am living on a few hours sleep a day and it is killing me. Needless to say my diet is non existant now. I will get back on track eventually and I am SOOOOO looking forward to mine and Kims walks again! It is just so hard to stay on something when you are not eating many meals at home. The church has sent food, but it is not diet friendly. I am just thrilled to be getting it and not having to worry about it. I am depressed that my diet went to **** in a handbasket, but I will have to make myself get back later.
I am going to bed now. I am totally exhausted. Just wanted to say HI and that I miss you all. Thanks for your prayers and thoughts. I will be back ASAP!

05-17-2005, 06:20 AM
Hey chicks...

Karen- That science project sounds so cute! Oh and when do you start your new job? Are you excited?

Kim- Its so great to hear from you! Im so sorry that you have had to go through this. Dont even worry about your diet right can get back on it anytime you want. For now, concentrate on your dad. We miss you!

Lets see...I took my effexor last night to see how I would do with it at night. Not good. I was restless all night. So, I slept in for a little while this morning. Im having watermelon and sugar free redbull for breakfast. Ok, thats it for now.


05-17-2005, 09:40 AM
(((Kim))) hugs to you. I hope everything is ok with your dad!

Karen- good luck with your last week of work. I left my job last June ( I can't believe it is a year I'm home now) My mother had a stroke and Heather was suffering with migranes. There were so many doctor visits and I had so much stress it was best I leave for my own sanity. I cried my last day. It wasn't the hospital I worked at that I'd miss it was my co workers. I worked with them for sooo long. I still miss them. I do keep in touch with a few and have gone out for breakfast and dinners. My suggestion is to get a small phone book and have each co worker write their phone and address so you have it as a keep sake.

Deanne- lately I loath grocery shopping. I see everything I want to eat!! Make sure you eat before you go!

I have to drive that hour drive to westchester for the urologist heather is seeing. I hate this drive. One hour of windy curvy roads. Then we are going shopping for a prom dress, her new bf has asked her to his senior prom.

Jamie is still very sick. She slept all day yesterday and her temp is 101. No word for the doctor as of yet....

post latah.. love ya vixens~

05-18-2005, 01:32 AM
Hi gals, :wave:

I am exhausted and think I need to get to bed ASAP--but wanted to check in real quick. My daughter had her science fair tonight and won 4th place. She was so excited, and I was thrilled for her!

I am in a class now--and wish I wasn't with so much going on. But I didn't want to put it off because I have to do team assignments and am in a good group I can count on. I didn't want to risk taking a few weeks off and getting with a bad group. But it is a struggle to keep up with homework right now. Ugh! I have to stick with it, only 4 classes left!

Lynn--I would be worried sick if I was you with your daughter being sick so long. I am sure you are. Did you ever get any kind of clue as to what is wrong with her? I hope she starts to feel better soon!

Deanne--Are you back on track now that hubby is back at work? How is the new kitty? I like sugar free red-bull too! Good energy drink!

Kim--I can only imagine how hard it must be for you with your father being sick. It is terribly hard when our loved ones are hurting and we feel helpless to make things better. Hang in there and keep us posted!

Well gals, I am headed for bed now. I have been getting to bed way too late and that is gonna kill me! I need to get a good pattern going for the new job--starts May 23rd, this coming Monday. What shall I wear on my big day? That has already crossed my mind. First impressions you know! I want to look and feel as good as I can that day. It will be like being the new kid at school. So much to think about!

G'nite ladies!

05-18-2005, 07:11 AM
Hey girls...

Karen- Im sure you'll do great on your first day. Find the outfit that you feel most confident in. Oh and yes Im back on track...FINALLY.

Lynn- Wow, you are just go go go. It seems like you're in and out of doctors all the time. Sounds stressful. I hope you're doing ok. Hows weight watchers going? My online payment is due soon. I can't decide if I just want to do WW at home or keep up with WW online. I have the stuff that Kim sent me so I could do it at home. What do you think?

Ok, Nic and I had chilis last night but I was good. Salad, plain mashed potatoes. Ok, I got a call back from Ritz Carlton about a job. Problem is, they dont pay much. They order all of their laborers from the Phillipines and Nepal so its cheaper labor. U.S. pay is higher. Anyway, they will give me a housing allowance and transportation allowance since Ill stay with Nic rather than at their compound. If I got a job with ITT on the base, they pay about $15-$20 an hour PLUS sign on bonus, end of contract bonus, trans. allowance, housing allowance, and per diem(about $900 per month). Thats ALOT of money considering that Im only 21. I think that it would be a better job with ITT. Ok, blah blah blah.

Im going to eat...


05-18-2005, 11:05 AM
ok after fighting with this site i finally found you guys. It wouldnt refresh and show me the new thread.. arrrggghhh.. sometimes technology is a pain in the ***.
Things are plugging right along here. I've been sorta helping my hubby build stuff upstairs.. we're finishing out an expanable area.. actually its 2 rooms and 2 hallways, but we havent gotten the flooring down yet so there isnt much i can do really. He's putting in braces and what not in the rafters so the new walls will have support under them once he gets to the framing point. All sounds greek to me, but he knows what he's doing. It'll give the kids a media room to hang out in so they are excited about not getting fussed at over messing up my living room so much lol. Today i get to help carry 4x8 sheets of 3/4inch plywood up stairs.. woo hoooo.. lol sounds fun NOT...
Hope everyone is doing well.. and congrats to those that posted losses..
Lynn, I hope your daughter is feeling better soon. I stress with sick kids.. i feel so helpless and Mommies are supposed to make it all better you know.. sigh..makes you wish you could fix it all for them

05-18-2005, 11:17 AM
Hey Kim....I was wondering what year the ww stuff is from? Oh and Im putting that thing in the mail tomorrow. Sorry its taken so long. When Nic was off of work, I stayed as far away from that base as possible.

I have epilepsy and I remember my mom being so upset because she couldnt do anything about it. I can only imagine how Moms feel when their child is sick.


05-18-2005, 11:32 AM
The weight watchers books are from last year.. I went back in January and they were still selling the same books so they are pretty much current. They added a little booklet about the second plan they have.. the core plan i think its called, but i didnt keep that since i had no plans on using that one..and dont worry about not sending that out.. i avoid the post office as much as possible lol.. i understand

05-18-2005, 11:41 AM
The post office here isnt the problem...its the army perverts :) Oh and my husbands coworker perverts...

Where is everyone? Kery, Jessica???

05-18-2005, 01:19 PM
Oh i remember those guys. lol When my hubby was an E6 in the Army his soldiers used to hit on me right in front of him at the was just stupid. They would pay dearly at work the next day but it never stopped them. Military guys all think with their little heads.. like I would EVER cheat on Dan ... let alone with a guy that worked for him.. lol I actually had one guy say he would only hook up with married women because they wouldnt be looking for a commitment from him..

05-18-2005, 04:01 PM
Hey Ladies, i have'nt been on in a while. I have just been off the wagon and struggling to get back on, its like at times is it worth it, or am i worth it. I just cant get my state of mind back to wanting to loose and keep it off. I have been eating out, and eating horrible things. I have even looked into diet pills. I have done them before but didnt want to get on them because i know the weight wouldnt stay off if i do that. I just need help. I need a buddy to keep me on track. I have also been stressing about trying to get another job. I have interviewed for this one and i am one of the top 2 they are looking at, so i will find out the end of this week or begining of next. i really hope i get it, its a little more money and so much closer to my house, which would help with gas. ok well i hope i didnt make all of you down. I think i just need to get back with posting on a regular basis. well talk to you all later, Love you.

Jessica :?:

05-18-2005, 05:24 PM
Just a quick post..
Jamie went to the doctor today, still high fever.. she wants more blood work. She wants her to see an infectious disease specialist...

Yesterday, I bought heathers prom dress. ( her bf is a senior). I'm so tired... all I do is run and go nuts.. if I had to work I'd be in a straight jacket.. off to the lab for blood..
post later..

05-18-2005, 06:26 PM
ohhh what does her dress look like??? I'm just so curious lol.. my sister in law bought her daughter a prom dress.. i was appalled at what and how much she spent..450bucks on a dress for a 17 yr old and it is WAY low cut in the front and the back.. but sigh.. i'm just the uptight aunt...

05-19-2005, 06:51 AM
Hey girls...

Jessica- Im glad you posted. Ive noticed that when I fall off the wagon, it helps to post to y'all. Getting back on the wagon is a slow process to me. I usually cant just say, "Ok, Im back". It usually takes a week for me to get back totally. After eating huge portions when Im off the wagon, I have to get my stomach back to eating normal portions. Anyway, Jessica it just takes a little while. Be patient and keep trying. I need a buddy too. I need someone that is on the internet daily. Someone that I can post my points and everything with. Are you just counting calories or are you on a plan?

Lynn- Im so sorry you have to go through all of this with Jamie. Im sorry for her too. I feel so bad that y'all are having to deal with all of that. Keep us posted, ok? How is everything else with you?

Kim- How are you doin? Hows the plan?

My effexor tastes so awful that I have to take it with something other than water. Usually go with diet coke because its zero points. I didnt have any this morning so I had to take it with milk. It was 2 points for a half of a cup. irritates me to have to waste points on that. So, for breakfast, Im just going to have an apple.

Ok Ill post later...


05-19-2005, 11:52 AM
My plan is chugging right along.. of course i have slip up here and there.. like the jelly beans.. jelly belly jelly beans to be exact i had probably a dozen of them so it wasnt a huge deal..I think my weight loss is starting to slow down..not that that is a terrible thing, i'm just noticing there is a difference.

05-19-2005, 01:48 PM
This thread is sloooowwww.

I am really feeling like I need someone to be accountable to. I wish that there were WW meetings here or that there was someone here that was doing WW too.

Im in this weird mood today. I dont know what it is. I feel like I need to get out of this country for some reason. I need something. Maybe its that Im so used to change and since there isnt any change going on, I feel deprived. Nic and I are planning a 2 day trip to Bahrain(i used to live there) for our anniversary, maybe that will help me.

I have a very hard time differentiating between just being down and being depressed as a result of being bipolar. I dont know if what Im feeling right now is just the good ol' blues or flat out depressed. Im not trying to bum anyone out. Im sorry. Just needed to vent. I dont know how to handle myself sometimes.

I did blow my diet today. I think Ill be ok though. Nothing major. Like I said to Jessica earlier, it takes a while to get totally back on the wagon. Im going to keep posting to y'all so that I can have some accountability :)

Ok, Ill post later tonight...


05-19-2005, 03:45 PM
Hi Vixens,

I am busy cleaning out my desk--and have a lot of crap to dig through after 5 years at my job! Oh what fun! Today the office took me out to lunch. A lot of people came--like 25 or something. I was surprised! We had a festive lunch at a local Mexian restaurant. They gave me a card and a 50 bucks as a parting gift. That was really nice. I will check back more later...gotta get my desk clean! :D

While I was cleaning out some files I came across something I wrote for a Critical Thinking class a while back. I thought you may like to read here it is:


Life is like a roller coaster ride.

Some days are up like the mountains.

Some days are down like the valleys.

Some days seem to pass faster than a locomotive,

While other days seem to go as slow go as a snail.

As a child, life seemed like one big amusement park ride,

full of fun and wonder, not worrying about much more than the moment I was living in.

Now as an adult life seems more like work, as all of life's responsibilities fall on my shoulders.

House payments, bills, medical appointments, being on time-all the big hurdles that I must face everyday.

When will I find time to play and ride the roller coaster ride again?

Certainly not today, I have deadlines to meet, things to worry about in this black hole we call life.

How do I ever manage to be an optimist? I continue to look at life, as though my glass is half full.

But everyday I face a new dilemma, another hurdle to jump over-another problem shows itself to me.

I check problems off my 'to do' list--I just got my oil changed and the car is ready to roll again. My life is in check once again! Every day, a vicious cycle-the cycle of responsibility that comes with growing up. I no longer ride that roller coaster ride. Although some days I get to pop my head out of the valley and momentarily ride an old ride. The momentarily thrill of being a kid comes rushing back to me all over again...I can feel the excitement rush through my veins, as the wind sweeps through my hair and carries me briskly on the carefree track again. Perhaps all I have done is grab a happy hour cocktail, but those few minutes in the span of a day I am on that roller coaster ride-laughing and feeling like a kid at heart. Perhaps therein lies the reality-to ride the roller coaster ride and be at the top for a few minutes is what it's all about for me. This is where I find my smile again, on the top of the ride-looking down and grinning from ear to ear.

05-19-2005, 06:38 PM
this is here dress..
sorry for the quick reply.. today is heather's birthday and we are scooting out for dinner.
Deanne~ I'd like to say that I too have a hard to comparing my depression to just feeling down or the real thing. Keep your chin up.. sorry guys. I have been so busy... I will post more.... latah.
love you all..

05-20-2005, 09:00 AM
wow.. I'm the last to post yesterday!!

My eating has not been good at all. I think I gained. I'm suppose to weigh in today and I know I can't. I'm pre menstral also... crampy, bloated.. etc...
Jamie's throat is very swollen and she can't get the antibiotics down. She is cutting it into tiny lil peices.

Heather wanted to eat at friendlies last night for her birthday, that place is deadly for me. I had grilled cheese, fries, a large sundae. I'm still stuffed.
I am going to walk this am, but I really dont want to..... I have to take her to the doctor later and I have a hair appt at 2p.

I'm still on 25mg of zoloft. Everytime I go lower I get anxious, headaches and dizziness. The pharmacist said that is very common. Takes a few days for you to adjust to the lower dose. I have no time right now to be dizzy.
I will post latah...

05-20-2005, 09:22 AM
Hey Lynn...I feel for Jamie, I really do. I can't imagine feeling that bad. I hope she starts feeling better soon.

You quit taking zoloft and then had to get back on it, right? When I quit taking it, I got the dizziness really bad. As of right now Im glad to be off of it. I think it may have actually made things worse for me. Ive taken it at 2 different points in my life. One time it worked great, the other it didnt. Its weird how medicines effect different people. I do like the effexor though.

I seem to be in a funk right now...I cant stand to leave the room. Im not eating like I should at all. Depression sucks. Nic and I went to Chilis last night and I actually cried in there when I was telling him what was wrong with me. I feel like I need some accountability. BAD. I need a kick in the ***.

Anyway, Im going to get dressed and maybe go do something. Try to lift my spirits :)


05-20-2005, 01:31 PM
((deanne)) here's a great big hug for ya! I know how you feel, trust me, many a time I cried to Jim about this and that, sometimes just nonsense that was bothering me in a down time. I grew up in a very abusive household. On the outside everyone thought we were perfect. We had a new bike for christmas each year and my parents had us dressed like the catalogs in JC Penney. Everything matched. We were physically and mentally and verbally abused. My brother chose drugs to deal with his garbage, I chose food. I have forgiven my parents, as they had their own issues to deal with and never dealt with them, but it took a lot of therapy to do that.

05-20-2005, 01:33 PM
I've been weaning of zoloft for a while now. Every time I go down to 12.5mg... I get sooo dizzy.... I have tried all the rest of the anitdepressants, zoloft is the lesser of the evils. Wellbutrin was the worse...

05-20-2005, 01:44 PM
Lynn...I feel so selfish for whining about nonsense. I have not had anything really bad happen to me in my life. Im sorry for whining as if i have. Your story opened my eyes to see that I should be very thankful. You're an amazing woman to have dealt with things the way you have. Thank you for the kick in the *** :)

Wellbutrin was given to me by a doctor who talked to me for 5 minutes. Little did I know, you are not supposed to take it if you have had a history of seizures. It was **** to get off of.

Lynn, thanks for being here for me! I have made a vow to get off of my *** tomorrow. Im going to get up early and do the grocery shopping. It always gives me a boost to go shopping and be smart about it. For some reason, its motivating. We HAVE to get up early to go to immigration. So, tomorrow will be the perfect day to force myself to get out of the house.


05-21-2005, 06:17 AM
WOW...where in the world is everyone?

05-21-2005, 01:04 PM
hi deanne ( hugz)
I didn't tell you my story so you can stop whining!! I wanted you to know my history alil bit... :) You can whine all you want.. in fact.. whining is good for the soul :)

05-21-2005, 01:07 PM
I have so much to do around here.. it is noon and all I have done is put a load of laundry on. Jamie is sprawled out in the family room, it is a diaster in there, cups, plates... I'm leaving her be as she is still sick. I took a flash light and looked in her throat, OMG, it is sooo gross. There are large pus pockets ( sorry to gross you out). I had her gargle with peroxide and it didnt' seem to do anything. I'm going to call the doctor back on Monday. The good news is her fever broke.

I made a menu out this am for my food for the day. I feel if I write it down, I stick to it, then I cross it off....

05-21-2005, 01:08 PM
LOL...Im going to whine about how no one is posting!!

how are you today?

05-21-2005, 01:09 PM
Deanne, are you taking anything for your seizures? dilantin? Are you activally having seizures? or had them in the past???

05-21-2005, 01:10 PM
I know where is everyone??????????????

05-21-2005, 01:14 PM
I havent had a seizure in years. So, I dont take anything anymore. I used to take depakote. Anyway, I dont know where the **** everyone is. I miss talking to everyone!!


05-21-2005, 01:15 PM
I'm glad you haven't had any seizures that is scary...
well it is the weekend and everyone is out and about.... what are you plans for tonight??

05-21-2005, 01:19 PM
well, Nic just called and asked if I wanted to go out. So, I guess we're going out. This shift ends next week. So, he wont be able to go out much for 2 months. I wouldnt mind a beer anyway. What are your plans?

05-21-2005, 01:22 PM
I'm renting a few movies tonight... staying home... Heather's new bf is coming over. .. have to stay here and monitor :)....LOL
I'm off to clean and shower.. and grocery shop... be well... and email me... love ya...

05-21-2005, 01:23 PM
that doesnt sound too bad...have fun!! Ill talk to you later :)

love ya

05-22-2005, 02:23 AM
Hi y'all,

I have been so overwhelmed between my last day of work, getting ready for the new job and my class assignments! Leaving work on Friday was tough. I really won't miss the work, but I will miss some of my coworkers--especially one friend I grew really close to. I know I will miss seeing her every day--we always made each other laugh. But life goes on--and I know moving on is the best thing for so many reasons.

Anyway, I did something huge today--I decided to join Jenny Craig. I was just so tired of myself--and feeling like I needed to give something different a try. I have joined WW at least 4 times, so I feel like I just can't make that work for me. Granted, I think its a great plan. But Jenny Craig is more one on one with a consultant--and you start out eating there food (so I won't be having to think so much about what should I eat right now). Then after you lose half the weight you start incorporating other foods...although I do include things like fruits, veggies, yogart, crackers, peanuts and milk that are not in their foods. They have a lot of tasty foods on their menu that I brought home with me--including a cheesecake and chocolate cake dessert. Sounds like my kind of diet! Ha ha. And if you have plans for an outing you can plan for it's not like you can never go out to eat on the plan--they include a dining out guide to help with that. Anyway, I am excited--and just going to take it one day at a time.

Deanne--I hope you are feeling better and out of your funk. I know how you feel. I was feeling rather funky Friday after the day I had--shed a few tears about a lot of stuff on my mind. Just know you are not alone!

Lynn--I peeked at your daugthers dress at the link you posted. That is some dress! It is crazy how expensive dresses are. I think I read in a magazine recently that the average prom dress is $250. That is insane to me! I sure don't remember spending that kind of money on a prom dress--and didn't go in a limo either. Oh are spoiled more and more all the time. How is Jamie? I can't believe she is still sick! How long has it been? I would be worried sick! I hope she gets better soon!

Well, I am going to go do some cleaning...that just never ends!

05-22-2005, 06:14 AM
Good morning! Sorry to been gone so long been really busy with yard work and trying to catch up on my housework. I have been in the moods to get it done and when that happens I better hop to it. :D

Lynn sorry to hear your DD is still sick but at least the fever is broke. My hubby had mono yrs. ago and was sick with it forever, they waited so long to figure it out he had to go to the hospital. Now this is back in the 60's when medical technology wasn't probably the best. :( You have come a long way Lynn to be able to forgive your parents sorry to hear about your abusive sad.

Deane hey girl get out of that funk!! I do the same thing often just know that it won't last forever!!

Karen well tomorrow is the big day. I wish you all the luck in your new job. I have heard great reviews about Jenny Craig, hope it works for you.

I have been doing pretty :( good on WW. I attended a Cancer Walk Friday night and had a little brownie with a little scoop of ice cream on it. When I got home and checked the pts. it sure wasn't worth it. I have another baby shower to go to today for my DD so am going to try desperately to avoid the cake. My weigh in is Tuesday so I want to be down another 2 lbs. if possible, if not I will try harder the next week.

The weather had been a scorcher, we reached 100 yesterday, oh mercy afraid what the summer holds. :mad:


05-22-2005, 09:21 AM
I am 44 single and live in maryland... I started my journey on March 14th and was begining to flounder a bit ... Now i am stepping it up and more determined to meet my goal..

i dont live near a gym so my main exercise is walking 4-6 miles a day..

I am trying to watch my sugar and bad carbs and just take one day at a time...

05-22-2005, 11:34 AM
Hi curly and welcome~~

Karen~~ I heard wonderful things about JC. A good friend of mine lost the 80 pounds she wanted to lose. I think it took her 8-9 months. Her consultant was the key in her weight loss. She told me she would have saved alot if she just bought wwers meals and supplemented with skim milk, fruit and veggies, but she just couldn't do it alone.
Good luck to you and keep us posted!!

Diane~~ have fun at the baby shower. I know a peice of birthday cake and or treats are sometimes not worth the pts. I ate a kashi go lean bar, thinking it was about 4pts, when I looked it up it was 6!! Not worth it!!

WE are going to see the stars wars movie this afternoon. Jim just took heather to breakfast, I decided not to go as my breakfast meal would have ruined my day. I'm very bloated as I'm waiting for my period...
I lanced Jamie's throat last night and the infection was so bad. I had her gargle with peroxide again. She sees the doctor tomorrow.
I hope all is well.. it is raining today in upstate NY.. and cold.. brrrrrrr

05-22-2005, 04:04 PM
Hey girls...I dont have time to write to everyone. I will do that tomorrow morning. I just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know that Im ok. Im out of my funk. Thanks to my DH...we had a blast today. We went to take care of my visa situation and ended up hanging out with the General at immigration. Drinking turkish tea and stuff. May sound lame but it was fun. Got my hair done. That always helps when Im in a funk :) Its blonde by the way...

Ok, I love yall.

Oh and welcome dad lives in Crofton, MD. Its beautiful there. We're happy to have you in the group!


05-23-2005, 10:13 AM wars was great....Jamie is feeling a lil better, still waiting on the blood work results.
I have a doctor appt at 11am , then I'm getting my nails done, a funky orange color. I think I hear one of my daughters telling me to grow up.

ok girls I have to vent...I have been doing great on my food plan during the day and by 8pm I blow it. I have been raiding the kitchen. Last night I ate tortia chips with salsa till I was ill... I know that I am pmsing.. but this is crazy! I have my OA meeting tonight... I have to make sure I go... I have to be more honest with myself...

05-23-2005, 10:22 AM
I girls.. i took this from another tread.. Please write what you are happy and grateful for. When reading this we can stay more postive.

I am happy and grateful for my wonderful family. My daughters, my husband. I'm grateful for my parents and my ability to forgive them for wrongs they weren't at fault for.
I'm grateful for my pets and the unconditional love they give me.
I'm grateful for the wonderful friends I have and the support they give me.
I'm grateful for the gardens I plant and the accomplishment I feel when they grow strong.

05-23-2005, 10:41 AM
Well I'm thankful for sunscreen cuz other wise this sun burn i have would be much worse lol..I was at the ball field from 10 am saturday til 6 pm.. i have a major burn on my chest even though i put on 30 spf sun screen 3 times!!!
I totally blew my diet this weekend. I had chips and cake! Dang baby showers are the bain of womens existence lol. I'm dusting myself off and starting over again. skinny Kim is still going to the hospital every day seeing her father. There is improvement though. He's lucid and they have physical therapy working with him. They are hoping he'll get to come home this week sometime. He's getting his sense of humor back and that is a huge relief.
I have to take my oldest daughter to her orthodontist appointment today. She's getting her bottom brackets put on her teeth. She's not looking forward to it, but the quicker they go on the quicker they come off.
Hope everyone had a good weekend.. but its time to get back on here and post!!

05-23-2005, 10:08 PM
ooooohh Kim so sorry bout the sunburn!! My daughter had braces also... have some pudding and soft stuff the first few days... her mouth will be sore...I remember at halloween time, heather got black and orange rubberbands... LOL

05-24-2005, 12:58 AM
Good evening ladies....

How is everyone? It was a long day--but the first day went pretty good. It is always an adjustment going through the training process. But so far so good. The only thing that through me off today was the fact that my manager wanted to take me out to lunch for my first day--so I had to not eat my Jenny Craig planned lunch. But I did good and got a grilled chicken salad. So I feel really good about that. I feel in control again--and that is a good feeling. Plus the past few days I have been taking my dogs for walks--so that is about 20 minutes of exercise that I have been starting out with. In time I want to increase my workouts--and do something more intense. But I thought this was a good way to start--and my dogs are loving it! :D

I have to get to bed, but I just wanted to say howdy y'all. Have a happy and healthy day! ;)

05-24-2005, 01:27 AM
Hi Ladies! I have missed being on here with you all. My dad is doing better one minute and then it changes the next. They now say that he has yeast in his blood. He is running fever and now taking an anti fungal medication through his IV. He started talking crazy again today. He won't eat. His heart rate is going crazy. One minute high and the next it is too slow. He got out of bed for physical therapy one day and hasn't been out of bed since. He is so weak.
I am exhausted. I am home tonight, but will be back up there tomorrow. I miss my kids like crazy, but I don't see an end to this any time real soon.
The diet?????? What diet???? I am so depressed cause I just couldn't do it at the hospital all the time. I am trying to make better choices, but they still aren't good ones.
Anyway, I am thinking about you all!!!
Hope to be back in the swing of things again sometime soon!

05-24-2005, 06:00 AM
It is getting too quiet on here. :( Today is weigh in at WW, a little nervous about it. :o I just don't feel like I have lost any if not I will make some changes. I desperately need to stop buying anything that is sweet, bought a box of WW choclate cakes last night and ate both. :( :( Out of sight, out of mind as they say.

Karen glad you had a good first day and good luck with your program. I do hope it works for you.

Oh Kim my prayers go out to you and your family, how stressful for you. Do they not know what is going on with him? Hang in there honey....

To all the rest of you Vixens hi and hope all is well.

Have a wonderful day....

05-24-2005, 06:04 AM
Hey chickas...

Kim- honey, don't worry about the diet!! You will be able to get back on the wagon when YOU can. Just concentrate on your dad! I know its hard and Im so sorry that you have to go through this. We miss you here.

Lynn- Did you go to the OA meeting? How was it?

Karen- Im glad you had a good first day. Damn your boss for taking you out to lunch :)

Had a good day yesterday. We went out last night. This shift will be ending on Friday. So, we wont be able to go out for about 2 months until this shift is on again. Nics milking it for all its worth. Honestly, Ill be glad when its over. The beer is making me gain weight. I swear, I think Ive gained 5 lbs. Its not good. His next shift is 4am until 2pm. I like that shift much better for dieting.

Tomorrow is the closing date for the embassy job. Nic wants it SOOO bad. I really hope he gets it. I dont know how much longer I can live with other people.

The kitties are good. The rescue one has become Nics cat. He changed the name to Tweak. The gray one is mine. I havent named him yet. He looks like a bear so I wanted to name him Dubb(bear in arabic) but Im not sure yet.

OK girls...Things im thankful for. My family. My incredible husband. ALL of my animals. Living in the Middle East. Living near the beach. The fresh fruit & veggies they sell here. My hairstylist. I have so many more but these are at the top of my list.

Love y'all,

05-24-2005, 11:28 AM
Hey ladies.. I'm just checking in.. I didnt forget to weigh in yesterday. I lost half a pound so I'm leaving my ticker where it is for now. That damn baby shower cake did me in lol. Seriously I just didnt have a stellar week. I'm going to go back to phase 1 when Kim is ready and able to start over. It's easier to have a buddy going thru stuff with you. And lets face it, I'll need a boost myself so it's no hardship for me.
I swear I have second degree burns on my boobs! They are still DARK red and OMG do they hurt. And its not like a sun burn sting.. they actually hurt. I'm going to have to go buy some new sunscreen. I know it loses some of its effectiveness with time, but not like this!! I put in on 3 times!

05-24-2005, 02:05 PM
Well, I am getting ready to go to the hospital again. But I wanted to check in..........I went ahead and stepped on the scale to see how much damage I have done.....AND..........I lost 5 pounds!!!!! How nice to have something good happen for a change!!!!!! YAY! Just wanted to share!
Oh, my brother said they had my dad up walking this morning and he ate a good breakfast! YEA! 2 good things today!!!
Kim, I really miss our walks!!!!!!!

05-24-2005, 02:12 PM
Me too.. and with the kids being out of school i'm gonna need them more than you know

05-24-2005, 02:23 PM
KIM...CONGRATS GIRL!!! Thats awesome. Im sure you needed a little cheering up...5 lbs...thats alot of cheering up!! Im so proud of you. Im also excited that your dad is up and walking. Good for him. Im glad things are turning out good for you.

Ok, I've decided to make a mini goal again. They werent working for me before but maybe it can give me some motivation. Its going to be a really short mini goal so that I dont get overwhelmed.

MY MINI GOAL May 25th-June 10th

*Lose at least 4 lbs
*Give/get support on 3fatchicks
*Journal or post food
*Be happy


05-24-2005, 05:55 PM
howdy all...
Kim, hope your dad is well and on the mend.. Keep doing what you are doing, cuz apparantly it works...
Karen~~ good luck with the new job..!!
Dianne~~ good luck with weigh in.. don't forget to post
Kim.. ouchies on the sunburn.. there is no sun here.. not for days and not for the next few days. I'm sun depreived.... I'm having family and friends over for memorial day weekend and it is going to rain... yikes!!
Deanne~~ I love the name dubb... reminds me of rub a dubb dubb three men in a tub... ( I think i'm losing my mind lol) you know that nursery rhyme...

I had my mammo today, all is clean and clear. On sept 11th 2001 a day before my 38th birthday ( and of course the attack on our country) my mammo revealed a 4mm mass... I was already devastated with the trade center and plane crashes. I live 90mins north of nyc ( family works in manhattan, I was sooo nervous for them) ... and now this.... well, all was ok and I am still ok... ladies.. remember you mammo's please... :) I have no breast cancer in my family.
I will post later.. I have to get Heather off to dance class..Love ya all

05-25-2005, 07:35 AM
Hey girls...

Lynn- I've never had a mammo. I guess I should. My mom has to get them often. They found a lump but it was nothing.
Hows your plan going? Today is the beginning of my mini goal. Nic called me a few minutes ago to see if I want to go out tonight. Wonderful. That'll be my flex points. The rest of the week, Im just going to have to stick to 22 the rest of the week.

Ok, so we went to rent movies last night. They also sell them. I was looking through the yoga dvds. I found Yoga Sex. So, I figured what the ****, its exercise. Nic is excited. He thinks its going to be 2 people on the video. Um no.

Anyway, I have the car today while Nic is at work so I think Ill go shopping or something. I might go buy a cutsie shirt to wear out tonight. Which reminds me, I have a question.


Over here, you can get clothes and stuff made for VERY cheap. Im talkin a dollar. So, Im thinking of having a blanket and some pillows made out of my old clothes. That way, its there to remind of my hard work and to work even harder to keep the chubb off.


05-25-2005, 07:44 AM
Heres a picture of the kitty...

05-25-2005, 09:49 AM
I want a kittyyyyyyyyy.. too cute....i'm getting the fever for a kitty... Jim said no way...since we are going away soon I know I can't but after july.. hmmm I have to start working on him...
Deanne that is a great idea about your clothes. I threw away all of my 'fat' clothes, last time I lost the weight. I got a huge garbage bag and threw it all away with a vengence. I bought all new clothes even uniforms as I was working then and felt great. I swore I'd never go back and no I haven't gone back all the way but pretty much I feel like I have to start all over again. I love the idea of your mini goal, that makes it do-able. I didn't make it to OA, there were no excuses other then I was tired. Aunt flo made her appearance this am and i'm so crampy and bloated. Have fun shopping!!

05-25-2005, 10:15 AM
no weight loss this week i am see sawing back & forth with the same 1/2 lb.... oh well maybe next week!

05-25-2005, 10:41 AM
Curly I know what you mean about that same 1/2 lb. When I was on WW i recycled the same 3 lbs for months. It was so frustrating for me. I ended up switching plans and now i'm on South Beach which seems to be working better for now. If i can just keep up the momentum life will be good. Actually this diet really isnt that hard for me to follow. Except the small "cheats" i allow myself every so often. It doesnt feel like I'm missing anything at all. If i want ice cream then I either eat sugar free popsicles or if I'm really jonesing I'll eat carb light sugar free ice cream. It's 70calories per half cup and no sugar added so I'm not doing so much damage.. that and it tastes good!
Ok well I need some coffee... talk to you gals later on

05-25-2005, 11:38 AM
Hey chickas...

Lynn- Get a kitty!! You'll wear Jim down. Seriously...if he can have a can have a kitty. I still have to come up with a name for our kitty. In that picture of him, he looks like hes wearing a speedo. Haha. My cat in the states is black and has a white bikini on his belly. Oh and you can get to the next OA meeting. Dont worry about missing the last one.

Curly- Im sorry you're going back and forth. Just be patient. Is there anything that you can change with your routine? Ive heard that upping your calories for a week can work. Dont take my word on it. Maybe you could try doing a search on this site and find a thread with some info.

Kim- My mom told me that if I get sick of WW, I should try SB. I'd like to read the book to see what its all about. How are you doing on it?

Ok, Im watching Somethings Gotta Give with Diane Keaton in it. Its so funny!!

Ill post later


05-25-2005, 11:52 AM
I'm doing just fine. Honestly I dont miss the sugar at all. I accidently grabbed my husbands coffee one morning and he uses sugar in his.. i almost gaged.. WAY TO SWEET. I do miss cake or ice cream occasionally, but i can always wiggle my way around that with something sugar free. I still make regular potatoes and rice and such for my family, but i just dont want it. You should read up on it, it does make a lot of sense. I did ok on WW until I added some of their brand of foods into my diet.. then i actually gained weight on it.

05-25-2005, 12:12 PM you use any sort of artificial sweetener?

I use splenda. Now, when I use real sugar, it makes me sick. I dont like the taste to it at all. Actually before dieting, I didn't really like sweets. I like some sorts of jelly candy but no chocolate. I don't like chocolate at all really. Sometimes(usually during TOM), I get a craving and just drink a glass of chocolate milk.

05-25-2005, 12:16 PM
I dont use any sweetener in my coffee. I do drink the crystal light during the day though and occasionally I'll have a diet coke. I use sugar free stuff instead of the sugar loaded version so yeah i guess i do use artificial sweeteners lol.. I just dont actually put it in myself.

05-25-2005, 02:12 PM
Curly...I found an article on Breaking Plateaus...I added it to my website. Go to and click on articles.


05-25-2005, 02:38 PM
Thanks for posting the article Deanne. I get into an exercise rut a lot of times and just keep doing the same thing every day.. hence I use fewer calories than I did at the start... sigh.. i guess it really isnt a good thing to be a creature of habit lol

05-25-2005, 04:50 PM
IVE BEEN WALKING MORE the past week so maybe its muscle...

05-26-2005, 06:29 AM
Hey girls...

Kim- No problem. I sent you that thing but everything takes longer to get back over there than it does to get over here. Have you heard from the other Kim?

Curly- Thats great that you've been walking more! ****, I'll take a gain if its muscle :)

Ok, I did good one my food yesterday but then we went out and I had beer. It was the last night out for my husband for about 2 months. Anyway, no beer today...full force diet. I think it'll make my mood alot better to be back on the diet.

Ill post later...


05-26-2005, 10:31 AM
howdy gals,
it is raining and cloudy again today in upstate NY. I"m sooooo sick of this weather. I can't begin to tell you. My mood is definitly sour today. I have a load of cleaning to do, then I have to pick heather up from school and get her prom dress altered. She needs about three inches off the length.
I'm going to walk on my treadmill today... I promised myself I would do that!! I also promise to drink all of my water...
here is my food for the day...

breakfast- 0.. I am not hungry at all
lunch- tuna sand with low fat mayo on light rye bread, banana
snacks- low fat yogart, pack of 100 calorie fruit snacks
dinner-small peice of meatloaf, peas and a small baked potato. pat of light butter

post latah...

05-26-2005, 11:00 AM
I borrowed this from another board and it really hits home..

Successful weight control isn't simply the result of any practical diet plan or exercise program--it's tied to the fact that regardless of the method they choose, people who doggedly persist in pursuing their goal to slim down are more likely to achieve it. The key is to survive the phases one goes through when losing weight.

05-26-2005, 01:24 PM
Hey chicks!

Lynn- Sorry for the bad weather over there. Are you making meatloaf from a WW recipe? I like what you put in your second post. I put it on my site.

Heres my food for the day...

B: 2 rice cakes- 2pts
L: Lean Cuisine Chicken Enchilada Suiza- 5pts
D: Ill post once I decide

Food points balance: 15


05-26-2005, 01:42 PM
morning girls.. how is life with everyone today? I woke up sore as could be today. I spent yesterday afternoon mowing the back yard and I guess I'm not used to bullying that mower around lol. I went on my walk yesterday as well so I'm guessing I got in enough exercise. I've added a block to my walk so I'm not exactly sure how long it is.. i'll have to drive it to see. I have a seriously busy night tonight. We have practice for Bailey at 6, a meeting at school for a field trip next year at 5:30, practice for Sidney (different field that Baileys of course) at 6 and Kenzie has a game at 6.. Days like this make me think we need clones to keep up with all that has to be done lol. I still need to do laundry and some grocery shopping cuz of course I have snack duty for the game tonight lol. ARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!! Ok no need to panic.. i'll get thru it.. thank god the husband doesnt have to work over tonight!

05-26-2005, 01:47 PM
well since everyone is posting their food i'll throw mine in
B: coffee, whole wheat toast, and an apple
L: i'm sure will be tomato soup, crystal light
D: Dunno yet

05-26-2005, 02:47 PM
Hey Kim! You sound like SUPER MOM...goodness...I hope that I will be as good a mom as you one day. Posting the food makes me accountable, which is what I need at this point.

I just had a small bag of lite chips for 3 points. So, I have 12 left for dinner. I usually eat a piece of fruit for dinner at 1-2pts.

Where is everyone??


05-26-2005, 03:42 PM
Well I found you "Curvy Vixens"! LOL I'm off to get my hair cut and colored, but thought I'd stop by for a second to just say hi. :)

Hope you're all having a good day!


05-26-2005, 05:11 PM
Hey Deb! Its good to have you here. We have about the same amount to lose. What color are you getting your hair? It always makes me feel better to get my hair done.

Ok girls...Its bedtime and Im only at 18.5 points. Mmmm...maybe Ill have some fat free pudding. Anyway, I might post later tonight if I cant sleep.

Love yall

05-26-2005, 07:15 PM
night night deanne.. sleep tight... don't let the bed bugs bite...

I have to change my dinner. I made macaroni and meatballs, and no they aren't a wwers receipe.. I'm having 2 meatballs and a cup of macaroni. This dinner should cost me about 13 pts yikes... but I had ten for lunch and snacks, so i'm ok.. was just in the mood to cook, it is soooo cold here in upstate NY..

hiya deb... I color my hair every five weeks a platnium blonde...I feel so much better when I get it done.. I get my nails done every three weeks..Jim says i'm high maintance... I say... that car in the garage is high maintance...LOL

05-26-2005, 07:18 PM
Kim you sound sooo busy... I really miss those days... I still have heather home doing three dance classes, but it isn't the same. I remember running from game to game and bringing oranges..... do they still have the kids eat oranges when it is warm out? It used to attract the bees, lil did I know then that Heather was sooo allergic to bee's. August of 2002, we almost lost her at a family bbq... very scarey, now she carries an epi pen.

Hope ya team wins....

05-26-2005, 07:21 PM
I get my hair colored a dark chestnut brown color. It's growing out, and is a little bit past my shoulders. I like it at that length because I can pull it back or let it hang long. :)


05-26-2005, 08:02 PM
hi deb, my hair is mid back length. I had it shoulder length for a long time. I think since I turned 40, I'm wearing it long as long as I can... ( I'm still trying to retain my youth LOL) that along with every skin cream known to man. I just bought reclaim on qvc...

05-26-2005, 09:46 PM
We dont bother with healthy snacks at out games lol.. they get cookies or chips and juice boxes. The little ones only show up for the snacks really so why dissappoint them with something healthy ...our team won tonight woo hoo, i spent the entire game at Sidney's practice. They didnt know when they were going to get finished up there and I didnt want to leave her only to come back 30 minutes later.

05-27-2005, 12:31 AM
whooo hoooo for junk food.. lol

05-27-2005, 12:32 AM
deanne u are about to wake up!!! good morning

05-27-2005, 07:19 AM
Haha...I slept in! Nic had shift change. He got home from work at about 11 last night and then had to get up at 4am to go back to work. He only slept for 1 hour. So, I stayed up with him. Poor thing, hes going to be so tired when he gets home. I noticed you made a mini goal, Lynn. Good for you! I needed something to get me moving. So far, its working :)

Yesterday, I finished with 18.5 pts. Not good. I just couldn't eat anymore. I felt like I pigged out all day.

Im watching the first season of ER. So, Ill post later.


05-27-2005, 09:29 AM
My hair was down to my butt, and i had it cut up to my chin... then i cried... it was my ex- boyfriends idea at the time.. i'll never make that mistake again... now after 2 yrs its finally down to my mid back ... They say u shouldnt have long hair in ur 40's but what do they know! hahaha

05-27-2005, 11:14 AM
I keep my hair longer.. not really long, but 5 or so inches past my shoulders. And bright red lol. I streak it colors once in a while, but its basically red. Last year I had it streaked white, but now I'm getting older and I dont want people to think it's grey hair!!.

05-27-2005, 12:12 PM
ha on the gray hair.... I see one I pull it!! I"m off for my 2 miles walk..
love ya guys!

05-27-2005, 12:13 PM
everyone post what you are having for dinner? I need ideas...

05-27-2005, 12:24 PM
Home made pizza with whole wheat crust..lots of veggies on it

05-27-2005, 02:36 PM
Hey chickas...

Curly- Theres nothin wrong with having long hair in your 40's. I dont think Ill ever cut my hair short. I've done it before and cried my eyes out.

Kim- When I went to get my hair highlighted the other day, they had these new Milkshake Highlights from Loreal. Its 3 different colors to choose from. Its a white, very light pink, and very light peach color. I think I want to get all 3 next time. I love my hair having all this blonde in it again. The dark hair was starting to make me look washed out. Ill do it dark again in the winter though. Oh and that pizza sounds SOOO good!

Lynn- How are ya girl? You're so vibrant and full of life! You seem like such a "diva". I like that you get your hair done and your nails and everything. Us women need to do those things.

Anyway, today has been ok. Got into a fight with the hubby so hes downstairs now. I think hes just tired as ****. So, I have just been hanging out in the room today.

Heres my food...

1 packet reg oatmeal, 1 packet French Toast oatmeal-5 pts
20 steak fries, 6 chicken nuggets-8.5 pts
I have 8.5 pts left for dinner unless I eat a snack.

I wanted to try having my biggest meal for lunch from now on. I feel so full when I go to bed. Ill probably have a small snack before dinner. Then, for dinner, Ill probably have a 5-6 pt lean cuisine.

I have never left my Flex points out for a week. So, I thought I would try for 1 week to try to eat 22 pts per day. No flex points all week. Im just curious how much I could lose. We'll see.

Im going to surf for a little while. Maybe work on my website for a while. Ill be back.


05-27-2005, 05:26 PM
So heres something weird...

I bought 2 of the Lean Cuisine Chicken Enchilada Suiza frozen dinners. One of the boxes says its 6 points. The other 2 say 5 points. So weird. I don't know what the deal is. I even calculated the points. They're totally different.

05-27-2005, 05:31 PM
They must have revamped the recipe

05-27-2005, 09:02 PM
haha 37.00 for a haircut & blow dry and i came home and put my hair in pony tail!

05-27-2005, 11:16 PM
LOL.. a pony tail.. too funny... well what ever is comfy..
deanne~~ thanx for the comment..I feel like a diva... 'most times'.. Yes I think they must have revamped the reciepe, look at the expiration dates.

05-28-2005, 06:10 AM
Hello girlfriends been MIA for a few days and have missed visiting with you. :)

I only lost a half a lb. this week at WW :( . They advised me to stop using my flex points so I need to try to do that. I have already used 7 this week.. :o I need to make myself try harder....

Speaking of hair I have dark hair with caramel highlights but yesterday I went and got a cut and highlight and now I have blond highlights. I did this yrs. ago and loved it so decided to do it again. The one good thing is it gives me alot of body to my fine hair. Lynn I get my nails done every 3 wks. too, seems the older I get the more I want to do to look younger. I am not growing older gracefully.

Congrats to all the losers. :cheer:

What is everybody doing this weekend? We have no plans just waiting for Grandaughter to get here, Dr. said any day now.

05-28-2005, 07:51 AM exciting for you! I know how excited my mom was when my nephew was born. He is her only grandchild...for now :) Speaking of, today is his 9th birthday.

My TOM was supposed to be 2 days ago. I don't know what the deal is. I would rather it just show up so I can get it over with.

A while back, I was taking xenical. I wasnt on a diet or anything. BAD IDEA. Eating fast food while you're on that stuff is not good! So, I still had about $200 worth of it just sitting around. Since Im on Weight Watchers and Im exercising(not as much as i should), I decided to get back on it 2 days ago. I want to see how good it works. Since I've been dieting, I get *ahem* constipated(sorry to gross you out) and the xenical certainly helps with that. Thats actually a good thing though. I was in severe pain everynight. I guess its because when you're dieting you dont eat as much oils as you're body is used to. Don't know.

Anyway, now that I have grossed all of you out with my "rant". Ill post later :)


05-28-2005, 04:38 PM
Hey gals,

Sorry for being MIA. It's been a crazy week between starting a new job and keeping up with homework for my class. I haven't even had time to read up on all the posts.

My new job is really good...I really like it so far. The people are all so nice, and the work is interesting and diverse. I feel really fortunate to have found it, and for it to be so close to my house (5 minutes to drive). I have been coming home at lunch and eating with my hubby--which is great because he goes to bed in the evenings just as I get home because he has to be on the road in the middle of the night. So this helps give us a little time in the day to talk and hang out. Cool beans.

I went to my Jenny Craig appointment and after a week on the plan I have lost (drum roll please) 10 POUNDS! Can you believe it? That is crazy! I know that won't happen week after week--but wow I am thrilled with that! And this time I finally found something I think I can stick with and let the pounds melt away. Yee-haw! Happy dancing. :cb:

I will be back later...have to finish a paper--darn it! But I am in a GREAT mood, so all is good! No, all is GREAT!

05-28-2005, 07:35 PM
YAY Karen!! Thats awesome...the job AND the weight loss! 10 lbs??? Incredible. Whats Jenny Craig like? Im glad you're enjoying your new job. I know how it is being on a different schedule than your husband. At least you get to spend lunches together now.

Well, I went to sleep at about 10pm and then woke up at about 1am. Ugh. I dont know what the deal is. Also, I only had 16.5 points before I went to bed. So, I think Ill go grab something small. I dont even know if Ill be able to go to bed again. I rented the first season of ER so I think Ill watch that for a while.

I found a new motivator. Theres a new clothing store that opened up here. The clothes would only look right on a slim person though. I cant wait to be able to wear them!


05-30-2005, 05:37 AM
:cheer: :cheer: :cheer: Way to go Karen, my gosh 10 lbs. that is great!!!

I am glad your job is going so well things are certainly looking up for you girlfriend.

Hi Deane you go girl and get in that new store and buy you some skinny clothes, it won't be long the rate you are going. ;)

Hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day holiday. I am still waiting on that baby. :D

05-30-2005, 07:05 AM
Our weekeneds here are Thursday and Friday and sometimes Saturdays depending on the person. I TOTALLY forgot about memorial day weekend. Thats what happens when you're in a parallel universe :)

Diane- Hows WW?

Well, things are lookin up for my husband. He is going to the school for Canine handling. Which means, in June he will have to go to a 3 week school in the States. Im going to stay here of course. The school cost over $4k...which means to anniversary trip. They will give that money back at the end of his contract. Oh well. He'll be making $80k tax free when he gets home! Most of the time, he'll have one day off per week too. Overall, it'll be better for us. Im excited for him.

Anyway, to we went to a bar to celebrate. I have switched to a 2point beer that is on the WW list. I had 3. I ended the day at 23 points. Not bad with the 3 beers. The beer is DISGUSTING but I can get used to it.

Ok chicks...I assume you're all having fun right now with your long weekend. So, I expect all of you back here and in gear soon :) Just kidding...I miss you all though.


05-30-2005, 04:55 PM
ugh everybodys busy...:)

05-30-2005, 11:23 PM
Ok, I'm seriously gonna have to buckle down on what I'm putting in my mouth. I've managed to lose 1lb in 2 weeks. So time to reevaluate what I'm doing that isn't working for me. Probably already know the answer, but I'll do a journal to see it in writing. I've added a few to many "sugar free" products lately. So I'm guessing its the starches in those that are side tracking me. Maybe I should check in with Kim to see when she'll want to go back on phase 1 again....
Speaking of Kim, the last news I have is from a couple of days ago. They moved her dad back to ICU and put in on a Vent. He had to much carbon monoxide in his system and this way they could do some tests on his lungs. I'm not sure as to how things are going today, but the last I heard he was more aware of his surroundings than he had been in a week. I'm hoping she'll get a break soon. With the stress of this illness she's going to crack soon if she doesnt slow down.

05-31-2005, 12:50 AM
Hi gals!

I hope you all had a great weekend. It is my husbands birthday tomorrow (but we celebrated today since everyone was home)--so I cooked up some bracholi (not broccoli). It's an Italian meat dish that he taught me to make. Basically you take very thin steak (like sandwich steak)--and I found some pretty lean pieces that were 160 calories, 6 grams of fat a piece. Then I mince up fresh garlic and parsley and sprinkle that on piece of meat, roll it up, stick a tooth pick in to hold it together and cook it in some tomato sauce. It is really good, and even better because it isn't too high in calories. Plus I made aspargus--as my husband loves that stuff. I wanted to make him something that he would like--yet wasn't fattening. Although my daughters did make him a french vanilla b-day cake, but that isn't as tempting to me as chocolate and he prefers vanilla. So I allowed myself a very small piece and feel good about that. It's always a good feeling when you feel in control.

The Jenny Craig diet is going well. What I like about it is that I don't have to think too much about what I am going to eat next--as I have a menu and I buy all the food (besides the fruits and veggies). And I actually like the foods a lot. They encourage you to eat their foods during the first half of the weight you have to lose to get in a good rythym with your weight loss. So obviously my b-day meal with my husband wasn't on the JC plan--but I made sure it was a good choice. The way I feel about it--is that I don't have as much problem straying to something that I shouldn't eat because I just follow along on my menu right now. Plus the consultant I visit with once a week at time of my convenience has been very helpful and motivating. I am so determined to make this work this time. I mean really determined. And I know that I have to be ready to do this--and I am trying to do all I can to be in the right mental place and think positive. Know what I mean?

Hey Deanne--the new job for your hubby sounds exciting. Too bad you can't come back home and visit family/friends when he is doing his training. That will probably be weird when he is gone. But sounds like a great opportunity. I bet he will be training with German Shepherds--at least that is usually the typical dog that is used for things like that. Speaking of animals, I almost got a new kitten. I went to flee market with my girls and this lady had 4 little kittens. Two were orange and I was ready to get one, when both of them got bought before I had made my decision. I had this little voice in my head of my husband going "no way!", since he thinks we have enough already. So girls were both disappointed and I was a little. But I guess it wasn't meant to be! I am not exactly animal deprived anyway between my 2 dogs and 3 cats. Crazy animal house!

Kim--Despite your frustrations with losing slowly, the good news is that you are losing! I know how frustrating it is though when it seems like the numbers stands still. I keep telling myself I am going to try and stop looking at the numbers so much and think more about how I feel and reflect on what I know I have done right or wrong. It's a daily thing, thats for sure! Thanks for keeping us posted about Kim and her Dad. I can only imagine how hard this has been for her. I hope she gets some kind of relief to ease her stress and worries.

Well, I need to go get ready for bed...back to work for me tomorrow. Hope you all have a happy and healthy week!

05-31-2005, 07:26 AM
Hey girls...

Kim- At least you realize and know what to do when you need to buckle down. That's an advantage. No biggie. You only have 15 lbs to go..thats awesome! How do you feel? Are you more confident now? Oh I meant to ask you, what sorts of snacks and stuff can you have on the SB diet? What kind of stuff can you fix in an emergency? On WW, I fix little baggies of carrots and cucumbers in advance. Speaking of, I read a post that this woman went to a party and they had "cucumber water", she tried it and loved it. Now, she puts a slice of cucumber in her water. I think I'll try it :) I wish I lived there, we could put a care package together for Kim. It sounds like her dad is doing better now since hes aware of things more.

Karen- Its amazing all of the little things that make you feel better and give you energy. Just making better choices. I know that grocery shopping and only buying healthy foods makes me feel better. Even something as small as journaling my food makes me feel better. I feel like Im accomplishing something. I feel very motivated. Anyway, you sound like you're doing great. Im so proud of you! What are the guidelines with JC? I mean, is there anything you can't eat? Aww...too bad you didnt get a kitty! These cats are so sweet...but crazy. Still no name for the gray one. Nic named the rescue kitty Tweak.

Ok chicks...our anniversary is on Saturday. I have no clue what we're going to do. Probably not much because of the canine school costing so much. I figure we'll just get a hotel room for a night or 2. Im totally ok with that. Room service has the best salads...hehe. Im going to go get something sexy to wear...Im a bit scared though. I havent worn anything very sexy in a while. Oh well. Ill find something.

It's lunch time here in Doha. I'll post later.


05-31-2005, 10:56 AM
I dunno where to start.. I have been MIA.. whewww whatta weekend! I had family stay over and i've been sooo busy entertaining... I'm so tired! Saturday we went to a birthday party for our friends whose twins turned one. I ended up talking to a girl who is an animal lover. We talked for hours. Conversation started when we talked about were we lived and I told her how bad the winters were and that I feed the deer here. She laughed and said omg.. I do tooo! ( I cut up apples and carrots for them)
I certainly enjoyed the weekend and all the eats that go with it. Today is a new day and I'm back on track. Mike has stayed the last few days with us and this afternoon Jim and I are taking them to lunch for his college graduation. I'm going to get a lean and green meal, probably a grilled chicken salad.
Wow karen.. ten pounds.. you go girl.....
everyone sounds good and healthy and on track.. I am so sorry bout kim's dad. I hope that he recovers and that kim isn't too stressed. A big hug for her... ((((((hugging kim))))))
My house is a disaster from the weekend...yikes
love ya all...
post latah...

05-31-2005, 11:03 AM
Lets see for snacks I eat cheese sticks, nuts, sugar free jello, sugar free popsicles, apples, pears, oranges, carrots, celery, radishes( dont laugh I grew them myself lol) and if i'm really jonesing for chocolate I'll eat a carb free no sugar candy bar. I have to be careful with those since they are so high in calories and fat plus if you take in to much sugar alcohols (what they replace sugar with in a lot of sugar free foods) you can get diarreah really bad. In an emergency I'll just usually grab nuts and run out the door. In resturants I just avoid the starchy side dishes and eat more veggies. I dont find it to difficult to eat out at all. Now with fast food, I usually end up with a chicken salad of some sort, but I try to avoid fast food places for the most part. I do feel better having lost some of this weight. At least some of my clothes are fitting better now. Oh I just have to tell you this.. I bought a pair of size 12 jeans at american eagle a few months back. I had them on yesterday while I was working upstairs with the hubby. When i came down to shower and get ready to go out I found out that I can pull these jeans off with out having to unbutton or unzip them. They'll just slide right down LOL!!

05-31-2005, 03:21 PM
Hey, I had a long day. Its 9pm and Im ready for bed. We went out to have a few beers and I still managed to keep my points at 22 for the whole day. I have used 3 flex points so far this week. My weigh in is on Friday but it really should be Thursday. I got back on track on last Thursday rather than Friday.

Anyway, Lynn its nice to see you back! We missed you. Sounds like you had a hectic weekend. Take some relax time, k?

Kim- your diet doesn't seem too bad. I like all of those foods. Also, thats awesome about your jeans! Good for you, girl!

Ok, I guess Im going to go to bed. The heat here is killing me. I love turning the AC on high and curling up under the covers. So, good night girls. I may be back on around 4am my time. Thats when Nic gets up for work.


05-31-2005, 09:45 PM
night night deanne...
i'm winding down now... I'm so tired.

05-31-2005, 10:04 PM
Hi vixens... :ebike:

Where is everyone? I see Deanne posted, but no one else has popped in today. Slow news day I guess--or else too busy! :-)

I am feeling more comfortable at my new job. Each day I feel a little more "in" the group and knowing something new. I got an email from a couple old coworkers from my last job, basically both complained about things going on there. It made me so thankful that I had moved on. I am thanking my lucky stars. I think another thing that is helping to think more healthy--is that the few people that I work realy close with at my new job seem to be more health conscious--drinking water and not eating junk food so often. At my last job there was always junk food around and bad influences. Not to say that I don't see some junk food around--but the gal I work close to is thin and seems to eat healthy with lots of salads. It does help to have that influence.

Deanne--As far as the guidelines go for JC, they basically give you a menu and all the food you need to eat besides the veggies and fruit (which most is unlimited to eat). The food consists of 1500 calories a day (the level I am at). And I really like the food much more than I thought I would. I thought it would be something like Lean Cuisine (which isn't too bad). But I actually like a lot of it quite a bit. Tonight I had a beef tip dinner in a gravy sauce with broccoli and rice. It was really good. My daughter actually likes it and tries to get me to give her bites. I have to yell and say "its mine!". Tomorrow for breakfast I have french toast. The menu varies and have special dessert treats included every couple days--like a rasberry cheesecake or double chocolate cake. I really like it--and think even after I lose my weight I will keep ordering JC food to eat regularly. I might be eating more of my own food then--but my point is I definitely like it enough to eat on a regular basis. Good thing, otherwise this plan would not work for me. Basically that is the plan--just eat the JC food and journal on your menu. Plus they give a movation CD to listen to every day. And several other booklets with different resources. And of coarse the one on one consultation each week. It is on the pricey side--some might say. I pay about $90 a week--and that pays for everything (all the food and vitamins). My Mom just about gasped when I told her how much. But I explained I thought it was worth it in the long run if it works for me. I spend that much sometimes on junk/fast food for the family. And I have not been stopping and picking up junk food meals since I started. That makes it worth it. After 10 weeks my food is 20 percent off, and after 20 weeks the food is 20 percent off and then it goes to 30 percent off and finally 35 percent off. So eventually it will be even lower. Anyway, I rationalize the cost is worth it in getting my health in check. I am investing in me for the long run. And whatever works right? I had a friend who lost 100 pounds and kept it off for 2 years by doing a crazy shake diet, and had nothing but gross tasting shakes. I know myself--it has to taste good and be something to follow for a lifetime. This seems to be what works for me more then anything else I have tried. I am still using some of the stuff I learned from WW--like for the meal I planned for my hubbys b-day. I think the two plans combined are perfect. Just my feelings though.

Anyway..I better get going. I have to get to some homework. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day. It is beautiful here...I took my dogs for a walk already--a pefect way to get in some exercise and be outside. :)

05-31-2005, 10:08 PM
Hi Kim and Lynn... You both posted while I was writing my short novel! Kim--cool about the jeans, I bet you felt great about that! Lynn--sounds like you probably need to recover from your company. But it sounds like you had a great time! Good for you!

Talk to y'all later!

06-01-2005, 02:00 AM
I had the scare of my life today. Sidney, my 9 year old daughter, got hit by a pitch at her game. The first pitch at that. I got there in time ( I was with my 7 yr olds team filling out a picture form) to see her laying on the ground absolutely covered in blood screaming. Now I can handle stress and emergencies pretty well, but to see that I almost lost it right there. It took everything I had in me to hold it together and stay calm for her. Poor thing was terrified. The pitch had come in high and inside and hit her in the left eye. Tore open a gash in her eye brow and left a lot of bruising in her eye. Her eye socket took the brunt of the blow. We had to do a complete facial xray series to make sure there wasn't any broken bones she was hit so hard. She ended up with 5 stitches, I know it doesnt sound like a lot, but on a 9 year olds face its a big thing, but OMG at the blood on that child. Her arms and legs were covered her face was covered, her coach was covered..he had to carry her off the field and over to the concession stand to get the bleeding under control. He even carried her to my car so we could take her to the ER. She asked if she could still play in Thursdays game after we got to the hospital!! She's medically cleared all she has is a big black eye and some stitches, but she's getting a new batting helmet tomorrow one with a face mask on it. I'm still fighting off the urge to ball my eyes out now.. it's almost midnight and everyone is finally asleep and all i can picture is her laying on the ground covered in her own blood screaming.. it's not something you are ever prepared to see as a parent.
Her team did go on to win that game though.. they said a prayer for Sidney and then got mad and beat the snot out of that team!

06-01-2005, 06:29 AM
Just read your post Kim about Sidney. I know you were so scared especially with all that blood, I would have freaked out I am afraid. I am so thankful though she didn't have a head injury, it could have been so much worse. I hope she is feeling ok today, bless her heart.Good idea about the helmet. I am jealous size 12....didn't that just feel so good?

Wow Lynn you made me tired just reading all you did on the weekend. :)

Hi Deanne you are keeping your points in check very proud of you. Where are you this morning?

Karen so glad that you have found the plan that works for you. You are doing so good on it and it will help to have people that you work with that eat healthy. When I worked that was my downfall everybody wanted to go out to eat every day so I followed the crowd and the weight came on.

I really do love my WW and it is slow but steady best thing I have ever been on and I can live with it which is the most important. I just have to kick this habit of waking up about midnight and eating a bowl of cereal. I weighed in tonight and had a loss of 1 1/2 lbs.not much but every little bit helps.

06-01-2005, 06:52 AM
Hey girls...

Kim- Im so sorry about your daughter. OMG, I know that scared you! Thats so cute that they beat the crap out of the other team.

Karen- JC does sound expensive. I had to explain the same thing to my husband. If it works, it's worth it. I know I tried several things before trying WW and none of them worked. I see it as being worth it in the long run.

Lynn- Where ya at?

Im also wondering where Jessica is. I haven't seen her in a while. I hope shes ok.

I had an apple for breakfast. I just don't get that hungry first thing in the morning. Anyway, I'll post later...


06-01-2005, 07:03 AM
Diane...I guess we posted at the same time. I'm glad you like weight watchers so much. I really do too. Its nice to find something that I know that I can stick with for the rest of my life.

06-01-2005, 10:31 AM
Sidney is ok this morning, but we had a rough night last night. She woke up at 1 am, again at 1:30, 2:15 and at 2:45 saying her stomach hurt. After that I kept getting up to check on her and make sure she was alright so neither of us got a lot of sleep. I'm thinking a nap will be in order for the day. I'm going to call her peditrician just to see if they want to check her out before I have to take her in to get the stitches out in a week. She's holding ice wrapped in a towel on her eye now, there is a lot of swelling going on today. She can barely open that eye. The ER doc said to ice it for 15 minutes 4 times a day to keep the swelling down so we're gonna stick to that for a while.
I think maybe I'll take the kids out to a movie today.. sort of an I'm sorry you got hurt day lol.. Maybe it will make her feel better.

06-01-2005, 04:49 PM
Ok girls...Im exhausted...Ill post tomorrow.


06-01-2005, 10:51 PM
KIM-OMG! I'm sry about Sidney. That is sooo scarey to see that. I know you must have had your stomach in your throat. Very scarey and anxiety filled to see your child hurt and seeing all the blood didn't help. Yes, keep icing it. I would ice it for a few days. You always feel worse the day after an injury, she will be sore for quite a while. But she is OK and that is the main thing!
I'm sry I've been MIA today. I had alot of things to do today, one searching for a silver hand bag for Heather's Prom on friday, whew... need a sliver bag and well you can't find one! I went to every store till I find something just do able.
I'm off to bed I'm very tired... I'm back up to 50mg of zoloft and it is making me very tired.
Have a great night all... will post more ya all

06-02-2005, 07:07 AM
Hey girls...

Lynn- do you take your zoloft in the morning or night? Does it make you hungry? It made me ravenous!! Thats one reason I got off of it. My best friend was on it though and she lost weight on it! Ugh.

Ok, I got back on the wagon last Thursday so I weighed in this morning. I lost 4 lbs. Yay! So, I guess I'll keep it up this week. Try to do the same thing this week as I did last week. Im ready to be under 150 lbs.

Im going to eat some breakfast...


06-02-2005, 08:35 AM
good morning!
DEANNE~ I have taken zoloft in the morning and I tried at night. Each has their good and bad. If I take it at night I feel alil wired before bed and it takes time to fall asleep. If I take it in the morning, I'm ok for hours but then about 3pm I'm shot. I think I have to take it at dinner time. Yes, zoloft makes me hungry and I have gained alot on it ( I'm one of the gainers) But it is the only antidepres that has helped me. I tried getting off of it and it was a disaster. I'm just taking it one day atta time...
I am joining wwers tomorrow with my girl friend. I need the accountablility.
Heather has a md appt today at 9am, then I have to drive her to school. I'm going to walk when I get back.
post latah...

06-02-2005, 09:08 AM
Hey Lynn...Zoloft was weird for me. It worked at first but then after a while, it made me worse. I think I just got used to it or something. I remember taking it in the morning and being tired by the afternoon. Dinner sounds like a good time to take it. That way by bedtime, you're tired.
I'm still on effexor and loving it. I can honestly say that so far, its been a life saver...and a marriage saver. I don't know where Nic and I would be if I hadn't taken a chance on effexor.

Anyway, Nic and I need to sit down and discuss this k9 school thing.


06-02-2005, 11:20 AM
Morning ladies..I just rolled out of bed a few minutes ago. Yeah I know, what a slug lol. But after the previous night with Sidney I was wiped out. She's doing very well today. We did a lot of relaxing yesterday. She decided once we got out and about that she was tired and wanted to come home so I finished up with Paige at her ortho appointment and we came home. The kids laid on the couches and watched movies (it was rainy out anyway) and she took a cat nap or two. I did buy her a face mask for her batting helmet so she'll feel a little more secure if she decides to get up there. We'll just play it by ear once she gets there. I'm not sure I'd want to go up to bat again so soon.
Besides that I've done a lot of nothing the last 2 days. Trying to stick to my diet as best as I can. I'm sure there have been a few slips, not any big enough that i remember them though.

06-02-2005, 02:19 PM
Hey Ladies, i am so sorry i havent been posting. The past couple of weeks have been ok. Joe has been leaving every other week for work, so its just me andmy sister and i have been trying to stay busy so i wont have to think about him too much, cause i really start to miss him. as far as the diet goes, it is nonexistant. i have not stuck with it , and i think i have gained about 5 pounds, i wanted to start this week with trying to get back on track. a couple of my freinds are trying to so i am thinking it may help me.

That job i had been interviewing for, well i finally got it and i will start in two weeks. i think this will be a really positive thing. i dont have to be at work till 9 am and then it is only 5 minutes away from my house, so i am thinking i have enough time to workout in the morning and still make it to work without any rush, oh man if i could do that i will be at my goal in no time, i just hope i have the strength to actually do it. my boyfreind has been asking me why i havent been working out lately, but i think here lately i have been soooooo depressed about alot of things that i just feel worth even trying. well its a long story. well i will post more often. sorry for being gone so long.

I am so sorry kim to hear about your daughter, i can see how that could be sooo scary, i hope she is doing good now. you are soo strong.

well i really miss you all. talk to you soon

06-02-2005, 02:45 PM
congrats on the new job.. and hopefully you'll get back on track on the diet soon!
Thanks for well wishes for Sid, she's doing much better today. She has a game at 730 tonight and she really wants to play. We'll see how that goes.

06-02-2005, 02:51 PM
Jesssssssssssssssssiiiiiiiiicccccccccccaaaa!! Yay Im so glad you're back.
I missed you so much! Good for you on the job by the way! I think that will be a positive thing too. I'm working on getting a job now that my visa is taken care of. I think it would help with my dieting too.
Just get back on track when YOU are ready. Don't worry about gaining some, it happens. Just know that we're all here for you, ok?

Oh, Nic is leaving for k9 school which we thought was 3 weeks but total, it will be 28 DAYS! Jessica, you're going to have to help me out. I haven't been away from him in a year. How do you deal when Joe goes out of town?

I'm so jealous Nic will be able to go to Walmart when he's in Indiana! I miss walmart. I miss America. I miss normalcy. If we would've known about this sooner, I could've gone home. Oh well. I can have a month to concentrate on me.

Ok, dinner time girls. I'm having chicken tenders and steak fries.'s only 8 points total. Not bad. I think I'll have some peas too. It sounds like a school cafeteria meal.

I hope you're all having a great day.


06-02-2005, 02:53 PM
Kim...did you get your package yet?

06-02-2005, 03:15 PM
No, not yet but the mail hasnt run yet today. I'm sure it's just the slow postal system.

06-02-2005, 03:19 PM
Yea, I mailed my mom something a month ago and its still not there yet...ugh

06-02-2005, 04:19 PM
oh man Deanne he is going to be gone a month? thats a long time. but you will be able to have alot of YOU time. its hard and at times i get soooo frustrated but i try to hang out with my sister as much as i can. you should probably find people to hang out with so you can get your mind off of him. causeit will be hard at first. but now when he comes home after the first 3 days im like oh man go back on the road lol , but i truly do miss him sometimes.

yea i cant wait to start this other job. hopefully it is a good thing for me.

06-02-2005, 04:29 PM
When my hubby was in the Army 30 days was a short field exercise lol. He'd go out for 3 or 4 weeks, come home stay a day or two and back out for 4 more weeks. He would spend on average 280 days a year in the field. Then he was deployed to Bosnia for 11 1/2 months in '96. I got used to doing things on my own, and you'll adapt as well. I used to tell people I was a single mom, i just wasn't allowed to date lol. I missed him, and was happy when he was home, but I signed on for it and I knew he'd be gone a lot. It's just something you get used to.

06-02-2005, 07:05 PM
:cool: Hello board:
Deanne said I should join you guys. I just found 3FC a day or two ago, just as I was getting recommitted to the weight loss I was on a roll with before my wedding 3 weeks ago. ;) I'm looking forward to meeting you all. I'm from southeast Arizona, and have lived here my whole life except when I went to Utah to finish up my degree in Marriage, Family, and Human Development. I graduated with a BS in that field in December with a minor in Media Arts (one of my passions is video/photo editing) and moved home. I have a job in institutional research at the community college here, and I just married my best friend (we dated for a year, then were apart (physically) two years but kept in touch until we got back together in January). He's amazing, and has never said a negative thing about my weight, but I want to lose for <i>me</i>. I want to be healthy and feel good and fit into clothes without little bulges in all the wrong places. So I'm getting motivated, :ebike: :tread: :strong: and hoping some of this accountability will keep me honest.
(I successfully lost 45 lbs over a year and a half sort of following weight watchers - I went to the meetings, but I was a college student, and healthy eating is not always Fun. :jeno: I gained about 20 of it back over two years, then lost it again over the last 6 months. I'm up a little after that "honeymoon" thing :) but I'm committed now!) I hope to get to know you all. Any that want to introduce themselves briefly (or even un-briefly!) would be welcome, though I know you all know each other... :spin:

06-02-2005, 08:15 PM
Hi Sara, I'm Kim, a stay at home mom of 4 girls ages 12, 9, 7 and 4. 3 of them are playing softball right now so I'm an on the go mom! I live in Northern Mississippi although I'm originally from North West Indiana (about 40min out of Chicago). My husband of nearly 14 years is prior military so we moved around a lot until he got out 6 years ago. I do faux painting work, but its pretty sporadic. I'm currently working on two nursery plans. It's fun, but a lot of physical work.. i'm not sure I want to still be climbing 12 ft ladders when I'm 45 lol.. Anyhow, that's the basics on me...

06-02-2005, 10:37 PM
Ugh...its after 4am...Nic just left for work. I hope I can get back to sleep. There are 4 chicks sitting on their porch being louder than ****. Sorry, Im grouchy. Ill stop :)

Sara...Im glad you joined. These women are awesome. Haha...we talked about going on a cruise together after we all reach our goals. You can come too.

I dont think I can type anymore. When Im tired, I get a cheerleader attitude...its a bit disgusting for me. My husband thinks its adddooorrrabblee. I also dont remember half of what I say.

Ill post tomorrow.

Rah Rah,

06-03-2005, 10:57 AM
Ok apparently I shouldn't have worried about Sidney batting yesterday. She came out swinging and never backed out of the batters box. She hit an in the park home run!!! They finally got the ball back to second base as she was running across home plate. She played 3rd base instead of catching last night, but she did a good job there. Never moved away from the ball .. actually she jumped in front of a line drive down the 3rd base line. So she proved me wrong.. she told me she was gonna play last night.. no doubt in her mind.
I'm doing just fine, life is good. I have been doing pretty good on my food, little light on the exercise.

06-03-2005, 12:40 PM
Does anyone else love Fridays? For me they're not as exciting when I'm not working 8 to 5 or going to school, but right now they're fabulous.

Nice to "meet" you Kim, I'm glad your daughter didn't have any trouble jumping back into softball. My little brother had one of his teeth knocked out in a football game last year, and I was amazed that it didn't faze (sp?) him at all... What is "faux painting"?

:dancer: After being good eating-wise for 3 days and exercising for 4, I lost 2 1/2 lbs! I know it won't continue at that speed, but it's always a nice motivation when starting out...

06-03-2005, 12:55 PM
Faux painting is making a paint finish resemble marble or stone or leather something like that. I do some muraling and concrete finishing. I also antique furniture or so custom designs to match a room. Depends on what I'm asked to do.

06-04-2005, 12:04 AM
Where is everyone today????

06-04-2005, 01:29 AM
Hello everyone...

Just stopping in to say hi! I had a busy week and just got home from running around. I am pooped but thought I would say hey!

Hi Lynn, Deanne, Kim and Kim!

Jessica--glad to see you back!

Sara--Welcome! Keep posting, you are welcome here! Your job sounds interesting--I saw it on your profile. What kind of company do you work for? Just curious.

Well....I am going to check back tomorrow when I have more energy to post longer. Until then--happy trails.

06-04-2005, 02:09 PM
Hey chickas...had a great anniversary. We had a blast! Blew my diet but not worried. How many first anniversaries am I going to have?? Tomorrow, I have my menu planned out to help keep me on track after eating Japanese today.

I found out today that I get to go back to the states while Nic is in Indiana. YAY! A week in Maryland and a week in Mississippi. My mom is so excited. We used to stay up all night watching movies and talking. My friends all adore her. Oh and she wants me to take her grocery shopping to help her in getting the best foods for weight watchers. How great is that? A new recruit :) Also, she has a walking park in her apartments. Awesome.

I will miss my husband dearly. I also think it can be good for us. Im just going to use this time for "me time". Concentrate on WW and being healthy. So, by the time that I see him again on the 12th of July, I will hopefully be skinnier!

Ok I'm going to make a low fat milkshake. YUM. I'll post later. I love y'all.


06-04-2005, 06:38 PM
Hey Deanne! :dancer:

I am so happy that you had a great first anniversary! And you are right--you only get those one time--so why not kick your heals up. I think those are the type of days we are allowed to indulge a bit. That is awesomet that you get to come home and visit for a couple weeks. I bet you are so excited! Will you be able to check in with the Vixens when you are visiting home? You will have to let us know.

Well, I am going to go write a, fun! It is due at midnight and until I have it finished I can't really relax. I just can't wait till I am done with school...2 classes left and counting the days.

I am happy--I am down another pound this week. long as its down I am going in the right direction. :)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! :bubbles:

06-05-2005, 06:51 AM
Hey Karen...just a quick note to tell you congrats on losing. Yes, you are really in the right direction! Good for you. Oh and yes Ill be able to get online while Im there. Im probably going to take the laptop with me too.

Ill post later...


06-05-2005, 10:20 AM
Hi Vixens! :) Sorry for having been MIA for, err, quite some time, Iwas doing so many things that I kinda got sidetracked from many forums and sites. At least it was out of "good" reasons (sunbathing, gardening, work, family/friends and improving my skills on video editing software - who knows, it can be useful later on for work), and not out of giving up/not caring about weight loss ;) Though I got my share of battles with my Inner Brat, I'll admit it, but I didn't gain on weight, which is what matters to me right now.

I wanted to welcome those who've joined us since I were away, and also I hope that things are going well for everyone (I only could catch up briefly on the former posts, these things can get pretty long after weeks of being away!).

Deanne, I hope you have fun while back in the States! Also, congrats Karen for the new job, it sounds like it's interesting and good, so all the best for you :)

06-05-2005, 01:31 PM
KERY! I'm so glad you're back girl! Thats great that you havent gained wait. Thats important.
Same old stuff is going on here. We're all just moving along. Its a battle but we're doing it. We've missed you!

Im arguing with my dad about my plane ticket. Such a pain. We found out today that we're moving out of our villas. So, we have to pack before we leave so that our friends can move us out. Im excited but overwhelmed now. We're getting our friend to take care of the cats.

Ok, ill be back later. I need to get this ticket thing situated.


06-05-2005, 02:08 PM
I'M HERE!! I've been so busy this weekend... I blew my diet big time.. yikes... but I'm back on track today.. went out to dinner with friends last night and ate the best meal, but it was loaded with cheese sauce.. omg!!
will post more latah...

06-06-2005, 05:51 AM
Hey girls...good morning! doing ok? You seem busy.

How is everyone else?

Well, Im doing well. I'm almost 2 weeks late on TOM. No, Im not pregnant...I took a test. This is just weird though.

Anyway, Im going to go eat breakfast now. I think Oatmeal and an apple.


06-06-2005, 06:04 AM
Good morning all you Vixens. How in the world are you? I'm still waiting for the baby to be born looks like it will probably be Wed. when he induces her. I have had a bad week eating wise, had a really bad binge for a couple of days and by the scales I am up. :( When will I ever learn? I have been walking though, walked five days last week got up to 2 miles which is good for me.

Deanne so glad you get to come back to the states. Did you ever get your ticket straightened out? How is WW going for you?

Karen sounds like you are really enjoying your job.

Hi Kery and Lynn, you girls are way too busy for me. :D

Have a great Monday girls and let's stay OP. I just hope I follow my own advice. ;)

06-06-2005, 06:12 AM
Thank you Deanne :) "Battle" indeed is the word, I think, but I don't mind taking a step back if it means being able to take two steps forward in turn because I've learnt how to deal with the problems. Someday I should make an essay about the battles with the inner brat, it sure could be a fun read :p

How's it going with the ticket plane problem? Has everything been sorted out?

06-06-2005, 06:39 AM
Hey chicks...

Diane- We haven't gotten the ticket situation handled. It's a pain because my dad is paying for it from the States. They dont do the Etickets here so I have to have the paper tickets. Which means, we don't know if the ticket would even arrive here in time. WW is going good. I was OP for my anniversery but now Im right back on. I think I will avoid weigh in this week though. Just to keep from being disappointed. How is it going for you other than this week? Its good that you're walking.

Kery- I like how you call it the inner brat. Thats totally appropriate. I like that. I think I will call it my inner brat from now on! :) I am about to put your quote about the battle on my website. Http://
I like to take different quotes from y' keeps my inspired.

Ok, I had a rice cake and an apple for breakfast. 2 pts.


06-06-2005, 10:52 AM
Good Morning ladies, well this weekend was not a good diet weekend, Joe's family was in town and we bbqued, and just relaxed, i think i relaxed a little too much cause i am exhausted today,. lol lazy. but i really want to get back on track, today i am taking control of my eating, and balance myself. then tonight workout. i cant wait to start the new job, so that i can start working out before work and start my day off great. well talk to you ladies soon.

06-06-2005, 12:45 PM
Hey girls. I, too, had a terrible eating weekend, but I'm not going to let it stop me. Too many birthday cakes and ice cream floating around for my health. I have GOT to stop eating sugar for a while. If I don't eat it, I don't want it, but when I eat it, it's all I want! And my husband somehow managed to get two gallons of ice cream and a bunch of mini-candy bars into our freezer. All with my full knowledge. How did I let that happen? Actually, the chips are more of a temptation. Hmm.
Karen - My job does sound interesting, but it isn't terribly. I work at a community college, and I'm the assistant to the Director of Institutional Researcher. We handle all of the course evaluations the students do, process all the info and get the results back to the teachers (in a timely manner), handle all the federal, state, and college reports on things like enrollment, demographics, etc, and conduct all kinds of surveys for the students, community, etc, as well as help the administration make big decisions based on and backed by our research. I work a lot with statistical software, but also do a lot of secretarial stuff and supervise some students(that are like a year younger than me...hmm.) It's okay, and the money's good, but I'm glad I won't be doing it the rest of my life.
Well, I hope you're all doing well and are planning to enjoy this week!

06-06-2005, 02:26 PM
Hey girls...I stayed on plan all day today. Im at 20 pts so far. Not really hungry for anything else though. Maybe a banana or something to get up to 22. My husband ate hardees earlier...that was hard to get through. Especially since I went to get it for him. Got through it though.

I'm not sure whats wrong with me today. I seem to be a bit out of it. I forgot to take my effexor the other day and that may be why. I just feel down. Not sad or anything. Kind of spaced out. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

Jessica- You have an awesome attitude. Theres nothing you can do now anyway but get back on your plan and work at it.

Sara- I know what you mean. It's like I can go so long without fast food. Then, I have a few french fries or something and Im done for. Its awful. I need to learn how to control that! How is everything else with you? I will email you either tonight or first thing in the morning, ok?

I want to say thanks to everyone for your support. I'm not sure If I could've done this otherwise!

Ok chicks...I think Im going to go to bed soon. Its only 8:30 but Im out of it. I might post later if I cant sleep.


06-06-2005, 06:36 PM
hi vixens.. i'm so sorry I haven't been posting. I have so many stupid things here, keeping me from getting on the computer. Right now as I'm typing this we are having a major thunder storm with tornado warnings... ( and I'm at the comp... shheeesh)
The temp shot up to over 90 degrees which is too hot too soon. We aren't used to it!!

welcome sara, I'm a 41yo nurse, who at the moment is home. I have two girls 19 and one who just turned 16. We live in upstate NY in a very rural but fastly growing town. For fun... hmmm I more LOL.. jk... we have a boat we use on the weekends and I do alot of gardening. I help my husband run two electrical business` that take alot of our time. My 19 year old just finished her first year of college and got over a bout of very bad mono. My 16yo just got her first boyfriend and we had the 'talk' sigh... I was just was changing her diapers!

Girls, I have not been on plan and I'm leaving for hawaii in a month and a few days. I'm a cow. I got on the scale this am and I'm back to 199. I could scream. My goal months ago was to be in the 160's and that won't happen. Because i'm so disgusted I keep eating. I did well at OA but haven't gone. Friday I'm joining weight watchers and I'm going to meetings... sigh.. I'm in such a funk today....
post latah, I promise

06-06-2005, 06:57 PM
here is a pic of patrick and heather fri at his senior prom. pic of the car hubby bought that is putting me in debt...

06-06-2005, 07:05 PM
wow these are blurry sorry.. they are so particular of the size.. sigh

06-06-2005, 09:20 PM
It's been awhile since I've written... sorry. :( The weather has been getting really nice, so it's been perfect for motorcycle riding. I was just wondering -- are all of you on the Weight Watchers diet? Or do any of you do other ones, like the South Beach diet that I'm doing?


06-07-2005, 03:10 AM
:lol: Deanne, you're welcome. It's fun to see that this could be quote material. The "inner brat" stuff isn't my creation, I can't even remember where I saw it, but I too felt that this was a very appropriate wording to describe it.

Now I'm going to check yoursite more thoroughly, I think ;)

06-07-2005, 05:41 AM
Hey girls...

Lynn- Is that a cadillac? I thought you said it was a Mercedes. Either way, they're both beautiful cars. I've gone to look at both of them. My husband and I go and look at different cars on the weekends. We love it.

Deb- Welcome back chick! I'm on weight well as, Diane, Lynn, and Sara. What kind of bike to you have?

Kery-I just saw that you have lost 22 lbs. Wow, thats awesome! Good for you! What plan are you on again?

Ok, breakfast time for me. I think I'll eat Oatmeal. The strawberries & cream kind. 3 pts. Oh what a waste of points...but its SO good!

Post later...


06-07-2005, 09:15 AM
howdy vixens..
deanne I did say mercedes.... didn't I.. had a blonde moment, it is a cadi xlr... we looked at the mercedes, but this car came about. From what we were told they are hard to get, the dealer only gets one or two year.
To be honest, although it is nice, it is just a car. I drive a Kia sorento, a small suv. I don't see the difference until you put the top down!! I'll post more pics.. maybe they won't be so blurry...
It is gonna be a hot one here.... ouch.. I'm off for my walk...

06-07-2005, 09:16 AM
Deb I'm doing weight watchers.. the points system

06-07-2005, 10:13 AM
Heres another pic of the car and our pool which i'm jumping in later.. It is going to be over 90 today.. with alot of humidity.

06-07-2005, 11:04 AM
wow lynn that car is awesome, i bet you look great in it. oh i wish i was going to hawaii, dont stress too much about not reaching your goal by hawaii, just think all that weight you have already loss is never coming back, you are doing so great, and your daughter is soo pretty.

Deanne, you sound like you are doing so good. yesterday i did pretty good, i didnt eat enough though, i was kind of in a bummed mood cause joe leaves today, and its another week without him. its almost like we have this long distance relationship. Yesterday i was looking at wedding dresses cause one of my freinds here at work just got engaged and i am kind of jealous, they have been together a year and a half. just really makes me want to get married, but i dont really bring it up to joe, cause he use to be pretty sensitive about it.

Hey Sara welcome, i am just counting calories, although i have slid back a little i am trying to ease my way back in. i am going to work out tonight, i just need to get back in the swing of things. i notice when i post more often i stay on track better, so i am trying to keep up with my post.

well ladies, have a awesome day, and let's keep to our goals, Nothing taste as good as feeling skinny. and i cant wait till i am.


06-07-2005, 01:08 PM
Thank you Deanne :) In fact I forgot to update the ticker, it's a 24 pounds loss, but I've been really stagnating there in the past weeks, as I haven't been, err, very careful about what I was eating. I can only hope that when I do it seriously, my body will buy it, be properly tricked, and start dropping pounds at a good rate again :lol:

Alright, now the house is devoid of all cookies, chocolate cakes and other junky leftovers... this will make things easier ;)

06-07-2005, 03:05 PM
Okay, so it's not really, but sometimes I feel like it is. I used to eat a lot more, and I think my body was used to it an could compensate easily (except for the weight gain from all the calories.) Now when I eat very much sugar (mostly if it's more than one sitting, like a few days worth, like this weekend , it does weird things to my body. Besides making me just want more sugar and making healthy stuff sound less desirable, I get a lot of that "false fat" that kinda floats on top of everything else and makes you feel nasty, even if you haven't really gained any actual weight. (I checked!) Plus I think it throws some of my bacteria out of whack and bad things start happening. So I'm off sugar. I'm not going to eat any sugar for several weeks (well, except maybe one bowl of chocolate mousse before it goes bad...) and see how I feel. I'd like to keep it up after that. There really shouldn't be any excuse for me to eat sugar before my birthday on July 29th, right? I hope I can stay strong on this one! Oh, and I ate my points again yesterday (barely) after a very "crash-y" weekend. Today's looking good too. :) Maybe I still have a chance to lose this week (by my weigh in Thursday evening). See ya!

06-07-2005, 03:07 PM
Clarification: Now when I say "no sugar" I mean no sugar "things" like candy, cookies, ice cream (with sugar), etc. I'm not going to be a sugar **** and not eat normal foods that may have sugar in them, just avoid high-sugar and nothing-but-sugar foods. :)

06-07-2005, 05:15 PM
Sara sugar does weird things to me too. I also avoid it too in snack stuff... It is soo superhot here...

06-07-2005, 05:16 PM
thanx jessica.. good to see ya!

06-08-2005, 04:17 AM
Hi vixens :)

Sara - I sort of know what you mean, although it worked this way for me for all kinds of "non-healthy foods" (such as hamburgers). I like to think of it as "we forced our bodies to eat junk, and now that they've tasted good foods again, they complain openly when we revert back to the crappy habits". ;)

Everyone - Today for breakfast, I ate oatmeal for the first time in my life, and well... it tasted pretty bland >.< Not bad, not disgusting, just bland... the kind of things that makes me feel like emptying a half pot of jam on it just to give it more taste. So I was wondering, do any of you put something on theirs, and what would be nice to try? Tomorrow I'm going to try with cinnamon (I love that), but I'm looking for more ideas. It could be a good breakfast, if only it wasn't making me feel like I was eating chunks of cardboard :lol:

06-08-2005, 06:28 AM
Kery...I put splenda on it. Honey is good too. I buy the flavored oatmeal mostly. The strawberries and cream, apple cinnamon, and maple and brown sugar are all really yummy. I love oatmeal. I wouldn't eat it plain though. yuck.

Speaking of, Im having oatmeal for breakfast.

Since my mini goal is almost over. I accomplished almost everything I said I would. its time to start a new one. A goal for when I go back home. Ill post more later.


06-08-2005, 11:30 AM
good morning, everyone! It's going to be a hot and sticky day here too. Deanne, I've got a '99 Harley Lowrider. I started out with a Honda Shadow VLX (600 cc) for about 5 years. Then, I felt ready to move upward and onward so I started looking at Harleys. I hated the sportsters because they're not very comfortable. In fact, I had one for a month and then sold it. I stumbled across the Lowrider at the dealership and really loved it. It's a huge jump in power though (88 cubic inch engine which translates to about 1450 cc). After I got used to all that power between my legs, I started having fun. ;)

Thanks for filling me in on what kind of diet you all are on. Do you mind if a Southbeacher crashes your gathering? (smile) I've been doing really good so far, except for the one day at my nephew's birthday party. But I'm afraid to weigh myself because I don't know what kind of weight loss I've had. I did lose a couple pounds about 4-5 days ago, but haven't been near the scale since.

I loved the pictures of the car and the pool! We just took down our pool, because our kids are grown and we don't seem to have the time to enjoy it or take care of it. When I get too hot and sticky though, I jump onto my motorcycle and go out riding in some forest preserve areas where the air is a little cooler.

I'll include a picture of me on my motorcycle here in this post, if I can figure out how to do it. :) OK... I did the preview post thing, and it doesn't seem to have attached the picture. Let me know if you guys see it or not. And, if anyone can give me instructions on how to put a picture right into the post, I'd appreciate it! Thanks...


06-08-2005, 11:46 AM
Deanne - Deb's post above mine just made me realize that I hadn't answered your question about what plan I'm following. So let's remedy to that: I follow the Montignac one (it's mainly about eating foods with low glycemic indexes, as well as avoiding the association of carbs + fats in a same meal). Although I'm not always 100% on plan with it, I admit (I still like my occasional bretzel, I'm Alsacian, after all! LOL), but when I "stray off" now, at least I manage to limit myself. If I crave a chocolate croissant, I wait a little to see if I really want it.. if I do, I buy one, and only one. It normally takes care of the craving, gets eaten slowly, and shuts the Brat off, after the intial struggle of "noo I want 4 of them! 5! 6!" ;)

And yeah, I think that the oatmeal I've bought is definitely NOT flavored :D I just wish to find something I can add to it that isn't... full of useless calories. I'm not keen on sweeteners, and I'm also afraid that I wouldn't be able to stop at an "appropriate" quantity" if pouring fructose on it. Perhaps honey, but I need to check if it'd really fit. Hm, or strawberries? *will experiment*

06-08-2005, 12:43 PM
Hey gals, sorry i've been MIA lately. Deb I'm on the southbeach diet as well. I've been a little lax this past week though. That time of the month and gosh was I craving ice cream. SO I had some, but I didnt eat the entire gallon lol.
I just found out that Sidney, my daughter that got hurt, does have a broken nose. I told them at the hospital something was wrong but NOOOOOOO they told me I was over reacting and she was fine. Now a week later we're off to see an ENT to see what can be done for her now. I'm hoping they dont have to break it and re-set it, but she does have a lump on one side of her nose. I'll try to attatche a picture of what her injury looked like the day after.. dunno, my files are big and this site hates me sometimes lol..

06-08-2005, 12:45 PM
Ok, thats my baby.. She's usually a little cuter though. Her eye looks completely normal now, it's just her nose that's giving me fits.

06-08-2005, 12:46 PM
Hey chicks...

I'm proud to say that I have been OP all day. I don't feel like getting off plan either. I feel fine. I'm still concerned that something is wrong. For the past 6 months, I've been on time with TOM. Now, I'm about 11 days late. I took to pregnancy tests. Nada. It could be connected to why I only have a 1-2 day period. I don't know whats up. It concerns me that I have not even been ovulating. I want a baby one day damnit.

Deb- I love your bike! My husband has a crotch rocket, a Ninja. He misses it dearly(its in the States). We go to the bike shop here at least once a weak. He found a Busa that he wants. Its 1300 ccs though. Too much for the desert. Oh and they just built a Harley shop here. Imagine that. A Harley shop in the Middle East!

Kery- I'm not sure what to tell you about the oatmeal. Strawberries sounds yummy! Maybe bananas. Cinnamon would be good too. Your plan sounds interesting and difficult. Is it hard? I'm so braindead sometimes. I like WW because I dont have to think much. Your plan sounds like something that will be very healthy now and in the long run. What sorts of things can you NOT eat?

Where is everyone else?

I'm eating some cheez its right now. The tobasco kind.

My food:

Watermelon(1 lb)- 2.5 points
LC Chicken Enchilada- 6 points
Cheez its(26)- 3 points


06-08-2005, 12:48 PM
Kim...oh your poor daughter. That looks so painful!! How is she feeling?

06-08-2005, 12:53 PM
She's fine Deanne, but she's awful tired of people poking at her face and looking at her lol

06-08-2005, 01:51 PM
Ew, Kim, I hope your daughter's nose can be fixed quickly! It's weird that doctors couldn't even tell that something was wrong... that's kinda, err, their job...

Deanne - It's not terribly hard, just a bit tricky to get used to regarding the foods to associate (or not). For instance, I can eat spaghetti with tomato sauce and broccoli, but not spaghetti with cheese. More generally, it recommends to eat non-processed foods, whole grains... stuff that is anyway good, whether we want to lose weight or simply stay in good health. The only problem that can really stem from it in my opinion is that, as the author says that there's no need to bother about quantities, some people may understand "we can eat cheese at will as long as it's not mixed with carbs, etc", and go into overeating/unbalanced meals. I guess it's a matter of logics at this point, haha. If being sensible about it, I think it can indeed easily be followed for life.

As for what I can't eat, it's a matter of glycemic index first, but there are things that are really "forbidden" for their extremely high GI, for instance potatoes and beer, or any kind of "junk food" (which allies fats + carbs, and generally that's refined carbs too). I recently got an updated version of the author's book, where he says that on the "maintenance" phase, one could allow themselves such foods IF balancing them with very low-GI foods, but he lost me at this point, it's really a pain to calculate whether the global GI of a meal was too high or too low then :lol:

06-08-2005, 03:51 PM
Wow...It makes sense. Who is the author? I'd like to read up on that book. How long have you been on the diet?

Ok, Im going to the WW site to check on my points. I think I have 2 left for the day. of milk before bed maybe??

06-08-2005, 04:18 PM
Deanne - The author is Michel Montignac. I'm not completely sure about English translations of his book, I think it's called "Eat Yourself Slim", this is the one title I've found that would be the closest to the French title. There's also one that is "for women", but the method remains the same - this one mainly adds things for girls in their teens, women above 50, etc.

As for how long, I started middle January this year, it's been pleasant enough a method to follow so far. However, I must admit that I've been a naughty girl for the past 5-6 weeks or so, and haven't been following it as thoroughly as before - see where the Brat caused me problems :lol: Had I been more committed, I probably would've shed a few more pounds since then, but I don't mind - I've realized that as long as I exercise and allow myself "treats" without overeating them, I can maintain easily, which has now caused a new motivation to kick in ;)

06-08-2005, 04:32 PM sounds like you're getting back on track. Me too. I had a few days there where I was all over the place with my diet.
How tall are you?

06-08-2005, 08:26 PM
Kim... I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter breaking her nose. Poor thing having to deal with it for a week without getting anything done. :( As far as doctors go, sometimes I can understand why they call medicine a "practice". LOL

Kery... your diet sounds a bit like the South Beach diet, as far as sticking to "good" carbs vs. "bad" carbs. Have you ever read or heard anything about the SB diet?

Deanne... wow, they have a Harley shop out in the Middle East?? I guess it shows that Harley is pretty much a worldwide popularity status. I honestly don't really put a whole lot of weight on the name. I mean, I don't snub people who ride other bikes just cuz I ride a Harley now. It's fun but no big deal. :)

Well, I'm off to go out with some girlfriends tonight. I'll be back later! Hope you all have a nice night and behave yourselves. (grin)


06-08-2005, 11:03 PM
Well Sid's having surgery on Friday morning to set her nose back into position. They said it would be a 10 minute procedure, but she still have to be under general anestesia so I'm a bit nervous. It's an out patient surgery so we should be home afterward. I'll keep you posted as I know things. She going to play in her last game tomorrow. The doc said if she gets hit again we're gonna fix it anyway so whats the harm. lol I guess I can see his point.

06-09-2005, 03:43 AM
Deanne -If I'm not mistaken, I'm about 5'1'' in the US system (1,57m). If I take 2 pounds, they're immediately easily noticeable :lol:

Deb - I've heard about the SB diet, I'm just not sure of what exactly the plan looks like. It's possibly very similar when it comes to the "good" vs "bad" carbs. I should get a book about it someday, just to know more.

Now I'm a little worried about today, I need to head to the office 100 km from here for a meeting and a "group meal" at a Chinese restaurant, if I refuse to go to the restaurant they'll say again that I'm asocial and stuff :/ So I've already planned what I'm going to order (fortunately I like their syteamed dishes, it's better than greasy ones), and will take no more than that, as well as walking to the office from the railway station instead of taking the bus, and eating lightly tonight. I hope this will somehow compensate for the bad foods!

06-09-2005, 11:31 AM
Kery, as long as you plan for days like this it shouldnt be a problem with your diet. If you indulge one day, just make sure to follow the plan the rest of the week. One day doesn't kill a diet. What kills it is the attitude that "i screwed up so i might as well eat the entire gallon of ice cream or the entire bag of candy".. I'm starting to get nervous about Sid's surgery. Ok I was nervous yesterday, but I'm getting more nervous. It didnt help that Kim's daughter kept me up til after 1 this morning. Poor kid, she had a headach and she just wanted her mom or dad. So we gave her some medicine then called dad. He didnt get home til 1 (that's actually early for him) so I waited up with her and he took her home after that. Kim's dad is still in the hospital. They installed a pace maker a few days ago and they had mentioned the possiblity of him having pnemonia (sorry if i really killed the spelling on that) but she hadnt gotten to talk to anyone after they did a chest xray so we really dont know yet. Information is hard to come by unless you threaten to throttle someone at a hospital. Poor Kim is gonna sleep for a month when this is all done and her dad is safe at home..

06-09-2005, 12:12 PM
{{{{{{{{{{Kim}}}}}}}}}}}}} I can understand you being nervousa about the surgery for your daughter. It's your daughter that's involved and you care about her alot. We'll be sending out good thoughts and prayers for you both.


06-09-2005, 12:15 PM
by the way... I forgot to include about the Chinese food.... make sure to ask that they not put any monosodium glutamate on whatever they prepare. The MSG is a big part of why you retain water after having Chinese food.

Yesterday evening, I was heading out somewhere with a couple of girlfriends and my stomach was growling because I hadn't eaten dinner. We stopped at a gas station so they could get some coffee, and I bought an unsweetened Lipton ice tea. But, when I turned and saw a small package of Twizzlers licorice hanging on a stand nearby, I couldn't resist. I bought it... and I think I ended up eating about 10 of them. :( I gave the rest of the package to one of my friends, so I wouldn't be tempted to finish the bag off. I think I gave in cuz I was so discouraged about the weight loss. Talk about sabotaging myself even more, huh? :?: Ah well... I'm pulling myself up by my love handles and starting today over fresh and new... going to do my darndest to stick to this diet better.

Hope you all have a good day!


06-09-2005, 12:47 PM
This was one of those mornings. I didn't get up on time, so the rest of the morning was rushed, I got a splinter in my finger from a wicker basket and was only able to pull the top half out, and as I was finishing my hair, I got a great big burn on my neck that's killing me. What's more, the aloe vera plant I keep just for such emergencies smelled REALLY strongly of something when we cut it, so I had to wash it off before it could do any good. AND I had left my purse at my parents' house 15 minutes away, and I needed it today to get my new driver's license... So my husband had to make an extra trip out this morning after he dropped me off. And it's only 8:45! What other things shall I mess up today? Sigh.
On a brighter note, I stuck to my points the last two days, and I've lost a pound since last Thursday. (My weigh in should be today, but due to a yeast infection I'm trying to get under control, I'm not exercising today I don't think...) Tomorrow, definitely. I hope you're all having a good day, and that everything goes well for you, both diet-wise and life-wise!

06-10-2005, 01:10 AM
Deb - Thanks for the advice, I have no idea what MSG is, but the next time I have to go (in a long time, I hope; I love the food, but tend to always feel sick after eating there -_-) I'll ask about it. Is it present in any of their foods usually, or just in some that I could simply avoid?

Kim - Exactly. As long as I don't find myself in such situations every day of the week, things should normally go alright. I also don't fret out anymore if I don't lose any weight on a given week: as long as I don't gain some, things are still good.
Now to hope that everything goes well for your daughter with the upcoming surgery!

Err, also, question... how long am I supposed to be able to keep lettuce in the fridge? I really like eating mixed salads these days, but I'm the only one in the house to eat them, and it takes me ages to fnish off a lettuce, so I was wondering if I can buy one for, say, 10 days worth of salads here and there, or if one week is already too much... :?:

06-10-2005, 01:29 AM
I believe MSG is a flavor enhancer and a preservative. In our area, I think it's pretty much added to all the Chinese dishes. But, they don't have a problem if you ask them to not put MSG in it. I just tell them, "no MSG please" and they leave it out. :)


06-10-2005, 04:22 AM
I'll make sure to check then. Thanks for the advice!

For whomever is interested by the weird experiences going on - Oatmeal with a good half-ton on cinnamon on it is good (yes, I have no common sense when it comes to measures, that's why I didn't want to resort to sugar) :lol: I did something a little gory and added a spoon of my hot coffee to it, but while this makes it more tasty, it also adds a disgusting dose of unwanted liquid, so, err, probably not going to do that again. Next time I'll try with bits of apples on top of the cinnamon; according to my plan, I should eat fruits at least 20 minutes before the rest (something about not piling food under them, that'd make them start to ferment in the stomach), yet just trying once probably wouldn't be -that- bad for my health.

Food for thought - I've realized more than ever yesterday that we overweight people can really have a problem when it comes to perceiving ourselves after the weight loss has occurred (or at least, started to). This happened yesterday, I just forgot to write about it. As we host our small business in our house, the trainee currently working for us was thus at home when I came back. We drank a coffee and played with Vulcain (my dog) for a few minutes, and somehow we ended up discussing dog's food, and how I was reluctant to feed him with "food for humans" (things like pasta instead of meat, etc) ; now, I don't know why I said it, it came by itself, but I added something along the lines of "too much of it would probably make him fat, and it's enough if I'm the one here having the weight problems". At this point, the trainee looked at me as if I was an alien or something and said: "WHAT weight problems?" (he didn't say that out of politeness, too: I could very well see the "shock" in his eyes, it was genuine).

That's when I fully realized all this stuff I read about "needing time to perceive ourselves as thin people". Of course, I "only" had 40 pounds or so to lose; I've lost about 24 of these now, so I know it shows, and the trainee has never known me when I was at my heighest, as he first met me two weeks ago only. However, I still perceive myself as "really fat". I know I've slimmed down, my measures tell it to me, my clothes are screaming "we're too big! Buy our smallest brethren now, please!" but no matter what, in my mind, I'm just as fat as before, even if I KNOW I'm not.

So, uhm... I guess I wanted to ask, is this really a stage everyone goes through? Is this hard to break through it, and can it cause one to actually regain weight afterwards, due to this flawed perception that sort of makes us "not totally believing in it"? I'm somewhat scared by the thought, because after all these efforts to learn to appreciate a new, healthier lifestyle, I sure wouldn't want to fall again due to *this* kind of stupid reason!

Ah well, I'd better start working on today's chores now, instead of worrying my head too much about this.... :lol: I'm still curious, though.

06-10-2005, 06:56 AM
Hey girls...sorry I didn't post yesterday. I was having a bad day. Still no TOM and I'm worried. I'm 2 weeks late. The stress of it has made me turn to emotional eating. I have vowed to get back on track. I have exactly a week until I go back to the States. So, that's my first goal. To stay on track. I'll be in Maryland until the first of July. So, that will be my goal # 2. I was telling Sara in an email, I want to feel good while Im home. Even if Im not skinny, when Im on track and healthy, I feel 100% better about myself. I would love to be 8-10 lbs lighter when I see my husband again on the 13th of July. I even requested a low cal meal on the flights.

Kery- Coffee in oatmeal?? You are too funny! What kind of oatmeal did you get? You should really try the flavored ones by Quaker Oats. They have an Apples & Cinnamon kind you might like. Maybe you don't see yourself as the thin person that you are because you haven't reached your goal yet. Maybe you see your goal weight as thin. Theres nothing wrong with that. I feel skinnier now but won't feel thin until I reach my goal or close to it. Make any sense?

Deb- What does leaving out the MSG do? How bad is it for you? I don't know much about it. I certainly will ask them not to put it in my food now! I'm too scared to eat Chinese anyway. I'm not ready for it yet. I am still teaching myself to quit while I'm ahead. Otherwise, I might devour the entire Chinese buffet. UGH.

Ok, will post later.


06-10-2005, 07:29 AM
Wow I have been gone for a couple of days and got way far behind. During those days though I got a...............GRANDAUGHTER. :D She is so precious. Mother and daughter are doing great, she was born Wed. and weighed in at 7lbs. 13 oz. and 20 inches long. They went home yesterday so curious to see how the night went...

Kim sending hugs and prayers today for dear daughter, bless her heart but all will go just fine.

Sending hugs to the rest of you not much time this morning got up late and got to go for my walk at 6. I weigh in today and am not looking forward to it. :(

Here are some pics of our little angel.

06-10-2005, 07:35 AM
Here I will try again.

06-10-2005, 07:59 AM
CONGRATS DIANE!!! AWWW....shes precious! I'm so excited for you! I know this has definetly made your day, week, year, life :)


06-10-2005, 08:19 AM
Diane, congrats! She looks very, very cute! :) Good luck with the walk and weighing, too!

Deanne - I know, I'm weird ;) I have absolutely no idea about what kind of oatmeal it is, though. it seems to be just the plain kind, that I have to cook in hot water and then let rest for a few minutes so that it swells more (I mean, it's not to be heated in the microwave, it's the good old "do it yourself on the stove"). Apart from this... yeah, I guess it's just plain and bland. I got it from a shop that sells "bio" foods, so I suppose it's pretty simple, without anything added. I tried coffee in it just to give it some taste, really; apart from this, it wasn't a good idea :D

Regarding the TOM being late, could it be stress and tiredness, all that simply? I know that at times, just being in a busy period can delay this kind of body functions (and it sounds like the trip thing + house you talked about can't really be called "quiet circumstances").

06-10-2005, 10:33 AM
diane what is the baby's name???? Congrats to you grandma!!
Sorry I haven't posted, I've had major computer problems my pc crashed and I couldn't restore it with the master cd, so I had to buy another one. I bought a gateway yesterday and this AM I've had problems with fatal errors. FATAL ERRORS!? IT IS ONLY A DAY OLD. I just called hubby and we are returning it! Imagine the luck... Deanne that is a wonderful idea to request a low cal meal on flight. How do you do that? call the airline? can it be done online?
Kim I hope all goes well with sidney's surgery. I know you are nervous. My girls have had various 'procedures' along the way and I always was uptight. She will be ok...
I will post more as soon as I can...
stay healthy

06-10-2005, 02:35 PM
Kery...I'm sure it is just stress. I think my husbands more stressed than I am though. He's driving me crazy. I hope this goes away once his k9 school is finished. The entire thing is costing us almost $7,000!! We thought it would only be $4,000. Just saying that hurts. Anyway, I think HE is stressing me out. Oh and the oatmeal thing. Girl, get the microwave kind! Haha...Im so lazy.

Lynn...sorry about your computer. They confuse the **** out of me. I was able to call the airline. You can request about 30 different options on some websites as far as vegan, low cal, low sugar, low fat, etc. I love that!

So, I bought a Louis Vuitton purse today. Fake of course. Welcome to the Middle East. I bought a huge purse and a wallet. It was about $200 all together. I also bought my mom a wallet. I love it. I've wanted for a while. I would never buy a real one. EVER. I'm too cheap for that. If you can get one that looks real, why not?

I stayed on plan today. We went to Chilis but I was good. Ok, Ill post later.


06-12-2005, 05:56 AM posts in 2 days. I hope everyone is ok.


06-12-2005, 12:48 PM
Hi Deanne :) As far as I'm concerned, I'm ok, just have been browsing instead of posting (and I didn't have much to add to this thread, that is). At least the Brat is leaving me alone today, I'm sure not complaining :lol:

06-12-2005, 01:35 PM
Deb- What does leaving out the MSG do? How bad is it for you?

MSG is alot like salt in that it really makes you retain water. Whenever I have chinese food that has alot of MSG, I can tell the next day because my hands are puffy. :(

Sorry I've been so quiet lately. I went out of state on Thursday to meet up with some friends. In fact, I'm writing on my friend's computer right now. I'll be back home again on Monday evening sometime.


06-12-2005, 01:37 PM
Here I will try again.

awwww... what a cute little baby! Congrats!!!!


06-12-2005, 01:39 PM
Hey girls...sorry I didn't post yesterday. I was having a bad day. Still no TOM and I'm worried. I'm 2 weeks late.

I've heard that dieting can mess up the timing of your TOM, Deanne. And, then worrying about it doesn't help either. :( You could always go buy a store pregnancy test and take it. Then, when you find out it's negative, your TOM will probably start 5 minutes later. ;)


06-12-2005, 02:05 PM
Ok, Sid's surgery went fine. She was out of the OR and into recovery in 15minutes. She came out of anestesia great and is healing just fine. It amazes me how quickly kids bounce back. Anyway, things here are going just great.. thought I'd let everyone know.

06-12-2005, 03:43 PM
Hey chicks...I'm glad y'all are posting now.

Kery- I'm glad that little brat is leaving you alone! It's always a better day when it does.

Deb- So, last night I realized just how much pent up anxiety I have. I don't really know why. Yes, I'm a little stressed about going home. Also about being away from my hubby for a month. I just didn't know how stressed I was. So, Nic and I are laying in bed talking. I just started crying. I mean BAWLING. I was so upset. So, he hugged me and talked me down from it. Three hours later...Aunt Flo made her appearance. It's very strange the way our bodies work. So, all is well. I hate TOM but glad to see it this time :) I'm ready for this ravenous eating to be over.

Kim- I'm so glad that Sid is ok. Was she scared at all? How long until shes fully recovered? How are you doing?

I went shopping today with Nic. I bought 3 pairs of pants. I wanted some pants that are comfortable for the flight home. I got some jeans too. I was able to fit in some jeans that I usually can't. Very exciting! I weigh what I did when I was in Mississippi. I was scared that I would go home overweight from what I was before. I didn't want to face old friends like that. Everything is pretty much in order to leave. I got my ticket today. Other than that, nothing major is going on tonight. I'll post later...


06-13-2005, 03:20 AM
Kim - I'm glad things went okay! The anesthesia was probably the worst part of the whole procedure, at least from what I remember of mine, but I'm hoping that she will now quickly.

Deanne - Yes, I really like when he's keeping quiet ;) We were invited for lunch at family's yesterday, and I even managed to behave (the only mistake I did was to take two small balls of vanilla ice cream - err, do you say "balls" for this? I'm not sure of the right word). Nothing destructive, and I didn't even touch the fries and bread

The "o_O" moment - The scales says I've lost 4 lbs since last week... I know I've played quite nice in the past days, and did a load of exercise/physical chores on Friday and Saturday, but this still seems a lot, given that I'm at a point when weight loss should normally be, well, way slower than in the beginning... I guess I'd better not try to understand. Or put the blame on TOM ending at my last weighing maybe.

Other good news is that I think I'm coming down with some slight stomach bug (not enough to stay in bed, just being "bothered"), so at least I won't be tempted by too many bad foods today! :lol:

06-13-2005, 07:30 AM
Good morning girls, it sure was awful quiet on here this weekend. I was busy spending time with little Emilee. :D

Deanne so glad you started that should make you feel much better. When are you leaving to come home?

Hi Kery hope you are feeling better. I need a little stomach bug maybe would slow down my eating, just kidding...

Kim so glad the surgery went well, it is tough to see you kids go through such, but they are so tough.

It is boring around here, am fixing to go for my walk and work really hard today on being OP. I have been slacking for a couple of weeks, slowly falling back into old habits so today is the day to stop it!!!!!

Have a great day....

06-13-2005, 08:45 AM
HELLO- I am here.... whewww I am tired!!
well the new pc is hooked up but there are wires all over and my computer room is a mess.... it is too hot to deal with right now.... yikes
Heather had a show this weekend.. it was stressful, busy and crazy. Had the dress rehearsal on sat and sun was the show. She danced her little hiney off. Saturday she is in a show singing.I was so tired I fell asleep at 8pm last night, I never do that.. she is the one dancing and singing and I fall asleep.. a sign I'm getting old LOL

girls... I have not been on plan... I have been terrible. I have gained, although I'm a chicken to get on the scale. The sad part is my trip is a month a way..... I never got to where I want to be. I am starting back on track today.. full force!!!!!
Deanne.. glad aunt flo made her appearance.. some meds can screw a girl up.. look up the med you are taking...
diane.. baby is too cute... good luck
kim.. glad syndey's sugery went ok.... kids do mend fast!

I am so upset about Natalee Holloway, I would be insane if that happened to my daughter.... terrible... terrible..
I will post latah.. I'm off for my hour walk...

06-13-2005, 01:11 PM
Hi girls!
Glad to see I didn't miss much over the weekend. Didn't even have time to log in, we were crazy busy this weekend. Friday my husband and I were doing the "date" thing, (we ate Mexican food; I definitely didn't keep to my points that day, but it wasn't terrible either...except the chips maybe... afterwards we played with Play-doh!). Saturday there was so much to do. I stayed within points, but just BARELY. That evening I had a wedding I was being paid to film, then I joined my husband where he was helping people move their entire house into some trucks... fun stuff. Yesterday we weren't home between 8:30am and 9:30pm...sigh. DEFINITELY not on track yesterday. And I didn't eat any sugar all week except yesterday when I had to make an exception for some chocolate my friends brought me from Germany and Switzerland. :)
Kery, congrats on your loss. Few things are as exciting as losing 4 lbs in a week!!
Deanne, I'm so glad TOM finally came; that's a relief, at least!

06-13-2005, 03:36 PM
Hi everyone, looks like the usual crowd is back in full-force after the week-end, it's good to see :)

Sara - Thanks :) Somehow I think it must be more water or whatnot than anything else, but it sure was encouraging! ;)

I've had this thought roll in my mind earlier on, as I was reading weight loss-related articles... and this is one thing that really eludes me: everywhere, you read that fat is used for storage, that it was normally meant to save our sorry hides during times of little food available, blah-blah. Okay, this actually seems pretty logical to me. Then, what comes next? "If you don't eat enough, your body will start tapping into your muscles as well." The whole too-low-caloric-intake-is-dangerous, ad nauseam. Why on Earth is the body so DUMB? It has this huge store of fat available to survive on, and what does it do? Eat its own lean mass. That'd be like cutting my hand and cooking it to survive while having a stash of food nearby and not touching it. Silly, silly body! Isn't it supposed to preserve its vital organs first and foremost, among them this nice muscle called heart? Aaaaah, I'm gonna get a headache wondering about this! :dizzy:

Now if I could find something for dinner tonight, I'm not hungry and the thought of eating something doesn't seem like a terrific idea, but going on an empty stomach all night long is the best way to pork out on crap from the bakery next door tomorrow morning, so I'm wary! :lol:

06-14-2005, 08:33 AM
Well, I am still here....barely! This has been the most difficult time I have ever been through. My dad takes one step forward and 2 back. He fell the other night at the rehab hospital, busted his face up, bruised his elbow, but is otherwise ok....then they tell me yesterday while I am watching him do his physical therapy that his hemoglobin is down again, so apparently there is internal bleeding somewhere. He has lost 50 pounds, and looks aweful. I have maybe gained a pound with all this going on, I am not sure. Don't really care at this point. Anyway, to all the 'old' posters, I wanted to update you all. My dad is not through this yet and It was a month on the 8th. I missed my kids like crazy (didn't see them for most of that time), but I can't spend the night at the rehab hospital, so at least I am home part of the time now. They are not being shuffled around so much.
I can't wait to get back to normal and start posting again on a regular basis.
Take care!

06-14-2005, 03:27 PM
Kim - {{{{hugs}}}
I hope that things will be better soon, for your father, and for yourself!

06-15-2005, 02:15 AM
Hi Curvy Vixens,

Sorry I have been MIA. I have been busy finishing up a class and just doing the usual summer stuff. It looks like I have some posts to catch up on! I just wanted to pop in real quick and will drop back soon when I have more time. It's after 1am my time, and I need to get up bright and early for work. The good news is that my new job is going great. And I lost another 1.8 pounds last week when I weighed in. Moving right along! Hope you are all doing well. G'nite for now!

06-15-2005, 02:25 AM
One more thing...I attached a photo of our NEW kitty. I am as bad as Deanne with all my animals! I love em all! We got him this past weekend--and named him Cosmo. My husband calls him Kramer (from Seinfeld). He is a lot of fun! :)

06-15-2005, 11:35 PM
Thanks Kery for the hugs.........I have needed bunches of those! They said today that my dad is looking at getting out of the Rehabilitation Hosp. on the 23. He is still so weak, they want him to be strong because he has been taking care of my mother too. Still no word on his blood being so low. Hope to find out tomorrow. I am seeing light at the end of the tunnel now. I can't wait to get back on track again. Eating lousy makes me feel so bad. So why in the heck do we do that? UGH! Anyway, You all sound like you are doing great! A big welcome to the newbys since I have been absent.
I will return!!! In full swing again!!!

06-16-2005, 06:24 AM
Seems like forever since I have been on here. How is everybody?

Kim so glad to hear from you and hopefully your Dad will get back on track and you can get back to normal. I know it has been so hard on you, nothing gets any older than sitting in a hospital day after day. I do hope you get some answers today about his blood work.

Sending hugs to the rest of you Vixens. What have you all been doing?

Let's all get up this morning and do our exercise. :D This is coming from one that hardly ever did any until this last month. I have been walking everyday and absolutely love it sure wish I had done this yrs. ago might not be so fat now. I have to get on the track at 6 am before this Texas weather gets too hot.

I have been doing fair on my WW, not as good as I know I should. :(

Have a wonderful Thursday...Diane

06-16-2005, 01:00 PM
Hey girls...sorry I've been MIA. I've been so busy. Nic left last night and I'm lonely as ****. I leave tomorrow morning. So, I've been running around doing last minute stuff. I procrastinate with everything.

Kim- Hugs to you. It sounds like things are looking up for your father though. I'm here for you, girl!

WW is just ok. I know I havent lost any this week because of TOM. So, I will weigh in next week.

Ok girls, I will post later. If I dont, I will post on Sunday most likely.

Love you all,

06-16-2005, 03:54 PM
Kim, I'm so glad to hear that Sid's surgery went well! And, Kim (O2B), you and your dad are in my prayers. {{{{{{{hugs to you}}}}}}}

I don't know if I mentioned this but I went out of state for the weekend to Ohio. I left early Friday morning and came home Monday late afternoon. Had to work from 8 to 3 on Wednesday but am enjoying a "do nothing" day today.

I've also got to shorten the leash on myself because I didn't do too well with the SB thing while I was away. :-p So, I'm going back to following a strict SB diet plan to get back on track.

Deanne... I'm glad to hear that your TOM finally came. Whew huh? {{{{{hugs}}}}} to you too with missing Nic.

Well... just thought I'd drop a short note to say "hi".... hope you're all having a good day. :)

Hugs, Deb

06-16-2005, 03:56 PM
One more thing...I attached a photo of our NEW kitty. I am as bad as Deanne with all my animals! I love em all! We got him this past weekend--and named him Cosmo. My husband calls him Kramer (from Seinfeld). He is a lot of fun! :)

Karen, your kitten is so cute! I've got a grey cat too, named Smokey. I got him when he was about 4 weeks old, because his mom abandoned him in a warehouse where my neighbor worked. She stumbled across him when she heard tiny meowing. As soon as I saw him, I knew that I had to keep him. Because I raised him from such a young age, he's really affectionate with me. Congrats on your new kitty!


06-16-2005, 04:05 PM
Here's a couple pictures of my cats, Smokey and Squeaks. :) Smokey is my grey cat... he's about 9 yrs old now. And Squeaks is the tan and white one. He's about 10 months old. I call him Squeaks cuz he's such a whiner when he doesn't want to be bothered. LOL


06-17-2005, 06:50 PM
Ohmygawd... Curvy Vixens was on page 2 of the list of support groups. You all must be busy or something cuz nobody's written a thing since my last post yesterday. Well, this note should bump us back to the first page again.

Got some good news... I weighed myself this morning and I've lost FIVE pounds!! I'm down to 160 ... wooooo hooooo!!! I thought that my little slip-ups over the weekend would have a more negative impact, but I guess I wasn't quite as bad as I thought. Whew!

Hope you're all having a good day.


06-18-2005, 02:07 AM
Yum-di-dum, then it's time that I add a little entry for today and not let it slip on page 2 ;)

Karen - Nice to see you peek in. Good thing on the job and class :)

Deanne - I hope you have a great week-end and that the trip goes well.

Tales from the stay at the 'rents - So yeah, I paid a visit to my parents yesterday. I'm super-happy, because they got the clothes they had ordered for me a few weeks ago (the ones that I specifically asked to be "one size under" to motivate me) and OMG they fit. Not snug or "it'll be better 3 or 4 pounds from now", but fit. It's the FIRST time since I'm 11 that I fit into a 38 size again (that's, uhm, a US 8, I think); granted, the catalogue where they bought them cuts its sizes quite "largely", so you can say it's a "wide 8", but it's still good news no matter what. :) I could also get a few clothes that my sister doesn't want anymore, as I can finally wear them too, so that gives me a little less worries about how all my clothes are too large, make me look like a clown, and I don't have money to buy a new wardrobe :lol:

Speaking of my sis, on the other hand, I saw her yesterday too and gah... she looks awful :( She's, like, a size 2 now (for being only 5'3''), she looks horribly thin, even in the face, I barely recognized her at first. That's not being thin, that's being almost beyond skinny! I didn't have the opportunity to talk with her much, unfortunately, so I'm not sure why she's slimmed down that much. And she wanted ME to tell her how to gain fat >.< I told her to eat more, better things, and do some weight-training in order to gain the RIGHT kind of weight, but somehow she's convinced that having muscle = looking like a man. Argh, youngings! :?:

06-18-2005, 02:55 PM
Hey chicks...I don't have much time to write. I have to go do my grocery shopping...IN AMERICA! OH YEA! I'm so excited. Normal food. I'm at 2pts for the day. I had a Special K bar. I may go over points today because I'm so hungry. After being on a plane all day with hardly any food, that happens.

Thanks for all the messages to me. I will post to y'all later. Deb, congrats girlfriend!


06-18-2005, 10:07 PM
vixens!! I'm here.. honest... I have been soooo outta my mind with this computer...!!!! yikes...
I have lost nothing... I haven't exercised either. Jamie's bf has been here a week, and he stayed in a room where my treadmill is... yes it gave me an excuse but I could have walked outside.
Heather sang in a show today and sang ava maria, it gave me goose bumps.. I know she is my kid.. but I think she sings awesome...
tomorrow is fathers and and we are going to a YANKEE GAME!! Look for me behind 3rd base.. :)
I'm off to bed gals... will post more often I promise.. miss you all

06-20-2005, 09:23 AM
wow girls I'm the last to post!!
We had a great fathers day!! Enjoyed the yankee game, hot dogs and all :).. now it is back on track!!

breakfast is special k with skim milk and a banana..
hope all is well with everyone!

06-20-2005, 01:12 PM
Hey chicks...

How is everyone?

Lynn- I'm glad you had a good time yesterday. We went to a Baltimore Oreoles game but didn't make it in. It was crappy weather and long lines. So, we went out to dinner in the inner harbor. Good time.

Things are good here. Nic has his first day of school today. He got a chocolate lab named Popeye. He sounds so excited about this k9 stuff.

My brother and I are going to go out and do something today. Not sure what. Will post later.

My food today:
frozen ham and cheese omelate- 4pts


06-20-2005, 05:00 PM
Ok ladies.. ive have a busy week.. sorry for not posting. We went camping and then to a ball game for fathers day. I've been keeping up walking and trying to be good on my diet. I've managed to drop another pound, but its really slow going right now.. I know the ice cream didnt help yesterday lol. I'm off for my walk now.. I'll post later

06-21-2005, 06:04 PM
Where are y'all?

06-21-2005, 07:19 PM
Sorry I had to actually work today.. How could anyone think I'd want to work?? LOL.. I'm painting for a friend so it's not like I have a "client" to deal with. It's never the work I mind, its the people I work for sometimes... argh.. I hate to have someone standing over my shoulder the entire time watching me... makes my skin crawl ...So how is the stay in the US going Deanne?? It was always weird for me to come home.. i felt out of place again...

06-22-2005, 01:27 PM
Well, Kim...its just me and you! I hope everyone else is doing well. Kim, did you lost more weight? Your weight tracker has moved, right? Awesome! Last time I saw it, it was at 11 lbs. Go girl!

Things are good here. Been OP all week. No slip ups at all.

Today, so far I have had a frozen omelate for breakfast(3 pts) and some mini caramel rice cakes(9 at 1 pt)

Post later


06-22-2005, 01:34 PM
Sorry everyone. It's been a long week, and I just haven't been able to get on here much. I should have, because I actually -gained- a pound this week, but I'm still trying. I hope everyone's having a good day! It's hotter than... well, you know where, here in Arizona. I'm not a big fan of the heat... Hmm. TTYL!

06-22-2005, 05:55 PM
I'm here too! I had to work the past couple of days too. And over the weekend, I was pretty busy riding my motorcycle. Then, on Monday, I spent a couple hours washing and waxing it up til it sparkled. Now I'm off from work for the next couple days until I work on Saturday. My husband went out on a camping trip, since he had a bit of time off from work, so I'm enjoying some "me time" and peace and quiet in the house. :)


06-22-2005, 06:27 PM time. Isn't it great?? I usually end up missing Nic after a day or 2 though. It's still great though.

So, the scale that my dad has is a good one(sunbeam). I weighed myself 2 times just to make sure. It said 144 lbs. I'm so irritated that I can't get an exact scale. I'm thinking of going to a WW meeting this week. I've never been to one. The first one is free and I can weigh myself. If I'm at 144, that would be awesome. That would mean I'm about 19 lbs away from goal.

Deb- How was riding the motorcycle? Now, thats some awesome "me" time. When we lived in MS, my husband would go ride his bike for his "me"time. Usually when I made him mad :)

I hope y'all are having a great day


06-22-2005, 06:56 PM
Well i had a short day at work. Actually Kenzie (my youngest) has a fever, but she was fine until i got there and started i cracked out the room really fast ( just painting a solid color) and got her home. I cant leave a room half done, it looks awful if you do ya know that and she was asleep anyway. So now i have to go back tomorrow.. i was planning on staying longer and getting totally finished.. no biggie, its not like i'm to booked anyway...
My diet has be iffy.. not bad, but not great.. i have eaten more breads than i should, but thats life..I am walking a total of 3 miles a day though so that should help...

06-22-2005, 10:43 PM
hi vixens!!
I stayed on program since monday.. yahhhh, I weigh in fri at wwers.. i'm hoping to just lose a pound.
We went out on the boat today. Jim and Jamie fished.. I 'lounged'. It was very relaxing. I also walked an hour today. It feels good to exercise.
Deanne enjoy the states....
Everyone seems to be doing great...!!!

06-23-2005, 12:35 AM time. Isn't it great?? I usually end up missing Nic after a day or 2 though. It's still great though.

So, the scale that my dad has is a good one(sunbeam). I weighed myself 2 times just to make sure. It said 144 lbs. I'm so irritated that I can't get an exact scale. I'm thinking of going to a WW meeting this week. I've never been to one. The first one is free and I can weigh myself. If I'm at 144, that would be awesome. That would mean I'm about 19 lbs away from goal.

Deb- How was riding the motorcycle? Now, thats some awesome "me" time. When we lived in MS, my husband would go ride his bike for his "me"time. Usually when I made him mad :)

I hope y'all are having a great day

hi Deanne,

Yeah, I do usually miss my husband after a few days but I've been busy working so am too tired to realize it. I had a lot of fun riding the motorcycle. The weather was gorgeous and my bike looked awesome. I don't mean to sound conceited but I saw alot of double-takes as I was riding. ;) It was kind of funny. There are more women on motorcycles nowdays, but it's still not an everyday thing.

I think that the one thing I like the best about my "me time" is that I get the whole bed to spread out on at night. My chocolate lab sleeps with me, and it's so nice to be able to let her have half the bed, and me take the other half. :)


06-23-2005, 12:38 AM
My diet has be iffy.. not bad, but not great.. i have eaten more breads than i should, but thats life..I am walking a total of 3 miles a day though so that should help...

Kim, sorry to hear about your daughter being sick. I hope she's feeling better soon. I haven't been too good with my diet lately either. I forgot to pack something to bring to work with me, and ended up STARVING at about 12:00. I wasn't going to get off for another couple hours. So, when a guy at work said he was going across the street to the liquor store for a snack, I caved and asked him to bring me a big bottle of water and a bag of Ruffles potato chips. (ugh) And tonight, I had two pretty large chocolate chip cookies. I think I really need to look at why I keep sabotaging myself and get a tight rein on it again. :( I've lost five pounds and I want to keep losing... not go back again. But, maybe part of me is scared to be thinner??


06-23-2005, 09:51 AM
Wow, It's been ages and ages since I've been on here ladies. I started a new job and have been looking for a new place to live. Lot's of changes in my life.

I'm afraid my boyfriend and I broke up and I went through a depression period which got me off my diet for a couple weeks. But I'm feeling better and am back on track now.

I need support from everyone more than ever so I'm hoping to be able to spend more time here.

06-23-2005, 11:47 AM
Oh and Deanne.. the best thing to do is stick to one scale when weighing in. That way you cant say one scale weighs different and you notice when you've dropped weight. It's hard with so many scales shooting out different numbers but if you weigh in on the same one all the time you know when the numbers are really going down.
Kenzie is still running a fever.. she got up at 6 this morning with 102.1 She responds really well to tylenol so in about 30 minutes she is back to normal. I'm going to wait and see if this goes away on its own but if she's still sick tomorrow we're off to the doctor. Usually if its just a virus a couple of days is all it takes to get rid of, if its more serious it'll hang on longer..

06-23-2005, 06:12 PM
Well, its good to see everyone is back!

Kim- You are doing some amazing walking! You are so active. I should me more active. Is walking the only thing you do? Have you talked to Kim? Hows her dad doing?

Deanne- Didn't you just recently start going to the WW meetings? How do you like it so far? I think I may go to one tonight or Saturday. I need a more accurate scale.

Deb- I know that when Nic is working nights, I get the whole bed to myself. I love it! Oh and I was looking on last night. There is a large cookie. Its called a celebration cookie. I think its no fat. I don't eat cookies very much but I think it would satisfy sweet cravings.

Soccergirl- I'm sorry about you and your boyfriend. I've been there before. I'm glad you're back on track though! If you need some accountability or support, email me at

Ok, today is good so far. I'm at 9 points so far today. I had 2 at breakfast, 5 at lunch, and just ate some unsweetened applesauce at 2 points with splenda. I didn't realize how filling applesauce is.

Post later...


06-24-2005, 01:56 AM
Hi gals, ;)

Sorry for being MIA. It's been harder with the new job to have time. I used to peek in from my old boring I really work! Imagine that!

The good news is that I am still doing Jenny Craig--and doing well. I am down 15 pounds with JC and like it a lot. It works for me.

I will post more this weekend--no class and no work, so no excuse! Ha! But for now I have to catch some zzz's.

Hope you all have a happy Friday!

06-24-2005, 08:58 AM
Howdy-ho vixens.
It is friday!! I love fridays!! especially since I got 35 new flex points LOL. I go to wwers today and I dunno if I lost. I ate alot of salt yesterday. We shall see. Aunt flo made her entrance yesterday so I'm sure that won't help.
I have a few friends coming over this afternoon for a swim. This shall be hard because they bring chips and dip and snacky foods. I'll have to keep fruit at hand.
Have a happy friday all

06-27-2005, 11:03 AM
Good morning ladies... sorry i didnt post this weekend but boy was i busy.. i spent all day Saturday at some grocery store.. I did MAJOR shopping. I think the grand total was 430.00 after i hit everwhere i needed to go.. but that will last pretty much all month.. give or take a run to get milk and bread..Sunday I had to work so that day was shot lol..
I weighed in this morning and I'm down 2 more lbs.. WOO HOOOO..
Now I have to go get everyone up for a doctors appointment.. oh goody.. Sid has her last check up for her nose..sigh..this ordeal has gotten to the $5000 for her medical care. Thank god for good insurance..