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05-14-2005, 12:13 PM
Hello and welcome to the Jaded Ladies! :wave:

We're a friendly group that provides support, not just in weight loss, but in all of our daily happenings. Please feel free to join us. :cofdate:

05-14-2005, 01:17 PM
Hi Ladies~

I'm back...had to go and make notes of what everyone said in the last thread.

Jane~thank you so much for the beautiful BD card! That was sweet of you. I haven't been to a tupperware party in ages. Seemed like for a while there everyone was having them and then nothing. Also, in the mall they had a stand where they sold it, took orders and booked parties-haven't seen it in a while. So are you liking your new freezer? Know what ya mean about standing on your head to get something out! LOL We too have one, in the garage, and sometimes I feel like I am going to fall in that thing trying to get something out. Would like to have an upright one some day but this one works fine. I keep most freezer foods in that so the freezer in the house isn't stuffed-so much easier. Haven't tried the cinnamon graham crackers, haven't even tried the chocolate ones either. What is wrong with me?! :dizzy: Bet they are good though. I just really like the original ones. Know what ya mean about waiting for things to be delivered-that's the good thing about having a truck. Have a good time at the state park this weekend-it sounds like lots of fun.

Marti~the movie Crash touches on race and gender issues and I have to say I give it a thumbs up! It was good and brought tears to my eyes. I didn't really know what to expect but in the end I have to say it was worth seeing. It has Sandra Bullock, Don Cheadle, Matt Dillon, Jennifer Esposito, Brendan Frasier, Ryan Phillipe in it to name a few.

Sue~thank you! What's hubby's new project now? Is he going to build something for you or the house? Have a wonderful time visiting with all your family. I keep telling my mother we need to put together a family reunion-think it would be fun but no one wants to do it.

Terri~hope you are feeling better sweetie. Maybe when the weather gets warmer and you can get out more you will feel better. Although, it seems driving that new car around makes you feel pretty good! ;) :lol: Guys used to do that when I had a camaro years ago, many years Of course my kids say I am always flirting with guys but honestly I don't. I am just friendly...if they talk to me I talk to them.

Pam~enjoy your visit to Redlands and touring the home. I like touring homes also. There was a place outside of Palmdale that was nice and supposedly haunted. I took my mother there when she came to visit and she liked it also.

Mindee~so...would you like to share the baby names with us? :D The theatre is the Warren Theatre-no it wasn't on tv but it is a nice one. It has a balcony with a bar, an arcade and the diner of course. They just fancied it up with curtains-the curtains raise up to show the screen before the movie starts-tried to make it look like the old theatres back in the day.

Ms. Ellen~so very glad to see you back, missed ya lady! :grouphug: And THANK YOU for the BD post-pink is absolutely my favorite color! I too was picturing in my mind your new living room with the new palette. Yellow is definitely a pick-me-up color and along with the other colors it will definitely be an uplifting room. One I would really enjoy!

Susan~hope little miss Gaby gets to feeling better soon so she can get back to pedaling on that trike. I just hate to see the little ones sick.

Katy~hope you are enjoying your weekend with the hubby!

Hi to everyone else! :wave:

Sorry I didn't get back on yesterday as planned, I did mean to it just wasn't happening. Was just a busy day yesterday.

Went to the docs yesterday morning and am very pleased to know that although I am overweight I am healthy as a horse! I was worried about my chlolesterol level but it was perfect! Worried about nothing. Then off to the theatre we went after a couple of other errands. Lunch was nice and the movie was GREAT! Brought tears to my eyes but it was good.

Today, we are just hanging around the house getting some things done. This weekend is cleanup your neighborhood and V took a load to the city to haul off. It only cost $4 as compared to driving 30+ miles and paying $15 at the dump. They had garbage trucks they were loading with everyone's stuff. Waiting for it to dry up a little before I head outside to plant a couple hydrangea and some shrubs in the back. It is waaaay too wet for the cement to get out here today so hoping to get them out here Monday. The guy has a friend taking over finishing the patio which I don't care as long as it gets done. Anyway...gotta go out and see what V is up to and run to get some ground cover to replace one that died.

Take care ladies and everyone have a WONDERFUL weekend!

Tea Rose
05-14-2005, 03:45 PM Good Afternoon Everyone
Hi Jane
Thats not much of a party is it , no snacks , Marie Barone would never let that happen :lol: I know they can be really pushy , good think you stuck to your guns.Your plans sound like so much fun, I haven't been on a picnic in years. I bet you find a big difference with the upright freezer, my parents had one of those,and if was so much more accessable than the other.Its not a place you want your head stuck in for a long period of time :lol: The decorating change was a huge decision, but after the winter I had, it seemed almost a necessity.Making a drastic change like that is difficult, so I am trying to figure out what I can still use in my room, my daughter will happily take some things to her new house, and the peices will work well in her home, I am looking forward to the brighter colours, my other house was bright happy colours, although it didn't help my situation there ,I think it help keep me sane. :lol: I just found out that it will take almost 2 months to get the loveseats reupholstered , they are so busy right now. I have lots of painting and papering to do , so it probably won't matter , the way time fly's by.Well I hope you have a wonderful day. Hi Mindee

I have never tried the bologna mayo/ketchup combo, although it doesn't sound bad :lol: french's mustard is my favourite though. That hoedown sounds like a lot of fun, I like things like that, we have a craft festival, in the fall,in a little town close to me I like , but I haven't been to much of anything for a long time now. I really don't get out much, over the past few years, hopefully that will change. I am happy Brandon's excited about the baby, it sounds like you are all set up whether its a baby boy or girl, either way its so exciting,Maybe in a few years I will have a Grandbaby,I look forward to that. I hope your having a great day Hi Cristi
Thankyou , I missed you to, I'm happy you liked your BD post Sorry I didn't get a card out to you, I am so disorganized right now, I will so happy when I get this all done , and life is calmerand hopefully brighter, and I hope I am not counting to much on the colour change to do that. I am glad your doctors appointment was reassuring, and you are healthy, thats the most important thing, I need to do that to,hopefully this time she will be more attentive than she was the last time, or I will be looking for another physician,
and I really don't want to do that. I am the kind of person that will feel bad and let my health slide,so dealing with her moodiness has a negative affect on me ,afterall thats her job to deal with my moods :lol: I love Hydrangeas , I have white ones, they first bloom green then turn white, I usually pick them when the flowers are green, and dry them for arrangements , only problem is the kitty's like to eat them. The heads on the flowers are sometimes 10" 's in diameter they are beautiful, I want to add pink ones to the garden. I haven't even thought to much about gardening yet, the weather is so chilly and damp right now.Although my son is doing a lot of landscape designs, most of the installs are on hold,till after may 24 . Your patio will be so nice when it gets done, I love sitting out on my porch ,listening to the birds sing , the squirrels scamper around, even the neighbourhood kitties come to visit me :lol: Squirrels probably hang around cause they think I'm nuts :lol: Well I hope you have a nice day . Hello to Everyone Else
I hope your all having a lovely weekend,

05-14-2005, 05:22 PM
Good Saturday Afternoon!

Such a wonderful feeling of NOT having to go to work today!! :D

Cristi--The movie sounds good.And it sounds like a good cast, recognize all but a couple. BTW, wanted to say Hurray for the 1/2lb. It all adds up so some loss is better than none!! And VERY happy to know your cholesterol is good. I have yet to find out what my levels are. I should really have that checked.

Ellen--Your colors for you home sound beautiful!! I've seen a room done in pinks and greens. And I fell in love w/that room!! I would love to brighten up my livingroom someday. You must send us photos of it all when your finished. I bet it's going to look lovely.

Good Afternoon to everyone else today! I have some errands to run in town today, and then clean up my house. Other than that, not much going on around here.

I better get going. I may check in later on today.

Have great day!

da fat n da furious
05-15-2005, 01:58 AM
Good evening Ladies
Jane, I finished the book! I didn't get to bed till after 1 am one night,,and was up at 6...yawn it was a rough day. I finished last night and spent the whole day today wishing I still had some more to read,,it was awesome,,,have to admit the first part had me feeling bad,,,when you said she reminded you of her with me,,,and well shes kinda a the But she more then redeemed herself.
I have the front load washer and know that when other things break down, dryer and deepfreezer we will go front load or upright. What I want if we moved and need a new fridge is the one with the freezer on the bottom.

Ellen, love the color sceme your going with. Very chirper..

Susan,,,sounds like Mike had lost it...could he be using? For him to call the ex and freak on her for no apparent reason...

Cristi, I can't wait to see Crash...

Sue, my mom's side of the family is huge and some of the aunts want to have a family reunion,,,as it stands we are having a graduation party for Brandon at my mom's since she has a huge yard and most of our family is there.

Well Brandon is at his best friends grad tonight,,,in Sylvan. Drove him down this afternoon and then spent a couple of hours with my mom,,,went shopping at that store. Coolest trinkets.
Tanner is sleeping over at his buddy's. He finished his school play this past week,,,it was so awesome,,,had to many compliments from other parents and teachers on his talent. So now all he has to do is consintrate on Pippin. We have picture day tomorrow...
Still haven't heard from the tv show so I am guessing I didn't get it. STill going forth with Sure Slim though...
And I said I would help out with Evita (another dang play) I have 3 months till auditions so I do get a bit of a break.

well Im going to go start a new book....


05-15-2005, 01:30 PM
Good morning,

Was wanting to say hello , hope you all have a good day.

Gaby is at Dougs so I need to rush, miss her. I had to work til 1 am on an emergency , so left her there.

Anyway, taking the girls to a babyshower for my sis in law today.

Hey Ang - .......I know he has moved now. Which means he is broke or living with a lady. His father said he was broke and didn't think he would be up here (Portland) for a while , with gas at 2.50 a gallon. btw - we are talking about a 50 year old man.

I felt like saying " hmmm, gas is 2.50 everyone but I a make sure I have gas for the car. Goodness knows I must spend $60 a week alone on gas."

Anyway, Mike is a nasty man. Can't wait for the evaluation. I did get my 11am pick up!

best get!!

05-15-2005, 06:20 PM
Hi JL's

WELCOME BACK ELLEN!!! Glad to see you back you certainly were missed.

Hi to everyone else. I am posting the link to my photobuck site, I have added all the pictures from Joycelyn's 1st birthday and some from Easter. They all turned out so well.

Anyway, I must run. I am at my mum's today and would like to visit for a while. I will post personals tomorrow when I have more time (At work ! LOL!)


05-15-2005, 11:42 PM
What a chilly day here. I got ready for church and stepped outside, ran back in and changed tops so I could wear a jacket. Brrr.
Didn't do much this afternoon. Laundry, sweeping and actually finally polished the brass bed. A job I hate and put off forever.
Fixed sausage, beans and cornbread for dinner. No cornbread for me, but DH loves it.

Jane, I am afraid you will freeze at Spring Mill. I went to that park years ago and loved it. Hope it was warmer there than here.

Cristi, DH is busy out in the garage again for sure. He started a desk for DGS for his 16th birthday in Nov. It is a reproduction schoolmasters desk and really unique.

Ellen, Love the idea of a yellow room and the pink with green. I have a yellow bedroom that I love. Used alot of white and pale blue in there. It is good to have you back and I hope you will continue to feel up to visiting with us.

Pam, I bet your new teeth are doing just fine by now. Just takes time to get used to anything new.

Angie, You should have the reunion. They are lots of fun. My mom's family has one every Sept. It is here one year and in PA alternating years. All of her siblings are getting up there in years and I know we wouldn't visit as much if it were not for the reunion. I have cousins that I do not see any other time. Thank goodness for the computer though as I do e-mail with several of my family members now.

Anita, I am going to see the pics. now.

Susan, Howdy, Nice to see you. You are right about the gas. You have to make sure that is in the budget no matter how high it gets. No way around it. For a 50 year old man he is pretty childish, isn't he? Have an ex son-in-law who is just like him.

Someone was talking about birds. I have already had hummingbirds visit and lots of yellow finch. I really enjoy watching them.
Tomorrow we find out about the lot we would like to purchase to build our house on. It is between that and the condo. Decisions, decisions.

Good Mon. morning to you all.

05-16-2005, 10:29 AM
OOOOHHHHH my god ..... I did a long pretty post with pics and everything and i lost it.. all my individualllsss loooossssttt ok i am not doing it again right now.. hope everone had a great week-end i will be back when i cool off... ttfn

05-16-2005, 11:28 AM
Good morning, ladies!!

Cristi - YW for the card!! I used to be able to get Tupperware at a kiosk in the mall, but they've closed it. Usually just buy the Rubbermaid stuff at Walmart, since it's much cheaper, but some things you can get only from Tupperware. You really should try the cinnamon graham crackers. They are soooo good! YAY for all good results from the doc!!

Ellen - I'm with Marie Barone, lol. I'd NEVER consider having a party w/o refreshments, lol. No way!!! Although I know you've got a lot of work to do first, I can't wait to see photos of your new colors!!

Marti - hope you had lots of fun over the weekend. Is your grandpa still galavanting around? Bet you miss him when he's gone.

Angie - that's why I was sure to point out that it was Sugar Beth's spunky personality that reminded me of you. Not the things she had done as a teen! Anyway, glad you liked the book, and I, too, was sorry to see it end!

Susan - hope you had fun at your SILs baby shower. Hope they served refreshments, lol.

Anita - omg! The pics are sooooo precious! What a sweetie you have! And you are a pretty lady, too!

Sue - yep, it was chilly at Spring Mill yesterday, in the morning. But when the sun came out, it warmed up quite a bit.

Terri - sorry you lost your post! I know how frustrating that can be!!

We had a blast at Spring Mill yesterday! We walked and walked and walked some more. I posted a separate thread with photos........

Today I have to do laundry and mop the kitchen. Later I'm trying out a new stew recipe. It isn't very WW friendly, so I'll have to be very careful with my portion, but it sounds so good!

Have a great day, ladies!! Bye for now. :wave:

05-16-2005, 11:58 AM
Good morning ladies--

I'm up earlier than I usually would be. James got a call to go to work in K-falls. He took a sick day yesterday to spend time w/me. I had seen him maybe a total of an hour for the last two weeks. So it was nice to have a whole day w/him.

Angie--Ok, you have me curious, which book are you two talking about?? I love books that you wish never ended!! About the not getting a phone call back...I'm sorry to hear that they didn't, Is it possible that they're still trying to figure it out?

Susan--How did the baby shower turn out? I bet you had lots of fun!!

Anita--Loved the pictures!! You little one is SO cute!! I love her smile!! Thank you so much for sharing all those w/us!! She's such a cutie, makes you wish you can just scoop her up and give her hugs and kisses!!

Sue--I hope you get the land. Having a house built would be so nice. To have a home built just for you!!

Jane--Looks like you had lots of fun! The pictures were great! I love places like that!! So glad that you had a great Sunday!!

Morning to everyone else!

My day will consist of going back to bed here in a little bit! :dizzy: Even on weekends I end up staying up late (even the weekends w/Jhanai) so getting up this early is too much sometimes. Yesterday got up at 9:30 and got out of the house an hour later.....James wanted to get the most out of the day!

Alrighty girls, you have a great Monday!

05-16-2005, 12:00 PM
Ok - I was all ready to post, but now my DD is wants to play a CD, sigh. So I''l get back later to chat with you all.
I had a great time in's a link to the museum my MIL and I went to on Saturday

Jane - really liked your pix of Spring Mill...what a great place

Tata for now

05-16-2005, 02:39 PM
Jane~the pics are GREAT! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I will have to get some of the cinnamon graham crackers and try them. Your stew sounds delicious! Would have been nice to have here yesterday because it was chilly.

Anita~aaaahhhhh! Joycelyn looks sooo very cute! Makes me miss mine being that age-such a great age.

Katy~loved the museum, of course I enjoy most museums and zoos! Looked like a cool place to visit.

Marti~I think it would be tough to have your schedule, the weekends would be especially hard for me. Hope you and James get to spend more time together soon.

Terri~sorry you lost your long post. I hate when that happens-with me I never remember half of what I typed. Can't wait to see your pics though.

Angie~I really liked the movie Crash. Like Marti said, maybe they are still thinking it over before they choose. Surely they will call either way, hopefully. You and Jane have me curious also about the book.

Susan~well, maybe this is the break you needed with the whole Mike thing. If he is not doing so good maybe, just maybe :crossed: he will back-off of the whole custody issue. He may be tiring of it all. Still can't believe he is 50 and carrying on as he is.

Sue~the desk sounds really nice. I think it's great that your hubby keeps busy with building things. A friend of mine, her husband retired and went back to work part-time because he thought she was going to quit all her classes, volunteer work and such to stay home with him and do nothing, never thought to ask her if she was, just assumed. Has your DH ever sold any of the stuff he makes? Might be a good side business.

Ellen~I had dreaded going to the doctor for a while because I was afraid to find a new one. The one I had for years just up and quit last year. I have a yearly check-up so I was due. Anyway, DD had an earache and went to the new doc and liked her so I made an appt. She is such a sweetie, so nice and cheery and laughs all the time. I feel very comfortable with her, and her nurse. And the best thing is she is 5 mns. from where I live! The last one I had to drive 30-40 mns. because she moved across town to the west side of Wichita. It's makes it pleasant when you have a caring doc. I've got the pink hydrangeas and they are pretty-already have some blooming. Not quit 10" but they are big.

Well, I am trying to get the laundry done before V gets home. The man went and bought a new washer and dryer Saturday, which I am happy about of course. I would have kept using the ones we have because they are still good, just takes a while to dry some loads. He spent 1/2 the day yesterday building a stand with drawers to put them on so I won't have to bend at all! Yippee! Need to read the books because it is different from what I am used to. They are the Bosch front loaders and the dryer is HUGE! There is no button to choose a load, it automatically knows if it is a small load or a large load-kind of nifty. Anyway...he is taking the old ones out and painting the laundry area a light green before putting the new ones in. The laundry room is so dark I just want to brighten it up in there. Anyway that is what I am doing today after I run to Walgreens to drop off a roll of film. Meant to do that last week to share some photos with you all-that is if they turn out good. I had V take some pics of me so we will see. And...the cement truck is coming today!! :cp: We were worried it was going to rain.

Hi to everyone else! :wave: Take care ladies and have a GREAT Monday!

05-16-2005, 03:09 PM
God, girls, I had one of the worst afternoons, yesterday, of my life. I was witness to the coldest and cruelest act I've ever seen. Still today it's all I can think about. A few doors up this little Mexican family has this dog, not even a year old, who is very friendly and gets the wonderlust. Sometimes he hops the fence and roams about. Yesterday he was out and I put him back and closed the gate. About 10 min.later I hear barking and go out to see whats going on. I see the dog in it's neighbors yard with his dogs. The mans dog is in heat attracting males from far and wide. This man orders his dogs away and then shot his neighbors sweet dog, killing it. I start screaming that I saw what he did , that he had NO reason to do it and I was calling the police. He shouts back that the dog had tried to attack him. I yell that I'd seen the whole thing ,that the dog had done NO such thing and that I'd sware in court to it.. The police came and arrested him. Meanwhile the family comes home, the kids see the dead dog and start wailing. It was horrible. I hope I do get to testify in court. Nobody should be allowed to get away with something like this.


05-16-2005, 03:32 PM
Pam - I am so proud of you for standing up to such a monster! What a horrible man...glad he was arrested.

Cristi - I just got a front loading washer and a new it! The energy usage on the washer with a gas water heater is 9 bucks a YEAR...definitely beats the circa 1978 washer I was using before that leaked when I overstuffed it, lol. Just make sure you use the right detergent and use very little....that was the biggest adjustment I had to make.

Jane- I like the cinnamon grahams, too. Kids like them as well, but I don't get them that often... want to keep them more for a treat I guess

Susan - Hope Mike's latest *&*^-up reflects on his parenting evaluation. All your troubles could be over very soon :crossed:

Terri - too bad about the post....I hate it when that happens

Mindee - did you get your u/s? How's the moving going? Will you be able to get on the internet to keep in touch with us?

Marti - How's your back doing? Hope you are feeling better....

Ellen- your colors sound very pretty and cheerful. I find the colors on my wall affect my mood as well. Also the amount of light....I do better with more natural light.

Hope you gals liked the link...the museum was alot of fun. I took my son four years ago. It was nice to go through at a leisurely pace this time. We saw a very interesting presentation with birds of prey...there was also a replica of a mineshaft that was almost a little too realistic, yikes!

Anyone checking out the chatroom anymore? I've dropped in a few times and no one's been there, boo hoo.

05-16-2005, 05:07 PM
Hi ladies,

I had a great weekend, Saturday I won money at the racetrack. (I actually didn't go , but my parents bet on a horse for me.) I bet seven dollars on the seventh horse, in the seventh race. To win. And win it did. 20:1 odds so I ended up with around 147.00. Saturday night we stayed in and rented a video and had take out. I had a grilled chicken sandwich and greek salad (YUM) and we watched RAY. A phenomenol movie. Jamie Foxx was absolutely fantastic. I highly recommend it.

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at my parents and had a great time. My mother bought me a new CD. Martina McBride. Specifically for the song "In my daughters eyes" If you haven't heard this song, make sure that you are wearing waterproof mascara. I couldn't have received a nicer gift.

Today, I even managed to get a workout in before work. So all in all things are just fine.

PAM HOW HORRIBLE. I sincerly hope this guy rots. How absolutey terrible for you and that poor family whose pet was murdered. I'm so sorry you were witness to something so cruel and diabolical.

Must run. Really busy here at work.

Will try to post Wednesday. I am out of the office tomorrow.


05-16-2005, 05:56 PM
How terrible Pam. I am sorry you had to witness such a thing but thank God someone saw him do such a cowardly, gutless, cruel act. I am glad he was arrested too, what a jerk.

The baby shower was nice, I took Rach & Beck and left Gaby to rest. It was at an Izzy's down south and Beck held us up with her prepping.The girls fought the whole way down I-5 over who had control over the radio.
Once we arrived they calmed down and we had fun. My mother & younger sister were there, otherwise that was all from my family. Met my sister in laws family and co workers from a bank she works at. Played 3 games, 2 of which I won! Can you believe my luck??

Not as good as Anita's though!! :)

The girls and I had the salad bar and that was good - looked for chili but they didn't have any :( ate some yummy cake with a strawberry frosting middle.

My SIL looked beautiful! She has 2 weeks til her due date. My little nephew helped her open presents , saying "is this for my new baby brother??" He is a cute boy, a little older than Gaby.

The babies name is going to be Christian Cruze. My mother kind of was startled at that........"what happened to the days when kids were named after family?" lol

So, anyway.................

Gaby rested and seems back to her old self. We went to McDonalds this morning and she played for awhile.

Best get!!

05-16-2005, 06:27 PM
ooooooo, my lawyer just emailed me. He said no parenting time for Mike until he gives me his new address and contact number.

yay - maybe a rock will hit his head and he will forget to inform me?? lol

ahhhhh - pmsing.......I was even ticked at Rocky last night. I finally apologized and said "sheeesh, I am such a grouch!" He goes "it's ok my love, you are a beautiful grouch." lol

k- was excited - had to tell someone!!

da fat n da furious
05-16-2005, 10:46 PM
Pam, how horrible,,,I hope he ends up in jail...hate cruelty to animals.

Cristi, I love my front load and ya I had to read the booklet twice to realize I didn't have any small med large load button,,its all in the weight of the clothes. Ah it thinks for me.

Jane, I felt kinda lost after I finished the book,,,lol I brought it to work today and the lady who I lent it too reads fast so after she is done I will mail it back to you.

Anita, sweet pictures...

Not much happening here,,,went to rehearsal then out to dinner with some of the crew...had a wonderful salad which Ive had many times. When a the end I felt something crunchy which shouldn't of been...thought,,,whats that? My tooth...nope a piece of glass. Told the manager and got our meal for free...everyone stopped eating after that ...worried that they could end up with glass too...

only have to make a newspaper...and a few other small stuff for the play...yay

well better get going...finish laundry

05-16-2005, 10:51 PM
Ok guys I will try this again!

Pam: Ohhhh myyyy Goshhhhh! I can;t believe that!! I would still be crying! I am glad you called the police and they came and arrested him... That is so cruel there are other ways to deal with that.. I can;t stand when people are mean to animals and kids.. they don't know any better! :( I hope he gets what he deserves.. i am a big believer in Karma.

Susan: well that is good that he won;t get to see her for a while. Speaking of jerks lol. Rocky sounds like a very understanding man... seems like a better choice then the other!

Anita: Wow good bet.. I don;t bet on anything because even my mom says, if it wasnt for bad luck i would have no luck at all. It is true. So i just try not to put myself in situations where you count on luck lol.

RosieKate: I was just talking about the front loading washer and dryer and i said the next ones i buy will be those. You even use less laundry soap with them. Yes the post is maddening!

Cristi: Hello yes the post was sooo good too. Oh well, some day i will get over it lol!

Marti: Hope you got a little sleep. It is not nice to be tired all the time. In my beautiful post that i lost, i was telling you that i saw the exact same car as mine with a young goodlooking firl driving it,, so i am afraid the carload of guys thought that i was her.. Oh well lol i felt good for a while.

Jane: Glad you had a good time at Spring Mill. I looked at teh pictures.. they look really nice.

Suetalks: I am the one with the bluejay here.. I dont mind him... but i wish the blackbirds would buzz off!

Anita: Great pics! You are very pretty! The baby is adorable! I love the pics in her cake lol.

Hello to everyone else.. hope you had a good day and I will post more tomorrow! Bye xxoo

05-16-2005, 10:52 PM
Angie you snuck in.. hello! Glass? that is scary! Hope you had a good night other then that!

05-17-2005, 08:17 AM

It's 4:00 am and I got home a little bit ago and I'm ready to go to bed, but I thought I would stop by and chat for a minute.

Cristi--Our schedule is tough. I miss him a lot. But we do call each other everyday. We figured we would tough it out until most of our expenses are paid off. We would like to buy a house soon....maybe next year. (was hoping for this year but need to pay some things first) Sunday he took the day off and it was nice to spend the whole day with him. I don't think I'll ever tire of being around James!! The sweet thing was he told the guys at work that he planned on taking the day off saying "We've been together for 8yrs (I had to break it him it hasn't even been 7 yet! :lol: ) and we still enjoy being together, and I want to keep it that way so I'm going to spend a day w/my wife!" sweet is that?

Pam--I was shocked to read your post! How awful!! That poor family!! I am so proud of you for calling the police. The man deserves to be arrested. Hopefully they'll charge him for animal cruelty and he'll pay!! I'm sending hugs to that family of the dog. (((((HUGS))))))

Katy--The museum looks like a lot of fun!! I may have to take Jhanai there sometime this summer! Want to do lots of fun activities this summer to keep us both active. Don't want her to be bored!

Anita--I LOVE that song!! It brings tears to my eyes. I first heard it on Oprah during her huge baby shower show. It's a beautiful song. She sings a lot of good songs. I should get her CD for myself.

Susan--How cute that the little one helped open gifts! I had a little cousin who helped me open my gifts when I was pregnant w/Jhanai. After awhile....I was getting a little upset that she was opening them w/out me and her mother didn't say a word!!

Angie--If Jane doesn't want the book back right away, I would love to read it. And then I could pass it on to who ever else wants to read it. It sounds like a good one! I'm SO sorry to hear about the glass!! OMG! I can't believe it! You're lucky that it didn't chip one of your teeth! And I'm also glad they didn't make you all pay for lunch!

Terri--Don't sell yourself short girl! You are a beautiful girl too! Those guys probably WERE following you! And as for losing your post...I just did that myself here. I'm not sure what key I tried pushing but it sent me back to the main page!! ARGGHH!!! See what happens when I'm tired!

Well, the nerve in my leg had gone away.....only to switch sides! It's SO irratating! I'm just going to have to figure out a way to stretch my body more so it doesn't occur so often! Maybe I need to see a chiropractor...don't know. I do know that I started feeling pressure yesterday and by the time I got off work, I was hobbling down the halls to get to my car! Sheesh!! I think my body is aging faster than I am! :D

ok gals...I need to get some shut eye!

Hugs to you all!

05-17-2005, 08:42 AM
Good morning, ladies!!

To those who asked - the book is called Ain't She Sweet, and for the life of me, I can't remember the author's whole name, but the last name is Phillips. I sent it to Angie, because the heroine in the book has a spunky personality just like Angie. She also did some bad things in high school to her friends, unlike Angie!! The story also has a pretty cool dog in it, lol. Gotta love that dog!!

Angie - no, no, you don't need to send it back! I went right out and bought another so Katie could read it. Mary had told her how good it was, and I wanted a copy to pass around. Glad you enjoyed it. Maybe she'll write a sequel! Btw, glad you weren't hurt by the glass in your salad!!

Marti - I see you're up and posting this morning! Seeing somebody about your leg would probably be a good idea. Sounds like a pinched nerve, or something. Glad you got to spend some quality time with your sweetie. Even if you can't buy a house in Eugene right now, maybe you could rent something there to be closer to Jhanai and work?

Katy - thanks for sharing the museum link. Owls are intimidating creatures, aren't they? I especially like the one in Bambi, lol.

Cristi - wow, the new washer and dryer sound great! If we HAVE to do laundry, it's nice to have state-of-the-art equipment for it, right? Did the cement guy get the job done? Does this mean you're almost done with the patio?

Pam - aww, poor doggie!! Good for you, going for justice!!

Anita - YAY for winning $$$ at the track! Btw, I love Martina McBride's Christmas CD best of all of my Christmas music. If you don't have it, try to get one before next Christmas. The way she does "What Child is This" brings tears to my eyes!!

Susan - glad you enjoyed the shower and that Gaby is better.

Terri - have a good day!!

Katiecat - I lost track of when you're getting back from Disneyland. Let us know, and post pics if you can, ok?

Ellen - are you all bogged down in paint and wallpaper? Hope you're doing fine and will check in with us today!

Thanks for the comments on my Spring Mill photos. We did have loads of fun!! Today is my first meeting with the ladies' group at church - the Mary Marthas. They are a busy, busy group, and I was asked to join. I mentioned that I wouldn't be able to help with every project. They were fine with that, so now I feel ok about going.

Ciao, bellas!!

05-17-2005, 11:59 AM
Hi Ladies~

Anita~WTG at the races! I've been to the horse races here, about an hour from here. Never really won much but it is fun to go. But then I never really bet much either so...they also have dog races here but I've never been. I've been meaning to rent Ray...heard it is good from several people. I second what Jane said about Martina McBride...we went to see her Christmas Show and it was awesome! That little woman has such a big, beautiful voice. She's a good person also, just spent time in her hometown here in KS building a playground for the kids there. She always gives back to the community. I also love that song-they play it on the radio a lot, which is fine with me. I've got some more of her CD's but my favorite is her Greatest Hits one-has all my favorite songs especially Blessed. The video is nice-she has her DH and kids in it.

Pam~OMG! That is horrible! I would have died if I had seen that. I would have also done the same thing you did and I hope he gets a stiff penalty.

Katy~thanks for the heads up. Didn't even think about not needing as much detergent or the right detergent. I am going to do a load today to try it out, of course after I read the books. Looks intimidating. :lol:

Marti~that was sweet of James! :love:

Angie~that was horrible finding glass in the salad! Thank goodness everyone was fine. I too would have been afraid to eat anymore, scary stuff.

Jane~the patio... :chin: beginning to think that thing will never be done! The guys helper couldn't make it yesterday so for sure :crossed: it will be today. Better be because the cement truck will be here! No, it still won't be done. V didn't feel like messing with the cement part-didn't know how we were going to get that much cement here someone to do that and then he will finish it off with the brick trim-the easy part! Then it will be done. But once the cement is dry we can use it.

Susan~see...told ya. ;) Mike is just digging hisself in a hole. Glad you and the girls enjoyed the baby shower, sounded like it was fun. You little rule in the car used to be whoever is driving gets to listen to the music they want to. That went out the window a few years ago. :lol: I only get to hear what I want to hear when no one is in the car with me! Of course most the time I don't mind because we all listen to the same music. What drives me crazy is when they can't put it on one station and leave it! DD won't even listen to a full song for fear of missing a better song on another station!

Anyway...Hi to everyone else :wave:

Have some errands to run as soon as I jump in the shower. Decided to go buy some groceries today at Target. Don't mind going there when I don't need much but when I have to get a lot I go to Wal-Mart for the wide selection. Target doesn't have a lot of the brands that I buy which is odd. But it is a lot quieter there and nicer.

Take care ladies and have a wonderful day! Chat with ya later :gossip:

05-17-2005, 12:17 PM
Thanks everyone for your incouragement and support. Can you believe the jerk came over in front of my house the next morning and started sh--. bragging about killing the dog and how he was going to sue the family. I called him a bully and a thug and said I'd be their witness. He keep yelling and Dee, my neighbor and recent member of 3FC told him to shut the F up. Later the police came and told him to stay up at his end of the street. My son said to tell him if he shows his face here again and he'll take care of him but of course I won't. Don't want him to get into trouble. They said he'd bailed out and that he has other legal problems including this one, warrents for other things I guess. I'm tempted to get a police report and find out. It might be usefull in the furture.


Tea Rose
05-17-2005, 12:48 PM]Good Morning Everyone
Sorry I haven't checked in, I have been busy, but my son was also doing work for his business ,and making cd's for his upcoming show,which kept me off the computer.He has an install today so I popped on .He has another computer which he is going to set up for me when he unloads all his files off it, so I will have my own computer upstairs , because since he moved downstairs I have to come down to use his computer. I hope you don't mind if I do individuals later,but I wanted to come on and say Hi to Everyone, didn't want you to think I dissappeared again.I hope you are all having a lovely day.

05-17-2005, 03:48 PM
Hi ladies, I'm back again! :lol: :p

Karey & Mochahontas~ a big WELCOME to you ladies! Hope you find us here at the Chit Chat! Looking forward to getting to know you.

Ellen~it's okay to not do individuals. Sometimes we just don't have time. :) It's nice to see you checking in and knowing things are fine with you. Love the lady ironing clip art. I need to go find some new stuff. It's about time to change the old avatar! :lol:

Pam~I was afraid that might happen. It seems that anytime you say something to a neighbor about anything they take offense. But this was HORRIBLE and that guy should rot in jail. I hope he settles down-maybe all the neighbors can gang up on him and he will go back in his hole and stay there.

Did the shopping and ran the other errands. Can't believe how fast I got in and out of Target, lovin' that. Now to straighten up the house. Cleaned yesterday so not really much to do. Anywhoooo...just checking in to see if anyone had posted and to say Hi again. See ya later ladies! :wave:

05-17-2005, 05:29 PM
Hi Ladies,

Just a quick hello. Got another workout in this morning. That's two days in a row! I am on a roll. Anyway, will post more tomorrow. I've been out of the office all day and have some stuff to catch up on.


05-17-2005, 07:08 PM
Good Afternoon

Another miserable day here. Wow i hope it is nice for the long week-end. We are going to the cottage for my grandmas 80th birthday. The immediate family is 80 people.. (her kids, spouses grandchildren, great-grandchildren) It is a big family, and if it rains, i am sure it will get a little squishy in the cottage!

Oh ya i think i forgot to tell you guys i got a cat a while ago.. she got out of the house and was missing for a couple of weeks.. but i found her last week.. very pregnant lol. She had gotten out for a couple of days in March and i think that is when it happened. She is getting so fat it is funny. Last night i was holding her and i could feel the babies in her belly. It was neat it reminded me of my pregnancies. I always loved the feeling of them inside. (and they were nice and quiet in there too) :lol:

I hope everyone is having a good week and I'll be back later or tomorrow..ttfn xxoo

05-17-2005, 07:29 PM
This is about our morning.

We woke up at 8 am. Gaby puttered to the window and waved her hand
like a wand and said "day.....up."

I always like to tease her and say....."no, Gaby...... dark,
night......go back to sleep." lol

Anyway, we got up and she had breakfast while I got ready for the
day. Showered,blowed dryed my hair, ironed clothes and put on make
up. Got Gaby dressed and realized none of her socks were cleaned so
put a load of laundry in real fast.

We walked 2 blocks to Starbucks, which is in a Fred Myers store. I
let her ride her trike up there, she loves that.

Got my coffee and we bought some string cheese, a meatball dinner,
nylons,and Sponge Bob cheez it crackers.

Walked/ triked home ( I triked this time.....haha, jk )checked on
laundry, put in dryer.

Went up stairs and she watched Barney and ate her meatball dinner
while I changed into a skirt.

I haven't had nylons in weeeeeeeeeks......been wearing capri's changed clothes, which took awhile because when I
finally got done it was time to head to the sitters.

Ran down to the laundry , ran back up.....and put socks on Gaby.

Of course we didn't run because taking Gaby meant taking the trike.
I let her ride to the stairs , pick it up and walk it down......she
rides to the landry room and back to the stairs and I walk it back
up. Put it down and she rides to the apt.......course she always goes
down to the end of the hall and back.

Getting a lot of exercise!!

Finally get her in the car and we head to the sitters.

Who is her father's ex wife. It is a 15 miles trip one way. We get
there and she isn't there so we drive around the city for a few
minutes looking at homes and landscape - lol

Gaby is so cute because I say "omg....that home is sooooooo pretty"
and Gaby goes......"pretty."
Me: "omg- I love what they did with that is so
Gaby "pretty"

Anyway, we had that conversation until we got back to the sitters

She lets me listen to the phone message that Mike left last Thursday.
It was on her cell so the kids couldn't hear.

It said something like "My what a nice message that was "A" too bad they
don't know what a c*&^%s(*&^ b*&^% you are........things are going
to radically change (ugh.....must be his favorite word he says that
with me too. Ain't........ummmm, pretty. lol)

Anyway, he went on to say his mesage phone and his new address. It is going to be very hard to let her go this Friday without knowing where he lives,I mean actually seeing inside of it. I had been to the place before,,,,,,,just want to know she will be safe.

Of course he needs to provide the same infornmation to me before I have to let her have visitation. *sigh*.......court trial date in July 27th. IF we get that far.......

better get!!

05-18-2005, 12:33 AM
We are pretty much packed for the move. I am getting excited about the move and my appointment on Friday. I am hoping that they will give me a slip to get the u/s done!

Jane~ The move is this coming Saturday. They have a good sized house. They just got an addition built on, in fact it isnít completely done but it is close.

Cristi~ I guess that isnít the same theatre but it sounded like it. Well, we did have names picked out, but now Tommy isnít sure about them. The names were going to be for a boy Rolf Joseph and for a girl Harley Elise. But Tommy isnít so sure on them now, so we are back to square one on the names. The boy will more then likely still have Rolf Joseph in the runnings. Rolf is to honor one of Tommyís Masonic lodge brothers that passed away the day before his birthday this year. And the Joseph is to honor one of my younger brothers that passed away. Harley is for, of course, Harley Davidson because Tommy loves those bikes. And the Elise is just a name that I liked that way it sounded. But we shall see what the final name will be!

Ellen~ I have had plenty of bologna sandwiches lately, and they have all been good! We try to make it down to the hoedown every year, but sometimes we get other things that pop up. Last year we didnít go because I had just had Brandon and we had something else planned that weekend.

RoseKatie~ I havenít gone for my appointment yet, that is on Friday! So I am crossing my fingers to get an u/s slip! The packing is going great. We are pretty much all packed except for the every day essentials that we use. I will try to get online to keep up with you all. I will have to use my parents computer to get online.

Susan~ I hope a rock hits Mike on the head! LOL

sorry for cutting this short, it is 11:34 and Brandon is helping daddy pack.

05-18-2005, 12:52 AM
Ya, he needs to crawl out from under it first Mindee - hehe.....

Poor I am TRYING to be positive!!!! :) I am learning how to cut and paste!!! :)

Anyway, below is copies of emails today. ......... I will say that the address he gives is awfully close if not the same place he was before. It was a half way house he stayed at when he first moved down to the coast.

May 17, 2005

Dear Michael,

I heard a telephone message that you left for Amber V stating that you have moved?
I also am of the understanding that you have a new message telephone number? That your 503-***-**** number has been temporarily disconnected?
You are required to provide me information on your new residence and new contact number.
My attorney has informed via email that you should not be allowed parenting time until you provide me this information.
I would like it by Thursday, May 19 2005. I think it should be at least 24 hours before you pick up Gaby at 11 am Friday, May 20, 2005.
I hope you are of the same understanding that the pick up time has been changed from 7 pm to 11 am per Judge *****
Please take note that you cannot park in the employeeís parking lot during business hours. You will need to park on the street and walk in from now on.
This correspondence was also sent via your email address at ******

Susan S.

Mike V wrote:
I will also contact your attorney tommorrow(wednesday). I have a message phone number as I have left it on your recorder it is 1-503-***-****. I will not be moving till next week and will give you my new address. 880 I St. ******,Or . I will contact your Lawyer tommorrow(wednesday with all applicable information) Yes Friday at 11:00 I will park on the st. Take care......Mike

Susan wrote>

I didn't write the number down. You said you were mailing it. I never received it.

The message I heard was you moved already.

You can contact my attorney but I already forwarded him your message.


05-18-2005, 09:14 AM
Good morning, ladies!!

Cristi - oic about the patio. The brick trim will be awesome!!

Pam - be careful around your crazy neighbor. Sounds like a total nut job to me! :dizzy:

Ellen - good to see you popping in. I know you'll be glad when you and DS each have your own computer.

Anita - yay for the workout. :cheer:

Terri - there are 67 of us when my sisters and me and our families all get together. Gotta love big families!

Susan - maybe Gaby can be "sick" until you check out the safety of Mike's new place.

Mindee - good luck with the US!!

A big welcome to Karry and Mochahontas. Just jump right in, ladies. :wave:

Yikes - not sure I will actually be joining the church group. The meeting started at 9 and was still going strong at 10:30, when I had to leave for another appt. Not sure I can devote that kind of time to meetings when I always have so many other things going on. NSV - they had a tableful of muffins, quick breads, etc. and I passed on every bit of it, since I had already had my breakfast points. I explained to one of the hostesses in private why I didn't accept their hospitality.

Today is Senior awards day for Katie. Her last actual day of school was yesterday. She's officially a college freshman now!

Have a good day!

05-18-2005, 09:43 AM
Good morning!

Wow drama.. that guy is such a weiner! My ex is a loser but not that bad. (that i know of) he gets close sometimes.

Well i got my watkins package so now i can start work from home.. Hopefully i can do well with it. I know a lot of people around here like the toilet cleaner because we have hard ater and that is the only thing that will clean the toilets! WE will see. as long as i make back the money i spent on the kit i will be happy. I think i actually see the sun trying to peak through... yay! Wow the baby was up all night then she got up at 5.. i just put her back to bed so i think i will go for a little snooze... be back later! ttfn xxoo

05-18-2005, 09:45 AM
Jane you snuck in! I was taking forever to type my post lol.. Yes i love my big family! Very nice when we are all together... My dad has 8 sisters and 2 brothers.. and one that dies in an accident when he was 20. so that would make it a total of 12. Plus she had 2 miscarriages and a baby that died.. so ithink that is about 15 pregnancies.. wow i dont know how a body can handle that?

05-18-2005, 11:23 AM
:coffee2: Good morning. Had my walk and doing my coffee. I ment the family who's dog was killed. I saw them out side and went over to talk to them. They were so nice. A very sweet little family. I told them how sorry I was about their dog and I'd seen the whole thing, that if the jerk tried to sue them I'd go to court with them and testify.
Spring is truely here and I've got tons of yard work to get done and all in the early am before it gets to hot. I'd better get off my a-- .


05-18-2005, 12:07 PM
Jane~WTG on your NSV!

Terri~I love it when the family gets together. We too have a big family (52), that's just with 3 brothers & 2 sisters and their families of course. But it is usually more when there is a big get-together because some of my Aunts, Uncles and cousins are there too. Hope the weather cooperates for you guys this weekend and you enjoy it!

Pam~what a good neighbor you are. Not sure why that bozo thinks he can sue anyone when he is the one who killed the dog!

Susan~love reading about you and Gaby, so sweet. Did I read that right, that Mike is moving to a halfway house?! I'm with Jane, maybe Gaby can be sick. ;)

Mindee~hope the move goes smoothly for you guys.

Anita~WTG on the workout!

Well, today is a lazy day for me. Did my grocery shopping yesterday so concentrating on the yard today. It was supposed to rain but doesn't look like it so started watering early this morning. Been lucky so far and have only had to water the yard about three times and boy is it a deep, dark green. It will probably rain this afternoon because I watered today. It did that last time too. Our concrete has been poured! Yea, finally! They were here yesterday from 4-7:30 but it is done and they did a good job. We were fortunate that the cement truck could drive around the corner and come down the field behind our house and back right up to the squares. Also, tried out the washer and dryer yesterday and boy is it weird. I am doing some laundry now and I hear it rinsing and almost ran up the stairs to put fabric softener in it. I like that you put everything in it and walk away till it's done. And it was nice to dry a load in one cycle and they are quieter! We'll see how it does with the jeans I'm washing now. Anyway...that's about all I have. Nothing much going on.

Hi to everyone else :wave: Take care ladies and have an awesome Wednesday!

05-18-2005, 12:13 PM
Mindee~forgot to mention...have you been to It is a cool site for moms/moms to be, people trying to get pregnant. I discovered it 5 years ago when I was pregnant with the last and still frequent it. They have a baby name poll each day and I enjoy voting and reading what others have to say about the names selected. Of course sometimes it gets a little crazy with the bickering back and forth. I have always been fascinated with names, not sure why. Anyway, it is a cool site and I thought I would mention it.

Tea Rose
05-18-2005, 12:19 PM GOOD MORNING LADIES
I am popping in , but I'm pooped this morning,allergies are driving me nuts.Its cool this morning , but the sun is shining and it looks like a really pretty day. :) I have a lot to do so I thought I would check in early,and wish everyone a wonderful day.My daughters moving date is quickly approaching, only a few more things for the builder to finish,so I think in the next week they will begin to start moving things into the house, :( :) :?: :lol: mixed emotions, happy for her , sad for me, confused about everything ,yep thats me. :lol: MORNING JANE
I admire your willpower, something I seem to be lacking at present, I keep trying , but I keep failing, I am hoping when all my emotions settle down, I will be able to stick to a plan. Yay Katie, :cheer: CONGRATULATIONS :cheer: You must be so proud of her, :yes: I hope you are having a wonderful day. MORNING CRISTI
How is your patio coming, doesn't it drive you crazy , when things don't go as planned, I think I have a lot of patience for most things, but delays in getting things finished isn't one of them. I like things done the week before they are supposed to be :lol: I love Martina McBride , she has a powerful, beautiful voice, did you watch the country awards last night, I must say that TIm McGraw stands out in my mind :lol: WOW what a man , nice voice to :lol: Keith Urban to.Reba was looking really good ,and it was nice to see Garth Brooks there.There was a lot of good material to choose from this year, it was hard to pick favourites, but when Tim wins its always a good choice :lol: Have a great day MORNING TERRI

Good luck with your Watkins venture, I hope you do well, my mom used to buy those products , years ago, as I recall they were good products, and anything that makes toilet cleaning easier I am all for it :lol: Hopefully you are snoozing right now, since the little one is ,good to take advantage of those moments,My big babies are so noisy in the morning, when their up , so am I :lol: Some things never change :lol: Wow 15 pregnancies, thats hard to imagine isn't it, my tummy hurts just thinking about it :lol: I hope you are having a lovely day. MORNING SUSAN
I don't even know what to say, I get frustrated just hearing about that yidiot,
I don't know how you manage to say sane , assuming you still are :lol: ARE YOU???? :lol:Poor Susan, Men can't live with them , can live without them :lol: Here this should make you feel better all I've got :lol: I hope your day is going well PAM
I feel so badly for that family , its hard enough to lose a pet under any circumstance, but that would haunt me, poor family . I feel sorry for you as well having to witness such a cruel and disgusting act of violence, I think the same sentence should apply as killing a person, killing is killing, and if he is capable of such violence towards defenceless amimals, who knows what he is capable of.The whole thing sickens my heart. Well I have a new lawnmower, how exciting is that, it was hard always borrowing one since the old girl passed on, :lol: Gardening is still on the back burner for me, but I look forward to getting out there and getting some work done. I find gardening so relaxing, even though its a lot of work its so gratifying isn't it I hope you have a great day , and wear a hat :D MINDEE
I am glad to hear that the packing is almost done, and that you are excited about the move. Moving can be stressful so its good you are looking forward to the change,I hope your appointment goes well,and all is fine with you and the baby I guess at this point its safe to say that you are full of bologney :lol: you had to know I couldn't pass that up :lol: Have a great day. MARTI
Sorry to hear that your legs are still bothering you, sounds like a sciatica problem. Ihope you get some relief soon I know how painful that can be. It sounds like you and James have a really wonderful relationship, being apart is hard , I know, but love will keep you together, :lol: Thats a song , :lol: how cheesy was that, but thats me, :lol: I hope you get to spend more time together and you can buy that house next year.Hope your having a wonderful day ANITA
Congratulations on your win, I missed that , was it a big one,any win is a good though :lol: Good for you two workouts , I am proud of you, I can't seem to stay motivated long enough to have any success. I am hoping to get my weight and workout schedule under way , very soon , I am tired of being tired and out of shape.Good Luck :ebike: and have a great day MORNING ANGIE
Wow sorry to hear about that glass, its a good thing you didn't get hurt,that was the least they could do ,not making you pay for lunch, I know things happen ,but things like that shouldn't. It seems more and more, people are finding things in their food, its for the most part just carelessness. I hope your family is doing great, hows work going , I haven't been upto date for a while. I hope you are having a wonderful day . GOOD MORNING TO EVERYONE ELSE
Hope all is well with you girls and we catch up soon, meanwhile have a wonderful day

I started this nice and early and its after ll am , :lol: time travels fast doesn't it. GOTTA GO NOW, COFFEE'S CALLING ME UPSTAIRS :lol:

05-18-2005, 04:12 PM
Back again!

Ellen~yeppers, we got the patio done yesterday. It is drying as we speak. Can walk on it but it is not completely dry through and through. Now all we have to do is the brick work, dress it up and enjoy! Oh my goodness! I can't believe I missed the country music awards! :tantrum: I hardly ever miss that-they didn't have it on the schedule. Watched Gillmore Girls at 7 and then went channel surfing and saw nothing on-bummer, so decided to do some reading. Sorry about DD moving out. I know how hard it will be. Is she going to be close to you in distance? I don't even want to think about when DD moves out-she's the baby and I think it will be harder than the boys.

Terri~meant to ask, what is Watkins? Never heard of it but after reading Ellen's post I am assuming it's cleaning products :dunno: I saw your car this morning...okay, not "your" car but the same color and model-looks really nice and I can't believe all the orange cars I am seeing now. There's a new pretty green I saw also that I really like. What color is your interior? Was just curious, couldn't picture what would go with the orange. I know a lot of the cars are grey. Grey everywhere. I went with a sandstone color just to get a different interior-the last few cars I've had had grey interiors and I wanted something different.

Okay, starting to babble :blah: :blah: :blah: get chatty sometimes. Anyway, did get the yard good watered. I swear I thought it was going to rain, got really cloudy while I was watering but then the sun broke through. Now need to go fold my last load of clothes and get them put up before Jeopardy-love watching the Championships and it is almost over.

Take care ladies and have a wonderful rest of the day!

05-18-2005, 05:12 PM
Love to cut and paste!!!! Below is an exchange from my lawyer this morning. I almost wanted to ask him......."WHO ARE YOU WORKING FOR????!!!!!?????"
Dummy, why would I bring Gaby for a meeting??? That is ******ed.

Anyway, totally frustrated,.........thanks for the chili Ellen :)

D J > wrote:
Dear Susan - Mike called me today about his new address, etc. He also wanted to talk about meeting to discuss settlement of the case. He wants to bring a friend whom he trusts. I have no problem with a meeting, and recommend anything that could lead to a settlement of any case (in most cases). I'd suggest meeting at a public place, as things are less likely to get out of hand there. Perhaps we could meet on the next visitation weekend, and you could come here to drop off Gabrielle.
A few things he told me were disturbing: first, he said you and your daughters were bad mouthing him to Gabrielle (my term). That is a major problem, and it shouldn't happen. Don't do it. Ever.
Secondly, he said that he never agreed to pick up and drop off Gabrielle at your house. If that's true, then you made me make a misrepresentation to the court for which I could be disbarred or disciplined. If it's not true, at least I need to know exactly what your conversation was, and how you came to believe that he made that agreement.
That was the gist of what he said. Please advise me ASAP about the meeting. I guess it would have to be on a Friday morning for your work schedule. That's ok. Just let me know. The sooner the better, as we had best abide by the court's order regarding the custody evaluation.
Thank you. David

Susan > wrote
I have never bad mouthed him to Gabrielle. That is a lie. Who would have told him we were "bad mouthing" him, Gabrielle? It would be interesting for him to explain that belief.

I asked if he would pick her up at my place because he knows I have to work. He never said yes or no he just did it. As far as I am concerned that was him agreeing. I went through the proper channels to change the time, I would have done the same for location if I thought I was in contempt of court.
He agreed .If he wants to lie about it now I wouldn't be surprised.

I would like him to put into writing what he wants in regards to a settlement before a meeting. He called me 2 weeks ago saying the same thing about a settlement. He has done this 3 times.
I will come down on a Monday morning without Gabrielle.


05-18-2005, 05:51 PM
Happy Hump day to all. :)

Our weather is beautiful today. I pulled a few weeds and filled the bird feeders. It was nice just to walk around the yard and see what is about to bloom. DH mowed yesterday so things look so nice. I will get in a walk later...2 miles.
We had an early appt. with the bank and got lots of info about how to go about the whole process of building. It had been 26 years since we did that, things have changed. We found a nice lot and now we are getting excited. Still so many decisions, but it is looking up.
I have gotten back on track with exercising and (hopefully) eating right. DH is also on board, so we might just do this. I did 20 minutes of upper body and lunges this morning. I need to start crunches, but every little bit helps. We are starting out with portion control and exchanges again. Has worked for us in the past, but we just need to realize we can't go back to the way we have been and need to change for life. We love veggies and fruit, so need to stock up. Weighed in today and won't even look at those scales for a week. Next week I start exercising with my aunt in the gym where she lives which will feel good.

Okay, enough about me. I will be back with individuals later.

05-18-2005, 06:47 PM
Hello everyone--

No time for individuals much to do in so little time. Why can't I manage my time better??

My sciatic nerve is better. Spent more time stretching and walking in long strides. I haven't been on my gazelle for a couple weeks due to the I'm thinking that I should get on it to help ease up the pain.

Been focusing on eating better. I've also been figuring out a way I can spend my lunch breaks....maybe join the gym at work after all and workout instead of smoking. (yes ladies....I'm still a smoker, it will end someday, just not sure when)

Been thinking of doing a 12wk "All about Marti's health" program too. :D Been digging around finding things that have worked for me in the past, bringing out the tools to help me portion out my meals better and just flat out want to get healthier. I plan on starting that on the first of June. At least that's my plan at the moment. It could change. I'm trying to find all my old journals that I used during Sony's Fitness Challenge. Will find it!! I am rambling when I have things to do.

Hope you all have a great day...the sun is desperately trying to come out, so it should be a great day, looking forward to the weekend already.

Talk to you all later!

05-18-2005, 07:29 PM
Oh Marti, I hear you about time management! I feel I never post here as much as I would like and I know I don't get to everyone...I read everything, then I look up at the clock...well, you know the rest. I am glad that your back is feeling better, I'm sure getting muscles toned in that area will help. Sure helps me, as I notice how my back starts aching when I can't get a workout in. You know we'll all support you here in all your health goals, including quitting smoking when you are ready(BTDT)

Susan- Big hugs....Just know you are supported...The lawyer is just doing his job...if he screws up he jeopardizes YOUR case, not Mike's. He doesn't know M's history, so when M calls and probably sounds half-reasonable, well, he does have to listen especially since it involves settlement talks. The lawyer hasn't been around with the block with him the way you have...he'll see. Just wait til Mike doesn't show...or can't produce a residential address..or you name it. Hang in there - could all be over soon ( pray pray pray)

Sue - the workout sounds great.. I did a 45 minute video with the workout ball yesterday and it felt so good! I got a walk in today in between the showers - been raining alot here) For some reason I thought you and Dh were getting a condo...At least with a house you won't have pesky CCRS to contend with... Sorry if I haven't been keeping up very well.

Cristi - Don't know if you are an American Idol Fan or not, but there is a great country singer (Carrie)who many think will win. Trouble is, last night was the voting, and all her fans were probably watching the CMA's instead of voting....we'll find out tonight! Personally, I'm rooting for Bo. I'm so hooked on reality tv. Been up way too late this week with the Bachelor and Survivor....need to catch up on my sleep.

Terri - good luck with the Watkins - I, too , hadn't heard of it, guess they just don't sell it around here. But if you have lots of people who really like the product, you will do well. It's great to find some way to be home withthekids and make some money.

Ellen - sorry your allergies are kicking your DD ( who is only 3) has started on claritin. Yikes! but it seems to be helping and that's what matters. Did you get your coffee? I have mine, lol and its 3pm here! I am such a little addict.

Jane - well you know us ELCA Lutherans - can't resist a reason to socialize! Hope I remembered your new affiliation correctly, that's the church I go to so it stuck in my head. They love a good potluck, lol! I have been slowly picking and choosing my involvements at our church as I have lots of committments to my kids' schools and I don't want to get overscheduled. Our church has lots of opportunities, kind of mind-boggling. Right now, I am on altar guild and help with communion cleanup once a month and I also participate in a book discussion group. I'll most likely also help out with VBS. I thought you handled the food issue with a great deal of grace and next time they put out some celery..hee hee

And she's outta time once again- catch the rest of you later!

05-18-2005, 07:41 PM
I know Katy but he lies through his teeth. He lies to his parents, he lies to the Justice of Child Support, he lied last week when he said he was sick and couldn't pick up his other daughter, he lies when he says we have bad mouthed him ,he lies when he picks her up at my place 4, 5 , 6 times in a row and turns around and says that isn't what he agreed to, he lies when he says he hasn't moved yet.
Will if he hasn't moved yet don't leave a message saying " I have a new residence."

He asked that I go back into counseling and I said no - "you lied Mike." The only comeback that he can do is say "everyone lies Susan." oh- will that is a fine thing to teach your child.

He is scum and I will most certainly have someone with me at the meeting besides my lawyer!!!!

UNITE Wendy Chili lovers!!!! lol

whatEVER.......bring the custody evaluation on baby...I don't care.

Would love to call him up and say Gaby is sick but I wouldn't. He does that , even his ex does that but I couldn't.

chat later!!

05-18-2005, 10:49 PM
((((Susan)))) you are so right about him......the custody evaluation is going to shine a bright light... and that is good news for you and Gaby...Sorry if I got you going.. I want to only be supportive and I know how lawyers can talk sometimes, it can be very frustrating for sure. I'm glad you are taking someone with you to the meeting.

Another chili lover here- if everyone ate chili the world would be a better place:)
Hang in there.....

05-18-2005, 11:06 PM
Don't worry I was already on a mission today.

Just seemed my lawyer was only worried about his own sorry butt and wasn't even giving me the benefit of the doubt.

Jaded Ladies are more supported than him!!!! He even misplaced my fee waiver (reduced waiver $550 instead of $800))income tax papers that I mailed, so I have to fax them.

I ain't bending over (even though I eat chili!!! UNITE!!!) for anyone. 6 1/2 long months!! I ain't rushing down there and taking annual leave ( I only have 18 hours!!! lol ) for this nut. Pooh on him.......

Who cares if we go to a custody evaluation. I have the money, he doesn't. Gaby and I are close and she adores me. I let her trike in stores and I don't smoke and ...........I have a proper carseat!!! lol

thanks Katy........ :)

HUGS to my SW neighbor!!!! :)

05-19-2005, 12:47 AM
Hi Ladies

I was planning to join the chat today and then life took over! One of my closest friends is pregnant with twin girls :cheer: She is so excited, she has 2 boys 10 and 6 and she's been waiting for a girl and now she'll have 2! Anyway, so I am basically the leader in planning her shower, which is planned for June 18 and I am running out of time but she just found out the sexes last I was running around today trying to get some things for the shower.

I am having a pocketbook party on Saturday and I had to go to the grocery store and get some appetizer-like-things for that. Then I went to the liquor store to get champagne for some punch I'm planning to make (but not drink) for the party. My father was coming over to hang some blinds for me so I wanted to cook him a proper dinner (something tells me he wouldn't be a big fan of a frozen Lean Cuisine) so I was picking up stuff to make fajitas. I got home, put everything away and started cooking so by the time I looked at the clock it was 7:30 and I still had to feed Kaitlyn and get ready to watch Lost so, obviously and a million years after I started the story, I missed the chat. I am hoping to get on for tomorrow.

The good news is I drank a ton of water today. Did a 3 mile walk early afternoon so I didn't have to dread it all day, and stayed on plan even having some yummy fajitas. So all in all it was a good, yet crazy day. Hope everyone had a great day and I'm so looking forward, not only to sleep b/c it 11:44 and I have work tomorrow, but to chatting tomorrow. See y'all there. :spin:

05-19-2005, 12:54 AM
Back again. I have done well today if I can just stay out of the kitchen now. I drank lots of water, though I didn't measure it, but 4 big glasses. Ate right and got in my walk. Did lots of bending and stretching doing yardwork. I feel good tonight...after a nice warm bath. Just need about 4 months of days like today. :)

Katy, No, you were not wrong. We were deciding between a condo and 2 different house plans. Since we found this lot we are going for a house. 45 min. workout, I can only hope I work up to that long. Right now I think it would kill me..ha. I watched the CMA's and still like Reba and Garth. Also a fan of Faith and Tim. (Kenny Chesney just married Rene Zelweger.) I saw his shiny wedding ring last night.

Pam, I am still having a hard time believing your neighbor shot that dog. He must have a screw loose. If I were you I would keep my distance from him. Be careful gal.

Ellen, So sorry about your allergies. I have them also, and just today started having a headache so something must be blooming that gets to me. I will be thinking of you with your DD moving out. I have been through that and it is hard. The only thing worse is when they are moving across the country. That is really rough.

Terri, I have heard of Watkins and know of their spices. I remember that they had wonderful vanilla and lemon extracts back years ago. Lots of luck!

Marti, I have also had sciatica. The first time I had it I was sitting in a recliner and when I tried to get up I couldn't. Then one time I was walking and my leg just went right out from under me and down I went. Same old sciatic nerve. I am with you on the eating better. Hope we can both do it!

Susan, Hang in there. You know you are doing things right and he isn't so I have to feel that you will win out in the long run. It is just such a battle.

Jane, Your willpower amazes me. I can only hope that one day I will possess such a strong willpower. Really, my downfall is not knowing how to say "no."

Cristi, Yay for the new patio. Sounds great as do the new washer/dryer.

Good day to all the rest of you.... Someday I will catch up!

05-19-2005, 09:36 AM

Wow the baby is sick.. she caught a cold somehow.. they are always so difficult when they are sick! So i will go staright to individuals

Pam: Ya yard work is always there isnt it.. kind of like laundry and dishes. Poor family... my kids would be devastated! Baffles me how people can be. Wow so how is the weather there? It looks like we will have a nice sunny day! YAY!

Cristi: Well they are calling for good weather all week-end... Here's to hoping!. But the bugs are out in full force... they drive me bonkers!! and i must smell nice because i think they come form miles around just to feast on me... yuck.. nasty little things! The interior of my car is black( cuz i think that is about the only thing that goes with orange lol... I really will take some pics! And watkins actually started out with Vanilla i think.. They have all sorts of spices and cleaners and sunblock and quite a few different things. I think you can go to ( and you can see the products and descriptions.. i dont think they have all the products though.
Ellen: I hope you start to feel better! Yes the Watkins products are good old products! Our family has been buying them for as long as i can remember. I like the bug repellant and the toilet cleaner.. and their salve... it works for cuts and burns and i even use it on diaper rash! So it should be an adventure.. I am not looking to get rich, just looking for something to do.. and i love those little parties to sell it.. just to get together with friends!

Susan: Wow this whole thing really sucks! I think you really should bring a witness when you go to the lawyer and any time you have to do anything about that whole situation. and kepp all the emails and stuff from mike. That is tough! (((HUGS)))

Suetalks: Wow it will be nice to excercise with someone else.. it is always more enjoyable! Glad that DH is doing the same.. that will make much nicer and easier! Sounds like you are doing a great job!!! YAY for you!!! pass some of that this way lol!

Marti: glad you are feeling better! I have yet to find something to help with my sciatica.. other then pills. I only take one back pill though.. they are so big i can hardly swallow them.. i guess they are like a noname brand of robaxacet.. much cheaper and do the same job... but hard to swallow lol.

Katy: lol ya if you are really curious there is a link above for the watkins site. I dunno i just put it there if someone was bored. I watched american idol last night.. and carrie and bo are in the final 2.. which is good for me.. either one of them would be ok to win! I like that when i like both of the finalists.. Oh ya.. if everyone ate chilli it might be a smellier place too :lol: LOL.. wow good thing i am not a comedian!

Karey: Hello there! Wow twin girls! That is fun! It is nice to know the sex of the babies.. that is much easier to plan a shower!

Hello Jane! Hope you are having a good day! Hello to everyone else! I am off to do some more bookwork! ttfn xxoo

Tea Rose
05-19-2005, 01:24 PM HAPPY DAY LADIES
I can only pop in to say hello , and wish everyone a wonderful day , I will try to get back later to chat, I can hardly wait till my son gets my own computer up and running for me anyways girls ,be good , chat later :wave:

05-19-2005, 01:48 PM
Good morning ladies~

Just a real quick Hi for now.

Ran to the video store and rented Maria Full of Grace, Motorcycle Diaries, National Treasure, Ray & Assault on Precinct 13. Was really wanting to get The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. I love Bill Murray! They didn't have it though, was all rented out. Going to spend today and the next few days in between other things watching movies! In one of those moods.

Karey~glad you found us!

Anyway, gotta go for now. Will try to be back later this afternoon to do individuals. But for now tata! :wave:

05-19-2005, 04:12 PM

I just read your post and had to tell you that Bill Murray owns a house in the county I live in. When he was filming that movie, part of it took place in my town. My husband is a State Trooper and they were police protection and motorcades while filming. My husband, and everyone else he works with got an email inviting him to a premiere party at Bill Murray's house!!!! Can you imagine?!?!? Unfortunately, we already had plans that couldn't be broken but isn't that cool?!?! It's like one of my only celebrity stories! Hope to chat with you later, gotta get back to work.

Have a good day, ladies :dizzy:

05-19-2005, 06:05 PM
Don't post here! Head on over to Chit chat #130!!

See you there!