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05-09-2005, 08:48 PM
Hello and welcome to the Jaded Ladies! :wave:

We're a friendly group that provides support, not just in weight loss, but in all of our daily happenings. Please feel free to join us. :cofdate:

05-09-2005, 08:49 PM
We had a great Mother’s Day yesterday, well I should say I did. Tommy sent me a card from him and Brandon yesterday morning, and then when he came back from picking up his buddy Jay and Jay’s girlfriend Elena, he walked in an handed me a Target bag. I opened the Target bag and there inside is the “Phantom of the Opera” two disc dvd.

We are slowly but surely getting closer to moving. I have been packing things here and there. Tommy is making this week his last week of work, and then really buckling down on packing the rest of the stuff next week. I have my appointment next Friday and I can’t wait! I mentioned to Tommy that since we have to come back down on the 25th, that if at my appointment the doctor gives me a slip to get an u/s scheduled, then I will try and schedule it for that day since we have to come down anyways.

Oh yeah…..Tommy called the lady today from the housing up north. He talked to her and she told him that she was going to mail it out right away and that we need to fill it out and send it back ASAP. Tommy said “I will have my wife fill it out because she has better handwriting.” She asked what our situation was and Tommy said “me and my wife, we have a one year old and another one on the way.” Then she asked where we would be staying once we got up there and Tommy said “my in-laws for the time being.” To which she replied, “the same place Wendy and Jay came from.” They both laughed. Then she asked if he already had a job up there, and he said no, so he thinks that she is going to some how try and help to get things all set up for us.

First off, sorry I haven’t been on here in a while.

Cristi~ I am doing pretty good. I am feeling more tired now, then before. But I think that comes along with the territory of trying to pack and chase after Brandon at the same time. I go to the doctor next Friday, the 20th.

Terrie-Lee~ Thanks for crossing your fingers, hopefully we can get the three bedroom!

Angie~ That is awesome that they called!!!

Jane~ Again, I am so sorry for your loss. No problem for starting the thread. I knew that you were busy and away from the computer so I figured since I was on, I would start it for us. We are waiting now to get the application, and we should know soon hopefully!

Dee~ Welcome to the group, can’t remember if I said it. But yeah on making it through the first night alone!

Pam~ I am glad that you guys are okay.

Anita~ Awesome job with the NSV at the party!

hello to those that I missed....I hope you are all doing great!

05-10-2005, 10:01 AM
Good morning, ladies, :)

Angie - a lady at our church makes health/beauty aids and sells them. I just talked to her about her face cream, and since her stuff is for sensitive skin, I plan to buy some. Maybe you could start a business with it, too. Like you need something else to do, lol.

Marti - your day with Jhanai sounds wonderful! Yikes, hope you're feeling better today.

Katy - sounds like you're taking all the right steps to ensure a weight loss! I think your determination will carry you through.

Cristi - ahhh, a 3-day get-away!! Sounds great! Where are you guys headed?

Susan - thanks for the condolences. Maggie is doing pretty good. She says the house is awfully quiet, and doesn't want to cook for just herself. Our sister Mary Lou went through the same thing a few years ago, so she's been giving Maggie some tips. I can just see your sweetie on her bike in the store, lol. Too fun!!

Mindee - once again, thanks for starting the thread. Are you able to close the old one, or has Marti been doing that? Whoever it is, thanks a bunch! Sounds like the lady from housing will be able to help you. Things do have a way of working out in life.

Dee - glad you have fun with your mom. Mine's been gone since '84, and I'd give anything to just sit and have a cup of coffee with her.

I ran errands yesterday, mostly involving Katie's graduation party. I want a picture cake, and Walmart wouldn't accept the photo since it's a professional one, but a local grocery store with a bakery did. :cp: The photo is of Katie when she was 3, and oh so cute!! Then, the local newspaper is having a special tribute to the grads and so I took her senior picture in, with a sentiment for her to see. Forgot to pick up her gown from the cleaners, even though it was right on my list! :doh: Today will be my first time taking Mackenzie Jo to swim lessons. Due to Jerry's death, I missed the 1st 2 lessons. I can't wait to see the little stinker in the water, lol. The instructor has five 6 year-olds to deal with, lol. Better him than me, lol.

Have a great day, ladies!!

05-10-2005, 10:08 AM
Since Cristi will be gone on her birthday, here's an early greeting:

Happy Birthday, Cristi!!!!

:D :balloons: :gift: :cp: :bravo: :grouphug: :cp: :gift: :balloons: :D

I hope you have the most wonderful birthday, ever!! Have fun with Vince, and tell us about it when you get home!! We love you!!

05-10-2005, 12:01 PM
Heh heh - Jane, you are going to love watching those little boogers in the water! They are hilarious! Leigh's class is 4-5 3y-os and I have to give the instructor an award, 'cause he is just great. They play "Motorboat" and "Ring around the Rosie". He takes them for rides on the big styro-mat ( It's like a big kick-board). They all are smiling and laughing the entire time.

Happy Birthday to Cristi - have a great weekend

I'm eating breakfast, then off to working at both schools this morning...supposedly my brother is popping in for a visit this afternoon. He is a bit of a workaholic (like our dad) and forgets to follow up sometimes. I hope he makes it as we haven't seen him since Christmas.

Sorry I haven't been getting to too many individuals, I haven't had alot of time to write out posts lately, tho' I do read things and try to keep up....

Terri - since you mentioned your new car...I am seeing that orange everywhere! I have seen it on a Honda Pilot and a Hummer. I wish I were less dependent on my car, but I have to admit I do love shopping for a new's a big toy. How are gas prices where you are...we are around 2.45 dollars here and that kind of puts the brakes on joyriding, kwim?

Marti - glad you had such a nice time with Jhanai...hope your sciatica is easing up on you...I get that, too and those big ball exercises I mentioned ( the pilates-like stuff) were very helpful... massages are great for it, go spoil yourself, girl!

Ok - for a late M-day treat I am going to try to track down the manicurist and get myself a mani-pedi. It's been so long I lost her number,...but you know my feet could use a little pampering so I'll have to call around and track her down....It's a public service, really, as sandal weather is coming up and I feel sorry for anyone who has to look at my feet!

05-10-2005, 01:17 PM
Hi ladies,

Hope everyone is well. I had a wonderful Mother's Day. Jerry washed and waxed my car, and cooked me dinner and I also got a really nice plant for the house --A persian violet. Really pretty. He also picked out the most lovely card. All I had to do was spend time with my daughter. And what a wonderful day we had. We walked to church with my mum and dad, and then later in the day we went for another walk. The day was beauty.

The weather here in Ontario is absolutely beautiful. Warm and sunny today with a high of about 25 celcius (that's the high 80's --I think) The only unfortunate thing with the nice weather is that Toronto has it's first smog advisory of the summer. Makes it difficult to exercise outside--harder to breathe. :(

We have one more weekend at home and then we open up our trailer for the summer. Jerry and I love spending time up there away from the city. So next weekend we are opening it up. Joycelyn is staying home with her grandparents because we have to baby proof the trailer, once thats done she can enjoy it with us. I am pretty excited about that.

On another topic, I have a challenge for myself, I'm going to call it Anita's leather coat challenge. Three years ago, I bought myself a beautiful leather coat. I had never had a leather coat before and I bought it as a reward for the weight that I had lost. Well I have a goal to be able to wear it again by Christmas. I know what I have to do to get there. I just have to do it. SO that is my challenge to myself.

Marti-- YIKES! I can sympathize with you though. Since having Joycelyn I have had constant pain in my sciatica. Never bad enough where I couldn't get out of bed mind you, but I get the numbness in my right leg and the pain in my toes pretty much every day. Feel better soon.

Terri--I've been seeing that orange everywhere too! Send us some pics if you can.

JaneKatie's cake sounds really cute. When is the grad again?

Well I have to fly, Work is busy today, and I want to be able to leave on time in order to spend some time at the park with my baby girl.


05-10-2005, 04:21 PM
Hello Ladies!

WEll i finally have a minute.. Hubby is working 3 to midnight this week so schedule is all messed up. Other then that not too much going on.. I am really enjoying having a car though! Did get anything for mothers day.. he wouldnt even make me a coffee in the morning. I had to do laundry all day. Nice ... not!

Jane: a new puppy is always so fun! Watching the kids swim sounds like a lot of fun.. I cant wait until summer now that i have a car.. i can take the kids to the lake!

Cristi: Wow that is nice that you and Dh get to spend some time together.. should be fun!:cool:

Marti: Glad that your week-end with Jhanai was nice. I have sciatica also and i am only 25.. lol i dont think it has anything to do with age. Mine goes from my lower back and shoots down my leg.

Katy: I have been having trouble sleeping... Last night i couldnt sleep so at 11:30 i cleaned my bedroom for 2 hours! The gas here is about 90 cents a liter here. I dont know what that is in gallons.:shrug:

Mindee: Wow sounds like things are really rolling now. Going to be tiring with a baby and one on the way.. make sure you get your rest!

Anita: I bet it is muggy there.. it has been really warm here and muggy also.. (we dont get smog though lol) I will take a pic of the car when i can find some batteries for my cam lol.

Hello to everyone else! Hope you had a good week-end and are taking care of yourselves. Always busy this time of year.. and everyone wants to be outside! TTFN xxoo

05-10-2005, 04:21 PM
Hi Ladies~

Jane~:thanks: for the early BD wishes! Katie's cake sounds nice, and I bet it will be so cute! Well, we cancelled our plans for travel, bummer. :( Wasn't anywhere really special but just some place to go and spend time together. The guy that is going to finish the patio that V started and tired of real fast...can come tomorrow afternoon (because next week he is going on vacation for two weeks) to prep it and then will finish it Saturday and we/I want that done so...we will do things around here for the next three days so we can be here for that. V dug out everything and framed two of the squares but hurt his back in the process-not good. You wouldn't believe all the dirt that came out of those three squares! Anyway, so he's having this guy finish it, except the brick work, so we can start on the fence soon. Yippee...I don't really care what we do as long as we are together. It will be the first time V has had that much time off.

Marti~hope you are feeling better. You day with Jhanai sounds like it was fun.

Katy~$2.45 a gallon for gas?!!!!! :yikes: Ours got up to $2.20 but has since gone down to $1.98 right now-just filled up today and so glad I don't have a gas hog of a car. Enjoy your pedicure & manicure. I have yet to get a pedicure but will one day. Just think it would be a nice treat.

Terri~isn't it funny how you don't notice a certain color or a specific car until someone you know gets one? I too have been seeing the orange cars and trucks a lot lately and I am liking it. When Marti got her new car I never noticed them and now I see them everywhere. Hope you are enjoying it!

Mindee~take it easy with the packing and don't lift anything too heavy. When I was pregnant with #1 I would get bored so easy and so would rearrange furniture, mow the lawn, clean the windows, anything to keep busy. Of course now I wouldn't even attempt to do anything like I did back then if I were pregnant now. Of course I wouldn't be able to because between DH and the kids they wouldn't let me.

Anita~what a great reward for yourself. I've got faith that you will get into that jacket this Christmas.

Hi to everyone else! :wave:

Well, I spent half the morning at the doctors, or so it seemed. I have my yearly this Friday afternoon and she wanted to do some bloodwork to test for diabetes (my mother just found out that she has it) and check my chlosterol. So I get there and she does the blood work and wants urine, not thinking I had gone before I left-not sure if they have enough to do anything or not. :shrug: Then tells me to wait and the nurse will take me back for chest x-rays and an EKG, yikes! Didn't plan on all that stuff. Oh well, I probably needed it done, it's been 2 years since I had a complete check-up and th elast doc never did half of what this doc did. Next is the old, fun mammogram-nothing like having your booby squashed to death between two plastic things! At least they are not metal! She wanted this done early so she could have the results when I went in Friday which is good-no waiting forever. Then met DS#1 for lunch at Olive Garden-my BD lunch from him. it was planned a week ago when he/we thought we would be gone. He has been working so much and so hard we hardly see him so it was nice to have some time with him. Had to take a couple of things to the mall to exchange then he was on his way. I am glad I don't have to deal with packing and buying groceries today, jeez...I would be too tired to drive anywhere in the morning. Anyway, it was nice to finally sit down and relax for a few minutes. Of course now I need to go get some laundry done-does it ever end?!

Anyhoo ladies...hope everyone is having a wonderful day! It is supposed to get up to 94 here today! See ya :wave:

05-10-2005, 04:31 PM
Hi Terri~you snuck in there while I was typing away...glad you are liking your new car-I saw one the other day and am really liking that color (think I said that before! LOL). It's always good to have a car with little ones, especially in case of an emergency. Maybe in DH's mind the car was an early Mother's Day gift? I have a friend whose hubby never goes out for any occasion. It's not that he is thoughtless, just the way he is. She doesn't like it but deals with it. He just tells her to buy her what she wants for that occasion and she does and everything is fine.

Anyway, take care ladies and have a good one!

05-10-2005, 05:37 PM
Good afternoon -

Cristi's birthday?? She isn't part of the birthday thread??? yikes.......HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRISTI!!!! I'll get a birthday card out tonight.

Just popping in for a second. I should be working but when I drink my wadder I always think of Jaded Ladies........misery loves company, right?? lol

Yes, Gaby is a doll when riding her bike in a public building. lol She is a very sweet child, so loving. I need to take her in for a hearing & speech test. She is enjoying her new daycare with her half sister. They all speak Spanish, so maybe Gaby will pick some of it up?

I did get a child support check today - yay. We get to eat!! Not that I need to .....I weighed in at 152 this morning. I am not changing my ticker though , too depressing.

So, I am chugging wadder. *sigh* what a bore.

Neil Diamond is coming to Portland in Sept! That might be fun. I never did say that Wiggles were a riot, fell in love with The Captain, not at all a Wiggle but he is a great singer.
Gaby enjoyed it It rained that day and i piggy backed her all the way out to our car. *Exhausting*

k- boss is coming!!

05-10-2005, 06:44 PM
Just a short one today gals....(so sorry)

Jane--I've been closing them. Katie's party is going to be full of emotions! I hope you all have so much fun!!

Anita--I've wanted a challenge for myself also. You have a great one!! Leather jacket will be drapped on you in no time!

Katy--I've been doing all kinds of stretches to ease up the pain. I had James pop my back in and that REALLY helped ease it up.

Terri--I hope you're enjoying that new car of yours!! I couldn't get enough of mine when we first got it.....ok, I still can't get enough! :D

Cristi--Wow! What busy day you had! I hope you have a VERY special birthday and that your whole family spoils you like you deserve!

Angie--Anymore news on the show?? I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you get accepted!!

Hello to everyone else!

I've been doing laundry for what seems like days now. Not sure how I got so far behind, but I did.

Got to bed around 6:30 this morning, and I'm still a bit tired now! (woke up at 1:00)

Anyway, I"m babbling and I need to get things done.

take care

05-10-2005, 08:59 PM
Happy that I finished 66 oz's of water today. Think I will stop there for now.

We have a kitchen below us that cooks for residents and the smell is driving me nuts!! Sooooooo good.

Going to buy me some broccoli for dinner - sounds yummy to me.

Liked your idea about a food journal Katy. I think Jane mentioned that in her thread on how she lost 85 pounds too (?) There is that saying I like.......don't know where I read it but it goes "if you fail to plan - your plan will fail."
I think it does help to wake up and plan what you will eat.

k- best run!

da fat n da furious
05-11-2005, 03:06 AM
Good evening ladies,

Jane, got the book and read the first few pages so far really good. Nice about teh cake...have done that with some pictures...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Christi,,,and many more!

Marti, been there done that about the right hips does that and oh man it hurts.

Katy funny you should say that about a journal one of the ladies at work just gave me a journal, shes so sweet,,wants to me my mentor,,,shes lost over a 100 lbs in the last 1.5 yr. 3 months ago she went and got her tummy tucked. She looks great.

Anita, warm weather? brrr here, we had snow this morning! ITs over cast and cold. Can't wait for warm weather....

Terri, he probably thinks the car is an early mothers day present. Whats your weather like?

Oh ya Christi how much does it cost to fill up? If Im on empty its $50. its right now 86.9 cents a litre,,,there I go again Jane,,,can't remember the sign thing geesh.
Was commenting on my memory loss lately and as bad as this sounds I can't remember if its B6 or B12 that helps with memory.

As for the call back,,,it didn't go over very well,,,and doubt that Ill get a call back again. Not that Im all that sad about it...

For mothers day Brandon bought me a nail spa kit,,,Tanner got me the cutest card and made breakfast. Of course I had to wash the floor twice to get the bacon greese off,,,but its the thought that counts.

nothing else happening,,,need to go buy some cheap gloves and spray red (blood) all over them... still need the blow torch, and garbage cans on wheels....yes this is a strange play.
Went to rehearsal tonight and was bombarded by directors all begging for me to stage manage their shows in the fall. I stood my ground and said no to two of them and said if I got on the tv show I would do his show,,,Evita...chances are clever girl that I am...

anyways should get to bed,,,

05-11-2005, 02:29 PM
Since we have been planning on moving on the 21st, I told him that since we have to come down the following Wednesday to pick up our mail, that if I get a slip for the BIG u/s, that I will try my best to schedule it for that Wednesday later in the day so we won't be rushed to get there. I think it would be a nice surprise if we can find out the gender that day and then stop by my in-law's before heading back up north to my parents house.

On another note though......this morning when I was trying to get to sleep, I felt the baby kick for the first time. It was the same flicking sensation that I felt with Brandon, so I am sure of it. And ever since then, this munchkin has wanted to stay on my right side.

Jane~ No problem for starting another thread. I haven’t been closing them, so I think it was Marti that closed the last one. Me and Tommy both have good feelings about this move, so we are hoping for the best! I hope the swim class was fun!

Katy~ A mani-pedi sounds wonderful!

Cristi~ Happy birthday! When I was pregnant with Brandon, and we moved into this place, I was constantly yelled at by Tommy and anyone that was around. They were always telling me “don’t lift that” or “don’t do that, let me do it.” The rest of the time, they pushed me out of the way and did it for me.

Anita~ Good luck with your leather coat challenge!

Terrie-Lee~ I am definitely going to make sure that I get my rest. As far as I know, Tommy already has people lined up to help us with the move up north, so hopefully I won’t have to lift a finger, except to say where things go! LOL

Susan~ Chug that water girl……LOL Little Gaby sounds like a doll on her toy! Awesome news on the child support check!

Marti~ How are you doing? Were you able to get caught up on the laundry?

Angie~ How are you doing?

05-11-2005, 03:44 PM
Good Afternoon

Mindee: Lol you can wear the white hat.. that is the best job anyway:)

Angie: That is what he said .. I just bought you a brand new car! It got cold here too.. i had to light a little fire to get the chill out.

Susan: Glad Gaby liked the Wiggles.. my kids love them.. so i bought them a Wiggles movie. Emma loves broccoli too.. what a weird baby!

Marti: I am in love... with a car!! LOL oh well i feel so good when i am driving it! FREEDOM!!!!!!!!

Cristi: Well i love the colour.. glad you like it.. you know i havent seen any others around here except one truck,,, i hope it doesnt catch on up here.. Everyone already knows it is me in my little orange car!! lol

Hello everyone else... happy hump day... take care ttfn xxoo

05-11-2005, 04:09 PM
Oh i almost forgot.... Thank you for the lovely mothers day card cristi!!! It was the only one i got lol........ And a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not sure exactly what day it is as it isnt on the birthday thread! Have a good day!

05-11-2005, 05:05 PM
Good afternoon ladies~

Once again I am pooped! Definitely will take a nap as soon as I get off this thing, hopefully. The guy is supposed to be here about 3:45 and will probably start drilling holes in the wall about the time I doze off.

Today was a really nice day despite the kids at the Zoo and Cowtown. I swear every time we have gone to the zoo you would have thought it was kids day-buses of kids from all over running all over the place screaming! Not sure what they spent the $4 million on at the gorilla home but it was a disappointment. At least I saw it though. Took a lot of pictures there and at Cowtown. Couldn't see a lot of the buildings there because of all the kids but it was still nice. Was really nice to sit down and relax at lunch. All in all...we had a nice time. Got an early start because it is supposed to rain this afternoon, evening. Plus it was supposed to be hot.

THANK YOU LADIES for the birthday wishes! :thanks:

Terri~my birthday is actually tomorrow, birthday and anniversary. Was supposed to be out of town though. Which is fine because the place will be there for when we want to go so no big deal-need to get the patio done like yesterday! LOL You are welcome for the card.

Angie~I had to fill up once and it was only about $35. I don't ever let it get to far down, usually just a little under 1/4 of a tank but that time I was almost on E-of course the gas was a little cheaper then also. I did fill up yesterday and had a 1/4 of a tank and it was $22. You play sounds interesting and fun-would be so cool to see one of them.

Susan~you mentioned broccoli...I too liked it but it made me think of this recipe in the newspaper that sounded kind of gross-Broccoli and peanut butter soup! ICK! :barf: I like broccoli and I like peanut butter but not together as a soup. Glad Mike finally sent some support. Just saw Neil Diamond on the Ellen Degeneres show yesterday, and my mother went to see him while living in Denver and said he was awesome! Still sounds pretty good.

Marti~hope you get to feeling better. I've never had that but can only imagine what a pain it could be.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Gotta get going...jeopardy will be on in a few minutes and I just want to sit and relax for a little while before having to do laundry and get dinner started. This is usually my time when I do wind down. Starts with Jeopardy, Ellen, and the news then time to start dinner and it seems I am always doing something till 8 or 9-except on Thursday of course! LOL Anyway, take care ladies and I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. See ya tomorrow sometime. :flow2:

05-11-2005, 08:37 PM
Good afternoon-

Ick on the broccoli & peanut butter Cristi - lol . I love broccoli though, all my girls do.

Rach has lost 10 pounds over the last 3 months, she looks so grown up.

How far along are you Mindee?? Time goes so fast - I don't think I felt fluttery movements til 6 months or so.

Anyway, I am really tired. Think I have my visitation amended from 7 pm to 11 am Friday - pick up for Gaby . Not sure. My lawyer sent me a copy that the judge signed it, whatever that means. I assume she said ok?? lol. I put an email in to my lawyer.

Mike did call on Monday and said on my phone message that he would agree to me having sole custody, that he would call back that night. He never did call back though. Full steam ahead to a custody evaluation in June. Suppose to go back to court in the beginning of June and make sure both sides have their money.

Gaby is doing well. She does have a stuffy nose but otherwise is a princess. I tell her that and she always says "no, I am a baby."

k- hi to you all !!

Tea Rose
05-11-2005, 11:00 PM
I have missed you all so much . I just wanted to come by and say hello and to tell you that I have been thinking of you all . I have been under a lot of stress the past six months and wasn't coping well. I hope I am still welcome here, hopefully I can catch up with you all, and I wanted to tell Jane how sorry I am to hear about your brother in laws passing, my heartfelt condolences to you and your family.I hope everyone is well .(((HUGS)))

05-12-2005, 12:08 AM
Oh, yippeeeeeeeeeee Ellen!!!!!!

Have missed you soooooo much!! Heading out the door but wanted to say hello! :)

HUGS to you.

05-12-2005, 01:29 AM
Hi everybody...

I think I finally made it through all the threads...I read a lot but haven't posted in a while...

Jane, if I haven't told you yet, very very sorry to hear about your brother in law (((hugs)))

Cristi, thanks so much for the Mother's Day card -- your snail mail always brightens my day :) And Happy Birthday, hon! :woo: :hb: :gift:

Ellen, good to see you back...of COURSE you are still welcome, silly :) Hope you are feeling some better. :goodvibes

Hello hello to everyone else :wave:

Work is crazy and I am sooooooooo burned out. Need a break...I do have a 4 day weekend for Memorial Day, and we are trying to work out going to San's only about a 2 hour drive or so.

And guess where I'm going in September? :lucky: We only have a week -- wish we had longer, but it practically took an act of Congress for hubby and I to get the same days off work. But all the same, it should be wonderful and memorable. We fly out of the US on Friday September 16, and should be in Dublin Saturday morning. If you want to see the tour we're taking, it's at, and it's the Pub and Folk Tour. We added the extra night at Bunratty Castle, so we will be flying home on my birthday.

Has anyone tried the new fruit salad at McDonalds? :mcd: I'm not ususally too fond of their food, but there's one close to my work, and I usually don't get my act together enough to pack lunch. It's sliced apples, seedless grapes, vanilla yogurt, and a little package of candied walnuts. Really good, even though it's over priced -- but they keep giving me $1 off coupons if I buy a drink, so I keep going back :T good stuff!

OK, my friends, I'm exhausted, gotta hit the hay... :tired: sweet dreams... :cloud9:


05-12-2005, 01:52 AM
Terrie-Lee~ Well, it looks like I might not even have to do that. My sister is being a PITA about things, so it looks like the only big things that we are taking is: our kitchen table/chairs, our bed, our dresser, Brandon’s crib, and his dresser. She told us when we first moved in that we could have pretty much everything that she left, and now she is going back on it all. So we are just going to let her have the couch, cd cabinet, computer desk, lamp in the living room, and two dressers….pretty much the things that she said we could have.

Cristi~ Thanks for the mother’s day card! I think we talked about your anniversary/birthday being the day after my anniversary. So happy birthday/anniversary!

Susan~ I am 17 weeks today! And I go for my first appointment next Friday! I am hoping to get a slip for the BIG u/s to be done the following week! So keep your fingers crossed on that one! Sounds like you have all your ducks in a row.

Ellen~ It is so great to hear from you!

KatieCat~ It is so great to hear from you as well! Your trip to Ireland sounds amazing! I will have to try that new salad, I have been seeing the commercials for it.

05-12-2005, 07:27 AM
:balloons: :woo: :grouphug: Happy Birthday Cristi!! :balloons: :woo: :grouphug:

Hope it's a fun filled day!!!

05-12-2005, 09:12 AM
Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary, Cristi!!!! and a big hello to everyone else!

Cristi - If/when you decide to have your birthdate listed again in the bd thread, let Marti or me know, ok? I forgot that your anniversary is today, too! I should've remembered that, since we talked about it more than once, lol. :dizzy: Sorry that your plans got cancelled, but we're at the mercy of contractors, aren't we? You'll love the patio once it's done! Neal screened ours in, and we spend lots of summer evenings out there.

Katy - watching DGD at swim lessons is a hoot! Although she has learned enough to save her life, I doubt that she'll actually be a swimmer when the lessons are over. Since we aren't members of the Y, 8 lessons cost me $60!!

Anita - I just know you'll be in that coat, all buttoned up, when Fall gets here. Take a picture of it and hang it on the fridge. That oughta help! Katie's graduation in a week from Saturday, the 21st.

Terri - yep, hon, I'd say your car is your mother's day present, lol. Sounds so nice, and you're right. A car = freedom!!

Susan - omg, Neil Diamond sang me through my teenage years. I used to make out to "Sweet Caroline, Solitary Man, I am, I said", etc. lol. He got really hooked on drugs but beat it eventually. I'd love to see him! Yep, I am the queen of writing down what I'm gonna eat, before I eat it. "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail" is one of my many mottos, lol.

Marti - glad the stretches are helping with the pain, toots! There will be about 70 people here for Katie's party. Lots of details to work out, lol.

Angie - glad you like the book so far. It made me laugh out loud several times! I especially like her interaction with the dog, lol. Good luck with the bloody gloves!

Mindee - aww, glad you felt a kick! That's always reassuring, isn't it? When we moved out here, I stopped by the liquor store and got wine boxes to pack glasses, vases, fragile do-dads, etc. Very handy. Sorry your sister went back on her word!

Ellen - there you are!!!! So glad to see you back here where you belong!! We all missed you.

Katiecat - can I go to San Fransisco with you? When do we leave? And Ireland in September? I may need to tag along with you there, too. My friend that I was going to go with has said it's ok for practially her whole extended family to join us, and I don't want to go with them. They are very nice people, but I really didn't want to travel to Ireland with them, you know? I didn't know MickeyD's has a fruit salad! Sounds great! Remember a year and a half ago when I was taking my own fruit to fast food places, lol?

Maggie came over for coffee yesterday AM. She is doing pretty good, but got a little teary, and said it's as though Jerry is at work, and will be home later, but then doesn't come home. Aww....

I've been busy with Katie's party stuff. As I mentioned to Marti, there will be about 70 people here, not counting her school friends who will stop by. Most of them are having their open houses the next day, which is one reason we picked Saturday, right after the graduation ceremony, for hers. The menu is a killer, WW-wise, but I've made it though worse than this, lol.

Ciao for now!

05-12-2005, 01:34 PM
A very good morning to everyone!

I am feeling a bit crappy/cranky today-didn't sleep well last night for some reason. Then on top of it I got up too early. Need to do something with that arched window above the windows in our bedroom. The minute the sun is up it shines right through it. I like the light but not at 6 a.m.-too early for me, makes me think it is later than what it really is.

So...did the tanning thing since I didn't yesterday and then my wally world a day late. I was surprised the store was so empty at a little after nine. Now need to get some laundry done, straighten the house a little, water the plants and take a shower. Was going to lunch and a movie but looks like that is out for the moment. Waiting to have 8 tons of sand delivered. Hoping they get here before 1 so we can take a late lunch. Then will go to a movie tomorrow I think. Have to go get the permit for the fence and then can go after that I think...unless it doesn't rain and the cement truck is coming tomorrow. Who knows...will just be glad to have that done.

Katiecat~I have tried the new fruit salad...they are good and I too think they are a little over priced. Thought it would be a little bigger but to be honest it was enough-didn't even finish it and I don't like the plain yogurt or walnuts so didn't eat that either. When it is hot I like to have something light and cold and that was perfect! I will have to check out the site-what a fabulous trip! And to San Fran also! I don't know if I will ever get to take a real vacation.

Jane~that's too bad that your friend decided to invite the extended family. I have to agree with you though, don't think I would want to go with a bunch of people especially when I thought it would be just two of us. Maybe you and Neal can go sometime. I know exactly how Maggie is feeling...((((((HUGS)))))) to her. You get in a routine and I know with me every day at the time DH#1 was due to come home I was expecting him and looking at the door waiting. So much to get used to when the hubby is gone. But thankfully your sister has great support. Wish we could screen in this patio but the way our house is we can't. Last night V and I were on the deck (was so nice out) and I told him it would have been the perfect night to be in the swing on the patio. I love the late evening when everything is quiet.

Marti~thank you for the BD wishes! :thanks: I almost forgot it was my BD! LOL So far it has been a nice one except that I am a little cranky-think it is the week before TOM-UGH! Are you feeling better girly?

Mindee~hope you get the thing needed to get an US. I didn't want to know with the first three but with the fourth...I really had to urge to find out. I was hoping for another girl but would have been happy with either. Just think they have the cutest little girl clothes and love the names too! Have you guys thought about names yet?

Ms. Ellen! So very happy to hear from you! (((((HUGS))))) to you sweetie. We have missed you and your humor, oh and of course your poems around here. Sorry things have been hard for you. :grouphug:

Susan~are you sure you don't want that Broccoli-Peanut Butter Soup recipe? I still have the paper from yesterday-it looks really delicious....NOT! It actually looks nasty. I can't imagine broccoli and peanut butter together. :barf: Speaking of peanut butter...I forgot to get some graham crackers! Love those with pb. Sounds to me like Mike is getting his jollies by teasing you. Seems he has called a lot and said you could have sole custody and then you don't hear from him.

Again, ladies, THANK YOU for the BD wishes! :thanks:

Now I need to get going and get something done today, doubt that I will but it sounded good for about two seconds! LOL Take care ladies and everyone have a marvelous day!

05-12-2005, 01:50 PM
Katiecat~thought I would go check out the site before I signed off. You guys are going to have a fabulous time. I check out some of the tours and such and it's not as expensive to visit as i thought it would be. I would love to go over some day and tour a bunch of the Castles, and sleep in one also. That would be sooo cool. Don't know when or if that will ever happen though. DH and I are planning an Alaskan cruise for our 10th anniversary, hopefully so Ireland may never happen. That and I don't know if I could stand the flight ot get there! :yikes: I am a BIG :chicken: when it comes to flying. Anyway, you guys are going to have a fabulous time, and don't forget to send me a post card! LOL Just kidding. I know the last thing on your mind while in Ireland will be postcards!

Tata for now ladies! :wave:

Tea Rose
05-12-2005, 04:05 PM BIRTHDAY SWEET CRISTI

05-12-2005, 04:44 PM
Hello everyone!!

Cristi--I'm sorry you woke up feeling cranky..I'm sure your family will make it a fun day for you so the feeling of crankiness will go away. I really do hope you have a day of pampering!! Happy-Happy-Happy Birthday toooooo youuuuuu!!!! :D

Angie--Your play sure sounds fun to get together!! Getting all the props ready would be fun! Looking forward to seeing photos of that one!!

Mindee--Your family is going to start thinking that you're getting pregnant just to get out of helping move! :D (just teasing) it's good that they don't expect you to do much.

Terri--Of coarse your in love!! Just kind of adds some energy to me when I'm driving....just need to be careful about speeding. Don't want to get to cocky w/my attitude while driving.

Susan--I LOVE brocolli. And Jhanai loves it too. So we tend to steam a lot of it around here. I'm looking forward to going to the farms. Strawberries are here!! And a fresh strawberry daiquiri sound really good right now!!! :D

Katie--San Fran!? I wanna go!! :) But Ireland sounds more of an adventure!!! Can I go there w/you too? :lol: How fun!! Make sure you send lots of photos from that vacation!!

Ellen--Glad to see you posting. Hope you start feeling better. Hugs your way! ((((HUGS)))))

Jane--I wish I could be there to give Katie a hug of congratulations on graduation day! But since I can't you just give her one for me!! You must be proud! Jhanai will be having a little graduation for the 5th graders. And of coarse she failed to tell me about it!! Not sure when it is...but I need to figure out time off work.

I sure hope I got everyone!

Need to clean up and get some lunch. You all have a lovely Thursday!! It's almost the weekend!!!

Tea Rose
05-12-2005, 05:50 PM Everyone
Thankyou for welcoming me back. Its quite chilly here today ,the weather seems so unpredictable ,I haven't done much , although I should. Hi Cristi
Sorry to hear your feeling a bit crummy today of all days, hopefully your mood has picked up as the day progressed, can't be cranky on your Birthday you have 364 other days to do that :lol: I hope your having a wonderful day , eat some cake for me ok Thank you for all the thoughtful cards they meant a lot to me. (((((HUGS))))) Hi Jane
Its sounds like you are planning a very large party, sounds like a lot of work, but I'm sure it will be so much fun .It will take me a while to sort out who's doing what and why :lol: I hate being out of the loop , out of my mind I'm used to :lol: . Sorry Maggie is having a hard time,its very sad for all of you I know. (((HUGS TO ALL))) Sounds like your busier than I want to be right now, :lol: Have a great day Jane. Susie Q
Who's eating Peanut butter and Broccoli looks like I came back in the nick of time , are you alright do you have a fever,stomach ache, or are you just full of chili beans :lol: ahhh that felt good :lol: It does explain Rachel's weight loss though :lol: Hows sweet Gaby , still growing I suppose ,I hope all is well, (((HUGS))) Hi Katie
Are you going to San Francisco or Ireland, either way I hope you have a wonderful time Hi Angie
Thankyou for the thoughtful card, Milo is doing great , he is a sweetie , but growing to fast,I will get pictures soon,hope you and your family are doing well, I need to catch up on what your doing, I'm a lot behind :lol: Hi Terri
Did you get a car , good for you, it is freedom, I don't have one ,maybe someday, hope your enjoying it. Hi Marti
I read your not feeling well , I hope that you are feeling better soon,I;m so behind with everyone's lives "sorry" Take care of yourself ((HUGS)) Hi Mindee
Where are you moving to, :?: How are you feeling , I hope everything is fine. Hi Pam
How's the pearly whites, I'm so happy for you, do we get pictures now, :D I hope your having a wonderful day, keep smiling :D :lol: Hi to Everyone Else
I hope you are all having a wonderful day, and all is well with you

05-12-2005, 07:19 PM
Hi all
Ellen - so good to see you back...missed you!

I am busy busy busy - going out of town tomorrow with DH. He's officiating a track meet in Sisters...and he gets a free hotel room. So Grandma is going to stay with the kids and I'm going along.... not quite sure what I'll do while he's away at the meet, but I know I can go for lots of hikes. I'll just try and enjoy my kid-free time, I guess. Don't get too much of THAT, you know!

Happy Birthday Cristi - hope it's good one

Hi to all my JL pals! I'm off to take DS to piano lessons, so ciao for now

Tea Rose
05-12-2005, 11:41 PM Where Is Everyone Tonight

Oh where oh where have my Jl friends gone
Oh where oh where can they be
First I looked here and then I looked there
Are you girls hiding from me

05-13-2005, 12:23 AM

I am happy you are back posting Ellen!!! :)

Happy Birthday to Cristi :)

I am going to head out and get Gaby early from the sitter. She is stuffy and has been coughing all week. Poor thing. Think we both just need to stay home this weekend and get some rest.

I love her so much. Completed the custody evaluatin self reporting form, will get that off tomorrow in the mail.

I guess that is it , not much. I don't see the older girls every day like I use to.........kind of

k- better get.

05-13-2005, 12:24 AM
A late Happy Birthday Cristi....Sorry I didn't respond sooner.

Just a pop in. Having a busy few days here with family things. Today DH and I went to the saw mill to get lumber for his next project. He wanted me to ride along so we could look at some lots on the way. Nothing we are interested in anyway.
We took DH's brother out of the re-hab home for lunch yesterday. He was glad to get away from his room for a couple hours. He is doing so well and might be home in another week or two.
Tomorrow we go to lunch with DH's sister and her hubby. He has so many siblings it is hard to keep in touch with them. I guess I need to have a big family dinner at our house again.
Then Mom has the company of her 2 sisters from PA this week-end and I will be hanging out with them. All 7 of her siblings and 3 spouses will be in town tomorrow for dinner together.

Hope everyone has a great Friday and week-end.

ELLEN>>Welcome back.

05-13-2005, 09:50 AM
It's Friday the 13th - my lucky day!! :D

Cristi - hope you had a wonderful day yesterday. Which movie are you planning to see today? Have you tried the cinnamon graham crackers? I eat them everyday with peanut butter for breakfast. Even took them to Louisiana, Walt Disney World and Chicago when I went. Your patio will be so nice, and a swing on it sounds great!

Marti - the 5th grade graduation sounds so cute! I know you'll take lots of pictures for scrapbooking and sharing with your jaded friends, right?

Ellen - glad you're back! And I see you brought your sense of humor with you, thank goodness!

Katy - have fun with your DH today, sans kids!

Susan - aww, hope the Gabster is better today.

Sue - have fun with all the relatives today and the rest of the weekend.

Katiecat - if you do send postcards, it's much easier if you have the labels printed at home, and buy stamps before you go. Have a great time in SF!!

Pam and Dee - are you guys off on a truck run somewhere, lol??

Went to a Tupperware party last night and ordered more of the small tumblers for kids that have a lid and a straw hole. Love those for the grandkids! Most Tupperware-like stuff you can get at Walmart, and I was suprised to find out people still have parties.

Today's payday, so I need to pay the bills. My freezer in the shed went belly-up, so I guess I'll be shopping for a new one today. This time I want an upright one, so I don't have to stand on my head to get stuff from the bottom of the chest type that I have now.

Hope you have a happy Friday the 13th!

05-13-2005, 10:07 AM
Good Morning!TGIF

Ohhh sorry i missed your birthday Cristi... Happy Belated birthday to you!!!!!!!! I wasn't on yesterday... i ave been busy cleaning around here.... mount dishmore is gone.... dont know what to do with mount toymore... and mount washmore.. is still high.. we dont have a lot of water here so i can only do a couple loads a day. Ahh well slow and steady. It has been cold here the last couple of days.. I had to light a fire yesterday and i think i willlight another one.. it is cold in here... Wow i can't wait until summer!.. (lol then i will be complaining about the heat... never satisfied:lol: ) WEll there was a lot of posts, so i will try to do this:

Ellen: YAY :dance: hello dear friend!! missed you! Your posts are always so pretty! Hope you feel a little better... the sun might help a little with that Winters are hard! Find a sunny place in the house and sit in it.. that is what the nurse tell me! Glad you are back!:grouphug:

Cristi: Happy Birthday again:balloons: ... Hope you are feeling better today.. I am more then a little cranky when i am pmsing....It is like a monster crawls into my body and takes over:yikes:

Susan: That guy is a wacko!:dizzy: hopefully the custody thing will be done soon! I am calling a lawyer today to deal with my ex.. i have tried on my own for a long time and am gettin nowhere.. so sorry.. i gotta do it.

Suetalks: I bet it was great for you Dh;s brother to get out for a while... And how nice for your mom to have a nice get together with her family!!

Katiecat: How lucky for you to be going to Ireland! I just read a book based in Ireland... It was fiction but it was still really good! My family comes from there so i would love to go someday and see it!

Katy: FOr sure enjoy your time with no kiddies.. I dont even remember what that is like! lol I love them but i sure have a lot of white hair for a 25 year old!!!:lol:

Marti: Lol ya i know about the cocky thing.. I feel so hot in my little car with the tunes blasting.. and i love it because guys look at me because they cant see my weight inside my car!! The other day i was driving through town and a carload of guys actually did a u-turn and followed me!! lol the stoppped when they realized i wasnt going to stop and chat... It was still a great feeling!

Jane: well sounds like you will be busy with that party!! *hugs* to Maggie.. I think acting like they are just gone away is a coping method.. because i still do that...i can;t help it.. it just feels nicer to think of them on vacation.. *hugs* to all of you.

Well I am feeling kind of rotten today.. just had to run to the bathroom... And no i am not pregnant.... I just do that sometimes... doctors still havent figured out what it is.. they dont know what to say so they say oh it is just nerves.. I dont think i have anything to be nervous about right now... Oh well.. I am used to it now... I am a takes me a minute and i am up and at em again.. lol Ok sorry for the grossout this early in the morning. I lit the fire but it doesnt seem to want to catch.. Must be the air pressure outside.. it makes it hard to light sometimes.... Hmm my Blue Jay is back at my bird feeder.. he is a pig eats it all and doesnt leave any for the little birds! Oh well i will let him because he is sooo pretty!:blah: Ok i am done I hope everyone has a good week-end if i am not back!!! TTFN xxoo

05-13-2005, 10:10 AM
Jane you snuck in!! Good morning!

05-13-2005, 11:38 AM
:coffee2: Got the teeth ,girls. Bottoms arn't so bad but the uppers are a drag. Have to learn how to talk and eat. Drinking something means being careful not to druel. Chewing is also interesting. I may be dieting only because it's very strange to eat. Everyone says they look so real and natural but ('m not convenced. I think I look like a relitive of Chip and Dale.
Dee is off today so maybe she'll check in. We plan to go to Redlands and take a tour of a mansion there named Kimberly Crest. It was featured on A&E and is absolutly magnificent. Redlands is the most beautiful town. It's full of wonderful Victorian Homes, packed with them. My very favorite is the Morey Mansion. I've loved this house sense I was small. Check them out on line ladies, if you like old houses. Just do a search.
Look, Ellen and her pretty posts are back. Whoopi. Glad to see your back.
Cristi I'm sorry I missed your Birthday. I've so busy getting caught up on things I put off till I got the chompers. Hope it was a good one.


05-13-2005, 12:59 PM
Cristi~ Happy belated birthday and anniversary! We actually have a name picked out already for both, boy and girl. I am crossing my fingers tightly that I can get the slip for the u/s cause I would really want to know!

Jane~ We have been looking for boxes. I think today, whenever Tommy gets home from work, we will go to the Uhaul place and put money down on a truck and get boxes. And yes, since I haven’t really had any other reassurance except for the squirminess the kick was very reassuring. When I graduated, 5 years ago, I had my graduation party the day after graduation. It was the only day that fit with ours and the caterers schedule.

Marti~ How did you know my plan? Just kidding. The funny part is we actually started the whole surge of pregnancies in my family, and now we are putting it to an end. We figure 6 grandkids in a year and a halves time is enough, don’t you think?

Ellen~ Thanks for the yellow tulip, how did you know I have two yellow tulips in my front yard? We are moving 2 hours away from where we live now. We are going to be living with my parents for the time being and then hopefully getting an apartment of our own. I am doing/feeling really good. I just started to get more of an appetite and it seems like bologna sandwiches are the best thing to eat lately! How are you doing/feeling?

how is everyone doing today?

05-13-2005, 01:40 PM
Hi Ladies!

Just a quickie to say hi for now. Took longer than expected to read everything in between chasing down the neighbors dog. Had to run up for a potty break and V was heading to the PO and saw the neighbors dog so spent a few minutes trying to get it. All I did was spook it and it ran from me. So I came inside...was going to forget about it but then went back out to get him just as V was pulling up. He went next door to Wanda's deck, poor dog was scared. Had V get him and we finally got him back home. Went over there once to let them know the last time he got out but no one was home. Better let them know this time. V said their latch is bent...who knows. Anyway, we didn't make it to the show yesterday but did have a late lunch/early dinner. We are headed to the show in a few minutes to see Crash and have lunch there. They have a nice theatre that has a diner in it and while people have said they are a little high on their prices, every one agreed the food is good. I feel like I have been pigging out all week, or since V has been home. But weighed at the docs this morning and it shows I lost 1/2 pound-I'll take it.

Anyway, ladies...gotta go for now but I will be back later to do individuals. Take care and have a GREAT day!

05-13-2005, 02:35 PM
Good Morning Ladies--

Very tired right now yet I can't sleep. Worked on hour over....the computers were backed up which made them stall and it was frustrating since I was ready to go home!! Finally made it home and got to bed around 5:00. Then was up at 9:30. Sheesh!!

BUT---It's FRIDAY!!!

Cristi--I don't believe I've heard of crash, whose in it? I hope it's a good movie and you enjoy it. Have you heard about the Narnia Books getting a movie? "The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe"? Someone was talking about it at work last night. I would like to see that when it comes out.

Mindee--My family had a little surge of pregnancies this year. My sis and two of my cousins had babies earlier this year. So three brand new babies squirming around. They asked me if I was planning on having a baby when they all found out they were pregnant....uhh--no. :lol:

Terri--WooHoo!! Getting followed by a carload of guys! Nothing like that to make the esteem rise a little! :lol: I get looks from guys all the wait, my CAR gets looks from guys all the time! :D I still get people who stop me and ask me what kind of car I have. Fun!

Jane--I'm looking forward to Jhanai's little ceremony. I can't believe she didn't tell me before I did my months scheduling! Too bad for work..I'll just call in! Wouldn't miss that for the world! Today her and her dad are at the coast for a field trip. And they didn't take the bus, the took a coach so all the kids can be more comfortable! Can you believe that? I've never heard of such a thing!

Sue--Wow...big family! If you throw a dinner party, hopefully you'll have lots of help so you get to actually visit instead of spending all the time in the kitchen! Have a great weekend of family time.

Susan--Hugs to Gaby. Hope the sniffles go away soon and she starts to feeling better. The sun is peeking out for Oregon......she'll love being outdoors more w/you.

Ellen--Always great to see you posting. My nerve issues are over. It usually last a couple days to a week every month. Kind of like TOM!! Maybe it's related somehow?? Sure glad to have you back and posting. LOVE the little poem.

Pam--Sorry that it's taking some time getting used to your new choppers. But in the end, you'll love them. My dad is a whole new person!! He smiles more than he used to. And he's no longer sick all the time! Bad teeth cause health issues and I know he had many!

hello to all the others I'm missing!

Well I may just attempt to go back to bed and sleep a little more. I'm so tired right now.

You all have a wonderful Friday!!

Tea Rose
05-13-2005, 03:40 PM Good Afternoon Ladies
The sun is shining brightly , but darn its cold still, I turned off the heat weeks ago , but I wish it was on today, I warmed up the living room with the fireplace heater , that helped a bit thankgoodness. Its Friday the 13th maybe I should crawl under the bed and stay there till tomorrow. :lol: Haven't planned much for the day , maybe I will make another list of things to do , or maybe I should just do the things on the other lists :lol: and I won't need to make anymore lists :lol: I have created more work for myself, I have decided after a long long long long winter, that I am painting , I heard that sigh, :lol: Yes you have heard it before I know the big discussion about the red living room and then the taupe, well neither happened, thankgoodness,and now I have decided that I need a change of scenery, No I'm not moving or going on a vacation, I am changing the decor, to bright happy colors. I have been wanting to recover my loveseats for years and now with my tax return I am doing it. I am painting the walls a nice creamy yellow, and I am covering the loveseats in a floral fabric of yellows peachy pinks and green. The things that I cannot use in my rooms my daughter can take to her house, if she'd like to.I have picked the paint ,picked the fabric, now I just have to order it.I am really hoping that the change in colouring will have a more positive effect on me.If not I will cry a lot :lol: I need to begin prepping to paint, and although I don't normally mind painting, I am not looking forward to it yet. This was supposed to be my makeover year, weight loss , new hair style, clothes, a new me, " r i g h t" Oh well , maybe when I change my atmosphere things will change for the better. :) My daughter is moving in a few weeks, my son has made an apartment in the basement,and will be travelling out of town a lot for shows with the band. I'm not as worried about being alone as I used to be, but having said that , no one is gone "yet" :lol: So what do you girls think of the colour scheme, how does it sound . I drive every one crazy don't I :lol: Hi Jane
I was watching Everyone loves Raymond the other day and they were having a tupperware party, I remember my mother used to attend parties years ago, and we had all these brightly coloured bowls pitchers salt and pepper shakers and cups, I think it would be fun to go to one now, has the tupperware sold at the parties changed much over the years, ? To bad about the freezer ,but good luck I guess, you can now change to an upright model , they are much more conveinient, a woman must have invented the upright model, :lol: Have a great day, even if your paying bills, as long as you can pay them its a great day :lol: Hi Mindee
I knew about the tulips , because I'm physic ,not physco don't confuse the two, :lol: Glad to hear your doing so well, it will be nice when you have your own place again , but it will be nice to spend time with your family to. Bologna and mustard mmmm I used to crave that when I was expecting, but its not so for good for you.How is Brandon dealing with the baby news, is he excited to have a little brother or sister? My son was really excited to have his little sister, but when she was asked it she would like a sibling the answer was a resounding no. :lol: It would be nice to know the sex of the baby, helps you to plan for the things you need, especially if its a little girl this time. I used to love to dress my daughter in the frilliest dresses bonnets little lace sockies and matching booties, oh how I miss those days. Its your time now so enjoy every moment of it. Hi Cristi
Its a challenge chasing down a dog , or cat, every once in a while Baggins shoots out the door and runs through my neighbours fence , into their yard , and trots around till he gets tired of the chase, and does'nt have a plan for his escape. He's so funny he runs so fast to get out and then he flops when he realizes he has no where to go. :lol: Dogs just keep on truckin. Glad you and V got him safley back home, I hate to see lost animals ,running and frightened.Your a good neighbour.Congratulations on the half pound, its more rewarding when you lose, when you are sure you have gained, :lol: I'll take it any way it comes to :lol: Hope you had a great Birthday Hi Terri
Thankyou I am glad to be back , I missed you all so much.Funny you should say find a sunny place in the house, problem is because my house is surrounded by beautiful old trees, on one side, I don't get any direct sunlight which has been an ongoing problem for me. I live in a semi-detached home , and the only side that could have windows didn't , so I had to put in two,one on the bottom and one at the top landing of the staircase. This helped to bring more light in. I am always thinking of places to bring in more light ,without moving, thats why i have planned to paint and decorate with cheery colours. My House before I moved here was that way, but when I came here, I guess I was desperate for change, but the colours didn't work positively for me. So I am off on a new adventure :lol: Wow its cold here to, can't believe it, I turned my heat off weeks ago, and its chilly in here :lol: Hope your having a great day,and you feel better soon.((HUGS)) Terri are you familiar with War On The Shore Metal Music Festival in August,in Thunder Bay, My Son is playing in it. Hi Susan
Poor little Gaby, I hope she feels better soon,its no fun being sick.I can't believe your still struggling with all those custody issues, when will it end for you. By the time they get it settled she will be grown up and gone,dang it :lol: I know what you mean about teen girls love em to death , but they sure are noisy. :lol: Has your chili bean fetish past yet ,have you moved on to something new :lol: Whats new in your life, did you get married to anyone while I was away ,win the lottery, buy shares in Hostess twinkies.Did you get the table and chairs? Inquiring mind wants to know.Hope your having a wonderful day.((HUGS )) Hi Pam
I bet you new toofies look marvelous, it takes a while to get used to things like that, but you will be a pro in no time.Druling is not the most attrative trait :lol: but the weight loss from it could be very good :lol: I want to go to the Redlands with you and Dee , can I come please, I love old homes especially victorian, how far is it from where you live? Sounds like your a girl on the go with your new pearly whites , enjoy :D Hi Sue
Thankyou its good to be back chatting with you all again, hope all is well with you, sounds like you have a busy weekend planned, Hope you have a lovely time, with your family and have a great day. Hi Marti
Glad to hear your feeling better, Hopefully your back in bed,sleeping and catching up on your rest.It is Friday, and that means the weekend begins,so I hope you have a wonderful one. Hi to all you girls,
I hope your having a wonderful day and that its warmer where you are, cause its chilly chilly here

05-13-2005, 04:13 PM
Good afternoon!

No, I still crave beans Ellen. The bad thing about that is it HAS to be Wendy's chili and there is no Wendy's in my part of town. :( so here I sit and suffer!

hmmm, yes Mike is a wacko but he is MY wacko *sniff* How I got blessed with such an over the top one I will never know. lol. Sheesh,,,,,,,,I haven't heard from him since last week when he called to see if I wanted to settle.

Course his phone is temp out of service. Just as well. He will be in town today though to pick up his other daughter. Maybe he will give me a jingle??

I am starving, so I am going to go.

Not married yet.
Still no chairs and table. Though Doug has a nice cute one that I want him to bring over. He won't though.
I didn't win any lottery.
Custody thing is going on 8 months now in June. YAWN,,,,,,,,,,Gaby is riding in her tricycle to her first day of college. Wow.......will it ever end?? Even I am bored with it. Though the custody evaluation is the highlight. I hope I pass for being her mom?? lol

k- out of here!

Tea Rose
05-13-2005, 06:17 PM HIYA SUSAN
You don't sound very cheery today, why don't you come help me paint , we can go to Wendys get some chili, buy some twinkies and have a party.Gaby can play with the kitties, how does that sound.Don't worry about passing for being her Mom, your a Great Mom . Hopefully you really are cheery and just hungry, :lol:

05-13-2005, 06:39 PM
Hi Ellen,

I WAS hungry! I only had an apple for breakfast and a cup of coffee. I walked around the block to Western Union and paid my phone bill, made some money orders for my tires that I bought, Mike's mom, and my lawyer.
Walked across to Panda Express and bought some chow mein and 2 side entree's.
Walked home and ate it all up!! Now I am not hungry any more but I am thirsty!
I didn't get any sleep last night. Tossed and turned and listened to Gaby whimper in her sleep. She still isn't feeling up to par.
She went to grandma's today.

I had an early morning meeting for our safety committee. Can yo believe I am on it Ellen?? I know nothing about maintenance - lol. They made me the note taker. Had the head of HR and the director of public housing in there.

Mike's ex just called. She said that he just left a message on her phone number. He called her a co*&su&^er and he hoped she rot in ****. She wanted to know why he was so mad. Thought he might have talked with me - lol............nada........

Anyway, he wasn't coming in this weekend (he said he was sick)to get his other daughter. He hasn't seen her in a month.

My point exactly. He is never going to be stable in his visitation with Gabster,,,,,,,,,if he ever hurts her I am going to maime him!

ahhhh - better get.


Tea Rose
05-13-2005, 07:12 PM So that was a no to the painting chili and twinkies :lol:
Incase your hungry later on

05-13-2005, 07:35 PM

When I go get Gaby I will stop at a Wendy's and stock up on chili for the weekend.

I would love to paint with you though!!

Can we paint on tricycles?? Eating tweenkies and toot toot toot .........hmm, is that too graphic?? lol

So nice to have you back Ellen , you were GREATLY missed!!!!!!

:) :) :) :)

05-14-2005, 02:09 AM
We found something new that Brandon loves to eat, well actually two new things. He loves to eat green olives and banana pepper rings.

We went down to the Hoedown on Friday night to pass some time. (for those that don’t know, the Hoedown is where they get a ton of country artist and they all come and play for free) It was a lot of fun…….then we noticed that the sky was as dark as the scene from “Independence Day” right before the aliens came into the picture. And we decided to go and look at what was new in the cowboy hats since the last time we were down there. We walked out of the tent and started to feel some rain drops…..only to make a quick turn and head back into the tent. We were in that tent for the majority of the time we were down there. We waited through round after round of rain and thunder and lightning. The people told us to leave for about 25 to 30 minutes so that they could get everything back to normal since the tent decided to leak. As soon as they said that and half the people were out, it started to downpour again! One of the guys that worked the tent came over and asked if Brandon eats solid foods, I said yes and he then asked if Brandon could have a pretzel. I said yes and he walked away. He came back with a pretzel for Brandon and then the other guy told everyone to clear out. The guy that gave Brandon the pretzel told us that we could stay since we had Brandon. It ended up lightning up a bit to where we could make it back to the car with just feeling sprinkles.

Cristi~ What is the name of that theatre/restaurant? I was watching the food channel last week, actually Mother’s Day, and they did a show on places to take mom. They featured a theatre/restaurant.

Marti~ That sounds like my family. Although if you ask my mom, she would say “well I know what my girls like to do in their spare time.”

Ellen~ A good switch of décor is always good to brighten things up! Right now, it is bologna with mayo and ketchup. For some reason, French’s mustard doesn’t taste right to me. Brandon is doing incredibly well with the news of an impending sibling. You ask him if he is going to be a big brother and he smiles. You ask him where his brother or sister is, and he will either pat my belly if I am laying down or look at it if I am standing up. He does also understand that he can’t climb on mommy’s belly either, to which he usually plays shy and buries his head into my chest. That is how he is now, when his brother or sister is actually here, it could be a different story. I figure either way we have this baby covered. If we have a girl, my two sisters that just had girls have already offered to give me their clothes. And if we have a boy, we already have the clothes from Brandon.

Susan~ You will pass with flying colors. Mike on the other hand……well we shall see what the judges think.

05-14-2005, 08:53 AM
Happy Saturday, ladies!

Terri - hope you're having a good weekend, and are feeling better. When it warms up a little and gets springy, maybe that will make you feel better, too.

Pam - have fun at Redlands today. Sounds interesting.

Mindee - when do you plan to move? Does your mom have a big house? When my xdh got stationed at Germany, I had to move home with my mom and dad until I could join him over there. Also moved back in when I divorced the sob, lol. Thank goodness for parents, right? Someday Brandon and baby #2 will be saying that, lol.

Cristi - so glad you had a good day! YAY for the 1/2 pound down! That's like 2 sticks of butter gone forever!!

Marti - the field trip sounds fun, but what kind of transportation is coach? Like you, I would call in sick to attend the graduation ceremony. You'd think the school would have sent home a notice!

Ellen - omg, your plans for redecorationg sound just beautiful! Like a Monet watercolor!! I can just see it in my mind's eye! Tupperware parties have changed somewhat. We played bingo for small pieces of the stuff, and I bingoed twice. The dealer came on a little strong trying to get people to have parties. She practically insisted that I have one, even though I told her I wasn't interested in that at all. Needless to say, there is NOT one scheduled for me, lol. Also, they sell pots and pans now. No, not plastic ones, but very, very expensive ones. Didn't get those, lol. I went all prepared to pass on the snack, but they didn't serve one, not even a beverage! Not much of a party, if you ask me. <sniff>

Susan - hope you get your Wendy's chili soon!!

Got the freezer and LOVE it!! Neal had to go back to the dentist, so I went to pick one out by myself. When I found what I wanted, I had them load it up in Neal's truck, and I drove that baby home myself! I could've gotten free delievery, but who knows when it would have actually got here??

Today I am making preparations for tomorrow. DS and his family, and Neal, Katie, her best friend and I are all going to Spring Mill state park. I haven't been there in almost 20 years! We're taking a picnic lunch and plan to have lots of fun. I get to use my new watermelon picnic basket. :D There is an old mill there, and a village that is like those in the 1800's. Also trails, caves, and horses.

Have a good weekend!!

05-14-2005, 12:10 PM
Going to go ahead and start #129 since we are close to 50, hope that's okay. So DO NOT POST HERE LADIES! SEE YA AT CHIT CHAT #129! :wave: