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05-09-2005, 07:16 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
It's another windy, cool day in my corner of the world. DH is at church for practice so won't be home for another hour or so. I need to make a grocery run but maybe I can talk him into going with me. I really hate that chore any more.

"Gma" -- Sounds like you had a nice Mother's Day. I had to laugh at T's choice of picture subjects for you. :lol: I've never seen an orchid plant and wonder if it is too cold for them to grow up here. I don't have a green thumb either but have managed to keep an ivy plant alive for almost 38 years -- it was in my wedding boquet as well as another plant that I got when Jason was born 32 years ago. They both need to be repotted and that is on my "to do" list for this summer.

Not much is newsy that I can think of off hand so guess I'll fold a load of towels and read the paper. Have a terrific Tuesday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

05-09-2005, 10:30 PM

It is not raining at the moment but earlier in the day it was. We even got about half hour of pea sized hail. Real spring time weather in the mountains. Did the regular trip to Wal-Mart for the things we get there best. I am so fortunate that I can make a list and Cowboy does the shopping and I can stay out of there. I get to sit in my car with my puppy and watch the folks in the parking lot. Very interesting things happen in parking lots. I have been busy pricing things we are going to sell at our "garage sale" on Memorial weekend. Almost got all my things weighed that I want to put in the MH and Cowboy will get all his things weighed and we can move it all in. We have one side of the MH almost all prepped for the painting. I am back here in my office/crafts room now because Cowboy is doing some counseling at the dining room table. OOps my phone is ringing.... type at you later.

05-10-2005, 07:20 AM
Morning ladies. Hope your start to the day is a good one. I am starting the morning with a headache and nausea, but plan on going back to bed in a little while so maybe it will go away.

Jack is coming around with his virus, but he coughed a lot last night. He says he still feels some congestion in his chest, though.

Jean: My plant has 6 buds, they open, fall off, you cut it back and they may rebud or may not and that is that! It is a lovely orchid color. I have it sitting on my computer desk. I have to put it and my roses up high cause the cat keeps trying to eat them! :lol: My flowers had eucalyptus mixed in, which I am highly allergic to so I had to strip it out right away, coughing and sneezing all the way. It even causes my hands to break out! Then, I cut off the extra leaves etc and cut down the flowers to put in water and threw the whole mess in the garbage and Butterscotch was in the trash quicker than I could put it back. Had to end up gathering it up and taking it out. I wonder if cats have an affinity to eucalyptus?

Maggie: Sounds like you are really getting ready to hit the road! I know you are excited. Bet Ragg Mop will love it!

I cleaned house yesterday and did some extra "spring" cleaning stuff done so it is nice and sparkly for at least 24 hours! That's about as long as dh keeps it clean.

We have 106 days until we leave for Vegas. We are really getting excited. I bought tickets to one of the Cirque de Soleil shows called Mystere. We got front row aisle seats! The Penn and Teller tickets can only be bought 3 months out so I have to wait until the beginning of June to get them. I am picking up summer clothes here and there as I find them and just hope I can pull a lot of lbs off by then. I bought a couple things that are too small or snug and I refuse to take them back and get a larger size! I am back on my program again and am going to really try hard to stick with it this time.

It isn't very newsy here either. Everyone have a good day


05-10-2005, 07:28 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
The sun is shining brightly, it's 78 degrees, and NO wind for a change! It's a beautiful day in my neighborhood! It was a typical day at school today; I'm beginning to feel like all I do is nag, nag, nag. You'd think they'd do what they're supposed to just to shut me up!

I have WW tonight and not expecting any loss since I haven't been working the program. I wish someone would kick me, myself, and I in the rear to get my attention and get me headed in the right direction. I don't know what my problem is!

Maggie -- Is there a weight limit as to how much you can have? I am assuming so since you have talked about weighing items you want to take along. Will you pull your car behind? I'll bet you are getting anxious the closer it gets to leaving.

"Gma" -- I hope you are feeling better! I have a couple plants that one cat likes to chew on and others that they don't pay any attention to. I can tell you are getting excited about your trip to LV!

Have a wonderful Wednesday . . . where do the days go anyhow? I'm off to face the iron monster!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

05-10-2005, 09:32 PM

It is a lovely evening here also and Cowboy is out umpiring a game. I chose not to go and just sit and read while sipping a nice cup of coffee. Yes JEAN there is a weight limit which we can put in the MH. Each MH or trailer has different weight limits depending on the axels and what is put in them by the manufacturer. We definintely don't want to bend an axel by being "overweight." We even have to take in consideration how much each of us weigh. As we lose weight we can put more "stuff" in there. Since we are taking out the furniture that came in it and doing some remodeling we will be well under the weight limit because what we put in there won't weigh as much as what we are taking out. I have all the kitchen items and my office/crafts room things that I am taking weighed. Next I will go through my clothes and decide what to keep for the closet is very small. Much, much smaller than the ones we had in our travel trailers and way, way, much, much smaller than what we have here in this place. For dress I have some of those broom stick skirts that you wind up and stuff in a plastic bag so they will travel well and give me more of a variety than if I had to rely on just "hanger" clothes. We will get there! LIFE IS GOOD

Have a great evening folks.

05-11-2005, 08:53 AM
Morning girls! It is going to be HOT HOT HOT here today. Around 90 or so they say. My poor dh. Hope he doesn't have to work outside today though there is a building called the blower building where I guess it gets up to like 140 in there.

Maggie: I guess I assumed RV, but you keep referring to a MH so do you have like an Airstream? I can hear you now, "Oooh, Cowboy, I have lost 20 lbs let's go shopping for more stuff." :lol: I sincerely hope you have a magnificent time as I am sure you will. I love to travel actually, just am not a "camper" type person. My thing with travel trailers, MH, RV and the like is the size. I would go nuts not being able to take everything I wanted or felt like I didn't have enough space. Also, something like that would be easy to clutter and I cannot stand clutter at all.

Jean: I just told my thread yesterday that we always think of this as dieting instead of just plain ole making ourselves healthy by changing the way we eat. I think if all of us fatties could really get the concept of eating to live and not living to eat, we could actually conquer our weight and make and stay at goals. I have less problems with being hungry and more with the emotional, stress etc side of eating.

Well, my orchid looks a little puny this am so I gave it a little water. You are only supposed to water it once a week, but the new bloom is drooping and one of the leaves looks really dry. We shall see I guess.

Well, better get back to doing chores.

Have a good day everybody


05-11-2005, 12:52 PM

What a beautiiful day this is to be ~ in the high 70's which I do believe are perfect because we have very low humidity here. FAYE No we don't have an Airstreme just an older Motor Home ~ aka:MH ~ which has a new motor, transmission and tires. The folks who used to have it only went to those resort type places and never used the oven. We are currently looking for a tow dolly to pull the Mustang behind. We will have to get a thingie to disconnect the transmission and tow it backward. Speaking of small places ~ these are the rules ~ "Everything has a place and everything is in it's place" ~ so none of that unsightly clutter that you hate. Besides that clutter would go flying at your head the stop signs. That would be awful to have that stuff come jettusing at you when you stopped now wouldn't it. Things have to be pretty much battened down like on a boat. I received an order from Camping World yesterday and my stove board and sink board arrived. They are oak and the stove board is really trick. It is padded on the bottom and has rubber feet that fit down into the burners and makes a silencer for the stove. Don't want to hear those burners chiming when we are driving. Having the stove cover is also a great plus because any other appliance I want to use can be set on that area ~ like my little griddle or crock pot. The sink board also has rubber feet that snugly fit inside the edges of one of the stainless sinks to make a nice cover and also a great chopping area for veggies. I have those nice color coded plastic sheets that are going to work great on my new wood to keep it looking nice. Cowboy was able to cut the bolts on one of the chairs yesterday so got one out now. The couch won't be so hard to get out now. Progress.

Have a great day ya'all

05-11-2005, 07:01 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
It's been blowing like crazy today and has rained off and on. I don't know what is going on with the weather but I wish it would settle down and be "spring" before June gets here. :dance:

Not much newsy from my corner of the world today. I must be short on sleep because I was a crab during my last study hall today. There is a student who shouldn't be in special ed. but is because he chooses to do nothing in any of his classes. Today he was into drumming his fingers on the desk and I asked him nicely to stop, then he took out the ring (the kind they use to make the hole bigger) in his ear and rolled that around on the desk and I asked him to stop, and his last plaything was to take the yardstick and tap it on the floor. I'm trying to work with two other students and I finally told him he was 30 seconds from being sent to the office with a Saturday School assigned. He just rolled his eyes at me. :mad: He's one of those kids that wears all black, chains, and has piercings everywhere. He usually tries to sleep but it must have been the weather today because he was on a roll.

Maggie -- Your red pickup was a 5th wheel and you pulled a travel trailer, right? Why do you have to pull the Mustang backwards? I've never seen anything being pulled backwards. When we are on the interstate we see lots of snowbirds heading north and the MHs are all pulling little cars and SUVs behind them. Some of them are really BIG and I would have to have a WM parking lot if I were going to drive and park one! I can't imagine driving something that big. :spin: It sounds like you have found some neat gadgets to add to your MH.

"Gma' -- I know I eat "just because"; anything, any time, and any place will do just fine. The only time I lost weight without trying was when my mom was sick and I dropped 20#s without even noticing until I went to the doctor for a bp check. He was quite concerned until he found out about my mom. I don't know why it has to be so hard and the older you get the harder it gets for some reason. :?:

DH just got home so I need to decide on something for supper . . . cherry pie and ice cream sounds delightful :T except I don't have either one in the house! :(

Hope you all have had a good day; enjoy your evening! Have a terrific Thursday and do something nice for yourself! :cp:

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

05-11-2005, 08:42 PM

I am taking a break after my shower before Cowboy and his friend will be here for dinner. All is ready and that is good for it just has to be dished up.

JEAN no we didn't have a fifth wheel trailer. Both of our past trailers were straight pull. We don't like how the fifth wheel trailers stick up and catch the wind for they are so tall in front. But that is why they make both kinds ~ different strokes for different folks. We were told by the manufacture of our car to tow it backwards on a dolly. Some cars are better towed that way and the Mustang is one of them. You don't see many Mustang's being pulled behind MH's I bet and if you do and they are pulled frontward than they are stick shifts. We can't just pull it but have to put the back two wheels on a dolly or put the whole car on a trailer. When you go to tow a vehicle you have to check how it is to be done with what you have or you can be in big trouble. And that is the nature of the beast. Well I hear tires on the gravel drive so gotta go now. Type at ya'all later

05-12-2005, 04:54 AM

Jack slept down in the recliner as he is coughing again and I woke up to go to the bathroom, ( a multiple night ritual at my age) and heard him coughing and the light downstairs so I went to check on him. When I saw he was back in the chair and made sure he was ok, I came back upstairs and decided to check the bank then just go ahead and post while I was online.

Jean: Actually, from what I understand, mechanics tell you NOT to tow an automatic transmission forward. It can mess up the tranny pretty good I guess. That is why you never see a tow truck do it. Sounds like you had a real piece of work in your study hall yesterday. Let's see, I won't work at school so reward me by putting me in with people who have trouble with school so I can sit and be a pain in the behind. What a reward. Maybe you should get a coloring book and crayons and when someone wants to just sit, give them a picture and tell them it has to be colored, correctly, and finished by the end of period or it is detention, Sat school or whatever for them. I think I would tell them they have a choice between school work and being treated like the toddler they act like.

Maggie: Sounds like you have a handle on your stuff and you only have about 3 weeks or so until you hit the road. right? Have you decided which direction you are going to start in first? You know in this day and age, with ATM, online banking and bill pay, satellite everything and whatnot, people can pretty much do what you are doing and be able to easily keep up with things while they are gone.

Boy, I wanted to snack last night when I came upstairs, but I sucked it up and didn't. The hardest part of the day for me is after dinner and before bed. We eat so early that by 7 PM I am ready to eat something again, but usually don't have cal left over to do so. If I get really hungry I am trying to just have a piece of fruit instead of a candy bar, pie or whatever. I pretty much got rid of junk again except for what Jack has in the house for himself and we don't "snack" alike so I am not interested in his junk anyway. I am having to start from scratch with the treadmill and only doing about 1/2 mile right now, but working up a sweat so that is ok I guess. It will only be about 3 weeks and the pool will open so then I can go over there everyday. Hopefully it will be open and start warming up with all this hot weather we are having.

Guess I better scoot back off to bed. Everyone have a good day today


05-12-2005, 10:42 AM
Good Morning!

Maggie: You are all ready for the BIG ADVENTURE! I am so glad you will be taking the Mustang. Whenever I think of you I picture you behind the wheel of that lovely yellow car with the top down.

JEAN: I like Faye's suggestion...if they act like toddlers treat them like toddlers....crayons and coloring books for all!!!

Faye: Sorry to hear that Jack is hurting...I hope he will be feeling up to par soon. Oh, to have it warm enough here to swim....maybe by the 4th of July.

Tonight DH and I will be going to the 40th Anniversary of my previous employment. It is a non profit company that services the disabled. At one time it was called a Sheltered Workshop but things have changed and now most of the clients work out of the building in the regular population....baggers in the supermarkets, dishwashers, and cleaners in all the Government buildings in Boston. I worked there for 10 years and it was a wonderful and enlightening experience. I was receptionist/switchboard operator/clerk. The difference between my previous retail exerience and this job was like night and day. The people were laid back, friendly and so cool.
The company has an annual fund raiser and award night and this year has combined it with their 40th Anniv. It is very expensive to go to this event but I was given a complementary ticket and DH got a discounted ticket so we are able to go. Should be interesting and I am sure that most of the clients will remember me by name and I have a hard time remembering my DH's name. :lol:
When I say disabled population I am referring to adults (over 22). Some are Down Syndrome and others have either physical or mental disabilities or delayed development of some sort. They are the most loving and outgoing people and I really learned a lot working there.

Gloria in MA....need to get some housework done.

05-12-2005, 08:22 PM
Good Evening, Flowers!
It's dark and gloomy -- has rained all day long! I'm ready for some sunshine and WARMER weather! The furnace is running but of course there is no heat at school and it was getting pretty damp-like chilly by this afternoon. I'm waiting for the trickles to start coming in the basement . . . it runs to the drain but is still a pain.

DH is at a meeting until 6 and then heading out of town for a going away get together for his former manager. If it would have been the weekend I probably would have gone along but it's too late on a school night. . .good excuse not to go!

Maggie -- Thanks for the towing info! We (Bob!) just pull our boat and they go front facing. ;) What good things did you serve to your guests tonight?

"Gma" -- I hope Jack is feeling better by tonight. I hate it when Bob gets up during the night and especially if I don't know it and find him missing. Mr. Rat-A-Tat-Tat was sitting in his desk today with his jeans hanging well below his shirt. I asked him nicely to pull up his jeans and he ignored me. There were five other students and another teacher who heard me. I didn't even give him a second chance and took him to the office. The assistant principal (who has given daily announcements/warnings about the baggy pants, skimpy shorts/skirts and tops) warned the kid that he'd have to keep his pants pulled up or get detention time and sent us back to class. I was torked and next time will just write him up on the official detention notice to turn in at the end of the day. It is time for a break! :crazy:

Gloria -- I hope you enjoy your anniversary celebration! :D We have disabled citizens working at a redemption center and live in supervised apartments. One of our own best success stories works in the bakery at the local grocery store and then evenings he washes dishes in a restaurant. I don't think my *star* pupil would even put forth the energy to color a picture if I gave him one. :spin:

Not much else is newsy from my corner of the world. Tomorrow is a half day and I am so looking forward to the weekend. I'll get to see the grandkids, I hope! :yes:

Jean -- :wave: from :rain: Iowa!

05-13-2005, 08:44 AM
Morning girlies! Hope you had a nice day yesterday, especially you Jean after you got home!

Gloria: I taught the mentally disabled for 3 years. I worked with profoundly ******ed most of the time. It is a tough job. Just getting them to hold a spoon or not wet their pants is a major accomplishment. One of the biggest problems we "normals" have is treating them like children. They need to be treated like adults. I tried to keep in my mind how I would talk to my grown children and talked to them that way. I saw many die from their disabilities etc though and it was sad to see those young lives go. We had one older lady named Lola and whoooo what a character. She was hugely bipolar and a good size woman. When she would get over the edge so to speak she could be a real handful. You never knew what you were going to get when it was time for her meds. It was a rewarding experience, but burnout is fast.

Jean: It is too bad you guys don't adopt uniforms and then it would cut down on that somewhat as long as it is enforced. Sounds like you have a wimpy asst principal. I would probably get my behind in trouble all the time. I would take the "pull up your pants or you can wear a dress today" route and have prepared a box of clothes from Goodwill to choose from. It is time we make these kids responsible for their actions. We are growing a crop of insolent, selfish, irresponsible kids. Do you remember the thing I told you about the little rich brat who shoplifted like $1000 worth of clothes from Dillards and because her mom worked for the Mayor and was on personal ground with the Police chief the cops who originally charged her with larceny, which is a felony, knocked it down to a misdemeanor because mama spoke to someone somewhere if you know what I mean? Well, originally the store went along, but I heard yesterday they want her charges reinstated so don't know what's with that. I just don't understand parents not making their kids answer for their mistakes no matter what they are. I would have let them take my dd to jail and let her sit there overnight! Even asking they put her with general population and not alone in a cell. The kid lives in Germantown, which is this city's most expensive area so you can be sure she didn't need any of those clothes.

Well, this is not getting my laundry put in the dryer and I need to take my meds and decide on breakfast. I am on my 4th day of staying OP.

Have a good day girls


05-13-2005, 12:53 PM

It isn't 9 am yet and it is already 62 and we are told it will climb up to 84 this day. Last night Cowboy asked me what I wanted loaded into the MH first because he did't want to do it all in one day. Now that is something to think about. What is it that I am not going to get into for awhile since I am not taking anything that I don't intend to be using. Not my glass works because I am making some "kits" and not my cooking things because I am still cooking. Maybe my books and records can go first.

DONNA have you seen the reports of what to expect in about 5 years time when those kids who are making such a rucus in the schools now grow up to be teens out of school? More rapes, killings, robbings and all the bad stuff that folks do now but on a MAJOR scale. The powers that be are gearing up for that event and it won't be a nice era for this country for that group that is coming up is going to be out of control ~ more so than any that have gone before. Not a very comforting study is it. But what I don't understand is why they don't tighten down now and help prevent some of those projected problems.

Have a wonderful day folks.

05-14-2005, 01:02 AM
Good Evening, Flowers!
I'm late tonight because I fell asleep in front of the TV. I still feel tired but have a feeling the eye balls will pop wide open if I try to go to bed. :eek:

We had a half day of school today but I had stuff to do so spent most of the afternoon catching up. I don't know where the days are going but they sure fly by.

We're going to see the kids and grandkids tomorrow. DH sings in church on Sunday and has a dinner meeting after the last service. He is on the Endowment Committee and they are trying to revive interest in that.

"Gma" -- I like your idea of making them wear a dress! :lol: I remember the story about the rich girl . . . it's too bad that her parents had any influence on her punishment. They sure aren't helping her learn her lesson, that's for sure. Maybe if they reinstate the charges she will have to do some community service hours at the least.

Maggie -- I'd put the cooking stuff in the MH so I wouldn't have to cook anything in the meantime! ;) Some of us, tongue in cheek, say that these unruly students will be the ones taking care of us in the nursing home someday. That is a VERY scary thought!

Not much else is going on in my corner of the world. Hope you all have a nice weekend. I'm hoping to see some sunshine tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!