100 lb. Club - been gone for a month but I'm back

05-07-2005, 01:40 AM
I was gone.. I wasn't doing my best (though not my worst). I was just doing some soul searching and while I am still having my food issues. I am having a really good feeling inside lateley. I went to the doctor about my depression and I am getting help. I have been on the meds for a week and I swear I feel a difference already. Not sure if it's possible but I just feel empowered. Well I'm gonna go now.. I know I can do this. One meal and one work out at a time!.
Another thing I noticed. I wasn't pigging out this week and not going out to eat like I use to and my sister in law was calling daily asking if I wanted to go and when I would pass on it she would show up with doggy bags full of food. She actually ordered me my own meal at Olive Garden and brought it to me. I think she knows I'm serious and she doenst want to lose me as her eating buddy. I am holding firm though. I went out with her today and instead of fries with my ceasar wrap I got cottage cheese. Not too bad ey?

Christine (p.s. sorry so long)

05-07-2005, 04:36 AM
Welcome back, Christine. Glad to hear you got help for the depression and that you've got the mindset to get working on your physical health. Good job on standing up to the sister-in-law, too. This journey is difficult enough without having people trying to sabotage you!

Make sure you stick around and keep us up to date with your progress. :)

05-07-2005, 09:23 PM
Welcome back! and congratulations on the positive mindset!!!

Sorry it seems that you have some issues with your sister-in-law. It's really hard, but you can still eat out and be on plan. It just takes a little more planning. Find places that you can go where you can get something healthy. Applebees - I order the grilled chicken ceasar - no garlic bread no dressing. I am totally on plan and get to be social too.

You can do this!! :)